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Term 32: September - December 2012 Term Thirty-Two: Revenge of the Spirit (September 2078 - June 2079)

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Old 11-24-2012, 03:13 PM
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Default Muggle Studies Lesson #3: Real Life Superheroes



When you first enter the Muggle Studies classroom, you can once again hear a variety of Muggle Superhero theme songs playing in the background and filling the classroom with excitement. On the front stage, a huge map of the world is hanging from the ceiling with all of the seven continents clearly highlighted.

Hanging on the walls are huge blank posters. Huge Balloon arches filled with blue, red, green, and black balloons are hanging from the ceiling and reach the floor.

There is a table in the corner with a variety of cookies decorated with the symbols of Muggle Superheroes and Villains. There are also glasses of Muggle Kool-Aid in Green, Blue, or Red.

There are no desks in the room, just a variety of different colored bean bags laid out all over the place. The bean bags have been charmed to be extra squishy and comfy.

On the board in the front of the room is a note that states:
Welcome to Muggle Studies!

Please grab a cookie...or two...and have a seat in your soft bean bag!

See you in a few minutes!
OOC: Please come in and have a seat. Feel free to have small conversations but remember that Gemma is always watching. Class will officially begin this evening....


~*Lesson Quick Links*~
*To be updated as the lesson progresses...feel free to answer old questions if you come in late OOC, just make sure you put Makeup or Catching Up or something like that in your title of your post...and never RP your charrie coming in late to class*

1. Welcome and Introduction to Class
Question One:Everyone please share one trait that you feel like a Superhero should possess.

2. Review of Traits Presented and Introduction to Definition of a Hero
Question Two: I want you to examine the very simple definition of a hero and look at the qualities of superheroes that we put on the board....think about your own life and share someone close to you that you know personally that you would consider a hero and tell a short summary of why you consider them a hero

3. Introduction of Real Life Heroes
Question Three: Please come up and give us an example of a real life Muggle Superhero and a Real Life Wizard Superhero and what they did they makes you feel like they are a hero and then add their names to the appropriate poster...

4. Review of Two List
Homework/Final Post

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Default Catch Up Plussss Final Assignment!
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SPOILER!!: Catch up
Originally Posted by Lezleighd View Post
"If everyone will grab a marker..." she said motioning to a little basket below the remaining two posters on the walls, "Please come up and give us an example of a real life Muggle Superhero and a Real Life Wizard Superhero and what they did they makes you feel like they are a hero and then add their names to the appropriate poster..." she said as she wrote Muggle in the middle of one poster and Wizard in the middle of another.
Grabbing the marker when it was her turn, Ella headed up to the board quietly and tried not to make eye contact with anyone. She wasn’t exactly the most comfortable being in front of a group and she really didn’t feel like making a fool of herself at the moment. Nope. Didn’t want that.

Scribble Scribble Scribble.

Muggle Hero: Christopher Columbus- Explorer who brought America to the world’s attention.

Wizard Hero: Bertie Bott- Inventor of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. Brought these humorous and sometimes delicious sweets to the wizarding world.

Ella debated which choice she wanted to make for the final assignment. Making a holiday all about her Dad would be quite nice only she figured she'd need a lot more time than a day to work out a holiday great enough for him. She'd want something like that to be perfect and you couldn't brainstorm a perfect holiday in such a short time, you just couldn't.

With this in mind, Ella decided to pick option two. Pulling some parchment and a quill towards her, she scrunched up her face in concentration. Yup, she was going to have the best Hero ABCs ever!

SPOILER!!: Option 2

Character Name & Year: Ella Bishop-3rd Year
Username: TakemetotheBurrow
User ID: 193889
House: Hufflepuff

A- Armstrong, Neil (Muggle)
B- Beamish, Oswald (Wizard)
C- Clagg, Elfrida (Witch)
D- Darwin, Charles (Muggle)
E- Einstein, Albert (Muggle)
F- Franklin, Benjamin (Muggle)
G- Goshawk, Miranda (Witch)
H- Hengist of Woodcroft (Wizard)
I- Imago, Inigo (Wizard)
J- Jones, Gwenog (Witch)
K- Ketteridge, Elladora (Witch)
L- Lennon, John (Muggle)
M- Maeve, Queen (Witch)
N- Nightingale, Florence (Muggle)
O- Oglethorpe, Dunbar (Wizard)
P- Presley, Elvis (Muggle)
Q- Quong Po (Wizard)
R- Rabnott, Modesty (Witch)
S- Shakespeare, William (Muggle)
T- Toke, Tilly (Witch)
U- Ubbly, Dr. (Wizard)
V- Vance, Emmeline (Witch)
W- Washington, George (Muggle)
X- X, Malcolm (Muggle)
Y- Young, Neil (Muggle)
Z- Zonko (Wizard)

Right. Now that Ella's list was finished she was ready to work on her book cover. She wanted to make on that was quite attention grabbing. Mhm, she did.

SPOILER!!: Bookcover
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Magical Creatures
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Default Final Assignment
Stephanoodle || Adorable Nerd

Belle was contemplating about which project to do. Sure the invitation one sounded fun and the ABC list was interesting. But Belle could not decide. Then once Belle began to brainstorm, she did her list.
SPOILER!!: Option 1

Name: Annabelle Lecium
House: Hufflepuff
ID: 129004
Username: hpfan18

The hero i am honoring to have a day for is for a musical group called the Beatles. This band comprised of 4 famous musicians named Paul McCartney , John Lenon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. They should be honored because they introduced a style of music that changed the music industry and people's take on what music is.

The Date of the Holiday should be August 19th. This date should be celebrated because this is when their first single Please, Please Me came about. Their distinctive harmonies and infectious group beat, is what made them to the top of the UK music charts. They were getting known and recognized. Even girls were finding the men irresistible.

The colors that should be on the flag would be Black and White. There should be the boys on the flag walking. People should dedicate August 19th to listen to all Beatles songs. They should honor their unique tune and melody. Play your favorite songs, use lunch boxes and wear t shirts that honor the Beatles.

I would call this holiday the Achy Breaky Beatles Day. The story behind the name is in august when John Lenon decided he wanted to be broken off from the group. People were depressed and angry because they loved the band. Teen girls found them to be sensations. The Beatles were considered to be a pop band.

Live on the legend of these fine men. I still personally listen to their songs when i am at home. I would love to see a holiday dedicated to them. Even to this day if you do not know who the Beatles are, you lived in a box. Try to come to this holiday event! It will be a fun treat!

SPOILER!!: Invitation!

My invitation!
I hope you like it
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~ Mrs Steve Harrington ~ Marvel-ous Patronus

Jory finally decided he would do the second option. He thought he knew lots of persons who would be considered as heroes. He began to work on the list.

SPOILER!!: Potion 2
A- Aberforth Dumbledore (Wizard)
B- Bryan Adams (muggle)
C- Chuck Norris (muggle)
D- Dean Thomas (Wizaed)
E- Emily Proctor (Muggle)
F- Fabian Cancellara (Muggle)
G- George Weasley (Wizard)
H- Hermione Granger (Wizard)
I- Ice-T (Muggle)
J- Joe Hahn (Muggle)
K- Kingsley Shackelbolt (Wizard)
L- Larry London (muggle)
M- Minerva McGonagall (Wizard)
N- Novak Djokovic (Muggle)
O- Orlando Bloom (Muggle)
P- Percy Weasley (Wizard)
Q- Quincy Jones (Muggle)
R- Ryan Lochte (Muggle)
S- Scott Caan (Muggle)
T- Tony Shaloub (Muggle)
U- Usher Raymond (muggle)
V- Vin Diesel (Muggle)
W- Will Smith (Muggle)
X- Xander Berkley (Muggle)

SPOILER!!: Option 2
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Ministry RPG Name:
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Default catching up.. please forgive my novel..
Unforgivably Cursed | adultescent

Ethan’s eyes fell to the front as Professor Cerulean walked in at the start of class. He knew this lesson probably wouldn’t be as fun as the other two – if he could call them fun- but he hoped that it wouldn’t be as boring as he had feared. The boy listened a bit as she introduced the lesson.. okay, he sorta got the connection between comic book super-heroes and real-life heroes, but he wasn’t sure he knew any. His classmates came up with some good traits.. and he didn’t really have any to add.

A personal hero? Did he have one? Ethan wasn’t so sure.. He listened as most of those around him mentioned one of their parents. The 16 year old wasn’t sure he considered either of his a hero, per se. Did they do anything that wasn’t just parent-like..? His head turned as Minerva spoke about her own father. He thought that might be a difficult topic for her and her demeanor only confirmed that for him. He tried giving her a small smile when she was finished, but was unable to catch her eye. The boy made a mental note to talk to her after class to make sure she was okay.. and hopefully the rest of the lesson would be a little more uplifting.

And now they were on to more examples.. this time a Muggle and a Wizard. Ethan furrowed his brow slightly. Could he think of any? He didn’t know any Muggles, did he? The boy watched as the others gave their examples on the board. None of the Muggles was he familiar with.. but the Wizards he at least vaguely recognized from History books, others he knew quite well. Until Max spoke.. OH.. yes, he knew who William Shakespeare was.. and now he knew who he would pick though he was not an author, but someone else as cultured.

Walking up to the front of the room, Ethan chose a marker and began writing his choices on the poster.

Muggle: Ludwig van Beethoven – German musician and composer.. He was a great influence on music of his time, creating some of the most well-known symphonies and concertos. At the height of his career, Beethoven began to lose his hearing which did not deter him from creating music. His determination helped him to find different ways of creating music that he could not hear, such as cutting off the legs of a piano so he could hear the vibrations on the floor.

Wizard: Beaumont Majoribanks – Herbologist. Leading and inventive botanist of his time, Marjoribanks was among the first to discover and classify many varieties of magical and mundane plants. He is credited with discovering the uses of gillyweed.
And apparently he was the last to write on the posters because as soon as he sat down the professor was speaking about their final assignment. He wasn’t exactly thrilled to have to be doing it in class.. that meant he couldn’t do it at his leisure, though it also meant he couldn’t put it off till the last minute. He decided on the first option as he didn’t think he knew enough Muggle and Wizard hero-types to fit all the letters of the alphabet.. especially the harder letters.

Now which of the two that he had chosen earlier should he focus on? He decided on the first.. but as he began to write, he noticed Minerva was finished with her own and hurried out the door after turning in her assignment. Ethan stared sadly after her for a moment before hurrying to finish his own. Maybe if he finished quickly enough, he could catch up to her to make sure she was alright.

SPOILER!!: Option 1
Username: emjay
Character name: Ethan McCarthy
House: Ravenclaw
Member ID: 90357

The real-life hero I am honoring is the great composer, Ludwig van Beethoven. He lived during the late 18th Century and early 19th Century. He is one of the most influential and well-known composers of all time, creating hundreds of musical compositions. Midway through his career, Beethoven began to lose his hearing but still wrote music even after his hearing was completely gone because of his determination and passion. Some of his most famous work was done during that time.

This holiday will take place on, or around, December 16. It is the presumed date of his birth, though there is not documented evidence of his actual birthdate. It should take place on a weekend day, preferably Saturday, as it should be observed like a party which usually works best on the weekend.

Beethoven deserves a holiday in his honor because he was a great composer and musician. He even overcame a disability due to his love of music and great determination to produce some of the most famous and influential music compositions. Because he lived so long ago, I think many people don’t know how great he was or the difficulties he overcame and a holiday would be a great way to remind people. A holiday would be a great way to remember his music and leave a lasting impression.

The colors I think should be associated with this holiday are black, red, and gold. These are the colors of the German flag and, as Beethoven was from Germany, I feel these colors would most be appropriate. Traditions would of course include his music. People will be playing his compositions on the various instruments for which he wrote such as the piano and violin. There could also be dancing as many people of the age did that to his music.

This holiday will be called Beethoven Appreciation Day. I think the name is pretty self-explanatory, not to mention obvious. It will be a day to appreciate the life and work of Ludwig van Beethoven. Hopefully people will become more aware of what a great person he was and how relevant his music can still be today.

Once finished, Ethan quickly gathered up his things and rose from his seat. Dropping of his assignment on the teacher’s desk, he gave her a quick smile and said, “Here you go, Professor.. Hope you have a great summer.” Then he hurried out the door.
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Oh, they got to do the assignment in class. Well, Kurumi didn't mind that too much considering that this now meant her evenings would be opened up a bit more of her evenings for NEWTs and other studies - and some last late nights with Selina in the dorms and study sessions with Lewis. But, to be honest, Selina got more attention now since she would have loads of time with him after Hogwarts. A thought that made Kurumi blush while still sitting in her beanbag.

But she needed to focus on right now. Like...doing this assignment. So, parchment in hand Kurumi started out by writing down names off the top of her head because, well, those people were obviously real heros in her mind if they didn't require any research. Afterwards, once she had seen what letters were still open, Kurumi hit the books to fill out the rest and then grabbed another piece of parchment for her book cover.
SPOILER!!: Option 2

Username sweetpinkpixie
House Gryffindor
Character Name Kurumi Hollingberry
User ID# 119181

A. Ando, Miki ( Muggle )
B. Beat Takeshi ( Muggle )
C. Cresswell, Dirk ( Wizard )
D. Diggory, Cedric ( Wizard )
E. Earhart, Amelia ( Muggle )
F. Figg, Arabella ( Wizard )
G. Gagarin, Yuri ( Muggle )
H. Hanks, Tom ( Muggle )
I. Igawa, Togo ( Muggle )
J. Jordan, Lee ( Wizard )
K. Kurosawa, Akira ( Muggle )
L. Lovegood, Luna ( Wizard )
M. McGonagall, Minerva ( Wizard )
N. Neal, Patricia ( Muggle )
O. Ollivander, Garrick ( Wizard )
P. Potter, Harry ( Wizard )
Q. Quintanilla, Selena ( Muggle )
R. Ravenclaw, Rowena ( Wizard )
S. Sakamoto, Ryoma ( Muggle )
T. Tonks, Nymphadora ( Wizard )
U. Ulanova, Galina ( Muggle )
V. van Beethoven, Ludwig ( Muggle )
W. Weasley, Molly ( Wizard )
X. X, Malcolm ( Muggle )
Y. Yamaguchi, Kristin ( Muggle )
Z. Zinnemann, Fred ( Muggle )

With that done, Kurumi gathered up her things and went to hand. "Thank you for the past few years, professor," Kurumi said with a small bow of the head. Once she had turned in her final assignment, Kurumi turned around and made her way out of the classroom. One more subject had come to a close in her Hogwarts career.

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Default Catching Up + Assignment
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One hero in the wizarding world AND one in the Muggle world? Gahhh this was so difficult! Sigh. He tapped his quill on his desk and tried to pick someone to write on the board. The wizarding world was a piece of cake, but the muggle one? That was so hard! He didn't know many Muggle people.

Finally he walked up to the board and quickly scribbled down his answers:

Muggle World: Walt Disney, founder of the Walt Disney company

Wizarding World: Helga Hufflepuff, founder of Hufflepuff house
Ok, now on to the next bit...the assignment. Alex stared at it and raised his hand to run his fingers through his hair. Once he finished this, he'd be done with this class for the year and he'd be a step closer to summer. He couldn't wait!

Ok, so, he needed to do the assignment now. He whipped out his quill and started to scribble his answers on the paper.

SPOILER!!: Option 1
* Whom you're honoring?
* Date of Holiday
* Why does this person deserve a holiday in their honor?
* Colors or traditions that are associated with your holiday
* Name of Holiday and the story behind the name

Your explanation should be atleast 5 inches long (5 paragraphs long with at least 5 complete sentences in each paragraph with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation) and should include all of the aspects above.

SPOILER!!: Assignment

The real life hero I chose to make a holiday for is my brother in law Cale. His full name is Caleb Markus Newell and he is without a doubt the coolest person I've ever known. I feel like I've known him my whole life as opposed to only a few years that he's been with my sister, Anna. He's a great older brother, a perfect husband and he has the best hair I've ever seen. And, despite popular opinion that I've heard of, it is NOT a wig made of rabbit hair.

The name of the holiday would definitely have to be Newell Day. This is obviously because that's his last name and it sounds like it would roll off the tongue nicely when someone is wishing someone a Happy Newell Day. The color of the holiday would be red and gold to celebrate his house, Gryffindor. He always wore those colors to celebrate his house and still wears those colors to this day, unable to get rid of his Gryffindor spirit in his alum life. Gold and red are also a very nice color combination.

The holiday would take place on March 18th. Contrary to what many people might think, this is not Cale's birthday. That would be the obvious point, but instead I made it the anniversary of their relationship, because Anna is the most important thing in his life, aside from his children. Coincidentally, it is also my birthday as well, so the date holds special meaning to the entire family.

Traditions would include Quidditch, since everyone knows that Cale was very passionate about his position as Chaser on the Quidditch team. He also was a great fan of jelly slugs, so it would be a requirement for everyone to buy a bag of jelly slugs before partaking in Quidditch that day. Cale enjoys a number of Muggle activities as well. He loves watching TV and playing muggle video games, so if people wanted to explore that aspect of muggle culture, today would be the perfect day to do so! Finally, the day would end with a giant feast of candy and pizza, Cale's favorite foods.

As I stated earlier, Cale Newell definitely deserves this holiday because he is a great father and husband. He has always been there for me during the rough patches of my parents divorce and given me a place to stay when I had no where else to turn. Cale has also done so much for the wizarding community--he was a prefect for three years for Gryffindor and helped them place in the house cup tournament rather high throughout the years. He assisted in many mysteries that took place in the school as well, including something with some owls and some secret messages, I believe. Overal, Cale deserves this holiday so we can all celebrate his awesome, and he knows it.

He finished with a smile and quickly looked it over. Yup, that was perfect. A++++! He walked up and turned it in to the professor. "Here you go! Have a great summer!" he said with a grin before giving her the parchment and exiting the classroom.
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Some of the letters at the end of the alphabet were definitely challenging, as was Vivi's insistence that she only use people she really thought were heroes, versus any person who was a leader or merely famous. And a hero to her had very literal and specific requirements. She tapped her fingers on her knee as she tried to think of someone for the letter X. Or Y even. Merlin... she wished there were four more B's in the alphabet and one less X.

When her list was completed, Vivi turned her attention to the book cover. Some of her classmates were more creative, obviously, so Vivi settled on something more... professional and official looking. The definitive guide, she decided with an internal grin.

SPOILER!!: The List (Option 1)
Username: Cassirin
House: Ravenclaw
Name: Genevieve Branxton
User ID: 11507

A - Anthony, Susan B. (Muggle)
B - Boudicea (Muggle)
C - Crockett, Davey (Muggle)
D - Dumbledore, Albus (Wizard)
E - Evans, Lily (Wizard)
F - Firenze (Centaur)
G - Galilei, Galileo (Wizard)
H - Hufflepuff, Helga (Wizard)
I - Illyius (Wizard)
J - Joan of Arc (Wizard)
K - King, Martin Luther, Jr. (Muggle)
L - Lincoln, Abraham (Muggle)
M - Mother Teresa (Muggle)
N - Nelson Mandela (Muggle)
O - Odysseus (Wizard)
P - Ptolemy (Wizard)
Q - Queen Maeve (Wizard)
R - Rae - Branxton, Cassandra (Wizard)
S - Sawbridge, Almerick (Wizard)
T - Thatcher, Margaret (Muggle)
U - Upton Sinclair (Muggle)
V - Vance, Emmeline (Wizard)
W - Walesa, Lech (Muggle)
X - X, Malcolm (Muggle)
Y - York, Sergeant Alvin (Muggle)
Z - Zhu Yuanzhang (Muggle)

SPOILER!!: The Cover
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Default Finals turn in
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To be completely honest, Kat wanted to just skip Muggle Studies. Because she has so much things to do. But well, she did her things for the love of her house. She was going to earn some house points with this final. Like, she can skip homework but she won't skip finals. 'Cause she can get a massive number of house points for it.

Text Cut: Option 2 - HEROES ABC's
Username: PotterHeadforLife
Character's Name: Katrina Hudson
House and Year: Slytherin, Fourth Year
Member ID#: 175895


A - Armstrong, Neil (Muggle)
B - Beamish, Oswald (Wizard)
C - Curie, Marie (Muggle)
D - Dumbledore, Aberforth (Wizard)
E - Edison, Thomas Alva (Muggle)
F - Franklin, Benjamin (Muggle)
G - Galilei, Galileo (Muggle)
H - Hobart, Jarleth (Wizard)
I - Ingolfr the Iambic (Wizard)
J - Jigger, Arsenius (Wizard)
K - Ketteridge, Elladora (Wizard)
L - Lincoln, Abraham (Muggle)
M - Moody, Alastor (Wizard)
N - Nuttley, Orabella (Wizard)
O - Ollivander, Garrick (Wizard)
P - Pomfrey, Poppy (Wizard)
Q - Quong Po (Wizard)
R - Roosevelt, Theodore (Muggle)
S - Sprout, Pompona (Wizard)
T - Twonk, Norvel (Wizard)
U - Urg the Unclean (Wizard)
V - Viridian, Vindictus (Wizard)
W - Wright, Bowman (Wizard)
X - X, Malcolm (Muggle)
Y - Young, Whitney (Muggle)
Z - Zeeman, Pieter (Muggle)

Once Kat was finished with her Hero ABC's list, she went on to designing her book cover. Extra credit would be LOVELY, just saying.

SPOILER!!: Book cover
Title: Wizards and Muggles Superstars: A Guide to Your Daily Hero Needs

TADA! She was finished once and for all. Smiling at her work (which she totally likes), Kat made her way and passed her Finals to Professor Cerulean. "Here's my finals, Professor," Kat said with a smile. Now, she had to leave. "Thank you for a wonderful term, Professor Cerulean. I hope you have a relaxing summer!"
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Ooo, so they would be doing their homework IN class. Okay. She could live with that. It just meant one less piece of homework to have to go back to the common room and complete. Merlin knew those hardly ever got done. Professor Cerulean had made the smart choice. Especially since it was their final and she couldn't afford to NOT do it. Any other homework sure but not this one.


She weighed her options. There were only two of them but making a decision was still hard. Thinking up some ABC book of heroes sounded like a lot of thinking; something she wasn't a fan of but then...after reading the first option she realized that in the end that would have been even more thinking.

Okay. Number 2 it was. She pulled out a fresh sheet of parchment and got ready to start on the list. This is where she'd have to stretch her memory and if in the end nothing came to her then there was always the option of making up a bunch of names and putting them on the paper...but no...the Professor would know...they always seemed to know.


Looked like she'd have to just go with the stretching the brain thing. Here went nothing:

SPOILER!!: The List (Option 2)

Username: DaniDiNardo
Name: Alexa Cambridge
House: Gryffindor
ID#: 216147

A--> Adams, Samuel (Muggle)
B--> Bogle, Paul (Muggle)
C--> Clinton, Hilary (Muggle)
D--> Diggory Cedric (Wizard)
E--> Everard (Wizard)
F--> Finch-Fletchley, Justin (Wizard)
G--> Gordon, George William (Muggle)
H--> Hagrid, Rubeus (Wizard)
I--> Ingold, Christopher Kelk
J--> Jones, John Paul (Muggle)
K--> Karkaroff, Igor
L--> Lupin, Remus (Wizard)
M--> McGonagall, Minerva (Witch)
N-->Nelson, Horatio (Muggle)
O--> Ollivander, Garrick (Wizard)
P--> Powell, Collin (Muggle)
Q--> Quigley, Caroll (Muggle)
R--> Regan, Ronald (Muggle)
S--> Sharpe, Samuel (Muggle)
T--> Tonks (Witch)
U--> Uemura, Naomi (Muggle)
V--> Van Gogh, Vincent (Muggle)
W--> Weasley, Ronald {Wizard)
X--> Xerxes (Muggle)
Y--> Yacks, Ronald G (Muggle)
Z--> Zidane, Zinedine

Aaaaannnnnd now for the book cover. She had the perfect design and everything. The Professor would really like it...or well...she hoped she would but in the end it didn't matter because once she liked it that was all that mattered to here.

SPOILER!!: Book Cover
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Default Option 2
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Nerida started on her assignment after picking which one to do. She wrote down all the ABCs first to make sure that she would get them all. She started jotting them down until she was done to B,O,P,Q,T,X and Z. B...B....Bertie Bott....He was a hero to candy making getting all those flavors! Haha no...She wished! She put the feather end of her quill against her chin...After realizing what to write she wrote it under B. Now for O...What about that hero her dad was always singing about after he came home with his friends..Odo the hero...If they made a song he must be a hero..

P...P....P...Hard one...Come on Nerida you got this...You read all the time!!Paracelsus....person...Q...That Queen that was a witch but was muggle to some people... Now T.... After thinking for a good ten minutes she decided to come back to T. X and Z now. As soon as she started thinking about it she remembered two muggles that could go in the spots. Perfect now all that was left was T. Tilly Toke. She nodded she saved people...If she was remembering the right person...

SPOILER!!: Assignment 2
A is for Amelia Earhart (Muggle)
B is for Buddha (Muggle)
C is for Clara Barton (Muggle)
D is for Damocles (Wizard)
E is for Edgar Allan Poe (Muggle)
F is for Florence Nightingale (Muggle)
G is for Godric Gryffindor (Wizard)
H is for Harry James Potter (Wizard)
I is for Ignatia Wildsmith (Wizard)
J is for John Adams (Muggle)
K is for Kingsley Shacklebolt (Wizard)
L is for Leonardo Da Vinci (Muggle)
M is for Mahatma Gandhi (Muggle)
N is for Nymphadora Tonks (Witch)
O is for Odo (Wizard)
P is for Paracelsus (Wizard)
Q is for Queen Mary I of England (Muggle) (Witch)
R is for Remus Lupin (Wizard)
S is for Susan B. Anthony (Muggle)
T is for Tilly Toke (Witch)
U is for Ulysses S. Grant (Muggle)
V is for Victoria Woodhull (Muggle)
W is for Winston Churchill (Muggle)
X is for Xenophanes (Muggle)
Y is for Yuri Gagarin (Muggle)
Z is for Zosimus (Muggle)

After finishing her list Nerida got started on her book cover. Nerida loved extra credit and it was always welcomed.

SPOILER!!: Book Cover

From top to bottom: Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Amelia Earhart, Florence Nightingale, Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley.

After double checking for ABC list and adding the final touches to her Book cover, she picked both things up and turned them in! "Here are my finals, Professor. I hope you have an amazing summer and thanks for the super fun and amazing term Professor Cerulean."

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Default MAJOREST catch up, yo!
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SPOILER!!: Question 1
Originally Posted by Lezleighd View Post
"So, let's get this started with a little review to get your brains going...Please remember to raise your hand with your answer....Everyone please share one trait that you feel like a Superhero should possess.." she said a she walked to the board and picked up a marker to start writing down all of the answers.

Beezus, who had been feeling a whole stressed as of the late (mainly because of the upcoming Championship match) listened half-heartedly though fervently for a few moments at the answers her classmates had given for the first question thrown their way by the Muggle Studies Professor. A trait a superhero should possess? Generally, it was the call to do good rather than the villainous acts. Because villainous? They were for those people called villains, the poisons and venoms of the society. Of course, the abilities ought to be present too, right? The extraordinary ones to be exact, that made them a little more special than common people.

However, the Ravenclaw thought, did it only rest on those abilities? How about the intent? The content of their hearts? Isn’t that what made a superhero more, well....heroic? With that, she raised her hand, “Professor, I believe one significant trait a superhero should possess would have to be selflessness. Putting other people’s welfare on the front cart before one’s self. “ Yes? Yes.

SPOILER!!: Question 2
Originally Posted by Lezleighd View Post
"I want you to examine the very simple definition of a hero and look at the qualities of superheroes that we put on the board....think about your own life and share someone close to you that you know personally that you would consider a hero and tell a short summary of why you consider them a hero..." she said encouragingly walking toward the first blank poster.

The fourth year’s dark brown eyes immediately scurried off to the board just as Professor Cerulean had instructed. The qualities of a superhero. Hmm.

And now they were supposed to share to the class who they think was a superhero in their personal life? Most of her classmates referred to their mothers, fathers, brothers. Basically, their families. In all good nature, every other person needed a family to lean on so it was only expected that answers were of the same continental scope. Was it her turn to share?

“Someone I can consider as a superhero in my own life would be my Aunt.” Beezus started, eyes strained on the board. This was a kind of personal. “She’s my mother’s younger sister and she is my superhero because she’d been with me through thick and thin.” Throughout their family’s tragic years to be specific. “When my Dad and my Mom admitted herself in St.Mungo’s, my Aunt Belinda took me under her wing and even though I am not her daughter, I felt and experienced the nurturing, care and love that my own mother failed to give through her.” Her voice had gone terribly soft now. And she figured she might’ve sounded a whole too dramatic. But what was to lose? She was being honest.

Originally Posted by Professor Cerulean
"If everyone will grab a marker..." she said motioning to a little basket below the remaining two posters on the walls, "Please come up and give us an example of a real life Muggle Superhero and a Real Life Wizard Superhero and what they did they makes you feel like they are a hero and then add their names to the appropriate poster..." she said as she wrote Muggle in the middle of one poster and Wizard in the middle of another.

After the short drama interlude, Beezus pointed back her attention to what really was going on in the class. She grabbed a marker as instructed and followed behind her classmates that were streaming on a line in front of the posters. Muggle and wizard superheroes, is it? Beezus fiddled with the marker on her hand as she allowed her mind to wander and choose these prominent persons for her.

When it was her turn, she quickly jotted down the names.

Muggle Superhero : Florence Nightingale. She was the first woman to ‘nurse’ sick and wounded soldiers in the Crimean War. Being royalty, her parents forbid her from helping the poor but she purposely ran away to run after her heart’s real desire which was to help people.

Wizard Superhero : Bowman Wright. The man who invented the Golden Snitch. Without his wits, and exceptional inventive skills, we wouldn’t have the most crucial ball in almost everyone’s favourite sport, right?

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Hmmm, to choose between writing up a long essay on his chosen hero or come up with an alphabet list of many heroes... As easy as the first one seemed, he thought of the many others whose lives he read on that he considered were heroes in their own way but was never that famous enough, or whose works were overshadowed by that one error of judgement they were instead remembered for.

Thusly, he drew up his parchment and started to list them down, opting to go by their first name so he can opt to list the others that would otherwise not make the list...

SPOILER!!: Alphabet List

Character name: Vincenzo Vanderbilt
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 7th
Member ID#: 87724

  • A= Albus Dumbledore (Magical)
  • B= Benjamin Franklin (Muggle)
  • C= Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali (Muggle)
  • D= Douglas MacArthur (Muggle)
  • E= Edgar Allan Poe (Muggle)
  • F= Florence Nightingale (Muggle)
  • G= George Washington (Muggle)
  • H= Hermione Granger (Magical)
  • I= Ignatia Wildsmith (Magical)
  • J= Jane Addams (Muggle)
  • K= Kingsley Shacklebolt (Magical)
  • L= Louis Pasteur (Muggle)
  • M= Mother Teresa of Calcutta (Muggle)
  • N= Nelson Mandela (Muggle)
  • O= Orville and Wilbur Wright aka the Wright Brothers (Muggle)
  • P= Pierre and Marie Currie
  • Q= Quincy Jones (Muggle)
  • R= Rowena Ravenclaw (Magical)
  • S= Susan B. Anthony (Muggle)
  • T= Theodor Seuss Geisel aka Dr Seuss (Muggle)
  • U= Ulysses S. Grant (Muggle)
  • V= Virgil (Muggle)
  • W= William Shakespeare (Muggle)
  • X= Xenophilius Lovegood (Magical)
  • Y= Yuri Gagarin (Muggle)
  • Z= Zora Neale Hurston (Muggle)

SPOILER!!: Book Cover
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So this was also an assignment eh? Essay OR an alphabet list. What to do? Beezus began to crane her neck around as the Muggle Studies' Professor cued the start of their activity. Not that she was cheating or anything, but she wanted to know what most of her classmates did and well, stray from the majority. What could she say? She was feeling a bit more individualized today. Not the usual go with the flow scheme for her.

Letting her eyes do it's job, she noticed that quite a number went on with making the Alphabet list. So that meant she was going to do the essay. Parchment and quill on the ready, Beezus started to write.

SPOILER!!: Option 1
Character Name: Beatrice Castell
Year: Fourth
House: Ravenclaw
Member Number: 165494

The Nightingale Holiday. A special celebratory day in honor of the celebrated muggle social reformer and statistician, and the founder of modern nursing. In own preference, the holiday ought to be celebrated on May 12, granted it is the date of her birth. Her name came into prominence when she nursed after the wounded soldiers during the Crimean War. She was dubbed as the “Lady with the Lamp” because of her rounds every night at the soldier’s camp having only the aid of her lamp to determine her way.

She was a daughter of a prominent and well-respected, wealthy upper class family, attended a deaconess school in her Father’s wishes but because her parents prohibited and outlawed her from helping the sick, poor people in their countryside, she ran away from home and negotiated her way among common townspeople, readily getting rid of the notion of marriage and early child bearing which in their time was the calling for most women and therefore, what her parents wanted of her.

But as this heroine chose to serve others instead of fulfilling the life her parent’s had laid before her, she emerged as a selfless woman who’ve given her whole life for the betterment of other’s own. Hence, why she deserves the holiday. Even for a short while, for her deeds and achievements to be commemorated.

In this single day, girls will dispose themselves as the primary caregiver in the household and then at night, they’ll set of floating lamps in the sky after a short get together with friends and families. On the other hand, boys will wear a white ribbon on their wrists this whole day, symbolizing the purity of their hearts and intentions towards women and also for self-perception of respect for themselves and others. Mothers should be appreciated greatly in this one-day affair too, given that in real life, they are our nurses, the persons who have been our confidante and love-giver ever since we came forth from their wombs.

There isn’t need for extravagance during this holiday. After all, simplicity is beauty. White would be the input and output of this holiday. A small dinner with the family and the significant women in your lives would be enough. Just to let them know how thankful you are for the things they’ve done in your benefit and simply, for their existence. What’s more important here is that we remember, treasure, appreciate, and share.

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Default Sorry - It isn't much!

Pooh. Alphabet of heroes. Boring.

So Jen went with option 1. Now, what hero to do? Ooh, she knew! This was gonna be the best, coolest thing EVER. Now, to get on with it.

SPOILER!!: Option 1

Character Name: Jennifer Rose Moss
Year: First
House: Slytherin
Member Number: 219252

Harry Moseley - Real life hero

While suffering through a brain tumour, one of Harry's friends (who also had one) became very ill. Harry Moseley, in the space of just two years, raised awareness for brain cancer by selling special bracelets at over 100 events he oraganised himself. He changed the lives of every person he met. This young man went on to inspire a nation with his courage, bravery and kindness. He is a brilliant role model for everyone.

His campaign, in memory of his friend Robert, was incredibly successful. Robert wore one of Harry's bracelets during his illness, which was a great boost of support for his friend. Harry lived in the hope that one day there would be a cure for brain tumours in the world. The beaded bracelets became very popular around the area where he lived, Sheldon, Birmingham.

Sadly, Harry’s health suddenly turn for the worse after his brain surgery in August 2011. On 8th October 2011, and after 14 weeks in a coma, Harry passed away peacefully at home in his Mother's arms. On this day, the world lost an amazing young life. He will always be remembered around the world. I try to follow his example every day.

After Harry Moseley's death, his family carried on with his good work and sold more and more bracelets everywhere. Each one was unique and special in its own way. They were colourful and cheerful. They can still be found today in the muggle world. I have sixteen beaded bracelets, of which I am very proud of. I know I am helping the world by buying more and more.

Anyone can help Harry and help others by buying a bracelet from the website. I have been inspired by him since I learnt about his work when he was alive. I try to always be like him, caring and kind, and follow his good example. He should have his own special day of celebration, where his bracelets are sold and everyone remembers him. Each year people would be reminded of all he did for our world.

After writing this down in her fanciest handwriting with her favorite quill, Jennifer smiled. Now, time to work on the invite.

SPOILER!!: Invitation

She didn't mean to boast of anything, but her things were REALLY good. Well, she did mean to boast a little lot. Jen grinned. TADA!
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Having just decided on option two, Sierra began the process of listing everyone she could think of that could possibly be classified as a superhero. Superheroes, she knew, didn't always have to wear capes and have powers beyond that of any other human being. They could be normal, everyday people who just did extraordinary things. With that thought in mind, she began to make her list.
Character name: Sierra Greingoth
House: Slytherin
Year: 6th
Member ID#: 85591

Click here for the book cover.
  • Abdul, Paula (Muggle)
  • Black, Regulus (Wizard)
  • Creevey, Colin (Wizard)
  • Disney, Walt (Muggle)
  • Earnhardt, Dale (Muggle)
  • Flamel, Nicolas (Wizard)
  • Greingoth, Alexander (Wizard)
  • Hollingberry, Kurumi (Witch)
  • Irwin, Steve (Muggle)
  • Jolie, Angelina (Muggle)
  • Kitridge, Leobald (Wizard)
  • Lafay, Hecate (Witch)
  • Mitra, Rhona (Muggle)
  • Newell, Anna (Witch)
  • Ollivander, Garrick (Wizard)
  • Potter, Lily (Witch)
  • Quayle, Dan (Muggle)
  • Rowling, J.K. (Muggle)
  • Spencer, Princess Diana (Muggle)
  • Tillstorm, Cecelia (Witch)
  • Underwood, Carrie
  • Vindictus, Maximus (Wizard)
  • Winfrey, Oprah (Muggle)
  • Xenophius Lovegood (Wizard)
  • Yamaguchi, Kristi (Muggle)
  • Zuckerberg, Mark (Muggle)
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