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Term 27: January - April 2011 Term Twenty-seven: Muggle Madness (Sept 2073 - June 2074)

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Blast-Ended Skrewt
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Sebastian Price
First Year
Slytherin Slytherin Intros: Attendo Thea Vipera
The Harpy of Hogwarts | Dungeon Mistress | Bimba di Serpeverde

Attendo Thea Vipera

Beware The Viper

Introductions. Find out who is who in Slytherin and watch your back in case you make enemies.

Year At Hogwats:
Best Subjects:
Least Favorite/Worst Subjects:

Eye Color:


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Blast-Ended Skrewt
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Join Date: May 2006
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Sebastian Price
First Year
The Harpy of Hogwarts | Dungeon Mistress | Bimba di Serpeverde

Hecate Scarlett Lafay

Name: Hecate Scarlett Lafay
(pronounced Heh-ckah-tee)
DOB: February 29, 2032
Age: 41, but she''ll tell you 10
Dates Attended Hogwarts: 2043-2050
Marital Status: Widowed 3 times
Former Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Blood: Pureblood
Best Subjects: Potions and Charms
Least Favorite/Worst Subjects: Muggle Studies
Pets: A black cat names Mephisto
Previous Occupation: Potioneer
Current post: Potions Mistress/Professor of Potions and Slytherin Head of House.


Hecate is not the nicest person in the world. She does not like failure and loathes stupidity.


Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Skin: Fair
Height: 5'6


Hecate was born on leap day in a poor pureblood family. Her family can date their lineage back to Gunhilda of Gorsemoor, but as generations went by the fortune that came with being a pureblood was no longer associated with them. She was the third child of nine children, an eldest brother, then one older sister, herself, two younger sisters and four bothers after that.

Both her father and mother neglected her, so Hecate grew up knowing she couldn't depend on anyone but herself... she vowed to succeed in everything she did. In school she was top of her class, prefect and head girl. Before she began Wizarding University, at the Edinburgh, Scotland campus, she cut all connection with her family. At university she had the highest grades and she was named most likely to succeed.

She went to work for a Scottish potioneer named Gavin Grey, as an apprentice. He was 20 years her senior but the two worked long hours late together and soon fell in love. They had a winter wedding. All their friends were of the same mind. They were the perfect couple. Unfortunately their marriage ended after two and a half years of marriage when Gavin's died in an exploding cauldron incident. The potioneer lab was left to Hecate.

A few months later Hecate was given a near to impossible request for a potion to cure a man by the name of Terrance Tralkey who was dying of a rare malady. Hecate worked hard day and night for months and was able to finally brew a successful potion to save the man's life. Terrance Tralkey and Hecate spent so much time together that they fell in love, and even though he proposed many times, she didn't accept for a year or so. Unfortunatly, Terrance developed a side effect to her cure and while Hecate continued to work to reverse the side effect, he died suddenly, leaving her an undisclosed fortune.

This is when the press had a field day. Hecate was successful in creating the potion to reverse the side effect, a year too late. She needed to get away from the press so she quit her job, and left the lab in Scotland to travel to Sydney Australia where she stayed for nearly two years..

On her plane ride back to Scotland, because Australia was too bright, too hot and too filled with arachnids, Hecate sat next to a man who began chatting her up. Libatius Lavery, an auror with the ministry of magic, had just been released from a muggle prison where he'd been wrongfully imprisoned, and was returning to London. By the time they landed, Libatius proposed to Hecate. She told him never to speak to her again. Libatius didn't give up, with his resources found out where she lived and send roses upon roses every day, with love notes and candy. After a few years of wooing she allowed him into her heart and soon after they married. Hecate continued to make all sorts of potions, while Libatius worked for the ministry... but one cold November day Hecate was visited by his superiors and informed her husband had been killed in the line of duty by a female death eater that they could not identify.

This is when the press dubbed her The Black Widow, ironic because of her (and her typists) fear of arachnids. Hecate closed herself in her lab and dove head first into her work. She has made progress in many potions fields, not only limiting herself to healing, but also cosmetic and gastronomical. Finally, because her money had run out (potion ingredients aren't cheap,) Hecate applied to Hogwarts for the Potions job, which she currently holds.

Hecate, in the attempt to test a burning unction, set three students ablaze, without causing physical pain. Three prefects attempted to stop her, but she placed them in detention. The Headmaster would not support her decision so she quit. Suddenly and without warning, parents of students complained to the Governors of the school. They, in turn, told the Head Master that Hecate was asked to return, not only as Potion's Mistress but as Slytherin Head of House as well.

Hecate's had been under the impression that Sage Dodson, Herbology Professor, had been sweet on her, and in order to get her hands on free and limitless ingredients in the greenhouse. She played along... She'd also developed a friendship with Alexia Carlton, Charms professor, and to her dismay the two developed a close friendship... So close, in fact, the potions mistress took offense. Carlton was a friend and betrayed her, and Sage thought he could toy with her emotions... Well... inflicting revenge, she now won't need to see either of them at Hogwarts again.

Timeline for my records:

Feb 29 2032 - Born
Feb 2033 - Age 1
Feb 2034 - Age 2
Feb 2035 - Age 3
Feb 2036 - Age 4 (Age 1)
Feb 2037 - Age 5
Feb 2038 - Age 6
Feb 2039 - Age 7
Feb 2040 - Age 8 (Age 2)
Feb 2041 - Age 9
Feb 2042 - Age 10
Feb 2043 - Age 11
Sept 2043 - Starts First Year at Hogwarts
Feb 2044 - Age 12 (Age 3)
June 2044 - Ends First Year at Hogwarts
Sept 2044 - Starts Second Year at Hogwarts
Feb 2045 - Age 13
June 2045 - Ends Second Year at Hogwarts
Sept 2045 - Starts Third Year at Hogwarts
Feb 2046 - Age 14
June 2046 - Ends Third Year at Hogwarts
Sept 2046 - Starts Fourth Year at Hogwarts
Feb 2047 - Age 15
Sept 2047 - Starts Fifth Year at Hogwarts
Feb 2048 - Age 16 (Age 4)
June 2048 - Ends Fifth Year at Hogwarts
Sept 2048 - Starts Sixth Year at Hogwarts
Feb 2049 - Age 17
June 2049 - Ends Sixth Year at Hogwarts
Sept 2049 - Starts Seventh Year at Hogwarts
Feb 2050 - Age 18
June 2050 - Graduated Hogwarts
Sept 2050 - Starts Wizarding University/Edinburgh, Scotland campus
Feb 2051 - Age 19
June 2051 - Ends Yr 1 of Wizarding University
Sept 2051 - Starts Yr 2 Wizarding University
Feb 2052 - Age 20 (Age 5)
June 2052 - Ends Yr 2 of Wizarding University
Sept 2052 - Starts Yr 3 Wizarding University
Feb 2053 - Age 21
June 2053 - Graduated Wizarding University
July 2053 - Meets - Gavin Grey
Dec 2053 - Marries Gavin Grey
Feb 2054 - Age 22
Feb 2055 - Age 23
Feb 2056 - Age 24 (Age 6)
May 2056 - Gavin Grey Dies
Oct 2056 - Meets Terrance Tralkey
Feb 2057 - Age 25
Nov 2057 - Created the Absethem Potion
Feb 2058 - Age 26
Mar 2058 - Marries Terrance Tralkey
Feb 2059 - Age 27
Aug 2059 - Terrance Tralkey Dies
Feb 2060 - Age 28 (Age 7)
Aug 2060 - Created the potion to combat the side effects of the Absethem Potion
Sept 2060 - Left for Sydney, Australia
Feb 2061 - Age 29
Jan 2062 - Leaves to return to Scotland
Jan 2062 - Meets Libatius Lavery
Feb 2062 - Age 30
Feb 2063 - Age 31
Feb 2064 - Age 32 (Age 8)
Apr 2064 - Marries Libatius Lavery
Feb 2065 - Age 33
Feb 2066 - Age 34
Feb 2067 - Age 35
Nov 2067 - Libatius Lavery dies
Feb 2068 - Age 36 (Age 9)
Feb 2069 - Age 37
Feb 2070 - Age 38
Feb 2071 - Age 39
Sept 2071 - Starts teaching at Hogwarts
Oct 2071 - Sets three students on fire for learning purposes
Nov 2071 - Quits Hogwarts
Feb 2072 - Returns to Hogwarts as Slytherin Head of House
Feb 2072 - Age 40 (Age 10)
Sept 2072 - Second year teaching at Hogwarts
Feb 2073 - Age 41 (Age 10)
Sept 2073 - Third year teaching at Hogwarts



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Fanfiction Mod

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Cameron Tamesis
Seventh Year
x3 x2

Ministry RPG Name:
Olly Emmons-Clarke
Environmental Protection
The Kisapaths | Sila!Roti | -2 | TouchableHair | ToiletPaperGuy | QueenOfConfusion

Jeremy Zookara

Thanks, Gemma. <3

Full Name: Jeremy Allan Zookara
Nicknames: Jer Jer-Bear, The Zook
Age: 33
Date of Birth: April 3rd, 2040
Place of Birth: City of Chelsea, Massachusetts
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Patronus: Arctic Wolf
Relationship Status: Single yet again
Current Position: Muggle Studies Professor
Former Occupation(s): Chaser for the Fitchburg Finches (2059-2063), NASA Scientist (2064-2070)
American Academy of Wizardry Years: 2051-2058
Special Positions held at School: Quidditch Captain (5th-7th year)
Strongest Subjects: Muggle Studies, Charms
Weakest Subjects: CoMC, Potions
Father: Adam Zookara
Mother: Bianca Zookara (née Maunard)
Brother: Cooper Adam Zookara (born Feb. 2039)
Sister: Alysson Zookara (born July 2049)
Height: 6'1'' (186cm)
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Hazel
The two years Jeremy spent with Marina have changed him, causing him to isolate himself from all his friends and family. Luckily, neither of those people are holding a grudge against him but are simply happy to have him back. Nonetheless, Jeremy has problems with trying to get back to his former happy-go-lucky, cheerful self who loves to flirt and play pranks on people, even though, he is trying very hard and occasionally even succeeds.

It is now that he goes back to doing things he has always loved to do, simple things like eating mangos, muffins and most of all...collecting rubber ducks. This has always been a hobby of his, mostly due to the fact that his grandfather had once shown him the magnificence that is a rubber duck. Feeling a special connection to him, Jeremy once decided to continue and enlargen his grandfather's collection of the precious toys.
Born in Chelsea, Massachusetts, Jeremy grew up on a farm with his parents, his grandparents and his one year older brother to look after him. It wasn't until he had reached the age of 7 when he first developed some magical abilities. More than a little surprised, Adam and Bianca first turned to Adam's mother for advice. It was only then that she revealed to them that her recently deceased husband had been a Wizard. The reason they had never told their son, Adam, was not because they were ashamed or embarrassed but simply because they hadn't thought it worth mentioning, when their children turned out to be non-magical. Who could have known that the magical spark would simply skip a generation?

Unfortunately, Jeremy never had the chance to ask all the questions he had about his newly found abilities, as the only person who could have answered them had died a year before he had discovered them. And even though, he tried to find out literally everything about the Magical World with the help of his grandmother and, as always, his brother, he was pretty much clueless when he first arrived at the American Academy of Wizardry. Quickly getting used to his new environment, Jeremy was very pleased to hear that his little sister had shown first signs of being magical too.

His favorite part about the Wizarding World turned out to be something which also earned him the position of Team Captain during his time at school: Quidditch. After graduation, Jeremy decided to turn his hobby into his profession and ended up played Chaser for the Fitchburg Finches. There he met Samuel Malfoy who turned out to become one of his very best friends. After almost four years of playing side-by-side with Sam, when the latter accepted an offer from the Falmouth Falcons and therefore moved to Britain, Jeremy decided it was also his time to quit. He applied for a job at NASA as a Scientist 'Apprentice' and was accepted.

Jeremy's love-life has not hosted anything particularly interesting, the occasional girlfriend during his years at school and the years which followed. The year 2070 was to change this, however, as, after almost 6 years of working for NASA, he met the love of his life, Marina Traulton, on a trip to Los Angeles. Despite the fact that she was married, Jeremy and Marina spent almost every minute of their lives together, both of them even quitting their jobs to have more time on their hands. It wasn't difficult to hide their relationship from Marina's husband as he was too busy touring the globe to notice. After two years of secrecy, Marina discovered one day that she was pregnant and went to tell...her husband. Jeremy was second to know and exhilarated about the happy news. Until Marina told him that this was her chance to work on her marriage and that their relationship had never been that serious in the first place.

Utterly confused and devastated, Jeremy's only wish was to get away from Los Angeles, from the States, short from Marina. He applied for various positions all around the world - apart from the States obviously - and immediately agreed when Hogwarts offered him the position of Muggle Studies Professor. He knew plenty about Muggles after all.

OOC: Haii! I'm Lisa and just turned 19, and I'll be your House Mod for this term. I'm from Austria, currently studying - in the capital, Vienna - 'English and American Studies' and 'Theater-, Media- and Film Studies'. If you want to RP just poke me. Anything else you want to know, poke me too...not too hard though please. [/lame joke] Sorry, it's late. xD
I could show you what you wanna see and take you where you wanna be
You could be my luck, even if the sky is falling down, I know that we'll be safe and sound

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X-treme Horcrux Slayer!
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Katelyn Hermione Star
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Anastasia Beatrice Riddle
Magical Creatures
she dreamed of para-para-pardise ♥ ily MY Sara x Sams twinny x Kake/Anastopher/Chalie

Model: Annasophia Robb


Katelyn Hermione Star
Beater. Adorable. Hyper. Candy-Loving. In Love. Photographer. Slytherin.

Full Name: Katelyn Hermione Star
Nicknames: Katie ; KatieKAT ; TEE ; Miss Star ; Adorable!Katie ; Epic Cupcake Girl ; KittyKat
Age: Twelve
DoB: July The 1st 2060
PoB: Australia
Education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Slytherin Hisss
Year: Seconder
Occupation: Beater for the Slytherin Quidditch Team
Blood Status: Half 'n' Half
Relationship: Dating Lukey Gallows ♥
Best Friends: Coraline Riddle, Edmond Malfoy
Amortentia: Strawberries
Boggart: Adam Burn Family and Friends dead
Partronus: Fox
Wand: She forgot XD
Best Subjects: Ancient Runes ; Flying
Worst Subject: Potions ; CoMC

Skin: Pale but getting a bit of a tan
Hair: Blonde and right now with a stroke of purple in it
Eyes: Sky Blue
Body Shape: Hour Glass
Typical Clothing: T-Shirt and Jeans
Weight: Around about 35kg
Height: Nearly 5 feet

Mother: Brooklyn Star { Witch }
Father: James Star { Muggle }
Siblings: Samantha Star { Age 13, Hufflepuff }
Cousins: Luna Star { Age 12, Ravenclaw }, Scarlett Black { Age 12, Hufflepuff }, Sophia Lombardi { Age 12, Gryffindor }
Pets: Vixy { Fox/Cat } and Destiny { Owl }

Personality: She is a true Slytherin at heart with her 'I know you want me everybody does' attitude, she isn't like that always though, she can sometimes turn into a joker/Slytherin Sweety, when she is around Luke though she is very romantic. She is one of those girls you could put under the category 'Boy-Crazy' and it would be true, she is defiantly a flirt, thats why one of her nicknames is Flirty!Girl, but it matches her perfectly. She makes friends easily and loves to make friends! So please, don't be shy! She loves candy and soda waaay to much! She likes soda so much she got detention, but she doesn't care, she still drinks it!

First Year: Katie's first year was full of drama, including fights, secret crushes and none other then the break up. On the train to hogwarts she got together with a boy named Adam Burn, thus he became her first boyfriend, she really liked him, but then all of a sudden, she found out he was talking about her behind her back, after awhile Adam broke up with her, she didn't care, she was happy. She became best friends with a boy named Edmond Malfoy (he has now left SS/Hogwarts) and she secretly had a crush on him, but he had a girlfriend named Feenella 'Fee' Schwarzberg, one day Adam told Fee that he thinks that Katie had a crush on her boyfriend, it was all because of Adam Fee and Katie had a fight and nearly became not friends, but at the end they became friends. In her first potions lesson she was drinking soda, sadly it went into her cauldron and all of a sudden, the scary potion lady told her she had detention, in detention her tongue turned on fire, froze and fell off, she also turned green.

Second Year: Who knows what mysteries have yet to happen in Katie's second year!

Things To Do Before I Leave Hogwarts:
Make sure Lukey gets into the same house as me EVEN IF I HAVE TO SWEET TALK THE SORTING HAT!! DONE
Be one of the top students in Slytherin
Get a best friend DONE
Get onto the Quidditch team DONE
Find my one true love DONE
Get over my fear of the scary potions lady
Become a Prefect or Head Girl
Graduate With Some Decent Grades
Have an awesome Snowball fight DONE

Lukey Gallows
The green fire in the Slytherin Common Room
Taking Photos
Shiney Things

Scary Potions Lady LaFay
People Who Poke Even though she pokes other people
Spiders and Incects
People who dislike Lukey
Adam Burn A certain ex-boyfriend
Orange clothing
Sylvia Malfoy

Best Friends:
Luke Gallows { Boyfriend }
Coraline Riddle { Best Friend }
Edmond Malfoy { Changed Schools, Best Friend }
Jesse Mathews
Roxy Dropstone
Samantha Star { Sister }
Feenella Schwarzberg
Torin Kane { Graduated }
Cameron Caddock { Graduated }
Violet Riddle
Savannah Russel {nee Conrad, Graduated }
Selena Zabini-Riddle { Fake Sis }
Caroline Scott { Partner In Crime }
Meredith Evans
Helena Hopkins { Serpent Sidekick }
Damian Slytherin

Other Friends:
Simon Macalister
Kurumi Hollingberry
Eino Uronen
Cassandra Prewett
Freya Salvatore

Hugo Doyle
Alicia Weasley
Taylor Wattsfay
Sophia Lombardi
Georgiana Archer
Elektra Draven
Dianna Malfoy
Emma Malfoy

Adam Burn
Hopefully the list won't get bigger
I'm gonna be a mighty queen, so enemies beware! I'm gonna be the mane event like no queen was before
I'm brushing up on looking down, I'm working on my RAWR HISS!! oh I just can't wait to be queen!

___Love Hate Brother-ish Sister Best Friend? Baudelaire LostLove Biography DracoLove Tumblr

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Naiomi Eliza Mattherson
Third Year

Naiomi Eliza Mattherson

Full Name: Naiomi Eliza Mattherson
Nickname(s): Nai
Date of Birth: August 15th 2059
Place of Birth: London Bridge Hospital, London England
Age: 13
Year At Hogwarts: Third
Blood: Mixed
Best Subjects: Charms, Transfiguration, Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, Muggle studies
Least Favorite/Worst Subjects: Ancient Runes, Astrology

Nai is friendly and doesn't mind being the butt of a joke or two. She has mastered the art of laughing at herself and making light of things. She isn't exactly the worlds perfect child and can charm her way out of many situations but there are few who are unaffected by her charm.

She enjoys making people laugh and in an awkward situation she tries to lighten the mood. Her aunt (muggle on her fathers side) often says she probably suffers from ADD but that is yet to be proven.

Eye Color: Brown/Black
Hair: Black
Skin: Light brown, sometimes a little darker
Height: About 5'4


Nai was born during a storm and so her mother nicknamed her trouble. The small child lived up to that name. She got herself into a lot of trouble with the neighbours especially after she started to show magical abilities. Her mother claimed that of all her children, four boys prior, she had shown the most aptitude for magic and once Naiomi realised the things she could do she practised and honed the skill as best as she could. Her mother took her out of muggle primary school because of Naiomis tendency to 'magic' when excited or angry.

At six she was sent to visit with her Uncle Alric who took great liking to her inquisitiveness and talent and taught her a number of things that she was expected to learn once at Hogwarts. Uncle Alric wanted to adopt her and keep her in Africa with him but Nai was quickly taken home by her mother and was no longer allowed to be alone with him in case he took her away.

Nai of course got her Hogwarts letter and when she went to Hogwarts was sorted into Slytherin. Her Unlce Alric was pleased since that had been his house when he was in school. She was happy to have pleased her Uncle Alric.
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Ministry RPG Name:
Casimir Auberon
Magical Creatures
caffeine princess ♬ lunchbox adventurer ❀ little rose

Zoey Ashford

Full Name: Zoey Caroline Ashford
Nicknames: Eskimo Girl...
DOB: February 17, 2059
Age: 14
POB: Juneau, Alaska USA
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Blood-type: AB+

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Eyes: Blue/Grey
Hair: Brown
Skin: Pale

Favorite Food: vegetable soup
Favorite Drink: hot chocolate... or root beer
Favorite Animal: rabbit
Favorite Color: indigo

Maggie Ashford (aunt)
Eli Dunn (god-son)

Best Subjects: CoMC, Herbology, Astronomy
Worst Subjects: History of Magic, Divination

Prior Schooling: homeschooled, 2067 - 2071

Personality: Zoey can be very fun to be around at times, but knows when to stop and how to keep a straight head. She is not fond of practical jokes because a) they're not funny and b) they hurt. She's very trained in hunting and martial arts. It would not be a good idea to sneak up on her unless you're in the mood to get kicked in the face... 'nuff said She likes to be around animals usually more than she likes to be around people, but being alone will drive her insane. She is very calm in frantic situations. But again, I would like to stress not sneaking up on her.

History: Zoey was born and lived just outside of Juneau, Alaska. She was born to two muggle parents. However, her mother died giving birth and was only raised by her father. At the age of seven, he was surprised when she began toddling around, causing sudden spurs of magical activity. Immediately he contacted a nice woman not far down the road that was a witch. Her name was Helga Davenport.

Zoey's first encounter with the law was not long after her father had met Mrs. Davenport about his daughters schooling. Mrs. Davenport's three sons were out in the field one day, playing with a broomstick. As Zoey cane across them they offered her a ride. Being too young even to control her abilities, she obliged and picked up the broomstick. It wasn't long after she had started flying in a rather wobbly manner, that the field was left behind. Having lived it a muggle neighborhood, several people saw her flying around on a broom, then crashing to the ground. The Ministry was contacted immediately and a hearing was set. In the end, the memories of the witnesses were erased and the kids were let off with a warning.

Not so many years later, at the age of nine, Zoey was sent to Mrs. Davenport's home to be homeschooled along with her sons and four other kids from around the neighborhood. Every morning she awoke at seven o' clock, dressed, and trudged through the snow to Mrs. Davenport's. She soon became best friends with a girl named Natasha Dunn- Nat for short. Nat was two years older than Zoey and was at a much more advanced level. Frequently, she would assist Zoey in her studies or with homework.

At the age of thirteen, her father was sent out on a hunting trip with some of other men around the area. They were gone for nearly three weeks before only two of the men returned, bearing the news that the others had all been killed. Zoey continued to live on by herself. It was nearly three months later that she found out that Nat was due for a baby soon. Upon the arrival of the baby, Nat became extremely sick. They were worried for the longest time that the baby would not live. However, the baby was delivered alive and Nat passed- her final wish being that Zoey was the God-Mother of her child.

The two lived in a struggled peace for four months, scavenging for food and money. Zoey took up as many local jobs as she could in order to supply what her and her god-son needed to live. She stopped going to the honeschool classes down the street and spent her time working. In the middle of June, a neighbor found out that she was an orphan and taking care of a baby. Immediately, all family was contacted until finally finding the only person left- Zoey's Aunt Maggie. She was sent to live in England with her Aunt, leaving behind Alaska.

Lucky Charm: silver rabbit necklace

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Valencia Ruiz
First Year
x12 x2

Selena V. Zabini-Riddle; Hyper!Girl

The Basics
Name: Selena Vivianne Zabini-Riddle
Nicknames: Sel ; Sellieeeee ; Lena ; Hyper!Girl ; Stalker
Age: 13
DoB: June 19th, 2060
PoB: Italy
Education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Year: Third
House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Pureblood
Relationship Status: Taken.

And You Want to Know More?
Wand: Bendy, 11.25 inches of yew wood, fwooper feather core
Amortentia: her strawberry shampoo.
Patronus: N/A
Best Subject: Charms
Worst Subject: Arithmancy and Ancient Runes
Likes: Magic, reading, writing, pranking others, playing her instruments, singing, acting, drawing, talking to friends, SUGAR, animals, running, eating, Dillon “Diggy” Greenwood, her pygmy puff Kent
Dislikes: Bugs, heights, liars, carrot cake, her mother, her family

Appearances Mean Everything
Height: Four feet and five and a half inches tall ; A proud little munchkin
Weight: 76 lbs
Skin Color: normal
Hair color: long brown hair
Eye Color: purple.
Celebrity Used: Willa Holland

Family, What Do We Do Without Them?
Mother - Aurora Black
Father - Matthew Zabini
Step-father- Alex Riddle
Siblings - Serena Riddle (half-sister in Beauxbatons) ; Hunter Riddle (half-brother in Ministry of Magic)
Cousins in Hogwarts- Lily-Rose Riddle (Ravenclaw)
Pets - Kent, her pygmy puff. Hollie, her snowy owl (currently confiscated by her mother)

And then more about her
Whoever thought that Slytherins were cold, snobbish, stuck up purebloods were wrong. Dead wrong. Selena is one of the jumpiest Slytherins you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. Her sugar frenzies might get quite tiring to some, but the world always seems happier through the eyes of a hyper person’s. It is quite odd seeing as her family is the complete opposite. Plus, most kids with divorced parents are depressed. She’s the opposite of depressed. But let’s start from the very beginning.

Aurora Black, her mother, and Matthew Zabini, her father, married thinking they would have the perfect life. The two were Hogwart sweethearts and their parents endorsed this relationship. So, naturally, the two married each other. However, Aurora decided to become a socialite while Matthew decided to take up the family business, dealing with the Zabini Enterprises and other companies. When Matthew had too much work, Aurora would complain. Matthew found this quite ridiculous because it wasn’t like Aurora did much work besides party planning anyways.

When Selena was at age seven the two divorced after two years of fighting. She had always leant more towards her father’s side but she knew that her father would be too busy to take care of her. Her mother then gained custody of the purple-eyed girl.

Aurora remarried to Alex Riddle and is now content though she is often shopping rather than being the motherly figure Selena always needed. Selena hated this and the fact that she had lost her old family. She grew quite a hatred for her family at this point. Selena got stuck with her stepfather's last name as well, though she doesn't want it. Over the holidays she rarely sees anyone, only sees them all during Christmas time. Selena's parents and stepfather are rarely ever there for her, but are a bit over protective so Selena hasn't been able to do many things. Selena thinks it’s a bit pointless because if she were to disappear for a few days, they wouldn’t notice.

Selena always needed the motherly attention every child needed. She didn’t get any from her mother. Selena grew up thinking she was full of flaws, her mother made sure of that. Aurora always corrected and scolded the girl, but now she knows better. Even if her mother hates her, even if her stepfather is never there, even if her father doesn’t bother to owl back, she knows now that she’s special and her mother was a fool for not realizing it.

And now, Selena's a bit strange, not really normal. At first she may come off a bit shy but once you get to know her she never shuts up. Selena's highly misunderstood at times, she's not exactly bad just because she's in Slytherin. Selena's actually quite nice. Selena hates to see people down... She has many secrets but she doesn't tell them to anyone out of fear of being judged and the feeling that she is being a bit of a hindrance. A Some people may think she's a depressed girl, but she's not... She loves to smile, laugh, and just try to be herself despite all the lies the world has to offer.

Her Hogwarts Story
First Year;; This year definitely disappeared in a blink of an eye. Friends came and left, walking in and out of her life. This year was the first year of Selena's life where she felt truly happy, meeting most of her friends. Her first year was definitely a time of discovery where the sugar crazed girl realized she was more that just crazy in love with the sugar, but completely addicted to it as well. In that year she's watched her friends' hearts break, wrote in her diary and of course, jumped off the Giant Treehouse with her two bestest friends in the world - Emma and Maddie. During this time she also met Diggy Greenwood, a fifth year Slytherin, and fell in love with him, or well, she liked him an awful lot. She also gained another great friend, Alexandrie, however, their friendship seemed to have failed after a few incidents that she doesn't want to mention. Leaving her first year behind, taking with her the sweet memories, the purple-eyed Slytherin was off for her second year.

Second Year;; Selena wasn't really sure what happened in her second year. She found out she had a sister, oh yes, that had been some big and terrible news. And to make matters worse, her bestie Madeline "Maddie" Amelie Force-Trinity, left Hogwarts because her terrible mother made her. However, with each cloud there's always a silver lining. Though Selena cannot tolerate her family members, there was an exception to that, namely, Lily-Rose Riddle. Lily-Rose then arrived in Hogwarts, making Sel laugh even when she was feeling a bit bummed out. And oh the drama! The death of a student and a crazy hyper Emma Malfoy! Well, year two's over and Selena left with a smile. After all, after the triwizard tournament, Diggy had given her a promise ring. Given her mother was completely furious cutting off all contact with her friends over the summer, but she was alright because she had found someone who made her life feel complete.

Third Year;; Who knows what mysteries await! Selena's ready for her third year, whether you're ready for her or not!
... are you ..r ..e ..a ..d ..y.. for it?

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Diagon Alley Employee:
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Fallon Anne McCarthy

Made by Suziella

Name: Fallon Anne McCarthy
Age: 16
Birthday: June 6th, 2057 (?)
House: Slytherin

Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Hazel
Height: 5'4"

Mother: Cassandra McCarthy (parents divorced)
Father: Patrick McCarthy
Siblings: Liam Patrick McCarthy (8)
Info: Fallon was always very close to her dad and spent tons of time with him growing up. When her parents started to fight and finally got divorced, Fallon was forced to move across the ocean away from her dad and her little brother. She missed them dearly and even refused to talk to her mother for a while. She kind of forgot about that after her mother let her go to Chicago with her friends to visit him.

For her third year, she lived with her mom and her maternal grandparents in Florida. Fallon now lives in the country with her father and little brother Liam. Last summer, her dad took her to Italy to meet her paternal grandparents. She had never met them before because they highly disliked her mother.

Best Friends:
-Iris Beaumont (6th Year)
-Aaron Anderson (6th Year)
-Evan Cartwright (6th Year)
-Satine D' Ann Ferris (6th Year)

Other Friends:
-Torin Kane (Graduated )
-Prince Simon Leonarder De Simpson (3rd Year)
-Finlay Carmichael (6th Year)
-Trixie Malfoy (7th Year)
-Cameron Caddock (Graduated)
-Wynter Teegan (Graduated)

Fallon loves all of her friends dearly. She is so glad that that first day on the Hogwarts express, she got over her shyness and went into their compartment. It turned out that by doing that she made some of the best friends anyone could wish for. She also thought it was awesome that Aaron and Satine got to go to Chicago with her. She missed hanging out with Iris during that time and is sad that Grace had to leave Hogwarts.

When Fallon had to move to Florida, she missed them all dearly. She was glad that she was able to keep in touch with them while she was there. She also made some great new friends that she can't wait to tell them about. She is also excited about the fact that she is going to be staying with her best guy friend Aaron until the term starts.

Fallon decided not to go to Hogwarts for her fifth term. It was part of an ultimatum that her father gave her: Go to Hogwarts or stay home and go to Italy. Of course she chose the latter and she was glad that she did. She met her grandparents (from her dad's side), who had actually moved to Italy when she was really little, AND she got to learn Italian. Now she is back and ready to take control of herself.

Other things


-Keeping secrets from friends
-Anything and everything to do with Herbology
-Spicy foods
-Most Bertie Bott's

Nicknames she's been given
- Ice Cream Girl given to her by the awesome Super Torin

Best Subjects: Charms, Muggle Studies
Worst Subjects: Potions and Herbology
Pets: Fallon has an elf owl named Athena and a tabby cat named Snuggles.

SPOILER!!: Athena

SPOILER!!: Snuggles

and now, he's wrapped around her finger, she's the center of his whole world

his heart belongs to that sweet, little, beautiful, wonderful, perfect all-american girl
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Models: Sarah Hyland (younger) and Lucy Hale (older)


Cunning. Ambitious. Determined. Slytherin.

Or perhaps in Slytherin
You'll make your real friends,
Those cunning folks use any means
To achieve their ends.

Hey! My name is Sierra Hope Greingoth.
You can call me Sierra. I don't have any nicknames. Not yet, at least.
I am eleven-years-old and ½ of a set of twins.
My parents are both pure-bloods, which would make me pure-blooded, too.
I was born in London, England.
I currently live in London, England
My birthday is on March 17, 2062
Right now, I'm a first year. Class of '80, for the win!
You can see that I am a girl.
You could say I run with the snakes.
My wand is 10.5 inches; Ebony; Solid; Dragon heartstring core
My patronus is TBD.
My boggart is TBD.

+Hair: Long, dark brown, and slightly curly, just like her mother and older sister.
+Eyes: Dark brown--again, just like her mother and older sister. Extra big, too, which is just like no one else she knows!
+Build: Sierra has a small build, but she's actually a little taller than the average height for her age. As a matter of fact, her mother is only about an inch or two taller than she is. She's likely going to take after her father when it comes to height.
+Height: 5'2"
+General appearance: Save for her extra big eyes (her best feature, she'll say), Sierra is nearly the spitting image of her mother and older sister. With her long, dark brown, curly hair and dark brown eyes, it's not difficult to tell that she's pretty much an eleven-year-old version of Bella M. Greingoth and Anna Greingoth-Newell. Sierra even (luckily, she'll say) inherited her mother's naturally tan skin, a trait reflective of the Montez's Puerto Rican roots. Despite how much she closely resembles the appearance of her mother and older sister, though, Sierra is extremely different, you'll see, when it comes to personality and beliefs. She's no Anna Greingoth. Sierra's facial features, especially the reflection in her eyes, easily tell what type of mood she's in. It's difficult to say that this girl appears to be a 'closed book' when it comes to guessing how she feels.

Sierra can't easily be classified into any type of style category, as she usually changes her fashion opinions whenever what's in style changes, which seems to be quite often. She's been known to enjoy wearing dresses, short heels, t-shirts, semi-casual shirts, blue jeans, and pretty much any other type of clothing that's ever been in style. She hopes one day to be able to wear bigger high heels, just like her mother, but for now, she's only mastered the art of walking in small high heels. Right now, she seems to be fond of wearing blue jeans with semi-casual shirts, but if you ask her, she honestly hopes to be wearing anything green and silver in her near future (meaning, she's hoping to be sorted into Slytherin house).

From the time she was old enough to realize that she was a real witch and what that would mean for her, Sierra has always been a very pro-Slytherin little girl. Her father, Alexander Salazar Greingoth II, was a Slytherin and has always wanted a child or grandchild to be sorted into Slytherin house. Very early on, he saw promise in Sierra and taught her what it truly means to be a Slytherin (in his eyes, of course), and she grew to admire the way the snakes are so ambitious and try extremely hard to achieve their goals.

Sierra will even admit that she's a bit on the cunning side, as well, often times tricking her twin brother into things that could very well get him into a heap of trouble. Once, she managed to secretly get out the house with her mother's wand, and although she didn't really cast a spell with it (she didn't actually know any spells back then, since she was only eight-years-old), she used the threat of a spell to try and convince her brother to overcome his fear of flying and actually get on his new toy broom (her threat didn't work, by the way). When Alex (her twin brother) asked to hold the wand, Sierra reluctantly handed it over--seconds before their mother walked out the house to join them in the backyard. Of course Sierra didn't take the wand back--why would she, when having it would get her into trouble? Deciding it would be much better on her to pretend as if Alex had had the wand all along, Sierra simply stood back and let the cards fall where they may (luckily, neither twin ever got caught and the wand was returned without their parents ever finding out).

Because of these reasons (she's both ambitious and a bit on the cunning side), Sierra hopes that once she gets to Hogwarts, she's sorted into Slytherin house. As a matter of fact, she's made it known that she'll settle for no other house, and she's prepared to let the Sorting Hat know just that.

While it's true that she considers herself a true Slytherin, it's also true that Sierra is definitely not a mean-spirited little girl. She hopes to meet lots of friends at Hogwarts, even if they do end up in a different house than she does. Sierra enjoys making friends and hopes to have many, but it's likely at some point her natural instincts--to be ambitious and cunning--will shine through, and she'll attempt to one-up you in something, be it house points, praise from professors, or just normal pre-teenager type things in general. If she considers you a friend, a frenemy, or at least wants or needs something from you, though, she just might end up using her Slytherin traits to help you, as well.

I'm super fond of Slytherin house, my family and friends, being a witch, Florean Fortescue's ice cream (I'm unsure of my favorite flavor right now), anything from Honeyduke's (again, I'm unsure of my favorite candy right now), butterbeer, Greek Mythology (Athena and Aphrodite, for the win!), the latest fashions, learning how to walk in high heels, becoming a teenager (I can not wait to turn thirteen!!!), being a twin (even though we're really nothing alike), trips to the beach, muggle video games (yes, muggle, as I don't think they make real wizarding video games), playing tricks on my twin brother, sleeping late, and hanging out with my older sister (...well, when she does get to hang out with me; she's sort of really busy with her own family).
But I do not care for Hufflepuff house (not necessarily Hufflepuffs, but I don't care for the house at all), those weird flavors at Florean Fortescue's (like Troll Bogey [ew!] or Corned Beef Sandwich [really, does anyone ever order that?], losing at anything, being bored and having nothing to do, chores around the house (or chores at all), times when my brother acts like a wimp (Really, Alex? Seriously?), having to wake up early, homework (we won't have a whole lot of that at Hogwarts...will we?), dark creatures (Boggarts and Banshees and Kappas, oh my!), and having to wait just a few more months to get to Hogwarts!

Some of my aspirations include
+Getting sorted into Slytherin house (not Hufflepuff, not Hufflepuff)
+Getting an owl (an iguana would be cool, too!)
+Convincing Alex to ride a broom and not be so scared of flying
+Meeting the Slytherin Head-of-House and becoming his or her favorite (Oh, ickle Sierra, little do you know...)

A few fears sometimes get in the way
+Not getting sorted into Slytherin
+Scary clowns (I predict they'll be my boggart)
+Failure (despite what she says, Sierra really does care)
+Dark creatures (hopefully we won't meet any at Hogwarts!)
+I don't have fears...wimps. *pretends those first four aren't there*
Alexander and Bella Greingoth were only nineteen-years-old when their first child, Anna Bella, was born. Although both hoped to have at least one or two more children a few years after Anna's birth, the dream was never able to become a reality. Over time, the Greingoths began to accept the fact that one child was all they'd be blessed with, and by the time Anna had reached ten-years-old, they'd pretty much cast aside all dreams of any additional children. That is, until fate decided to step in. Shortly after Anna began her Hogwarts years, Bella discovered that she was finally expecting again--with twins, no less! Despite the fact that the Greingoths were quite surprised--and quite frantic about the thought of multiples, mind you--they managed to pull everything together and prepare for the best possible life for their new babies. It helped that one of Bella's very best friends was also expecting twins at the exact same time. Sierra and Alex's family (their parents, older sister, and grandparents) all teamed together to help one another through the sudden twists, turns, and curve balls that comes with introducing multiples into a family.

Once again, Alexander and Bella proved to be wonderful parents, and Sierra and Alex grew up (or, grew to their current age, that is) having what Sierra likes to call the best life anyone could ask for! Knowing their children would be attending Hogwarts once they reached eleven-years-old, Alexander and Bella didn't bother with sending Sierra and Alex to a muggle school. Neither parent saw the point in introducing them to muggle-type lessons when most of it would just be forgotten and a distant memory once the Hogwarts letter arrived. Instead, Sierra and Alex were home-schooled, learning the basics plus a little bit of magic, too (by watching and listening, of course, since both were too young and too untrained to perform magic themselves).

On the morning of March 17, 2073 (Sierra's 11th birthday), she got out of bed way earlier than normal (6:51 A.M., to be exact) and waited by the kitchen window for a sign that her Hogwarts letter was on its way. About five hours later (her neck was getting really sore by then), a familiar sound, the sound of an owl approaching, echoed throughout the house. Sierra ran to the front door and opened it wide, giving the owl plenty of room to soar through and deliver the letters. From the moment she and Alex received their letters, Hogwarts was all Sierra could think about. She began wearing at least something green each day, and when she thought nobody was looking, she'd wave a twig through the air and pretend it was a real wand. Sierra can't wait to attend Hogwarts for the obvious reasons, but also because she longs to attend a school with lots and lots of other children, as she hopes to have more friends and playmates than just her brother and cousins.

My family is steadily growing.
+The Parents: Bella Montez Greingoth (born 2031) and Alexander Salazar Greingoth II (born 2031)
+The Siblings: Just two, my twin brother [Alex]ander Salazar Greingoth III (born 2062) and Anna Bella Greingoth-Newell (born 2050)
+The Maternal Grandparents: Isabella Sierra Montez and Alejandro Diego Montez
+The Paternal Grandparents: Alexander Salazar Greingoth I and Vanessa Hope Greingoth

+The pets: None, as of right now. How sad, right? I plan to buy an owl in Diagon Alley, though, and I really, really hope to have an iguana one of these days!

Because of the way her father taught her to be pro-Slytherin, Sierra is very misunderstood when it comes to understanding what it truly means to be or not be a member of Slytherin house. One of her biggest fears is being sorted into Hufflepuff house, a house that she actually feels her twin brother may end up in. Her father has made it clear to her that no one in the Greingoth-Montez family has ever been in any house other than Slytherin or Gryffindor, so she fears that if she doesn't become a snake, she'll terribly disappoint her father. Truth be told, though, Sierra really does love Slytherin house for all the right reasons, and deep down inside, she knows that's where she belongs. As for Alex, Sierra's sure that the sorting hat will just be yet another way in which she and her twin aren't really alike at all. Sierra's not a terrible person, and she really does love everyone she meets. She just likely needs to be shown or told that everyone, no matter what house they're in, is important in their own unique way.

For those of you who have been on Snitch Seeker for at least a couple years or longer, you'll likely realize that Sierra is the younger sister of my first character, Anna Greingoth (now Newell). Greingoth was a surname I created back when I first joined the site. It's pronounced 'Green Goth' and is a tribute to Severus Snape. Green, of course, represents Slytherin house, while Goth stands for Snape's black hair and clothes. Neither Anna nor her sister (or any of my characters, actually) are goth, though (I've been asked that several times, lol). I simply used the word as part of my surname, because Snape is one of my favorite characters, and the word reminded me of his appearance. In addition, the name Bella (used as Anna's middle name and Sierra and Anna's mother's first name) is a shortened form of Bellatrix (as in, Lestrange, of course). So there you have it! A bit of OOC trivia-type material as to how I chose some of my family names!

Template Coding by Ashlie aka Hermione_loves_Ron.

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Name: Evelyn Rose Flores-Shepard
Year: Fifth
Age: 15
Date of Birth: August 20, 2058
Place of Birth: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Heritage: Pureblood
Wand: 10 1/3", Dark Ash wood, Basilisk Fang core, Very robust.

Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Skin: Tan
Height: 5'6"
Other: The scar that was on her right should, gracing her neck, is mostly gone now. She'll more than likely have bags under her eyes again considering it's her OWLs year too.
Relationship Status: In a relationship with Joshua Carter

Evelyn is a very independent person with a curious nature, though she does hang with a few certain people. She isn't the innocent, sweet, loving girl she was during the beginning of her 1st year anymore, though she has gotten good at acting the innocent part over the years and summers. She is very much a perfectionist and hates when things don't go her way, meaning she also has a short temper, however, she does have an open mind and listens to others and their opinions whether she keeps then in mind or not. Evelyn loves to play pranks (which is mostly interpreted by others as picking on/bullying) on people and likes to push them to their limits, seeing where her boundaries are with them. There really is only once chance to be her friend, and if it starts or ends badly, she will make sure it stays that way.

SPOILER!!: History of Evelyn
Evelyn was born in August on one of the hottest days of summer to ex-Hogwarts Slytherin pureblood students Leona and Felix Flores. She was very loved when she was younger by her parents, and even though they pushed her to be the very best she could be, one could tell from a mile away that she was the light in their life. That is, up until she found a particular room that was supposed to be destroyed years before she was born.

The room was filled with new and old books, papers, random notes, and such, all written from her family and bought from book stores that many have probably never heard about. This is where her obsession with the Dark Arts appeared, when she started reading everything there. Her family was not what she was led to believe and she was slowly piecing things together about her family's past. Her parents found out eventually where she had been going and forbid her to ever speak of anything to anyone, while locking up the door to make sure she could never get in again. That didn't stop the little girl from finding a way in though with the help of one of their house elves, Bibby.

Reading everything there had poisoned her mind, and it only fueled her growing anger and rebellious attitude. Her parents started to avoid her, leaving Bibby to take care of her. A surprise however was revealed to her that they were going to be expecting another addition to their family; something that didn't go quite well with her since she loved to be the center of attention. Locking herself in her room, she spent days by herself, studying the normal textbooks that she was expected to memorize, and eventually, she had become so lonely that she started talking to herself. Of course, it just started out as reading to herself, but then moving on to voicing her thoughts out loud.

Once her new little brother, Felix, was born, she suddenly never felt so lonely in her life as she did then. Her conversations with herself turned real as it seemed there was a voice that would talk back to her in her mind, and eventually, making her do things she didn't want to. Unloved and unsafe, trusting everything the voice said seemed like the only option she had to feel somewhat wanted anymore, and it grew in control of Evelyn's mind daily until the point where she couldn't decipher which were her thoughts, and which were the voice's.

Scared and still feeling alone, she rebelled against the voice, and soon against her parents as well. It's safe to say that she now could efficiently defend herself if needed, and being alone was no problem for her anymore. Though whenever she was, she would feel weak again and all unwanted thoughts would swarm into her mind. The voice still plagues her mind, but she can't hear it anymore and it keeps her up at night with nightmares, resulting in the dark bags under her eyes.

The death of her Uncle and house elf Bibby has left her emotionally distraught. But being who she is, a proud and independent girl, she hides those emotions and just deals with the nightmares alone, not wanting others to see that she has a weakness.

Recent History:
Evelyn was finally disowned from her family and unfortunately, kicked out of her home in the middle of her third year. Being the good friend that she is, Rae had offered her a place to live when she found out, and during the summer of 2072, they had been fixing up the house that they'll both be living in. On the other hand, Evelyn was also staying at her friend Destiny's house. Switching off between the two Slytherin's houses, and studying from dawn to nightfall has been keeping her mind busy and keeping her focused so she wouldn't dwell on the fact that really, her family didn't want her anymore. Not really wanting her last name anymore either, since it reminded her too much of bad memories, the Slytherin girl had decided to play around and use Destiny's last name as well as her own. Who better than her best friend, right?

Past Summer: Having no parents around for guidance and pretty much living in a party house with no rules whatsoever, Evelyn has become quite rebellious. Not to mention her little patience as it is has grown quite thin. The "nice" side of on the other hand her shows up every now and then, but it pretty much has been buried deep within herself.

Pets: She has a half kneazle cat named Poof whom she is very protective of.

Family (she no longer lives with):
Mother - Leona Rose Flores
Father - Demetri Bane Flores
Brother - Felix Demetri Bane Flores
Uncle (deceased) - Uncle Zane

Destiny Shepard
Marie Salazar
Rae Skye
Joshua Carter
Patroclus Hudson
Kylie Matthews
Sierra Greingoth
S. Salander

Her Personal Space
Gardening (secretly)

Unwanted Contact with people.
Anyone who goes into her personal space without permission.
People who touch her wand.
Fingerprints on her wand.
People who mess with her, her friends, or her cat.
Muggle Studies

______________________4th Year Slytherin______________________
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Sandra Perdieu Chevalier


Name: Sandra Heather Perdieu Chevalier (She goes by Sadie so get it right!)
D.O.B: March 12th, 2055
Age: 17
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Height: 5'11''
Parents names: Laura and Thomas Perdieu (fake) Daniel Chevalier and Jennifer Boyle (Real)
Pets: Three horses: Wally, Beezus, and Daisy
Other relatives: Alexander (10) and Madison Perdieu(12) (fake brother and sister), Aiden Chevalier and Evan Neubaum (half brother's)
Friends: Finn Carmichael, Jimmy Wilkes, Duncan Fletcher
Enemies!: Cosette Soleil and Rae Skye
Home: Florence, South Carolina
Allergies: Bees!
Patronus: Gofer
Wand: 11'', Oak, Unicorn Hair, Flexible
Amortentia smells: Horse Stables, Men's Cologne, Strawberry Cocktail
Favourite stuff: Cell Phone (enough said)
Food: Vanilla Wafers
Icecream: Mint Chocolate Chip
Candy: Chocolate Frogs
Colours: Black, Red, Turquoise, Purple
Books: Romance Novels
Subjects at school: Charms, Transfiguration, Herbology
Professors: TBD
Quidditch Players: Noneeee...
Hobbies: Texting, Horseback Riding, Martial Arts, Shopping, Roaming around

History & Personality:

Sadie Perdieu is one of the oddest people you'll ever meet. She's a bit self absorbed but does like doing stuff with other people. You'll notice she wants EVERYTHING organized to her liking and will often fidget around with stuff if it isn't. This may be because she has OCD problems. It's worse than the average person. She likes to think she's always right and is sort of nasty. If you're around her when she's in a good mood, she's fun to be with. She's smart and can be funny. And if she's feeling in the mood she'll help you out with stuff. Her height is quite shocking and she's even taller in heels. Sadie's brave enough to smack you if she has to.

One thing to get straight: She IS NOT A DRAMA QUEEN

If you even mention her being too dramatic she'll get very defensive and argue about it. Ohh and she does have a knack for lying to get her way. She'll play matchmaker if she feels like it and is a somewhat of a flirt.

She was born in South Carolina and has a pretty thick accent. Her mom is a muggle and her dad is a wizard. The thing is she grew up living in one big HUGE GIGANTIC lie. She found out in her 6th year by doing a bit of research that she was adopted by the Perdieu's and was just raised to be a Perdieu. Of course this made her extremely angry and hurt to find out and that led to her keeping to herself most of her 6th year. She did forgive her 'fake' parent's after a while and decided to keep her last name 'Perdieu' even though she's of age. Her half brother is Aiden Chevalier and she was in shock to find this out. Firstly because she never knew what his last name was and secondly because well...that's just a shocking thing to know. Her other half brother is Evan Neubaum and he was the one who contacted her in the first place. Her real mom is dead and she has yet to meet her real dad. Over the summer she spent a lot of time with Evan and the two share a lot of similar qualities. It still blows her mind that all of this could really happen.

No one would even assume it and she hasn't told anyone but she has a thing for martial arts and kick boxing. She started to take lessons when she was 12 and just found that she loved it. She has the capability of pinning someone to the ground. She also did gymnastics for a time so she's flexible and likes to do back handsprings or cartwheels while enjoying the fresh air. In the midst of all that she's a die hard shopper and likes to dress in skirts or dresses most days in the summer. She can be eccentric so you may find her outfits sort of unusual. Sadie's not into watching Quidditch but she does find playing it amazing. She loves all of her horses and very much wants to continue doing competitions with them.

To finish it off....Sadie has a HUGE little thing for Duncan Fletcher. She's come back to Hogwarts because she missed the over all life here and she does happen to have some unfinished business to take care of. Those including NEWTs yesssss. She's quite an interesting person and recommends you meet her.

Hiyoooo! I'm the mastermind behind Sadie! I'm known around here as Thalia and I'm currently a 9th grader in high school! Sooo being a 9th grader means homework, homework, homework! I'll admit I'm super fond of school, but not in the nerd-ish way! Anyhow, my passion is dance and currently I'm a tapper and take jazz. I've been in it for almost 11 years! Seeing movies and hanging out with friends at sport events are some of my favorite things to do along with SS! Hah so that means I love to RP and am up to RPing whenever. I'm a known procrastinator so sorry if it takes me a little bit. I promise to do my best.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Tenacius "Ace" Salander

x12 x12

Ministry RPG Name:
Vincenzo "Vickers" Vanderbilt

Ministry RPG Name:
Regina Ysadore Corveena Roa
International Cooperation
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Full Name: Stradivarius Schermerhorn S.A. Salander

Nickname: just “Salander”

Age: (currently) 17 yrs

Height: (currently) 5'10

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Dark Brown

Birthdate: June 5th 2056

Birthplace: Anaheim, CA, USA

Heritage: Halfblood

Father: Stradivarius T. Salander; muggle; classical musician, composer, orchestra conductor.

Mother: Caroline H. Schermerhorn-Astor; witch; heiress, socialite, patron of the arts and charitable causes.

House: Slytherin

Wand type: 10.56in. Mahogany wood with Dragon Heartstring core from a grand Hebridean Black dragon.

Scholastic overview: Salander's early magical education was spent bouncing around four schools over the span of three years in the United States before his mother intervened, having him move to the UK to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for his 4th year. He has successfully completed that term and has returned for his 5th year of magical education..

~ The Salander Story ~

SPOILER!!: Once upon a time...
Salander was born into a loving couple whose lives were filled with music, arts, culture and days upon days of social engagements. Stradivarius and Caroline’s courtship was akin to a fairytale-- she was a wealthy witch of impressive lineage who chose a hardworking muggle boy of modest means among the throng of suitors. Stradivarius back then was a struggling artist who felt fortuitous to have found his muse, of which their union brought on some of the best work of his career. But the happily-ever-after story didn't last, with Caroline's fickle nature, relentless partying and familial negligence, and Stradivarius’ over-controlling tendency and growing distrust of his wife's activities. His latent prejudice of her magical nature also emerged, which finally drove the couple apart when Salander was 5. Two years later their divorce was settled.

As a child, Salander was very close to his father. Bearing all the appearance and abilities of a precocious muggle boy, Stradivarius was convinced that his son did not inherit any of his mother's “weirdness”. The elder Salander raised his son alone, continuing along the lines of culture, arts and music. The young, impressionable boy followed everything his father told him, even when deep down, he thought and felt differently.

Just as with any boy his age, young Salander would get involved in schoolyard fights, generally started when some bully or heckler would single him out or his friends, at times something as petty as making fun of his rather long and unusual name. The boy would get into a scuffle, even when he is completely unmatched and outnumbered. This habit resulted to frequent trips to the Principals office, on occasions requiring the presence of his father. The older Salander would reprimand his son regardless of what brought the fight about, being a staunch pacifist.

On Salander's 11th birthday, he receives an unexpected visit from his mother, who he has not seen since he was 7. She treats her son to a week-long vacation at a safari styled theme park. During the course of the following days Caroline alternately asks the boy unusual questions and tasks, gauging if the boy has grown into his magical nature. The week came and went uneventfully, much to the heiress' disappointment and young Salander’s confusion.

Caroline was unmistakened about her son’s potential as a wizard, but she was 2 years early. Or rather, he was 2 years late.

~ Open Sesame! ~

SPOILER!!: But then this happened....

On Salander’s 13th birthday, the boy attempts to open the backyard shed to prepare for the day’s festivities. The door shed was stuck, and Salander had great difficulty prying it open. Like a bolt from the blue his magical abilities emerged and he unwittingly set the shed on fire. Salander’s abilities came fast and furious over the next several hours. He was a danger in the kitchen, unbeknownst to the boy that he was causing utensils and furniture flying about unheeded. Gas pipes around the house would flare up without warning, threatening to set the house itself on fire. Agitated and confused, the boy seeks refuge in the den, hoping that a favored painting of a ship at sea would calm him down. Suddenly he noticed the ship’s sails fluttering in the wind, the water from the painting lapping out of the frame and spilling onto the floor. The boy froze, both mystified and terrified as the ship loomed towards him. His father pulls him out of the way just as the ship’s bow crashes out of the frame and beaches into their den. Water continued to flood in as Stradivarius’ booming voice barked orders at his son above the din. Overwhelmed with panic the boy runs out of the house and doesnt stop until he was several blocks away.

It was then that the commotion ceased as suddenly as it started. Everything reverted back to the way it was. Everything except for Stradivarius’ temper which has gone through the roof realizing that his son was a freak just like his mother.

A tense family reunion took place quickly thereafter. Stradivarius didnt want to turn the boy over to his mother but neither did he know what to do with a child who was clearly not one of his kind. Caroline offered to have the boy schooled at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic in France, her alma mater, but Stradivarius insisted that the boy remain in the United States.

~ The Magical Mystery Tour ~

SPOILER!!: And here we go...
Salander attends his 1st year at the Arcadia School of Magical Learning at the age of 13. Initially his learning curve was pretty low, having never been taught a single thing about the wizarding ways. Of this his younger schoolmates would make fun of him, citing his age and muggle lineage. He still gets drawn into fights, but it was usually to protect "the little guys". As well meaning as his intentions were, Salander was often suspended for bullying; being bigger and stronger than many of his schoolmates at the time didnt help his case any.

The succeeding schools he attended wasnt much different from his experience in Arcadia. Salander's 2nd year was spent at an all boys' school, the Theurgists Hall at Pendle Hill. There he got entangled with the local fraternity of elite warlocks, ending his school year recuperating at the hospital and struggling to keep his slot at the school. But influential families convinced the school's headmaster that Salander was better off somewhere else.

Frustrations mount when Stradivarius learned that his son is between schools again. Worsened by his irrational dislike of the magical community, he decides that the boy is overdue for some old fashioned discipline. Stradivarius enrolls his son at a premiere military-like institute for the gifted, the Crowne Institute of Archimages. In true Salander fashion the boy butted heads with his superiors and alienated cadets within and outside his regimen. He doesnt last the week.

The 15 year old was just about ready to chuck out his studies and get out to the real world, not even thinking of returning home and getting into another row with his father. But an old acquaintance from the Arcadia school gave him hope and got him a slot at The Salem Academy of Shamanism and Sorcery, provided that Salander be on his best behavior. And that he did. Salander still came home to his father regularly via the usual port-key arrangement with the school, but to avoid the animosity at home that has often antagonized him Salander took great efforts to isolate himself, either charming his room to make it appear empty, or the door hopelessly stuck, or simply leaving the house and not returning until dark. The faculty at Salem thought Salander showed great promise as a warlock until it was discovered that he was stealing school supplies (or so it seemed). Discreetly the Academy allowed Salander to finish his 3rd year, but asked him not to re-enroll lest he face charges.

Stradivarius was livid upon receiving the notification of his son's dismissal. Salander was beyond caring as he made the motions of packing up and leaving. Caroline apparates back into the home, having received the same notification and anticipating what could become a violent row between father and son. After considerable persuasion Caroline convinces Stradivarius in allowing Salander to leave his troubles behind with a change of environment-- stay with her in the UK and enroll him at the country's premiere school of magic: The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

~ Smells like Teen Spirit ~

SPOILER!!: aka Personality profile
Salander has been known to be impudent, impatient, and irascible, specially in his early teens. Certainly his early scholastic experiences may have contributed more than its fair share of the attitude maladjustment, but perhaps the most damaging is the prejudice he suffered from his muggle father, who he once considered his childhood hero. But deep down young Salander is an idealist, suffering from a kind of hero-complex who would fight for anyone who was at a disadvantage (yes that includes himself) and has, over time, developed a strong dislike of bullying and prejudice in any form. But the boy is far from perfect, and certainly has been guilty at one time or another of those same things he swore he would protect others from.

~ Hogwarts term 2072-2073 ~
<update in progress, check back soon >
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Abel Wysor
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Derrick Vanderbilt
Minister's Office
be the bre.

Full Name: Rae Lilyan Skye
Nicknames: Rae
Date of Birth: November 16th
Place of Birth: Derbys, England
Current Residence: London, England

Heritage: pure blood
Wand Type: Light, 11 ¼, vine wood wand with fwooper hair core
Patronus: A Lynx

Hair Color: black
Eye Color: grey
Height: 5'8.
Defining Physical Features: some call her eyes hypnotic. she has an amazing smile but doesn't show it often.
Relationship Status: Taken [Duncan Fletcher, Hufflejock/Glitterpuff]

Mother: Vienna June Quirregen
Father: Raziel Gray Quirregen
Siblings: Kaleigh Dean Quirregen (sister, 20) was in Ravenclaw
Pets: Raven that has purple eyes named Erebos. The name Erebos is the name of the greek god of shadow and darkness

Personality: Rae, like any other person, can have different sides to her. Most of the time she is calm and more like a tomboy who just wants to relax. When she gets too stressed by a problem or there are too many thoughts in her head, she will end up doing something reckless just to get her mind clear. Though Rae was never girly she is recently finding a more girly side of herself recently. Dresses and skirts are the new thing Rae has branched out too. She LOVES getting into trouble.. Risks are what keeps Rae's spirits up. Of course we can't forget about her amazing champion that also keeps her happy :]

History/Background: When Rae was 11 years old her father that was very close to her had been murdered by her mother. Rae left the house and was homeless for 4 and a half years until she had finally received a will from her father giving her a house they used to vacation in. Rae's friend Evelyn was kicked out of her house therefore stuck with no home as well.. Rae invited Evelyn to come and live with her. Ev and Rae have been trying to find out how to live in a house but they find they can depend on each other. After a confusing relationship with Xylon Saar, Rae fell for someone she had liked for a while before hand and who was also a best friend. Duncan Fletcher is the winner of the Tri-Wizard tournament and Rae's boyfriend. He is currently staying with Rae and Evelyn on school breaks. (Will continue to add as the term progresses)
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Simon L. Macalister
Second Year
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Simon L. Macalister

Name: Simon L. Macalister
DoB: November 1, 2060
PoB: Orange County, California
Age: 12 years and 10 months
Year at Hogwarts: 2nd
Blood: Pureblood

Best Subjects: DADA, Potions
Least Favorite/Worst Subjects: Arithmancy, Muggle Studies
Pets: Boomer (ferret)


Father: Samuel Macalister
Mother: Elena Macalister (née Vaughan)
Siblings: Melanie and Natalie Macalister (twins)

Physical Traits:

Hair Color: Dark brown almost black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5.5 ft.
Built: Athletic


Simon L Macalister is a very prideful little guy. Age twelve years and ten months and can't wait until his thirteen. He is very tentative and analytical, that many times he finds himself analyzing non-important things. His greatest weakness, but strength, is his curiosity. Simon likes to know everything which sometimes gets him in trouble. The young wizard is also proud in the sense that he likes to flaunt his good qualities and family fortune. But behind the arrogance, Simon is a well mannered guy. He was raised to be respectful and to always be himself. Simon can be a flirt, but he doesn't take that seriosly, too young. He is too naive in subject of dating and relationships. Nonetheless, Simon is a friendly guy that can be trusted as he trusts people around him.


Simon was born to Samuel and Elena Macalister, both Purebloods. Six years after his birth, Elena was pregnant with twins and gave birth to two baby girls, Melanie and Natalie. He thinks of them as little monsters as they always enjoy torturing him and Boomer with girly stuff. Being the only male, Simon grew up respecting women.

His dad is an influential man in the wizarding world along with Macalister Enterprises. His mom was the Charms professor at the AESWW, where Simon did his first year of schooling.

Simon has lived a life of riches and luxuries ever since he was born, but not everything is peachy and happy. The side of his father's family act different toward him. They act as if Simon wasn't part of the family and are always judging his every action. His parents tell him not to pay attention to what they say, but it is hard for the poor kid. His hair is too dark. Blue eyes has always been a dominant Macalister gene. Why are his eyes brown? But the comment he once heard, the one that planted the most evil of fears in him, he heard from his grandmother, are you sure he's your son? since then Simon has become more of a rebel, but truly he is trying to find out who he is. No one knows about this and he prefers to keep it that way.

Simon disliked his old school and always dreamed of going to the school his parents attended, Hogwarts. He did everything that was within his power to get expelled from the AESWW, but he did not prevail. Then strangely, one Saturday afternoon on July, his parents got a strange Owl and immediately decided to move to England. What was the strangest thing of the whole ordeal was that they traveled through Muggle transportation, an airplane, instead of Flooing. Simon had a weird feeling that they were running away from something or someone, but he didn't pay much attention to it. His thoughts were solely on getting sorted into Slytherin, now. He didn't just want to be sorted there, he had to, and would even go as far as bribing the Sorting Hat to place him there.

Through out his excitement of finally attending Hogwarts, the boy cannot shake the feeling that he is being watched or monitored. He does, though, feel as if he's looking for something...but he doesn't know whay, yet.

Simon has been privileged enough to be able to attend Hogwarts and hopes that here, he will be able to find for what he's been searching for and hopefully make some friends along the way.


- Himself
- Family
- Muggle films
- Boomer (pet ferret)
- Gringotts' account
- Surfing
- Newfound friends
- Candy!


- Enemies
- Cheapness
- Grandparents(from his dad's side)
- Cheaters
- Cry-babies
- Not getting what he wants
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
James Phoenix Silsbury
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Catharina Rhea Black
Department of Mysteries
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DoB: July 11, 2061
Age: 12
Year At Hogwats: Second Year
Blood Status: Pureblood
Best Subjects: DADA, Charms, HoM
Least Favorite/Worst Subjects: Herbology, CoMC
SPOILER!!: Cygnus

Cat: Ice

Loyalties: Slytherin House, Prewett Clan, the Most Noble House of Black,
“The Slytherin Queens Trio”, other pureblood families.
Birth date: July 11
Nicknames: Cass, Cara, Slythie!Queen

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Varies. Frequently aquamarine
Skin: Pale
Height: 4’9
Weight: 80 pounds
Build: Dainty/ Slim

Wand: 10.5 inches, mahogany, Dragon heartstring core
Boggart: Giant Snails
Patronus: fox

Cass was born to Ignatius Prewett and Lucretia Black on July 11, 2061 at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Her mother was originally confined to the hospital because she was recovering from being knocked off her feet because of a spell that backfired, and a few hours later Cass was born. Fortunately, she wasn’t born premature because Lucretia’s original due date was for next week.

Cass grew up to be an interesting mix of two beliefs, one of them promoting open-mindedness while the other is still firmly rooted on the old pureblood beliefs.

At the age of six, while she was being watched by a baby sitter, Cass’ favorite toy, a stuffed kneazle named Aqua fell down the stairs accidentally. In result, she threw a terrible tantrum that damaged half of her playroom. Fortunately no one was harmed. Since then, Cass was instructed to begin her primary education. Her parents had great wizards come over to teach her the basic things about magic. Her tutors have reported her to be a pleasant girl, one who possesses a natural flair for spell casting.

Like all wizarding children, when Cass turned 11, she received her Hogwarts letter and she wasted no time in shopping for her school supplies. And, the rest is history.

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Formerly: Dianna Malfoy
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Dianna Lyra Malfoy
Fourth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
"Elisxa" Beery-Kastenholtz
Magical Games & Sports

Dianna Lyra Malfoy


Name: Dianna Lyra Malfoy
Age: 13
Birthday: June 5 2060
Blood-Status: Pureblood
Hometown:Wiltshire, England

Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Bluish-Grey
Skin Color: Pale
Height: currently 5'3

Wand: 10' Hawthorn Wood with Dragon Heartstring
Best Subject: Potions,DADA,Charms,Divination
Worst Subjects: Arithmancy
Significant Other: FYI she's single at the moment


Father: Lucius Maxwell Malfoy
Mother: Narcissa "Lisa" Malfoy
Siblings: Draco Maximus Malfoy (twin)
Relatives: Emma Malfoy (Emms), Trixie Malfoy (feltbeatslover22), Edmond Malfoy (Damian_Malfoy), Hannah Malfoy, Connor Malfoy (gothicravenclaw), Salina Malfoy (iceblossom22)
Friends: Alexa Buckingham (AlexaLilz), Selena Zabini-Riddle (xiiWishiWasyours)


- 1 owl named Henry
SPOILER!!: Henry

- 1 Crup


Dianna is a competitive but kind young girl. She loves to be with her friends and is very tight with her family. She can get pretty bad when your mean to her and she can get annoyed easily during study period.
She is the kind of girl that can blend in with the boys and girls at the same time. She is very loyal and will try to help the best she can. She can be quite aggressive to muggle-borns and half-bloods but tries to befriend them to avoid trouble.
Just like her brother she loves Quidditch and is a good player herself. She tends to be vain most of the time and can spend hours in the girls lavatory just combing her hair.


Dianna was born to a wealthy family and was quite spoiled by her parents. Her mom can be very protective of her most of the time. She is close to her brother who treats her like a brother rather than a sister. She did not get the blonde hair color from her father' side and instead got the dark hair color gene from the Black's (mother's side), Her magic first showed when a muggle girl and her friends bullied her thus making them lose their hair. (or in other words, bald) Her family has been Slytherin for decades.

FYI that's not all of her friends so don't worry!
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Ministry RPG Name:
Amelia Hartman
Accidents & Catastrophes

Ministry RPG Name:
Presley Ross

Diagon Alley Employee:
Stella Marie Reed
Daily Prophet News Reporter
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Alex(ander) Reed

Name: Alexander Reed
DoB: November 3 2059
Age: 14
Year At Hogwats: 3rd (and his first)
Blood: Pureblood
Best Subjects: Flying, Defence Against the Dark Arts
Least Favorite/Worst Subjects: Divination, Ancient runes, muggle studies, Artimancy, History of Magic the list goes on and on
Pets: A dog (at home)
SPOILER!!: lookit. I dare ya.

heh, he's all wrinkly. the dog I mean
, An owl.

Personality:Alex is the charming jokester angel who gets along with everyone. He's laid back and if he oversleeps which he tends to do... he miracally always makes it on time. He adores his friends and is very protective of them. He's a ladiesman but a gentleman. Loves to have fun and meet new people. He's in Slytherin because... Well, hurt his friends and find out!
Appearance:He has that I just rolled out of bed and I still look awesome - look.
Eye Color: Hazel brown with a hint of green in them
Hair: Dark brown, always, always messy. No really, always.
History: Alex is originally from England, London to be exact but his family moved to New York a couple of years back. He decided to transfer to Hogwarts when he was in his third year (personal reasons ), he now lives with his relatives in central London. No adress because well, stalking much?!
Hogwarts History: NONE! A transfer, heh.


His friends
His wand
Playing the guitar
pygmy puffs...
Meeting new peeps
Parties (yay!)
Ellie Johanson


Back stabbing
His friends hurt
Being alone
Party poopers

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Taylor Aria Wattsfay

the basics

Name: Taylor Aria Siobhan Wattsfay
Age: 12
Year: Second Year
Heritage: Pureblood
Appearance: Blonde/Brown hair- usually curly, startling blue eyes, a beautiful smile. She's tall and tanned, and very toned.
Relationship?: Engaged to Draven Kurgan... yes, engaged.
Hometown: Essex
Best Subjects: Ancient Runes/Charms
Worst Subject: Arithmancy

the family

Mother: Anna Heavre
Father: Richard Wattsfay (now re-married)
Siblings: Tom Wattsfay & Kristen Jones

... and her adorable puppy Daisy.

SPOILER!!: daisyboo

her personality, background, likes & dislikes

Taylor is from an old Pureblood family- she started off at Hogwarts as the typical 'Mean Girl' But she's changed herself around and is now a completely different girl, never to slip back to her old ways. She can be a tad vain though- okay, maybe very vain! But she seriously cares about the way she looks- it's very important to her to make a good impression, and good first impressions always start with appearance. She's sweet, kind and good hearted- just generally a lovely girl to be around! Tay will always stick up for her friends, she'll always be there to help, or just as a shoulder to cry on.
She loves her family so much, she'd do anything for them, well... maybe not all of them....- even though things get complicated at times and there is plenty of drama! She's strong- but stubborn, if something annoys her, or someone- she will persist on finding out why- or sticking up for herself. She's deeply in love with her fiance Draven, they may be young, but age doesn't count in love- she wants to get married at 16. She loves shopping, music, and just having fun with her true friends! And that's another thing, she doesn't like fake friends too much, if you're really going to be her friend, no back stabbing please! She loves lazy days by the pool at home- but she also loves working out, there's nothing better than a run to keep you feeling amazing! She hates liars, cheats- just anyone who's nasty really! She's an amazing dancer, she doesn't get much of a chance to show that off at Hogwarts, but she is quite a good Quidditch player, let's hope she gets to show that off at some point.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Nora Penelope Reed

Ministry RPG Name:
Konrad Alexander Scherfig
Minister's Office
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Name: Helena Beatrix Ariana Hopkins
DoB: October 30th
Age: 11

Year at Hogwats: first
Heritage: Pureblood
Wand: 11 ¾ Inches, Yew, Bendy, Sea Serpent Scale core

Best Subjects: Charms
Least Favorite/Worst Subjects: Flying

Pets: an eagle owl named Hades

Personality: Ambitious and hardworking, Helena could be a loyal and trustworthy friend, once you get to know her. She would never do anything to hurt anyone, not even a fly. Not always extremely nice, she complains a lot but mostly just for herself. She also wouldn't lie, even if she preffers to keep the comments for her, but never lie.


Eye Color: blue-gray
Hair: dark brown, almost black
Skin: very pale
Height: 5'1

History: Helena was born in Lewisham, England, in a Pureblood family. Every member of the family was a Slytherin, well known for their ambition and proving themselves to be 'the best'. However, Helena is afraid she can't keep up with her family's reputation, even though her parents promised her nothing happens if she is the one to 'change the tradition'.

Her mother, Eleanor Penelope Ariana Hopkins (nee Comstock), works at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries as a healer, specialized in 'Potion and Plant Poisoning' and her father, Philbert Dennis Hopkins, works as a Curse-Breaker at Gringotts Wizarding Bank. Her name, Beatrix, belonged to her great-great-great-great grandmother, Beatrix Irma Comstock, who was a notable Potioneer and Ariana belongs to her mother.

She has a small scar on her left arm since the age of four, when she first rode on a toy broom and fell. Since then, she didn't even touch a broom. Except for this, nothing unusual happened in her life.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Caolan Wilson
Fifth Year

x12 x6

Ministry RPG Name:
Layla Marie Ackerly
Games & Sports
HeadGirlMC | Treddie & Trixiver <3 | Copy Girl | Katie's Ickle Minion | I love YOU more

Head Girl MC
Trixie Amelia Malfoy

Graphics Credit to Izzy (Cedric)

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Nicknames: Trix, Memory!Charm, Bean!Girl, Trixie Pixie, Loo!Girl Horse!Girl… (Yes most of these are from Oliver )
DoB: 24th May
Year: 7th
House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Pure
Resides: Kneazle Manor Farm, Powys, Wales
Patronus: Vixen
Ammortentia: Strawberry's

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Fair
Height: 5ft6
Body Shape: Hourglass
Typical Clothing: Girly

House: Slytherin
OWL's: All 12
Best Lessons: Astronomy, Herbology and Divination...Apparently
Worst Lessons: Potions and CoMC *Pouts*
Favourite Lessons: DADA and Astronomy
Positions within the school: Slytherin reserve, beater and chaser. Now Head Girl

Mother: Eloise Malfoy Nee Troughton (age 36)
Father: Samuel Malfoy (age 35)
Family at School: Lemon Malfoy, Emma Malfoy and Dianna Malfoy (cousins)
Family out of School: Ella Ainsworth (Cousins)

Trixie was born to Pureblooded parents, Eloise and Samuel Malfoy. Her father, Samuel often called Sam for short is a professional Quidditch Player. He started off, like many, at Hogwarts school before he moved over to America and was team mates, and just good friends with a certain Professor Jeremy Zookara *Whistles* Here was where he met Trixie’s mother, Eloise, who was at that time travelling America before heading back to England and working for the Ministry again. After several years out on the team and a wedding between Trixie’s parents (obviously) the Malfoys regretfully moved back to Europe, Wales to be exact and Trixie Malfoy was born 3 months later. Eloise now works in Wales, her job in the Wizarding world takes her all over the small Country, mainly when Trix is at school. As her father plays Quidditch, Sam isn't seen that often, however he always tries to make it home during the holidays. Although her parents missed America they still managed to fly back every year and even received visits from a certain team mate *whistles even more*. Trix was 7 years old when her parents relocated over to Wales to set up home there. She doesn't remember a lot though. Well anything but we will get to that later.

Trixie was sent off to attend school at Beauxbatons until she was aged 15. The girl was popular amongst her peers, due to the fact her family were considered “well off” and also that she just had the right personality. However, after only 4 years of attending the school, the Malfoy family decided it was time for a move as Hogwarts was indeed closer to Wales and certainly more convenient for the commute. Although she had left a lot of friends back in Beauxbatons, Trixie was willing for a fresh start and allowed herself to be transferred. Regretfully at first but the blonde quickly got used to her new School. Even if she had to work her way back up.

Upon arriving in Diagon Alley, Trixie wasn’t sure how to react. Her surroundings were completely different and this time, she was the unknown. One of the very first people she met was Ella Ainsworth. The two didn’t exactly see eye to eye and much to both of the girls dismay, found out that they were actually related through their Uncle Bill. The Blonde was later sorted into Slytherin House, another aspect that she was completely unsure of for she had heard rumours of this being the “evil house”.

The start of term was a huge drama for the then 15 year old. In her first year at Hogwarts she had managed to worm her way into a huge pile of drama, ending up slap bang in the middle of a love Pentagon, which later developed into an octagon. I know. Confusing much? Trixie fell for two guys but later ended up dating a fellow fifth year Ravenclaw Milo, whom she was very happy with until he dumped her at the Ball *sniff* because he thought her to be unfaithful. About a quarter of the way through term, Trixie was hit with the Stupefying Charm but Mr Patrick Dubois and ended up with a couple of weeks in the Hospitals Observation Ward, of course he received a detention *snigger* but Trix had got some thing a lot worse and ended up with severe Memory Loss.

Despite her troubles in this part of term, Trix made it onto the Quidditch Team as a reserve, however ended up playing at every single game, including the Championships. She played Beater once and from then on was known as “a menace on the pitch”. She still vouches it was not her fault that she punched Firstie Melissa Bellator in the mouth. It had just been a spur in the moment. However she played Chaser in the Championship game and scored two goals, which to be honest, even she was extremely surprised with, for she had been told a few weeks earlier she had bad aim, before hitting her captain in the face with a cricket ball *evil laugh* Although she claims that THAT wasn't her fault either. Though it totally is.... The "Malfoy" as she is known in the games, just got really involved and into the matches and her brain was taken over with excitement.

Seventh Year

Trixie is now in her final year at Hogwarts and over the summer received an owl that asked her to become Head Girl, which of course she accepted immediately. The seventeen year old is extremely happy to have been asked but is also quite apprehensive of the forthcoming year, not because of NEWTs but because a lot of her closest friends have left.

SPOILER!!: Friends
(Totally stole this from Katie …And Sarah apparently)
Oliver Greenwood: Well he was her captain and her Head Boy. Trixiver is basically the battle of the HUGE ego’s and the two are best friends. The day he left the school, Trixie actually admitted to him that she loved him And kissed him, big mistake. It took a lot of awkwardness and a big talk, but the two are besties again. Now graduated
Freddie Broadmoor: Naturally as Head Girl Trixie felt obliged to help a Muggleborn student be introduced to the Wizarding World. What she hadn't expected was that she would fall for the guy, who happened to be her bestie's cousin. The two are now comfortably dating.
Ella Ainsworth: Trixie and her cousin Ella have never really got on, the two met in Diagon Alley and were horrified to found out they were related. However family comes first and they seem to be growing closer..
Cameron Caddock: The word friendship could be debatable. Cammy knows Trix likes her boyfriend but Ketchup and Airhead seem to get along…Occasionally *smirk* Now graduated
Vashti “Spatulaclaw” Greenwell: The tale of Spatula’s, feathers, clothes pegs and fake death, the two had such a blast in History of Magic.
Sarah Griffin: Trix made the then prefect (and then Head Girl) whack her head whilst looking for ice cream in the Kitchens. She looks up to her Hufflepuff friend but has also graduated.
Lori Bristol: These two have Slytherpuff pride, as the girls partnered up in Potions (and received an O *whistle* because they are AWESOME! *wink*) Now graduated.
Aiden Chevalier: Ella’s boyfriend and one of Trixie’s first Hogwarts Crushes, although the two are just good friends now Even though he drew mustaches on her and Ella Now Graduated.
Emma Malfoy: Trixie’s little cousin who she finds adorable.
Neptune Bott: Well what can you say? Apparently she is gonna “Keep trixie” and likes to stare at Jayce’s hair. Hmm…Maybe friendship is on the cards? ((*loves*))

Trixie has always had a bit of an ego. An even bigger one now that she has an equally sized one to compete with. The Blonde is definitely a Slytherin due to her sarcastic nature and shifty ways. You could probably even see her head grow larger at certain times and with certain people.

But despite her annoying features, Trixie does have some redeeming traits. For one, she is very friendly to old friends and strangers alike. She doesn't mind making new friendships and conversations. She can be a bit over emotional at times and her feelings can fly around everywhere, sos he never knows truly how to feel. However she knows how to love, whether it be romantic family or friendship, her heart is one thing that is never wrong.

Trix is also a good student, receiving all 12 of her OWL's and always doing her best to earn house points. In fact she is called a Swot because her homework is always completed to an acceptable standard. Well, she is a dedicated Slytherin, that is all that can be said.

Oh and one other thing that has to be said about Trixie ever since the impact with the wall, the Blonde has been Very VERY clumsy. She even ran into the treehouse once, oh and the front gate.......Hence why her middle adopted middle name is Clumsiness.

She obviously has the trait of a Head Girl, she is both strict and stern, always wanting for others to abide by the rules, but she's also kind and sweet, as long as you don't get on her bad side.

~Her absolutely amazing and gorgeous (*Pulls face*) Boyfriend Freddie Broadmoor
~Her Family
~Her Friends
~Oliver Greenwood As her bestie.. Sort of
~Drama *giggles*
~Anything Girly
~School...What? She's a swot!

~Being "Out Ego'd"
~Heights Even though she climbed the treehouse tree

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Meredith Evans
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Lyra Miller
HP lover | Dancer | Gleek | Tom Felton lover | Narnia lover | AVPM lover |

Name: Meredith Aria Evans
Nickname[s]: Magic!Mery, Mere
Age: 11
DoB: December 10th, 2061
PoB: London England
Heritage: Pureblood
Partronus: Fox
Relationship: Single
Amortentia: Vanilla, that smell after it rains, sugar
Boggart: A huge scorpion
House: Slytherin
Year: 1st
Wand: 10.9", Mahogany, spinnable, phoenix feather core


Hair: Blonde, slightly wavy
Eyes: Hazel
Typical Clothing: Anything pink, typically hot pink


Mother: Amy Evans
Father: David Evans
Siblings: Only child
Pets: A white owl named Ashton

Personality: Meredith is the sweetie Slytherin. She is super outgoing and always bubbly. Almost everytime you see her she will have a smile on her face. She is pretty sweet and nice. She gets really really hyper at night. She is SOO excited to be at Hogwarts she can hardly contain herself. She makes friends very easily. She can not fly a broom to save her life, but her goal at hogwarts this year is to change that. She has no filter between her brain and mouth which she hates and regrets if she says something she doesnt really mean. She was taught to think purebloods are slightly better, but she isnt sure what to think of that. She may slip a rude comment here or there about blood types, but thats only because that is the way she was taught, and doesnt really mean to offend the person. But she has no problem being friends with half and muggles borns at all.

Chocolate frogs
Sparky things
Being hyper
Watching quiddtich
Fantasy books
Zebra stripes
Pygmy Puffs

People ignoring her
When people dont wash their hands after going to the bathroom

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Freja Simm
First Year

x5 x2
Sock 2
Raspberry Jam | Ultimate Fangirl

Eleanor Ainsworth

Name: Ella Ainsworth
Age: 21
Birthday: 12th December
Year: Graduated
Former House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Pure
Ammortentia: Chocolate Frogs
Pets: Pebbles
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Brown Blonde Brown
OWLS: Five ):

Eleanor (who will only answer to the name 'Ella'), was brought up in a small-ish town in England, with her mother, father and younger brother. They are a pureblooded family but are very accepting of all kinds of magical folk, so Ella went along with it and really didn't care for muggleborns. When Ella was 11 years old, the family moved to France where she could attend Beauxbatons Academy. Her parents thought this school would be the best place academically for their daughter. And they were right, Ella was a top student who always had high grades. However, she was a big troublemaker and fed her hatred of the school by pranking everyone in it. In her opinion, it wasn't so bad because it was revenge for the people who picked on her. One day, she broke into a professor's office to steal ingrediants for a polyjuice potion, used it, then was kicked out immediately. This of course was good news to Ella.

Her happiness was short-lived, when her parents carted her off to Hogwarts school for her fifth year. The first person she met, was Trixie Malfoy. The two disliked each other instantly, especially when they found out that they were related. Nowadays, they seem to be getting on much better. Ella being Ella, she found herself amongst a bunch of useless drama straight away, which resulted in her dating Patrick Dubois. She genuinely liked Patrick, but had trouble trusting him because of a certain Vanessa Campbell, of whom, she hated. After a huge fight, she broke up with Patrick and began spending a lot more time with her friend, Aiden Chevalier. Probably the nicest guys she had ever met. It took a lot of time, fighting, people in the way, and effort for the pair to finally get together, but it eventually happened, and Ella couldn't be more happy.

After her parents threatening to move her back to Beauxbatons if her grades didn't improve, Ella was very eager to get cracking in her seventh year. Although, it wasn't particularly worth it... Her final year of Hogwarts was as bland as could be, and she really didn't see the point in attending. She got no NEWTs out of it, because they were cancelled, so what was the flipping point? Regardless to her anger at that, Ella was happy enough to go and see her boyfriend again. They had endless happy months together, until Aiden started his Auror training. Ella didn't approve of his career choice, as she feared for his safety as well as their relationship. But nothing swayed Aiden's choice and he decided to continue anyway. However, Ella didn't cave like he expected, but she walked out, ultimately breaking up with him.

Aiden went to the 3 month training anyway, which left Ella lonely and depressed. She was out and about quite a lot, where she met someone new. An elusive, what-the-hey, kind of guy, James. His rebellious attitude on life didn't take long to rub off on Ella, and her outlook on things had certainly taken a turn for the worst. She was out partying every night with James, doing everything she usually wouldn't do, until the pair finally got together. That didn't stop Aiden from lingering in the back of her mind, though. Care free and officially off the rails, what could possibly happen when Aiden gets home? Once Ella's behaviour got to crisis levels, Aiden swooped in and rescued her. It didn't take them long to rekindle what they had.

Ella has always had slight mood problems, and that hasn't changed to this day. It all started from quite bad bullying when she attended Beauxbatons Academy, which ultimately, caused her to hate school. Even when she transferred to Hogwarts, she automatically hated it. During her pre-teen years, Ella was very secluded and quiet, rarely opening up to anybody. But as soon as she moved to Hogwarts, she decided that it was time to truly stand up for herself, whenever it was needed. Obviously, this caused an argument with almost everybody she spoke to, because Ella Ainsworth takes absolutely no nonsense from nobody. In the past, she had also been known for excessive pranking, although, she did stop most of it when she transferred. Her pranking was done mostly alone, which made her a bit of an oddball, because who would enjoy that by themselves? She had no one to laugh with because she had no friends.

Ella makes acquaintances as opposed to friends. Even though she wasn't as shy when she moved to Hogwarts as she was in Beauxbatons, people tended to instantly dislike her. Once she had Aiden, though, she didn't care at all. He was the one person that she could truly be herself with. They have an odd relationship, where Ella usually wears the trousers. She is TOUGH, and always will be.

Chocolate Frogs
Aiden Chevalier
Family & Friends

Not getting her own way
Certain people
SPOILER!!: Aidella timeline

2055: Aiden Chevalier is born
2056 (December): Eleanor Ainsworth is born
2071 (September): Aidella met
2072: Aidella began dating
2073: Aiden graduated
2074: Ella graduated
Late 2074 - Early 2075: Big Aidella fight
2078: Aiden proposes to Ella
2079: Aidella get married
2081: Samuel Chevalier is born
2083: Olivia Chevalier is born
2085: Aiden's near death experience
2086: Andrew Chevalier is born

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Elliott Patterson
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Caroline Fenton
Minister's Office

Ministry RPG Name:
Genevieve LeBlanc


Name: Justin Hendricks
Age: 15
D.O.B: March 1
P.O.B: Dagenham, Essex
House: Slytherin
Year: Fifth
Blood Status: Pureblood


Model: Justin Bieber
Height: 5'4"
Eye colour: varies depending on the light but usually Hazel
Hair colour: Brown

More in depth:
Justin is a true Slytherin. He enjoys pulling pranks on people. He doesn't take too kindly to people winding him up but he does believe in second chances. He seems like a complete idiot but his heart has always been in the right place. He would do absolutely anything for his family and isn't really very prejudiced. He just doesn't make friends with people from other houses as easily as he should do but he tries to make friends.

When it comes to family, Justin is totally there through everything. He sometimes disappoints but he'll always be there to support people. He recently lost his cousin due to his dads lack of being kind so it shook him a lot. He knows who is true friends are. He's unpredictable and when he's annoyed at someone, that person knows it. When he's mad or ready to defend someone, he pounces like a tiger. He doesn't stop at anything. Once he's started something, he rarely leaves it to fester.

He is sometimes a good listener but it depends on the situation and if he's able to give advice or not. If he's able to help he will do everything within his power to help. In his mind the most important thing is putting others first, although he rarely does it. Most of the time he just sits back and watches fights happen depending on who it's with. He loves girls. But once he's got his mind set on one girl he sticks to her.

He is quite musical and tends to sit in a quiet place writing songs or messing around on his guitar creating some acceptably good songs. If he isn't writing songs, he can be found planning a prank, pulling a prank or actually doing some homework which is very rare. He sometimes listens in class but he rarely does that either. If he is listening it's usual because its something important that he really needs to know. When he wants to concentrate he does and he can work really hard when he puts his mind to it. All in all he's a fairly sophisticated and attractive man if I do say so myself.

Justin is quite obviously, very talented when it comes to a few things. Music and pranks are one thing but his family traits are a completely different thing. He is half French and speaks fluent French depending on the situation. He is quite the flirt in his own rights and makes enemies easily. Once he has made an enemy, they are his enemy for life and usually the target of a cruel prank. Most of the people he interacts with are Slytherin's. He isn't biased against anyone in other houses, in fact, he makes friends with them quite easily but he also makes enemies with people in other houses.


Justin was born in France but was brought up in Dagenham, Essex by his parents, Alexis and Jordan. He grew up in a large manor house in the centre of Dagenham with his sister, Melissa, and brother, Damien. He has always been brought up to be respectful although that failed epically when he became a student at Hogwarts. He was also brought up to remain calm in difficult situations and never allow the worst in him to be revealed. That, too, failed epically. His temper is very short. He often plays pranks on his brother and sister but is usually respectful to his entire family. Despite being frigtened of what his father will do to him, he isn't always respectful to him. Some say his father's constant change in moods is the reason for Justin being disrespectful to him. Justin disagrees with them but tends to show it to them.


Mother: Alexis Hendricks
Father: Jordan Hendricks
Brother: Damien{twin brother}, 15
Sister: Melissa, 12

Violet Riddle

His dad


Food: Anything Italian or candy
Colour: Blue and green
Candy: Absolutely anything so longs as its sweet and edible
Animal: Cats dogs as ironics that may sound(its the name of a movie)
Pets: Kitten(Taffy)

Family pictures:

Photos!: Clickeh

Justin and his mom, Alexis
I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier;
I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist

I'm gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry;
I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Sanna James Gilmore
Second Year
Bashful Bowtruckle ♥ ♥ Baekyeol

Brigid Abigail Byrnes

Ern made this! <3

Name : Brigid Abigail Byrnes
Nickname : Brig or Abby
Age : 15
DOB : October 29, 2058
House : Slytherin

Appearance -
i. Hair colour : Light Brown
ii. Eye colour : Green/Blue
iii. Height : 5'3
iv. Weight : 115 lbs.

Background -
Brigid is a pureblood. As far as she has ever learned, everyone in her family has been a witch or wizard. She was born in Ashford, England, which is also where she is currently living (when she isn't away at Hogwarts). Nothing special has really happened in her life. Although she is not an only child she is the youngest and is rarely ever told "no." Both of her parents have spoiled her quite a bit, though her mother is definitely the strict parent. Just before her 11th birthday both Brigid's brother and sister moved out to live on their own. Now, as a sort of midlife crisis sort of thing, her father decides to move somewhere new just about every year. Let's hope these next 2 years are the years she actually gets to stay at a school and make permanent friends.

Personality: Brigid is...unique. She is generally friendly and kind though she does have her moments that occur quite often and out of the blue. She may not have a reason for being as upset as she might get but as soon as the mood happens it is over and she will be her...lovable...self again. Whether she's in a good mood or a bad mood the girl does have an attitude, there is no doubt about it. Although she's made friends at the other schools she attended, none of them have been permanent because she's moved around so much. The girl is a little socially awkward, please excuse her.

____-Anything pink
____-Muggle television shows
____-More Pink



____-Brian Nicholas Byrnes ---> Father
____-Bailey Amelia Byrnes ---> Mother
____-Daniel Aiden Byrnes ---> Brother
____-Peyton Morgan Byrnes ---> Sister
Tell me that I'm wrong but I do what I please____________________

____________________Now I'm at the age when I know what I need
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Casper Duluth III
Fourth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Elliott R. Maine
Magical Law Enforcement
Whoop!Phyre || ❤LiliAnzaScarNatAmyEmi || Professional Vigilante || The Flying Tomato

Name: Eirian Nerys Vaughn
Nicknames: Eiri, Ria, Estrela
Age: 16
DoB: January 13th
PoB: Aberaeron, Wales
PoR: Hogwarts, her only home
House: Slytherin
Year: 6th
Blood Status: Pureblood
Relationship: Dating Thiago Vieira, 7th year Hufflepuff

Actress: Elizabeth "Liz" Gillies
Eyes: Cold Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Skin Color: Pale, freckled
Height: 5’7
Weight: 123 lbs
Build: Tall, lanky, severely underweight
Ethnicity: Welsh

Personality: Eirian is a reckless, adventurous, rebellious rabble-rouser, and will do most anything for either entertainment or attention. She loves being in the limelight almost as much as she loves danger, and is very much the highlight of any room she's in. However, this year she seems to be much more mellow, not as happy, and a good bit wiser than before. She changed over the summer... For the better or worse has yet to be determined.

History: Eirian was born to Braith, a wizard explorer, and Aerona Vaughn, Braith‘s loving wife. Soon after her birth, her mother was found dead. Most people said it was suicide, but Braith instilled the belief in his daughter that it was murder. Forever unsolved, they soon moved out of Aberaeon so that Braith could escape the memories and continue his career as an explorer. First it was Ireland that they moved to, but, as Braith could never stand to live anywhere very long, they then migrated to France, then Belgium, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, the Philippines, Denmark, Fiji, Macedonia, Russia, Australia, Bolivia, Argentina, and finally, when Eirian was just old enough to begin wizarding school, Brazil. She was left there to attend Dragão Coração Escola da Mágica, and her father continued to travel. Since she was to attend school in Brazil, she asked for money to rent a flat in Rio de Janeiro by the school’s transport point and continued to live there on her own, working to support herself. But then, news was sent back to her that Braith had been killed in a mass dragon attack in Romania, where he was most currently residing, and she no longer had a legal guardian, and thus continued to live in Brazil. Until her maternal grandmother spoke up, that is. She insisted that Eirian live with her in her manor just outside London, where she would learn to be a proper witch, unlike the outlandish, reckless things her father had led her to - including, but not limited to the fact unknown to her that Eirian had agreed to marry her Brazilian boyfriend, should they ever meet again. When she arrived, Eirian was presently sent to Hogwarts mid-term with her grandmother’s hopes that she would be altered by being around other normal, healthy English teens. Her best friends were not as such. Jayce Cannon, her partner in crime, happened to be American, and she had few other friends, including Savvy, who was also American, Hayley, and Nekoda.

Eirian was already slightly assimilated into the British society - but not very much, admittedly - when she began her fifth year. Thiago had come to live with her over the summer, and he joined her in school, being a sixth year, one above her. The school year proved difficult, but Eiri got through it, growing closer to both of her "filhos." Over that summer, however, Thiago returned to Brazil for the break and Eirian found her grandmother dead, thus causing her to fall into a deep depression. Daphne was the only person left in the Vaughn family willing to take Eirian in, and Eiri was presently turned onto the streets, only to be housed soon after by Jayce and his mother, Katherine Rosier. Katherine agreed to adopt her, which was acceptable with Eirian, as she will turn 17 and no longer burden the small family - as she would receive her inheritance then, which was quite a sum - in January. For now, however, she has a brother for the first time in her life. A brother she's romantically attracted to? And why is a strange girl following her around, claiming to be her half-sister?

Patronus: Anaconda
Amortentia: The smell of campfires and fresh rain
Favorite Food: Harkal
Favorite Dessert: Kueh Bahulu
Favorite Color: Bright orange!!!
Favorite Place: Rio, Brazil
Favorite Animal: Anaconda
Pet: Meio, the Leopard Gecko; Fino the Brazilian Rainbow Boa
Post Color:

Braith Vaughn (father, deceased)
Aerona Alcott-Vaughn (mother, deceased)
Amarante Vaughn (half-sister)
Daphne Greengrass-Vaughn (paternal grandmother, deceased)
Katherine Rosier (adoptive mother)
Jayce Cannon (adoptive brother)
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