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Term 33: January - April 2013 Term Thirty-Three: Board of Governors Elections (September 2079 - June 2080)

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Blast-Ended Skrewt
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Sebastian Price
First Year
Slytherin Slytherin Intros: Attendo Thea Vipera
The Harpy of Hogwarts | Dungeon Mistress | Bimba di Serpeverde

Attendo Thea Vipera

Beware The Viper

Introductions. Find out who is who in Slytherin and watch your back in case you make enemies.

Year At Hogwats:
Best Subjects:
Least Favorite/Worst Subjects:

Eye Color:


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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Sebastian Price
First Year
The Harpy of Hogwarts | Dungeon Mistress | Bimba di Serpeverde

Hecate Scarlett Lafay

Name: Hecate Scarlett Lafay
(pronounced Heh-ckah-tee)
DOB: February 29, 2032
Dates Attended Hogwarts: 2043-2050
Marital Status: Widowed 3 times - Now Married to Minister Alexander Greingoth
#1 - Gavin Grey
#2 - Terrance Tralkey
#3 - Libatius Lavery
#4 - Alexander Greingoth
Children: Adopted Sierra Hope Greingoth, Ariadne Cecilia Greingoth
Former Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Blood: Pureblood
Best Subjects: Potions and Charms
Least Favorite Subject: Divination/Runes
Pets: A black kneazle named Mephisto
Previous Occupation: Potioneer
Current post: Potions Mistress/Professor of Potions and Slytherin Head of House.


Hecate is not the nicest person in the world. She does not like failure and loathes stupidity.


Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Skin: Fair
Height: 5'6


Hecate was born on leap day in a poor pureblood family. Her family can date their lineage back to Gunhilda of Gorsemoor, but as generations went by the fortune that came with being a pureblood was no longer associated with them. She was the third child of nine children, an eldest brother, then one older sister, herself, two younger sisters, triplet brothers and a brothers after that.

Both her father (Lucien Sr.) and mother (Nerys) neglected her, so Hecate grew up knowing she couldn't depend on anyone but herself... she vowed to succeed in everything she did. In school she was top of her class, prefect and head girl. She began Wizarding University, at the Edinburgh, Scotland campus, and she cut all connection with her family when she met Professor Gavin Grey and became his live-in apprentice. At university she had the highest grades and she was named most likely to succeed.

After she graduated, she went to work for her former professor and Scottish potioneer named Gavin Grey. He was 20 years her senior but the two worked long hours late together and soon fell in love. They had a winter wedding. All their friends were of the same mind. They were the perfect couple. Unfortunately their marriage ended after two and a half years of marriage when Gavin's died in an exploding cauldron incident. The potioneer lab was left to Hecate.

A few months later Hecate was given a near to impossible request for a potion to cure a man by the name of Terrance Tralkey who was dying of a rare malady. Hecate worked hard day and night for months and was able to finally brew a successful potion to save the man's life. Terrance Tralkey and Hecate spent so much time together that they fell in love, and even though he proposed many times, she didn't accept for a year or so. Unfortunately, Terrance developed a side effect to her cure and while Hecate continued to work to reverse the side effect, he died suddenly, leaving her an undisclosed fortune.

This is when the press had a field day. Hecate was successful in creating the potion to reverse the side effect, a year too late. She needed to get away from the press so she quit her job, and left the lab in Scotland to travel to Sydney Australia where she stayed for nearly two years..

On her plane ride back to Scotland, because Australia was too bright, too hot and too filled with arachnids, Hecate sat next to a man who began chatting her up. Libatius Lavery, an auror with the ministry of magic, had just been released from a muggle prison where he'd been wrongfully imprisoned, and was returning to London. By the time they landed, Libatius proposed to Hecate. She told him never to speak to her again. Libatius didn't give up, with his resources found out where she lived and send roses upon roses every day, with love notes and candy. After a few years of wooing she allowed him into her heart and soon after they married. Hecate continued to make all sorts of potions, while Libatius worked for the ministry... but one cold November day Hecate was visited by his superiors and informed her husband had been killed in the line of duty by a female death eater that they could not identify.

This is when the press dubbed her The Black Widow, ironic because of her (and her typists) fear of arachnids. Hecate closed herself in her lab and dove head first into her work. She has made progress in many potions fields, not only limiting herself to healing, but also cosmetic and gastronomical. Finally, because her money had run out (potion ingredients aren't cheap,) Hecate applied to Hogwarts for the Potions job, which she currently holds.

Hecate, in the attempt to test a burning unction, set three students ablaze, without causing physical pain. Three prefects attempted to stop her, but she placed them in detention. The Headmaster would not support her decision so she quit. Suddenly and without warning, parents of students complained to the Governors of the school. They, in turn, told the Head Master that Hecate was asked to return, not only as Potion's Mistress but as Slytherin Head of House as well.

Hecate's had been under the impression that Sage Dodson, Herbology Professor, had been sweet on her, and in order to get her hands on free and limitless ingredients in the greenhouse. She played along... She'd also developed a friendship with Alexia Carlton, Charms professor, and to her dismay the two developed a close friendship... So close, in fact, the potions mistress took offense. Carlton was a friend and betrayed her, and Sage thought he could toy with her emotions... Well... inflicting revenge, she now won't need to see either of them at Hogwarts again.

Hecate's Hogwarts Quidditch Captain came to meet her and patched things up with her after not speaking to each other since she was 17 and he 18. While their relationship became more serious, at school Hecate became closer to certain students and not to others. Her connections to the cult brought her gifts of expensive, rare and sometimes illegal ingredients. A club was started to create potions for Muggles.

The year started out well for Hecate Lafay. Maybe because her love life was going so well. Unfortunately due to a fire, which was later discovered to be a diversion for the theft of potion ingredients, all her stock burned up. Thanks to the donation of students, some families of students and the generosity of the Minister of Magic, Lord Berty Borr, she was able to replenish her stock. More privately, her boyfriend's ex-wife showed her face and is now trying to start problems. So her great mood is now not so good. Slytherin won the Gobstones cup, the Quidditch cup and the House cup.

Hecate Lafay began the term single again. Not because she was dumped. Hecate Lafay would never be dumped. Because she felt she was caring too much for her boyfriend and his daughter. Classes got harder. She was crueler and the students felt the pain she was going through. Catching Slytherins leaning a non approved picnic on the grounds, she was told how Hufflepuff seemed to want to hinder Slytherin from Winning the house cup again. She spoke to Hadley, the Hufflepuff Head of House and was not impressed with the woman's responses. During Christmas break, her now ex-boyfriend's wife mysteriously disappeared. Was Lafay involved? Who knows. But shortly after that she made amends with her boyfriend, and he proposed. Back at Hogwarts Slytherin was doing well in all their quidditch matches. Hufflepuff lost, and one of their team members pushed her seeker, and head girl off her broom. Hecate was furious, and demanded the Head of House do SOMETHING. When she declined, she pulled Vindictus in for an impartial judgment, and although he seemingly sided with her side, he did nothing to punish the offending player. She'd remember that. Again for the second time in a row, her snakes won the Gobstones cup, the Quidditch cup and the House cup.

Hecate Lafay agreed to marry her boyfriend Alexander Greingoth over the summer, and they set the date for Christmas Day. She asked they not tell anyone. The only ones invited to the wedding was their old chum Ian Amoroso and his insufferable wife, Alexander's twin Alexandra and his daughter Sierra, who was surprised by the nuptials as well. Along with marrying the man, she adopted the girl. During the year she 'befriended' Dash, the HoM professor. She seems to loathe the Hufflepuff head of house whom she believes cheated to have her house win all three cups.

Hecate Lafay seemed less curt than usual. Maybe married life was suiting her more and more. Unfortunately the term didn't go very well as the potions mistress seemed tired and under the weather for the later half of the term. Slytherin was up for the championship game, and although they played well, Ravenclaw played better. She was on her way back to her office when she saw one of her Snakes punch a Claw, and another break a school broom. She stood back and allowed the Quidditch Official, Ravenclaw Head of House and Deputy Headmaster, Max Vindictus, to deduct points from both her charges. She didn't like however how he simply overlooked his own student forcing a kiss on the Ravenclaw captain. Hecate had had issues with this particular student's love life. She attempted to punish him, but was quickly outranked by the Deputy Headmaster. Returning to her office she was livid. So livid that as she was yelling at her boys, her illness flared up and a foul gray ooze came seeping from her eyes before she fainted and was taken to the hospital wing. At the feast the nurse spoke to Sierra and after consulting with St. Mungos, they determined the Potions Mistress has an as-of-yet-incurable disease called Acute Infericosis that is caught from having come in contact with an infected Inferi. (A wizard who died from an infectious disease and who was then turned into an Inferi.) This disease doesn't allow potions to work... so because she had this disease her night terrors returned, which caused her to be tired during the year, and she is now with child. To save her unborn child, she did what werewolf females do, and found a surrogate.

Knowing her life was quickly coming to an end Hecate made peace with herself. Her stepdaughter, Anna had found a way to slow down the effects of the rotting. The new Headmistress seemed not to not like her, but Hecate just shrugged it off. The board of Governors also made it clear they'd be reviewing her employment. Her daughter was born Christmas Eve and she named her Ariadne. As time went Hecate kept getting worse. Finally an experimental potion was created in Africa, and Hecate made her way to Africa, to either be cured... or die. She survived the potion, and the disease, but not without side effects...

SPOILER!!: timeline

Feb 29 2032 - Born
May 2032 - Nerys age 3
Nov 2032 - Lucien II age 6
Feb 2033 - Age 1
May 2033 - Nerys age 4
Nov 2033 - Lucien II age 7
Feb 2034 - Age 2
May 2034 - Nerys age 5
Nov 2034 - Lucien II age 8
Feb 2035 - Age 3
May 2035 - Nerys age 6
Nov 2035 - Lucien II age 9
Feb 2036 - Age 4 (Age 1)
May 2036 - Nerys age 7
Nov 2036 - Lucien II age 10
Jan 2037 - Veronica is Born
Feb 2037 - Age 5
May 2037 - Nerys age 8
Nov 2037 - Lucien II age 11
Jan 2038 - Veronica age 1
Feb 2038 - Age 6
May 2038 - Nerys age 9
Aug 2038 - Solara Born
Nov 2038 - Lucien II age 12
Jan 2039 - Veronica age 2
Feb 2039 - Age 7
May 2039 - Nerys age 10
Aug 2039 - Solara age 1
Nov 2039 - Lucien II age 13
Dec 2039 - Triplets Born
Jan 2040 - Veronica age 3
Feb 2040 - Age 8 (Age 2)
May 2040 - Nerys age 11
Aug 2040 - Solara age 2
Nov 2040 - Lucien II age 14
Dec 2040 - Triplets Age 1
Jan 2041 - Veronica age 4
Feb 2041 - Zorander Born
Feb 2041 - Age 9
May 2041 - Nerys age 12
Aug 2041 - Solara age 3
Nov 2041 - Lucien II age 15
Dec 2041 - Triplets Age 2
Jan 2042 - Veronica age 5
Feb 2042 - Zorander age 1
Feb 2042 - Age 10
May 2042 - Nerys age 13
Aug 2042 - Solara age 4
Nov 2042 - Lucien II age 16
Dec 2042 - Triplets Age 3
Jan 2043 - Veronica age 6
Feb 2043 - Zorander age 2
Feb 2043 - Age 11
May 2043 - Nerys age 14
Aug 2043 - Solara age 5
Sept 2043 - Starts First Year at Hogwarts
Nov 2043 - Lucien II age 17
Dec 2043 - Triplets Age 4
Jan 2044 - Veronica age 7
Feb 2044 - Zorander age 3
Feb 2044 - Age 12 (Age 3)
May 2044 - Nerys age 15
June 2044 - Ends First Year at Hogwarts
Aug 2044 - Solara age 6
Sept 2044 - Starts Second Year at Hogwarts
Nov 2044 - Lucien II age 18
Dec 2044 - Triplets Age 5
Jan 2045 - Veronica age 8
Feb 2045 - Zorander age 4
Feb 2045 - Age 13
May 2045 - Nerys age 16
June 2045 - Ends Second Year at Hogwarts
Aug 2045 - Solara age 7
Sept 2045 - Starts Third Year at Hogwarts
Nov 2045 - Lucien II age 19
Dec 2045 - Triplets Age 6
Jan 2046 - Veronica age 9
Feb 2046 - Zorander age 5
Feb 2046 - Age 14
May 2046 - Nerys age 17
June 2046 - Ends Third Year at Hogwarts
Aug 2046 - Solara age 8
Sept 2046 - Starts Fourth Year at Hogwarts
Nov 2046 - Lucien II age 20
Dec 2046 - Triplets Age 7
Jan 2047 - Veronica age 10
Feb 2047 - Zorander age 6
Feb 2047 - Age 15
May 2047 - Nerys age 18
June 2047 - Nerys Graduates and leaves home
Aug 2047 - Solara age 9
Sept 2047 - Starts Fifth Year at Hogwarts
Nov 2047 - Lucien II age 21
Dec 2047 - Triplets Age 8
Jan 2048 - Veronica age 11
Feb 2048 - Zorander age 7
Feb 2048 - Age 16 (Age 4)
June 2048 - Ends Fifth Year at Hogwarts
Aug 2048 - Solara age 10
Sept 2048 - Starts Sixth Year at Hogwarts
Nov 2048 - Lucien II age 22
Dec 2048 - Triplets Age 9
Jan 2049 - Veronica age 12
Feb 2049 - Zorander age 8
Feb 2049 - Age 17
June 2049 - Ends Sixth Year at Hogwarts
Aug 2049 - Solara age 11
Sept 2049 - Starts Seventh Year at Hogwarts
Nov 2049 - Lucien II age 23
Dec 2049 - Triplets Age 10
Jan 2050 - Veronica age 13
Feb 2050 - Zorander age 9
Feb 2050 - Age 18
June 2050 - Graduated Hogwarts
Sept 2050 - Starts Wizarding University/Edinburgh, Scotland campus
Sept 2050 -Meets Gavin Gray (Professor)
Dec 2050 - Becomes Live-In Apprentice for Gavin Gray
Feb 2051 - Age 19
June 2051 - Ends Yr 1 of Wizarding University
Sept 2051 - Starts Yr 2 Wizarding University
Feb 2052 - Age 20 (Age 5)
June 2052 - Ends Yr 2 of Wizarding University
Sept 2052 - Starts Yr 3 Wizarding University
Feb 2053 - Age 21
June 2053 - Graduated Wizarding University
Dec 2053 - Marries Gavin Grey
Feb 2054 - Age 22
Feb 2055 - Age 23
Feb 2056 - Age 24 (Age 6)
May 2056 - Gavin Grey Dies
Oct 2056 - Meets Terrance Tralkey
Feb 2057 - Age 25
Nov 2057 - Created the Absethem Potion
Feb 2058 - Age 26
Mar 2058 - Marries Terrance Tralkey
Feb 2059 - Age 27
Aug 2059 - Terrance Tralkey Dies
Feb 2060 - Age 28 (Age 7)
Aug 2060 - Created the potion to combat the side effects of the Absethem Potion
Sept 2060 - Left for Sydney, Australia
Feb 2061 - Age 29
Jan 2062 - Leaves to return to Scotland
Jan 2062 - Meets Libatius Lavery
Feb 2062 - Age 30
Feb 2063 - Age 31
Feb 2064 - Age 32 (Age 8)
Apr 2064 - Marries Libatius Lavery
Feb 2065 - Age 33
Feb 2066 - Age 34
Feb 2067 - Age 35
Nov 2067 - Libatius Lavery dies
Feb 2068 - Age 36 (Age 9)
Feb 2069 - Age 37
Feb 2070 - Age 38
Feb 2071 - Age 39
Sept 2071 - Starts teaching at Hogwarts
Oct 2071 - Sets three students on fire for learning purposes
Nov 2071 - Quits Hogwarts
Feb 2072 - Returns to Hogwarts as Slytherin Head of House
Feb 2072 - Age 40 (Age 10)
Sept 2072 - Second year teaching at Hogwarts
Feb 2073 - Age 41 (Age 10)
Sept 2073 - Third year teaching at Hogwarts
Feb 2074 - Age 42
June 2074 - Reconnected with Alexander Greingoth
Sept 2074 - Fourth year teaching at Hogwarts
Feb 2075 - Age 43
Sept 2075 - Fifth year teaching at Hogwarts
Dec 2075 - Engaged to Alexander Greingoth
Feb 2076 - Age 44 (Age 11)
Sept 2076 - Sixth year teaching at Hogwarts
Dec 2076 - Married Alexander Greingoth
Feb 2077 - Age 45
Sept 2077 - Seventh year teaching at Hogwarts
Feb 2078 - Age 46
March 2078 - Contracted Acute Infericosis
Sept 2078 - Eighth year teaching at Hogwarts



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a jack of all trades, a master of most too

NICKNAME/ALIAS Dash (he usually just goes by this)
AGE/BIRTHDATE 36 / July 6th 2043
PLACE OF BIRTH Paisley, Scotland
LIVES Aberdeen, Scotland
MARITAL STATUS Single/Divorced
WAND 132/3 Robust Ebony with Dragon Heartstring core (previously Holly, Salamander Claw, 10¾"supple and swishy)
FORMER OCCUPATIONS Library Technician (2061-2063), Hit Wizard (2065-2069), Ministry History Scribe (2072-2074), Author (2074-he still writes)
BUILD Athletic
EYES Electric blue
HAIR Dark brown, short and messy
GENERAL Everett generally wears dark clothing. Anything from black to navy blue to army green. He tends to dress in a more professional manner, and wears trousers and dress shirts when not in robes. It is very rare to see him in things like jeans but he will wear them if he is having an off day.Everett’s short brown hair often appears to be messy and unkempt and he usually sports a goatee.

He has numerous scars across his body (a couple on his chest and back, and a small one on his neck) from his Hit Wizard days. His most recent and visible wound however seems to be a large scar on both his upper, but mostly his, lower lip.

EDUCATION Hogwarts & Slytherin (2054-2061)

  • Ancient Runes - E
  • Arithmancy - A
  • Astronomy - A
  • Charms - E
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts - O
  • Herbology - D
  • History of Magic - O
  • Muggle Studies - A
  • Potions - P
  • Transfiguration - E
  • Ancient Runes - E
  • Charms - O
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts - O
  • History of Magic - O
  • Muggle Studies - E
  • Transfiguration - E

DEGREE Historiography Degree from University of Crete (in Heraklion) with specialty in Historiography of Ancient Greece and another on Ancient Wizard Warfare (under the Marxist school of learning)

  • Advanced European Magical History
  • Advanced Ancient Studies
  • Applied Study of Ancient Runes
  • Applied Psychoanalysis
  • Ancient and Current Century Relations
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Advanced Genealogical Studies
apples, ALL types of tea, books, himself most of the time, the interesting tudor dynasty, the lifetime work of Bathilda Bagshot, myths, fables, tall-tales, genealogy (one of his favourite books is Nature's Nobility: A Wizarding Genealogy), cake, beaches, traveling
drama, people with large egos, excessive talk of any Goblin rebellion, teenagers and their hormones and stuff, strawberries,
Everett is a jerk, and a lazy one at that. End of story. Or maybe not. But he loves to act like a jerk. He is a very reserved person, with a trust no one attitude. He likes to keep to himself, simply because that is how he has always been since he was a child. Everett at times can be quite serious but if you are able to understand his humour he is very easy to get along with. He tends to have a lot of dry humour and is often found to be quite sarcastic.

Although he is a serious person he doesn’t tend to react to most problems in a serious way. When a problem arises he looked at in a relaxed manner. Unless it’s the end of the world or the sky is falling he will take his time resolving whatever problem is at hand at his own pace.

Many people find Everett's actions to be quite random and at times uncalled for, but since he does not care what other people think it is very unlikely that he will give up his random and uncalled for ways in the future. He tries not to overextend himself on issues that he doesn't care about. He is lazy, and he likes it that way.
Son:Kyroh Moises Scabior (November 14th, 2071)

Pet:Sir Spots Kitten Scabior

Father: Deacon Scabior (2012)
Mother: Aarika Scabior (née Hendricks) (2012)

Siobhan "Vonny" Ramsey (2035) - married with two sons
Carina "Rina" Scabior (2040) – divorced with one daughter
Raynalie "Ray" Scabior (2041)

Niece: Clementine Trotter (2068)

Knight Ramsey (2068) (right)
Equuleus “Egg” Ramsey (2069) (left)

SPOILER!!: It's Long
Born in Scotland to Halfblood Wizard Deacon Scabior and Muggleborn Witch Aarika Scabior. Everett was the fourth child and only son. He often found pride in being the only boy in his family, as it was really the only thing that really set him apart from the rest. From a very young age Everett realized that each of his sisters had a special talent for something. His eldest sister, Vonny, was a people person, using her lovable personality to get along with both her peers and adults alike. The next, Carina, seemed to excel in anything academic, blasting any of his test scores out of the park.The last Raynalie was excellent in sports, more specifically Quidditch. This left Everett at a standstill at a very young age. He wasn't quite sure exactly where he fit in, or what he excelled at.

Growing up Everett was an abnormally quite kid. In fact he barely spoke and was so quite, that his father dubbed him 'that mute boy of mine'. When he was five he was even taken to a few mediwitches to see if there were any problems with him, but all their results were the same; the boy was fine.

And they were right. Dash never did have a problem with his speech or trouble with words. He just followed the philosophy his mother had taught him before he could remember. "If you have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

When he turned 11, he was accepted into Hogwarts, and joined his sister Raynalie in the Slytherin House. One night, within the first few weeks of school, Dash found himself being pushed around by a fourth year student in the common room. For the first time ever he found himself speaking up, insulting the boy and his intelligence. Instead of being attacked, the fourth year boy, as well as everyone else in the common room watching, laughed at his witty comment. It was then when he realized that speaking his thoughts could actually be a good thing. Everett found himself fitting right into the house with his sarcastic nature, as the older Slytherin students encouraged him and quickly accepted him. For once he was not hiding behind his sisters success. In the middle of his first year he quickly found interest within in the Hogwarts library after finding books that contained Wizarding facts, and the history of famous Wizards that he had never heard of before. His Hogwarts years flew by, but were not completely uneventful (he did accidentally light a fire in the green house three during his in his third year while trying out a new spell, and earning a reputation for being such an abysmal flyer and a jerk).

After graduating Hogwarts, Everett had no real goals. He didn't really know what to do but he knew that he loved books. After following his sister Carina to Egypt for a bit, he returned home and on sudden whim applied for a job at a local Muggle Library as a library technician. It was his first real experience to Muggle culture and, Muggle related text. After two years of working at the library his father had, had enough of his 'slacking attitude, and useless job'. He instructed Everett to do something with his life and get a real career. So he quit his job, and upon his father's suggestion he applied for a job as a Hit Wizard, which would set him apart from everyone in his family, since it had been a century since someone in his family had been part of the MLE.

During the time of his training he met two fellow Hit Wizards in training Ferris Chasrest and Gloria Kerr. Gloria soon dropped out of the training, but they kept in touch and their relationship grew and soon the two began to date. After training for two years he was finally given the title as an official Hit Wizard. It wasn't his ideal job, it was his fathers. But there was a always a certain thrill to it which he couldn't complain about. Ferris had been assigned as Everett's partner and the two formed a close friendship over the years. A year after he had been part of the MLE, Everett and Gloria were married in a small ceremony. Everett's life seemed to be perfect, unfortunately that only lasted a few years.

After only four years of being a Hit Wizard, Everett resigned when a certain mission went wrong and resulted in the death of his partner and friend Ferris. He began to re-think his life and decided to try and find a job that involved his interests. This ultimately resulted in the falling out between him and his father, causing the older man to never utter another word to him, and unofficially disowning him.

Dash shrugged it off and decided to enrol into Wizard University so he could get a degree which he never thought about doing after leaving Hogwarts. During his third year in the university, he welcomed his son Kyroh Moises into the world, despite the fact that his marriage with Gloria was slowly starting to disintegrate, and had been, well before the move. His graduating year was also the year when his divorce from Gloria was finalized.

Everett stayed at the Ministry for a couple more years before deciding to quit altogether. He found that the work which he had to complete at the Ministry did not allow him to grow and learn the way he would have liked it to. Once he quit he completed his own book titled 'Beyond the Tales: 20th Century Wizards and Witches'.

While researching for his second book, Everett heard through the grapevine that Hogwarts was looking for a new History of Magic Professor. He found the idea of teaching so interesting that he had arranged a meeting with Headmaster Tate. And strangely enough, he was actually hired.

He is now entering his fifth year teaching at Hogwarts.

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face claim: Alexander Ludwig

credit for IBeJenn for the awesome PP

{ P E R S O N A L I D E N T I T Y }

Full name: Gerald Alexander Rush
Place of Birth: Vancouver, Canada
Date of Birth: March 30, 2062
Current residence: London
Ancestry: Halfblood
Nationality: Canadian
Year: Seventh
House: Slytherin

{ A P P E A R A N C E }

Hair: blonde
Height: 6’3”
Eye color: blue
Complexion: slightly tan (as the result of biking in Summer)
Build: Muscular and atlethic
Usual attire: He doesn’t even care about his attire. Usually he puts converse, jeans and t-shirt. Sometimes he puts unbuttoned plaid shirt with them. In the other time we can see him with hoodies or sweaters. See? As long as it’s comfortable, he says.

{ F A M I L Y }

Father: Benjamin Rush (deceased)
Mother: Florencia (for some reason left him when he was still a baby)
Guardians: Lucas Rush (his uncle and also godfather) and his aunt, Gloria
Cousins (but already consider them as siblings): Bianca and Brian Rush

{ A L L A B O U T H I M }

Wand: Hornbeam wood, 13 ¾ inch with dragon heartstring core
Patronus: Wolf
Boggart: (he doesn’t want people to know that)
Best Subject: Transfiguration, Potions
Worst Subject: Ancient Runes,
Likes: Photography, karate, Sleeping, Savory dish, Harmonica, Music, Nature, Outdoor activity, being alone, apples, muggle soda, biking, traveling.
Dislikes: any kinds of sweets, annoying people, his birth mother, being injured

{ P E R S O N A L I T Y }

Gerald is.. the most silent person ever. He doesn’t like talk much (especially about nonsense) to people. That’s why he’d never been a good conversationalist. He can be so rude if he feel so much annoyed but honestly, he’s a pretty cool and calm guy. sometimes if that’s not too important, he doesn’t care and ignore it. His quiet personality always make people consider himself as an arrogant person.

{ H I S T O R Y }

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Hiss!Roar!Caw | Hermione's Double | Little Snakette | Alecate ❤

Model: Sarah Hyland


Cunning. Ambitious. Determined. Slytherin.

Or perhaps in Slytherin
You'll make your real friends,
Those cunning folks use any means
To achieve their ends.

Hey! My name is Sierra Hope Greingoth.
You can call me Sierra I don't have any nicknames. Not yet, at least, but my father calls me Si or Si Bear.
I am seventeen-years-old.
My parents are both pure-bloods, which would make me pure-blooded, too.
I was born in London, England.
I currently live in Hogsmeade, Scotland with my mom, dad, and little sister.
My birthday is on March 17, 2062
Right now, I'm a seventh year. Class of '80, for the win!
You can see that I am a girl.
You could say I run with the snakes.
My wand is 10.5 inches; Ebony; Solid; Dragon heartstring core
My patronus is a jaguar.
My boggart is my birth mother.

+Hair: Long, dark brown, and slightly curly, just like her mother and older sister.
+Eyes: Dark brown, just like everyone on her father's side. Extra big, too, which is just like no one else she knows!
+Build: Sierra has a small build, but she's actually a little taller than the average height for her age. As a matter of fact, her birth mother is only about an inch or two taller than she is. She seems to be taking after her father when it comes to height. Now a seventh year, Sierra has grown to what will likely be her ful height of 5'6"!
+Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
+General appearance: Save for her extra big eyes (her best feature, she'll say), Sierra's appearance is nearly an even reflection of both her father and her birth mother. Although, as she ages, she looks more and more like her father every day. With her long, dark brown, naturally curly hair, it's not difficult to tell that she could be a younger version of Bella Montez and Anna Greingoth-Newell. Sierra even (luckily, she'll say) inherited her birth mother's naturally tan skin, a trait reflective of the Montez's Puerto Rican roots. Despite how much she resembles the appearance of her birth mother and older sister, though, Sierra is extremely different, you'll see, when it comes to personality and beliefs. She's no Bella Montez or Anna Greingoth. Her facial features, height, and personality leave no doubt that she is Alexander Greingoth's mini-me, as you will soon be able to tell upon meeting her or spending any amount of time with her. More often than not, especially when in the presence of Hufflepuffs ("Puffers") or Gryffindors, Sierra is easily annoyed into an eye roll or a glare. Other times, she has an excellent poker face, and it's difficult to tell if she's content, happy, annoyed, or angry. Consider yourself extremely lucky if she passes even a slight smile or a laugh your way.

From the time she was old enough to realize that she was a real witch and what that would mean for her, Sierra has always been a very pro-Slytherin little girl. Her father, Alexander Salazar Greingoth II, was a Slytherin and has always wanted a child or grandchild to be sorted into Slytherin house. Very early on, he saw promise in Sierra and taught her what it truly means to be a Slytherin (in his eyes, of course), and she grew to admire the way the snakes are so ambitious and try extremely hard to achieve their goals.

Sierra will even admit that she's a bit on the cunning side, as well. When she was younger, she would often times trick her brother into things that could very well get him into a heap of trouble. Once, she managed to secretly get out the house with her birth mother's wand, and although she didn't really cast a spell with it (she didn't actually know any spells back then, since she was only eight-years-old), she used the threat of a spell to try and convince her brother to overcome his fear of flying and actually get on his new toy broom (her threat didn't work, by the way). When Alex (her twin brother) asked to hold the wand, Sierra reluctantly handed it over--seconds before her birth mother walked out the house to join them in the backyard. Of course Sierra didn't take the wand back--why would she, when having it would get her into trouble? Deciding it would be much better on her to pretend as if Alex had had the wand all along, Sierra simply stood back and let the cards fall where they may (luckily, neither twin ever got caught and the wand was returned without their parents ever finding out).

While she does in fact consider herself a true Slytherin, it's also true that Sierra isn't intentionally a mean-spirited little girl. She's slightly mature for her age and has a very no-nonsense type attitude. She's very blunt with her opinions and most of the time comes across as extremely sarcastic; but if she isn't overly annoyed by you or doesn't see you as a threat to her own achievements, it's likely she'll at least be civil toward you. She can be nice (sometimes) and actually hopes to make friends, but it's likely at some point her natural instincts--to be ambitious and cunning--will shine through, and she'll attempt to one-up you in something, be it house points, praise from professors, or just normal teenager-type things in general. If she considers you a friend, a frenemy, or at least wants or needs something from you, though, she just might end up using her Slytherin traits to help you, as well.

Some say that Sierra is a force to reckoned with and that she is a very mean-spirited young lady. To say that, though, means a person actually hasn't gotten to know her very well. While its true that she's a no-nonsense sort of person and strives to succeed at (sometimes) the expense of others, she was also raised to be a very respectable person. At home, her mother makes her wake up by seven and help with the cooking and cleaning around the house. Although her inner thoughts and feelings may suggest otherwise, you'll never find Sierra disrespecting any adult. She's extremely ambitious and loves to win, but then again, which Slytherin doesn't?

I'm super fond of Slytherin house, my family and friends, my mom and dad, my baby sister Ariadne, being a witch, magical means of doing anything, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Potions, Transfiguration, being on the Slytherin Quidditch team, my owl and kneazle, trips to the beach (I went to Hawaii when I was younger, and I actually had a really good time!), sleeping late, weekends, summer break, hanging out in Hogsmeade, and hanging out with my older sister.
But I do not care for My biological mother, Hufflepuff house, annoying Gryffindors, Kurumi Hollingberry, overly-excited or overly-friendly people (no one is that friendly; they have to be up to something), Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Divination, Muggle Studies, having to ride the Hogwarts Express to and from school even though I live within walking distance, my middle name, those weird flavors at Florean Fortescue's (like Troll Bogey [ew!] or Corned Beef Sandwich [really, does anyone ever order that?], losing at anything, times when my brother acts like a wimp (Really, Alex? Seriously?), having to wake up early, homework, losing, and Muggle means of doing anything!

Some of my aspirations include
+Making the Slytherin Quidditch team [for a seventh time]
+Being the overall top points earner [This is my year to shine now that the Dictionary Eater is gone!]
+Slytherin winning the House Cup, Quidditch Cup, and Gobstones Cup
+Completing the Alzheimer's Potion that I've been working on with Treyen since first year

A few fears sometimes get in the way
+Failure (despite what she says, Sierra really does care)
+Losing what little family I have left
+Losing my mother, who recently almost died
+Never going pro in Quidditch
+I don't have fears...wimps. *pretends those first four aren't there*
Alexander Greingoth and Bella Montez were only nineteen-years-old when their first child, Anna Bella, was born. Although both hoped to have at least one or two more children a few years after Anna's birth, the dream was never able to become a reality. Over time, the then-married Greingoths began to accept the fact that one child was all they'd be blessed with, and by the time Anna had reached ten-years-old, they'd pretty much cast aside all dreams of any additional children. That is, until fate decided to step in. Shortly after Anna began her Hogwarts years, Bella discovered that she was finally expecting again--with twins, no less! Despite the fact that the couple was quite surprised--and quite frantic about the thought of multiples, mind you--they managed to pull everything together and prepare for the best possible life for their new babies. Sierra and Alex's family (their parents, older sister, and grandparents) all teamed together to help one another through the sudden twists, turns, and curve balls that comes with introducing multiples into a family.

Once again, Alexander and Bella proved to be wonderful parents, and Sierra and Alex were partially raised with both their parents (up to age 11, which is the year their parents got divorced) having what Sierra likes to call one of the best lives anyone could ask for! Knowing their children would be attending Hogwarts once they reached eleven-years-old, Alexander and Bella didn't bother with sending Sierra and Alex to a Muggle school. Neither parent saw the point in introducing them to Muggle-type lessons when most of it would just be forgotten and a distant memory once the Hogwarts letters arrived. Instead, Sierra and Alex were home-schooled, learning the basics plus a little bit of magic, too (by watching and listening, of course, since both were too young and too untrained to perform magic themselves).

On the morning of March 17, 2073 (Sierra's 11th birthday), she got out of bed way earlier than normal (6:51 A.M., to be exact) and waited by the kitchen window for a sign that her Hogwarts letter was on its way. About five hours later (her neck was getting really sore by then), a familiar sound, the sound of an owl approaching, echoed throughout the house. Sierra ran to the front door and opened it wide, giving the owl plenty of room to soar through and deliver the letters. From the moment she and Alex received their letters, Hogwarts was all Sierra could think about. She began wearing at least something green each day, and when she thought nobody was looking, she'd wave a twig through the air and pretend it was a real wand.

* See "THE HOGWARTS YEARS" for the latest updates.

Year One; Term 27
OOC dates: January, 2011 - April, 2011
IC dates: September, 2073 - June, 2074

Sierra officially kicked off her Hogwarts years by 'accidentally' wandering into the prefects compartment on the Hogwarts Express. The school's student leaders were more than understanding and even let her remain in the compartment for the entire ride. At the start of term feast, Sierra was, as she and her family expected, sorted into Slytherin house. At the same feast, her twin brother became the first ever member of the Greingoth-Montez family to be sorted into Hufflepuff house. This separation drove the already-at-odds twins further apart, as Sierra found it more and more difficult to get along with her 'Puffer Brother'. Alex wasn't the only 'Puffer Child' Sierra couldn't get along with, as she more often than not found herself at odds with most Puffers that came her way. The only two exceptions seemed to be Jake Upstead, who gave her a Slytherin ring at the start of term feast, and Treyen Lockhart, who became her Potions partner after the first Potions for Muggles Club meeting. Together, the two are working on a potion to combat the effects of Alzheimer's.

As a pureblood witch raised in a purely magical home, Sierra found it difficult to keep up in some of her classes. It seemed that more than just the Muggle Studies professor had a sincere interest in using magic to help Muggles, a concept Sierra never really could understand. She somehow managed to pull through, though, and in the end placed first points-wise in her house and second points-wise in the school. She was also a member of the Slytherin Quidditch team, playing as Keeper for the duration of her first term. At different points throughout the year, Sierra received two Flying-related injuries to her left arm; one during the last Quidditch match of the season, and the other during the Flying class final. Lucky for Sierra, her shoulder was able to completely heal both times.

At the end of Sierra's first year, her parents divorced, and her father decided to start a life with his Hogwarts best friend, Hecate Lafay, who just so happened to be Sierra's Potions Professor and Head of House. Sierra's parents allowed her to choose which parent she'd live with, and she chose her father, the parent she'd been closest to her whole life. When Alex chose his mother, it split the Greingoths in half, a transition Sierra took much better than her brother. Sierra spent the summer break adjusting to her new life with her father. Together, the two toured Hawaii with her father's new girlfriend.

Year Two; Term 28
OOC dates: April, 2011 - August, 2011
IC dates: September, 2074 - June, 2075

Sierra began her second year by being part of a team of students who explored an abandoned pirate ship during the first week of school. Unbeknownst to Sierra, pirate ghosts were also aboard the ship, and a small group of students, Sierra included, became possessed by the ghosts. At first, Sierra's symptoms were small. She stayed hungry a lot (something very unlike her) and sick a lot, as well. Later in the school, Sierra began to have moments where she'd speak in an unfamiliar language (pirate talk) and sword fight other students. This strange behavior ended with a pirate duel in the Great Hall and another duel during the Flying final exam. At the very end of the school year, the pirate ghosts finally accomplished what they'd come to do, and their spirits left the bodies of the possessed children, Sierra included.

In other news, Sierra and Treyen never quite got the chance to work on the potion they'd started brewing last school year. Sierra had discovered she had a crush on Treyen, and because Treyen had started a relationship with Ellie Stone, Sierra found times with him to be sort of awkward. At the end of the school year, Potions students were assigned the task of polyjuicing into another student and writing about their experience. In order to have her "one little moment" with Treyen, Sierra polyjuiced into Kurumi Hollingberry, who she knew was good friends with Treyen. As Kurumi, Sierra kissed Treyen, who ended up kissing her in return. Unbeknownst to Sierra, she's been mostly figured out, so who knows what her next meeting with Treyen and Kurumi will be like.

Slytherin house ended up winning the House Cup, the Quidditch Cup, and the Gobstones Cup, an accomplishment Sierra hopes they'll repeat during her third year. Sierra also won the honor of being first place beater, meaning she had the most bludger hits of all beaters that year.

Year Three; Term 29
OOC dates: September, 2011 - December, 2011
IC dates: September, 2075 - June, 2076

During the summer just before her third year, life started getting hard for Sierra. She was kidnapped by her non-custodial birth mother (who'd gone mad after losing both her husband and daughter) and taken to Puerto Rico. Her father and Professor Lafay searched for her and finally found her in the custody of her mother.

In order to prevent Bella Montez from running off with her again, Alexander and Hecate pretended not to want Sierra, although they couldn't exactly tell Sierra of their plan. Sierra ended up running away from home and spent the last week of her summer on the run, staying in places like The Leaky Cauldron and finally, Kurumi Hollingberry's home. She boarded the Hogwart's Express straight from Kurumi's home and met Tori Bunbury along the way.

On the train, Tori purchased so much candy from the trolley that Sierra had to help her bring it back to the compartment. Seeing as Sierra had been on the run for quite some time and was starving, she took a small handful of Tori's candy, hoping she wouldn't notice. Of course the girl did, and at the Start of Term Feast, Tori marched right up to Sierra, grabbed her by the chin and demanded that she give all the candy back. Sierra promptly spit the gum into Tori's hand, causing Tori to take it and smear it into Sierra's hair. This was the beginning of a 'frenemy' relationship between the two.

Later, Sierra met with Professor Lafay, who told her the true story of what had happened during the kidnapping. The only bad news was the kidnapping had destroyed Alexander and Hecate's relationship, causing the two to call it quits. The first part of Sierra's third year was extremely difficult. She was dealing with the aftermath of the kidnapping and due to the break-up, things at home weren't all that great either. Christmas rolled around, and just after Sierra said her goodbyes to Professor Lafay, she headed home to Hogsmeade. Just as she stepped outside the school grounds, though, her mother kidnapped her a second time. Alexander and Hecate were quick to track her down this time, though.

...and a short time later, Bella Montez mysteriously disappeared, and she hasn't been seen or heard from since.

Sierra finished her third year on a better note. Alexander and Hecate reunited, and together, the three began working on rebuilding their lives.

Year Four; Term 30
OOC dates: January, 2012 - April, 2012
IC dates: September, 2076 - June, 2077

Fourth year proved to be a rather uneventful time for Sierra as far as her school life was concerned. She did made the Slytherin Quidditch team for a fourth time, playing once again as Beater. However, Slytherin fell short in not only Quidditch, but also in the race for the House Cup and the Gobstones Cup. As a matter of fact, they ended up having to hand over all three cups to Hufflepuff house, much to Sierra's dismay. Sierra, however, claims that she did her part in working to protect their ownership of the House Cup. For the fourth time in a row, she earned the honor of highest point-winning Slytherin. Toward the end of the year, Sierra started experienced weird behavior--freezing in place and losing track of time. The term ended with the behavior being a mystery left unexplained.

Her home life was much, much better than it has been, as Alexander and Hecate were married on Christmas Day, 2076. After the ceremony, which took place in an undisclosed location, Sierra was surprised with an extra special Christmas gift--adoption papers from Hecate Lafay, who gave her a ring at the ceremony that symbolized their union, as well. After years of trauma and heartache, Sierra finally had a mother who loved her and cared for her the way a mother should. At home, she began calling Professor Lafay 'Mom', but at school, she still refers to the woman as Professor Lafay. The family of three lives happily in their cottage in Hogsmeade, Scotland.

Year Five; Term 31
OOC dates: May, 2012 - August, 2012
IC dates: September, 2077 - June, 2078

Fifth year got off to a good start for Sierra, as she'd been named Slytherin prefect over the summer and would be coming to school with a new badge to say so. Early on, she also developed a crush on Kennedy Escalante, her co-prefect and fellow Quidditch team beater. She and Kennedy first became friends, yet Sierra quickly discovered that she actually had stronger feelings for Kennedy.

Mid-term, Sierra began to freeze in place more often, and once in Potions class, she froze and didn't recover. She was among a group of students taken to the Hospital Wing for curing, and she eventually was able to unfreeze with the help of the Healer. Soon afterwards, Sierra and Kennedy began to meet up more often, eventually discovering that they both had strong feelings for one another. Kennedy was the first boy Sierra ever had these type of feelings for before, and he was also the first boy to hold her hand or ask her out on a date. The two went to Madame Puddifoot's the next Hogsmeade weekend.

Slytherin house fell short this term, coming in third place in the house points race and in Quidditch. They came in slightly better in Gobstones, where they placed second. The year ended on a low note, as Sierra's mother, Professor Lafay, became ill and grew sicker by the day. She passed out just before the End-of-Term Feast, and the Healer met privately with Sierra to tell her of her mother's disease and surprise pregnancy. Sierra left home and spent the summer staying close to her mother and hoping for a cure.

Year Six; Term 32
OOC dates: September, 2012 - December, 2012
IC dates: September, 2078 - June, 2079

Sixth year was a trying time for Sierra. Her mother's condition got worse, and it was clear that the woman was dying. Sierra refused to accept this, though, and hung on to the hope that her mother would make it. She grew resentful over the fact that fate had given her the mother she'd always dreamed of only to take her away after such a short time. One a more positive note, Sierra and Kennedy Escalante grew closer, and early in the term, he asked her to be his girlfriend. Sierra accepted and gained a shoulder to lean on as she fought through the heartache of her mother's condition.

For the sixth year in a row, Sierra made the Slytherin Quidditch team. She played as Beater but had to miss the last match of the season due to hurting her arm. Although she was disappointed that she missed it, she was also grateful because by that time, nobody could deny her mother was going to die. The hardest part was that her mother was also pregnant, making it two lives at stake. Sierra hung in there, though, making a huge effort to keep up her grades and maintain her prefect status. Even this proved to be difficult, though, as a man-eating plant took its place in the school and ate two professors and some creatures. Sierra was part of the group that helped fight the poltergeist responsible and return the school back to its normal state. The group discovered that the poltergeist feared felines, and therefore planned to unleash an army of cats.

That summer, Sierra's mother confided in her that she was heading on a journey to a foreign country in order to get healed. This was a secret between mother and daughter only, even though Sierra's father knew his wife had left for unknown reasons. Weeks into the summer, Sierra's mother returned, and the family is currently working on healing the hurt caused by the illness. The good news is that the baby was born--a little girl named Ariadne Cecilia. Sierra loves her baby sister a lot and plans to help raise her to be yet another strong, Slytherin Greingoth woman.

Year Seven; Term 33
OOC dates: January, 2013 - April, 2013
IC dates: September, 2078 - June, 2079


My family is my whole world. I love you, Mom, Dad, and Ariadne.
+The Father: Alexander Salazar Greingoth II (born 2031)
+The Mother: Hecate Scarlett Lafay Greingoth (born 2032)
+The Siblings: My baby sister Ariadne Cecilia Greingoth (born 2078), my older sister Anna Bella Greingoth-Newell (born 2050), and my half brother [Alex]ander Salazar Greingoth III (born 2062)
+The Maternal Grandparents: Isabella Sierra Montez and Alejandro Diego Montez
+The Paternal Grandparents: Alexander Salazar Greingoth I and Vanessa Hope Greingoth

+The pets: Two, an owl named Nox and a kneazle named Hissy Fit. Beware of the kneazle! While calm and friendly around the few she trusts, she will become defensive and start hissing angrily toward all others.

At the end of Sierra's first year, she and her brother were checked out of school one day to have a family meeting with their mother and father. It was during this meeting that the twins were told their mother and father would be divorcing after a twenty-something year long marriage. Because their parents were attempting to make this transition as easy as possible on their two youngest children, they allowed both Sierra and Alex to choose which parent they'd permanently live with. As a result, Alexander Greingoth received sole custody of Sierra, while Bella Montez received sole custody of Alex. Alexander Greingoth moved on and began a life with his Hogwarts best friend, Hecate Lafay. The two were married Christmas, 2076, and Sierra was adopted by Lafay that very same day. Now-a-days, the family of three four (including Ariadne!) lives happily in a cottage in Hogsmeade, Scotland.

For those of you who have been on Snitch Seeker for at least a couple years or longer, you'll likely realize that Sierra is the younger sister of my first character, Anna Greingoth (now Newell). Greingoth was a surname I created back when I first joined the site. It's pronounced 'Green Goth' and is a tribute to Severus Snape. Green, of course, represents Slytherin house, while Goth stands for Snape's black hair and clothes. Neither Anna nor her sister (or any of my characters, actually) are goth, though (I've been asked that several times, lol). I simply used the word as part of my surname, because Snape is one of my favorite characters, and the word reminded me of his appearance. In addition, the name Bella (used as Anna's middle name and Sierra and Anna's mother's first name) is a shortened form of Bellatrix (as in, Lestrange, of course). So there you have it! A bit of OOC trivia-type material as to how I chose some of my family names!

Template Coding by Ashlie aka Hermione_loves_Ron. Bio picture by Roselyn.
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Seventh Year
x1 x2

Ministry RPG Name:
Daichi Katharos
Minister's Office

Ministry RPG Name:
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A magia nas entrelinhas // Bambayaaa // didn't break the Groundskeeper curse

Daichi *Duck Boy* Katharos

Model: Kim Xiah Junsu


Full Name: Daichi Max Katharos
Nicknames: Duck Boy
Age: 16
Year: 6th
House: Slytherin
Bloodstatus: Halfblood
PoB: Milton Keynes , England
DoB: 5th may
Wand:11.4", Vine wood, Phoenix Feather Core, Bendy
Boggart: Fire
Fav subject: Transfiguration - flying
Least fav subject: Ancient runes (because he doesn't get it)
Relationship: Indiana Hutchinson


Daichi's personality can be subscribed as the cute guy. He is usually bubbly and loves to have a good time. He is one of those people who can talk to anyone no matter the situation. He is often told that he is cute and or adorable by students and professors alike but Daichi never sees himself like that. He sees himself as a nice person who is cool. Not cute at all!

The Slytherin also has a kind of innocence around him and is often naive in the things that people say. He trusts people too quickly sometimes which can cause him trouble later.

But the older he gets the more responsible he feels. He is now more calm and collected than in his previous years because he has to set an example. It is hard but he tries his best.


Mother: Min Hae Katharos (Nee , Kim) - muggle
Father: Gideon Katharos - wizard (Ravenclaw)
Brother: Aedan Katharos -wizard (Slytherin)


On may 5th , Daichi was born in a normal loving Halfblood family. He grew up in a small mansion in Milton Keynes , England. His father, who works at the Ministry of Magic is an English Wizard. His mother, a Korean muggle worked as a housewife. Daichi also has an older brother who graduated two years ago and is currently working together with his father at the Ministry.

Daichi started to show magical abilities at an early age. The little boy wanted to grab a candy on top of the kitchen but couldn't reach it. He doesn't know how but all of the sudden the candy started to move and it flew right in to his hand. His mother, who had been busy with cooking had seen it all and was delighted to tell her husband what had happened.

When Daichi turned seven, something happened that would change his life forever. A fire broke in in their home while he and his mother were sleeping. His father had to work over time at the Ministry and his older brother was at a sleep over party with some friends. Mysteriously, Daichi's plushed duck , Mr.Duckles fell off the shelve above him and on his head , waking him up. Seeing basically nothing for the smoke was getting thicker, the only thing in his mind was that he needed to get out. Disoriented , the boy tried to find his way to his mothers room and when he finally reached it he couldn't get closer. The flames were too high and he was scared of it. Daichi tried shouting at his mother to wake up but she didn't. Tears flowing out of his eyes, he told his mother that he would find help and a few minutes later he had found his way outside.

His neighbors had already called the fire ambulance and it was on it's way. Seeing Daichi running out of the house hysterical and crying his neighbors tried to comfort him. He told them that his mother was still inside but the flames were too high for them to try and go in. They could do nothing but watch as the fire truck arrived. His father and brother came home as soon as they heard what had happened still in pajamas and suit they stood on the street. Daichi felt his heart lifting up when he saw his mother being carried out on a tray, she was alive! But it sank immediately when they laid a white cloth over her body.

From that day, Daichi's cheerful personality had changed into a gloomy one. He never played with the other kids in his neighbourhood again. Never smiled only when he was forced to. When he turned eleven, Daichi had gotten a letter from Hogwarts and it was from that day on he decided to be different. Putting on a mask to hide his true self, Daichi went to Hogwarts with his old cheerful personality. Knowing that his mother would be dissapointed in him if he kept this up, and if there is one thing that he wants is to make his moter proud. He could often been seen laughing, smiling and joking around but if someone could look inside his heart, they would see it was aching.

SPOILER!!: **~~First Year~~**

Daichi loved his first year at Hogwarts and secretly didn't want to go back home. He was very nervous when he first set foot in diagon alley and even managed to make a mess in the slug and jiggers store. He doesn't have many friends at school, just people that he know but he wouldn't concider them "friends". He felt lonely in the beginning of the year but the feeling grew away when he met the Slytherin Prefect , Evan Cartwright. The seventh year was like an older brother to him together with the fourth year Jonathan Kim. They never made fun of him whenever he carried Mr.Duckles with him around and he was grateful for that because the plushed duck is his everything.

At Hogwarts, his favorite classes had been Arithmancy and Charms. He had never expected that he would like numbers related things because even when he thought about it it made his head spin. Yet, he found out it was pretty simple although he doesn't understand the theory, he is good at the practical assignments. Charms, which is his second favorite subject came as a shock to him. Mainly because, Daichi's wand and spell work is so HORRIBLE that he can't even perform a simple wingardium leviosa. Not to mention he had almost blown Evan up when he had offered to help him in the room of requirement. He never gave up though and practised spells as much as he could until he became better at it. Now , his spells are affective but only if he could aim... Somehow, Daichi's aiming ability seems to be way off and he would hit anything except for the thing he need to aim at.

Knowing he was bad at performing spells, Daichi wanted to find something he was good in. He decided to sign up for the quidditch team and after having passed through a couple of try outs he was selected as a chaser. It was ironic how he was so bad at aiming when it came to spells he was good at aiming in a quidditch match. It had been his first year at Hogwarts and after all the failure he had achieved something big. Slytherin had won the quidditch cup.

SPOILER!!: **~~Second Year~~**

In Daichi’s second year the first person he had met was Eira. A sixth year Slytherin who he tried her high heels to see how it walks. He accidentally broke one of them and when trying to repair he blew the shoe up.

His second year was also the year he tried to buy fire whiskey. He was and still is very curious about the taste and with a very failed disguise he went to the leaky cauldron. Of course, his height, squeaking voice and chubby cheeks gave him away and instead of the fire whiskey he only gotten a FREE apple juice. YES FREE~~

In the Hogwarts express, Daichi suffered from headaches and he had seen two older people walk passed his compartment and rudely yet curiously asked why they were on the train and that they looked old. It didn’t take him long for him to find out that they were two new professors for Charms and Astronomy.

At school, Daichi grew very close to a certain Gryffindor girl named Thea Eden. During the hate potion homework, the two had agreed to test it on each other and Daichi felt bad and horrible for the things he had said to her. After the homework, the second year had given her a box of half eaten chocolates in apology. It was a half-eaten box with a pink ribbon around it in the form of a heart that his older brother picked out to make fun of him. Of course making the situation awkward.

At the swimming pond he got his first ever fight (sort of), Daichi had seen João Neves. standing nearby and he wanted to surprise him. Yelling out his name , he ran to give him a big hug but slipped and fell in the water. João must have thought he did it on purpose because he started to shout at him. Stuff happened and it ended up in Daichi blowing a hole in the ground. Unlucky as he was, Professor Bentley had seen the hole and after some weird questioning in which Daichi had the feeling João tried to blame him they got off without detention.

And if that wasn’t enough, he had also fallen in to the lake. In the Slytherin Common room he had met two new students, Kennedy and Eris. He made jokes about the lake being filled with piranha’s and after a dare they went to the lake to check it out. When Eris and him arrived at first, Daichi tried to scare her by pushing her in to the water. Only, he too fell in and with a struggle he tried to stay up the surface. Daichi couldn’t swim and the first year girl had to help him but since Daichi was panicking he kicked and trashed too much. Kennedy saw it happening and before he got there to help them, Daichi had fainted and woken up in the Hospital wing.

And to top THAT off, Daichi was reminded of his past in DADA class and he tried to keep his cheerful mask on. All in all it wasn’t such a good year for him, but that all made it good at the end of the year even though he was sick. Slytherin winning EVERYTHING again for two years in a row AND A CHOCOLATE CAKE for his birthday from Kurumi~

SPOILER!!: **~~Third Year~~**

In his third year, Daichi decided to change his looks. He was tired of people pinching his cheeks and telling him how cute he was. He never liked it but never knew how to stop it. Thus his only solution was getting a hair cut and dye his hair a different color. During the summer he had grown quite a few inches making him slightly taller than the rest of the Slytherins. He had begged his father to let him go to the barber shop where he could get a hair cut.

With styled blonde hair and a new sense of clothing style, Daichi went to Diagon Alley. Here he met Kurumi and it took her atleast a few minutes until she realized that she was talking to him. His give away had been his laugh that was like the sound of a highpitched dolphin. His other friend Jonathan had seen right through him and even played along, pretending that he really did not know that he was his friend and that he had just met a new person. For a long time, Daichi fell for. He honestly believed that he was tricking Jonathan while in reality he was the one being tricked.

At school the first changes he had noticed on the school grounds was that there was a duck pond now. Because of his love obssession with ducks the pond became his heaven. But he didn't just want to be at the pond, he wanted to HAVE a duck. Making a plan with his Gryffindor partner in crime, Thea he went to the duck pond dressed in all the middle of the day... to steal one of the ducks. Their plan fell in the water however when they were caught by the two Gryffindor Prefects and were send to Mr.Murdoch to apologize.

During the joint class in CoMC and HoM Daichi had done something stupid while they were supposed to rescue the hostages on the bottom of the lake. He had punched Professor Williamson on his arm due to his confusion and anger towards the two professors because he thought that his father had been under water. When it turned out that the person they had to rescue was only a doll, the Slytherin felt stupid and after a few days he decided to pay the professor a visit to apologize. It turned out that the man was pretty relaxed with it all and that he understood why Daichi reacted that way. Half way through their conversation the Slytherin thought something out loud in which Williamson repeated in a question form but Daichi thought that he had just read his mind.

From that day on, Daichi Katharos naively thought that his Ex-CoMC Professor could read mind.

SPOILER!!: **~~Fourth year~~**

Daichi's fourth year in Diagon Alley began with he himself getting in to trouble. He had been lost in knockturn alley when he was searching for one of the shops. Strangely enough he met Louisa at the steps to knockturn alley. Wondering what a soon to be HeadGirl was doing in a place like that he had walked up to her. It turned out that she wanted to visit a grave from her cat who had been killed by a dark wizard that walked around in this place.

And thus, Louisa dumbly trusted Daichi by giving him an instant darkness powder pouch with the order to throw it at anyone suspicious. After a while a man stood beside them and even though Louisa knew that this person was dangerous, Daichi did not think so. They began to talk and the fourth years naive manners made him shake the man's hand. This had been a mistake for it seemed that he wasn't planning to let go and Daichi panicked, forgetting that he had instant darkness powder in his hand. Luckily Louisa had kept her cool and pushed his back with the result that Daichi dropped the powder and they could get away.

At school, Daichi tried to avoid the Head Girl for he felt embarrassed and blamed himself that he had almost gotten himself AND his friend killed.When they did met one day Daichi was relieved that he only gotten a stern talk but that they still would be friends.

In his fourth year, Daichi also met Indiana Hutchinson. A Ravenclaw girl who stole his heart. They first became friends but whenever Daichi only thought of her his heart raced and he blushed feverishly. He was in love and was determind to ask her out. It took a lot of courage for him to get her alone and ask if she wanted to go out with him. When he finally did, he was rejected by Indy because not a few days ago Dylan Montmorency the Slytherin Captain had asked her out already.

The Tracing Enchantment lessons had been his favorite seminar of the year. Not because during class he was almost kissed by Kurumi during her trance and that he had walked behind Gwen like he worshipped her but because of the spell they had learned. Malin Calin easily became Daichi's favorite spell. For the homework, Daichi went to the duck pond to try the spell out on one of the ducks. It took him a few times but soon a white duck that he named Floppy walked with him as if it were his best friend. With the duck waddling next to him he went to see the Headmaster since it had been part of the homework to brag about the seminar teacher. His visit ended with the Headmaster telling him he had done an amazing piece of magic.

SPOILER!!: **~~Fifth year~~**

In his fifth year, Daichi Katharos had been a nervous wreck. His OWLS were coming up and the Slytherin was forced to stay awake during the night to study. He was afraid that if he didn't he would fail his OWLS and because he had classes and homework during the day the only time he could actually study was in the evening / night.

This resulted in him loosing weight due to stress and he had panic attacks during classes. Especially in Transfiguration class where he blew stuff up more than normal. During all the stress, his not related big sister Kurumi Hollingberry decided to give him private lessons. At first he thought she was going to help him with his OWLS but it turned out that it were anti fire lessons.

Of course the Slytherin was reluctant to go through with it but after a while he agreed because he knew that Kurumi would graduate at the end of the year and he would have no one to protect him. The lesson involved a chocolate cake to make him happy and a single candle on top of it and a lot of emotional crying. He realized that he had cropped up all of his pained emotions and when they began to flow he couldn't stop. When it was over, he felt relieved and actually pretty good.

This year was also the year that Daichi found out that his two best friends weren't dating anymore. They hadn't been dating for two years now apparently and he never knew. He was both dissapointed and angry at both of them for not telling him , especially when it turned out that the whole school already knew about it except for him.

** ~~Friends~~**

Evan Cartwright Prefect - graduated
Kurumi Hollingberry Prefect - graduated
Jonathan Kim - Graduated
Indiana Hutchinson - Girlfriend, transfered to Beauxbaton
Beezus Castell -Prefect

Louisa Carter - Prefect , HeadGirl , graduated
Jory Stonewall
Juliet Kim
Thea Eden


Mr.Duckles (plushed duck)
Cute things
Floppy (duck at the pond)


arrogent people
people who get what they want without fighting for it

**~~OWLS results~~**

Daichi Katharos has achieved:
Care of Magical Creatures O
Charms P
Defense Against the Dark Arts E
History of Magic P
Potions O
Transfiguration O
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Olivia Phillips
Fifth Year
x12 x12

Ministry RPG Name:
Marilyn E. Romalotti
Minister's Office

Ministry RPG Name:
Aubrey Anika Wintringham-Duke
Environmental Protection

Diagon Alley Employee:
Florian Dudemeister-Quackenboss
Ollivander's Owner
Zombie Apocalypse Team Leader ★ ★ the girl with the Cheshire Cat grin

Model: Boyd Holbrook
Dylan Montmorency
Slytherin Quidditch Captain

Name: Dylan Corvi Montmorency
Nickname: "Dyl", "Switch"
Age: Sixteen (16)
Date of Birth: May 10, 2063
Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin (United States of America)
Current Residence: Chelsea, London (United Kingdom)
Heritage: Halfblood American
Wand: Hawthorn wood, Dragon Heartstring core, 11 inches, Unyielding. Works best for Defensive magic.
Patronus: Raven
Relationship Status: Single

2074 - 2076: North Eastern School of Magic
Strongest Subject: DADA
Weakest Subject: Transfiguration
Activities and Clubs: None

2076 - Present: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Slytherin
Year: Sixth Year
Strongest Subject: Ancient Runes and Flying
Weakest Subject: Astronomy
Activities and Clubs: Quidditch Captain, Gobstones, Herboloty Task Force
Ancient Runes O
Arithmancy O
Astronomy A
Care of Magical Creatures O
Charms E
Defense Against the Dark Arts E
Divination O
Herbology E
History of Magic O
Muggle Studies O
Potions O
Transfiguration O

Eye Color: Blue/Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165 lbs
Body Type: Lithe / Athletic
Skin tone/complexion: Tanned
Birth marks / Tattoos: A mysterious tattoo on the inside of his wrist. (His parents did NOT approve!)

Father: Richard Dwayne Montmorency (52)
Mother: Janice Ann Montmorency (nee Whisp) (41)

Tarantula: Charlotte
Eagle Owl: Jackson

Dylan is, truly, ALL BOY. He's more of the sporty type, who loves to be outdoors and enjoys getting sweaty. His idea of a good time is throwing a quaffle around and talking about girls. ALL girls. He has been known to be a tad flirtatious...which has gotten him into A LOT of trouble in the past...and still does to this day.

When he's not outside, though...he's playing his guitar in the Slytherin dorms or Room of Requirement. Any place secluded or private. Music is extremely personal to Dylan and isn't something he easily shares with outsiders. If one has heard him play, they should count themselves extremely lucky.

When it comes to his friendships, Dylan is more than capable of being the nicest guy one has ever met. He'll go out of his way to do things for people and would take the shirt off his back if need be. BUT, anger him in any way...and you'll possibly make your worst enemy. If he feels you have disrespected him or one of his friends, he'll do WHATEVER it takes to get revenge. He will get creative...

When it comes to school work, Dylan's parents have pushed him to do his best, which has never really been his concern. BUT...with the move and everything behind him, the Slytherin is finding his groove with classes and assignments.

Richard Turner
Isaac Muir
Mordred Maurant
Sierra Greingoth
Kennedy Escalante
Theodore Kinsley
West Odessa
Elektra Draven

Beezus Castell
Vickers Vanderbilt
Vivi Branxton
Aspen Odessa?

Alexa Cambridge
Selina Skylar
Kurumi Hollingberry

Oakey Gunter

  • Quidditch
  • Lux (his guitar)
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Girls
  • Redheaded Girls
  • Pie
  • Kurumi Hollingberry (because of her cookies)
  • The smell of vanilla (because it reminds him of dessert)
  • Being Captain
  • His team and teammates
  • Foreign countries

  • Older brothers (of girls' he's dated)
  • People who think they know everything about him
  • People touching his things
  • People touching his hair
  • Being lied to and/or cheated on
  • Disrespect.

*is STILL in the process of making HISTORY*
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◤◢Cassia Jane Somerlad◤◢

Model:Kiernan Shipka

◤◢ B A S I C S ◤◢
Name: Cassia Jane Somerlad.
DoB: 27th June. 2066.
Year at Hogwarts: Third year.
Blood: Pure Blood.
Best subjects: CoMC. Transfiguration.
Least favorite subjects: Herbology.
Pets: An owl named Snaty.
◤◢ A P P E A R A N C E ◤◢
Eye color: Brown.
Hair: Blonde.
Skin: Fair.
Height: 140cm
◤◢ P E R S O N A L I T Y ◤◢

Cassia is a nice girl with a high amount of curiosity. She likes meeting new people and knowing about them and their lives. She likes honesty and she always says what she feels which can't be good all the time. She believes that trust if the most important feature between friends. She loathes betrayal and selfishness. She can be annoying sometimes due to her curiosity. She is a passionate girl who gets excited and fascinated easily. Even by the simplest things she could get enthusiastic right away. Probably being a fervent girl is not good all the time because that would mean making big deals out of simple ones. She appreciates the simplest acts of kindness. She also trusts people blindly which worries her family. Because that would cause her pain if she had been stabbed in the back. Though she might not notice right away that she had been betrayed and there're actually two reasons to that. The first one is that she tends to see people's good intentions. The second reason is that she's not a very bright girl. She is not dumb but she can be clueless most of the time. And despite her eagerness and enthusiasm, Cassia isn't a very confident girl. She doesn't feel comfortable being in front of crowds. The girl feels more self-assured when with few people. And she doesn't like to attract attention because that would mean so many eyes looking at her and she doesn't find that comfortable. Though she is trying to work on that to gain more confidence in herself.One last thing is that she forgets a lot! So don't take it personal if she doesn't remember your name or invent a new one for you. Though she remembers faces very well.

◤◢ F A M I L Y ◤◢
Father : Marcus Somerlad.
Mother: Laura Somerlad.
Brother: Mike Somerlad.
Grandmother: Margret Anna Somerlad.
◤◢ L I K E S ◤◢

Meeting new people.
Chocolate frogs.
Jelly Beans.
Fluffy stuff.
Raining weather.
Goofing around.
◤◢ D I S L I K E S ◤◢
Dark places.
Blazing sun.
Two-faced people.

◤◢ B A C K G R O U N D ◤◢
Cassia is the is the oldest of two children in her family. She lives with her family in London where she was born. She was raised by both her mother and her grandmother. As her Father works in the ministry, in the International Magical Cooperation he tends to travel a lot. Which usually requires her mother travelling with him. And leaving both of the kids with their grandmother.

Cassia and her younger brother ,Mike are best friends. They spend all the time together, playing and singing. They discuss magic a lot. And the two kids always talked about how excited they were to get into Hogwarts. When Cassia was to go to Hogwarts, the two kids were saddened to be separated. And the more Cassia thought about the fun she'd have at the school the more she felt sad about leaving her brother behind.

The girl and her brother have lots of friends. Considering they, too, travel with their parents which allowed them to meet many people. However, their best friend is Liam, their nextdoor neighbor. The three spent lots of time together. Liam is older than Cassia by two years and he goes to another school, he is a wizard too!

Not only Cassia spends her time playing ad having fun with her companions . Her father is so concerned about giving his two children the knowledge he can provide at home. Especially Cassia as she being the eldest . The father is strict logical person who takes care of rational things.

While her mother is a passionate person. Who is responsible for moral issues and sensations. And surely not to forget Grandma Margret who is determined to change her granddaughter !As Cassia spends most of her time playing with Liam and Mike. Goofing around and most of all talking a lot! Her Grandmother never approves of this attitude . As she ,grandmother, justifies her disapproving that a lady doesn't babble nor does she laugh out loud. And that was exactly how Cassia is all the time.

Grandmother Margret always complains to her son, Cassia's father, about his girl attitude. Marcuse is convinced that she is still a child and she will grow to be as her Grandmother taught her to be. But no one knows whether his prediction is correct or not
Cassia and her father
Marcus Somerlad is Cassia's ideal. She always looks at her father as a perfect person. She admires his confidence and his ability to make people understand his opinions by speaking a few sentences.
He is a strict person yet understanding. He believes in rules and boundaries that ,in his opinion, can make everything legit. He believes that an organized person is a successful ,happy one. So whenever Cassia feels like she needs to discuss something logically she goes to her father who gets her through the matter easily and smoothly.
Though the father travels a lot ,he makes sure to make up his absence by spending time with his two kids when he isn't travelling.

Cassia and her mother
Cassia probably has most of her mother's characteristics. For her mother is a passionate person who mainly operates under the impulse of her feelings and the swinging of her heart. Laura Somerlad is the person to sooth Cassia down just by holding her close. The mother is a fantastic listener who never gets bored of her talkative daughter.
However, the mother is a quiet person unlike the daughter. If Cassia is feeling down and depressed and doesn't feel like talking about it or discussing it she goes to her mother who easily makes her forget about it and brings her spirit up again.

Cassia and her brother
Mike is Cassia's best friend along with being her younger brother. The boy is three years younger than Cassia. And despite that fact Cassia rarely feels that gap of age. Probably because the brother is smarter. Unlike his sister, Mike resembles his father for being confident and calm. He and his sister don't share most of their characteristics as Cassia is talkative ,Mike talks briefly and when necessary. Cassia trusts people blindly on the other hand Mike has a hunch that rarely fails him.
And yet the two makes great and compatible siblings. However, they are not perfect. For like any brother and sister the two have fights and arguments. But never did any fight last for more than a day. Because after a couple of hours it'd be forgotten.

Cassia and her grandmother
Margret Anna Somerlad is a strict person. Who believes in discipline and none else. She takes it on her conscious to raise Cassia into being a classy sophisticated young lady. And here comes the problem as Cassia isn't that type of girl and is never going to be. But the grandmother never surrenderes. She keeps trying to change the girl's attitude and interests which is far than done. And that what causes the tense between the granddaughter and her grandmother.
Despite that, Cassia of course never loathes her grandmother. Neither does the older woman. It causes regular arguments ,their different personalities but they love each other no matter what.
Especially that the grandmother has so many interesting stories to tell from her long life and that fascinates Cassia.

Cassia and her owl
Cassia has a honey-colored owl. When Cassia went to the pet shop she was intending to buy a cat because the girl is very fond of cats. And she has two cats at her home. However, once in the shop she decided to buy an owl to experience having an owl. She had started to learn how to take care of this creature and she named the owl Snaty. Because he is a rude snappy creature. Snaty always screeches whenever Cassia touches him. And not to mention how many times Cassia got bitten when trying to feed him. She always wonders about her owl's attitude. Other owls seemed to be friendly with their owners at least.
◤◢ H O G W A R T S ◤◢
◤◢ First Year ◤◢
Cassia was excited about her first year at Hogwarts. Though she was sad that she was leaving her younger brother behind, she couldn't hide her excitement about going to Hogwarts and learning all the cool stuff she heard of.

In Hogwarts Cassia was the same girl at home curious excited and easily fascinated by the simplest things. She tried as best as she could to get to meet students and make friends. However, she was surprised by herself that she couldn't always take the first step. She had always thought that she was a mixer person, which she was but she wasn't that used to take the first step. And despite that fact she met quite many students whom she become good friends with.

However, at the end of the year Cassia was so thrilled about what she witnessed of the cool events that happened at Hogwarts. She had learned so many things. Like being a wizard or a witch isn't always a good thing. As a kid she always assumed that being a witch was very cool and great. Which was true! But she found out just like her father used to tell her that some people miss-used what they had.

So, the naïve excited girl who entered Hogwarts had changed a bit to become less naïve and a slightly more wise. However, she is still curious ,squeaky and a bit clueless at some points. But she had the same spirit and eagerness to know more and become a good witch…and to have fun and keep up with everything going on around school.

◤◢ Summer Before 2nd Year ◤◢
This summer was different than all the other summers in Cassia's life. The reason of course was that she was waiting for something to come. Though she had had lots of fun as usual with her brother and friends and most of all Liam, the girl still longed to return to Hogwarts. She longed for the castle ,for the common room and for her friends there.

And she felt that she had changed slightly and gained some wisdom and experience. She was determined to be a cool, friendly and good second year. How? She 'll have to figure it out somehow.
◤◢ Second Year ◤◢

Cassia's second year started out in a different way. For on the ride to the castle an unknown reason caused the train to break down and the students had to use portkeys to get to Hogsmeade station. Cassia's plans of being stronger and less childish were kind of ruined as she couldn't help not getting afraid when the lights went out and the train made a halt. Though afterwards she was able to contain her fears using the portkey and then getting into the carriages to get to Hogwarts. Another thing Cassia was excited about was the new headmistress. Cassia had encountered her on the train but it wasn't a very good first impression. She then hadn't known that this red-headed woman was the headmistress. The opening feast was quite different as Cassia wasn't among the firsties who were nervous about the sorting hat. She steadily walked to her house table and sat there with friends and met other ones too. The twelve-years also found classes different as she had an idea about the classrooms and professors. Though there were a couple of new ones.

She was also grateful for her father who had gave her a couple of books to read during the summer which helped her so much throughout the year. She had worked hard to be a good student. She wasn't an excellent student but she wasn't planning on that and didn't care much about it. She only cared not to be a bad student. Because it would be un-cool. In this year Cassia met many new friends and was glad about this fact. She was determined to be all social and was trying to figure how that could be achieved. Though the creepy awkward event that took place at the castle somehow helped her. Like being locked out of the common rooms and having to sleep in the great hall. Such situations always made students stick together and spend more time together discussing and analyzing. Although ,Cassia wasn't so good at it she had thoughts and ideas. Some of them were a bit childish but she believed in them. And of course everything raised her curiosity and made her eager to know more. The second-year was also content that she had interacted with house-elves and ghosts this year. Well, she wasn't really glad about the ghosts part because they seemed to be responsible of most of what was going on. And so she and Theo decided to figure this out and investigate. They had become the Slytherin secret spies. And intended to accomplish missions and stuff because they were cool. And capable of doing so.

And when Cassia thought that everything was going back to normal, two professors got eaten by a plant. Of course Cassia wasn't a plant fan in the first place and this incident only made her theory stronger. She of course felt sad and sorry for the two professors who were the old astronomy woman and the Ancient Runes prof who spoke awkwardly. So because of the sad feelings she had had and because of the intense curiosity that had gotten into her. She decided to join the searching parties that were set to search for the professors and the plant. It might sound not reasonable to see Cassia choosing to do so. And she herself had been surprised by her sudden decision. But she thought that not always searching parties would be assigned and she was curious to know how this thing was done. Another reason she joined is because she wanted to make sure the plant was dealt with justice.

Which was what happened. As the charms professor blew up the plant when it was cornered by the students and staff in the greenhouses. Where a student was pulled by the plant but Cassia was too busy making sure she was far away from the plant and also trying to convince her friend Lex to not sacrifice her precious life for nothing. Of course Lex and Cassia were so convinced that they had saved the school from the plant. Though the snake didn't even get near it but they had embraced that fact and believed in it and intended to pass it on the coming generations. They also were going to have statues built for themselves once they got older. And so the turn events of the year made Cassia both sad and excited to leave the castle. Sad because she had so much fun and hated to leave her friends. But excited to tell her family about her awesome second year and to get taller and older during summer.

SPOILER!!: Second year to-accomplish list

◤◢Second year to-accomplish list ◤◢
Try to be better in Herbology.✘ Naah..
Gain more confidence......
Quit squeaking! not likely to happenShe forgot to do this.
Trying to be smarter. MehShe thinks she did that.
Get to know more students. ✔ ✔ Awesomely done.
Trying to befriend Snaty.her owlLike that was ever gonna happen.

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Katrina Marie "Kat" Hudson
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They call her Katrina.
Name: Katrina M. Hudson
DoB: 1 June 2064
Age: 15
Year At Hogwarts: Fifth Year
Blood: Pureblood
Best Subjects: Potions, Flying
Least Favorite/Worst Subjects: Divination
Pets: A new snowy owl named Chase and a toad named B.O.B. (Acronym for "Because of Bliss"... *eyes Nat*)

They think she's normal.
Personality: Katrina isn't the first person you should go to make new friends. She's friendly but not always in the mood to go making new friends. She's lovable and cares a lot for the people she loves. She's been through so many pains in life, making her stronger than ever and the reason why she can be a practical bully. Despite her courage and strength, she's always got her soft side and only reveals them to herself. She has the courage to love a person no matter how many times he/she hurts her. Katrina is the kind of person you don't wanna lose in life, sometimes.
Appearance: Katrina doesn't look that pretty but she does have some noticeable features. She has big penetrating green eyes, which she inherited from her absent father. She has elbow-length dirty blonde hair and fair skin from her mother. She is 5' 3 tall. At Hogwarts, she is seen sporting the Hogwarts Uniform and when outside, she wears comfortable clothes such as Converse, pedals, sandals, and whatever floats her banana boat.
Eye Color: Green, if you've been paying attention up there.
Hair: Elbow-length Dirty Blonde hair
Skin: Fair
Height: 5' 3
Face Claim: Erin Heatherton

SPOILER!!: History
I don't like making histories. Call me LAZY, but yes. But you can deffo check it here or in here. I'm just lazy and I'm gonna update her history soon anyway so.

come meet me!

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Basic Information
Name: Zhenya Greddipe Burton
Nick names: Enya, Burtie
Blood Status: Pure Blood
Birthday: July 6
Age: 15
Born: St. Petersburg, Russia
Current Residence: Hogwarts
School: Hogwarts
Year: FIFTH year
House: Slytherin
Wand: 11" Oak, Unicorn hair, Sturdy
Term Started: 29

Favourite Subjects: Herbology, Astronomy and Potions
Least Favourite Subjects: Divination
Patronus: Unknown
Amortenia: Unknown
Pets: Owl – Rosie, Cat – Whitie

Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Long and Dark
Skin: Pale with freckles
Height: Average
Weight: Quite light

Zhenya is a quiet, smart witch who strives to learn. Her talents lie in gardening, potioneering, story writing, quidditch and school. She enjoys reading, and has her own personal library at home. Of course, there are shelves full of potions and herbology information, cook books, and plenty of muggle children’s stories. She also has a section dedicated to her own personal work. Zhenya has written many of her own stories, novels, and plays.
Zhenya is a very caring person. Her ambition in life is to become a healer, just like her father. She has brewed many potions with her father that helped with her grandparents battling chronic illnesses. She also created her own specialty headache remedy potion, which has helped her parents after many of their late nights.
Zhenya is quite a master of the languages. As well as English, she knows her mother’s native Russian language, French, Polish, Spanish and Hungarian. She has spent much of her childhood Russia with her grandparents whilst her mother and father were busy with their jobs. This is where she learnt a lot of her Potions skills, as her grandfather was a Potions Master within the Soviet School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where her mother attended school. Her loving Grandparents passed away together in their sleep when Zhenya was 9, and she ultimately moved back with her mother and father.

Reading and Learning, Making new friends, Art, Potions, Healing Potions, Cooking, Writing; stories, plays, scripts, Gardening, Herbology, Languages, Adventure Walks

Cruelty, Unevenness, Errors, Un-Cultured people, Discrimination

To Come.
SPOILER!!: Family Information
Mother: Lizabel Burton born in St. Petersburg, Russia, into the pure-blood Metanova family. Her parents were incredibly bright. Lizabel met her future husband, Alexander, when she was in her sixth year when she visited an art gallery close to home. Alexander was doing inspections on the muggle art, after receiving information on it being under a spell. He was 5 years older than she, but it was love at first sight. They got married three weeks after Lizabel graduated in the Winter Palace, with her five sisters as her bridesmaids. Soon after she moved back to London with Alexander and fell pregnant with Dimitri. Seven years later, she fell pregnant with Zhenya, and she very recently gave birth to twins.
Lizabel works as a teacher, teaching 8-12 year old muggle children in a school close to their home. Her job has led her to develop live away from magic, and she often forgets to do chores with magic.
Father: Alexander Burton was born in London to his pure-blood parents, Sonia and Vincent. When he completed his wizarding education, he began work for a wizarding art gallery in London, where he excelled quite quickly. Through courses, he became an magical art law enforcement detective, where he was able to travel the world and investigate art and artefacts which had been reportedly cursed. Whilst away in Russia working on a piece in a muggle gallery, he met a young witch called Lizabel. He couldn’t resist, so he asked her on a date, and they were engaged by the end of dinner. When they moved back to London, they bought a house in Godric’s Hollow and gave birth to a perfect baby boy, naming him Dimitri, after his favourite artist, Dimitri Brostenkowski. Alexander then studied to become a healer at St. Mungo’s. Seven years later, they gave birth to a perfect baby girl and named her Zhenya, and only recently had twins with his wife.
Dimitri: 20 year old Dimitri just finished his education at Hogwarts, and took 2 years away from Burton Cottage to travel around the world where he learned the ways of many cultures. He is currently back at home with his family and is looking into different courses he can do.
The Twins: Almost 2, Ava and Theodore.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Sean Andrew Park
Sixth Year
x4 x2

Ministry RPG Name:
Thomas Hugh Leofric
Minister's Office
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credit for pic: iBeJenn
Model: Jessica Jung (from the K-Pop group SNSD/ Girls' Generation)



  • Name: Juliet Kim
  • Nickname: Ice Princess
  • Age: 15
  • Date of Birth: April 18
  • Place of Birth: Aix-les-Bains, France
  • Ethnicity: Korean
  • Education: Beauxbatons Academy of Magic
    (Transferred) Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Year: Fifth (5th)
  • House: Slytherin
  • Blood status: Pureblood
  • Wand: 8 ¼ Phoenix Feather and walnut, supple
  • Boggart: Mrs. Rosseau (her French tutor before)
  • Patronus: unknown // –TBA-
  • Best Subjects: Potions, Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts
  • Weakest Subjects: Arithmancy, Muggle Studies, Divination
  • Languages: English, Korean, French, and slight Italian
  • Font color: purple


Hair: black (originally); blonde; brunette
Eyes: brown
Height: 5'6"
Skin: pale
Built: petite


At a first glance, Juliet doesn't really look the nicest girl you would like to hang out with in a table. She’s very quiet to strangers and to people she barely know. She doesn't like talking like any normal girl. Most of the time she would sit quietly in her own space and sulk her head in one of her books. However, Juliet is a very approachable person once you get to know her. It is just her sharp physical features that doesn't look over-bearing sweet.

Juliet is VERY blunt honest. She says how she feels and it may sometimes come off as rude or very offensive but she can never help but be so sharp with her descriptions sometimes. It never means as an insult or sarcasm. It just means what it exactly means and how she exactly says it. Another thing, Juliet has a bad habit of dozing off especially in a group conversation. It’s not that she ignores people, its just that when it’s a group conversation and when you’re not talking to her, she usually just spaces out or daydreams about something.

There are 2 sides to Juliet. She can be very sweet and nice to people she likes. When she likes you, one would really know because you will mostly hear her doing all the talking and smiling, however, she can be really rude to people she considers her enemies. Sometimes, some of her comments can be really unpleasant.

Juliet is very skilled in archery. She doesn't fancy quidditch because most of her focus falls on her favorite sport. She started archery at the age of 7 because of her mother. Her mother taught her all she knows about archery and up to this day, she is in love with it. Also, she loves playing the piano. Playing the instrument is the common link between her and her cousin which led them to be closer everytime she visits their manor.

As for her Slytherin side, well let’s all face it. Everyone has that inner thrive to be ambitious and cunning. Juliet thinks of herself as very cunning and ambitious because she grew up that way. So don’t judge.

  • Archery will always come first to her.
  • Juliet loves anything that is pretty.
  • Her favorite colors are black, white and pastel colors.
  • She loves to shop and feels happy when she does. She also loves to hang out with her friends a lot.
  • Juliet is a big fan of the cold days which are winter and autumn because it’s always those seasons that she can get together with her family and have a reunion.
  • Juliet can play the piano for as long as she could remember, she grew up listening to her cousin play even though it was just from afar.
  • She also loves to eat pastries.

  • Juliet is a very family-oriented girl. Once you mess with any of her family members you will hope you never did.
  • CHORES. Any kind of it.
  • She avoids answering to stupid questions as much as possible.
  • She doesn’t like to pretend to people or things she doesn’t like.
  • She hates any insects that crawls and/or flies. Ewww.
  • She’s allergic mint.
  • Not a big fan of chocolate frog. Really? What's the craze about food running away from you?


Father: Armand Kim
Mother: Charlotte Song- Kim
Sibling: -none-


Owl: Ares
Crup: Ash (given by Jonathan to take care of)


Juliet Kim is the only daughter of Charlotte Song-Kim and Armand Kim. And is the second grandchild of Adam and Jane Kim. Like the rest of her pureblood family, Juliet has shared the same ideals when it comes to such stuffs. Armand settled in France after graduating at a wizarding university and married Charlotte there. Both Juliet’s parents are Koreans that has now settled in France. However, they come back to visit London once in awhile when they get the chance.

For more information and details about Juliet Kim > CLICK ME! <

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Ministry RPG Name:
Sky Kate Carter-Hope
International Cooperation

Ministry RPG Name:
Heather Paige Xanthopoulos
Accidents & Catastrophes
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Sky Carter-Hope

Basic Information

Full Name: Sky Kate Carter-Hope
Born: August 20, 2064 in New York City, New York
Current Residence: Bounces back and forth between New York City and London
Age: 15
Blood Status: Halfblood
Relationship Status: Single


Height: 5'7"
Weight: Like I'm going to tell you *snorts*
Hair Color: Dark brown with natural red highlights
Eye Color: Green
Distinctive Characteristics: Tattoo on her back that reads 'We will all laugh at gilded butterflies'
Looks Like: Megan Fox

Family Ties

Father: Sam Carter (37, CEO, Wallmarket INC.)
Mother: Mariane Hope (36, owner/head chef of Nom, Noms in New York City)
Siblings: None
Aunt/Godmother: Roxanne Carter (39, Ministry Prosecutor, British Ministry of Magic; Current Board of Governors candidate)

Education Information

Former Schools: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (first & second years); Constance Billard School (third & fourth years)
Current School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Year: Fifth
House: Slytherin
Best Subjects: Magical: Astronomy Muggle: English, Spanish
Worst Subjects: Magical: History of Magic Muggle: Math, of any kind

Magical Characteristics

Wand: 11" beech wood; phoenix feather core; swishy
Patronus: Boa Constrictor
Boggart: Being poor
Special Abilities: None


Rid of the insecurities of her younger years, Sky is everything one would expect a spoiled little rich girl to be. Arrogant, boastful and insistent that she is going to get her way, by Merlin! She also cares about the social ladder and is certain of her place on it, and completely determined to climb it, no matter what. The adults around her would say that she is actually smart, she just applies it the wrong way. Gone too, are her prankster ways.


Sky was born into a very wealthy wizarding family. The ironic thing about her family's money is that it's all from a muggle company (her great grandfather founded the popular retail chain Wall-Market, an alternative to the even more known Walmart). She was raised like a princess, and had everything money could buy.

At the age of five, Sky started her education at an elite muggle private school. She was well liked by her peers (despite the overconfidence and lame ability to keep up with friends). Her teachers, however, reported that while she was very smart, she had a tendency to not do her homework. At the age of seven, after an argument with her mother on that very topic, Sky showed her first sign of magic by making her textbooks fly into the toilet. After that, her father and aunt began regaling her with tales of their Hogwarts days in order to prepare her for hers. At eleven, she did, indeed, get her Hogwarts letter and off she went!

Sky started her first year at Hogwarts with a bang, (almost) literally! She set off a stinkbomb in a house meeting led by the Head Boy and Girl. She was trying to get a housemate she felt was being mean, and ended up serving detention for Professor Lafay (yes, the other girl got the same punishment). Not to long after that, she meet Erin ( whom she supposes could be called a friend), and went on a fun adventure in the Room of Requirement.

About mid way through the school year, strange things started happening around Hogwarts. Stuff started disappearing, there was a fire, just strange things like that. It was revealed at the end of term feast to be the work of a baby!house elf (after, of course, said baby elf caused all kinds of mayhem there, too). At the end of this term Sky returned back to New York, eagerly awaiting her second year.

Sky's second year at Hogwarts was a whirlwind of activity, what with the school celebrating it's 1000 year anniversary and all. On top of that, the creatures from the Forbidden Forest began randomly appearing on the school grounds, scarring some of the students and exciting others. When asked why, one of the creatures explained that there was something in the forest scarring them just as much their sudden appearance was scarring the students. When Professors Scabior, Williamson, Vindictus and Roslund went investigate, they returned with a weird orb thing. This orb was passed around all around until it landed with Headmaster Tate.

As for personal happenings, Sky was pulled from Hogwarts toward the end of her second year, due to her grandfather's sudden death. Her father no longer approved of her being so far from home for such a long period of time. So, Sky was enrolled back in her old muggle private school, with a magic tutor spending an hour or so with her everyday.

Sky's return to the Constance Billard School was eventful, to say the least. She found that her mortal enemy from her youth (Libby Summers) now wanted to be all buddy buddy, her former bestie (Karina Smith) was now the rather evil queen bee and wanted nothing to do with her, and perhaps much more complicated, her male neighbor (Cory Schmidt), the one that also attended Constance Billard, was romantically interested in her. She decided to tackle the easiest problem first and befriended her former enemy, who turned out to be a much better friend than her former one. With both Libby and Cory's help, Sky ended up earning back her top spot in the school. Much to Karina's disgust, which ended up sparking an out and out war for dominance between the two former friends. The school's teachers put a stop to this after a well aimed glass shattered right in Karina's face one day, almost taking out her eye. The two girls and their friends were locked in the counselor's office and told that they couldn't come out until they had come to a truce. Which they did rather quickly, because who wants to be stuck in a counselor's office all day? They still haven't found out who threw the glass......

The next year led to Sky admiting that she had feelings for Cory (or Schmidt, as she affectionately calls him), and they began to date. Their relationship was largely drama free and they were the 'it' couple of the school.

Sky found out towards the end of her fourth year (or freshman year of high school), that she would be returning to Hogwarts, due to her parents wanting her to have a more formal and traditional magical education, which they felt that she wasn't receiving from her magic tutor. And they felt that it would be easier for her to take her OWLs in a school. So, Sky went to London for the summer, to stay with her aunt and get caught up with the goings on in the wizarding world, so that she wouldn't be so out of the loop. This put an end to her relationship with Cory, since they both felt that a long distance relationship wouldn't work for them.


Food: Tortilla chips (any flavor) w/ Salsa con Queso; closely followed by anything sweet
Color: Purple, most shades except plum
Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip (the green kind), Cookies and Cream
Cookies: Rainbow cookies (chocolate chip cookies with M&Ms on them)
Candy: M&Ms
Drink: Coffee
Coffee: Starbucks specialty coffees (especially the pumpkin spice latte)
Music: Muggle classic rock, pop and hip-hop

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Zoe Tillstorm

Name: Zoe Rebecca Tillstorm
Age: 11
Birthdate: December 22, 2067
Birthplace: London, England
Blood Status: pureblood
Wand: A 9 ⅓ inch balanced cherry wood with a knarl quill core

Mother: Ariana (Mayfield) Tillstorm
Father: Garret Tillstorm (is brothers with Cece's father and Jacen's father)
Brother: Eric Tillstorm
Cousin: Cecelia Tillstrom (calls her auntie, because of the difference in age)
Cousin: Jacen Tillstorm, 17
Uncle: Loki Tillstorm
Aunt: Athena (Walker) Tillstorm,
Appearance: Zoe is 4'5" weighs about 80 pounds, and is in slight stature. She has long dark brown hair, and bright green eyes.

Ice cream
Meeting people
Staying active
her auntie
mean people
treated like a baby
people who argue with her
when she don't get her own way
She lives with her mum and dad and her brother Eric, who is 7 years older then her. She grew up her entire life in London and travelled to quite an extent with her family seeing most of Europe. Because she's the baby of the family she gets almost everything her way. Her parents dote on her and think she can do nothing wrong.

But yet also treat her like a baby most of the time she thinks. For instance in Diagon Alley her mother insisted she follow her around and do as she said rather then explore the shops Zoe wanted to.
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The Basics
Name: Theodore Alvin Kinsley
Nicknames: Theo, Lurker, Cleo, Dora, Wimpy, Terror Twin, Buttress, Theodorable
Age: Thirteen
Year: Third
Blood Status: Muggleborn
House: Slytherin
Date of Birth: 6th July 2066
Place of Birth: Watford, England
Current Residence: Watford, England

+ Hair: Dark brown
+ Eyes: Blue
+ Height: 4"6
The Background Goss
Theodore was born in London in 2066, to two muggles by the names of Emma and Johnathon Kinsley. He had always been incredibly quiet, but always seemed to be a bit of a troublesome child when he was at school. He was forever climbing up things he shouldn't be, or escaping without realizing he did wrong. Although he regularly cried his eyes out whenever getting told off. He seems to have calmed down his odd behaviour as he's grown up. Theo has an older sister called Kathryn, she is eighteen and she picks on the boy. A lot. So he doesn't like her much. He also has a twin brother, (non-identical) called Casper. His brother is not a wizard like Theo, but a muggle. It has estranged their close relationship quite severely.

His father is a business man, co-owning several toilet roll companies over the country. He is attempting to up his status, and is working away from home a lot. It meant that Theo rarely saw his father, more so nowadays. He is very close with his mum. When Theodore got his Hogwarts letter, the parents were mortified and refused to believe it was true. It took a few letters to convince them, and they eventually accepted it. Theo certainly appreciates the opportunity!
Theodore is a very typical Slytherin student. He is competitive in Quidditch/house points, self-centered and in some cases, and a bit of a wimp. He is very hyperactive, but that is mostly due to a large consumption of sweets on a daily basis. At home, Theo spends a lot of time at the dentist, but he doesn't care! Chocolate frogs are WORTH IT. He is not a big fan of the following... Girls, Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws, and Gryffindors. So basically, he only likes a select few of Slytherin students.

Though, saying that... Theo seems to attract Hufflepuffs. He wondered if he had a certain smell about him that drew them in, cos most of his friends are from that house, despite them all being incredibly annoying.

Theodore hates physical contact of any form, even someone touching his arms. This seems to have only progressed since he started Hogwarts. But say, a hug from one of his best friends... That would completely spin him into freak out mode. A fistbump is pretty much ALL he would do. He lives for FUUUUUUN, but definitely has lots of Slytherin wrath inside of him if anyone bothers him in a particular way. BE AFRAID RAVENCLAWS.
Anton Kinsley, 70 (Grandfather)
Emma Kinsley, 41 (Mother)
Johnathon Kinsley, 40 (Father)
Kathryn Kinsley, 19 (Sister
Casper Kinsley, 12 (Non-identical twin)

+ _____ LIKES;
Quidditch, his best friends, chocolate frogs, scooters, Cauldron Cakes, Fizzing Whizbees, Charms class, slippers, magazines/COMICS, being a wizard, being at home too.

+ _____ DILIKES;
Being touched, being invaded in any way, girls, Ravenclaws, cheese, the dentist, not getting his own way, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, public speaking, learning to do something he is rubbish at, swimming, being left out.
Theodore kicked off his first year of Hogwarts by peeing himself in the start of term feast. Yes, he was subtle about it, don't worry. He almost lost house points for throwing chocolate frogs at Mika , but he got away with it. Probably because he has such a cute face, you know? He jumped head first into classes, and has established that Charms is his best lesson and Herbology is his worst, so far. He hasn't got LOADS of friends, but his main ones are Blue Gracae and West Odessa . Got a lil trio going on there. Along with his besties, Theodore made the Quidditch team despite his long battle with riding a broomstick. He got it in the end, though. Late November and early December, Theo fell ill with a bad of the flu. He had to miss his first Quidditch game cos of it! It took a lot of energy out of the boy, but he did manage an epic snow ball fight as the weather thickened. He is now in a long term BATTLE with a gang of girls, to win various fights. The next one was a pillow/hair flipping fight, during which Mordred cast a hair growing spell upon Theodore, and his NOSE HAIRS grew.... so he flipped them.

Early March, Theo was preparing for his FIRST EVER Quidditch match, against Ravenclaw. He was scared, and it showed. He didn't score at all, but he made a good few passes and still managed to not get hit by a bludger! In his eyes, that was a success, event though Slytherin did lose. The NEXT match, was completely opposite. Instead of avoiding bludgers, he got hit by two of them. One by his arch nemesis, Oakey Gunter, and the other by one his BESTIES, Ella Bishop . Theo broke his arm, and got badly winded, but Slytherin still managed to win the match! Late May, the Quidditch Championship against Slytherin was to occur. Theo was terrified, because he had been lame at Quidditch ALL term. Whilst West swooped the first part of the match and scored an awesome SIX goals, Theo finally caught up and scored a further three. Slytherin lost the match, but Theo is HAPPY that he can happily try out next term, knowing he was somewhat good in his first year.

Theo was excited to leave Hogwarts for the term, because unlike everyone else, he realized that it was STILL school despite all the magicalness. It was still boring. Though, he knows he'll miss Quidditch loads over the summer.

Before second year had even begun, Theodore had already gotten himself into trouble. During a brief visit to the joke shop in Diagon Alley, he decided to harass a random girl to get her to drink some love potion. He didn't WANT a girlfriend or anything, he was just curious on how it worked. And he was hoping it would make her love her as a FRIEND or something, cos he was slowly losing his.... But it backfired, and Theo ended up with his first kiss. Unlucky, cos Theo wanted his first kiss to be with his wife when he was thirty. Oh well, it was something to brag about. Boarding the train, finally, Theo fell ill due to some dodgy sausages that his mum gave him for breakfast. The scary girl that had kissed him in Diagon Alley had followed him to the feast, getting everyone into heaps of trouble. Professor Scabior ended up putting a silencing charm on a bunch of the snakes, Theo included, but he didn't mind much.

The first thing Theo did once he was back, was sign up for Quidditch. He's pretty cocky that he'll make the team no problem again. He actually attended pretty much 99% of all the tryouts, and the practice had done him WONDERS. Come early November, the rosters were posted and Theodore had made it as Chaser again. He was over the moon that the same team from last term were still constructed, along with some newbies. Classes were going well during Theo's second year, and he'd even joined the Herbology Task Force, of which the first task was to create something plant-like and give it to someone to make their day. Theodore ended up making a daisy chain, which he left on the doorstep of Professor Bellaire's office.

The first Quidditch game was against Gryffindor, and Theo was as cocky as ever that they'd win. Maybe a little TOO cocky. It went well at first, and overall, he scored three times for Slytherin. However, their seeker was on form that day and caught the snitch three times. Just as the game was about to end, one of the beaters sent a bludger HARD towards Theo, causing him to fly off his broomstick and right into the stands. He almost died. After a traumatic experience in the hospital wing, Theo was soon up and ready for the next Quidditch match against Ravenclaw. And this one was important, because they needed REVENGE. Theo scored a respectable two goals, making him the highest scoring Chaser of the term so far! Though, they did not win the match, Theo still loves his team.

Since the Slytherin team got booted out of the championship, Theo was a little.... unenthusiastic with a lot of school related stuff, and was becoming more focused on his personal life. He soon developed a small crush on one his besties, Ella Bishop. Unfortunately, Ella already had a boyfriend, a stinking Ravenclaw, so Theo is kinda moping about. He is also about to embark on puberty.......
West Odessa {Slytherin}
Blue Gracae {Ravenclaw}
Aurora Quinn {Slytherin}
Mordred Mordaunt {Slytherin}
Ella Bishop {Hufflepuff}
Alec Summers {Hufflepuff}
Bliss Ryans {Hufflepuff}
Sophie Campbell {Hufflepuff}
Cassia Somerlad {Slytherin}
Dylan Montmorency {Slytherin}
Katrina Hudson {Slytherin}
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Harriet "Hattie" Paton
Fourth Year

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Ministry RPG Name:
Grace Hensley
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Clement "Cle" Belrose

: Clement Belrose
Nickname: Cle (pronounced Clay)
Age: 15
Birth Date: 17th October 2063
Year: 5th
House: Ravenclaw
Blood Status: Pureblood
Place of Birth; Paris, France


Beauxbatons Academy of Magic – First through fourth Year
Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry - Fifth Year

Cle is currently involved in an exchange program between Beauxbatons and Hogwarts. His exchange partner, Indiana Hutchinson (a fifth year) is currently studying in his place at Beauxbatons.

Father – André Belrose (44)
Mother – Antoinette Belrose (43)
Sister – Elisabeth Belrose (14)


Clement is basically a posh snob. He was brought up in a very affluent part of Paris, France. As a child he was always spoilt which has brought out a nature in Cle where he always gets what he wants. Although he comes across as being spoilt Cle is pretty well mannered, something his mother pushed from a young age. He doesn’t really care for sports, not really wanting to get on a broom and fly around. He does enjoy watching the sport, though not so much when it is cold. He enjoys a good book, but can also be pretty out – going.


Cle was born on a rainy Aprils’ morning in 2062 to André and Antoinette Belrose. The family were a wealthy, prominent pure-blooded family living in the heart of Paris. He was their first child, and spent his first through years of life being very spoilt. By the time his sister Elisabeth was born 4 years later Cle had started being home schooled by his mother who was determined that her children would get a good education. Cle enjoyed his schooling, finding the wizarding subjects interesting.

At the age of 11 he was enrolled into Beauxbatons Academy for Magic, where he attended for four years. He excelled at most of his subjects, apart from potions which were not one of his favourites. He dropped this lesson as soon as he could. During the end of his fourth year he was approached and asked to take part in an exchange program between Hogwarts and Beauxbatons, and it now a student at Hogwarts for his fifth year.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Kennedy Stark
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Aubrie Cosima Hampson
Magical Law Enforcement
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Adelaide Caroline Coral

Model: Hailee Stienfeld
▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△ △▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲
△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△ ▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△

Hi my name is Adelaide Caroline Coral
You can call me Addie or Ads
I am 17 years old
I was born on January 3rd, 2062
I was born in Greystones, Ireland
I live in London, England
I reign from the house of Slytherin
I’m in my 7th year
My blood status is half and half
I am currently single
My mum is Daisy Kristine Heril Coral
My dad is Alexander Matthew Coral
My sister is Maria Lee Coral (14)
My brother is Andrew James Coral (19)
My cousin is Victoria Marie Coral (20)
♕♕♕In Depth:♕♕♕
I have a boggart of giants
My patronus is a monkey
My Amortenia smells of pine trees, and peppermint
I enjoy climbing trees, fun people, being short, peppermint ice cream, pine trees, girly stuff
I dislike mean people, kidnappers, giants, lime sorbet, tom boy stuff
I speak English and a little German

♕♕♕How I Look:♕♕♕
My hair is brown
My eyes are brown
I have fair skin
My face is heart shaped
I’m a dwarf at the height 4’4”
My weight is private

♕♕♕How I Act:♕♕♕
Addie is a crazy fun short girl. She is very outgoing and loves to meet new people, her favorite hobby though is climbing trees. Addie has spent the first four years of her wizarding school being home schooled due to her dwarfism so she enjoys getting outside and messing around. Most people would assume that because she has spent all her life at home and has this unfortunate disability that Addie would be a quiet girl who doesn’t like meeting new people. As long as they aren’t a giant, Addie will be extremely excited to meet them.

The first thing that people notice when they see Addie is that she is short. And not just 5’ tall short. No Addie is a fifteen year old at four, four, and probably not growing much more. Addie is a dwarf. Addie was born at 10 inches long to Daisy and Alexander Coral. She was quite a surprise, neither of her parents had any dwarfism in their family. Daisy, being a witch, went out of her way trying to find a way to cure their dear daughter of her dwarfism. Unfortunately there is no cure for her. Addie is going to have to live her life as a dwarf. They are lucky that she is a witch because it will help her cope with her disability.

Adelaide Caroline Coral. Adelaide means noble and kind. Daisy and Alexander went into great work finding a good name for Addie. They wanted her to be noble even though she was short or a dwarf. They also knew that she would be a sweet or kind little girl, they would teach her to love everyone, even those who bullied her due to her dwarfism. Caroline meant beautiful woman. They wanted Addie to live to be a beautiful woman despite how short she was.

Addie’s family has always been very protective of her. She has an older brother, Andrew, who always was there for her when he got older. Andrew is two years older than Addie, though he is very mature for his age and acts older. He has probably been Addie’s fiercest protector. Andrew would always be there with Addie when she went out. When someone started to tease her, one look from Andrew and they would stop. Addie also has a younger sister, by three years, Maria. Maria is always there for Addie when she needs help cooking or whatnot. Maria helps Addie by taking her shopping, trying on clothes Addie likes, because they are similar built even though Addie is seven inches shorter. If Addie likes the clothes, Maria will get them and the clothes will be shrunken when the sisters got home.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
James Phoenix Silsbury
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Catharina Rhea Black
Department of Mysteries
|| Laura's walking popcorn || Lermaniac || Tazzie's Sugar || Mrs. Henderson

Looks like: Grant Gustin

"New to this whole school thing"


  • Name: James Phoenix Silsbury
  • Nickname: James
  • Year: 5th
  • House: Slytherin. Obviously
  • Blood Status: Pureblood
  • Birthday: August 19
  • Age: 15
  • Place of Residency: London, England
  • Place of Birth: London, England
  • Pet/s: Owl (Hoots)

  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Skin Tone: Light

  • Patronus: Fox
  • Boggart: Cliffsides or any incredibly high place.
  • Wand: 10.5 inches, Mahogany, Dragon heartstring core

  • Father: Rupert John Silsbury (50)
  • Mother: Amelia Bella Silsbury nee Chamberlain (48)
  • Sister: Isabella Summer Silsbury (19)
  • Paternal Grandfather: Richard Silsbury (89)
  • Maternal Grandmother: Cecilia Chamberlain (85)


James was born to a high-class, pureblood family from London, England. As a child, he was always overshadowed by his elder sister, Summer, who was the pride and joy of their parents, Rupert and Amelia.

The Silsbury family lived in the heart of muggle London where James' father, Rupert, operated a large muggle corporation that managed a chain of small grocery stores that dotted the country. His mother meanwhile was a socialite in the Wizarding community and would often bring her children with her during tea parties with her friends from Hogwarts.

At his fifth birthday, James' grandfather came to visit for the party that his parents decided to hold for him and realized that his only grandson was not getting the attention that a growing boy needed, and so, he discussed it with James' parents and decided that it was for the best that he take over the responsibility of raising and educating the young boy.

Convinced that Hogwarts did not do his son any good, Richard decided that home schooling was the best route for his grandson and hid the acceptance letter than came from said school when the young boy turned 11.

Since the age of 5, James had lived and was raised in Bato, Catanduanes. A small island. predominantly populated by muggles, in the Philippine archipelago where his grandfather retired to. Growing up in the island that is rich in beaches, mountains and forests, James grew up to be a young man who enjoyed exploring the unknown and was often away for days - exploring the mountainous parts of the island that used to serve as hideaways for rebels in the early years.

In between running errands for his grandfather and exploring the unknown parts of the island, James was educated in the art of magic both by his grandfather and tutors that his parents have hired to make sure that he stays focused on his studies.

Back in London, turmoil was brewing between James' sister, Summer and their parents as Summer refused to attend an exclusive boarding school that her parents have chosen for her and instead decided to run away to Italy to her grandmother who supports her decision.

In lieu of his sister's sudden rebellion, James decided to return to London for a brief visit to check on his parents - but was then forced by said parents to stay and to enroll in Hogwarts the following term.

Still in the process of stealing Hogwarts' toilet seats - but making sure not to lose Slytherin any points.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Olivia "Vi" Holden
Fifth Year
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Miss Josephine Elladora Goyle

Full Name: Josephine Elladora Goyle
Nicknames: Jo
Age: 14
Year: 4
House: Slytherin
PoB: Edinborough, Scotland
Birthday: May 2nd
Currently resides: Rivenar Mansion in Nottingham, England
Pets: Minx (birman kitten) and Sir Alec (barn owl)

Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5'3
Weight: *scowls* "Never ask a lady her weight! It's rude."
Build: Slender, petite.
FaceClaim: Chloë Grace Moretz

Boggart: Failure
Patronus: Lone wolf
Wand: 9 1/2 '' Oak, Phoenix Feather

Father: Arthur Lepidus Goyle- Pureblood (49)
Mother: Anne-Margret (née Williams) Goyle- Halfblood (45)

In depth:
Josephine Elladora Goyle was born on December 21st to Anne-Margret Goyle (née Williams) and Arthur Lepidus Goyle. She is an only child and has been thoroughly spoiled. The young heiress has been home-schooled for her whole life until she was eleven. Josephine hated being stuck at home. She felt as if she was permanently locked up in a huge mansion surrounded by various tutors. She barely saw her parents once a month because they travelled so much. The girl hated being alone.

At age eleven, she was sent to Beauxbatons. Her parents thought that she would excel at such a prestigious school. They were right. Jo adored Beauxbatons and had difficulty picking up the language. However, the ambitious girl kept on going, trying her hardest until one day she cracked. She couldn't take it anymore. She had to get out.

At the age of fourteen, Josephine demanded to be sent to Hogwarts. She was sick and tired of being alone and thought that perhaps she would enjoy the chance to find a place where she truly belonged for she had heard stories about Hogwarts being a second home for students.

Josephine, more commonly known as Jo, is a beautiful, competitive, sassy, extremely ambitious, intelligent, cold half-blooded she-Snake. She values cunning and intelligence over bravery. Jo has huge trust problems. She continuously struggles to find what is the right thing to do. Despite a cold outer shell, which she puts on, so that she will not get hurt, Jo is a rather warm person. Well she will only be friendly and warm when she trusts you and you really know her well. She'll stick by your side no matter what.

She just needs someone to be her friend.

To be added as Jo explores Hogwarts


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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Cornelius Orion Baltazar
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Kennedy Escalante
Magical Law Enforcement

Ministry RPG Name:
Sakura Moore
Specialty Area
Default I thought I had already posted this. >.<
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Name: Peyton Xiomara Baltazar
DoB: December 12, 2065
Age: 14
Year At Hogwats: 3rd
Blood: Pureblood
Best Subjects: Flying, Charms
Least Favorite/Worst Subjects: Arithmancy, Transfiguration, Astronomy, History of Magic
Pets: Luna (tiny owl), Thor (Kneazle)


Hair: Red
Eyes: green/gray
Skin tone: fair
Height: 4'9''
Body: Slim


Father: Xavier Peyton Baltazar
Mother: Ursulla Fiori
Sisters: Yvonne (23), Yvette (19) and Yvanna (18)
Brothers: Cornelius O. (3), Johnathan Walker (19) (not blood related, though)


Peyton is an energetic little red-head. She seeks adventure and is willing to try anything new. At first, she might come off as a shy little thing (sometimes), but when she warms up to the people around her she shows her true colors and proves to be a worthy friend. Peyton is a wild, complicated, random, but fun little package. She is a crybaby when she's in trouble or doesn't get her way; she giggles at things that are hardly comical; sees fun in something completely boring; and is a big bag of emotions. At times she feels misunderstood due to her rocky relationship with her mother and sisters. Furthermore, Peyton is a sensitive girl that loves to smile and meet new people. Don't let her innocent smile food you, though. She's as Slytherin as Slytherins get.


Peyton is the youngest daughter of Xavier Peyton Baltazar, a professional Quidditch player, and Ursulla Fiori, an Auror of the French Ministry of Magic; and younger sister of Yvonne, Yvette and Yvanna, and older sister to Cornelius. At first, when Ursulla was pregnant everyone thought she was going to give birth to a boy. The excitement was high and both sides of the family. You see, there hasn't been a male born in the Fioree family since Ursulla's father. Everything was ready for the child to come into the world, but it all changed on December 12, 2065 when the healer had announced that the Baltazar's were parents of red-haired, green-gray eyed, baby girl. Ursulla was greatly disappointed that she refused to name or even look at the baby. Xavier on the other hand, was enchanted by the beautiful baby girl. He didn't mind what gender it was, just that it was healthy and his.

As the months passed, Ursulla still kept Peyton at a distance. Xavier dealt with everything the infant needed, since they didn't believe in nannies. This greatly impacted their triplets (the three eldest Baltazar daughters resemble each other, thus gaining that title). Yvonne, Yvette and Yvanna grew distant from Xavier, but closer to their mother. The girls' favoritism and Ursulla's negligence of Peyton caused arguments between the heads of the house until at one point, both adults decided that it was best to go their separate ways. Peyton was four years old when her parent's divorce was final. It devastated her and it didn't help that her sisters blamed her for their separation. Ursulla won custody of the triplets whereas Xavier won Peyton.

Peyton loved the Quidditch life with her father, traveling here and there with the Falmouth Falcons. She would go to all his games and press conferences, but Xavier knew that his daughter needed a stable home, so he retired. On his last game, Xavier had been hit by a rouge bludger and was sent into the stands, toward the audience and collided with whom would become his future wife, Marisca Walker. He used the excuse of checking up on her in order to get her to go on a date with him, but to his amusement, Marisca thought he was a pompous git. After that, her hate turned into friendship until it blossomed to love.

Xavier re-married two years after his divorce with Ursulla and gained a step-son, Johnathan Walker. Peyton and the Walker kid didn't get along, but slowly, in time, she grew an attachment to him. Later, they began working together to break up their parents. They broke up, alright, but for different reasons. Marsica's dead husband was not dead, making her marriage to Xavier null. Xavier grew depressed because of this, relying on alcohol to numb his pain, thus affecting Peyton in the way. Ursulla stepped in and helped him get out of that habit, in which she succeeded. This, awoke the fire between the elder Baltazars.

Some time later, Xavier and Ursulla re-married and soon Cornelius was born. To this date, Peyton still resents her mother and sisters. She has grown closer with Johnathan to the point of "making" him her legit brother. And her daddy is still her favorite person in the world.
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