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Default Harry Learns Of A New Enemy Older Than Him
Werecats are people too! Reader of Fan Fictions

Hey Guys, time is flying so fast I can barely keep up. I'd like to ask a favor of any who believe in God and the power of prayer to pray for my family. We are having a very difficult time because my mom fell and broke her hip. She is doing very well except she has to stay in a rehabilitation center from her surgery. I'll not go any further than that but we do need prayers for her and the rest of our family. Thank you dear ones, I love you all whether you believe in God or not and I am very honored you take time to come back each week to read my next chapter. Speaking of new chapters, this chapter is the first of 6 in this new short story. These chapters are pretty dark and violent. If you want to comment please do. Thanks again for being faithful to my story.

Short Story: Harry Learns Of A New Enemy Older Than Him

Chapter 1

A Disappointing End Of A Friendship

As soon as they were gone and the parents settled comfortably Astoria asked if Harry was okay. And Draco thanked him for doing what he did for Scorpius. There was a hint of darkness in his voice and eyes that Harry picked up on. Harry said, “Well he couldn’t ask you to take him, it would’ve spoiled the surprise.” He chuckled and said he was happy he could do it for them.

“Draco, is it okay if we talk about the Giant today?”

Draco looked uneasy and then defensive but he said they could. “Why did the Giant call me Draco Malfoy?”

Draco sighed and resigned to confessing what he knew. “The Giants’ genetic codes were designed, oddly enough, by Muggles. The Death Eaters then took the technology and found a way to infuse the codes with the genetics of Giants. They thought Giants would be the only thing alive that would be able to resist the nanites from taking over. Their understanding of nanites was just too minimal. They should have listened to the Muggles when they told them they were dismissed. The Muggles begged for them to reconsider; that the wizards didn’t know what they were doing. They, all but one, were killed to shut them up and they went ahead and made thirty Giants with NANITES and magic combined. Voldemort was the only one who could command the Giants to do what he wanted. They became restless and so Voldemort used them to kill traitors to his cause. Some of the unexplained deaths of known Death Eaters were the cause of those Giants.”

Draco leaned forward and put his elbows on his knees and buried his face in his hands. He didn’t want to say anymore but knew he had to because Harry had asked specifically why he was called by his name instead of Harry’s. He took a deep breath and said, “When my father planted Voldemort’s diary in with Ginny’s books Voldemort considered him to be a traitor. Our name was besmirched and no matter what father did he was found to be wonting of days gone by and deemed useless. Only now and then did he find favor with Voldemort, but he was warned that the Giants would be given my name if he messed up again; they would kill me if father messed up. That’s why at the Shrieking Shack in our third year at Hogwarts I was so afraid, terrified even. As you witnessed today, Ice Giants are quite invisible and I thought one of them had come to kill me. The thing is, they are actually Chameleon Giants and can blend in with any background. They were given the name ‘Ice Giants’ to mock me. I had written to mother and father; calling Kreacher to take the message to them telling them about the whole thing and begged them to get Voldemort to call it off. Of course they were frightened for me and went straight to Voldemort who laughed and had everyone laughing. He told them although it sounded like a good idea, it wasn’t his Giants doing it. My parents informed Professor Snape to check into it and he right away knew it had to be you under your cloak.”

Draco was angry and spat his words hatefully at Harry as if they were venom. “The following year after the Tri Wizard Tournament father was arrested and thrown in Azkaban. He was released for giving information to the Ministry of Magic after you killed Voldemort at Hogwarts. He not only gave up the names of the remaining Death Eaters that didn’t die or had evaded capture; he told them about the Giants and the Aurors caught them all and destroyed them, so they thought. One of them had fallen off of a mountain and seemed to have disappeared off the face of the Earth. Now it seems that it didn’t die after all and its directive was to kill me as well as you. The brain of the Giant being stupid kept the Nanites from taking total control and it must have been going back and forth wondering if it was to kill you or me. It was programmed to kill you, but I was added to its directive to kill when father turned in all the remaining Death Eaters and told about the Giants. And all the research papers were lost in a fire at the Ministry. I don’t know how Ludo Bagman was able to get the new batch of Nanites made into the clones of you and Voldemort in Madagascar, but that was where the basic design came from. My parents suffered through scandal and ridicule and this whole mess made it so father could no longer be trusted and was denied membership into the Vernier. They made like they were going to let him be a part of it, but they were just toying with him and using him. At least he no longer is under the severe brainwashing he underwent when he was a young man.”

Draco stood up and looked at his wife, “We should be leaving.”

Harry stood up and looked sick but thanked Draco for telling him what he needed to know at the tremendous sacrifice of his pride. “I’d like to ask one more question if you’ll permit me to. He stopped and waited for Draco’s reply and when the blond man just folded his arms and glared at Harry he decided to go ahead and ask. “You said the Aurors destroyed the Giants. How did they do it? Do you know?”
”They just made them go into nothingness. This is what has inspired Scorpius to become whatever it is he wants to do that involves space. He thinks the Giants are still floating around in space somewhere and could be a threat to the planet or any other planet.”

Harry sighed and said, “He has a valid worry. If they were just sent into space they could be inanimate objects frozen in the vacuum of space. But if they are snagged by space debris large enough to mine materials they could fix themselves by replicating the parts that became damaged. But, if the nothingness they were sent to was the Elves home world, then they most definitely are dead. Hopefully they all made it there and have all been destroyed.”

Draco looked alarmed and then shrugged his shoulders. “Potter, I think too much is against us being close friends like you and Weasley. I don’t hate you like I used to, but I am still very jealous of you. I think its okay to call us friendly but we should just keep things the way they have been since the deaths of Voldemort, the Death Eaters, and the Vernier and you set us all free. If you ever need my help then I’ll do what I can like I have been doing. Thank you for having us over today and sharing Christmas with us. I’m sure I speak for the three of us that we had a fantastic time until the Giant showed up. And if it’s all the same to you, I think our wives should remain good friends if they want and our children should remain best friends if they want to. Scorpius would probably run away from home if we tried to prevent his friendship with your children. And I know they are good for each other; you do have terrific children.”

Harry shook his head and said, “I’m sorry you feel the way you do about us being friends. I really enjoyed your friendship today, and you have always been someone I can depend on for when I need help. All I can say is I hope you change your mind and I would welcome you as a friend in a heartbeat.”

Draco looked at his wife and she sniffed and went to the basement door and called for Scorpius to say good-bye and come up so they can leave. She and Ginny went to the kitchen to get Astoria’s dish she brought her contribution to dinner in. They talked quickly making plans to visit again soon. When Scorpius came up he thanked Harry and Ginny for having them over. Harry put his hand fondly on the side of the boy’s face and said he was glad they could come over and spend the day with them. “You’re always welcome here, son. Today was a lot of fun.”

The Malfoy’s left and Harry sat back down in his chair and asked Ginny if she could talk for a minute. When she sat down she looked at him wondering what was troubling him. She was angry at Draco for denying friendship with Harry when he knew how much it meant to Harry. Her husband smiled wearily at her and calmly said, “What do you have in mind for Moffett to do to earn her keep here?”

Ginny caught her breath and admitted that she forgot to give it another thought. Harry said, “Young Harry and Moffett’s daughter are in love and Moffett has forbidden him to see her because he hasn’t made us aware that they are living in shame because she was told that if she would come back she would have a job here. She’s ashamed because she is here without earning her keep, she says.”

Ginny was horrified and told Harry as much. He shook his head and said, “I’m not looking to find fault or blame anyone. I just want to be able to give her work and I told her I’d be there to tell her after our company leaves. What did she do before, during the winter and when the gardens aren’t in need of attention?”

Ginny said, “I don’t know, I just told her to do whatever she wanted until the flower beds needed tending.”

Harry stood up and said, “Okay, I’ll come up with something. I need to go see her and then when I get back up here I need to go see Carson or Jennifer for this radiation poisoning. I’d like all of us to go if it’s okay with you all. We won’t plan on staying long. There is also an urgent problem I need to see Rodney and the team about. And I’m anxious about Ronon; if they’ve found him and what’s going on with that. I’ll be back in a couple minutes.” He kissed her passionately and hugged her saying, “This is wonderful, and you’re nice and warm too. I’d sure like to stay this way for as long as I can stand.”

He pulled away from her and looked in her eyes. She hadn’t said anything and he suddenly was fearful she was angry at him. She saw his worry and smiled; I just wish I could run the affairs of the house the way I’m supposed to instead of always messing up and you having to deal with it.”

He sighed with relief and smiled, “You’ve got nothing to worry about. Don’t dwell on it,” and then he was gone. Ginny told the kids to put away their things quickly and be ready to go when their daddy got back.

Harry appeared at Moffett’s tiny house and knocked on her door. When Marlene opened the door she yelled for her mom. She told Harry to come in and Harry ducked down low to get through the door. When Moffett came into the room she bowed low to the floor. He told her to please get up and not bow to him again. He felt his stomach rebelling with the position he was in and asked if he could charm the room to make it so he could straighten up and did it when Moffett shyly told him he could.

“Moffett, young Harry brought it to my attention that you haven’t been given a post yet and that it is wrong that your honor has been trampled on by our neglect. I beg of you to forgive me for being neglectful to you and your daughter. It has never been my intention to bring disgrace to any of my employees and I hope you can forgive me.”

The elf nodded her head and then lowered her head. “Master Harry is very kind and generous to take the blame for Moffett’s shame. But, Winky has scolded Moffett and told her that she is being a tiny elf. Winky said that you have been away from the Potter home and has just now been able to be well enough to tend to Moffett’s need of work. Please forgive Moffett for being unjust to Master Harry.”

Harry smiled and said, “We’ll forget all about it if it’s okay with you. Now, I am in a bit of a hurry so I will give you your new position that will be year round. I will build a green house that you will be in charge of. During the fall and winter you will maintain flowers, fruits, and vegetables in the greenhouse. You will let me know of any help you need to keep up with the plants. Is this something you will be willing to do for me?”

Moffett clasped her hands together and then covered her mouth to keep from squealing with delight. “Yes, Master Harry, I want the position and it will be the best green house there is.”

Harry chuckled and said, “Okay then; I want you to begin right away on the plans for me. You’ll need to mark down what size I need to make it and the amount of dirt, and so forth I need to get for it. Hopefully by the time spring comes around you’ll have the plans worked out and the ground will be thawed out for me to build it. I’ll need to have help building it while I’m at work though. Is it okay with you if I get young Harry and Bozey’s brother, Farley to help?”

Moffett said she would be happy and grateful for their help. And then she asked if it really was Harry Elf that made it known to him that they hadn’t been given a job yet.

Harry answered that it was and that young Harry was a very good elf and a very hard worker. “I think the world of Harry Elf and he has earned a permanent position here when he is out of school and becomes of age. Until then he is a part time worker with his father, Marston in the stable. Well, I need to leave and I might be gone for a couple hours or a couple days. So thank you for your patience with me and I’m happy you are willing to take on the job I offered you.”

Harry left the tiny house and took the charm off that temporarily enlarged the room while he was in it. He got back up to the house and told Ginny what he did. She was pleased and said she wished she had thought of it.

The kids came down carrying back packs for changes of clothes and Albus carried a knapsack attached to his waist that had a strap around his neck and shoulder. Banner’s head popped up when he heard Harry’s voice. Harry chuckled and then offered his hands to his family for them to grab onto.

Harry took his family to the infirmary on Atlantis. Jennifer was informed she had visitors that just showed up in the roped off section of the examination room. She went to them straight away; greeting them cheerfully. “Merry Christmas everyone; it’s so good to see you all.” She looked at Harry and guided him to a bed and told him to lie down. She said something to one of her nurses and turned back to Harry. Once Harry laid down his eyes went closed for a few seconds and then he opened them again.

“Is Rodney here by any chance?” he asked quietly with a shaky whisper. Has John found Ronon; is he okay?” Harry’s condition was deteriorating quickly and he wouldn’t let Jennifer use any of her equipment except her radiation detector on him until after he saw Rodney.

Jennifer called Rodney to the infirmary and checked for radiation. “I’m not getting any reading of radiation from you. Is there a reason you wanted checked for it. I mean, I noticed right off you are displaying symptoms of radiation poisoning,” she stopped talking and quickly elevated Harry’s bed until he was nearly sitting up. “Your nose is bleeding, here; hold this over your nose.”

He took the cloth and applied it to his nose and lifted his other hand off of his stomach. He pulled up his shirt and she saw the bandage. Cutting away the bandage she examined the ugly hole that had been covered.

‘I left it open so you could clean it out properly and see if anything is worrisome. I ran into a screw in space today. Jack has the screw, I’m sure he’ll have it looked at and let you know what he finds out.”

Jennifer said, “You ran into the screw in space as in outer space? How did… never mind. We can talk about it later but for now, I need to put you to sleep so I can perform some tests and get set up for emergency surgery.”

Harry shook his head and said, “No, not until after I see Rodney. It’s imperative that I see him before you do anything else. I’ll be happy to sleep after I see him.”

Rodney came in somewhat bothered and let Jennifer know he was very busy with important work. “I mean, I’m always happy to see my girl, but, like I said, I am busy.”

Jennifer tilted her head to Ginny and the kids and then stepped away from the bed so he could see Harry. Rodney’s face fell with embarrassment and then he asked what was wrong with Harry. He walked over to Ginny and kissed her cheek while Jennifer was talking and smiled at the kids. He went to Harry and asked, “Harry, you look awful. I’ve seen this before, it looks like radiation poisoning.” He backed up saying, “Which is very contagious.”

Harry motioned him to come closer and said, “You’re right, it is radiation poisoning but it is contained within me. Take this and put it in a safe place. It is debris from a Giant I killed today. It was made using very old Nanite technology. I’m guessing it was produced around forty years ago. I was able to kill it by taking it into space and making it fall through the atmosphere so it’d burn every part of it. I took this bit before I took it into space so you could analyze it and enter it’s coding into your computer to scan for traces of it if you ever come around it in your travels. I think, but am not completely sure that this was the only one that escaped detection all these years; but I’d rather be safe than sorry. This is why I needed to see you right away, so you can get it to a safe place where it can’t replicate.”

Rodney took the container looking at it with interest. He thought it was incredible that the tiny machine was able to last as long as it did. “Is this how you got poisoned then?

“No, I got poisoned when the Daedalus called Jack and said they were going to bring him and Sam on board. I understood what was about to happen and I jumped up to make it look like I was taking them someplace. They both had stones so I couldn’t hike along with both of them. I just disappeared and followed their molecules up to the Daedalus but hit a screw on my way there. It was in my liver and I’m just now able to get it fixed.”

“But why did you bother with making it look like you were taking them back?”

“Because I had company who doesn’t have any clearance to know about space travel and such and they know Jack and Sam are Muggles.”

Harry rested for a minute and looked over at Rodney and said, “Have you found out where Ronon is being held captive?”

Rodney said that they had just come back from a lead they picked up but they didn’t find Ronon. “It was a false lead.”

“After Jennifer patches me up I’ll help look for him. This must be hard on John; I’ll-”

“You’ll lie still and let me prepare you for surgery is what you’ll do,” cut in Jennifer with a smile on her face. Harry looked at Ginny and started to ask if they could go someplace comfortable while he was in surgery, but he didn’t get to complete the sentence and he was barely audible before he fell asleep. Jennifer smiled fondly at her patient and told Ginny and the kids that Teyla is expecting them. She had called when she first saw them. Ginny smiled nervously and looked at Harry. “Is he going to be okay? He got so much worse when we got here. I guess traveling with us made it a lot more taxing on him.”

Ginny and the kids went to see Teyla after Jennifer insisted she needed to leave. Jennifer and her staff prepared Harry for surgery and then got into hazmat suits. Two hours later Jennifer called Ginny to the infirmary.

“Harry is in recovery and he’ll need to sleep for a couple days. There was massive damage done to his liver and surrounding organs. Also Carson told me about him getting scalded yesterday. His muscles haven’t recovered from that yet and the muscle above his right knee was still mending from that spike being driven into it and left there for so long. Being scalded and then frozen only one day apart has inflamed the ligaments and tendons. His muscle is damaged and if he doesn’t stay off of his leg for at least two days it will be irreparable. His ribs were caved in sometime today and fixed with magic, but even at that they need to have more time to mend properly. When the Giant squeezed him it put too much pressure on his heart and tiny vessels in his eyes and his temples ruptured and bled under the epidermis. I’ve got them all sealed up again, and he’s completely white because he’s in a cycle of a complete transfuse; so he’ll look like a zombie for a couple days until I can allow his blood to circulate at a normal speed.”

Four days later Jennifer woke Harry since he didn’t wake on his own. When he opened his eyes he just stared ahead for a moment. Then he moved his head to look at the doctor when she spoke to him. He didn’t say anything; just stared into her eyes. Jennifer was beginning to worry especially when John spoke to him and Harry only turned his head and looked into John’s eyes without blinking. After a couple minutes he shut his eyes for a few longer minutes. Then he opened his eyes and sat up and swung his feet to the side of the bed. The sheet covering him fell down around his waist and he looked around searching for his clothes.

Remembering the last time Harry woke up in the infirmary; he took John’s clothes since he couldn’t find his, John put Harry's folded clothes and footwear on the table beside him.

“Thanks, John; is there food? I’m starved!” Harry’s voice was quiet and friendly like normal, but he seemed a little distracted and disoriented. Jennifer shook her head no as she reached for the clothes John brought for Harry. But Harry saw what was about to happen and magiced the clothes and footwear on before she could take them away. She chuckled and said, “Carson said I wouldn’t be able to keep you in bed until I was ready to let you get up. I woke you, but I wanted to evaluate you before I let you up. Answer me just a couple questions and then you can go eat.”

Harry said, “I need to use the restroom before anything is said or done,” and then he was gone. A few minutes later he returned and sat on the side of the bed he had gotten up from.

“How do you feel, Harry?”

John hung his head and put his hand over his mouth as if he was just thinking and rubbing his chin as he has a habit of doing, but he was trying not to laugh. Jennifer, knowing him as well as she does, glared at him and turned back to Harry and raised her eyebrows expecting an answer.

“Err, well, I feel loads better than I did a few minutes ago. And, well, as far as I could tell, everything was normal. I don’t know what I’m supposed to tell you. Could you ask more specific questions?”

“What is the last thing you remember?”

Harry frowned but didn’t turn away from her. “We were getting ready for lunch with the whole family. I was running from Ginny and Lily was blocking my way from escaping. Why am I here? When I woke up I didn’t know if I was dreaming or if I was going crazy. Did you need my help or something? Did I get hurt; is that why I’m here? I feel fine, a little sore and weak, but better than I’ve felt in a while.”

John’s laughter subsided instantly and he looked at Jennifer. He stepped close to Harry and put his hand on his shoulder. “Harry, what time is it at your house?”

Harry said, “It’s 2:37 PM, but… I’m missing the Quidditch game. We’re all going to play after lunch. And if I just had lunch, why am I so desperately hungry, and… why am I here.”

Jennifer put the blood pressure cuff on his arm and took his reading. “Perfectly normal, you need to tell me how you do as much as you do and go through the things you go through and still have normal blood pressure.” She smiled trying to lighten Harry’s anxiety.

Harry answered, “Well, I try to exercise when I’m able to and I try to eat when I’m hungry,” he answered showing some annoyance. “Can’t we eat while we talk? Please?”

Just then Ginny and the kids came in and were happy to see him sitting up looking so well. He smiled at them and relief showed on his face. But then he looked curious and then sad. “So I’ve missed Christmas again. You’ve opened your presents.” He was looking at the necklace he made Ginny hanging on her neck and the one Lily was wearing that John made her. They all froze in their tracks and looked at Jennifer.

Jennifer said, “It’s temporary amnesia brought on by shock and trauma to the body and mind. I can’t say how long it will last, but I’m sure he’ll come around. I think we should go ahead and let him eat and it could be that something will jog his memory and it’ll be good as ever.”

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Werecats are people too! Reader of Fan Fictions

Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for the next chapter. I hate to post and run, but things are very hectic for me now. Thank you so much for being loyal to my story.

Chapter 2

Ideas Are Formed And Plans Are Made

Harry got off the bed and they all looked to the door when Rodney came in asking if Harry was awake yet before he even looked around for himself. He was busy looking at his laptop. When Harry said he was awake Rodney hurriedly said, “Oh good, yes, you look a lot better. Good to know you’re not going to die on us. I was studying the replicator of that Ice Giant and I’m finding some really fascinating things about it.”

He handed the laptop to Harry and Harry became absorbed in what he was reading. A few minutes later he looked up and said, “This is great, Rodney. We know everything now; a lot of questions we didn’t have the answers to; who designed the replicators and clones, everything! This is great. It looks like they upgraded the Nanites programming as new technology advanced. This is fantastic, thanks for this, and have you stored the data in your major operating system so you can detect any you might come in contact with?”

He and Rodney exchanged excited conversation for a minute longer and then Harry turned to look at John. “Have you gotten anymore leads to help find Ronon yet?”

John smiled gratefully and put his hand fondly around the back of Harry’s neck and said, “Welcome back, little brother.”

Harry grinned realizing his head wasn’t cloudy anymore and everything made sense. He asked how long he had been asleep and was dismayed when he was told four days. Putting it behind him he asked if they could talk about the kidnapping of Ronon on the way to eat. He hugged Ginny and kissed her. “I almost made it clear through Christmas without missing anything. It was a good day though wasn’t it? Well except that Draco doesn’t want to be friends,” he said very softly so the kids wouldn’t hear.

“And the fact that you got poisoned with space junk and fought an Ice Giant, yeah, it was a good day; a great day since you were there with us.”

Harry looked expectantly at John and waited for him to tell him about Ronon. John sighed and said, “We’ve been getting leads from various sources that have turned out to be false leads. The note that came with the information was given to one of our off world teams. It’s a new team with little experience on Atlantis and that is why Ronon went with them. They didn’t ask any questions but only brought the note and Ronon’s shirt for proof that it was his. My team has gone back to the place the source came from but nobody was there fitting the description of the person who gave the team the evidence. Carson has done tests on hair and blood he took from the shirt and confirmed it is Ronan’s.”

They got to the Mess Hall and got their food, making small talk as they ate. Harry asked the kids what they’d been doing; where Banner was at and was he behaving. He said that after they ate they should go to Rodney’s lab and check out a few ideas he had. “I’m new to the investigation, but I have some thoughts about it.” They ate quickly and when Jennifer told him he needed to slow down he said, “We need to get to the lab and figure some things out before Ronan dies and I’m too hungry to not eat first.”

Mr. Woolsey approached them and asked if Harry was feeling better. Harry studied the man and looked at John but then looked back at Mr. Woolsey and said he was doing much better and thanked him for asking about him.

“I suppose you and your family will be leaving us as soon as you’re done eating then. I’m glad we could help out and Merry Christmas to all of you.”

John called out to Mr. Woolsey to tell him that Harry had offered to help find Ronon but stopped when Harry subtly shook his head. The man turned to see why John had called him. “I was just going to ask if you’d like to have a cup of coffee with us.”

Mr. Woolsey’s smile seemed to be forced but he smiled none the less and said he had things he needed to do. He nodded to them and left the room. “He seems to have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.”

Teyla said, “I know he seems to be preoccupied, but this thing with Ronon has been on his mind night and day. We should allow that human emotions cause us to act or behave differently than usual.”

Harry shook his head and said, “Of course you’re right, I’m just being paranoid. I’m worried about Ronon too. What was on the agenda for this afternoon before I woke up?”

John said, “We were going to go off world to check out a new lead.”

“How many leads have you checked out so far?”

John thought for a minute and said, “There have been seven leads so far and none of them have lead to anything.”

“And this new team that Ronon went with; where are they at right now? Are they here or off world?”

“Woolsey sent them packing back to Earth, but Jack sent them back saying to just reprimand them and let them continue working.”

He looked at Ginny and said, “Where have you and the kids been staying?”

“We are in guest quarters; we wanted to stay close to you.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “Well, we should get home now and let these guys search for Ronon. Honey, could you and the kids gather your things and meet me at the Stargate? Teyla, I’m sorry we’re leaving so abruptly. I know Ginny will miss you more than anyone. Would you help her and the kids gather their things so she can say more than a quick good bye? Oh! By the way, did you like her Christmas gift? I didn’t think you’d like a bracelet, but Ginny thought you’d love it as much as she did.”

Teyla looked like she was put on the spot but quickly recovered and smiled. “I love it; Ginny has wonderful taste. It was so thoughtful of her to get it for me. I keep it in my jewelry box and will only wear it for special occasions.”

Harry chuckled and said, “It appears that you have the same wonderful taste since you got her the same bracelet for Christmas.” Ginny felt something on her wrist and realized that her husband was working on a ruse so she held up her wrist and said, “We both have exquisite taste, but that isn’t anything new or surprising.” She giggled and hooked her arm in Teyla’s saying, “We are like twins; would you help me gather our stuff, sis?”

Teyla grinned and said she would love to. Harry made sure Ginny was looking at him and said, “Is half an hour enough time for you?” Ginny nodded her head and Harry said, “Okay then, meet me back in front of the Stargate in half an hour’s time.”

After they left Harry turned to John and Rodney and said, “Let’s get to the lab and talk. Rodney would you go ahead and make sure there aren’t any devices that can watch and or hear what is going on in there? And if you find any, don’t do anything just let me know by letting me into your mind. Is that okay with you?”

Rodney squirmed a bit but said it was fine. “There won’t be anything though; I run a pretty tight system for intruder detection's.” Harry arched his eyebrows and the arrogant scientist said he’d do as Harry asked.

John lowered his voice as they walked to the lab giving Rodney a minute’s head start. “What are you thinking, Harry? Ginny didn’t get Teyla a bracelet; she got her that outfit she loved when we were in France. And I know Teyla didn’t get Ginny anything because she didn’t know she was going to be at your house for Christmas.”

“We don’t have much time, John, so listen and consider what I think might be happening.” He held up another bracelet and spoke something in Latin and the bracelet glowed gold for a second and then disappeared.

“I’ll bet Teyla will be wearing that bracelet when she comes back to the Stargate with Ginny and the kids. How does Banner act around her?”

John said, “That’s something I’ve been puzzled about, Banner doesn’t seem to like her and she doesn’t pay him any attention which is odd. Ginny said she was sure Banner was just feeling uneasy about being someplace unfamiliar to him.”

“That pretty much clenches my fear. Ronon isn’t the only one missing. That is not Richard Woolsey, and that is not Teyla. And you’re right about the gifts. Ginny did get an outfit from France for Teyla’s gift and Teyla didn’t get her anything because like you said, she didn’t know she was going to be there. The bracelet you saw me conjure is now in Teyla’s jewelry box and I’m sure she’ll put it on to show her love to Ginny. What she doesn’t know is the bracelet is actually a tracking devise disguised as a bracelet. Ginny’s is too. If they try to take Ginny and the kids I want to make sure I know where they take them; which I don’t think she will. I just want to take extra precautions. I told Ginny with Legilimency that she wasn’t really Teyla and for her to be careful. She will call for me if Teyla tries anything.”

By now, John and Harry were standing outside Rodney’s lab and watched until they got his attention. Rodney looked around and then left his lab. “I don’t know how they got in there but there are cameras and listening devises in there; in at least three different places.

Harry flipped his wand and then said, “We can go in now; hurry we don’t have much time. Rodney, you should check the Gates travel log and see if Mr. Woolsey left in the past week and see where he went. You should also check to see if Jack and Sam are home. I find it odd that they were ordered back right after you guys were ordered back. And the fact that a new navigator was on the Daedalus and beamed them aboard without first confirming it was safe for him to do so is somewhat suspicious. How many times have you and your team gone off world to look for Ronon?”

John said, “Just once, the other teams have been going off on leads also. Do you think they are being replaced too?”

“I doubt it. Whoever is doing this will need to keep a tight rein on those being replaced. It would be way too easy for even one person to tip off a suspicious mannerism or characteristic of those who were replaced. Look at the one playing Teyla; she gave away the fact that she isn’t Teyla simply by not being informed enough to portray her character as long as she has had to because we derailed their plans by coming here and having to stay this long. I am quite surprised Tazmia and Rocky didn’t know this isn’t Teyla.”

Rodney said, “Mr. Woolsey told Teyla she couldn’t keep the cats and put them on the main land. Carson has been secretly taking care of them.”

John continued, “That must be what Carson has been trying to talk to me about. Woolsey has been keeping us separated, and Carson hasn’t been back on Atlantis since we returned back from Earth. Teyla was beside herself with grief but now she says it’s for the best.”

Harry shook his head, “We’ve got to make sure you two don’t go off world anymore until we find out where Ronon, Teyla, and Mr. Woolsey are being kept. I’m sure they are in a deep sleep, and when the time is right, they’ll put the memories that their imitators had and one by one take out the fake and put back the real people. I imagine Sam is being kept the same way. Jack of course will be killed like John. Rodney, did you enter the Nanite codes I gave you into your mainframe yet?”

Rodney nodded his head and said he was just finishing it when Jennifer called him to the infirmary when he and his family got there. “I haven’t gotten back to it yet because Woolsey has been trying to get us out looking for Ronon. But, there’s something wrong with your idea, Harry. Why didn’t they replace Ronon like they did with the others? And why would they kill John and Jack?”

Harry said, “I think probably Ronon saw them take Mr. Woolsey and tried to stop them. They weren’t ready for him yet, so they just captured him and made him a missing person. And they will feel like they need to kill John and Jack because they have brilliant military minds and are trained not to give into hypnosis and such. But that’s neither here nor there at the moment. Can you hook up the codes and see if my theory is right?”

Rodney started pecking the keys on his computer at the same time objecting to Harry saying he could be hypnotized but John and Jack couldn’t be. Then a look of disbelief came on his face. “Look at that, Harry you’re right! Woolsey and Teyla are replicators! And that’s not all either. There aren’t any life signs showing up on Atlantis!”

Harry chuckled and said, “Sorry, I forgot to tell you I caused your software to malfunction so we can move about freely without Woolsey becoming suspicious. I’m sure he’ll be down here in a few minutes telling you about it and have you fix it. Do your best to fix it, but you won’t be able to.”

Rodney became indignant and said, “Don’t undermine my intelligence, I’m way smarter than you and I’ll have it fixed before you know it. Why would you do that without letting me know? Why couldn’t you just have me disable it?”

Harry said, “I don’t have time to stroke your ego, Rodney; Woolsey will be here any minute and I have to meet Ginny and the kids in ten minutes. I didn’t tell you I was doing it because you are a terrible liar. You wouldn’t be able to just make up something and it be convincing. You will try your hardest to fix it, but you won’t be able to. Now, are there any other replicators on Atlantis?”

Rodney huffed and looked at the computer display and said it was just Woolsey, and Teyla. Harry told him to put the information in an encrypted folder and not let anyone see it until they have everyone and the replicators destroyed. “Take this scan for replicator off now and put it in the encrypted folder so Woolsey can’t see it. I’m going to take Ginny and the kids’ home and then check on Jack and Sam. I’ll also need to check for replicators at the Pentagon, the Daedalus, and Stargate Command. Okay, Rodney this tablet is what you left for. We’re all going to leave the lab; I’ll fix the camera so it’s working properly and you’ll walk back in studying the tablet. I’m sure Mr. Woolsey will be here maybe even before you walk back into the lab to see what you are doing, and ask if you’ve seen me and John. You’ll answer that you haven’t seen us and work on what he wants you to do.”

Rodney; his feelings still stinging said, “Oh first you said I’m not good at lying and now you are telling me to lie. So how-”

Harry interrupted him and said, “I’m going to tell you what to do and you’ll do it convincingly.”

They walked out of the lab and Harry handed Rodney the folder and looked into his eyes. “You haven’t seen me or John since I was in the infirmary, and you don’t have a clue where we are now. If Woolsey asks what you are working on you’ll say the life signs detector has malfunctioned and you went to find a folder from your quarters on Ancient computers and special directions you wrote years ago.”

Harry waved his wand into the lab to let the cameras function normally and then took John’s elbow and they disappeared. Harry put the Muffliato spell around them and told John that he would leave Ginny’s bracelet with him so he can use it for a tracking devise to monitor Teyla’s’ movements. Since we are dealing with replicators, they could be right here on Atlantis in an area they built to keep from being detected. After I get my family home and check on Jack and Sam and everything, I’m coming back here to help you. I’ll be invisible though. Oh, and you need to suspend all gate travel to keep them from leaving.” They watched Woolsey enter the lab and then saw Rodney studying a tablet as he walked into the lab. It went just as Harry said it would and Rodney was very short with the man as is his normal behavior when he’s being bothered and trying to work.

“Rodney, I was checking on your progress with tracking down Ronon and I couldn’t see you on any of the cameras in here. Where have you been, are the cameras working properly?”

Rodney huffed and said, “Of course the cameras are working properly and the reason you couldn’t see me is because as you can see I just now walked in. I don’t know what is going on here but the life signs detector isn’t working so I went to my quarters to get this tablet. Years ago I got tired of this Ancient’s sanctuary not having directions for their computers and such so I wrote them down when I figured out how they function. Now, if that’s all, I’m very busy… Just a minute; what do you mean you couldn’t see me on any of the cameras? There is only one camera in here.”

Mr. Woolsey nodded his head impatiently and said, “Yes, yes of course, I didn’t mean just in your lab; I couldn’t find you anywhere.”

Rodney said, “You could have called, or are the coms down too?”

“Yes, you should check on the communications system too.”

Rodney roughly shoved some power bar wrappers, apple cores and some other food related trash out of the way and put the tablet down. “Yes, okay; once again I’m expected to do ten things at the same time and get them all done instantly. Just, if you don’t mind, leave so I can get back to work.”

Mr. Woolsey said, “One more thing, when is the last time you saw John and Harry? I don’t seem to be able to find them on the life sign detector.”

Rodney turned red in the face and said, “Not only am I being kept from my work, but I’m asked stupid questions and my answers are landing on deaf ears. I already told you the life signs detector isn’t working; that’s why I had to go get this tablet. And the last time I saw Harry and John, Harry was getting ready to go home. That’s the best thing that’s happened today, Harry waking up and being okay. That man sure goes through-”

“Did I hear my name mentioned?” Harry and John walked in smiling happily and Harry stuck out his hand to Rodney. I wanted to come up and say bye, Rodney. I’m meeting Ginny and the kids in a couple minutes to go home.”

He swung John’s gulf club smiling and said, “Thanks for this, John. I’ll bring it back to you the next time I come here or you can get it the next time you come to Earth, whichever comes first. And thanks for the pointers to the game. I’ve never played before. This will be a good tool to learn how to drive the ball, or whatever you call it.”

John laughed and said, “Well, just see you don’t bring it back all bent out of shape; it’s my favorite driver.”

Rodney grinned and said, “I don’t suppose you would want to come back and help us look for Ronon.”

Harry became serious and said, “Of course I can, if it’s okay with Mr. Woolsey.

John spoke saying, “No, no, Harry, go home and enjoy your family. I’m sure we’ll get this worked out.”

Mr. Woolsey looked relieved and actually smiled, “John’s absolutely correct, we’ll find Ronon. As a matter of fact, I’m sending him and his team out as soon as you leave.”

John shook his head, “No, I’m suspending all gate travel and grounding the Puddle jumpers until things are working properly. Rodney, the coms are down, and-”

Rodney said, “Yes, I just found out about that, and the life signs detector is down. Also Mr. Woolsey was telling me the cameras aren’t working. It’s a good idea to keep everyone here. We don’t want to take a chance of something happening here while we’re gone.”

Harry said, “Well, I hate to leave you in a lurch, but I need to go so you can get to work. Thanks again for fixing me up whenever it was that I got here.”

They all walked to the Stargate and stood waiting a minute for Ginny and the kids. When they got there Harry took Ginny’s wrist and exchanged bracelets without anyone knowing and put the one he took off in John’s pocket. John looked at his friend to let him know he had it.

Harry told Ginny and the kids to hang on tight and then they all disappeared. When they got home Harry hugged Ginny and his kids. “I was worried about you. I hate I had to do that but you handled it very well. I hope you weren’t frightened.”

Ginny chuckled, “It was fun, but I am glad it’s over since the kids were unaware what was going on.”
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for the next chapter. My brothers sisters and I have been busy taking care of family needs and although I love my family I miss being with you guys and my husband and children. Anyway, here I am posting the next chapter. Thanks for being here to have a short visit with me.

Chapter 3

Harry Learns Shocking Details

Harry quickly told Ginny what he found out and the plan that was put in motion. I need to go see Jack and Sam to make sure they haven’t been replaced or captured. Then I need to check the base and the Pentagon to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary there.”

He kissed her and the kids again and then left. Harry went to the base on Cheyenne Mountain first and was told that Jack had called in to extend his and Sam’s vacation to celebrate their engagement. Harry discreetly scanned the base for Replicators using the software Rodney made from the Ice Giants Nanite codes. Thankfully everything was normal there. Then he went to the office of the IOA in the Pentagon and was free to search uninhibited since the IOA was closed down until after the New Year. He checked for trace signatures that replicators have but didn’t find any. He started to leave but a thought came to him so he sat at a computer and looked into the activity log book for the Daedalus for Christmas day. The incident was recorded by the commander of the ship and said the trainee was transferred to Atlantis for training under Mr. Woolsey’s watch. Then Harry looked up the team that was sent to Atlantis to take up the slack since John’s team was all on vacation with the exception of Ronon. Ronon was assigned to go off world with the new team and didn’t return with the team. It is thought that he was killed when he separated himself from the team for an unknown reason, but efforts have been made to find his body to no avail. The team has been reprimanded but remains active under special probation.

Harry was about to close out the page but a paragraph with John’s name caught his eye. He read it carefully and then reread it.

A special request has been made by Richard Woolsey for a mental evaluation of John Sheppard. Mr. Woolsey notes that Colonel Jonathon Sheppard has been showing signs of mental fatigue and stress common to soldiers who have seen war and have been wounded many times over. Several incidents have shown violent behavior under normal circumstances. Upon return from his vacation it is advised with sadness that Colonel Sheppard be discharged, but is feared he will become violent. The mental evaluation will give reason for soldiers to be armed when they relieve him of his post. It is also strongly advised that he remain on Atlantis due to the top secret nature of this outpost. He will be put under lock and a guard detail until he lives out his life. He will be made as comfortable as possible.

Harry made copies of the records and left for Jacks apartment. Nobody was there nor had they been for some time. He ran water in the kitchen sink and Skryed for Jack. He found him sitting with ropes around him and a gag in his mouth. Harry looked around the small picture for a clue to where he was because he didn’t recognize it right away. Then he felt sick at his stomach and disappeared. Harry reappeared at Area 51 and became invisible again. He hurried through the corridors and looked in every room until he found Jack and Sam sitting tied up back to back in an office much like the one he and John had been held in. He made himself float in case the floor had sensors to tell if anyone was in the room that shouldn’t be.

After Harry scanned them to make sure they weren’t replicators he looked all around the chairs they were sitting in for explosive devices and didn’t find any. Lastly he looked around and found all the cameras and recorders and fixed them the same as he did with the ones on Atlantis so they wouldn’t show that he was there. Harry appeared to Jack and Sam and asked if they were okay after he removed theirs gags.

Jack said, “Any minute someone will be coming in here to take us out to a plane they have waiting for us. They’re going to put us to sleep and then the one flying the plane is going to parachute out and the plane will crash, killing us.”

Harry said, “Well we can’t let that happen; come on.” He helped them up but they could hardly stand. “We’ve already been drugged; I’m afraid we aren’t much use to you. You’ve got to help John; I think they’re going to kill him. We were called back to be briefed on a special report from Woolsey. I found out…”

It was difficult for Jack to talk and Sam was having just as much troubles. “It’s okay, I found the report and I’m going back as soon as I take you to my house. I’m also removing the chips in your arms so they can’t track you but will think you died on the plane.”

Harry made some complicated movements with his wand and quickly said a spell that caused lifelike dummies to take Jack and Sam’s place. Then Harry implanted the trackers into the dummies arms. Jack and Sam touched the faces of the dummies and marveled at how real they looked and felt.

Harry took the two to his house and explained to Ginny what was going on. She was outraged and said, “Will we be able to find out who is behind all of this?”

“I already know, but I can’t talk about it right now. John needs help immediately. I just hope I’m not too late. Jack and Sam have been drugged but they’ve also been beaten. And, Sam isn’t wearing her engagement ring. Could you ask her about it while I’m gone? If they took it I can get it back for her.”

Harry went back to Atlantis but remained invisible. He found Woolsey in his office talking to a stranger Harry hadn’t seen before.

“I don’t care what you have to do; you must find him before he ruins everything. I sent him to the mainland to check out the Athosians claim that a giant sea creature is making havoc of their fishing. There have reportedly been a couple deaths. Woolsey sneered with evil contempt in his eyes. He stupidly bought the story and was upset that I sent the new team with him instead of a team of Marines.”

The stranger answered saying, “At least he’s on the mainland without a way off. He won’t be happy when he finds the Puddle jumper gone. And that Potter guy is gone so it’ll be easy enough to regain control. Sheppard will be dead before the day is done. The remaining four men are looking for him and he’s already been wounded.”

“I still don’t know how he was able to get away from you; five against one and he gets away.”

“Now see here, Kerry, you may be the boss in this subterfuge but we would be doing better on our own without your orders and condemnation. You give Sheppard too much credit. He is seriously wounded and he was headed for the ocean. He’ll be easy to spot and we’ll do away with him and bring back evidence that the ‘sea creature’ killed him and drug him into the ocean.”

“What about the other two; Ronon and Teyla?” the man asked after straightening out the character portraying Woolsey.

“Ronan will be dead before McKay figures out the problems we piled on him to fix. His injuries have festered from not being taken care of since we captured him. After he dies we’ll put him on the planet he went missing on. Teyla and Richard Woolsey’s minds will be adjusted to retain memories we acquired.”

“But they are still here in our secret room we made for you?”

“Yes, we can’t have Ronon’s body found yet until we take care of Sheppard, and Teyla and Woolsey are simply sleeping.

“What will happen to the five of us after we’ve done what we were created to do?”

“You will be put in storage until you’re needed again.”

“And what will become of the Brigadier General and his female?”

I’m sure they are meeting with their demise as we speak. A fatal plane crash is how they are meeting their maker.”

“What of the Potter man? How are you dealing with his death?”

“He will die tomorrow when he meets with a different Ice Giant. He was supposed to die Christmas day, but that skiing accident he had postponed his death. He’ll have a terrible fright when he realizes that re-entering the atmosphere won’t kill it. The only way to kill it will be to change the code; and that will just shut it down.”

“And Mr. MacIntire, you will be avenged for your sister dying in prison after her Presidency was ruined.

Harry turned off his phone from recording and disappeared to the mainland. His first thing to do would be to find Tazmia. He quickly disappeared and reappeared in various places until he found a cave along the ocean. The stormy surf lapped against the stone wall of the entrance with a rhythmic song of anger and finality. Harry saw a wisp of smoke curl and then unfurl into the salty air. He walked over to it and saw Tazmia and Rocky sitting just inside the obscured entrance. Rocky was entertaining himself with pestering a crab that was trying to scurry away. Just as the crab was nearly away Rocky would pounce and bat it back further into the cave. Harry grinned but quickly became serious and asked if they were doing okay. He told them what was going on and that it wasn’t really Teyla and Mr. Woolsey that made them come to the mainland.

“I need to find John before they do. They’re trying to kill him and it sounds like they’re close to making that happen.”

“John is in the cave a little further back where I have a fire built to keep him warm. Carson has stopped the bleeding unless he moves. But he said John needs emergency surgery to remove something inside him. Carson doesn’t know what they used on him, but he can’t find it with the scant supplies he has on him. He also needs blood to replace the amount he’s lost.”

Harry knelt down to look at his friend while Tazmia talked. He stuck him with a needle and then put the needle on a slide and looked at it on a microscope he summoned from his pouch. “He’s clear of Nanites; let’s see if I can find what ails him.”

Harry turned slightly blue and his eyes glowed white. He began chanting something and stuck his hand inside John’s wound. He inhaled sharply and jerked hard and then he slowly pulled his hand out of John. He was holding what looked like an engorged slug and it jumped from his hand into his chest. Harry quickly grabbed at his heart and saying the chant he pushed his hand into his chest over his heart. When he pulled it back out it was twice the size it was when it entered him. He threw it on the ground and zapped it with his wand.

Harry looked at John and told Tazmia he would be better in a couple minutes but to keep him resting without moving because he still has the broken shell of the animal lodged inside him and that he’ll start bleeding badly if he moves. “I need to get to the water.” He stumbled back toward the entrance of the cave and fell into the surf pounding the cave that was rushing in as high tide began coming further into the cave. He was buffeted about some coral and then he was gone; the last wave crashing in taking him into the ocean.

Five minutes later he came back and found Carson working over John. The fire was out and Carson was talking quietly but with an urgency that Harry rarely heard in his voice.

Rocky gleefully announced Harry was back. Carson turned and took him by the arm pulling him over to John. Harry tripped and stumbled not being steady on his feet at all. Plus it didn’t help that he was soaking wet and walking on slippery wet clay. John looked at Harry and told Carson to take it easy.

“I’m trying to tell you, son, we don’t have time; they’re coming! Five of them landed just a quarter mile up the coast. Harry understood and grabbed John, Carson, Rocky and Tazmia and then disappeared. They appeared in the guestroom at Harry’s house. He quickly asked Tazmia if she would return with him to help. She said she would and they disappeared again without another word. Three hours later he and Tazmia walked onto the porch and into his home. When he shut the door he smiled wearily and opened his arms wide to Ginny when she ran to him. They held each other and Harry rested his head heavily on her. He was working hard to stand but then his arms fell from being around Ginny and his legs buckled.

Tazmia caught him and carried him effortlessly to the couch. At first Ginny was surprised she could lift Harry yet alone carry him as if he was as light as a child. But then she remembered she was a Werecat and Harry wouldn’t be any challenge at all for her to carry. Rocky jumped up on his mom and began purring. Tazmia’s demeanor changed into a very caring and loving mom for her new baby. She stroked Rocky and nuzzled lovingly on him. She looked at Harry and then told Ginny and Carson who was already scanning his machine over him, “He’s mostly just exhausted. All his wounds have been healed from the ocean, but he can’t be cured of the exhaustion that comes from fighting and traveling from here to the USA and then back and forth between this galaxy and the Pegasus galaxy six times. Harry says as soon as John can travel safely he should return home to be with Teyla who is trying to understand what happened as is Mr. Woolsey. Jennifer is working on Ronon and he will make a full recovery but will be off his feet for a couple weeks. Harry said the main reason John needs to get back to Atlantis is because he left Rodney in charge until Mr. Woolsey is found fit for duty. I believe this last part was meant to be humorous because Harry laughed when he told me what to tell you if he wasn’t able to stay awake.”

Tazmia pulled out Sam’s engagement ring and said, “Harry took this from the man who was behind all the trouble; Mr. Kerry MacIntire. He is no longer a problem since Harry broke his neck. And there is one more very important thing Harry told me to tell you. He says to make sure he wakes up early in the morning. He found out there is another Ice Giant bigger and more dangerous than the one he killed on Christmas day. He said he has to reset its code. It is the only way to get rid of it. Rodney was able to find the code to use and how to get inside it.”

Ginny said, “Surely he can go Giant hunting another day; he needs to sleep and rest.”

“The Giant is programmed to come tomorrow afternoon,” explained Tazmia.

Carson said, “Well then, Harry doesn’t have to get up early to fight it. He can stay in bed until noon and eat a nourishing meal before he meets up with it.”

The Werecat shook her head and explained, “Harry said since he knows where it is he needs to go to it with a plan. He told Rodney to put new directives on a thumb drive and he’d go to it since it’s in a shutdown mode while it uploads directives from its creator. He told Rodney to overload it with directives that would take days to upload but to give it a time of two hours it has to be done by. And if it doesn’t get the directives uploaded by the given time it is to self destruct. When it does this Harry will cause the Nanites to be incompatible with each other rendering it inert. And then he will send it into nothingness with his magic. It is in a state of shutdown while it is getting new directives.”

Carson said, “But it doesn’t make sense; this Giant is just someplace sleeping and will wake up with orders to kill Harry? Where is it and why can’t we just get it while it is sleeping and take it away someplace where it is impossible to find Harry?”

Tazmia answered, “It isn’t that simple. Mr. MacIntire is the inventor of the Giant, but there are hardened criminals from seven major countries around the world that want Harry dead; out of the way so they can overpower governments and become rulers of their lawlessness. It will be the end of humanity and the destruction of the world. They all have made huge money contributions, and kidnapped scientists; threatening to kill their families if they didn’t build the Giant, for their part ownership of it. Jack is meeting with heads of nations on line as we speak to help Harry by capturing these men and women involved.”

Early the next morning Harry woke up and carefully got out from under Ginny without waking her. He smiled that she must have planned on waking up with him when he got up and he wouldn’t be able to get up without waking her. He went to the kitchen and drank a cup of coffee while Winky finished making his breakfast. When she put his plate in front of him, Carson walked in and she put a plate of food in front of him with a cup of tea. Harry was grateful for the company and relieved some of his burden to his friend.

“It’s hard to leave Ginny and the kids without saying goodbye, but if I wait until they get up to say it then I’m afraid their heartache I read in their eyes will make it hard for me to concentrate on what I have to do. This will be a mission I have to have my full attention on at all times. I miss them something fierce when I’m away and it’s hard on me which will make this mission harder than it already will be. Being lonely is my worst enemy; but I’d rather be lonely than remember the pain in their eyes.”

Carson swallowed hard understanding how Harry felt about loneliness. He had been captured by Michael, a Wraith turned into a human with a special procedure he had come up with. Michael had made a clone of him. His true being was killed in an explosion on Atlantis while saving one of his patients. Carson was a clone and this made him feel alone somehow different with his friends. John and his team found Carson two years after he had been created; not knowing he was a clone because he had all of Carson’s mannerisms and memories up until he was captured. Carson was deep in thought with his memories but came back to the present when Harry spoke again.

“I didn’t get a chance to tell Tazmia that the slug that was in John was the Ironclad Slug which is a blood sucker. Its shell broke inside of him when it became engorged. It is the way of the creature to have a full meal. When the hard shell breaks it begins cutting deeper into the victim until it bleeds to death. Once its victim dies the slug removes itself after it lays eggs inside the corps. Since it jumped into me I know it didn't make it to that stage yet, but you’ll want to keep an eye on him.”

Carson thanked him for the information and said he’d keep his eyes on him. “Harry, can you take Ron or some others with you to help?”

“No, I can’t take any of my kind because of the classification of Atlantis and I can’t take any military personnel because I can’t wait on the red tape. It’ll be okay, Rodney came up with the plan and I’m certain I can follow the instructions. I am working on a Plan B though just in case. I will not fail but if the plan doesn’t work, then it’ll be Plan B.”

“What is Plan B then; and what if it doesn’t work?”

Harry licked his lips and sighed gravely, “I’ll just say that if Plan A doesn’t work and Plan B does work, then the Giant will be gone forever, but so will I.”

Carson looked at Harry not knowing what to say. “Harry, I’ll go with you. Give me some sort of weapon and I’ll help you.”

Harry didn’t expect this offer and looked at first like he was going to accept Carson’s offer but then said, “Thanks Carson; you have no idea what that means to me. But no; according to Rodney I just have to plug this into its skull and wait for it to self destruct. Then I’ll be able to make them incompatible with each other so I can make them vanish into nothingness.”

Looking through the kitchen into the living room Harry half expected to see Ginny walking to him as though she had felt his need of her. But she didn’t show up and Harry stood up resigned to do what had to be done. He spoke kindly to Winky and smiled when she smiled at him. He looked at Carson and opened his mouth to leave a message for his wife and kids on the chance he didn’t make it back but couldn’t bring himself to say the words. Carson stood up and put his hand on the young man’s shoulder. He felt the trimmers under his hand and said, “I’ll make sure they understand, Harry. Be safe and come back to us so I don’t have to do any explaining.”
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Hey guys, thanks for coming back. I know I say that every week, but I sincerely mean it. I hope all is well with everyone and I hope you are all cuddled nice and warm in the weather some are experiencing. My family crises is ongoing but seems to have taken a turn for the better for me and my brothers and sisters. Still though, when a family member is suffering the whole family suffers. I am so far behind in things around here so I must once again ask for your forgiveness for posting late. I hope you enjoy this chapter. I must warn you it is dark and violent as will be these last two chapters of this story line. If anyone has any questions please drop a comment or PM me.

Chapter 4

Harry’s Homecoming Was Not What He Expected

It was early morning just before sunup of the third day of Harry being gone when he returned home. He decided to appear in the basement and shower before he went up to his family. It had been a very long time since he had a shower and a good scrubbing and fresh clothes would be better for his family than letting them see him the way he was. But he instantly knew something was terribly wrong when he got home. It was too quiet and too cold. He ran up the basement stairs and into the kitchen. It was dark and looked like it had been abandoned. He went into the living room and found it the same way. Also the Christmas tree and decorations were gone. There wasn’t a fire in the fireplace and the furniture was covered with dust protectors. His heart beat hard and he became worried he came back in another reality or something. He ran up the stairs finding it empty of his family sleeping in their beds. He went back downstairs to the kitchen and found the refrigerator empty. All the shelves in the pantry were bare and all the wares of the kitchen were packed up in boxes sitting on the counters. He Skryed Winky’s house the stable and barn and didn’t see any sign of life anywhere.

Harry went back up to the bedrooms and looked around one more time. A thought was going through his mind that put a new fear into him. Was this yet another trick of the replicator giant and he hadn’t destroyed it after all and had captured him again? Was he living in another virtual reality made by the replicator? “No! I got free and destroyed it for sure! I know I did!” Harry exclaimed angrily, but still; the empty house and property told another story. He walked into Albus’s room and looked out the window toward the Burrow. Smoke wasn’t rising over the top of the hill in the near distance like it should be. He looked around the room and his eye caught a glimpse of a piece of paper camouflaged to look like the dust protector on the bed. Harry snatched it up and read it quickly.

Dear Daddy,
I hate that we had to leave before you got home. Mum said we have to leave now before we are contaminated. We are staying with Uncle Ron until we have to go back to Hogwarts. Some man came and said he had to inspect the house and property to see if an accidental Methane gas release didn’t contaminate the area. A few hours later he came back in a hazmat suit and said the air and ground was toxic and we would have to vacate the property until further notice. They are going to burn down our home and all the buildings on the property and even scorch the earth of the entire property. Daddy, I ran a test of my own and although I am just a kid, I know this man is lying because my test came back negative. Winky and Marston have rallied all the elves and taken the animals with them somewhere I don’t know about. Winky assured me the animals were all safe and being cared for. Grandma and Grandpa are with Uncle Charlie until it is safe to return. They were told their property wasn’t affected but were advised to leave just in case the wind shifted during the burn. Mum asked them to take Lily with them and they did. The man said the burn will begin in four days. You have only been gone one day so if you don’t come back within the next three days and the charms James and I put up around our home fails we will lose everything. I think someone will go there a day early to steal all our stuff before they burn down the house. Mum is angrier than I have ever seen her and she is trying to find out where the scientists came from and how a gas leak could be on our property. She doesn’t want to lose our home because of her not finding out how to stop them. I told her I would write this letter to you and she said she was trying to do that but she was tied up with finding out what this is all about. Hope you get home safely and I hope it’s in time to save us.

Love you forever,

Harry scanned the letter again and realized tomorrow is the day they said they would begin burning everything. Albus figures they will come today to steal the valuables and Harry decided he was more than likely right. He began making plans and setting traps. Just before lunch one of his traps went off and Harry went to the spot in stealth mode. He was invisible and noiseless, completely undetectable. Three men were hanging upside down with their arms frozen over their heads and tied at their wrists. Harry quickly gathered them and took them to the barn. He put them in the hayloft and under a spell that kept them from moving or calling out for help. He took their wands and wallets and any weapons they had on them. When he took their cell phones one of them rang. Harry quickly denied the call but texted back to the number that called.

“What do you want? I’m busy.”

“How dare you speak to a Lestrange like that?! I am your boss and I think because of your cheek you will be cut out of the spoils.”

“And I think maybe I’ll keep it all myself. Easy enough to do and you can’t stop me.

“And what about Phil and Caleb?”

“I took them out of the works after getting through the protection barrier. They’re tied up in the barn. If you want them, by all means come and get them.”

“You’ll regret that smart mouth of yours when I get there.”

“I think you missed your calling. You’re a comedian if you think I believe you have guts enough to show yourself in person. Now, leave me be so I can get busy claiming things as mine. I’m going back up to the main house, come and get the others if you want, just don’t bother me. And don’t get the idea to try and take me out, you’ll be surprised when you see what you have waiting for you if you do. Ha ha ha”

Harry shut off the phone and didn’t answer it when she called back. He hoped he had goaded her enough she would show up and try to eliminate him. He waited beside the three men he had tied up thinking she would come to get them so they could help her. He put his invisibility cloak over the one he took the place of and looked around to make sure he was ready for the Lestrange woman. He shook his head to clear away the shock of hearing the person behind this attack was a Lestrange. Did Bella have a daughter; she would be older than him, but he guessed it was possible. How did he miss this fact when he was fallowing her? She never once went to see her wherever she was, and she never spoke of her. Who would’ve guessed she had a daughter?

He didn’t have long to wait. Ten minutes after he stopped texting to the Lestrange woman she showed up in the barn. Her wand was drawn and she moved about cautiously. When she found two of her accomplices she started talking in urgent tones.

“I can’t believe the nerve of Bernie thinking he can get away with keeping everything for himself. How did he manage to get the drop on you two?”

Phil responded indignantly, “We worked for three hours getting that protection barrier down and finally did it only to be attacked from behind. I thought nobody was supposed to be home. Who attacked us?”

Lestrange answered angrily, “It was Bernie; he betrayed us and is at this very moment up at the main house taking everything for himself.”

Caleb responded with doubt, “I don’t know Katrina, it was nearly instantaneously, but I’m sure I saw Bernie go down just before Phil, and I was the last one cursed. I think someone else is here working against us. Could it be Potter?”

Katrina thought and answered, “No, Potter is rumored to be dead. A Giant killed him a few days ago. Nobody has discovered the body yet, but there was plenty of blood and stuff at the site where he fought it. I can only hope he died slowly and in excruciating pain. My only regret is that he will miss seeing his mother-in-law die at my hands.”

“Those scientists who said that there was a methane gas leak on this property said it was toxic so I think we should hurry up and get our stuff and leave.”

The Lestrange woman laughed hysterically and said, “Caleb, you are so cute in your stupidity. There isn’t any gas leak. There aren’t even any scientists. It was a group of criminals around the world who want Potter dead that helped Lord Voldemort make the Giant. Sure scientists made them, but they got rid of them as soon as the giants were made. Well, all of them but the inventor, but it is rumored that he disappeared never to be seen again after Lord Voldemort was killed. Now there is only one Giant left. Yes, it was man-made and that is why they want to burn down the place; so they don’t leave any trace or evidence.”

“I still say there is someone else here and we need to finish what we came for and leave. The Weasley’s won’t be back until next week so you can’t kill her yet anyway.”

Phil added, “Plus it is just a matter of time before others hear about Potter being dead and his place being abandoned. Others will get the same idea we got and could start showing up at anytime now. Let’s get this over with and leave. I’ve had the feeling we are being watched ever since we got here.”

Harry heard enough to learn all he needed to know. There was only four to deal with here today and tomorrow would be the day the Giant makers’ show up to burn down his home and property. Harry became visible and took Katrina’s wand and arrested her. She was in too much shock to fight or cause a problem. Harry said she was under arrest for plotting murder, breaking and entering with the intent of grand larceny, and other charges would be pending on other evidence that needed sorting out. He arrested the three men for co conspiring with Katrina Lestrange to steal and murder.

Katrina snarled at him and looking just like her evil mom said, “You think you are all knowing about all things. You'll find you aren't as smart as you think you are and then you will die.” He looked hard into her eyes and studied her face. She looked like her mom, but Harry saw someone else; he just couldn't place who it could be at the moment.

He didn’t offer any comment or even acknowledge he heard her. He only said what he legally had to tell them. Next he called K’lari and talked to her for a while. After working out a plan to have K’lari hold the four villains in her special prison; he took them to where K’lari told him to bring them.

“Hey there handsome! It’s been too long. Oh my; you’ve really changed a lot since I last saw you. You look dangerous; I’m glad we’re friends. Harry smiled politely and quietly said, “Sometimes change just happens. I’m still me though. A shower and fresh clothes will do wonders.”

K’lari shook her head and said, “I think the change has been coming on for years but something else happened that made you different. You’re gaunt yet powerful looking and you have a wild look about you. Your eyes are terrible fierce. What happened to you?”

Harry didn’t want to talk about it but didn’t look away from her. He said, “How is Teddy doing? Is he and his best mate Ottery, still looking for trouble to get into?”
He smiled mischievously and said, “I thought about giving them a call to see if they’d like to join me in my production of Jack and the Beanstalk, but decided I needed to take care of the problem myself. Say hello to them for me when you go home. And speaking of home, I need to go home and get ready for tomorrow. I’d love to be able to tell Ginny and the kids I’m back, but I can’t take a chance on anyone else finding out I’m not dead. I was looking forward to seeing my family, eating a real meal, and getting a good night’s sleep, but none one of those things are going to happen tonight. I’ve waited years to see them; I guess another night won’t make a difference.”

“What do you mean by waited years?” She asked taken aback.

“It’s just a saying, right?” He turned the tips of his lips up in a very small sad smile and kissed her cheek. “I’ll see you tomorrow, thanks for your help.” He disappeared without another word.

Harry went to the Burrow to see if everything was in order there and found everything fine. He nearly whooped in celebration of finding food in the refrigerator. He fixed some sandwiches and drank some water. Satisfied with his meager dinner he cleared up his mess and left for his own home taking with him some bread, sausages, and a thermos of coffee for in the morning.

He didn’t bother appearing outside and walking in since the house was empty. He looked around the living room and the loneliness of the bare house set upon him. He didn’t dare light a fire in the fireplace or turn on anything electric. He didn’t want anyone who might be watching know he was home. When darkness came he pulled out a tent he used when he was on his quest many years ago and set it up in the bedroom. It was just a single sized tent, but when he got inside it was magically enlarged to allow for a camp bed, and some essential necessities. It was also invisible to the naked eye and didn’t allow for light to pass through. He got out a photo album and looked at pictures he took over the Christmas holiday. He stared at them until he was too tired to keep his eyes open. He got in bed and pulled the covers up over his head to get warm.

In the morning he got up and had the sausages and bread with his coffee. He barely finished when a warning system he set up in the event that intruders were on the property went off. He made his tent go back into his Mokeskin pouch and became invisible. He quickly put his invisibility cloak around him even though he was invisible. He heard voices downstairs and someone shouted ‘Homenum Revelio’ upon which nothing happened except his cloak gave a slight jerk.

“I guess it must be true, Harry potter is dead,” said the man who shouted the spell. “It’s kind of sad in a way. I mean he did get rid of all those nasty villains that really did need to go. And he has done a lot of good for the homeless and the poor orphans. And just look what he’s done for his wife and kids; gave them this beautiful home and anything they needed. But, none of that matters because we sold our souls to the scum of the earth in order for us to be able to take the place of the villains of old. We are going to rule the world boys and nobody will be able to stop us. Well, let’s get busy, we’ll get the house burning and then at ten o’clock our helicopter will be here to begin firebombing the property and all the buildings. We’ll drop some bombs here and there to make it look like pockets of gas exploded so our cover will stay intact. We should be done by two or three this afternoon. First though I want to go up to the master bedroom and see if his wand and that fantastic sword is there. It is rumored that upon his death they will go to his wife in a special place. All we know is that it’ll be in their bedroom, but the exact whereabouts is unknown.”

One of the men froze on the spot and whispered, “It’s him boss, it’s Harry Potter. He must be dead because he is talking to us from his picture.”

Everyone turned and looked at the family portrait over the mantle. Harry was looking at the men and said, “Leave my home or you’ll be sorry.”

The man who was obviously the boss laughed and said, “And what will you do? You’re dead and you are stuck inside your portrait.”

Harry smiled wickedly and said, “I’m not a typical ghost though.”
He stepped out of his picture and floated over the men. Some of them looked terrified and tried to run but Harry pointed his finger at them and they seemed to have been glued to the floor. The others drew their wands and began firing curses at Harry. They went right through him and he laughed when someone shouted ’Avada Kedavra’ “You can’t kill a ghost, where did you go to school?”

The boss quite nervously said, “It’s a trick, some sort of magic, dark magic. Ghosts can’t do what you’re doing.”

Harry laughed maniacally. “Why do you say that? Haven’t you seen the movie, Ghost Busters? Ghosts can do ever so much more than you think.” Harry floated over to the man and gave him a deadly stare. “What makes you think I would ever allow you or anyone else to take what I have? I provided this home for my wife and kids; not you or your merry men of thieves. Call your pilot and tell him he won’t be burning this property.”

“And what if I don’t do it? Are you going to scare me to death with faces and saying boo?” The man laughed nervously but stayed his ground. “You can’t touch me or call for help. All you can do is watch me burn down your house and property.”

Harry put his hand on the man’s shoulder and said, “Can you feel my hand on you? That means I can touch you. And I don’t need to call for help although I could if I wanted to. But, I wonder what kind of help would come. Let’s see if a dead man calls for help then it would be more of the dead coming to do the helping wouldn’t it?”

One of the other men screamed in terror pointing to the dining room where ghosts began floating over to them. They all tried to run out, but their feet were stuck to the floor like a few of the others that tried to run earlier. They began screaming and begging for them to please not hurt them.

Harry pointed his fingers at them and their hands went behind their backs and became handcuffed. Harry took their wands and phones. Then he swished the other ghosts away and he became corporeal. He pressed his button on his cell phone twice and a few minutes later his Aurors appeared. They all had their wands drawn until they were sure it was Harry they were looking at. Harry grinned at them and they all put them away and began greeting Harry happily. He smiled at them and thanked them for coming so quickly. “I can’t help but notice the Captain didn’t come. Is he okay?”

Carl said, “Ron has been out of sorts ever since you left. At first he was furious you left without saying goodbye to your wife and kids. And then he was furious you didn’t tell us so we could help. And he kept saying when you come back he is going to kill you himself. Then it was announced that you were more than likely dead. Someone got pictures of all the blood and the destruction at the site where by the looks of it a war took place. Trees were knocked down and boulders were smashed and there were body parts all over the place. The blood was tested and it was yours. The body parts were also identified to be yours. Right after that the scientists tested the area and said there was a gas leak of some sort and you were more than likely adversely affected by it allowing the giant to kill you. Then Ron felt guilty for being out of sorts. Your friends from the United States Air force collected the body parts and told Ginny they weren’t yours. They also said they would be back with help.”

Harry thanked them and asked them to take the captured men to the holding cells and he’d be in as soon as he stopped the helicopter from burning the land and buildings. They offered to stay and help but Harry assured them he was fine. “I would like you to let my family know I am home and I will come and get them as soon as I get the pilot and then clean up. Also tell them I checked the Burrow and it is fine too. Tell them to contact Mr. and Mrs. Weasley and tell them they need to come home as soon as possible.” The Aurors left with the prisoners and set out to do what Harry asked of them.

Just then two teams of Marines stormed in wearing tactical gear and had their weapons drawn. Harry raised his hands without saying anything. Three Marines held Harry in their sites while one Marine went to handcuff him. Harry spoke quietly asking them to be easy with him. “My left arm and right color bone are on the mend and still quite delicate. I have four mending ribs and a punctured lung healing. My back is broken and in a special brace. My left hip was shattered and my right thigh was severed. My left ankle is mending from being smashed and my skull was shattered but is on the mend, every muscle and joint in my body was caught in temporal time fluctuations and hurts even to blink, and last but not least, my jaw was shattered and although it is mending it still hurts to talk so I’ll not say anything else if it’s all the same to you fellas’. Oh, I should tell you that if I hear a helicopter then I will need to disappear to keep them from torching my property but I’ll return when I’m done.” While the rest of the men went through the house with special equipment the Marine handcuffing Harry disregarded everything he told them about being careful with him and forced Harry’s arms behind him and cuffed him. Then they put shackles on his ankles. They gagged him and blindfolded him. They put straps around his upper and mid body. When the Marines finished their sweep of the house for intruders they all stood around Harry with their weapons focused on him.
Ten minutes later Jack walked in with Carson, Teyla, Rodney, Sam, Teal’c, Daniel, and Cameron. They took in the scene and hurried to Harry. Jack told the Marines to stand down and Carson immediately began running his small instrument over him.

“Get these restraints off of Harry immediately!” As soon as Carson gave the order, Harry magiced himself free and slowly moved his arms to his sides. He blinked several times to get his eyes adjusted and then looked at Carson. A small smile gave his friend confirmation of his thankfulness.
“So, what took so long? Couldn’t you find the Giant all this time?”

Harry turned his hard eyes onto the prideful man and Rodney shrunk back to his deflated ego state. The look in Harry’s eyes told him it didn’t work, but didn’t want to go into details. Harry turned to Jack and thanked him for all the help. Jack apologized for the treatment the Marines gave him but Harry told him he was thankful they came to help and they were doing their job.

“Do you have any idea when to expect anyone to come here? We intercepted and captured a helicopter that was hovering just out of range of being able to hear it.”

“I captured and arrested all the men this morning and just called my Aurors to take them in. They left seconds before the Marines got here. I captured four looters yesterday. How are John and Ronon doing?”

Ronon is recovering quickly and John is nearly able to be up and about. They both said they were up to coming, but I wouldn’t release them. It looks like you’ve had a bit of hard luck. Can you explain all these medical conditions you’ve suffered?”

Harry swallowed and said, “Maybe another time, Carson. I need a shower and fresh clothes.” He didn’t wait for a reply but walked slowly to the stairs. Half way up the house returned to normal with heat circulating throughout and the furnishings uncovered. Logs went into the fireplace and flames sprang into a dance as they began to devour the logs. It took some effort but he made it to his bedroom without incident and showered. When he went back down he was alone with just his friends. Jack had dismissed the Marines and joined the others who were talking quietly around the fireplace. They turned around to face Harry when he asked where Sam and Teyla were at.

“They went shopping to get you some groceries. Your cupboards seem to be in need of resupply.”

Harry nodded his head and said it would be good to have a good meal for a change. He sat down and rested his head on the back of his comfy chair. Just as he got comfortable Ron popped into the house. Harry was instantly at the door with his hands around Ron’s neck ready to snap it. He gasped and let go of his brother-in-law and fell back against the door white as a ghost realizing he nearly killed his best friend.

Ron put his hands on his neck and heart and looked as scared as Harry was. “What the bloody blue blazes is wrong with you?! You can’t just go around killing people or trying to.”

Harry glared at Ron and Ron took notice of the hardness in Harry’s eyes. He looked him up and down and backed away from him. “You are Harry aren’t you? You look like an assassin or something dangerous.”

Harry looked at him and quietly said, “I’m just the monster/dirty animal who lives here; and I have every right to protect my family’s home. How many times have I told you to come in the door instead of just popping in like you do? You’re lucky I didn’t kill you.”

Ron rubbed his neck and said, “I had to identify your body parts just a few days ago. Then Carl calls and says that you’re home and you’re going to come and get Ginny as soon as you can. I had to come over and see who was trying to get her; her house and property and try to stop whoever you are.”

Harry sighed and put his arm on Ron’s shoulder and said, “I’m sorry you went through that. Come over and sit with us. Are you okay?”

Ron shook his head and said, “I’ll be fine, I don’t know when, but I will be fine.”
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Hey Guys, here we all are again. Thanks for coming for my new chapter. The next chapter will be the last of this story line, but a new story line will begin right where this one leaves off. I love each of you for reading my story that JK made possible for us to write using her incredible original story and characters. Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG1 are also amazing stories made into TV shows. If you ever have questions please ask in a comment or in the visiter's page, or PM me if you're shy about others seeing your question. Thanks again for reading.

Chapter 5

The Story Of The Ice Giant

Everyone sat down and once again Harry leaned his head back and tried to rest. Ron broke the silence by telling Harry he needed to prove he really was Harry potter. Harry sighed and sat up and rubbed his face wearily. He looked at Ron with anger showing plainly. “How do you suggest I do that?”

Ron said, “What spell did I tell you I was taught on our train ride to Hogwarts when we first met? Who taught it to me, what was the spell supposed to do and what was the spell, word for word?”

Harry objected saying, “We were children, Captain; how am I supposed to remember a spell from that long ago? I remember it didn’t work, and Hermione wasn’t impressed either.”

“Never you mind about Hermione, what was the spell?”

Harry thought hard and huffed impatiently with having to make his weary mind think so hard. Finally he said, “Fred made it up and he and George taught it to you so they could have a good laugh at your gullibility. ‘Sunshine daisies butter mellow; turn this stupid fat rat yellow.’ It was supposed to turn Scabbers yellow. It didn’t work.”

Ron turned red in the face and said, “Anyone could have found that out. Hermione told loads of people and they told loads more people. Tell me something else that proves you are the real Harry.”

Harry looked at Carson and said, “Can you please verify I am the real Harry Potter for the captain?”

Carson nodded his head and said, “Aye lad, he’s the real Harry Potter and he needs to rest and take some medicine and potions.”

“I’ll rest when I get Ginny back home. I need her desperately bad.”

Jack said, “I know you don’t want to talk about it, but we need to know what happened up above Pride Rock and why was people about to burn down your house and property?”

Harry shook his head sadly and stood up gingerly. He stood facing the flames of the fire and then turned around and sat on the stone hearth. Just then Sam and Teyla came in the door and announced it was snowing worse than it had all winter. Harry rested his elbows on his knees and lowered his forehead onto his fists. He was silent until Teyla and Sam came in and sat down. Sam said, “Dinner is on and we can have sandwiches for lunch while we visit.”

Ron took a sandwich and said, “We aren’t visiting, Harry is going to tell us what happened and why he isn’t dead and why he would allow all of us to think he was.”

Harry took a sandwich and nibbled a few minute bites with his eyes closed, grimacing every time he chewed. Ron said, “The sandwiches are good, why are you acting like they’re tough leather? It’s pathetic the way you’re trying to stall telling us what happened. Are you making up a good story and need to stall for more time?”

Harry stood up and threw his sandwich into the fire and doubled his fists. He walked over to Ron and Ron swallowed hard. Harry pulled him out of his seat like he was weightless. Bringing him inches from his face Harry quietly said, “I could break your jaw and let you see how hard it is to eat.” He threw Ron back down onto the couch and went to his study. “I’ll be back in a few minutes; I need to take some medicine.”

While Harry was in the lab Carson spoke up and told them about the broken bones two of which was a jaw and crushed skull. “His spleen was ruptured and his liver torn. I honestly can’t say how he is alive. And those body parts you said was Harry’s aren’t real. They are state of the art man made replicas painted and scarred to make it look like Harry. The blood on them is from Harry and the piece of skin is his. I’m thinking it is from his left side below his ribs.”

Harry returned to the living room and asked Ron if he was okay. “I shouldn’t have let my memory be a back seat driver; I sincerely apologize. I’m not making excuses but you need to know and try to understand that things happened to me that I have to recover from and it may not even be possible.”

Ron nodded his head eager to show Harry he wasn’t angry at him. “I accept your apology and I’ll take responsibility of setting you off. I’m sorry mate. Can you tell us what happened to you? Did you leave all those body parts; blood and skin up there? I know you had a mighty battle because I found traces of your magic.”

Harry gazed into the fire; the flames licking greedily at the logs now displaying velvety red embers. His eyes finally left the flames and he shut them and sighed weary with the thought of reliving everything he went through to get rid of the Giant replicator. He turned around and sat in his chair and began speaking as if he was narrating a historical war story.

“Four days ago I got up and ate breakfast and went to find the Giant. I don’t know if it is common knowledge, but for the sake of Ron’s understanding, the Giant was man-made. It was like a robot and it could repair itself when it got damaged. Rodney gave me a computer chip that would reprogram the Giant’s directive. I found the Giant asleep which would be the perfect time for it to download the new directives because that is when new directives are downloaded into it by its creator. I was able to get right up to it and stick the chip in where Rodney said it would go. I left the immediate area so I could observe what it did when it woke up from a safe distance.”

Harry re-positioned himself trying to get comfortable for the next part of the recollections turned story. “It seems the creator expected this because it woke up and instantaneously was at my side and stomped on me before I could fully get away. That’s when my skull got crushed and my collarbone broken. The only reason I wasn’t dead was because I was between two boulders and they took the blunt force of the foot. That’s also when I lost the skin off of my side. I was wedged between another boulder and the Giant’s foot. My head bounced against one of the boulders before it was crushed with the second stomp which would have killed me for sure but I was able to use my magic to move to the other side of the clearing and get under my Cloak of Invisibility. It appeared in the same area but couldn’t find me. I took potions to mend my skull and collarbone and tried to close up my side. I was there for hours going in and out of shock until the potions began taking affect. I can’t remember the last time I was as cold as I was those hours.”

Harry stood up and paced the small area in front of the fireplace. He sat back down and took several cleansing breaths before he continued with his difficult recount of the last five days.

“I was suffering from a very serious concussion and was having trouble seeing. Everything was black. I lit my wand and still couldn’t focus on any differences in the snow that covered everything. I realized I could hardly breathe and was cold but not frozen solid and I couldn’t hear anything. This brought me to the conclusion that I was actually buried in the snow. I started melting the snow around and above me and finally just as I was taking my last breath I broke through the surface. Other than being able to breathe fresh air again; it was hard to believe I was free. Everything was a brilliant white. I could hear and feel the wind though, terrible wind. The Giant had blown a full scaled blizzard with tons of snow.”

Harry stood up again and turned to look into the flames in the fireplace. He put two more logs on the fire and poked at the ashes from the nearly consumed logs. He didn’t turn and look at his friends and Ron; but instead raised his arms and placed them on the mantel. He hung his head and remained quiet until finally he turned back to his chair and sat down. He was clearly distressed and Carson was about to say they heard enough for a while when Harry took a deep breath and spoke quietly.

“The Giant grabbed me. It was right there and I couldn’t see it or hear it. He transported me to some sort of underground cave. There was some kind of elaborate lab with all kinds of machines everywhere. In the center of the place was a bright blue light ray with about a twelve foot circumference. The Giant walked up to it and jumped into it, but I don’t think it was supposed to. A little man was at a table working and he yelled, ‘No, not yet; you can’t go until I put this in your code.’ But it jumped in anyway. We fell for what seemed like hours. I could feel the temporal disturbances and my body was being pulled on in all directions, but we fell on and on until we landed in Godric’s Hollow, on July 32, 1981. We had traveled into the past to my home the day after I was born. The Giant released me and disappeared. I was still a full grown man with all my magical abilities. I moved around cautiously until I found a place I could be safely, the Shrieking Shack. I didn’t have to pay for rent, utilities, or food. I enchanted food to appear to me from Hogwarts when I was hungry. I didn’t consider that to be stealing because Professor Dumbledore told me that help would always be at Hogwarts for those who ask for it. I asked and it provided. Anyway, I worked tirelessly to find my way back home. The Giant was gone and I couldn’t find any trace of the portal we fell through. You can’t imagine how hard it was to live during those years knowing I could keep things from happening and change the outcome of everything. I had the accounts of where Riddle was and when he was going to murder. Everyone who died so I could live…I could have fixed it so they lived. I could have kept my Dad and Mum from being murdered.”

Harry covered his eyes with his hands and shook his head. “I had to stand by and watch my parents get murdered. I saw how Riddle mutilated my father and then murdered him. He stepped over his body to get to me and my mother. I watched her beg for him to let me live. I saw him continually tell her to move aside; that she didn’t need to die but she kept refusing and he murdered her without any remorse whatsoever. Hagrid and Sirius came and Hagrid carried me away. Sirius was devastated and carefully gathered my Dad and Mum to take them away. I saw all the events that led up to the war. I followed Bellatrix Lestrange around for a long time to gather information. It was difficult watching and doing nothing to change the outcome of so many things. I knew I couldn’t change anything though. Years went by and I continued to try to find my way home. Loneliness nearly drove me mad.”

Harry sat back and looked up to the ceiling. Tears of anguish streamed down his jaws and into his beard. He swallowed and began speaking again. “During the summer of my other self’s second year at Hogwarts I knew I would have to figure something out before my third year started. That was the year Sirius escaped Azkaban and used the Shrieking shack. Then a stroke of luck came my way. I picked up a scientific magazine about Nanite technology. There on the front cover was the little man I saw in the lab before the Giant jumped in the portal. His name was Sturgis Altimore. I studied his findings and then I devised a plan to get his research papers. He is a Muggle who at the time was living in the furthest northern region of Alaska. I went there and broke into his lab. I copied all his research papers and while I was there I looked for an underground cave where the lab might be. I found it, but none of the equipment was there; it hadn’t been invented yet. I did find some notes made by the little man and nearly killed over when I read his ideas. He wanted to send me back in time to where Riddle tried to kill me. He planned on planting Nanites into my brain; remember I was twelve at that time. He then wanted to send me back in time to kill my mum so she wouldn’t be able to use the very old magic spell that made the Avada Kedavra backfire on Riddle. After I did my deed I would disappear because Riddle would then be able to kill me; the one year old me, and therefore I would no longer exist after that time. Nothing involving me would exist; marrying Ginny, our kids wouldn’t exist, all the people all over the world I helped when I was on my Quest…nothing.”

Harry shifted in his chair and leaned forward resting his crossed arms on his knees. His head hung wearily for several minutes. Ron whispered to Carson, “Is he asleep do you reckon?”

Harry raised his head and avoided looking at anyone but began talking again. “I went back to the Shrieking Shack and read his notes over and over. I found a flaw in his math and worked out a new code to download into the Giant when I got back to him. Since he went before the man could find the flaw in the code then the Giant didn’t actually exist at that time in the past. So I finally had what I needed to defeat the Giant and I also thought of a way to come back to this time period. I appeared in Professor Dumbledore’s office, his secret office where he hid his Tesseract. He would destroy it a little while later. I tried to set the time back to just before I inserted the thumb drive Rodney gave me into the Giant. It worked; I was back at the place I found the Giant. I found myself watching for the best time to insert the thumb drive. I didn’t see me coming from behind and was able to step right inside me to become one again. I had to do this or there would be two of me. I probably don’t need to tell you how totally confused I was all the sudden having all the new memories of the last thirty some years. So anyway, I went to the Giant and inserted the thumb drive and the Giant woke up before I could get away. Rodney had said it would take a few minutes for the upload to work. I barely got away and once again it stomped on me but I was able to get away from him and launched another attack on him. We fought for three hours, me getting broke up and the same with him only he could repair himself with his Nanites. All at once he dropped me which equaled falling from a two story building. I remember the Giant dissolving into nothingness then I passed out for several hours. When I came around I treated myself again. As soon as I was able to move I went to the lab in Alaska and fought the little man. I told you he was a Muggle, but he was a brilliant scientist with lots of machines mankind has only heard of in the world of Science Fiction. He kept catching me and I’d escape. He sent me to another reality and I was able to come back. Once we both fell into an alternate universe fifty years in the future where we lived for forty years. We got back and I finally got the upper hand and captured him but he tried to escape by falling into another machine that unbeknownst to him I was in the process of destroying. He died trying to get out of it. I tried to help him but nothing could be done. I destroyed the facility and the rest of the machinery. I’ve lived whole lifetimes in other time dimensions and realities. Finally I came here and found the house and property void of any life what so ever. I worried that I had come back to a different time dimension or I was really still a captive and it was all a mind trick of the little man. Then thankfully I found Albus’s letter and made plans to capture any looters, which there were four, and then today I captured the people who were going to burn down our home and property. Now you have the story. I won’t be repeating any of it so I hope you got what you needed to know. Please respect me enough not to ask me to talk about it again.”

Ron couldn’t keep quiet any longer and said, “Why didn’t you kill Lord Voldemort when you had the chance? Your parents would still be alive.”

Harry looked at Ron with indifference. “I’m not going to talk about it. I’m going to go get Ginny. Sam can explain it to you if you need to know and if she doesn’t mind telling you.

Harry turned around and saw Ginny standing beside Hermione in the kitchen entrance. He stared at her for a minute and slowly walked over to her. He stood only inches away from her his eyes boring into hers and then he spoke very softly as if anything above a whisper might cause her image to disappear. “Ginny,” he slowly reached up to her face and his finger tips ever so lightly touched her lips. “Is it really you; are you really here?”

Tears overflowed the brims of Ginny’s brown eyes and she nodded her head, not trusting her voice to be able to be heard from her constricted throat. He said her name again and put his arms around her waist. They came together and he held her to him tightly. He kissed her passionately and took handfuls of her hair in his fists. Then he said her name again and cried on her shoulder.

Hermione squeezed by them and went to Ron. He had been so engrossed in Harry’s adventure that he didn’t even see her and Ginny come in even though he was sitting on the couch wherein one could easily see the kitchen. “When did you two get here?”

“We got here just as Harry began his account of the last five days. I can’t imagine what he’s been through. I’m going to order him to have a full mental evaluation done on him before he returns to work. I need to make sure his mind is stable before I put people’s lives at risk.”

“No, Mione; you can’t do that to him. His mental stability is better than yours and mine put together. He wouldn’t have been able to do what he did and make it back home, and then capture single-handed those four from yesterday and the ones from today if he was mentally unstable. I know he was desperate and all but if he was mentally unstable, he would have killed Lord Voldemort back when he had the chance. He would have saved his parents. Can’t you see the incredible strength of mind it would take to not do what you desperately want to do? And then when he got back, he didn’t go right to Ginny like he obviously wanted to… you heard him, he said he needed to see her desperately bad. But he had to make sure it was safe for her to come home before he got her.”

Hermione looked over at the couple who were still wrapped up in each other’s arms crying. Sam and Teyla went outside and around and through the kitchen door and set the table. When the table was prepared and the food was placed on it they announced dinner was ready. Ginny started to pull away when Ron gently tried to move them so the entrance wasn’t blocked but Harry wouldn’t let go of her.

Carson said, “Lad, you need to loosen your hold on Ginny or she’ll pass out from lack of oxygen.”

Harry let go instantly and looked into his wife’s eyes. “Are you okay, did I hurt you?”

“I’m okay, Love; you didn’t hurt me. But we’re holding up people’s dinner.” She took his hand and led him to the table. They all sat down and began filling their plates. Nobody spoke which was fine with Harry. It didn’t last though because Ron spoke up and said, “So you lived in the future for a spell, what can you tell us about the stock market? Should we get rid of certain stocks and buy others?”

Harry remained silent and stabbed a piece of steak rather violently and put it in his mouth. He chewed it and swallowed followed by a bite of baked potato. He complimented Sam and Teyla on the meal and jabbed some green beans on his fork. He put it in his mouth and cut another piece of steak and forked it with much less violence than the first bite. His demeanor was subdued but his low furrowed brows and hard stare made him look ominous. He looked at Ron and said, “Did your parents say if they were coming straight home since it’s safe to do so? I don’t know if you called or someone else called, but you surely know when they plan on coming home.”

Ron arched his eyebrows and opened his mouth but then closed it and toyed with his knife and then cut a piece of steak off and looked at Harry before he put it in his mouth. He cowered upon seeing Harry’s ire with him. “It just seems only fair that if you don’t have to answer my question I don’t have to answer yours.”

Harry excused himself and stood up. He walked out of the dining room and called his father-in-law.

“Hello Mr. Weasley, I want to let you know I am home and everything is safe now. I asked someone to call you but I haven’t been able to find out if they had. Would it be possible for you to bring Lily home, or would you rather me come and get her?

Okay thank you very much then. Good-bye.”

Harry returned to his seat and said, “Mr. and Mrs. Weasley will be coming home shortly and they will bring Lily home as soon as they get back.”

Ron slammed his fork down and swore at Harry. “Why did you do that? You just had to make me look bad to my parents. You’re lucky your parents are dead because they wouldn’t be pleased with how you turned out.”

Harry stood up so fast his chair fell over backwards. He was breathing hard and his nostrils flared with outrage and contempt for his brother-in-law. Hugo cried out to his dad to please apologize, and then he looked at Harry and said, “Uncle Harry, please don’t hurt Daddy.”

“I have no intention of hurting your dad, Hugo. I have never swung on family and I never will. I just won’t be sworn at unjustly. This is not the place for anger and hostility. I’m simply taking my dinner someplace where I can eat in peace.”

Harry picked up his plate and side glanced at Ginny before he left the table. She looked up at him and he saw she was upset but didn’t say anything. If she was upset with her brother she would have chewed Ron out but she didn’t. This told Harry she was upset with him.

The plate slipped out of his hand and landed back on the table. He looked around the table heart broken and asked for forgiveness for disrupting dinner. Ron said, “Why can’t you just answer me? I was teasing in the first place, but it would be nice to know what you saw in the future. Is it wrong to want to be more secure financially? Why should you get to have all the advantages of knowing what stocks to buy and sell?”

Harry felt Ginny take his hand and gently tug on it. “Sit down and eat, Love. Just have a conversation with Ron about the stocks and bonds. If it’s wrong for him to know the future, than tell him why it’s wrong.”

Harry shook his head and sat down. He shoved his plate away from him and glared at Ron. “All I wanted from the beginning was to beat that Giant and come home to finish Christmas holiday with my family. Of course that didn’t happen. I told you everything of importance that happened and then told you I wouldn’t talk about it again. The first thing you did was ask me to talk about it. I went through too much for me to deal with right now. My mind needs to heal and it can’t when I have to keep talking about it; keeping it fresh in my mind. I saw things I shouldn’t have seen. I need to forget them so I don’t act on them. And it wasn’t just one time in the future. I was bounced back and forth in time for many time periods and lived cumulatively for hundreds of years. Would you be able to wrap your mind around that? Would you want to be away from your family all that time? Could you take being so far in the future that your wife and kids, grand kids and so on were dead, buried and turned to dust? You want to know about the stock market? What would you do if I told you that a specific company you owned stock in went out of business?”

Ron’s face was white and then when Harry asked again Ron answered. “Well that’s a stupid question isn’t it? I’d sell all my stock in that company.”

“And what if you selling all your stock caused a run on the market and the company went out of business because they lost all their investors? How many hundreds of people would lose their jobs because some fool caused a panic and caused the business to shut down? How would you be able to live with yourself? You always have to look at the whole picture instead of one part of it and react to that one part. That’s one of the reasons I won’t talk about it. You just proved my reasoning is correct. And since I do know; I have to second guess everything I do until I can get a handle on this issue because I might adversely affect the future. Do you have any idea what it is like to purposefully isolate yourself from mankind so you don’t do or interact with someone or something because everything has a cause and effect? The future wouldn’t be what it was supposed to be. The same for the past, I couldn’t be around mankind so I didn’t affect the future from that time forward. What if I had said or done something and it caused the present time to be different than what it is? And you’re wrong to tell me I’m lucky my parents are dead. There is no reason to ever think I’d rather my parents be dead than them see me as the filthy monster and animal I’m thought to be. I’d rather have them alive and be disappointed in me than dead because of… Please, I’m begging you to let me forget what I can. I am so tired I can’t stand the thought of spending another minute talking or even thinking about this. Can’t we just eat and have a nice visit?”

Hermione spoke up saying, “Of course we can, Harry. Ron didn’t mean what he said.”

“Yes he did, Hermione. But I’ll let it go like always so we can move forward.” He didn’t look at Ron but instead looked at his food. The few bites he had were mighty tasty and so tender it didn’t bother him to eat. But now just thinking of eating turned his stomach. He swallowed and then excused himself from the table. “I’m going to find Winky and the others.”

Hugo spoke quickly asking, “Can I go with you, Uncle Harry? I finished eating a few minutes ago. It was delicious!”

Harry managed a small smile and a twinkle glimmered in his eyes. “I don’t mind if your parents don’t mind.”

Hermione bit her lower lip and Ron shook his head. “Absolutely-” Hermione quickly added, “Yes, yes, you absolutely can go with him. Behave for your uncle.”

Ron turned red in the face and looked at his wife. Harry could have left with Hugo but he wouldn’t; knowing Ron didn’t want him to take his son. Hugo took Harry’s hand and looked up at him. Harry waited for Ron to say something but he wouldn’t. Finally Harry said, “You’re welcome to come to, Captain.”

Ron’s expression changed from angry to surrender. “Go on then; just bring him back safely.”
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Hey Guys, back again for the next chapter. This is the last chapter in this story line, but like always, the story goes on where it ended here. I hope you all like it. I hope nobody is upset but this chapter is shorter than normal. Love ya all bunches.

Chapter 6

Harry’s Incredible Story Has The Best Ending He Could Hope For

Harry frowned at Ron’s lack of faith in him and disappeared without another word. When Harry and Hugo appeared in the stable Hugo was exhilarated with his uncle’s magic. He adjusted the coat Harry put on him as they left the house. “How did you do that; what was that?! We were moving around in the house but everyone else wasn’t moving at all.”

“Winky, Marston?” said Harry. Harry barely finished saying the elves’ names when they appeared. They were so happy they jumped up and down with excitement. They looked like children who had just received everything they wanted for Christmas.

Harry chuckled and hugged them both to him. After explaining where they had taken all the elves and animals they asked if Harry was ready for them to bring them all back home. Upon Harry telling them he was ready they left and began showing up with more elves and animals. Harry lifted Hugo up and sat him on a grain bin. He heaved himself effortlessly up beside his nephew and said, “While I was in the future I learned how to move through time with it standing still. Now I can appear anywhere without having to Skry first to make sure the place I want to go to isn’t already occupied. We needed our coats so I used this method of traveling to be able to grab them as we went by them. This is how I escaped from the man who captured me.”

“So is time still standing still for them at the house?”

“No buddy, they resumed normal time after we left, and it was only a minuscule fraction of a second that was disrupted.” Harry watched the elves and animals coming back and then finally when Chevron came back he jumped down exuberantly only making sure he stayed off his busted ankle. Hugo tried to jump down like Harry did and lost his balance. He overcompensated and side stepped into Harry throwing him off balance since he was still on one foot. He groaned but recovered his balance quickly. Hugo felt awful and kept saying he was sorry. Harry said, “I’m sure you didn’t do this on purpose; let’s just have a look calmly and see what is going on with it.” Harry pulled up his pant leg and magiced off his boot and sock. They both looked at it and Hugo became extremely agitated. “Uncle Harry it looks awful, will it need to be cut off?”

Harry put his hand on the boy’s shoulder and with a very assuring tone told him he would be fine if they kept their heads about them. “I feel like my foot is getting hot and wet; yet there isn’t any blood on the outside. That means we can assume that I’ve ruptured an artery. I need to get the internal bleeding stopped. I’m sorry this isn’t as fun for you as you were hoping, Buddy. I’ll make it up to you.”

Hugo seemed to have snapped out of his anxiety and said he was having the best time just being with him. “I can help fix your ankle if you tell me how. Harry calmly told him what to do and then applied pressure where Harry told him to and then wrapped his ankle. He winked at Hugo and thanked him for doing exactly like he told him. “You are just like your dad. He’s had to save me loads of times. I always told him what to do and he did exactly as I said. Sometimes he had to go it all alone and he never killed me, not even once.” Harry grinned at Hugo and the boy laughed at his joke. Harry told him about some of the times that his dad had to save him and how calm he stayed. He stroked Chevron several times and said he’d be back down to see him when his ankle was better. He took Hugo’s hand and went back the same way they left. When they got inside the house time stopped for everyone and Harry hung up their coats and moved over to his chair and sat down and Hugo sat on the arm of the chair. Then normal time fazed back and Ron turned bright red in the face.

“You yell at me for not using the door, but you are above your own rules. Not fair, Harry, not fair at all that you just appear in a room full of people, but everyone else has to use the door.” Hugo was talking over his dad telling Carson his uncle needs help. “He said he ruptured an artery and needed to stop the bleeding. I think I stopped it; he told me what to do, but he still needs help.”

Harry’s head was lulled over onto his shoulder and his eyes were closed. He was unconscious. Carson hurried over to him and asked what happened. Hugo told him and the doctor began working on Harry’s ankle.

Hugo went to his dad and sat down beside him. Uncle Harry told me what to do and he said I was just like you. He said you saved him loads of times and you always stayed calm and did what he said even under dire circumstances. Is Lily here yet? Uncle Harry said I could tell her about what happened to him as long as I didn’t let it scare her. I said I would lose my mind trying to keep that secret if I couldn’t tell her. He said to just be careful and keep an eye on her while I tell her and if she starts getting scared to stop and say he was fine now that he was home with his family and friends and she can talk to him. He misses John something fierce. He wished he could have been here when he got back. And Daddy, it’s the coolest thing in the world! We was moving like normal but everyone was not moving at all. He learned how to stop time except for around him. That’s how we left and came back. We could see where people were and just moved around them. And it didn’t even use a fraction of a second. He said it's how he always travels now so he can make sure the spot he wants to appear at is empty without having to Skry first.”

Ron grinned at his son’s enthusiasm and when Hugo finally stopped talking to catch his breath he said he was glad he went with Harry and was able to help him. “I wonder if something else is wrong with him though. I’ve seen him hurt way worse than this and not cause him to pass out.”

Hugo said, “He uses a lot of energy and he’s exhausted and he’s really quite hungry. And you should see Winky and all of them; and the animals. They’re all glowing like really eerie but way cool.”

Harry woke up and stared ahead for a minute before he spoke in a very quiet voice. “I appreciate you letting Hugo go with me; he was a big help fixing my ankle and he was good company.”

Ron said, “Look mate, I was way out of line.”

Harry looked at him and waited as if he thought Ron was going to say something else, but since he didn’t Harry just nodded his head and then gave his attention to Ginny. “Has anyone called Minerva to ask her to tell the boys I’m home and okay?”

Ginny jumped and said she’d do that right then. She felt guilty for not thinking of them and apologized to him for it but Harry just smiled sweetly at her and said he didn’t hold it against her for not thinking of it.

After Ginny was done talking to the Head Mistress of Hogwarts Harry mentioned that Banner wasn’t with Winky and he wondered where the puppy was at.”

“I sent him with Lily so he could be with familiar people. I didn’t know where Winky was taking the animals and just felt better with him being with Lily.”

Harry said, “That was good thinking. Chevron looked pretty wild in the eyes when he got back.”

Rodney spoke up and said, “So did you, Harry. You still have that look too. You’re actually pretty scary looking and you act just as scary too.”

Harry grinned and said it was just his imagination. Before anyone could say anything; the Weasley’s, Lily, and Banner came out of the fireplace. Harry became tense when the fireplace turned green and stood prepared to overtake any intruder. Lily drew in her breath sharply and ran to hide behind Jack since he was closest. Arthur and Molly weren’t quite as dramatic but they were obviously taken aback with how different their son-in-law looked; formidable.

Ginny held out her hand to Lily and said, “Come say hi to Daddy; he’s been anxious to see you.”

Lily moved cautiously to Ginny, starring at Harry the whole time. Harry sat down so he wasn’t so scary looking to her. He swallowed and slowly held out his hand to her. A smile lit to his face and his eyes began to twinkle when she reluctantly took his hand. When she saw his smile and his twinkling eyes she smiled big and sat on his lap and began talking about Charlie and the dragons he had captured. Banner tried several times to climb up to Harry’s lap until Lily absentmindedly picked him up and sat him beside her on Harry’s lap. He stood up against Harry’s chest and began licking his face. This moved Harry tremendously and he hugged the puppy while he scratched him behind the ears. Banner wasn’t shy or afraid of Harry. He knew him right off and was excited to see him. It seemed to Harry that the reaction from people ever since he got home was to question if it really was him.

Too soon Lily finished talking about Charlie and the dragons and wanted to know about her daddy fighting the Giant and why it took so long to do it. And then quite suddenly the question, “Why did you let us think you were dead?” popped out of her mouth. “There were pictures of the fight scene, your arm and leg, an ear; a piece of your skin and lots of blood; broken trees and smashed boulders. It was horrific, and it was all over the news that the Giant killed you and the rest of your body hadn’t been found yet.”

Charlie said that the methane gas that was discovered was more than likely from the Giant. He said that their,” she stopped talking and whispered the next word; “farts” contain large amounts of methane gas and probably made you too sick to defend yourself properly. And that if it was living in a cave then that is why we had to evacuate out of our home. But he didn’t understand why they would have to burn down our house and everything even the grass.”

Harry couldn’t believe what he was hearing and wasn’t able to say anything for a few tense seconds. He looked at Ginny and saw she was just as shocked as he was. Arthur spoke up apologetically saying, “I knew it was a mistake to let her and Charlie’s neighbor boy, whose name also happens to be Charlie, spend so much time together.”

Hugo said, “Come on Lily, I’ll explain everything except you have to let me know if it’s too scary for you.”

Lily kissed her dad and said, “I’m so glad you’re back, Daddy; even though you look really mean and dangerous.”

Hugo said, “I think he looks cool.”

The two kids ran off to have a talk and Harry stood up and hugged his mother and father-in-law. “Thanks for keeping Lily for us. I hope she wasn’t too much of a handful. Come in and sit with us. Are you hungry? Teyla and Sam fixed a super dinner.”

Ginny went to the kitchen to get the leftovers out and she and her mom made plates for her and Arthur. Ginny took Harry’s plate he barely touched and warmed it up and took it to him with a glass of chocolate milk.

“Thanks Honey! You didn’t have to do this for me. Thank you though; I really appreciate it.”

He ate quietly and listened to the conversation going around the room. He looked at Jack and used Legilimency to tell him he needed to talk to him as soon as they were alone.” The evening went on forever it seemed to Harry.

Finally Hermione said, “We need to be going. Harry, we’re all glad you’re back and safe. Since this was a work related injury, take as much time as Carson says you need before you return to work. Also, since the nature of the Giant is classified then I can’t order a psyche evaluation; especially since I don’t know of anyone who could possibly understand what you’ve been through and be able to council you. But promise me that if you can’t wrap your mind around it then maybe ask Carson if the military has someone you can talk to.”

Harry nodded his head and thanked her. Soon after that everyone was gone and Lily was in bed. Harry walked around working his stiff muscles. He sat down deep in thought and then spoke to Jack. “After I was able to get my bearings in the lab in Alaska, I was able to accumulate some vital information when the scientist Sturgis Altimore played his mind games on me. I fooled him into taking me to Atlantis where he said he got his information. I didn’t realize though that it was the original planet Atlantis settled on thousands of years ago. I had been there before, but wasn't thinking about it when I tricked him. I escaped from him and found all the information on the Replicators they made. Much of what you know about them is completely false. That is why Rodney’s brilliant plans never work at first. The Replicators that were built after the original ones were defective because their coding was slightly altered to cover the tracks of the scientist who invented them in the first place. This alteration was not in the blueprints thereby leaving out a very important part of their coding. It was the part that would allow them to ascend. Since that was removed from them, it also changed many aspects of their coding; one in particular was a very important function that was totally overlooked. It was the ability to have compassion on humans and never attack them. Since the elder Ancients didn’t want the Replicators to ascend they ordered the destruction of the Replicators when it became apparent that the alteration caused them to attack humans instead of just the Wraith. I put that alteration back in the Giant and it then self destructed when I gave it an impossible command to follow. The only thing was it took several minutes for it to completely upload the new directives in the coding since it wasn’t sleeping and I had to fight it.”

Harry sat back and rubbed his face wearily and then continued with what was on his mind. Although Rodney was near bursting with questions Jack gave him a warning look that made him sit back like a spoiled child. Jack knew Harry hadn’t gotten to the part that was important for him to know. Harry took a deep breath and said, “I was recaptured and escaped many times as I have already mentioned. The last time I escaped I found the coordinates of Elizabeth Weir and her fellow Replicators. I took them to an underground cave on a secret planet deep in a tiny Galaxy that Rodney will officially discover in three weeks from today. I put the coordinates on the thumb drive I gave him. I know she means a lot to all of you; and John still can’t stand that she was left the way she was. If you will allow them to have the original coding installed then their consciences will be able to ascend to a higher plain of existence, because they will no longer be machines, but human. Their bodies are in a stasis chamber so they don’t continue to decay from the harsh elements of space and so they can begin to repair themselves. When they come out of stasis they will have new bodies and they will no longer be replicators in any way because I programmed their codes to destroy all nanites or they would not be able to awaken. This will all take place when Rodney discovers the new galaxy. After I moved them and set them up in stasis I came back here and you know the rest about killing the Giant and Scientist. If I’m alive then I’ll go to Atlantis on that day in three weeks in case you need me. I put up a sentinel to guard the way there and the password will be written in my handwritten report I'll give you. I’m really hoping Ginny and Lily can come with me. Of course Lily will have her schoolwork to do, but she seems to be able to work there without distraction.”

Rodney didn’t know whether to be excited he gets to discover a galaxy or be upset that Harry discovered it but is letting him take the credit for it. “So what do I name this galaxy I discover?”

Harry looked at the proud man and said, “Name it whatever you want, Rodney, I really don’t care.”

“I don’t like taking credit for something I didn’t do, or find in this case. Just go ahead and make the discovery yourself.”

Harry was on the verge of losing his patience and said, “Don’t be childish, Rodney. What proof would I have for such an outlandish discovery? I’m sure my telescope I have in our bedroom wouldn’t quite be able to reach that galaxy. If you don’t want to have the credit, let Zelenka make the discovery.”

Rodney backtracked and said, “Well, okay, I’ll do it, but I don’t like it.”

Jack stood up and said, “Well, kids we need to get home. Harry, Ginny, thanks for a wonderful dinner, and Harry, thanks for the information you gave us. I am curious; if you’ll allow me one question: Why did you take the time to go get Elizabeth and the others? Surely she wasn’t on your mind enough to feel like you needed to go rescue them.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “When I was in the hands of the enemy one of the many times; he said that he needed to get some useful information, very valuable information that was just wasting away in space. I remembered John telling me about the horrible situation that led to alienating Elizabeth and the others. I knew I had to get to them before Altimore did. And this already took place before Altimore fell into his machine and was destroyed. And I can only say he was killed because logic demands that he could not survive what happened, but with his mind and brilliance, it would be foolish to believe with certainty that he is dead.”

“Okay, that explains it then. We’ll go ahead and take off and you two can go on to bed. We’ll see you later.”

After everyone was gone, Harry looked around the living room and then to his wife and said, “It’s so good to be home. Do you think you and Lily can come to Atlantis with me when I go back in three weeks? I don’t think I can be apart from you for a while. I may look fine, but I’m far from it inside.” She didn’t answer him so he gently took her hand and looked her deep in the eyes. “I didn’t realize that I look so wild and scary. I completely understand if you want me to sleep in the guest room until-”

Ginny said, “I will happily join you when you go to Atlantis, and Lily will be fine doing her schoolwork there as well. Also; you will be sleeping in our room and in our bed with me. And I hope you’re not too tired, because there might not be a lot of sleeping. You can take a nap tomorrow if you get sleepy from making love all night long.
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Default The Promises Harry Made
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Hey Guys, it's a beautiful day here and I hope it is just as beautiful for all you too. Thanks for coming back for this new story. I loved writing this chapter because I love writing when I involve the kids especially Lily. But, just as kids do, Lily has to grow up and she is a pain sometimes. I swear sometimes I feel like I could turn her over my knee and give her a good old fashioned spanking. I know there are those who believe that is child abuse, but I don't believe it is as long as you spank with love in your heart and spank not beat. Thankfully for the most part Harry and Ginny's kids are good kids and don't really need a lot of discipline. And if I'm to be honest, Ginny drives me up the wall sometimes. Here's the chapter and you decide. Please comment if you want to.

Short Story: The Promises Harry Made

Chapter 1

The Promise To Settle In John Doe

Harry lay perfectly still and listened to someone breathing softly beside him. It was a rhythm consistent of someone sleeping peacefully. No other sound could be heard, but for the wind howling. Harry tensed his muscles and strained to hear hard footsteps of the Giant in the snow, but hearing none he opened his eyes and swallowed as he looked around his surroundings. It appeared that he was home in his bed. He turned his head slightly to see his wife sleeping beside him. His thoughts went to a few hours before when they had made love the last time. These particular very satisfying thoughts brought a smile to his face. There was no need for worry; he was home and all was good. But was it? Promises he made began flooding his mind. These promises were put on hold until he was able to concentrate on bringing them to fruition.

Moving stealthily he was able to get out of bed without waking his wife. His plans were to stay home for several weeks and just be a husband and father. He didn’t need to go anywhere to begin his search for the truth, he just needed to work on making plans on what promise he was going to work on first and make a rough draft of the way he was going to go about doing it.

He went into the bathroom and stopped when he saw his reflection in the mirror. Everyone had said the night before when he got home that he was scary looking and now he could see why they thought that of him. He turned off the light and went back to bed to get the rest and sleep he needed. It was silly to push himself when there wasn’t an emergency forcing him to push his body and mind. He knew he needed to rest and try to get a handle on everything he lived through the last few days. To him it was years, but in actual reality to this time and place in the Universe it was only five days. There wasn’t any reason to be getting up at five o’clock in the morning. He closed his eyes and tried to clear his mind of everything and soon fell asleep.

Two hours later Ginny groaned and flung the covers over Harry as if he wasn’t there. Her alarm was going off and she smacked it hard to shut it off. She forced herself out of bed resenting the sun for peeking into the window and striking her in the face. The wind was still howling and she turned her face toward the window and while one eye remained closed from still being half asleep, she managed to open the other eye half way and looked out at the winter landscape. A bird began chirping pitifully and unrelenting; its feathers ruffled in the blustery wind and cold. Ginny mumbled, “Don’t expect me to feel sorry for you. You’re the one who decided to get up and carry on with that incessant chirping. Go back to bed with your wife or husband; whichever it is.” Then all at once Ginny turned back to the bed to see if she was dreaming that her husband was home. She wasn’t used to him being in bed when she got up in the mornings if even he was home.

The bed was lumpy looking from the covers flung widely. Harry was undetectable except for his foot outside of the covers. She smiled and crept over to him, happy that she hadn’t awakened him with her grumbling and flinging the covers over him. She slowly and carefully pulled the covers down from his face. When she saw his eyes they were staring back at her.

“Peek-a-boo,” he said softly and then grabbed her pulling her back in bed with him. She giggled and said, “Stop it now; I have to get up and get breakfast. Lily will be up and wonder why I’m not harping at her to eat and get ready for school.”

“It won’t hurt her to wonder, it’s good for her. Just five minutes to say a proper good morning; a hug and a kiss and a wish for each other to have the best day together.”

Ginny tried to pull away from him laughing at her inability to escape. “Love, I need to get up! It’s important that I get Lily back on her routine before she thinks it’s normal to just do what needs to be done whenever you can do it and forget about it if you can’t. It’s been hard trying to get her to do her schoolwork with all the constant distractions.”

Harry loosened his grip and the playful Harry disappeared and was replaced with the formidable one although his smile was kind. “Go on then. What can I do to help? I can take a couple subjects while you get some more sleep. Or I can take the whole day with her if you need to write an epic story for the paper. Who’s doing what in Quidditch and who is looking good for the next Quidditch Tournament?”

Ginny was still lying on top of Harry and she sighed and laid her head on his chest; her fingers wrapping a long curl around her slender finger while she tried desperately to think of a gentle way to decline his offer. His heart was thumping hard and his breathing was shallow. Finally he sighed deeply and she could hear the air rushing into his lungs. She knew he was starting to become fearful of a rejection. He gently moved her off of him and sat up in bed. He swung his legs over the side and got up without a word. He pulled on some workout shorts and limped out of the room.

He went to the basement for his workout routine, foregoing a run with Chevron since he was still very tired from the last accumulative hundreds of years. He tried to clear his mind and began to work on his routine. After an hour and a half he realized he was working way too hard. He was getting a drink of water when Ginny walked over to him and spoke quietly. He spun around so quickly Ginny gasped with fear.

Harry reached out and put his hand under her elbow to steady her. “Are you okay?” he asked; his eyes looking her over cautiously. “There’s no reason to be afraid of me.” The look in his eyes showed he was hurt, but he smiled to try to delude his emotion. He saw her look him up and down and then look around the room he worked out in. His speed bag was lying on the floor with its contents spilled in a large area where it had burst open and traveled the length of the room. The same was with the punching bag.

Before her eyes the room returned to normal and everything broken was fixed. He hadn’t said a spell, waved his wand or anything. He just thought it and it happened. She barely heard him speak but she was still in shock at the look of him and how he wrecked the room. She wondered how he could be so powerful with his magic. But then, she guessed witches and wizard’s magic would surely evolve just like everything else. Maybe in a couple hundred years she would be able to do magic as just a thought too if she would be able to live that long. She looked back at her husband and saw him looking at her waiting patiently for whatever it was that she was there instead of with Lily. He spoke again but all she saw was his mouth moving. She looked at his body; all the scars and muscles were daunting and her words never left her mouth. He took another drink and by this time although his breathing was beginning to return to normal he was still sweating at an alarming rate. She was still speechless so he turned and went into the shower. When he came out she was gone so he dressed and went up to get something to eat.

When he got to the kitchen Lily was sitting at the table slowly eating some cereal. She glanced up at him and then studied her cheerios for a minute. He had said good morning to her, but she didn’t hear him. She had earbuds in her ears; listening to something she seemed to be very interested in. Harry glanced at the book in front of her. “A Linguistic Guide for Foreign Languages and Cultures.” She was obviously listening to the CD that came with the book for common used words and phrases. Still though, it seemed to Harry that she could afford him a small smile and a quick hello.

Harry opened the refrigerator door and pulled out left over roast from the night before and made two slices of toast. He cut several thin slices of the meat and heated it with magic. He put the meat on the toast and added a slice of cheese and melted it. He took a bite and marveled at how hungry he was. He ate quickly and looked around at Lily who had been watching him. He took a sip of his coffee and asked her, “Is something on your mind? Something I can help you with what you are working on? You look peaked, are you feeling okay?”

His smile was sweet but her response wasn’t. She rolled her eyes and pushed a button on her machine playing the CD. Pulling off her earbuds she curtly said, “Dad, Mum said for me to keep my mind on my work. I’m not allowed to be distracted and she is going to be mad at us if she comes back and finds me talking to you.”

“But it isn’t a distraction is it; if I’m helping you with whatever you’re having a problem with? And how is it that I don’t deserve your respect and you can roll your eyes at me?”

She sighed again and said, “Look Dad; I don’t need help. I was just looking at how scary you look and how you look nothing like my dad. And it’s bad enough that you look scary, but if Mum comes back and sees that I have been distracted and not staying on task, then she will look scary too.”

Harry half nodded his head and quietly said, “I still deserve to have the respect a father is supposed to have. But that, it seems, is not important. You said your mum is not here, where is she?”

Lily shrugged her shoulders and looked at her cereal bowl. “Aunt Hermione called and said she needed to talk to her.” She rolled her eyes up to see his reaction and looked like she was ready to run if she needed to.

Harry could hardly contain his sorrow and moved over close beside her. He smiled gently at her and said, “Darling Angel, please don’t be afraid of me. I won’t keep you from your studies and I would never hurt you. Is there anything I can do to help you not be afraid of me and for me to regain the respect I should have from you?”

Lily shook her head and said, “Daddy, I love you and I do respect you. It was ugly of me to roll my eyes at you and talk down to you. But right now, I have a serious problem that nobody can help me with and it is scaring me worse than you looking so scary.”

Harry showed great concern and said, “Surely there must be something someone can do to help. You know I would do everything in my power to help you. Can you trust me to tell me what has made you so frightened and see if I can help you?”

Lily sighed pitifully and said, “Last night I woke up with my belly cramping so badly. I know you have said that hunger pains causes cramping but I know I wasn’t starved. So I got up thinking maybe a drink of water would help.” At this point Lily’s eyes filled with tears and they ran down her cheeks. “Daddy, I’m afraid I’m dying and I don’t know how much time I have left. I am bleeding from down there and I can’t stop it.”

Lily pointed in between her legs and then burst out crying after she got her dilemma told. Harry pulled her head to him and kissed her softly. “Darling Angel, I’m sorry you are so frightened, but this is a natural thing for women to go through. Let me call your mum so she can talk to you about it. You are fine though. Please don’t worry anymore. I thought you would have told your mum when you got up.”

Lily nodded her head. “I told her I wasn’t feeling well and I needed to talk to her. She said I wasn’t getting out of doing school work and to eat while I worked since I dilly dallied in the bathroom instead of washing up and coming down for breakfast. I am supposed to work until she gets home. She said she didn’t know what Hermione needs with her but she would be right back. That was an hour and a half ago and I can tell that I am bleeding through all the toilet paper I have stuffed in my panties.”

Harry pulled out his phone and called Ginny. He was sent to voice mail and so he said that Hermione can wait, that she is needed at home. Then he added that Lily needed her and it was important, just in case she thought he was just thinking about himself. He put his phone away and smiled kindly at his daughter who now had a ray of hope in her eyes. “While we wait for Mum to come home let me teach you a special spell that gets blood out of clothes and anything it is on.” He showed her how to perform the spell and then poured a vial of blood on the knee of his pants. He told her to practice and if her mom wasn’t home by the time she was good at performing the spell then he would do his best to help her.

Very quickly Lily had the spell mastered and Harry swallowed hard knowing it was up to him to tell his daughter things her mom should be teaching her. He sighed and said, “Sit tight Angel. I’m going to go get what you need and be right back. Err, what size underwear do you wear?” A few minutes later Harry returned with a package of sanitary napkins and a package of underwear. He sat down in his chair beside her and looked solemnly in her eyes. “I don’t want to make this uncomfortable for you, so just understand that you need help and I am the only one here to help you. I love you Darling Angel. Watch what I am instructing for you and listen to what I am telling you. He waited for her to respond and then she nodded her head. He took a breath and opened the packages while he told her about what her body was doing and why it was doing it. As he spoke he laid out a pair of her new panties saying, “The lady in the children's section said girls your age like to wear these panties with the days of the week so we'll get the proper day and get started. After he had the correct day he pulled out a sanitary napkin. He took the wrapper off and showed her to pull off the paper covers over the adhesive parts and how to put them in the panties. When he was done with that he touched her forehead and she remembered him telling her about the talk that he had with her a few years back when she said she needed to know where babies come from. She remembered him telling her that she would remember this when she needed to know and if her mom wasn’t around to tell her.

She blushed and Harry smiled kindly. He gave her the prepared panties and the packages. “Go shower so you feel better and put on your stuff. After that you and I are going out for a bit.”

Lily smiled happily and kissed her daddy. “You’re the best, Daddy.”

While she was showering Harry quickly added a bathroom to Lily’s bedroom and then went back down and looked through her school assignments for the day. When Lily came down from her refreshing shower he breathed hot air on her hair and turned her around several times exposing all of her to the warmed air. She was instantly dry and warm. He picked up her books and took her hand. They disappeared up to Pride Rock and Harry immediately put a clear shelter around them and put a large blue flame in a container beside a desk and chair he made appear. He opened the book on top and told her to open it to the page where she was to answer the chapter questions. Her notebook and pencil appeared and she picked up the pencil. Harry began telling about what the chapter was teaching her. Every now and then he’d nod at the book and she’d see that he just explained what a question she had to answer was. She’d write her answer and the rest of the time was spent with Harry teaching her in detail and sometimes with theatrics. Finally all her assignments were done and he took her by the hand and caused the table and chair, blue flame, and the clear shelter to disappear. Then they were back at the kitchen table only seconds after they had disappeared. She knew it was the same time she disappeared because Banner had just walked around the corner when they left and when they returned he was still turning around the corner into the kitchen.

“Angel, I only did this with you this one and only time because you were put in a predicament that you should be too young for. But that is life and we need to embrace life no matter how it treats us. When we feel things are unfair then we remedy the unfairness the best we can and go on about our life. A lot of women think that it isn’t fair that they have to put up with menstruating once a month and lay about mad at the world. But, I hope what we did today shows you that life doesn’t stop or hamper us from living and loving despite dealing with the discomfort you feel during this time. Next month and then after I will leave it up to you to decide how you will get through your discomfort. Go ahead and finish with your Linguistics and then the rest of the day is for you and Mum to have her special time with you.”

Lily smiled and said, “I finished half an hour before you came up from your workout. Now I have a head start on tomorrows work. Thank you for working with me today and for helping me with my personal problem. I’m so glad I’m not dying like I was afraid I was.”

Harry kissed her head and said so was he. “I am sorry I was the one to tell you, but to be fair to Mum, you grew up faster than we thought you would. I’m sure she thought she had another year before she would need to tell you what I told you. She was looking forward to talking to you; make a special deal about it and everything. You would have made out a lot better if she could have been the one to talk to you like she wanted. She might be grumpy with her disappointment and have to calm down before she is able to do what she had planned for today. I’m going into my study until Mum comes home. I’ll be happy to go to my detective agency so I’ll be out of you beautiful women’s hair so you can have your own time as long as we get to have lunch together first. Since you’re free for the rest of the day until Mum gets home; maybe you should go to your room and fix up your surprise I made you while you were in the shower.”

He tweaked her nose, winked at her and went on into his study. He was involved with something when Ginny walked into his study slamming the door behind her. He jumped and was in her face holding her arms to her side tightly and death was in his eyes. He instantly let loose of her when he realized it was her.

His smile was warm and genuine. He said, “You startled me Honey, I hope I didn’t scare you as much as you scared me.”

She glared at him and said, “What’s so important you had to use Lily to get me to come home. You think that just because I wouldn’t stay in bed with you all day that I can’t do anything else? I had to spend three hours with Hermione and now I have to take time with you; all at the expense of the time I needed to spend teaching Lily.”

Harry’s smile fell slowly from his face. Why was he constantly in trouble with his wife and her side of the family? His features were hard and unreadable. “I can’t believe Hermione needed to keep you from Lily all this time. She must be sick to need your help. Otherwise surely you would have told her she is interfering with Lily’s school time and you could talk to her later.”

“Hermione is just fine! She felt she needed to demand a list of things you need to tell her since she is going to be sworn in as the new Minister of Magic next week. I am NOT going to fight your battles for you, Harry. You need to tell Hermione what she needs to know and that’s that! Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to give up my afternoon so I can get Lily on her lessons. We will have lunch and then you need to stay away from us so she can work without distractions.”

She turned away from him and he suddenly stood in front of her. He took her hands in his and said, “Honey, I won’t keep anything from Hermione once she is sworn in. I’ll tell her just like I told Kingsley when he was in office, but not until then. We had such a wonderful night together. What happened to make me out to be a bad guy suddenly?”

“This isn’t about you, Harry, don’t try to make it be. Winky will have lunch ready by the time we get out to the kitchen so come out and eat.”

Harry let go of her hands and said, “I’ll not eat where I’m not wanted. I’m going into the agency until quitting time. If you can find it in your heart to not make me out to be a bad guy to Lily would you please let her know I had to leave and the three of us can’t have lunch together like I thought we’d be doing?”

Ginny shook her head and opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out. She was confused why Harry was acting the way he was. Harry took it as an answer that she couldn’t keep from making him out to be a bad guy and said, “Right, I guess that is too much to hope for.” He got his truck keys and drove to work thinking hard on his time he spent traveling in time and other dimensions and realities. Could he have come back to a time and place that wasn’t really where he belonged? Everything was wrong here. He and Ginny had gone to bed the night before and made love all night until the early morning. They woke up and were just talking and having fun but then things started changing. Had he slipped into another reality? No, he was just gone so long he forgot what was normal for him at home and with friends. His life was depressing, that’s all there was to it. Harry walked into the detective agency and quietly went to his desk. The office was empty so Harry looked around to see where Wes had John working. There was a small desk and chair against the wall in Wes’s area where he worked in the main office. Wes had always told Harry that he enjoyed working there so he could keep an eye on him. Harry smiled at the recollection and then thought of what Wes always said when he offered to make Ron’s old office his office. Wes turned him down and said he would rather just stay where he was if it was all the same to Harry.

Harry turned and went into the room that used to be Ron’s office and sighed. He needed to take his own words that he told Lily this morning to heart. Life was depressing sometimes, but he would make the best of it. He put a new computer and phone system in the room and set it up to be ready for John when he got back. Then he put in a copy machine and cleaned out the filing cabinets from when Ron used them. He outfitted the office with everything he thought John would need and then made a name tag for his desk. He hung onto it and then waved his hand over the name on the door. He put a spell on it though so it couldn’t be seen yet.

When Harry was done with the improvements, his belly growled at him; chastising him for not eating lunch. He went into the bathroom to wash up and looked at his reflection. He changed the length of his hair and shortened his beard to how he was accustomed to wearing it before he left to fight the Giant. Maybe this would help people not be afraid of him. He went to his desk and conjured a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a couple Oreo cookies and a glass of chocolate milk. These things he had a very small amount of in the apartment sized refrigerator he had in the office. This way he always had some he could expand to make a sandwich to tide him over until he could eat properly. He just finished eating and was looking at a folder he brought with him from home when Wes and John came in.

They stopped frozen in the step they had just taken. Wes’s hand subtly went to his hip where Harry knew a wand was hidden from Muggle eyes. He saw John double his fists and stare him in the eyes. Harry smiled easily at his detectives and said, “If we need to fight I must warn you I just had a very hearty peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some chocolate milk. And with the two Oreos I had that makes me a very formidable opponent. But if you insist on it, I’ll be your Huckleberry.”

Wes laughed and stepped eagerly over to Harry and grabbed his hand pumping it up and down excitedly; so happy to see him. John walked a little less enthused to his new boss and held out his hand with a smile when he saw the twinkle in Harry’s eyes. Harry took John’s hand and shook it in earnest friendship.

Harry looked at Wes and said, “So nobody told you I was alive and made it back home?”

Wes shook his head no and said he guessed it slipped people’s minds or something. Harry sighed and softly said, “Maybe it would have been better if I just stayed away. People seem to be afraid of me for some reason.”

Wes laughed oddly and said, “Well, Boss, you do look pretty scary. You must have gone through quite the ordeal.”

Harry looked at the folder in his hand and nodded his head; quietly saying he had. “I’ve been going over your reports for the time I was gone. Looks like you’ve been busy, Wes. John what have you been doing?”

John looked like he was preparing to be fired. “I’m sorry to say that I have been a secretary and a baby sitter for the office when Wes is gone.”

Harry grinned understandingly. “I’m sure you want to be a detective, but there are things you need to know and ways you need to be trained for since you are from the United States. We’re pretty much the same as far as being human goes, but our cultures do have some differences. And also we hold a very important secret. I’m sure Wes didn’t want to have you in the field until you understand all these things.”

Wes nodded his head and said, “Plus I didn’t even know if you wanted him to know anything about that secret. And I know that if you tell him then you’ll be the one to train him like you did me.”

Harry nodded his head. “Before we get into all that, have you and your family found a home for you all to settle down in?”

John took a deep breath and said, “Actually, no we haven’t. And today is to be our last day we can stay where we are staying. My wife just called and said the landlord’s wife said they can’t give out charity to everyone who is down on his luck. I explained that I have a job, but I haven’t gotten my first paycheck yet. Sir, is there any place you can recommend for us?”

Harry felt awful for the neglect his new employee had been shown. He looked at Wes and his friend said, “I’m in the process of setting up his direct deposit and his papers from the states to prove to our government he is here legally and has a work permit. The bank has been giving me the run around since he is an alien and they have demanded proof of everything under the sun. I really am doing everything as quickly as I can.”

Harry nodded and said, “I’ll take care of everything. Have you found a house you want to buy?”

“No sir, the bank told me not to make plans on staying so we haven’t done anything.”

Harry looked dangerous and said he’d fix things for him. He handed John a handsome desk name plate and pointed to the office he made for him. He waved his hand and the name Detective John Doe could be read. “I wanted to make a special deal of your acceptance to our work place, but I don’t have time now. Go look at your new office while I make a phone call.” He excused himself for a minute and went into his office where he called Seamus. He talked quietly and explained the situation with John and his family and asked if they had a house for them to stay in and rent for a little while.”

Harry came out of his office and waited for John to come back out. Wes had gone in with him to answer any questions he might have since Harry was busy. The two came out and looked at Harry waiting for them. He sat on the corner of his desk and said, “Now, I need to tell you something that will knock your socks off, unless I’m wrong in my thinking and Wes has indeed told you our secret.”

Wes smiled and said he hadn’t told him. Harry looked at John and said, “Well Mr. Doe; is there anything you want to say or ask about how you feel working for us so far? I can tell you that no matter what you think now, you'll find working here is an adventure.” John saw the merry twinkles in his boss's eyes and wondered if he was being toyed with, or maybe was just given a forewarning.
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Hey Guys, a day late, sorry 'bout that. Here is the next chapter. We learn something new about Harry Potter in this chapter. It is in my story line, not JK's so it isn't canon. I actually came very close several times throughout 'Epiphany' my last fanfiction showing Harry with knowledge and skills to deliver babies and he always seems to know how to treat his wounds and such. So, now that I've practically told you what you will learn let me just post the chapter before I spoil it for you. Thank you so much for reading my fanfiction and I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Chapter 2

John Finds Out He Will Be Working With Wizards

John swallowed and said no there wasn’t anything he needed to talk about except when he would begin training to be in the field. Harry chuckled and said, “If after what I tell you doesn’t scare you away then you will begin tomorrow. Wes and I are wizards and so are the people who work for me in the wizarding world. They are called Aurors and I am the Head Auror. We are law enforcement, like detectives and police officers mixed into one. We normally meet here but since I’ve been gone they meet and work out of the Ministry of Magic.”

John smiled and then laughed. “I get it, I’m the new guy and I have to prove some kind of test to see how worthy I am for the job. It’s fine, what do I have to do?”

Harry grinned and said, “I see you need convincing. What must I do to make you believe me? But keep this in mind, magic always has a consequence you might not be thinking of, so be precise what you demand of me.”

John said, “Let me feel what a thousand dollar bill feels like in my hand.”

He held out his hand to show he was playing the game. Suddenly a thousand dollar bill appeared in his hand. He jumped and looked around for wires and such that would make the trick possible. Money would be an easy trick to perform since everyone would ask for money for proof. He laughed and started to put it in his pocket. “Good one. You nearly had me fooled.”

Harry held out his hand and said, “Come now, John. You can’t seriously think you get to keep that money. It’s nearly two o’clock and in three minutes, the bank's vault closes until quitting time. The money will be counted and if they come up short, which they will be considerably short, an alarm will ring and all the offices in the area will be searched for the thief and the money. John watched as the money disappeared from him and sat on the edge of his chair. He looked uncertain and said, “Magic tricks are a dime a dozen, you haven’t proven much except you are a really good magician.”

John swallowed but didn’t squirm when Harry stood up and took the few steps that separated the two men and reached out his hand. “You have quite a handsome head of hair, John. What’s all the glitter in those waves though?”

Harry swished his hand through John’s hair and dozens of dimes fell to the floor. “You know, John, you need to transfer your money into Euro currency.” He kept swishing John’s hair and Euro coins began falling to the floor. Harry stopped and said, “Well, you’ve drained my piggy bank, I need to do something about that.” All at once a piggy bank appeared in his hand and Harry sat it on the floor expanded and all the coins flew into it of their own accord. When all the coins were in the bank Harry reached down to pick it up and the over-sized stuffed piggy bank shrunk down to its original size.

Harry went to the door and said, “Your help should be coming anytime now.” Just then Harry opened the door and stepped aside for Seamus, Parvati, and Padma to step in. They stopped short and moved around Harry to stand by John and Wes. “What happened to you, Harry? You look scary.”

Harry sighed and looked down at the floor. He was getting a little tired of scaring everyone he saw. Harry looked up when Parvati hooked his arm and happily said, “Leave him be, I think he’s gorgeous and sexy.”

Harry’s face turned red and then he chuckled, “Did you bring the books or not?”

Seamus laughed and said, “Thankfully I didn’t forget them. I’d hate to make you mad at me.”

Harry introduced John to them, and them to John. They brought out some thin paper books and handed them to John. Pick whichever house you want to rent until you are ready to buy and we’ll take care of the rest for you. Harry told us what your wages are going to be and he’s guaranteed a down payment. So; all the houses in these books are in your price range. We have a house to show in a couple minutes so we’ll stop at your hotel room to see if you’re ready to make your move.”

Harry thanked them and they left with smiles on their faces. It was always good and beneficial working with Harry and they never took advantage of his humanity and he always took care of them.

After his friends left Harry looked at Wes and asked if he would need him for the three o’clock appointment and Wes said he would be fine; it was a simple case. Harry asked John for his address and upon hearing it he took hold of John’s arm and disappeared to the address, moving around people until they got to the door of the hotel room. Time resumed where it left off and John looked white as a ghost. Harry asked was he going to go in or did he normally wait in the hallway for some reason.

John jumped and took keys out of his pocket and fumbled with the lock. Harry told him to take a deep breath and get a hold of himself. John looked at him worried he had blown it with his boss. But Harry; smiling, was just calming him down before his wife saw him.

He unlocked the door and invited Harry inside. John’s wife ran to him and began crying clearly distraught about something. John became concerned and asked what was wrong.

His wife looked at Harry and John said, “You remember Mr. Potter, Honey? He’s come back to work today and he’s set up a place for us to move to. We just have to pick which house we want.”

His wife held out her hand fearfully to Harry. Her smile was frail and her eyes were still brimmed with tears. Harry’s sorrow showed visibly on his face. What would he have to do to keep people from being afraid of him? He spoke kindly to the woman saying, “My name is Harry, ma’am. I’m sorry but I don’t think I heard your name mentioned.”

John quickly said, “I’m sorry, sir; this is my wife Katie and our son,” he stopped talking and looked around to find the baby. “Our son’s name is Lance. He’s just two and a half months old. He’s been having a hard time adjusting. He must be down for his nap.” He looked at his wife and she nodded her head pointing to the room with the closed door.

Harry smiled kindly at her and she relaxed. He felt her eyes scan him; observing the scars he figured. He turned away from the couple to give them some privacy while John explained about the houses and showing her the booklets. Harry faced the couple again when Katie asked Harry when they would be able to move out because the landlord told her they needed to be out this afternoon. “And Lance has been crying all morning and still won’t eat.”

John said, “But we are paid up until Sunday and he promised us we could keep the room until the end of the month as long as we paid on time. Did you remind his wife about that?”

Harry moved toward the closed door. He waited for a break in the worrisome conversation and softly said, “I can hear Lance breathing from out here. Has he always been croupy or suffered with upper respiratory infection?”
Katie stopped talking to her husband and rushed over to the door to listen. She wondered how Harry could hear him not being as close to the door as she was and she could barely hear him. “He was born with some kind of problem, but he had a treatment and he was just fine after that. He didn’t get this way until we got here. He’s getting progressively worse and it’s been three days since he last ate and held it in. He’s dying I just know he is. I’ve tried to take him to a doctor but no place will see him because we’re from out of the country and they don’t want something that we brought over to infect anyone over here. They threatened to call the authorities and take Lance from us and put him in quarantine and us in a separate place in case they find something contagious with him. I ran out before I gave them our names and where we were staying, but they will find us easily if they just start searching cheap dumps like this for people from the United States.”

John looked frantically at Harry and asked what they should do. “I won’t let them take our baby from us.”

Just then they heard footsteps coming up the stairs and loud talking. “I knew something was wrong with them. That baby cries all the time. I’ve given them notice they have to leave because they are upsetting my renters.”

Harry looked at Katie and said, “Katie, what you are about to see will no doubt be unsettling to you, but just know that I won’t hurt you and I am going to help you and your family. Please don’t show how frightened you are and just play along for the sake of your son. Your part will be easy, be the worried mother.”

John took her hand and nodded yes and told her he’d explain later, but for now just do what his boss said. Harry’s clothes changed from his blue jeans and flannel shirt to a suit and a doctors white jacket with a stethoscope around his neck. He opened the door and went into the bedroom where the baby was sleeping. He glanced around the room taking in every detail. He washed his hands in the sink and then stepped to the bed and looked at the pitiful baby. He reached down and picked him up and heard Katie gasp. Lance began to rouse and was about to cry but Harry spoke to him and held him securely. Then he began singing in an animated voice, The Duck Song (the Duck and the Lemonade stand). After he was done with the song the baby was in a good mood and was cooing at Harry. Just then Harry drew some blood and sang the chorus quickly when he started to cry. “Ohh that was a nasty trick of me wasn’t it? But you’re okay now, waddle, waddle, waddle,” he sang to make Lance forget the needle. He told the baby what he was going to do in such a soft soothing voice that the baby didn’t make a sound other than sounds of discomfort now and then. Harry listened to the heart for a lengthy time and then the lungs. He listened to his belly in different areas and turned him over still talking soothingly while he placed him on his forearm. Harry trapped the arm against him and held the baby’s ankles between his fingers with the same hand the baby was laying on the arm of. Harry listened carefully to his lungs from his back and then moved the baby on his side this time with his head in Harry’s hand and his feet tucked under Harry’s arm. He pulled out an instrument from his pocket and looked carefully into each ear and then put him on his back with Harry still holding the head in his hand. He softly told the baby he wasn’t going to like this part but it wouldn’t take long. He pointed the tiny flashlight in the baby’s eyes, and flipped it off and on watching the baby’s reaction to the light. “Now, this is going to make you mad and I don’t blame you, but I will be swift and it won’t hurt you at all.” Harry pulled out a small tongue depressor from his pocket and managed to take off the plastic around it to keep it sanitary. Harry skillfully pulled Lance’s chin down with the tip of his thumb that was supporting the head and then with the middle finger of his right hand wedged in the side of his mouth so he could put in the tongue depressor. He looked into the baby’s mouth that was open now from crying. Harry shook his head and reached into the bag nobody noticed until now and pulled out a cotton swab on a plastic stem. He waited until the baby began coughing and then stuck the swab deep in the throat. When he pulled it out he put it in a container and sealed it. Harry comforted the baby and he stopped crying instantly. Harry looked up the baby’s nose and then moved his head from side to side and made each joint in the tiny body move and checked how flexible his back was. He even carefully bent each finger, thumb and toe. When Harry rubbed the soft spot on top of Lance’s head Katie gasped.

As Harry gently but firmly squeezed the belly he said, “It’s okay, Mum, I just checked to make sure Lance’s skull was developing as it should.” He began speaking to Lance again saying, “Now the last thing I’m going to do is invade your privacy a bit. It’s okay because you are so tiny you don’t know it normally is embarrassing. He chuckled and the baby actually smiled and cooed. Harry pulled the tape tabs carefully so it could be used again and pulled the front down with just a glance and asked Katie when the last time she changed his diaper was.

“It was three hours ago when I tried to feed him and it went straight through him.”

Harry nodded his head as if he was expecting the answer she gave. He felt the seemingly clean diaper and then smelled it. After this odd thing he re-positioned the diaper and taped it shut. He looked at the baby and smiled sweetly. “That wasn’t so bad was it? Now I’m going to give you back to Mummy and then wash my hands. I’ll give you some medicine that will make you start feeling better and you can eat a little. I’m sure you are hungry, and so am I. We should go out and order me a steak and you some dietary supplements. Wouldn’t that be great?!” he asked excitedly.

The baby cooed quite actively. Harry turned and said, “Here you go Mum. Let me wash my hands and I’ll tell you my findings.” Harry waited for her to take Lance and then caught John’s eyes and nodded subtly at some men and a woman standing behind him. Harry went to the sink and washed his hands thoroughly with hot soapy water and then came back out to the room. John had been asking what was going on and who they thought they were to just walk in on his family’s room without knocking.

The woman said, “I am the Landlords wife and these people are here to isolate your baby and put you two away for life I hope. How dare you infect our country with your rotten American germs!”

One of the men said, “Now, let’s not be nasty, and we aren’t going to do anything until we talk to the doctor.”

Harry looked at the parents and then the men from the Health Department. He reached in his bag and took out a potion in a medicine bag. He told them a name of a common treatment for upper respiratory infection and a common treatment for runny bowels. He gave Lance the medicine and told Katie to go ahead and nurse him for a little bit to see how he does. Katie thanked him and John took everyone out of the room so his wife could have some privacy with her son.

Harry said, “Lance is suffering from acute upper respiratory infection and pulmonary infection. He has a heart defect and the viral respiratory infection has nearly reached pneumonia in both lungs. With his heart condition, this could have killed him. He’s also suffering from leakage of brain fluid. This with the exception of the spinal fluid leaking isn’t because of any nasty germs from America, but from mold and mildew that is in this building. I could smell it when I entered the building, and Lance is very sensitive to it due to his condition. We will get the lad fixed up and healthy again, but you knew your building was sick and tried to hide it with fresh paint.”

Harry walked over to the window and pulled out his pocket knife. He opened a bag and scraped some paint off from under the window sill. He closed the bag and zipped it securely. He showed the men standing around him and they looked at the bag of paint chips. Under the fresh paint you could see the mold and mildew.

“I think it only fitting that you give all the money you took from this couple so they can get treatment that they are forced to get because of your reckless cover-up of your sick building. And if you do give them their money back, I’ll help you get rid of the mold and mildew if it hasn’t gone beyond help. I know some people who deal with special cleaning like what this calls for, and they charge a very reasonable price for their service.”

At first the woman acted like she was going to fight what Harry said but then she gave in and agreed to give them the money back. “I’ll send a check to your forwarding address.”

John was about to ask what Harry’s address at the agency was but Harry said, “I’m not as young and inexperienced as Mr. Doe so I’m going to suggest that we wait for you to write out that check for him and then leave after we call the bank to verify you have money in your account to cover the check.”

The woman looked at Harry with contemptuous words about to come out of her mouth. One of the men said, “I too will make sure you are on the level here. I don’t cotton to people taking advantage of young people trying to make a start in this world and meeting up with the likes of you right from the start.”

Finally the woman went down to get her checkbook. The one gentleman who just finished talking went down with her to make sure nothing else went wrong. The others said they’d be back in a few hours to check out the room so they can give them a full report of contaminants they might find since the baby’s life depends on it.

John thanked them and when they left John turned to Harry and said, “What will happen when they find there isn’t really anything wrong with the room? Or did you… you wouldn’t plant stuff to get her in trouble would you?”

Harry looked at John and said, “I’m sorry, John, but the building really is sick and your son would probably have died tomorrow. Didn’t your doctor tell you about Lances heart when he was born?”

John fell into a chair with disbelief. “No, she didn’t say anything about it; not a single word. But you were just playing the part of a doctor, you don’t really know.”

Harry frowned and shook his head sadly. “It isn’t common knowledge, but I am a licensed doctor. I got my degrees in Venezuela shortly after I turned eighteen. I’ve kept current with my licenses but I want to be in law enforcement where I feel I can make a better contribution to the humanity of man. Now, let’s get you packed up and ready to get out of here. After you pick out your new home and settle in, I’ll take you to my house so I can do a lab workup and then I can tell you my findings and how we can cure him.”

It didn’t take long to pack their belongings and was done by the time the Landlord, without his wife, brought them the check for the amount they were charged for rent, the first and last month’s payment and the deposit since they moved in. He apologized to the young couple and said that he and his wife were separated and she had told him that she had the building cleaned and repainted. “I sent her money to have it done and now that money is gone and I don’t have any to hire anyone else to clean it properly.” Harry said he would help him and told him to go to his detective agency so they could work out something they could both be comfortable with. You can talk to my partner, Wes Newman if I’m not there.”

Just then Seamus, Parvati, and Padma came to see if they picked out a house. After deciding on one Seamus handed them the keys. He told them to go ahead and move in and he would draw up the papers in a couple days. Harry took them back to the office and Wes came in and asked how everything went with the house shopping and John held up the keys and said, “We haven’t seen inside yet, but we are so excited to have a place that we’ll be happy if it is even half as good as what the pictures show.

Harry spoke quietly with Wes for a few minutes and then Wes said good evening to everyone and said he was going home. Harry called Ginny and told her he was bringing his new employee and his wife and baby home with him for a while. “The baby needs emergency surgery.”

A/N The Duck Song by Bryant Oden (The Duck and the Lemonade Stand)
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Hey Guys, thanks for reading my ff, and being faithful to come back for more each week. I hope you enjoy the new chapters each week. I hope everyone is safe from the huge storm system that moved over the mid west and on eastward.

Chapter 3

Traveling On The Road To Recovery With A Monster

When Harry hung up the phone he looked at Katie and her husband. “I’m sorry we had to spring our world of magic on you without preparation but the timing of your situation didn’t allow for any kind of explanation. Are you okay; I mean to say, “I could see that you were afraid of me, but I’m not a monster.”

Katie shrugged her shoulder and said, “It’s just a lot to take in all at once, but you have been incredible with Lance and I can’t ignore that.”

“Okay, so what we need to do is walk out of my building to a side street and into an alley where I parked my truck but since time is of the essence I’ll use magic to take us all home.”

When they got to the truck Harry stopped and reached for them but Katie scooted in close to her husband and tucked Lance in tightly between the two of them. Harry didn’t know any other way to convince her she was safe so he called Ginny and asked her to please meet them. She showed up with a pop and Katie jumped and shielded her baby.

Ginny looked immediately at him and saw his hopelessness. Harry said, “I need to get to my lab quickly, but Katie is afraid of me. I don’t want to force myself on her, but it is imperative that I do these tests right away for the sake of the baby. Are you able to take Katie home and I’ll take John, Lance, and the truck home?”

Ginny would normally have been upset and even angry at Katie, but since Harry looks so hard and overpowering she couldn’t blame her for feeling the way she does. She nodded her head and smiled at Katie. “Harry is a wonderful man and you couldn’t be in safer hands of anyone in the world. I’ll take you home, but I need you to let your husband take your baby. Harry can take loads of people places, but I can only do one person at a time unless it’s an emergency.” Harry handed Katie a spare wand as he does with every Muggle he travels with to ensure the Muggle doesn't get left behind as is taught.

Katie reluctantly handed Lance to her husband and Ginny took Katie and popped away with a twist. Harry told John to get in the truck and when they all three were in they arrived home. They got out and went inside. A minute later Ginny showed up with Katie. John asked why they got there later than them since they left first. Harry answered, “Disapparating takes longer because of the way you travel from one point to another.”

Harry introduced John and Katie to Lily who just walked into the room. “Please make yourselves at home while I run these tests.” As he turned to his study he pointed to an area in the living room and a cradle appeared for Lance to sleep in while he was asleep. John asked Harry if he could watch him. “I won’t get in your way or talk or anything.”

“Come on in and make yourself comfortable; I’m happy for the company.”

Harry worked swiftly and now and then told John what he was doing and why he was doing it. Soon Harry took a drop of the blood sample and looked at it with a microscope. He sighed sadly and looked at John. It’s as I feared; Lance has a number of health issues. Baby’s tubes or canals between their nose, mouth, and ears are significantly smaller than normal. This is the reason they are more susceptible to colds and influenza. Lance’s lungs are full of fluid and his bronchial tubes are inflamed and blocked. His heart is unable to pump blood through the vessels that would help clear up the mucous and clogged tubes. A significant amount of contaminated blood from the mold and mildew is weakening his heart. Lance needs help right away. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I can clear all his health issues up tonight if you will trust me.”

The look on John’s face told Harry the young man didn’t know what to do. Harry caused a picture of the entire batch of tests he did to show up on a wall in the lab. Harry pointed to various things and told him what it was and how it was affecting his baby. He showed him the mold spores in the blood and in Lance’s lungs. Then he caused a picture of Lance’s head to be on the board with the face transparent so he could show John the disfigured vessels; how tiny they were with insufficient blood going through them and how full the bronchial tubes were.

Katie was watching from the doorway and began to cry. “It’s my fault he’s so sick. Right when he was born they gave him a shot. They said it was preventative medicine because I had strep throat when he was born. But I don’t understand because I wasn’t sick at all. After he was born he was so lethargic the doctors said he had spinal meningitis and gave him a lumbar something and put him on antibiotics. They said he was fine after that though.”

Harry bit his lower lip and then frowned at the poor treatment the doctors gave Katie and failure to make sure she understood what they were saying. “Sometimes doctors get busy with other people or just fail to make the patient understand what they are telling them. You didn’t have strep throat; you had Group B Strep. It isn’t related to strep throat at all.” Harry explained in detail what it was and how she may have gotten it. “But, we need to get working on him right away. The medicine I gave him at the hotel was a potion to temporarily stop the leakage of spinal fluid. This is what enabled him to be able to eat and not expel it right away. But, his immune system has been so contaminated with his sinus cavities and bronchial tubes being so full they could rupture anytime and leak into his brain again. All the wrong things would begin happening and he would have hours at best to live. Please allow me to begin working on him right now.”

John nodded his head emphatically and said, “Yes, please help him.” Harry looked at Katie and she held her breath and said, “Yes, please help him.”

Harry brought the baby into his lab and said, “I’m about to sterilize the room and everything in here. If you want to stay in here, you must not interfere with anything I do. And you can’t leave until I say it’s okay to leave.”

They both agreed and Harry voiced an incantation. John and Katie both looked around curiously at the feeling they felt wash over them. Surgical masks and gloves appeared on all of them and then Harry pointed to a place on the counter and all his instruments he would need showed up laid out in the order he would be using them. He worked diligently on Lance swiftly and masterfully. It looked like he had been doing this all his life. When he picked up his diamond edged scalpel he put a spell on the parents and then began cutting ever so slightly over the baby’s cheeks, nose, and jaws back to his ears, and above his eyebrows. He pinned the skin over exposing all the sinuses and tubes and then hovered his wand over the small face. Streams of mucous rose from the cavities and Harry caught them in a vial. When the cavities were empty and the tubes had emptied entirely of the snot he poured a potion over them. He waved his wand over the baby and then took a deep breath and stood up straight and tried to stretch his numb muscles. He removed the pins from the skin and moved his wand over the sliced open area and the skin went together seamless. Every centimeter he touched the skin and said a word. Finally the baby’s face was perfectly normal looking and then Harry applied Dittany to it and there wasn’t even the tiniest scar to show he had just received a major operation.

Harry put his hand over the tiny heart for five minutes feeling with his magic if the heart was beginning to respond to the corrective surgery he had done. He took the spell off of the parents and said, “I’m going to do one more thing right now to make sure the kidneys are functioning again. Since I got rid of the toxins that built up in Lance he should respond pretty quickly to what I do. This is not only necessary but vital. Do I need to put another spell over you to keep you from interfering?”

Upon the two parents saying they would behave Harry took off Lance’s diaper and caused a small enchanted tube to go through the skin into the kidneys. Lance uttered a tiny cry but he was still asleep. Katie cried and asked if Lance knew what was happening to him.

“No, he doesn’t have a clue. That was a normal healthy response from his brain making him sound out against the tube. He won’t remember feeling the discomfort. Now, any second we should see if this was needed or not. You see the bag of liquid this tube is coming from? I am flushing out his kidneys. If it comes out clear, then it means his kidneys weren’t affected from the toxins yet. But if we see a bloody looking liquid, which honestly I think for sure we will, it means that they were affected and I will add some potions to fix the problem.”

Almost immediately after Harry told them the information Lance produced a fountain of bloody liquid. Katie cried hard and John tried his best to comfort her. Harry told them to come close to him. When they got to him he talked kindly to them. He told them to put their hands on Lance and watch the flow of liquid. “As the toxins flush out of his system I am adding a potion that will revitalize his kidneys. I can already see a difference in him. But maybe you haven’t seen it yet. In a few more minutes the blood will be gone and a clear liquid will come out and his temperature will be normal once again.”

Just as Harry finished giving them information as what to expect next, the baby’s body responded exactly like Harry said. All at once Harry swished his wand and the tube and bag was gone. Harry swiftly cleaned the soiled sheets over the counter and he also cleaned Lance with warm soapy water and then sterilized the whole area once again. He rubbed some Dittany over the area where the tube had been inserted and then put a fresh diaper on Lance. He dressed him and then woke him from his sleep.

“You feel all better now, Lance? You were very sick, but now you are nearly perfectly recovered. Are you hungry little one? Here’s Mummy, I’m sure she can help you better than I can now.”

Harry handed his charge over to the mom and also gave her a bottle of pills. “Take one every time you nurse him for the next month. In a month’s time from now, I’ll check him to make sure his heart has adjusted itself to a normal functioning heart.”

He pointed to his overstuffed chair by the fireplace and told her she could feed him there if she wanted to. When she thanked him and went over to the chair and sat down a small end table appeared with a glass of milk for Katie while she nursed.

Harry looked around for Ginny and Lily and didn’t see them anywhere. He told John to go on out to the kitchen and he’d get them something to eat. John said, “I can’t believe you performed a five hour surgery on Lance and you don’t even know us. How will I ever repay you?”

Looking in the refrigerator for any kind of leftovers Harry began pulling out covered plates. He smiled wondering who he needed to thank for doing this for him and the young couple. He figured more than likely it was Winky. He sat a plate in front of John and one at his place at the table. He brought out some Pumpkin Juice to offer his guest.

Harry sat down and the plastic covering over their food disappeared and the food was steaming hot. “Umm Mr. Potter, Sir, you haven’t-”

“Oh, forgive me, John, I have a lot on my mind. Here you go.” A fork, spoon, and knife appeared in John’s hands and the young man jumped. A plate of dinner rolls and butter also appeared. “Err, thank you, Sir, but I was going to say you haven’t answered me. How can I ever repay you?”

Harry sighed and said, “You thanked me and that is enough for me. Please just eat and relax. It’s been a very trying day.” Harry picked up his fork and said, “My wife is the best cook in the universe, and she’s made my favorite dish, Steak and Kidney Pie.”

John began eating mainly because he was so hungry, but also he didn’t want to upset his new boss by refusing his pie because he thought that eating kidney sounded gross. But once he took his first bite he was pleasantly surprised. “This is great,” he commented happily. Harry nodded and ate quietly; his mind on Ginny. He was disappointed she wasn’t still up, but then realized she needed to keep to a schedule so she could teach Lily in the mornings and then spend the rest of the afternoon working. Her day hadn’t started out on a happy note at all since she had to meet Hermione. This thought put Harry to wonder what the meeting was about. Ginny had told him in a not so kind way that she would not fight his battles with Hermione and he had to tell her things. He took his last bite and looked up when Katie came out and sat beside her husband eyeing his empty plate.

“Hello there, is everything okay, Lance ate okay did he?”

Katie smiled nodding her head. “He seems to be a new baby. He’s never eaten so well before. Thank you so much for saving him.”

Harry’s face turned red and he looked over at the refrigerator. “You’re welcome I’m sure. Are you ready to eat; John, would you like some more?”

John shook his head no and chuckling said, “I couldn’t eat another bite if you paid me to. It was very good.” Katie told him she ate earlier when he was doing the lab work. She said his wife and daughter came down when he went into his lab. She said she enjoyed visiting with Ginny and Lily. Harry wished he had seen them but let the couple talk for a bit. They made small talk until Harry asked if they would like to spend the night or go to their new home. They both wanted to go to their new home since they hadn’t even seen it before picking it out of the booklet Seamus gave them. But then Katie said, “Oh, but we don’t have any furniture or anything.”

Harry said, “The house is completely furnished, but you can get new furnishings as soon as you want if you don’t like what is there. And I can help you with some food and such to hold you over until you can do some shopping. If you’re ready, I can take you now. Err, I mean, I can get Ginny to take you home and I can take John and Lance home if you would feel better about that.”

Katie said, “Mr. Potter, I’m so sorry. I was so childish to be afraid of you. Please forgive me.”

Harry once again turned red in the face and grinned boyishly and said, “I’ll forgive you if you stop calling me Mr. Potter. Please call me Harry, hey you, or ugly, just not Mr. Potter; it makes me feel so old.”

Katie and John both laughed. Katie said, “Yes, Harry, you can take us home now.”

Harry flicked his wand and the kitchen was cleaned. Excuse me for using magic to do the cleaning, but I don’t want to do anything but get to bed when I get home. Oh, and before I forget, John, take the next two weeks off to settle in with your family. I will still pay you for your leave; one doesn’t just watch his infant son go through major surgery and take it with a grain of salt. If you only knew how very close to dying your baby was then you would want to spend every minute you can with him. Now you can spend valuable time you lost coming over here and searching for work while he was home getting worse as the days wore on. And this is very important: You must not tell anyone about our magic. It is against the law for us to tell anyone about our magic or do magic in front of Muggles; that’s non magical people. The only reason I am allowed is because of my diplomatic relationship I have to Muggles in case we ever do have a reason to come out in the open. But for now, it would be very dangerous for us to do that.”

Katie and John both nodded their heads seriously. Harry said, “Okay then, let’s get you to your new home.”

Harry got them all situated in his truck and magiced them to a spot where he knew there wouldn’t be any way for someone to see them. Then he drove a couple minutes to the Doe family’s new home. The young couple each ran to different rooms of the house quite obviously thrilled with their new home. Harry stood still holding Lance and hoping the couple hurried back to him so he could get back home. Finally they both showed up talking excitedly to each other about things they loved about the house. Harry magiced groceries into the refrigerator and cupboards. Katie said, “Honey come look quick, I want to show you something wonderful.

Harry took the steps to the second floor and peeked in each door until he found the room the nursery was in. He changed Lance and was happy to see a normal soiled diaper. Just after he had the baby changed into a sleeper and covered the sleeping baby Katie and John walked into the room quietly. Harry washed his hands and asked if everything was okay or if they needed him for anything else.

Katie hugged him and thanked him again for saving Lance, hiring John, and making it possible to move into their wonderful home. He just shook his head and looked away softly saying they were welcome. “Lance had a normal bowel movement and his urine is clear. I couldn’t help notice that he only has four more diapers left so you’ll need to go shopping first thing. I put the bus schedule and map of its route on the counter so you know where to catch it and what time. I know you got back everything you paid for your room, but if you need anything else and don’t have the funds for it let me know. And now if there isn’t anything else I’ll say goodnight.”

“If you make a mistake and let anyone know about magic then call me right away, day or night. Good night and we’ll see you in two weeks John. Oh, and I’ll get your direct deposit squared away hopefully tomorrow. Today was my first day I’ve been able to be up and about and I’m a bit tired.”

Harry stopped at the agency and left a note for Wes saying he gave John the next two weeks off to be with his family since their baby nearly died. Then he said he wouldn’t be in except to square away the bank dealing with John’s account and direct deposit unless Wes needed him. He wrote a few more things and then left.

When Harry got home it was going on one o’clock in the morning. He went upstairs and looked in on Lily and then went to his room and sat down in his chair. He reached down to take off his shoes and socks feeling very lonely. He pulled one boot off and reached over to pull off the other one but felt a sharp paralyzing pain in his back from being bent over for five hours operating on Lance. He decided to just lay his head on the cushion over the arm of the chair and rest for a minute or two until he could work some magic in his back to relax the nerves that were too taut.

Ginny woke up when she heard a soft thump on the other side of the room. She sat up and saw Harry reach down to take off his boot but then slump onto the side of the chair. She got out of bed wondering what happened this time that she would need to fix him up to keep him from dying. She looked him over with the light from her wand and frowned; it didn’t appear that he was hurt at all. She was happy about that, but she was upset that he stayed up so late that he couldn’t even make it to bed before falling asleep.

“Wake up Love. Do you want to sleep in the chair or come to bed?” she asked rather abruptly.” She had her arms crossed in front of her, grasping her wand in one hand and the other she had a fistful of her gown to keep her arm from reaching down and shaking him.

Harry jumped and gasped at the same time. Ginny thought it wasn’t like him to wake up like that after so many years of sleeping in dangerous places. He normally didn’t move or make a sound when he awoke. Harry spoke softly saying, “I’m sorry I woke you. I wasn’t asleep; I have a crick in my back from stooping over so long. I was trying to work out the kinks before it went into spasms. You startled me because I was concentrating so hard I didn’t realize you were up and standing in front of me. I did smell you, but I thought that was just my mind playing tricks on me because I want to be with you so badly.”

He got up and walked gingerly to the bathroom thinking a hot shower would help. He brushed his teeth and got into the steaming water with his hands raised up and leaning onto the back wall of the shower; the hot water hitting his aching back. It did feel good but not as good as what happened next. Ginny had gotten in with him and wrapped herself around him. Needless to say; he didn’t feel lonely anymore.
A/N I am not a doctor or nurse and the medical stuff Harry did with the baby is not factual that I know of. It's just fun trying to think like a doctor and making it sound plausible.
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Hey Guys, thanks for reading and being faithful to my ff. I hope everyone had a good Easter and having good weather. I'm really sorry this chapter is so late, but I've not been well and then we picked up our future daughter-in-law from the airport. What a fiasco that was! So we've been getting her settled in and time just escaped me. I am so sorry. I hope you all like this chapter.

Chapter 4

The Promise To Find The Truth Of Harry Coon’s Mother

The next morning Harry was still asleep when Ginny woke up to begin her and Lily’s day. It was odd that these two mornings after he got home he wasn’t awake when she woke up. She studied him watching him closely and didn’t see anything to cause alarm so she started to get out of bed. But then he began to tremble and his breathing was shallow. Suddenly he opened his eyes and rolled out of bed. Without getting dressed he stepped out onto the balcony. The harsh bitter cold hit his naked body like a wall of nails. He stumbled to the railing and grasped it tightly. Ginny watched him take deep breaths of air and then finally he turned and walked back into the bedroom where he saw Ginny watching him with fear on her face.

He looked dismayed and quietly said, “Surely you aren’t still afraid of me, or have I done something wrong already. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

Ginny looked horrified and said, “Love, I’m not afraid of you I’m afraid for you. And you didn’t wake me. Just like yesterday I woke up first. I was looking at you to see if something was wrong with you because you are always awake before me. You looked like you were perfectly fine, but then you began to breath differently and then you went out onto the balcony totally naked. That isn’t normal. What happened to you?”

Harry looked at himself and then went to the dresser and pulled out some warm running clothes. “I had a nightmare that scared me more than anything I’ve ever endured. It shook me up pretty bad and I had to get some fresh air to snap me out of it.”

Ginny put her hand over her mouth and asked what he dreamed about. He said he didn’t want to talk about it because it was too scary and it seemed like it was on the very edge of coming true.

Ginny put her arms around him to comfort him. She looked upon his handsome face and rubbed the snowflakes from his eyelashes and hair. Her smile warmed his heart and she said she thought he would feel better if he told her about his nightmare. He shook his head no but after continual harassment said he’d only tell her what the subject matter was and that was all.

“My nightmare was that you told me to go to Hell where monsters’ like me belong because I was so scary and didn’t think of anyone but myself. You weren’t swearing at me you were putting me under a curse. And then I was there for all of eternity. I’m going to go for a run now.”

When Harry came up to the kitchen after his run and workout he sat quietly at the table and Winky brought his breakfast to him. She climbed up on the chair beside him and asked how he was doing. He smiled at her and said he was okay and asked how she was. She said she was wonderful and that her young Harry was making plans to get married. Harry grinned and said he was happy for him. Then Winky said that Moffett wanted to talk to him whenever was convenient for him. Harry told her he would call for her and they could talk right then.

Harry said Moffett and she popped into the kitchen. “Winky says you want to talk to me. How are you and your daughter doing?”

The small elf said, “We is doing very well, thank you Master Harry Potter. Moffett is having the plans for the greenhouse done now.” She put a roll of parchment on the table and Harry spread it out and studied it. After several minutes he looked at Moffett and said, “These plans are very good. You’ve left little for me to do except build it.”

Moffett beamed and said, “It is Moffett's daughter Marlene that is drawing the image Marlene is the one who made the dimensions for everything. And it is Moffett being the one to decide flowers and plants to go into the sections where they need sunshine and not so much sunshine if the greenhouse is built behind Miss Ginny’s office. If it isn’t built there Moffett will need to know where it will be built so Moffett can decide which plant goes where.”

Harry looked up at Ginny as she walked into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. “Honey, Moffett and her daughter Marlene made plans for the greenhouse.” He turned the parchment so Ginny could look at it. He said, “The plans are quite detailed and very impressive. They have it worked out which plants need to be at certain locations to catch natural sunlight and shade if it is built behind your office. All your favorite flowers are marked where they will be and special spots are reserved for anything else you want.”

Ginny looked closely at the blueprints and smiled at Moffett, “It’s perfect; I can’t wait for it to be built. Thank you, Moffett; please thank Marlene also. You both have done spectacular work. Thank you.”

Moffett beamed and bowed to the floor. Ginny looked at Harry and smiled. “Could you build it today?”

Harry laughed and said it would take more than a day and he would make it a priority when the first thaw begins. Ginny’s smile faded from her face and her disappointment was obvious. “I just thought that since you aren’t going to work until you heal then you could make the greenhouse. You just have to wish it into existence and it is there. What’s so hard about that?”

Harry started to explain that he will be building it by hand and not magic. She frowned and said, “Whatever,” before he was able to explain. Harry thanked Moffett and asked her if he could keep the diagrams to begin making plans and she said she had others at home she could use. He allowed her to leave and then deep in thought he picked up his fork to eat his breakfast that had been interrupted by Moffett. Lily came into the kitchen and got a drink of water. She spoke sweetly to her dad and he smiled at her.

“How are you doing today, Angel?”

“I’m good, Daddy. I missed you yesterday. Did you have a successful operation on the baby? The poor little thing was so pitiful it nearly made me cry for him.”

“The operation and all the treatments were successful. He’ll need to keep up with the one treatment for his heart, but after a month’s time, I’m sure he will be perfectly healthy.”

“Well, Daddy, I wish I could stay and visit, but I don’t want Mum to think I’m getting off task or being distracted. I just wanted a drink of water. I didn’t know you would be in here. But I’m glad I got to see you. I love you, Daddy.”

She hugged and kissed him and he gave his affection back to her. Ginny stepped around the corner and said, “This is why you need to not be here while Lily is supposed to be doing her schoolwork. Can’t you please do something else in the mornings?”

“Something other than eating my breakfast?” He stood up and dumped his breakfast in the trash and washed the plate, silverware, and coffee cup and then disappeared. He appeared behind Ginny’s office and put up an enchantment to keep what he was doing from being seen. It looked like a piece of mostly flat land with a small incline towards the far end of the yard. He took a deep breath and measured off the area he needed to melt the snow for the greenhouse to be built. After he was done with his measuring he unrolled what looked like large insulated heating blankets. When he was satisfied with his accomplishment he went into his study and closed the door to keep from disrupting Ginny and Lily’s morning routine. He sat down shivering from being out in the cold. His muscles ached but he tried to ignore them. He pulled out a file and read the contents. He was looking for a place to begin searching for information on Romilda Vane. He picked up the phone and dialed Millicent Bulstrode’s number to check on Harry Coon. He asked if Harry had opened up to her any about her parents. Millicent said that he told them that he and his mom would go to a secret place behind the library when his dad was angry at them. He didn’t know how his mom found the place or made it appear to them and disappear after they were inside it. He said it was like a tiny apartment without a TV or things like that.

Harry put a post-it-note on the kitchen counter where he knew Ginny would see it when she got her and Lily's lunch. He looked around and then got his keys to his truck and left for Ottery St. Catchpole. He drove around for a while and then stopped in the library parking lot. He slowly looked around the area behind the building and quietly said some obscure chants. He stayed there for half an hour doing this and then got out of his truck and walked cautiously to a place hidden in some trees. It looked perfectly normal for a small garden of flowers and shrubbery. Small trees grew thick and Harry followed a very faint path to a spot where the path disappeared. He voiced a spell and a door appeared. He opened it and carefully stepped inside. “Hello? Hello, is anyone here? Romilda Vane, its Harry Potter. I’m trying to bring you news of your husband and son, Harry. I’m here alone and I won’t hurt you or make you leave if you don’t want to.”

Suddenly white hot pain shot down his back and something struck him in the back of the head. Someone started to run past him and he somehow was able to stay conscious and grabbed a heel. A woman screamed and began kicking at Harry with her other foot. “Romilda, stop; listen to me I have news you’ll want to know about.”

The abuse stopped and Harry groaned and slowly stood up uneasily. Finally he was able to look at Romilda and was shocked to see the skeletal frame of a woman with a shrunken face and eyes staring at him. She had her wand pointed at him and motioned for him to move away from her. He stepped backward and fell over a chair. He landed hard and nearly cried out but clamped his jaws shut tight. He wearily got up off the floor and sat in the chair he tripped over. He looked around and didn’t see any signs of newspapers or letters or anything from the outside world. He swallowed and said, “Before Christmas your husband and a bunch of thieves robbed some charity drive warehouses. The last one he pulled off he was caught by my Aurors and me. Mr. Coon had a habit of taking your son with him and made him work for him. We captured some of the people, some were killed, and I killed your husband. I didn’t know who he was and I certainly didn’t know your son saw the whole thing right before his eyes. I’ll say it again so you understand me. He saw me kill your husband right in front of him. I tried to just capture him but he was making threats and was about to take Harry and leave. He was using Harry as a shield. I didn’t know he was his son. I do apologize if it is possible that you loved him and I killed him. Your son said his dad told him he killed you.” Harry told the story of what happened that day.

Romilda asked where her son was and Harry told her about getting Millicent Bulstrode to watch him as if he were her own until he could find her.

Millicent has grown very fond of Harry and has become attached even though she tried not to. I spoke to her this morning and she told me if I find you and you are alive that she and her husband would love for you to move into their home so they can still be close to him. But you are his Mum and they would respect your authority regarding his upbringing.”

Romilda nodded her head and said she would accept their generosity. She asked how she would get there and Harry told her to gather her things and he would take her. “I don’t have anything, the time before this last time I was able to escape he found me by a tracker he sewed into Harry’s arm. He beat me fiercely and left me for dead. When I recovered enough to get around I found that he put some kind of jinx on my things. If I touched anything I got electrocuted. But I’m awful dirty and infested with lice.”

Harry waved his wand over her and starting from her head on down to her toes she felt wonderfully clean. Her dress repaired itself and was clean. He smiled and took her arm gently and led her to his truck. After he helped her in he called Millicent and told her he had Romilda; and that she said she would graciously accept their generosity. Harry then told her he was going to stop at a department store and pick up a few things for her because all she has is what she is wearing. He put his phone away and grimaced when he started his truck. Every movement he made was painful and Romilda frowned. “I’m sorry, Harry. I hurt you really bad. I was terrified you were going to take me to Randy’s house.”

“It’s okay; I’ll get fixed up when I go home later. Let’s just get you to see your son.” He started the truck and drove to a store. He helped her out of the truck and into the store. They went to the clothing department and he told her to pick out enough clothes to last her a week, and to get everything else she needed. While she did that he went to the grocery department and picked up some light food and drinks for her. When they returned to the truck Harry gave her the food and a drink. She practically inhaled it and thanked him for everything.

When Harry got her to Millicent’s house she clasped her hands over her face staring into the back yard. She saw her son happily playing with Millicent’s husband. “Look how wonderful he looks. They’ve taken such good care of him. Thank you for asking for their help.”

They got out of the truck and the small four year old looked up at them. All at once he started running to them shouting, “Mummy, Mummy!” Romilda began crying and tried to run to him. She would have fallen but Harry caught her and helped her get to the little boy who obviously had her heart.

Millicent took Romilda from Harry and he stood back watching the small family reunite. He was happy for them and actually felt a bit of jealousy come over him. “Harry, kick that out of your head this instant,” he said to himself.

It was after lunch now so he figured Hermione would be in her office so he drove home and disappeared to the Ministry of Magic. While he walked to her office, he called Wes and told him about finding Romilda. After that he asked if the landlord of the hotel had come in yet.

“Yes, he was in earlier this morning. I did what you asked me to do and called the business you wanted me to call to clean up the mold and mildew. They gave me the estimate and I met with the Landlord. We worked out an agreeable payment plan to pay you back. They’ll get started on the cleanup tomorrow.”

Harry thanked Wes and said he was about to see what Hermione wanted with him and then he would be going home. Wes asked if he was okay owing to the fact that he sounded like he was hurt and worn out. Harry simply grunted with displeasure, said he’d be okay, and then hung up his phone.

By this time he had reached Hermione’s office. When he walked in her secretary got up and ran into Hermione’s office. She came out holding her wand and then put it away quickly. She smiled at him and said she was sorry for their reaction to him. Harry’s eye brows were furrowed and he wasn’t looking very friendly. But he mumbled he was getting used to it. “What did you want to talk to me about yesterday when you called Ginny in to talk to instead of me? All I got was I have to tell you everything and that Ginny isn’t going to fight my battles for me. I’d like to ask that you not take Ginny away from her time she needs to spend teaching Lily; it happens that I do that quite often when she has to take care of me.”

Harry leaned forward grasping the back of a chair and then asked again what she needed to talk to him about. A folder appeared in his hand and he magiced it onto Hermione’s desk. She looked quizzically at it and he told her very briefly about finding Romilda Vine and taking her to Millicent’s house. “This closes that case, now; what did you need to talk to me about?”

Hermione looked skeptically at Harry and said maybe she should call Ron in. “Surely you can just tell me what’s up, Hermione. I’m in desperate need of getting home and fixed up, eat and rest.”

Hermione took a deep breath and then cleared her throat. He saw she rested her hand close to her wand before she proceeded. “Harry, I know you are keeping secrets from me and I need you to tell me what they are. Just because we’re friends doesn’t mean you can take advantage of me.”

Harry arched his eyebrows and said, “Is that all? I thought you were going to tell me some horrible truth someone made up to pit us against each other. I am keeping many secrets from not just you, but the public all together. Kingsley knows all my secrets since he was the Minister of Magic and I needed to keep him in the loop of all things concerning me being an Auror and a diplomat for the United States and a few other countries. When you are sworn in as Minister of Magic then I will of course tell you everything Kingsley knows, but not until then. And you must know that these are extremely sensitive matters and you must not tell anyone, not even Ron. Nothing against him,” he added quickly, “but everything to do with national security for us and the United States.”

Hermione was speechless and said, “So you were planning on telling me all along?”

“Yes, Hermione, I have always intended on telling you once you were sworn in as Minister of Magic. It wouldn’t do to keep our Minister in the dark in matters of our security and well being.”

Hermione smiled and thanked him for being considerate to her. “Now this other thing I talked to Ginny about regarding homeschooling-”

She swallowed when his demeanor changed from being frank but friendly to unreadable except for the anger she saw in his eyes.

“It’s been put before the Ministry that parents can no longer home-school their children. It is a huge bit of Legislation but I’m pretty sure it will pass. It seems that parents are becoming lax in providing their children with only meeting the most minimal regulations. We can’t have our children grow up to be dummies can we?” She chuckled and said, “There will be home visits from the Board of Education to see if children are on a schedule and staying on task. Those who are found to be falling behind in their schooling or the teacher(s) don’t have a schedule they are following will be put before a review board and if they are found guilty of lackadaisical schooling habits then the children will be removed from the parents and put in learning institutions to bring them up to date.”

Harry shook his head and the look of his wrath became apparent. “That is the worst thing that has come out of Legislation ever. I want a schedule of when the next meeting is brought to order. I will fight this garbage with tooth and nail and I’ll enlist people to raise awareness about this and I’m sure we will put enough pressure on those nuts so they won’t know what hit them. Thanks for telling me; Ginny didn’t say a word about it, but I sure felt the effects of your news. I can’t even eat with my family or be seen in the house or it seems Lily will be distracted and not do her schoolwork. If this passes Legislation, I’m moving my family out of the area where communism rules and the rights of the people don’t count for anything.”

Hermione said, “I knew I could count on you to be the one to do something about this. I don’t like it either and I will also be fighting it. I couldn’t make Ginny understand yesterday because she got so upset she left without me getting to tell her it wasn’t law yet. I just told her so she could make a schedule if she didn’t have one made out. The two of you have done masterfully with teaching your children. Please tell her I’m not for it either. Now you better get home before you fall over. Get yourself fixed up and take it easy. You’re supposed to be healing not getting worse. And, Harry, one more thing before you go: In the future will you please refrain from coming in my office bleeding all over everything?”

Harry looked at her sharply but then smiled, “Right, sorry about that.” He disappeared and arrived at home directly behind Ginny’s office and checked the progress of the snow and ice melting from the area he was going to build the greenhouse. He checked the runoff area to make sure it didn’t go into the driveway or seep into Ginny's office and the garage. He used the Muffliato spell to hide the noise of him cutting the frame for the Greenhouse and after he had all of it cut he measured pieces of glass he would need. He went out to a building that was hidden from view of the house unless you were high up on Pride Rock. This building he kept glass and sheets of wood to build special projects in. When he told Moffett that he would build a Greenhouse and she would be responsible to keep Ginny’s favorite flowers and such he had gone out and bought all the things he would need to make it. Although he didn’t know the size or amount he got plenty just to make sure. He worked at sorting out the glass and worked out how much he needed. After he was done he cut all the windows to a specific size. He made special frames and hinges on them so they could be opened and shut with the push of a button to allow direct sunlight, air and fresh rain to come in. They would still get direct sunlight with them closed but he just felt that they would benefit best with them open to the sun.

Harry finished his work and put all his tools and equipment away and went inside. He was kicking himself for not taking care of his head and whatever Romilda did to his back. He hadn’t intended on doing all that he did. He was so deep in thought about the things Hermione told him and how it had affected Ginny. He felt bad for her but he wasn’t going to let her off the hook for treating him the way she did. She needed to learn to talk to him and include him in on things that affected the family. He thought about Romilda living in the conditions she was forced to live in and was angry that she hadn’t tried to get help. Why were there Aurors if they weren’t used to help the people? He thought about the Doe family and wondered how their day went and then he thought of the Landlord doing the right thing by cleaning his building so nobody else got sick. He didn’t mind loaning or even giving money to help people in those types of needs, he was happy he was in a position to do it.

Climbing the steps to the second floor was hard to master with the condition he was in but he finally made it to the top and walked down the hallway to Lily’s room after peaking in his and Ginny’s room and finding it empty. He knocked on her open door and looked in. It was empty as well. He sighed and went on into his bedroom and showered. He set up a mirror behind him and looked at the deep cut the spell had caused. No wonder Hermione had said what she said; he had been bleeding badly and the back of his head was also bleeding. He had forced the issue out of his mind so he could take care of Romilda and never thought about why his head was hurting him so badly or why his back felt like a knife blade was wedged in it. Plus he was already sore from fighting the Ice Giant whenever that was. He was losing his concentration and moved quickly to work a healing spell over his back to close the cut. He had to do it five times to get it to stay closed and then he devised a way to get the Dittany over it. Finally he took a bottle of the concussion medicine and tried to open the vial. He was trembling so much now that he couldn’t hold it. He put it on the counter and magiced a syringe to appear with the medicine already in it. He cocked his head sideways and made the needle shoot into his neck. He looked at his reflection and saw his lips were still blue. He had gotten too cold and became angry with his stupidity for not taking care of himself.
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I love the way you write... My intention was just give it a look and then I realized I had read three amazing chapters!!!
All I want you to know is that I need more! Can't wait for the next chapter! <3
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Hey Guys, thanks for joining me again for another chapter. So sorry for being late. SS had problems with the site and I wanted to wait until it was fixed to try and post this chapter. The technical team here is outstanding and seems to have corrected the problem for which I'm sure we are all thankful. So thank you to those special tech elves for your diligent work and time spent finding and solving the problem. This chapter is pretty long, but I'm happy with it. I prefer long chapters but I do try to keep them shorter out of respect for those who don't have time to read long chapters. I hope you enjoy it just the same.

Ivana: Hey there! So good to hear from you. I have been missing you so much! Thank you for your sweet compliment and thank you for taking the time to read those three chapters. I would love to read more of your fanfiction too I hope everything is going super for you and we both have time to chat again. We need to catch up!

Chapter 5

The Promise To Fix Things So Carson Can Go Home

At seven o’clock Harry gave up on eating dinner with Ginny and Lily since they hadn’t gotten home yet. He fixed a plate of leftover meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, and some green beans. He drank a cup of hot chocolate to help him get warm. When he was done eating he went into the study and was working hard on another project when Ginny and Lily came home. He closed the folder he had been writing notes in all evening and put down his pen. He stood up slowly and made his way into the living room where Lily and Ginny were excitedly looking over their purchases.

“What’s this then? A fancy party we’ve been invited to?” They jumped and laughed as they turned around when he spoke. Although he looked happy and his eyes were twinkling Ginny and Lily stopped laughing. They just looked at him and Lily looked sorrowfully at Ginny. But Ginny didn’t say anything so Harry nodded his head sadly. He asked Ginny if there was something she wanted to tell him or anything she needed to talk to him about. She just shook her head no so he said, “I need to go to the Pentagon tomorrow. I thought I’d wait until after lunch so my two favorite girls can come with me. Would you like that? We can make a stop at Cheyenne Mountain before we come home.”

Ginny said, “Love, we’ll have to take a rain check on that. All my sisters-in-law and Mum are going out for a girl’s day out. We’ll be leaving right after Lily’s last lesson and we’re going to make a day of it. Since tomorrow is Friday, Lily won’t have to be home early to go to bed so it’ll be late when we get home.”

Harry just looked at her and then forced a smile for them. He spoke softly and said, “I miss being with you guys. It seems like I haven’t seen you for hundreds of years. Do you think we can do something together Saturday?”

Ginny’s heart broke for him thinking what it must have been like for him to be away all that time sick with loneliness. She shook her head and said, “Mum and Dad asked if Lily and I could go with them to Charlie’s for the rest of the weekend. There isn’t any school Monday so we won’t be back until Monday early evening. We’ll be leaving just before dawn. They didn’t ask for you to come because Ron said you and he were going to be doing something over the weekend.”

Harry shrugged his shoulders and said, “Did he say what he wants to do? Only he didn’t say anything to me about it. Never mind, it doesn’t matter.” He turned to the steps and casually said, “I found Romilda Vine today. She and her son are going to live with Millicent Bulstrode and her husband. Goodnight.” He started to climb the steps but was having difficulty managing them. He held his hand to his head and fell sideways into the wall. He groaned and straightened up and went on up the steps. He wondered why the medicine wasn’t helping him the way it normally does. He felt his head carefully and discovered why it was still hurting. Whatever Romilda hit him with broke and part of it was still in his head. He had the biggest splinter that could ever be imagined.

Ginny went into the bathroom with him and gasped, “What happened to you?!”

“Romilda was afraid I was someone who was going to take her back to her husband. She attacked me from behind. When I found where she was hiding and I entered the tiny tool shack I immediately felt a mind control come over me. It disoriented me for a few seconds before I could shake out of it. That’s when she cursed me and then while I was trying to find out if I was going to die she broke something over my head and shoulder. I didn’t know about this until just now. I thought my headache and double vision was from the concussion; which it was but this splinter is causing a headache too. I just need to remove it and see how far in it is.”

Harry took a cleansing breath and then put his hand over the splinter without touching it and began pulling it out with his magic. He clamped his eyes shut and held his breath. When he finally got it out he swayed on his feet and leaned over the sink counter heavily and then propped his shoulder against the wall for support. When he felt like he could stand without support he opened his eyes and looked at the splinter. He measured it and then figured the angle it had entered his head to find out if it punctured his brain.

He dropped the splinter onto the counter and rubbed his face wearily. He held out his hand and a small bottle appeared. He took the cap off and drank the whole thing. He held out his hand again and another potion appeared. He poured it onto the area where he took out the splinter and then once again he held out his hand and a roll of gauze appeared. He wrapped his head and then turned to go out the door and nearly ran into Ginny.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were still in here,” he said; his tongue thick in his mouth. He struggled to get to his bed and fell into it when he reached it. He was aware of Ginny trying to help him and he could smell what he had in his memory of her that carried him through all the years he was away from her. He was home with his Ginny. Pain swept through him with every move she made trying to help. He was about to give in to his body calling for a shut down when he heard her desperate plea.

“I don’t know what to do for you! Could you please just go to the water and heal yourself?!” Ginny plopped angrily into the winged back chair at the foot of the bed Harry always uses when he’s taking off his shoes and socks.

Harry forced himself to become alert. He told her, “Never mind, Honey; just let me rest right here. The medicine will work through the night and I’ll be fine in the morning.”

“But you can’t be comfortable, you’re left half is hanging over the side of the bed. Just go to the water.” She doubled her fist and pounded her knees in frustration at the tears that were beginning to drop.

“Honey, I’m fine like this. I can’t lie on my back so this will keep me from moving accidentally onto it. I am cold though if you could cover me I’d really appreciate it.”

Ginny huffed and dropped a blanket on him and stormed out the door telling him to cover himself since he didn’t want her help. Harry closed his eyes and went to sleep wishing he knew the secret to a happy marriage.

The next morning Harry woke at five and stiffly got out of bed. He didn’t understand why there was a folded blanket over part of his back and head. He was shivering and wished he had been covered with the blanket. He glanced over at Ginny and wondered why she was lying on the very edge of her side of the bed. He used his magic and gently moved her to the center of the bed and covered her to keep her warm. He dressed quietly and went down to have his workout. While he was going through his routine he tried to remember the previous night. He remembered everything until after he took the potions and wrapped his head. From then on he couldn’t with clarity remember anything except he was in excruciating pain and he thought Ginny was upset with him. After his workout was complete he cooled off and showered. He put one of his best suits and a tie on and headed up to the kitchen where he smelled his breakfast. When he got to the kitchen Winky put his food filled plate in front of him and said he needed to not push himself so he could heal. He tried to assure her that he was very careful to not do anything too strenuous but she shook her head and looked at him as if saying, “You know what I mean.” He knew then she was talking about working on the Greenhouse.

“Winky, I will do everything in my power to make Ginny happy. I promised her I would in our wedding vows and as long as I have strength and breath I will do it. As soon as Ginny and Lily eat then I’ll get busy on things I need to do first and then I will get back to work on it. But until then, I want to visit with them while they eat so I can be out of the way so I’m not a distraction when they start their school routine.”

Winky understood, but didn’t like his decision. Harry decided to change the subject and asked when young Harry was going to get married. “It seems like he’s still too young to embark on marriage.”

Winky giggled and said, “Young Harry won’t be getting married until he is out of school and that won’t be for another few years yet. He is engaged now, but this is the time period that the mother of the bride to be, will monitor my young Harry to make sure he will be a blessing to her daughter instead of a curse. Of course they could disregard this tradition but my Harry wants to do everything in his power to make his Marlene happy with him. And if she is happy then so will be her mum.”

Harry said, “A marriage will struggle without happiness between the husband and wife; but as long as there is love it will work out.”

Just then Ginny walked in and glared at Harry. His smile upon seeing her fell when she glared at him. He was going to ask what he did wrong this time but Lily walked in. His smile returned and he said, “Good morning ladies. I bet you’re excited to get done with your schoolwork so you can get ready for the big party. Is there anything I can do to help?”

Lily smiled big and excitedly said, “Mum said we are leaving just as soon as she grades my work for the day. If you want to grade them as I get them done we can leave sooner.”

Ginny said, “Lily, your daddy obviously has plans for this morning. He’s wearing one of his best suits. We shouldn’t ask for his help just to make it so we can leave sooner. I’ll grade the papers quickly and we’ll leave then.”

Lily said, “But everyone will already be where we’re going to and we’ll miss out on lunch. It won’t be the same to grab a bite here and then leave.”

Harry looked at Ginny not knowing if she was really being considerate of his plans or if she just didn’t want his help. He decided to take a chance and said, “I said last night that I was going to the Pentagon today and I thought I’d go ahead and go this morning since you two aren’t going with me. But, I’ll gladly go after you leave. I’m happy to grade papers for you. Lily’s right, you don’t want to miss meeting where and when everyone else will be there. Let me help, I promise to stay on task and I’ll stay in the study so I’m not a distraction.”

Ginny started to smile sweetly at him but then remembered she was upset with him. She said, “Okay, we’ll give it a try, but if she gets behind because she sneaks in here to chat with you then you have to leave.”

Harry said, “She’s a good girl; she wouldn’t do that.” He gathered the dishes and took them to the sink and washed the table. Winky appeared at the sink and told Harry he couldn’t do dishes in his suit and it was her job anyway. She took his hand and began pulling him into the living room. He chuckled and said, “Alright, alright, you can do the dishes.”

Ginny stepped in front of Harry and he bumped into her. He looked surprised and then an impish grin flickered on his face. His eyebrows moved up and down to complete the impish look. “Is this a test to see if I can stay on task? If so I admit I am guilty of loosing track of everything because a beautiful woman seduced me on my way to the study.” He put his arms around her thoroughly enjoying the moment and then kissed her softly on the lips.

Ginny wilted in his arms and nearly smiled but then she once again remembered she was upset with him. She gently pulled away from him and said, “I just want you to know I don’t think you should talk to me through others. If you have something to say to me, then say it to me.”

This threw Harry so much he didn’t have words at first. Then he said, “Gin, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Of course I would talk to you if I had something I wanted to tell you. What are you talking about? Why would you say that to me?”

Ginny huffed impatiently and folded her arms. “As if you didn’t know. I heard you telling Winky that stuff about marriage and being happy or else the marriage would be a struggle. Why would you tell Winky we aren’t happy?”

He shook his head in shock. “We aren’t happy? I mean I know for some reason I make you angry every time I turn around but I didn’t know we weren’t happy otherwise.”

Ginny raised her voice and said, “You told Winky just minutes before Lily and I ate that we weren’t happy!”

Harry was still in shock and shook his head. “Gin, Winky told me that young Harry was engaged. Harry frowned and took out his wand. He flipped his wrist to his head and jerked out a silver strand of memory. He spoke an incantation and the memory played to her like a video.

First she saw Winky giggle and said, “Young Harry won’t be getting married until he is out of school and that won’t be for another few years yet. He is engaged now, but this is the time period that the mother of the bride to be, will monitor my young Harry to make sure he will be a blessing to her daughter instead of a curse. Of course they could disregard this tradition but my Harry wants to do everything in his power to make his Marlene happy with him. And if she is happy then so will be her mum.”

Then Harry spoke simply saying, “A marriage will struggle without happiness between the husband and wife; but as long as there is love it will work out.”

Harry put the memory back in his head and when Ginny started to say something Harry quietly said, “Shouldn’t you get started on teaching Lily her lessons? I don’t want to be a distraction and not get to grade her papers. I’ll be in the study.”

Ginny turned and went out to her office and began her lessons with Lily. Harry went back to the folder he had been studying last night and wrote down some notes. Whenever Lily brought in papers for him to grade she smiled happily and practically threw him the papers and ran out so she wouldn’t get in trouble for not staying on task. Harry graded each paper quickly as she brought them in and then worked on the folder until he put his folder in his briefcase and made a phone call. When he hung up Lily and Ginny brought in the last paper. He graded it quickly and marked the grade in the grade book. He then told them that Lily got perfect scores in English Grammar, Literature, Health, Spelling, and Linguistics. Then he told her she missed number five in History. He said what the question was and the answer she gave. He told Ginny that she missed three problems in Math and which ones they were and the answers she gave. “I also noticed that you haven’t figured her averages for the first semester so I did that for you and recorded them in your grade book.”

Ginny and Lily stood staring at him and he said, “Don’t you have plans you’re anxious to get to?”

They jumped and laughed. “We weren’t expecting you to have everything done. We finished early so I was going to finish grading the papers and Lily wanted to chat with you while I did that. But honestly, I had decided to grade her papers when we got home so we could go ahead and leave when we’re ready.”

“But then since you have them all graded we can get ready and leave now and pick up Grandma.”

Ginny smiled sweetly at her daughter and told her to go ahead and she would be up in a minute. She looked at Harry when Lily ran out anxious to get her fancy clothes on. “Love, I’m sorry I accused you of telling Winky we weren’t happy. And to be honest, I’m not happy a lot of the time but not because of you per say, but because you always get hurt and most all the time I’m helpless at helping you. It seems like I don’t know what to do to help anymore. And it frustrates me that you have the ability to be healed when you get in the water from nature like the stream down the hill or in the cavern under the house.”

Harry sighed and looked down to the floor and then looked sadly at his wife. “Honey, I don’t like using the stream or the cavern water because I worry that it is addictive for me. I do love being healed and feeling perfectly healthy in my body, but I also feel a certain euphoria that worries me. And I feel drawn to it at the tiniest wound I get. And too, I can’t heal completely when others have seen me next to death and then be one hundred percent because it is suspicious. So I don’t stay in it long enough to be healed and then I feel an even stronger pull to the water. I will not become a slave to Poseidon’s gift to me.”

Ginny was about to say something else and Lily yelled down to her with a voice of worry, “Mummy we’re going to be late.”

Harry took Ginny in his arms and hugged her tight to him. He kissed her passionately with hot lips. “I love you, Ginny Potter. Go get ready before you miss out.”

He winked at her and went back to his seat. “Let me see you two before you leave so I can see how beautiful you are and say good-bye.”

Half an hour later Ginny and Lily cleared their throats standing in the doorway of the study. Harry looked up and smiled widely. “Don’t the two of you look beautiful?! I think I should go and stand guard so nobody tries to snatch my beautiful girls.”

Lily giggled and skipped over to him and put her arms around his neck. Ginny saw his face turn white for an instant but then he hugged her and told her, “I’ll miss you, Darling Angel. Have a wonderful time.” He kissed her head and told her he loved her.

Ginny stepped elegantly to him rather than skipping like Lily had. Harry smiled and reached for her. She went into his arms and he held her tight. He nuzzled her ear and neck and breathed his hot breath on her neck and kissed her with his scorching lips. After he kissed her one more time he looked into her eyes and said, “I’ll miss you, Honey, but I want you to have a great time.”

He reluctantly let loose of her and smiled when they turned to wave goodbye again. He waved again and took a picture of them and then they left with a pop. Harry felt the loneliness creep into his soul again. He was thrilled to be home, but just seeing them for minutes at a time made him feel like they were glimpses into a memory from hundreds of years gone by. He shook his head and put these thoughts to the back of his mind. He put on his suit jacket and picked up his brief case and disappeared.

He made quite the stir when he appeared before a panel of judges, Generals, and other dignitaries. He stood politely by the table they were all sitting at until another group of men came in. He looked like a statue standing with his head bowed; his feet set shoulder width apart and his fingers interlocked in front of him. He was trying to be as non intrusive as he could be. He didn’t say anything even though the whispers he heard concerned him. He heard footsteps approach him so he looked up smiling recognizing the pattern of the person’s steps.

He took the hand that was offered to him and shook it earnestly. “Jack, thank you for coming; I didn’t know you would be here.” Harry looked at the men following Jack and smiled as he offered his hand to the President of the United States and the First Minister of Scotland. And then the room began to buzz as John and Carson walked a bit uncertainly into the room. An aid to a General got up and put out his hand to stop them from entering the room and pointed to the door.

Harry spoke up and said, “Colonel Sheppard and Dr. Beckett please come in and take a seat here at the head of the table.”

The two men walked over and stood by the chairs directed to them by Harry. Jack told the secretary to call the meeting to order and so she did. Everyone sat down with the exception of Harry who then walked to the podium and began to speak with great authority.

“I need to get home as soon as possible so I’ll make this as succinct as I can. I have recently learned of a huge miscarriage of justice and it needs to be rectified now. Ten years ago Dr. Carson Beckett was captured and a clone was made of him. The doctor was killed in an explosion while saving the life of a serviceman. The clone, this man who sits with us now, was rescued three years after he was created. He is by all accounts Dr. Carson Beckett. The only difference in the two doctors is the original was born from the womb of his mother and the clone was created in a lab. But he has all of Carson’s memories, with the exception of the three years he was held captive by his creator. He is an exact duplicate from the originals blood cells and everything that makes a person what and who he is. He has the same consciousness of the heart; meaning he believes in creation and has a soul. This man has remained loyal, working with compassion and doing great and honorable works for not only his nation but all nations of Earth and in the Pegasus galaxy. He receives a salary and pays taxes. And since he receives a salary and pays taxes then you are all guilty of unjust imprisonment. I suggest you turn him free from his imprisonment and allow him the same respect in every detail as the original Carson Beckett immediately. What say you?”

A General said, “Mr. Potter, you can’t just pop in here and make accusations like this. Who do you think you are making such outlandish charges that we are holding Dr. Beckett in prison? As you can clearly see he is here and walked in without being chained and shackled and without prison guards.”

I beg your pardon, General, but as you saw; I did pop in here so clearly I can pop in, and you know who I am because you addressed me by name before you made your ridiculous statement.” Harry looked at John and said, “Colonel Sheppard, are you armed and did you receive orders regarding Dr. Beckett? And if so, what were they?”

John said, “Sir, my orders were to bring Dr. Beckett to Earth and escort him to the Pentagon for a special hearing and I was to come armed.”

“And does Dr. Beckett have normal freedoms when he is brought here, to Earth that is?”

“No sir, he is accompanied at all times by a member of the military.”

“And has he ever gone home for any reason?”

“No sir. He is forbidden to go anywhere in public and he can never go home.”

“Thank you, Colonel Sheppard.” Harry turned and quietly looked at the members of the hearing. He looked daunting and formidable. It was very obvious that he was upset to say the least. “Doctor Beckett is in prison and you can’t say he isn’t. Now, the reason he is forbidden to go home is, according to the report on file, since he was already declared dead and buried you can’t allow him to. You say you can’t come up with a good cover story. I think it is a different reason though. What do you think?”

Nobody spoke until Harry said, “I think that since you don’t allow him to go anywhere on Earth without an escort then you think since he is a clone that he can’t be trusted. Is that it?”

Most of the people said no, it was because they didn’t provide him with a cover story. But then one man said, “Yes, so what if it is true? We can’t have something that isn’t real just walk about Willie Nillie. He isn’t a real man he’s parts of two men, meaning the original man and this thing before us.”

Harry said, “General, you received a double lung transplant from a woman’s cloned lung and a pig seven years ago. Do you have to be escorted around and are you forbidden to go home?”

“Of course not! Just because I have a lung from someone else doesn’t mean I’m not a real man, or that I’m sharing a body with another person.” The General became irate with Harry but Harry remained calm. “And what makes you think I have a lung from a pig or that my other lung was cloned from a woman’s lung?! This is not science fiction Mr. Potter.”

“So we are in agreement then that Dr. Carson should also be allowed to be free to come and go as he pleases without armed escorts and he should be allowed to go home.” Before the man could say anything else Harry continued on abruptly making the General jump. “Are you aware, General, that when you received your new lungs that Nanite technology was used to make your body compatible with your new lung from the pig? I guess not if you really didn’t know about that lung. You have Nanites sitting inert in your body in case your lungs start to deteriorate.”

A classified paper appeared before the General and he picked it up and read it. His face turned white and he looked at Harry without saying a word. He put it on the table and pushed it away from him like it was something disgusting. Harry looked at it and the paper burst into flames consuming it and then the flames disappeared along with the ashes of the paper.

“One more thing General, I thought you might like to know that it was this Dr. Beckett and Dr. Keller’s knowledge of Nanite technology and their special serum to restructure cellular degeneration that caused you to be able to survive the transplants.”

The General was speechless and so Harry continued only this time he talked to the whole committee. “Now, I brought up these points about the General to show how unfair it is that everyone else with unique situations gets to live their lives normal but Dr. Becket isn’t allowed to. I haven’t for one minute thought that the General should be sent off to another galaxy to live since he was experimented on. I have the utmost revere, respect and admiration for the General. The United States should consider herself blessed to have him in her service. Can we agree that Dr. Beckett is perfectly safe and he can go home when he wants to?”

“Why did you burn that paper you showed the General?” asked a young man with narrow set eyes.

Harry looked at the aid and answered, “Because I wanted him to have the information for proof of what I told him. I burned it so nobody would have a chance of knowing the classified material.”

The man mocked Harry and laughed. Harry stared at him with a non readable face. He didn’t speak until he asked the man if he was done being childish so the adults could finish their important meeting.

“Being childish is better than being stupid like you,” the young man chided defensively.

Harry laughed and said, “Look little one, all of us have better things to do than quip with the likes of you. Wipe your snotty nose and dry your eyes and sit still and color a pretty picture until the meeting is done.”

A coloring book and crayons appeared in front of the man and Harry said to the group, “All but a few of you will forget this part of the meeting so you aren’t tempted to divulge classified information.”

Once again the petty young man spoke up and said, “If you weren’t a wizard I’d come over there and clean the floor with you. You are nothing but an arrogant fool, an ugly one at that.”

Harry looked at the foolish aid and said, “Well come on and give it a try. I promise not use magic.”

The man stood up and started to act like he was going to go fight Harry but then sat back down after looking at the men around him. An older man nodded his head and said, “Go on and let’s see what Mr. Potter is made of.”

The young man stood up again looking a little skeptical. He decided to make himself out to be better than he looks and said, “I should warn you that I have a black belt in Karate and I hold the highest level title for kick boxing. That means I’m the champion.”

Harry said, “Well come on and show me your stuff little man. I consider myself warned. Is there anything you want to know about me?”

The man laughed and said, “I already know about you; you’re an arrogant, self centered, self-righteous, proud, narcissistic, vain-”

Harry turned around and looked behind him. “I’m sorry; I thought Rodney McKay just walked in. He chuckled and said, “Are you going to show me your moves or bore me to death?”

The young man walked around the table; Harry watching how he carried himself. The man stood nose to nose to Harry and said, “Are you scared, Potter?”

Harry calmly said, “No.”

When he stepped back from Harry his right foot came up and around with amazing speed. Harry reached up and grabbed his foot before it connected to Harry’s face and pulled it to him and twisted it making the surprised man land on his backside in front of Harry; who by the way still stood in the same spot. Harry put his foot on the man’s throat and said, “I’m not impressed. Would you like to go back to the table and let us finish the meeting? I don’t have any desire to hurt you and I really do want to finish up here so I can get home.”

The man said he wanted to go back to his seat. Harry let go of his foot and took his foot off of the man’s neck. He offered the man a hand up and asked if he was okay. The young man nodded his head and turned to go to his seat. He spun on the spot and Harry moved just in time to avoid being struck with his fist. Harry grabbed the flying fist and twisted it roughly, and then yanked the man around so his back was against Harry and Harry put a choke hold on the man.

“What a coward move! Do I need to tie you up or what?”

“No sir, I’ll sit at my seat quietly; I promise.”

Harry shoved him roughly towards his chair and said to the committee, “So, Dr. Beckett will get to be free so we just need to come up with a reason why he was so miserably mistreated. Any suggestions?”

Nobody said anything so Harry sighed and said, “How about our doctor was on a top secret mission with a team of Marines; captured and then taken away to an obscure and distant land. He was thought to have been killed due to overwhelming evidence that was sent to you. A video was shown of him in a room where a bomb exploded and a piece of his burned shirt had his blood on it was found. Then two years after that Colonel Sheppard and his team along with a team of Marines found him but he was dying. Word couldn’t be sent of his rescue because you weren’t sure that he would live. Now he is able to be up and about like normal and Doctor Keller made an evaluation and said he is at near full recovery and would most definitely live. And to make his worth known you better give him a sizable pay raise and a medal.”

The President and the First Minister agreed and said they would sign an executive order. Harry said he was hoping for that and handed them both a piece of parchment for them to sign. They said it needed Dr. Keller’s signature also. Harry said, “I’ll be right back.”

Harry appeared before Mr. Woolsey in his office and told him the President of the United States and the First Minister of Scotland needed Dr. Keller for a little bit, and that she could get back home with John. When he nodded his head Harry disappeared and then appeared in the infirmary. He asked Jennifer if she was doing anything for a little bit. Jennifer looked at him and picked up a roll of bandage, looking at the bandage on his head and when she said no she could look at him, he touched her arm and they disappeared.

Harry and a very surprised Doctor Keller appeared and Harry offered Jennifer a seat next to the President. She stared in wonder and quickly adjusted her scrubs and hair and said, “You’re the President of the United States. Er I mean, what can I do for you sir?” She put her bandages and stethoscope on the table she was at.

The President smiled and said, “Our friend Harry has convinced us to make a change in Doctor Beckett’s rights and freedoms. We have decided to allow Carson to return to Earth on furlough whenever he wants to. We need to get your signature as his Doctor saying he is healthy and able to travel.”

“Oh, okay; that’s great. I’m happy for him; it’s about time I think.”

Roland chuckled and said he quite agreed. Jennifer signed the papers and Harry asked if the meeting was over now. Roland said it was unless anyone else had anything else to discuss. Harry stood behind the podium and thanked everyone for coming and rectifying the terrible injustice that had been done to Carson. “Does anyone have anything that has to be discussed now?”

The aid that had given Harry a hard time said he needed to say something. Harry didn’t say anything but stepped away from the podium and the young man stepped over to it.

“I just wanted to tell Mr. Potter I am sorry for trying to pick a fight with him. I only wanted to impress my boss who encouraged me to show him I wasn’t afraid to confront Mr. Potter with hostility. I have to say though confronting Mr. Potter is the scariest thing I’ve ever done and I don’t want this job if I have to prove my worthiness.”

Harry looked around the room seriously and asked who his boss was. “His name is Hugh Downson and he works in the IOA. I was to be his liaison since he hasn’t been able to go to work since Christmas time.”

Harry’s jaw clamped shut tight and he looked over at Jack. Their eyes met and Jack shrugged his shoulders. Harry put his hand on the young man’s shoulder and turned him so he could see his eyes. The young man didn’t know that his mind was being searched only to make sure he was telling the truth. Harry said, “Thanks for telling us this, it was very brave of you. And don’t worry about being fired from your job; the man you were working for was fired from the IOA by me at Christmas time. He didn’t have the authority or the legal ability to hire you. I will guarantee you a job with the IOA if you still want to work with them though.”

The man said he would and thanked Harry for being understanding. Harry dismissed the meeting and went to greet John, Carson, and Jack. Jennifer joined them and Carson thanked Harry for making it possible for him to go home. He was quite emotional and Harry waved his hand dismissing the fact that he did it.
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Hey Guys, late again, but at least I'm getting it posted. This chapter is not quite as long as the previous ones but a lot is going on. I hope you can be patient with Harry and not think he is brooding and I also hope you can put up with Ginny and Ron while the Weasley blood makes them react before they take time to think. Thank you so much for coming back for this new chapter and I hope you don't lose interest.

Chapter 6

All Is Not Well On The Home Front

John looked hard into Harry’s eyes and saw that his friend was fatigued and battle worn. He could see years of hardship and pain, mentally, emotionally, and physically set in his alert eyes that made inspection of everything and everyone in the room. His steel jaws were clenched shut and his fists were doubled ready to fight. His face was fierce and his hair was wild. John could see that he was tired and working through physical pain, but Harry smiled like a reckless young man on an adventure when their eyes met.

The two men gripped each other’s hands and shook them briefly just as others offered Harry their hands also. His smile went from the boyish reckless smile to a polite smile for the President and the First Minister of Scotland. A lighthearted conversation followed until sadly Harry looking regretfully at John said, “I hate to go but I’m working on a special project at home that requires my attention. Please excuse me.” He looked for a second around the men and women his eye’s settling on John whom Harry hadn’t seen since he rescued him and then he disappeared.

After Harry got home he changed out of his suit and into comfortable jeans and a T shirt. He fixed a lunch-meat sandwich and a cup of coffee and relaxed while he ate. His thoughts went back to the states where he saw John. He hadn’t seen him since he was rescued off of the mainland on Atlantius. Seeing him at the meeting was a joy since he was so close to death when he left him with Carson in the infirmary. He wanted to talk to him in the worst way, but then wasn’t the time to visit. He got up and cleaned up his area and put on a flannel shirt and coat. He walked back to the place he was building the greenhouse and inspected the ground. The snow had completely melted and the ground was thawed. Harry began leveling the ground working with a bulldozer he had delivered while he was in the states. The meeting took longer than he expected so now he only had access to the machine for two more hours until his rental was up at four o’clock.

He was just finishing cleaning up the machine when a man came to take back the bulldozer. After the machinery was gone Harry went back to the Greenhouse and began digging a footer and holes to put the posts in for each section. When the base was done Harry mixed concrete and poured the footer and the holes around the posts he inserted. He looked around at his accomplishments and decided he did enough for the day. He would think about if he should make a dirt floor or pour more concrete while he rested so he’d know what to do tomorrow. He covered the concrete with heavy plastic so snow wouldn’t accumulate on it and then he put a cover over the whole area where the floor would be. When Harry walked into the basement to shower he realized he had worked through dinner and he figured Ginny and Lily might be getting home anytime.

Harry showered as quickly as he could and got dressed. He dragged himself up to the kitchen and found Winky putting a plate of dinner at his place at the table. He was dead tired and knew he had done exactly what Winky had told him not to do; work too hard. He shivered and held his hand from shaking. “Thank you Winky, I appreciate you looking out for me and I’m sorry I wasn’t careful of the time I spent working. I’ll try to do better tomorrow.”

He picked up his fork and found out it was going to be just as hard to eat because he was completely worn out. The fork seemed too heavy and the food looked like it would take too long to eat. But he made himself eat, and drink his hot chocolate. When he was done he went in and sat in his chair by the fire and closed his eyes. The fire died down and was nearly out when Ginny and Lily got home. Harry opened his eyes wearily hearing the van spinning its tires in the snow. He got up and stirred the embers and put more logs on the fire. Almost instantly the flames burst from the embers and savagely attacked the logs consuming them into brilliant yellow and white flames.

Harry walked over to the big window and smiled at Ginny’s inability to get the van up to the house but certainly not because she wasn’t trying hard enough. Harry slipped his coat on and walked down to the van. Ginny huffed and moved over to the passenger seat and Harry climbed in. He noticed right away something was wrong, so he just magiced the van and the three of them into the garage. He looked over at her and smiled to show her he wasn’t belittling her or anything but she was upset and wouldn’t look at him. He looked in the rear-view mirror and saw that Lily was asleep. His smile returned and said, “You two must have had an enjoyable day for Lily to be fast asleep.”

“I know she’s asleep. You think I forgot she was with me or something? How could she be with me and me not know she is asleep?”

She got out of the van saying, “Lily, wake up; we’re home. She took a deep breath and then turned to go inside. ”Would you carry her in; I’m tired and want to go to bed,” she exclaimed grumpily.

Harry arched his eyebrows and wondered why she was so upset. He put his hand on her waist as she walked by and said, “Honey, are you okay, other than being tired?”

She looked at him like he was a hopeless case of stupidity and in very slow and in a deliberately degrading voice said, “I’ve been gone all day, Harry, and although I had a blast it all flew out the window when we had to come home. Mum said since it was late and we are leaving in a few hours we should just leave tonight. But, no, I told you I would be home tonight so I drove over treacherous roads to get home just to be with you and you had to come out like I couldn’t do something as simple as drive the stupid van up the driveway. Just carry Lily in for me, PLEASE and let me get ready for bed.”

Without a word Harry turned and lifted his daughter out of the van and carried her up to her room. Ginny had evidently made her change into her nightgown because that was what she had on under her coat. Harry magiced off her shoes, socks, and coat and put her under the covers. She snuggled up and mumbled she didn’t want to go to bed without seeing her daddy. Harry kissed her goodnight and told her he loved her.

He stood up slowly and stifled a groan. He was way too tired and he still felt cold from working in the frigid weather all afternoon and evening. He walked to the bedroom thinking of Ginny’s unhappiness with him. Why was she mad at him he wondered? He thought over the words she said to him and concluded that she was angry because she could have gone on to Charlie’s but she had to come home to him. And then to add fuel to the flames he had helped her get the van up the driveway. He shook his head sadly and walked into the bedroom. A quick glance told him his wife wasn’t in the room, but then heard the shower running. Maybe he would get in with her like she does with him sometimes. He looked longingly at the bed and decided that trying to make Ginny happy she came home was what was important now. He took off his shoes and socks and pulled off his shirt. When he stepped into the bathroom and unbuckled his belt she opened the shower door enough to stick her head out and said, “You can just forget about that, mister. Stop thinking of yourself and try to remember me just a few minutes ago telling you I was tired and wanted to go to bed. She just then noticed how worn out he looked and realized he was trying to make her happy, but she wasn’t in the mood to go back on her anger. Without a word he turned away from her and left the room; shutting the door behind him. Ginny hurried and finished her shower and opened the door just enough to peek at what her husband was doing. He was leaning against the window frame looking out into the blackness. He shivered and his head lulled over to rest on the window frame. A minute later he stood up straight and rubbed his face. He was desperately tired and Ginny realized he was waiting for her to come out of the bathroom.

“I figured you’d be in bed,” she said in an even tone. Stepping over to her side of the bed she climbed under the covers and pulled them up to her chin. She watched as he finished undressing and gingerly laid down under the covers on his side of the bed. He turned on his side facing away from her and was very still except for his shivering and an occasional cough. Soon she heard him softly breathing in a pattern that suggested he was asleep. He hadn’t said a word to her and didn’t even look at her when she came out of the bathroom. What had she done to her wonderful husband? Why had she treated him so mean? She sighed and decided she would talk to him in the morning. Everything would be fine in the morning. She went to sleep and was barely aware of Harry coughing throughout the night.

When Ginny got up early the next morning Harry was already up and downstairs. She put on her robe and went down quietly so she wouldn’t wake up Lily and found Harry in his study. It looked like he was writing a letter. Then she saw the stack of mail to the left of his hand and knew he was answering letters. He sighed and put down his pen after his letter was done and in the envelope. He placed a stamp on it and took the stack of letters out to the mailbox and put up the flag. When he turned around he saw Ginny and nodded politely and walked around her. He looked so tired and unwell. Was it her imagination she wondered? The phone rang and he answered it as if he was expecting the call. When he hung up he told Ginny Ted and Lana decided they wanted to get married as soon as they can, but it might be a few weeks yet.

She saw him look her up and down and then he asked when she and Lily were leaving. “I only ask because Lily came down half an hour ago ready to go. She said she is packed and everything.”

Ginny chuckled and said, “We have a few more minutes yet. What’s going on with you while we’re gone?” She waved her wand and spoke an enchantment over her and was changed and groomed. She poured a cup of tea and sat down at the kitchen table with Harry who had poured himself a cup of coffee and sat holding his head in his hands.

He looked at her and said, “I don’t know, Ginny; Ron hasn’t called.”

“Oh, are you two doing something together?” she asked happily.

Harry studied her for a minute before he answered. “I understood from what you said that I wasn’t invited to go to Charlie’s with you because Ron said he and I were going to be doing something over the weekend. Of course it’s probably my stupidity but I took that to mean that he has something in mind and will call me. He hasn’t called yet, so I don’t know what I’ll be doing with him. Honestly I don’t think he has anything planned; he just doesn’t want me going. My going would be me spending too much time with his parents.”

She was shocked with his response but didn’t say anything. How could she medicate and bandage his wounded heart? Why did she take her frustrations out on him? He always does everything in his power to make her happy. Then she became angry at what he said about Ron not wanting him to spend time with his parents.

“That’s stupid, Harry, Ron wouldn’t do that.” She caught herself just then making the connection of Harry saying something about his stupidity and she just then was saying what he said was stupid. Why would he say that she wondered? Then with a sad heart she remembered the way she treated him last night, like he was stupid.

Before she could say anything else Harry said, “I fixed the van this morning. You had a piece of antler in the wheel hub. I don’t for a minute think that you would hit a deer and not tell me. The tree however; you felt I didn’t need to know about since you thought you repaired it and the van. I know I’m stupid in your eyes but I am capable of figuring out a few things now and then. According to the tracks, the deer was behind the tree you glanced off of and was running out just as you hit it. The full force of the van hit the deer. I know you didn’t see it. The deer was nearly dead but I found it just before that came to be the case and repaired its wounds and fixed his antler. He was grateful needless to say.”

He waited for her to say something but she was stuck on the horror of her hitting a deer and not knowing it. Harry got up and took his coffee into the living room and set it on the end table and then turned to the fire and warmed his hands. Ginny followed him and looked hard at the back of his shirt and saw not dirt but blood absorbed in the fabric and seeping to a broad area. She waved her wand and his shirt disappeared. He took in a sudden breath of air and straightened his back. The shirt had been stuck to his back when she made it disappear. Fresh blood oozed out of his neck and shoulders and down the length of his back. Before she could clean it and medicate it his shirt was back on and he simply said, “I’ll take care of that later. Lily will be coming down in a minute and I don’t want her to see anything.”

Ginny waved her wand and said the spell he had just taught Lily; how to remove blood from fabric. “You bled through your shirt. Lily won’t see anything now.”

“Thank you, I appreciate that.” He coughed and she heard his teeth chatter before he walked away. He put on a flannel shirt and turned to see Lily come down the steps talking to Banner. He grinned at her and looked at Ginny to see if she was enjoying the scene as much as he was. But he turned away in case somehow it offended her that he felt good seeing their daughter being so cute. He looked down at the floor hating being in this funky mood, but he just didn’t know how to be or what to say to keep Ginny from getting angry at him. He decided he didn’t want to be at odds apart from each other over the weekend. Whatever the risk he was willing to take it if it meant Ginny wouldn’t think so badly of him.

He smiled at Lily and held out his arm to her. “We better say goodbye now because I might take a little time to let go of you.” He looked at Ginny and held his other arm out for her to join him and Lily. His smile was pleading her to accept him. Ginny moved to go to him but Lily said, “Daddy, you have a fever and you’re shivering. What’s wrong with you?”

Then the phone rang and Ginny went to answer it; her eyes and ears on Harry so she could know what he told Lily. She picked up the receiver and said hello.

“Oh hi, Ron. Is Hermione ready to go?”

“Yeah, he’s right here; hang on.”

She handed the phone to Harry with a sarcastic smile. “Looks like Ron just proved your theory wrong,” she whispered.

Harry grinned and said, “I’ll happily admit to being wrong,” he told her cheerfully.

“Hey Captain, what’s on the agenda for today?”

He winked at Lily and held out his arm to Ginny again; but then his smile faded and his stoic look replaced the smile and happiness. His eyes held Ginny’s attention and the rest of the conversation broke her heart.

“I see, yes of course you’re probably right.”

“Ah, I see, and he’s sure they won’t be in a bind?”

“Right, we’ll get together another time. Have a good time with your visit and I’ll be seeing you around sometime after you get back home. Right, yeah, I’ll tell her; they’ll be right over.”

He hung up the receiver and putting on his coat he simply said, “Ron decided that he didn’t want to miss out on being with his family so he’s going along with you all. He said we’d probably be bored to tears just sitting around here doing nothing anyway. He talked to Carl and is taking Monday off. He assured me we’d do something when they get back. You two are supposed to go on over to the Burrow; they’re all waiting for you so they can go. Have fun and hopefully I’ll see you when you get back Monday evening.” He smiled rather sadly and waved goodbye to them and went outside. He became angry that he let his guard down and actually thought he and Ron were going to get together for some fun. He was right, Ron hadn’t planned on anything; he just didn’t want Harry with his parents. Harry decided to bury his anger in his work and got busy, thinking only of what he needed to do on the Greenhouse. He worked all day and well into the night.

At ten thirty Harry took a shower and went to bed. He was hungry but he was so worn out he felt he needed to rest before he dropped dead. Ginny was right he was stupid. Tomorrow he would be more careful and make sure he eats and takes breaks. All at once he disappeared and was standing beside Hermione. He rubbed his eyes and tried to focus them on her.

He felt her take a hold of his arm and pull him in another room. He tried to ask what was going on but Ron grabbed him and jerked him around hard to face him. “Don’t you ever wear clothes? You can’t just come here naked in front of my family. Put some clothes on!”

Harry was terribly confused and looked down at himself and saw he was barefooted and only had on his sweat pants. He looked for Ginny and saw her kneeling beside a small person in a bed. Hermione still had his arm trying to guide him to the bed he was looking at. She was hysterical and Harry became alert and moved quickly to the small bed. Hugo was white as the sheet he was lying on.

Nobody had to tell him what happened. He recognized the claw marks a dragon made on his shoulder, and the hideous burn on the left side of his ribs. “When did this happen?”

Charlie said, “Two hours ago. We tried everything his small body can take, but nothing helped.”

Harry said something wasn’t right, that he should have responded to the medication and spells that were used. “Are there any other wounds other than the burn and the claw marks?”

Ron said, “It’s obvious that these are the only marks. He doesn’t have any blood anywhere else.”

Harry quickly pulled the boy from the bed and held him in one arm while he searched the rest of his body. Hugo groaned every time Harry moved him. Ron screamed at Harry to put him back in bed. “Why did you call him anyway, Mione?”

Hermione cried and said, “Because I know he can help him. He’s our last chance.”

Ron said that he’d feel better if Lily had a go with him than Harry. “Look at him, he can barely function himself!”

Everyone stopped talking and looked at Harry when he suddenly said he found it. He held out his hand and a shallow crystal jar with a lid appeared. He handed it to Hermione and told her to open it. A pair of tweezers appeared in his free hand and he said, “As soon as I get this in the jar get the lid on it immediately.” He gently but forcefully pulled a very hard object about six inches long from Hugo’s burnt side. “This is part of a scale from the dragon. They throw them off if a particular blood sucking worm tries to attach itself to the dragon. Hugo happened to be close enough that it landed on him.” He talked soothingly to the young boy as he screamed with the pain of Harry pulling it out of him. After the scale was removed Harry shoved the tweezers hard into Hugo making him scream until he lost his voice. Ron grabbed a handful of Harry’s hair and told him to stop hurting his son. “You filthy monster; you have the scale let him be now!” He pulled hard on Harry’s hair and Ginny was screaming at Ron to let go of Harry. All at once Ron flew backward into the wall behind him.

When Ron pulled Harry’s head back the worm Harry just pulled out of Hugo flew into Harry’s chest. He stabbed it to keep it from going in further and the blade went clear through and into his chest. His breathing was deep and irregular and he was shaking fiercely. He put half of the worm into the jar and dug out the rest of it. He looked at it and seeming satisfied he put it in with the rest of its body in the jar. Hermione quickly put the lid on it and the worm joined itself together again. It was hideous looking and about five inches long. It looked like it was part of the burned flesh of Hugo and the only way Harry knew it was the worm was because his trained eyes for discrepancies found the head of the worm.

Harry could barely stay conscious but made Hugo his priority to keep from passing out. He cleaned his hands with a steaming black potion that sizzled upon contact with Harry’s skin but at least all the blood from the worm was gone from his hands. He rinsed his hands and cautiously dried them taking care not to rub them. He was shaking and tears streamed down his face, but he continued working with Hugo even though ugly blisters formed all over his hands. He started slathering a stiff ugly brown potion over Hugo’s side while he spoke ancient Latin. After twenty minutes the burns started fading and then disappeared. Harry ignored the cheers from the others and did the same to the claw marks. When they finally disappeared Harry asked Hugo how he felt. When Hugo said he felt weird Harry chuckled and coughed. “At least we know it is all better now because that is precisely how you are supposed to feel. After a while you will feel normal again.”

Hugo thanked him and Hermione asked Harry how he felt. Harry only shook his head and said, “Not the same as Hugo. I need to get home.” He had his hand over his chest and the blood was flowing without ebbing out from between his fingers. He looked at Ginny and said, “Don’t come home until Monday evening as planned.”

Ginny said she wanted to go home with him now and take care of him. His smile was frail when he looked at her and said, “Thank you but it’s best if you don’t. Promise me you’ll come home when you planned to originally; Monday evening.” She nodded her head and he took the jar from Hermione and was gone.

When Harry got home he went directly to his lab and began making a potion to combat the worm’s blood that mixed with his. He only had minutes left before the toxin in the worm would kill him. Thankfully the potion he rubbed on Hugo also worked on the blisters on Harry’s hands. He watched the prepared potion boil in the beaker and when it turned bright green he as carefully but quickly as he could took the lid off of the jar and poured the worm into the potion. Huge sparks spluttered into the air and then the potion turned a brilliant yellow and the worm disappeared. He took the beaker off of the flame and poured it into a chilled marble bowl and put it in a special box that had dry ice in it. After ten seconds he took the thick potion out and spread it liberally on a banana leaf and rolled it up into what looked like a six inch cigar. He took a shaky deep breath and screamed as he forced the cylindrical cure into his chest where the worm had burrowed into and then promptly passed out from pain and exhaustion.
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for the next chapter. I hope you all like it and if you have questions or comments to please comment and I'll be more than happy to answer you. Happy Mother's Day to any mother's out there.

Chapter 7

Harry And The Board Of Education

Three hours later Winky was shaking him gently; great tears splashing his face and her high pitched voice begging him to please wake up and get up off of the cold floor. Harry groaned and mumbled he was okay and with much effort got to his feet. He made his way around the lab table and got a mirror out of a drawer and observed the hole where he had stuffed the potion filled banana leaf. He must not have seen the results he wanted because he said, “At least it kept me from dying,” and proceeded to make another potion just like the one he made a few hours before. Only this time, when it was time to wrap the potion in a cylindrical banana leaf, he spread it liberally on it and then folded it over. Then he diced it all up in fine squares and stuffed the hole with it. Now he was shaking badly again but didn’t pass out. He taped the hole shut and with Winky’s help cleaned up the lab. When it was clean Winky told him to get dressed and she’d set breakfast on the table.

While Harry ate he poured out his heart to her. He was despondent and doubtful he would ever be happy again since he failed at making Ginny happy. When he told her what happened with Hugo she became angry with Ron for how he treated Harry and nearly causing the worm to kill him. Harry told her to forget about it and not to say anything to him about it.

“I was going to be able to finish the Greenhouse today, but I need to sleep. When Hermione called me last night I had just fallen asleep. I worked all day without eating or resting just so I would be able to finish today and have tomorrow and Monday to rest and help get the Greenhouse set up and ready for Ginny. It’s very important that I’m in top form so I can make Ginny happy, because if this fails to do the trick I’ll have to leave because I can’t live here anymore; knowing that I make her unhappy.”

Harry left the kitchen to go to bed for a long rest. But as he walked into the living room the doorbell rang. He magiced fresh clothes and shoes and socks on. He went to the door and opened it cordially greeting the two people standing impatiently and looking at their watches.

They introduced themselves as Mr. Capricciotus and Mrs. Clifton from the Board of Education. They said they needed to speak with Mrs. Potter and could he get her for them right away.

Harry smiled politely and introduced who he was. “My wife isn’t here for the week end, she won’t be able to help you at this early hour of the morning. We can make an appointment for you to come back anytime this week after Monday.”

The two people cleared their throats and said, “We need to see your wife’s lesson plan, her grade book for your daughter, and Miss Potter’s papers from yesterday. I don’t know if your wife told you, but we have made changes to the way things are done with Homeschooling. More than likely homeschooling will be against the law if I have any say so about it. These spot unannounced visits will catch slackers that ruin their children’s chance of becoming productive citizens.”

Harry told them to step inside while he got the things they requested. He went into his study and got what had been requested. He handed them to the man and he looked at them right away. Harry told them the lesson planner was his copy so he could know what was going on with Lily’s lessons each day. “I don’t know where Ginny’s lesson planner is and I’m not about to go in her office and look for it.”

“I’m actually quite impressed, Mr. Potter. Your wife is very thorough.”

The two people stayed and looked through Lily’s papers and commented on her brilliance. Finally after two cups of tea and a croissant they stood up to leave. They shook hands with Harry and left feeling they were lucky they were getting away in one piece. Harry had told them they were wrong to try to make homeschooling illegal and that he would fight tooth and nail against them; and he wouldn’t accept defeat. He also said they were sneaky and conniving the way they used the weekend to catch people who wait to grade papers until the evening before the next school day and accusing them of being slackers. He told them that he didn’t have a chance to be involved much with the kids’ schoolwork, but he knew that his wife was completely dedicated to their education and has been doing spectacularly. Harry watched them leave and then put away the planner, grade book, and Lily’s work.

Harry put on his coat and went out to finish the Greenhouse. He was upset with the two making like they caught Ginny and him in gross negligence. By the time they left though they were no longer acting snooty but impressed. At noon Harry sat high on the cross beams of the Greenhouse and summoned his sandwiches and hot chocolate. He ate quickly and got back to work still thinking of the visit from the Board of Education. He was glad he got the idea to do the planner for his own use since he figured Ginny had hers in her office and he had told her he would never go in there again. The thought even crossed his mind that she might not even go by a planner and wouldn’t fault her if she didn’t because Ginny had the plans in her head. She was very good at keeping Lily on track with what needed done from years of experience in teaching all three kids. The only reason Harry made the planner was because he wanted to know what Lily was supposed to do in case he taught her for Ginny whenever she needed him to. And he recorded and averaged the grades because he knew it upset Ginny not having it done and it was his fault she didn’t have it done.

Harry frowned understanding what his wife goes through trying to do what she passionately cares about, giving the kids an excellent education, and he continually keeps her busy with caring for him instead. She was right, he was selfish. When he came back home from being away for hundreds of years he wanted to be with her. He wanted her to stay home with him so he could be with her. He wanted her to take away his loneliness and fill him with her essence that he missed so horribly bad that he felt he wouldn’t make it another day if he didn’t get home. But she had been here worrying and trying to keep the family together and trying to find out why her home needed to be destroyed.

Harry worked hard while he thought of Ginny and the constant struggle she had to deal with. He felt bad that he never took her out anywhere when he was healthy, but in his defense she never said she wanted to go out. Now he understood why she didn’t. She knows he hates going out among the public to be stared at pointed at and whispered about constantly.

The last pain of glass was put in place and after a coughing fit Harry looked around surprised that it was dark. The time came to his mind and he was angry that he worked until ten o’clock. He said an enchantment and the Greenhouse was clean and tools were put away. Harry whispered, “Moffett,” and the elf appeared in her robe beside Harry.

“Oh, Moffett, I’m sorry I called so late, I wasn’t thinking. I just now finished building Ginny’s Greenhouse. You and Marlene can begin getting plants in here Monday morning. Tell young Harry, and Bozey's brother I said you could ask them to help you. Thank you, Moffett, for working for us and always making the flowers and shrubs look spectacular. Good night, Moffett”

The elf stood staring at Harry; nodding her head to show she understood. Then when Harry was done talking she said, “Master Harry, you is being very sick and is needing your shower and bed.

Harry nodded his head in agreement and said he’d get right on that. They said goodnight and Harry took his shower and fell into bed. Three hours later he woke up shivering and his chest hurting so bad he thought someone had shoved a stake through him while he slept. He got up and went into the bathroom and looked at the hole in his chest. He shuddered on top of the shivering he was already doing. The hole from the worm looked like a giant abscess about to burst. He put a special bag in the sink and closed it up around the hole so nothing could get out of it. He spoke some words and then he clenched his fists and jaws shut tight while the spell he used pushed the hard ball of infection out of him. Just when he thought he couldn’t take any more pain it popped and shot out of his chest. Harry took some deep breaths of relief and closed up the bag. He medicated the wound and bandaged it carefully. Then he made the bag disappear into a special container that he uses to disintegrate hazardous material.

After two hours he was done cleaning up and he returned to his bed coughing and hurting all over. He fell asleep and woke up three hours later to answer the phone. Although he talked softly through chattering teeth he smiled and said, “Hello Darling Angel; it’s good to hear from you. How are you and Mum doing?”

They talked for several minutes and then Harry asked how Hugo was doing. Lily said he was up and running around like nothing ever happened. Then she asked how he was doing. “It sounds like your teeth are rattling out of your head; and you’re talking so soft I can hardly hear you. Are you sick? You didn’t look good when you were here.”

“I’m a little under the weather, but I’ll be fine before you know it. I want you to have fun with your Uncle, but I sure do miss you and Mum and can’t wait for you to get home.”

She offered to come home right then but Harry insisted that they stay there. “I really want you to stay there and have fun.”

They talked for a while longer and Harry kept catching himself falling asleep. He got up and began pacing the floor to stay awake. Finally Lily was done talking and she said, “Mum wants to talk to you, Daddy. I love you and I’ll see you tomorrow evening.”

Before Harry could say anything Ginny was on the phone talking. She said Hermione told her that the Board of Education was making random surprise visits of home-schooled children and if anyone showed up there to ask them to please come back when she was home. Harry told her not to worry about it because they were already there and gone and the inspection went fine. He yawned and had a coughing spell and tried to keep his teeth from chattering. Ginny evidently hadn’t noticed because she became very anxious about the visit. She wasn’t very pleasant to talk to and told Harry he should not have tried to take care of something he didn’t know anything about. As she continued to berate him she ended up telling him he probably just caused Lily to have to finish the school year in public school for witches and wizards.

When she was done the only thing he said was he’d see her when she and Lily gets home tomorrow and then hung up when another coughing episode caught him off guard.

Deciding he wouldn’t be able to sleep he got dressed in warm clothes and went down for some breakfast. Winky popped into the kitchen and had his breakfast ready within the minute. She put his plate in front of him and he ate vigorously since he hadn’t eaten since lunch the day before. After he was done eating Winky said he needs to go back to bed but he shook his head and went into his study. He was busy on his computer the rest of the day and went to bed late that night; happy he had several leads on his next promise he made; finding out where and when Tormane was killed.

Harry showered and changed the dressing over the hole in his chest and fell into bed exhausted and aching all over. He didn’t sleep hardly due to awful nightmares about Ginny yelling at him that he was stupid and Lily crying all the time because she had to go to school instead of being home-schooled. She screamed she hated him over and over.

At six o’clock his phone rang and he answered it quickly. He was surprised to hear Carl’s voice on the other end and asked if everything was okay. Carl said he was in trouble because he was short handed and couldn’t find anyone to come into work the shortage. Harry told him he’d be right in and hung up his phone. He got dressed and drove his truck to the Ministry of Magic. As the Aurors came in they were excited to see him but then said he should be home and in bed. He only half smiled and said he’d be fine. He nodded to Carl to do the briefing and sat in a chair listening to what was going on and who was assigned what. Everyone looked at Harry when he said, “I seemed to have been left out of the assignments. Who am I working with today?”

Everyone offered to let him work with them but he said, “Carl’s the boss today, I’m the Captain and can only work with one person; but thanks to each of you for offering to let me be part of your team.”

Carl said, “Well, if you’re sure then; I’ve been having Ron work with Lance, but Lance called in saying his little girl had to be rushed to St. Mungos last night with a high fever.”

Harry was concerned and said to tell Lance to take as much time as he needed. “So then I’ll be working alone today, and the Captain will be back tomorrow. What do you want me to do?”

Carl said complaints had been coming in that someone was going around impersonating construction contractors. “They give estimates on the price of repairing or replacing whatever the job calls for and then give a very low price and say they can offer low prices because they ask for money up front to pay for the materials and don’t have to use charge cards to buy what’s needed for the job. When the homeowner gives them the money they disappear.”

Carl handed Harry a stack of complaints and then told them all to have a safe day. Harry worked hard all day doing a lot of walking and observing people. He finally caught a man trying to scam an elderly woman and during his interrogation discovered the man worked for a ring of thieves and went out to round up the law breakers. He just finished his report on his days work and was ready to hand it in when Carl came into the office. Harry was so tired and sick he could hardly hold his eyes open. When it was his turn to give his report his Aurors were amazed at his accomplishment; finding and arresting the whole gang. But more than that; they were worried about him. He was sweating with fever and coughing deep from his chest. Each breath sounded raspy and his teeth chattered nonstop.

He said he needed to get home because he was expecting his wife and daughter home anytime now. They all understood and he left for home feeling good that his Aurors were always happy to see him and they didn’t think he was stupid.

Harry finally turned into the long lane that went up to the Potter house and parked in the garage. He was dismayed that he didn’t see any lights on when he topped the hill and saw the house. What would be the reason Ginny and Lily wasn’t home yet? His mind went back to the years he was alone fighting the Ice Giant and living minute by minute a lot of the time. This is how he felt now, sad and alone and with death waiting by his side encouraging him to give up trying to live in such pain he was constantly in and go with him.

Harry silently sat on the couch and swung his legs up and laid down. Death hovered over him in constant watch. Harry smiled and said, “I’m still kick’n dear friend, but thanks for your companionship. You’re the one presence in my life that keeps me from being totally alone when I’m dying. Should I let go and just go with you? Life is for those who embrace it and I can’t anymore.”

“Why can’t you embrace life anymore?”

The voice was real but Harry didn’t catch on. He looked up into Ginny’s eyes not knowing she was the one there talking to him. He was breathing short irregular breaths and his chest rattled badly. He was burning up with fever and his teeth were chattering. He had the look of death about him and Ginny was afraid for him. He was so thin and his eyes were sunken deep in their sockets. His eyes didn’t shine their brilliant emerald green and he obviously was not lucid thinking he was talking to death. She asked again why he couldn’t embrace life anymore.

He looked right in her eyes and said, “Because I can’t hear the music anymore. I am alone. Why did the music stop? Go ahead, dear friend, and take me now, I won’t fight you.”

Ginny cried out and shook Harry by the shoulders. He opened his eyes and looked at her without seeing her and then one of her tears dropped on his forehead and he reached up taking a strand of her hair. He whispered Ginny and then closed his eyes and his hand dropped to his chest.

“No!” Ginny called Winky and she popped in to where Ginny was crying over Harry. “Winky, get him down to the deep part of the stream!” Winky took Harry’s hand and vanished with a pop. Winky and Ginny both got to the stream at the same time. She told Winky to put Harry in the water and then go back to the house to be with Lily.

She watched as Harry sunk down into the dark freezing water until she couldn’t see him anymore. John and Carson walked to her side. They put their arms around her and helped her back to the house. Her eyes were bloodshot and her nose cherry red.

Ginny told them that Harry for no reason got sick and didn’t get well. She told them about him saving Hugo and about the worm that went into him. She figured that since he was already sick that the worm was just too much for him to recover from. Carson asked what he was sick with and she answered that he was coughing some.

Lily said, “He was fevered and shivering too. His teeth chattered and he moaned when he moved. And he was so skinny, he didn’t look real.”

Ginny looked sharply at her and asked why she wasn’t in bed and she answered, “It’s kind of hard to sleep when your daddy died right in front of you.” Winky was sitting next to Lily holding her hand and petting it to keep her comforted. Winky looked as if she had lost her best friend in the world but she was silent. It wasn’t her place to say anything.

Carson said, “It sounds like Harry had acute chronic influenza. I didn’t get to do a workup on him, but he looked like he was suffering from it.”

Three days went by and Harry hadn’t returned to them. Ginny wondered why Moffett kept knocking on the door asking if Master Harry told her what she was supposed to do next since she was finished with his orders for her. Each time she said she didn’t know of any orders Harry had left for her. Then on the fourth day Moffett looked as if she had been left out of a secret and on the edge of impatience asked if Master Harry was still alive. She said he looked like he was near death the last time she saw him when he gave her his last order.

Ginny asked what his last order was and Moffett said, “Moffett, Marlene, young Harry and Bozey's brother was to get selected flowers and shrubs arranged in their places in the Greenhouse he built this past week.”

Ginny and Lily both stood up and asked where the Greenhouse was. She pointed in the direction of its location and Ginny said, “That’s my office Moffett.”

“Please excuse Moffett's stupidity for not being clear. The Greenhouse is behind Mistress’s office.”

Ginny and Lily went out to the office and looked out the windows behind them. “Mummy, it’s beautiful; look at it.”

John and Carson whistled and said, “This took some time building” Why did he build it in the dead of winter instead of after the first thaw like he said he was going to do?”

“John, it’s my fault. He said he was waiting for the first thaw and I said for him to use magic; that he could just think it and it would be built. He laughed and started to say why he wouldn’t use magic but I threw a temper tantrum. I guess he didn’t want to make me unhappy so he went ahead and made it. I don’t understand why he didn’t tell me he made it. Things would have turned out differently.”

Winky couldn’t hold her tongue any longer and spoke up saying, “Master Harry worked every spare minute building the Greenhouse without using magic. He finished it very late Sunday night. And then Master Carl called him early Monday and said he didn’t have enough people to work. Master Harry left and worked all day until five o’clock. He had to work alone because he was taking Master Ron’s place and his team mate had an emergency at home and spent the night sitting with his daughter in St Mungos. Master Harry was alone all weekend just like he was alone for hundreds of years when he was dealing with the Ice Giant. It was only a short few days to us here at home, but it wasn’t to Master Harry. Doesn’t anyone remember what Master Harry hates more than anything? Loneliness… he actually made friends with Death because he sees him more than the people he loves and is supposed to love him. He made him a dear friend so that he wouldn’t be alone when he dies because Death was guaranteed to be there for him.”
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Hey Guys, another week magically vanished without me posting my next chapter. My youngest son is getting married this Saturday and things are very hectic to say the least. But, it is well worth the effort. Thank you so much for reading and faithfully coming back for the next chapter.

Chapter 8

Harry’s Promise To Find Tormane

Ginny jumped when the doorbell rang and dried her eyes. She reluctantly turned away from the Greenhouse and went into the main house to answer the door. It was two men who looked rather guilty and fearful if Ginny read their faces correctly. They identified themselves and said they were from the Board of Education. Upon finding out Harry wasn’t home they showed signs of relief.

Ginny started to explain how sorry she was to miss their inspection and she would be happy to show them Lily’s work and her grades. They put their hands up to stop her from talking and said, “Mrs. Potter, we had our meeting and decided we don’t want to be on the wrong side of your husband’s ire. The points he made inspired us to rethink the plan to make homeschooling illegal. And when he showed us your daily planner, your grade book, and your daughter’s papers we were quite impressed. Mr. Potter told us the planner was his copy because he wouldn’t go into your office to get yours. He also told us how committed to your children’s education you are and we saw in Miss Lily’s grades that you have done an excellent job. We also checked with your sons at Hogwarts and found they are the top of all their classes and are well rounded in their social skills. What we came here to tell you and if you’d please tell Mr. Potter for us that because he made us open our eyes we have taken the new Legislation off the table and will not bring it up again. Good day, Mrs. Potter.”

Ginny watched the men leave and then turned to look at the others. “Once again Harry saved the day and it was me who nearly caused Lily to have to finish school in the public system. I accused him of ruining everything and said he was going to cause homeschooling to be illegal.”

Later that afternoon Harry walked into the house and went straight to his study followed by a tall muscular man. Harry pulled out his cell phone and called John.

“John, I need to see you right away. Can you bring -?”

“I am on my way there and I’ll see you before you know it,” answered John happily. He whooped and said something to someone he was with. Harry looked skeptically at his phone and then put it away. Within seconds Harry heard hurried footsteps on the porch. Then he heard Lily laughing and Ginny’s laughter followed. He stood up wondering if his mind was playing tricks on him. Lily, Ginny, John, and Carson all ran into the study and began saying how happy they were to see him.

Their gaiety stopped suddenly when they saw Harry’s unreadable face. Ginny knew something was terribly wrong when he avoided looking at her and Lily. She started saying, “John and Carson came and-” John walked over beside him and put his hand on his shoulder. The man who now was very angry looked directly at John and said, “John from the Pegasus galaxy?” Harry grabbed John roughly and then grabbed the wrist of the man with him and they disappeared.

Two hours later the three men came back looking like they had been fighting in a war zone but they were talking like they had all three been best friends all their lives. Ginny crossed her arms in front of her and asked what was going on.

Harry answered without looking at anyone specific and said, “This is Tazmia’s husband Tormane. He came to the house in answer to questions I put online Friday; a fishing expedition of sorts. But when he got here he said he saw Ginny and Winky dumping me into the stream and leave. He thought they killed me and was trying to get rid of the evidence. He dove in after me and took me to his hiding place. I wasn’t in the water near long enough to heal anything. I sat freezing and too sick to do anything about it. I was terribly confused and it made it look even more convincing that I should already be dead. Tormane knew I was dying and he was afraid I’d die before he got answers from me. He thought he worked only enough magic on me to make it possible to answer his questions about what I did with his wife. But I felt his magic and I gleaned as much as I could from it. All I had to do was deceive him into thinking I was too far gone to heal. It wasn’t hard to make him believe it because as I feared I was suffering from withdraw from Poseidon’s gift. The more troubled he was at the thought of losing his wife the more desperate he became and continued to heal me.”

Ginny defensively said, “You were almost dead and if Winky and I hadn’t put you in the stream you would have died. Winky said there was only a spark of life in you and she didn’t know if there was enough time for the water to heal you before the spark went out. She said the shock of the freezing water might be enough to finish you off. And why didn’t you call Winky when you woke up in his hideout?”

Harry looked at Ginny and said, “You have already asked me to explain everything so let me finish one thing before I start on another. I’m doing the best I can to stay up talking instead of sleeping like I need to do. I’ll answer your question, but if it slips my mind, please remind me.”

“Finally I knew I was healed enough to get loose and wouldn’t be able to keep deceiving him. I disappeared but stayed with him to find out what was going on. My mind hadn’t cleared up and things were foggy to me. As far as I knew I had gotten home from work and was waiting on the couch for Ginny and Lily to come home. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I was aware of was waking up in a vault in the Ottery St. Catchpole cemetery. When I got away I saw his anguish over losing his wife. I understood how he felt so I appeared before him and said I would help him if he would promise to behave. All the strength I gleaned from him was already wearing off. I was so cold from being wet from the freezing stream. He asked what was wrong with me and I told him I had the ability to become healed if I got in natural water. I also told him it was a curse to me because I was addicted to it and I wouldn’t use it if I could help it and I was going through withdraw. Before I could do anything he had me by the throat and took me to a body of water nearby. He threw me into it and stayed with me for a couple days until I came out of the water completely healed.”

Lily said, “But you were all bloody when we came home.”

Harry looked at Lily and said, “Yes, I suppose I was. I asked who he was and why did he think I had his wife. It was then that he transformed into his normal being and I knew at once who he was, Tazmia’s husband; whom she thought was dead. He struck me and said he would slowly kill me if I didn’t tell him what he wanted to know. I tried to talk to him but he was busy throwing me about like a rag doll. I transformed into a Werecat and protected myself. We fought for hours and I finally pulled up a small tree and hit him with it. While he was dazed I tied him up and told him I didn’t want to hurt him and I could help him if he’d just behave. I told him that I knew where Tazmia was and I could contact my friend John from the Pegasus galaxy to bring her here to him. I told him she and their son was staying with John’s fiancée and was great friends. I invited him here while I called John and he said if I was lying he would kill me on the spot. That’s why I disappeared with John and Tormane. Since John came in with you guys right then he thought I was lying. It’s all settled now and Tormane will go home with John when he leaves. Carson gets to remain on Earth and go home for a while to take time to be with his family.”

Harry looked at Ginny silently and then asked what her question was. Ginny wasn’t used to Harry looking at her without the love and adoration in his eyes he always had. Her chin quivered and she shook her head, “Never mind,” she said softly.

Harry’s eyebrows furrowed together as he thought and then he said, “I believe you asked why I didn’t call Winky when I woke up in Tormane’s hideout. I didn’t want to risk her getting killed. I got Dobby killed helping me escape before and I will never again put anyone I love in the line of fire to help me.”

Harry looked away from his wife but not before Ginny caught a glimpse of the pain on his face. Now she was confused and wondered what was going on with him. She watched him go to the wood box and pick up two logs and throw them in the fireplace. She noticed he was shaking and Tormane asked how he was feeling. Harry shrugged his shoulder and winced. He balled his hands up into fists and stuck them in his pockets. “I feel like if I don’t go for a swim I’ll die. Through no fault of my own, I have become a slave to my body. Because of these cuts and bruises from fighting you I will go into withdraw only worse than before.”

Tormane said, “If you trust me I can help you not have to go through that ever again.”

Harry said, “That’d be great, Tormane, but I don’t want to do it if I’m going to have to owe you anything.”

Tormane snapped his fingers and said, “Great, now I can’t help you because you want to be childish.”

“It’s not being childish when you are beholden to the people who saved you; them thinking you owe them something in return. Tormane grabbed him by the neck and turned back into a Werecat. “I will save you and not take anything in return. Be still and let me work. Harry didn’t have a choice because he was paralyzed from Tormane pushing his claw into his head. Nobody could move to help Harry; they just had to watch in horror as he hung limp in Tormane’s hand. Then he went into serious convulsions for a minute and then he was still. Tormane slapped his face and Harry jerked awake. He was shaking horribly bad but when Tormane asked if he felt like he needed to go swimming Harry said no.

“I found the area in your brain where the gift of Poseidon’s produces enzymes that creates small amounts of endorphins continuously which then attaches to receptors and causes the addiction that you suffer from. Withdraw is imminent if these endorphins are not used and accumulate in your system because you actually have an overdose. Withdraw begins when you refuse to give in and you fight the addiction. I took that enzyme of the god from you and you should never have to fight to not be healed. You can still use the gift to heal your body, but you won’t be dependent on it anymore. You must be a true Werecat because normal humans or wizards wouldn’t have survived what I did to you. You will always have my trust and respect.”

Harry thanked him with a scratchy voice and shook hands with him. He was shaking quite badly and looked at his hands. Tormane said he was an honorable human and he was thankful that Harry helped his wife and son. “You just had a major operation without painkillers; the shaking will stop after you recover from that trauma, which will take several days.”

Lily folded her arms across her chest and asked Harry, “Why did you have to take Johnny when you disappeared?” Harry looked at his daughter and saw she didn’t approve of John being in the danger he was in and she didn’t like that he was hurt. He wondered if she was afraid for him as well. Then he put that thought out of his mind. He wouldn’t be childish over this.

“Tormane saw John here and thought I lied to him because I told him he lived in the Pegasus galaxy. He told me he would kill me on the spot if he thought I lied to him. You have to remember that he had been captured and barely escaped with his life. I’m sure if he was fully recovered I wouldn’t have been able to subdue him. And you need to know that John is very capable of taking care of himself and doesn’t need a babysitter. John would never gain Tormane’s trust and respect if he had me handle the dangerous side of his business. Now they are friends and Tormane will fight to his death for John if he needs to.”

John said, “I’m sure he is anxious to get reunited with Tazmia so we better drop off Carson and get back home. One of these times hopefully we will be able to visit. Until then, try to stay out of trouble.”

Harry half grinned and nodded his head. They waved and watched until the Puddle jumper was out of sight. When they went back inside Harry went to the kitchen and reached for the refrigerator door but then just leaned on it. A minute later he let go of the door and started to turn around. Ginny put her hand on him to let him know she was behind him. He asked if she needed him for something and when she said no he said, “I’m too tired and sore to eat; I’m just going to go to bed. Are you and Lily going to be here in the morning for school or is there a field trip or anything else?”

Ginny shook her head; curious at what he was getting at and then Harry said, “Maybe we can have breakfast together before school starts and then I’ll go do something I forgot about.”

Ginny tried to smile but couldn’t read his stoic face to know what he was really thinking about. She nodded her head and said, “Breakfast together sounds wonderful, Love. What did you have planned that you forgot about?”

Harry shrugged his shoulder and said, “I don’t remember just now, but I’m sure I will think of it tomorrow.”

He moved around Ginny and stopped short. Lily had stepped close behind Ginny and intercepted his movement toward the stairs. “Daddy, are you mad at us?”

A great sadness washed over Harry’s face and he put his hand softly under Lily’s chin and then stroked her cheek. He managed a sad smile and said, “No Darling Angel. I’m sorry if I gave that impression. I’m extremely tired and very sore. My head hurts and it is making it very difficult for me to clear the fog in my brain. I’m going to bed and try to rest and that should help me out tremendously. Good night, Angel.”

Lily looked at him and then at her mom. Why hadn’t he said anything to her?

Harry sighed and looked at Ginny, “Good night, Ginny. I’d love to chat, but I really need to go to bed if that’s okay.”

Ginny said it was fine, she just wished he could stay up so they could talk. He swallowed and took a deep breath and without a word sat down and looked expectantly up at her.

She smiled and said, “No, Love, go to bed. We’ll talk tomorrow during breakfast. I’ll be up as soon as Lily gets settled into her bed for the night.”

Harry nodded and leaned forward as if he were getting up and then sat back again. “Take your time, I’m just going to sit here and relax for a bit. Rouse me if I happen to fall asleep.”

Ginny said okay and she and Lily turned on the TV to watch a show they always watched together before bed. When a commercial came on Ginny got up and went to the kitchen. Lily got up and shook Harry’s knee and asked if he would like something to eat. “We’re getting a snack would you like something?”

Harry blinked several times forcing his eyes to stay open and asked her to repeat what she wanted from him. She giggled and said he was cute. “I don’t want you to get me anything. I wondered if you would like me to get you something to eat. Mum and I are getting a snack.”

“Oh, okay, yeah that sounds good thank you.”

“What do you want?”

Harry closed his eyes and answered, “A snack. Thank you for thinking of me.”

Lily looked at Ginny and they both asked what he would like. In a very serious voice he said, “I’d like a leg of lamb, a side of beef, a roasted chicken, and a rack of ribs.”

Lily whispered for her mom to see if he had a fever. Then Harry said, “Commercials are over and you’re missing your show. I guess we’ll have to wait on our snacks for the next set of commercials.”

Lily giggled and said, “You were only pretending to be asleep this whole time.”

“I beg to differ with you. I never once pretended to be asleep. I really was asleep when you asked if I wanted a snack. The rest of the time I only had my eyes closed because my head hurts.”

Lily said, “But you were pretending to be asleep when you told me what you wanted to eat.”

Harry laughed but then stopped and closed his eyes tight and put his hand on his head where Tormane drove his claw into his brain. Harry swallowed and took a short breath and then said, “Please excuse me; I think I need to go to bed. Please rewind your show and do what you want. Good night Darling Angel. Good night Honey.”

He stood up and bent over and kissed Lily and then kissed Ginny. He went upstairs and while he got ready for bed he thought about how he was feeling. Something wasn’t right with him and it was unsettling to him not knowing what was wrong. He decided that he was just hungry and sore from the day he had. The fight with Tormane was exhausting and painful. And although he was healed from the injuries, he was very sore. He decided he would just be patient and let his body rest so he could recover quickly. It took a great deal of effort but he was finally ready for bed and then thankfully climbed in bed hoping he would have enough rest by the time Ginny came to bed that they could make love. He barely got covered when he fell fast asleep.
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Default One Shot: To The Edge Of Reality And Back
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Hey Guys, thank you for coming back for this One Shot. And thank you for being so patient with me for posting late. I hope things will finally calm down now since my son's wedding is over. WHEW!!!!!!!! that was hard, but at least it is over now and my son and his wife are happily married. Now for the One Shot; I hope you all enjoy it, hold on tight for the sudden twist.

One Shot:

To The Edge Of Reality And Back

Harry woke up and then got dressed after looking out the window. Why had he slept so late into the morning? He started noticing differences right away but his hunger took him to the kitchen without stopping to inspect what the differences were. He did notice as he walked by the fireplace that it was devoid of burning logs. The house seemed sterile and lacked its cozy, homey charm. He looked through the cupboards for some cereal but only found a couple boxes of Ginny’s preferred cereals. This he found odd because Lily always pleaded for her Fruit Loops with marshmallows and there wasn’t any on the shelf nor was there evidence that a box had been knocked to the back. Maybe he would take the time and make some eggs, bacon, and hash browns. First though he needed some coffee to help him wake up. For some reason he felt groggy. He reached for the coffee maker but a tea brewer was the only machine there. He went to the cupboard to get the instant coffee and couldn’t find any. “What’s going on; I just made coffee yesterday and it was a new jar I opened to make it!” he said to himself.

Harry opened the refrigerator and all he could find was health food. He opened the freezer and found it lacking steak and other meats he enjoyed eating. Harry felt as though he was in the house of somebody else and went in the living room to look at the family portrait over the mantel. He stared at the portrait and shook his head not believing what he was looking at. He and Ginny weren’t in it and the kids were young adults. James and Lily looked subdued and completely without emotion. But what caught Harry’s eye the most was that Albus looked evil. “No, no this is not real, what is going on?” he asked aloud. Ginny swept into the room and without even looking at him took his arm and led him back into the kitchen and took him to a chair and gently forced him to sit.

“Eat your oatmeal, Harry. You have a doctor’s appointment today so don’t dilly dally.” She seemed to be busy and ate her breakfast sitting across from him while reading the Daily Prophet. Before he could ask if John was bringing Carson or was he going to Atlantis but most importantly; why did he need to see a doctor? Ginny patiently said, “No, John isn’t bringing Carson here and you aren’t going to Atlantis. Hurry up and eat, Harry.” She smiled as a mother smiles at her child when she’s explained something for the hundredth time.

Harry picked up his spoon and said, “Why do I have to eat oatmeal instead of food I enjoy? And what doctor am I seeing, and why do I need to see a doctor?”

His voice showed he wasn’t happy, but Ginny just sighed. “Finish eating, Harry and then go sit in front of the reality board until I get you ready to go. St. Mungos hasn’t been pleased with your attire so I will be dressing you again. They were afraid it was too soon to let you take charge of the simplest things. I think you look fine, but they expect something more your mental age of around fourteen.”

“What is going on?! I won’t go to St. Mungos and there is nothing wrong with me. I had a headache last night is all and I was tired.”

Ginny sighed and looked at her watch. “Now look what’s happened, you’re going to have to go without breakfast because you have to go spend half an hour in the reality chair. Come on now; don’t give me a hard time. Honestly, you should remember how you treated your children when they disrespected you and punish yourself for disrespecting me.”

She put her hand under his shoulder and pulled him up to his feet. She led him into the living room and tried to set him down in his chair. But he didn’t cooperate and turned to her. He put his arms around her and pulled her to him and was about to kiss her when she shoved him away. “Harry, stop before you get your man pride hurt. You’re not capable of making love so just stop acting like you want to.”

Harry sat hard in his seat and stared at his wife. She put a newspaper in front of him and said, “Read this, Harry. Read the entire article without falling apart and then maybe the doctor will let us out early today instead of making us stay late.”

Harry picked up the newspaper and looked at the date. “What is this, some kind of sick joke? The date on this paper is five years in the future.”

Ginny said, “You say that every day, Harry; now just read the front page story.”

Harry started to read the three year anniversary of a major event in the history of magical folk explaining that the people won’t be terrorized anymore because Harry Potter has saved them again. “None of us here at the Daily Prophet can begin to understand the courage and strength it took Mr. Potter to kill his own son. Mr. Potter suffered irreparable injury’s and suffers from anguish from the wounds his son Albus inflicted on him.”

Harry jumped up from his seat and screamed, “No!” Ginny waved her wand and Harry was sitting again. “You were in a coma for three years, Harry. You have never recovered from the loss of our son. The doctor thinks that is why you have amnesia. Now, finish the rest of the article so we can go.” She took another sip of her tea and began reading the Rising Phoenix talking to Harry as if he was an distraction to what she was really interested in readng. “Albus killed John and Carson when they tried to help you. “Nobody knows where James and Lily are, but they were last seen spearheading protests against you. As soon as you are competent, Hermione is going to have you arrested for Albus’s murder. Every now and then you try to escape from me but I always keep you from getting away. I had Bill come up with a curse that keeps you from using magic and the Ministry has confiscated all your wealth, employees, your wand, hat and sword. We don’t have any house elves and this house is the only thing we have to call our own.”

“But this isn’t real, it can’t be. What’s going on, Gin?”

Ginny looked angrily at him and said, “Everyday you say the same things, ask the same questions, and do the same things. You don’t remember from one day to the next. Read the paper, it’s your therapy.”

Harry looked disbelieving at the paper and saw a short clip of Harry dueling with Albus and winning. He saw Albus dead on the floor and him holding his son to his chest, rocking back and forth screaming with the horrible fate he caused his son.

Harry jumped up and backed away from the paper like it was poisonous and about to strike him. He screamed “no,” over and over again with Ginny calmly reading her paper.

Harry sat up in bed and tried to make sense of what was happening. Then he heard Ginny saying he was having a nightmare. He swallowed hard and put his face in his hands and cried hard. Ginny became worried and put down her book she was reading.

“What is it, Love? What has gotten you so upset?” She sat close to him and rubbed his back comfortingly to calm him down. He was shaking so hard she was afraid he’d go into convulsions. This wasn’t like anything she ever witnessed before.

“Are you and the kids okay? Have I hurt anyone?” He looked at her; bearing so much grief in his eyes she could hardly keep from crying and she didn’t even know what was wrong. She softly told him that the kids were fine and he hadn’t hurt anyone. He looked at her and searched her eyes and face. Then he nodded his head with relief and rubbed his eyes. She laid down and gently pulled him down into her arms. “Tell me about your dream, Love.”

He shook his head and said, “I don’t want you to hate me.”

His voice was quiet and he began trembling hard again. “Love, I could never hate you. Come on, you’ll feel better after you tell me.”

“It’s bad Gin, really bad. I am a filthy animal, the monster I’m always accused of being. I don’t want it to be on your mind like it is with me. I will never forget.”

Ginny pulled him to her tighter than she had him before and said, “You can’t keep this to yourself; you have to tell me.”

Harry heard the controlled impatience in her voice and took a shaky deep breath. “Remember I told you that when I was fighting the Ice Giant I lived in different realities and different parallel universes?”

Ginny said she remembered so he went on with his story. In one of the different realities Albus turned evil and he came after me to kill me; the Harry Potter in that reality that is to say. Well anyway, I begged him not to fight me. I told him he was brainwashed and I could fix his mind. He wouldn’t hear of it. He said he was tired of living under the Potter regime and he planned on making things different. It was Tom Riddle all over again. Anyway; he began cursing me and hurting me. He tried his best to kill me and made some very good efforts. I ended up killing him when it was obvious I was going to die. I couldn’t let him live being brainwashed to be evil. I fought him off for hours and never once attacking him, but the one time I did … I killed him. As I was holding him in my arms he thanked me and then slipped away from me. I was severely injured and was dying. You pulled Albus from me and screamed that you hated me. James and Lily ran off and led a cult that protested against me. They wanted me dead. Hermione took everything away from us, our money, our properties, businesses, my wand, wizard’s hat, and sword. We were left penniless and became wards of the Ministry. She let you keep your house though. But we didn’t have Winky or any of our house elves. She also took the stone of resurrection and my cloak. I eventually healed after being in a coma for three years but I had amnesia. You had me as an outpatient at St. Mungos and they said I had the mentality of a fourteen year old and you treated me that way. The nightmare I had tonight was just like that reality and I was afraid when I saw everything the same. Gin, I’m always afraid that I mess up and make that reality true in this reality.”

“Love; when you were in those other places did you become the Harry there? How could you know so much without being seen? Did you sleep with her, the other me?”

Harry shook his head slightly and said, “No, Honey; when you’re in a different reality you can still be where the other you is at. It’s just that matter and mass occupies the same place only on different plains. I could see them, but they couldn’t see me and I couldn’t interact with them. It's the same as when you observe something in a Pensieve.”

“And the other thing you said, the parallel universe; could you walk about without being able to interact with the other Ginny?”

Harry grinned at the thought of Ginny being jealous. However he was glad she was holding him to her breast so she couldn’t see his face. “I would have been able to interact with them, but I didn’t. I couldn’t be seen by anyone. I had to let things happen the way it was meant to happen. And besides the two of us, me, and the other Harry, can't be in the same proximity very long or I would begin to suffer from Entropic cascade failure and cease to exist. It was very difficult seeing things and not be able to change it. In those universes most things were the same, but some were different.”

She didn’t say anything but kept stroking his hair deep in thought. She couldn’t believe Harry would kill his kids for any reason. Soon, Harry’s breathing was even and she knew he was asleep. She too fell asleep thinking of the atrocities her husband lived through.

The next morning Ginny woke to find Harry still sleeping soundly in her arms. It was seven o’clock and he hadn’t stirred at all during the night except when he had his awful nightmare. She carefully slipped her arm out from under him and then as stealthily as she could she got out of bed without waking him.

She and Lily showed up in the kitchen at the same time and grinned happily. “Mum, after school is out for the day can we work in your Greenhouse? I’m so excited that Daddy built that for you. I wonder why he didn’t use magic to make it.”

Ginny shrugged her shoulders and said, “I don’t know, sweetheart. I thought he would use magic but he said he didn’t want to make it with magic. I’m afraid I was nasty about it. I’m sure that’s why he worked so hard on it while we were gone.”

Lily said, “Winky told us he worked on it every minute he wasn’t working in America, or taking Uncle Ron’s place at work. And she said he worked on it while we were still here. That’s why he was always so worn out and sick looking. It was too cold to work out there all that time.”

Ginny looked at her daughter; getting the impression that she thought it was her fault her daddy was in the shape he was in; “Sweetheart, I admit that it was wrong of me to be nasty with him about the Greenhouse, but he told me that he got so bad off because he was addicted to the Poseidon gift of healing and the longer he went without healing his body the worse he became.”

Lily frowned and her eyes brimmed with tears. “When I heal animals and people does that make them addicted to my healing? I won’t do it anymore if it works that way.”

Ginny fixed a rebellious lock of hair behind Lily’s ear and smiled gently. “No, Sweetheart, your ability to heal is a different type of magic. You get that ability from your daddy and his magic is pure from his heart.”

Winky showed up in the kitchen and prepared their breakfast. Ginny and Lily both helped and then set the table. Winky was surprised Harry wasn’t around anywhere. “Has Master Harry gone someplace?”

Ginny smiled and said, “No, he’s still sleeping. He had a rough night last night, but was able to sleep after the nightmare was over. I’m sure he’s just finally getting caught up on the sleep and rest he needs.”

Winky shook her head and looked at the stairs as if her master would come down any second. “You can’t catch up on sleep you went without having. If you missed more than normal, then it’s just gone; you can’t catch it anywhere to resume your normal routine. Master Harry needs to get up and eat before he falls back into sickness. He can go back to sleep after he eats.”

Ginny’s eyes opened wide with Winky’s vocabulary and knowledge about sleep. She didn’t know if she was right but she sounded like she knew what she was talking about. She stood up and said she’d go get him to come and eat.

Ginny sat on the side of the bed noticing Harry hadn’t moved from when she got out of bed. She put her hand on his shoulder and gently pulled him onto his back. Normally he would have woken but he didn’t. She put her hand on his chest and he didn’t respond to her by putting his hand on hers like he always does. Now she was worried and shook him anxiously. There wasn’t any response so she shook him hard and called his name. Again, there was no response. She called Winky and she popped into the room. Lily ran up the stairs and into her parent’s bedroom.

Ginny told Winky she couldn’t wake him. Winky climbed up on the side of the bed and put her hand on his heart and then she watched his breathing. She pulled his eyelids up and watched as they reacted to the light in the room. She took his hand and looked at it and then she put her hand on his stomach.

“Master Harry doesn’t have enough water in his body and his belly is empty. He doesn’t have the energy to wake up to eat. He is in a coma, but we can fix him if we act quickly.”

Ginny nodded her head and said, “What do we need to do?”

Winky said, “We need to put a tube into his stomach and give him food and water. I know how to make this happen since I have watched Master Harry do it many times. But you need to supply me with the tubes I need.”

Ginny and Winky worked on Harry and finally had enough nutrients and water in him. They removed the tube from his stomach and Lily put her hand over the place where the tube had been. When a thin layer of skin formed over the hole Harry put his hand on Lily’s and told her she did enough and for her to stop using her power. He opened his eyes and smiled wearily at the three females around him.

“Thank you, ladies. Please go about your normal routine, I don’t want to put you behind or be a distraction. I’ll be down in a little bit.”

Ginny searched his eyes and wasn’t able to read if he was being sarcastic, pouting, or if he genuinely was trying to be non intrusive on their normal routine. She decided at the last second when he smiled at her that he was being considerate.

“We’re okay, Love; we want to make sure you’re alright. We’ll go down with you when you want to get up for the day.”

Harry smiled warmly and said, “Thank you, Honey. I think though I’ll shower before I come down.”

Ginny smiled at the boyish grin lurking in his seductive lips but was behaving since Lily was in the room with them. She winked at him and stood up and turned Lily to the door saying they’d go on down then. But she didn’t go immediately out the door with Lily; instead she sashayed mischievously over to just out of his reach and danced enticingly holding out her arms to him. He grinned and stood up and walked to her. She backed away as he got close and he followed her to the bathroom. They stepped into the bathroom and Ginny smiled wickedly and said, “Now that you are up you won’t fall back asleep. I need to get back down to Lily and if you hurry with your shower then you can join us for breakfast.”

Harry’s smile disappeared for a second and then he laughed. “You got me good there, Mrs. Potter. Go on with you then and don’t think I will forget this trickery you pulled on me. Before she got away from him he wrapped his arms around her tightly and kissed her neck with his hot lips. He moved his lips around her neck and nipped her earlobe gently. All at once their clothes were off and he was kissing her and she him. Then when she kissed his lips and took a second to breath she was back in her gown and robe and not even touching him. He was testing the water for the warmth he desired and she said still catching her breath, “What just happened here? I thought we were going-” She stopped talking when he turned around to look at her. He had just gotten even with her. His impish smile flit to his mouth and his brightly shining emerald green eyes danced with joy. What a difference in his eyes from when he was talking about not hearing the music. His eyes had been dull and lifeless. “Music really does live inside him,” she thought.

Ginny chuckled and said, “I don’t know why I thought for once I’d be able to get one over on you. I’ll see you downstairs, Love.”

Harry kissed her when she finished talking and said he’d hurry. “I hope that tonight we can finish what we were starting here. I’ve missed you so badly, Gin.”

Ginny kissed him back and said, “I missed you too. And yes, I want to pick up right where we left off here; tonight.”

A couple minutes later Harry walked downstairs and smiled at Lily when she announced her daddy was ready to eat. He put his socks and shoes on the floor to put on later and then went to the kitchen and sat down at his place and Winky put his plate on the table. He thanked her and ate at his leisure; enjoying being with Ginny and Lily. He looked up just in time to see Lily look at Ginny and nod her head at him. Ginny slightly shook her head. Harry hated the awkwardness he felt. Why can’t anything just be pleasant?

Harry quietly asked, “Is there something we need to discuss?”

Ginny sighed and Lily looked down at her plate. “Lily thought I should talk to you about the Green house. I wanted to wait until later, but she thinks I need to now.”

Harry put his fork down ready for bad news. He looked at Lily and then back to Ginny and said, “It would have been fine if you wanted to wait for whatever reason, but now I hope you tell me so I can take care of whatever is wrong with it or if something you’d like me to change in it. I thought I built it exactly to Moffett's details, with one exception of my own.”

Ginny and Lily both shook their heads. “No, Love, it is made perfect except for the tiny evergreen in the center of it. It seems like an awful big area for just a tiny tree.”

Harry nodded his head and smiled. “That was my idea I built into Moffett's plans. It doesn’t have to be what I planned for it. My idea was that I’d plant a Christmas tree there each year and by the time Christmas came along the tree would be ready to be cut down and decorated and the process would be repeated. Of course I’ll have to use my special fertilizer to help it grow enough to be ready for the Christmas season. It was just a thought, but we can put a fountain or other plants; whatever you want in the spot instead.”

Ginny and Lily looked at each other and then they both at the same time said they loved it. They became further excited about the idea when Harry told them that they could place potted plants around it while it is growing. “As the tree becomes larger, then the potted plants starting with the ones in the inner circle can be removed and given to the orphanage, St Mungos, and other places that could use some pretty potted plants.”

They both hugged him and said it was a beautiful idea. Harry smiled and swallowed hard. He couldn’t believe he was actually home and able to be up and about and having a normal morning with his wife and daughter. They finished their breakfast and Ginny told Lily to go on out to the office and they’d start classes for the day.
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Default Nagini Strikes Again
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Hey Guys, here I am again, late to post my chapter. I'm so sorry. Everything is piling up and I'm falling behind on everything. I hope everyone is doing well, and I hope the weather isn't getting you down. Here in the US there are really bad issues going n with the weather. But, hopefully we will overcome things getting us down. Here's the next short story and the first chapter of it. I hope you like it.

Short Story: Nagini Strikes Again

Chapter 1

Hermione Learns Harry’s Secrets

Ginny helped Winky straighten the kitchen and Harry called Hermione. He stood in front of the big window he frequently looked out to think or just to observe what the weather was like. Hermione answered cheerfully and said she could make some free time this morning for him if he wanted to go in to see her. Harry said it’d really help him out if she could come out to the house. She finally agreed but said she was bringing Ron with her and they would need to hurry because they were going to plan Hugo’s birthday party before Ron went to work.

Harry sighed and said, “You’ll leave Carl shorthanded and it isn’t good for Ron to be distracted while he’s working. What I have to tell you, you can’t share with Ron. You could put him or his teammate in jeopardy when he went back to work because his mind would be on what he missed out on instead of his job. Just let him stay at work and you come over for our meeting; I’m sure he understands there are things dealing with the Ministry of Magic that you can’t share with him.”

After a few minutes Harry walked towards the door to greet Hermione when she got there; Harry hoped she would accept what he had to tell her without bulking at not being able to tell Ron. A loud double pop told him that two people had just Apparated into his office. Yelling in surprise and pain Harry shoved hard against the person standing on his foot. Ron fell to the floor and Harry limped to his cozy chair by the fireplace.

“Is there some reason you two NEVER use the door or the Flu Network?” asked Harry through clamped jaws; inspecting his injured barefoot.

Hermione helped Ron to his feet and asked if he was okay and then rounded on Harry. “Why did you have to knock him down? You knew we were coming; you should have been watching for us!”

Harry pointed to the window and said, “I was watching for you, Hermione. I was watching for you to come up to the porch but you didn’t come right over so I was going to go sit down until you got here. I wasn’t expecting two people to come and when I heard two people Apparating I didn’t know who it was and when one of them landed on my barefoot with his giant sized boot I pushed him off so I could protect my home from invaders. He’s lucky I didn’t use magic on him!”

Ron looked angrily at Harry and said, “Invaders?! Harry, you’re mental if you think we’re going to swallow that excuse. You knew we were coming and you just wanted to use your little muscles on someone less violent than you.”

Harry looked curiously at Ron and then laughed with honest humor. “Look; I don’t know why you came, but you need to go back to work. Did I hurt you? Are you okay?”

Ron’s angry face began to show signs of the friendliness that he usually wore, and then he chuckled and said, “I’m fine, Harry. Is your foot alright, did I break it or anything?” He looked at the foot and felt badly for what he saw. It was already turning black and blue and some of the soft skin had been scraped harshly allowing beads of blood to come to the surface.

Harry shrugged his shoulders and said, “I reckon I’ll live.” He spread a potion over it and then magiced his socks and shoes on. He sighed when he was done and looked at Ron wishing he didn’t have to say what he was about to say. “Captain, you were with me many times when I had to report things to Kingsley and you weren’t allowed to be in on the meeting. There are things that the Minister of Magic has to know that can’t be shared with anyone, not even the spouse. I know you understand that and hopefully you’ll go to work without feeling like you are being left out of something. Hermione and I aren’t going to plot anything; I am just making her aware of things about me that involve the community of magic and other nations that I am involved with. Is there some other reason you needed to come here instead of going to work?”

Ron shrugged his shoulder and was a bit crestfallen but then grinned out of one side of his mouth. “Na mate, I just wanted to make sure that since we are all best friends, you didn’t try to pull a fast one over on Hermione what with her being Minister of Magic. I know how you worked Kingsley over the coals before to get what you wanted.”

Harry’s hair blew from his face and lightning bolts zapped between locks of hair. Harry’s face was suddenly impossible to read; staring into Ron’s eyes silently waiting for him to say he was joking or whatever. His eyes were ablaze with anger and his voice commanded the air like thunder when he finally spoke. “Say again what you just said so I can be positive of what I thought I just heard. Are you saying that I tortured Kingsley to get what I wanted and you think I’d do the same to Hermione?”

Hermione took Ron’s arm with both hands and stood against him whether out of fear or support for Ron; Harry didn’t know but it angered him even more. “Is that it then? You are afraid of me?”

Neither Hermione nor Ron said anything until Harry turned away from them and went into his study. He was limping but didn’t say a word. Ron spoke then and said, “Normally we’re not afraid of you, but when you get angry you are scary. It’s just a reaction of your hair doing that blowing and lightning stuff and your voice that booms like thunder that makes us afraid. Other than that you’re just normal Harry Potter, our best mate.”

Harry didn’t respond until Hermione told him to say something and asked him not to be mad at them. He stopped working on his computer and pulled a thumb drive from it. When he stood up and looked at them it was then that they saw how hurt he was. Harry put the thumb drive on the corner of his desk and said, “This is everything I was going to tell you today, Hermione. Please remember that it is for your eyes only. Do you remember the SNITCH magic you worked into the paper the members of the DA signed? I’m giving you fair warning that; I also can work that magic into secrets. And be aware that it will self destruct after the first time it is read. That’s all I needed to see you for, Hermione. Thanks for coming here instead of making me go into the Ministry. Have a good day at work, both of you.”

Harry disappeared from the room and then they heard him in the living room tending the fireplace. He didn’t turn around when Hermione walked up behind him and put her hand on his arm. “Harry, we didn’t mean to hurt you, but surely you know how scary you look when you get angry.”

Harry’s voice was quiet and resigned when he said, “You probably shouldn’t say anything else if you truly are trying to keep from hurting me. And besides; I’m a big boy and I know how to put things behind me and move on.”

Ron moved in hotly and said, “You just can’t take an apology can you. Instead of manning up and graciously accept an apology you have to be all misunderstood and brood about it.” He reached out and took a hold of Harry’s arm to jerk him around but couldn’t budge Harry.

Ron took his hand off of Harry and then Harry turned and looked at Ron without emotion. “Forgive me, it must be the animal in me but I didn’t hear an apology.”

“Don’t give me that, Harry. I said I was sorry that I hurt your foot, and Hermione said we were sorry for hurting your feelings.”

“Let me correct you so you can understand that you aren’t being honest to me or yourselves. You didn’t say you were sorry you hurt my foot. You asked if you broke it and was it going to be okay. And you guys didn’t say you were sorry you hurt my feelings, you said you didn’t mean to hurt me. And then you went on to say that I must know how scary I am when I’m angry. You said I’m scary when my hair does what it does when I’m angry. The truth is, you are afraid of me plain and simple. I asked why you came with Hermione and you essentially said you had to make sure I didn’t torture her like I did Kingsley to get my own way. So there you have it. Before you even saw me you were afraid I would hurt Hermione. And, Hermione, you said you were bringing Ron with you and I said he couldn’t hear what we need to talk about and for you to let him go on to work and you come on over. So you thought you needed to bring him to protect you and I wasn’t at all angry; I thought we were just going to meet like the friends we are and then you would go onto work. What I don’t get is I have never raised a hand against any of the family when I was angry not even to protect myself from you guys. I take all the verbal abuse of being called a filthy animal, monster and anything else you feel the need to call me. You’ve cursed me, spied on me, and nearly killed me more than once. When I’m expecting a visitor I can’t walk freely in my own home until someone comes and says I can. I think I have a right to be less than joyous when I’m treated the way I am. I’ve got nothing else to say and you two are on the verge of being late so maybe I’ll see you around.” He disappeared and reappeared in the stable where he found Marston tending Chevron.

“Hello, Marston; how are you today?” He smiled kindly at his small friend and immediately started feeling better when Marston turned and smiled warmly at him. “I am doing wonderful, Master Harry. I was just explaining to Master Chevron that the weather is much too harsh to be running about like he was a yearling. He thinks the winter is too long and he thinks he needs to be reckless for just a little while to work out the winter blues.”

Harry chuckled and stroked the magnificent horse on the jaw. He put his forehead on the horse’s jaw and quietly said, “I quite agree with him and I’m feeling a bit reckless myself. I think we’ll go let off some steam.” He patted the horse and hoisted himself up onto the horse and dug his knees in tight to keep from falling off. “Go on then, Chevron, let’s have our run.”

Chevron trotted outside and then took off at a full gallop around the property boundaries. The sleet falling from the sky felt like tiny arrows being shot into his face and hands. Quite a while later he noticed Chevron had slowed down and was headed back to the stable. Harry didn’t mind since he was soaked to the bone and felt like he was frozen to the horse. He hadn’t intended on the run being a working run but he couldn’t ignore things that needed fixed. He had mended some fences he found in need of repair and cut up an old tree that had fallen down over the fence. When horse and rider trotted into the stable Marston greeted them with happiness that they had returned. Harry grinned and wearily dropped off of his horse. Marston said he would tend to Chevron’s needs and that Harry should go get clean dry clothes on and get warmed up because he had ice formed in his hair and all over him.

Harry stroked Chevron a couple times and thanked him for the exhilarating day he gave him. Harry heard voices when he climbed the steps of the porch but when he walked into the house he saw Ginny sitting in the living room with Ron and Hermione and nobody was talking. He hung up his coat and quickly dried it so it wouldn’t drip all over the floor. He asked Ginny if everything was okay as he walked over and bent down kissing her lightly on the lips and then stirred the fire and put two more logs on it. Ginny smiled at him saying everything was fine. He turned and nodded to Hermione and Ron but since they didn’t say anything and only half smiled he headed to the steps and said, “Guests for dinner then? I’ll be down after I shower.” When he reached the top of the staircase and turned the corner of the hallway he heard whispers and low voices.

Although he was very hungry he took his time showering and getting dressed. He took his time when he put more medicine on his foot. Sadly, looking at his foot as he medicated it he saw that it was swollen and discolored more than it should be. He put his socks on but left off his shoes and limped carefully downstairs where the voices once again stopped.

Ginny stood up and walked over to Harry putting her arm around his waist to help him over to his chair. “What happened, Love? Where have you been all day and how did you hurt your foot?”

Harry answered, “I left a message on your phone where I was and what I was doing. And it doesn’t matter how my foot got hurt. Is there a time we can expect dinner to be ready; I worked through lunch.”

He eased into his chair and brought up the foot rest to help keep his foot elevated. That being done he leaned back and rested his head. The warmth of the fire and the ambiance of the homey room forced his weary body to relax completely and his eyes closed. He was aware of the whispering about him but he didn’t bother to defend himself or add argument to the discussion. He was only slightly aware of Ginny getting louder and then he didn’t hear anything. He was in his dream trying desperately hard to keep Albus from going over to the dark side. The Ice Giant had him by his foot and was squeezing it causing unbearable pain. He forced the Giant’s hands open and pulled his foot away from it and hobbled over to Albus.

Ginny looked worriedly at her sleeping husband. He was having a nightmare and she was afraid he’d begin thrashing about. Ron and Hermione stopped talking and looked at him and Ron said, “He’s having a nightmare; I’ve seen him having nightmares plenty of times at Hogwarts. Does he turn violent when he has them?”

Before Ginny could say anything Harry stopped breathing heavy and looked perfectly peaceful. He shifted about to move his foot and moaned; clenching his jaws shut tight. He opened his eyes and adjusted them to stay open when he saw Ron and Hermione. “Please forgive me for falling asleep; it was rude of me.”

He looked at Hermione wondering if she had read his report he gave her that morning. Yes, he could tell by the way she was looking at him that she had. She never wears a hat and the one she was wearing was pulled down low over her forehead. He looked at his foot and said, “I need to have a look at my foot. I think there must be some bone fragments cutting-” He stopped talking and lowered the foot rest to the floor and held his breath to keep from crying out. He held out his hand and a small instrument like Carson uses appeared. He carefully brought his foot up to the coffee table he magiced to him and gently put his foot on it. He took off his sock and pointed the instrument to the injured foot. He took several breaths and then used his wand and speaking in an ancient dialect moved the bone chips back in place and then repaired the damaged blood vessels and torn tissue. Finally he wrapped his foot again and put on his sock. He moved the table back to where it was supposed to go and then looked at the kitchen wishing Winky would announce dinner was ready. To his delight the small elf stepped into the living room and did indeed announce that dinner was ready.

Harry said he’d call Lily down for dinner and started to limp over to the steps. Ginny said, “Love, Lily and Hugo are at the Burrow for the evening. Hermione and Ron said they needed to talk to you and didn’t want to take a chance on them hearing.”

“It seems like a man should be able to have dinner with his family now and then but okay let’s eat and you can talk.” He put his arm around Ginny and smiled sweetly to her. He didn’t want Ginny angry with him and he didn’t want to waste time arguing.

Ron and Hermione followed them to the kitchen and sat across from Harry and Ginny. Harry looked at Ron and in an effort to be friendly he asked if he had a good day at work and how were the Aurors doing.

Hermione said, “Don’t try to change the subject, Harry. We want this to be over quickly so we can mend our friendship.”

Harry was bewildered and it showed on his face. “What subject am I supposedly trying to change? Nothing has been said to me except you wanted to talk to me.” He put down his fork reluctantly and gave Hermione his full attention. His belly grumbled and he apologized softly.

Hermione said, “I don’t think it’s fair that you would hold it against me for wanting to tell Ron what was on the thumb drive you gave me. And I want you to know that threatening and cursing me is a crime and I could have you dismissed for it. I won’t be letting you get away with it now or ever again. Remove the curse and I won’t press charges against you.”

Ginny looked at her husband not wanting to believe he had threatened Hermione. Harry arched his eyebrows and asked how he threatened her. She answered, “You put a curse on the information to keep me from saying anything about it to anyone, even Ron!”

Harry shook his head and said, “Hermione, that wasn’t a threat, that was a warning because we are friends. You do Ron a disservice and you put him in jeopardy by wanting to tell him classified information. Right now everyone assumes that you wouldn’t tell him secret things so they don’t bother trying to get information from him. When people find out he knows everything they will use him to get information they shouldn’t have; just like they did with Percy. Plus you would run the risk of him being captured and tortured to get information and that would put my life at risk too.”

Ron objected strenuously and said, “You think I’m a coward? All those years I had your back and now you say I’m a coward! I was going to apologize for hurting your stupid foot, but now I’m not going to because you can just go to Dawn and have her heal it.” Ginny and Hermione both gasped and held their hands over their mouths. Ron suddenly clasped his hand over his forehead and glared at Harry.

Harry glared at Ron but somehow stayed calm and answered, “No, I don’t think you’re a coward.” He looked at Hermione and said, “Just what do you want from me, Hermione?”

“I want you to take the curse off of the report you made for me. I know I can trust Ron so I did tell him. And if I want to announce it to the wizarding community then I will. Take off the curse and I’ll forget you ‘warned’ me what would happen if I told anyone.”

“First of all Ron just made it clear he can’t keep a secret and I’m not particularly worried about what you will do to me and secondly the curse has been removed. But consider this; when we signed your contract for Dumbledore’s Army you put a curse on everyone who signed it without our knowledge. You didn’t seem to have any sympathy for what’s her name when she snitched and the curse manifested on her face for life. And one more thing; I told everyone about what you saw a long time ago and I said that it was top secret and could not be talked about outside of the family. Right after that everyone started talking about different ways of making money off of what they just learned about. So I caused all the knowledge to be forgotten unless emergency situations they might have. These things cause power lust and greed to overcome you if you don’t discipline against it. Even Kingsley was adversely affected. He tried to kill me loads of times and felt justified doing it, even though he loves me like a son. So now you know everything about my secrets and now unfortunately I have to make you forget again because it must be kept classified as top secret and you can’t keep secrets unless they are yours.”

Before Hermione could say anything Harry swished his wand and Ron and Hermione froze motionless in their seats; oblivious of everything. Harry looked at Ginny and said, “What can I put in their heads for the reason they came over?” He was tired and hungry and wasn’t in the mood to think.

Ginny said, “You could say they came over to apologize for hurting your foot. What happened to it anyway?”

Harry shook his head and answered, “That would be a good idea but the reason my foot got hurt was because Hermione was coming over to learn what I had to tell her about me. She said she was bringing Ron but I said he couldn’t know what I was going to tell her. I told her to just let him go to work and for her to come over alone. They both came over though and Ron Apparated in on my foot. Normally when someone steps on you they don’t put all their weight on their foot and get off before any damage is done but Ron landed on my barefoot this morning with his boots on and his 250 pounds broke bones in my foot and tore the skin. So it can’t be that he wants to apologize because he will have forgotten that he knew a secret. I know; they came over to tell us what they planned for Hugo’s birthday party.”

Ginny smiled so she could be ready and Harry released the curse from the statuesque couple. Harry without the others noticing heated the meal and then picked up his fork. “This looks and smells amazing. Breakfast was such a long time ago.” He smiled genuinely and forked a piece of steak and bit it off the fork with gusto. “Winky outdid herself tonight, this is excellent!”

Ron laughed and said, “You act as if you haven’t eaten in a week.”

Harry shrugged and forked some green beans in his mouth and chewed them up before swallowing and answered him. “I worked through lunch and I was frozen and tired. Working in the freezing rain and mud builds a mighty appetite.”

“Why did you go to work and what were you doing that caused you to be in such harsh weather conditions that we had today?”

Ron spoke up quickly saying, “He didn’t work as an Auror, I would have seen him. Did you play detective today? If you did then you should come back to work as Head Auror instead of taking advantage of Hermione’s grace allowing you to take a sabbatical. And you should have gotten your lunch so you wouldn’t be so hungry now.”

Harry sighed, “We just can’t seem to have a simple visit while we eat can we. I worked here at home today. The fence around the property needed mending in quite a few places. And two dozen of our cattle were wondering the neighbor’s pastures. I retrieved them and mended all the fences. It rained sleet all day today and I didn’t eat because I get sick if I eat when I’m very upset.”

Ginny said, “Harry said you two came over this morning but didn’t get to talk about the plans you made for Hugo’s birthday. Is that the reason you came over tonight?”

Hermione and Ron looked at each other with quizzical looks on their faces. Then Hermione said, “It seems like there was something else but I don’t remember what it was. Anyway, yes; about Hugo’s party-” They stole a quick glance at each other and Ron said, “We were wondering if we could have the party here. It would be great if his friends could meet the great Harry Potter. And maybe you could heat the pool so they can swim.”

Harry rolled his eyes from Ron to Hermione and back again. “You’re welcome to have the party here, and I’ll heat the pool, but don’t make me be part of the entertainment.”

They finished their dinner and Harry invited them into the living room to visit where they’d be more comfortable. Hermione said they really should go but Harry asked them to stay and visit for a while.
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Chapter 2

Harry Saves Arthur's Life

Harry was glad they decided to stay. Dinner hadn’t been as pleasurable as he had hoped. He would put it behind him and look forward to an evening with his best friends. They all sat down and Ron turned on the TV. “I hope you don’t mind; Hermione and I have been watching this show and we don’t want to miss an episode.”

Harry glanced at Ginny and then to the TV to see what she found so interesting in the show. It was obvious she watched the show too and was able to communicate easily about what was going on in it with Ron and Hermione. Harry looked hard at the program to see if maybe he just didn’t understand what was being said. It was supposed to be funny, but Harry couldn’t find the humor in it at all. He leaned forward to make sure he was hearing everything that was being said and all the movements of the characters was doing just in case he was watching the wrong things. Ginny, Ron, and Hermione laughed and laughed until tears filled their eyes at things Harry didn’t see what was remotely funny. All he saw was stupid things that wasn't funny in the least bit.

“I don’t understand what is funny. Is it what they are doing or something that’s being said? I-” He wanted to ask specific questions so he could join in but Ron said, “Harry, I’m sorry mate; it would take too long to catch you up on everything. And we can’t hear what’s being said if you talk through the whole show.”

“But I’m not. I only just now asked-” again Harry was stopped from talking. “Harry, maybe Ginny can fill you in after the show is over, but for now let us watch. This is the best stress relief you can find. You should watch it.”

Again Harry tried to watch it and make sense of it but failed. “What is so funny? Come on guys, I wanna laugh too,” said Harry to no avail. Ginny smiled at him when a commercial came on and said, “It’s just a stupid show, Love; you probably wouldn’t like it. If you want you can go get Lily and bring her home so she can do her homework before she goes to bed.”

“Homework?! But then I won’t get to see her at all. Why didn’t she do it when school was out for the day?”

Ginny sighed and softly said, “Because we made cookies before she went to the Burrow. Don’t be upset, Love. There’s plenty of time to visit with her, just not tonight.”

Harry said, “Time is precious for me; I never know if I’m going to be alive or --- Tonight is the first time in how long that I’ve been-”

“In case you haven’t noticed, Harry, the commercials are over.” Ron glowered at Harry and said, “We all know you’re always too busy saving the world to spend time with your family. We make time though so let us enjoy our program before our time is up.”

Harry stood up slowly and limped to the door and said he’d get Lily. Ron called out over his shoulder without fully turning so he wouldn’t miss the show, “Bring Hugo back with you too.”

“I’m walking, it’ll be a while before I’m home,” he told the three watching the show. He wasn’t sure if anyone paid attention to what he said so he attempted to tell Ginny he was walking but before he even finished his sentence Ron said, “Yes, Harry, we heard you before, you’re going after Lily and Hugo, so would you just go all ready?”

Ginny scowled at her brother and said, “He was talking to me; you didn’t need to be mean.” She turned and smiled at Harry and said, “I’ll see you when you get back.” She didn’t wait for a response but turned back to the TV program and laughed at something being said that Harry thought was totally stupid.

Slipping on his coat he walked out onto the porch and pointed his wand at his foot. He conjured up some sort of brace for his foot to keep his weight off of it when he walked. Happy with the results he started off to the Burrow with only the slightest discomfort. The evening was still and the sky was mostly clear with new clouds forming now and then. The full moon shone brightly over the glassy surface of the ground below from the heaven’s showering on it all day long. It glittered beautifully and mysteriously as clouds tried to hide the brightness of the moon by moving under it with the help of the billowing wind that was becoming stronger by the minute now. By the time he got to the Burrow the calmness of the evening was gone and so was the comfort in his foot. He took the brace off and knocked on the kitchen door; the wind now whistling warnings of an approaching storm that was nearly upon them.

“Harry, come in son; it’s good to see you.” Harry smiled warmly at his father-in-law and stepped inside when Arthur moved aside offering him welcome into his home. Arthur placed his hand fondly on Harry’s shoulder and guided him into the kitchen and then into the living room by the fireplace. Harry held his hands out to the fire thankful for its warmth. It wasn’t a grand fire like Harry builds and then Harry observed the sparsely loaded wood-bin. This was terribly unusual and Harry was disturbed by the lack of wood. He looked at his father-in-law; searching an assessing quietly Arthur's pallor and general health. Molly saw the concern and quietly said, “Arthur is a bit under the weather today.”

Harry’s heart dropped to his toes; turning to look at his father-in-law he smiled kindly and quietly said, “Here now; we can’t have that. What seems to be the problem, Father?”

Arthur beamed at Harry and said, “Not anything to be concerned with, son; I’m just feeling old of late. One needs to accept the reality that we all are limited on our time in this world. I think it’s just my time calling on me to start my journey to my final home for eternity. And I’m fine with that, son; I’ve had a full life and I think I’ve done everything I can to contribute to society to make the world a safe and better place to live for our children and grandchildren.”

Harry tried to speak but his throat had become blocked by a huge ball of emotions constricting his attempt. His eyes were moist and threatened to pool in his lower lids. Finally he managed to clear his throat somewhat and softly spoke. “I can respect that, Father. But is this what you want, or do you just think it should be that way because you are feeling tired and maybe not as energetic as you once were? I guess what I’m really asking is do you want to die only because you feel tired and think that you’re old enough to die of old age. Old age isn’t a disease, Father; it’s simply a progression in your life from birth until death. And death doesn’t come just when we get old; it isn’t discriminate like that. If we could find out why you’re feeling tired and whatever else do you think your time to die could be later instead of now?”

Arthur looked at his son-in-law whom he loved as his own flesh and blood born son. The pain in his eyes was almost unbearable but there was also a maturity that he had never seen in anyone else. The sudden realization came to him that Harry did know what he was talking about from experience and he wasn’t merely trying to talk him out of wanting to die, but rather make sure he was sure of what he felt. He knew there had been many times Harry needed to die, but he wasn’t able to accept the luxury of becoming pain free for the rest of eternity because those who loved him couldn’t bear the thought of him dying. Harry gave in to living for the sake of those loved ones and learned to live with his pain. Harry wanted him to be sure of whether he was just tired of living or if he felt that he had to die because of his health was failing past the point of recovering. He hadn’t thought of it that way before and was thankful for Harry helping him see this.

“You truly are amazing, son. I would love to see my grandchildren grow up and I think I could do that if I felt like my body was able to. I don’t know why I’ve been feeling so tired and out of sorts of late. I’ve been forgetting things and it scares me that I’m losing my mind to old age. And just look at the weight I’ve been gaining! I’m ashamed that I have let myself go like this.”

Harry’s face brightened and he said, “The best thing to do first off is to not look at it as something to blame on yourself or anyone else. Would you mind terribly if I took some of your blood and ran some tests? Or I mean I can take you to a Healer right now and see what he says if you want. You might have just overindulged in all the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations and the amount of bad weather we’ve had has kept you from being as active as you have always been. I bet once we detoxify your blood and get you exercising you’ll feel like yourself before you know it. It sounds to me like you have some kind of toxin buildup in your blood causing this, and quite possibly some blocked arteries. I can’t say that is what is wrong but it wouldn’t hurt to do that anyway. If you like you can come and workout with me in the mornings. I’d be thrilled to have you.”

Arthur saw the twinkle in Harry’s eyes and the genuine smile on his face and knew he wasn’t just making him feel good, that he meant everything he said. He smiled back at Harry and said, Alright, son; we’ll give it a go then. Take as much blood as you want and we’ll get to the bottom of this.”

Harry held out his hand and a syringe appeared in it. He drew the blood and then said, “I’ll work this up as soon as I get home and let you know my findings. Until then I’m going to give you some of my energy to help you feel better.”

He looked around and told Molly to keep the kids away from them until he was done. She nodded happily; her eyes brimming with grateful tears. Her husband was near and dear to her heart and she couldn’t help but be afraid of his attitude of late; talking about dying and all. She took Lily and Hugo away from him so he could concentrate on Arthur. Lily didn’t argue but she wanted to be with her dad and it was with reluctance that she followed her grandma away.

Harry smiled and winked at his daughter and said he’d be with her shortly. He turned to Arthur and drew the blood from his arm with the syringe in his hand. When he had several vials he withdrew the syringe and disposed of it. Harry looked at the blood the vials contained and decided to make a lab right there and turned to the table and conjured some equipment to run some simple tests. He looked carefully at each drop of blood on the slides he made and then about twenty minutes later he whisked it all away. He put one of his hands carefully on Arthur's head and the other he put on the man’s shoulder gripping it firmly. Harry smiled at Arthur and asked if he was okay. Upon Arthur saying he was fine Harry nodded his head and softly said that he would experience some discomfort but it wouldn’t last long. Arthur nodded his head and Harry closed his eyes and concentrated diligently for ten minutes. Then he began speaking in the ancient dialect that nobody had ever heard before. Only Harry knew what the language was but he didn’t share this information with anyone.

Harry began to tremble and for the next fifteen minutes he fought the temptation to let go of Arthur and let things be. His love and admiration would not give into temptation and he would finish what he started with his father-in-law. Finally Harry took a shaky deep breath and transferred some of his precious energy to Arthur and then let go of him.

Molly gently took Harry by his arm and led him to a chair for him to sit while he told them what he did for Arthur. “Harry dear, come and sit down. You look awful, what did you do?”

Harry didn’t try to stop her at first, he didn’t have the strength. But he said he needed to clean his blood before he could rest. Of course they didn’t know what he meant but she stopped trying to get him to sit down.

“Let me give you a short explanation as to what was wrong with you, Father. About twenty two years or so ago, you got bit and beat up by,”

“Nagini,” answered Arthur who was now looking like a new man of excellent vitality and health.

“Yes, that’s right, Nagini bit and beat you up and nearly killed you. It took the healers quite some time to figure out how to save you. Finally they did, or so it seemed. They couldn’t get the poison out of your body so they just contained it. They put a potion in your blood that attracted the poison to it. It worked like a sponge absorbing all the poison and then once it was all absorbed into the potion they put a containment field around it. The hope and plan was for your body to flush it out but the sponge type potion with it's sticky quality they used caused it to adhere to the walls inside your blood vessels. This began to trap plaque and debris like discarded cells your body rejected. Over the years this trap began to build up causing narrowing of the arteries. Also, and worse of all, the containment field began to break down which led to a gradual but steady leak of poison from the containment. It got to the point that you would soon, as in hours, die of her poison.”

Arthur and Molly looked at Harry and asked how he got rid of the poison. Harry said it didn’t matter, but he really needed to get home so Lily could get her homework done. “I’m to take Hugo with us also. I had hoped that since I have been gone for so long that they would have come and gotten Hugo themselves. I also was hoping Ginny would have come for Lily, but it doesn’t matter. Father, please call me if you begin to feel badly again.”

He hugged Arthur and told him he loved him more than he could ever know and then did the same to Molly. Before he could let loose of Molly; Arthur put his arms around Harry and Molly. Harry rested his head on Arthur’s shoulder and said he was blessed to have married into the most wonderful family on the planet. They could feel his trembling and they could feel his temperature rising. His breathing was labored and shallow. He told them in a very quiet and shaky voice that he needed to go clean his blood.

“I’ve only got a couple minutes to get what I need but it’ll only be about fifteen minutes before I’m… Could you please call Ginny for me and tell her the kids and I will be home within the half hour?”

Harry wasn’t able to finish his request because Ron, Hermione, and Ginny walked into the kitchen not hearing that Harry was talking but seeing the three arm in arm. Ron strode over to them in long strides pulling Harry away from his parents. “All we did was make a simple request and you had to-”

When Ron pulled Harry away from them he had to catch him from going to the floor. Harry got his legs under him again and pushed Ron away from him. Although he looked like death he was still a force to be reckoned with if you pushed him into a fight. Hermione gasped and said, “I’ve seen this before, I know this look about you; I’ll never forget.”

Ginny had run to Harry when Ron put his hands on him. She could tell something was wrong when she saw his head on her dad’s shoulder, and she saw their worried faces. “Love, what’s wrong what happened to you?”

Arthur said, “He needs to go clean his blood, let him go. We’ll fill you in on what happened.”

Suddenly Ron became worried. “Mate, let me take you wherever you need to go to clean your blood or whatever. Do you need to go to your lab?” He was reaching out to Harry, but Harry shook his head and said, “I can go on my own; thanks just the same though.” He squeezed Ginny’s hand lovingly and said he’d be back and that she could take Lily home so she could do her homework.”

Ginny nodded her head but knew she wasn’t moving from the spot she was in right then. Harry walked outside and she watched him go toward the pond. She watched until she couldn’t see him any longer. She turned and looked at her parents to ask what happened when she saw the difference in her dad. She couldn’t place what it was but he sure looked better than he had looked in awhile. He had been saying for quite some time he was slowing down, getting too old and things along that line. And hadn’t Harry every time he saw a glimpse of him said he was worried about him, that he wasn’t looking healthy? Everyone told him that it was natural aging and that he only saw him for very brief times while he was recovering from saving the world. But now though she rather thought he looked like years had been lifted from him.

Harry fell into the pond and began feeling relief right away. It was a slow and painful process though because the pond was so shallow.
Meanwhile Arthur filled Ginny, Ron, and Hermione in on what happened. “I felt as though I was dying but I didn’t really think I should feel that way. It was very confusing. Harry talked to me about it and I think he wanted to respect what I was feeling, but he wanted to make sure I had a reason to die. He didn’t want me to be vague like I’m getting up there in years and it's just time I accept reality that my time is up. He wanted me to know the reason. Since I couldn’t tell him then he suggested that maybe we could find out what was going on with me. He asked if he could take a look and see if he could find out or if I’d rather he would take me to a Healer. He seemed to think I had a toxin build up in my blood and blocked arteries. I gave him permission to do what he wanted to and he drew blood and looked at it. Then he held me down into the chair so I couldn’t move. I don’t know how he did what happened next; it was like he and I were walking along in a large red tunnel. There was a loud thumping noise like a drum beating the same rhythm and all around us was red liquid swishing through the tunnel we were walking in. Then we came to a place where this long black tube was attached to the tunnel wall taking up almost the whole tunnel. It was such a narrow space around the tunnel that the red liquid was just flowing through like a faucet that won’t turn all the way off. And nasty thick yellow stuff oozed out of it. Harry said, “There it is Father, this is what is killing you.” He was afraid of it and I knew he wanted for us to run away from it but he knew it was going to kill me. He swallowed hard and took deep breaths. He rubbed his eyes and then he looked at me and very calmly said, “Well, it’s best to get this over with. No matter what happens don’t move and don’t try to help me. You must promise me that you won’t move no matter what. I made the promise and then Harry started speaking a strange language and the tube on the wall opened up and it looked like Nagini! It was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen. It attacked Harry just as it had attacked me that night all those years ago. Harry just stood there taking it all the while keeping his hand on my shoulder to keep me from moving. The more she attacked him the smaller the tube on the wall got and then it was completely gone and thankfully so was Nagini. He repaired the wall of the tunnel where it had been attached and then he held out his hand which was shaking awful bad and said something about Nagini’s poison and threads of the thick stuff that oozed out of the tube went to his hand and he just kept doing that until nothing more of the thread came. Then he opened his hands and gold light flamed from them and melted all the debris around what was blocking the tunnel. After that he gave me loads of his energy. I haven’t felt this great for years, but it took a horrible toll on Harry. He was in tremendous pain and the poison was killing him. He said he was able to contain most of the poison in the tube but the ooze that was leaking out had intensified with age. He thought maybe he would have about ten minutes to begin cleaning his blood otherwise he would die. And then he and I were back here in the Burrow. He was in bad shape and had to lean on something to regain some of his strength before he left. So he explained some of what had happened.”

Molly took over then and told them what Harry had told them. After fifteen minutes Harry felt like he would be able to get home and finish the healing process in the cavern under the house. He stood up with the pond muck dripping off of him and he knew he couldn’t go in the house like this. He made water come out of his wand forceful enough to wash the muck off and then trudged into the kitchen of the Burrow. Everyone turned to look at him shivering with cold and dripping with freezing water. His blue lips formed a small smile and he asked why everyone was still there. When nobody said anything he said, “Well, we need to get home so Lily can get her homework done, and I need to do something else before I can go to bed.”

Ron found his voice first and said, “Nagini has been dead for years, how do you explain her being in my father’s blood. Did you make an illusion for him to see just to make it easier for him to see what was happening? How could she be alive in him?”

Harry dried his clothes and the puddle of water he made on the floor before he answered Ron. “It was Nagini’s poison that was in him. Since it was in a tube it came out looking like a snake. Mr. Weasley recognized the poison from when she attacked him. It was his mind that made him see her because he associated the poison with her.”

“Why are you all wet?”

Harry closed his eyes and then opened them and simply answered, “It’s raining.”

He looked from Ron to Ginny and said, “Can you get Lily home okay? I need to start another treatment; I’m kind of on the clock.”

Ginny nodded her head and said, “Yes, of course. You go on and we’ll be home shortly. Do you need me right away for anything? I’d like to see dad for a few more minutes; but if you need me I can come back down tomorrow.”

Hermione; looking pretty green, finally spoke softly saying, “But the last time it made you sick and you nearly died.”

Harry said, “It was the same this time only I was able to quicken the healing process a great deal. And I’ll have another treatment as soon as I can get home. I’m fine, Hermione; or rather I will be.”

Arthur and Molly hugged him and thanked him over and over until Ron stepped in and gently pulled Harry from them. “Let the man breath so he can get home and get his treatment.” Harry looked at Ron and saw that he wasn’t being jealous but concerned. He was afraid Harry would have a relapse or something if he didn’t get his next treatment he said he needed.

Harry grinned at the Weasley’s and said good night to them and turned to Hermione and Ron to say goodnight to them but Ron spoke first. “Thanks, mate for saving dad. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t saved him.”

Harry didn’t say anything at first but then quietly said, “Well it didn’t come down to that so we should just forget about it. Goodnight everyone.” He went outside and then disappeared into the lake of the underground cavern. This time he instantly started feeling relief. Warmth engulfed his body and he swam under the water for two hours. When he came out of the water he was poison free and dry. He showered quickly and then went upstairs to the kitchen. The house was empty but the TV was still on. There was a news program on that caught his eye for a moment and then he turned off the set. Evidently Ginny and Lily wasn’t home yet so he went on to bed. He was desperately tired and terribly sore.

It was ten o’clock when Harry was vaguely aware of Ginny getting in bed. He had only been in bed for half an hour and kept waking up with horrible nightmares. He rolled onto his back and asked if she was okay. She propped herself up on her elbow facing him and put her hand on his chest. He was trembling and his muscles were tight. She said she was fine, but she was worried about her dad.

“Oh, is something wrong with him? I thought he was going to be okay. Should I go back down to the Burrow and see what I missed?”

“No, he is fine thanks to you. I’m worried about his thinking process. I don’t understand how he could allow you to do what you did. Do you know that you were dangerously close to dying?”

Harry looked at her face in the brilliant light of the moon and said, “Do you know it stopped raining and the moon is shining?”

Ginny exaggerated a loud sigh and said, “Yes, Love, I am well aware that it stopped raining and the moon is shining because I’m practically bathing in the light of it. Now quit trying to change the subject. Did you know you nearly died tonight?”

Harry answered on the edgy side, “Yes, Ginny, as I was there being poisoned I am quite aware that I nearly died. Now, if we’re going to talk instead of sleep, can we talk about something worth spending time talking about instead of asking questions of each other that we both know the other knows the answers to?”

Ginny huffed and said, “Well; excuse me but I just want to know why you care so little about your wife and kids that you would risk losing us?”

Harry was quiet and just stared at her. She suddenly realized that she had hurt him deeply. She held her hand to the side of his face and ran her hand through his hair. His eyes closed and he remained silent until he felt he could speak without sounding like he was defending himself but the Weasley’s, like a lot of people, always want someone to point the finger of fault at. His constricted throat wouldn’t allow more than a whisper but he managed to say, “It’s my fault, I told him what I thought could be the problem and said I could look at him or take him to a healer. Your dad said I could try to find out what was wrong with him. I took blood tests and saw he had blocked arteries. Something was very wrong and I knew that he would have died in his sleep tonight if I hadn’t done what I did. When I found out what was causing him to die it terrified me and I wanted to run away. But I couldn’t let it kill your dad. I cannot and will not stand by and let someone I love die. I will do everything in my power to at least try to help them or die trying. I don’t know what I was supposed to do other than what I did.”

He rolled onto his side and curled up in a tight ball. Within a minute he was asleep and once again fighting Nagini only the strange thing was he was both the snake and himself fighting. He couldn’t defend himself because he as the snake would bite him and it caused awful pain but if he fought back he created awful pain. He didn’t know what to do and then he’d jerk awake panting hard and moaning. Harry stretched out to relax his muscles and then fell back asleep. Each time he woke up he was more tired than before he went to bed.

Finally at four o’clock he got up and dressed in blue jeans and a Tee shirt with a long sleeved plaid, flannel shirt. He was much too tired to exercise this morning. He saw Ginny begin to stir and then she stopped moving and her breathing let Harry know she had fallen back asleep. He felt badly that she probably didn’t get a lot of sleep with him tossing and turning with his nightmares. He went downstairs and reclined in his chair keeping awake for fear he would wake up Ginny and Lily with his nightmares.

Finally at seven o’clock he went upstairs to see Ginny before she woke up. It normally would be tough doing schoolwork but today was going to be special. He smiled and made some special plans. He went back downstairs and into the kitchen and made breakfast; all of Ginny’s favorites and then went out to the Greenhouse and got a single red rose. He took a large tray of the breakfast up to her room and set the tray of a breakfast for two on a table he conjured up on the balcony. He fixed the area to be enclosed and heated it up so they could eat and be warm and dry since it was once again raining with sleet mixed in with it.
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Default Short Story: An Old Enemy And A New Galaxy
Werecats are people too! Reader of Fan Fictions

Hey Guys, thanks for reading my ff and coming back for the next chapter. I can't tell you how thankful I am that I have you all. I hope you like this chapter; a little comic relief in this chapter because it is going to get dark and violent. Thanks again.

Short Story: An Old Enemy And A New Galaxy

Chapter 1

Rodney Discovers A New Galaxy

Harry sat on the side of the bed Ginny was sleeping on and bent over her and softly kissed her lips. “Rise and shine, beautiful. Breakfast is ready. Let’s eat togeth-“

Ginny groaned her objections to it being morning already before he could finish his sentence and then denied his lips trying to kiss her again. She scowled at him when he chuckled at her and then she put her hands against his face that was lowering to kiss her again and shoved him away. She wasn’t being hateful but he got the message she wanted to be left alone. He stood up quietly thinking she had gone back to sleep and then she said, “I’m sorry, Love, you don’t know what it’s like to be tired and not be able to sleep. Please go away and let me sleep. Lily spent the night with mum and dad since it was so late and she fell asleep there before I was ready to come home. I told mum I’d get her later this morning and do school with her after lunch. Why don’t you go visit John for a couple weeks or months until you get rested up from nearly dying?”

Harry pushed his needs forward and said, “Come on, Honey. I understand you are tired and I’m sorry because it is my fault. But we have plans and you’ll feel much better after you’ve had a good breakfast and see the beautiful day.” He sat on the side of the bed and gently pulled her hair from her face. She suddenly reached out and put her hand on his face and pushed. “Please just go to Atlantis and visit your friends! I need to sleep!”

Harry swallowed and quietly said, “I do need to go to Atlantis, but we made plans to go together and you were going to do school with Lily there. Gin, I know I’m not supposed to say what I want or need, but I feel like you’re slipping away and you’re happy with that. It scares me more than anything I’ve ever endured for that to happen. I need you; I’m lost without you. But it sounds like you want me to go away and not come back.”

Don’t be stupid Harry; of course I want you to come back. Just please can’t you see how tired I am? I need to get some sleep.” The last thing she saw was Harry’s expressionless face and then he disappeared. He had been up to that point smiling and his eyes were twinkling happily. She sighed and thought she’d explain things better after she got some more sleep. She only had five hours of sleep and was envious of Harry because she knew he got way less than she did and he was up and ready for the new day.

She sighed and decided she would get up and talk to him since Lily wasn’t there to hear. She knew Harry didn’t like sending the kids away so they could talk so this would be a good time for them to talk. She wanted to apologize for the way she treated him last night when he was having a nightmare. It was during this sigh that her intake of air also took in the delicious aroma in the room. She looked around and saw the tray of food on the balcony. She got out of bed and went to the cozy breakfast for two on the heated balcony. Now she felt even worse since Harry had obviously made an effort to put last night behind him and make her morning pleasant. She picked up the rose and put the soft pedals to her face and whispered, “Please forgive me, Love; I love you Harry James Potter.” She turned and saw the packed suitcases for her and Lily. At first she didn’t understand why he thought they would be going to Atlantis and then she remembered the plans they made about going there today. She had told him they would go together and have a great time.

She swished her wand and her bed was made and she was dressed. She pointed her wand at the breakfast and packaged it all up to move safely. She called her mom and said she was coming to get Lily. Ginny put the breakfast Harry made onto the kitchen table and then went and got Lily. She was happy to see her dad up and looking as fit as ever, even more so. All the puffiness that he had about him was gone and he looked much younger. He had aged badly and had been teased by their friends that Arthur was Molly’s father. Now they looked equally aged with both of them in excellent shape.

“Daddy, I’m sorry I thought you had Harry heal you at his great expense. I was angry that he didn’t just take you to the Healer. He told me last night that it was his idea and that neither one of you knew what was wrong nor what caused it and that when he found out he couldn’t leave you without trying to fix you. I just can’t believe that you have been suffering with this for all these years. I’m so happy that Harry was able to fix you and you’re healthy again.”

Arthur smiled sadly and asked about Harry; looking to the door as if he might walk in and say something like, “How are you doing today, Father?” He does enjoy hearing his son-in-law call him Father. Sadly though; Harry rarely calls him that because a few of his children object to it for some reason.

Ginny frowned and shook her head sadly. “I’m afraid my temper got the best of me this morning. He woke me up to have breakfast together before we left. I didn’t get much sleep last night because Harry had nightmares all night and moaned and groaned whenever he moved. He hardly slept but he was able to get up and make a wonderful breakfast for the two of us. But I was being grumpy and said for him to go visit John for a couple months. He said that I would feel better once I got up and we left. He was so excited. I insisted rather rudely and he left and I got up and felt ashamed for my attitude.”

Molly put her hands on her hips and looked disapprovingly at her ill tempered daughter and then said, “Ginny dear; the next time you get angry at him and want him to leave, send him here because we love him being here.”

Ron had walked in on the conversation and said, “Harry is a big boy, Mum; he doesn’t need to go to anyone’s house when he gets kicked out of his home. He’ll fret and stew and be all misunderstood and then when he realizes that nobody cares then he’ll come back home. Honestly, people always said that Hermione and I didn’t match up and we’d never make it as a married couple but in reality it’s Harry and Ginny that are always on rocky grounds. I love him and all; and he’s my best mate, but I don’t know why Ginny puts up with him.”

Ginny shoved her brother hard and screamed at him for saying what he said. She said that Harry has never once been in the wrong any of the times she made him leave. Then she said that Harry was the best thing to ever happen to her and she was blessed to have him for her husband. “And it’s a wonder he loves me the way he does, because I’ve given him plenty of reasons to hate me. But he’s fair and just and doesn’t hold grudges for my hot temper. What are you doing here anyway? Shouldn’t you be at work?”

“I came here to check in on dad. You know we did nearly lose him last night. I guess we should thank Harry for sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong this one time. You know since he’s been hanging around his American friends I hardly know him anymore. He should give up working as Head Auror and just go live with them. You’d be happier once you got used to him not being here. He’s hardly around anymore and when he is he’s recovering from saving the world or whatever.”

“You’re just mean, Ron. You should do some soul searching and see if you can find even one time that Harry has done wrong or cost anyone anything. Harry puts everyone before himself and he always tries to find the best in everyone.”

Meanwhile Harry walked down the corridor to John’s quarters. Mr. Woolsey said John was taking some personal time this morning. Standing at John’s door, he paused to think a minute before he talked to John. He wanted to make sure he was okay with getting Elizabeth and her friends today. He wondered if this subject was on John’s mind also and if it had anything to do with him needing time off this morning.

He rang the door chime and waited for John to answer but he didn’t. He rang the chime again and still there was no answer. Harry called the infirmary to see if John was there and he was told he wasn’t and they hadn’t heard anything from him. Harry disappeared into John’s quarters and found his ear com on the desk with his computer. Harry went to the window and looked out at the view of the ocean surrounding the city. It was breathtakingly beautiful and he longed for Ginny to be at his side looking at the view with him. Sadness crowded the happiness of being on Atlantis out of his heart and despair took a permanent residence in the largest part of his heart.

Turning away from the view Harry took out his wand and ordered it to point him to John. The wand spun in Harry’s hand and then stood on end pointing up. Harry knit his eyebrows together and then disappeared to the launch tower. He walked to a Puddle jumper and went inside. John was asleep in the pilots chair with his feet propped up on the navigator’s chair. Harry held out his hand and a steady flow of light wind blew from his fingers. He caused it to blow on John’s hair around his ears. John swatted at his ears and brushed the hair from his face. His eyes didn’t open yet though so Harry blew air in his ear. John swatted at his ear and then lazily opened his eyes. Before he saw Harry standing close by he said, “Rodney, so help me if you’re disturbing me for any reason less important than we’re under attack I’m gonna-”

“You’re gonna what, John?” asked Harry laughing at his sleepy friend. John’s eyes opened wide and focused on Harry and a smile flit to his charming face. He got up and put both hands on Harry’s wide shoulders and squeezed them with a little shake to show his excitement at seeing Harry.

Harry grinned from ear to ear and stood still while John greeted him. “It’s so good to see you big brother. It seems like it’s been forever and a day since I got to see you. I mean, other than the oversight committee with the IOA to grant Carson permission to go home and see his mum. How is he doing, have you heard from him?”

John studied his young friend and said, “What’s wrong, Harry; you don’t look so good and you should be home with your family healing so you can go back to work.”

Harry managed a small smile but didn’t answer him. When he spoke he said, “I don’t want to talk about me, I want to know why you need a personal day when you know this is the day Rodney makes a discovery of a new Galaxy. You need to get Dr. Weir and her…”

John’s face clouded and he moved away from Harry saying it wasn’t anything for him to worry about. Harry grinned to keep John from slipping back into a mind funk and said, “Who says I’m worried? Come on let’s go have some fun.”

Hope came across John’s face and he said, “What do you have in mind?”

Harry’s impish smile sprung to his face and his eyes danced mischievously. “Let’s go pester Rodney.”

John laughed and put his hand on Harry’s shoulder and moved him toward the door. They were both laughing as they made plans. The two fun seeking men went to Rodney’s lab and Harry turned invisible.

Rodney looked up from his computer and studied John for a minute. Then finally he spoke in a haughty way. “Thought you were too sick to work this morning; you look fine to me. Have you come to gloat that you got away with calling in sick on one of the most important days of my life and now we have to wait until you feel better? Why don’t you go gloat somewhere else; some of us have to do more than fly a spaceship for taxi service now and then.”

John stared at Rodney not believing what he had just said; making it look like the only thing he was good for was piloting the Puddle jumper. He looked away and tried to put it out of his mind so he and Harry could get on with their fun. But Rodney studied John who didn’t have a comeback line like he usually does. Then he felt bad for degrading John’s importance.

“Look, John, I’m sorry. What I was saying was-”

“What you said was in plain English, Rodney. I am smart enough to understand common words. I came here to ask for your help for the reason I had to call off. But, since you don’t think of me as anything other than a Taxi driver than I’ll just suffer through this problem.”

John turned away knowing he struck a chord with him and grinned at the thought of Rodney having to deal with his conscience. Rodney strode over to John before he got out of the lab and said, “John, wait I’m sorry of course you are more than a Taxi driver. You’re clever and that’s not to say that Taxi drivers aren’t but what I meant was, well; never mind just tell me what’s wrong and how I can help. You know you mean everything to me and I would do anything for you.”

John composed a convincing worried face and turned back around to his friend. “Well, I don’t exactly know how to explain this but I’ve been feeling different ever since Harry healed me that time when he stepped inside me and took all the pain and broken things out of me. I keep feeling like I know magic and this morning I did magic without even trying; it just happened. What do you think could have happened for me to get magic?”

Rodney’s mouth dropped open and the cup of coffee he was holding dropped to the floor busting and splattering in every direction. He didn’t take his eyes off of John and then he grinned. “You’re lying to me; you just want to make a fool of me. Prove to me you can do magic. I’ll laugh and then you’ll laugh and then you’ll tell me why you really called off. Come on then, get your wand and you can prove your magic by cleaning up this mess on the floor. That was my lucky cup you know.”

The wand Harry gave him so he could travel in the Floo network and other magical ways appeared in John’s hand (although Rodney didn’t know Harry gave him a wand) and he looked down at the mess. Rodney’s expression changed to amazement when the wand appeared. Harry impersonated John’s voice and said, “Reparo.” The cup was suddenly like new and sitting on the desk. Then Harry moved John’s hand holding the wand and said, “Scourgify” and the coffee was cleaned up off the floor. Harry moved John’s hand to make the wand point to a coffee maker and the cup became full of the hot coffee. Then he made John’s wand point to the chair at the desk and made it roll behind Rodney. Lastly; Harry made Rodney fall backward into the chair. He let go of John’s arm to let him know they were done doing magic.

John looked seriously at Rodney like he expected him to know how this happened and how he could help him. Rodney jumped up out of the seat and went to his coffee. He touched it to see if it was real and jerked his finger back at the contact. He looked amazed and confused at John. “I don’t know what to say, John. But are you okay otherwise? I mean do you feel like you’ve been compromised or ill or anything? Maybe we should have Carson look at you; get you checked out. Oh wait, Carson is still on Earth. Isn’t it great he gets to go home finally after all these years? I should have made that happen for him. I’m supposedly his best friend and I didn’t lift a finger to help him.”

John and Harry both felt a twinge of guilt for Rodney’s laps into self blame. But then they snapped out of it when Rodney said, “Hang on a second, we could make this work for us. I’ve been trying to find this Galaxy I’m supposed to discover and I think Harry made a mistake because there just isn’t another Galaxy that we don’t know about. Isn’t that special?! We have a group of Replicators some nut is looking for and will definitely find since Harry put them someplace and then didn’t keep track of where they are. I’m not trying to blame him it’s just that he doesn’t understand things here and why they are important.”

John’s face became red and he opened his mouth to talk but Harry kept words from coming out of his mouth. Rodney saw that he upset John and thought he made him so angry he couldn’t say anything in case he hurt his feelings.

Rodney said, “John, Harry’s a great guy and he’s as brave as you. But just in this case I think he hindered us instead of helped us. I’ve been over every square inch of the Universe and can’t find another Galaxy that hasn’t been discovered.”

Harry made John’s hand point the wand at Rodney’s computer. Then Harry went to it and typed in directions to a coordinate. Rodney practically ran to his computer and Harry just finished and moved out of the way. A new screen pulled up as Rodney watched. John went over and watched as well. All at once a new Galaxy showed up on the screen. Information printed on the screen that explained that this Galaxy co exists in the Pegasus Galaxy every forty years. It revolves around a black hole in an elliptical orbit. When the orbit is at the long end it is in the Pegasus Galaxy and then its orbit is out of the Galaxy until the next forty years. The one planet in that orbit came into view right then.

Rodney looked excitedly at John and then said, “What else can you do with your wand?”

John said, “I can make Harry appear; watch this.”

John pointed his wand and said, “Good golly Miss Molly, I’m a fan of the man; do not tarry, bring us Harry.”

Harry appeared at the point of the wand and looked around innocently. He put up his hands in surrender seeing the tip of the wand on his chest. “Something going on that I should know about?” he asked in a dangerous voice.

Rodney’s face turned white and he backed away from Harry. “No, Harry, settle down now; it isn’t how it looks. You just appeared at the point of the wand. John didn’t make you come so he could curse you or anything. Don’t be mad but John has a problem maybe you can help him with. He has magic now. Somehow he can do magic. Look see, he has a wand, it just came to him. Do you think some of you got in him when you two merged?”

Harry looked at Rodney and straight faced said, “That’s not the way I roll, Rodney. And if that’s not what you meant then think of a better way of asking me what you want answers for.”

John cracked up laughing and Rodney’s face turned red. “You know that isn’t what I-. I meant when you saved his life by being one with him. Or maybe you just kind of rubbed off on him when you saved him.”

Harry’s eyebrow arched and his hard face didn’t offer any understanding of what he knew he meant. He wasn’t done tormenting his arrogant friend, but time was getting away from them so he reluctantly said, “Magic doesn’t rub off on anyone, you have to be born with it.”

Rodney grabbed the wand from John and waved it at Harry saying, “This wand did magic and John wasn’t born with magic.”

Harry looked alarmed and said, “Watch how you’re waving that wand around; you could hurt someone with it.”

“I’m not the magic one, John is. Look,” he pointed it at Harry and waved it around and Harry began making it look like Rodney was causing him to move him about in jerky movements breaking up the lab. Rodney jumped and tried to duck behind something.

Harry and John started laughing and Rodney stopped waving the wand and jammed it into Harry’s stomach. Harry groaned and bent over but took the wand from Rodney and laughed in good nature; slipping the wand back to John. John laughed and slapped Rodney on the back.

Seething with anger Rodney frowned at the two and then said, “Oh ha ha, so very funny. Use Rodney to cheer up your dreadful attitude. Take advantage of Rodney’s trusting nature and make fun of him.”

Harry and John stopped laughing and looked at each other and then burst out laughing again. Then after a minute of fun at Rodney’s expense Harry said, “Come on, Rodney, let go and have fun with us. It didn’t hurt you thinking John suddenly became magical. We needed a laugh and you’re always good for a laugh because you are man enough to take it from us.”

Rodney didn’t let up with his sour face until finally he chuckled and said, “It was pretty funny if you think about it. Okay, you’re forgiven. Just next time use someone else to get your laughs with.”

Rodney looked wistfully at his computer and said, “Then this isn’t real either; just more of your fun and games?”

Harry shook his head and said, “No, Rodney; not fun and games. It’s real and this is actually the reason I came today; I did say I’d be here when the new Galaxy was discovered. I knew today was the day that you’d find the planet I told you about. The rest of the new Galaxy is for you to discover. I didn’t want to take away from the legitimacy of your discovery. Discovering the new Galaxy gives validity to the claim of discovery.”

I put a code in your computer that would search for new uncharted areas after I put Dr. Weir and her companions on the planet. If I didn’t make it here today your computer would automatically alert you to the new uncharted area. I put all the information in that file you're reading right now to get you started. The planet they are on is the only one that shows up in this Galaxy. And it will be back out of this Galaxy in a few weeks. If you don’t make it there in time to get them during this time you can go to a Stargate I placed close enough to it to get there. It’ll show up on your screen momentarily when it comes online. There is also a Stargate on the planet, but I suggest if at all possible to take the Puddle jumper when the Galaxy is still in this one. The planet is very cold at this point of its orbit, below freezing actually.”

Just then the control tower called Rodney saying a new Stargate just appeared on the long range scanners. “I see it, thank you very much. Oh; tell Mr. Woolsey I need to see him in my lab at his earliest convenience; as long as it’s right now.”

A few minutes later a disgruntled Mr. Woolsey came into Rodney’s lab. Rodney ignored his displeasure and said, “We need to get to this new planet in this new Galaxy I just discovered. This planet is the one Harry put Elizabeth and her friends on. It’s vital we get there right away. If for no other reason than there is a Wraith cruiser that is making good time heading to those coordinates. They’ll be there within two hours.”

Mr. Woolsey said, “John, ready your team and take a unit of Marines with you; on the double. Why are you just now telling me about this new Galaxy?”

Rodney showed his displeasure with his commander and answered hurriedly, “Because, see that’s what it means when you say, I just discovered it. It just now came into this galaxy.” He glared at Mr. Woolsey and the older man said, “Never mind; just get ready and go.” He turned to Harry and said, “I suppose you’ll be going with them?”

Harry didn’t answer; it had been more of an order than a question and a positive answer was just assumed. Rodney said Harry had to go so he could show them the cave where he hid Elizabeth and the others. Mr. Woolsey nodded his head once and walked away assuming it was all set that Harry was going with them.

John pulled Harry with him as he hurried to get ready. As soon as he was out of earshot he stopped and turned on Harry and grabbed him by a fistful of Harry’s shirt. He yanked Harry within inches of his face and said, “You ambushed me and I don’t appreciate it. You said we were going to pester Rodney but it was all a plan to get me in the open; showing everyone I’m not sick. What do you have to say for yourself?”
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for the next chapter. I sure appreciate your loyalty; thank you again so very much. I hope you enjoyed the last chapter and hope you enjoy this one as well. This chapter is going dark so read with caution and have your wands at the ready.

Chapter 2

Elizabeth Weir

Harry stared into John’s eyes just as hard as John was staring into his. He knocked John’s hands off of him and shoved him away. “I’m tired of these guessing games that I’m made part of without my knowledge. First Ginny is mad at me because I saved her dad from dying the wrong way or something. Ron’s bent out of shape for sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong or something but at least his dad was saved because of it this time; Rodney thinks I don’t know the importance of remembering where I put your friend and I’m not helping but hindering your expedition. Now you for some reason think I came here to ambush you somehow. I didn’t know you wanted to make people here think you are sick. I came here because today is the day I said I’d be here for the discovery of the Galaxy and to be available to help if you need me. When I got here I went to Mr. Woolsey’s office and he said you had taken a personal day this morning. He didn’t say you were sick so I started looking for you. I mistakenly assumed that you wanted to spend a couple minutes with me before we went to the planet to get Dr. Weir and the others. Count me embarrassed for thinking that. I thought it would be fun to pester Rodney, that’s the only reason I suggested we do it. Now; aren’t we in a hurry or something?”

John turned and walked toward the armory in silence. Harry stuck his hands in his pockets and followed with his head hanging. He wondered if there was a way to go back and start the day over and change whatever happened to make things so very wrong. But if he was going to fix things that made everything go wrong then he should find a way to go back to yesterday instead of this morning. He said aloud, “I wish I could just die.” A sigh of resignation escaped his soul and he decided to try to put thoughts of that nature in the trash because it was garbage stinking up his thinking process. He would have to try to just put things behind him like always and carry on if he’s to go forward. A sunbeam hit him in the face and he looked out over the ocean through the windows that went from the floor to the ceiling. The sun went back behind a cloud and Harry huffed to himself. This was his life; dark and gloomy but for precious minute seconds of light to give him hope and then back to gloom again.

He brought his mind back to what was going on and stopped just inches from walking into John. He looked into his friend’s eyes and saw regret. John spoke quickly as if wanting to get something off his chest. “So here’s the thing; when I first came on this mission, I fell for Dr. Weir but we couldn’t have a relationship. That didn’t stop our feelings for each other though. Now, all this time later, I’m engaged to Teyla and I’m about to pick up Elizabeth. I already alienated her once, now it’ll be like I am doing it again. And one more thing – I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions and accusing you of something I know you wouldn’t do. Forgive me?”

A glimmer of happiness showed on Harry’s face and then he nodded his head. “Maybe my stay here won’t be so bad after all. Do you care if I crash on your couch for a couple months or until Ginny decides if she wants me back or not?”

John started to laugh but then saw Harry was serious. They got to the armory where Mr. Woolsey was speaking to the detachment of Marines and then left when John and Harry got close. “Be safe, John,” was all he said. Teyla and Ronon were delighted to see Harry and they exchanged happy pleasantries before they gave their attention to John when he began to give the mission report.

John was setting the coordinates into his flight plan and then Rodney rushed in and pushed his way to the Navigator’s seat. Harry sat in the back with the Marines and kept silent so he wouldn’t distract anyone from their jobs. The Marines on the opposite side of the bench Harry sat on had their eyes locked on him as if he were a prisoner they were transporting somewhere else. Now Harry was curious as to what Mr. Woolsey told them. He tried to make some conversation but they weren't interested in talking. He felt uneasy, but didn’t let on. After an hour and a half Harry stood up and the Marines trained their weapons on him without saying a word. Harry shook his head and said, “Is it okay for me to stretch my legs? I’ve been under the weather lately and my legs get stiff and go to sleep if I don’t circulate the blood.” Three Marines stood up and stood between Harry and the cockpit. Harry frowned and wondered what Mr. Woolsey was playing at. Harry needed to get to the cockpit to stop John from going any further in just a couple minutes since John wasn’t slowing down at all or asking for the exact coordinates to stop at. He hobbled around trying to get his legs working right instead of being on pins and needles like they felt. One of the Marines nudged him and pointed to where he had been sitting so he sat back down. He looked up to the cockpit and got an idea. Rodney was working on his laptop. Harry looked down at the floor and imagined the keyboard of the laptop and Rodney jumped and made a sound of surprise. His hands were off of the keyboard and Harry made the laptop save the file Rodney was working on and then cleared the screen. Then a message appeared from Harry. “Rodney, it’s me, Harry. Tell John to stop right now! Did you forget about the Sentinel? WE WILL BE VAPORIZED IF YOU DON’T STOP! NOW, RODNEY!”

Rodney showed the laptop to John and John cut the engines and called Harry to the cockpit. Harry got up and the Marines kept him from going by pointing their weapons at him. Harry raised his hands and said, “Your commander called me up there. We are stopped in case you haven’t noticed. Maybe you should let me see why he needs me.”

“Stand down, Marines, I need Harry up front. And why are you acting like Harry is a dangerous criminal or something?”

One of the Marines said, “We have orders to keep Mr. Potter from interfering. We are to use force if we have to. We can’t let him convince you of anything other than getting to the planet as quickly as possible.”

John looked at them in disbelief. Rodney came back looking angry and afraid. “In case you didn’t hear me back on Atlantis, there is a Wraith Cruiser making good time getting to the same place we are going. We can’t let them get there first. And just so you know, before my laptop went haywire I detected some Darts heading on ahead of them. They will definitely get there before us if we don’t leave right now.”

A/N In case you forgot; Wraith are evil blood sucking near humanoid creatures that plaque the Pegasus Galaxy. They have: Hive Ships which are enormous ships that carry thousands of Wraith warriors and smaller ships called Cruisers and Darts: Cruisers are smaller than Hive ships but can travel faster, can carry Darts, and transport warriors: Darts are single manned fighter ships like fighter jets on Earth and can carry and dispatch warriors or prisoners by way of beaming devices that scoop you up with a beam of light and put you in a stasis chamber smaller than a mouse. Darts are small enough to go through Stargates like Puddle jumpers. Also, all Wraith technology is made of organic material.

John ordered them to stand down again and shoved two of them aside and pulled Harry up front. Harry groaned at the sudden order to his uncooperative legs and did his best to keep on his feet his hands still raised in open view. John looked at his white face and said, “What’s up with you, Harry? Put down your hands.” He looked surprised at Harry’s response.

“If it’s all the same to you, John, I’ll keep them up so I’m not mistaken for disrupting, interrupting, or what was the word used … ah yeah, hindering the mission.”

Harry said he’d explain later why he was stiff and weak and that they needed to wait for the Sentinel from the planet before they proceeded or they would be vaporized like the Wraith are about to be. One of the Marines jumped up and tackled Harry to the floor with his knife and another hit him in the head with his club at the same time the first Marine jumped him. John, Ronon, and Teyla overpowered the Marines and knelt down to look at Harry.

“He doesn’t look good at all,” said Ronon. He turned to the Marines and said, “Why did Mr. Woolsey order you to keep Harry from interfering?

The one who led the attack said, “We weren’t told why, we were just ordered to carry out the order; that the lives of everyone in the Pegasus Galaxy and the Milky Way Galaxy were at risk.”

John saw the pool of blood under Harry’s head and said, “You didn’t need to hit him or even attack him. He was complying and had his hands up. You better hope this doesn’t kill him.” He proceeded to wrap the open skull wound and Teyla said, “If he doesn’t die of that, he might die of this. This knife wound is awful deep. He’s lost a lot of blood and, John; you are the only match to his blood type. You can’t give him any blood because you need to get Elizabeth and get us back home as soon as possible.”

Incredibly Harry regained consciousness and disarmed the Marines with his magic. “Don’t pick them up until the Sentinel clears the way. Your life depends on it, don’t take arms yet!” Harry had reached out with his magic again to keep the Marines from picking up their weapons, but then he passed out writhing in pain.

John was torn between helping Harry and going on with the mission. He told Teyla to stay with Harry and do the best she could to calm him down and with getting the bleeding stopped and bandaging his wounds. John ordered the Marines and his team to make sure they don't arm themselves like Harry said. As soon as John sat back down in his pilots chair they saw what Harry was talking about. A dozen darts flew around and unable to get the Stargate to open they started to fly into the atmosphere of the planet. All at once electrical currents flew through space and vaporized the ships; every one of them, even the cruiser.

John and Rodney looked worriedly at each other and John suddenly retracted the weapons platforms and quickly looked to make sure nobody was armed. “NO!!!!!!!!!”

He jumped up and lunged with outstretched arms for Harry pushing a hand held weapon from Harry’s hand that one of the Marines put there. It wasn’t in his hand but it was on his hand and John didn’t want to take a chance. Harry groaned at the sudden impact and his wand came to his hand. “No, the Sentinel, Harry!”

The wand disappeared and the electrical charges entered the Puddle jumper and settled on Harry. John was thrown off and Harry was lifted off of the floor and it appeared that he was electrocuted. He was bright white and his screams of pain were gut wrenching. Small electrical charges broke off and began going towards everyone in the jumper. All at once Harry shouted in an ancient language and he held out his hands and began pulling the charges back to the main electrical entity containing him. As soon as it reached Harry he said something in a calm voice and the entity left the Puddle jumper. Harry dropped to the floor breathing hard and sweat poured off of him like someone was pouring water over him.

John crept forward until a voice told them to state their name and purpose for being there. John turned and looked at Harry, still lying motionless on the floor. He looked at Rodney and the man shrugged his shoulders. “Harry must have set up the Sentinel and used his own voice for it.”

John cleared his throat and answered the Sentinel who they were and what they were doing. Harry’s voice told them to use the Stargate and follow the trail. The Stargate opened and John steered the Puddle jumper to go through it. As soon as they were through they followed a trail of bright, colorful gasses blowing in the direction they were to go in.

Rodney said, “This gas is beautiful but we should get Elizabeth and get out. I’ve got life signs detected just seven clicks away that way. Following the fog is taking too long.”

John said he thought they should follow the gasses. Ronon said, “If Rodney is right then we should do it his way so we can get Harry back to Atlantis or he’s going to die.”

John didn’t need any more convincing. He veered away from the gasses and they were all of a sudden back at the Stargate as if they had just come through. John glared at Rodney and said, “We’re following the gasses.”

About fifteen minutes of following the gasses John asked Teyla how Harry was doing. She answered that he was alive and that she was able to get the bleeding slowed down. He asked Rodney if they were getting close to the cave yet. Before he could answer the controls lurched out of John’s hands. “Guess auto pilot took over,” said John. The fog was so thick now that you couldn’t tell which direction it was blowing in. The flying machine lurched and rolled over as if it were being pitched on a stormy ocean. The crew was tossed about like a Caesar Salad. Harry rolled about on the floor and tossed two and fro like the rest of them was. He came to and cried out in pain. Three Marines caught him and did all they could to sit on him to keep him from interfering. He shoved his hands forward and the Marines flew off of him. He put his arms straight out from his sides and while gasping for breath he made the Puddle jumper fly smoothly. He said a few more words and said, “The cave entrance is right below us. Park and get your winter snowsuits on. John told the Marines to help carry the stasis pods out of the cave and they didn’t move.

Harry groaned and said, “They didn’t come to help you, they came to watch me and kill me if I interfered. One of you stay back here with me and the rest of you go unhook the pods and tell me when they are ready to transport. I’ll get them here. Oh, and please get a video of the cavern before you call for transport.”

John nodded his head and looked at the Marines and said, “He better still be alive when we get back.”

Harry told John to hurry or he’d die before they even left. Pretty soon Teyla got a call from John saying they were ready for transport. Harry took some deep breaths and with a huge effort got the pods onto the Puddle jumper and shrunk down to fit in his pouch. “Got them, come back and hurry.”

Within minutes John, Ronon, and Rodney came running back. Harry was standing holding out his hands. It looked like he was holding something very heavy because he was straining under the weight of it. His wounds were opened and bleeding excessively but he didn’t give in to the terrible pain. He began muttering chants and the Puddle jumper smoothly took off and soon the controls were turned back over to John. Harry remained on his feet but his knees were bending and he was sinking to the floor. He was still sweating profusely all though the temperature was abnormally cold. Teyla had suggested that the colder air might slow Harry’s blood loss down.

Finally they were parking in the jumper tower and Teyla told Harry they were home. He opened his eyes and looked at her not sure of what she said. “We’re back at Atlantis, Harry. You can unload the pods just put them out there and we can get them to the lab they’ll be put in.”

Harry asked what lab and Rodney told him. Harry closed his eyes and a minute later he collapsed without another word. John had called for Dr. Keller to meet them in the tower when they were coming in to the city. Dr. Keller ran up the ramp followed by Mr. Woolsey. The man shook his head and looked expectantly at the Marines. “So the Intel was right. Harry tried to interfere and you had to use force to stop him. Did he hurt anyone?”

John knelt beside Harry and looked at the doctor. “Is he going to be okay, Jennifer? They unnecessarily attacked him and he’s lost a lot of blood. And then he had to use all his might and magic to save us and get Elizabeth and then get us back home.”

Jennifer started an IV with Harry’s own blood supply that’s kept on Atlantis and some meds to keep him from going in shock. “He’s lost too much blood and he’s severely dehydrated. His skull is already swelling and if I don’t get it stopped there will be permanent brain damage if he even lives. This knife wound severed a main artery and I don’t know why he didn’t bleed to death.”

She finished putting more IV’s in for various reasons and then said to her team, “Get him into the operating room and get him prepared for surgery.”

John started to follow Jennifer but Mr. Woolsey stopped him. John stood with obvious contempt of the man and said, “You probably should let me go be with Harry, because just as soon as I get news that he’s going to live or die I’ll be in your office to get answers.”

John turned away and jogged to catch up with Jennifer. Teyla was walking quickly with them and she looked worriedly at Harry. “I don’t think he’s going to make it to the Infirmary. Look at the machine that shows his vitals.” Jennifer jumped up on the gurney; straddled Harry and began chest compression's while the team continued rolling him to the Infirmary. Teyla couldn’t say anything but pointed to the ocean and looked questioningly at John.

“That’s a great idea, Teyla. Doc, hang on. We can throw Harry in the ocean and it’ll heal him.”

Jennifer skeptically got off of Harry and Ronon scooped Harry’s lifeless body off of the gurney and ran to the nearest door and a small distance to the edge of the platform they were on and threw Harry into the ocean. Harry slowly sank out of sight and Rodney pulled out his laptop he carries in a knapsack on his back at all times. “I’m not reading his life signs. I think we’re too late!” He looked into the water afraid of what was beyond the dark waves beating against the wharf that claimed their friend.

John refused to believe Harry was gone but his young friend’s words haunted his mind. “I wish I could just die.” Surely Harry would fight death and come back to them. Rodney spoke and brought John out of his deep thoughts. “If Ginny’s mad at him he may not want to try to come back. He said before that he was tired of pain and being the blame of everything going wrong and him not even knowing about it.

“You should get to Elizabeth and the others and get started on whatever Harry had set up for them.” John told Teyla to put the Marines in holding cells until he questioned them. Dr. Keller said she was going to go prepare a space for Harry for when he comes back. She said she would need to run tests on him and left hurriedly. Ronon was the only one left standing beside John and they stared at the water watching for Harry to come back. After three hours Mr. Woolsey joined them. John folded his arms across his chest and looked angrily at the commander of the expedition.

“I’ve set the Marines you said you were going to question loose. They were following orders.”

John clamped his jaws shut for several minutes and then opened his mouth to speak. “It isn’t your job to give orders to the Marines unless I’m not available and there hasn’t been a replacement for me. You were out of line telling them to attack Harry. You made it look like Harry is a villain or something. If he hadn’t gone with us we would have been vaporized. I want to read the report Harry gave me that was confiscated before I had a chance to read it. Something is terribly wrong. He asked if we forgot about the Sentinel and of course we didn’t because we didn’t know anything about it. He told us to disarm before we were vaporized and one of the Marines put his weapon on Harry’s hand. Harry was unconscious and couldn’t defend himself. It, the entity that was vaporizing the entire Wraith entourage; came into the Puddle jumper and I had tried to knock the weapon off of Harry but it was too late. It picked him up and electrocuted him for several minutes and then it was coming after the rest of us. Harry somehow pulled it back to him and then he sent it away.”

Mr. Woolsey stood openly surprised and shocked. “But this doesn’t make any sense. Jack O’Neill sent word that Harry had ulterior motives for getting Elizabeth and that he would take her for his own agenda and both Galaxies were at risk of catastrophic destruction. The Intel Jack received was that Harry had crossed over to the dark side because he was tired of being blamed for everything and getting nearly killed for unappreciative people around the world.”

“Jack brought you this information?!” asked John in total disbelief. “Did you authenticate it was from him?”

“The document met all the requirements needed to authenticate it was from Jack O’Neill. He also sent the original report Harry gave him and it proved that Harry did have his own agenda for getting Elizabeth and the others. I’m sorry, John; we all liked Harry and although it’s hurtful; people who possess a lot of power inevitably turn evil.”

A battalion of Marines ran out in full arms and gear and stood around Mr. Woolsey and John. Their weapons were trained on the water watching intently for Harry. One of them spoke and said, “Mr. Potter’s life sign has been located and he’s coming from the bottom of the ocean at a high rate of speed.”

John ordered them to stand down and when they didn’t comply John drew his weapon and said, “I am the commanding officer on this outpost and you will follow my orders or die committing Treason. Harry Potter is a Statesman and an Honorary General in the United States Air Force. And until I personally see official documentation saying these statuses have been renounced then he is our boss. Oh, and he owns most of the land on the planet.”

Just then Harry appeared on the head of a whale. It jumped over the pier and Harry rolled off and landed roughly at the feet of the Marines. He was not conscious though and he was dripping wet. Ronon picked him up and took him to the Infirmary. The Marines started to run after them but John told them they were dismissed and to go back to their duty station immediately or he would file court-martial papers on them.

John led the way to the Infirmary and stopped when he got to Harry’s bed. Jennifer was working madly on him and she said, “He doesn’t want to live; he’s semiconscious and he keeps saying no to Mr. Woolsey when he tells me to fix him up so he can send me home. I ask him to do things for me and he doesn’t do it. This is going to be a long healing process if he doesn’t help.”

John put his hand on Harry’s shoulder. He was still wet and cold from being in the ocean. Has the scanners showed if he’s healing or not?”

Jennifer said, “Yes, his brain isn’t swollen any more, and his artery that the Marine severed has been mended. But something is still very wrong; nothing else has been healed.

She showed John the knife wound, the skin and muscle was swollen from being water logged. She gently turned Harry’s head for him to see the skull showing where it was crushed from the Marine’s club. “He shouldn’t have these effects from the water with his magical abilities. You know how normally when he is healed he comes out of the water healed and dry? That process seems to not be working. And whatever that electrical weapon was the Sentinel sent out burnt out his own electric system. I think this is why the water wasn’t healing him properly. I keep telling him what he needs to do and he just looks at me and then goes back asleep.”

John told her to get him cleaned up and in dry clothes and then let him know so he can come back and see if he can get through to him. I’m going to go pay Woolsey a visit.”

Harry whispered John’s name and he turned back to him. “What is it, Harry? I’m here buddy.”

Harry opened his eyes and tried to turn his head to look at him but the effort was too great. John gently moved his head for him and stood over him more so Harry could see him. The tiniest smile started to show on Harry's ghostly white face but then lost its way in the shivers he developed. His teeth began to chatter and John looked at Harry wishing he knew what he wanted from him.

John put his hand in his pocket and pulled out Harry’s Mokeskin pouch that goes to him when Harry is in a compromised position or dead. He opened the pouch and said, “Harry needs his wand.”

The wand instantly appeared in Harry’s hand and Jennifer gasped and grabbed John’s arm. “Mr. Woolsey told me to let him know if Harry gets his wand. He thinks Harry is an evil wizard now.”

Harry was suddenly clean, and dry as were the sheets he was lying on. He rested the wand over the cut on his stomach where the large artery was cut. The muscle and skin began to drain until it looked normal. He groaned trying to lift his hand and took deep breaths. He was too tired to lift his arm and asked John to lift his wand hand to his head. “Call Jack on the cell phone I gave him. Tell him what is going on. You need to find out why you didn’t know about the Sentinel. I hand wrote my report I gave him. If you have a typewritten report from me then it wasn’t from me. Don’t let Mr. Woolsey send any more messages to Earth. I think I know what is going on. We weren’t supposed to live through that mission to get Elizabeth. I’m sure Mr. Woolsey doesn’t know that he is being used. Suggest to Jack that he doesn’t do anything until I get on my feet and we come up with a plan. I don’t think Sturgis Altimore is dead after all. If Mr. Woolsey contacts Earth again, I’ll have to take drastic measures to stop Altimore from getting to Atlantis. It more than likely will kill me.”

Harry moaned and tried to lift his hand but couldn’t. He caught his breath with the pain from his head and then said, “Put my hand with the wand over the broken skull and then let go quickly or you’ll be electrocuted.
“Electrocuted? But won’t you be electrocuted too? Won’t it hurt you?”

Harry quietly answered, “Yes, but I have to do this or I’ll be a vegetable the rest of my life. Hurry, John, I can’t stay awake much longer. I’m worn out, and if I have to live, I can’t be a vegetable. My magic is gone but for the magic in my wand. I’ll sleep for a while and … John hurry; I’m dying. Remember, John; don’t let Woolsey contact Earth. And if he does, make sure Rodney doesn’t get Elizabeth and her friends out of stasis.”

John nodded his head and said, “Stay with me buddy, I’ve got you.”

He moved Harry’s wand hand up to his head so the point of the wand went through the broken skull and touched the brain. He let go of Harry but Harry’s hand started to fall to his side. He didn’t have the strength to hold it where it needed to be. John licked his lips and took a deep breath and lifted Harry’s arm putting his wand where Harry needed it to be. “Now, Harry, do it now.”
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Hey Guys, thanks for reading my ff and coming back for my new chapter. You probably should read this chapter with some tissues close by. I hope you like the chapter. You're always welcome to comment.

Chapter 3

Where In The World Is Harry Potter?

Harry opened his eyes and saw John holding his wand hand to his skull. He swallowed and told him to let go. He wasn’t going to do what had to be done with John holding onto him. Mr. Woolsey walked in and announced that he contacted Stargate Command and they ordered them to turn over Harry. “John you’ll take him back right now. I’m sure they’ll fix him up good as new wherever they take him.” Harry looked worriedly at John. John saw the worry and turned to see Woolsey coming toward him and Harry. John let go of Harry and Harry forced the electric jolt into his brain. His body went into spasms as you might expect from someone being electrocuted. Then Harry was still and Mr. Woolsey asked if he was still alive. Jennifer looked at her instrument and shook her head saying, “The electricity knocked out the scanner. I’ll need Rodney to re-calibrate the machinery in here.” She reached over to check for a pulse but Harry disappeared. He wasn’t seen again for a month but strange things happened that could only be explained as magic.

Ever since the mission to bring Elizabeth and her friends back the Stargate was offline. None of the Puddle jumpers were operational and strange electrical anomalies appeared suddenly and disappeared just as sudden. Rodney was extremely difficult to be around because he couldn’t find the answers to the questions Mr. Woolsey continuously asked him: What is causing the anomalies? Could the Replicators be causing them? When will the Stargate be operational again? When will the Puddle jumpers be fixed? And the two questions asked most frequently: Where is Harry Potter and has he tried to communicate with him or John at all?

John was also experiencing a lack of patience and charm he normally had. It seemed like Mr. Woolsey was constantly following John everywhere he went and observed everything he did. John was not used to being left out of the loop and not having answers and Woolsey was getting on his nerves. Mostly John was short tempered because he was worried about Harry. He wondered why Ginny hadn’t called and asked if Harry was still there and could he tell Harry to go home. What happened that Ginny and Lily didn’t come with Harry when that was the plans made nearly two months ago?

Friday drew upon the city beginning the fifth week that Harry disappeared. Mr. Woolsey walked into the mess hall and made his lunch tray and looked around for a place to sit. John and Teyla were sitting at a table talking quietly. Mr. Woolsey approached them and asked if he could join them. Teyla smiled friendly and welcomed him to join them but John wasn’t accepting of the idea of eating and chatting with the man whom he acquired a dislike for. He stood up and said in a not so friendly voice, “Excuse me, I’ve got to go and do … something that just came up. I’ll catch you later.”

“John, please sit back down and listen to me. I’ve been thinking-”

“You should have been thinking long before now. You don’t have a clue what you’ve done; or the danger you’ve put Harry and probably all of us in.”

“That’s what I want to talk to you about. At the time it made horrible sense. I didn’t want to believe that Harry had gone evil, but by his own admission he said that Elizabeth and her friends were very valuable. He said that he would need to take them home and bring them back online since he reprogrammed them. The report made sense but then specialists in Homeland Security picked the report apart saying what Harry was planning was a complete take over and created a perfect way to dominate both Galaxy’s. And then when you got here with Elizabeth, Teyla told all of us that while everyone was in the cave but her and the marines; Harry told her to make sure Rodney doesn’t try to bring them out of stasis.”

“And you believed that?! That is the most bazaar story I have ever heard in my life! I can’t believe you believed it! Well; except for the last part where Harry talked to Teyla.”

Mr. Woolsey gave him a folder and said, “This came from Brigadier General Jack O’Neill; read what he says. Harry’s report is also in there; read it while you’re at it.”

John opened the report and looked through it and slammed the folder closed. “This isn’t from General O’Neill and this report isn’t from Harry. Harry told us back when he came back from killing the Ice Giant that his report to General O’Neill was in his handwriting so it could be easily authenticated. And this letter to you from the General isn’t from him at all. I know he would never talk like this about Harry. He loves Harry like a son. And besides if the General suspected something like this of Harry, he wouldn’t send a letter, he’d stop Harry from coming and he wouldn’t give the order to fly directly and nonstop no matter what to the planet after we went through the last Stargate before the planet. And lastly, if we had flown straight to the planet nonstop we would have been vaporized by the Sentinel Harry set up to watch over the planet. When we got to that area Harry had to make us stop. He said, “Did you guys forget about the Sentinel?”

Mr. Woolsey was speechless and then he said, “I don’t think you and your team and the Marines were supposed to come back that day. I think you all were supposed to be killed by the Sentinel. There wasn’t anything in Harry’s report about a Sentinel and General O’Neill gave the order that you weren’t to let Harry interfere in any way; to use lethal force if necessary and to fly straight for the planet nonstop. Harry wouldn’t have gone with you if he didn’t think you knew about the Sentinel because he would have been vaporized with the rest of you.”

Just then Jennifer called from the Infirmary. “John, I need you to report to the Infirmary right now. Harry just showed up and asked for you and he wants you to bring Mr. Woolsey. You need to hurry.”
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for my new chapter. This one is pretty long, or maybe it seemed long when I read through it just now to make sure it was ok. (I kept falling asleep ) LOL It isn't boring, I'm just tired. I hope you enjoyed the last chapter. This chapter needs to be read with a box of tissues like I said before. There is one more chapter in this series and then we'll be starting a new series, but it will begin where this one left off. Well, here you go. Again, thanks for reading.

Chapter 4

Harry Has A Painful Story To Tell

Rodney’s excited voice called John, “John, Harry’s life sign just showed up in the Infirmary!”

Everyone got to the entrance to the Infirmary at the same time. Rodney wasn’t happy to see Mr. Woolsey but didn’t say anything. Just then he quickly pulled his laptop from his backpack and studied it for a second. “The Stargate is online again.”
John got a call from Zelenka almost as quickly as Rodney found out the Stargate was back online. “John, I didn’t fix them but all the Puddle jumpers are operational again. There isn’t anything wrong with them.”

Everyone walked into the Infirmary and walked over to Jennifer who was tending a patient. She had a worried look on her face and was relieved when she saw the visitors coming to her. She stepped back and nodded her head at her patient.

It appeared that Harry was asleep so people whispered so they wouldn’t wake him. A few minutes later Jack and Sam walked in and went directly to Harry’s bed. “What happened to him?! asked Sam right away.

Harry was intimidating and downright scary looking. Even with his eyes closed he looked ferocious. And then everyone jumped backward when Harry became taunt and screamed in horrible pain as he sizzled with currents of electricity going through him. When it subsided he swallowed and called out softly for John.

“I’m here buddy; I’m glad you’re back. What’s happening to you though?”

“When Altimore fell into that machine I was destroying he was caught up in the matter antimatter chamber. He was inundated with subatomic nanites he had created to make his Ice Giant. His body was eventually overcome with the saturation of nanites and matter antimatter particles and ceased to exist any longer. But his mind was intact and after he learned how to control the nanites he escaped the chamber and existed in space as energy. He’s been looking for Elizabeth and her friends ever since. He went to the place you left them first thing and was upset to say the least, because they weren’t there. He traveled through space occupying every wormhole opening and closing. He finally found the one he needed to get to Elizabeth. He-”

Harry went into another spasm of electrical charges going through him. He screamed not to touch him when John reached out to him. John said, “I can touch you because Zeus’s lightning Rod protects me from the electrical charges.” He reached for Harry but Harry screamed no again. Finally the charges dissipated and Harry lay breathing short shallow breaths like a dog panting after running hard in hot weather. He swallowed and asked for some water. He was shaking so hard when it was given to him that he slopped it out on him and the bed. Teyla took it quickly and Harry pushed them all away from him when he started sizzling and steaming where the water slopped out on him. He waved his wand over him and the bed as fast as he could and the sizzling stopped. That’s when they noticed burns on his hands and chest. Teyla stepped close to the bed and helped raise Harry’s head. Now she had a straw in the glass and he drank greedily for several minutes. Then he stopped and lay back to rest. He was exhausted and overwhelmed with the weariness but took in a shaky deep breath and continued on with his story.

“Altimore lay dormant in the computers on Cheyenne Mountain until he discovered the patch to communicate with the leader of the Atlantis Expedition, Mr. Woolsey. He knew he hit the jackpot because this was the only constant communication with the Pegasus Galaxy where he thought Elisabeth and her friends were. He was still unable to find them. He tried to get in the report I filed to Jack but couldn’t get passed my magic. He finally found a way to unlock the report. He had key words, Harry Potter secrets; floating around to snatch anything that had those exact words somewhere in the message. Then he found what he was looking for. He got in Hermione’s work computer. He found out that she was trying to find out my secrets so he made an anonymous tip to her. He told her to speak to Jack O’Neill on his computer on the base. When she sent an e-mail to Jack, Altimore intercepted it and used it to send the files and reports to her. He traveled along with the email and when it got into her computer my report became an open book to him because her computer at the Ministry has clearance to read my reports. He then recreated my report changing things around to suit his needs and sent them to Mr. Woolsey from Jack as Top Secret. He knew about the Sentinel and planned on it destroying the Puddle jumper and all on board.”

Harry had another spasm and then continued with his story, much weaker than before. After each spasm which was coming faster and more painful Harry became weaker but the electric kept building up to great amounts.

“The reports from Altimore’s Jack became increasingly alarming about me until Mr. Woolsey had to believe them. He couldn’t risk John and the team being hurt or killed so he sent the Marine’s with us to keep me from interfering or manipulating the mission to fit my agenda. Altimore also sent written orders from Jack to kill me if I attempted to go to the front of the Puddle jumper with John or else I would then be in the position to devastate the Milky Way Galaxy and the Pegasus Galaxy. When I was successful in making you wait until the Sentinel guided you in to get Elizabeth, Altimore was exceedingly angry. The only thing left for him to do was to piggyback a ride back to the Pegasus Galaxy via a report from Mr. Woolsey. That’s why I said to not communicate with Earth. But, unfortunately Mr. Woolsey made a wormhole report and suggested that Jack come with Sam to oversee the procedure to wake up Elizabeth and her friends. This was when Altimore learned to travel along the analogue stream instead of through the wormhole itself since wormholes are one way only.”

Rodney looked at Mr. Woolsey and said, “Wouldn’t it be nice if you had listened to and trusted the people who knows things you don’t know anything about?”

Mr. Woolsey nodded his head but then spoke confidently. “While I am regretful of everything that transpired and I accept the responsibility of everything that happened, I still think that following the rules is always the best thing to do. We mustn’t get in a habit of picking and choosing things we don’t like the outcome of because we might change it to something much worse. Although I did consider leaving Harry here I felt he deserved to go and I thought he would be able to keep the team safe since you were going into an uncharted Galaxy. Can you imagine what we would be dealing with if I had left Harry here?”

John looked at Harry who was taking advantage of Rodney and Mr. Woolsey arguing. He was so still John wasn’t sure if he was still living. Jennifer must have wondered the same thing because she put her hand softly on Harry’s neck. Harry stirred at her touch and opened his eyes. He was staring ahead and then he shook his head slowly and tears streamed down his face as a new electrical charge hit him. It seemed like it was lasting longer than the last one had. Finally Harry was still but for trying to stop the sizzling from the tears he had spilled onto his face. Teyla quickly slathered some Dittany on the burn trails from the tears. When he calmed down he began to speak again. By now they all had to bend down close to him so they could hear him.

“I won’t live through another spasm so I’ll try to finish my report. Altimore rode the stream to this Galaxy but because I had a special code in the Stargate to eliminate anything from piggybacking analogues or wormholes he was ejected into space. He created disturbances to draw me out. He and I fought all month in space. Sometimes we were close enough that our bursts of energy created anomalies here, and I apologize for that. I drained his energy so much that he needed to leave space every other day to find a system to rest and refuel his energy requirements. I used these times to go to a planet and eat and sleep for four hours. This was the amount of time he needed to suit his needs. Then we were back at it. I finally figured out a way to kill him the next time he left to refresh, but that is when Rodney decided to try to wake up Elizabeth and her friends. He felt the energy and followed it here with no problem whatsoever.”

Mr. Woolsey looked at Rodney and said, “Oh wouldn’t it be nice if you had listened to and trusted the person who knows things you don’t know anything about?”

Rodney became red in the face and said, “Now look here! I got a message from Harry saying he was on Earth now and that he needed time to recover. He said for me to go ahead and revive Elizabeth and the others. So that’s what I was doing when something went wrong. I brought one of the friends back and before he was completely brought back we had an anomaly and he … well… he died. But then I saw Harry’s life sign in the infirmary.”

Harry interrupted and said, “That message was from Altimore, not me. I need to get to the stasis pods now. I’ve got just enough magic to get us there. Don’t interfere and don’t try to save me when I’m done. After I’m done go ahead and revive Elizabeth and her friends. It’s been a pleasure and an honor knowing and working with all of you.” He looked sadly at John and then smiled a very small sad smile, “Behave big brother.”

He held out his arms for anyone wanting to go with him to grab. Of course everyone took a hold of him and they were suddenly in the room with the stasis pods. He took the dead one away from the others and cut the thick electrical conduit that transferred all the energy to and from the pod to keep it functioning. He took some deep breaths and then as another spasm hit him he grabbed the exposed wires and electric current entered the pod and the body in the pod disintegrated. When the body was completely gone, Harry sank to the floor. John felt Harry’s pouch with his wand and everything else attach to his waist like Harry wore it.

Jennifer knelt by him and ran her scanner and then said, “Harry is dead.”

John grabbed Jack and said, “Help me.” John picked up Harry and carried him like a sack of potatoes over his shoulder. He went to the Puddle jumpers with Jack following and then entered one of them. He gently put Harry on the floor and then sat beside him and took out his knife. “General, take us out over the ocean and lower us down into it. Depressurize the bay and then open the hatch and flood the cargo bay with enough water to submerge Harry.” He didn’t wait for a reply and slit his and Harry’s wrists. He clasped Harry’s fingers intertwining them making a big fist with their hands. He quickly taped their hands together up over their wrists so they wouldn’t get separated.

Jack went white in the face and knew he was near losing not only a man he loved as a son, but a friend and an excellent air force pilot and commander too. He quickly did as John instructed. Just before he closed the bulkhead doors he looked back at the two men. Harry was lifeless as expected and John was white as a ghost. He rolled his head toward Jack and an attempt to salute him was the last he saw as he closed the doors and lowered the back of the Puddle jumper into the water.

A minute later John was up front with Jack. His wrist was healed and wrapped. He was still white and unconscious, but he was alive. Harry thanked Jack and told him to get John to the infirmary to get some more blood. Then Harry disappeared. He was gone for three weeks and then he showed up in the Control Tower. He didn’t know what to expect so he asked if there was anyone in charge available to talk to.

Mr. Woolsey came out of his office and smiled at Harry somewhat nervously which was out of character for him. Harry didn’t smile but offered him his hand in friendship. Mr. Woolsey took it and shook it warmly. Harry asked how John was and Mr. Woolsey said he was fine and made a full recovery. Harry was different somehow, but Mr. Woolsey couldn’t put his finger on exactly what it was. Of course he knew the obvious changes like he was too thin and looked a lot older than he was. But the most obvious difference was how tough and formidable he was.

“I’m turning myself in but I need to get some food, clean up, and some sleep first if that is permissible.”

Mr. Woolsey looked bewildered and told Harry to come in his office and sit while he made a phone call. With an immense effort Harry followed Mr. Woolsey into his office but stopped briefly putting his hand on the mainframe computer and then stepped into the office and sat in the chair indicated to him while Mr. Woolsey made his call. Harry closed his eyes to rest as much as possible and fell asleep. He sat with his head slightly bowed forward; his feet on the floor and his hands doubled in fists on his lap.

Jack, John, Carson, Sam, Teyla, Ronon, and Rodney entered the office, quietly, when they saw Mr. Woolsey put his finger to his lips and nodded his head at Harry. When they all got in the office and saw who was sitting in the office with them Rodney became very agitated.

“What is he doing here?! We have to take him someplace far away from here. I’m telling you, people, it isn’t safe for us with him here. We can take him someplace safe; someplace safe and away from here; far away from here.”

John looked disbelievingly at Rodney and whispered, “What are you talking about? What do you know that we don’t?”

“Nothing I’m just extremely busy is all. Why do we have to drop everything to come up here and watch him sleep? I like Harry. He’s a great friend and we owe him more than we can ever pay him, but I have important things to work on and standing here waiting for him to wake up only takes time I need to work on this very important project.”

John pointed to the door and said, “Go then, Rodney, just go because you’re not helping here!” John had seen that Rodney woke Harry and he was listening to Rodney complaining.

Then Rodney saw that Harry was watching him. “Look Harry, I’m sorry I woke you, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. If I can help you in any way at all I will, no questions asked. If I had time to tell you what I have to do I’d tell you, but every minute I am away from what I’m doing risks us losing Atlantis and maybe even the whole Galaxy. And mainly I’m trying to find a way to-”

Harry looked into Rodney’s eyes using Legilimency and then in a quiet voice said, “You don’t have to worry about that, Rodney. Altimore is gone for good. The anomaly you are watching doesn’t threaten Atlantis. It was what I would call a space ripple. When the Galaxy you discovered came into this Galaxy it had to displace the area it would occupy while it shared this Galaxy. Shifting vacuums around caused tremors that created the ripples and thus created the anomalies. It just took a little time for it to get here. The ripple passed and since the new Galaxy has left the Pegasus Galaxy the ripple will be pulled back to the area it was displaced from. That will happen next week but the anomalies won’t be very strong since it isn’t traveling from a long distance to come back and pass through.”

Rodney’s mouth dropped open while Harry was explaining the anomalies. “But, they acted the same as when you were fighting that Altimore guy in space causing all the anomalies. I was afraid that he wasn’t all the way gone.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “Understandably so; you did the right thing. Are there any other questions you have?” Rodney shook his head no but Harry said, “Don’t spend anymore of your time and energy working to resolve the other thing that you’re really upset about. It’s too late now even if you figured it out.”

Mr. Woolsey said, “Can you forgive me for not only allowing, albeit unknowingly, Altimore being able to get here but for nearly getting you killed?”

Harry said, “Yes” and then looked around for other questions. Teyla said, “How did you know how to kill that Altimore thing?”

Harry said, “When I fought him in space as energy I began absorbing his energy so I could contain him. When I had all his energy within me, I came back to the Infirmary to rest and build up my strength and courage to be able to do what had to be done. Each spasm I had was the result of his energy increasing exponentially. When he was nearly at full capacity I went down to the stasis pod that Rodney tried to integrate but failed. I cut the conduit lines and when he became fully initiated with the last spasm I touched the conduit lines to me and Altimore went inside the body of the dead replicator. Only I continued to feed all my energy in with him. My energy going into the confined space of the pod caused an overload and it completely obliterated every molecule in the stasis pod. Altimore is gone forever.”

“Killing you along with him!” added John angrily. “What were you thinking? What are Ginny and your kids supposed to do without you?”

Harry looked at John and answered, “They will continue on like they always do. Only now, they won’t have to worry about me disrupting their lives or getting in their way while I try to play catch up from being nearly dead or gone on missions. They don’t make plans that include me because they’re tired of putting off plans we make until I come back from somewhere or until I recover from injuries. I know they love me, but it’s too hard on them me being around. I love them more than my life so I’m giving myself up for them to be free of me. And before you accuse me of using Altimore to get myself killed; I will say this once and that will be the end of it. I didn’t want to die; I wanted to live and go home, but I realized I wouldn’t be able to go home. I know I needed to accept responsibility of Altimore getting here. I have to surrender to the IOA or whoever would be in charge of accepting my surrender.”

They all stared at him in shock. Ronon said, “How do you figure you need to give up your life for Altimore getting here?”

Harry sighed and held his stomach while it protested being hungry and thirsty. Harry licked his lips and swallowed and said, “Because my file ended up in Hermione’s computer. When she thought she was communicating with Jack she requested all the files on me. She wanted to know my secrets. The sad thing is; I told her I would tell her my secrets after she was sworn in. And I did tell her. But she wasn’t able to handle the truth and I made her forget everything I told her. I put it in the back of her mind so she would understand anything that might happen and then forget it again. Once my files ended up on her computer Altimore had his way to get here. Thankfully I put that safeguard in the communications filter that bounced him off into space. But I am responsible for my people so I am surrendering myself to the right authority.”

Sam asked where he had been for the past three weeks and he said, “I’ve been following the anomaly that the new Galaxy caused since Rodney was busy with Elizabeth and the others. I put all the information in the mainframe this evening when I got here. I also placed more Stargates inside the new Galaxy so you can explore it so you don’t have to wait for the next forty years to come around. I’ve charted the Galaxy and this information is also in the mainframe computer. Please be careful when you begin exploring it. There are many wonders inside the Galaxy; some of them are very dangerous. If the IOA or whatever custody I’ll be in, unless they have me killed, agrees I will accompany you on any of them if you need me.”

Teyla said, “But, Harry, Ginny and your kids! What are they supposed to do without you?”

Harry stared straight ahead and finally softly said, “I already said that they will be fine. They will be better off with me gone, one way or another.”

“But she will be devastated! How can you just walk away from them?”

Harry’s eyes betrayed the hurt but his voice continued in the soft quiet answer. “How many times has she called here?”

Nobody answered but looked at each other.

“Right, so there is your answer. I’ve been gone over two months and she hasn’t called me either. I know she loves me, and I don’t know the reason she hasn’t called me to come home. But I have to consider that she was serious when she told me she knew what she was saying and she again told me to leave for a couple months until she called me back.”

Harry blinked his eyes several times and then rubbed them. He looked at Carson and smiled. “Carson, did you have a fine reunion with your Mum? Is she doing well?”

Carson smiled widely and said, “Yes, Harry, thank you, I had a wonderful time catching up and visiting. But lad, how about we get you some food and rest. Do you think you’d be able to rest in the infirmary so I can observe you while you sleep?” Harry said he didn’t care; to do whatever he wanted.

Carson moved to go out the door and Harry stood up to follow. Rodney put his hand on Harry’s arm to get his attention. “Harry, don’t you still love Ginny and the kids? You’re a husband and father. Don’t you want to go home and be with them?”

Harry turned back to the door to leave but Rodney pulled on his shirt sleeve to stop him. Harry jerked his arm away and the sleeve ripped off. Rodney looked at the sleeve in his hand and then looked at Harry again. “Harry?”

This time Harry stopped and looked directly in the eyes of the concerned man. Tears streamed down his face and the pain in his eyes was more than some could take and began to sob. Harry’s voice was shaky and so soft they had to strain to hear him.

“Yes, Rodney, I do love them. I love them so much that I gave my life to them and now I’m giving up my life for them. And you asked don’t I want to go home. Yes, Rodney I want to go home. But my whole life has never been about what I want.”

“I don’t understand, Harry. Why do you say you’re giving them your life now? You are surrendering to a life of solitary prison. They won’t be able to visit you; none of us will be allowed to. You’ll be alone the rest of your life.”

Harry nodded his head and forced his voice to go through his constricted throat. “You don’t seem to understand, Rodney. I am always alone; I will be alone until they find a way to kill me. Ginny and the kids will be safe from disgrace because the IOA or whoever offs me will print the story of a heroic death to cover their tracks. Nobody will investigate the death of a world hero who was killed in a top secret mission to stop radical terrorism. They already have the story written, they’re just waiting for me to die to print it.”

Jack said, “Surely you have misunderstood something you saw or heard. Where did you see this story?”

Harry answered, “I was in the machine as energy. I had to have a way to follow, fight, and destroy Altimore. While I was in the computer I saw the masterpiece he prepared for my demise. I made adjustments wherever I found places I could do so without raising suspicions from the software. This is how I was able to secure all my wealth all over the world; every penny of it for Ginny and my kids. I was able to clean up the falsehoods he wrote about each of you here and SG1. This is when he detected me and put a secure lockout on my files. I couldn’t change the report telling how heroic I died and all. He put an encrypted code on my file that would be broken and put in effect if he died. An assassination contract would be put out on me so my dead body could be traded for nuclear codes to disarm nuclear rockets aimed at strategic areas of the populous for the largest kill zone in these two Galaxies. As many years as we’ve been fighting he thought that would stop me from killing him. The encrypted code has been triggered since I did kill him. And so any time now Mr. Woolsey will get the order to lock me up and transport me back to Earth if I show up here. I’m sure I am to be killed on my way to Earth so I don’t want anyone here to go with me or you’ll be killed.”

Harry took a deep breath and rubbed his face wearily. “I was really counting on some food and a shower, fresh clothes and some sleep if that’s okay.”

Rodney grabbed his arm in desperation and said, “Harry, maybe it isn’t too late. We can take you someplace safe and-”

Harry hung his head and then shook his head sorrowfully. When he raised his head he looked at Rodney and smiled understandingly. “Rodney, thank you for doing all you could. I appreciate all the time and effort you gave to my cause.” He swallowed and fought back the tears streaming from his eyes now. “There comes a time when the dance stops because the music stops playing. It is over. Thank you though, Rodney.”

John clamped his jaw shut to keep from saying something that wouldn’t be nice. But then blurted out, “Look people, three hours ago Harry came here to get cleaned up, eat, and rest. You all keep making him talk more.”

Harry touched John’s hip and John felt the familiar pouch attach to his hip. It was invisible so John didn’t say anything to give away what Harry did. He looked at Harry when he started to speak again. “I wish-”

He stood rigid and looked back to Mr. Woolsey who was getting a message from Earth. Just then a platoon of Marines appeared in the gate area. They looked around and saw Harry and ran up the steps to surround him. Harry said, “Dying isn’t so bad if it’s quick. I just wish I wasn’t so dirty, hungry, and tired.”
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Hey Guys, thanks for reading and coming back for my new chapter. I hope you like it.

Chapter 5

Harry Can Finally Go Home

Harry asked if they had their orders to prove they had the authority to take him. One of the Marines handed him an official document and Harry read it. “It says that you are to ask me to go back to Earth with you to be given a citation of bravery from the President of the United States and other participating nations and worlds.” He smiled and handed the orders back to the Marine in charge. “Since it is only a request then I decline the citation of bravery and would like to stay here to rest and recuperate.”

The Marine was caught off guard and said, “Sir, I am ordered to bring you back with me. If you don’t come willingly then I’ll have to arrest you.”

Harry looked at Jack and the others making sure they knew that what he said would happen is happening. “Officer, do you have charges against me? Because according to your orders I am being asked to come back and I’m declining. There isn’t any warrant for an arrest.”

The Marine said, “Sir, all I know is that I am to take you back with force if I have to. And while we’re being disagreeable, you are to surrender your wand and sword for our safety until we get back to Earth.”

Harry’s sword came to his hand and he said, “If you can take it from me then I’ll let you take it until we get back home.”

Harry held it out to the officer who then took a hold of the hilt and tried to take it, but he couldn’t lift it. All the Marines tried to take it but couldn’t budge it. They told Ronon to take it from Harry. So Harry held it out to Ronon. He said, “I know it’s heavy but I can manage it okay. Are you sure you want me to take it?”

Harry held it out for him and Ronon tried to take it but couldn’t budge it either. They told John to try, but John just laughed not making a move towards the sword. “I don’t have any dilutions of grandeur. If Ronon can’t lift it, I know I can’t.”

Harry made the sword disappear back to his pouch on John’s hip. “I will not be surrendering my wand or sword because you didn’t pass the test. Only the pure of heart can lift my sword. And if you can’t lift my sword you definitely can’t have my wand. I no longer have either one on me now because I’d rather them be lost in space or someplace in the mighty depths of the ocean we are surrounded by than fall into the wrong hands.”

Harry swayed on his feet and said, “Look, I’m going to go with you, but can I eat something and have a drink of water. I won’t make it back to Earth if you don’t let me.”

The Marine said, “Quit your belly aching and let’s go.” He grabbed Harry by the front of his shirt rather roughly and yanked on him; throwing him at the steps. His shirt ripped off and Harry reached out to hang onto a Marine who was beside him for balance. The Marine knocked Harry’s hand off and said, “Come on let’s go.” He roughly handcuffed Harry’s hands behind his back and shoved him towards the steps.

Harry looked doubtful at the steep stairs and said, “I’m not trying to be difficult, but I know I can’t maneuver these steps in the condition I’m in. Can you allow John to help me, please?”

The Marine said, “Quit stalling and get down the steps. He used his club on Harry’s shoulders in the back and Harry’s knees buckled and his head dropped. He fell all the way to the bottom and didn’t move when he stopped on the bottom level.

John grabbed the Marine and said he was placing him under arrest for unnecessary roughness. The Marine struck John across his face with his weapon and he fell to the floor. He looked at Mr. Woolsey and the others and said, “He’s lucky I’m not going to file charges against him. Jack knelt down to John to help him and told Carson to help Harry.

Teyla knelt down and said she would help John and Jack thanked her and went with everyone else to help Harry. Carson yelled at the Marines who were about to pull Harry to his feet not to touch him. They stopped and stood back for Carson to do what he wanted to do.

“You’ve killed him, I’m not even to him yet and I can see you’ve killed him. Carson got to the bottom of the steps and knelt by Harry. His hands shook as he got out his small instrument he carried with him at all times. “Well, it’s as I said, you killed him; he’s dead. While he was already suffering from fighting in space and inside computers, you further added to his pain by breaking his neck, breaking four places in his back, breaking both shoulders, his left elbow is broken, both wrists are broken and the handcuffs tore his veins. He has seven broken and displaced ribs. His left lung is deflated and filled with blood. His hip is fractured, his left leg is broken, and his knee caps are crushed. I hope you’re bloody happy you just killed an innocent man and a world hero.” Carson turned the machine to show the Marine that he was telling the truth. The Marine made a copy on a thumb drive of the findings of the scanner and then made a call to the ship orbiting the planet and disappeared. John made it down the steps with Teyla’s help and stared at Harry’s mangled body. Carson quickly gave Harry a shot of Adrenalin into his heart and worked feverishly to revive him. Finally he said, “I’ve got him back, just barely, but he’s back. Ronon, help me get him to the ocean.”

Suddenly John said, “Sam type a report and have Carson sign it so it is an official death report. Rodney, as soon as they are done send it to Stargate command and make sure you can trace everywhere it goes to. Hurry!”

Sam did as she was told and Teyla ran up the steps and ran back down with the video recordings that were made via security camera feeds. Just as soon as Carson signed the report Rodney sent it.
Jack asked John what he was doing. John turned quickly to talk to Jack and passed out. Sam said, “Harry told us about Altimore’s perfect demise planned for him. I think John is hoping that since the assassin contract was completed then the report will be deleted so there won’t be any trace that it was all a ruse to set up Harry to be killed. Since Harry killed Altimore then he can’t check to see if it is the truth. All the nations who participated in the hunt and destruction of Harry will cover their involvement so they don’t have to take the heat for having Harry killed when there isn’t any report that will collaborate their claim. And I think John is correct. Rodney, just as soon as you get confirmation of the trail that report goes to then let us know.”

Rodney said, “This is what I’ve been working on. I found the stream that this assassination contract was sent out on. I’ve been working on trying to delete it to keep it from being carried out. That’s what Harry was talking about when he told me thanks but never mind. How did he even know about – I mean how does he get inside the computer or how was he energy in space? Where was his body while he was energy? These questions and more kept me distracted and I couldn’t work efficiently. Every time I thought I had it deleted it came back on.”

Jack calmly but impatiently said, “Rodney, this isn’t about you. We need to know who all got this contract and if anyone has responded to it, like how much is the payout and things of that nature. And most importantly to me; we need to know when Harry will be safe from hit men. Also why was it a US Marine unit who was sent to get him and what ship was commissioned to do the dirty work?”

Rodney’s face turned red and then he had an idea and began typing on his laptop as he headed for his lab. Jack followed Carson and his medical unit taking John away on a gurney. When they got to the infirmary they transferred John to a bed and Carson began working on him hastily. Jack asked if he was going to be okay.

Carson said, “It’s too soon to tell, but there is a good chance of him pulling through if he lives through the night. Since I was able to give him Harry’s concussion medicine right away then he has a head start on recovery.”

Jennifer hurried in the room and began getting the bed next to John ready with a tray of different medicines and surgical equipment. Jack asked what was going on and Carson looked up from working on John. “I had a net made to have ready for whenever Harry needed to be in the water. This way we can observe him while he is completely submerged. Under normal conditions that he can be underwater for a couple days he wouldn’t need this. But, in times like now we need to bring him back here after he heals enough to come out of the water for a while. Harry is severely malnourished and dehydrated. I can give him supplements enough to keep him alive and then he can return to the ocean for however long he wants.”

Teyla said that was good thinking but added, “Wouldn’t the ability that causes him to be able to breathe provide him the same means to receive his nutrients? Maybe he breathes in plankton or something like that while he’s breathing in the oxygen in the water.”

Carson stopped and looked at her. “I didn’t think of that, Love. I guess Harry wouldn’t need to be brought in for me to look after him after all.” He looked lost for a moment and Jack said, “It was a good idea, Carson. I would feel better with him under you and Jennifer’s watchful eyes, but we shouldn’t interfere if we don’t need to.”

Just then Ronon walked in carrying Harry dripping water as he placed him on the bed they had waiting for him. Harry moaned whenever he was moved and Ronon said, “He’s in a lot of pain. When I was getting him out of the water he begged me to let him die.”

Rodney walked hurriedly into the infirmary and asked how John was. He walked over to him and patted his shoulder with an air being absent minded. He’s going to be okay isn’t he?”

John opened his eyes and asked what he found out about where all the report of Harry’s death went. Then he asked why it smelled so fishy. Ronon stepped around to him so he could see him and patted him on the shoulder. John looked at his friend and said, “How many times do I have to tell you not to swim in your clothes?”

Everyone laughed and John fell back asleep at the same time Harry said, “What does a man have to do to get some sleep around here since he can’t die?”

Rodney said, “Oh Harry, you might want to hear this. I traced everywhere the assassination contract on you went. Oddly enough nobody is admitting that they knew anything about a contract out on your life. Well hardly anyone. The United States said they are investigating a mole in the cyber community who made a vicious lie about you. They said that you are an outstanding Statesman, friend, and ally for the people of the world and they will not tolerate these audacious lies about you. They claim their cyber security perimeters were hacked and whoever is behind this is dispatching military personnel and military vessels to hunt you down and kill you. Upon further investigation they uncovered a fictional story to cover your assassination. The claim is that you are a world hero for giving up yourself knowing you would be killed to trade your dead body for the safety of the two galaxies. Then when they learned you were dead they gave notice that this is an act of war and they are delving into the matter with the utmost urgency. And when they find out who is responsible for the cyber attack and putting out the assassination order they will not leave any stone unturned to find and execute the full wrath of the Eagle upon the guilty. The UK claims much the same thing. And lastly Hermione Weasley, when the assassination order went out, said that your people will look into the matter and deal with you if it turns out to be true. She said under no circumstance are you to be hurt in any way. And when Hermione saw the report of your death she went ballistic. She is demanding to know what happened, where your body is and that she expects you to be sent to her immediately or she will round up the most formidable wizards and witches in existence and come after whoever has you with all their might. Unfortunately she saw the whole thing since the videos went with the death report, so she now has seen Atlantis.”

Harry sat up and tore the leads off of him and said, “More importantly she thinks I am dead and she probably is at this minute showing the video to Ginny and Ron. I need to get home. He looked over and saw John in the bed beside him with his head wrapped and receiving blood. “What happened to John?” he asked worriedly.

Jack said, “He took exception to the way you were being treated and then they showed their own displeasure with him.”

Harry said, “I don’t suppose I can take him home with me. We’ll look after him and I can bring him back when he recovers.”

Jack said, “I don’t think you are well enough to get yourself there yet alone John too. How about you take the Puddle jumper and then John can come back with it when he’s up to it?”

Harry nodded his head and asked if they could leave right then. Jack said they could and then Carson said he’d be there to check on them sometime within the next few days.

Harry put his hand on John and gave him some energy. This took a lot out of Harry but he said he was fine. John opened his eyes and looked around. Harry put his hand in front of John’s face and asked how many fingers he had up. When John blinked hard and took a couple seconds to answer Harry said, “Never mind. Dad gave me the keys to the car tonight so let’s go.”

John looked at Jack for confirmation and was told to go home with Harry and to let him drive. He was smiling at the two young men. “Carson will be along in a few days with your orders. And John, we don’t know what is going on with Harry and Ginny, and Harry is extremely vulnerable right now. Try to shield him from any kind of talk that is made when hot headed people let their anger do the talking.”

John nodded and closed his eyes to settle the room from spinning. Teyla kissed John good-bye and Jack told Ronon to make sure they got to the puddle jumper okay. Harry was happy but somewhat apprehensive. He was going home, but what awaited for him there? Ginny never did call and ask for him to come home.
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Hey Guys, thank you so very much for coming back for my next chapter. Please feel free to comment if you want to. Hope you like this chapter.

Short Story: Promises Kept

Chapter 1

The Homecoming

Harry parked the Puddle jumper where John always parks it and called Ginny. She didn’t answer her phone so he called the house number and still she didn’t answer. “Well, for whatever reason, Ginny isn’t answering the phone. I wanted to tell her we are here so she wouldn’t go in shock but I don’t want to wait out here any longer.”

They helped each other into the house arm in arm holding each other up. They chuckled at how difficult it was because each one tried to lead and it caused them to fumble about like they were drunk. “John, would you just let me lead; this is my dance.” They both chuckled under the labor of trying to get in the house.

Harry stopped after they got inside and looked around. Something was very wrong. It looked as though nobody was home and his study door was magically hidden. Ginny was the only other person who would be able to do that. And if she didn’t then the enchantment he had on the study would do this if his computer or lab was being tampered with. Harry helped John to the couch and told him to lie down. A Honeydukes chocolate bar appeared in his hand and he dropped it on John’s chest and told him to eat it now. All the while Harry was looking about the downstairs. He looked at John to make sure he was eating his chocolate. He grinned at his friend doing as he was told. “That’ll hold you over until Lily gets home; I’ll ask her to heal you. Her magic is plenty strong enough to do that, and it’ll be good for her too.”

“You should ask her to heal you too.”

Harry shook his head and quietly said, “I’m way beyond her abilities right now. It doesn’t matter anyway,” Harry was looking at the portrait over the fireplace and in a defeated voice said, “I don’t want to live.”

John turned his head to see what Harry was looking at that would make him have such a change of heart about living. He swore under his breath when he saw the portrait that used to show a happy young family, but now the family was without the father. It was just Ginny and her three children.

John said, “Harry, we don’t know the story behind what we are and aren’t seeing. You’re hurt, exhausted, filthy, and starved. Go eat something and then get cleaned up and by then you’ll have a plan figured out.”

Harry took his eyes off the portrait and looked at his friend. He sighed and said, “Maybe you’re right; but I’m going to shower first. I’ll make myself sick if I eat first smelling like I do. I’m going downstairs to shower; I don’t want to stink up her bedroom.”

Harry appeared in the cavern and jumped in to get some more healing so he’d be able to face any challenges if any came about. He swam for fifteen minutes and got out of the water. He wasn’t dry but he felt much better than he felt in months. He showered and went up to the kitchen. He looked in on John and found him sleeping. He felt guilty now because he knew John needed to be in the infirmary where Carson and Jennifer could tend to him. He also felt guilty for taking him away from Teyla and seriously considered sending him back home. He turned and went to the refrigerator to get something to eat. There wasn’t anything leftover so he pulled out the makings for a submarine. When he got the long bread he was dismayed to find it stale. When he opened the meat he jerked his head back for the odor of rotten food blasted his senses. He checked the cheese and found it to be bad also. Nothing was fresh or still within the expiration date. His anger mounted and he opened his hands to the refrigerator and said something that caused the appliance to shake and then the contents disappeared.

He checked the bread for mold and didn’t find any so he got a glass of water and drank it slowly while eating the stale bread. He built a warm fire in the fireplace and sat in his chair trying to think while he forced himself to eat the rest of the stale bread and drank another glass of water. His stomach objected to the meager amount of nutrients it was given and Harry held his stomach trying to make it behave. Hunger pain was terrible and he wished he wasn’t so familiar with it. He sat back and closed his eyes trying to think of what he should do and felt the warmth of the fire stealing him from the reality of danger he was in.

He sat up realizing he was in terrible danger and so was John. There was a contract out for his dead body. Although he left Atlantis with the rest of the universe thinking he was dead, he knew that Mr. Woolsey would be turning in an updated report saying the cyber attack was discovered and although his heart had stopped beating Carson was able to revive him. They would know that he was alive, but all the thugs and lowlifes who want him dead will keep trying to make that become a reality ignoring the cancellation of the assassination contract.

Harry got up and went into his study and sat at his computer. He turned it on and entered a series of numbers and symbols. The computer booted up and welcomed Harry back. Harry asked what circumstance caused it to shut down on its own. The computer answered, “Unauthorized subject trying to get encrypted codes and files opened. After Harry read the answer he typed in a command to show a video of the attempt.

The screen went black and then a video of Hermione came on. She was telling Ron and Ginny that he was in deep trouble because of his secrets and they needed to find out if they were going to be able to help him or find him to bring him back if he was guilty. Ron shook his head and said, “I can’t believe he slipped over to the dark side.” Ginny was irate and said, “He didn’t slip over to the dark side. I can’t believe you two who are supposedly his best friends can believe those horrid things you said you found out about him.”

Hermione said, “You believe them too Ginny or else you wouldn’t have sent him away and not asked him to come back home.”

Ginny said, “I was angry at him at first, but only because I hadn’t had enough sleep and he wanted to go do something. I was angry that he wasn’t thinking of me and Lily, but then later I realized we had planned where he wanted us to go and that was the day we were supposed to go. So while I was angry at him I told him to go visit John or something for a couple months. He hadn’t had any restful sleep what with his nightmares he kept waking up with. I think at one point he got up and stayed awake so I could get some sleep. He fixed a wonderful breakfast and had it waiting on the balcony of our bedroom where he fixed it so it was warm and pleasant. I didn’t ask him to come back because I wanted him to relax and enjoy visiting his friends away from the hard life he lives here.”

Hermione said that Ginny was being naive about the whole thing and in total denial. “As soon as I find, oh here it is. I found the site on my cell and I’m going to email it to you. You’ll be able to enter the link into the computer then and I can prove what I’m telling you is the truth.”

Hermione sent the link to the computer in an email. Ginny opened the email and when she clicked on the link a warning box appeared. “This link has been found to be a vicious hoax and is no longer available.”

Hermione stared at it and then she said, “It’s some kind of enchantment Harry has on his computer not to let anything that can incriminate him be seen.”

Ron said, “Or maybe Ginny is right and Harry really is innocent of those awful things you were going on about.”

Hermione said, “Look you two, I want it to be a horrible hoax too, but I can’t take a chance that it’s not. And if Harry is guilty of any of it, don’t you think we owe it to him to find him so we can bring him home for his own safety. They’ll kill him! If Harry did wrong then it is only if someone brainwashed him or something. He is very vulnerable with his emotions and that makes it easy for his mind to be broken into and made to do whatever it is ordered to do by the dark side.”

Just then she got a message on her cell phone and she jumped from being startled. “Look it’s from the United States government site.” She accepted the message and Harry could watch the expressions’ on their faces while he listened to the message. His heart sank as he heard what was happening in the video. He was now being pushed down the steps and then John trying to arrest the Marines for what they did to him and then they heard him being hit hard. He saw Ginny’s face turn white as they watched the video and he heard Carson say that he was dead. After the part where he was killed he could hear Carson in the background and Hermione talking over the video. She said that until they find all the people responsible for his death that Ginny and the kids needs to be put under protection and all evidence that he lives at home needs to disappear. And also his personal computer needs to be destroyed since he isn’t there to take the viral bug that created the hoax out of it.”

That was when the screen went black and shut off. Harry smiled at the thought of Hermione and Ron trying to destroy the computer. That was probably when the room chased them out and the doorway hid. Harry typed for a while on his computer and touched his wand to it and said an Incantatem and then walked out of the study and looked all over the house to find even the smallest trace of his existence there. There wasn’t any and he became lonely like when he was gone for those hundreds of years, not speaking or being seen to keep from changing any timelines or other realities. There wasn’t any clothes in the bedroom and though he searched the entire house he couldn’t find evidence he lived there. He resigned to the facts that he was wiped clean from existence in the house, his home. It all made sense now that when he went down to shower there wasn’t any of his workout equipment or clothes. He had to clean his clothes that were ripped in shreds and falling apart from wearing them every day for over two months. He went down to Winky’s cottage and didn’t find his little friends there. Upon further observations none of the animals or the crew of elves he hired was there.

He walked into the house and stamped the snow off of him and breathed hot air into his hands. He went over to the fireplace and stood thinking what to do next. John sat up and said, “Harry you look like you’ve been frozen.”

Harry nodded his head his teeth chattering. “It’s hard to keep warm when you don’t have a coat or decent clothes to wear. The place has been sterilized; nothing showing I live here. Do you feel up to going to the Burrow?”

John stood up and nodded his head. “Have you eaten anything Harry, you look like you’re about to expire.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “That’s because I am about to. I had a stale piece of bread and some water. I’m hoping my in-laws are home and keen to letting me eat and rest. I need to find out where Ginny and Lily are also.” He took John’s arm and disappeared to the Burrow. Harry bent over and put his hands on his knees but they slid off and he fell forward onto his face in the melting snow.

John picked him up with a good deal of effort and knocked on the Weasley’s door. Just when he thought nobody was home Arthur came to the door. His eyes opened wide and quickly pulled John in and took him into the living room. Molly came into the room asking who was at the door and Arthur could only smile and point to John and Harry.

John was having troubles staying on his feet and said, “Harry is in bad trouble if he can’t get some food and water.”

Molly looked at Arthur and he nodded his head and said, “It’s okay, cupcake. I erased their tracks after they got in the house. She flipped her wand and bread began to slice and meats heated up sizzling and flew onto the bread with the trimmings. Harry roused about when he smelt the food being prepared. He sat up and drank the water that came to him. He was shaking so badly that water slopped out of the glass, but he kept drinking it. When the sandwich got to him he took it and tried to eat slowly but he was so hungry it was hard to slow down. After eating three sandwiches and drinking four glasses of water he stopped shaking and ate a piece of chocolate cake with a scoop of ice cream and a glass of chocolate milk to drink.

Arthur looked at John and said, “Didn’t you all feed him while he was there?”

He was smiling but it was a legitimate question. Harry grinned and said, “I wasn’t on the base except for a few minutes when I got there. Funny enough I was looking forward to mending myself but things began happening just minutes after I got there.”

Harry sat back satisfied with his meal he had. Molly apologized for not having a big meal but Harry shook his head and smiled. “This was perfect, thank you, Mother. Can you tell me where Ginny and Lily are? I’m sure they are safe, but are they okay? Only I thought they’d be back home by now.”

Molly and Arthur looked worriedly at each other and Arthur said, “They are with Hermione and Ron. They’ve started making funeral arrangements. Bill is making arrangements with Minerva to send the boys home for the funeral.”

John said, “Hold on now; why is all this happening? Hasn’t an update been sent out that Harry is alive?”

Both Weasley’s shook their heads and said, “Once Hermione saw the video of Harry dying she ordered all computers and cell phones to be shut down until a cyber bug could be found and eliminated. Anyone not complying will be arrested.”

Harry said, “Well that explains why Ginny hasn’t been answering her cell phone. I’ll call Ron and see if they can bring them here. I think I’ll be able to stay alive now that I’ve had something to eat and drink. I’m not out of the woods yet, but things will start getting better at home where I can have a steady health regime of rest and potions. Is it okay if I take a nap here until they get here? I need to rest if that’s okay. I don’t think I can stay awake long enough to call Ron; could someone call for me? I think I have my nightmares worked out but if I have one just throw a shoe at me or something.”

Harry closed his eyes and was instantly asleep. He put his hand protectively over his torso where he had been stabbed and turned his head so he wasn’t lying on his head wound. Now that he was still you could see the bruises over much of his body where the clothes were ripped and fallen away. Molly put her hand to her face and said, “All this is from being pushed down those steps?”

John said, “The bruises are from falling down the steps and being hit on his back across the shoulders with the club. The head wound and the stabbing came from something else. Plus, he wasn’t in the best of health when he came to the base. Whatever caused that happened over here. Most of what he needs to heal from is on the inside and in his mind.”

Molly shook her head and patted her eyes. “Our dear, dear, Harry. What’s happened to make him so scary looking? It seems like before he left he began to change, looking so stern and… well, mean. Of course I don’t blame him. He is the most misunderstood person I’ve ever encountered. People assume things that aren’t so. I think he is lonely and it breaks my heart.”

John nodded his head and said she was right. He and the two Weasleys talked for a while and John fell asleep. Arthur and Molly watched as the longer Harry slept the more his features changed. He no longer looked years older than he was and his gaunt frame began to fill in and his handsome features began to return. He still looked fierce though and they figured that would never change.

Two hours after Arthur sent his Patronus to Ron he came to the house. “I couldn’t come when you called; things are a mess with the Aurors. They can’t get over Harry being dead.”

Arthur proudly pointed to the living room couch where his wonderful son-in-law was sleeping. Ron looked incredulously at his brother-in-law and pulled his father back into the kitchen. “I’m going to call the Aurors and we’ll capture him and hopefully none of us will be killed. I can’t believe you would let an impostor in the house. He is very dangerous.”

Ron saw John for the first time and said, “Who’s that in the chair. His back is to me and I can’t see much of him.”

“That is John Sheppard; he came with Harry. And son, this isn’t an impostor it’s Harry. You need to bring Ginny and Lily so they can go home and he can finish healing. He’s in a really bad way.”

“If that’s really Harry then why is he so strange looking? He looks almost see-through and all pearly shimmering like.” Maybe he really is dead and this is some sort of ghost we’ve never seen before.”

Molly put her hands on her hips and said, “That is the silliest thing to ever come out of your mouth. Ghost indeed! He wouldn’t be suffering if he was dead and he wouldn’t have been able to eat and drink like he did. And he has been changing before our very eyes. Remember when we watched that video of him dying? You used those same descriptions then. And Ginny said he was wearing those same clothes when he left. You asked why wouldn’t he have changed clothes any. And look his clothes are just hanging on him by threads. No, our Harry has been through something horrific and we may never know, but we need to let it be and let him talk about it if and when he wants to.”

Ron said, “I still think it’s some sort of ghost or something come to finish us all off.”

He walked cautiously across the room and took out his wand. “I’m going to put a world of hurt on you if you use that wand on him.”

Ron spun around to see John but lost his balance trying to duck in case John was closer than he sounded. He landed on Harry who woke up with the sudden weight of Ron on him and his broken wand in his wounded torso just below his belly button. Harry gasped and held his breath to keep from yelling out. He didn’t know where he was or who was attacking him and he grabbed Ron around the neck and smashed his face down on the coffee table. He was standing over him ready to eliminate him when Ron said, “Harry, it’s me; don’t kill me I haven’t had dinner yet.”

John was able to get Harry to release Ron before Ron spoke. Harry was breathing hard and then looked down at his bloody hand covering his wound. He looked back up at Ron and then hugged him to him tightly. “I’m sorry; how did this happen? Are you okay, Captain? Did I hurt you anywhere other than your face?”

Ron shook his head no and put his hand to his broken nose and bloody brow and held his broken wand up in great distress. He looked back at Harry and said, “I’m sorry mate. Are you going to be okay?”

Harry told him to hold still and he put his hand over Ron’s whole face. A tingly sensation went completely around Ron’s head and a minute later all the pain was gone and then he held the broken wand in his hand and spoke in the dialect of the first Ancients. He gave the wand back to Ron and said he was sorry he hurt him and then sank to the couch unconscious.

John wasn’t as apologetic to Ron as Harry was and shoved him out of the way. He quickly got some bandage type material out of a pocket in his tactical vest. He stuffed something into the deep wound and quickly put the bandage on it pressing tightly and then wrapped a long strand of the material around Harry’s waist and tied it off. Harry groaned and shook under the trauma and John said, “Harry, the bleeding isn’t stopping.”

Harry nodded his head and said in a shaky whisper, “I’m going home and see if I can do something there to help. Could you get them to get Ginny and Lily and bring them home?”

He didn’t wait for an answer but disappeared into the cavern under his house. He was on the ledge beside the water and carefully put his hand in. He felt the water starting to heal him right away but pulled his hand out when his hand began to sizzle and spark causing an annoying pin prickling. The electricity in him was unbalanced and becoming dominant. He had to avoid water until after he was rested. He used magic which he was running in short supply of to clean him and his clothes and then went upstairs hoping his wife and daughter was there but they weren’t. He laid down on the couch and fell back asleep.

Half an hour later Harry woke up wearily. Had he heard something or felt someone brush against him. He opened his eyes and grinned at John, “Lo big brother. You look surprisingly better. Does this mean you got my wife and daughter and Lily healed you?”

John said that was exactly what it meant. A tear slipped down Harry’s handsome face and he cleared his constricted throat. “Do you know if they’re coming home?”

Just then Ginny stepped into Harry’s line of vision and then Lily did the same. He sat up and they both sat on either side of him so he didn’t have to get up to greet them.

Harry couldn’t say anything he just smiled and his tears streaming down his face told them what was in his heart. Banner joined in excitedly and jumped up on Harry. “You’ve grown, Banner.” The puppy licked Harry’s face and ears. Harry chuckled and gave the pup some attention but then pulled Ginny and Lily closer to him and held them until someone cleared their throat to get his attention.

Harry looked up and saw Hermione and Ron watching him. He looked at John to see his reaction and saw the look that said he was keeping quiet about something out of respect for him. He licked his lips and nodded to Ron and Hermione. He stood up and offered them the couch and he moved to his favorite chair by the fireplace. He held his hand below his belly button where a bandage could be seen. He gingerly sat down and he moved his hand to his head and closed his eyes tight for a few seconds. Ginny moved and Harry quickly but gently took her hand and said, “You don’t need to leave. Please don’t leave.”
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Hey Guys, here we are again. I hope all is well with each of you in your part of the world. Thank you very much for reading and coming back for more.

Chapter 2

Hermione’s Decision To Banish Harry To Atlantis

Ginny smiled sadly at Harry and said, “I’m only going to fix your bandage on your head.”

He thanked her and sat still for her to change it and fix it so it would protect the wound better. She felt sick when she saw the deep gash in the skull. She could tell it was healing but it was still very bad.

When she was done Hermione said, “Harry, I’ve been thinking and I’ve come to the conclusion that the world of magic would be better off if you left and never came back. I think it’s best if we allow the world to think you are dead. You along with your Muggle friends put us in more danger than Lord Voldemort did. I’m not saying they are bad friends, but they have their ways and we have ours. I can’t believe you would expose us on purpose but never the less you have. Now and for the rest of our lives we have to worry about assassins from all corners of the earth coming after you. I also think it would be best if Ginny and the kids stayed here. You are rarely here anymore anyway. It’s not fair to the Aurors to always cover for you and having to work extra hard without your leadership. It’s also not fair to the Ministry of Magic because you owe them your service as Head Auror. We still paid you even though you haven’t been to work for over two months; nearly three. Now it is only right that you pay the Ministry back for the last three months because you weren’t working for our people. All the other times we paid you because you were injured in the line of duty. You of course will not need to pay that back. Harry, you were the best thing to ever happen to us, the wizarding world. You were like a gift but you abused us by betraying us to your Muggle friends. For our people to survive we need to be kept secret, but you took it upon yourself to let loads of Muggles know about us.”

Ron said, “Mione I don’t think you’re being fair; none of this is his fault. It was scary for us, but only because we were in the dark after Harry died. We still don’t know what happened. Don’t you think we should hear Harry’s side?”

Hermione rounded on her husband with tears falling down her face. “Ronald, do you think I want this?! Harry is our best friend and I can’t stand the thought of him not being a part of our lives. But it is the best thing for the wizarding world! He isn’t able to take care of himself anymore how will he take care of us? Look at the state of his clothes, it isn’t even important enough for him to change those rags he’s wearing. Something is not right and his priorities have been scrambled.”

Lily began to sob and Hermione felt awful. “Oh, Lily, I’m sorry I said all that in front of you. I love your dad, but-”

Harry pulled his young daughter onto his lap and kissed her while he comforted her. He needed this time to recover from the pain Hermione caused him. Finally he spoke softly, “You want me to leave my home and my family too. What will become of my businesses all around the world? What will become of the wealth I’ve amassed from hard work, pain and suffering, and hardships you’ll never come close to experiencing? I’m not dead, so how will all my wealth be Ginny’s? In other words; since I have a will that puts everything in Ginny’s name how will that be possible without a death certificate?”

Hermione said, “Well, the Ministry will take what you owe it and then we’ll just find a way for Ginny to keep everything she is entitled to.”

Ginny is entitled to all of it. You seem to forget that I paid for a whole unit of security to watch the Goblins so they didn’t mine anymore under Gringotts. I paid them with my own money, not just for two months but several years. You canceled the security and gave raises to Ministry employees with money I was sending for the security of the mine. And you remember what happened because the Goblins were free to mine don’t you? The Ministry owes me all the money I paid to keep the people safe from the Goblins mining too deep and causing the mine to collapse. The Ministry hasn’t seen fit to pay a single Knut back to me for that disaster. And you dare say I betrayed the people when I’ve been betrayed numerous times. Kingsley ordered the Aurors to kill me after I saved the mine from collapsing because he thought I would lead an army against him and the wizarding world. My own family, Ginny’s family, except her parents, I guess I should say, betrayed me more times than I care to talk about. I am sorry I have put such a hardship on the Aurors. I don’t want them working harder than is fair so I will be at work tomorrow even though I have desperate needs of my own that need taken care of. I don’t understand what you’re going on about my mind or whatever. You said I don’t even care what I look like wearing these rags. Well, just so you know, you ordered all my things to be removed from the house. I don’t have any clothes to wear, so I am wearing the same things I’ve been wearing since the day I left here. Which; brings me finally to you, Hermione. It wasn’t me or my Muggle friends that caused this calamity. It was you, Hermione. You are the reason that the hoax was a success.”

Ron started to step in to protect Hermione from anything else being said that he didn’t think was right. Harry looked at him and with danger in his voice he told Ron to sit down.

Harry looked back at Hermione and said, “You had been after me to tell you my secrets for ages even before you ran for Minister of Magic. I wouldn’t tell you until onetime I told all the family, but I told you it had to be kept a secret. What happened was that everyone got money hungry and started making plans how to benefit financially. I had to make all of you forget what I told you. Then right after you were elected you demanded that I tell you my secrets. I told you that I would tell you my secrets after you were sworn in but until then you would have to be patient because I wasn’t just keeping secrets about what affected the world of magic, but Top Secrets of many other countries. You couldn’t wait though could you? You went online researching key words to find out what I wouldn’t tell you right then. Those Key words, Hermione, is what triggered the hoax. The hoax was created by Altimore, the brilliant scientist Tom Riddle hired to make his nanites and the Ice Giant. I killed Altimore but like I said, he was a brilliant scientist and he found a way for his mind to exist as energy. He lived in the cyber streams going to and from computers all over the world and other galaxies. I did tell you that I would tell you things if something came up pertaining to our world of magic. After you got sworn in I went to you, rather I asked you to come here and I told you my secrets. You couldn’t handle the truth so I put it in your memory that would only be remembered if something happened and I didn’t take care of it.”

Harry looked at John when he shifted to another position. Harry knew he was getting better situated in-case Ron got too uncomfortable with him laying so much blame on his wife and decided to get physical.

He let what he said soak in for another couple seconds. He was giving them a chance to respond if they wanted to. Harry’s head was thumping and he tilted it so he could rest it on the top of Lily’s head. He kissed her again to let her know he hadn’t forgotten her.

She stirred about so he let her sit up to see what she wanted. “Daddy, I want to be with you, but while you guys are talking about important things can I go to my room and unpack my things. And can Mum make our house our home again with stuff that shows you live here?”

“I’m all for that if she wants to. I’d rather like to get some decent clothes on.” He looked at Ginny and she nodded her head and stood up to undo her enchantment she put on the house. Lily thanked her and ran to the steps. Banner ran after her and Ginny reminded her to walk up the steps. She looked at Harry and pointed her wand at him. She kept it pointed at him until his white face and him saying, “Ginny?” caused her to realize she was worrying him. “I’m sorry Love. I was just wondering what to put you in that you would be most comfortable.” She waved her wand and said something quickly and Harry was in jeans and a T-shirt that complimented his muscular build. His face turned red from Ginny’s wicked grin. He thanked her for her thoughtfulness and then asked if Minerva had been notified that he was alive. When Ginny gasped and said no he closed his eyes and then smiled saying everything was okay.

Ron said, “Are we all comfy now? Do you feel better that Lily thinks that her Aunt is a world wrecker? And why did you make Ginny change her house back to normal and change your clothes? You’re not a baby, nor is she your servant.”

“The only thing Lily heard was her Aunt banishing me from her world and making untrue accusations about me. When I pulled her on my lap I covered her ears with a charm within me to keep her from hearing anything but my heart since I was holding her against my chest. Right now I am doing good to be able to sit up and talk to you. The magic I used is from my reserve powers. It took a lot to keep the charm on Lily to protect her from hearing things she shouldn’t be hearing. I didn’t want to chance trying to change the house back to normal since I didn’t know who put up the enchantment. Sometimes enchantments have a curse on them if they are messed with, as you well know. And now I am completely vulnerable because I am without magic. I don’t even have my wand on me.”

Ron said heatedly, “You said you were on your reserve powers and now you are powerless. You haven’t even done anything, so which is it?”

Harry scrunched down so he could rest his head on the back of his chair and swallowed. He took a deep breath and said, “I used the last of my reserves to send a Patronus to Minerva so she wouldn’t have to worry about getting our sons home. It hurts more than you can imagine thinking of your loved ones worrying about things that shouldn’t have even happened in the first place.”

Just then Minerva’s Patronus popped into the room facing Harry. “Joyous news that you are not dead. Thankfully your sons haven’t been told you died yet. I'll think of something else to tell them when they get here any minute.”

Harry looked at Hermione and said, “I’d like to get this meeting done with so I can either die or get some rest. This in between stuff is working against me and it’s rather annoying that I’m expected to answer ignorant questions instead of being able to take care of myself and be with my family.”

Ron’s eyes were big as he looked over Harry. “Why are you looking so… see throughish like? What’s happening to you?”

“I existed for over two months as an entity of electricity. I was in space and inside computers. The injuries I sustained during that time affected my physical body. I need to repair myself with rest and nourishment so I can heal evenly.”

Harry caught his breath and hunched over gritting his teeth. He got up and stumbled away from Ginny saying not to touch him when they tried to catch him from falling. He looked at John and said, “Finish telling Hermione…Hermione, after he tells you then watch my computer,” he stopped and held his head and screamed; blue light coming from his mouth zapping at anything that might be close to him to latch onto. When he gained control again he walked drunkenly to the window and looked out.

“Just my luck, it’s raining. I’m not safe to be around; don’t try to find me.” He stumbled outside and huge arcs of blue light zapped him as he became saturated with the rain. Somehow he found the strength to find the cave where the Ice Giant nearly crushed him and went inside. He fell against the back wall and sleep overtook his pain. Hours later Harry woke and stood up. He felt a lot better and wasn’t transparent anymore. He made his way home in the darkness of the moonless night. It was slow going because it truly was pitch black. He walked without the aid of magic so he didn’t use his energy he was accumulating. There were many close calls like slipping down the ravine, but he was able to catch himself before he did much damage to himself. Another time he nearly walked right off of Pride Rock but realized he was walking on rock instead of the ground. Then just before he made out the stable from dawns early light he walked into a barbed wire fence and became entangled in it. By the time he was free of it he was feeling the effects these mishaps had on him.

Finally he walked into the basement of his house to take a shower but when he turned on the water a drop splashed on him and it shocked him. Disappointment at still not getting to shower washed over him. Once again he used magic to clean up. He medicated and bandaged his wounds and felt good about the healing he knew was going on in his body. He put on a suit and went up to the kitchen to grab something to eat before he went to work. He smelled rich coffee and nearly stopped to have a cup right then but decided to wait and see if Ginny would come down and have the whole breakfast with him and John. Since he hoped it would only take a couple hours to get what he needed done at work he normally would have eaten a light breakfast. But Harry knew he had to build up his body to equalize the ratio between having a solid body and electric energy. First he would look in on Ginny and Lily. He already was anxious for what he had to do to be done so he could come home from work and be with them and John.

When he walked into the living room he saw John drinking a cup of coffee and watching out the window. He looked at his watch and then put his hand on his hip where Harry’s pouch was still attached.

Harry looked around the room and was glad to see Ginny wasn’t waiting up for him. Ron and Hermione were gone too; which he was exceedingly happy about. He walked over to John and said, “I’ll take my pouch back now, unless you want to play wizard today.”

John turned to him and said, “Nice of you to drop in, how long are you going to be here?”

Harry braced himself against John’s harsh treatment and memories of hateful things said to him from people he loved flashed through his mind. His look of playfulness changed to his stoic, non readable face and said, “I’m going to go see Ginny and see if she wants to come down and have breakfast with me and then I’m going to work. Would you join us?”

John yawned and said, “Nah, I’m going to go on home, since you obviously don’t need me to hang around.”

Harry stared at him and knew he had somehow hurt his friend who always had his back. It looked like a showdown to see who could hold his stare longer. Finally Harry said, “I don’t know what I’ve done, but I need you to forgive me for it if you would please.”

John only looked at him and then Harry turned to go upstairs and quietly said, “When you figure out how you plan on exchanging my pouch for the keys to the Puddle jumper let me know.”

Harry looked in on Lily and smiled at her small form under the covers. He was about to go when he saw a paper on her nightstand that said Daddy. Harry crossed the room and read the sentence she wrote. “Daddy, I wish you were like a normal daddy like my friends have.”

Harry swallowed and picked up her pen she had written her note with and wrote, “My Dear Darling Angel, your wish has been granted. Like normal dads, I have gone to work. I’ll see you later. I love you Angel.”

He drew a happy face on the note and left her room quickly before his emotions got the best of him. He wasn’t doing very well with trying to please everyone. Hermione said his Aurors were in jeopardy because he wasn’t there anymore. John was angry with him for some reason, and now Lily was upset. It made him somewhat angry that he would be in trouble with someone no matter what he did. He wanted to stay home and just recuperate. He had planned on doing that all the way from Atlantis; stay home to live and enjoy life while he healed. His emotions were all over the place and it wasn’t easy keeping them bottled up inside.

When he got in his and Ginny’s bedroom he smiled at her sleeping; her beautiful hair that he loved falling over her shoulders. She rolled onto her side and a strand fell over her face. She pushed it aside in her sleep muttering something about short hair. It fell back over her face when she snuggled deeper in the blanket. He went over and sat on the side of the bed and gently hooked the hair behind her ear. He bent over and kissed her lightly on her temple. When he started to straighten up a strand of his hair fell over her chin. He started to sit up quickly but she halfway woke up grumpily saying, “Stupid hair!” She grabbed the hair and yanked it off of her face pulling her unsuspecting husband over on her. He gasped and tried to get off of her. She drew her wand and shouted a knockback jinx that threw Harry off of her sending him across the room and hitting the wall. He fell to the floor and didn’t move for a few seconds. When he got up he leaned against the wall to hold him up and then looked at Ginny. Her mouth dropped open and she got out of bed and ran to him. She threw her arms around him saying she was sorry.

“What happened, love? Did you pass out and fall on me?”

He whispered very softly, “I wanted to see if you wanted to come down and have breakfast with me before I went to work for a couple hours. But you were so beautiful I kissed you first. When I was raising up my hair fell over your chin. You yanked it off and it caused me to fall over you. I tried to get up quickly so I didn’t hurt you, but you jinxed me before I could do anything.”

“I’m sorry, Love. Are you okay? I thought someone was coming to kill you.”

Harry swallowed and instead of answering her he made a feeble attempt to chuckle and then said, “At least I don’t have to worry about anyone attacking you while you sleep. You can certainly take care of yourself.” He kissed her passionately and then said he loved and missed her. “Would you come down and have breakfast with me?”

Ginny frowned and said, “Love, stay home. You’re not in any kind of shape to go to work and you won’t be for quite a while. You need to stay home and get your health back.”

Harry wearily looked at her knowing how this was going to end. “Please let’s not argue about this. I will not put my Aurors in danger by not being there for them. Come down and eat with me… please?” he added.

Ginny squinted her eyes at him angrily and turned to get back in bed. “Ginny, please don’t be this way. I need you… what am I supposed to do, Gin? Hermione is my boss. She said my Aurors are in danger. She wants to fire me because I miss too much work and I’m not there to protect my Aurors.”

She turned to him again to glare at him and then she turned to get back in bed. “I’m tired from being up all night worrying about you. Do whatever you want.”

“I can’t do what I want, Gin; so I had hoped we could at least have breakfast. I hope you get your rest. Hopefully I’ll be home in a couple hours if everything goes well for me. Oh, and if you’ve been keeping your hair long for me then don’t. It is selfish of me to expect you to keep it long for me; please cut it as short as you want.”

He turned around and went back downstairs. He found John looking out the window again but he turned when he heard Harry pick up his car keys. John started to say something but Harry held out the controller for the Puddle jumper. “Have a safe flight back to Atlantis. Maybe sometime we’ll be able to visit and do something fun unless I’m dead. And if that’s the case it was nice knowing you.”

John said, “What’s that supposed to mean? Never mind, here take your pouch and I’ll take off.” He tried to give Harry the pouch but it wouldn’t release its attachment to him.

“Keep it for me; I don’t want to be a wizard anymore. Rest assured though it’ll come to me if it thinks I need it. That way you won’t have to be mad at me for not getting it from you and then not having it to protect myself when the need of it arises.” He held out his hand and said, “I will need my phone though.” The phone appeared in his hand and Harry leaned on the wall; took a deep breath and then he turned away to leave.

John pulled him around roughly and Harry closed his eyes and swayed on his feet. John saw the blood on his bandaged head and he said, “Something is wrong with you. You-”

Harry chuckled and said, “You got that right, John. There are three people here other than me, and all three of them are mad at me. Why is it that I work so hard at trying to live for my family and close friends since that’s what they say they want and am only able to make them mad at me for everything I do or don’t do? Things were better for everyone when I was dead. I’m going to work. I love you big brother.”

Harry ignored John calling after him but just waved over his shoulder as he went to the garage. He drove to the Ministry of Magic because he knew that’s where his Aurors would be meeting.

It was easy getting to his office without being seen by way of the maintenance hall behind all the offices. He went and set his briefcase on the desk and got the files out to read up on what his Aurors had been into since he was gone. He was surprised to see that nothing stood out as alarming. There wasn’t any outstanding case or investigations and there hadn’t been anyone hurt during the time he was gone. He wondered what Hermione was talking about the night before and his anger found a new level of contempt. She had made him feel guilty about not being at work so he would go. She didn’t have any regards to what he needed.

He took a deep breath and pulled out his fast food breakfast he picked up on the way into work and ate while he made plans for the day. After that he pulled up the link that had the hoax on it and was disappointed that Hermione still hadn’t watched it. He opened a drawer and was further disappointed to find all the cell phones he had his Aurors carry. “She’s not making it easy for me to save her career,” he thought; his anger roots digging deeper inside him. He sat at his desk and put his elbows on the desk to rest his throbbing head in the palms of his hands.

“I need to get a hold of myself and stop getting angry over things that happened that already have consequences and concentrate on fixing the harm that has occurred. I shouldn’t think about whose fault it is and why something happened and just work forward." He went to the corner of the room and got some water from the cooler and was drinking it when Ron and Hermione came in having a heated conversation. They stopped just inside the entrance to the room because Ron pulled on her arm. He wasn’t in agreement with his wife and wanted to go back to her office.

“I’m telling you, Mione, Harry and John told us nothing but the truth. And Ginny too; you think she was lying; making up the whole thing? If Harry really is dead don’t you think she would know if this Harry is real or not?”

And I’m telling you, Ronald, nobody can make themselves be pure energy even if he is the greatest wizard in the world! There is no book written that proves it can be done. And the gods of Mythology are just that, myths! Harry can’t heal himself just by getting in water from nature. He isn’t a Demi god and neither is John. That is the most incredible story I have ever heard. And all that stuff about being gone a couple hundred years is Science Fiction. I could write a better fiction story if I tried a little. Now help me destroy this computer before anyone comes in. I do however think he is an alien; the way he can cause electricity to form and zap him without it killing him. That is not humanly possible.”

“Wait, Hermione, why are you willing to believe this Harry is an Alien, but you aren’t able to believe that he is Harry who knows more magic than we know exists and just doesn’t use it unless there is a reason for it? Harry never uses magic to do things the easy way other than transportation and even then, a lot of the time he drives his truck or Jaguar. Why won’t you let me get a Jaguar?”

“Oh for heaven’s sake, Ronald, would you grow up? We aren’t made of money like Harry is… was. And don’t go on on about us not having money. I admire Harry for his hard work and sacrifices he made to get what he has. And I don’t care how many times you get mad that he didn’t take you with him. It wasn’t about you, Ron. He needed to work out some serious issues he had before he could marry Ginny. You had serious issues too, but you worked them out without having to go away for four years. And I’m glad you worked them out or else I wouldn’t like you.”

“I thought you loved me despite my faults,” said Ron with hurt feelings.

Hermione sighed and said, “I have always loved you despite your faults, but I didn’t like them. I didn’t like the person you changed into when you dwelled on them and became obsessed with them. Don’t have hurt feelings, it’s perfectly normal. Ginny doesn’t like Harry, but she wouldn’t give him up for any reason because she loves him. That’s why she can’t accept that he is dead and this other… thing is an impostor.”

“Why doesn’t Ginny like Harry, isn’t he everything every woman wants in a man?”

“Well, he won’t let her cut her hair, and she doesn’t like him when he disciplines the kids when they do trivial things he thinks is wrong.”

Harry was getting uncomfortable hearing this conversation and cleared his throat. “You two should do that kind of talking at home or someplace private. My Aurors need to get in the door in a few minutes.”

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