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Term 25: May - July 2010 Term Twenty-five: The Past, The Future (Sept 2071 - June 2072)

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Default Memorial to the Late Professor Forrester
Technically technical all the time Bookaholic

The headmaster erected a small plaque outside of the astronomy classroom with a board for students to add their own touches to the memorial, if they so chose.

ooc: Please feel free to leave IC signatures or graphics "tacked" to the board.

Blast from the past!

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Feeling in equal parts confused, awkward and sad, Kiri pinned the little memorial picture she'd made to the board honouring Professor Forrester. It was crudely done - she was no artist by any measure - but she thought the professor would have appreciated it nonetheless:
The celestial object she'd copied onto the parchment was one of the first he had shown Kiri and her fellow students in their Astronomy lessons.

After staring at the epitaph for a few more seconds, she turned around and left quickly.
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Kloe ran up to the plaque and she hung a moving picture of a shooting star next to the plaque. Kloe had known the proffesor but the rest of her family did so they told her to put that picture up.
Slytherin Girlie
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Phillip Flutterby
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Chris Potter walked up to the newly erected memorial for the old Astronomy Professor. He was so shocked when he heard the news of the Professor's Death, that he didn't believe the woman when he heard it. He smiled sadly as he remembered the classes he had had with Professor Forrester.

He pulled out a piece of parchment and decided to write a little note from him to Professor Forrester and then leave it at the memorial.

Dear Professor Forrester,

You were a great professor and showed me just how interesting Astronomy could be. I loved all the cool things we did in your class and my time with you was very enlightening. Although you were taken from your work and dear home Hogwarts, all of us here will miss you, but we also know that you are now in a better place.

From a caring student,
Chris Potter
He placed it on the memorial where the messages were to be placed and with one last look of sadness, he turned and left.
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Fiyero Marcus Bermen
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When Matheu heard that the Astronomy professor has died, he was filled with saddness. He was upset that a professor wouldn't be here at Hogwarts because of the human cycle.
He posted a note on the plague for the professor:

Dearest Professor,
I'm sadden by your death. I do not know who it has happened, but I'm sure it wasn't intended. I wish you could have taught us 1st years. I'm sure we would all like you. But on the bright side, at least now you are amongst the stars and galaxies you so taught and studied.
Matheu Cohdi Rivherr, 1st Year, Ravenclaw
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Kristal Jordin Coldheart
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Jenny did not know this Professor, but was saddened automatically. She wrote and put on the memorial:

I am sorry of your death. I love Astronomy and now you can study the stars for yourself, up close.
Jennifer Ella Riddle, First Year Hufflepuff
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Tabitha Broadmoor
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Józsua Istvan
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Yeahhh, Mr White! Yeah science!

Oliver felt like a bit of a doofus as he approached the memorial. He was carrying a bouquet of conjured lilies, thanks to Transfiguration, surrounded by annoying butterflies which weren't even of his own creation. Guh. Someone had gone nuts with the spell – there were butterflies, like, everywhere. He hadn't attempted the spell again since he conjured that raven sized hairy scary butterfly... *shudder* .. which thankfully he hadn't seen since class.

But... this was a favour to his half-sister, Emily. This Forrester dude, apparently, had been her favourite professor. She had been devastated by the news of his death.

He laid the flowers down by the memorial and pouted a bit, looking skyward.. what now? Say something? Guh- no. He criss crossed his chest the way he had seen muggle Catholics do in the movies, whilst wearing a look of confusion on his face.

He backed away a few paces, then turned and got the hell out of there.

Dead people. *shudder*
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Logan Blake Waters
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The Mudblood Slytherin

Though Emily had never known the proffessor, she still went to visit his memorial.
"Orchideus" She murmured, and layed the resulting flowers beneath the plaque beside several bunches left by previous visitors.
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Toni Wheeler
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Trin walked through the Hogwarts halls trying to familiarize herself with the layout of the castle again. 'I didn't think it was possible to forget this much in four years.' she thought smirking to herself.

After wandering for a while, lost in thought, she realized her feet had taken her up to the astronomy tower. Probably the only place she could consistently remember how to get to, aside from the common room and the great hall of course. A plaque covered in flowers, notes and pictures caught her eye.

Stopping in front of the plaque she read the inscription and sighed, she hadn't known Professor Forrester all that well, but he was a familiar face, a familiar face that had been nice to her in her first year.

Taking an old, beaten quill out of her pocket, she quickly duplicated one of the notes and erased the writing on it. She paused, wondering what she should write. ''Thanks for being a great Head of House?' Nah, not personal enough, anyone could say that. 'Thanks for always being there to talk to?' Uhhhh no, to personal.' A few minutes later she'd decided, written her note and stuck it to the board.

Professor Forrester,
Thanks for everything.
-Trinity Jane Onasi
Hands stuck in her pockets, Trin looked at the memorial a minutes or two longer, turned around and walked back down the stairs, 'Maybe I'll stop by Truebridge's...'
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William Montcenaggio, AKA Starr
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Joe Jon Montcenaggio
Dancing is cool! | Passionate Lion | Keeps Harry's Helium Balloon♥

The note read for Professor Forrestor
I am sorry you died. Even though I only started last term, you were a great fantastic professor. Thanks for yoru hard work.
We will all miss you.
Signed Rex Trigwell.
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