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Term 32: September - December 2012 Term Thirty-Two: Revenge of the Spirit (September 2078 - June 2079)

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Slytherin Slytherin Intros: Attendo Thea Vipera

Attendo Thea Vipera

Beware The Viper

Introductions. Find out who is who in Slytherin and watch your back in case you make enemies.

Year At Hogwats:
Best Subjects:
Least Favorite/Worst Subjects:

Eye Color:

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First Year
The Harpy of Hogwarts | Dungeon Mistress | Bimba di Serpeverde

Hecate Scarlett Lafay

Name: Hecate Scarlett Lafay
(pronounced Heh-ckah-tee)
DOB: February 29, 2032
Dates Attended Hogwarts: 2043-2050
Marital Status: Widowed 3 times - Now Married to Minister Alexander Greingoth
#1 - Gavin Grey
#2 - Terrance Tralkey
#3 - Libatius Lavery
#4 - Alexander Greingoth
Children: Adopted Sierra Greingoth
Former Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Blood: Pureblood
Best Subjects: Potions and Charms
Least Favorite Subject: Divination/Runes
Pets: A black kneazle named Mephisto
Previous Occupation: Potioneer
Current post: Potions Mistress/Professor of Potions and Slytherin Head of House.


Hecate is not the nicest person in the world. She does not like failure and loathes stupidity.


Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Skin: Fair
Height: 5'6


Hecate was born on leap day in a poor pureblood family. Her family can date their lineage back to Gunhilda of Gorsemoor, but as generations went by the fortune that came with being a pureblood was no longer associated with them. She was the third child of nine children, an eldest brother, then one older sister, herself, two younger sisters, triplet brothers and a brothers after that.

Both her father (Lucien Sr.) and mother (Nerys) neglected her, so Hecate grew up knowing she couldn't depend on anyone but herself... she vowed to succeed in everything she did. In school she was top of her class, prefect and head girl. She began Wizarding University, at the Edinburgh, Scotland campus, and she cut all connection with her family when she met Professor Gavin Grey and became his live-in apprentice. At university she had the highest grades and she was named most likely to succeed.

After she graduated, she went to work for her former professor and Scottish potioneer named Gavin Grey. He was 20 years her senior but the two worked long hours late together and soon fell in love. They had a winter wedding. All their friends were of the same mind. They were the perfect couple. Unfortunately their marriage ended after two and a half years of marriage when Gavin's died in an exploding cauldron incident. The potioneer lab was left to Hecate.

A few months later Hecate was given a near to impossible request for a potion to cure a man by the name of Terrance Tralkey who was dying of a rare malady. Hecate worked hard day and night for months and was able to finally brew a successful potion to save the man's life. Terrance Tralkey and Hecate spent so much time together that they fell in love, and even though he proposed many times, she didn't accept for a year or so. Unfortunately, Terrance developed a side effect to her cure and while Hecate continued to work to reverse the side effect, he died suddenly, leaving her an undisclosed fortune.

This is when the press had a field day. Hecate was successful in creating the potion to reverse the side effect, a year too late. She needed to get away from the press so she quit her job, and left the lab in Scotland to travel to Sydney Australia where she stayed for nearly two years..

On her plane ride back to Scotland, because Australia was too bright, too hot and too filled with arachnids, Hecate sat next to a man who began chatting her up. Libatius Lavery, an auror with the ministry of magic, had just been released from a muggle prison where he'd been wrongfully imprisoned, and was returning to London. By the time they landed, Libatius proposed to Hecate. She told him never to speak to her again. Libatius didn't give up, with his resources found out where she lived and send roses upon roses every day, with love notes and candy. After a few years of wooing she allowed him into her heart and soon after they married. Hecate continued to make all sorts of potions, while Libatius worked for the ministry... but one cold November day Hecate was visited by his superiors and informed her husband had been killed in the line of duty by a female death eater that they could not identify.

This is when the press dubbed her The Black Widow, ironic because of her (and her typists) fear of arachnids. Hecate closed herself in her lab and dove head first into her work. She has made progress in many potions fields, not only limiting herself to healing, but also cosmetic and gastronomical. Finally, because her money had run out (potion ingredients aren't cheap,) Hecate applied to Hogwarts for the Potions job, which she currently holds.

Hecate, in the attempt to test a burning unction, set three students ablaze, without causing physical pain. Three prefects attempted to stop her, but she placed them in detention. The Headmaster would not support her decision so she quit. Suddenly and without warning, parents of students complained to the Governors of the school. They, in turn, told the Head Master that Hecate was asked to return, not only as Potion's Mistress but as Slytherin Head of House as well.

Hecate's had been under the impression that Sage Dodson, Herbology Professor, had been sweet on her, and in order to get her hands on free and limitless ingredients in the greenhouse. She played along... She'd also developed a friendship with Alexia Carlton, Charms professor, and to her dismay the two developed a close friendship... So close, in fact, the potions mistress took offense. Carlton was a friend and betrayed her, and Sage thought he could toy with her emotions... Well... inflicting revenge, she now won't need to see either of them at Hogwarts again.

Hecate's Hogwarts Quidditch Captain came to meet her and patched things up with her after not speaking to each other since she was 17 and he 18. While their relationship became more serious, at school Hecate became closer to certain students and not to others. Her connections to the cult brought her gifts of expensive, rare and sometimes illegal ingredients. A club was started to create potions for Muggles.

The year started out well for Hecate Lafay. Maybe because her love life was going so well. Unfortunately due to a fire, which was later discovered to be a diversion for the theft of potion ingredients, all her stock burned up. Thanks to the donation of students, some families of students and the generosity of the Minister of Magic, Lord Berty Borr, she was able to replenish her stock. More privately, her boyfriend's ex-wife showed her face and is now trying to start problems. So her great mood is now not so good. Slytherin won the Gobstones cup, the Quidditch cup and the House cup.

Hecate Lafay began the term single again. Not because she was dumped. Hecate Lafay would never be dumped. Because she felt she was caring too much for her boyfriend and his daughter. Classes got harder. She was crueler and the students felt the pain she was going through. Catching Slytherins leaning a non approved picnic on the grounds, she was told how Hufflepuff seemed to want to hinder Slytherin from Winning the house cup again. She spoke to Hadley, the Hufflepuff Head of House and was not impressed with the woman's responses. During Christmas break, her now ex-boyfriend's wife mysteriously disappeared. Was Lafay involved? Who knows. But shortly after that she made amends with her boyfriend, and he proposed. Back at Hogwarts Slytherin was doing well in all their quidditch matches. Hufflepuff lost, and one of their team members pushed her seeker, and head girl off her broom. Hecate was furious, and demanded the Head of House do SOMETHING. When she declined, she pulled Vindictus in for an impartial judgment, and although he seemingly sided with her side, he did nothing to punish the offending player. She'd remember that. Again for the second time in a row, her snakes won the Gobstones cup, the Quidditch cup and the House cup.

Hecate Lafay agreed to marry her boyfriend Alexander Greingoth over the summer, and they set the date for Christmas Day. She asked they not tell anyone. The only ones invited to the wedding was their old chum Ian Amoroso and his insufferable wife, Alexander's twin Alexandra and his daughter Sierra, who was surprised by the nuptials as well. Along with marrying the man, she adopted the girl. During the year she 'befriended' Dash, the HoM professor. She seems to loathe the Hufflepuff head of house whom she believes cheated to have her house win all three cups.

Hecate Lafay seemed less curt than usual. Maybe married life was suiting her more and more. Unfortunately the term didn't go very well as the potions mistress seemed tired and under the weather for the later half of the term. Slytherin was up for the championship game, and although they played well, Ravenclaw played better. She was on her way back to her office when she saw one of her Snakes punch a Claw, and another break a school broom. She stood back and allowed the Quidditch Official, Ravenclaw Head of House and Deputy Headmaster, Max Vindictus, to deduct points from both her charges. She didn't like however how he simply overlooked his own student forcing a kiss on the Ravenclaw captain. Hecate had had issues with this particular student's love life. She attempted to punish him, but was quickly outranked by the Deputy Headmaster. Returning to her office she was livid. So livid that as she was yelling at her boys, her illness flared up and a foul gray ooze came seeping from her eyes before she fainted and was taken to the hospital wing. At the feast the nurse spoke to Sierra and after consulting with St. Mungos, they determined the Potions Mistress has an as-of-yet-incurable disease called Acute Infericosis that is caught from having come in contact with an infected Inferi. (A wizard who died from an infectious disease and who was then turned into an Inferi.) This disease doesn't allow potions to work... so because she had this disease her night terrors returned, which caused her to be tired during the year, and she is now with child. To save her unborn child, she did what werewolf females do, and found a surrogate.

SPOILER!!: timeline

Feb 29 2032 - Born
May 2032 - Nerys age 3
Nov 2032 - Lucien II age 6
Feb 2033 - Age 1
May 2033 - Nerys age 4
Nov 2033 - Lucien II age 7
Feb 2034 - Age 2
May 2034 - Nerys age 5
Nov 2034 - Lucien II age 8
Feb 2035 - Age 3
May 2035 - Nerys age 6
Nov 2035 - Lucien II age 9
Feb 2036 - Age 4 (Age 1)
May 2036 - Nerys age 7
Nov 2036 - Lucien II age 10
Jan 2037 - Veronica is Born
Feb 2037 - Age 5
May 2037 - Nerys age 8
Nov 2037 - Lucien II age 11
Jan 2038 - Veronica age 1
Feb 2038 - Age 6
May 2038 - Nerys age 9
Aug 2038 - Solara Born
Nov 2038 - Lucien II age 12
Jan 2039 - Veronica age 2
Feb 2039 - Age 7
May 2039 - Nerys age 10
Aug 2039 - Solara age 1
Nov 2039 - Lucien II age 13
Dec 2039 - Triplets Born
Jan 2040 - Veronica age 3
Feb 2040 - Age 8 (Age 2)
May 2040 - Nerys age 11
Aug 2040 - Solara age 2
Nov 2040 - Lucien II age 14
Dec 2040 - Triplets Age 1
Jan 2041 - Veronica age 4
Feb 2041 - Zorander Born
Feb 2041 - Age 9
May 2041 - Nerys age 12
Aug 2041 - Solara age 3
Nov 2041 - Lucien II age 15
Dec 2041 - Triplets Age 2
Jan 2042 - Veronica age 5
Feb 2042 - Zorander age 1
Feb 2042 - Age 10
May 2042 - Nerys age 13
Aug 2042 - Solara age 4
Nov 2042 - Lucien II age 16
Dec 2042 - Triplets Age 3
Jan 2043 - Veronica age 6
Feb 2043 - Zorander age 2
Feb 2043 - Age 11
May 2043 - Nerys age 14
Aug 2043 - Solara age 5
Sept 2043 - Starts First Year at Hogwarts
Nov 2043 - Lucien II age 17
Dec 2043 - Triplets Age 4
Jan 2044 - Veronica age 7
Feb 2044 - Zorander age 3
Feb 2044 - Age 12 (Age 3)
May 2044 - Nerys age 15
June 2044 - Ends First Year at Hogwarts
Aug 2044 - Solara age 6
Sept 2044 - Starts Second Year at Hogwarts
Nov 2044 - Lucien II age 18
Dec 2044 - Triplets Age 5
Jan 2045 - Veronica age 8
Feb 2045 - Zorander age 4
Feb 2045 - Age 13
May 2045 - Nerys age 16
June 2045 - Ends Second Year at Hogwarts
Aug 2045 - Solara age 7
Sept 2045 - Starts Third Year at Hogwarts
Nov 2045 - Lucien II age 19
Dec 2045 - Triplets Age 6
Jan 2046 - Veronica age 9
Feb 2046 - Zorander age 5
Feb 2046 - Age 14
May 2046 - Nerys age 17
June 2046 - Ends Third Year at Hogwarts
Aug 2046 - Solara age 8
Sept 2046 - Starts Fourth Year at Hogwarts
Nov 2046 - Lucien II age 20
Dec 2046 - Triplets Age 7
Jan 2047 - Veronica age 10
Feb 2047 - Zorander age 6
Feb 2047 - Age 15
May 2047 - Nerys age 18
June 2047 - Nerys Graduates and leaves home
Aug 2047 - Solara age 9
Sept 2047 - Starts Fifth Year at Hogwarts
Nov 2047 - Lucien II age 21
Dec 2047 - Triplets Age 8
Jan 2048 - Veronica age 11
Feb 2048 - Zorander age 7
Feb 2048 - Age 16 (Age 4)
June 2048 - Ends Fifth Year at Hogwarts
Aug 2048 - Solara age 10
Sept 2048 - Starts Sixth Year at Hogwarts
Nov 2048 - Lucien II age 22
Dec 2048 - Triplets Age 9
Jan 2049 - Veronica age 12
Feb 2049 - Zorander age 8
Feb 2049 - Age 17
June 2049 - Ends Sixth Year at Hogwarts
Aug 2049 - Solara age 11
Sept 2049 - Starts Seventh Year at Hogwarts
Nov 2049 - Lucien II age 23
Dec 2049 - Triplets Age 10
Jan 2050 - Veronica age 13
Feb 2050 - Zorander age 9
Feb 2050 - Age 18
June 2050 - Graduated Hogwarts
Sept 2050 - Starts Wizarding University/Edinburgh, Scotland campus
Sept 2050 -Meets Gavin Gray (Professor)
Dec 2050 - Becomes Live-In Apprentice for Gavin Gray
Feb 2051 - Age 19
June 2051 - Ends Yr 1 of Wizarding University
Sept 2051 - Starts Yr 2 Wizarding University
Feb 2052 - Age 20 (Age 5)
June 2052 - Ends Yr 2 of Wizarding University
Sept 2052 - Starts Yr 3 Wizarding University
Feb 2053 - Age 21
June 2053 - Graduated Wizarding University
Dec 2053 - Marries Gavin Grey
Feb 2054 - Age 22
Feb 2055 - Age 23
Feb 2056 - Age 24 (Age 6)
May 2056 - Gavin Grey Dies
Oct 2056 - Meets Terrance Tralkey
Feb 2057 - Age 25
Nov 2057 - Created the Absethem Potion
Feb 2058 - Age 26
Mar 2058 - Marries Terrance Tralkey
Feb 2059 - Age 27
Aug 2059 - Terrance Tralkey Dies
Feb 2060 - Age 28 (Age 7)
Aug 2060 - Created the potion to combat the side effects of the Absethem Potion
Sept 2060 - Left for Sydney, Australia
Feb 2061 - Age 29
Jan 2062 - Leaves to return to Scotland
Jan 2062 - Meets Libatius Lavery
Feb 2062 - Age 30
Feb 2063 - Age 31
Feb 2064 - Age 32 (Age 8)
Apr 2064 - Marries Libatius Lavery
Feb 2065 - Age 33
Feb 2066 - Age 34
Feb 2067 - Age 35
Nov 2067 - Libatius Lavery dies
Feb 2068 - Age 36 (Age 9)
Feb 2069 - Age 37
Feb 2070 - Age 38
Feb 2071 - Age 39
Sept 2071 - Starts teaching at Hogwarts
Oct 2071 - Sets three students on fire for learning purposes
Nov 2071 - Quits Hogwarts
Feb 2072 - Returns to Hogwarts as Slytherin Head of House
Feb 2072 - Age 40 (Age 10)
Sept 2072 - Second year teaching at Hogwarts
Feb 2073 - Age 41 (Age 10)
Sept 2073 - Third year teaching at Hogwarts
Feb 2074 - Age 42
June 2074 - Reconnected with Alexander Greingoth
Sept 2074 - Fourth year teaching at Hogwarts
Feb 2075 - Age 43
Sept 2075 - Fifth year teaching at Hogwarts
Dec 2075 - Engaged to Alexander Greingoth
Feb 2076 - Age 44 (Age 11)
Sept 2076 - Sixth year teaching at Hogwarts
Dec 2076 - Married Alexander Greingoth
Feb 2077 - Age 45
Sept 2077 - Seventh year teaching at Hogwarts
Feb 2078 - Age 46
March 2078 - Contracted Acute Infericosis
Sept 2078 - Eighth year teaching at Hogwarts



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a jack of all trades, a master of most too

NICKNAME/ALIAS Dash (he usually just goes by this)
AGE/BIRTHDATE 34 / July 6th 2043
PLACE OF BIRTH Paisley, Scotland
LIVES Aberdeen, Scotland
WAND 132/3 Robust Ebony with Dragon Heartstring core (previously Holly, Salamander Claw, 10¾"supple and swishy)
FORMER OCCUPATIONS Library Technician (2061-2063), Hit Wizard (2065-2069), Ministry History Scribe (2072-2074), Author (2074-he still writes)
BUILD Athletic
EYES Electric blue
HAIR Dark brown, short and messy
GENERAL Everett generally wears dark clothing. Anything from black to navy blue to army green. He tends to dress in a more professional manner, and wears trousers and dress shirts when not in robes. It is very rare to see him in things like jeans but he will wear them if he is having an off day.Everett’s short brown hair often appears to be messy and unkempt and he usually sports a goatee.

He has numerous scars across his body (a couple on his chest and back, and a small one on his neck) from his Hit Wizard days. His most recent and visible wound however seems to be a large gash on both his upper, but mostly his, lower lip.

EDUCATION Hogwarts & Slytherin (2054-2061)

  • Ancient Runes - E
  • Arithmancy - A
  • Astronomy - A
  • Charms - E
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts - O
  • Herbology - D
  • History of Magic - O
  • Muggle Studies - A
  • Potions - P
  • Transfiguration - E
  • Ancient Runes - E
  • Charms - O
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts - O
  • History of Magic - O
  • Muggle Studies - E
  • Transfiguration - E

DEGREE Historiography Degree from University of Crete (in Heraklion) with specialty in Historiography of Ancient Greece and another on Ancient Wizard Warfare (under the Marxist school of learning)

  • Advanced European Magical History
  • Advanced Ancient Studies
  • Applied Study of Ancient Runes
  • Applied Psychoanalysis
  • Ancient and Current Century Relations
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Advanced Genealogical Studies
apples, ALL types of tea, books, himself most of the time, the interesting tudor dynasty, the lifetime work of Bathilda Bagshot, myths, fables, tall-tales, genealogy (one of his favourite books is Nature's Nobility: A Wizarding Genealogy), cake, beaches, traveling
drama, people with large egos, excessive talk of any Goblin rebellion, teenagers and their hormones and stuff, strawberries,
Everett is a jerk, and a lazy one at that. End of story. Or maybe not. But he loves to act like a jerk. He is a very reserved person, with a trust no one attitude. He likes to keep to himself, simply because that is how he has always been since he was a child. Everett at times can be quite serious but if you are able to understand his humour he is very easy to get along with. He tends to have a lot of dry humour and is often found to be quite sarcastic.

Although he is a serious person he doesn’t tend to react to most problems in a serious way. When a problem arises he looked at in a relaxed manner. Unless it’s the end of the world or the sky is falling he will take his time resolving whatever problem is at hand at his own pace.

Many people find Everett's actions to be quite random and at times uncalled for, but since he does not care what other people think it is very unlikely that he will give up his random and uncalled for ways in the future. He tries not to overextend himself on issues that he doesn't care about. He is lazy, and he likes it that way.
Son:Kyroh Moises Scabior (November 1st, 2071)

Pet:Sir Spots Kitten Scabior

Father: Deacon Scabior (2012)
Mother: Aarika Scabior (née Hendricks) (2012)

Siobhan "Vonny" Ramsey (2035) - married with two sons
Carina "Rina" Scabior (2040) – divorced with one daughter
Raynalie "Ray" Scabior (2041)

Niece: Clementine Trotter (2068)

Knight Ramsey (2068) (right)
Equuleus “Egg” Ramsey (2069) (left)


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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Violeta X. Escalante
Sixth Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Yulietta Escalante
Second Year
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Name: Kennedy Escalante
Age: 17 years old
Year: 7th
DOB: February 14, (Valentines Baby)
POB: San Diego, California (USA)
Heritage: Half-Blood
House: Slytherin
Wand: 10" Vine with a Manticore Hair core. Springy quality.
Patronous: Jackal
Boggart: The image of him being like his father.


Hair: Brown, Curly
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'
Build: Slim, althletic


Mother: Lucia Escalante (Muggle)
Father: What father! Phabian Wayne
Step-sister: Beverly Wayne
Godfather: Xavier Baltazar (father's brother)

Kennedy's personality has morphed through his years at Hogwarts. His shy and easily flustered attitude has evolved to a confident, more outspoken one. He still gets easily frustrated when he doesn't know how to do something, but instead of running away from the problem he tackles them head on, although he steers clear from threats that may pose a possible threat to his life. Kennedy can be friendly when he is treated right, or cold when handled wrong.


Kennedy was born to a Muggle named Lucia Escalante. He never knew much of his father through out his childhood, just that he left when he was an infant. Even though he was raised by a single mother, Kennedy didn't feel the necessity of a father. Maybe it had to do with the fierce independence his mom demonstrated or that he liked to think he didn't need a dad.

Life wasn't always simple for Escalante. Him and his mom lived near a wealthy community. Lucia worked as a maid and this made things worse. Kennedy was taunted a lot by his classmates because of his mom's job and nationality. She immigrated from Mexico to the US and although he was proud of his roots, he hated the jokes his classmates made. He was always treated differently than others. He was always the weird or poor kid. It all turned from bad to worse when he turned nine years old. That's when everything changed for Escalante. One of his classmates was making fun of his mother and how she was his family's maid. Having a short span of tolerance, Kennedy hit the kid. A small brawl broke out and (he doesn't know how) he shocked the kid when he punched him. Since that day he's been known as The Freak.

After that incident, Lucia told him bits of his who his father was. A no-good-pure-blood wizard that abandoned them because his parents didn't agree with their son marrying a mere Muggle. She also told him about magic. Kennedy had a completely different reaction to this than other kids would have. He refused the magical blood that coursed through his veins, but there was nothing he could do. He was a wizard. And, Lucia took it to do her best to teach him about it by using books his father left behind.

He eventually grew to agree with his classmates that he was a freak. Kennedy also grew slightly bitter about the magical world. His mother despised seen her young son feeling like that and even though he didn't tell her, she knew that it had to do with his father. Kennedy didn't want to be like him and being magical made him his father's son.

As time passed, Kennedy lived through days of being beaten up and bullied. The only time he was free from all that was during holidays because that meant he wouldn't have to go to school and he wouldn't get a beating from his classmates. His mother was ignorant to all this due to working twelve hours, and when she noticed bruises on Kennedy he would come up with an excuse. He learned to lock up his emotions as well as his whole self that sometimes his own mother was fooled by his lies.

His life changed once again when one of his classmates was picking on him in the boys bathroom at school. He was furious and all he wanted was for the bullying to stop and in a sudden blink of an eye one of the stalls caught on fire. Half the school was burned to ashes, but luckily no one was hurt. Kennedy confessed to his mom that it was him who did that. He didn't know how, it just happened.

After that, his mom was at lost on what to do. She only had one option and although she didn't want to, Kennedy needed to go to a school where he belonged. Knowing she couldn't do this alone, she contacted Kennedy's Godfather, who was the boy's father's step-brother. In a matter of few days, Kennedy got his Hogwarts letter. He cursed that day because it was his birthday.

Hogwarts Life

SPOILER!!: First Year at Hogwarts; Fourth Year
First year at Hogwarts; Fourth Year

Kennedy Escalante entered the halls of Hogwarts with a negative aspect toward all things magic. Due to family matters he feared being sorted into Slytherin, he also doubted that there would be a house that would accept him as he was. In the end, he was sorted into the great house of snakes. Since his father was a Slytherin he feared becoming like him just because they shared the same house.

He made very few friends, but to him it was the most he's ever had. First, he met Johnathan Walker, a Gryffindor a year older than him, at Diagon Alley when he accidentally mistook him as a bully. Now, they consider each other brothers from different mothers. He then met Aurora, the pretty girl that had fainted on the train. From then on they hit off as very good friends until they eventually became a couple. At the beginning of his fourth year he also ended up saving Daichi and Eris (two young Slytherins) from drowning at the lake. Then, during a Charms lesson he was almost struck by a spell casted by none other than Harlow, whom he's grown to care for as if she was his little sister. Through out the term he met new people and made several friends.

Kennedy was the fifth top point earner during his fourth year at Hogwarts. He would never admit it out loud, but he worked extremely hard to catch up to where the students his year were. From spending long hours at the library (his second home) to reading until late hours of the night. It was all worth it in the end.

At the end of his fourth year, Kennedy ended up grounded for more than half the summer because he didn't write to his mother.

SPOILER!!: Second Year at Hogwarts; Fifth Year
Second year at Hogwarts; Fifth Year
On the summer before his second year at Hogwarts Kennedy received an Owl that not only came occumpanied with a letter but with a badge as well. He was named Slytherin Prefect. To say this was a surprise to the boy would be an understatement. Not in a million years did he imagine being honored with such responsibility.

Due to his accomplishment he was set free from his punishment of washing dishes for the entire summer. He did muggle school work - it was his mother's requirement for him to continue attending Hogwarts - but besides that he was able to spend some time with his best friend, Johnathan.

His fifth year began with Prefect duties as well with the opending doom of the O.W.Ls. Kennedy was actually one of a few - if there were any - to be looking forward to the exams.

Everything was great in Escalante Land until Kennedy received the first of letters from his father, Phabian Wayne. Kennedy refused to awknoledge his father's attempts of communication until the letters came in daily. The boy was furious that after sixteen blissful years without his father the man had the audacity to want to get to know him just because of his current success mentioning something about, "making the family proud".

His frustration over his father leaked onto an argument him and his girlfriend Aurora got into. Due to gossip that he should not have believed Kennedy accused Aurora of kissing another boy that led to them not speaking during the entire Christmas holiday. They eventually made up when they met again, but it left a rift in their relationship.

Kennedy thought that by ignoring his father's letters he would disappear, but he was terribly wrong. Right before O.W.Ls he received two letters; one from his mother and another from his father. They both explained that Phabian Wayne had won Kennedy's custody until he was of age and was to immidiately be under his father's supervision two weeks after the term was over. Kennedy not only grew angry at his father, but at his mother as well. She had broken her promise of keeping him away from that man.

When the 2076-2077 term was over Kennedy went to live with his father. There he learned he had a step-sister which he refuses to get to know because of his father's over protectiveness over her. Later that summer they were visited by Ciara (his girlfriend's mother). It turns out that his father and her were friends from school and business partners.

After that odd reconsiliation, Kennedy and Aurora were dropped off at a Quidditch game in Paris where they were accompanied by Aethel (Aurora's cousin), Milton, Johnathan and other friends. Things didn't go as smooth at it should have gone with Kennedy and Milton battling for Aurora' attention. This only managed to make the rift in their relationship grow wider.

SPOILER!!: Third Year at Hogwarts; Sixth Year
Third year at Hogwarts; Sixth Year

The start of Kennedy's sixth year started off with arguments between him and his girlfriend, Aurora. Shortly after, they broke up after a year and seven months of a relationship. This had broken Kennedy to the point where even got into arguments with his brother-from-another-mother, Johnathan Walker, and to the extent of ignoring some one his school work. But like they say, there's always a good out of a bad, and that's was exactly right in Kennedy's case.

His co-Prefect, Sierra Greingoth, was there for him and, not only did she help keep him positive, but she became his next reason to smile. At first, Kennedy was oblivious of her advances toward him, until he understood all the grins, smiles and nudges. It was a months later that Kennedy realized how he truly felt for Sierra. It was also, unfortunately, when Sierra had mysteriously frozen.

After she was well and up, Kennedy began showing interest in his co-Prefect. A few days after Sierra's birthday, Kennedy took her on a date to Madam Pudifoot's. From then on, Kennedy was less hesitant about showing his feelings for Sierra (being the kind of person who didn't show their feelings, this was new to him).

The term ended with Slytherin winning no cups, but with the Snakes in high spirits for revenge the excitement to return and win next term.

What made the end of the term worse, was when Sierra informed him of her mother's illness and predicament. They rode the train hand in hand, and departing was hard. Kennedy Escalante had, indeed, fallen for Sierra Greingoth and whatever upset her had him wanting to run to her and fix it.

It was the main reason of why he stayed at his father's manor at the beginning of the summer...where things with his family and close friends worsened.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Eliza Bellerose
Second Year

Hiss!Roar!Growl!Caw! | Hermione's Double | The Little Three | Alecate

Model: Sarah Hyland


Cunning. Ambitious. Determined. Slytherin.

Or perhaps in Slytherin
You'll make your real friends,
Those cunning folks use any means
To achieve their ends.

Hey! My name is Sierra Hope Greingoth.
You can call me Sierra I don't have any nicknames. Not yet, at least, but my father calls me Si or Si Bear.
I am sixteen-years-old.
My parents are both pure-bloods, which would make me pure-blooded, too.
I was born in London, England.
I currently live in Hogsmeade, Scotland with my mom and dad.
My birthday is on March 17, 2062
Right now, I'm a sixth year. Class of '80, for the win!
You can see that I am a girl.
You could say I run with the snakes.
My wand is 10.5 inches; Ebony; Solid; Dragon heartstring core
My patronus is a jaguar.
My boggart is my birth mother.

+Hair: Long, dark brown, and slightly curly, just like her mother and older sister.
+Eyes: Dark brown, just like everyone on her father's side. Extra big, too, which is just like no one else she knows!
+Build: Sierra has a small build, but she's actually a little taller than the average height for her age. As a matter of fact, her birth mother is only about an inch or two taller than she is. She seems to be taking after her father when it comes to height.
+Height: 5 feet, 4½ inches
+General appearance: Save for her extra big eyes (her best feature, she'll say), Sierra's appearance is nearly an even reflection of both her father and her birth mother. Although, as she ages, she looks more and more like her father every day. With her long, dark brown, naturally curly hair, it's not difficult to tell that she could be a younger version of Bella Montez and Anna Greingoth-Newell. Sierra even (luckily, she'll say) inherited her birth mother's naturally tan skin, a trait reflective of the Montez's Puerto Rican roots. Despite how much she resembles the appearance of her birth mother and older sister, though, Sierra is extremely different, you'll see, when it comes to personality and beliefs. She's no Bella Montez or Anna Greingoth. Her facial features, height, and personality leave no doubt that she is Alexander Greingoth's mini-me, as you will soon be able to tell upon meeting her or spending any amount of time with her. More often than not, especially when in the presence of Hufflepuffs ("Puffers") or Gryffindors, Sierra is easily annoyed into an eye roll or a glare. Other times, she has an excellent poker face, and it's difficult to tell if she's content, happy, annoyed, or angry. Consider yourself extremely lucky if she passes even a slight smile or a laugh your way.

From the time she was old enough to realize that she was a real witch and what that would mean for her, Sierra has always been a very pro-Slytherin little girl. Her father, Alexander Salazar Greingoth II, was a Slytherin and has always wanted a child or grandchild to be sorted into Slytherin house. Very early on, he saw promise in Sierra and taught her what it truly means to be a Slytherin (in his eyes, of course), and she grew to admire the way the snakes are so ambitious and try extremely hard to achieve their goals.

Sierra will even admit that she's a bit on the cunning side, as well. When she was younger, she would often times trick her brother into things that could very well get him into a heap of trouble. Once, she managed to secretly get out the house with her birth mother's wand, and although she didn't really cast a spell with it (she didn't actually know any spells back then, since she was only eight-years-old), she used the threat of a spell to try and convince her brother to overcome his fear of flying and actually get on his new toy broom (her threat didn't work, by the way). When Alex (her twin brother) asked to hold the wand, Sierra reluctantly handed it over--seconds before her birth mother walked out the house to join them in the backyard. Of course Sierra didn't take the wand back--why would she, when having it would get her into trouble? Deciding it would be much better on her to pretend as if Alex had had the wand all along, Sierra simply stood back and let the cards fall where they may (luckily, neither twin ever got caught and the wand was returned without their parents ever finding out).

While she does in fact consider herself a true Slytherin, it's also true that Sierra isn't intentionally a mean-spirited little girl. She's slightly mature for her age and has a very no-nonsense type attitude. She's very blunt with her opinions and most of the time comes across as extremely sarcastic; but if she isn't overly annoyed by you or doesn't see you as a threat to her own achievements, it's likely she'll at least be civil toward you. She can be nice (sometimes) and actually hopes to make friends, but it's likely at some point her natural instincts--to be ambitious and cunning--will shine through, and she'll attempt to one-up you in something, be it house points, praise from professors, or just normal teenager-type things in general. If she considers you a friend, a frenemy, or at least wants or needs something from you, though, she just might end up using her Slytherin traits to help you, as well.

I'm super fond of Slytherin house, my family and friends (particularly my father, because I'm a Daddy's Girl), my mother, being a witch, magical means of doing anything, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Potions, Transfiguration, being on the Slytherin Quidditch team, my owl and kneazle, trips to the beach (I went to Hawaii two summers ago, and I actually had a really good time!), sleeping late, weekends, summer break, hanging out in Hogsmeade, and hanging out with my older sister (...well, when she does get to hang out with me; she's sort of really busy with her own family).
But I do not care for My biological mother, Hufflepuff house, annoying Gryffindors, Kurumi Hollingberry, overly-excited or overly-friendly people (no one is that friendly; they have to be up to something), Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Divination, Muggle Studies, having to ride the Hogwarts Express to and from school even though I live within walking distance, my middle name, those weird flavors at Florean Fortescue's (like Troll Bogey [ew!] or Corned Beef Sandwich [really, does anyone ever order that?], losing at anything, times when my brother acts like a wimp (Really, Alex? Seriously?), having to wake up early, homework, losing, and Muggle means of doing anything!

Some of my aspirations include
+Doing what I can to help cure my mother
+Becoming the girlfriend of Kennedy Escalante
+Making the Slytherin Quidditch team [for a sixth time]
+Being the overall top points earner [I'll get you one of these days, Dictionary Eater!]
+Slytherin winning the House Cup, Quidditch Cup, and Gobstones Cup [We'll get you this time, Badgers!]
+Completing the Alzheimer's Potion that I've been working on with Treyen since first year

A few fears sometimes get in the way
+My mother's illness
+Failure (despite what she says, Sierra really does care)
+Losing to Kurumi Hollingberry another time
+Not learning how to apply my own makeup, pick out my own teenager-type clothes, and style my own hair in a more grown-up way
+Losing what little family I have left
+Losing to the Puffers for a second time
+I don't have fears...wimps. *pretends those first four aren't there*
Alexander Greingoth and Bella Montez were only nineteen-years-old when their first child, Anna Bella, was born. Although both hoped to have at least one or two more children a few years after Anna's birth, the dream was never able to become a reality. Over time, the then-married Greingoths began to accept the fact that one child was all they'd be blessed with, and by the time Anna had reached ten-years-old, they'd pretty much cast aside all dreams of any additional children. That is, until fate decided to step in. Shortly after Anna began her Hogwarts years, Bella discovered that she was finally expecting again--with twins, no less! Despite the fact that the couple was quite surprised--and quite frantic about the thought of multiples, mind you--they managed to pull everything together and prepare for the best possible life for their new babies. Sierra and Alex's family (their parents, older sister, and grandparents) all teamed together to help one another through the sudden twists, turns, and curve balls that comes with introducing multiples into a family.

Once again, Alexander and Bella proved to be wonderful parents, and Sierra and Alex were partially raised with both their parents (up to age 11, which is the year their parents got divorced) having what Sierra likes to call one of the best lives anyone could ask for! Knowing their children would be attending Hogwarts once they reached eleven-years-old, Alexander and Bella didn't bother with sending Sierra and Alex to a Muggle school. Neither parent saw the point in introducing them to Muggle-type lessons when most of it would just be forgotten and a distant memory once the Hogwarts letters arrived. Instead, Sierra and Alex were home-schooled, learning the basics plus a little bit of magic, too (by watching and listening, of course, since both were too young and too untrained to perform magic themselves).

On the morning of March 17, 2073 (Sierra's 11th birthday), she got out of bed way earlier than normal (6:51 A.M., to be exact) and waited by the kitchen window for a sign that her Hogwarts letter was on its way. About five hours later (her neck was getting really sore by then), a familiar sound, the sound of an owl approaching, echoed throughout the house. Sierra ran to the front door and opened it wide, giving the owl plenty of room to soar through and deliver the letters. From the moment she and Alex received their letters, Hogwarts was all Sierra could think about. She began wearing at least something green each day, and when she thought nobody was looking, she'd wave a twig through the air and pretend it was a real wand.

* See "THE HOGWARTS YEARS" for the latest updates.

Year One; Term 27
OOC dates: January, 2011 - April, 2011
IC dates: September, 2073 - June, 2074

Sierra officially kicked off her Hogwarts years by 'accidentally' wandering into the prefects compartment on the Hogwarts Express. The school's student leaders were more than understanding and even let her remain in the compartment for the entire ride. At the start of term feast, Sierra was, as she and her family expected, sorted into Slytherin house. At the same feast, her twin brother became the first ever member of the Greingoth-Montez family to be sorted into Hufflepuff house. This separation drove the already-at-odds twins further apart, as Sierra found it more and more difficult to get along with her 'Puffer Brother'. Alex wasn't the only 'Puffer Child' Sierra couldn't get along with, as she more often than not found herself at odds with most Puffers that came her way. The only two exceptions seemed to be Jake Upstead, who gave her a Slytherin ring at the start of term feast, and Treyen Lockhart, who became her Potions partner after the first Potions for Muggles Club meeting. Together, the two are working on a potion to combat the effects of Alzheimer's.

As a pureblood witch raised in a purely magical home, Sierra found it difficult to keep up in some of her classes. It seemed that more than just the Muggle Studies professor had a sincere interest in using magic to help Muggles, a concept Sierra never really could understand. She somehow managed to pull through, though, and in the end placed first points-wise in her house and second points-wise in the school. She was also a member of the Slytherin Quidditch team, playing as Keeper for the duration of her first term. At different points throughout the year, Sierra received two Flying-related injuries to her left arm; one during the last Quidditch match of the season, and the other during the Flying class final. Lucky for Sierra, her shoulder was able to completely heal both times.

At the end of Sierra's first year, her parents divorced, and her father decided to start a life with his Hogwarts best friend, Hecate Lafay, who just so happened to be Sierra's Potions Professor and Head of House. Sierra's parents allowed her to choose which parent she'd live with, and she chose her father, the parent she'd been closest to her whole life. When Alex chose his mother, it split the Greingoths in half, a transition Sierra took much better than her brother. Sierra spent the summer break adjusting to her new life with her father. Together, the two toured Hawaii with her father's new girlfriend.

Year Two; Term 28
OOC dates: April, 2011 - August, 2011
IC dates: September, 2074 - June, 2075

Sierra began her second year by being part of a team of students who explored an abandoned pirate ship during the first week of school. Unbeknownst to Sierra, pirate ghosts were also aboard the ship, and a small group of students, Sierra included, became possessed by the ghosts. At first, Sierra's symptoms were small. She stayed hungry a lot (something very unlike her) and sick a lot, as well. Later in the school, Sierra began to have moments where she'd speak in an unfamiliar language (pirate talk) and sword fight other students. This strange behavior ended with a pirate duel in the Great Hall and another duel during the Flying final exam. At the very end of the school year, the pirate ghosts finally accomplished what they'd come to do, and their spirits left the bodies of the possessed children, Sierra included.

In other news, Sierra and Treyen never quite got the chance to work on the potion they'd started brewing last school year. Sierra had discovered she had a crush on Treyen, and because Treyen had started a relationship with Ellie Stone, Sierra found times with him to be sort of awkward. At the end of the school year, Potions students were assigned the task of polyjuicing into another student and writing about their experience. In order to have her "one little moment" with Treyen, Sierra polyjuiced into Kurumi Hollingberry, who she knew was good friends with Treyen. As Kurumi, Sierra kissed Treyen, who ended up kissing her in return. Unbeknownst to Sierra, she's been mostly figured out, so who knows what her next meeting with Treyen and Kurumi will be like.

Slytherin house ended up winning the House Cup, the Quidditch Cup, and the Gobstones Cup, an accomplishment Sierra hopes they'll repeat during her third year. Sierra also won the honor of being first place beater, meaning she had the most bludger hits of all beaters that year.

Year Three; Term 29
OOC dates: September, 2011 - December, 2011
IC dates: September, 2075 - June, 2076

During the summer just before her third year, life started getting hard for Sierra. She was kidnapped by her non-custodial birth mother (who'd gone mad after losing both her husband and daughter) and taken to Puerto Rico. Her father and Professor Lafay searched for her and finally found her in the custody of her mother.

In order to prevent Bella Montez from running off with her again, Alexander and Hecate pretended not to want Sierra, although they couldn't exactly tell Sierra of their plan. Sierra ended up running away from home and spent the last week of her summer on the run, staying in places like The Leaky Cauldron and finally, Kurumi Hollingberry's home. She boarded the Hogwart's Express straight from Kurumi's home and met Tori Bunbury along the way.

On the train, Tori purchased so much candy from the trolley that Sierra had to help her bring it back to the compartment. Seeing as Sierra had been on the run for quite some time and was starving, she took a small handful of Tori's candy, hoping she wouldn't notice. Of course the girl did, and at the Start of Term Feast, Tori marched right up to Sierra, grabbed her by the chin and demanded that she give all the candy back. Sierra promptly spit the gum into Tori's hand, causing Tori to take it and smear it into Sierra's hair. This was the beginning of a 'frenemy' relationship between the two.

Later, Sierra met with Professor Lafay, who told her the true story of what had happened during the kidnapping. The only bad news was the kidnapping had destroyed Alexander and Hecate's relationship, causing the two to call it quits. The first part of Sierra's third year was extremely difficult. She was dealing with the aftermath of the kidnapping and due to the break-up, things at home weren't all that great either. Christmas rolled around, and just after Sierra said her goodbyes to Professor Lafay, she headed home to Hogsmeade. Just as she stepped outside the school grounds, though, her mother kidnapped her a second time. Alexander and Hecate were quick to track her down this time, though.

...and a short time later, Bella Montez mysteriously disappeared, and she hasn't been seen or heard from since.

Sierra finished her third year on a better note. Alexander and Hecate reunited, and together, the three began working on rebuilding their lives.

Year Four; Term 30
OOC dates: January, 2012 - April, 2012
IC dates: September, 2076 - June, 2077

Fourth year proved to be a rather uneventful time for Sierra as far as her school life was concerned. She did made the Slytherin Quidditch team for a fourth time, playing once again as Beater. However, Slytherin fell short in not only Quidditch, but also in the race for the House Cup and the Gobstones Cup. As a matter of fact, they ended up having to hand over all three cups to Hufflepuff house, much to Sierra's dismay. Sierra, however, claims that she did her part in working to protect their ownership of the House Cup. For the fourth time in a row, she earned the honor of highest point-winning Slytherin. Toward the end of the year, Sierra started experienced weird behavior--freezing in place and losing track of time. The term ended with the behavior being a mystery left unexplained.

Her home life was much, much better than it has been, as Alexander and Hecate were married on Christmas Day, 2076. After the ceremony, which took place in an undisclosed location, Sierra was surprised with an extra special Christmas gift--adoption papers from Hecate Lafay, who gave her a ring at the ceremony that symbolized their union, as well. After years of trauma and heartache, Sierra finally had a mother who loved her and cared for her the way a mother should. At home, she began calling Professor Lafay 'Mom', but at school, she still refers to the woman as Professor Lafay. The family of three lives happily in their cottage in Hogsmeade, Scotland.

Year Five; Term 31
OOC dates: May, 2012 - August, 2012
IC dates: September, 2077 - June, 2078

Fifth year got off to a good start for Sierra, as she'd been named Slytherin prefect over the summer and would be coming to school with a new badge to say so. Early on, she also developed a crush on Kennedy Escalante, her co-prefect and fellow Quidditch team beater. She and Kennedy first became friends, yet Sierra quickly discovered that she actually had stronger feelings for Kennedy.

Mid-term, Sierra began to freeze in place more often, and once in Potions class, she froze and didn't recover. She was among a group of students taken to the Hospital Wing for curing, and she eventually was able to unfreeze with the help of the Healer. Soon afterwards, Sierra and Kennedy began to meet up more often, eventually discovering that they both had strong feelings for one another. Kennedy was the first boy Sierra ever had these type of feelings for before, and he was also the first boy to hold her hand or ask her out on a date. The two went to Madame Puddifoot's the next Hogsmeade weekend.

Slytherin house fell short this term, coming in third place in the house points race and in Quidditch. They came in slightly better in Gobstones, where they placed second. The year ended on a low note, as Sierra's mother, Professor Lafay, became ill and grew sicker by the day. She passed out just before the End-of-Term Feast, and the Healer met privately with Sierra to tell her of her mother's disease and surprise pregnancy. Sierra left home and spent the summer staying close to her mother and hoping for a cure.

My family is finally just the three of us, and that's how I like it.
+The Father: Alexander Salazar Greingoth II (born 2031)
+The Mother: Hecate Scarlett Lafay Greingoth (born 2032)
+The Siblings: Just two, my half brother [Alex]ander Salazar Greingoth III (born 2062) and my sister Anna Bella Greingoth-Newell (born 2050)
+The Maternal Grandparents: Isabella Sierra Montez and Alejandro Diego Montez
+The Paternal Grandparents: Alexander Salazar Greingoth I and Vanessa Hope Greingoth

+The pets: Two, an owl named Nox and a kneazle named Hissy Fit. Beware of the kneazle! While calm and friendly around the few she trusts, she will become defensive and start hissing angrily toward all others.

At the end of Sierra's first year, she and her brother were checked out of school one day to have a family meeting with their mother and father. It was during this meeting that the twins were told their mother and father would be divorcing after a twenty-something year long marriage. Because their parents were attempting to make this transition as easy as possible on their two youngest children, they allowed both Sierra and Alex to choose which parent they'd permanently live with. As a result, Alexander Greingoth received sole custody of Sierra, while Bella Montez received sole custody of Alex. Alexander Greingoth moved on and began a life with his Hogwarts best friend, Hecate Lafay. The two were married Christmas, 2076, and Sierra was adopted by Lafay that very same day. Now-a-days, the family of three lives happily in a cottage in Hogsmeade, Scotland.

For those of you who have been on Snitch Seeker for at least a couple years or longer, you'll likely realize that Sierra is the younger sister of my first character, Anna Greingoth (now Newell). Greingoth was a surname I created back when I first joined the site. It's pronounced 'Green Goth' and is a tribute to Severus Snape. Green, of course, represents Slytherin house, while Goth stands for Snape's black hair and clothes. Neither Anna nor her sister (or any of my characters, actually) are goth, though (I've been asked that several times, lol). I simply used the word as part of my surname, because Snape is one of my favorite characters, and the word reminded me of his appearance. In addition, the name Bella (used as Anna's middle name and Sierra and Anna's mother's first name) is a shortened form of Bellatrix (as in, Lestrange, of course). So there you have it! A bit of OOC trivia-type material as to how I chose some of my family names!

Template Coding by Ashlie aka Hermione_loves_Ron. Bio picture by Roselyn.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Lyric Bayliss-Black
Fourth Year
x12 x12
Zombie Apocalypse Team Leader ★ ★ in a crown of pepperoni and artisan cheese

Model: Boyd Holbrook
Dylan Montmorency
Slytherin Quidditch Captain

Name: Dylan Corvi Montmorency
Nickname: "Dyl", "Switch"
Age: Fifteen (15)
Date of Birth: May 10, 2063
Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin (United States of America)
Current Residence: Chelsea, London (United Kingdom)
Heritage: Halfblood American
Wand: Hawthorn wood, Dragon Heartstring core, 11 inches, Unyielding. Works best for Defensive magic.
Patronus: (Cannot produce a patronus at this time)
Relationship Status: Single

2074 - 2076: North Eastern School of Magic
Strongest Subject: DADA
Weakest Subject: Transfiguation
Activities and Clubs: None

2076 - Present: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Slytherin
Year: Fifth Year
Strongest Subject: DADA and Flying
Weakest Subject: Astronomy
Activities and Clubs: Quidditch Captain, Gobstones, Herboloty Task Force

Eye Color: Blue/Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 163 lbs
Body Type: Lithe / Athletic
Skin tone/complexion: Tanned
Birth marks / Tattoos: A mysterious tattoo on the inside of his wrist. (His parents did NOT approve!)

Father: Richard Dwayne Montmorency (52)
Mother: Janice Ann Montmorency (nee Whisp) (41)

Tarantula: Charlotte
Eagle Owl: Jackson

Dylan is, truly, ALL BOY. He's more of the sporty type, who loves to be outdoors and enjoys getting sweaty. His idea of a good time is throwing a quaffle around and talking about girls. ALL girls. He has been known to be a tad flirtatious...which has gotten him into A LOT of trouble in the past...and still does to this day.

When he's not outside, though...he's playing his guitar in the Slytherin dorms or Room of Requirement. Any place secluded or private. Music is extremely personal to Dylan and isn't something he easily shares with outsiders. If one has heard him play, they should count themselves extremely lucky.

When it comes to his friendships, Dylan is more than capable of being the nicest guy one has ever met. He'll go out of his way to do things for people and would take the shirt off his back if need be. BUT, anger him in any way...and you'll possibly make your worst enemy. If he feels you have disrespected him or one of his friends, he'll do WHATEVER it takes to get revenge. He will get creative...

When it comes to school work, Dylan's parents have pushed him to do his best, which has never really been his concern. BUT...with the move and everything behind him, the Slytherin is finding his groove with classes and assignments.

Richard Turner
Isaac Muir
Mordred Maurant
Sierra Greingoth
Kennedy Escalante
Asher Romalotti
Theodore Kinsley
West Odessa

Beezus Castell
Vickers Vanderbilt

  • Quidditch
  • Lux (his guitar)
  • Music
  • Girls
  • Redheaded Girls
  • Pie
  • Kurumi Hollingberry (because of her cookies)
  • The smell of vanilla (because it reminds him of dessert)
  • Being Captain
  • Being single!

  • Ravenclaw Girls
  • Dragons named RoRo
  • Older brothers (of girls' he's dated)
  • People who think they know everything about him
  • People touching his things
  • Bipolar Hufflepuff girls that call themselves "Nessie"

*is STILL in the process of making HISTORY*
We live in cities you'll never see onscreen..._______________________________________________
So very pretty, and we sure know how to run things..._______________________________

Livin' in ruins of a palace, within our dreams...____________
We're on each other's team._____
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Dalia Turay
Fourth Year

Name: Aurora Stewart-Quinn
DoB: 23rd August, 2062
Age: 16
Year At Hogwats: 6th
Blood: Pureblood
Pets: Sebastian (fluffy white cat), Giacomo (white pygmy puff), Sage (eagle owl)


Subjects: Potions, Herbology
Color: Green
Flower: Lilies
Food: Shepherds pie, bacon sandwiches, jelly babies
Drink: Apple juice
Instrument: Violin
Place: Cologne
Quidditch Team: Koln Kappas
Sibling: Her brother, Kryspin
Hobby: Potions brewing and music

Dislikes: Flying, moths, potions gone wrong, arrogance, people who ignore her, exercise, being cold, people being mean to her, being embarrassed, failing and getting things wrong.

Least Favorite/Worst Subjects: Flying, Charms, Arithmancy

She is not the nicest of people. She's arrogant, manipulative and self centered. The people that she likes she will protect furiously but if she doesn't like you it's probably a lot safer to avoid her. Potions is her favourite subject; "I just love the way it works, you know, if you follow the instructions properly it all falls together." Oh, and she experiments a lot with potions, she just loves the idea that, if you get it wrong, you can die. She hates flying, so don't expect to see her on a broom at all unless entirely necessary, and even then try not to look, there's nothing she hates more than being embarrassed, and if she's on a broom then she will be.

Eye Color: Green
Hair: Bright red, curled, long
Skin: Pale


The Family Tree

Parents: Ciara Stewart-Quinn (Nee Stewart) and Audric Quinn

Siblings: Kryspin Stewart-Quinn (brother) and Yvonne Baltzar (soon-to-be-sister-in-law)
Tiffany de Feiyre (Nee Stewart-Quinn)(sister) and Eadric (brother-in-law) de Feiyre.

Other family: Uncle and Aunt (mother's brother) Rufin and Julianne (nee Du Francois) Stewart.
Cousin (Rufin and Julianne's son) Jacob Stewart

Aunt and Uncle (mother's sister and her husband) Keira Malfoy (Nee Stewart) and Aiden Malfoy
Cousins (Keira and Aiden's children) Ottfried, Felix and Roxana Malfoy

Aunt and Uncle (father's brother and his wife) Rowan Quinn and Adelade Quinn (Nee La Tasson)
Cousins (Rowan and Adelade's children) Alberic, Keir and Raina Quinn.

Aunt and Uncle (father's brother) Seraphinus Quinn and Lorraine Quinn.
Cousins (Seraphinus and Lorraine's children) Vikenti and Ignata Quinn, Frederick Alexander Jones (Adopted)

Niece and Nephew (Tiff and Eadric's children) Nikolai and Claudia de Feiyre.

Aurora comes from a very wealthy pureblood family. A lot of their wealth is made from old money, however, her parents have done exceedingly well in building their own fortune to accompany this. She brought up mostly in Cologne, though the family traveled a huge amount due to her father's job and her mother's ingredient searches, however, her idea of traveling is very different to that of a lot of people - she sees it as just moving into another of the family houses. Officially home tutored from the age of ten and still finds charms a little difficult. Aurora has been learning to brew potions since she was old enough to reach her motherʼs cauldron and had an almost immediate talent. When she was about nine she began to sell her creations to her peers and make pretty good money for them until their parents found out and forbid them to see her. Her parents were well known and well respected in the wizarding community though the Quinns have become more recently known for causing trouble.

Aurora's tutoring was rather exclusive - Helga, her German tutor, focused on Aurora's strong points and the instructions from her parents to force her to learn more charms, this means that when she started Hogwarts she was incredibly behind on things like Arithmancy, History, Divination etc. This isn't helped by her mild dyslexia, though she refuses to speak about it because she thinks it's ad embarrassing and weak thing to have.

When she was twelve her father was forced to move them all back to England and so Aurora's parents enrolled her in Hogwarts. Instead of putting her into second year (as she was old enough) the school and her parents decided that, due to her being unused to the english traditions and rules, she would begin in first year. She then skipped second year and began to catch up.

Although she has ended up in detention a couple of times, Aurora's school life had been more or less uneventful until the Autumn of 2077. A couple of weeks after the opening feast Aurora and her boyfriend of a year and seven months, Kennedy Escalante, broke up. She was massively hurt, though felt she shouldn't show it much because she was the one to end it. Milton Shacklebolt, however, was there to 'comfort' her, and two weeks later she had fallen prey to his charms. Her relationship with Milton lasted only four months but this was enough to inspire anger, disapproval and disappointment from Aurora's friends and enemies alike.

The Christmas of 2077, though Aurora was dating Milton at the time, she was forced by her mother to brew an antidote to a memory potion that Kennedy's father had given him.

SPOILER!!: The Memory Potion Plot

1) so Aurora's mother runs a potions business, she makes anything to order and doesn't question the clients intentions (or identities) as long as they pay
2) Kennedy's father, Phabian Wayne, got custody of Ken recently and turns out he's a dark wizard.
3) Phabian and Ciara knew each other at Hogwarts
4) When Aurora went to pick up Ken for the Quidditch match in the hols her mother took her. Which is weird because before then the only time her mother would take her places was when she was dead little and Ciara had to do personal deliveries. She only did personal deliveries for potions she trusted neither owls or elves to deliver. Ie. illegal ones.
5) Aurora recognises Wayne manor, and cottons on that she must have been here before. (duh duh duuuh) but she doesn't take anything else from this yet
6) At Kings Cross at the end of the hold Ken tells Aurora that he has about three days missing from his memory and Aurora puts all the evidence together - Her mother did business with Wayne, made a memory potion (she saw her mother picking asphodel... or something). Wayne gave this potion to Ken. Etc.
7) The memory potion was used to make Kennedy forget about the stuff Wayne showed him. Stuff to do with him being a dark wizard etc.
8) Aurora told Kennedy about the whole potion thing, including her mother's involvement etc. But couldn't tell him exactly what potion it was or anything like that. Whether it was a memory potion or a sleep potion. Details, basically
9) Then they break up.
And obviously, if it got out that she did illegal stuff too they'd be in trouble
11) as a punishment for talking about the business, Ciara forces Aurora to get involved. Makes her a secondary member of the potions thing. That way if anything gets out Aurora would get in trouble too
12) she makes Aurora work out and brew a potion to reverse the memory potion because she knows Rora is too proud to give it to him and Ken wouldn't take it. And it will kill her to have it and not be able to give it to him
13) when Milton and Aurora break up - and Aurora finds out about Mia (this is important) – she feels terrible about it all and tries to apologise etc.
14) EVENTUALLY she gives him the antidote
15) Meanwhile, Krys and Yvonne faked that they got married to shut up Yvonne's mother. Phabian meets with them and gives Krys veritaserum to get the truth.
16) It angers Ciara that someone messed with her son, she goes to Phabian and they argue and Ciara mentions that he should keep a closer eye on his own son and that he might be 'cured' of the last little thing.
17) Phabian gives Kennedy veritaserum to find out the truth, discovers Aurora brewed the potion and gave it to him and becomes livid. Feels as though Ciara has made him look foolish and becomes murderous.
18) He sends dark wizards to the flat where Krys and Yvonne live – Aurora is staying here (so is Kennedy) – and there is a huge duel in which Aurora is hit with crucio, Yvonne is hit with sectumsempra. This breaks Krys and he basically loses it and ends up fixing Yvonne's wounds and sitting there crying and rocking her. Kennedy saves Aurora's life but DOES DARK MAGIC O:
19) Kennedy contacts Xavier (Yvonne's father, Ken's godfather, Phabian's brother) and he gets there, fixes up Yvonne properly. Then Audric (Krys and Aurora's dad) arrives, Xavier, Audric and Krys add more defensive spells and protective charms to the flat etc. Aurora and Kennedy go and hide in her room.
20) Ciara arrives but Audric meets her outside, they argue, she leaves.
21) Ciara wants to kill Phabian now, because he attacked her babies.
22) Yvonne decides she's recovered, insists on training because she thinks she failed Krys. Krys says no. Yvonne forces her mother to duel with her for training, makes Yvonne weak again. Yvonne and Krys argue about it.
23) Yvonne recovers eventually. Krys and Yvonne take Rora and Kennedy to Kings Cross, Phabian turns up. There is almost a duel. Ciara turns up, hides an erumpet potion on Beverly (Phabian's 10 yr old daughter) etc. Ciara leaves. Phabian and Ciara both brought 'back up'. Audric also came to check everything was okay (with his brother and his partner from the detective agency) calms Krys down (who is livid and about to curse something).

Whilst she is brewing her first attempt at this antidote it explodes and the ingredients that are dispersed into the air make their way into Aurora's lungs and make her very ill. The effects that this potion has on her body, lugs especially, will be permanent.

Fifth year is OWL year, however, and Aurora had to work especially hard from this point onwards and in one moment of despair announces that she doesn't want to do potions after Hogwarts anymore (which was originally the plan) because a potion had ruined her chances at passing these exams. Kennedy (they had sort of made up by this point) suggests she pursue music and Aurora immediately writes to her old music teacher (and guest seminar teacher) Dr Xavier MacNally for advice. MacNally had just been awarded a professorship at AMAMADA (Austrian Magical Academy of Music And Dramatic Arts) and suggests she audition as he thinks she would get in on merit. She does so and is awarded a place.

During the Summer of 2078, and before the attack on Aurora, Kennedy, Kryspin and Yvonne, Aurora attends the wedding of Aaron Anderson (ex Slytherin Captain) and Iris Beaumont (ex Slytherin Head Girl). Her close friend (and her crush, though she'd deny this), Jonathan Kirk (BoyWonder), is also at the wedding. Jonathan is dating Delilah O'Flanagan (Nixy!) at this point, but that doesn't stop Aurora flirting with him and the situation turning into the ultimate betrayal.

The attack caused Kryspin and Aurora's father, Audric, to rethink the idea of Aurora going all the way to Austria. In the end they tell her she will be going to Hogwarts because they believe it is safer for her. So, on the first of September, 2078, Aurora boards the train to Hogwarts. She had only found out she would be returning (and not going to Austria) a week before and hadn't let anyone know she'd be there. So when Delilah spotted her and came into the compartment, Aurora assumed that she would yell about what had happened at the wedding. But Delilah didn't know.

So Aurora, being the lovely person that she is [/sarcasm] told Delilah about the betrayal in a rather spiteful and cruel way, claiming it was inevitable and Delilah would have been stupid not to see it.

And thus begins Aurora's Sixth Year.

SPOILER!!: timeline
2052: June. Tiff’s birth
2054: January. Kryspin’s birth
2059: Family move to France.

2062: May, Family moves back into the Manor in Buckinghamshire
2062: 23/8 BIRTH - London.

2063: 23/8 BIRTHDAY Turns one.

2063/4: Moves to Cologne
2064: 23/8 BIRTHDAY Turns two.

2065: 23/8 BIRTHDAY Turns three.
2065: Krys goes to Ireland to stay with cousins.

2066: 23/8 BIRTHDAY Turns four.
2066: First Violin lesson.

2067: First dance lessons.
2067: 23/8 BIRTHDAY Turns five.
2067: First Flute lesson.

2068: 23/8 BIRTHDAY Turns six.

2069: 23/8 BIRTHDAY Turns seven.
2069: First Piano lesson.

2070: 23/8 BIRTHDAY Turns eight.
2070: Brews first potion un-aided.

2071: 23/8 BIRTHDAY Turns nine.

2072: February, Falls off Kryspin’s broom - breaks three bones.
2072: 23/8 BIRTHDAY Turns ten.
2072: September, Begins home schooling. Gets her own wand.

2073: 23/8 BIRTHDAY Turns eleven.
2073: Kryspin joins Audric at work.
2073: February, Moves to Dublin.

2074: 23/8 BIRTHDAY turns twelve.
2074: August, Moves back to South of England. Buys Salvatore and Sage.
2074: Summer, meets Mordred Mordaunt and Conan.
2074: 1/9 Begins Hogwarts in first year.
2074: September, meets Iris Beaumont.
2074: October Half Term, falls out with Katja DeSchone, they stop speaking - affects Aurora a lot.
2074: November, meets Aaron Anderson.
2074: January, Kryspin becomes incredibly ill.
2074: July, End of Term Feast. Slytherin wins the Trifecta. Aurora wears Anderson Girl costume. Aaris/Jimbo conflict knocks Aurora over the edge.

2075: Early August: Buys Silvius. He doesn’t want to go to Hogwarts.
2075: 23/8 BIRTHDAY Turns thirteen. Receives a Grimoire from Mordred. Kissed by Conan.
2075: Summer, meets Jonathan Kirk in Diagon Alley.
2075: 1/9 Skips second year. Third year at Hogwarts. Faints on the train, meets Kennedy Escalante.
2075: October, Katja DeSchone - Aurora’s old friend - dies in a fire.
2075: November, Aurora kissed by Jonathan. Aurora and Jonathan both end up in the Hospital Wing. Jonathan begins to date Lorelai.
2075: December, Claudia and Nikolai born (Tiff’s children), Kryspin begins to get better. Aurora kisses Kennedy. Aurora does first detention. Aurora receives Sebastian as a Christmas present.

2076: January, Becomes Kennedy’s girlfriend.
2076: February 14th, Valentine’s day AND Kennedy’s 15th birthday
2076: End of school term, Kryspin meets Aurora from Kings Cross, takes her home, packs her bag and takes her to Disney World, Florida as an early birthday present - Tiff arranged it all.
2076: 23/8 BIRTHDAY Turns fourteen. Goes to see Wicked, her first West End musical, with Kennedy.
2076: 1/9 Begins Fourth Year.
2076: December, takes grade eight magical music theory exam and grade eight violin practical.
2076: Christmas, stays in Ireland with father's side of the family.

2077: January, one year with Kennedy
2077: Valentines day, receives card, flowers and chocolates from Milton Shaklebolt.
2077: February, gets her distinction in her grade eight.
2077: End of term feast, finds out Kennedy's father has won custody of him.
2077: End of school term, Aurora's mother exchanges glance with Kennedy's father at Kings Cross, Aurora finds out they know each other.
2077: Beginning of summer, JONATHAN'S BACK. Meets Delilah in WWW.
2077: Middle of summer, they pick up Aethelwyne Lothlorien, Aurora's arch-nemesis, from Long Beach, California.
2077: Quidditch, Paris Phoenixes v. San Diego Dragons. Aethelwyne tries to steal Kennedy from her. Aaron and Iris are there (woo!) So is Milton (less woo!) but Aurora flirts with him anyway - to make Kennedy jealous.
2077: September, begins fifth year. Has an argument with Kennedy because she refrained from telling him that Jonathan was back.
2077: Middle of September, breaks up with Kennedy. Is immediately comforted by Milton.
2077: Towards the end of September, gets with Milton.
2077: End of December. Goes home for Christmas – her mother forces her to begin helping in the potions business. Aurora's cauldron explodes whilst brewing an antidote for the memory potion Kennedy's father used. The Belladonna in the potion was dispersed into the air and Aurora inhaled a dangerous amount of it. It nearly killed her and left her with permanent lung weakness. She was better at the Christmas party – sort of – and argued with Kennedy.

2078: January. Found out Milton cheated on her. Broke up with him. Hexed, disarmed and jinxed him. Kennedy threw his wand in the lake. Milton reported them to Tate who sent him to speak to Professor Lafay. Professor Lafay allowed Milton to choose and run the detention (cleaning owl droppings from the owlery).
2078: Middle of February. Aurora's body starts rejecting the medication that her brother-in-law (a private healer) prescribed and she is brought home. She is changed to a medication that begins to work and kept under observation for a month, receiving private tutoring from her old tutor, Helga, to help her with her OWL studies.
2078: End of March. Aurora returns to Hogwarts.


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Hogwarts RPG Name:
[working on smthing, maybe.]
x1 x2
YOUR Nixy. || Prefect Rainbows! || Deniz'in Müzik Kardeşi

*new image in the works*


Scaredy cat. Arachnophobe. Vegetarian. Lonely.

My name is Delilah Jane O'Flanagan
But you can call me Delilah, or Dee. My mum calls me Lily sometimes.
I am 16 years old.
My parents are really important to me. And wizards.
I was born in a hospital? in Ireland? In 2061?
I currently live in Cheadle.
My birthday is on the 20th of November.
I used to be a very good gnome catcher.
You can see that I am a girl!
You could say I run with the Snakes... For some unexplainable reason.
My wand is 11.4", Larch wood, Fwooper Feather, Swishy
My patronus is a secret. Because I don't know what it is.
My boggart is something. I've never seen it.
If I peered into the Mirror of Erised, I would see me, but not scared of so many things. still friends with Johnny and Aurora...

+Hair: Pale brown, with a silly fringe. It's currently very short, like a boys, because Aurora burnt my hair and I had to cut it all off to even it out.
+Eyes: a boringly dull shade of brown.
+Build: petite.
+Height: 5' 2"
+General appearance: I used to try and hide under baggy clothes to make me look bigger, but since my mum forced me to buy nice, properly fitting clothes to come to Hogwarts with, I've grown to rather like them. You might find me wearing dresses with silly patterns on, or really big jumpers because they're comfy. I have a fringe that usually tries to split in the middle. I'm rather pasty and pale. And small. I'm really small.


I don't like people very much. I don't have many friends, either. People think I'm a nutter, usually... Me and Gerald would much rather spend time on our own, away from all the silly people. I thought that maybe Hogwarts would have nicer people there than the people I know in Cheadle, because they're mainly all horrible. That maybe I'd be able to make some real friends, who really, actually liked me... Last year, Aurora was my best friend, and I was dating Johnny. I don't think either of them are my friends any more, though. They seem to like each others company more than mine.

My favourite colour is purple. Gerald is purple.

I like cupcakes. Well, I like eating them. They're fun to make, too, though. I also like ice cream. Ice cream is good.

Oh! I also have really wiggly eyebrows. Hehehe.

I'm fairly fond of
Monkeys; books; climbing trees; cupcakes; ice cream; dancing.

But I don't like
SPIDERS; mean people; meat.

My family is
+The Parents: My mum's called Clare. She's English. My dad's called Patrick, he's Irish.
+The Siblings: I have a little sister. Her name's Annie. She's 8.
+ The Romantic Interest: Johnny. Or at least it was. I don't know if he still is... I mean, I still really like him, a lot... but he likes Aurora more and I don't really know how relationships are supposed to work.

+The pets: Goes Gerald count as a pet or not?

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Kalie Carter-Hope Gellar
Sixth Year
x7 x4
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Model: Emma Stone


Basic Info

Full Name: Emmanuelle Zoéy Moreau
Nickname(s): Em, Emma, Ellie (but only by the family!)
Birthday: Feb. 5, 2061
Age: 17
Place of Birth: Nice, France
Current Residence: Glasgow, Scotland
House: Slytherin
Year: Seventh
Blood Status: Pureblood
Relationship Status: Single
Wand: Dogwood with a unicorn hair core; 10 1/2 inches; swishy
Patronus: Squirrel
Boggart: Her parents splitting up… again
Best Subject: History of Magic
Worst Subject: Charms
Previous School(s): Beauxbatons, L'ecole de Magie du Nice


Hair Color: Blonde (used to be red until the first Hogsmeade weekend of her sixth year)
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'7"
Weight: That's not something you ask a lady…
Special Characteristics: a small heart shaped birthmark on her upper arm, a small, light in color scattering of freckles around her nose


Sophie Bonaparte- 41, mother
Mathieu Moreau- 42, father
Adélaïde Moreau- 23, sister
Charlemagne Moreau 20, brother


Emmanuelle is friendly, but she has a sarcastic edge. She prefers spending time with those of her own age (or around it) and doesn't have much patience for those who are younger. Once someone becomes her friend, she is very loyal and expects the same from them. She loves to have a good time and try new things. One exception to that is food. She eats what she likes and it's almost impossible to get her to try anything else. She is fairly sporty, although she doesn't play Quidditch (preferring football [soccer] and tennis instead).


Emmanuelle was born on a cold (for Nice, anyway) February day to Sophie Bonaparte (a realtor) and her husband, Mathieu Moreau (a contractor). She is the youngest of the couple's three children and was slightly spoiled growing up. The couple gave their children everything they could. However, when it came to punishing the children, they always seemed to go easiest on Emmanuelle. Her brother, Charlemagne, didn't mind, but it irritated their sister, Adélaïde, to no end.

Being nearer in age, Emmanuelle was always closer to her brother than her sister. This was more pronounced when Adélaïde turned thirteen and became interested in clothing and boys. She didn't like having her two younger siblings around and baulked when their parents made her parents babysit. Charlemagne, on the other hand, was always very protective of his youngest sister. Anyone who wanted to harm Emmanuelle had to go through him, first. Plus, he always made sure she got some kind of treat, whether it was cookies, cupcakes or ice cream.

At five, Emmanuelle started muggle primary school. Here she made several new friends as well as making pretty decent grades (they weren't straight As but they weren't failing grades either). One day, when she was seven, her magic showed itself. Her teacher had made cupcakes for the class, but she wouldn't hand them out until the class was finished with their work. So Emmanuelle, who really wanted a cupcake, summoned one of the delicious treats. The oblivators were called out and everyone's memory of the event was erased. Mathieu and Sophie were happy because that meant that all three of their children were magical; Adélaïde was annoyed, thinking she was going to have a fat sister; and Charlemagne was amused and still teases her about it to this day.

When she turned eleven, Emmanuelle joined her brother at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. There she continued her streak of making friends and maintaining decent grades. However she only attended Beauxbatons for one year. During the summer between her first and second years, her parents dropped a bombshell. They were getting divorced and her father was moving to Scotland. Emmanuelle and her brother stayed in France with their mother, who pulled them from Beauxbatons and placed them in the local magic school, L'ecole de Magie du Nice (as they would spend the summers with their father, she wouldn't get to see them otherwise). The transition actually went over pretty well. The other students were mostly welcoming and friendly and Emmanuelle fit in well. A lot of the students took part in the local sports leagues and she joined in, playing football (soccer) and tennis. Things were going great.

Until the summer between her fifth and sixth years, that is. That's when her mother decided to get back together with her dad. Which is great, except that she would be moving to Scotland to do it. That meant that Emmanuelle would going to Scotland, too. And she would now be attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Emmanuelle is trying to keep an open mind about the school change, though.

Sixth Year a.k.a First Year of Hogwarts

*To be edited in later*

Song for the Year: The Scientist by Coldplay (even though it doesn't seem like it right now!)

-chocolate (especially Swiss chocolate)
-ice cream
-History of Magic class

-First years (except when she has chocolate)
-Potions class
-Being punished for no reason
-Sudden train stoppages
Days of Potter 2023:___________________________ Which Bertie Botts Flavour Are You?

You are Salt!

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◤◢Cassia Jane Somerlad◤◢

Model:Kiernan Shipka

[INDENT]◤◢ B A S I C S ◤◢
Name: Cassia Jane Somerlad.
DoB: 27th June. 2066.
Year at Hogwarts: Second year.
Blood: Pure Blood.
Best subjects: Transfiguration , DADA.
Least favorite subjects: Herbology, Ancient Runes.
Pets: An owl named Snaty.
◤◢ A P P E A R A N C E ◤◢
Eye color: Brown.
Hair: Blonde.
Skin: Fair.
Height: 140cm
◤◢ P E R S O N A L I T Y ◤◢
Cassia is a nice girl with a high amount of curiosity. She likes meeting new people and knowing about them and their lives. She likes honesty and she always says what she feels which can't be good all the time. She believes that trust if the most important feature between friends. She loathes betrayal and selfishness. She can be annoying sometimes due to her curiosity.
She is a passionate girl who gets excited and fascinated easily. Even by the simplest things she could get enthusiastic right away. Probably being a fervent girl is not good all the time because that would mean making big deals out of simple ones.
She appreciates the simplest acts of kindness. She also trusts people blindly which worries her family. Because that would cause her pain if she had been stabbed in the back. Though she might not notice right away that she had been betrayed and there're actually two reasons to that. The first one is that she tends to see people's good intentions. The second reason is that she's not a very bright girl. She is not dumb but she can be clueless most of the time.
And despite her eagerness and enthusiasm, Cassia isn't a very confident girl. She doesn't feel comfortable being in front of crowds. The girl feels more self-assured when with few people. And she doesn't like to attract attention because that would mean so many eyes looking at her and she doesn't find that comfortable. Though she is trying to work on that to gain more confidence in herself.
One last thing is that she forgets a lot! So don't take it personal if she doesn’t your name or invent a new one for you. Though she remembers faces very well.
◤◢ F A M I L Y ◤◢
Father : Marcus Somerlad.
Mother: Laura Somerlad.
Brother: Mike Somerlad.
Grandmother: Margret Anna Somerlad.
◤◢ L I K E S ◤◢

Meeting new people.
Chocolate frogs.
Jelly Beans.
Fluffy stuff.
Raining weather.
Goofing around.
◤◢ D I S L I K E S ◤◢
Dark places.
Blazing sun.
Two-faced people.

◤◢ B A C K G R O U N D ◤◢
Cassia is the is the oldest of two children in her family. She lives with her family in London where she was born. She was raised by both her mother and her grandmother. As her Father works in the ministry, in the International Magical Cooperation he tends to travel a lot. Which usually requires her mother travelling with him. And leaving both of the kids with their grandmother.

Cassia and her younger brother ,Mike are best friends. They spend all the time together, playing and singing. They discuss magic a lot. And the two kids always talked about how excited they were to get into Hogwarts. When Cassia was to go to Hogwarts, the two kids were saddened to be separated. And the more Cassia thought about the fun she'd have at the school the more she felt sad about leaving her brother behind.

The girl and her brother have lots of friends. Considering they, too, travel with their parents which allowed them to meet many people. However, their best friend is Liam, their nextdoor neighbor. The three spent lots of time together. Liam is older than Cassia by two years and he goes to another school, he is a wizard too!

Not only Cassia spends her time playing ad having fun with her companions . Her father is so concerned about giving his two children the knowledge he can provide at home. Especially Cassia as she being the eldest . The father is strict logical person who takes care of rational things.

While her mother is a passionate person. Who is responsible for moral issues and sensations. And surely not to forget Grandma Margret who is determined to change her granddaughter !As Cassia spends most of her time playing with Liam and Mike. Goofing around and most of all talking a lot! Her Grandmother never approves of this attitude . As she ,grandmother, justifies her disapproving that a lady doesn't babble nor does she laugh out loud. And that was exactly how Cassia is all the time.

Grandmother Margret always complains to her son, Cassia's father, about his girl attitude. Marcuse is convinced that she is still a child and she will grow to be as her Grandmother taught her to be. But no one knows whether his prediction is correct or not

Cassia and her father
Marcus Somerlad is Cassia's ideal. She always looks at her father as a perfect person. She admires his confidence and his ability to make people understand his opinions by speaking a few sentences.
He is a strict person yet understanding. He believes in rules and boundaries that ,in his opinion, can make everything legit. He believes that an organized person is a successful ,happy one. So whenever Cassia feels like she needs to discuss something logically she goes to her father who gets her through the matter easily and smoothly.
Though the father travels a lot ,he makes sure to make up his absence by spending time with his two kids when he isn't travelling.

Cassia and her mother
Cassia probably has most of her mother's characteristics. For her mother is a passionate person who mainly operates under the impulse of her feelings and the swinging of her heart. Laura Somerlad is the person to sooth Cassia down just by holding her close. The mother is a fantastic listener who never gets bored of her talkative daughter.
However, the mother is a quiet person unlike the daughter. If Cassia is feeling down and depressed and doesn't feel like talking about it or discussing it she goes to her mother who easily makes her forget about it and brings her spirit up again.

Cassia and her brother
Mike is Cassia's best friend along with being her younger brother. The boy is three years younger than Cassia. And despite that fact Cassia rarely feels that gap of age. Probably because the brother is smarter. Unlike his sister, Mike resembles his father for being confident and calm. He and his sister don't share most of their characteristics as Cassia is talkative ,Mike talks briefly and when necessary. Cassia trusts people blindly on the other hand Mike has a hunch that rarely fails him.
And yet the two makes great and compatible siblings. However, they are not perfect. For like any brother and sister the two have fights and arguments. But never did any fight last for more than a day. Because after a couple of hours it'd be forgotten.

Cassia and her grandmother
Margret Anna Somerlad is a strict person. Who believes in discipline and none else. She takes it on her conscious to raise Cassia into being a classy sophisticated young lady. And here comes the problem as Cassia isn't that type of girl and is never going to be. But the grandmother never surrenderes. She keeps trying to change the girl's attitude and interests which is far than done. And that what causes the tense between the granddaughter and her grandmother.
Despite that, Cassia of course never loathes her grandmother. Neither does the older woman. It causes regular arguments ,their different personalities but they love each other no matter what.
Especially that the grandmother has so many interesting stories to tell from her long life and that fascinates Cassia.

Cassia and Liam
Liam Solvi is Cassia's best friend since they were young kids. And he is her nextdoor neighbor since then as well. Their parents are best friends which caused the children relationship to grow stronger. Cassia shares with Liam so many good memories. They spend so much time with each other including Cassia's younger brother Mike. Liam is two years older than Cassia. And that meant that he left for school before her. And that saddened the girl for she was used to spend all the time with him and that changed.
Cassia sees Liam as a perfect boy who knows everything. While Liam looks at Cassia as his young little minion and doesn't seem to notice her growing at all. As they are growing their relationship is developing but towards which direction that is not yet clear. Whether to get stronger or to get weaker and become forgotten, days will uncover that.

Cassia and her owl
Cassia has a honey-colored owl. When Cassia went to the pet shop she was intending to buy a cat because the girl is very fond of cats. And she has two cats at her home. However, once in the shop she decided to buy an owl to experience having an owl. She had started to learn how to take care of this creature and she named the owl Snaty. Because he is a rude snappy creature. Snaty always screeches whenever Cassia touches him. And not to mention how many times Cassia got bitten when trying to feed him. She always wonders about her owl's attitude. Other owls seemed to be friendly with their owners at least.
◤◢ H O G W A R T S ◤◢
◤◢ First Year ◤◢
Cassia was excited about her first year at Hogwarts. Though she was sad that she was leaving her younger brother behind, she couldn't hide her excitement about going to Hogwarts and learning all the cool stuff she heard of.

In Hogwarts Cassia was the same girl at home curious excited and easily fascinated by the simplest things. She tried as best as she could to get to meet students and make friends. However, she was surprised by herself that she couldn't always take the first step. She had always thought that she was a mixer person, which she was but she wasn't that used to take the first step. And despite that fact she met quite many students whom she become good friends with.

However, at the end of the year Cassia was so thrilled about what she witnessed of the cool events that happened at Hogwarts. She had learned so many things. Like being a wizard or a witch isn't always a good thing. As a kid she always assumed that being a witch was very cool and great. Which was true! But she found out just like her father used to tell her that some people miss-used what they had.

So, the naïve excited girl who entered Hogwarts had changed a bit to become less naïve and a slightly more wise. However, she is still curious ,squeaky and a bit clueless at some points. But she had the same spirit and eagerness to know more and become a good witch…and to have fun and keep up with everything going on around school.

◤◢ Summer Before 2nd Year ◤◢
This summer was different than all the other summers in Cassia's life. The reason of course was that she was waiting for something to come. Though she had had lots of fun as usual with her brother and friends and most of all Liam, the girl still longed to return to Hogwarts. She longed for the castle ,for the common room and for her friends there.

And she felt that she had changed slightly and gained some wisdom and experience. She was determined to be a cool, friendly and good second year. How? She 'll have to figure it out somehow.

◤◢Second year to-accomplish list ◤◢
Try to be better in Herbology.
Gain more confidence.
Quit squeaking! not likely to happen
Trying to be smarter. Meh
Get to know more students.
Trying to befriend Snaty.her owl

Layout is copyright ©2012 by Magical Soul
I may not have the softest touch-----------------------I may not say the words as such

And though I may not look like much -----------------------------I'm yours

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Mikey Goh
Fourth Year
BOOMBAYAH! | #PuedoPorquePiensoQuePuedo | Certified Blank and Random Person | Raventastic

face claim: Alexander Ludwig

➊ Meet this young man
My name is Gerald Alexander Rush
But most people know me as Gary
I was brought to this world on March 30 2062 at Vancouver, Canada
When I’m not in Hogwarts. I live with my Uncle and his wife at Manchester, U.K
I currently have a girlfriend and her name is Zhenya Burton
I am a half-blood, Canadian wizard
Right now, I go to Hogwarts, belong to Slytherin house and this is my sixth year at school (and second year at Hogwarts)
➋ Family is the reason why I can live here
My father is Benjamin Rush, but he was died a few weeks before I was born. And my mother, Florencia left after she gave birth of me
Now I live with Lucas Rush, his wife (Gloria) and their twin children (Bianca and Brian). He is a brother of my dad and also my godfather.
➌ When I see myself on a mirror
I'm a young man who has blonde hair and blue eyes, standing myself in 6 feet 1 inch on height and 175 lbs in weight makes me look muscular and athletic
➍ You know that I am a wizard, right?
I wield an unyielding hornbeam wood wand with 13 ¾ inches in length wand dragon heartstring as the core.
The form of my patronus is wolf (for future reference)
I do my best on Transfiguration and Potions, but not on Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology
Rex is my siberian husky dog, but I left him with my family
➎ I am known as
▪ Stubborn
▪ Silent person
▪ Apathetic
▪ Independent
▪ Calm
▪ Cool
▪ Loner
▪ Lazy
▪ Slightly antisocial
▪ Slightly arrogant
▪ A bit rude
➏ What makes my life better are
▪ Apples
▪ Savory dish
▪ Italian and Japanese food
▪ Music
▪ Karate
▪ Photography
▪ Guitar
▪ Sleeping
▪ Most of muggle sports
▪ Soda
▪ Traveling
▪ Books
▪ Reading
▪ Quiet place
➐ But I will survive without them
▪ Sweets
▪ Chocolate
▪ Pineapple
▪ Fracture
▪ Fishing
▪ Noisy
▪ Annoying person
▪ Loud
▪ Pumpkin
▪ Insomnia
▪ Dental caries
➑ Every person has their own story
*under the construction*

template by the random person (RandomRaven aka me ) and bio pic by someone on tumblr

It's a fairytale evening, and you want the entire event to be totally dazzling and
a real experience with the friendliest people around you.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Kennedy Stark
Fifth Year
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Adelaide Caroline Coral

Model: Hailee Stienfeld
▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△ △▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲
△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△ ▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△▲△△

Hi my name is Adelaide Caroline Coral
You can call me Addie or Ads
I am 16 years old
I was born on January 3rd, 2062
I was born in Greystones, Ireland
I live in London, England
I reign from the house of Slytherin
I’m in my 6th year
My blood status is half and half
I am currently single
My mum is Daisy Kristine Heril Coral
My dad is Alexander Matthew Coral
My sister is Maria Lee Coral (13)
My brother is Andrew James Coral (18)
My cousin is Victoria Marie Coral (19)
♕♕♕In Depth:♕♕♕
I have a boggart of giants
My patronus is a monkey
My Amortenia smells of pine trees, and peppermint
I enjoy climbing trees, fun people, being short, peppermint ice cream, pine trees, girly stuff
I dislike mean people, kidnappers, giants, lime sorbet, tom boy stuff
I speak English and a little German

♕♕♕How I Look:♕♕♕
My hair is brown
My eyes are brown
I have fair skin
My face is heart shaped
I’m a dwarf at the height 4’4”
My weight is private

♕♕♕How I Act:♕♕♕
Addie is a crazy fun short girl. She is very outgoing and loves to meet new people, her favorite hobby though is climbing trees. Addie has spent the first four years of her wizarding school being home schooled due to her dwarfism so she enjoys getting outside and messing around. Most people would assume that because she has spent all her life at home and has this unfortunate disability that Addie would be a quiet girl who doesn’t like meeting new people. As long as they aren’t a giant, Addie will be extremely excited to meet them.

The first thing that people notice when they see Addie is that she is short. And not just 5’ tall short. No Addie is a fifteen year old at four, four, and probably not growing much more. Addie is a dwarf. Addie was born at 10 inches long to Daisy and Alexander Coral. She was quite a surprise, neither of her parents had any dwarfism in their family. Daisy, being a witch, went out of her way trying to find a way to cure their dear daughter of her dwarfism. Unfortunately there is no cure for her. Addie is going to have to live her life as a dwarf. They are lucky that she is a witch because it will help her cope with her disability.

Adelaide Caroline Coral. Adelaide means noble and kind. Daisy and Alexander went into great work finding a good name for Addie. They wanted her to be noble even though she was short or a dwarf. They also knew that she would be a sweet or kind little girl, they would teach her to love everyone, even those who bullied her due to her dwarfism. Caroline meant beautiful woman. They wanted Addie to live to be a beautiful woman despite how short she was.

Addie’s family has always been very protective of her. She has an older brother, Andrew, who always was there for her when he got older. Andrew is two years older than Addie, though he is very mature for his age and acts older. He has probably been Addie’s fiercest protector. Andrew would always be there with Addie when she went out. When someone started to tease her, one look from Andrew and they would stop. Addie also has a younger sister, by three years, Maria. Maria is always there for Addie when she needs help cooking or whatnot. Maria helps Addie by taking her shopping, trying on clothes Addie likes, because they are similar built even though Addie is seven inches shorter. If Addie likes the clothes, Maria will get them and the clothes will be shrunken when the sisters got home.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Molly Wyndham #cf4269
Second Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Solomon Duck
Sixth Year

x5 x2
Raspberry Jam | #ChocolateFrogFamous | Ultimate Fangirl

The Basics
Name: Theodore Alvin Kinsley
Nicknames: Theo, Lurker, Cleo, Dora, Wimpy, Terror Twin, Theodorable
Age: Twelve
Year: Second
Blood Status: Muggleborn
House: Slytherin
Date of Birth: 6th July 2066
Place of Birth: Watford, England
Current Residence: Watford, England

+ Hair: Dark brown
+ Eyes: Blue
+ Height: 4"6
The Background Goss
Theodore was born in London in 2066, to two muggles by the names of Johnathon and Emma Kinsley. He had always been incredibly quiet, but always seemed to be a bit of a troublesome child when he was at school. He was forever climbing up things he shouldn't be, or escaping without realizing he did wrong. Although he regularly cried his eyes out whenever getting told off. He seems to have calmed down his odd behaviour as he's grown up. Theo has an older sister called Kathryn, she is eighteen and she picks on the boy. A lot. So he doesn't like her much. He also has a twin brother, (non-identical) called Casper. His brother is not a wizard like Theo, but a muggle. It has estranged their close relationship quite severely.

His father is a business man, owning several dental companies over the country. He is attempting to upper his goals, and is working away from home a lot. It meant that Theo rarely saw his father, more so nowadays. He is very close with his mum. When Theodore got his Hogwarts letter, the parents were mortified and refused to believe it was true. It took a few letters to convince them, and they eventually accepted it. Theo certainly appreciates the opportunity!
Theodore is not shy whatsoever, but he actually speaks the things that people would usually keep to themselves. He is quite a blunt fellow, when it comes to conversations. He is extremely loud and just enjoys shouting in general. It's a hyper thing that came coupled with high consumption of sweets. Theodore does not like girls, even though the majority of his friends ARE girls, but really they just gross him out. So, if he is initially mean to a girl, he doesn't mean it REALLY. He will probably be their friend by the end of the encounter, yup.

Theodore is in the process of becoming quite OCD with things. He hates physical contact of any form, even someone touching his arm. This seems to have only progressed since he started Hogwarts.

He is a typical Slytherin. Thinks the world of himself, is competitive and kinda selfish. But he is actually a cutie at heart. You just need to beat it out of him a little bit. He lives for FUUUUUUUUN, but definitely has some Slytherin wrath inside of him if anyone bothers him in a particular way. BE AFRAID.

Theo is definitely one for mischief, but he bruises like a PEACH, so it is all very noticeable. Theodore just wants pals to cause trouble with.

Anton Kinsley, 70 (Grandfather)
Emma Kinsley, 41 (Mother)
Johnathon Kinsley, 40 (Father)
Kathryn Kinsley, 19 (Sister
Casper Kinsley, 12 (Non-identical twin)

+ _____ LIKES;
Chocolate Frogs, music, scooters, Cauldron Cakes, Fizzing Whizbees, the colour orange, making friends, Charms class, sunglasses, slippers, magazines/COMICS. He also enjoys broomstickin' and wand-flickin'.

+ _____ DILIKES;
Girls, being touched, old people, cheese, the dentist, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, not getting his own way, party poopers, public speaking, learning something that he will never achieve, swimming. THEO CANNOT SWIM.
Theodore kicked off his first year of Hogwarts by peeing himself in the start of term feast. Yes, he was subtle about it, don't worry. He almost lost house points for throwing chocolate frogs at Mika , but he got away with it. Probably because he has such a cute face, you know? He jumped head first into classes, and has established that Charms is his best lesson and Herbology is his worst, so far. He hasn't got LOADS of friends, but his main ones are Blue Gracae and West Odessa . Got a lil trio going on there. Along with his besties, Theodore made the Quidditch team despite his long battle with riding a broomstick. He got it in the end, though. Late November and early December, Theo fell ill with a bad of the flu. He had to miss his first Quidditch game cos of it! It took a lot of energy out of the boy, but he did manage an epic snow ball fight as the weather thickened. He is now in a long term BATTLE with a gang of girls, to win various fights. The next one was a pillow/hair flipping fight, during which Mordred cast a hair growing spell upon Theodore, and his NOSE HAIRS grew.... so he flipped them.

Early March, Theo was preparing for his FIRST EVER Quidditch match, against Ravenclaw. He was scared, and it showed. He didn't score at all, but he made a good few passes and still managed to not get hit by a bludger! In his eyes, that was a success, event though Slytherin did lose. The NEXT match, was completely opposite. Instead of avoiding bludgers, he got hit by two of them. One by his arch nemesis, Oakey Gunter, and the other by one his BESTIES, Ella Bishop . Theo broke his arm, and got badly winded, but Slytherin still managed to win the match! Late May, the Quidditch Championship against Slytherin was to occur. Theo was terrified, because he had been lame at Quidditch ALL term. Whilst West swooped the first part of the match and scored an awesome SIX goals, Theo finally caught up and scored a further three. Slytherin lost the match, but Theo is HAPPY that he can happily try out next term, knowing he was somewhat good in his first year.

Theo was excited to leave Hogwarts for the term, because unlike everyone else, he realized that it was STILL school despite all the magicalness. It was still boring. Though, he knows he'll miss Quidditch loads over the summer.


West Odessa {Slytherin}
Blue Gracae {Ravenclaw}
Aurora Quinn {Slytherin}
Dylan Montmorency {Slytherin}
Cassia Somerlad {Slytherin}
Mordred Mordaunt {Slytherin}
Ella Bishop {Hufflepuff}
Alec Summers {Hufflepuff}
Bliss Ryans {Hufflepuff}
Sophie Campbell {Hufflepuff}
Katrina Hudson {Slytherin}
Alice Fischer {Gryffindor}
Oakey Gunter {Hufflepuff}
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Astrid Grimaldi
First Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Sailor Zhang
Seventh Year
Kimothée Chalamet • The UWU Agenda • Once Baby, Now Trouble • All Growed Up

Katrina Marie "Kat" Hudson
The Slytherin Pop Princess

They call her Katrina.
Name: Katrina Marie K. Hudson
DoB: 1 June 2064
Age: 14
Year At Hogwarts: Fourth Year
Blood: Pureblood
Best Subjects: Potions, Astronomy (she la la loves the Professor), Flying
Least Favorite/Worst Subjects: Divination
Pets: A new snowy owl named Chase

They think she's normal.
Personality: Katrina isn't the first person you should go to make new friends. She's friendly but not always in the mood to go making new friends. She's lovable and cares a lot for the people she loves. She's been through so many pains in life, making her stronger than ever and the reason why she can be a practical bully. Despite her courage and strength, she's always got her soft side and only reveals them to herself. She has the courage to love a person no matter how many times he/she hurts her. Katrina is the kind of person you don't wanna lose in life, sometimes.
Appearance: Katrina doesn't look that pretty but she does have some noticeable features. She has big penetrating green eyes, which she inherited from her absent father. She has elbow-length dirty blonde hair and fair skin from her mother. She is 5' tall. At Hogwarts, she is seen sporting the Hogwarts Uniform and when outside, she wears comfortable clothes such as Converse, pedals, sandals, and whatever floats her banana boat.
Eye Color: Green, if you've been paying attention up there.
Hair: Elbow-length Dirty Blonde hair
Skin: Fair
Height: 5' 3

SPOILER!!: History
Click those below to see the things that happened in the following times.

SPOILER!!: Pre-Hogwarts
Katrina Marie Hudson was born on the 1st of June 2074 on a rainy Sunday in a muggle hospital in Ontario, Canada to Clarissa Hudson ('nee Canterbury) and Jordan Mikhael Hudson. Her mother nearly died giving birth to the little blonde but was able to survive. Katrina was the second child in the family, being a younger sister to her older sister Dianna. Her family loved her very much, even if her sister didn't put that much emphasis on her due to her thought that her parents replaced her.

Being a Pureblood, the blonde led a normal Wizard life. She knew she was going to attend Hogwarts by the age of 11. But what troubled her, even with the gifts of blood purity, was the fact her mother didn't do her part in Katrina's early life. Her mother was very cold to her and didn't act like a mother at all. This made Katrina's father take the motherly duties of his wife. Jordan, her father, was the one who taught her most of the things she should know like a few Quidditch skills and simple spells (without the wand, of course.)

A year and a few months past and Katrina became an older sister to her younger brother, Alexander. Of course, the little girl was excited to be an older sibling but she had to suffer the consequences of sharing her bedroom with Dianna and her things with Baby Alex. Even with a new joy in the family, her mother didn't give attention to her unless she asks her an errand. But Katrina didn't give much emphasis on it anymore because she feared of hoping too much.

Soon, her mother spilled a dirty little secret into her once innocent daughter's mind. Her father, Mr. Hudson, isn't her real father after all. Clarissa admitted that she had a short affair with a fellow colleague in the Ministry of Magic, surname Parker. Now Katrina has the thirst on looking for her real father, who left her when they need him the most and for leaving her mother when she made desperate calls of help.

SPOILER!!: First Year
Like most witches and wizards, Katrina received her Hogwarts letter on her 11th birthday, 1 June. Her parents were over-joyed that their second child would be ending up at Hogwarts. They feared that maybe little Kat would be a Squib. Of course, this caused for a celebration. They bought Kat things she wanted at Diagon Alley and planned they'd go on a trip outside of the country through Muggle transportation.
Katrina obviously knew she'd be attending Hogwarts. She set off the Hogwarts on 1 September 2075. She met many other friends like Beatrice Castell and Michelle Gwydion, First Years, on the train as well. When it was her time to get sorted, the Sorting Hat placed her in Slytherin, much to her mother's delight.
During the course of the term, Katrina met more students. She became friends fast with people from other
Houses and her own House. She met the Muggle-borns Rose Deluise, Erin Cornelia Heyman, twins Lilly and Violet Deluise, and many more. She also met the Half-bloods Beatrice Evangeline Castell, Michelle Gwydion, and many more. Lastly, she also met her fellow Purebloods Ariana Blue, Ara Cassandra Prewett, Raven Charlotte, and many more.
Katrina participated actively in classes and passing homework on time, except when she doesn't do it at all. She balances her time of study and fun. She socializes a lot with her friends. She hoped her Exam Grades would be high at the end of the Term.
Katrina and other students joined the Head Students, Prefects, and Captains in their culminating activity, the Around the World in a Hogwarts' Day. In this event, students had to complete tasks of activities being held in countries. They used the countries, Ireland, U.S.A., Philippines, and Japan. In the Ireland task, they had to retrieve five apples from a bucket of water by using nothing but their chompers. Then, in the U.S. task, they had to bake apple pies and cut the pies using Diffindo. In Philippines, they had to paint their own jeepneys and after painting them, eat your pies. But, the pies contained a shrinking potion brewed by no other than the Potion Master Professor Hecate Lafay, Potions professor and Slytherin Head of House. So, you ride the jeepney you just painted to the Japan task! You have to swim in a Engorgio-ed swimming pool and catch a goldfish that will help take you to the Black Lake, which is charmed to undo the shrinking potion you took. Alas, you're done!
Now time to party! The Head students, prefects, and Captains put up a tent and the party was held there. The theme was about countries, therefore it is International.

SPOILER!!: Second Year
During the Summer between Katrina's first and second year, Katrina went to many places. Her family went to Canada, her birthplace, to visit her Grandpa and Grandma. Then, for Katrina's 12th birthday, the family went to Hawaii and chilled. They all had much fun in Hawaii but they had to go home early because of some problems. Katrina's father fell ill and they had him checked in St. Mungo's.
After a few test and scans, her father was diagnosed with the Muggle disease, Multiple Myeloma. The Healers couldn't help him so he got admitted at a Muggle institution and was under their care. Her sister, Dianna, had started to overtime at the Ministry to get some money and her mother started working in local restaurants to earn a living.
Katrina also fell ill with fever a week before the start of term. Aunt Melanie, the girl's father's cousin, bought all her supplies for her so Katrina didn't have much time to see her friends. Two days before the Train leaves, Katrina's health got better and she was ready to hit the books again.
Katrina packed her things, said her goodbyes, and was all set for Hogwarts. Before boarding the Train, she met up with her friends at the Station like Erin Cornelia Heyman. Erin was hiding from her Aunt at the Western Concourse. Soon, when the Train was ready to leave, Kat gave her final farewells to her mother, sister, and brother. She gave her best wishes to her brother, especially since he was planned to depart for Durmstrang in a few days. And her journey begins... but did not come out as expected.
One day, Katrina caught a bad cold and went to the Hospital Wing. She missed the much awaited Quidditch Try-outs and all her lessons. She wasn't able to even take the exams and assignments. She was able to go home at the end of the term and will come back for her Third Year.

SPOILER!!: Third Year
"Summer is hot and so are we!" Katrina believes in that line so much. Anyway, she spent three weeks at Canada with her grandparents again.Her grandparents were thrilled to see their grandchild well again. Soon, they went back home to London. For some unknown reason (except for the fact Kat's teeth are crooked), the girl got Muggle braces installed. They look good anyway. On Katrina's birthday, the family bought her her most wanted Muggle books. She couldn't be happier than ever. The Hudsons spent most of their times relaxing at the beach and probably bonding. With Dianna not always at home, they always cherish the time they have together. Yes, Kat's summer is more on family. She soon visited her dearest cousins Savannah and Gwen in Paris. They spent time in museums and watching in theaters. But not all summers last forever. Kat had to start shopping in Diagon Alley.
But sadly, Kat did not attend her Third Year at the magical walls of Hogwarts. She stayed at Beauxbatons for one whole term. But, due to homesickness and her desire to see her friends again, Kat decided it would be best if she studied at Hogwarts.

SPOILER!!: Fourth Year
To be written after the term
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Eron Rutherford
Seventh Year
x4 x2
♣ Heejin here | Did somebody say coffee & cakes? | cat lover ♣

Juliet Kim

The Basics

Name: Juliet Kim
Nickname: Ice Princess
Age: 14
Date of Birth: April 18
Place of Birth: Aix-les-Bains, France
Ethnicity: Korean
Education: Beauxbatons Academy of Magic
(Transferred) Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Year: Fourth (4th)
House: Slytherin
Blood status: Pureblood
Wand: 8 ¼ Phoenix Feather and walnut, supple
Boggart: Mrs. Rosseau (her French tutor before)
Patronus: unknown // –TBA-
Best Subjects: Potions, Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts
Weakest Subjects: Arithmancy, Muggle Studies, Divination
Languages: English, Korean, French, and slight Italian
Font color: purple


Hair: black (originally); blonde; brunette
Eyes: brown
Height: 168 cm // 5’5”
Skin: pale
Built: petite

About Me:

At a first glance, Juliet doesn’t really look the nicest girl you would like to hang out with in a table. She’s very quiet to strangers and to people she barely know. She doesn’t like talking like any normal girl. Most of the time she would sit quietly in her own space and sulk her head in one of her books. However, Juliet is a very approachable person once you get to know her. It is just her sharp physical features that doesn’t look over-bearing sweet.

Juliet is VERY blunt honest. She says how she feels and it may sometimes come off as rude or very offensive but she can never help but be so sharp with her descriptions sometimes. It never means as an insult or sarcasm. It just means what it exactly means and how she exactly says it. Another thing, Juliet has a bad habit of dozing off especially in a group conversation. It’s not that she ignores people, its just that when it’s a group conversation and when you’re not talking to her, she usually just spaces out or daydreams about something.

There are 2 sides to Juliet. She can be very sweet and nice to people she likes. When she likes you, one would really know because you will mostly hear her doing all the talking and smiling, however, she can be really rude to people she considers her enemies. Sometimes, some of her comments can be really unpleasant.

Juliet is very skilled in archery. She doesn’t fancy quidditch because most of her focus falls on her favorite sport. She started archery at the age of 7 because of her mother. Her mother taught her all she knows about archery and up to this day, she is in love with it. Also, she loves playing the piano. Playing the instrument is the common link between her and her cousin which led them to be closer everytime she visits their manor.

As for her Slytherin side, well let’s all face it. Everyone has that inner thrive to be ambitious and cunning. Juliet thinks of herself as very cunning and ambitious because she grew up that way. However, she does not consider herself mean. To her, there is a wide difference of a person who is evil mean and a person who is just misunderstood. It’s all behaviors and mannerisms, right? So don’t judge.


Archery will always come first to her.
Juliet loves anything that is pretty.
Her favorite colors are black, white and pastel colors.
She loves to shop and feels happy when she does. She also loves to hang out with her friends a lot.
Juliet is a big fan of the cold days which are winter and autumn because it’s always those seasons that she can get together with her family and have a reunion.
Juliet can play the piano for as long as she could remember, she grew up listening to her cousin play even though it was just from afar.
She also loves to eat pastries.


Juliet is a very family-oriented girl. Once you mess with any of her family members you will hope you never did.
CHORES. Any kind of it.
She avoids answering to stupid questions as much as possible.
She doesn’t like to pretend to people or things she doesn’t like.
She hates any insects that crawls and/or flies. Ewww.
She’s allergic mint.


Father: Armand Kim
Mother: Charlotte Song- Kim
Sibling: -none-


Owl: Ares
Crup: Ash (given by Jonathan to take care of)

Brief Family Background:

Juliet Kim is the only daughter of Charlotte Song-Kim and Armand Kim. And is the second grandchild of Adam and Jane Kim. Like the rest of her pureblood family, Juliet has shared the same ideals when it comes to such stuffs. Armand settled in France after graduating at a wizarding university and married Charlotte there. Both Juliet’s parents are Koreans that has now settled in France. However, they come back to visit London once in awhile when they get the chance.

Year to Year Breakdown:

SPOILER!!: click
First year:
At the age of 10, Juliet had been longing to finally go to Hogwarts. She had been so ready and so prepared that she had annoyed her cousin to tell her EVERYTHING that there is to know about Hogwarts. Jonathan has told her a few things and mostly the basics stuffs. However, Armand decided to let her go to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, seeing as they’re already living in France. It wouldn’t be too hard for her father to check up on her and of course it’s much easier than her being at Hogwarts. Juliet felt really sad upon hearing that and didn’t talk to her father for a long while.

During her stay at Beauxbaton, she managed to make friends with some girls but she still feels lonely. She even once pretended to be bad at French so that people would just stop talking to her.

Second year:
She started to give herself a new hobby which is baking and she grew fond of it. She needed it so that she can feel busy to herself. Juliet felt jealous at Jonathan because he always tells his fun stories while he’s at Hogwarts.

Third year:
Juliet excelled a lot in her grades in her 3rd year in Beauxbaton. She figured that if she was going to spend her 7 years going to school here then she shouldn’t waste her time moping about it. Upon arriving back home during the summer, her father announced that she’ll be continuing her 4th-7th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was all due to Victoria’s (Jonathan’s mother) convincing powers to Armand.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Serena Anastasia Anders
Fifth Year
|| Laura's walking popcorn || Lermaniac || Tazzie's Sugar || Mrs. Henderson

Kinda looks like: Katelyn Tarver

Cass Prewett

Slytherin. Budding Musician. Possible Cat Lady?

Who is she?
Name: Ara Cassandra Prewett
Nicknames: Cass, Cassie, Ara
Age: 17
Year: Seventh!
POB: London, England
DOB: July 11, 2061
Blood Status: Pureblood
Parents: Ignatius Prewett and Catharina Black

What does she look like?
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Hazel
Height: 5'5"
Any other information:
-She has a tattoo of stars over her shoulder
-Has a belly button piercing

What about her?

Cass was born to two pureblood parents, making her a pureblood as well. Her mother is Catharina Black, and her father is Ignatius Prewett, who left their household when she was 6 years old after a fight which ensued between her parents regarding her father's muggle mistress, Priscilla.

Being the only daughter to a single mom and two very generous pairs of grandparents resulted to Cass becoming spoiled and a bit demanding, fortunately, this behavior is no longer manifested in the girl since her acceptance to Hogwarts.

Despite being a pureblood witch, she did not grow up hating muggles, because she was taught by her paternal grandparents that all people, magical or not, should be respected and one's blood and heritage are not enough grounds to claim superiority over others. Despite the beliefs of her maternal grandparents. Although, she does exhibit a certain level of dislike towards them brought upon by her father's departure.

Cass Prewett can be described as a hopeless romantic as she continually searchs for a significant other, while her mother merely calls it a way to fill the gap that her father had left. She is often seen with smile on her face and a twinkle in her bright hazel eyes, but despite the happy appearance, Cass is extremely jaded, choosing to believe the worse in most men that come into her life, thinking that they only fancy her for something she could give them, or simply to acquire a girlfriend.

She is unbelievably strong, still offering her congratulations towards Fee for her new relationship with Hugo despite spending the past year pining after the boy, she is rarely seen crying and since her father left has only cried twice, one was when her father left, and the second after experiencing her first heartbreak.

Loyalty is also a trait that is valued by the girl as she chooses to always stand by her friends, no matter what, no matter who they're up against. She loves her friends to the most that she could and belives that when all is gone, they would still be there. Despite being a friendly persona, she only keeps a small circle of friends close to her.

Of course, being sorted in the house of Salazar Slytherin means that she is a cunning girl who would not rest until she gets what she wants, she can be deviously cunning when she wants to be and is a force that should not be reckoned with. She can be underhanded and mean. When mad, she results to subtle but effective methods of revenge that cause long lasting damage. But despite that, Cass is well skilled in making her anger with indifference

On her good days, Cass can be seen lounging in the Slytherin Common Room, at the chair by the fire as she twirls her wand around or idly practicing spells, if not there, she's at the girls' dorms, strumming on her guitar or composing songs.

Anything Else?
Wand: 10.5 inch, Mahogany, and a Dragon Heartstring core
Patronus: Fox
Boggart: Giant Snails
Favorite Subjects: Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Divination
Least Favorite Subject: Care of Magical Creatures
Other Skills: She can play the guitar, and can compose songs
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Model: Callan McAuliffe

Name: Isaac James Muir
Nickname: none
Age: 18
Birthdate: October 28, 2060
Birth place : Penicuik, Scotland
Heritage: half blood

Girlfriend: Amelia Pendragon
Close Friends: Amelia, Ronnie, Ed, and Nell
School: Homeschooled up through his fourth year by his mum
Year: 5th year
Wand: 10 3/4" Slightly Yielding, Maple with Unicorn Hair

Physical appearance:
Hair: Dark brown, curls if it gets too long, so he keeps it short
Eyes: Green
Height: 6 ft 1 in
Weight: 130 lbs
Skin tone: Very tan, due to being in Egypt for the last 3 years
Body type: tall, and kind of bony but strong upper body strength
Sports: Plays soccer

Father: Neil James Muir - muggle archaeologist
Mother: Alana Elisabeth Muir - witch travels with husband
Siblings: none

Isaac is really easy going. He's done lots of travelling with his parents. He's learned quite a bit about both the muggle and wizarding world. He's always felt he would be in Hufflepuff, with his moms side of the family all having gone to Hogwarts and been in Hufflepuff.

He's an only child, his parents had always wanted just one child, and he don't really mind it. If he had a sibling they probably wouldn't do as much travelling. He loves to travel, and has lots of photographs that he brings with him, of his travels.

His parents wanted him to attend Hogwarts and settle down until he graduated, so that he could decide what to finally do with his life. He wants to continnue travelling, but knows he needs his OWL's and NEWT's. So he's willing to stay at the school for the school terms. But come summer holidays he'll be off travelling once again.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Hunter Carter
First Year

x5 x4
9 3/4 ticket holder / The SS Mentalist / Sherlock / The Master Of Everything / Josh + <3 = Ev

Slytherin Bad Boy

Richard Theodore Turner

Musician.Cunning.Big Flirt


Full Name: Richard Theodore Turner
Nickname: Rich
Age: 16 (almost 17)
Date of Birth: November 2nd 2062
Place of Birth: Green Bay, Wisconsin (United States of America)
Current Residence: London/England
Wand: 11 ½ inches, Makore Wood, Basilisk Fang Core, Solid.
Blood Status: Pureblood (The family claims to be)
Patronus: White-tailed Kite
Boggart: Unknown (Not discovered yet)
Amortentia: Unknown (Not discovered yet)
Relationship Status: Single


Hair Colour: Brown/Blonde
Eye Colour: Gray
Height: 5’11
Weight: 145
Build: Athletic
Model: Chad Michael Murray


Previous School (2073 – 2078) : North Eastern School of Magic
Strongest Subject: Potions
Weakest Subject: Transfiguration

Current School (2078 - ….) : Hogwarts School of Witchcraf and Wizardry
House: Slytherin
Strongest Subject: TBA
Weakest Subject: TBA


Father: Edward Jack Turner
Mother: Chanelle Rene Turner (nee Fremont)


Black-banded Owl: Rene


I get what I want. That probably is one of the best sentences to describe what Richard Turner hides inside him. With that he had built a very determined and ambitious personality to where it sometimes compels boundaries. In the race to get what he wants, this boy disregards everything else but his object sometimes even his own emotions. Emotions are nothing he ever trust anyway. He prefers them to be hidden considering them to be only his so should only be known by him but in rare cases he is known to show some emotion. One thing that he is known to be is his curiosity and brain which mainly works greatly when it comes to ‘playing with others’ as he would call it. Like his patronus ‘the Kite’, he is good at seeing and choosing his prey and nothing can get on his way when he directly flies to get it.

One should not be surprised upon seeing him attempting to flirt many girls but this does not mean that he would consider one or a few of them ‘special’ for himself. He is happy to be known as a flirt however there can be times that a certain girl can steal his heart and even he would not be aware of it because he constantly convinces himself that no one can do that. Of course, he is aware of that fact, that a special girl might steal his heart, and he sees it sometimes in his own actions but the very moment he realizes it, he usually comes back to convincing himself that such thing do not exist. Actually, he is afraid of showing too much emotion for he has difficulties with trusting people.


Auror • YATIL_.________The clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy...

...but does not allow the enemy's will to be imposed on him.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Tomas Lear
Fifth Year
*fighting for teacakes* | | Pixie Teeth ♥

totally looks like: jesse burgess

Name: Tomas Edwin Lear
DoB: Eighteenth of October
Age: Fifteen
Year At Hogwats: Fifth
Blood: Pureblood
Best Subjects: Ancient Ruins
Least Favorite/Worst Subjects: Flying/anything physical
Pets: Pharaoh Eagle-Owl - Ozymandias

Personality: Tomas is your perfect little rich boy. He expects everything to be done for him and if it isn't, he wont dishonour himself by throwing a fit, he'll simply make it harder for anyone to do anything they want to. He is very devious, which is probably why he was sorted into the Snake house and will always put himself before anyone else. He usually has his head buried in a book of some historical form and doesn't enjoy being disturbed.

On the topic of girls, he tries to avoid them at all costs. In his eyes, girls are just distractions from a higher goal of succeeding and he doesn't like the idea of being with one. He doesn't make friends very easily and wont put himself out to try. To Tomas, he is far better off alone, and will actually walk away from a person if they are trying to engage in social interaction.

Eye Color: Gray
Hair: Brown
Skin: Clean, porcelain.
Height: 5'9

History: -coming soon-
tomas edwin lear________________________

right now you should be honoured by my lateness
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Maisey Wilde
Fourth Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
❅ Purple Lightsaber ❅| | Captain Sarcastic |

Asher Romalotti

"I hope they have pasta"

Currently being Updated

Name: Asher Vincenzo Romalotti
Nickname: Ash, Romalotti, Duke, Bro or Ashie
Age: 13
Year: Third
Date of Birth: Janurary 18, 2065
Hometown: Naples, Italy
Current Residence: Kent, London (United Kingdom)
Heritage: Halfblood
Wand: Ash wood, Dragon Heartstring core, 9 3/4 inches
Patronus: Unknown
Boggart: Wicked witch of the west on wizard of Oz
Relationship Status: Taken by Miss Adeline Holiday

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown changes it to blonde sometimes.
Height: 5'8
Weight:147 lbs
Body Type: Small Athletic
Model: Josh Hutcherson

2076 - Present: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Slytherin
Year: Third Year
Strongest Subject: Herbology, Potions, and DADA
Weakest Subject: Astronomy
Activities and Clubs: Quidditch, Gobstones, yearbook

Father: Marshall Romalotti (48)
Mother: Cora-Beth Alfitzo (40)
Sister: Caroline Mona (Scott) Romalotti Delgado (20)
Brother-in-law: Jonathan Patrick Delgado (20)
Sister: Marilyn Elizabeth Romalotti (20)

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Maryadoc Trent
Welcome Witch | Blue Galactic Hand Slytherin Graduate

Olivia Katie Wenesko

SPOILER!!: Pictures

DoB:May 22nd, Gemini
Year At Hogwats:4th
Blood: Pure
Best Subjects: Potions, Charms, Arithmancy
Least Favorite/Worst Subjects: DADA, History od Magic
Pets: A pygmy puff named Flippert and an owl named Min

Personality: Ambitious, Cunning, Loyal to friends and teammates. She is also a bit paraniod, a bit of a know it all, and obsessed with rules.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Greasy Blonde hair
Skin: tanned
Looks Like: Emily Osment

Olivia is an only child and used to yearn for siblings, her wish was never granted. So she had learned to live with the quiet. This doesn't mean Olivia doesn't speak her mind, when she has something to say she sais it.

Comming from a pure blood family, Olivia grew up in a large mansion which has been in her family for- a very long time. There are rooms in which she has never even been in, one day she stumbeled upon a pensive from one of her old relatives who Olivia is convinced was a vampire. Her house is so confusingly large that there must be some sort of spell on it making hidden rooms reveal themselves.

Olivia's mother passed away when Olivia was six, so she mostly lives with her father, Rodger Wenesko. And they often have relatives and visitors over.

The first three years at Hogwarts were shaky for Olivia. In her first two years she started out rather shy and had a hard time fitting in. In her third year she made new friends and also got affectd by the mysterious orb that was going around the school and was frozen for a few months. Now she's back in action.


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