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Hey Guys, finally made it back. We were out of town all day yesterday and took the time I needed to post this next chapter to pay bills when we got back last night. So this chapter is a bit longer than the previous few. I hope you like it. Thank you so much for reading week after week. Comment if you want.

Chapter 5

Ginny Becomes Fearful

Ginny and Teyla were sitting by each other and holding hands for dear life listening to Harry’s story as if they had been there all along and terribly scared. It was worse than watching horror movies. Harry turned and leaned on the mantel over the fireplace and was quiet for a long time. Carson broke the silence and said, “So if my math is correct you were gone twenty eight years plus you said you took a few years to recover before you could come home. How long did it take you to heal from all the battles and wars you fought?”

Harry didn’t answer but stared into the flames. It was quite some time before he finally answered. “When I took Zeus back to Mount Olympus they welcomed him back with open arms. They made it look like he was a hero to them for beating me because they told him they were afraid of me. It was all the goddesses making these accusations about me and Zeus swallowed it with quite the swollen head. By this time I was about to drop dead and I said that I needed to get home, but it wasn’t to be. Zeus had me locked up in a room. He said that I needed to have the time to heal while he set up a time for my trial. When I objected, none of the gods or goddesses who promised would have my back spoke up for me. I was put in a very nice 8X8 room with nothing but a bed, commode and sink. No pictures on the walls, no windows, no nothing. Healing supplies were slid under a door along with my food and water. Two years later they brought me before the council for the beginning of my trial. It was after everyone was done playing and tired of the game that Poseidon spoke up for me and demanded I be allowed to return home. To be fair, he was sent away the whole time I was there for an emergency. Funny how things like that happens out of the blue. He was angry when he got back. They forgot I was there after all the parties and celebrating that went on. Poseidon demanded the trial begin immediately so I could get home and be taken care of properly. It was Zeus’s plan for me to be too weak to use magic and it worked. Do you recognize the staff I had when I got back, John?”

Harry was still looking into the fire and then turned around to look at John. John nodded his head and said, “It’s the staff of an Ori priest.”

Harry nodded, “Remember I told you years ago that SG1 didn’t wipe out all of them, that they were still in existence in another galaxy?”

“Yes, you said they weren’t like the others.”

“Well, a hand full of them had been visiting their brothers in this galaxy but returned home before these ones in this galaxy were destroyed. They picked up their ways and began teaching and converting the ones who lived on the planet they were on. They distinguished all human life on the planet because the people wouldn’t accept the new teachings. I wasn’t found guilty of anything and was praised for getting Zeus back, but for Zeus to feel the love they said he could send me away to wherever he wanted so I could heal before returning home. Zeus had inflicted more wounds on me to keep me from becoming powerful again. After two months they took me before the council and had a big celebration for my life to show their love for me. They said I was welcome to return anytime I wanted and I would always be welcome and the offer of immortality was still available to me. Zeus then told me where he was going to send me to be healed; the planet overtaken by the Ori. He gave Poseidon the duty to see me off and told me I was welcome back to visit him anytime; that he enjoys sparring with me. So Poseidon took me to the entrance of Olympus and slipped me his Trident and then he poured some ocean water over me to heal me enough to survive the trip. And lastly he gave me some woodland fairy food that would sustain me if ever I was in a place where I couldn’t find food to eat. He actually hugged me goodbye and said he hoped I lived.”

Harry turned back to the fire and leaned on the mantel. John stood up and walked to the big picture window and watched the snow falling. He wondered if he inherited any of the bad traits of his father. He had been kind of proud that he was the son of Zeus, but now he couldn’t stand the god and wished Harry had killed him again and cast him into the pits of Hades for eternity. He thought of the man he knew of as his dad and saw him in a completely different light. He had been a hard working man all his life. He used every advantage the law provided to keep the majority of taxes as write offs, and built a large business but at least he lived honestly; what you saw is what you got. He turned back to Harry when he started talking softly and went back over and sat on the arm of the chair to be close to his friend for nothing else than moral support.

“While Poseidon was talking to me and slipping me these things I regained my magic from the energy of the sun and the glass of water Poseidon poured over me. It wasn’t much but hopefully I would gather more energy from the sun on the new world I was going to. He took me to the planet of the Ori and told me he wished he could stay with me. It was a dark, gloomy place, void of any life and the air was barely breathable. The sky was a permanent hazy gray from thick acrid smoke that the sun couldn’t penetrate. It was smoke from them burning all the life from the planet.”

“But you said Zeus was sending you to a planet where you could be healed before you came home,” complained Ginny.

Harry nodded his head. His voice was so quiet now they all strained to hear him. “I did get healed. When Poseidon left I found a cave to hide in, but you can’t hide from them long. They caught me because I was too weak to get away from them. I was left with four of them to keep me until they could make me convert. They could sense my power and wanted it. I killed them with the Trident Poseidon gave me. Then something I didn’t know would happen happened. The bodies of the four dead Ori turned into dust particles and attached to my skin and tried to get inside my head for ten months. More kept coming to take my power, but they all died trying. For the next sixty nine years I fought more and more of the Ori priests. I was mostly successful but I was being completely covered by the sand particles of the Ori when I had to kill them. Thankfully Ori don’t age when they become priests. The only good thing that happened was I eventually became healed. With each one I killed I gained my health and magic back. I found and destroyed all their space ships. By the time I finally was one hundred per cent healthy I had a plan to rid myself of them and come home. First I had to destroy the galaxy before they left for other galaxies looking for me and other worlds in other galaxies when I left. I made a force field surround the entire planet. I disabled the Stargate, which oddly only had one address on it, and then reconfigured the accumulation of staffs I gathered from the Ori I killed into one staff, the one you’re holding John, and then I activated it. When that happened many Ori covered me trying to absorb into my body; but I was able to keep that from happening. I didn’t dare talk because I was afraid they would overpower me and escape and come here. I gave you the staff to shoot me with it. It would have killed the Ori but not me. I trusted you to shoot me, but I didn’t think Ginny would stop you. And, Ginny, I understand you not wanting him to do it because you don’t know anything about the Ori. I had to hurry and get rid of them because I couldn’t take a chance on them escaping here on Earth. The glow you saw around me was a bubble I put around me and made it fit tightly to me so none of the dust particles, that by now looked like some kind of skin, didn’t dislodge from me. I would have gone back to the galaxy that was imploding before I let them escape. So I went down to the creek to shoot myself with the Trident and then drop into the water to put out the fire the moment the Ori were completely destroyed. I knew when that would happen; when my flesh caught on fire. I hate being burned alive,” he added softly lowering his head into his arms that he folded on the mantel.

Teyla and Carson looked at each other too moved to trust themselves to talk. They wanted to comfort Harry and John because they knew that both of them knew what it was like to be burned alive.

John put his hand on Harry’s shoulder and squeezed it. Ginny went to the other side of Harry and ducked under his arm so she was wrapped in his arm. She said she was sorry she wouldn’t let John shoot him. John stepped away from them and went back to his station at the window looking silently out into the night. He buried his face in both hands and tried to get it out of his head the life Harry was forced to live. One hundred years of solitude from everyone he loved; how did he manage it?

Carson said, “Well, old man, you need to get some sleep and rest. Hang on; did you say you destroyed the galaxy?”

John looked at Harry and said, “Wow, how many people in a lifetime know of not one but two people who destroyed a galaxy?”

Harry nodded his head just slightly, enough to answer. “I got the idea from Rodney. I thought that since it was a very small galaxy I could wield enough power with the special staff I made from the Ori to do it. The planet I was on was the only one that sustained any life; the Ori already had destroyed the others. It was easy enough.”

Ginny asked how he could possibly know for certain about the other planets. Harry didn’t want to answer but she wouldn’t let him turn away from her. “I was all knowing at that point. From the collective minds of the Ori, I knew they cultivated all the souls in the galaxy. I need to go to bed.” He moved around her and climbed the stairs and was in the shower when Ginny went into the bedroom. He knew he already took a shower, but couldn't get the feeling of all the Ori dust particles off of him. John, Carson, and Teyla remained around the fireplace talking very quietly, unheard by anyone else.

When Harry came out of the shower he stopped short and stared at his wife. He swallowed and took a cautious step at her. Holding out his arms to her he said, “Ginny?” She stepped backward; tears streaming down her face shaking her head slowly. He stopped when he recognized the fear he saw on her face was because of him. “Honey, its okay, you don’t have to worry about me becoming a monster or anything; I’m perfectly safe to be around. Please don’t be afraid of me,” he quietly said as he took a step toward her again but stopped when she backed away. “Honey, we can get passed this. Let’s just go to bed and hold each other all night. Do you remember when we were first married we slept facing each other holding each other? We can do that now okay, just hold each other?” She backed up another step shaking her head no; tears flowing steadily and she began to sob. He stopped trying to advance towards her and went to his dresser and pulled out a pair of sweat pants to wear to bed. He hurriedly pulled on them until they were barely hanging on his hips and then clamped his hands on his heart that pained him so and said he’d sleep in the basement, alone once again and left the room quickly to keep Ginny from crying harder.

When he got downstairs his three friends looked at him and asked was he okay. He ignored the question and asked if Ginny had told them where they were sleeping. “I don’t know when you guys got here, or maybe I do, but I don’t remember anything about telling you where you’re staying. Did you get your belongings brought in? Ginny’s afraid of me,” he added. “I don’t blame her, but, I know I’m not dangerous anymore. She just needs time is what I’ll keep telling myself. Carson, you can have the guest room at the top of the stairs. Teyla, you can have the spare room at the end of the hall, it was going to be for our next child, but we never got around to making that happen. John you can have the room across from James. It was Ted’s room for when he stayed over. He’s getting married soon, did you know?”

Harry lost the color in his face and was at a loss for words for a short bit. “They want to be married here before Christmas with all the gifts under the tree. I’ve really made a mess of my family’s lives.” He subconsciously rubbed his heart and then became aware that he didn’t have on a shirt. “I’m sorry, Teyla, I wasn’t thinking when I came down. Please excuse me, I hope I didn’t cause any discomfort for you.” He turned toward the steps to the basement and opened the door to go down. He looked back over his shoulder to the top of the steps. Ginny was standing there but saying nothing. He waited for a few seconds and then managed a small smile and went on down and sat on the couch thinking of being with Ginny.

An hour later Harry was still sitting up staring straight ahead. He kept trying to put things in order so he could figure out how to fix what was broken between Ginny and him. Just when he thought he had it sorted out something didn’t make sense and he’d remember the thing not making sense was in a different memory from before which made that memory wrong and so he worked on getting that part worked out. Now he remembered, for the moment anyway, the events that took place before he left to trick Zeus into going back to Olympus but first to cure the curse in his mind that would kill him when he tried to break or cast a curse.

He thought, “So Ginny didn’t want me to go, but then she agreed I needed to. So whatever caused her fear of me happened after I got back. She was fine when I was telling… no, hang on; when I came back I was mostly Ori. I had to have looked scary then and I couldn’t talk. That’s it, she was afraid of me then. But, no; she was okay after that when Winky healed me. She was okay when we, I was eating. Yeah, she was fine then.” Harry’s thoughts were flying at him speedily and he’d place them in the order they occurred in. Finally he remembered when he said he was all knowing about something. What was I talking about? ARG I’m so tired!” Harry took deep breaths to force calmness to his aching heart. He stood up and paced back and forth for half an hour and then stopped. “It was at the very end. She asked how I could possibly know there wasn’t any life in the rest of the galaxy. I told her I was all knowing then. She must have thought that I think I’m God or something. ARGGG I’m so stupid, I just said it like it was nothing and then said I was going to bed. Maybe she thinks I did become immortal and that’s how I knew there wasn’t any life-” He stopped and clenched his fist over his heart and said, “Can a person die of a broken heart?”

He began pacing again stooped over somewhat and still clutching his heart. “Yeah, she probably plays out scenarios in her head like, ‘What did you do today, your godship?’ – ‘Oh you know, nothing spectacular, just destroyed a galaxy on my way home from work. Let’s go to bed and have wild raw sex until you can’t take anymore.’

Harry thought for a minute and said, “That’s not fair, I only asked if we could lie down and hold each other like we did when we were first married. She wouldn’t think of that kind of scenario. But then again, maybe she would. She let’s herself get worked up and thinks of the worst case scenarios a lot of the time.”

Harry was pacing fast enough to start breathing hard, plus his chest was hurting him something fierce. He stopped and reprimanded himself. “Harry, for someone who people say is the smartest wizard in the world, ha ha, boy howdy that’s a joke worthy of a royal laugh; you sure are stupid.”
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Werecats are people too! Reader of Fan Fictions

Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for our next chapter. I truly appreciate your interest and hope you continue to enjoy our story. Thank you so much.

I hope everyone in the path of Hurricane Florence is safe and secure. I pray for safety of the people who are affected with to storm and for those family's who have had loss of loved ones. Such sad stories come from these disasters. I am also thankful for all the rescue workers and utility company's working around the clock to restore the services they provide for the people.

I hope everyone enjoys this chapter.

Oh dear, I had to edit this after I posted it so I could tell you all that this is the last chapter of this short story, Zeus's Clever Trick' and next Sunday will be a One Shot titled, 'The Talk' I wanted to kind of give Harry a little break before he gets involved in more serious problems. The story after the One Shot is a long story of 26 chapters titled An Enemy From The Past

Chapter 6

Harry And The Rabbit Hole

Deciding on a whim to go for a run Harry put on appropriate clothes and went out into the cold. Ice covered everything and it was still snowing big wet flakes. When he got down to the stable Chevron was waiting for him. Marston made small talk with Harry, his eyes barely staying open, and Harry patiently talked with him since his little elf friend should still be home in his warm bed with Winky. After he was done visiting he told Marston he would see to his horse when he was done and for him to go on back to bed. The elf smiled and nodded his head saying, “Yes sir, Master Harry.” Harry and Chevron took off at a slow trot and then picked up the pace until they were running. It was difficult in the slippery snow and no moonlight to see by, but Harry kept up the grueling pace since he told his trusty Frieshian horse to lead on. The magnificent horse knew Harry trusted him to show the way instead of Harry.

Finally he decided he couldn’t run safely with the visibility becoming next to nonexistent. He told Chevron they needed to go back and started to turn towards the stable but Chevron pushed him from turning. He turned back the way they came and Chevron pushed him from going back the way they came. Harry stopped and looked at his horse. “All right, you lead the way you want us to go then.” Chevron turned in the direction of the ravine and ran to the place Harry took the rabbit to and fixed the shelter for. He stopped and looked down and so Harry looked down directing a light powerful enough to cut through the falling snow. “Well, that’s a problem; isn’t it?” He made his way slipping and sliding down the ravine and through the bramble; the thorns tearing at his skin and stopped at the entrance of the rabbit burrow.

He cleared out the snow and ice and caused new branches of thorny bramble to weave through the existing bushes to reinforce them. Harry made it so thick that very little snow got through to the ground. He looked at the hole and wondered why the rabbits hadn’t come out for fresh air and food since they had been in there for how ever long the hole had been covered. He shrunk himself down to the size of one of the baby rabbits so he could fit through the hole and went inside. It was very warm but the air was vile. He climbed over each rabbit to see if they were all alive and finding that they were just barely he went to the entrance to fill his lungs with fresh air and then went back in and blew the air and bunny waste from the back of the burrow to the front to drive out the stale vile air and waste. When he did this new air circulated into the hole and he began moving the animals around to wake them. Finally he woke them enough the mamma realized a stranger was in their home with her babies. She turned and bit Harry on his right hand and began thumping him with her feet and clawing him with her paws. He disappeared and became life sized. He summoned fresh Timothy and Clover from his barn and stuffed it into the hole for them to have something to eat and then he put in some fresh hay since he blew out all the other that was in there. He knew they would eat the snow for water so then he appeared beside Chevron.

By now it was snowing so heavily that he couldn’t see in front of him. Even though it was still dark he should have been able to see the dark trees with snow on them. He put his arms around his horse and took them both to the stable by magic. He groaned remembering now that he had told Marston he would take care of Chevron so he rubbed him down good and gave him some special blended grain and hay. He made sure he had fresh water and then went back up to the house.

Harry appeared inside the shower in the basement and showered off only taking care to remove all the thorns and twigs and such that were stuck to him. After he got the mud and things from nature off of him he stepped out and put on some fresh sweat pants. He went over to his punching bag and began his workout routine and didn’t stop when right away his body started begging him to stop. He worked hard and furious, doing more than he probably should have what with not sleeping any through the night and being attacked by a giant rabbit. After he was done he took a real shower this time and got dressed in jeans, a tee shirt, socks, and his boots. Now he was really feeling the effects of the rabbit beating him up. He chuckled as he poured a potion over the bite and then put Dittany on it and wrapped a bandage around his hand to keep it clean.

Harry doggedly climbed the steps to the kitchen although he really just felt like staying in the basement and sleeping off his weariness and physical and emotional pain.
Harry sat at his chair at the table and Winky put his breakfast in front of him. She was watching him closely as she climbed up in her chair beside him. She asked if he had a good workout and he said he did. He knew she was trying to make sure he was okay without asking him questions as to why he looked like he was caught in an ice storm or something.

“Do you remember when the ravine had that mud slide and I helped a family of rabbits?”

“Yes, it was last week. You brought Banner home and that night Missy Lily ran after a rabbit and you found her and the rabbit in the pool house.”

Harry stared at her in shock, “That was just last week? It seems like it was-” he swallowed and said, “Yeah, well anyway, with the rain and the dropping temperature added and all the snow throughout the night the opening to their burrow was iced over and packed with snow. I guess she remodeled after I made it for her, but they nearly suffocated.” He explained about shrinking himself and everything that happened.

She smiled and said he was a wonderful human. And then she asked if he slept well. He put down his fork after finishing his last bite. While chewing he shook his head no. He stood up and kissed the top of her head and thanked her for breakfast. He gathered the dishes and took them to the sink. Winky made him a cup of hot chocolate and reached up grabbing his belt loop and was pulling him out of the kitchen saying, “Go pay your bills or make your Christmas shopping list or go to bed where you should be anyway.”

Harry laughed merrily, “All right all right I’m going; but first,” he knelt on one knee so he could see her eye to eye. “Winky, your grammar is getting much better; you must be working very hard to be doing so well. I’m very proud of you.” He held out his hand to her and a thin purple velvet ribbon appeared in his hand. I know you enjoy reading; you can use this as a book marker.” He put his hand on her shoulder and smiled at her tears of joy. She was so happy she couldn’t think of what to say for fear she would say something grammatically incorrect. Then she got a hold of herself and thanked him for his beautiful gift to her. He smiled and said, “You’re welcome, Winky.”

He slowly stood up and favoring his side he walked through the living room and looked up the steps wishing for a glimpse of Ginny but there was no reason for her to be out of bed at this early time of the morning. His demeanor became glum and he went on into his study. He turned on his computer and checked out his various bank accounts and made sure all the bills were being taken out and paid on time. He has an accountant he hired to do all the bill paying automatically since he was gone so much or recovering from one thing or another. He sighed remembering when he and Ginny were first married and he taught her how to use the computer so she could pay the bills if ever he wasn’t able to. He soon found out Ginny was very talented but keeping up with paying the bills online was not one of her strong suits. She admitted to him finally after he was getting late notices that she just wasn’t interested in learning it. After he hired Wes, he asked Wes to do it for him so he could justify giving him a raise. But Wes became responsible for so much for him for the last ten years or so that Harry hired an accountant to take some of the burden off Wes. It was just recently that he hired someone to pay his monthly bills. He looked over his businesses to make sure all was running smoothly and it appeared they were so he closed out his business files. He checked his e-mail and quickly responded to them accordingly.

Harry looked at the messy desktop and frowned. Ginny had obviously taken to using his study for her own and he wasn’t happy about it. When they moved in to the house after they were married he told her he would need a lot of space for his work but he would make her a desk, supply cabinets, a book case, and anything else she wanted. She just laughed at him and kissed him happily. She told him she didn’t have any reason to have a desk or any of the things he mentioned. She said it was totally his space and his alone. He set to cleaning and reorganizing everything and found a stack of letters and cards under some of Ginny’s magazines. He picked up the magazines and some of the letters fell over onto the floor. He went around to the side of the desk and found a pile of letters and cards from eight months ago up to the present date. His heart broke because these people took time to greet him for whatever reason and he hadn’t even seen them yet. None of them had been opened; not even ones that included the whole family. Harry shrunk them and put them in a decorative box on the desk and vowed he would get to them as soon as possible. He stood up straight and looked around at his immaculate office and picked up the big box of Ginny’s things.

As he walked through the living room he looked up the steps to see if anyone was up yet. Seeing and hearing nothing he went out to Ginny’s office. He chuckled at her messy office and cleared a spot in a corner of the room. He went out to his shed and brought in loads of wood, screws, big sheets of glass and other building supplies. He looked outside and realized the sun should be coming up in close to an hour. He quickly worked on his project and when he was done he stepped back to look at his work. He was pleased and hoped Ginny would be too. He put her magazines on a low table close to her overstuffed chair and just behind the table was a bookshelf with ornate decorations that matched the wood workings on the rest of her furniture. When he cleaned out the corner to build the furniture to hold her books and magazines he found in his office, he found a stack of pictures on the floor getting ruined. These pictures he measured and made frames for. When he was mounting them he became very sad. He had never seen any of them and he wasn’t in any of them. All these were from the time he was away on the secret mission, and the month he was recovering at Atlantis. John was in a lot of the pictures doing things with the kids. He smiled thinking of his friend being there for his family. He was glad she didn’t take any that couldn’t easily be explained while they were at Atlantis. Anyone who saw the pictures would just think they were at John’s house. The caption under the pictures simply said, ‘Visiting John’.

Then he got down to the last stack and he saw pictures of her and the kids through the years on field trips and visits with her family. Some of the pictures with her family he remembered because he was there. “Why wasn’t I in any of the pictures?” he wondered. All these pictures she had separate so he made a picture album from left over wood. He took out his wand and carved intricate vines and flowers covering all but an oval space in the middle. In this spot he wrote in his elegant penmanship, Special Loved Ones. He stained the wood to match the rest of the furniture and in all the places that were carved he made the stain very dark to look like an antique. Lastly he picked up a photo album off the floor and touched his wand to the filler sheets to make more to fit in the album he just made. He tapped the pictures and made them go in the new album in the order according to the dates on them. He put the photo albums on the top of the book case and fixed a glass cover with hidden hinges and touch spring doors for them to be under. The latches were under a set of rose buds, centered on the inside edge of the double glass doors. He doubted he would ever talk to her about the furniture or the albums so he quickly wrote directions on how to open the doors. “Push down gently on the rose buds on either door to open. The latch will withdraw and the door will gently spring open. Close the same way.”

He took his tools and scraps out to the shed and cleaned up the mess he made and then turned to go into the main house. Lily’s little desk and area he made for her caught his eyes and he pointed his wand and with an intricate movement the desk and chair and her cozy reading chair became larger to give her more room since she had grown since he made Ginny’s office. A smile came across his face thinking how surprised Lily will be with her new space. Harry went out the door hoping he could watch the expression on her face when she sees it. He had his right arm favoring his left side and was looking down to keep from looking at the blinding snow. He looked up quickly when he heard footsteps approaching rather quickly. He smiled and said, “Hey beautiful, you’re up earlier than I expected.” He started to reach out to her but stopped when he saw the fire in her eyes. He frowned and put his hands in his pockets.

“What were you doing in my office? What could you possibly need to snoop around for? You don’t have a right to be in my space. Are you looking for something to get mad at me so you can have a clear conscious to go be with one of your goddesses or something? What were you hiding? I saw you hiding something under your arm.”

Harry’s mouth opened but nothing came out. She knew he was shocked and hurt terribly at the accusation but she didn’t care. She grabbed his hand suddenly and raised it up with a jerk. She felt him wince and heard him stifle a groan. A look of disappointment came over his face. It was then she noticed the bandage wrapped around his hand she grabbed. She let go and he held it against his diaphragm; his face stark white. She asked how he got hurt again, “Weird how you get hurt during the night with nothing going on. Pay another visit to your goddesses and their husbands got jealous?” Then with no emotion in his voice or actions he said, “I wasn’t hiding anything, I was holding my side. “I cleaned my desk this morning and boxed up your magazines and books you had in there. I made you a place to keep them in the far corner across from the window. There were a bunch of pictures getting ruined on the floor so I made you an album and some frames. I didn’t snoop around or look for anything. I was just making things I thought you needed because I love doing things for you. And never accuse me of filth and vulgarity. No matter what you think of me you know I’m not like that. I don’t know why you don’t believe me but I don’t want anyone but you. Don’t worry about your space, I’ll never step foot in your office again.”

He didn’t say anything else and went around her to go into the kitchen door. The first thing he saw was the breakfast mess from the kids. He went in the living room and the kids greeted him enthusiastically but then turned their attention back to John who was telling them a joke. Harry laughed with his kids at the conclusion of the joke and told them they left the table a mess. “Put your dishes on the counter, the orange juice and milk in the refrigerator, and the cereal in the cupboards.

Albus got up and ran to the kitchen with Banner chasing after him; but James said they were visiting with John, Teyla, and Carson and they’d do it later, and Lily was pretending she didn’t hear any of what was going on because she was watching cartoons on TV. His mind went back to living at Privet Drive; Dudley was glued to the TV whenever he was home. Harry’s eyebrows arched.

“Lily, we have company, the TV doesn’t get turned on unless company wants to watch something with us. Turn off the TV and go help clean up your places in the kitchen. James, our company will still be here when you’re done with the kitchen.”

Lily and James got up and walked to the kitchen but stopped in front of Harry. “What happened to you, you look awful?”

Harry laughed and said, “Hurry with your chores and I’ll be more than happy to tell you, but it’s not that interesting of a story.”

The three kids made short work of their chores and finished just as Ginny came in. Lily said, “You’re just in time, Daddy’s going to tell us a story.” Ginny smiled at them and followed her kids into the room. Carson had evidently asked to take more readings with his machine. They were standing behind Teyla with Carson listening to Harry’s heart with his stethoscope. Harry was standing quietly but watched Ginny walk into the room. Carson looked at his machine closer and then looked around and smiled. “There’s the explanation for what caused that spike in your heart beat. He took the stethoscope out of his ears and gently raised Harry’s arm and whistled. “You’ve taken quite a beating on your ribs, and these scratches look like they were made by a giant animal. I’m quite anxious to hear this story that isn’t all that interesting. Go ahead and put your shirt back on lad. Your heart is fine; I think you’re right with your diagnosis, severe heartburn will bruise your breast bone and make it feel like you’re having a heart attack. Your hand is a piece of work. The bite is fevered and swollen from not so much as whatever bit you but also by overusing it in your exercise routine. I believe you know that continuous pounding and abuse on a wound like this will cause swelling, blood clots, and fever. I suppose you have medicine for that nasty bite? Get it on right now before you chance losing it.”

Harry put his shirt back on and said, “Thanks Doc,” as he went to the fireplace and threw another two logs in the fire. After poking around for a bit he sighed and sat in his chair. Ginny was watching him closely and figured he was giving her a chance to leave if she wanted to. He got comfortable in his cozy chair and a bowl of Murtlap Essence appeared on his lap. He cautiously lowered his hand into it, instantly feeling the relief from it. Ginny bit her lower lip feeling guilty for grabbing it and treating it so rough before she knew it was hurt.

Harry began his story of not being able to sleep. He said something important was on his mind and he couldn’t sleep. He wondered if he was having a heart attack but figured it was heart burn and acid re-flux. He told them about deciding to go for a run with Chevron and him not letting him go home until he fixed the rabbit burrow. He told about slipping and sliding down through the thorns and James broke in excitedly.

“Why didn’t you just magic yourself down there?”

John spoke up and said, “Oh, I know the answer to that question from when we went to the mine to get Bill. Never appear someplace where you don’t know where your feet are going to land if at all possible.”

Harry grinned, looking very handsome to Ginny. “That’s exactly right, John. It was dark and I couldn’t see. So since the bottom of the ravine has big rocks and boulders I didn’t want to take a chance on landing in the snow where there might or might not be any footing and fall to the bottom into the rocks and ravine. I would have been hurt or even killed. These cuts and scratches are lots better than taking a chance on losing my life.”

Lily asked was there a giant animal in the bramble and Harry’s eyes twinkled with delight. An impish grin came on his face and he raised an eyebrow to add suspense to the pause. “Well, Angel, as it happens; yes there was a giant animal.” He told them about clearing around the burrow and fixing more brambles around to protect the burrow better and then noticing no animals came out of the home. “So I shrunk myself down to the size of the baby rabbits and went inside.” He told them about the condition he found the rabbits in, barely alive. He told them about blowing out the inside of the burrow and then since the fresh air could circulate he began waking the rabbits so they could eat and thrive again. ‘Dehydration is critical for animals just like humans. But when the mamma woke, all she knew was there was a stranger in her home with her babies. She turned on me before I could get out and bit my hand and then started beating me up with her hind feet thumping on me and her front paws clawing me trying to shred me apart. They are excellent protectors, just like your mum when it comes to you kids and Teyla with her baby. Well, he’s not such a baby now is he? He’s the same age as Albus.” Harry stopped and looked at Teyla and said, “You should have brought Torren.”

Teyla said she wanted to but his dad wanted to do something special with him. We celebrate the season differently than you guys. I was going to be alone for your holiday so John made me come with him.” She laughed at the face John made and corrected her statement that he had asked her if she wanted to come, and she couldn’t resist.

Harry looked at his sons and asked how Quidditch was going so far. James spoke up excitedly, “We’re undefeated so far, Dad! Having a half decent Seeker makes all the difference in the world. Nobody can beat Albus, just like you dad.”

Harry smiled and thanked his son but said he wasn’t unbeatable. “Cedric beat me in my third year.”

Albus defended him saying, “Only because the Dementors attacked you and made you fall off your broom, nearly killing you.”

Harry smiled sadly thinking about Cedric and then losing his life the following year. “And using the words of his father, “But Cedric didn’t fall off his broom did he?” He smiled again at his sons. “Tell me about your favorite game; both of you.”

The boys excitedly recapped their favorite games and when they were both finished Harry looked at Lily and said, “Darling Angel, what are you looking forward to the most when you get to Hogwarts?”

Lily thought and said, “I’m looking forward to Magical Creatures class with Hagrid. And second best I think I’m looking forward to Transfiguration. And Herbology sounds fascinating too, I just don’t know if I’m smart enough to do well there. Maybe I should stick with homeschooling until I become of age. Oh, oh, oh I forgot; I also want to take Muggle Studies and Arithmancy. But I’m just so worried I’m not smart enough.”

Harry chuckled and automatically looked at Ginny and said, “Who does she remind you of?”

Ginny returned the smile and said, Hermione.” Harry nodded his head and then took his hand out of the bowl of medicine. It disappeared and he dried his hand gently. He was pleased with how much better it was and even more so that Ginny seemed to have put her issue that caused her anger with him away.

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Default One Shot The Talk
Werecats are people too! Reader of Fan Fictions

Hey Guys, hope you all are doing great. It's late so I'm going to get right to the chapter. Actually this is a One Shot and next week begins a new story. It's the longest chapter story in this series. I hope you like this One Shot. Thank you so much for reading.

One Shot

The Talk

Harry stood up gingerly and showed his hand to Carson and said he was going to wrap it to give it some protection from the crowds.

Ginny frowned and asked what crowds he was talking about. He looked at her and answered, “We have Christmas shopping to do… if you want to. The kids don’t have any presents from us yet.”

Ginny said, “I didn’t think you’d…” Harry looked worried about what she was about to say in front of the kids and said, “I feel up to the challenge if you do.”

Ginny smiled and said, “I do too. When do you want to go?” Harry answered they needed to leave as soon as they could since he would be taking her all over the world if that’s what she wanted. When she saw he was serious she jumped up happily and said, “I want to show Teyla my office first and can they come with us?”

Harry’s face lit up and said he’d love it if they went with them. I’ll leave word with Winky that James will be in charge of his brother and sister if she could check in on them now and then. Carson said, “I’m afraid I need to stay home if it’s all the same. James can still be in charge, but I’m supposed to be dead, and it would cause quite a stir if I was seen. My Mum would have a heart attack as well.”

Harry sat down hard on the arm of his chair and favored his side but stayed focused on Carson. His face was white and he looked like he just lost his best friend. “But, there has to be a way to fix that problem. I’ll get your file from the Pentagon and review it. I’ll find a way to change your status. I know how hard it is on you when you miss someone so badly and you’re close but can’t see them or be with them. I think it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with.”

John had a faraway look in his eyes and agreed. Teyla stood up and said they should hurry to the office so she could see where Ginny works. “I’m afraid I’ll have to bow out also. I didn’t bring clothes to shop all over the world. I don’t mind at all staying here and spending time with the children.”

“Teyla, that’s nonsense, you can wear anything I have; we’ll have a blast. And if there’s any place you’d like to visit just mention it to Harry and he’ll get us there. Or you can tell me and I’ll tell him I want to go there. Harry has been on every continent in the world.”

While Teyla, Lily, and Ginny were busy Harry asked John and Carson to excuse him for a bit and for them to make themselves at home. “Watch TV, read a book, make lunch-”

Carson laughed and said, “Making lunch doesn’t make sense; we only had breakfast an hour and a half ago.”

Harry put his hand to his stomach as if it could hear the refusal of food. “But, I’m hungry; I ate at two thirty this morning.”

“Two thirty, and then you went to bed? You didn’t sleep before that.”

Harry lowered his head and rolled his eyes to look at John who was standing judgmentally with his hands on his hips. He sighed seeing there would be no help from him and said, “No I didn’t go to bed then. I didn’t go to bed at all, I had things on my mind and then I got busy doing things I needed to do… and stuff.”

Carson started to chastise him but Harry interrupted politely saying he needed to talk to his sons about an important issue before the girls got back. Harry stood up and asked the boys to go into the study with him. James and Albus looked at each other as they walked slowly into the study. Harry chuckled silently at their nervousness and arched an eyebrow and winked at Carson and John, the universal men’s body language that translated into he was going to have a talk about the birds and the bees.

Harry shut the door and told them to have a seat. They sat down on the edge of their seats so they could escape just as soon as their dad said they were done. Harry had the impression they knew what they were in there for so decided to jump right in. He sat on the corner of his desk like he does at work talking to his Aurors and began. “Kids these days often know things way before the parents talk to them if even they do talk to them. A lot of parents hope they don’t have to; that their kids get taught at school.”

Harry didn’t want something as important as this left to chance and continued saying, “Sit back boys, things aren’t as bad as you think.” He smiled at them and after they were settled comfortably Harry made like he was tossing something at James. The boy held out his hands instinctively and a small stack of Playboy magazines and others like it appeared in his outstretched hands. He gasped and dropped them and looked up at his dad. Albus looked down curiously and then looked back up at his dad totally expectant of what was to come next. He remembered talking to his dad the day they all came back from Atlantis. His dad had told him then that he would be having a talk with James and he thought he was ready to have the talk too.

Harry smiled gently at James and said, “I want you boys to know that sex isn’t bad, dirty, wrong or anything but natural and beautiful when you become old enough to fall in love.” Harry talked to them about what he and Ginny decided to teach them when they first talked about having children. He told them about safety from diseases and respecting their wives. He told them how babies are made and the responsibility and commitment it takes to love nurture and take care of a new life. He ended by telling them they could talk to him about anything and he would be honest in his answers. “If I’m not around then talk to an adult, not children. James I’m sorry you had to wait so long to hear this from me. It was my intention to talk to you as soon as we got back from Atlantis. It’s sad to me that I am just now seeing you for the first time since I found these under the stairwell at our house on Atlantis. Well, I did see you for a few minutes after the Quidditch game we went to watch, but I hardly think it was appropriate to talk to you in front of Mum, Lily, and Hagrid.”

They both giggled and shook their heads no. Now, one more thing before you make your great escape. Don’t ever lie to me or your mum. Well; anyone actually, but I’m speaking of us specifically right now. When you keep secrets about things you know you’re not supposed to do or have like these magazines, and you secretly take possession of things that gives you access to what you want, then that is what is called living a lie. Because you are giving others the impression you aren’t doing anything wrong and you are. When people lie it makes it hard to trust them. If any of you kids ever lie to me I will never trust you until you earn it back. Do you have anything you want to say or questions you want to ask?”

James said, “Did you and Mum wait to have sex before you got married?”

Albus shoved his brother’s shoulder and said, “That’s inappropriate and personal besides. You should apologize to Dad for trying to trick him.”

James started to object but Harry stopped them. “Albus, I don’t think James was trying to trick me. I think he was just curious and maybe thinking if we didn’t then we don’t have a right to tell you to wait. But, James, Albus is right, that was inappropriate and very personal. The important thing for you to know is that whether or not your Mum and I waited doesn’t pertain to what we teach you now. Many young people were never taught what I talked to you about. For them they might have sex and brag about it to their friends. Some kids do it because others lie and say they did it and try to pressure you into doing it so you can tell them how to do it. This part of maturing isn’t about having fun or doing it on a dare or whatever the case may be. We want you kids to make love to your wives and enjoy the pleasure you both get from it. Making love is right when you wait for it so you can journey through life as one; being committed to each other. You find out how to make each other happy and feel good. If you don’t wait and do all the exploring before you marry, what is the excitement about getting married? That’s assuming you live together before marriage. We won’t even discuss one night stands; no commitment, no love, just having sex for a good time. Don’t be pressured into doing things you’re taught not to do. Don’t boast about what you know, because you’ll get a bad reputation and I hope you respect your reputation and name enough not to soil it. And some of these kids find out later when they find the woman they truly love that they wish they would’ve waited to make their first time be with the woman they love. If I said, we didn’t wait; then I would hope you would still honor what you are being taught because sometimes parents teach their kids from the experience of hind sight instead of what they found out too late. But, since you asked and I said I would always answer you, yes, James, we waited until our wedding night before we made love for the first time. Anything else?”

James said, “I’m sorry I asked you that dad. It wasn’t any of my business. And thanks for talking to us about this. Albus added, “And thanks for not telling us at Hagrid’s that night after the Quidditch game.” They all laughed and Harry stood up and hugged his sons to him. “I have two of the best sons ever made by two people in love. You will be fine men when you grow up; you’ve already made an impressive start into your journey of becoming a man. Now, James, I trust you will be good to your brother and sister while we’re gone. Albus help James by being a good boy and help him with Lily. Call on Winky if you need anything. And Carson is staying home as you already heard. Let’s go out before the girls come back in. I sure hope we can get going so we can come back home. Is there anything special you boys want for Christmas?”

“Daddy, I want you to know that I didn’t look at any of those magazines. I was afraid to open them, ‘because I knew it wasn’t something you would approve of me seeing. I hope you believe me. I’m thankful to have a loving father who teaches us life lessons whenever you can. And I’m not friends with that boy; we just had to spend -umm -err detention together once. He probably gave them to me so he could get me in trouble. They started to the door and James handed Harry the magazines and said, “You probably better take these and throw them away. Mum would skin me alive if she saw me with them…”

Harry acted afraid and said, “What do you think she’d do to me?!” They laughed and Harry took the magazines from him. “You’ve never given me any reason to not believe you, son. If you say that you didn’t look at them, then I believe you. I’m glad you told me. And I’m very proud of you for not looking at them. They walked out of the study; James and Albus with a truly happier look about them than when they went in full of apprehension.
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Default An Enemy From The Past
Werecats are people too! Reader of Fan Fictions

Hey Guys, back again to post the first chapter to my next story. We begin exactly where we left off. I hope you enjoyed the small diversion from Harry's constant battles he finds himself in. I've said it before that the reason I write Harry in peril so much is because a director of Stargate Atlantis once said in the DVD commentators that to keep an audience you need to put your hero in peril because it keeps the energy alive. And who doesn't enjoy watching our hero's get out of the hardships they endure? So that's why Harry is always in jeopardy. Plus, he is the most powerful wizard alive now, so it takes more drastic measures for villains to be anything more than a nuisance to him. Thank you so much for reading and coming back faithfully for new chapters each week.

An Enemy From The Past

Chapter 1

Off To A Somewhat Good Start

Ginny, Teyla, and Lily came in from the office at the same time. Harry laughed and said, “Oh thank goodness; are we ready to go then? I hope we can get at least some shopping done before we stop to eat. But, I’m powerful hungry right now, so if we’re not leaving like right now, I need to eat at least a bear or something just as big.”

Lily ran upstairs to get more books and things to put in her new desk and book case. She shouted, “Thanks Daddy, you’re the best daddy in the whole world!” as she ran passed him. He looked surprised and said, “What is she thanking me for?”

Harry laughed and shook his head. Then he saw horror on Ginny’s face and looked down to see what she was looking at. She looked up at Harry and disgust showed in her fiery eyes. She looked at James and Albus beside him and looked back at Harry. She was about to yell at him when James started to defend his dad. But Harry said, “That’ll do James.” He looked down on his sons and turned them to the steps. They both took off running. Harry told them not to run, but Ginny said, “You can run this one time,” she said without taking her eyes off of Harry. Harry pointed to his sons and they were lifted off their feet and flying up the steps and set back down on their feet after they turned the corner in the hallway. “We don’t teach them one thing and tell them to do it differently if it is more convenient for us. And before you say something you’ll regret later, this isn’t what you are obviously thinking. Let’s please go shopping and talk about this later when we don’t have company.”

Ginny said, “Alright what is it then? You have my sons locked up in your study with you and filthy magazines. What am I supposed to think?”

Harry took two steps backwards completely taken by surprise of what it sounded like she was accusing him of. He regained his composure and he spoke with a constricted voice. “Honey, this is important for us to work out, but we can talk later when we’re alone.” She persisted getting downright hateful sounding. He stopped and cleared his throat and sounding as if he hadn’t just been rattled to the core, he sternly said, “Well, I guess I was wrong about that. I sure didn’t think you were thinking that sick trash about me. I can’t take this Gin. How can you think of me being the same as vulgar scum of the earth? I told you a long time ago that I need to have a talk with James and Albus as soon as I could about maturing into puberty. That’s what I was doing and I didn’t have them locked in there with me.”

“Oh, that’s fine; but what were the magazines for? Surely you have more sense than to tell them about the birds and the bees without adult illustrations for visual aids!”

Harry said, “As ignorant as it appears that I am; I do have enough sense not to use trash to teach our children. The magazines were given to James from a kid he was serving detention with. I found them when I was cleaning the house the night before we left Atlantis. I only showed him that I had them. We didn’t look at any of them and I was about to throw them away. Now, if you want our children to have gifts to open for Christmas then we have to leave right now.”

Ginny looked startled that he was still willing to take her shopping and then said, ‘We have to change first. You’re still taking us to London and Paris and Berlin and-” She stopped when she saw the dismay on his face, but he didn’t say anything. He just looked so sad, but then somehow he managed a small smile. “Go ahead Gin. Go do whatever you need to do. I just thought you look beautiful right now. So does Teyla. And you said you donated all your clothes that night at the warehouse; remember? Am I crazy or did you really say that?”

Ginny looked worried and said, “I remember Love; it was only a few nights ago. And I do have a few things to wear, but I want to wear something nice for once. I never get to dress up and feel like I matter enough to be taken out.”

Harry turned to look out the window. How did he not see how unhappy she was? How long had he made her feel like she doesn’t matter?”

He spoke trying to sound happy and said, “How uncomfortable should John and I dress? Do we have to wear a suit and tie?”

He turned around to look at her since she didn’t answer. She had a look like she felt sorry for him and he said, “Right, suit and tie. Go get ready.”

She and Teyla squealed with delight giggling and running up the stairs. Harry pointed at them and their feet came off the steps and they flew up the steps like he did with James and Albus. This made them giggle louder.

Harry motioned Carson and John out to the kitchen with him and by the time they reached the table there were sandwiches made and waiting for them. “If we have to wear a suit we should at least get to eat while they’re getting ready.” Carson and John looked at each other and knew what the other was thinking. How could Harry go through what he’s been through yesterday and today and act like she only said sweet things to him? John would ask him, but he needed to lighten the mood first.

He picked up a sandwich even though he wasn’t hungry yet and took a bite and innocently looked around at the trash bin under the counter. Harry grinned at him and said, “What are you looking for big brother?”

John; without stopping the search answered, “Well, I got to thinking that I should probably take those magazines so Lily doesn’t accidentally see them. And Winky! What would poor innocent Winky do when she took out the trash and saw those in there? Yeah, I’m thinking I should take those and throw them away someplace where there won’t be accidental exposure to innocent eyes.”

Harry cracked up laughing and nearly fell off his seat. Carson said, “Easy John, he hasn’t had any sleep and that’s after being gone for a hundred years.”

Harry’s laughter subsided and he became somber. He put down his sandwich without taking his first bite and stared at it without seeing it. His thoughts were in a different time zone where he suffered hardship of the body and not so much of the mind except that he missed Ginny and the kids so badly he felt the pain in his heart and soul. The fact that they were waiting for him to come back always made time there bearable. A nudge in his side brought him to the time zone he was born in and turned his head to see John standing beside him with his hand on his shoulder looking worried. He smiled when Harry looked at him and this brought comfort to Harry.

“Brother, we need to get you ready. What color suit do you want to wear?”

John groaned and rolled his head back as if he could see into the heavens to ask why men needed to be tortured just to go shopping especially when shopping isn’t their idea of a fun time. He sighed finally and said, “Well, I don’t know, all my suits are blue or black and I didn’t bring any with me.”

Harry summoned one of his hunter green suits, a dress shirt to match it and a tie to compliment it. It appeared in John’s hands and he said, “What; no underwear?” Harry conjured a pair of white over sized boxers with red hearts and green shamrocks on them. Carson chuckled at the besting game his friends played to brighten one or the others mood. John exaggerated an overly thankful response making like he was in tears with happiness and then threw the boxers at Harry’s face. “Ha ha ha very funny. You know you only win every time because you’re a wizard.”

Harry grinned politely and said, “If you could become a wizard, what magic would you do?”

John said, “I’d make time go back to when whatever happened between you and Ginny made you to be at odds with each other and make it not happen.”

Harry looked at John and said, “Everything we do will build our future with the cause and effect it has on us. If one thing is changed to make a different outcome, who’s to say that we would be happier with new changes and how would the changes affect others lives that are involved directly or indirectly? It’s best to never mess with changing time. But, thanks for the thought.”

John held up the suit to him and said, “This looks like my size, you keep a suit for me for just in case times?”

“No, I tailored it to your measurements on its way to you from my closet. You can keep it, I’ve got plenty more.”

Harry got up without eating his sandwich and walked out of the kitchen and went to the big picture window in the living room and stared out at the falling snow.

The sound of his phone disrupted his thoughts that were dwelling in the past trying to find the time Ginny went from being a happy wife to a sad wife. It seemed like dejavu; had he talked to Ginny about this before? He pulled out his phone and answered it.

Ted came on sounding stressed and unhappy. “Poppa Harry, I’m sorry I didn’t get back to Ginny, but we’ve been dealing with disappointments one after another. It’s come down to putting off the wedding until spring. Too many people are upset because they wanted to come to the wedding and the weather is making it difficult for people to make it in their Muggle cars and trucks.”

Harry said, “Okay son. But can I give you some advice?”

“Yes, please do!”

“Your wedding is to bind you and your bride together, not everyone else. Make your plans for what the two of you want. I know you want your family’s to be happy, but their time has come and gone or else will come. This time is your time. If there are those who wanted to come but say they won’t be able to come because of this or that; then tell them you’re sorry they’ll miss it, but you’ll send them a DVD of it. Write down their address right then and promise you’ll send the DVD right away. And Ted, you know I will do anything you need for your special day to happen.”

Thanks Poppa, that’s great advice. I’ll get back with you later and let you know.”

“Alright son; we’re going Christmas shopping as soon as the ladies are ready, but call anytime you want.”

There was small talk and then they said good-bye and hung up. Harry turned around when he heard John whistle. Ginny and Teyla were coming down followed by the kids talking happily. Harry loved seeing his family happy. He quickly snapped a picture without them knowing. He stood silently away from the enthusiastic group. He took special notice of what Ginny was wearing and changed his casual clothes to a handsome dark green tailored suit she had made for him and matched perfectly with what she was wearing. A few minutes later Ginny came over to him looking uncertainly at him. He told her she was beautiful and she smiled grateful that he wasn’t angry with her. He asked if they were all ready and he and Ginny walked over to the others. Harry told Teyla she was beautiful and she smiled her thanks and said he was very handsome. He looked at John and asked if his suit was comfy and John tugged at his tie and said, “No, so that means it must fit okay.”

Harry smiled and nodded his head. Carson said they all looked dapper and Lily hugged Harry telling him he was so handsome that he was gorgeous. He stooped over to kiss her goodbye and thanked her for her compliment. She whispered in his ear asking if it would be okay if she told John he was handsome too. Harry nodded his head and whispered he thought he’d like hearing that from her. She squeezed his neck and gave him a quick kiss and then went to John and told him he was very handsome. He could tell she wanted to hug him so he stooped over and hugged her thanking her for her compliment. She kissed his cheek and backed away.

Harry handed Carson his phone and asked him to take a picture for him. Carson nodded his head and Harry turned to be in front of Ginny and put his hand on her shoulder. When she looked up at him he put his other hand gently on her waist and kissed her lips lightly but lingering. She pulled away from him gently and said they need to leave. She turned to Teyla and asked where she would like to go first. While she was occupied Harry thanked Carson and took the phone from him. Harry put on a handsome Indiana Jones Outback hat that accessorized nicely with his suit; pulling the brim low over his forehead.

Both James and Albus loved the hat and John said, “Aw man, I wish I had a hat like that.” Harry knew he was teasing but conjured a hat like his to sit jauntily on his head. John chuckled when Teyla said, “Oh how dashing and mysterious you both look.”

John and Harry both grinned that cute little boy smile they have about them and John said, “That’s what I’m talk’en about.” Ginny and Teyla both looked at Harry and Ginny blushed when she saw him wink at her. Then finally she said, “We’re ready to go.”

Harry became serious and said, “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t hear where I’m taking us.”

Ginny and Teyla both laughed and said they forgot to tell him. Teyla said, “Paris is okay?”

“Paris it is then. Be good kids, James, be responsible. Oh, by the way, your Wi-Fi won’t be working properly today; some but sporadic at most.”
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for the next chapter. This one is quite long; apologizing now but still hoping you'll like it.

Chapter 2

A Bur Under Ginny’s Saddle

Harry put his arm around Ginny like he’s used to doing when they go anywhere he transports them to. He felt her tense but didn’t try to pull away. He held out his hand to Teyla and John and they took it gently since it was hurt. They next were standing in an alleyway in one of Paris’s well to do neighborhoods. Harry closed his eyes for a few seconds and then guided them out of the alley and hailed a Taxi. He instructed the driver in French to take them to one of the region’s best shopping locations. After the cab driver had his instructions Harry leaned back and rested for the long day he had before him. With his hat pulled low over his forehead it was hard to tell if he was awake or asleep. After a few minutes of Ginny and Teyla’s excited talking to each other it became unusually quiet and without moving he said, “Oh by the way, Gin, Ted called just before you came down from getting ready and said it looks like they’re going to have to post pone the wedding until spring.”

“Oh, so you are awake. We were afraid to talk because we didn’t want to disturb your nap.”

Harry took the yank of his heartstrings breaking without showing emotion. When he knew he could speak without crying like a baby he sat up and took off his hat. He made an attempt to look as if his loving wife had just spoken sweetly to him instead of her snide remark. “I’m awake, we were just letting you girls talk.”

Ginny said, “Who’s we, you and the gods?” Harry looked quickly up to the driver’s reflection in the rear-view mirror. Satisfied he wasn’t paying attention to his passengers Harry looked crossly at Ginny. He shook his head subtly and sounding playful he said, “Don’t insult John that way. We as in John and I. You two have been going on and on since we got in the cab. We enjoy you two having a good time so we just sit and listen. When you stopped talking I wanted to tell you that Ted called.” He put his hat back on and looked out the window.

Ginny was angry at herself for her slip up and folded her arms tightly to her ribs. Harry raised his arm and put it around her shoulders and pulled her to his chest and shoulder. He put his finger under her chin and gently made her raise her head to look at him. He grinned playfully; took off his hat and covered their faces like he was kissing her. He whispered, “It’s okay honey, it was just a slip, please don’t feel badly. John caught Teyla several times too. You’re not used to getting out among Muggles like this, it’s my fault. Don’t be upset, I want you to have fun.” A flash of light caused Ginny to push away from Harry to see what was going on. John showed Teyla the picture he just took and she smiled looking over at Ginny and Harry. Ginny was happy the picture hid that they weren’t really kissing. She thought, ‘It was thoughtful of Harry to protect me that way.’ Teyla pointed to something and asked what it was. Harry didn’t speak up at first to give someone else a chance to answer, but neither John or Ginny knew so Harry answered her. He looked at Ginny surprised she said she didn’t know. He wondered if she just didn’t want to answer for some reason. Just then though she pointed and said, “I know what that is, it happens that it was one of Lily’s assignments in World History. We were studying the cultures of the people who settled this area.” Ginny gave a brief summary of the facts. The ride became very enjoyable everyone contributing to the conversation for twenty minutes. The cab driver pulled over and asked would they like him to come back for them at a certain time or wait. Harry smiled and said they would call a service when they were done and thanked him for his safe driving. Harry looked at the meter and paid the man and left a sizable tip. The driver was happy and waved as he drove away.

They walked up to the Mall entrance and studied the map. Teyla couldn’t believe the size of the place and it having so many stores. She told Ginny for her to pick where they should go because she didn’t have a clue as to where to go. She said they should get the shopping done for their clothes done first and looked at John and Harry. John and Harry walked in looking at each other wondering how long they would be there looking at clothes and telling the girls what they did and didn’t like only for them to finally decide themselves what they want. After they were in the store Harry motioned for them off to the side so they didn’t hold up shoppers going in and out.

“How about to save time you two go to the department you’re looking to buy out and John and I will look around and come back after awhile. It’ll give you time to pick out things to try on without us being in the way.”

Teyla thought that was a splendid idea so the two women went happily into the department store for their clothes and Harry told John he wanted to get the kid’s clothes so they don’t have to stay longer in the store than necessary. John nodded his head saying it was a good idea.

When they got to the children’s clothing store John said, “Hey there’s a sporting store beside this one. Maybe we might be able to have a quick look around if we get done in time.”

Harry said, “That’s what I’m counting on. We won’t be long here, I pre ordered their clothes this morning when I checked on my businesses and looked at bank statements. Ginny will get her and Teyla’s clothes and say she can shop for the kids tomorrow since we won’t be planning for a wedding. And I don’t mean to make it sound like she’s being selfish just getting her needs, but it’ll give more time to shop for Christmas presents for the kids.”

They went to the Customer Service station and told them the name on the account and the woman said they had everything gathered except for the little girl’s clothes. Harry said that was fine he would find the things since he was there and he’d pick up the other clothes after he found what he wanted and then pay for it all at the same time.

They went down aisles of dresses, skirts, blouses, shorts, jeans, and shirts; picking out things they thought Lily would like. Harry picked out socks he saw like the kind she always wears and several pairs of casual and dress shoes. Then they walked to the underwear section and stopped. “Let’s let Ginny get this stuff.” John gladly agreed and they went back to customer service and as the cashier was ringing up his purchases Harry said, “Please deliver these packages to our hotel room.” He gave the woman the name of the hotel and the room number and Harry paid for the clothes and the delivery fee.

They walked out of the store and into the sporting store. They looked around at various hunting equipment and John told stories of hunting when he was younger.
He said once he went with his dad and he was wearing cologne and his dad said he smelled too much like a human; that you don’t wear cologne unless your planning on taking a stag to dinner instead of shooting it for dinner.

Harry said, “I wouldn’t have trouble taking Ginny, she always smells good but wouldn’t keep our prey away.”

“I don’t make a habit of following her around, but what does Ginny smell like?”

Harry grinned and said, “Ginny smells like everything good in the world. Beautiful flowers, fresh earth, April rain, and sunshine all wrapped up in a vessel of the most beautiful thing in the entire Universe.” They were having a great time and finally ended up back at the front of the store having walked clear through it; John buying some fishing lures he wanted to try since where he lives there is plenty of places to fish at. They laughed heartily and Harry said he wanted to get Carson some fishing stuff since he didn’t get to come. Two women looking for rich men came over and tried to use a pick up line on them. Harry told them in a polite but firm way to move along. They smirked they didn’t know what they were missing and started to leave, but Harry and John both grabbed them by their wrists and Harry told them, “Let me get a picture though.” He snapped the picture just as they blew him kisses and then Harry said, ‘Now, give us our wallets you tried to lift and we won’t call the law but your photos will be circulated around the stores in the area.” The women gave them a not so polite hand gesture and threw the wallets back at them only making them fall short to the floor. They tried to get away but Harry kept a firm grip on their wrists. He looked in the eyes of the woman who tried to pick him up and commanded her to pick them up and put the contents back in them. She was obedient even though the other woman tried to object. Harry looked at her and commanded her to do the same. “Now, since you were nasty about it, go turn yourselves in.” He started to release his grip on them but then stopped and asked if they had been to other stores in the mall. When the women answered they had, Harry asked if they had been to the one Teyla and Ginny was at, and again they answered yes. Harry showed them pictures of Ginny and Teyla and asked if they stole from them and once more they answered yes. Harry quickly reached out and pointed to them for subterfuge explaining their wrongful ways while he was summoning the belongings of Ginny and Teyla. Finally he asked where they dumped their purses. The girls told him and Harry let loose of them. He and John left their things they were about to purchase with the counter clerk and walked by the plants in the middle of the mall square and looked subtly for the discarded purses; finally finding them Harry bent over to retrieve them. He handed John Teyla’s purse and contents but held back Ginny’s belongings.

They went to the customer service desk and said they caught two women trying to lift their wallets, and after confronted admitted to lifting their wives purses also. Harry showed the man the women’s things and asked for the number of the store security service and after receiving it sent the picture of the women to them. They paid for their fishing supplies and left the store.

At last they headed back to the store where they left Ginny and Teyla. They walked through the store and found them distressed and talking with the store manager. They saw Harry and John walking toward them and Harry immediately went to Ginny’s side and waited to see if she wanted him to intervene; she’s very independent that way and he didn’t want to upset her by ‘being the hero.”

John followed Harry’s lead because Teyla is also very independent and can normally handle herself exceptionally well. But both women were more than happy to let them help. Harry asked what the problem was and both women offered their problem. “We picked out all the clothes we wanted to try on and came over to find out which fitting room to use and this gentleman said we had to show our ID. We-”

Ginny turned red in the face her anger coming to a boil. Harry put his hand softly on her shoulder and Ginny calmed down. “We explained that we seemed to have been mugged and this horrid man turned up his nose and said something in French. We asked if he could please get someone who speaks English and he just looked at us like we were something disgusting he stepped in.”

Harry turned to the man and asked politely why he didn’t provide someone to speak English for them. Ginny glared at Harry for speaking in English when she just told him he doesn’t speak it. “He can’t understand you. Why are you wasting time on this man?”

“Honey, we need to let the man have a chance to mend his ways.” He looked at her and held out her purse. He turned back to the man and said, “What say you sir?”

The man spoke in French acting like he was trying to understand what was going on, but he actually said some very nasty things about Ginny and Teyla. Harry raised his eyes level with the man and then took off his hat looking very scary. In French he told the man that he needed to apologize to his wife and friend. He told the man that he was very disappointed because he brought his wife there to do all her shopping as a treat and he ruined it. “I am a peaceful man but I will not stand for anyone to talk to my wife and friends the way you just did. You have insulted my wife and refused to make amends. I challenge you to a duel; pick your choice of weapon.”

As soon as Harry took his hat off and looked at the man in the eyes he began to stammer and stutter. He knew who Harry was and he kept trying to interrupt him to apologize. After Harry told him to pick his weapon of choice the poor man begged him to reconsider. “I don’t even think it is still legal to duel anymore,” he said close to tears. “Please Mr. Potter, this is silly isn’t it? I don’t know how to duel!”

Harry smiled at him and said in a kind and quiet voice, “Of course it’s silly; just as silly as the way you were treating my wife and friend. Don’t you have something you need to tell them… in English?”

The man looked quite a bit relieved and told the women that he was truly sorry and, would it be possible for them to forgive him. Teyla and Ginny felt so sorry for the clerk that they didn’t have the heart to refuse his apology. The girls tried on their clothes, modeling each one to Harry and John. Harry gave his opinion when Teyla asked for it, but Ginny never asked for it. She stopped coming out to model them all together and he felt like a fifth wheel with John and Teyla, so Harry pulled his hat down over his eyes and sat back waiting for them to be done. He spoke to John when Teyla would return to the tiny room to change into a different outfit. They chuckled at their jokes they cracked about women shopping to pass the time but Harry mainly did it to stay awake. Finally they both came out and with smiles on their faces said they were done. Teyla asked Ginny which outfits she was going to get and Ginny laughed with cheerfulness and said, “All of them! I just had to see if they all fit and if I liked the way they felt on me. I don’t bother trying to get clothes Harry likes anymore, he’s never home to see me in any of them.”

Teyla couldn’t believe how Ginny was treating Harry. While he and John were looking around other places she only had the sweetest things to say about him. But when he is around she treats him like he’s dirt under her fingernails. She looked at her choices and said, “I guess I better get my favorites picked.” Ginny saw Harry turn sideways to her and had his head facing a small group of people walking toward them. It was then she noticed what he was wearing and she remembered seeing him in his jeans when she and Teyla were going down to the living room after they were dressed. He had waited to see what she was wearing to match her. Harry turned and glanced at her and gave her a charming smile. He moved closer to her and looked at John. Teyla finished making her choices and John was telling her she should pick a certain one he especially liked but stopped and turned to look at the group moving closer. He glanced over at Harry and saw he was watching him. He nodded his head and John moved close to Teyla. Ginny told Teyla John was right that she should get the outfit he picked. Teyla said she didn’t want to spend all her money on clothes for her. Ginny took the outfit while Teyla looked to see what Harry and John’s attention was on and put it with her things.

“Are we ready then?” asked Harry. When both girls said yes, Harry raised his hand to get the attendant’s attention and said, “They’re done, would you ring up the amount due please?”

Two attendants’ took the clothes hanging on the racks they each decided on and took them to the register. Harry took Ginny’s hand and squeezed it when she tried to pull it away from him. Not wanting to cause a scene she let him lead her to the register with him. John did the same with Teyla which she thought strange but she just smiled and let him lead her behind Harry and Ginny. Harry paid for the clothes and asked for separate receipts for Teyla’s things and paid extra for having everything but one bag for each lady to carry and the rest to be delivered to their room. He gave them the name of the hotel and room number and gave the attendants’ and cashier each a sizable tip. Ginny looked startled and asked why he had things delivered to a hotel room. He answered, “I reserved a hotel room this morning so we don’t have to carry our purchases everywhere we go.”

Ginny lowered her voice and said, “I thought we’d just shrink everything and you could carry them in your pouch you carry.”

Harry glanced at her and quietly said, “We can’t be seen making all these purchases and not have anything to carry. It would be too conspicuous and draw unnecessary attention to us. The clerk who rang up their clothing finished writing out a delivery form and had Harry sign it. After that she handed Harry and John the two bags of clothing that was kept separate from the rest being sent to the hotel. Harry thanked her again and tipped his hat to her with a friendly smile and they began to walk away.

Harry looked at John and his friend tilted his head in a direction off to his left side. Harry glanced over and said, “Let’s go.” He pulled out his cell phone and punched in a number and then put it in his clip that held it to his belt. He took Ginny by the waist and John did the same with Teyla and they walked at a fast pace through the mall and outside where a cab pulled up to the curb. Harry and John held the doors open for the girls and they were about to get in after them when the small group of people following them yelled for them to stop or they’d blow up the place.

Harry instructed the driver to drive to a safe place and shut the door. He turned around and stood with John facing the group coming towards them. Harry said, “Stop and tell us what your problem is.”

The man who obviously was the leader laughed and said, “We want your money and you’re going to give it to us.”

Harry and John laughed and argued who would get to take care of the punks. By the time the group got to them they decided that they would each take out three and the one who finished last had to buy lunch for everyone. Harry watched the ones who were worried about the confidence that Harry and John seemed to have in themselves. His plan was to dodge the overconfident ones and take out the others first. Now the men were upon them and pulled knives from their pockets. Harry kicked the first man in the hand holding the knife so unexpectedly that he dropped it. Harry grabbed up the knife and threw it into one of the larger aggressors, rendering him incapable of standing. He howled in anger and pain and Harry grabbed two of the less confident ones and smashed their heads together knocking them out. Harry glanced quickly to check on John and saw he had taken down one of the less than confident ones and was working over a pretty large man wearing brass knuckles. Now two other large men came at Harry swinging their knives and Harry caught the wrist of one that just tried to slice off Harry’s head and bent his hand backward and then chopped his hand down on the man’s elbow. With Harry twisting his wrist with his other hand he smoothly took the knife from him and cut a deep slash in the leg of the other big man coming at him. Keeping the knife he turned his attention back to the man whose arm he had twisted around his back and sliced his thigh taking him out of the fight. The only other man standing was just staring at Harry and John hit him on the jaw knocking the man off his feet.

Harry called the police and told them they needed a bus to take a group of thugs that attacked them to the hospital. Within a minute seven police cars came and surrounded Harry and John standing watch over the gang they just made short work of. The officers came at them aggressively and Harry and John both raised their hands showing they didn’t have any weapons and were no threat to them. The officer in charge asked what happened and they told them how the group had been following them through the mall and threatened them as they were trying to leave. John picked his hat up and slapped it to his leg to get the dirt off of it. When he put it back on his head he looked at Harry talking to the officer completely untouched, even still wearing his hat.

Finally the officer agreed that they could go since neither one of them were hurt. They convinced him that the thugs were mostly just bullies and needed to experience defeat instead of being feared by everyone. Before they left Harry spoke to them saying, “None of you are hurt too badly to get a job and make your own money instead of being bullies who try to take money from people who worked hard for what they have.”

Harry hailed the driver who had the girls waiting at a safe place watching them and drove over to them. When they got in the cab Harry directed the driver in French and they left for the hotel. On the ride there Ginny and Teyla talked to them about how impressive they were. Only Harry soon realized all Ginny’s praise went to John. He remained subdued the entire ride unless he was directly spoken to. When they got to the hotel Teyla was speechless at the grandeur of the building. It was one of the skyscrapers that during the day stood out as one of the more eloquently designed buildings and beautified the nighttime silhouette of the city. Harry offered his hand to Ginny when she got out but she refused it. He carried his and Ginny’s bags into the lobby and told the three he’d be back in a second.

Harry went to the desk and checked in. The manager and staff all greeted him like he was royalty whereupon he graciously and humbly acknowledged them politely. A few asked for him to have his picture taken with them. He looked over at Ginny and held out his hand to her. She smiled uneasily and went to him quite uncomfortably. “This is my beautiful wife, Ginny. I insist that if you want your pictures to be anything to look at she be in them. I would like to ask to please make this brief so we can go to our room to eat and relax before we embark on another shopping spree before we travel home. Thank you for your kindness.”

Three or four people with cell phones posed with them and they excitedly thanked him. He took pictures of them and put his phone in his jacket pocket as was the common practice if you’re not a wizard who normally keeps his in his pouch. When they were finally in the room Harry reserved he took off his jacket, vest, and shirt and headed to the bathroom excusing his rudeness for not waiting until he was in the bathroom to bare his upper body. He quietly asked John if he needed medical treatment other than his busted and bloodied knuckles and the cut on his chin and bruised jaw. John assured him he was fine and so Harry gave Teyla the medicine to put on the places and he went on into the bathroom. “You can put anything with blood from the fight with my stuff and I’ll clean them when I clean mine. I think I busted open these scratches on my hand. Ginny followed Harry in to look at his bleeding hand. He was correct, the rabbit claws that had scratched his hand up was now torn and bleeding. It was purple and throbbing, but thankfully the scratches weren’t any deeper. “They’re not deep at all, just bad scratches really,” he said to Ginny in a quiet voice.

“I can see how deep they are, I’m not a child.”

Harry didn’t say anything but carefully finished taking off the bloody bandage on his hand. She huffed and rather loudly and roughly cleaned his hand and re-bandaged it. When she was done he put his hands on her hips and slid them smoothly to her back and leaned down to meet her lips when he gently pulled her to him. She nearly succumbed to his charm but then she put her hands on his chest and shook her head no just as his hot lips touched hers. He slowly let go of her and thanked her for her help and walked around her to get out of the small room. He pointed to the counter and said for John and Teyla to order whatever they wanted from room service. He picked up his shirt, vest and jacket and removed the blood splatters from them and then did the same for John’s clothes.
Putting on his shirt he asked Teyla if she was having a good time. She beamed and said she was having the time of her life. John put on his shirt and asked him if he stayed here often and Ginny jerked her head to glare at him. Harry shook his head no and wondered what he did wrong that Ginny could be so angry with him. “No, we stayed here once before, but it’s been years ago.” He picked up the menu and asked Ginny to mark what she wanted.

“I want to eat someplace nice; is what I want.”

Harry picked up the receiver of the phone and called room service. He spoke in French and chuckled a few times and then hung up after thanking the person on the other end of the conversation. Harry turned to the three and said, “Lunch will be brought up in forty five minutes. Watch TV, or visit with each other. If it doesn’t bother anyone, I’d like to lie down until lunch is brought up.”

Ginny said she had some questions if he didn’t mind her asking. He smiled at her and said he’d love answering her questions. What he didn’t say was he was just thrilled she was talking to him. And besides, if she had questions maybe she was trying to get to the bottom of why she was treating him like scum. However he didn’t want to talk about it in front of John and Teyla. He knew they were already uncomfortable with how Ginny was treating him. “Only, would you like to sit out on the balcony; it’s enclosed and heated for the winter. We don’t want to ruin John and Teyla’s day with our discussion.”

Ginny looked out the window where Harry opened the drapes for her to see the breathtaking view. “Remember this view, Honey?”

Ginny’s eyebrows knit together in a disapproving look at Harry. “I think you brought me to the wrong hotel if I’m supposed to recognize it. I’ve never been here before. You’re thinking of one of your goddesses you brought here. Or maybe one or both of these creatures who seem to love you.” She showed him the picture of the two women who lifted their wallets. “I was going to call the kids and check on them with your phone because mine is recharging, but these two imps caught my eye. You really should be more careful to hide pictures of your lady friends from me.” She threw his phone at him and continued her eruption of hate. “It all makes sense now. The way everyone at the desk treated you like royalty, people wanting your picture with them, and even the kitchen staff knows you. How is it that you are so fluent in French? And let’s not forget how you took down six of those bullies without as much as a scratch while John only took down two and got clobbered which would be normal. This is all the proof I need to decide I wouldn’t have a baby with you if you were the last man on earth or any other planet because you are a god and I won’t be fooled any longer.

Harry’s lips parted as if he was about to speak but was in shock and couldn’t get words to come out. At last he said, “You want a baby but you won’t have one because of me for some reason? But that doesn’t make sense. We both wanted another baby; we can make it happen. It’ll be great…” It was heartbreaking to see the happiness on Harry’s face at the thought of having another baby; a dream of his for years.

He stopped talking and looked at her and studied on what she had said; she wouldn’t have a baby with him if he were the last man on this or any other planet. “You don’t want me to father another baby with you.”

Ginny laughed sarcastically and said, “Don’t go pretending to be all hurt feelings and misunderstood. We all see right through you for what you really are. I’m just a mere human you spend a minute with compared to endless time you spend with your goddesses.”

Harry looked over at the balcony and envisioned him jumping to his death, but he didn’t believe in suicide so he dismissed it from his mind. He swallowed and drew in a shaky breath. His anger was on the verge of boiling out of control but he spoke quite calmly. He didn’t know he looked and sounded extremely formidable.

“I think I’ve been patient long enough on the matter, Gin. I’ve never known of any husband to ever have to constantly prove who he is or what he is. I’ve never known of a husband to ever have to constantly prove he loves his wife and only his wife. And I’ve never known of any husband to ever have to apologize continuously to his wife that he isn’t what she wants him to be and for making her so unhappy with her life. I’ve never known of any other husband who isn’t allowed to mention his needs for fear of being accused of thinking only of himself. Gin, lunch will be here in seven minutes so I’ll answer your questions this one time and listen carefully because I’ll never speak of it again. I’ve never been here with anyone but you. We came here when we were finally able to leave our house for a honeymoon. I said I’d take you anywhere and this is one of the places you wanted to come. It had just been built and opened for the public and you thought it would be romantic. We stayed in this room and you loved the view. People treat me special because I own this hotel along with the entire block it sits on. You know that I spent time on every continent on Earth during the four years I was on my quest. This is what I did when I was here. I saved a wealthy man’s life and his fortune. He gave me eight million dollars to thank me and I invested it back into his company by buying this piece of property and I drew up the plans for this hotel. I had to work at some other things to make the plan a success but that’s how so many people know me. I gave them jobs when the job market was nonexistent. This is also where and when I learned the French language. I told you back when we were here that I owned the building. You didn’t believe me obviously.”

Harry leaned on the doorway and groaned doubling over; his belly growling angrily from hunger. When he straightened up he continued answering Ginny’s questions. “Earlier today I was able to take out six of the eight thugs because it’s what I do every day at home. I am constantly on guard for my life, because of who I am. I am very recognizable and people have the misconception that they’ll be some kind of hot shot if they kill me. I don’t like going out with anyone because I have to do so much subterfuge to keep people from tracking me. Before we came today I caused Wi-Fi to work sporadically except for cameras used for national security. I do this to protect anyone with me for their safety. And I don’t want people following us taking pictures so they don’t see us here and then in another country halfway around the world because that would cause too many questions. Any image of us with the exception of the people here will be blurred for ‘some unknown reason.’ So, yeah, I’m proficient in fighting because that’s a normal day at the office for me. Now let’s see, according to your deductive reasoning; because I own a building and am known because of it, speak French fluently, and fight with proficiency, that means I am a god and not good enough to be the father of your baby. Well, Honey, it’s a good thing I am the detective in the family because your skills in reasoning stinks. And for the last time, I am not a god nor do I have any desire to be with any goddesses. During this week I’ve been fighting the gods for one hundred twenty years. How could you think I’d want to become a god? All they do is bicker and fight among themselves. I get plenty of that here in real life. I look forward to being in a place where there won’t be any more fighting. You can’t begin to know how lonely and frightening it is to be away from home and being alone without any chance of help. The only thing that gets me through each minute is relying on memories of you and the kids. Now, I find I’m not a fit husband or father so the next time I’m attacked and nobody is around to get hurt, I’ll just not fight back. Everybody will get what they want that way and I won’t have to suffer any more.”

Harry took his wallet out of his pants pocket and began going through his money while walking to the door. Just before he reached the door there was a knock with an announcement of Room Service. Harry answered the door and two employees rolled in tables of food and drink. Harry thanked them and gave them generous tips. As they left and Harry started to close the door he stopped and called one of them back. Ginny, Teyla, and John watched a short conversation in French develop; the man who looked to be the same age as Harry showed shock and then amazement. They laughed and Harry shrugged his shoulders and said something quietly and humbly. The man finally ended up getting out his wallet and showed Harry some pictures. Harry smiled and made grand compliments from the expressions of joy the man was showing. Harry showed the man some pictures and the man nodded his head obviously complimenting Harry from how Harry responded to the man. The man and Harry shook hands and he left.

Harry glanced over at Ginny and she looked at him not knowing what to say or do. She was on the verge of tears and he knew she wanted to say something, but didn’t want to upset him. She said, “Should we sit down in the kitchen and eat now? It’s getting late and we haven’t gotten the kids anything yet.”

Harry asked if they’d like to eat on the balcony and that seemed to be a good idea to everyone so he and John rolled the carts out to the tables on the balcony. It was a breathtaking view even with dark clouds rolling in over the city threatening more severe weather. Harry waited at the table for Ginny to sit but she just smiled at him embarrassed to say she was a spoiled brat and didn’t order anything. He read her expression and then remembered her previous childish outburst and said, “I ordered the same thing you ordered when we were here before; you seemed to like it well enough then. If you don’t want it, you can order something different.”

She thanked him and sat down quickly as did Teyla. After both women were sitting, Ginny said, “This looks so good, I can’t believe how hungry I am.”

Harry nodded his head in agreement. He was desperately hungry but was so upset he didn’t know if he could eat without getting sick. He slowly took a bite and couldn’t bring himself to chew it, and had a strong urge to run to the bathroom and vomit. He held it in his mouth and convinced himself he had eaten during more stressful conditions than this. He slowly chewed and swallowed his first bite and put down his fork. His weariness wasn’t helping him any and began to feel hopeless. He stood up and excused himself from the table saying he was going to check on the kids. He stepped into the room and made his phone call. After talking to Albus, because James made him answer the phone, Harry put away his phone and went back out to the balcony and sat down.

“The kids said to say hello to everyone. Albus says they’re doing fine, nothing out of the ordinary to report. He said Carson claims to be reading a book and just trying to digest some of the writer’s theories, but Albus thinks he’s really sleeping.”

They laughed and Harry picked up his fork and made himself eat his lunch. He looked at Ginny and asked her what her ideas were for gifts for the kids. They talked while they ate and when they were done, John said, they probably should get going due to the weather turning worse. Harry turned the weather station on the TV and they saw the entire continent covered in a winter storm system. He asked if any of them thought they would need to return to the hotel after shopping or would they just go home. They all agreed they should get shopping done and go straight home.

Harry summoned the luggage he sent ahead this morning from the closet and then called the front desk saying they were checking out and to please have their luggage taken to the airport and put on the flight, that they were going to catch a later flight after shopping. All the kid’s clothes and what Teyla and Ginny bought went into the luggage.

Ginny and Teyla looked at each other completely baffled at all the clothes for the kids they saw Harry pack. John laughed and said, “While you two were picking out your stuff, Harry and I got the kids’ clothes. Well, with the exception of personal things for Lily; Harry said we’d let Ginny get her that stuff.”

After checking out; the rest of the afternoon and early evening was spent looking for the things Ginny and Harry discussed over lunch. They laughed and joked around making up for the morning’s sour beginning. Only John noticed Harry wasn’t as jovial as he let on. He understood the pain Ginny inflicted on him was too much to just let go by without dealing with the reality. He saw her laughing and being carefree; standing against Harry even wedging herself under his shoulder so he had to put his arm around her. When he did this she smiled sweetly at him. John knew he was storing these memories for the next time he was taken by the gods. He hoped it would be enough for him to want to come back if he was taken again.

Ginny noticed Harry rubbing his head more than normal and worried something was wrong. He always gets headaches when he is excessively tired since he came back from his secret mission. She would ask Carson about the headaches when they got back.

Harry stiffened and became alert to something going on somewhere other than where they were. He asked if they were done and when they all answered they were all done he motioned them into the nearest alley. He gathered all the bags and shrunk them down to fit into his pouch and swiftly magiced it securely into John’s pocket. Then he put his rook into John’s hand and told Ginny and Teyla to hold on tight to him. “John you know to put the rook down as soon as you get home because it will come back to me. I more than likely won’t be alone when it does. Oh, and-” he caught his breath and grabbed his head and moaned; his knees buckling but then he caught himself from going to the ground. He took a breath and finished his sentence. “I hired a man to deliver the luggage to the house once the plane arrives home. Ginny, make sure you tip him generously; he’s a new resident at the Winston Churchill Building.” He gave Teyla a spare wand and all though John had his he didn't want the girls to know it so he gave John a wand just to make sure they could all travel with the Rook.

John said, “Let the girls go on ahead and let me stay with you. What’s going on?”

It looked as though Harry was going to agree to let John stay and help him. Harry looked behind him quickly and said, “John, you are the last person that should try and help. You remember our friend Charlie from another galaxy? I need to go meet him before he has a chance to get here. I can’t make it look as though you have magic and his power is-”

The rook began to turn blue and Harry glanced sadly at Ginny; wanting to hold her and kiss her one more time, but he wouldn’t push himself on his wife. Ginny screamed for him to not get killed and to come back and then they disappeared. When they got home Ginny was doing all she could to not break down and cry. The kids swarmed over the three and asked where their dad was. Ginny told them something came up and that he’d be home later. James asked if he stayed and shopped with them or did he leave them after lunch. Teyla said, “Your dad took us shopping and then we had lunch and then did the rest of our shopping. We had a wonderful time of it today, and it was all thanks to your dad. We were just leaving when he got called away. He sent us on home and said he’d be home as soon as possible.”
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Hey guys, thanks for coming back for my next chapter. Sorry for taking so long to get it posted. I've been slow getting around these days, but hopefully that'll change soon and I'll be back up to speed. This chapter is somewhat difficult to fallow but it will be made clear in the next chapter. Please comment if you have a problem understanding any of it. Comments are welcome and honestly I enjoy the feedback. Hope you enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 3

Something Is Terribly Amiss With Harry

It was well into the early hours of the morning when Harry appeared in the basement of his house. He summoned his phone from his pouch John had and called Ginny on her cell phone. “Home… basement… shower…lab.”

Before she could say anything he hung up and she looked at Teyla, John, and Carson. “He’s in the basement taking a shower and then he thinks he’s going to work in the lab.”

“What?! What exactly did he say?” asked John a bit put out with the lack of information she told them.

Ginny played the call back to them. She recorded it just in case he gave her specific information for something he needed. She wouldn’t ever mess up like she did with the Moonbeam fairies potion. They ran down to the basement and found Harry just inside with the door opened behind him; and he was leaning on the wall with his head hanging. Each breath he took sounded like he was being strangled and he was trembling fiercely. Something else was terribly wrong. He was bleeding excessively and looked broken and battered. If they could see his face they would be afraid for his life. Ginny started to reach for him and when he heard her he stumbled backward against the door-frame and told her not to come near him. She took out her wand and as if he knew what she was going to do he told her to leave the door open. Still he hadn’t looked at her or any of them.

Carson said, “He’s contaminated from the alien Charlie. Their skin excretes an oil that is poisonous to us. Even breathing their air contaminates our lungs. Last time Harry said he blocked as much as he could but you can’t block enough to make them safe to be around for any amount of time. After he takes a shower I can administer the antidote and then we can have a look see at everything else that needs fixing. We should all move back away from him for our own safety.”

Harry nodded his head in agreement and looked toward the shower and then disappeared. They were all relieved when they heard the water running; letting them know he made it there. John looked at Carson and asked, “Does he look like he’s got radiation poisoning? That isn’t part of the alien’s poison.” Carson was looking where Harry disappeared from in deep thought and said, “Aye, it is most definitely radiation poisoning.” Teyla put her arm around Ginny who was beginning to sway on her feet. John ran outside and a minute later came in with a hand held machine that analyzed the quality of air.

“The air is contaminated, but we’ll be okay, it’s not high enough to do anything to us. The fresh air will clean it up naturally. Finally the water shut off and a few minutes later Harry walked out in just a short pair of running shorts. This he wore because he knew Carson wanted to see him and apply whatever he needed and apply the appropriate bandages. His right hand was hideous looking. It didn’t look like a bad scratch from an animal such as a rabbit, but was nearly black; the skin was hanging on by a scant strip on the side of his hand, and he was obviously being very careful with it. His trembling was worse and his teeth were chattering. His nose began bleeding and he coughed up blood. He looked at Carson and shook his head when he started to come at him. “Not yet, Carson,” was the only thing he said. It was becoming too much of a struggle for Harry to stand in front of the open door, but somehow he managed until ten minutes later he fell to the floor exhausted. John was looking at the gauges on the machine and said, ‘He’s safe to be around now, and the door can be closed.”

Ginny gasped and said, “Is he alive? Only his eyes are open but he’s not looking at anything and he’s so still.”

Carson ran his little instrument over Harry and scanned his life signs and answered, “Aye Las, he’s just too tired to close his eyes. His body has taken over and said it had enough of being awake and doing too much.” He began pouring potions over cuts and bruises and bandages where they were needed. He was baffled by small holes that went right through him and he had a deep laceration on his side that looked like he had been the helper of a really bad magician who really did cut him in half, or tried to anyway. His face was completely bloody not just from the cuts all over but from his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Working on him was tedious and chilling but the worst was when he got to his hand. He shook his head sadly and said, “I don’t see how we can save his hand. There is severe damage done and a couple ligaments and a few bones are missing. We can move him now; let’s get him upstairs to his bed.”

Carson fixed a protective sling to hold Harry’s heavily bandaged hand to his diaphragm securely and then Ginny magiced him carefully up the steps to the first level and then was about to get him upstairs but Albus asked what was going on. Despite Ginny asking what he was doing up he came downstairs to look at his dad. He looked him over and then bent over close to his dad and smelled his hand. “Take him in the lab,” he said with so much authority in his voice Teyla looked at Harry to see if it was he who spoke. Ginny did as Albus said and once again asked why he was out of bed.

“I thought I heard Daddy calling me. I must have been dreaming about him. Are you sure this is Daddy, something is very wrong, he doesn’t feel or smell like Daddy.”

Ginny said, “Why did you tell me to bring him in here?” Ginny figured Albus was in some kind of denial for him not to think this wasn’t his dad. She thought if she ignored what he was saying, he’d give up the ridiculous nonsense this isn’t his dad.

“Because his hand needs a special potion or he’ll lose it. It isn’t critical right now, but by the time I get the potion made it will be. He has all the ingredients here in his lab except for two of them, which are the most important ones. John, I’m sorry but I have to ask something really brave of you: would you go down to the stable and get a hair from Chevron’s mane? And Mum, you need to take Teyla down in the cavern and scrape some moss off of the walls just under the water. Be very careful, I don’t want either one of you to slip and get hurt.” He handed them both a small vial and told them to fill them full. John, make sure you don’t break the hair, it has to have the root attached.”
Ginny and Teyla started off for the basement and John swallowed hard and looked at Carson and then Harry and then ran down to the stable. Albus pulled different potions from the shelves and set aside two and put a bandage beside them.

Carson prepared a metal tray by the cot he set up for Harry to lie on. Albus began mixing the potions and set up the Bunsen burner to the flame he needed. Some of the potion he put on the tray Carson had waiting for his use, and after Albus looked over everything, checking he had everything ready, Carson said, “I think I’m following what you’re doing but where do these bandages and potions fit in?”

Albus smiled nervously and said, “I could be wrong, but Chevron will probably object to his hair being pulled. Just then Teyla and Ginny came into the lab with the slimy goop and handed them to Albus. He wiped the outside clean and put them in special holders that allowed two vials to share the same flame by rotating the vials. John came in and handed Albus two hairs. Albus grinned and examined them carefully and then put one in a sealed bag labeled, “Chevron’s hair from mane with good root intact,” he added the date and time and put it on a shelf then put the other one in a special liquid to soak.

“Let’s see then, son,” he said to John as he pulled him to where Albus had a work station set up for him. He began looking at him and whistled. “That’s a nasty bite you have there John. It’s a wonder he didn’t bite through your ear and throat.”

John grunted and didn’t say anything; his ego damaged by the horse getting in a tricky shot. A timer went off and Albus jumped to the vials and took both of them and poured them into the liquid with the horse hair. He stirred them for several minutes and when it turned into a paste he put it in dry ice for five seconds.

Ginny touched her husband’s arm and bent over him and stroked his face gently. She spoke lovingly to him and he turned his head to her. His eyes opened and he stared at her. Albus said, “Daddy, I’m about to put this patch over your hand. You know what it is going to do, so think of something to get your mind off of this.” Carson stood over him watching and videoed the whole procedure with great fascination. Albus dropped the gelatin type concoction on the raw tissues and bones in the injured hand and then watched intently; explaining to Carson the horse hair root provided the neural abridgment between the destroyed nerves and tendons to build around the hair allowing it to make like a tunnel for new vessels and stuff. The gland in the root that produces replacement hair is working to replace what has been destroyed. You see; it’s happening right before our eyes. The algae in the mixture with Wraith enzymes are actually regenerating new bone and muscle that has rotted due to an alien toxin of some sort. This would have spread through his body and killed him even if his hand had been removed because it already circulated through his system. Now, with the new root from this one hair from Chevron Daddy will live. I just need to watch for a sign that the whole process worked as planned and then finish the last step with the gelatin mixture.”

Albus continued watching and then he took a needle and poked the tip of his dad’s fingers and the twitch of the finger let him know it was a success. “Great, now I need to remove the shaft of the hair; it’s filled its purpose.” Albus took a scalpel and touched the hair shaft at its beginning and then put his wand on the scalpel. He gave a command and the hair shaft split as if it had been cut the entire length and then Albus pulled it out with a pair of tweezers. “Now the bluish green mixture should any second start turning the color of healthy muscle, bone and… yes you see it looks as if I have simply peeled back the skin to have a look see at a healthy hand.” He then quickly put the skin flap over the raw human tissue and the oddly made mixture.

He affixed a magnifying lens over Harry’s hand and meticulously pushed the torn skin together so it met up perfectly without gaping or overlapping. After each centimeter he touched his wand to it and it stayed together better than if it had been stitched together. This took him forty five minutes and then he waved his wand over it saying an enchantment over and over. When he was done with that it looked astonishingly like it was just a very sore cut. He put Dittany on it and then wrapped it securely exactly like Carson had done. Albus marveled at how well his dad took being worked on with the potion. He sure didn’t expect it to be so painless for him. He washed his hands and put everything away in its place and cleaned the lab quickly and then he washed his hands again and then looked at his watch. A minute later he stood by his dad’s side and took his pulse and listened to his heart. “I don’t understand; he just isn’t responding like he did the first time he made this.” He listened to his stomach and said, “Help me roll him on his side quickly.”

He started to roll his dad over and Ginny asked why he needed to be on his side; when did he make it the first time, and how did he know how to make it. She was quite unnerved that her young son knew so much on one hand but questioned his lack of experience to understand that sometimes even doing everything exactly the way it’s supposed to be done, doesn’t always guarantee success.

Albus didn’t stop trying to roll his dad over but groaned under the weight he was trying to lift. Teyla helped him and made it possible for him to answer as he put a large plastic bag under the side of his dad’s head and over his mouth. “Because he’s about to be sick; violently sick,” he answered.

And true enough, Harry vomited so violently he nearly fell off the bed. When he was done he curled up in a ball and fell asleep. Albus looked at Carson and said, “It’s safe for Daddy to have some intravenous supplements. I’m sure you know he is severely malnourished and just as dehydrated. He is too exhausted to eat so do you think you can set him up with just enough to keep him alive?”

“Why just enough to keep him alive?” asked Ginny perplexed he didn’t ask for enough to help him recover quickly.

“Because we need to wake him up and walk him around, make him use the bathroom and stuff so his brain doesn’t convince him that he needs to stay asleep and not wake up again. He should eat something solid then too, like eggs. They’re friendly food.” Harry stirred enough to see his son and with only enough strength to barely whisper, he said, “Thank you son,” and then his eyes closed again and he was still once more. Albus put his hand over his chest and looked around and for a scant second he looked slightly confused. John studied his reaction curiously and looked at Carson wondering what the doctor was thinking.

Carson thought and nodded his head and said, “Normally I would disagree but in your dad’s case I think we should do it your way; it’s the way he’s wired. Okay then, we’ll wake him in eight hours. I want to check to see how his headache is then too. And for now, maybe you should go back to bed.”

Albus stood staring at Carson and then looked at Ginny and then his dad. His young face was sober with tears rolling down his cheeks. Suddenly he didn’t look like a brilliant doctor or scientist, but a terrified little boy.

“Daddy doesn’t have those headaches anymore. It was only on account of Tom Riddle that he had those. Are you saying he got this way from fighting Tom Riddle? He’s dead isn’t he? Has he come back somehow?”

Ginny sat Albus down in a chair and she sat in front of him. “No, sweetheart, he hasn’t come back to life. He wasn’t fighting him at all. He was having these headaches earlier today, but I just thought he was tired. He didn’t sleep any the night before we left for France and he did a lot of incredible magic getting us all there and back. It’s probably that and not eating when he needed to.”

Albus tried to believe her, but he had a feeling it was more than what she was saying, but she seemed sincere about what she told him. He decided that she really didn’t know and told him what she believed to be the truth. He went to his dad’s side and put his hand on his chest and felt the mighty man resting comfortably. He looked back at his mom and said, “I think I will try to get some more sleep now. Don’t forget to wake him up at 11:00 in the morning.”

Ginny took him with both hands and turned him to her by his shoulders. “When did daddy use this magic and how do you know how to make it?”

“He made it when he was trying to learn ancient magic and invent new magic back when he was expected to kill Tom Riddle by himself. Zeus showed up-” He looked at Teyla and his mom at their shock that he knew about Zeus. “Erm, yeah, I know about the gods and have for some time, before we even knew you guys. Anyway Zeus showed up and taking advantage of Daddy’s weariness made some alien attack him because he was mad Daddy beat him in a fight. Daddy couldn’t stop it because he was completely exhausted and needed resting to have enough energy to get home. After it attacked Daddy Zeus let it go back to its own world. It had ripped open Daddy’s left wrist and he slowly began to die right then. Zeus left, leaving Daddy to die and I helped Daddy get home. He examined the DNA of the alien and knew what he needed to do. I helped him get the… that’s the difference! It was hot out and I got the algae from the stream where it’s deepest. Since the weather is freezing cold outside, I had you and Teyla get the algae from the cavern wall just below the water. That must be why it wasn’t at all painful for him tonight. So anyway I watched him make it and took notes because he just invented it right then as he was going along. It worked but it hurt him something fierce.” Albus got a pad and pencil and made notes and then put it away.”

Ginny listened with her mouth ajar too shocked to say anything or ask any questions. Finally she said, “Oh, okay then, go on back to bed. And thank you sweetheart, for being such a super student of your fathers.”

John took Albus by the shoulder as he was going by and said, “Listen, Albus, what you did here, helping with your dad, is a lot for one so young to deal with. You did a stand up job and we’re all proud of you, as I’m sure your dad will be too. But if you find yourself getting overwhelmed you can talk to me anytime, just let me know. Now, one more thing; can I ask you something really quick before you go to bed?”

Albus nodded his head seriously and John said, “I noticed you had potions and bandages ready for me when I got back with Chevron’s hair. How did you know he would bite me?”

Albus grinned just like his father with that impish grin and said, “Because he bit Daddy when he made that potion too. He got the hair while I got the algae.” John laughed and said he felt better about being bitten now that his dad was bitten too.

Albus leaned in and hugged John and whispered, “He isn’t my dad, but Dad is with him somehow.” And then he spoke softly just more than a whisper, “Thanks, Uncle John. You’re the best. I love you.” John squeezed the young boy’s shoulder and smiled warmly and quietly said, “Good-night son, sleep well.”

After Albus was well out of ear shot John said, “I’ll stay up and watch over him; the rest of you guys go on to bed.”

Teyla asked why he needed to have someone watch him and he answered, “Because Harry has a way of waking up and not remembering what’s happened when things happen one thing right after another. The days that he is actually here are a blur to him because of the amount of time spent with the gods. In this week he has been with them a total of one hundred twenty years. It is natural that he remembers those years instead of the few days at a time he is here trying to recover from something happening. So if he wakes up and feels like going to work, he will because that’s what he knows he does when he’s home.”

A couple hours after everyone went to bed John took Harry’s pouch from his pocket and wondered why it didn’t go back to him when he got home like it always did before when he kept it for Harry. He looked at it and said, “Could you send out the presents that were purchased so I can put them under the tree? Please,” he added as an afterthought since nothing happened. Another minute went by and nothing happened. He closed the pouch and it disappeared of its own accord and John then looked at Harry sleeping peacefully.

Just before dawn John went to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee Winky just made. “I’d stay and visit but I need to keep an eye on Harry so he doesn’t wake up and go to work or something.” He turned around to go back to the lab and walked right into Harry. He reached out and grabbed his arm to keep him from falling over.

“Why would I go to work when I can barely stand?” He looked at Winky and asked could he please have some bacon, buttered toast, and scrambled eggs… and chocolate milk. He sat down at the table and stared straight ahead and then looked at John. “Thanks for getting the girls home safely. Did the packages from the airport get delivered okay?”

John nodded his head trying to act like he wasn’t surprised Harry was up and talking to him. Harry looked hard at him but didn’t say anything. He just swallowed and looked away. Something was weighing awfully heavy on him and he didn’t trust that he could talk to John about it without crying his heart out. Instead he cleared his throat and asked if his throat and ear was going to be okay. John grinned and said, “You should ask your horse if his jaw is going to be okay.”

For John’s sake Harry tried to laugh but could only turn one corner of his mouth up and made a noise that might be construed as a chuckle. John became alarmed that his friend couldn’t even laugh. Harry picked up his fork in his left hand and began eating his breakfast. He asked if Albus was okay and did he get back to bed okay. John assured him he was fine and went right to bed. Harry finished eating without another word. When he was done he started to get up but his friend cleared his throat and looked questioningly at him. Harry sighed and said, “What is it, John? I can’t be up much longer. Don’t ask for any explanation that will take more than a few words to answer.”

He wanted to ask why his pouch didn’t go back to him when he got back home but he had a hunch about something and decided to act like it was his pouch and was having troubles with it. “I wanted to open this pouch to put the gifts under the tree so they could be wrapped, but I can’t get it to open.”

Harry held out his hand and John put the pouch in his hand. Harry stood up and walked into the living room to the Christmas tree and opened the pouch. The closed bags of gifts flew out and settled under the tree. He looked curiously at it and then handed the pouch back to John and said he didn’t want to be a wizard anymore and he wasn’t out of the woods yet but he might not have to worry about it after all. Then he said, “We’ll find out when you wake me at 11:00. Be strong, John, do what has to be done if things aren’t as they should be.” John couldn’t figure him out. One moment he kind of seemed pretty normal, but then he’d seem different, unsure and confused about things. “I’d like to see Ginny one more time, she’s so beautiful, and what does she smell like? I don’t know but I like it. Don’t let the kids come in until I’m dead. Get some sleep now, Sir John.” John was so dumb struck he couldn’t move. Harry answered the phone and looked quizzically at it and hung it up and looked at John with a grin and said, “Marsha of the IOA says I’m toast and they’re going to enjoy serving my head on a platter.” He laughed hysterically and went back into the lab and went back to sleep on the cot.

The pouch disappeared back to John's waist and he stood in the doorway leaning against the frame watching Harry sleep. Carson and Teyla stood with him and asked did anything happen while they were asleep.

John shrugged his shoulder and said, “Something definitely happened, but I think it was before he got home. He woke up and had a small breakfast and asked about Albus. Then he made the bags of gifts go under the tree and said he didn’t want to be a wizard anymore. Albus doesn’t think his dad is alone. And things don’t seem to fit right. I mean it’s like a puzzle. All the pieces fit together but the picture isn’t what’s on the box.”

A few minutes later Ginny and Albus came downstairs. Albus said he was starved then told John he’d watch his dad if he wanted to go get some sleep. John grinned at his young friend and said he would take him up on his offer if they promised to wake him when it was 11:00 so he could wake up his dad.

Ginny looked in on Harry and said, “He’s having a terrible nightmare, at least that’s a good sign he’s living right?”

Carson only smiled and glanced in the other room at Harry and said, “Aye lass, I guess so.”

Teyla said, “I would love to help you wrap these gifts for the children if you want. I’m so excited to celebrate with your family. I’m even considering your beliefs for the holiday. Our cultures are very much the same, but there are so many unanswered questions I have about some of our beliefs.”

Ginny smiled and said she was excited she was here to spend the holidays with them too. “It’s hard to tell when Harry will be able to get up long enough to do anything. It doesn’t seem fair that he never gets to have any quality time with us.” They moved the gifts to the Dining Room table and began wrapping them.

They spent the morning wrapping the gifts and laughing at various things the kids did to have an excuse to accidentally see what was being wrapped. But Ginny had a spell on the room that kept the kids out until they were done wrapping the gifts. Carson helped her and Teyla bring all the gifts into the living room and put them under the tree.

Albus stepped into the living room holding a book with his finger marking his place between the closed pages. “It’s just about 11:00 we need to wake up John and then have him wake up Daddy.”

Teyla went upstairs and woke up John and smiled at his tired face. “Albus said it’s time to get you so you can wake up Harry.”

John nodded his head suddenly awake and blinking quickly to make his eyes adjust. He went in and splashed cold water on his face and followed Teyla down to the lab.

Albus said, “I don’t think us kids should be in here since he’s having a nightmare. I think he’d feel bad if he said or did anything we didn’t understand because of him being in that situation. Plus, it might turn out that the poison was too much and-”

Lily huffed and put her hands on her hips and James said, “Speak for yourself, scaredy cat, Lily and I want to wake him up.”

Albus backed out of the lab and went to the large window Harry looks out when he is deep in contemplation. Banner romped around his feet and Albus took him outside to run in the snow and do his business. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and shivered in the cold wind blowing around him. He walked away from the house not wanting to hear his dad if he woke up still thinking he was in his nightmare. He saw some of what was in his mind when he was helping his dad last night. It was a strange feeling having his dad talking to him and looking through his eyes while guiding his hands and using his voice to talk to everyone while they together worked on him. He was fully aware but at the same time it was like he was dreaming.

A few minutes later Albus and Banner went in the house shaking off the snow and found Lily and James sitting on the couch. Lily was sobbing and James was white faced and silent. “Well, if it isn’t Mr. Know-it-all. You must think-”

Albus sat quickly beside Lily and asked them what happened. “Is dad okay?”

James stopped his hateful attack against his brother and shook his head. “He doesn’t want to live. He’s talking out of his head to Charlie, begging him to not make him kill him. He was screaming in horrible pain, and then all at once he realized he was home and okay. When he saw me and Lily he started to cry begging us to forgive him for being the terrible monster that he is.”

Lily was sobbing and asked why her dad wanted to kill Uncle Charlie. “He’s never around; he couldn’t have done anything to Daddy to make him mad enough to kill him.”

“No Lily, you misunderstood him. He was begging Charlie to not make him kill him. He wasn’t mad at him; Uncle Charlie wanted Dad to kill him for some reason.”

They looked at Albus and James asked, “Do you think Dad killed Uncle Charlie?”

Albus shook his head and said, “He wasn’t talking about Uncle Charlie. He was talking about an Alien named Charlie from a different galaxy. Daddy fought him before and when he won Daddy told him not to ever come to Earth or Atlantis or he would have to kill him because he couldn’t let him destroy either world, and that’s what Charlie would do if he came here or went to Atlantis.”

James asked how he knew that stuff and Albus said, “This morning around one or two Daddy came home nearly dead. He was dying and would die within an hour or so and wondered if I would help him make a potion. He wasn’t able to be awake, but his mind was in mine. It was weird, but he talked to me the whole time. I could see some of the things he had done even though he tried to keep those things from me. He was just too sick and tired to keep it all from me. Anyway, he explained about Charlie and why he had to kill him. He did more than kill Charlie though. There is something that is buried way deep and he is using all his strength to keep it buried. It hurt him terrible bad whatever it was; so bad he didn’t want to live, but Mum had told him to not die and to come home when they left France. Mum was really mean to Daddy all day and really hateful. But she had her reason which I’m sure she believed was deserving of her anger toward him and she did explain herself. Daddy forgave her because he knows she loves him, but she doesn’t know how much it hurts him when she treats him that way. So any way Daddy couldn’t remember if it was this time or another time she asked him to forgive her. He had the image in his head of her crying to not die and to come home, so he made himself live long enough to get home and he needed me to help with the potion. And he only told me about Mum because I saw in his mind her treating him the way she was and I asked why she was doing that. That hurt him even more, that I saw that. He had tried to hide it, he was just too sick. And he asked me to help instead of either of you because I always work in the lab making potions and he wouldn’t have to work hard at telling me step by step instructions. Don’t ever let on that you know about Mum treating him that way, because Daddy loves her so much and it would hurt him worse than anything if he knew we knew she was that way. He wants us to love Mum no matter what, and of course we do. There’s just too much for her to take in to know if he is who he says he is. And honestly, there is something that is not daddy about him.”

They both nodded their heads and said they’d just put it out of their minds like he taught them to do when bad things bothered them and said they were glad he could help him. They sat on the couch listening to soft talking in the lab and finally Ginny came out to them; her eyes bloodshot from crying and she hugged them to her tightly. This made them afraid their dad had died. But then Teyla came out, her eyes looking the same, only she smiled at them to reassure them it would all be okay.

Ginny called Winky and said, “Winky, we need you to take the children to your house for a little while this morning. It shouldn’t be for too long.”
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for the next chapter. This one is pretty short but a lot goes on that you have to pay close attention to or you'll be lost. I hope you all enjoy the chapter and I'll try really hard to make sure the next chapter, 'The Story Of Unfortunate Events' gets posted on time. (Sunday) Comments are welcome.

Chapter 4

Essence Of Ginny

The kids looked at Albus and without arguing that they wanted to stay they followed Winky outside. Winky told them it was too pretty of a day at the moment to move about by magic. “We need to enjoy the outside while it is good to be out. Soon it will storm again,” she said pointing to the sky that was darkening to the west of them.

Ginny and Teyla went back into the lab and helped John and Carson move Harry into the study and then they shut the doors to the lab and made the room soundproof. Harry was standing unaided but not moving. He looked at each of them. His eyes lingered on Teyla and then he smiled and said, “I’m glad to see you up and about and as beautiful as ever.”

Teyla arched her eyebrows and then smiled politely and thanked him. He looked at John and said, “So, Sir Jonathon this is it then. Everything is back to normal, let’s go have breakfast. Ginny smiled and said, “Love, do you think you should eat right now? Maybe we should just walk around for a tiny bit so you can stretch your legs, use the bathroom if you need to and then get back to sleep.”

Harry looked at her and said, “I love it when you call me Love. I’ll do whatever you want. Will you come to bed with me?”

All at once Harry doubled over and groaned loudly and then stood up. Everyone ran at him to help him and with a very shaky voice said he was okay. He started to walk into the living room but John stopped him.

“Harry, I was wondering about something you once asked me about. You asked me what I thought Ginny smelled like. Do you remember?”

Harry smiled and looked at Ginny and said he remembered and started towards the door again. “What does Ginny smell like to you, Harry?”

Carson said, “Aren’t you being a little personal son? Let him take a little walk and go back to bed.” Teyla and Ginny looked at John who by the way did not yield to Harry trying to get around him.

“I’ll have that answer, Harry”

Harry smiled and said, “I don’t know but I like it.” He smiled at her and stopped short when John was suddenly holding Harry’s Sword of Victory pointed directly at his chest. Harry looked surprised and said, “Sir Jonathan, what are you doing? I need to go back to bed. Don’t fool around like that; someone could get hurt.”

John shook his head and said, “Where’s Harry at? What have you done with him?”

Teyla questioned what John was doing and Carson stood still; a glimmer of doubt in his eyes. Ginny was nearly hysterical and John yelled, “Where is Harry?!”

Harry smiled and started to back away but John said, “Forgive me Harry,” and put the sword on Harry’s chest. Then Harry began to tremble and jerk about. Then before anyone could do anything he took the blade of the sword and placed it over his diaphragm and yanked it into him violently. Harry had a look of surprise on his face and in horrible pain simply said, “He did it, he won,” and went limp and fell forward driving the rest of the blade through him stopping when the hilt of the blade was pushing into him.

John and Carson quickly took Harry off of the blade and put him on his back. Carson checked for a pulse and announced that he was dead. John gently pulled the sword from Harry’s body and wiped it clean. The sword disappeared and John showed Carson the blood on the cloth he cleaned the sword with. Ginny asked what it was. She was so white and her voice was so shaky Teyla put her arm around her to make sure she didn’t fall over if she passed out.

“It’s not Harry’s blood is what it’s not, most of it anyway,” answered Carson with relief. John said, “I don’t know how, but this is not Harry, its Charlie the alien.”

Before their eyes the form on the floor began changing into an ugly creature being and then to the small boy they met on Atlantis and then he disintegrated. The particles of dust on the floor lifted into a stream of dust flowing to Harry’s pouch that appeared when Harry’s sword disappeared. When every particle of dust was gone the pouch disappeared and a minute later Harry appeared on the floor where the dust had been. He looked nothing like the Harry that was the alien and was barely alive.

John wouldn’t let anyone touch him, but made Harry wake up. “Harry, tell me what Ginny smells like.”

Nobody expected this from John but knew he was making sure it really was Harry. Teyla asked how they would know if he answered correctly. John ignored the question and watched Harry intently. Harry’s eyes began to shut again and John shook him roughly making Harry cry out in pain. “Just answer me buddy. What does Ginny smell like?”
Harry swallowed and moved his mouth but nothing was coming out. John shook him again and demanded he tell him what Ginny smells like. Harry cried out again and then thankfully to all in the room not wanting him to suffer anymore; his voice shaking and stopping to groan now and then he said, “Her hair is my life force. I call it Essence of Ginny. Ginny smells like everything good in the world. Beautiful flowers, fresh earth, April rain, and sunshine all wrapped up in a vessel of the most beautiful thing in the entire universe.”

John squeezed Harry’s shoulder with emotional joy and Harry wept, “Please don’t shake me again. If that isn’t the answer you want, just kill me.”

“Welcome home brother.”

Harry thanked him and then said, “Thank you for helping me, Sir Jonathan.”

John froze to the spot and Carson stared disbelieving and then an impish grin came across Harry’s face and he said, “I’m teasing, I’m teasing, lighten up people.” Harry passed out from the pain. He paid for his moment of relieving the stress and Carson said, “God love him, he can’t just let things go if he thinks he’s being a nuisance.”

Teyla said, “He is a good man.” Ginny nodded her head; tears streaming down her face. Carson began trying his best to operate on Harry and could only stop the bleeding for a short time. Although his bandages were just put on; the injuries were too severe to keep from seeping blood through them. Carson looked at John and Teyla and sadly shook his head.
Ginny knew the diagnosis without Carson telling her. Her husband was going to die. She busied herself to think of possibilities she may have overlooked and poured them all some coffee or tea whichever they preferred. She didn’t care much for coffee but she liked the rich aroma. “I asked him why he can’t be healed like before and he said he’d never been this bad off before. He doesn’t think he’ll ever heal from it completely and he won’t let the gods intercede on his behalf. And then he wouldn’t say anymore. He’s terribly sad about something… probably that he is dying.”

A few silent minutes later John was starting on his second cup of coffee when Harry walked out from the study and joined them. He glanced around the table and asked where the kids were at. Ginny was surprised to see him up but told him they were with Winky, “I think they’re sledding with her kids.” Harry said he was glad they were getting to have fun. He went over to the phone mounted to the wall in the kitchen and stood there leaning against the cabinet. He rubbed his face the way battle laden soldiers do when they are weary of everything.

Ginny asked him what was wrong and he said he’d rather wait to answer her until he hears from Jack. As if on cue the phone rang and he answered it without any happiness in his voice one would normally have when hearing from a friend. It seemed to be a one-sided conversation with Harry only answering with yes sir and no sir. When he hung up he poured a cup of coffee and leaned wearily against the counter. “Jack will be here as soon as he can get a ride with the Daedalus. If you don’t mind I’d appreciate it if I could just have to say everything once and be done with it.” He wiped his eyes and then said, “Maybe we can have Christmas after I give my statement if I’m still alive.”

John said, “That’ll take a while, it’s halfway to the Pegasus galaxy. So don’t make plans to die anytime soon,” he said with a wishful smile.

“I’ll have to go get him then.”

Ginny huffed impatiently and said, “I’m sorry and not to be rude, but what business is it of anyone else what you did or didn’t do? I mean I don’t care if they come, they’re more than welcome here, and I would love to see them, but not to pass judgment on you.”

Teyla, upon seeing no one else was speaking up for Harry said, “Surely Ginny is correct is she not? Whatever he did it was to protect his family and countless people all over the universe. There shouldn’t be anything he would be in trouble for.”

Carson said he agreed and that Harry wasn’t in any kind of shape to be questioned at all, not by a long shot. “This lad needs to rest before he burns out or causes bodily damage from agonizing over whatever he did. The mind is extraordinary but it can only process a limited amount of input without rest to sort and configure everything before it just shuts down. And he can completely undo all the healing that has been done from reliving what he did. Something is terribly, terribly wrong and I’m afraid it’s going to be devastating for Harry if he dredges it up without getting to rest first. Just look at him, he’s asleep on his feet! I’m not going to just let him die, there has to be something that can be done; and until that happens, he needs to rest!”

John said, “I don’t think Jack is coming to put Harry on trial. If I know him like I think I do, he’s coming to help Harry before the IOA gets wind of what he did, whatever it is. Harry has it in his head that he is dying and wants to clear his name for Ginny and his kid’s sake.”

Harry’s cell phone rang; nearly spilling his coffee from waking up, he answered it and then asked if she was there with him and exactly where they were and then said he’d be right there. He hung up the phone and said, “I’m going to go get Jack and Sam. I’ll be right back.”

He disappeared and a few seconds later he was back with his arms around Sam and Jack rather tightly. He let go of them and leaned against the wall breathing heavy for a minute. “Let’s go in the living room where it’s warm and comfortable. Grab a cup of coffee if you want.”

Ginny hugged Sam and Jack and sadly welcomed them to their home. She offered everyone cake to go with their coffee but no one wanted any although; Jack said he’d love a piece after Harry was done with his story.

Harry stood in front of the hearth stone for the fireplace and covered his face with his hands and then took a deep breath and rubbed his eyes as if that would rub away the weariness and desperation for sleep. “I want to give my statement now if it’s okay. Could someone take notes for me, I’m afraid my handwriting won’t be very legible. Please excuse me for having to sit down; I won’t make it through this if I don’t. And things are already getting fuzzy so forgive me if I don’t have things in order or if I repeat anything. I’m sure you should be able to get the gist of it.” Harry sat down breathing quick shallow breaths. He crossed his arms over his knees and rested his head on his forearms. This is the way he began his story of unfortunate events.
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Hey Guys, thanks for your loyalty to our story. This is a pretty long chapter with a few long paragraphs. It can be a little tricky to follow it too as poor Harry is working so hard to tell his story while he is under the influence of pain and the knowledge that he is going to die. You might want to read this with a box of tissues. I do hope you enjoy the chapter though. Thanks again for reading.

Chapter 5

The Story Of Unfortunate Events

“All day yesterday I had a headache. I thought it was because I hadn’t slept and I was still tired from being gone for one hundred and twenty years. That is when I blew up the Galaxy the Ori took over. They were coming here to take over this galaxy. That report is what just appeared on your laps just now. I only mentioned it to explain why I didn’t know why my head was hurting so badly. Zeus sent me to that planet thinking I would die but I didn’t. When they, the god’s, come for me to help them I get a headache and I thought that with it getting worse that they were just being persistent. Only it wasn’t them, it was Charlie using their mind frequency to try to trick me. Since I wasn’t responding to him he got angry that he wasn’t fooling me. He told me he and his people were loading up their ships and coming to earth to destroy it. They knew their way here because Zeus brought one of them here and let him go with the knowledge of where we were in the galaxy. I told Charlie that if he ever went to the Pegasus galaxy that his arm that I made him would become unbearably painful and he would die if he ignored the pain. Also I said his people would die if they tried to go to the Pegasus galaxy or come here. Charlie’s people cut off his arm and demanded he bring them here. They knew he would die and told him he was dying with honor because he was leading his people to new worlds to conquer.

I got to their world as they were lifting off and disable their ships. I captured Charlie’s father and looked into his mind. They were going to go to different planets in their galaxy because they could do this without ships. The ships were to pick up people who went on to start exploding the galaxy and then they were on their way here. They were going to dislodge the planets natural orbits; sling shooting whole planets like a pinball machine with giant fireballs causing catastrophic chaos to surrounding galaxies which included the Pegasus galaxy. Atlantis would be among the planets that would be destroyed by giant asteroids that would eventually break up the planet killing everyone within three weeks. But the suffering and death would continue until entire galaxies were wiped out. And there wouldn’t be any way for you to help them because the Stargate would be out of alignment or even destroyed by meteorites. You wouldn’t be able to send any ships because they would be destroyed by speeding meteoroids and meteors. Space would be cluttered with chaotic magnetic fields and Black holes would open up anywhere the instant the condition occurred. I was traveling faster than the speed of light and I still got hit by meteoroids and barely escaped more than a few Black holes. I made a decision to destroy the entire galaxy before any of the planets escaped their own galaxy and began destroying neighboring galaxies; the Milky Way being one of the galaxies that would be destroyed right after the Pegasus galaxy. This wouldn’t be a process that would take several hundred years, but a few weeks because the planets were being moved at the speed of light by magic. Many of Charlie’s people had already begun dislodging the planets they were on and were waiting for the ships to pick them up to take them on to Earth. They didn’t know that I had already destroyed the ships they were counting on getting them; an armada of warring people coming to take over every planet. But by doing that I killed hundreds of thousands of their people. A whole race of people and their cultures, destroyed. But I did try… I tried with all my heart to tell them not to do what they planned. I told them what would happen and they didn’t care. He said they would do it to kill me and then take over my world. I had him captured and he was telling me these things. So because nothing else was working I surrendered myself to them and begged them to go ahead and kill me but leave the planets alone and not attack Earth. He made me get on my knees and beg and I did. He had his Lieutenant beat on me to see if I’d use magic to save myself. I didn’t but he said it was just a trick I was using because I had outsmarted them three times before. Charlie lost his honor for letting me heal his arm and he was demoted. He was a Captain of one of the ships heading for Earth instead of the Commander in Chief of the planet. I didn’t know his ship wasn’t destroyed because he had it under a special cloak I couldn’t detect. When his father gave the order to dislodge the planets in their orbits I escaped and created the energy needed to implode the galaxy and everything in it. I was leaving when Charlie detected my energy signature and followed me. He put a tractor beam on me and it nearly pulled me apart. So I blacked out and when I came to; Charlie was standing over me apologizing that he had to kill me. He said he was going to steal my body and destroy my mind and take my place on Earth. I was too weak to stop him. I escaped to a place I keep safely secured from everything and everyone; the center of my mind. I stayed there until he arrived here. Then I used my body he was occupying to keep him from hurting anyone when he got here but I couldn’t let him know I was there. He just thought he was having a hard time adjusting. When Ginny was taking me upstairs I reached out to Albus and asked him if I could use him to fix my hand. Thankfully he did and it was through him that I was able to do what I did. I am very proud of him because almost all of what he did was on his own. After he went back to bed I slipped back into my mind. I stayed in the there as long as I could to try to keep enough energy to keep Charlie from doing anything or touching Ginny. This morning; I tricked Charlie into confiding in John that he liked how Ginny smells. It was from a conversation we had yesterday while shopping. Anyway between Albus confiding in John that he didn’t think I was me, my body occupied Charlie that is; and this statement that he doesn’t know what Ginny smells like but he likes it, I took one more chance to leave a clue for John. I told him to be strong and do what had to be done. I caused my pouch to be in John’s pocket before I left for Charlie’s planet to keep Charlie from having my sword and wand which he desperately wanted. John pulled it out of his pocket and said he wanted to get the bags of gifts out so they could be wrapped and Charlie took the pouch; not recognizing it was mine and opened it and after the gifts came out he gave it back to John. I had my invisibility cloak wrapped around my sword and wand so he couldn’t detect them. John knew that if it was really me I would have kept the pouch. So anyway John knew I meant for him to kill me. I saw in his eyes the tremendous pain it caused him but he was going to do it knowing it was part of a plan of mine. Or else that I couldn’t kill Charlie and this was the only thing left that would kill him. The only thing is I saw John reach for his pen and knew he was going to use his lightning rod and I needed him to use my sword. So I caused my sword to appear in his hand and to keep him from having to kill me, I grabbed it by the blade and pulled it into me. But this reunited me to my body and killed Charlie at the same time. The only way I knew of to get rid of him was to turn completely to dust and go through the Stargate so the buffer could sort him out and set me straight again. Although nobody saw me, the Stargate at Cheyenne Mountain activated and my molecules were reassembled in the DHD buffer and I came back here. That’s how Jack knew to come here to say good bye. So there you all have the story. I killed an entire race of people and destroyed their galaxy two actually if you want to count the Ori. The IOA wants to have my head served on a platter for this. There’s too much wrong with me to live; I am dying as I speak. I hope they wait until after the holidays are over. But whether they wait or not, I hope they clear my name of any wrong doing for the sake of my wife and children.”

Ginny knelt on the floor in front of her husband and soothingly caressed his face and hair. “Love, don’t worry about any of that. Come on let me help you up to bed. You’ll feel better about everything when you wake up.”

Harry raised his head and saw Sam and Jack and looked surprised, “Oh hello, when did you get here? I hope you’ll be here for a while; I need to take a nap. I’ve been busy shopping and destroying galaxies.” He walked over to the stairs and stopped so abruptly Ginny ran into him. “Hang on; I did know you came here… Jack wants a piece of your chocolate cake! Actually, that sounds really good. I think I’ll join you if you don’t mind. Jack, do you know what the voices of hundreds of thousands of people dying sounds like? I was traveling to one of the planets I knew was heavily populated to try to pull it back in its orbit, but as I said, it was further along than I thought and I hit the atmosphere at the precise angle needed to enter the atmosphere. I wasn’t counting on that happening but it did and I was like a meteorite instead of a force to push it. As I was free falling trying to turn around or disappear from the planet, a skyscraper hit me head on and there was screaming everywhere. Two children were crying for their parent’s who was falling into a crack as the road opened up in a large tear as if it was paper. Somehow I got all four of them and put them on the ground in a park. The little girl had been hanging on around my neck and then clung to her mum and the little boy had grabbed for my hand. I still feel the fingers trying to grab me again…” Harry looked at his hands shaking his head not understanding how they could have failed him. “But the city dropped into a fiery abyss; it was gone just... gone. There was so much screaming and then I was hit with a magic curse that knocked me out of the atmosphere where I would have died but I disappeared to a planet that was the first planet next to the Pegasus galaxy. Thankfully this planet was uninhabited and could not sustain life. One of Charlie’s people was there and getting ready to use it as a magical cannonball. It would begin a chain reaction of catastrophic events that would blow up the galaxy. Did I already tell you that? I can’t remember. That’s when I decided to implode the galaxy instead of letting it explode because it would wipe out countless galaxies and maybe the universe. After going around in a circle from one planet to another and turning the chaos into an organized implosion I knew I was successful when I began to get pulled into the implosion. I escaped and was heading to Earth when Charlie caught me in his tractor beam. I don’t want to be a wizard anymore.” He groaned and cried out doubling over and then fell to the floor.

Ginny tried to catch him but she was nearly passing out. John and Sam were close and caught him and Ginny ran into the study and came back out with a potion. Harry was bleeding all over and the place he impelled himself with his sword began bleeding heavily. Ginny begged him to wake up and Teyla suggested that the kindest thing to do was to let him sleep. Ginny shook her head and continued to beg him to wake up. Finally she screamed for him and his eyes flew open. Somehow he stood up and looked around and then asked Ginny what she needed him for. She said, “Love, I don’t need your help with anything right now. But I do need you to take this Drought of Living Death.”

“Death?” he asked and drank the whole bottle straight down and fell back into the arms of John and Sam. “He’ll sleep without dreaming, that is the kindest thing for him right now.”

They got him into the lab and after three hours they finally got him stabilized and bandaged. Carson looked angrily at Jack and said, “This is exactly what I was afraid would happen. This lad needs to rest, no more questions and no more running around taxiing people around. He will sleep and rest! And if the IOA come here to talk to this young man there will be a new brand of magic known as Carson Beckett’s mad magic used and it won’t be pretty!”

Jack grinned and said, “I admire your spunk there Doc, but you’re casting your threat on someone who agrees with you. When I called Harry back it was to tell him the Daedalus wasn’t orbiting Earth and Sam and I would catch a ride on the next flight off base. But he interrupted me to ask if Sam was there and I said yes and started to tell him to just get some sleep but then he was there getting us and I was on the phone with him. He told us he’d rather just get it over with.”

Carson turned a little red and Jack grinned the way he does that makes you melt if you’re an unattached female and laugh at if you’re a guy, “But not to worry, Carson; when the IOA get here I’ll turn you loose on them.”

John said, “Carson and Ginny can team up on them. They’ll have the IOA running for the airport not knowing what happened to them.” Then John got serious and asked Jack if there was a way they could stall the IOA from coming. Jack nodded his head and said, “Yeah, I recorded Harry’s statement. I’ll show it to them. There won’t be any hearing after they watch it; it’s obvious Harry did what needed to be done. It isn’t anything differently than what we did to protect the Earth and Atlantis from our enemies. Plus, the gods are involved and the IOA won’t want anything to do with them. And even if they weren’t it was obvious Harry did try to keep it from happening. After hearing that gut wrenching account I don’t know of anyone who could possibly make a claim that he was reckless and an endangerment to us.”

Carson said, “This weather report says the airports are closed, look at the size of this storm. It looks like it’s shaping up to be another blizzard. I can’t believe the winter we’re having so far. I can’t remember having this much snow so early.” He glanced into the study where Harry was sleeping. “Harry needs to get it in his head that he didn’t do anything wrong. His injuries are not going to heal enough to save him. I’m afraid he has been fatally wounded.”

Ginny nodded her head and said, “I know you are telling the truth, Carson, but I’m not going to give up on him. He’ll make everything okay as soon as he rests.” She went in the study and sat beside Harry and John sat down beside Carson. “What aren’t you saying, Carson?”

Carson looked at each of them and softly said, “Harry needs at least thirty six hours of sleep for his body and brain to begin to function correctly. His mind is already slipping, you saw him talking about cake, not remembering you two were here and then that you were and then in practically the same sentence talking about the wee ones he couldn’t save. He has twelve hours at best to live without having to have a blood transfusion and drain toxins that he isn’t able to flush out of him. He wouldn’t survive that blue thing Winky does to him, and there’s just nothing left for me or any magic to do to save him.”

Ginny came out and said, “I’m going to bring the kids back, the weather is getting worse and they need to be here before-”

John stood up and said he’d get them and bring them home. “Do you know what you’re going to tell them when they see him like that? And we’ll have to make sure Lily doesn’t try to heal him.”

John left and let Ginny think of what she was going to tell the kids. Half an hour later he and the kids were on the porch stomping off the snow from their boots and shaking off the snow that accumulated on them from walking home from Winky’s house. Banner was in high spirits at having a new couple to get acquainted with. Jack made over him and told Albus he was a great puppy.

The day was spent visiting among the adults and the kids quietly playing around the Christmas tree trying to guess what was in each gift. Every now and then they’d go stand beside Harry and touch his hand gently. When the adults were busy talking the kids slipped gifts under the tree they made at Winky’s house. At nine o’clock in the evening the door bell rang and Ginny’s face turned scary fierce. She stopped the kids from answering the door and opened it herself. Without invitation a large group of long nosed, stiff backed, bureaucrats attempted to walk into the house. Ginny would not stand aside until they stopped and looked surprised at her. When Ginny had their attention she politely asked if she could help them.

The woman in front gathered her composure and said, “We’re here to talk to Mr. Harry Potter. Ginny said, “He’s a little busy trying not to die at the moment; you’ll have to deal with me instead. My name is Mrs. Potter. She stepped aside and let them in and the majority of the people was polite and smiled kindly but there were those who were just as snobbish as the woman in charge. The woman started into the living room and said, “We’ll have no magic stuff while we’re here, and the children need to go to bed.”

Ginny turned red in the face and said, “Excuse me rude woman; this is my home, my children and you will not dictate what goes on here. Now, I was polite and told you who I am, you’ll tell me who you are or else you can leave.”

The woman once again had to recover from Ginny being so bold with her. “Very well, perhaps we got off on the wrong foot. My name is Marge from the IOA and these are my associates. Now who are you? And if you would please get Potter here so we can leave to make our decision about his involvement in this terrible disaster he has brought upon us.”

Ginny said, “I already told you who I am, if you missed it then you need to clean your ears: I am Mrs. Potter, wife of Mr. Harry Potter and these are my children and friends.”

Marge looked at Jack and said, “I see you didn’t waste any time getting here to warn Potter we were coming for his statement. What are the rest of you doing here?”

Ginny spoke saying, “Not that it’s any of your business, but these people are dear friends of ours. The only close relatives Harry has are my family. My husband considers these people to be his family. Jack is loved like a father by Harry. John is loved as a brother by Harry. Carson is Harry’s doctor and very dear friend and Sam and Teyla are both very dear friends as well. There are others we’d love to have here to say good bye, but they can’t be spared from their posts. Harry used what may well have been his last bit of strength he had to make an official statement of his account and Jack recorded it. Sit down and watch it.” She twirled her wand elaborately for show and enough uncomfortable straight back chairs for the group to sit down appeared. Jack handed his phone to Ginny turned on the TV with magic, just to irritate the nasty woman, and looked sideways at John not sure of how to transfer the cell phone video to the screen. Lily saw the look and jumped up and went to her mom. “Mum, I can do that if you want to sit down. You look awful pale. I know how to do it; Daddy showed me once when he helped me set up my Linguistics web page.”

Ginny smiled and thanked her. “You kids can watch so you can know the facts despite whatever these people decide about your father. But I must tell you it is very sad. Your dad suffered more than you can ever imagine.”

Ginny sat down and James sat beside her taking her hand and began comforting her. Albus sat between John and Jack and folded his hands over his lap and looked down at his feet. He already saw much of what was in his dad’s head and didn’t know if he wanted to see anymore.

Carson jumped up and went to the study to watch for any signs of Harry waking from the Draught Ginny gave him. “I bloody well can’t see this again. And I can’t in good conscience say it’s a good idea for the kids to see; how about they come with me?”

Ginny noticed Carson beckoning the kids to him while looking straight into her eyes; needing her to trust him. She nodded for the kids to go with Carson and so they did.
The IOA watched in horror as Harry gave his statement. Jack hadn’t stopped recording until Ginny had given him the Draught of Living Death.” Marge cleared her throat and said, “How do we know this isn’t some kind of trick to get him off the hook? I demand to see him right this minute.”

She and the others stood up and followed Marge into the study where Harry was sleeping. Carson had him on a ventilator because he had stopped breathing on his own while they watched the video. They asked what he was doing and Carson said, “I have to give him a blood transfusion, get out of my way.” He set up the needles and the machine to do what it is supposed to do and then he said, “If a suture doesn’t rupture than we have a good chance he’ll wake up and you can tell him his name is cleared. If they don’t hold then we need to wake him so he can say his goodbyes.” Carson barely got the last sentence out when what he feared would happen did happen. “And there you see, they’ve ruptured, get out so the family can be in here by themselves.”

Carson actually began shoving them out of the room and left Ginny and the kids beside the bed. He shut the door behind him and the members heard them crying inside the study. John started for the door but Carson grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him back. John looked startled and said, “I want to say good bye, let me in.”

Carson shook his head no and said, “You need to let them do what they need to do.”

Lily and Ginny could be heard crying and lamenting for Harry. And another minute later the door opened and Harry stepped through followed by Ginny and the kids. He was white as snow and very feeble looking but he was alive. They took him over to the fireplace and Harry sat in the same place he gave his statement earlier that day. His teeth were chattering and his lips were blue. When he spoke his voice was weak and gravely sounding. The good news was that he wasn’t bleeding anywhere although he was favoring his side.

Harry finally spoke and said, “Forgive me for not standing, but you have my undivided attention. What is it that made you come all the way here in this hostile weather?” He rubbed his face hard and blinked his eyes wide several times to stay awake.

Marge said, “We need to know why you didn’t report your theories and why you didn’t wait for instructions before you acted in such a destructive way that caused the destruction of two galaxies.”

Harry acted as if he was waiting for more than just that order. Since none came he calmly said, “Who was I supposed to make a report to?”

Marge sneered, “The IOA of course.”

Harry said, “Oh and why would that be?”

“As if you didn’t know; the IOA sits at the head of authority of all interplanetary decision making between the Pegasus and Milky Way galaxies.”

“Ah, so now we have finally come to the rub that has your backside chapped. Contrary to what you think, the inhabitants of Earth aren’t the supreme rulers of the universe; and how arrogant of you to think so. In your hunger for power you forget to let those who know what they are doing make the necessary decisions that will keep first and foremost Earth and Atlantis safe. The two galaxies that have been destroyed aren’t even known to Earth or Atlantis. You don’t have the right or authority to tell me I have to make a report and then wait for a decision as to what should be done. Your president made me a Statesman and I take my duties very serious. It is up to me and my moral compass to make decisions on the spot that will guarantee the safety and freedom of the people I serve when a deadly event occurs. In the matter of the Ori, I made a decision to destroy a galaxy they had already destroyed but for one planet. These Ori would have come to Earth and done all over again what the Ori that SG1 took out attempted to do. I destroyed the planet with the only remaining Ori on it. It was in a different time zone so to speak and I’m sure in the next hundred years or so you will think you’ve discovered another galaxy only to watch it blow up. On the other hand, if I hadn’t blown it up then right this minute you’d be dealing with the Ori pestering you to convert or be destroyed, because they would have simply moved to our time zone with the help of the gods. I know this to be a fact and I hope given the chance to understand what I know; your principles and moral compass would not let your lust for power keep you from doing the right thing. We have a duty to keep our people safe and free.”

Harry gingerly stood up and leaned on the mantel. He needed to stir up the fire and put another log on it, but couldn’t manage it. John got up and did it for him and Harry thanked him. He lifted his hand from his side and looked at it and put it back over his side. He shook his head at Carson when he jumped up seeing the fresh blood on Harry’s hand and side. Harry wearily smiled at his friend and explained that this shouldn’t take but a couple minutes longer unless there are more thick heads that need convincing of his innocence.

Carson said, “I just worry that you’re overdoing any healing that has been done and you need to get back to bed so we can try to save your life.”

Harry said, “Sadly, they don’t seem to believe me and I can’t chance them leaving here with them wanting to pin something on me so they can take everything from me when I’m gone leaving Ginny and the kids with nothing but a shameful last name.”

Harry looked away from Carson thankful he had such a good friend on his side. Looking back to the IOA members he went on to explain, “Concerning Charlie’s people, the moment I found out what they were doing I went to try to stop them because they already started destroying the universe beginning with their own galaxy. You would have me go to them and ask them what’s going on and tell them they needed to wait until I made a report and found out what I was supposed to do? This is another example of why your president made me a Statesman. I am capable of seeing and recognizing signs of problematic occurrences and when I became aware of the deadly events already unfolding I made a decision to destroy that galaxy before their plans were too far along to prevent the destruction of Atlantis and Earth. As I have already said, I have the fortitude and moral compass to put the safety and freedom of our people over you at the IOA by doing what I know has to be done. And like I said right off; Earth isn’t the supreme leader of the universe. There is a need for the IOA, but it must not overstep its authority or assume it has more authority than what it does. Do you agree? It would be wise of you to swallow your pride and admit you were wrong.”

Marge looked at Harry determined to stand her ground. “And what if I say I don’t agree with you and think that you made up the whole thing?”

Harry sighed and with sorrow clearly showing he said, “Come now, Marge. Isn’t that a childish game to play? It makes no never mind whether you agree or disagree or if you believe me or not. Let me ask you a question. What if you do believe me; what would you say if I had made a report and waited for instructions?”

Marge said, “Protocol must be followed even if it isn’t what you want. You would have been instructed to stand down until someone could go there and try a negotiation, and if that failed then the nations of Earth would send our ships to make them surrender.”

“Then it is good that I did what I knew was the best thing to do. You would have killed us all. There are times you can’t wait for instructions. When you have a duty to protect your home, family, country, or world you have to react when the need arises.” Harry asked the committee for those who believe Marge to raise their hands. Four people and Marge raised their hands and Harry’s cell phone appeared in his hand and he took a picture of the group. Then Harry asked the others, “And what about the rest of you? What do you believe?” A man with the name tag, Dominic Snyder spoke saying, “I’m sure I speak for the rest of us when I say that we believe you are telling the truth and you did exactly what we should expect you to do in defense of our world. Thank you for your sacrifice and your service.” “Here Here,” said the others Dominic was speaking for.”

Harry’s white face flushed with the unexpected compliment he was given and he humbly said, “It is my pleasure to serve.” He excused himself for a moment while he quickly attended to something he deemed a high priority and then his phone disappeared. “Now, the weather is going to get worse before it gets better. Please go home before you and your drivers and aides become stranded. All those who raised their hands just now are excused from showing up for your job with the IOA; you’ve been terminated. You will be allowed to make an appointment to collect your personal things from your office after the holidays.”

He started to step away from them when Marge and the newly fired members of the IOA jumped up in front of him and began shouting at him. “Now see here! There is no cause for us to be fired. Who do you think you are firing us like this?!”

Harry said, “You think I made up the whole thing, every bit of it. Yet you still wasted taxpayer’s money to come all the way over here because, as Marge put it when she called me earlier, ‘I’m toast and you’re going to enjoy serving my head on a platter.’

“You offered absolutely no proof that what I told you is made up, but because you think it is then you would have me assassinated and my head paraded around as proof that you are a woman who conquers those who fights against your tyrannical views. Also, when I asked what you would do if you did believe I was telling the truth about what happened, you said I would still have to follow protocol and stand down and wait for someone to go there and try to negotiate. This shows very poor judgment because there are times that you have to do what you know doesn’t adhere to protocol. And finally to answer your last question, who do I think I am, firing you… I was your boss before I fired you.”

He asked them to move out of his way and went to the door. Opening it he motioned everyone out of his house. When the taillights disappeared from view Harry turned to his family and friends. “I’ve reached the end of my rope. I’m going to go dunk myself in the deep part of the stream and see if I’m able to set things right again. Ginny and the kids went to him and he hugged them leaning heavily on them. He kissed them and said they were outstanding help. Ginny waited for him to let go of them and then he looked at her with wistful eyes but not pushing himself on her. She smiled sadly and asked if she could have some hugs and kisses too. He smiled tearfully and nodded. They embraced and she said she needs him to come back to her so she can be the wife she should have been every day of their lives together. She asked him to forgive her for not being a good wife. He told her he loved her and his head laid on her shoulders and his breath was soft on her neck. She could tell he was in pain and knew that he wouldn’t leave until she let him go. He wouldn’t want her to think he was only thinking of himself like she always accuses him of doing. She gently pulled away from him and he looked over her shoulder to see his friends waiting quietly. He swallowed and nodded to them and turned to walk out the door.

John stood up and went to the window and watched Harry slowly walking over to the hill that led to the stream where at a bend in now frozen water was a deep entrance to the cavern under the house. He then reached for the doorknob but Ginny put her hand softly on his hand and said, “He doesn’t want anyone to follow him. He’ll be back in forty five minutes at the latest.”

“I should make sure he makes it to the water, he’s not doing so well.” He looked at Ginny; her hand still on his. She sadly shook her head slowly and said, “He wants to go naturally if he doesn’t make it to the water. He doesn’t want us wanting him to make sure he pulls through weighing on his mind. He’s tired of pain and suffering and having to always defend his actions.”

John said, “You heard what he said earlier, you have to do what you know is right. I happen to know he’s tired of being alone and doesn’t want to die alone. I am going to follow him…he expects me to and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Surprisingly Ginny smiled at him and he suddenly realized she wanted John to follow him but she had to do what Harry wished for his sake. She stepped back and thanked him.

She handed him a coat and he stepped out into the night. Harry hadn’t made it to the top of the hill yet and was straining against the harsh wind. He was having serious doubts that he could make it and was sad it would mean his time on Earth was over. A fleeting memory of choosing gifts for the kids put a smile on his face. He would have liked to watch them open their gifts and Ginny open hers that he made for her. He stopped and looked at the distance he had to go yet and took a step that took him to the top of the hill and then he slipped on the next step downward. He slipped and slid and then rolled the rest of the way down the hill. He lay there silently looking up at the snow falling from the black sky. The wind was howling around the hill and then he heard a screeching that sounded eerily like Hedwig. His pain was becoming unbearable and he turned his head toward the stream. He knew he was close but couldn’t see it for the snow and ice covering it. He rolled onto his side to push himself up on his feet but fell face first into the snow. He turned his face toward the stream again and said out loud to convince himself, “Harry, get up and get to the water; you have to live for your family.” He got up on one knee and tried to stand but fell again. He cried out and rolled onto his side. As he was rolling his hand came down on something hard. He opened his hand but produced no magic. He tried again for magic to break the ice but nothing happened. He tried to make his sword come to him but it didn’t, nor would his wand. He thought how ironic things turned out. Of all the times he was dying and had to plead to just let him die, he gets fixed up against his wishes and recovers slowly and painfully. How many times had he wished for death to come because Ginny was angry at him for one reason or another? Now, his children are home, it’s Christmas, John and Jack are here along with his other friends and he wants to live, but it isn’t to be. He tried once more to break the ice with his fist since he couldn’t use magic. He couldn’t lift his hand, his bloody shirt and hand had frozen to the ice. He groaned from his shivering causing more pain. He led a hard life, and he was dying even harder. He looked up; the snow falling on his face and said, “So be it.” He closed his eyes ready to accept death.
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for the next chapter. It's different this time so try to keep in mind Harry's condition he's been battling. It was sad writing this chapter, but I had fun in a weird sort of way. Please let me know if you don't understand something or just want to comment. All comments are welcome.

Chapter 6

When Life Isn’t What We Know It to Be

“Hey little brother, want me to break the ice for you?”

Harry opened his eyes enough to see John and his heart was glad. He tried to answer him yes but he didn’t have the energy. He felt his heart stop and John faded away.

He thought he had died, because he could see a glimmer of light above him. Everything else was black and there wasn’t any sound. Shouldn’t he be hearing choirs singing and someone to welcome him to Heaven? He became very confused because he could feel physical pain and he felt the sorrow of all the lives lost when their galaxy imploded. Then things started making sense when he felt the need to breathe air and he was getting cold. He was in the water, how, he didn’t know. He felt around him and found out he was on the bottom of the stream. He had never been clear to the bottom and found it to be a bit daunting. He swam upward as quickly as he could and hit his head on a layer of ice. When he stopped to gather his thoughts he felt the current puling him downstream. He swam upstream close to the surface and finally came to the spot where the ice had been broken. He was able to break the thin layer of ice that had reformed and climbed out of the water and gasped at the frigid wind that grabbed his breath from him.
His hands were shaking but he finally pulled up his shirt and looked at the deep cut into his side. It was still plenty deep, but it wasn’t exposing his ribs and innards’ like before. He wondered if he had his magic back and wasn’t able to do any yet. He was confident it would return though. He had lost his magic before and it came back. Oddly he tripped over some wood covered in snow. When he brushed off the area he found a small fire had been burning there sometime recently. He was so cold by now he decided not to think about anything but getting home.

He walked into the basement and showered long enough for the cold water to not feel like it was scalding him and then gradually was able to have a hot shower. While he was showering he looked over all his injuries. Most of the outward injuries were healing nicely and he thought his organs were healing as well. He was far from being fully recovered but he knew he was going to live now. He couldn’t stop his teeth from chattering and he couldn’t stop shivering. He was cold to the center of his bones. After his shower he put on sweat pants and shirt and stiffly climbed the stairs to the kitchen. It was just before dawn and the house was still and dimly lit with the light of the moon. He wanted to eat because he was powerful hungry, but he was more tired than anything. Harry climbed the stairs and looked in on the kids; a smile came to him seeing Banner snuggled up against Albus. He went in his own bedroom and looked at Ginny sleeping propped up on a pile of pillows and a book she had been reading lying precariously close to falling off of the bed, one hand still holding the corner of it.

He smiled and gently took the book from her and put it on her nightstand. He turned off her lamp and went to his side of the bed and climbed under the covers. He was so cold though that his shivering woke up Ginny.

But the word that came out of her mouth nearly caused his heart to stop. “John?”

“The name is Harry.”

“John! You found him! Where was he? Is he going to live? He’s so cold!”

“Ginny, why are you talking to John and why are you talking as if I can’t hear you?”

Ginny rubbed her eyes and pushed the hair from her face and looked at him. She put her hand over her mouth trying to stifle a scream of joy. She looked around and said, “I don’t understand; where is John?” She scooted up next to Harry and put her arm under his head and shoulders. She pulled him on his side until she felt him whence badly. “Oh, I’m sorry, Love. I guess that explains why you are so cold. The water didn’t completely heal you, but you are going to be okay aren’t you?”

Ginny giggled at the perplexed look on her husband’s face. She stroked his face and twirled his long hair around her slender finger. “I wouldn’t go to bed until you came back. You didn’t come back after the forty five minutes and we were all worried. John hadn’t come back at all. He followed you out when you left. I told him you’d be back in forty five minutes but you never showed up.”

Harry sighed and shook his head slowly. “That was the plan. If I couldn’t make it to the stream then I would use my rook to come back and say good bye. But, I left my pouch with John before I left for Charlie’s planet. I didn’t get it back when I got back so I couldn’t summon the rook. If the stream hadn’t been frozen over I would have made it in time. I was there but couldn’t break the ice. I tried to cause fire to melt it, but my magic was gone. Did I tell you I don’t have any magic in me? Hang on, when I came around; I was at the bottom of the stream. How… It was John! John broke the ice, but I had just died; at least my heart stopped beating and everything went black. When I came back from deaths door there was a thin layer of ice over the place I went in and I was able to break it okay to come out. When I came out of the stream I tripped over a small campfire that had burned out and it was covered with snow.”

Ginny listened intently and said, “Yeah, John kept that fire going for hours into the night watching for you. Carson and Jack had to pull him back up here by force so he could warm up and get some sleep. Then today, yesterday actually, he spent the whole day searching for you. He wondered if maybe the current carried you down stream and so he took the Puddle Jumper down the path of the stream until he found you. He said your locator chip was barely a bleep on the sonar thingy he used to find you since your heat signature didn’t show up. He said that was to be expected since your body temperature would be the same as the water by then so he came back here and moped about. I told him to go play with the kids and so they spent the rest of the day sledding and skiing. Every now and then he’d take them in the Puddle jumper to where he found you to see if you were still there. At dinner last night he said if you weren’t done recovering in the morning he was going to go down there and bring you back anyway.” She had laughed at the celebrating the kids did when he said that. “We stayed up late hoping you would come back but you never did. John told me to go on to bed and he would bring you to me if you came out of the water. I was drifting off to sleep when I heard John fussing with Carson and Jack again. He wanted to wait for you but they wouldn’t let him. But when I woke up with you beside me I thought he had gone down after all.”

Harry was totally flabbergasted at her story. “I’ve been underwater since the night before last?! No wonder I was in such an urgent need to breathe air. I can’t believe I was down there that long and I’m still not healed completely. I’m thankful for as much as I am though. So… that means tomorrow is Christmas Eve!” He yawned and tried to keep his eyes open. “I’m so cold, Honey, I don’t think I’ll ever be warm again. Do you mind terribly if-”

Ginny smiled and pulled her husband against her to get him warm. She gasped at how cold he was and pulled the blanket and comforter around his head and shoulders. She wondered if he was trembling from the cold or from nightmares.

It was mid morning when Harry woke up so hungry and thirsty he couldn’t control his shaking and cramping. Ginny wasn’t in bed and he didn’t hear any sounds in the house. He made the bed as quickly as he could, and put on a pair of heavy jeans a tee shirt and a green plaid flannel shirt, heavy socks and his boots. He went straight to the kitchen when he got downstairs and started fixing him some grits, oatmeal, eggs and bacon. While he was fixing the food he drank a couple glasses of water and then when his food was ready he made some coffee and toast to have with his food. He wanted to make biscuits but forgot. Toast was better now that he thought of it. He wouldn’t have to make them and wait for them to bake. He tried to eat slowly but he was so hungry he ate faster than he meant to.

When he was done eating he cleaned the kitchen and went into the living room to look around. He didn’t see any evidence anyone had been there all day. He put his hand on his pocket to call Ginny but his pouch hadn’t returned to him yet. He felt naked without it and for the first time wondered if he would be a Muggle the rest of his life. Would it be so bad he wondered. He wouldn’t be able to be an Auror, but he might be safer without people trying to off him all the time, once they heard he wasn’t an Auror anymore due to the lack of having any magic. He could just be a detective, which would be great!

Harry went into his study and picked up the stack of cards and letters he found the morning he took Ginny, John and Teyla to France. He was terribly upset that he never got to answer them. He sat down and prepared return cards and letters explaining very briefly that he had been working out of the country and just returned and spent a day getting ready for Christmas. After wishing them each a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year he put the cards into the mailbox on the porch so it would be ready to go out in the mail if he hadn’t gone yet. Looking at the driveway to see if Ginny had taken the van wherever she went he noticed it was still snowing hard and it looked to be about a foot of new snow on top of the snow already there. He shivered and went in and went straight to the fire and poked at it; sending sparks up the chimney and put more logs on it and stood in front of it trying to warm up some. It sounded toasty; the crackling and popping of the new logs and the smell of the wood burning set his mind at ease from worrying about if he would ever be warm again. At least he was home with his family. Err, well, he was home; where was his family and friends?

He busied himself with a few odds and ends and finished up with wrapping gifts for his friends on Atlantis that John would take back for him and his friends at the base under Cheyenne Mountain that Jack would take back with him. It was late afternoon and still nobody came home. The phone rang and Harry practically ran to it to answer it only to find it to be a wrong number. He went to the big window he often looked out when things were weighing heavy on his mind. He was startled at how much snow was on the ground; about three feet by the looks of it.

Harry tried to watch some TV but couldn’t get interested in anything, and then the cable went out. The winter storm disrupted the service and as soon as the storm was over they could get crews out to find out what was wrong. He turned off the set and looked around quickly. At first he thought someone turned off the power to trap him or something but realized the electric was off due to the winter storm. How was he getting these news alerts if the power was off and he didn’t have his cell phone? He stumbled into the kitchen where he knew there was a flashlight. He searched the living room and found a transistor radio halfway stuffed behind a cushion on the couch. He shut it off to conserve the battery and looked over at the wood bin to see how much wood was in it. A very sparse amount for sure he decided. He figured the power could be off for days so he started out the door to bring in more firewood. He chuckled at the boys neglect in their chores, but he wasn’t going to be upset with them; life is too short to be upset at trivial things.

Putting on a coat to bring in more wood he nearly fell over with the sight before him when he opened the door. Snow was over the doors and windows, and he couldn’t see anything outside but the snow packed against the windows and door. He hurried upstairs to look out the bedroom windows and couldn’t believe his eyes. Snow was over the windows too. The atmosphere couldn’t possibly be so densely saturated with moisture to fall and accumulate enough to cover a two story mansion in the time frame of one afternoon. He wondered if this had ever happened in the history of, well, ever. He was thankful he had the foresight to have the house well insulated when he had Bill build it. With the house covered in snow and the insulation doing its job the house shouldn’t get too cold. But then a fact you don’t normally worry about struck him. “If I run out of firewood there won’t be any hot air going up the chimney and it will get covered with snow. I’ll suffocate since all the vents build into the structure for the house to breath properly is covered in snow.”

Harry hurried downstairs holding his side. Before he looked at the fireplace he knew the fire was out because the room was too dark without the flames making the orange, yellowish glow. The logs he put on the fire were already burned to ash and snow was covering the ashes. Snowflakes dropped steadily as he stared in disbelief. He put his hands on the stone on the chimney and it felt cold. He put his hand inside the fireplace and the bricks lining the chimney felt cold. Harry stuck his head in the fireplace and turned the flashlight upward and found the flue handle. He reached clear in and up grabbing it and closed it to keep snow from coming in and any heat from going up the chimney. He went into the bathroom to wash the soot off his hand and nothing came out of the faucet, the pipes were frozen. “That is not possible!” he shouted at the sink. He made himself calm down so he could think clearly. He shown the light on his hand and thought how he could get the soot off. If he were a wizard it would be as simple as breathing, but he hadn’t gotten his powers back yet. If he wasn’t so cold and hungry he would be more able minded to think this through. He sighed and was thankful he was the only one home after all.

As there was no light in the house at all now, it was quite difficult getting around. Where had he put the flashlight? He had just looked at his sooty black hand a second ago and he had not put it down. He decided he would open the door in the living room and use the snow to wash his hands. He hated exposing his hand to the freezing snow because he was already so cold. He opened the bathroom door and began choking on thick smoke. The room had a dirty brownish glow coming from the fireplace. He ran over to it and grabbed the poker. How had the fire started up again, and it was burning more logs than what had been in the wood bin. He jammed the poker up the chimney to open the flue to let the smoke out, but snow fell into the flames. The flames rose higher as if the snow was fueling them. He dropped the poker and fought to get to the door. The smoke was suffocating him. He tried to hold his breath but the air he was holding was burning his lungs. He pushed his way into the snow and tried to pull himself upward with swinging strokes like swimming only instead of pulling water with his cupped hands he was cupping snow. He was gasping now and choking on the snow filling his lungs. Then he was burning all over. The flames had followed him out of the fireplace; they were alive… “Fiendfyre!” he thought. “There is a witch or wizard here to cast that curse. He tried in desperation to cast the counter curse, but the magic still wasn’t in him. He desperately clawed for the surface that he wasn’t even halfway close to and the fire burning him was now consuming him. He was gasping for breath and then two monsters grabbed his arms, the flames fighting each other for the entire victim not just half. Harry cried out, “Let me go!” He suddenly was able somehow to throw off the flaming monsters. Now at last he was free of the snow covering him keeping him from breathing. He couldn’t stand; the snow was moving in waves. With every move forward he made he rolled back into the flames. Then he had a brilliant idea. He saw the flames were fighting the waves too so he waited until the wave rolled down in front of him and as it swelled upward to knock him over he fell into it causing the wave to throw off the fire monsters. They disappeared over the top and just as Harry was going to roll over before the wave came back at him the waves stopped. His momentum also stopped. He groaned as he fell; his side hitting something solid. The air was knocked out of him and he heard his rib snap. That was bound to happen what with his bones being frozen. That’s what he figured anyway.

The flaming monsters grabbed him again only this time they spoke, “Hold still Harry, we’re trying to help you!”

Everything became clear as if he saw them for the first time; John and Jack each had him pinned to the floor as Carson injected him with a shot.

“Ouch! What is that? What’s going on here?” He was breathing so hard his lungs hurt. At the same time Carson gave him a shot Ginny, not seeing what Carson did, forced him to swallow something she poured in his mouth. Carson tried to stop her but it was too late. They both began talking hurriedly to each other which Harry couldn’t understand because something horrifying happened. He couldn’t believe his eyes but right before his eyes John and Jack were gone and the monsters in the Fiendfyre were back. He yanked himself free and began rolling away from them and when more monster Fiendfyre flames grabbed onto him he jumped to his feet and they clawed at him and he began doing the only thing he could do, ducking and hitting. He was surprised they were solid and didn’t burn him although he was tingling all over and burning inside. He couldn’t move his legs anymore and the feeling of paralysis was spreading now; his hips and waist was unmovable. Then he looked up when he heard Ginny and he said, “Ginny, run! Find John and Jack and anyone else who came back and run!” He hit one of the flames so hard it hurt his hand, but he didn’t stop. Another one advanced and he hit it just as hard. Three more were coming at him but he couldn’t move anymore.

“What’s happening to me?” he asked himself out loud. Ginny ran at him and he raised his hands for her to stop and told her again to run but she didn’t run she drew her wand. He couldn’t believe what was happening; it surely was a dream. It was so real though. He thought for a minute he had wakened but why would Ginny curse him. “Ginny?” he said with his hands still up for her to stop. But she didn’t stop she cursed him with something that hurt terribly bad when it hit him in the chest and even worse when he flew backward and slammed into the bedroom wall.

It was as if the world slowed down and was moving in and out of focus as he watched his wife run to him screaming his name. She still had her wand and he closed his eyes to let her finish him off. He wouldn’t fight her. The next thing he felt were hot tears splashing on his face and Ginny gently picking up his shoulders and pulling him into her arms. She was begging him to forgive her.

Harry tried to talk to her but could hardly stay conscious. “Fiendfyre… run.”

John pulled Ginny away from Harry and unexpectedly pulled him to a sitting position rather roughly. He pinned Harry to the wall and yelled at him; ignoring the pain he was causing his friend. “There is not Fiendfyre, monster or otherwise. It’s us Harry, your friends who have been trying to help you, not hurt you. Look what you’ve done to the place!” John let go of him and moved aside and Harry saw Sam, Teyla, Carson, and Jack were all picking themselves up off the floor and the room was destroyed, the bedding completely ripped and shredded and pillow stuffing was all around the room.

Jack knelt down beside Harry totally understanding his young friend’s confusion. Harry’s eyes rolled up to him and he tried to speak but his tongue and eyes were so heavy he only whispered, “Dream?” He couldn’t stay awake any longer and simply closed his eyes. Jack looked at Sam and she nodded her head thinking the same thing Jack was thinking of. It was like the time they had visited a planet that they became infected by alien spores and caused them to revert to a primitive Neanderthal. Jack was very aggressive but under heavy medication was able to somewhat control the primitive urges and asked the doctor at that time if it was all a dream.

John looked at Harry as if seeing him for the first time. “What’s wrong with him? I mean I get it, I’m sure that spell wasn’t comfortable, but he just stopped moving.”

Ginny began waving her wand around and chanting spells and they all watched in amazement as broken and torn items were repaired before their eyes. She had everything back to the way they were before Harry destroyed it all. Even the bedding and pillows were good as new. She said something else and all their torn clothes were also good as new. Ginny conjured a tray full of potions and bandages.

“Carson, I’m sorry. This is all my fault. Please patch everyone up good including yourself. I’ll start on Harry. They all looked at Harry scrunched over in a most uncomfortable looking position and his clothes ripped and hanging together here and there by threads. Blood was pooling on the floor under his waist and he had blood dripping from the corner of his mouth.

“On second thought let me tend everyone else and you take care of Harry.” She called Winky and asked her to help Carson with Harry. They got him onto the bed and cleaned him up again and looked him over good.

“Well, initially it isn’t as bad as it looks thankfully. The worst thing about this is his rib is broken on the same side as this injury where that skyscraper nearly cut him in half. But on the other hand, combining the injuries with his bruised sternum from that spell he was shot with, will not allow him to breathe deep enough to keep his lungs clear. He’ll catch pneumonia and that could very well kill him. We’ll just have to watch him carefully to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

John stood looking between Carson and Ginny and finally said, “What happened to bring all this on? Wasn’t he at the bottom of the stream?”

Ginny said, “He woke up and swam up to the surface and had to break the ice to get out. He said he was freezing even after he thawed out in the shower. He said his bones were frozen and he fell asleep. He was shaking and I didn’t know if it was from being cold or a nightmare. He started moaning in his sleep and saying strange things that I couldn’t make sense of and he kept saying he was so cold so I tried to get him to swallow some Pepper up potion but he started choking. He said he couldn’t breathe and he was thrashing about as if his life depended on it. He said his magic hadn’t come back yet. He got all tangled up in the bedding. Then he was still for a second and his eyes were open. I started to pour more pepper up potion in his mouth and he started saying how there was Fiendfyre and was thrashing about again.

Carson offered his explanation. “I was reading and heard the ruckus and came in and tried to wake him. He was tangled in the bedding and I’m sure he thought he was being captured.”

Jack started talking saying, “We all heard by then and came in to help. Ginny cast that spell to keep any noise from escaping the area to keep you and the kids asleep, John. Carson didn’t want you getting involved because he had given you a mild sedative and he was afraid if you came in feeling sluggish you wouldn’t be able to react quick enough to keep from getting hurt.”

John glared at Carson and said, “Well, the spell didn’t work on Lily because she had gone into your room just as you cast the spell. She woke up and ran in to see what was happening right after Carson ran in. She came and got me saying something was wrong with her dad and he was hurting everyone.”

I made her stay in my room and promise not to come back out until someone said she could. So what happened that ended up with him getting cursed?”

Ginny looked at Carson and said, “We both unknowingly gave him something pretty close to the same time. I thought since he was awake and stopped thrashing about and asking why he was so cold that I could give him some more pepper up potion. With that dose and the previous ones I had tried giving him it was a full dose.”

Carson said, “I just got up from being thrown on the floor by him and saw he had broken his rib and I was bent over to look at it, but he started thrashing about again. I gave him a shot that caused temporary paralysis to keep him from puncturing his lung with the broken rib. The potion Ginny gave him combined with the shot I gave him caused him to sink into a brain funk half lucid and half paranoid. When he faced us after the shot I gave him started working he was lucid and totally confused as to why we were all ganging up on him. But unfortunately that happened just after he defeated all of you again. Ginny didn’t know I gave him a shot and cast that spell to stop him from hurting anyone else. She knew Harry would expect her to do that. I just don’t know what it will do to him emotionally having become lucid just in time to see his wife shoot him and John who he loves as a brother was being so rough with him and accusing him of tearing up the place and hurting us. He thought he was dreaming.”

Jack said, “And what was that all about, John? Being so rough with him when he was completely vulnerable?”

John answered angrily, “I was trying to make him want to be a wizard again so his magic would return! I thought maybe that was what was keeping his magic from coming back and him from being healed with his magic; him saying he didn’t want to be a wizard anymore.”

Ginny said, “He would never want his magic to not return; it's part of who he is.”

Carson said, “John might be onto something though. Ginny is also correct, he wouldn’t want to be without his magic, but because he is a wizard he has seen so much inhumane atrocities. Did you hear him talking about the family he tried to save? I felt his pain and I wasn’t even there. He is overwhelmed with the evil the gods brought on him. Giving him up to the Ori, and bringing one of Charlie’s people here caused him to not want to be a wizard because if he hadn’t been then neither one of them would have known about him and wanted to destroy him and everything in their path to get to him even at the cost of the destruction of galaxies. Two galaxies would still be thriving instead of being destroyed. He thinks it’s his fault.”

Ginny said, “Are you saying it’s his fault?!”

“No, love; I’m saying he thinks it’s his fault.” Ginny looked at him and said she was sorry for jumping down his throat. “Everyone, go on back to bed, I’m sure he will sleep now. Winky, thanks for your help. I know you don’t understand what happened. I’m just so tired, is it okay with you if I tell you all about it in the morning?”

Winky had been holding Harry’s hand and stroking it while she listened to what was being said. She stroked his hand once more and put it under the covers and went out the door saying it would be fine for Ginny to talk to her then.
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Hey Guys, time is flying! I hope everyone is safe and secure. I've been distracted by the fires in Malibu California. Sadly, the man Joe Flanigan lost his home and all his possessions in the fire. He and his family evacuated after a mandatory evacuation was ordered. He went back to help his neighbors put out the fires around their homes. In that particular area, his was the only house that was completely destroyed. He has been working since then to take water and things people are in need of. Joe Flanigan portrays the character John Sheppard an Stargate Atlantis. In my ff he and Harry are as close as brothers. It breaks my heart he lost his home and everything that was in the house and around it. Also in the Malibu fires the actor Richard Dean Anderson who plays the character Jack O'neill in Stargate SG1 and Jack in my ff, lives in Malibu. He didn't evacuate but stayed behind to help others. He is fine and his home wasn't damaged as far as is reported. But I would like to ask those of you who believe in God for Him to watch over them, especially John and his sons. He has three sons 17, 15, and 11 who live at home still.

So anyway, I hope you enjoy this chapter. It was a lot of fun to write. Please comment if you have anything to say or ask.

Chapter 7

Mayhem In The Kitchen

At five o’clock Harry woke and felt like he had just been slammed into another building. He was having trouble breathing his chest felt very heavy. He tried to roll over to see if Ginny was in bed and gasped sharply. Then he coughed and tried to keep from screaming. His chest was rattling and he knew then he had pneumonia. He felt an urgency to get to the stream and he disappeared right into the deep part of it. For the first time in he didn’t know how long, he felt warm and he could feel his body healing. He stayed in the water for half an hour and then magiced himself back to his bedroom. He took off his sweats and climbed in bed beside Ginny. He was completely dry and warm and feeling remarkably better. Not a hundred percent, but well enough to be able to be up and about in a couple hours. He fell asleep thinking about what he would have for breakfast. He was looking forward to eating since he couldn’t remember the last time he ate. As a matter of fact he couldn’t remember anything except shopping in France. He decided to not think about it and just sleep so he could wake up and eat.

At seven o’clock he got out of bed quietly so he wouldn’t wake up his wife. He struggled with ideas of waking her and seeing if she wanted to make love, but decided to go down and make breakfast instead. He seemed to remember the shopping in France as not such a fun time for him.

He went down the hall the opposite side of the stairs to look in on the kids. The first room he came to was Lilly’s. He looked in and was surprised to see John sleeping in her bed. He went down the hall and saw Lily in John’s room asleep. He grinned and walked quietly into Lily’s bedroom and sat on her bed. He put his hand on John’s shoulder and gently shook him. “Hey there Darling Angel; my how you’ve grown since we left for France.” John sleepily and then alertly rolled onto his back and stared at Harry.

Harry chuckled and said, “My; what big eyes you have.”

“The better to glare at you with.”

“My; what pointed ears you have.”

“The better to hear you with. What are you doing?”

“My how grumpy you are.” Harry chuckled at the look of curiosity on John’s face and gave up on the game since it wasn’t as much fun as he thought it would be.

“I’m starved, let’s go down and I’ll make breakfast. Come on Angel.”

His smile was so pleasant John couldn’t stay upset with him. They went down the steps and John saw Harry put his hand on his waist cautiously. He didn’t stop though and went on out to the kitchen. John’s curiosity got the best of him and he put his hand on Harry’s forearm to stop him.

Harry stopped and said, “What’s up big brother?”

John wanted to look at his injury but the way Harry was acting he was afraid it might hurt him remembering too fast.” John chuckled and said, “Maybe you should let me make breakfast. You’re so hungry you might serve breakfast half cooked.

Harry laughed happily and said, “I certainly wouldn’t say no to some help. You are right though, I am really hungry. I think I’ll cheat this one time.” John grinned as bacon, eggs, sausage, ham, potatoes, and other breakfast items appeared on the counter and pans appeared on the stove. Harry pointed to a bowl with flour and other ingredients in it and said, stir up the biscuits and put them on the cookie sheets. Harry’s potatoes were peeled and sliced thinly and put in a skillet with onions, salt and pepper. Breakfast was coming along nicely and John chuckled happily. Harry asked what was tickling his funny bone and he answered, “You’re doing magic, I’m just glad you-” He changed the direction of what he was going to say mid sentence, “are using magic instead of making it like us poor Muggles have to make it. We’d be waiting until noon to eat.”

Harry laughed and said, “Well, I’m a wizard, and you, Sir Jonathon, are not.” Harry dropped his spatula and with a white face stared at John. He held the palms of his hands toward him and looked at them. He softly rubbed his fingertips and then felt his chest close to his neck. “I… don’t know why I called you that. I think… I can’t remember but I think I shouldn’t tease about Charlie.”

John shrugged his shoulder and said, “That’s okay by me. Come on, I’m going to have these biscuits done and they’ll be cold by the time you get done.”

Harry slowly nodded his head and looked at his hands again. John said, “Come on little brother, get you another spatula and get cooking!”

Harry made a valiant effort to smile and picked up the spatula. He cleaned it and continued making breakfast in silence. John knew he was trying to remember and felt helpless to know how to get it off his mind. He picked up the bottle of syrup and walked behind him and squeezed a goodly amount onto Harry’s hair. “Oops, sorry, I slipped and squeezed it out of reflex when I caught my balance.”

Harry acted like he didn’t even notice the sticky mess dripping down his face and John thought maybe he better get Carson, but Harry spoke quietly and said, “Not a problem. Here, put this milk back in the refrigerator please.” He swung the pitcher around quickly hitting John in the chest with it. Milk slopped up in John’s face and down his chest. “Oops, sorry; I didn’t realize you were so close behind me.” John picked up an egg in each hand and broke them open on Harry’s shoulders. “Oh no, I’m so sorry. I slipped on this milk you clumsily spilled and now you’ve got egg all over you. Harry said, “It’s fine don’t worry about it. I won’t feel out of place since you’ve, (he turned and scooped up egg from his arms and smeared it on John’s face) got egg on your face. You’re the clumsy one, you slipped twice and,”

John interrupted and said, “You know you look quite becoming with dark brown hair. You almost look as good as me now.”

Harry picked up the sack of flour and dumped it on top of John’s head and said, “Ah, look who’s talking. You look fashionably handsome with white hair in a homely sort of way.”

John said, “Oh yeah, well-” He pushed Harry and Harry slipped on the mess and started to fall. John reached out to catch him, but Harry grabbed him instead and they both went down to the floor. They wrestled about trying to pin the other and John quipped, “You’re such a weakling, I’ve pinned you easily.” He was laughing but then Harry looked at him seriously and said, “You’re good at pinning me when I’m helpless.”

John was taken aback and let go. Harry said, “Ha!” and rolled John over, sat on him and took him by the collar and said, “I’ll teach you to try to get the upper hand with me.” He held out his hand and an egg appeared in it. He broke it open and let it slide out of its shell onto John’s face. He rubbed it in and then poured milk and flour on him and made a paste pulling his hair up in spikes. Then he got the syrup and squeezed an ear to ear smile.

Stuff was seeping into John’s ears and he started squirming and saying, “Stop, stop, I give up.”

Harry’s face had an impish grin and he whispered, “Say; Harry, I’m sorry, please stop and let me up. I promise to be a good boy.”

John shook his head no and Harry’s eyebrows went up and down and a huge smile came across his face and he said, “Okay, you’re going to be sorry.”

Harry reached up on the counter and got a tub of butter and said, Open wide.” He scooped some up on his fingers and forced John’s mouth open. He put his fingers in John’s mouth and scraped off the butter with John’s teeth. “Want some orange juice to wash that down with?” He carefully poured some juice around his mouth none of which went in his mouth. Then he forced John’s mouth open and said, “This time it’s going in.”

John tried to spit the butter out of his mouth, but it ran down his cheek and into his ear. He laughed and sputtered the rest of the butter out and loudly said, “Harry, I’m sorry, please stop and let me up. I promise to be a good boy.”

Harry chuckled and got off his friend and started to help him up but Ginny yelled at them and startled them both. They jumped and fell over each other and tried to get up quickly and fell over each other again. It looked like they were fighting and Ginny screamed for them to stop. The rest of the adults ran to the kitchen and Jack started laughing. John and Harry stopped and turned around and slid into a sitting position up against the cabinets. They looked up innocently and didn’t say anything.

Carson said, “What the bloody blazes is going on here?!”

Neither of them said a word, and then Harry quietly said, “Well, we, John and I, were um we were making breakfast.” He looked at John and John nodded his head.

“A big breakfast; we’re powerful hungry.”

“Right,” agreed Harry looking back at John and then to the others looking hard at them, except for Jack who was trying not to laugh anymore. “We were making a very big breakfast and well, not trying to hurt his feelings or anything but,” he looked at John and John shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head, “well, he’s clumsy and he slipped causing syrup to accidentally fly into my hair. He did apologize.” He looked at John and John said, “And Harry graciously accepted my apology. He asked me to put away the milk and when he handed it back to me, because he had to watch what he was doing, turning the potatoes I think, but anyway, the milk jug hit me in the chest and it splattered all over me. Harry felt awful and he did apologize.” They looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

Harry sighed wishing they hadn’t been caught. His belly rumbled loudly and John covered his mouth to keep from bursting out laughing. Harry hung his head shamefully and said, “Breakfast is ready, can we just eat?”

The kitchen was spotless and Harry and John were both clean except for John’s spiky white hair. They both looked at Ginny like two little boys who were caught playing in the mud. Ginny said, “Love, you have your magic back!”

“And he’s looking great; what or who do we owe this miracle to? Do you mind if I have a look see?” asked Carson.

Harry stood up and looked around questioningly. “What? Why wouldn’t I have my magic? And why would I look any different than normal; and by the way no you can’t just randomly have a look see.”

John said, “Come on let’s eat before it gets cold.”

Teyla giggled and John said, “I know I’m a funny guy, but it wasn’t that funny. It wasn’t even funny.” He reached up to scratch his head like he does sometimes when he’s perplexed. “Aw, come on Harry, make it go away!”

Harry looked at him seriously and said, “You look good with white hair like me. We look like brothers.”

He grinned and cleaned the mess out of John’s hair. He knew something was going on and it was obvious they didn’t want to talk about it so he reluctantly dropped the subject. He was quiet but stayed pleasant.

They all sat at the table and Harry asked about the kids coming down for breakfast. Ginny said they had a couple rough days and she’s letting them sleep in. Harry asked what happened that he wasn’t aware of. She just looked at him not knowing what to say. So he asked if something happened while they were shopping.

Ginny’s eyebrows knit together and she said, “Shopping; I haven’t been shopping since we went to France. What are you talking about?”

Harry’s eyebrows arched and he said, “Well, that would be what I’m talking about. We left James in charge. When I checked on them and talked to Albus he said everything was okay. Nobody said anything when we got home about something… hang on; I don’t remember coming home. Why don’t I remember coming home?” He looked at Jack and Sam and said, “You guys weren’t here when we left; when did you get here?”

Jack said, “It’s best for you to eat and then we can talk; everything is fine.”

Harry started to object but held his tongue. He looked around and saw he wasn’t going to get anyone to say anything. He resigned any hope of clues to the puzzle that was swirling in his mind. He would figure it out just like he’d done all his life. He looked back at Jack and quietly said, “Yes sir.”

He picked up his fork and toyed with his food for a minute and said, “You know how a person looks when they wear glasses and they break them or misplaces them? They go about looking hard to see what’s going on, even what’s right in front of them. And if you take a picture of them they have this vague look about them because they can’t see whose doing what and where they’re doing it. So they go through the day just stumbling through it until mercifully someone finds and gives them the glasses they lost and everything becomes clear for them. Well, just so you know, that’s how I feel. I’ll spend the day stumbling about in a stupor because you know something that I don’t have a clue about even though it is about me. Jack, you say we’ll talk about it after we eat, but the kids will surely be up by then so we won’t be able to talk then. Things will keep coming up during the day and we won’t be able to talk then. So, here’s the way it’s going to be; you can tell me right now or I find out on my own.”

Ginny put her hand on his forearm and said in a loving way that he just needs to be patient and wait for when the time is right. Harry said, “Okay, so I find out on my own.”

He got up and said, “I’m adding something else to the breakfast menu; steak a thick one. Who else wants one? Better get some extra protein because I plan on going sledding with the kids and I heard from somewhere I don’t remember who or where that we have skis, so I’ll be skiing too. Anyone want to race down the hill behind Pride Rock and jumping from it? We can measure who jumps the furthest just like in the Olympics.”

John’s eyes lit up and he said, “I’m game, it sounds great. Teyla, I’m sure you’d love it; it’s a real thrill. But, I’ll have to pass on the steak; I’ve already stuffed myself with all this other food while you were going on about someone losing their glasses and trying to make it through the day without them. Everything is really good, Harry, especially the biscuits.” He smiled his proud smile because he made the biscuits.

Harry cracked up laughing and said, “I think they probably looked better in your hair than them being edible.” He laughed again at the look of shock on John’s face. John took another bite of a rock hard biscuit and nearly choked on it when he swallowed. He gulped down some coffee and said, “Okay so they aren’t that great.”

He looked at it and then at Harry with suspicion. Teyla said that her biscuit was perfect in every way. Everyone agreed and Harry gave a quick glance at Carson when he made a big deal as to how good his steak was looking. He turned his back satisfied that Carson was about to reveal his first bit of a clue. What he didn’t know was his first clue came sooner than he thought.

John said, “I think Mr. Wizard over there turned my biscuit hard and dry. If I were a wizard he’d be pulling a burnt steak from the skillet.”

Ginny and Teyla laughed and Harry said, “What do you mean if you were a wizard; you’re the most powerful wizard in the Pegasus galaxy, Sir Jonathon the Great himself.”

He turned around white faced and looked hard at his friend. John didn’t let on that anything unusual had been said and told him to get his steak done so they can go play.

Things spun in his head so fast Harry nearly felt sick. He slowed his thoughts and put pieces that he collected together. He went to hold the cast iron skillet while he lifted his stake out and yanked his burnt hand back. He went to the sink and let cool water run over the burn and thoughts came to him about his hands letting him down somehow and then a couple minutes later he put some Dittany on it. Harry went back to his meat and took it over to his chair and sat down.

Carson could hardly take the thought of Harry having such a heavy breakfast and was doing surprisingly well for holding his displeasure inside him. Harry added more fuel to the fire by saying, “I think I’ll have a few eggs with this and some fried potatoes. John, would you be kind enough to grab me a few of your delicious looking biscuits?”

Harry piled his plate full and cut off a piece of steak and put it in his mouth before Carson could take his eyes away from watching him commit the crime of eating so much after being through what he just went through and not eating anything for a day.

“Mm, mm, mm, this is great!” He really was enjoying his meal and found he was hungrier than he thought he should be. Hadn’t he had a big lunch in France? Even if he didn’t eat any dinner when he got home, he shouldn’t be this hungry. The only time he gets this hungry is if he’s gone too long without eating and done a huge amount of magic. His thoughts were spinning in his head about the feeling he had a lost memory having to do with his hands. Twice already this morning, he had found himself trying to remember something to do with his hands. He felt they had let him down somehow. Harry jumped when he heard Carson calling out his name loudly and impatiently.

He looked at him curiously and said, “I’m sorry, Carson, please forgive me; I was thinking. Were you talking to me?” He was polite and really was ashamed for not paying attention to his friend.

Carson calmed down and said, “It’s okay lad, I hadn’t said anything to you yet, but I wanted to stop you from eating anymore. You’re going to make yourself sick eating like that.”

“This isn’t anything unusual for me; I eat like this a lot.”

Carson said, “Now see here young man, you can’t go through everything you went through and then think you can eat what you bloody well want to. I can’t let you do it. And you bloody well can forget about doing all that sledding and skiing jostling your insides that way; son you just can’t do it.”

Harry said, “And what have I been through, Carson?”

Carson looked at Jack’s dismay and then said, “I am a doctor, not someone who thinks he knows what’s best, but a real doctor. Harry’s body has gone through too much to put all that protein and grease on it. It’s way too much, and I’m telling you he’ll get sick with more serious problems than a tummy ache!”

It was right then that the kids came into the kitchen excited for breakfast. Albus said, “I told you I could smell Dad’s cooking.” Lily hugged Harry and said she was so glad he looked so much better and was able to be out of bed. And then James stooped over the back of the chair and hugged him and said he was happy he was doing better too. He was real happy he wasn’t freezing anymore too. Harry’s eyebrows dipped close together for an instant and he swallowed hard and thanked him and hugged Lily and James and smiled pleasantly at them. Albus went in between Harry and Ginny’s chair and lifted Harry’s hand he fixed to look at it. He smiled and then hugged Harry and said he loved him. Harry felt a memory when Albus took his hand. He looked into his son’s eyes and read the information Albus gave him in case he wanted to know. It only took a few seconds but Harry now had almost all the puzzle pieces put together. Some things were a little fuzzy but he got enough to start putting the puzzle together.

He remembered not coming home from France but going instead to Charlie’s world and everything from then until going to bed last night after being frozen from trying to heal his body in the deep part of the stream. He wondered why he couldn’t remember after that. Harry put his thoughts away for the moment. His children were up and he wanted to spend quality time with them. He hugged Albus and thanked him for his hard work he did on his hand.

Albus said, “Is it okay if I tell you something I discovered about the potion we used on your hand?”

Harry smiled proudly and said, “Yes of course.”

“Well, when we made it the first time it caused horrific pain for you. You nearly didn’t overcome it. I got the algae from the stream, but since it was frozen over I was afraid to have Mum and Teyla get it from there so I had them get it from the cavern wall just under the water. I think that is what made the difference the hot algae from the first time worked but with undesirable side effects. The cold algae from this time didn’t have any side effects. I wrote down my findings in the lab notebook.”

Harry nodded his head listening intently to his son. “Did I still get sick like the first time?”

Albus frowned and answered that he did. “I noted that in the notebook as well.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “That is a very important discovery son. Thank you for your spectacular help. I’m very proud of you.”

James rolled his eyes and looked at Lily. She shrugged her shoulders and frowned. Albus saw them and not wanting to have more attention than them he said, “James and Lily were spectacular too, when the IOA was here. Carson took us in the lab with you and told us you wanted to clear your name so that us kids and Mum wouldn’t lose everything you worked for to care for us to the IOA, and we’d be proud to be a Potter after you were gone. We all knew you were dying by then. He said we might be able to keep you from dying if the IOA didn’t stay too much longer, but we would at least be able to make you be able to get up to talk to those horrible people. He laid out a very precise plan and after the IOA people came in and then left the room to let us be alone with you he told Lily to start crying loudly so he could tell Mum what we were going to do and told her to start crying too. Lily healed you just enough to wake you up because any more than that would make her too woozy, and they would be suspicious of her powers. He knows you wouldn’t stand for your kids being under the scrutiny of them or anyone. Then when you woke up James and I was to take you to the stream using instant transporting like you do, for as long as you could be in the frigid water, but not longer than ten minutes. You didn’t have any magic so you couldn’t help us. But we got you to the water, it was shallow but you were covered by the water. We hung onto you but had to bring you back after only a couple minutes when Mum sent her Patronus doe saying come back now. So we pulled you out and got your clothes dry and took you instantly back to the lab. Mum gave you some pepper up potion to keep you from shivering uncontrollably. You were amazing Daddy. I hope I grow up to be just like you.”

“Thank you sweetheart, but just concentrate on being you. Thanks to you two also. You all three were a tremendous help for me. I’m sure you saved my life.” Harry looked at Carson and said, “Thank you Carson, for thinking so quickly of your plan. I’m sure it would have worked perfectly if I had sent the IOA packing last night. I felt I couldn’t take a chance on them taking everything away from Ginny and the kids.”

Harry looked to see how Ginny was doing and smiled at her. She smiled back but was holding back something. He put his hand on hers and asked how she was doing this morning. She took her hand away from him and stood up but to his delight she bent over and kissed him full on the lips. “I’m fine now that you’re looking like you’ll live. I was terrible afraid you were going to leave me forever.”

He smiled and said, “Not if I can help it.”
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Hey Guys, thank you for returning for my new chapter. I hope you like it. Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who live in the United States of America. I think this is the last chapter of this story title, but the new story will pick up exactly where this one left off.

Chapter 8

A Lesson Learned The Hard Way

Ginny began gathering the dishes and told the adults to go get comfortable in the living room while the kids ate. Teyla and Sam stayed to help Ginny but Harry, Jack, Carson and John went in the living room. Harry stirred the fire and put a couple more logs on it. He stood with his leg on the hearth and leaned over resting his forearms on his upper leg. Staring into the fire he was remembering things that were fuzzy in his mind. A log shifted and settled down into the blaze and he remembered the city on one of the planets in Charlie’s galaxy sinking into molten fire from the center of the planet. He sighed and rubbed his face wishing he could rub it from his memory. Was working on remembering worth it if these were the memories that made their way to the front of his mind to remember? He stood up and turned around to sit somewhere to visit with his friends. He smiled and sat quietly listening to Carson telling Jack about one of the books he was reading from Harry’s library.

John said, “You weren’t really planning on doing all that stuff outside were you? I can tell your side still hurts. Will you tell us how you managed to stay alive through the night?”

Harry’s smile was frail and he looked at Carson before he looked at John to answer his question. Harry shook his head and said, “No, I wasn’t going to do any of it. I knew I wasn’t healthy enough to do it. I’d really like to though. Carson, I’m sorry I used you, especially after all that you’ve done for me. I already had some things swirling in my head but I needed more information. I knew you would think I shouldn’t eat what I did, and that you would object to allowing me to do those outside activities. I won’t have the truth held back from me if I know I’m missing something important. That was done to me all my life and I hated it. I always had to find out on my own. I should tell you that I woke up at five o’clock this morning and went to the stream and stayed in until I was mostly warm and dry. I got out feeling better than I have felt in a long time, even before we went to France. So I went back to bed until seven and was too hungry to stay in bed. I didn’t have any memory of anything except for shopping in France. I didn’t remember coming home or anything. Now, like I said, I remember a lot. I don’t however know how I got this scar on my waist. I know it had something to do with that planet with the family I couldn’t save. It is the only thing that really bothers me. I don’t know why it didn’t heal as much as the rest of these injuries that are new to me. If you like you can have your look see.”

Carson got up and said he’d have to go get his bag but then it appeared in his hand. “Okay, thank you then. I need you to stand up for me and take off your shirt.”

Harry looked out into the kitchen and saw the women sitting around the table with the kids eating and talking about Christmas. Ginny had her cup of tea and laughed joyfully at something one of the kids said. Harry loved seeing his family happy. He turned back around and took off his shirt so Carson could look at his injury and do all the poking and prodding he wanted to do.

“I want you to squeeze my hands, but stop right when I say to.” Harry asked if he was sure he wanted to do that and Carson said he was quite sure. Harry shrugged his shoulders and tossed his shirt over to the arm of the chair he had been sitting on and took Carson’s hands and started to squeeze and then Carson abruptly told him to stop. “Okay you definitely check out there.” He rubbed his hands gently and then looked at various places on him asking what caused things here and there on Harry. Then he said, “These marks on top of your shoulders looks like you were clawed by a bear or something. Do you know what did this?”

Harry swallowed and nodded his head but didn’t say anything for a few minutes. It was a little girl I was trying to save. Her brother and parents were all hanging on me. I wasn’t even aware I was so close to the ground. I was out of control falling through the atmosphere. I ran into them and they hung on for dear life. I was able to get control back and I sat them on the ground to find out why my side was killing me, literally. The next instant the ground dropped out from beneath us. The little girl jumped for my neck again and the little boy grabbed my fingertips. The pull of the center of the planet was too strong for them to hang on and it ripped them from me. I tried to hang onto them, but I failed. Anyway, she clawed me trying to dig into me to get a firmer grip. She begged me to help her, but I was straining to stop from being pulled into the molten rock and she lost her grip when her brother did. I heard them scream and I went down after them but a building fell on me and was pushing me away from them. They were swallowed and I barely got away. I could feel the poison from the radiation and knew I had too much to survive. I wanted to get the world out of the present chaos and set it on the path to implode the galaxy. It was the last planet I needed to shift the direction of. So I did that and headed for home but Charlie captured me. I think you know the rest of the story. Last night is pretty fuzzy, but I think I remember telling you all about it.”

“I honestly don’t understand how you were able to survive though. The radiation was enough to kill you after a couple hours. And your insides were mush for the most part. The planet where you fell through that building nearly cut you in half. Part of your insides fell out, I’m sure because they weren’t there. You changed things around inside you to stay alive somehow, but that is the reason why the water wasn’t healing you in that short time when the IOA was here. After they finally left you went down and tried the stream once more. You didn’t come back until the second day after the IOA left. We got you stabilized but you were still in critical condition. Ginny said to let you sleep with her so she could let you know you weren’t alone. We all knew you were going to die and she didn’t want you to be alone. But you kept moaning and saying how cold you were. The next thing we knew you were thrashing about and tearing up everything. You obviously were out of your head with pain and fever. Your nightmare seemed real to you. It was something about Fiendfyre. Winky and I worked on you and got you calmed down, sort of, and finally after several mishaps you went to sleep. This is why we are so surprised to see you up and nearly back to yourself health wise. Winky did an incredible piece of work making your organs from pieces that were left. I told her what the function of each one was and what they looked like and she created them perfectly. We didn’t know if your body would accept the work, but it was your last chance of living. You getting up and getting in the stream must have made everything acceptable.”

Harry glanced out at the table and then softly said, “I was having a terrible nightmare. It seemed real; so real it’s still hard to believe it was only a nightmare. Did Ginny shoot me with a knockback jinx?”

John said, “You deserved it and you were making yourself worse again. You ripped all your bandages, and your side especially was bleeding badly.”

Harry nodded his head understanding finally. “Is that why you all look like you’ve been fighting? I’m so sorry, and I hurt all of you, even Teyla and Sam. I feel awful, I am a monster.”

He rubbed his eyes and started to turn away but Carson was studying his injury on his waste. He wouldn’t let him move. He looked at John and cleared his constricted throat. “So, how is it you ended up in Lily’s bed and she in yours?”

John said, “When you began thrashing about Carson ran in immediately because he was still awake and reading. Everyone else but me ran in when they heard you because Carson had left the door open. Ginny cast that muffler thing, spell' to keep the kids from hearing but didn’t know Lily had heard and run in right behind Carson. She was behind the door afraid you were going to hurt someone and yourself. She ran out after Jack and the others ran in. She came and woke me up and I told her to stay in my room until someone told her she could go back to her bedroom. She fell asleep in there and so I went back to sleep in her bed. And the only reason I didn’t go in with the rest of them is because Carson snuck up on me and gave me a sedative to make me sleep.”

Jack asked if he could tell them what his dream was about. Harry said he could that it was the only thing his memory was certain of. So he told them the dream and when he was done he added, “Oh, I might as well tell you that it was Charlie who rerouted my insides with his magic. He knew I was dying and he said he was sorry things had to turn out the way they did. He didn’t like having to kill me because he liked me. He said he respected me more than his whole planet. He said he was going to take over my body and if he could live long enough to make it here then he could ask Sir Jonathon to heal him. He told me he would take excellent care of my wife and kids. I told him I would never allow him to and he just smiled feeling sorry for me. He said I wasn’t going to be able to stop him because I was going to die. I didn’t say anything else because I didn’t want him to know I hastily made a plan. He waited until he thought I was dead and then took over my body. I kept my consciousness hidden away. Anytime I lost a bit of control he thought he was just having trouble getting accustomed to me. When we got home, I shape shifted back and forth from my sword and myself. I was getting stronger in my mind and I couldn't be in my body very long or he would know I was still alive. When Albus was working on me I caused Charlie to think he needed to sleep. I was free to work with Albus then and help if he needed me, but he did most all of it himself. The next morning I dropped several clues to you, John, to get you thinking. Thanks for picking up on them. And… when you grabbed me and asked where you were, he knew I was still alive. He tried to shut me out, but my mind was too strong for him. When you started to use your Lightning rod I had to make my sword go into your hand because that’s where the majority of me was at. And at the last second I realized I couldn’t have you be the one to kill me just in case my plan didn’t work and I really did die. So… I put the sword over the organ I knew would kill him and I pulled my sword into me. When I was pulled off of my sword I felt him die… and I knew I only had seconds to make my plan work. I think I told you all this part so, I’ll stop explaining now if it’s okay.”

Harry had his thumb hooked in his back pocket to give Carson room to have a close look at the healing injury on his right side. He looked down at the top of Carson’s head and asked if he was about done or should he take a picture to study. Carson smiled patiently and said, “I’m sorry lad. I just got engrossed with watching your healing process. I’m actually seeing your injury mend from the inside out.”

Harry grinned at Jack and Harry said, “Okay, but it takes a lot of energy to do that, can you be done now?”

John sat forward to see what Carson was talking about as did Jack and they both said they wanted to see too. Then Harry jumped when he felt soft hands on him that didn’t just belong to Ginny trying to turn him. Teyla said, “We want to see too.”

Sam said, “You can actually see regeneration and new development of the muscle and everything. How is that possible?”

Harry said, “It’s from my cells renewing themselves and the dip in the stream this morning combined and fueled with the energy from breakfast. I feel like a piece of art work hanging in a museum, can we sit down now?”

Ginny slipped her arms through the crook of his arm that had his thumb tucked in his back pocket and he looked down at her eyes and their eyes danced a joyful connection. He put his arms around her and they kissed lightly so as not to make their company uncomfortable. She pulled away from him and he reached for his shirt and looked when he didn’t find it where he put it. Teyla had it and he held out his hand to her for it. She grinned and tossed it to Sam, who then tossed it to Ginny. Lily grabbed it from her and giggled running passed him. He grabbed her up with both hands and threw her up over his head. When he caught her he said, “If you’re going to keep my shirt, I’ll just wear you.” He hugged her to him tightly and swung her around like he was modeling a new shirt. “How do I look with my new shirt, Mum?”

“You look marvelous darling,” she answered in a thick French accent. Everyone was laughing especially Lily. She started squealing she couldn’t hold on any longer and Harry laughed his playful evil laugh. James said, “I’ll save you Lily!” and jumped onto Harry hanging on with his legs wrapped around Harry’s right leg and trying to grab Lily with his right arm. He hooked his arm around Harry’s right arm with his left arm and he loosened his grip so he could get a better hold on Lily when he slipped and started to fall. Harry grabbed at him and caught his hand with his finger tips. Lily’s knee raked over Harry’s injury and she, still giggling, lost her hold around Harry’s neck and her hands tried to grab for a better hold and Harry suddenly stopped and went down to the floor on one knee. He let go of James when he was on the floor then put Lily on the floor.

He drew his son and daughter against him and quietly asked if they were okay and when they said they were he hugged them and then let go and asked for his shirt. Lily gave it to him and he went over to the window and put it on taking extra care of his side. He opened the door and stepped onto the porch and the voice of the mailman was heard. He was quite jovial and wished Harry and his family a Merry Christmas. Harry asked him to step inside for a second and the man did as he was asked. Lily grabbed some candy canes from the tree and hurried over to the mailman and handed him the treats. “Give these to your kids; they’re special flavors, and Merry Christmas.” Ginny went over to him and handed him a tin of cookies and said they were for his whole family. Harry came back out and handed him an envelope and said, “Merry Christmas, Clyde. Are the roads bad or are they cleared?”

Clyde said, “No, Mr. Potter; they’re pretty treacherous. I’d suggest staying in if you don’t have to go out. Only Government people are allowed on the road. A curfew has been ordered and people are being arrested if they’re caught out and about.”

Harry grew concerned and said, “I hadn’t heard; the TV hasn’t been on for a couple days. Are you safe enough in your mail truck, do you need anything?”

The man licked his lips nervously, “Well, all us carriers were called in at the brake of dawn to get a start on delivering the mail before the storm hits. I went off this morning without my bucket and thermos, I wouldn’t say no to a glass of water real quick.”

“Have you eaten anything then?”

“No sir, but I’ll be okay. I’ll eat when I get home.”

Harry said, “But that means you’re already three hours behind schedule. Please come out here and take my bucket and thermos. I won’t be using it since I can’t go to work anyway.”

Harry took him out to the kitchen and picked up a lunch bucket and tall thermos that he magiced to be there when they got to the kitchen. “I hope you like ham and cheese sandwiches and peanut butter and jam. Let’s see there’s chocolate cake with German chocolate icing in this plastic thingy, that’s my favorite. There’s a banana and I hope you like Hot Chocolate because that’s what’s in the Thermos.”

He handed it to Clyde and the man was speechless. “Well, thank you Mr. Potter, you’re a very generous man, thank you.”

Albus handed him a glass of water and said, “Merry Christmas, Clyde.”

James gave him a muffler and said, “You should protect your neck from the cold air, Merry Christmas.”

As Harry walked back to the door with the mailman Harry said, “Clyde, I want you to call me if you get stuck or anything, I’m well equipped to help you out, and I won’t get in trouble for being out if I’m caught.” He gave the man a card with his cell number and land line number. The mailman started out to his truck and Harry said his name before he stepped off the porch. “Were you bringing our mail when you came all the way up our driveway?”

“Oh! I’m terribly sorry, here you go. Thank you again,” he said merrily as he left.

Harry watched him until he disappeared over the hill and then came back into the house. He looked quickly through the mail and dumped it all in the trash can. “I think they need a new system at the post office; nothing but advertisements in the mail today. That means Clyde and all the carriers will have to stop at every house whether they have regular mail or not, just to deliver these ads that probably 90% of the people throw away without even looking at them. That junk should have been sorted out and only priority mail delivered for the safety of our mail carriers.”

Harry sat down and asked Ginny if Ted called about the wedding. She shook her head and said she hadn’t heard anything at all. He took out his phone quickly and checked his call log and was relieved that he hadn’t called while John had his phone the last few days. He looked at Ginny again and she smiled knowingly, “Go ahead and call him, love.”

Harry made the call and when he got off he said, “They’ve decided to wait until early spring but they still want it out here.” His phone disappeared and he sat forward putting his hands on his face and his elbows on his knees. He was really shaken when he was playing with James and Lily a little bit ago. He couldn’t get the images and screams out of his head from the planet that was destroyed. Memories began flooding in of slamming into other planets that were already off of their places in the galaxy. He remembered being jolted to a stop in space and having to get his bearings before his blood boiled. So many things happened and he barely escaped only to be caught by Charlie.

Harry spoke sadly without looking at anyone. “Charlie said he didn’t want to be a wizard anymore.” It was very emotional remembering Charlie because the boy was afraid and only doing what his parents made him do. Charlie said he liked Harry and wanted to come live with him. But Harry was dying by this time and Charlie knew it. This was when he said he’d take over Harry’s body and live just like Harry did and take care of his family and make new babies with Ginny of his own. When Harry told him he couldn’t let him do that Charlie turned completely against him saying he would have to kill him then after he got to Earth and got fixed up.

Harry was getting angry that he was ruining the kids’ Christmas being down and depressed. He stood up and said, “We need to do something fun, what should it be?”

Lily pointed to his side and said he needed fixed badly. He looked down and was disappointed to see fresh blood. He looked up and saw tears running down his darling angel’s cheeks. “I’m sorry Daddy; I didn’t mean to hurt you. Please let me fix it, I can do it. I can do it Daddy, I know I can.”

Harry sighed and said, “Angel, you didn’t do this and I’m fine, it’ll heal good as new before long.”

“Daddy, please let me do it, I can do it just enough to make it stop bleeding the way it was before I caused it to open up again.”

Harry said, “Look at your ring angel; it’s telling you it’s too much for you.”

“But I can do just enough to get you back to the way you were, please Daddy.”

“I’m sorry angel; it’s too much for you right now. Just be patient, I really am okay.”

Ginny said, “Love, can it hurt her to try?”

Harry said it could, and he didn’t want to take a chance that it might not. Ginny said, “But you and Carson are here to help if anything happens. Please let her try so she’ll get some understanding and experience.”

Harry shook his head no and started to leave the room to clean and medicate his waist. Ginny gently took his hand and said, “I really wish you would let her try. You might just be overprotecting her.”

Harry said, “It’s beyond her capabilities right now.”

Ginny said, “Let her do just a little bit.”

Harry said, “That isn’t the way her magic works, I’m afraid she wouldn’t be able to pull out of it. And I’m not strong enough in that form of magic yet to help her pull out, and I’d more than likely die trying because I won’t let her die trying to save me.”

Ginny smiled sadly at him, “She healed you just a little bit and was able to pull back.”

Harry said, “That was a terrible risk, but the way Carson worded specifically for me to wake up, she could do it.”

“I think you’re exaggerating quite a bit Love, you don’t give yourself enough credit. You underestimate your strength and power. You’re being overprotective and you should let her try.” Before Harry could say anything she said, “Lily, just do enough to stop the bleeding okay? Can you do that?”

Lily nodded her head anxiously and Harry said, “That’s like putting a whole plate of cookies in front of a little kid and saying only eat what you don’t think will make you sick. He’d try to eat the whole plate and you know it. She can’t do it yet.”

Lily lunged forward; Harry’s shirt disappeared and she put her hands on her daddy’s injury and closed her eyes. Carson was amazed at Harry’s deep cut healing so quickly. It wasn’t bleeding anymore and more of the injury was closing. Harry all at once told Lily to pull out now but she kept on healing him. The injury was now only an inch deep and Harry tried to take her hands off of him but it was ripping his wound open again. He clamped his hands on her head in a claw like position and began saying with great authority words in the language none of them had ever heard before. He looked down at Lily and forced her head up so her eyes opened and looked into his. Blue light streamed from his eyes to hers and he chanted more of the same language. Finally Lily backed away from him and Harry dropped to the floor like a rag doll, face down and glowing blue.

John told everyone not to touch Harry and Carson took Lily and stood her up on the coffee table. “Are you okay Lassie?” He ran his instrument over her and told Ginny, “She’s fine, love, just a little excited.” But Ginny knew it was more than that when she saw he gave her some medicine to drink and told her to play easy for a while.

John looked at Ginny and then the kids. She hustled them down to the play room and returned to John. John saw her return and said, “Don’t let them come back up; I don’t know how long it will take and I don’t think I’m going to have a particularly good experience.”

He got out his ink pen and uncapped it. The pen turned into his Lightning rod and he carefully touched Harry with his other hand. “He’s alive but he’s not breathing.”

John rolled him over on his back and looked at the injury which was gone but for what looked like a recent scar. He looked at Carson and said, “I think he couldn’t get Lily’s hand to let loose so he combined his own magic to hers so she wouldn’t die. His injury was too deep for even him to heal and Lily couldn’t pull back because in her heart she wanted him to be completely healed. She wasn’t being disobedient, but it’s like Harry said she doesn’t understand entirely about her magic.”

Carson said, “Well we need to get him breathing. Give him mouth to mouth until I get what I need from my bag. Never mind John I have it right here.” He was pulling out a mask and a large bulb for John to fit over Harry’s face and squeeze the bulb to put air into Harry’s lungs. He kept doing it and Harry still wasn’t breathing. “It’s not working, get back.” John touched Harry with his Lightning rod and Harry gasped and then started choking. Quicker than lightning Harry was floating at the other side of the room close to the ceiling. He was glowing blue and his eyes were glowing whitish blue. His white hair was blowing fiercely, his muscles were bulging and he had big glowing energy balls in both hands fixing to throw. Lightning zapped with every movement and thunder sounded when he spoke. “You dare come to my home, Zeus. Prepare to die and spend infinity in Hell; the real one.”

John put down his Lightning rod and said, “Harry, it’s me; John, come on little brother, you know me. I’m not Zeus; I just have his Lightning rod remember? You took it from Zeus and made him teach me how to use it.”

Harry’s laughter was scary with sarcasm. “You should know I won’t be fooled with that line a second time. You’re pathetic using my brother’s likeness to fool me. I knew you were a coward, but nearly killing me by using his likeness to fool me is low even for you, and I won’t be fooled a second time.”

Harry raised his arms to get ready to throw the energy balls at John but Ginny ran in front of their friend who was now in terrible danger of losing his life. “No! Don’t kill him, he’s not Zeus, he really is John.”

Harry didn’t say anything but he lowered himself to the floor and started walking toward Ginny and John. Ginny was shaking she was so frightened. “Don’t be afraid of me; I won’t hurt you, Ginny. You need to step aside so I can make sure who he is. I can’t come any closer without hurting you.”

John gently put his hand on Ginny’s shoulder and told her to stand with Teyla.

Harry was enraged Harry touched Ginny and he yelled at him to not touch her. John said he wouldn’t touch her anymore that he just wanted her to be safe. John swallowed hard and bit his lower lip. The energy balls Harry was holding just grew to the size of a basket ball.

“Pick up your Lightning rod.”

John said, “Listen Harry, I know what you want me to do, but that would electrocute me.”

Harry said, “If you’re really John then you would trust me not to let that happen. You should have known I wouldn’t kill you without absolute proof. And besides, I wouldn’t damage my home.”

John began breathing hard and then picked up his Lightning rod. Harry walked right up in front of him and the hair on John’s head and arms stuck out like static electricity was charging him. Arcs jumped from Harry to John and snapped when they hit John. John winced several times and said, “It’s getting a little uncomfortable here, buddy.”

Harry held out his hand to John offering him one of the energy balls and John said, “I can’t take it Harry; I’m not powerful enough to handle it. I’m not strong enough to even hold it.”

The ball began to shrink and Harry told him to take it when he thought he could handle it. John said, “Ah I see now. You want to embarrass me by showing everyone how weak I am. So I’ll just tell you I might be able to handle a gulf ball sized one. But I don’t want to, I can’t control it. Now set up some targets and I’ll challenge you to a shooting contest anytime, anywhere except inside your house.”

Harry made the ball gulf ball sized and handed it to John. John reluctantly took the ball and strained to hold it. Harry took the ball quickly and said, “Forgive me brother,” and disappeared.
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Default Skiing, Lunch, And John Joins Harry's Detective Agency
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Hey Guys, thanks for your loyalty and coming back for another chapter. Today begins a new short story. It is only 3 chapters long but leads into the next story where this one ends. Hope you are all doing well. I am still stuffed from Thanksgiving. Leftovers will hopefully be gone by tomorrow. Well; anyway, here is the story. Hope you enjoy it.

Short Story: Skiing, Lunch And John Joins Harry's Detective Agency

Chapter 1

Albus And Lily Gets Carried Away

John capped his pen and sat heavily in the chair by the fireplace. “I’ll stand toe to toe with a wraith any day of the week, but it is downright scary standing against Harry like that.” He looked at his hand and said, “He was right, he didn’t let it electrocute or burn me. That was decent of him.”

Ginny said, “It’s sad that Zeus pretended to be you and nearly killed Harry. The more I hear about him the less I like him. And I’m sorry to speak of your father that way John. I’m just so glad you aren’t anything like him.”

John shook his head but remained quiet. Ginny said she wondered how he knew it was John and not Zeus. Jack said he wondered that as well. John explained that Harry can read energy levels when he knows how much weight in energy can be held. You can’t fake it either because he can tell.”

Teyla asked where he disappeared to and Ginny said, “He goes off someplace where he will be alone so he doesn’t pose a threat to anyone. Sometimes when he powers down energy releases from him that he can’t control.”

Twenty minutes later Harry walked in the living room breathing hard and was shiny with sweat and snow. By the time he walked over to the fireplace he was refreshed and had a clean shirt on. His eyes stayed on John the whole while. He stopped in front of John and John stood up saying, “Oh sorry, I guess you want your chair.”

But it wasn’t his chair he wanted. He turned to Ginny and said, “I take it Lily is okay since I’m still allowed in the house. Is she hurt in any way?”

“No, Love, she’s fine, just a little shaken at what she did. It’s my fault though; I was trying to not be so overbearing about her magic and went too far. I just don’t understand something. Why was she able to pull out of her magic at the Quidditch game but not now?”

Harry cleared his throat and said, “She was quite a bit younger then. Her perspective was different than now. She saw me unable to get up and thought I was too tired. So it wasn’t anything to give me enough energy to stand up. That’s why I got up right as soon as I felt her magic; so she would think her magic did what it was supposed to do, get me up. She backed out of her magic then with no problem. Now though, she wanted to heal me. She said as much, remember? She said, ‘I’m sorry Daddy; I didn’t mean to hurt you. Please let me fix it, I can do it, I can do it Daddy, I know I can.’ She wanted to do it so badly that she was convinced she could do it.”

Harry looked around and asked where the kids were and she said she sent them to the basement. She stared at Harry wanting to ask him to forgive her for having Lily go against his wishes but felt she didn’t have a right to expect forgiveness because it nearly cost him his life. He asked her to see if they would come up with them and she started to leave; her eyelids brimming with tears and threatened to fall. He sighed and caught her hand gently to stop her. He put his arms around her waist and said, “Please don’t be upset, everything is fine. I’m proud of you for trying to be okay with Lily’s special magic and wanting to encourage her. Okay?” He softly rubbed the tears from her face with his thumbs and kissed her lightly on the lips.”

She smiled thankfully at him and left to get the kids. Harry put his hands on the mantel and leaned enough to stretch his back. He stared into the flames dancing over hot embers and then he lifted his foot to the fire and kicked the remains of a log instead of poking it about with the poker. He lifted two logs from the log bin and placed them on the flames. He kicked at them a few times until they settled in place.

He turned and looked at John without saying anything and then he grabbed him and hugged him so tight John couldn’t breathe and his ribs hurt. Harry let loose of him finally and looked him in the eyes and said, “You’re the bravest man living in two galaxies. It’s no wonder you’re my hero. Thank you for saving my life.”

It had been a ruse, Harry working the fire and logs. He wanted to wait until he could have his say and John not have time to say anything because the kids and Ginny would be bursting into the living room any second. He was angry that Ginny told Lily to go ahead and heal him just enough to make him stop bleeding. But he also knew Ginny didn’t make up her reason and he guessed he could understand her reasoning. It was because of this that he wouldn’t speak to her about it or be angry with her. Keeping it bottled up inside him wasn’t easy thus the kicking of the logs.

John didn’t make a habit of being caught off guard, but he definitely was when Harry told him what he thought of him. John put his hand lovingly, as a brother does when he’s old enough to show affection without getting embarrassed, on Harry’s shoulder. But he was like Harry and didn’t take compliments very well. “Don’t tell me things like that Harry. I won’t be able to fit my head in the Puddle Jumper when it’s time to go home.”

“Do you want me to sit on you again?” Harry asked and the others laughed at the two men. Before anything else could be said Ginny and the kids entered the room. They were all very somber and Harry’s chin quivered at the site of their worry. He smiled and said, “I asked a question a while ago and haven’t gotten an answer. Now let’s have some ideas to choose from. We need to do something fun outside before the weather gets worse. What should we do? I want to hear laughing and shouting and giggling,” he grabbed Lily, who had been walking quietly to his side to tell him she was sorry, and started tickling her giving no mercy to her begging to stop. She wasn’t very convincing since she was giggling and squirming so hard. “And I want to hear it from now until you boys go back to school.”

All three of the kids said, “We need to go skiing, Teyla doesn’t know how!” Harry looked at Ginny and said, “Do you have snowsuits Teyla and Sam can wear?”

Sam spoke up quickly and said, “I brought my own. Jack said he’d take me skiing if we came over here during the winter. So, I kept one packed so I’d have it at a moment’s notice.”

Ginny said of course Teyla could wear one of hers. Harry looked at Jack and said, “So you brought one for you?”

Jack nodded and said, “I figured I’d give you youngens a few lessons on how it's done.” Harry laughed merrily and the whole room seemed brighter. Harry said, “What about you two, do you have snowsuits?”

Carson said he didn’t, but he would just relax and read for a while. Harry tossed him a ski suit that appeared in his hands and told him to put it on. “There will be no reading while Jack is showing us how it’s done.” He looked at John and said, “How about you big brother?” John smiled and said, “I didn’t pack one, but I have one I left here from last year.”

Alright go put your long underwear on everyone we don’t want any one freezing it’s pretty chilly out there. Everyone started to go to separate rooms to change but Lily hugged her daddy and said she was sorry and to please forgive her.

Harry sat on the arm of the chair he was beside and put his hands on her shoulders. “Darling Angel, I don’t hold any acrimony towards you for wanting to heal me. I’m thankful I have a wonderful daughter who loves me and wants me to be whole. I am upset that you did try to heal me even though your ring gave you a clear presage that you should not challenge it; and then there’s the fact that I said no. But this is something we need to talk about when we can delve into a heart-to-heart about it later at a more private time. Do you understand me?”

Lily smiled and said, “Yes, Daddy. You don’t hold any animosity towards me and my ring did make a clear forewarning that I shouldn’t do it.”

Harry smiled and Lily said, “Are you proud of me for keeping up with my vocabulary skills? I keep learning more and more words and definitions. And it’s all because of you starting me on the subject.”

Harry said, “I am recurrently astounded with your vernacular and very proud of you.” She giggled and hugged Harry and said, “I love you Daddy.”

“I love you too, Darling Angel. Now go change quickly.”

Harry bounded up the steps and was about to go into his and Ginny’s bedroom but stopped suddenly when he heard Ginny, Teyla, and Sam laughing and talking in whispers. He turned away and shook his head when the guys came from their bedrooms and saw him still in his jeans and flannel shirt. He looked at them and he was changed into his ski suit. “How can women always have things to whisper and giggle about? And Lily is already just like them!”

Albus and James came out of their rooms and Harry grabbed both one in each arm and tucked them up close to him. They yelled with pleasant surprise and then he jumped on the banister with them and when they got to the bottom instead of jumping to the floor he sailed up next to the ceiling and zoomed around the entire downstairs. He slowed down and gently sat them down on the couch. Harry looked at his son’s and laughed with them.

“Hey, I have a great idea. Let’s call Ron and Hermione and see if they all want to come over and ski with us.” The boys happily said they thought that was a great idea. Harry called them and Ron said he’d love to but they had plans.

Harry looked at Albus and said, “Son, you can’t go out in the weather with Sneakers they’ll get soaked in minutes. Put your boots on.”

“Banner chewed up my left boot last night. And my old ones are too small.”

Harry said, “It’s not a problem. Is it still in your room?”

Albus said it was and Harry told him to summon it. Albus did as he was told and Harry asked if he was taught yet how to do the mending charm. Albus said yes and Harry told him to go ahead and fix it. Albus did and Harry smiled, “That’s excellent son.” He looked at James and said, “I’m sure you learned it also, correct?”

James said yes and Harry then explained why he was making sure they knew how to do the charm. “The weather is bad out there especially on the hill behind Pride Rock. While I was out a little bit ago I sectioned off the area around the ravine with ropes and flags. It was nearly invisible with drifts and blowing snow. I want us to all have fun but we must keep our heads about us. Watch and listen to make sure no one rips their suits on branches or bramble. It is important if you see anyone in distress that they be helped immediately. Our suits offer us protection against the elements but if they get torn then the insulation is ruined. So if you see anyone having issues then don’t wait for me or your Mum to come and fix it, you have my permission to use your magic. Harry snapped his fingers and Albus’s shoes were off his feet and his boots were on them. Banner jumped up and grabbed the boot lace with his teeth and began pulling. Albus laughed and said, “You need to settle down puppy, I’ll be back before long. It will be lunch time soon; you stay here until I come back in. Be a good boy, Banner.”

Everyone met in the living room and Harry explained about the area around the ravine and to make sure to stay away from it. He held out his arms and said for everyone to grab a hold of him. Ginny stepped in front of him and put both arms around him and squeezed tight. He looked down into her eyes and she was beaming with joy to see the twinkle in his eyes. He grinned and as soon as he felt all the others hold his hands or arms he took them all to the top of the hill behind Pride Rock. He pointed to the ravine and looked around to make sure all saw it. They nodded their heads and Harry swirled his wand and skis and ski poles appeared in everyone’s hands. He made a complex move with his wand and eleven chairs floated just above the ground at the bottom of the hill. “When you get down to the bottom, sit in one of the chairs and it’ll take you up to the top again. Be ready to get off at the top because the chair will disappear and go back down to the bottom.” He pointed to each one with his wand and a red button appeared on them. “If you find yourself in need for any reason press the button and a red light will shoot up in the air and remain there until help arrives and pushes the button to turn it off.” He pressed the button on his suit and they all saw he was in a circle of red and the light beamed up into the air. He turned to Ginny and she pushed it again and the light went out. Let’s take a go at it; avoiding Pride Rock at first to test the pack of the snow. After that everyone is allowed to begin. Watch out for others and have fun.”

Harry quietly asked Ginny if the kids were good at skiing and she nodded her head and said they were quite good. He nodded his head and smiled a sad smile, happy his kids were able to have fun even though he had never experienced any of it with them. He turned to get in line and saw that everyone was watching him. A dawning suddenly came to Ginny. “Do you know how to ski, Love?”

Harry nodded his head and said, “I learned the second year of my Quest.” He didn’t say anything else so she dropped it until later when he might be okay to tell his story of that part of his adventure. He put his goggles on and set off down the slope. The rest of the group followed him down watching as he’d point his wand now and then painting snow covered boulders with black holograms to make sure they could easily be seen. When he made it to the bottom he sat in a chair and the sides folded over him holding him in. When he got to the top the chair disappeared and he was on his skis again.

He waited for Lily and asked if she’d like to ski with him for a while but Ginny said she was hoping she’d ski with her and Teyla. Then she told Harry that John had been talking ever since he got here he was hoping to have some ski races with him. Harry grinned, “You don’t mind if we play?”

Ginny laughed and said, “I’m anxious to watch you ski and it’d be an extra bonus watching a race. Go on and have fun.”

John dropped out of his chair and grinned with anticipation. Harry asked did he want to race and John answered, “It won’t be much of a race, I watched your moves and I’ll beat you easily. Who taught you to ski anyway?”

Harry’s smile faded slightly when a flashback went through his thoughts. An impish grin flashed over his handsome face and he said, “I did; and I was a very good teacher and student. So, first one down and over Pride Rock and then take a sharp turn through that patch of trees and on down to the bottom of the hill and back up here and grabs the flag is the winner. And it goes without saying using magic is strictly forbidden.”

Everyone laughed and cleared away from the two racers. Harry and John looked at each other and then nodded knowing what was on the other’s mind. “Jack, Carson, Sam, you guys wanna join us?”

They all said they’d rather watch the two of them race first. John said, “Lily; be our starter okay?”

Lily counted them down from three and said, “GO!” Both men took off precisely at the same time. They both looked very good, very agile and responded to each bump and curve like shock absorbers and tires on a car. Harry tucked down low and then cut his skis into the snow to turn sharp and cut under a low overhang John had to jump over taking more time than Harry’s short cut. Harry’s lead was short lived though when he was approaching the ravine the family of rabbits jumped out in front of him. He fell over on his side sliding around the rabbits, keeping his skis from digging into the snow he was able to keep them held straight. After he passed the rabbits he was able to get back up on his skis without losing a lot of momentum and fell in behind John who laughed at him when he passed him taking the lead. Harry stayed low making great speed then he came up beside John approaching Pride Rock. John and Harry reached the edge at the same time. John stayed up and leaned far forward on his skis to get length on Harry, but Harry crouched very low and stayed that way over the edge dropping him nearly straight down but he was going so fast when he landed he shot out way ahead of John when he landed. This would have been the end of the race if he didn’t have the power in his legs to stand back up to get better control of his skis. But he does have extreme power in his legs and stood up getting ready to turn sharp into the small stand of trees. He was through them and out the other side and then he was at the bottom where he jumped on the chairs and made it to the top where he grabbed the flag just as John landed and skied over to the group cheering Harry for the win.

The morning fun continued well past noon until Ginny said, “I think we need to call it a day. The snow is coming down much heavier now and it’s getting hard to watch the kids; and then there’s lunch too. We need to go in and have our lunch with plenty of water. Harry and John both looked up and around and nodded their heads in agreement with Ginny. Harry said, “It’s getting too windy too; it isn’t safe for the kids and a few of the adults to be jumping Pride Rock, the wind can blow them off course or into trees.” Harry called to his guests and the kids and told them it was time to go in.

James complained that he didn’t get a chance to jump Pride Rock. Harry looked around and said, “Where’s Albus and Lily?” James said, “They just jumped Pride Rock, they were already in the air when you called and this wind hadn’t started blowing or we wouldn’t have made the contest.”

They all turned to look and Ginny screamed as she saw the wind gust carry the two smallest children away. Harry grabbed Ginny from skiing after them and said to wait and just watch where the wind takes them. They saw Albus drop his poles and his skis flew from his feet. He grabbed Lily just as she was being swept further ahead of him. Then the snow became too thick to see through and the wind became harder to stand against. Harry grabbed James and yelled in his ear, “Take your mum, Teyla, Sam and Carson to the house now. It’s too dangerous for you all to be out here and I want Carson to be ready with his medical bag if he’s needed.”

James nodded and he took their hands and told Carson and Sam to hold on tight. They were surprised but did as he told them because of the urgency in his voice and they had seen Harry holding onto him and giving him instructions they couldn’t hear. As soon as James had everyone he nodded and let go of his son. Then they were gone from sight.

Harry said, “Watch for the red distress light so we can find them if they’re able to use it. They were headed toward the Pine trees the last I saw. John we raced through them; remember?”

John yelled he remembered and Harry told Jack and John to search together the top side of the stand and he’d search the lower side. They searched the trees and all they found were Albus’s ski equipment. Harry grabbed his two friends and stood them in front of him. Then he summoned his invisibility cloak and expanded it to fit around the three. He gave the sides to John and Jack and took off his gloves. His wand appeared in his hand and he demanded it to point him to Albus’s wand. The wand spun and finally stopped. Harry said he needed to do some calculating and asked what they estimated the wind velocity to be. Both men being experienced pilots came up with the same estimation. Harry nodded his head saying he agreed and then said, “They’re somewhere passed the Burrow if the wind didn’t change direction. Do you guys need to go inside?”

“We’re good let’s go,” they both said.

Harry grabbed them and disappeared below the Burrow and said, “We need to be on ground now. Do you see the red light?”

They all looked around and said no. They started to ski in the direction the wind was blowing and after twenty minutes Harry yelled, “There’s a red light!”

When they got to the light Harry’s heart went to his throat. Lily was lying on the ground not moving and Albus was holding his hands over her shoulder. The strange thing was there wasn’t any snow landing on them and the wind wasn’t blowing their hair.

Harry swished his wand and snow fell on the kids and the wind blew over them. Harry cast a large dome over them and made a jar of blue flames appear inside it with them. He squatted down and Albus in a weak voice said, “I knew you’d find us. Lily’s suit was torn and I mended it. She said her shoulder was broken and then she passed out. I have been trying to feel where it is broken like you showed me that one time, but I can’t find a break. Is she going to be okay, Daddy?”

Harry suddenly looked alarmed and gently turned his son to face him. “How did you get this nasty cut, son?” He glanced at Lily to assess her coloring and breathing. Jack squatted down to her and began to gently unzip her suit and check her shoulder. Harry turned back to tend to Albus while he explained his adventure.

“Lily wouldn’t drop her poles and skis like I told her to and she was flailing about because she was afraid. I was so afraid I was going to lose my grip on her. The wind kept blowing her skis causing her legs to whip around hitting me all over the place and one of her poles hit me. When the wind dropped us I summoned a large hay stack to land in and her pole flew around and I caught the tip of it with my neck. When I saw it I tried to move out of the way of it but her ski knocked my feet out from under me. That’s how her shoulder got hurt, I landed on her. Something blew past us and ripped her suit. I mended it like you said to. It hurts where her pole cut me, and I’ve lost a lot of blood. I thought if I could find where her shoulder was broke I’d give her some Skele-Gro and then she could look at my cut and mend the vein. I didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t want to wake her up if I couldn’t find if it was broken or not. At least asleep, she isn’t in pain. I put a small dome over us, but I didn’t want to use the blue flame in case it took long to find us. I didn’t want the flame to use up our oxygen. And plus I remembered that one time you were teaching me how to make a potion and you told me that hay is an excellent heat source.”

Harry had been cleaning and working on Albus’s neck while he talked and when his young son stopped talking he said, “You did spectacularly, everything you did is exactly what I would have done. I’m proud of you son. Here we go, I’ve closed the vein and closed the cut. This Dittany will heal it so you won’t even be able to tell you’ve been hurt. It will leave a very faint scar though. Now,” He put a bandage on it and then pulled his arm out of his ski suit and did the same with Albus. “You need blood right away; and today is your lucky day, because you have a donor with matching blood type who is willing to give you a helping hand.”

By the time he explained what he was doing, he had the transfusion started. He summoned some Honeydukes chocolate and gave everyone some, and Albus’s piece was pretty big. He looked over to Jack who had been checking Lily’s shoulder and asked how she was doing. Jack said he thought she was fine and ten minutes later Harry took the needles out of their arms and then he said, “I’m sorry son, this won’t be comfortable because my hands are cold.” He slipped his hand under Albus’s suit and placed it over his heart. A few seconds later he watched Albus and transferred some energy to his brave son. He withdrew his hand then he and Albus fixed their suits on right and Harry extinguished the blue flames and the dome disappeared. He picked up Lily and asked if Albus was able to take Jack and John home. Albus said he felt great and so he took them, and Harry took Lily home.
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Hey Guys, It's late and I've been sick with a bad cold so I'm not going to chat except to thank you for returning for the next chapter. Thanks for being loyal readers. I hope you enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 2

The Tale Of How Harry Learned How To Ski

Harry put Lily on the couch and said, “I think she’s okay, just passed out. She told Albus she thinks he broke her shoulder, but we don’t think it’s broken. I’m sure she will be very sore from being carried by the wind. Albus had a serious cut on his neck, but it’s been taken care of and I gave him just over a pint of my blood along with some energy. He’s going to have some bruises all over him too, but I think he is fine too. They’ll both be a little sore for a couple days. He went out to the kitchen and one look at the table gave him a gloomy feeling about lunch. He got a drink of water and drank it down while he leaned back to the sink counter. He was deep in thought and feeling desperately tired when Albus went out and said he’d like a drink of water too. Harry handed him a glass of water and filled his glass up too and they drank together. Albus said, “Dad, I think I messed up by leaving my distress button where we crashed. I took it off when we landed so I could set it outside of the little shield I made around us. I didn’t know if the light would penetrate it so you would see it. But I forgot to get it before we left.”

Harry put his hand in his pocket and pulled out the button. He said, “I picked it up and turned it off when we got there. That was good thinking to set it outside of your shield. Has Lily woken up yet? Only I figured I’d hear her when she did.”

Albus nodded his head yes and said, “Carson says she’s just fine. Dad, there isn’t any reason to tell her she hurt me. I don’t want her to feel bad.”

Harry said, “You’re a good boy son. How do you think we should address the fact that if Lily had dropped her ski poles and skis neither one of you would be hurt?”

“I don’t know, Dad. I just don’t want her to feel bad.” Harry considered his son and said, “I will abide by your wish for a while and we’ll see how this plays out. Just remember that arrogance can be the downfall of even the best of people, and good intentions of someone else sometimes give arrogance a chance to thrive. It is quite unattractive and eventually drives people away. There is also the danger that their arrogance gets worse. Your sister is a loving and compassionate person, yet arrogance is in her blood and it raises its ugly head now and then. We love Lily and so we can’t be the cause of her to be ugly.”

Albus nodded his head thinking deeply. “I hadn’t thought of that dad. I’ll think on it so I can be ready to let her know what her defiance did to me if she becomes arrogant.”

Harry nodded without saying anything else because James just walked in and asked Albus if he could tell him what happened. Albus said he would tell him if he didn’t tell Lily so she wouldn’t feel bad. James agreed and Albus quickly told his brother about his and Lily’s adventure and then they went in the living room to be with everyone else. Harry went in the living room and stirred the fire and put two more logs on; sparks cracking and popping as they escaped rapidly up the chimney. He sat down on the hearth since Ginny was sitting in the chair he always sat in. Putting his elbows on his knees he covered his face with his hands and tried to empty his mind of the scare he had with Lily and Albus and only think of the fun everyone was having up until the wind picked up so quickly. He felt sleep coming on and he crossed his arms over his knees and raised his head to look at John and grinned. “So big brother, you’re a pretty good skier. When is the last time you went skiing?”

John grinned and said, “I ski at any chance I have on the planet we live on. Rodney discovered one of the sites you worked into the transporter rings on the planet is a snowy region where skiing is sublime. Rodney says he reckons there is snow there year round.”

Harry laughed and said, “So you’ve only been there three times at the most.”

John grinned and asked, “Why would you say that?”

Harry chuckled and said, “Because of the abstruse movement of the sun and planet that place only has daylight one day out of the year. However; the largest moon has excellent skiing if you watch out for the critters that try to have you for lunch.”

Harry laughed at the looks on the faces of his friends and then looked at Ginny and winked. She didn’t seem to be in a particularly good mood so Harry stopped laughing and looked seriously at her. He sighed and folded his hands interlocking his fingers and once again leaned his elbows on his legs and stared at his hands as he quietly said he was yanking their chains about the moon part.

John asked Harry when he learned to ski and how often he skis. Harry was quiet for a little while, his face contorted into sadness. “It was at the beginning of my second year of my Quest, and today is the first time I’ve been on skis since then.”

James asked if he would tell them the story so Harry half shook his head but began talking. “If you remember, the idea of my Quest was to travel the world to wherever I was needed by desperate people. I had enchanted my wand to point my destination to a spot on the globe. My initial Quest, (I thought) was to find Zombies; but that is another story all of its own. My wand pointed me to the Alps. When I got there I found out that a group of University kids challenged three freshmen to climb the mountain. Mind you it wasn’t anyone who lived in that country who issued the challenge. Nevertheless; the challenge was offered and accepted. They were told they had a week to climb and descend the mountain and at the end of that time if they weren’t back they would announce it to the entire University that they were losers. The three never returned after the allotted time and the parents found out about the dare. A rescue party of trained mountain climbers was brought in to find and rescue them. While they were doing that I purchased ski equipment and taught myself how to ski by reading up on the sport. Hermione would be proud of me. After the rescue party failed to find them they called off the search due to a forecast of severe weather to hit the area. Strong winds would dominate the area for about a week and then a snow storm of significant magnitude was to follow. It was decided that they could possibly reach the top but the high winds would make them take too much time and not have enough time to return back down the mountain before the snow storm.”

Harry’s belly rumbled and he sub consciously held it and folded over his arms with his eyes closed. Then he sat back up and rubbed his face. He took a deep breath and continued with his story. “I packed a backpack with mountain climbing equipment and camping equipment like a small camp stove; some small pans, a flashlight, a water canteen, power bars, two of the longest novels I could find, and loads of batteries. I had a bow and some arrows for hunting and set off for the top of the mountain.”

“Were you afraid?” asked a small voice from the steps. Harry looked over at Lily and smiled sadly at her. “Hey Angel, are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?”

Lily shook her head and said, “I’m okay, Daddy. Albus is the one you need to talk to, he was afraid and lost his cool. If I hadn’t snagged a big ole hay stack with my pole that he told me to drop, we would have been killed when the wind dropped us to the ground. But I want to hear your story. Were you afraid, did you keep your cool?”

Harry asked her to sit in the chair with her mum so she could be comfortable. He waited for Lily to scrunch into the chair with Ginny and then continued. “At the time, I weighed one hundred and ten pounds and my backpacks weighed seventy five pounds. Yes, Darling Angel, I was afraid. As a matter of fact I was terrified. And as far as keeping my cool, I managed well enough I reckon, probably the same as I’m sure Albus did. Maybe you should talk to your brother before you announce to everyone that he didn’t. Anyway, I started up the mountain, a scrawny eighteen year old that was shaking in his boots. Surprisingly I made good time after my adversaries; the henchmen sent by Bagman and Skeeter, gave up trying to kill me. Maybe that’s what gave me the stamina to push on no matter what. I finally made it to the top of the mountain range and the view was spectacular, if you don’t have a problem with heights as I do. I found where the boys had made their camp and was thankful there weren’t any dead bodies. I pitched my tent and had some beef jerky I packed and some dry cereal. By this time I was out of oil for my stove so I started using the pages from the two novels for kindling. That was the reason I took them. I melted snow and drank plenty before I went to bed. Early the next morning I followed the trail they made going down the mountain. After the third day I started seeing signs of reckless hiking and figured if I stayed on my skis all day until it was too dark to be safe and then hiked the rest of the way I would meet up with them late in the night if they stayed on their average distance traveled in one day. I couldn’t understand why they weren’t already to the bottom days before this. I got my answer early that afternoon. They were screaming at each other and had been fighting. One of them had previously been terribly wounded and all three of them were out of their minds crazy from cold, dehydration, and hunger.”

Harry stood up and turned facing the fire. It didn’t need any poking or wood but he didn’t want to see everyone looking at him. He doubled over his arms when his belly rumbled loudly at him. He sat down and waited for someone to suggest they hear the rest of the story after lunch, but no one said anything. So he sighed and continued on. “I got in their meager camp; their tent in shreds and their cook stove devoid of fire and grill, and their coffee pot was on its side without water in it. I figured they had been there for two days at least and had simply given up, each blaming the others for the failed expedition and the situation they were in. When I came into the campsite they mistook me, they say, for a bear and attacked me demanding me to give them my food and my tent. I was exhausted from skiing hard all day and being blown off course and having to find my way back on course. And on top of that I hadn’t eaten lunch; which, it seems is a common occurrence for me even all these years later.”

John bowed his head to keep from looking at Ginny so he didn’t pass judgment on her. Harry started talking again saying, “It wasn’t that hard to overpower them since they were on their last leg to stand on. I told them I had been looking for them and was going to take them back down the mountain. They resented me being four years younger than them, but they couldn’t object. I made an igloo and built a fire and spit. After that I looked at the wounded boy. He was blind from the snow and fell over a cliff breaking three ribs, his arm, and a leg. I set his bones and treated his cuts and bruises. I gave them the last of my jerky and got my bow and arrows out. They told me there wasn’t anything to hunt and I said I saw some rams and goats on my way there. I went out to the edge of the mountain and saw the goats and a ram going along the side of the rocky side of the mountain and made my way down the side on foot. That’s when I learned it’s not a good thing to use magic to move to a place lower or higher than you are without knowing the distance and the kind of footing you’ll have when you appear there. The first time I did that I landed badly on loose rocks and slid down twenty feet. I was cut and bruised badly but was able to climb back up to where I was on a ledge under the goats. Thankfully my bow and arrows were there from my dropping them so I didn’t hurt myself with them or break them from falling with them. I scared the goats into going back up the mountain and when I got to the top the Ram attacked me. It was quite the battle because I didn’t want to kill it. I had my sites on a nanny goat,”

Ginny startled him shouting “Stop!” all at once. He swallowed and looked at her to see what was wrong. “You don’t need to go into detail with your children here. We all got the picture your painting. Let’s just go with you were a big hero and got dinner for everyone.”

Ginny’s words stung but he continued, “I had my sites on a nanny that was wounded and unable to keep up with the rest of the herd. Her kid was already being nursed by another nanny and moving on with the herd. I captured the goat and took it back to camp and milked her. After that… we had milk for our breakfast of cold cereal, and meat to eat the rest of the way down the mountain the next two days.”

Albus asked if he was able to get the boys home safely. Harry was staring far away and nodded his head once up and down but then softly said no. When he didn’t offer a reason for his failure, Ginny asked him what happened. Harry hung his head and ran his hands through his hair gripping his head as if he could squeeze out the bad memories.

He sighed and said, “It was obvious that we were going to make it and the two uninjured ones asked me to keep quiet about the rescue so they could say what happened. Not seeing any harm in the request I foolishly said I wouldn’t say anything. By the time we got to the ranger’s station two of the guys were quite giddy over being back down the mountain. They were full of bravado and arrogance. Their truth as to how things they did prolonged their life until I rescued them was like a fairy tale. Tommy, the youngest and the one with the broken ribs, leg and arm made a comment that they were the ones that caused them to need rescued in the first place. He also told everyone how he had to beg for them not to leave him behind after he was injured. The two older, healthy ones jumped on Tommy and with only a few strikes on him killed him. The authorities determined their traumatic experience lead to the explosive reaction and didn’t press charges. Tommy was an orphan and didn’t have any family members to object. If I had spoken up and gave the true account Tommy would still be alive.”

Nobody said anything and then Harry got up and said, “Wasn’t something said about coming in for lunch? Can that happen now please?”

James said, “While you were out looking for Albus and Lily, Ron called and asked Mum if we could all eat a late lunch together at the Leaky Cauldron.”

Harry turned his head quickly to Ginny and asked, “What did you say?!”

She answered, “I told him we’d need to decline this time because of Albus and Lily being missing so he said they’d wait and see if we needed them to come help look for them and then we could all go if the kids were okay.”

Harry’s breathing quickened and he said, “But then when we got back you told him no, right? Lily was still passed out and, Albus and I”

Ginny said, “She came around when she heard me talking to Ron. I let him know that the kids were back but was pretty banged up but Lily said she wanted to go that it would make her feel better. I told Ron we’d meet them there when we were all ready, probably around two thirty.”

Harry shook his head slowly staring at his wife. He remembered her saying she never gets to go out, but he was just too tired and dizzy. “Honey, I really don’t feel up to it; would you mind…” he saw the great disappointed look mixed with the - you don’t care about anyone but yourself look and stopped talking. He took a breath and said, “Do we have to wear uncomfortable clothes or can we go as we are? It’s not like it’s a fancy restaurant.”

Ginny said, “You know Hermione will be dressed up in her finest and you want me to go as plain Jane. It doesn’t seem fair to me. Please Love, can’t you help us be able to change quickly and then take us there with your instant transporting thing you do?”

Harry’s eyebrows arched high on his head and then said, “Fine, but don’t blame me if you don’t like what I put you in. Ginny looked surprised and started to say that he misunderstood her when Harry swished his hands quickly with elegant swish and flourishes and they were all dressed up in fine clothes and accessories. Ginny, Lily, Teyla, and Sam were all wearing glamorous outfits but not overly extravagant and fine jewelry with matching accessories. Harry had even applied fresh makeup for them. Harry said, “If you want things in those purses then you’ll need to get them yourselves. Oh, and by the way, in two hours these clothes and stuff revert back to what we were wearing before we had to get uncomfortable.” Harry and the guys were all dressed in handsome black suits and shiny black shoes. He looked at Ginny and said, “Please hurry and get your things you want.”

The ladies all ran up to their rooms and the guys waited downstairs not entirely thrilled. Harry stuffed his fists in his pockets and looked rather formidable to say the least. He turned his back on his friends because he hated that he made them all uncomfortable. He was looking out the window not seeing anything but thinking about how the day had been so fun and then suddenly as if a clock struck, No More Fun: O’clock the day turned as ugly as the storm that was raging outside. The ladies quickly went to the guys and said they were ready. Harry turned and held out his arms and told everyone to grab on and as soon as he felt all the hands on him he took them all to the Leaky Cauldron.
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Hey Guys, I'm so sorry I'm so terribly late. It's been one thing after another here. We've been sick with colds, cold sores, and last night we found out that our son has water coming in his room from somewhere. Do any of you know what wet carpet smells like? Yeah, we do. . So I've been up all night and this morning shampooed his carpet to suck up the water. We're still not knowing where the water is coming from. I finally told my hubby I need to take a break and get my chapter posted.

Anyway!!! Thanks for coming back to read my new chapter. I hope you like it.

Chapter 3

Harry’s New Employee

Harry hoped Ron and Hermione weren’t there yet so he could get a table in a corner, but they were there and the table was in the middle of the room under a large chandelier. He seriously considered telling Ginny he was leaving and to call when she was ready to come home. But she tugged on his arm and he frowned when people looked around to see who Ron was standing up and waving over to them. It sounded as though a bee hive had been thrown in the room and then the whispers became louder and pointing fingers were all pointing at Harry.

They, all but Harry, made their way to the table and sat down and watched as Harry was stopped every foot of the way to greet someone who had to shake hands with him, have their picture taken with him, be pounded on the back as if he had been a long lost friend to them or just pose with those who were too shy to act like they were best friends. People started to swarm around him wanting autographs and more pictures. Harry was gracious and patient giving himself to the people he served. He was quiet and humble and tried to be generous with each person. He finally made it to his seat and Ron said, “You guys need to get to where you’re going early so Harry doesn’t hold everyone up with his fans.” He laughed at his joke and Hermione grinned and poked him in his ribs.

Ginny said, “Maybe if you would make plans with us before hand we could do that. And maybe if you hadn’t made it sound like a life and death situation we could have declined so we could do what we had planned to do.”

Harry kept watching for the waitress but none were coming around with their pads and pens. Hermione saw him looking around intently and she said, “Harry you’re not at work don’t look for trouble just enjoy yourself.”

He looked at her and said, “I was trying to get a waitresses attention so we could order.”

She laughed and said, “I used to think Ron was the only one who cared about eating all the time. Now it seems like you’re eating all the time.”

Harry tried to be accepting of her teasing, but couldn’t quite pull it off. Finally he just grinned and said, “It’s been a long time since breakfast and we had a busy morning and skiing on top of everything else. We’re all hungry and as far as enjoying myself, I would be able to do that better at home.”

Harry looked at Ginny and sweetly smiled at her. He realized she had been put on the spot and had even tried to decline but Ron and Hermione hadn’t settled for ‘no’. This too was the reason for her grumpiness, except for the part where Harry was about to say he killed a goat. He thought she could’ve handled it differently, but that’s just the way of it sometimes.

Harry asked if everyone was ready to give their order. “I’m about to go to the kitchen and give them our order myself.”

Ron thought this was hilarious and Harry chuckled at him. John said, “The waitress came around already and took our orders. I took the liberty of ordering you a salad.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “Thanks for having my back. Salad will be great; especially if there are big pieces of chicken or ham and not the little cubes in it; and as long as there is a side of mashed potatoes and gravy. I think I’d like broccoli instead of lettuce, beets instead of radishes, sweet corn instead of kidney beans, and gravy instead of dressing. Oh and it would be great hot instead of cold.”

Hugo cracked up laughing and then the other kids joined in laughing. Ginny and Hermione smiled at each other and the tension at the table was released. Harry was pleasant and participated in the conversation with the adults but only to answer when he was asked his opinion about something. Their meals were finally brought to them and Harry grinned at what John ordered him, a plate of chicken, sweet corn, broccoli and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, and fresh baked bread. He was happy and began eating right away. He noticed a family of six children and two parents speaking with the witch at the entrance taking seat orders. They were motioned to move over to the side and wait. The witch looked down her nose at the family in need and acted polite. Harry felt bad that the family was waiting for a table and chairs that would accommodate the size of their family. When they were done with their meal Harry asked if they could all go to their house for dessert so the large family could have their table. Nobody objected and Harry motioned for their waitress.

When she came over, thrilled she was going to talk to Harry, he said, “Lunch was very nice, thank you for your exceptional service you gave us and please give the chef our compliments. We won’t be staying for dessert, but I want you to give our table to the large family that came in a while ago. I would like for you to tell them their meal is being paid for and they can have whatever they want. Put their order with ours and I’ll take care of it. We’re in a bit of a hurry if you wouldn’t mind taking care of them now please. The witch nodded her head and in a few minutes came back over with the bill and handed it to Harry. He looked it over and wrote a tip amount for their waitress and a tip for the chef from the large family’s table also and then he signed the bill and gave the bill and his card to the waitress. Harry pulled out Ginny’s chair and as soon as the waitress brought back their receipt and card they all left. Once again though, just like when they got there it was hard for Harry to make it to the waiting area where his family and friends were waiting. It seemed the place got extra crowded since they had gotten there and everyone had to touch him or shake hands with him. Finally Ron yelled for Harry to hurry up it was cold waiting for him by the door.

People tried to get out of the way but now there was so many people apologizing for holding him up that it actually slowed him down. He saw a young man of about eighteen years of age and woman with a small baby turn with disappointment and head to the door. Harry excused himself saying everything was fine, but he did need to leave. When he cleared the quay of people he caught up with the young man and asked to speak to him. Surprised; the man said, “Yes sir, of course.”

“Did I see correctly that you were politely trying to make your way over to see me?”

“Yes sir, I didn’t want to bother you, I just wanted to leave my resume. I wanted to see if there was any way I could get a job interview to work at your Detective Agency. I have all my paperwork in order and can start immediately if you need me. And I can start just working in the office until you trust me. Please sir, I’m in a desperate situation.”

Harry was used to people begging and he always found a way to take care of the needs one way or another. He felt an unusual urgency for the young man and his family and wanted to make sure he was able to give some relief. He glanced at the papers that was handed to him and said, “What is your relationship with your parents, if I may be so bold as to inquire?”

“Oh, sir, my parents are wonderful people and they had been helping us by providing a home for my wife and son until I could get work. They even paid for our flight over here, but we only have enough money left for our room we’re renting up through the first month of the New Year. I was promised a job here but when they saw my papers they laughed at me and told me to be serious. It seems they only said I was hired to teach me a lesson to not waste the time of serious business people. They never intended on hiring me.”

Harry handed him his papers back and said, “Well, there loss is my gain. Come by the office on January second at Nine o’clock and we’ll get you squared away. If something happens that I’m not there my assistant Wes, will help you settle in comfortably.”

The man grabbed Harry’s hand and pumped it up and down thanking him repeatedly. Harry smiled kindly and said he was happy to take him on. He got away from the young family and went on home, since everyone was gone.

Harry walked into the house and stomped the snow off his feet and rubbed his hands together quickly to get some warmth in them. He walked over to Ginny and gave her a hug and kiss.

Ron pulled him around and said, “Why can’t you learn to just shove off from people? You had family and friends waiting for you. And the manager made us leave because we were blocking the entrance and exit. Do you know what that looks like, the Minister Elect being asked to leave an establishment?!”

Harry looked over at Hermione and then said, “She looks just as beautiful as ever to me. Being asked to leave didn’t make her look differently to me and it won’t to anyone else either.”

“It just seems like you let people walk all over you. You let people take advantage of you and it makes you look weak.”

Harry said, “I serve at the pleasure of the public, Captain. It’s just simpler to put up with things sometimes than fuss against it.” He looked at Hermione and smiled, “Didn’t you give him any dessert yet?”

Ron got hot under the collar and said, “What was that about that kid holding you up when we were trying to leave?”

Harry answered seriously, “He asked for a job at the detective agency.”

Ron huffed and said, “Well you gotta give him points for nerves, I’ll give him that. How old is he sixteen? Hope you didn’t break his little heart when you told him no.”

“Not that it’s any of your concern, but I hired him.”

Ron said, “I have just as much say in the hiring and firing as you do; I’m part owner if you remember.”

Harry shook his head no and said, “You quit years ago because you couldn’t stand working with me. Your words, not mine. I left your name on the door in case you changed your mind and came back. I just recently took it down, but I had the right to when you quit and signed over your part of the business. I bought you out way more than what was fair to me. But I was still willing to welcome you back if you wanted to. I reckon that’s what you meant by letting people walk all over me, and taken advantage of. I didn’t know you thought I looked weak. So all this fuss right now is me showing you I am stronger than I look sometimes. I just don’t like throwing my weight around. Now getting back to why I hired this young man you’re talking about; I hired him because he is in a desperate situation.”

Harry told Ron, with everyone listening, the young man’s story. Ron said, “So he’s down on his luck, everyone goes through that and they just have to grow up is all.”

Harry shook his head and Ron was sorry he said what he just said but couldn’t do anything about it. Harry looked around seeing all eyes and ears on the two men talking so he calmed his breathing down and said, “I’m not continuing this conversation except to say the boy needs more of a break than some people who’ve gotten breaks. Try to imagine being born to parents who upon their precious son’s birth; thought it would be funny to give him a rotten name and raise him in a rotten place, as far as names go. He endured laughter and was the brunt of too many jokes all his life. He has never been able to get a job because people assumed he wouldn’t take his job seriously.”

Ron forgot he was angry and said, “What is his name and where does he come from? It can’t be that bad.”

Harry said, “I told you that he’s from the United States. His name is ‘John Doe and he’s from Nowhere, Oklahoma.”

Ron laughed and Harry stared at him silently seething with anger. “Surely you’re kidding right?”

Harry continued on saying he answered an ad to come here and become a detective with special on the job training while being schooled. His parents helped them scrape up enough money to get over here; he and his wife and baby, and when he went to sign up they laughed and told him they couldn’t hire someone with a name like that. They said he needs to be serious about learning to become a detective to get hired there. And they only said they would hire him to teach him a lesson for taking the time of busy people with a serious business ”

“Where is Nowhere in Oklahoma at anyway?” asked Ron with a sickening laugh. “I mean come on; you’d have to be pretty stupid to try and pull that out of your hat and make it work. I’m surprised you fell for it Harry, honestly mate; you’re too good in your heart and people take advantage of you. Nowhere is just a made up name, and he probably only says his name is John Doe. That place that said would hire him probably did the right thing. I’m sorry his wife and kid have to suffer for it though.”

Harry said, “I didn't say Nowhere in Oklahoma; I said Nowhere, Oklahoma. It is a small community next to a fort I visited when I was in the United States during the third year of my Quest. I met his parents, Buchannan, or Buck, as he prefers to be called and his wife Dorothy, or Doe, as she prefers to be called. They own a specialty shop called, Buck and Doe’s Hunting Supplies and Tannery.

John said “They went all out didn’t they.”

Harry nodded his head and then everybody’s clothes from the Potter house changed back into the clothes they was wearing before they went out to eat. Harry sighed and sat down in his comfortable chair and put his feet up. He had been looking forward to this ever since they got back from finding Albus and Lily. He leaned his head back against the headrest and closed his eyes.

Teyla thanked him for the wonderful lunch and then Sam, Jack, Carson, and John all thanked him at once. Harry chuckled in a state of contentment and said they were more than welcome. Ginny asked if he wanted a piece of chocolate cake and he said after dinner he’d have a piece. Albus came in from outside and Harry opened his eyes to study his son. “You okay son?”

Albus nodded his head but was quiet a little more than normal. Lily said, “He’s just brooding on account of me telling Rose and Hugo how I saved our lives this morning and he didn’t do anything.”

Hermione said, “You go girl. Girl power all the way!”

Harry sat up and looked at Lily with disappointment. Hermione saw the look and said “Come on Harry, don’t take away Lily’s thunder and glory just because it wasn’t a male who saved the day.”

James said, “It was a male who saved the day two of them actually. Lily is claiming bragging rights when she doesn’t deserve them.” He looked at Albus and told him to speak up for himself or he would.

Albus looked like a scared rabbit and then looked at Lily and said, “Lily, can I talk to you privately?”

Ron said, “We want to hear too. You can’t just say something like that and then not tell us when the story was opened up for dispute.” He laughed and looked at Hermione for backup. Hermione chuckled and said, “I’m afraid I have to go along with Uncle Ron on this one, Albus. Just admit the truth and be proud of your little sister. You take advantage of her good nature when you make it sound as though she didn’t do what she claims she did.”

Harry stood up and said, “I’ve had enough; Lily, your brother wanted a private word with you, go have it and then join your brother and cousins. Rose and Hugo, please go with James to the basement to play.” He looked at Ron and Hermione after the kids had left and said, “You two know better than to hear such an unusual comment that Lily made and not check to see if it was all she made it out to be. Albus has been waiting to talk to her about it ever since it happened, but we had to go have lunch with you guys even though you were told it wasn’t a good time for us. You talk about people taking advantage of me, but you two do it all the time. Whenever we are out to eat you never offer to pick up the bill, or even just pay for your own. I’m happy to pay for meals, I really don’t mind but it irks me that you never offer to get the bill or say you’ll pay for your own. Why is it right for you to just assume I will pay for it? And about having lunch with you; you use me for whatever agenda you have in mind without even consulting me. It’s been that way ever since I met you. Look at the time you wanted to start the D.A. You did ask me to be the teacher but you had already spoken to other students; telling them I would be the teacher teaching those things they weren’t being taught and to set the hook you told them they would learn about what happened in the tournament. And today, for some reason out of the blue we need to have lunch with you. I wondered why we had to dress up for lunch; now I guess I know why. I find it hard to believe you wanted to just get together because we hadn’t in a while. Just so you know I saw the photographer and reporter hiding when we got there. He’s going to find that any pictures he took of me, my family, and friends will not be view-able. I put up with your abuse but you will absolutely not use my family or friends! I’m thinking your PR person said it would be good to have some pictures of you with our friends in the military, one of whom works at the Pentagon. You don’t have any right using us, no matter who you are. We had a crisis here and there was no offer to help unless we couldn’t find them. If you didn’t want to help then fine, but don’t make us feel like we have to have lunch.”

Harry paced back and forth barley containing control over his anger. Ron looked curiously at Hermione and she bowed her head shamefully. Harry started talking again but his voice was strangled.

“We were skiing earlier when the wind and snow picked up. Lily and Albus were carried away by the wind and Albus was able to hang on to Lily even though she wouldn’t drop her poles and skis. The wind caught them and they are both bruised from them and one of her poles gouged Albus in the neck. He somehow was able to keep from passing out and saw a haystack they were landing close to and he summoned it to come to them. When it was close enough and the wind dropped them Lily’s pole caught the haystack and pulled so hard on her that she thought she broke her arm when Albus landed on her. He didn’t though. She was passing out and she saw things that she thought made the most sense. But Albus…” he paused trying to swallow to relax his constricted throat. “Albus very nearly died from loss of blood. When we got to him, down below the Burrow, he was trying to find Lily’s broken bone she said he broke just before she passed completely out. If we hadn’t found them right then; and if I hadn’t closed Albus’s injury and then given him some of my blood and energy, he would be dead now instead of trying to let his sister know that she didn’t have the facts right. We barely got in the door with them and I had a glass of water when I found out we had to go to lunch with you guys.”

Hermione and Ron said they were sorry and they felt awful for their behavior. Harry shook his head and said, “Hermione this is tough for you because you want to be well liked. I understand that but just be yourself and you’ll be loved. You… not someone else the PR person is trying to mold you into being. I know you will be a great Minister of Magic, but not until you start doing things on your own. You know that every decision you make, every move you make, and maybe for now any speech you make, that your PR person sets up for you is only as good as that person not you. Then you’ll start reading in articles how she did everything for you and you wouldn’t be half the Minister you are if it hadn’t been for her. Use your brain not hers so you can get important things done instead of improving your image before you are sworn in as Minister of Magic and you’ll have the credit you deserve and not her.”

Ron nudged her playfully but his smile was sad. “I told her as much, didn’t I, Mione. I told you that you didn’t need that PR woman.”

Hermione nodded and then said, “I think we should leave. We’ve been awful friends.”

Harry said, “But we haven’t had dessert yet. Come on, let’s put all this unpleasantness behind us and visit. Have some sandwiches and chips with us for dinner later since we had such a big and late lunch. And then we can have some dessert afterwards. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, let’s have a family get together and we can play a game of Quidditch.”

Hermione said she didn’t think it was a good idea to play Quidditch, but the family get together sounded like a wonderful idea. Ron asked her why it wasn’t a good idea to play a game of Quidditch and she answered that they were too old to play in the cold weather.

Ron and Harry both roared with laughter and said, “You don’t have to play if you don’t want to but we’re playing if there are enough people who want to play. Do you girls want to make arrangements with who’s coming and bringing what?”

Hermione said, “Why must it always be women who call around and make the plans?”

Ron answered, “Because you wouldn’t be satisfied with our menu. We’d just call and say, ‘Family get together and Quidditch at Ginny’s; be there or be square. Bring whatever food and drinks you want to share.’”

John and Jack grinned at each other thinking Harry had smoothed over the earlier volatile conversation. They looked over at Harry who had moved over to the window in thought. After all these years he still wasn’t included in with the Weasley family. The get together was at Ginny’s not Ginny and Harry’s or the Potter’s or anything else, just Ginny’s. Was he that way too; he wondered? Didn’t he always say Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Ron and Hermione’s and Bill and Fleur’s? He sighed and decided it was a petty thing to be sensitive about. He studied the snow falling and happened to notice the wind had stopped blowing. The world was completely still but for the falling snow. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Ron called over from the couch, “Harry, what are you brooding about now?”

Harry turned without moving from his spot. He didn’t appreciate being accused of brooding but he didn’t say anything to defend himself. “The wind’s stopped blowing but the snow is really coming down. It really looks ominous out there, beautiful, but ominous. I was wondering if our mailman was-”

His cell phone rang and Harry answered quickly. Harry instantly changed into insulated coveralls and insulated boots and was getting the location from a GPS signal. Harry said he’d be there as quickly as he could and to hang tight.
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Default Clyde Is Delivered
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Hey Guys, look at me getting this posted on time. Thank you all for coming back each week to read the next chapter. You don't know what it means to me. Thank you. I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Short Story: Clyde Is Delivered

Chapter 1 The Rescue

Harry looked at Ginny and said, “Clyde slid over a hill after he delivered mail to a house he couldn’t get his truck up the lane to deliver. He’s pretty sure he broke his leg because he can’t move it. But he doesn’t know for sure because he’s been unconscious for twenty minutes from hitting his head on something. He doesn’t remember where he is; just that he walked up a long lane and was going back down to his mail truck and fell off of the world. He was only able to call the last number in the Contact Log which happened to be mine from giving it to him this morning. He doesn’t know who he called; he’s in bad shape. His phone gave me the GPS and I know exactly where he is. Poor Clyde just delivered mail to the last address on his route. I’ve already been there once today when we rescued Albus and Lily. He picked up his truck keys; kissed Ginny and headed outside. Harry was on his phone with the Post Office telling them where to find Clyde’s truck and that he was about to find out how badly hurt he was. When he put away his phone Ron said, “I bet they’re not too pleased with Clyde being so late finishing his route.”

Harry looked over as he reached his truck and opened the garage door. John and Ron had followed him out and were getting in the truck. Harry told them to hang on and magiced outdoor attire like his on them and then they all got in. Harry stopped the truck when he got outside and they felt the back squat down as if a heavy load had suddenly filled the bed of the truck.

“What happened?!” asked Ron bewildered.

Harry said, “I needed some weight in the back for traction.” And then his truck disappeared to the end of the lane to the Burrow. “John, I’m going to step out to the road and make sure no one is coming and then you come on out and turn right then turn on the first lane on the left. Clyde’s truck is at the bottom of the hill in the driveway. I’m going on up to the owner’s house and let them know we will be rescuing Clyde. The terrain is pretty rugged so be careful you don’t follow in Clyde’s footsteps.”

He walked out to the road and after a minute he waved John on out after a snow plow drove by fast sending a wave of snow and brine over Harry so hard it knocked him down. When he saw John come out he pointed in the direction to go and then he walked out of sight of the truck and then disappeared to the place where Clyde went over the edge of the lane. He got out his cell and called Ron to tell John to stop at the X in the snow; that the side of the lane was a sheet of ice. Harry went on up to the house and explained to the woman who answered the door that the mailman slid off of the lane and over the hill and that he and two other men with him would be rescuing Clyde.

“I watched Clyde go over the hill and called the authorities, but I was told all the units were called out on other emergencies and they would get to Clyde as soon as possible. I have a pretty far view of the surrounding hills and valleys from here. I saw that snowplow flood you with that snow and icy water. I reported him too; he went out of his way to do that. Would you like to take those wet things off and let me dry them for you?”

Harry thanked her for her thoughtfulness but assured her he could get into dry ones when his friend got his truck up to the spot he marked where Clyde went over the side. He started down the lane and could see how Clyde lost his footing and slid over the edge even though the lane was a good fifty yards from the edge. The land dropped off at a steep slope right after a sharp curve away from the edge. If you slipped before you made the sharp curve then you would go down and over the side. Surely there was another way up and down from the road. He couldn’t see driving in the snow and ice trying to make that curve. It was probably best that Clyde hadn’t made it up the driveway. Harry heard the 5.7 Liter Hemi engine of his truck before he saw it and smiled to himself imagining John behind the wheel enjoying feeling the power of the 1500 Ram biting the snow and ice and spitting it out behind it.

Harry’s foot hit ice and his feet went out from under him but he was able to turn his body and slide on his back all the way down to the truck and caught the bumper before he went under the truck. John stopped the truck when he saw Harry sliding down the lane right at him. He and Ron got out and by the time they made their way to the front of the truck Harry had just caught the bumper. They pulled him up on his feet and asked if he was okay. Harry said he was fine but cold, “I’ve got brine down my back from that drunken snowplow driver. I was fifteen feet off the road and he swerved so he could send that wave of snow, ice, and brine over me. He whooped and hollered when he scored his hit.” Harry went to the other side of the truck so he was hidden from view of the woman watching and dried his coveralls. The salt was uncomfortable but at least he was dry.

He quickly told them what his idea was and they did what Harry said to do. He and John got into rock climbing harnesses and clipped a rope to each of them and then Harry said to run the other end through the tow hooks on the bumpers and then throw the rest of the rope over the side of the hill. “We’ll secure Clyde in this rescue basket and tie the ropes to the basket. Anchor your feet while we pull our ropes and that’ll hoist him up. It’s going to be easy enough if I can use magic, but difficult if anyone comes along and sees us. Ron will let us know and I’ll have to stop helping us with magic.”

They nodded their heads and slid down the hill each on a snowboard. Harry used his magic when he knew they were out of site from anyone seeing them to make sure they both ended up being able to stop where Clyde was unconscious. It’s no wonder why Clyde thought his leg was broken; it was caught in a young tree peeking up through the snow. If he had struggled much he would have been free of it and went on down the hill and into a rather large pond. What made it worse for him was that he was head first down the hill causing more blood to pump out of his head.

Harry carefully assessed Clyde before he moved him and said, “He doesn’t have any broken bones. This cut on his head is pretty nasty though. I saw some blood up the hill a ways where he must have lost his footing and when he landed his head hit that patch of ice and it sliced into his head. He stopped and got his cell phone and said “Okay, thanks.” He put away his cell phone and unzipped his coveralls enough to reach in and pull out a bandage and a large roll of gauze. He leaned in close and as he started bandaging Clyde’s head he said, “Ron just let me know we have an audience. The wind and snow is picking up so I’m still going to use magic but I’ll be subtle.

After they had Clyde’s head bandaged they got him in the basket and secured him in tightly. “Pull together four times and that’ll raise Clyde up then we need to keep the rope taught and pull ourselves up to him. Then we keep doing that until we reach the top. We’ll be human ratchets.”

John nodded his head and they started working to get Clyde and themselves up the hill. It was hard and strenuous on them but they were surprisingly making good time. Harry’s magic kept the basket from losing any advancement they made and he also took a lot of the weight off of it. They finally got Clyde to the top and had about six more feet before they themselves got over the top. It was dark by now and hard to see, but Harry and John knew that Clyde was being taken away from the side of the hill because the rope became very slack. Harry heard a commotion and quickly reached for John barely in time to grab his arm as they felt themselves falling down the hill they just rescued Clyde from. Harry put John in a bubble charm and started to stop their descent, but they hit the top of the young tree that hung Clyde and John rolled away as Harry tripped over the tree and fell on his back hitting the back of his head on the sharp ice and crusty snow. He fought to stay conscious and summoned John even as he was still sliding down the hill.

Harry felt as though his whole left side and gradually both sides had exploded and he was freezing cold. He tried to open his eyes but he couldn’t see anything. Then he felt an odd sensation with his foot. Trying to make sense of what happened he was able to keep thinking. He realized John was bumping against his foot still. He released John from the bubble charm and he heard John yelling for him to stay with him. He felt John pull on his foot. With every tug John made on him sharp ripping pain emanating from his knee and on to his waist caused him to cry out. But the sound he was making didn’t sound right. Somehow keeping his wits about him he thought what it sounded like. Then he realized right away what it was. John was trying to pull him out of the broken ice. They had slid over the ice until he broke through near the center of the pond. Thankfully John caught his foot when Harry released him from the charm before all of him slid in the water. His head, shoulders, back, waist, and left leg had been under the water. That was why he sounded like he did; his head was underwater. The healing effect water has on him is what kept him from dying, but he couldn’t survive long being this wet and cold. He reached up from the water and grabbed John and then they were both on the ground by the edge of the pond. He coughed up a bunch of pond water and then he called Ron and told him to tell anyone still there to leave that they were okay and coming back up the hill. “Call back when they’re gone.”

“They’ve already left; the bloody thick headed gits’. Are you and John okay?”

Harry tried to chuckle at how hilarious Ron was. His teeth were chattering so loudly he thought they would surely break. “Not a hundred percent, but we’ll see better when we get up there. Leave your phone open, Captain.”

Ron said okay but asked why. “So I can lock on to your location and know that it’s a safe place to land. Don’t sit or stand in or by the truck and don’t stand by the side of the hill.”

Harry handed John the phone and said, “Tell me the location, I can’t see.”

John took the phone and told him the location the GPS gave them. Harry gripped John tightly and then they were next to Ron. They helped Harry into the truck and John asked if he was driving or was one of them going to use magic like Harry did getting them to the Burrow.

Ron said, “I can’t do that kind of magic and Harry isn’t in any condition to do it; he’s already out of it.”

John looked in his rear-view mirror and seeing Harry unconscious with the side of his head matted in blood he knew he needed to get home fast. He turned into the lane for the Burrow and Ron said, “You turned too soon, this isn’t Ginny’s driveway; we’re at the Burrow! You need to turn around and drive on another mile up the road yet!”

John hadn’t stopped driving and was wheeling the truck through the frozen marsh and stream that came out of a hill in front of Harry’s house. He was being careful not to get into the stream because it gradually became deeper on a bit of level ground just below Harry’s house. This was where the entrance to the underground cavern was under the Potter house. John said, “I’m taking a shortcut; Harry needs help.”

Ron looked around as he hung on for dear life and gave a hoot and holler when they slid to a stop right in front of the house. “That was fun! All those times Harry used to ask me to go mudding with him to mend fences or something; I told him he was out of his mind. He told me I didn’t know what I was missing and now I know that to be the truth.”

John grunted his acknowledgment as he opened Harry’s door and started pulling him out. When he pulled him out of the truck they both went to the ground. John was exhausted from helping save Clyde and then sliding down the hill when someone cut the ropes from the basket that he and Harry were still clipped to. Harry saved him from sliding into the pond when he put that bubble charm on him. He rolled down the hill and rolled out over the pond and had halfway sunk when he felt the bubble that was thankfully keeping him dry fly to Harry’s side. When Harry released the charm from him it was all he could do to pull Harry from the water.

Harry groaned and said, “We made it home?”

Ron reached down and helped him and John up on their feet and said, “Come on let’s get inside.”

The three men stumbled into the house and Hermione ran to Ron and looked him over quickly and then looked at Harry and John. John was mostly dry, but looked like he wouldn’t be able to stand another minute. Teyla and Jack got him over to the fireplace and started asking what happened.

Ginny and Sam helped Harry upstairs and Carson came out of his room with his medical bag. Harry gave him a boyish grin and said, “It’s not as bad as it looks, Carson. I’m going to shower and then I can come down for dinner. John is down by the fire resting. I tried to see that he was okay, but I think I passed out when I got in the truck.”

Carson nodded his head and said he’d check on John and see what Ron’s black eye is all about. Harry started to ask about the black eye but Ginny pulled him into their bedroom and helped him into the shower. He grinned under the influence of exhaustion and anxiety and said, “You wanna come in and join me? You can warm me up with your hot sexy kisses.”

She laughed softly and said, “I’d love to, but you are hardly able to stand up and you definitely need a shower. You smell like the ocean, how can that be?”

Harry became serious and told her about the snowplow sending a wave of snow, ice and brine on him, and knocking him down. “I think the salt burnt my back or something because it hurts more than everything else we did tonight. Did we miss dinner? I’ve been thinking about that chocolate cake ever since lunch.”

Ginny smiled lovingly and said, “We haven’t eaten yet, and there is plenty of cake, I made another one since we have more company. I’ll go ahead and finish dinner.”

Harry grinned and carefully showered; taking specific care of cleaning his injury. After his shower and wrapping his injury until Carson could look at it, he got dressed and went down to be with everyone else. Other than being totally exhausted, cold enough that his lips were still blue, and having a terrible headache he felt a good deal better than he looked.

He had just come down and was headed over to the fireplace when the doorbell rang. He saw blue and red flashing lights reflecting off the window and quietly told Carson to wait in his study with the door closed. He looked around to make sure no magic was being done and answered the door. When Carson shut the door Harry stepped over to the door and answered it.


“Sir, are you Mr. Harry J. Potter?”

“Yes, I am officer. What can I do for you?”

“Sir we have a complaint made by a citizen who claims to have been struck by a Mr. Ronald Weasley, your Brother- In- Law I believe? We were going to send an officer out to his residence, but the weather is treacherous and if you might call him for us and let us speak with him, it would surely be appreciated. Also, we need to confirm a call into our department about a snowplow swerving off the road to purposefully throw snow and ice on an innocent bystander and knocking him to the ground. She later found out that it was you who was knocked down.”

“Please step inside, you and your partner. It’s freezing out there and Ron is over by the fire trying to get warm.”

Harry’s teeth were chattering and his hand was shaking when he showed them into the living room.

“Mr. Potter, are you okay, sir? You look like you’ve been in an accident or something.”

“Or something is right, officer.” Harry explained that before he, Ron, and John helped Clyde the mail carrier; he was knocked over by the wave of snow and brine from the swerving snowplow. “I can get you the video from the truck if you like.” The officer asked was that why his hair was wet and his head was wrapped in bandages. He said it would go a long ways to make his story credible if they could see under the bandage. Harry said it wasn’t the reason, which had happened after the snowplow incident. They said, “If it would be okay we’d like to verify there was an injury during the rescue because the chief firefighter disqualified the young man who cut the ropes with you and your friend still using them. We think this is why he brought up charges against Mr. Weasley and we need to make sure the story is straight on all sides. Unwillingly Harry reached up and fumbled with the bandage until he got the ends untied and then unwrapped. When he got to the end he tried to be gentle but he was shaking and so tired he pulled too hard on it and the bandage pulled off the clot that was forming over his wound. His head was now throbbing so badly he swayed on his feet and the officers caught him before he fell to the floor. They helped him over to the chair half dragging him and sat him down gingerly.

Ginny yanked them away from Harry and looked at the gaping wound and said, “Is this enough for you?!” She said, “Take a picture so you have proof of his honesty, and from now on you better know my husband is the most honest person on this planet.” She turned to Ron and said, “Tell them why you hit one of them so they can leave!”

Ron said, “Harry and John were about six feet from the top when one of the volunteer firemen thought he knew everything and said they needed to get Clyde to the hospital. Well, duh, who didn’t already know that?! So I was watching over the side so I could help them once they made it to the top. Mr. Know it all said there wasn’t time to wait for the other two to get to the top and that he was going to cut the ropes. We all told him not to, and I went over to stop him; yelling that cutting the ropes would cause Harry and John to fall down the hill. He pushed me out of the way and took out his knife. I hit him in the jaw to stop him, but the others’ there were trying to keep things from going violent. They held me from getting the knife from him and the coward hit me in the eye while I was being held. He then reached down and cut the ropes. We all dived for them, but I couldn’t hang on to them.”

Ron held out his hands and they saw they were bandaged. “I yelled for the fireman to get Clyde to the hospital and to turn that one git in for attempted murder. They said they’d come back to help me get Harry and John, but I told them I had friends in the area who I could call quicker than they could be back. I talked to John and he said he had Harry but he had been underwater and moving was strenuous but they were coming back up the hill. When they got to the top, Harry gave John his keys and we got him in the back seat and he passed out. John drove us home and I think his adrenaline wore off because when he pulled Harry out of the truck they both fell to the ground. We barely got in the house and got John on the couch and he passed out and has been out cold since. He is froze and exhausted. It wore both of them out getting Clyde to the top, and then trying to get Harry out of the pond from, all but one leg, being submerged was next to impossible. We all had on insulated coveralls, and you can imagine how much heavier Harry’s suit was being saturated with water. John said when Harry was out of the pond he coughed up his lungs. His body went in shock when he went through the ice. And then when John started pulling him out he had to rake him over broken ice and Harry was screaming under the water. He says it probably felt like his skin was being ripped off.”

The officers looked at each other and one of them said, “Is this the Harry Potter that was on a secret mission for England, the United States and a few other countries earlier this month? He was captured and tortured for like five and a half months?”

Ron proudly said, “He is indeed one and the same because there is only one Harry Potter, and that’s him, my best mate, right there.” The officers stared at Harry and as if he felt their eyes on him Harry opened his eyes and was looking at them but he was not registering anything or else he didn’t think there was a threat and his eyes went closed again. Ginny asked him if he was okay and he opened his eyes and just looked ahead of her. She gently shook him and his eyes focused on her. He smiled and asked if dinner was ready yet. “The officers’ are still here, Love.

Harry looked over at them and apologized for sleeping. He stood up gingerly and asked if they had all their information they needed and they said they did. “If you don’t mind though, we need your autograph I mean signature for our report.”

Harry looked down to hide his red face and quietly read and signed the report handed to him. When he was done he started to hand the report to Ron for him to sign, but the officer quickly said, “Oh, we don’t need his signature; we have pictures of his hands from one of the volunteers’. We don’t want to cause any more discomfort for you.” Harry asked for a copy of the report and permission was given for him to take pictures with his phone.

Jack stood up and said, “If that’s all then I can go out to the truck and get you that video.” Harry thanked Jack and when they were out the door, Harry got his cell phone and made a copy of the video feed onto his phone. When Jack came in he said they were gone. Harry opened the study door and apologized to Carson. “I didn’t think it would be a good idea for you to be seen here.”

Ron asked why Carson couldn’t be seen especially since he was at the Leaky Cauldron for lunch and was seen by plenty of people. Harry didn’t act like he’d been caught in a secret or such and said, “A few years ago Carson was on a very dangerous mission and was thought to have died. But, it turns out he had been captured by a ruthless monster and evidence of Carson’s demise was left behind. He was only rescued a short time ago. The thing is his family still thinks he’s dead. For the health of his mother they haven’t been able to let him go home. So this is top secret and you must promise not to breathe a word of this to anyone. As soon as the holidays are over I’m going to Washington to change this tragedy so he can go home. If there is the slightest chance that you think you might accidentally let this Classified Top Secret information slip from your tongue then you will forget what I just told you about Carson. And you think Carson has been in here with us the whole time.”

Ron said, “I didn’t think they’d ever leave did you, Harry?”

Harry said, “It did seem they were a bit long with their report making, but at least they’re gone now and we can eat if it’s ready.” Satisfied that at least Ron wouldn’t be a worry talking about the Top Secret information on Carson, he looked at the doctor and said, “I think I need a head shot.”
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Hey Guys, here's the next chapter. I hope you all are doing well and ready for Christmas. I still have lots to do yet but I wanted to get this chapter posted for you guys since I always make you wait until late at night or a day or two late. So Merry Christmas to everyone!

Chapter 2

The Early Christmas Gift

Hermione was looking hard at Harry and Jack glanced at Harry thinking Ron had just had an alteration done on his memory but he didn’t think by the way Hermione was acting that she did. She moved over to Harry and quietly said with heat in her voice and ice in her glaring eyes. “I know what you did, Harry, and it wasn’t nice that you would do that to your supposed best friends.”

Harry turned to her and the smile disappeared from his face and so did the friendliness. Then he sighed and patiently said, “I haven’t done anything to my best friends. What is it you think I did?”

Hermione said, “You’re always in the spot light and tonight Ron had a chance to share the spotlight with you and you totally made sure he was overlooked.”

Harry actually laughed and said, “Hermione, aren’t you tired of this same old song and dance routine? What have I done now, please tell me so I can make amends and then we can eat. But can we please sit down while you tell me all about your problem with me?”

Hermione looked around and saw all eyes on her but she wouldn’t back down. Before she could say anything though Harry reached for her shoulder and very kindly asked if they could please sit down that he really needed to sit down. She hissed that he needed to stop thinking about himself and think of others for a change. He closed his eyes and put his other hand to his head and said, “I’m sorry, Hermione, whatever I did or said that’s hurt you I’m asking for you to forgive me. I would never do anything to-”

Harry started to fall into her and Carson had already seen signs of trauma and jumped up and was at Harry’s side helping him to his chair by the fireplace. He didn’t make it three steps before Harry went limp and Carson caught him and carried him the rest of the way to the chair.

Ginny came in from the kitchen and asked what happened. Ron said, “He was talking to Hermione and he just fell over. I didn’t see much though because Hugo was talking to me; wanting to know when dinner was.”

Ginny looked around and she knew the way Jack, Sam, Teyla, and Carson was acting that they didn’t think it was their place to say anything. She looked at Hermione and said, “What happened?”

Hermione could hold her own with anyone but Ginny. “I was just telling him that I knew what he did and it wasn’t nice. He claimed he didn’t know what I was talking about and then he fell over on me.”

Ginny said, “How could he fall over on you if he was sitting down?”

Hermione said, “We weren’t sitting down yet. I just wanted to let him know that I knew what he did to us and it wasn’t nice.”

Meanwhile Carson had examined Harry enough to see that he was suffering from another concussion. He gave him a shot and then woke him up asking if he felt better. Harry sighed with relief and said he felt loads better except he was so hungry he wouldn’t have the strength to move if he didn’t eat right away.”

Ginny heard her husband softly talking and went to his side, leaving Hermione with her mouth open ready to defend herself. Ginny said, “Do you feel up to eating at the table or would you rather eat in here?”

“I want to eat at the table. I know John is really hungry too, should we wake him so he can eat with us?”

Carson said he’d see if he felt up to it, but was pretty sure he would want to. He looked at Teyla and said, “Teyla Love, how about you wake him while I finish looking at Harry’s head before we eat.”

Carson started unwrapping Harry’s head dressing and Teyla knelt beside John and took his hand. She rubbed it and softly said his name a couple times before he opened his eyes. When he saw her he smiled sweetly and said, “I think I’ve died and gone to Heaven and my angel looks just like Teyla.”

She smiled and said, “I don’t think he’s in his right mind maybe he should go back to sleep and eat later.”

A serious look came over his face and he threw off the load of blankets that he was sleeping comfortably under. “Is dinner ready; what are we waiting for?” He cautiously got to his feet and slowly walked towards the dining room and then noticed Carson working intently on Harry’s head. Teyla told him about the police being there and Harry having to undo his bandage so they could see proof that there was an injury sustained due to the one young volunteer cutting the ropes. “It seems the boy was let go from the fire department and he brought charges up against Ron for hitting him. He claims that Ron hit him as he took out his knife to cut the mail carrier loose after you and Harry got to safety. He claims Ron attacked him and when he fell his knife sliced the ropes causing the two of you to slide back down the side of the hill.”

John looked at Ron and it was then he noticed his hands in bandages. “Did he cut his hands?”

“No, his hands were burnt from trying to catch the ropes when they were cut. Carson took care of them when you guys got home. Ginny gave you some Pepper upper potion to help you start getting warm and Carson gave you a mild sedative so you could rest and begin getting some strength back. Lily piled blankets on you and made sure you were comfortable. She said you weren’t injured anywhere but you were suffering from exhaustion. Carson is worried about Harry being so white and he’s had a shot for another head concussion. He can’t understand why he’s so worn out owing to the fact that his body is in excellent condition and he’s been through much worse in the past.”

John went over to the two and Carson looked up and shook his head. “I can’t get the bleeding to stop. He’s lost a considerable amount of blood and if I can’t stop it he’s going to need surgery.”

Harry said, “When I went in the water it probably stopped the bleeding but when I was being pulled out I felt my head scrape there. I’m sure it started bleeding again but I passed out after we got in the truck. When I took my shower I didn’t put any medicine on it in case bacteria got trapped in the wound. I don’t want it to get infected so close to my brain. I thought it would be good enough until I could get down here to have you look at it, but I wasn’t counting on the police coming.”

Carson asked if he had been doing magic today and Harry nodded his head but didn’t say anything except he had been doing magic all day long, plus he gave Albus a little over a pint and a half of blood and gave him some energy. I can tell you more later if that’s okay. Carson, I need to eat, can we be done for now?”

Ron came over and Harry grinned boyishly at him, “I smell chicken, you better hope Ginny made a lot of extra cause I’m hungry enough to eat about three of them myself.”

Harry chuckled at Ron’s sly grin and threat that he might not have enough to eat.

Harry said, “Oh, by the way; here’s a report I copied from the officer’s report he had me sign. You did well, Captain, I’m proud of you.”

Hermione gazed at Harry and then squinted her eyes and said, “Did you alter this magically to make Ron look good?”

Harry’s innocent surprise told her the answer before he spoke. “No, he made himself look good all by himself; why would I alter the report? Why do you accuse me of such things and oh by the way; what were you saying a bit ago about you knowing what I did? I don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about.”

“This report is proof that you altered the report to make you look good and then you added something that would make Ron feel good. I saw you earlier; you weren’t very careful to hide your magic. You wrote something on the report before you handed it back to the policeman.”

Harry shook his head, “I read the report and signed where I was supposed to sign. It only pertained to the snowplow incident. That didn’t have anything to do with Ron. I didn’t write anything else, the officer took notes as to what Ron’s statement was. There’s nothing in it to make me look good, it’s all about Ron and the other guy who brought charges against him.”

Hermione started to argue her point but Harry interrupted and said, “Hermione, I don’t understand why you think of me to be such a monster that has to be glorified for anything I do or take credit for things others do, but I’m not that kind of person. The subject is closed and I’m going to eat dinner. You are welcome to join us or go home and eat whatever you want to do.”

He turned and walked stiffly into the dining room where dinner was waiting. He waited at his chair until the ladies were seated and then sat down. Harry stared at his food and tried to calm down so he could eat and not get sick. He looked over at his kids and asked if they were all doing okay. They enthusiastically said they were fine. Lily confessed her claims that she saved her and Albus turned out to be a figment of her imagination. She also said Albus didn’t break her shoulder and she said he was also right that she should have dropped her poles and skis. Harry smiled at her and said he was glad she was able to realize that and not be bitter about it.

“Other than the storm ending our fun for the day, we all had a great time?”

Everyone said it was a great day. James said he wished he would have been able to do some racing and ski jump competitions. Lily said she’d be okay with jumping again but only if the wind doesn’t blow more than enough to blow out a candle. Everyone laughed and Harry picked up his fork and looked hungrily at his food. He looked at Ginny and asked if she had fun skiing and she said she did. She said she enjoyed watching him and John race and wouldn’t mind watching some more.

“I wish we could have started earlier, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes. Maybe Christmas day after the presents are opened and breakfast has been eaten we can do some more skiing.” Teyla said, “I never dreamed it would be so much fun!”

Hugo asked if they could go skiing with them after gifts were opened and Harry smiled and said, “Of course you can if your parents are OK with it.”

Hermione said, “We’re having Christmas at my parents this year and then we’re going skiing in France.” She didn’t look entirely happy but she smiled just the same. Ron said, “I can’t wait to go! Dad and Mum are going to show us the sites that Hermione grew up around.”

Lily said, “Why are Grandma and Grandpa going? How do they know where Aunt Hermione grew up?”

Ron laughed jovially and said, “No sweetheart; when you get married your in-laws become your parents also. So you can call them Dad and Mum too.”

Harry put his fork down and looked at Ron wondering why he was allowed to call his in-laws mum and dad but Harry wasn’t. He looked at Hugo and smiled kindly and in his soft voice he said, “That’ll be a great experience, Buddy, and when you come back I’d love for you to come over some week end and ski with us. Lily and Ginny would love it as well.”

Lily smiled excitedly and nodded her head yes. Ginny also made the boy feel welcome to ski with them. Harry looked at Jack and asked if he had fun on the slopes and Jack said, “You better know I did; and I’d love to spend more time skiing with you too.” Harry’s smile showed how happy Jack made him feel and he said, “You’re welcome to come over anytime you want, Jack. You are always welcome here.”

Harry picked up his fork and started eating his dinner. The rest of the evening was pleasant enough and after Ron, Hermione, and the kids left Ginny said she had a surprise. She flipped her wrist with her wand in hand and spoke an enchantment on the wall to look plain white like a movie screen. She maneuvered her wand again and a projector appeared and turned on. She turned off the lights and sat down with Harry and pointed to the projector and videos and pictures began appearing on the screen. Most of them were of Ginny and the kids from the time they were first born until just recently. All their first steps and first words and firsts of many different things came alive in their living room. Harry wasn’t in any of these special occasions, but he was in ones like when he took James and Albus on their first broom rides. He was in the one where he bought James a Batman costume and Harry had him sitting on his shoulder showing his Batman muscles. He was in some with Albus in the lab with him, and ones with Lily making cookies with him. Some he was eating burnt cookies making it look like he loved them just to make Lily feel better. Then the videos and candid shots included John and his team from Atlantis and Jack and Sam and the SG1 team under Cheyenne Mountain. One particularly long video was when Harry, Ronon, Teal’c, Teyla, and Jack played a game of Basket Ball against John, Cameron, Sam, Daniel, and Rodney. Everyone enjoyed that video especially the last play where Harry motioned for Teal’c to bend low and he ran upon Teal’c’s back and jumped off with so much momentum he went close enough to the basket for him to score the last points of the game.

Jack spoke up saying, “You know Teal’c says he thought Harry wanted to try for a basket and he couldn’t see the hoop so Harry motioned him to bend over so he could see where he was aiming. He was quite surprised when Harry made the basket off of his back.”

John laughed and said, “Do you know that Rodney and Daniel both thought Harry used magic for the longest time. Then we got to know Harry better and they both didn’t have a problem believing he didn’t use magic.

Ginny said, “There are a few more pictures and videos that nobody knows I have.” A baby boy showed up on the screen with a young man and woman proudly holding the baby. The baby was delightful and beamed with joy and happiness. Lily asked, “Who’s Albus with, they look familiar.”

Ginny said, “That baby is your daddy, and those people are his parents.” Baby Harry was a handful and laughed all the time. There was a video of him riding a toy broom chasing a black cat and James and Lily running after him. He was giggling so hard he had to hang on tight to keep from falling off his broom. There was a few with Sirius and Lissydove visiting and again Harry was always laughing and being a handful. Lupin was in a few and Dumbledore was even in a couple. It warmed Harry’s heart to see he cared for him back then too. Then the pictures were totally different. Harry was seen in background shots of Dudley and he was never seen with a smile on his face. He wore over-sized clothes and looked lonely and abandoned in every picture. Then there were pictures of Harry standing off to the side of the frame at King’s cross watching the Weasley family. He looked afraid but determined. They hadn’t even met Harry at that time, and Ginny didn’t even know she captured Harry Potter, her heart throb in the picture taken with Bill’s old camera he let Ginny have. Once when he was at the Weasley’s, young Ginny took sneak shots of Harry and Ron palling around one of which must have been Ginny’s favorite. Little hearts and hugs and kisses framed the series of pictures of Harry laughing while he helped Ron de-gnome the garden. And then looking around for more Gnomes to throw over the fence he saw Ginny hiding and he smiled looking very sweet at her; inviting her to come have fun with them. When he saw the camera his face turned red and said, “Oh I’m sorry,” and moved out of the view so she could get pictures of Ron. It never occurred to him that she only wanted pictures of him. The home made movies and picture show went on through Harry’s years at Hogwarts where Ginny was able to amass many candid shots of Harry looking pensive, it seemed he always had things on his mind he was trying to figure out.

She managed to capture some excellent Quidditch moves he made and spectacular catches of the Snitch and she even had a picture of him falling off his broom when the Dementors attacked him. The next pictures were happier ones at the Weasley’s for holidays where Harry once again looked happy. Then the pictures changed to Harry grieving over Dumbledore’s body the night he was killed. There was a picture of Hagrid carrying Harry’s limp body from the forest the night Harry ended up killing Lord Voldemort. Ginny had to explain that some of the pictures were from Collin Creevey’s camera. His dad had gotten a hold of Ginny when he had the pictures developed and saw they were all of Harry and had told her he thought Collin would want her to have them. Many of the shots were Collins and she thought it was only fair of her to use them. There was a picture of Harry sitting on a bench in the Great Hall after the war ended and he killed Voldemort. He was battered and bleeding and exhausted and terribly sad.

Then there was a picture of Harry walking away from the Burrow; his head hanging. Words came up on the screen saying: Harry leaving never to be seen by us again for four years and then he was back. The next pictures was pictures of Harry grown into manhood, long hair to his waist and facial hair hanging down over his chest. He was heavily tanned and muscled up beyond recognition. He was very soft spoken and his every move was guarded. He wasn’t in the best of health and looked as if he might kill over any second.

It was quite odd seeing him with glasses and black hair. The next pictures were of the double weddings of Harry and Ginny and Ron and Hermione. Sam, Teyla, and Lily exclaimed how beautiful Ginny was and her gown was gorgeous to say the least. They made over how handsome Harry was and what a beautiful couple they made. When the pastor said they could kiss their brides the girls gasped and held their hands over their hearts when Harry kissed Ginny passionately and the two floated in the air turning in slow circles like dancers on a music box.

The next batch of pictures was of fun and dark times. Ginny took pictures of the two newlyweds playing in their home; Harry sliding down the banister laughing full of delight at Ginny being worried he was going to fall. He showed off for her many times to keep her from getting bored with having to stay inside. She took pictures of him sleeping, eating, reading, playing his guitar, dancing, he was a spectacular dancer, working in his lab and holding each one of their babies after they were born and cleaned up. The dark pictures were snapshots of each time Harry had been injured from work and Voldemort related incidents. It was hard seeing him beaten and in pain in still shots. The thing Ginny wanted to accomplish by doing this was to show the change in his demeanor each time showing withdraw from family and friends, loneliness, weariness in his eyes but at the same time steadfast determination. There were fewer and fewer shots of him being happy as he had been before unless Ginny or the kids were with him. She had a few shots of him looking formidable and threatening. The last picture was when they went Christmas shopping in France. Harry was holding her against him in the Taxi kissing her behind his hat. Of course only the two of them knew he was talking to her reminding her to be careful how she talked with Muggles around. He did kiss her though and that’s what Ginny chose to remember.

When the pictures were done she looked at Harry and his eyes were wet with tears. He smiled a sad little smile at her and she softly said, “Merry Christmas, Love. I didn’t know what to get you so I worked on this for several months. I wanted to help you see that as bad as things get, you always come out on top and whatever the hardship you experienced was to make you depressed or withdrawn; you still have a family and friends who are always here for you.”

Harry thanked her and said he’d cherish them forever. “I finally got to see the kids accomplish milestones. They’re pictures and videos, but they mean the world to me. Thank you for giving me those things I missed out on.”

It seemed like all the women wanted to talk about was the wedding and the guys wanted to do was tease Harry about him showing off for Ginny. James wanted to know if he used magic in the short video clip of him walking down the steps on his hands. Harry answered he didn’t use magic to show off because it was a waste of energy.

After the talk died down a bit Ginny told the kids they needed to go to bed. There was a normal amount of grumbling about not being fair they can’t stay up since they weren’t at school but they said good night cheerfully and went to their rooms. Harry said he was going out for a walk and then he’d be in to go to bed.

John was going to offer to go with him but Ginny shook her head no. After her husband had gone out Ginny told John that Harry needed to take in the things he saw because they overwhelmed him emotionally.

Harry went out on the porch and decided it was snowing too hard to wonder around just to think. He sat on the porch swing and watched the snow fall silently contemplating life. Not just any life; his life. He had amazing children and an amazing wife. His friends were loyal and he knew they loved him as much as he loved them. He thought of John and the brotherly bond they had. He was thankful for what he had in the way of family and friends. He thought back to right before he first ventured off on his Quest secretly hiring Bill to build the home he designed for his family. A lot had happened; thinking of the pictures and videos Ginny made for him. He thought of the pictures of him that she took after coming back to them barely alive and next to death. He had survived all the tribulations against him; yes for the world, but first and foremost for the love of his wife and children. If he had to relive all the battles, big or small, would he give of himself again? Yes he would, because that was what he dedicated his life to; to serve and protect not just mankind, but his family first and foremost. He was now determined more than ever to work out his nightmares.
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Default Looking Forward To Christmas
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for the next chapter. This one is pretty long so I hope you are settled in comfortably and cozy. This is a new short story and it has 4 chapters. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a Happy New Year! Feel free to comment if you want to.

Short Story:

Looking Forward To Christmas

Chapter 1

Through The Ice

The door opened and Albus came out with Banner. “Now, Banner, go do your business so we can go back in where it’s warm. Go on now, I’ll wait for you here, I don’t have my boots on and my robe isn’t that thick so be quick.”

Banner ran off the porch and ran to the side yard and was immediately swallowed by the snow. Albus whistled shortly and the puppy yapped excitedly. “Quiet pup, I’m over here, come on boy.”

Albus sighed and reached into his robe pocket and pulled out a ball of twine and tied an end of it to the wrought iron rail for the steps and then let the ball of twine unroll as he went out after his puppy. Harry magiced boots on his son’s feet and Albus looked up to where his parents windows overlooked the front yard. After five minutes Albus hadn’t come back so Harry stood up stiffly and carefully picked up the twine to follow it to where Albus was. It was easy following the tracks of the puppy and Albus but it wouldn’t be for long because the wind had kicked up and the thick heavy snow was blowing hard. Then Harry heard Albus cry out for Banner and the twine in Harry’s hand was no longer taught, but loose on the ground. Albus had let go of it for some reason. Harry jogged carefully down to the stream where he heard Albus call from. He threw blue flames in bubbles down to the stream to give light around the area. Suddenly his heart began beating hard as he saw Albus hanging onto a branch of a tree and it snapped just as he reach for Banner and slipped into the stream and disappeared. A tree had exploded from being frozen and fell over the stream breaking the ice. Harry broke up the ice in a larger area with his magic and ran right into the deep part of the stream where Albus and Banner had fallen in.

Harry heard Albus call for him in his mind and was instantly to them. He was freezing when he went in the water but by the time he got to Albus he felt warm and had no problem breathing under the water. His body had been healed and he swam back up to the surface and then disappeared into the house. He laid Albus and Banner down and drew the water out of their lungs. He made clean dry pajamas go on his son and he and Banner were wrapped in a heavy blanket. Harry started giving Albus very small boosts of energy so his body wouldn’t go into shock. He began rubbing the boy’s face, neck, chest, and back to circulate his blood so he could get warm. When Albus opened his eyes slowly Harry put some Pepper up potion to his lips and told him to swallow it. Knowing Banner wouldn’t take any because it wasn’t something he would naturally drink; Harry put some in a syringe without the needle and forced the puppy’s mouth open and squirted it gently down the back of his throat. Albus laughed at the way Banner shook his whole body from the taste. He sneezed several times, but nothing would get the flavor out of his mouth. Harry gave him something pleasant for him to eat and he gave Albus some Honeydukes chocolate. Harry felt his son’s skin and didn’t like that he was still cold so he sat in the chair by the fireplace and pulled Albus and Banner onto his lap and wrapped the blanket around all three of them. Harry gave off lots of body heat and the blanket held the heat in. Albus snuggled up in his dads arms and fell asleep suddenly too exhausted to stay awake. Banner settled down and fell asleep also.

Harry reclined the chair so he could relax while holding his precious treasures comfortably while they slept and rested their bodies. He didn’t plan on sleeping; he wanted to get to bed with his wife. She’s probably reading her book; some drama mystery that she more than likely is going to have James read during summer break from Hogwarts. He’ll be writing a book report on it also. The kids didn’t like the idea that they still had to do schoolwork during their break, but Ginny insists they will not grow up to be dummies. They never have much to do, nothing time consuming to the point they have to miss out on the day’s activities.

Every now and then Harry roused Albus from his sleep enough to slip him some potion and then let him go back to sleep. At four in the morning Harry gave his son the last medicine he thought he should need and carried him and Banner upstairs to his room. Carson was about to go in John’s room with his medical bag and wanted to ask what was up with him, but he wanted to take care of getting his son to bed. Ginny happened to wake up when Harry was coming upstairs and noticed he wasn’t in bed nor had he been all night. She was walking out of the bedroom when Harry stepped up to the second floor and turned the corner to the hallway.

Ginny looked at him carrying their son and gasped with worry. “What happened to him? Is he sick? Why didn’t he get me?”

Harry told her they could talk after he put him to bed. She went in and pulled the covers down for her son. Harry laid him in bed curled up in the same position he was in while he slept on him. He felt Banner to make sure he was warm and not shivering anymore and put him beside Albus in his arms. Ginny started to object but Albus started to stir. Harry stroked the side of his son’s face and back to let him know everything was okay. He covered the boy and puppy and looked one more time at them and then the two left for their own bedroom.

John came out of his room and said, “Is everything okay? I thought I heard voices.”

Then the rest of the adults came out asking what was going on. Harry motioned everyone into his and Ginny’s bedroom and put up the Muffliato spell. Sam said, “Harry, you haven’t even gotten ready for bed yet. Have you been walking this whole time?”

Carson stepped forward and put his hand on Harry’s forehead and said, “You feel perfectly normal, but why would you be up? Is something troubling you, Lad?”

Harry chuckled and said, “Okay, hang on; no more questions until after I explain. When I went outside I decided it would be foolish to walk in the dark with so much snow falling. So I sat on the porch swing and was just thinking and working out things in my head. Albus came out to let Banner use the bathroom. He stayed on the porch waiting because he only had on slippers, but then Banner didn’t come back so he went out after him. I magiced boots on his feet and he turned around looking up here thinking one of us had been watching him. He didn’t know I was there on the porch only behind him so I didn’t tell him. He tied a ball of twine to the railing to help him find his way back if he lost his way in the falling snow. After five minutes he didn’t come back either so I went out following the twine. I heard Banner yelp and Albus call to him and the twine had either broken or he dropped it. I took off jogging to the stream because that is where it sounded like they were coming from. I got there just as Albus was reaching for Banner. A tree had frozen and exploded and fallen over the stream breaking the ice in the deep part. The branch Albus was holding onto broke and he fell in just as he had reached for Banner. I was just close enough to the stream to see them and when I got there I jumped in and swam down and then Albus called for me so I was able to get to him instantly; I got them and brought them home. I fixed them both up and held them until I felt Albus wouldn’t need any more medicine. His temperature is normal and has been for two hours. I put Banner under the covers and in Albus’s arms for a specific reason. Albus would sleep right through being too warm, but Banner will wake up and move out from under the blankets and that will wake Albus up enough to throw off the extra blanket.”

Carson stood up and paced back and forth and glancing out the door. He looked back at Harry and asked how he was doing. “You’ve had quite the day yourself, but you must have been healed from the water. Were you in long enough to heal all of your injuries from the day?”

Harry said he was fine, just mainly worn out a bit more than normal. “I think I’ll forego my exercising this morning and sleep in a bit if I can.”

Carson left the room and came back with his little instrument that reads vital signs and scans the body for infractions to the human anatomy and physiology. He ran it over Harry and reported that other than being excessively worn out he was fine and dandy. He looked at the door again and Ginny said, “Carson, if it isn’t too much trouble, could you do that to Albus to make sure there aren’t any nasty parasites or anything from the water in Albus?”

Carson was already reaching for the doorknob by the time she was done with her request. “Certainly, Love; better safe than sorry.”

Harry chuckled and winked wearily at Ginny. He looked over to John and asked how he was. John nodded his head slightly and bit his bottom lip. “I’m okay; I think I’ll go on to bed if anyone doesn’t mind.”

Harry stepped over to him and asked to see his hands. John asked why and Harry just said, “Come on; hold out your hands.”

John complied with a sigh of mock annoyance. Harry grinned and took a hold of his right arm and held it tightly so he could feel under the surface of his skin. He felt his other arm and found it to be the same. “Your arms are still cold. Is anything else cold?”

John said it was just his arms and they are better than they were when he went to bed. Harry shook his head and said, “It’s no good, John. You should be warmed up through and through.”

He put his finger on the large blood vessel at his elbow and pushed hard going down to his wrist. It turned white and stayed white for longer than normal. Then it started turning the normal skin tone color. He did this with his other arm and the result was the same. Then he did the same to both shoulders to elbows and found them to be the same as the lower parts of his arms. He got out his wand and told him to be very still. He put the tip of his wand on the vein and closed his eyes. He traced his wand over the vein and at various places he stopped and groaned ever so softly. Then blood clots appeared on top of the skin at the point of the wand. He did this all the way down his arm and then without opening his eyes he got John’s other arm and did the same to it. He opened his eyes and looked at his friend and said, “You should feel better now, your blood is flowing unrestricted now from these blood clots. You should have said something, John. You might not have woke up and died in your sleep.”

He started to walk to his bed and said, “Let Carson see those clots before you clean them off. Lily can help your knuckles and wrists in the morning. Tell her I said she could. If nobody cares I’m-” He just made it to the bed and sat on it to take off his boots but fell backwards onto the bed fast asleep.

John looked at his hands wondering what Lily was supposed to help him with. Carson walked in and told Ginny who was getting Harry under the covers and out of his clothes. “The lad is perfectly fine just like Harry said.”

He went over to John and said, “I hate that you woke up but since you are up let’s have a look see at you. I’m quite concerned… What’s this then?” he asked pulling up John’s arms and seeing blotches of blood from his shoulders down to his wrists.

Teyla said, “Harry gripped John’s arms tight and said he wasn’t warm through and through like he should be. Then he shut his eyes and slowly moved his wand along the vein and every so often those little globs of blood appeared on John’s arms. He said John might not have lived through the night. He said for you to look at him and then he said for Lily to take care of his knuckles and wrists in the morning.”

Carson ran his scanner over the blood blobs and said they had blood clots in them. “I was on my way in to check for this when Harry brought Albus up and John came out of his room. Go lie down, John, and let me check out the rest of you for blood clots.”

John asked if Harry was okay because he hardly had the strength to walk and talk at the same time and fell over asleep in mid sentence.”

Carson listened to Harry’s breathing, took his blood pressure and ran his scanner over him. “He’s fine unless he has to use magic or exert any energy for anything more than rolling over. Hopefully he’ll sleep for at least eight hours. And the good news is he’s having a normal sleep pattern, no apparent nightmares.”

Everyone left the room and Ginny climbed carefully in bed so as not to wake up her sleeping husband. She wanted to lay with her head on his shoulder but was afraid of waking him so she just laid next to him. He roused up and looked over at her and smiled lovingly and raised his arm to let her lay her head on his shoulder and then he put his hand over hers when she put it on his chest. He started to say he loved her but fell back asleep.

The next morning Ginny slept in until eight o’clock. She looked in on Albus and found the covers kicked off of him except for the normal one he slept under and Banner was sleeping at the bottom of the bed at his feet. She showered and dressed quietly looking over at Harry every time she made the slightest noise. He slept without stirring and she left the room shutting the door quietly behind her. When she went downstairs Sam and Teyla were helping Winky prepare for the family get together. She asked if anyone else was up yet and her answer was that Carson was reading in his room so he could send John or Harry back to bed if they got up before he wanted them to. “Jack is talking to Marston in the stable and the kids aren’t up yet, with the exception of this guy surprisingly.”

Ginny turned around as Albus said, “Good morning everyone. I’m starved, is any of that what your cooking for breakfast?”

Ginny got a worried look on her face and put her hands on her son and said, “Albus, you’re cold!”

He chuckled and said, “I just came back in from taking Banner out for his morning relief. He didn’t waste any time this morning. He’s hungry too.” He pointed to Banner in the large open pantry eating his breakfast Albus had poured for him. “Mum, I don’t want you to worry, but last night Banner had to use the bathroom so I took him out.” He told her a quick version of what happened without leaving out the important things he knew she would want to know about. He left out the part where his dad had seen him leave the porch and he didn’t mention how freezing cold the water was. He didn’t mention how afraid he was when he was under the water or how his brain went numb just before he called for his dad to save him. He did tell her that he was so thankful his dad was able to save him.

He looked around as Ginny set a plate of eggs, sausages and toast in front of him and a hot bowl of oatmeal. Then she gave him some orange juice, water, and a very small cup of hot chocolate milk. His face lit up and he began eating right away and thanked her in between mouthfuls of breakfast without discrimination as far as nothing was his favorite it was all wonderful. “Where is Daddy at?”

Ginny said he was still sleeping and he needed to sleep until noon. “Albus, you’re not in trouble but what were you thinking; going out late at night and running after your puppy that way?”

Albus face fell and he put down his fork and sat back looking at his mom. Ginny put her hand on his and said, “Never mind honey, eat your breakfast. I’m thankful you are okay and that Banner is also okay.”

She smiled sweetly at him and he managed a small smile for her. “Mum, do you think I did the wrong thing?”

“What’s he done, and the answer is probably, ‘yes Albus’ you did wrong,” chided James coming into the kitchen with Lily giggling behind him. They sat at the table and looked at their brother and then their mom.

Albus said he fell through the ice and nearly froze to death. James laughed and said, “Telling tall tales this early in the morning are we? I’ve got one that tops that; I was on top of the Astronomy Tower and leaned over the wall to see the best place to set up my next prank and I fell over. But I didn’t need to call daddy to come save me. I whistled and my trained Thestral flew to me and I landed on its back and he flew me to safety. See how I did that, Albus? I told a tall tale but didn’t make myself a weakling and have to have dad save me. Try being your own hero in your stories instead of depending on dad to always be your hero.”

Lily looked at Albus and said, “Did you really just make up a fib?”

Albus looked at James and Lily and simply said, “I was talking to Mum about what happened to me last night. Whether you believe me or not isn’t a problem for me. But it is hurtful to know that my own brother and sister would rather think badly of me than believe me.”

Lily said, “I’m sorry, Albus. Are you okay? What happened that you fell through the ice and nearly froze to death?

Albus told her what happened and she gasped and put her hand on her mouth and then put her hands on her hips saying, “Albus Severus Potter! How could you be so stupid to do such a thing?!”

James laughed and said, “You walked right into that one, doofus.”

Ginny snapped her fingers and all three of the children looked up at her stern face. “James and Lily, you are both being rude to Albus and our guests. Albus and I were having a serious talk and you two come in here not knowing the full story and draw conclusions on the little bit you heard. Then when Albus explained then you consider him a storyteller and an idiot; both of which are incorrect. Albus told the truth, and we did nearly lose him last night. Now, there will be no more talk about the subject. This is Christmas Eve and we will be having everyone over for lunch. Eat your breakfast and get ready for company. And please, keep your voices down until Daddy gets up at noon.”

“Why is he sleeping until noon? I thought he was getting better.”

“Because he was already exhausted and hurting from everything that happened yesterday, and then he had to save me. It’s because of me he has to sleep so late.”

James looked at his younger brother and said, “I’m sorry, Al; I was out of line saying the things I said. It was really brave of you to try to save Banner; it was the right thing to do and you couldn’t help it that the branch you were holding onto broke and you fell in the water. Dad saved you because he loves you that much. Just like when we were ice skating that one time and I fell through the ice. Dad saved me because he loves me that much too. If more sleep is all he has to do to get to a hundred percent then I’m happy he’s sleeping as long as he needs to.”

Just then John and Carson came into the kitchen and asked how everyone was. Plates settled onto the table in front of them already loaded with hash browns, eggs bacon, sausages and toast. A bowl of fruit also appeared and some hot coffee for John and hot tea for Carson. They both smiled and thanked Ginny for breakfast. “We’re getting spoiled rotten here; it’s going to be hard to go back home.”

“Aye, it is at that, lad. Spoiled and fat, but we’ll work it off when we return like you said.”

Ginny said, “Lily, Daddy said for you to have a look at John’s fingers and wrists if you would. I don’t know why, he fell asleep before he could explain.”

Carson spoke up saying, “I have a pretty good idea why. John is suffering from the first stages of arthritis. There’s nothing I can do at this point but to give him medication for the pain and discomfort. Unfortunately he won’t take the medication because the side effects are less than desirable for a pilot.”

John said, “I’m okay Darlin; just eat your breakfast.”

Lily had gotten up from her place and started toward John. She sat back down and began to eat but said, “We’ll have a look see after we eat, and that is an order.”

John’s eyebrows arched with surprise that he was ordered to expect something from this little girl and didn’t know what to say to change her mind. He knew her to be exceptionally stubborn like her mom. He shrugged his shoulders and picked up his fork and said, “Yes ma’am.”

Jack came in the kitchen and got himself another cup of coffee and a slice of toast. He ate earlier when he got up but felt like a mid morning snack. “Well, I can go home feeling rather good about myself. I was able to get Chevron to trust me enough to let me pet him. Of course it might have had something to do with the apple I offered him.” He laughed happily and said, “He is a magnificent horse, probably so, the most I’ve ever seen.”

John asked if he saw Thor and Jack replied, “Yes, as a matter of fact I did, and he is the second most magnificent horse I’ve ever seen.” He looked at Sam and smiled then said, “You ladies have the whole valley smelling good. My mouth was watering for lunch clear down in the stable. It’s why I had to stop talking with Marston and come back up here; weak in the knees with anticipation.”

When they were all done eating Lily went to John and asked for his right hand. She held it softly and with her other hand she gently put her fingers on his knuckles and closed her eyes and then she moved her hands to his wrist. After holding his wrist for a while she held out her hand for his left hand. She let his right hand go and worked over his joints as she had with his right hand. Finally she opened her eyes and smiled sweetly at him and said, “All better now, Johnny?”

He looked at his hands and then he looked at her and nodded his head saying, “Yes, completely better. I don’t know what to say, but thank you.”

Lily smiled at him and then looked at Teyla and said, “Take care of my Johnny.”

She opened her mouth in surprise and said, “Oh, honey, we’re not-”

Lily smiled sweetly and said, “Please don’t pretend what is very obvious isn’t what it is. It’s plain as day how you feel about each other. Isn’t it silly to waste time pretending you don’t care for each other more than just friends? Teyla, you two are good for each other and I resent the fact that I can’t have him and he’s just going to waste. You guys have the rest of your lives to be best friends, but less than half that much time to be husband and wife.” She turned and left the room.

The group was quite unsure of what should be said and then James said, “Leave it to a girl to ruin a perfectly good breakfast with talk of romance. Go figure.”

Laughter broke the tension but Teyla and John studied each other wondering what the other thought of what Lily had said. Ginny watched them with excitement and then looked at Sam and Jack. “You know the same holds true for you two and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why you two aren’t Mr. and Mrs. yet.”

Just then Harry walked in with a limp and grimaced with every step. “Morning all,” he said with a happy smile. What are we talking about?”

Ginny looked worriedly at him and said, “You aren’t supposed to be up yet. I think you should get right back upstairs and get back to sleep. You need to finish healing.”

Carson said, “What’s going on with the limping, lad? I don’t recall you limping last night.”

Harry turned red in the face with all the sudden attention. “I’m fine; I woke up with an urgent need to use the bathroom. I wasn’t fully awake and started running in to the bathroom with my eyes not opened all the way yet. I stubbed my toes dreadfully hard on a chair I didn’t realize was there. The good thing is I was able to get to the bathroom in time despite having to hop to it.”

He was sitting at the table looking around and then got up and put some bread in the toaster. Then he got a plate and made his way between Sam, and Teyla to fix some breakfast. They thought it funny to pretend they didn’t see him trying to get to the stove and kept stepping in front of him to stir one thing or another. He couldn’t see their faces, but he knew they were proud of themselves for interfering. He grinned and then seriously said, “Teyla, Sam, do you think it’s a good idea for Jack and John to do what they’re doing?”

They both stepped away from the stove to see what Harry was talking about. Harry then stepped in front of the stove and got him some eggs, bacon, a sausage and some ham. He eyed the potatoes but decided he’d have some potatoes for lunch and went over to get his toast that just popped up. While he was buttering his toast Sam and Teyla both asked Harry what he saw them doing because they must have stopped when he told on them.

He poured a cup of coffee and limped to his seat carrying his breakfast and coffee. Just as he put his plate on the table and took a sip of coffee before he set it at his place he saw Ginny come back into the kitchen. She said, “There isn’t a chair out of place, Love, you must have kicked the door or something. And if your eyes weren’t open by the time you got there then that means you still need more sleep.”

Harry’s smile left his face and he answered, “I put the chair back when I came out of the bathroom. I had plenty of time to wake completely because I also took my shower. I don’t need more sleep, I need to eat.”

He held out an arm to her and she went to him and he hugged her. With a kiss on the lips he looked into her eyes and said, “You’re beautiful as always, did you sleep well?”

She said she did and swam dizzily in his twinkling emerald eyes. He asked her if she ate yet and she said she had just finished eating. She said she needed to help cook lunch when he asked her to sit with him.

Teyla and Sam looked at them and smiled. Then Harry realized he hadn’t answered them. “I’m sorry ladies, I wasn’t ignoring you. Erm, Jack and John didn’t do anything they shouldn’t be doing.”

Teyla said, “But you said they were doing something they shouldn’t be doing.”

Harry had an impish grin on his face and said, “No I didn’t; I asked you if they should be doing what they were doing.”

They both argued that he didn’t make sense to make it sound as though they were doing something wrong. He said, “No, it didn’t need to make sense. If it did make sense then you wouldn’t have stepped away from the stove and I’d still be dancing around trying to get my breakfast.”

He took a bite of his toast and swallowed some coffee and grinned from ear to ear at his friends. He looked over to Albus and said, “How are you doing, son?”

Albus said, “I’m great dad. Thanks for saving me and Banner.”

Harry smiled sweetly and said, “I’m thrilled you are okay, but you don’t need to thank me for doing what I did.”

He looked over at James and said, “How are you doing, James? Did you sleep well?”

James said he wished he hadn’t slept so well and could have been up to help Albus. Harry told him he was glad he had such a good heart and said that they managed fine anyway. He looked around and said, “Where’s your sister?”

“I don’t know, Dad; she’s dealing with hormones I guess. She was going on about Teyla and John needing to get married and then left the room. Mental; that one.”

Harry grinned and said, “Females usually have things worked out in that department long before guys have a single thought in their brains. And I know you didn’t mean anything by it because you hear it thrown around so often but, in the future please refrain from blaming hormones for anything that a female does that we don’t understand. It’s very derogatory and demeaning and cold towards women. Shouldn’t we care why a woman is acting the way they are. Sometimes all they want is a little understanding. It takes a man to be sensitive to women’s needs instead of critical of them. That is what separates men from boys.”

He looked at John and said, “Did Lily have a look at your hands?”

John nodded his head, “She didn’t have to do that; I hope it didn’t cost her much.”

“It cost her a little bit of energy, plenty of which she has lots to spare. This was a good exercise for her ability so she can gauge what she did, and the amount of energy it took to do it. It was really good for her, and she helped you out by learning it.”
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“Leave it to a girl to ruin a perfectly good breakfast with talk of romance. Go figure.”
I choked on my tea reading this bit

Can't wait to read what happens next!

loves an audience
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for the next chapter. I hope you like it. It is actually the foundation to the next story which has some scariness to it, so enjoy this not scary chapter while you can. Thanks again for reading.

sweetpinkpixie: I nigh on fell out of my chair when I saw that you posted a comment. Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

You better watch out drinking that tea; it might get you one of these times. I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Chapter 2

A Special Invite For Christmas

Albus spoke up saying that he’d like to go to town to get his gift for Scorpius if it would be okay. Harry asked if he knew what he wanted to get and Albus said he did; that he’d already ordered it with his own money and he got notice that it had arrived and is waiting for him at the store. Harry said it was okay with him if his mom was okay with them leaving right then so they’d be back for lunch. Ginny nodded her head and said, “Yes, go now though, I won’t hold up lunch for you to get back since we’ll have a house full of company. Some of them will only have an hour off to eat and have to go back to work, so; don’t dilly dally about.”

Jack said he needed to go as well and then John spoke up saying he wanted to go too. Harry said that was fine and then asked James if he wanted to go along which made the boy happy but he declined the invitation just the same. Harry looked around for Lily but she wasn’t around so he said goodbye to Ginny kissing her quickly on the lips.

They left immediately and when they got to the store he handed the keys over to whomever wanted to drive and after Jack nodded to John for him to drive, Harry and Albus walked into the store and straight back to the lay-a-way and pick up department. They retrieved the wrapped gift and walked out of the store. Harry turned into an alley and then took his son’s arm and disappeared to the Malfoy’s house.

Draco answered the door looking mildly surprised and said they were preparing for the family to come later. “It isn’t really a very good time for socializing. Perhaps if you’d have called yesterday we could… visit.”

Albus spoke up saying, “Please forgive us for being rude, sir. We won’t stay, but I wanted Scorp to have his gift for tomorrow morning, or whenever you open your gifts. It was supposed to be in the store the day before we got home from Hogwarts, but I got an e-mail saying it was back ordered and wouldn’t be in until the day before yesterday, but the storm held up the delivery trucks and I just got notified it was in the store ready to be picked up today. Could you just give it to him and tell him Merry Christmas for me?”

Draco’s face turned slightly red at his rough attitude he greeted them with since all they were doing was a kindness for his son. He smiled at Albus and said, “He’s up in his room, you’re welcome to take it to him as long as you don’t tarry.”

“Thank you, sir, I’ll be quick. We were told not to dilly dally as well, or we’ll miss our family get together. Thank you, sir.”

Albus hurried into the house and Draco shook his head, “Sometimes it turns out that our children are the teachers and we parents are the students.”

Harry chuckled and nodded his head. They made small talk and then Draco said, “Potter, you look better than I’ve seen you in quite some time. You still have that agony and fierceness in your eyes, but overall, you look really well.”

Harry’s face turned red and then he said, “Thank you, Draco, but you should have seen me this morning. I stubbed my toes and danced around like a little girl learning ballet.”

Draco laughed and he saw the twinkle come in Harry’s eyes. This gave Draco the courage to say something he had wanted to say for a long time. “Potter… Harry, I regret that it was my family and I who put much of the pain and injustices in your life. I am asking you to forgive us for all that we did and I hope that you can find it in your heart to not think of us as monsters that we once were.”

Harry looked into Draco’s eyes and his stare was piercing enough that Draco squirmed a bit. Harry said, “Do you remember the night the Death Eaters attacked Hogwarts? Professor Dumbledore and I had just returned from a secret location of Riddle’s where he was severely cursed by some water I had to force him to drink. I learned things at that secret place I’ve never told anyone about. When I got the Professor back we saw the mark over the tower and we knew it was a trap, but we had to go there anyway to save the students. When we heard you coming up the steps I was just reaching for the door and Professor Dumbledore told me to get under my Cloak of Invisibility. Just as you opened the door he put a spell on me that kept me from moving. I was frozen like a statue. But I could see and hear everything. I knew; though you were struggling, that you weren’t going to be able to kill him as you were ordered to. It was then that I knew you weren’t my enemy but a boy, as was I, who was forced into being something you didn’t want to be. So, no, Draco, I don’t hold contempt in my heart for you or your family. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’d be honored to count you as my friend.”

Draco huffed and said, “Don’t go making us out to be something that can never be.”

Harry said, “Well, then it must be something I have done to you to keep it from happening. Will you tell me what it is so I can ask your forgiveness?”

Draco said, “Yeah, let me make a list and get back to you.”

Harry nodded his head with a broken heart. He really thought Draco had begun to put their school day’s hatred for him behind him, but apparently he hadn’t. Draco saw the pain come back in Harry’s eyes and said, “But, I don’t hate you anymore if that counts for anything.”

Harry again nodded his head and managed a small smile and said, “Well, there’s that then; and it does matter, Draco. It matters a great deal.”

Harry took a deep breath and looked off into the distance somewhere that wasn’t pleasant to think about and Draco saw a heavy burden had been put on Harry’s shoulders by what he had told him.

Albus and Scorpius came running to the door and Albus looked up at his dad. “Dad, Scorpius said they are having a family get together with his family today instead of tomorrow. He said they don’t have any plans or anything other than opening their gifts. Can they all come over to our house for Christmas dinner? It’ll just be Scorp, and his parents.”

Harry looked over at Scorpius and the boy was pleading with his eyes for him to say yes. Harry smiled at the boys and said, “I’d love it if they could come over. They are welcome at all times.”

Scorpius looked at his dad and said, “Father, is it okay for us to go over for dinner? I didn’t invite us over, Albus asked what we were doing cause he wanted to Skype with me when ever would be a good time. I told him we didn’t have any plans and we thought it would be great if we could just talk about what we got in person instead of on Skype.”

Draco looked at Albus and said, “Is this true, Albus?”

Albus nodded his head quickly and said, “Yes sir. I said I couldn’t wait to open the present he got me and he said the same about what I got him. I said we would have to Skype so I asked him what time would be good so I didn’t take him away from family time. And he said there wasn't any plans so I said we should ask you guys if you could come over for Christmas dinner.”

Draco chuckled and looked at Harry and said, “It sounds like a credible account don’t you think?”

Harry said that it did and said that it really would be nice if they could come. Draco said he’d ask his wife and Scorpius yelled for her to please come to the door. Draco didn’t approve of this but he refrained from chastising his son because this wasn’t a common occurrence from his son. But he would speak to him about it after the Potters left. Astoria came to the door and scowled at her son and Draco. “Do we keep our guests standing on the porch in the cold?”

Harry spoke up quickly, “Forgive me, Astoria, we were only going to be here a minute, but the boys got carried away. We didn’t intend on keeping you from your preparations. Since you’ve been drug from your itinerary I’ll go ahead and say what’s on our minds. Would you please consider accepting an invitation to come over tomorrow after your family time is over and be our guests for Christmas dinner?”

Astoria smiled warmly and said, “If Draco is okay with it then yes, I’d love to accept your gracious invitation.”

Draco smiled at her and said, “Fine then, we’ll go. What time should we be there, Potter?”

Harry said, “We usually eat around five but, you’re welcome to come over sooner. We’re planning on trying to get some skiing in if the weather holds after we open gifts.”

Astoria opened her eyes wide and said, “Oh skiing, it sounds wonderful. We’ve always wanted to go, but my health wasn’t… yes, thank you. I’ll call your wife and find out what she wants me to bring.”

Harry said, “That’s fine, but honestly, she’d probably just rather you come over and help prepare the meal and you can fix your favorite or traditional recipe or whatever.”

Astoria and Draco laughed and said they’d see them tomorrow then. Harry and Albus said good bye and then Harry touched his son’s arm and they returned home. Albus looked at his dad and thanked him for everything. Harry grinned and tussled his young son’s hair and told him to go play.

Winky walked into the room and said Ginny wanted him in the kitchen. Harry thanked her and asked how she was doing as he went to the kitchen to see what his wife wanted with him. Winky said she was doing fine and smiled sweetly at him. Harry went to Ginny; her back to him and her hands in soapy dish water, and put his arms around her waist and kissed her neck. She turned around and smiled at him and gave him a peck on the lips. He couldn’t resist pulling her tight to him and kissing her passionately. She put her hot soapy hands around him and placed them on his shoulder blades. He grinned and said, “Winky said you wanted me which I have to say made me happy to hear.”

Ginny laughed and said for him to save those thoughts for later. Teyla and Sam laughed like school girls learning secrets about boys. Harry grinned and asked what she needed him for. Ginny said, “Oh, I was wondering why John and Jack haven’t come in yet.”

Harry looked surprised and looking out the window to the driveway said, “Oh; are they home already?”

All the women looked at him in surprise with a look of curiosity on their faces. “Well, you’re home. You all left together, why wouldn’t they be home?”

Harry laughed and said, “I think they wanted to play in the snow since I took the truck. John made it sound a little too fun when I heard him talking to Jack about coming up behind the Burrow yesterday or the day before yesterday whenever it was we rescued the mailman. It was just yesterday wasn’t it?”

Ginny felt bad that it bothered Harry so much about not being able to keep things in a time frame that they occurred in. Carson said it would be quite some time before he would be able to sort things out if things kept coming up one thing right after another. She smiled and nodded her head, “That’s right, Love, it was just yesterday. But look at all that happened yesterday; it’s okay that you can’t keep it straight, sometimes I can’t either.”

Harry kissed her lightly and said, “I love you, Mrs. Potter. Oh by the way, Astoria will be calling you. They are coming over tomorrow for Christmas dinner and earlier to ski if possible.” Ginny was surprised and said, “Oh okay then. That’s a surprise; how did that come to be?”

Harry explained to her how it came about and said they would have a good time whether Draco turned out to be fun or not. Harry sighed and said, “I have a bunch of cards and letters that we got from months ago that I found the morning we went to France that need to be answered and magic back to them.”

Ginny said, “Oh, love I found those and answered them later that night and sent them by special courier so they’ll get them today.”

That was such a pleasant surprise for him that he took her face and pulled it to him and kissed her again. He left the kitchen and went to his study to check on some things. He called Jack and told him what he told the girls about what they were doing and they better talk about some snowdrifts they went through and to come home the way John did last night. When he hung up he looked up and saw Lily coming to the door. She asked if she could come in and Harry smiled widely and said, “Yes, of course Darling Angel. What is on your mind?”

While Lily was talking to her dad Ginny motioned for Teyla and Sam to come over and watch. Harry and Lily were involved in their talking and didn’t notice that they were being watched. Of course they couldn’t hear nor did they want to listen in, but they just thought it was cute Lily talking about something serious to her dad. Harry looked serious and brought Lily onto his lap and held her to him talking sweetly to her. Every now and then Lily nodded her head and then she rubbed her face on Harry’s chest. He kissed her head and talked some more and then she wiped her face on his shirt again and smiled nodding her head. They got up and Harry took off his shirt and used it to dry her face better and then he started changing in different suits and Tuxedos until she finally picked what she wanted him to wear. Then he started touching Lily’s shoulders with his wand and she began changing into different formal gowns until she picked the one she wanted. She pointed to her head and using her hand motions told how she wanted her hair. He fixed it how he thought she wanted and then a Tiara appeared in her hair. She must have been happy with what he did because she smiled wide and he returned her smile.

The women pretended they were busy with preparations for lunch when Harry and Lily started to the door. He waved his wand in the living room and the furniture went to the sides of the room. He made an intricate wand movement and a hologram of an orchestra appeared playing a waltz. The women once again were able to watch again from their hiding place in the kitchen. Harry offered Lily his hand and bowed low. She accepted his hand and gave him hers. He kissed it and then he guided her to the center of the room and began to waltz with her, making sure she was swirled and twirled plenty of times. They danced for twenty minutes and Lily said she should go help in the kitchen after a grand finale. Harry asked her what she wanted him to do and she told him to throw her up into the air so she could spin in mid air and then he would catch her. So Harry finished the waltz they were dancing to and at the very end lifted her off her feet and threw her high enough to spin her around multiple times before she came back down in his arms. She giggled and Harry smiled lovingly at his angel’s happiness.

Teyla and Sam both told Ginny she was blessed to have such a wonderful man to be her children’s father. Harry snapped his fingers and said something they couldn’t hear and Lily was back to wearing her outfit she had been wearing and Harry was in jeans and no shirt. His orchestra disappeared and the living room furniture went back to where it was supposed to be when there wasn’t an important ball happening.

Harry stirred and poked the fire and put a few more logs on. He stood watching the sparks and listened to the pop and crackle as flames heated the moisture in the wood. After he was mesmerized for a couple minutes he picked up another log and smelled it. After examining the wood carefully he put it back in the log pile and cast a spell over it. Excessive moisture evaporated into the air causing a wonderful aroma.

James came down from his room and went to his dad’s side. “What are you doing, Dad?”

“I wasn’t paying attention to the wood I put on the fire. You see how it is sizzling and popping excessively? And you see how the smoke is heavy causing me to have to open the flue a bit more?”

James nodded his head, “Why is it doing that?”

“Because the wood is green,” he answered and then explained further. “That means the wood hasn’t been properly seasoned. This tree was just recently downed and cut up for firewood. Do you know where it came from?”

“James nodded his head, “It came from the tree that busted the ice over the stream where Al and Banner fell through. I cut it up this morning right after breakfast when you and Al went to Scorpius’s house. I didn’t know it had to be seasoned before it could be used for firewood.”

“Thank you, son. It makes me feel good that you did this without being told or asked to do it. I'm proud of you for doing it and doing it so quickly. From now on though; if you ever cut wood on your own, pile it out on the other side of the shed in the back yard. It’ll season there until it’s needed.”

James said, “That’s where the rest of the tree is. And I saw where you have the dates marked that the wood was put there so I did that too. Now it makes sense why you dated it. I’ll take the rest of this back there and bring in the earliest dated wood.”

Harry smiled and shook his head, “No, it’s fine now. I took the moisture out of it, that’s why you smell it so strongly. Now; one more thing I’m curious about. This wood doesn’t have markings on it from a saw blade of any that we have. Did you use your wand to cut this wood?”

James swallowed and nodded his head and answered confidently that he did use his wand. Harry looked at him waiting for an explanation as to why he would use magic when it wasn’t an emergency since under aged children aren’t allowed to use magic or use their wands except at school.

James said, “Well you see, our Transfiguration teacher assigned us work to do during the holiday break. We have special permission to do magic for that assignment. It’s a summoning charm. I know you already taught us that charm, but I have to act like the rest of the kids’ right? Well, erm, so I summoned logs twenty four inches long to come to me. I know you taught us that the wand is an extension of our arms and it knows what is in our hearts if we communicate our thoughts the way we would if we told our hands to pick up something. So I pointed my wand and commanded my wand to cut twenty four inches of wood by using the Doffindo charm and bring it to me. It worked great so I just did that until it was all cut up and piled on the wood pile out back. Professor Alterman told us to use our imaginations.”

Harry laughed happily and roughed James’s hair. “You certainly did that; didn’t you?”

James sighed with relief and held out a paper he had brought down with him. “We’re supposed to get a parent to sign this saying we did the charms sufficiently and without help.” Harry signed the paper and asked how he was going to get graded. “If we go back to Hogwarts being able to perform the charm, then he’ll know we did it. If we can’t then I think he will talk to the parent who signed the paper saying we did the charm and ask why it was signed when the charm couldn’t be performed at school when called upon.”

Harry nodded his head and said that might prove to be harder for him than he realizes. It kind of sounds like the professor is going to be calling people liars. I hope it goes well for him. Well, our guests will be getting here and I’m not ready. Oh and it looks like the fire has boiled the sap and moisture out of the wood because the smoke isn’t dirty and thick looking. See how clean the flames are burning the wood? Now we can close the flue a bit to maximize the amount of heat we can benefit from.”

Harry closed the flue some and then went in the kitchen for a drink of water. “Smells wonderful ladies; I can’t wait to eat.” He got a glass of water and drank it down and started to leave saying he was going to get ready for company.

“What happened to your shirt, Mr. Potter?”

Harry looked at her and subconsciously put his hand on his chest and said, “It had nose tears all over the front of it. I’m on my way to change now. I’ll be quicker than a blink of an eye.”

Harry turned and started to run out of the kitchen as Ginny swatted him with her towel she had in her hand. She laughed as he turned as he was running and winked at her playfully chanting, “Missed me, missed me, now ya gotta kiss me.” Lily was standing in the doorway giggling and trying to block his escape so her mom could catch and kiss him.
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I appreciated the call back to Draco's "training for the ballet, Potter" line

Cute chapter

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Hey Guys, thanks for your loyalty and coming back chapter after chapter. I'm so happy I have readers and I hope you know it means a lot to me. Harry is not going to have a good day today and you might not want to be eating anything while you read about it. Thanks again for coming back for another chapter.

sweetoinkpixie: Thanks for reading and commenting! I'm glad you thought the chapter was cute. That's what I was going for. Poor Harry is in for some more hardships and I wanted him to have some happiness before the darkness came around again. Draco comes up in the story again real soon, as mentioned in the last chapter with the invite for Christmas dinner. I'm anxious to see how you like it. But first on to this chapter which I hope you like too.

Chapter 3

Incident With The Potatoes

Just then everything that could go wrong went wrong. A loud pop sounded and Harry yelled out in horrible pain and moved Lily away from him so fast she screamed in alarm. Ron yelled in surprise and anger. “Honestly, don’t you ever wear clothes?!”

He quickly put the pot of potatoes that had been boiling at their house onto the counter and tried to help Harry up off of the floor. Harry yelled when Ron grabbed his arm and cried out, “Don’t touch me!” Carson came running out just in time to see Harry’s whole left side and his back with ugly flesh that had been scalded ripping off and hanging on by strands of flesh that hadn’t received the same degree of burns.

Harry disappeared into the underground cavern and fell into the water. He was barely conscious and felt the cold water nearly throw him into paralyzing shock. But then the water began feeling warm to him. This would have to be good enough because he didn’t want anyone to look for him and be suspicious as to where he was and how he could be completely healed. He climbed unwillingly out of the water and began to feel the cold on his wet body. He was shivering nearly uncontrollably and disappeared into the shower in the basement. He stayed there until he was warm enough that his lips weren’t blue and then stepped out and began drying off. Looking in the mirror he felt good that he was better off than he was afraid he was. He put Dittany on his face, and was able to put it on his left hand, arm, and shoulder, the left side of his chest and neck; but it was too uncomfortable for him to twist enough to put it on his side and back. He put it on his butt cheek, groin area, and any burned places on his leg and foot. He put a soft bandage on his burns to pad where his socks, jeans, and shirt would rub him. Harry got dressed from the waist down; sighed, and whispered Winky’s name. The elf came to him and she cried out when she saw his red side and back.

“I can’t get this on my side and back, would you please put it on for me?”

Winky took the Dittany and began putting the medicine everywhere she could see had been burned. He asked if Ginny and Lily were okay and if Ron had been scalded and Winky said, “Master Ron did not get scalded or burned even just a little bit. He used a protection spell around him because he didn’t know how it would work Dissaparating with a big pot of boiling water and potatoes. But he is crying awfully hard because he hurt you and Miss Ginny screamed at him mercilessly and he wants to go back home. Miss Hermione is trying to comfort him telling him you probably aren’t hurt as bad as he thinks you are, and that you are so powerful that if you did get burned you would just heal yourself. Miss Ginny and Lily are both fine without even one drop of boiling water on them. They are both scared for you and Lily thinks if she hadn’t been blocking you then you wouldn’t have gotten burned.”

When she was done Harry looked like he just had a bad sunburn. He was pleased about this because with more treatments by tomorrow he would be fine on the outside and only mildly sore. He actually looked better than he felt. But still; he knew his muscles were burned and would need more time to heal. “Thanks Winky, we can go upstairs now. I assume people are all getting here now and wanting to eat.” The thought of eating was churning his stomach. “Winky, do I still smell like cooked flesh?” Winky cried with great tears and said, “No, Master Harry smells fresh and clean like the outside breeze coming through the pine trees.”

“Thanks Winky, I hope you know how much I appreciate you.” His voice was soft and shaky and his movements were slow and his hands shook like he had a bad case of nerves.

Harry and Winky went up the steps and into the kitchen. Harry went to Ginny’s herbs, spices, and oils and put a drop of olive oil and Lavender oil on his finger tip and put it behind his right ear. He thought this might calm his nerves and stimulate his mind into overpowering the smell of his skin burning out of his mind. Ginny put her hand out to turn him to her and he pulled away from her but looked at her; his eyes asking what she wanted with him.

“I just want to make sure you’re okay, plus Carson wants to see you in your study.”

Harry nodded his head and quietly said he would be okay to just get everyone to the table when it was all ready so George can eat and get back to his joke shop. She nodded her head and said, “Love, Ron wants a word with you.”

“I’ll see what Carson wants but it’s probably best if I don’t talk to Ron right now… or ever. Are you and Lily okay? I heard her scream; did I hurt her when I moved her?” The look of understanding was on her face but it also hurt her that her brother; his best friend, had hurt him and it made him not want to ever talk to him. Harry sighed and gently explained, “Of course I will talk to him, but not right now. I’m determined to not let this spoil our family-get together. I’m hopeful that we can eat and play a game of Quidditch and then by that time there’s less chance that I will say something hurtful to him. I really don’t want to hurt him. Has John and Jack gotten back yet? And you didn’t say anything about Lily, is she okay?”

“Lily is fine, it startled her, and she thought it was her fault, but I talked to her and she’s fine. And no, John and Jack haven’t gotten back yet; do you think they need any help?” Her smile was sly as she rolled her eyes to Teyla and Sam who was also smiling mischievously.

“Hang on and I’ll see where they are.” He got out his phone and pushed a button and his GPS popped up. “I have my truck synchronized to my phone.” He showed the screen to Ginny and then he chuckled softly and coughed. Ginny said, “But I don’t understand, the indicator is pointing towards home but they’re going straight the opposite way. Oh wait, now it’s coming this way again. No, Love, something is wrong with your GPS or your phone. It’s going the other way again. And they aren’t even on a road!”

Harry pointed to the location and then to the marker that said home. “Probably if you step out on the porch you’ll hear the truck. They’re trying to come up from behind the Burrow like John did last night. There are a lot of new snow drifts and they’re busting through all of them and getting stuck and then backing down the hill again to make another run for it. They’ll make it this next time; they almost made it the last time.”

“Oh, so they’ve been playing all this time?” asked Sam.

Isn’t that what they went for?” asked Harry quietly and convincingly innocent and then he coughed again. He turned and went to see Carson in the study and looked around for Ron. He wasn’t anywhere to be seen and neither was Hermione. He did see Hugo and Rose standing by the door as if they had either just got there or was just leaving. His heart dropped to his toes with disappointment which kind of confused him. He was extremely angry at Ron for Apparating into the house once again after how many times he had asked him not to. He really thought the last time Ron had understood the dangers of it. He stopped and asked why they weren’t playing and they both shrugged their shoulders. “Go wash up for lunch; we’ll eat as soon as I see what Dr. Carson wants with me. He smiled friendly at the kids and they said they were supposed to wait for their parents’ right there. Harry told them he would take the blame if there was any trouble and they ran off to do as their uncle told them.

When he got in the study Carson was talking to someone and Harry looked to see who it was. It was Ron and Hermione and they both looked desperately worried. Harry stepped in and quietly asked if he was interrupting. Ron and Hermione both jumped up and ran to him even though it was only across the room. Harry turned to face them and put out his hands to keep them from touching him. When they saw his deep red skin on the left side of his face and neck and his left hand they stopped and asked if he was going to be okay.

Harry looked at them for a minute and then looked at Carson. He stiffly walked over to him and asked, “You wanted to see me?” and coughed and then grimaced. The cough was getting worse and he really didn’t want anyone else to know.

“What can you tell me about what happened? You don’t need to take off your clothes; I tweaked my instrument so it can work through clothing.”

Harry quietly said, “I felt the pot hit my left arm and because I was moving pretty fast I hit it hard enough to splash the contents out over the whole left side of my body. It scalded me and my skin began to cook and fall off. I barely made it downstairs where I was able to slowly begin to heal myself. By the time I got done with my shower I was like this. It just looks like a severe sunburn and my muscles still feel sore. It hurts to breath and I can’t take cleansing breaths. My lungs are filling up with fluid. Some Pepper up potion will help with that, but I wanted to make sure my lungs aren’t burnt through.”

Carson was moving his instrument over him and said, “Your assessment sounds accurate from what I can tell. I don’t think my scanner is picking up like I hoped; could you take off your shirt so I can see your heart and lungs?”

Harry magiced his shirt off and stood still while Carson worked his little instrument over him thoroughly and then said, “There isn’t any permanent damage done to your heart, and your lungs are filling up with fluid. You have Pneumonia but I think like you said, the potion will do the trick for you. Your muscles are burned but they’ll heal in a few days. As for the rest of you; if you don’t mind, Albus and I made this while you all were in France shopping. I found this in this book of yours I was reading. The author said he made the potion once and it was successful, but the wizarding medical association is taking their time to test it to make sure it works well enough to have it developed and made available to the public. I’ve read over the ingredients and I’m in total agreement with him that it should work. Do you care if I try it on your burns?”

Harry took the book Carson was pointing to and looked at the cover and handed it back saying, “Yes, you can try it, I’m sure it works, but he was wanting to have it sprayed on so the person with the burns doesn’t have to suffer through the application by rubbing it onto the skin.”

Carson gave him the Pepper up potion to take first and then began applying the new potion to him. He stood perfectly still while Carson started on his face, ear, and neck. He asked Harry to make his hair short and Harry complied. He was starting to tremble as Carson worked on his chest and then his back. When he did Harry’s arm Harry was shaking from the trauma on his body. After Carson got his ribs and waste done Harry took the jar and said he could get the rest on his own. He looked at Ron and Hermione and said, “I told your kids to wash up for lunch. Please go out and tell everyone to go ahead and start eating and I’ll come out when I’m done. I don’t want to see any sad sacks when I get out there. Enjoy the meal, and we’ll talk after we’re done eating.” He looked at Carson and thanked him for everything and went into his lab for some privacy to cover the rest of his burns. When he was done he washed his hands and got dressed.

When he got out to the dining room he gingerly sat down in his seat and everyone looked at him expectantly. George and his family walked in and George went to the fireplace to take a quick call from the store and then went straight to the dining room and sat down. Harry asked if everyone was there and then told everyone to eat up and enjoy the time with family and friends. This was the cue for everyone that he wasn’t going to be the subject to have a conversation about. John and Jack both came out from washing up at the same time. They looked very happy and obviously had something on their minds they wanted to talk about. Harry only used his right hand and he still trembled noticeably but nothing was said about it. John saw right away Harry wasn’t looking near as well as he was when they left and then he looked around at the somber faces and said, “What happened here while we were gone?”

Nobody spoke up and then Ron said, “Harry, nearly died a little bit ago and it’s my fault, but Carson said he’ll be okay. Harry doesn’t want to talk about it though until after we’re done eating. We’re supposed to laugh and carry on like nothing abnormal happened to him.”

Ron was clearly shaken but somewhat put off too. He wanted to tell Harry he was sorry before he started making excuses as to why he Apparated inside instead of outside like Harry told him over and over to do. Harry looked at Ron with flames burning in his eyes. His ears were still smoking a little from the Pepper up potion which made him look extremely formidable.

George spoke up saying, “It sounds to me like Harry’s bent out of shape because he got hurt and thinks he needs to blame it on Ron. If you think about it that is always what happens; Harry gets hurt but it’s always the fault of somebody else. You don’t even look hurt Bucko, just overindulged in playing outside by the looks of your sunburn.”

Harry put his fork down and said, “That’s exactly right, George. There is nothing abnormal here. Something happens to me in my own home where I should be able to move about without getting hurt but that just can’t seem to happen and thankfully it was me that got hurt and not one of my kids because they would have died on the spot, but somehow it’s twisted and contorted to where it’s entirely my fault. And the funny thing about this is I haven’t said a single word about what happened nor have I blamed anyone; not one word. I didn’t want to talk about it so we could all enjoy each other and the season. You weren’t even here to know what happened, yet you are ready to blame me. So, today is just another normal day and as always it’s my fault. Now, I want us to enjoy our family Christmas meal. So please can we talk about something else?”

Jack said, “Well, John and I have some interesting news to talk about if anyone is interested.”

Harry looked expectantly at his friend and nodded his head, “I want to hear about it. What happened?”

John spoke up innocently saying, “I was doing doughnuts in the parking lot after Harry and Albus left, but don’t worry, the parking lot was completely empty.”

Jack took over the story from there and said, “The local authorities surrounded the truck, emergency lights flashing and cops from every direction running up to the truck yelling into a bull horn.”

“I put my window down to see what was going on and they all put the skids on and drew their weapons ordering us out of the truck.” John looked far more innocent than what was real and people began to smile not knowing if this was a legitimate story or something totally fabricated to make a good excuse for coming in late for lunch.

Jack continued saying, “They asked, “Who are you and what have you done with Harry Potter? This is his truck, and you are not him, either one of you.”

“Yes, they knew neither one of us was Harry because, well, the General has brown eyes but they did do a double take on me though. But then they noticed I have black hair so they knew I wasn’t Harry.”

Everyone laughed at John saying the difference between Jack and Harry was his brown eyes and the only difference between him and Harry was his black hair.

Jack frowned and said, “Would you just let me tell them what went on, some of these people have to go back to work?!” Jack was of course only acting impatient and grinned at John surrendering to him.

“So we explained that we came in town with Harry, but he took a different way home. It turns out that the city mayor needed to be airlifted to a hospital over in another city and the only pilot they have was sick with the flu and they wanted to ask Harry if he’d fly the Mayor since they know he licensed pilot. They were some kind of pleased to say the least when I told them that John is an American air force pilot who was qualified to fly helicopters and would be happy to fly the Mayor anywhere he wanted to go. So we did that and then on the way home I wanted him to come up from the Burrow like he did last night. It was great, of course we didn’t have the weight in the back like he did last night but he made it up after only six times of trying.”

Everyone was excited about them saving the Mayor and the rest of the meal went smoothly. Harry was mostly quiet and kept his eyes on his plate. His stomach wasn’t behaving the way it’s supposed to when you’re hungry and eat as much as you can. He couldn’t get the image of his skin peeling off from being scalded today and all the times it happened to him in the last two months when he was being tortured. He couldn’t look without his belly rolling over at the family pulling the skin off the roasted duck and turkey and eating it like it was the best thing they ever tasted. It may have looked like he was being unsociable but he wasn’t. He spoke friendly when spoken to, but he never offered any conversation. Soon George and his family said they needed to go so he could get back to the joke shop. “I’m letting my employees have the rest of the day off, but there’s still people doing last minute shopping so I’ll take care of the store. Ron, did you want to come and help your older brother?”

“Time and a half; right?”

George looked affronted and said resentfully, “I’m your brother!”

Ron smiled and said, “Yeah, funny how that didn’t work any special deals for me when I wanted to make purchases.” Harry chuckled remembering how indignant Ron was when Fred and George opened the joke shop and Ron had his arms full of things to buy but his brothers wouldn’t give him a deal even though he was their brother.

Percy and his family got up from the table and said they should get back home too so they can prepare for Christmas. Fleur got up and poked Bill on the shoulder and he sighed and said they needed to go home as well. “Fleur’s people are coming over first thing in the morning and I guess our house isn’t as spotless as it can be.”

Charlie, Molly, and Arthur got up and said they had a long trip to make since they were spending the Christmas holiday at Charlie’s.

Harry looked at Ron to see if he was leaving and George asked him again to come help him. Ron said he’d go for a little while but he wasn’t giving his whole afternoon to him. The disappointment was obvious on Harry’s face but he didn’t say anything. Hermione said, “You’ll have to wait for another time to chide Ron for his unfortunate accident.”

Anger flushed the hurt look off Harry’s face and said, “Not at all, Hermione. I thought we were going to play Quidditch and have the afternoon to visit.” He looked around and said, “Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year. There are gifts on the center coffee table for everyone.”

He turned and walked out onto the porch off of the kitchen. It turned out to be a beautiful day; the sun glistening on the fresh snow and there wasn’t even any wind blowing. It was a calm day, perfect for a family game of Quidditch that wasn’t going to be played.

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Hey Guys, thank you for coming back for the next chapter. It means so much to me that you take time to read my story. Thank you all so much. I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Chapter 4

Harry And Hermione Have A Serious Talk

Hermione went out and stood beside him and said, “Harry, I’m the one who told Ron to Disapparate into the kitchen. I didn’t know for certain if everyone would be here on time and I wanted to finish them right before we sat down to eat so they would still be hot. Mother and Father said they wouldn’t be getting here until the last minute because they had a meeting with the International Floo network this morning with something to do about them traveling to Charlie’s. They’ve been cracking down on what you can and can’t declare when going out of the country using the Floo network. Fleur said Bill was going to be at the mine making sure everything would be set up for his foreman to take charge for a couple days so he could be home while they celebrate Christmas with her parents being there. Percy had a last minute meeting at the Ministry to make sure all offices of the Ministry could shut down for Christmas and again for the New Year. George said he was going to be late coming so he could stay for a four hour special running between eight and twelve today and then promised more sales after the lunch hour; and he did give his employees the rest of the day off. So, I really didn’t think the kitchen would have any activity going on. I figured everything would be done and you’d all be sitting in the living room visiting with your American friends.”

Harry gave her his full attention while she was talking to him and then turned to watch a flock of birds land in the trees. He looked at the bird feeders and realized they were empty. He thought a non verbal spell to replenish and the feeders were full.

“Hermione, Lily was right in front of me. She was about to tackle me to keep me from getting by her, and Ginny was right behind me. If the same amount of water had gotten Lily instead of me it would have killed her on the spot. If it had gotten on Ginny I honestly don’t think she would have survived, possibly she might have. But if she had it would have affected her for the rest of her life. It wouldn’t have made any difference to the potatoes if Ron had Apparated outside and come through the door like everyone else did.”

“But, Harry, why wouldn’t you talk to us when we wanted to?

Harry sighed and then sadly looked at Hermione. “If you can imagine yourself in my shoes for a minute I think you could answer your own question.” He held out his hands and she saw he was trembling. “I can get over the physical trauma done to me, but the thing I can’t heal from is the memory of things. You can’t imagine what it feels like to have your skin peeled from your body with either a knife or burning it. I’ve endured both and it is always in my mind. I can’t forget it. And it makes it worse when you have the odor of burning flesh and the vision of your skin falling away and hanging on by sinewy strands of…” He stopped when he saw the repulsion on her face and her hand going to her mouth. “I was doing good to get as far as I did with the healing process, but the pain stays with me. The trauma I go through stays with me, the memory stays with me, and I didn’t want to talk to Ron right at that moment because I didn’t want that pain and memory to do the talking. It is not my intention to hurt Ron or you. For the past twenty one or so years, I have not been able to partake in a family gathering healthy in body and mind. Often times I wasn’t even here to watch or listen propped up in a chair or in bed. When I was away I wanted desperately bad to be here and celebrate. I always wondered what my family was doing, how the family gathering was going along, and what it would be like if I was there. I always heard how great it was later after the fact. Today I found out that they are better if I’m not here. I wasn’t trying to make everyone, “laugh and carry on like nothing abnormal happened” as Ron said. I just wanted the gathering to be like they are when I’m not here so I could experience and be a part of the family. Honestly Hermione, I know everyone loves me, but I’ve never been accepted as part of the family by George and Ron… and I don’t think I ever will be.”

“Why would you think that? You said you know they love you; why wouldn’t that mean they accept you as family?” Hermione was trying to understand and she was being very patient since this was a very deep and troubling issue with Harry.

“Well, I’ll start with George. He and Fred always took sides with me, were fiercely loyal to me, and helped me many times without asking questions. It was always Fred leading the way to get me what I needed. It was me and my cause that caused George to lose the part of him that gave him direction and meaning to life. He married Fred’s girlfriend to keep him close to him, but he can’t accept me as a brother, because he would rather have his real brother instead of me taking Fred’s place, which I don’t want to do, but rather just be a brother the same as if Fred was here.

Hermione shook her head slowly. She didn’t know if she agreed with Harry or not. It certainly wasn’t something she spent time thinking about. And sadly enough she found herself wondering if maybe Harry was right. What a sad and lonely thought that the family you married into doesn’t want you, as in George not wanting Harry for a brother. “What about Ron? You said he never accepted you into the family. I think you are mistaken about that. Ron loves you like a brother.”

Harry said, “He loves me similar to a brother not the same as a brother, and he never will. I have always loved you similar to a sister. We’re all three best friends. So we have a similar kinship; you and I like brother and sister and him like a best friend to both of us, and that is all he’ll tolerate me being. In his eyes we are equal outside of family. I always told him that he shouldn’t think about how much money he had or didn’t have and compare it to how much I had because it put a wedge in our relationship. It isn’t that he wanted my money; he was jealous that I had what he didn’t have and what he’s always wanted. Ron has always accused me of being better than him because I had money. He turned me wanting, more than anything, a mum and dad into a pecuniary offense. It made him feel better not having money when he found out that I wanted a mum and dad more than any of my money. Now that he has plenty of money and parents he thinks he’s better than me because he has both, money and parents. But as friends go, we’re equal unless I call his parents mum and dad. He thinks that would make me better than him like he felt ever since we met up until he began making money. After we all got married I was so excited; I said that we were finally brothers. He laughed and agreed until I said that now I have parents too. Instead of being happy for me, do you know what he told me? He said, “Your parents are dead, mate, and my parents are mine, not yours.” He will never accept me as part of the family.”

He shook his head at Hermione’s distraught expression and told her not to dwell on it. “Could you do a favor for me though? Could you please remember who I am and what I am to you instead of making it out like I think I’m brilliant and a hero; stuff like that? I am still just Harry Potter, no better and no worse than anyone else. And I never try to make anyone feel inferior or weak minded. And most of all please stop assuming the worst of me; I’m not the filthy monster/animal I’m accused of being.”

Hermione found her voice after thinking how to prove Harry was wrong, but then realized he was right. “But, Harry, you’ve been to meals with the whole family right here in your own home. You haven’t missed out; not really.”

Harry shook his head sadly. “Hermione, if ever I’m here for a meal with the family, I can’t even eat without first answering loads of questions, or defending something I’d done. I can’t sit down at my own table and participate in a family discussion and enjoy a meal. Look at lunch today… I was trying not to be sick and concentrating on being able to play Quidditch after we ate and I was trying to be a good host when John asked what was going on because he saw me trembling and I didn’t look as healthy as when they saw me last. Ron told him I nearly died and it was his fault and I expected everyone to laugh and have a good time like nothing happened. George, even though he wasn’t here to know what happened, said it sounded like I was bent out of shape and I wanted to blame Ron for an accident. That was when we sat down to eat. Once again I was made out to be a villain and in front of my children. Then right after lunch, everyone had to leave. Yeah, I was disappointed because I really wanted to play Quidditch and I wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon visiting, doing what you all do when I’m not here. I couldn’t because everyone left for one reason or another. Then you assumed I was disappointed because I would have to wait and chide Ron for his accident another time.”

Hermione said she would talk to Ron about treating him right and accepting him as a brother but Harry said, “No, Hermione; it has to be from him. He has to have a change of heart or it won’t mean anything but words to him, because the next time he gets angry with me; anything you tell him, it’ll all go out the window. Just go about your life normal and let Ron be Ron. Now on a different note… are you ready to become the new Minister of Magic? Do you have a speech ready? Do you need my help with anything?”

They talked for several minutes about the speech she was writing and Harry gave her some helpful advice she was having trouble with and then she rubbed her arms and shoulders, “I’m freezing, Harry; we should go inside. Actually, the kids and I should leave and pack so we’re ready to travel tomorrow.” Harry nodded his head and thanked her for listening to him. She hugged him and for the first time in a long time he felt like she was the same Hermione he went to Hogwarts with and who was one of his best friends, but more than that, a sister he always thought of her being. Hermione felt him tense up and he was holding his breath and realized she was hurting him. She pulled away and said, “Harry, I’m so sorry! Are you okay, will you be alright?” He forced a small smile but his eyes were friendly and then he spoke softly, “I expect I’ll live.”

Ginny watched the two come in and eyed Hermione suspiciously. Her sister-in-law just smiled and hugged her good-bye. She called her two children and they all wished each other a safe and Merry Christmas and left. Ginny looked at her husband and saw him open his hand. His disappointment was showing and had something to do with what was in his hand. A Snitch popped its wings out that hugged itself when not in play and darted away. He sighed and sat down by the fire watching the tiny ball zip here and there.

“Does anyone have a fun idea?” he asked hopefully. Teyla looked out to the kitchen and said, “I think I’m going to go help Winky clean the kitchen. It doesn’t seem quite fair that she worked hard to help us make such a wonderful lunch and she barely got home for her lunch break before she had to come back to clean it all up again.”

Ginny sighed and said, “I was thinking the same thing. It seems like all we did was feed everyone so they wouldn’t have to take time from their busy schedules to prepare and fix their own lunch. And then it was ruined by Ron scalding Harry and then that awful accusation from George. I swear sometimes I wish-” She stopped and glanced at her kids listening and changed her mind about saying anything else. The women went to the kitchen and within a minute the guys heard giggling and whispering.

James said, “How do they do that? They just look at each other and say one or two words that don’t even mean anything and they suddenly know exactly what each other are thinking.”

Jack said, “It’s one of man’s greatest mysteries that will probably never be solved: The mind of women folk.”

Harry chuckled and nodded his head in agreement. He stood up and put his hand on the mantel and closed his eyes. He was getting stiff and needed to move around to keep his muscles loosened up some. His fingers brushed up against something and he picked it up and looked at it. It was George's cell phone and his wife called just then which startled him.

“Oh bother,” he said quietly. He went to the kitchen and told Ginny George forgot his phone, could she call his wife and let her know. Ginny said, “Just pop over to the joke shop and give it to him; it’ll just take a second.”

“I’d rather let him come and get it; we have company that didn’t desert us and I don’t feel up to it anyway.”

Ginny turned and sighed, “Well, alright, if you want to be part of the fun around here.” She had a wicked grin on her face and Harry naturally backed away from her watching her twirl her dish towel into a perfect snapping weapon. He shook his head and said, “Surely you wouldn’t-”

He barely jumped clear of the towel snapping at his thigh and the giggles from the women told him clearly they had forgotten he was badly burned. The skin was mostly healed but his muscles were still sore and burnt. The second snap caught him on the thigh and his face turned white and then red. He tried to laugh with them but had trouble being convincing. “Alright, alright, you win; I’ll take the phone to him!”

Just as he was about to disappear he heard Carson run up behind him saying, “No, stop, stop; he can’t take that right now. That will bring welts to the surface and cause bleeding.” But Harry was gone and he was walking through the alley where he knows George comes and goes from. His hand went to his thigh that felt like it was on fire and pulled his hand away when he felt hot sticky blood. A man was standing at the entrance to the shop and Harry disappeared. Something didn’t feel right and it wasn’t his leg he was thinking about right then. The man turned around and looked up and down the alley. He spoke into a small device and said, “Hang on, I heard someone whistling. What if it’s that wretched Potter or some of his Aurors?”

Harry cast a spell at the doorway that was inset from the alley where he was hiding. A hologram of a man backed away from the door and put keys in its pocket and walked away with Harry starting to whistle and then started singing a song the West Yorkshire Police put out on You tube about the police watching and arresting criminals. The lookout spoke again and said, “All clear, it was a false alarm.” He laughed telling whomever he was talking to about what the man was singing. An irritated voice answered, “We know, we heard; now get off the radio and watch.”

Harry became invisible and silently disarmed the lookout and tied and gagged him. Next he pushed the button on his phone that summoned his Aurors for emergency situations. He quickly put up the Muffliato enchantment and waited for his Aurors to get there. He had one of them take the lookout guy to lock him up at the Ministry. He then told the others what was going on. A quick plan was made and Harry made the door open silently while his Aurors all filed into the store.

Harry took a deep breath and went around to the front of the building in plane site and walked into the store. “Ron, George,” he called out merrily. “Hey, George, come out here, I want to get back home. You left your cell at the house.” Harry saw some fake wands on a shelf and swiped one without notice.

A man came out with George and said, “Mr. Potter, I’ve always wanted to meet you. What an honor; can we shake hands? The Weasley’s joke store is being investigated for tax evasion.”

“Where’s Ron and is it just you here to investigate the tax evasion? And are there any customers here?” Harry didn’t take the man’s hand but looked around at a glance.

The man laughed waspishly and said, “My; what a lot of questions you have. Well, for your information there is a man in the alley to watch that these two bad men don’t get away. There are three more in the back room interrogating the owner’s brother, and there are four stationed at the corners of this room. There are three more stationed in the back show room, and then there’s me. All the customers are in the back with three men so they don’t interfere if things go wrong.”

Harry asked if Ron and George were cooperating and the man laughed, “Oh yes, we haven’t had to threaten them at all. It’s really quite funny. They let us handcuff them right away and only asked for us to not umm arrest their wives.”

“I see, well I just had to ask so I could know what to expect if they gave you a hard time and you had to get physical.”

“No, they complied right away. We didn’t get to lay a hand on them yet.”

Harry looked curious and asked what he meant by that and then said, “Does the taxing authorities have the authority to work when the Minister has shut down all government run agencies for the holidays? How about I see some credentials of everyone working on the case here,” he said as he drew the fake wand.

The man laughed and captured the wand from Harry’s hand and Harry did a good job making it look like he was surprised. “I hope you know you’re in a lot of trouble, Mr. I don’t go places without an emergency detachment of Aurors to go with me.”

The man laughed again and motioned for Harry to raise his hands. Harry raised his right arm but couldn’t raise his left arm and sweat beads popped out on his face and neck. Harry told him that would have to do and looked at George and subtly shook his head no when George started to move. “So, I better just go ahead and kill you now, and how sweet it will be to use your own wand against you. Avada Kedavra!”
“No!” George yelled and ran to Harry. Harry put his hand up to stop his brother-in-law. “I’m fine, George, let’s grab your unwanted customer. Didn’t they like the sale you had going on? I’m willing to wager he’s specifically doesn’t like your trick wands.” George was confused and tried to laugh at Harry’s joke, but was quite shaken. He looked around and saw the man on his back with white sticky goo splattered all over his face.

“How did he get one of my wands?”

Harry answered, “I picked one up when I walked by it so he’d get that instead of my wand. I was counting on him taking it and using it against me. It would make my job easier; I’m feeling stiff and sore. Let’s go let the captain and the customers know that it’s safe to come out now.”

Harry handed George his cell phone. You forgot this at the house and your wife’s been calling you. I didn’t answer it though.”

Just then Ron came out grinning saying they heard everything. He and George slapped Harry on the shoulder saying, “You were bloody brilliant singing that song about the Policeman getting the criminal. And the way you took a trick wand to let that bloody git take it from you and then can you believe it made him shoot himself with it.”

Harry didn’t say anything and successfully worked up a modest smile but at the same time wondered how everyone could forget he had been severely burned just a few hours ago. “I need to go process these men in the holding cells at the Ministry.” He looked at both of his brothers-in law and asked if they were hurt in any way. He got out his cell phone to call Ginny while Ron was still going on about the nerve of people committing crimes on Christmas Eve. Ginny didn’t answer her phone so he left a message on voice mail. Harry asked again if they were hurt and when they answered no he asked Carl if he would be able to help him. Carl said not to worry about a thing that he and a couple guys would do it, and for him to go on home. Of course Harry wouldn’t hear of it. Harry told Ron that Ginny’s phone must be on the charger and that the land lines are down. “Would you please make sure Ginny checks her messages so I can just concentrate on getting done so I can get home?”

Ron and George both assured him they would see to it and with several happy slaps on the back and thanking him for bringing the phone in; Harry finally left. While Carl and Harry worked Carl asked if he was okay. Harry quietly explained about the accident with the boiling potatoes but then changed the subject right away so there wouldn’t be any discussion about it. Finally they finished and he dismissed his Aurors. Carl asked if he could make it home alright and Harry nodded his head wearily and disappeared to the front porch. He walked in and said he needed to shower and get a couple band aides on and then he’d be back down. Ginny stood up to follow him, he thought. He smiled and said, “I’d be much obliged for your help, thank you.”

She folded her arms and said, “Do you know what time it is?”

Harry stopped and looked at her; his smile disappearing. “Yes, since my mind is tied in with the enchantments of Hogwarts I do indeed know what time it is every minute of every day and night. Is there a problem; did we have plans that I missed out on?”

“No, but we have company that you totally alienated while you were out with George and Ron I expect. We all saw how disappointed you were when everyone left. You decided to visit anyway you could I guess. I think you’re happy George forgot his phone. I’m surprised you would leave our company like you did. How about you wait to shower before you go to bed and just come back down here so we can go visit? Don’t forget they are leaving early morning the day after Christmas and tomorrow will be spent on nothing but fun. And look at yourself now. You’re all stoved up and can hardly move without turning ghostly white. What did you do while you were gone?” For the first time since he got home she actually saw him as he was; weary, and in pain. “I’m sorry, love, I just don’t understand how you can leave here just fine, and then be gone for hours and come home so worn out and in so much pain. You know tomorrow is important to all of us, especially you, or so you say. Why did you stay out taking a chance you wouldn’t be up for Christmas? How can tomorrow be perfect if you’re barely able to drag yourself around?”

Harry shook his head and asked where everyone was and Ginny said, “Mum asked everyone to meet them at the Burrow for sandwiches and eggnog. I’m missing out because I wanted to wait for you to come home and go with you. I’ve been worried sick that something happened, but then I just got angry because you were out having fun and I was stuck here at home worrying like always.”

Harry turned and stepped down the few steps he had gone up and went to his wife. She couldn’t read his stoic face but she knew he wasn’t happy. “You, Ron, and George seemed to have forgotten that I was scalded today. If you cared enough to notice, my thigh has been bleeding from you swatting me with your dishtowel today when I told you George forgot his phone. You were playing, I understand, I just can’t understand how you could forget and snap that towel on my thigh forcing me to take his phone to him even though I wanted him to come and get it. I didn’t feel up to going. And I wasn’t in the mood to go either. Ron and George both seemed to forget or maybe they just don’t care and slapped my back and shoulder like nothing happened. You go on to your mum’s house; I’ll go take a swim in the freezing water in the cavern so your day tomorrow can be perfect. I’ll get a sandwich when I can and go on to bed. Please tell your mum and dad I hope they have a great time with Charlie and Merry Christmas to them all. I hate it when you’re angry with me Gin. If I deserved it, that’s one thing, but none of today was my fault. Good night, hopefully I’ll be asleep when you get home so I can make your day perfect tomorrow since it’s up to me for you to be happy.”

Ginny said, “You know we care, it’s just that when you look healthy it’s hard not to understand that it’s just on the surface. All you look like is that you have a bad sunburn.”

Harry looked hard at her and said, “And it’s a good thing to be snapping towels and slapping the back of people who have bad sunburns? Please, Gin, I’m not trying to make this about me, but I really need to take care of myself. Just go to your parent’s house, try to find it in your heart to forgive me for whatever I did wrong and love me again like you did before I left.”

He held out his right arm to her and she walked into his arms and though he felt like a machine vibrating and he was hot he still held her to him tightly. He looked down at her and kissed her softly and when she didn’t say anything he said good bye and disappeared to the lake under their home.

He stayed in the water until he was completely healed and came out of the water dry and warm. He showered and put on a pair of pajama shorts. When he went upstairs to the kitchen he made a peanut butter sandwich and ate it on the way up to the bedroom then sat on the side of the bed and drank Draught of Living Death; put the container on the bedside table and fell back onto the bed; his legs still over the side.

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Default The Unusual Christmas
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for a new story. As always, this one starts exactly where the last one ended. This chapter is pretty long and has three things going on. I hope I didn't put too much in one chapter, but I wanted it all introduced in this chapter. I hope hope you enjoy it. Please comment if you want especially if you need clarification with anything. You all mean so much to me, thank you so much. This chapter takes place on Christmas day and in real life, today is my birthday. I am 62 years old now, but I feel young reading and writing Harry Potter anything. Anyway; here's the first chapter, enjoy.

Short Story: The Unusual Christmas

Chapter 1

Unexpected Guests On Christmas Day

When Harry awoke the next morning he was snuggled up in Ginny’s arms. He wanted to stay there for hours just lying there without any pain and fully rested but mostly feeling her love for him. But it was Christmas and there were gifts he wanted to watch be unwrapped. He rolled over on his back and stretched. Ginny woke up and took advantage of his arms being stretched out and rolled over top of him. He opened his eyes and looked at her and they kissed. His arms went around her naked body and the reading in each other’s eyes informed them what they both wanted for Christmas. Kissing began and then they heard running of smaller feet and a puppy yapping happily with those running feet. Rapid knocking on the door with shouting, “It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas everybody get up, come on!!!!”

Ginny’s smile was sweet and the kiss she gave him was wistful of the ideas she had hoped would bear fruition before anyone else awoke. Harry was reluctant to let go of her and he reciprocated her longing to make love. He kissed her passionately on the lips and then kissed her neck. Then they heard footsteps running up the stairs and the puppy yapping happily with them. More knocking on the doors and pleads to hurry up and come down to open gifts. They heard other doors opening and their friends’ answers to the demand to get up, and Harry grinned at Ginny. “I guess we better get up and join the crowd.” She nodded her head and said she thought he was right. But before he let go of her he said, “Merry Christmas, Ginny; I love you with all my heart. Can you forgive me for whatever I did that made you angry with me yesterday? I don’t want anything between us today or ever.”

She sighed and said, “Love, its stupid what happened. You didn’t do anything wrong. I had my phone on the charger for three hours yesterday and when I took it off I didn’t look at it. It wasn’t until last night at Mum and Dad’s when Ron and George told everyone what happened at the joke shop. Then I was even angrier that you didn’t call to let me know anything about what happened and that you were okay. But then they both said that you did call and even left a message. And then they both looked at each other and did a face palm and said you had asked one of them to call me to make sure I got the message. They forgot to tell me so I didn’t have a clue as to what happened. I looked at my phone to see why it didn’t ring and found it wasn’t working. It said it was charged, but it just doesn’t work anymore. I’m so sorry I was so mean to you. I’m the one who needs forgiveness.”

Harry sighed and then managed a small kind smile for her. “It’s okay. So, I hope your parents weren’t too disappointed that the whole family wasn’t there to see them off.”

Ginny bit her lip and slowly said, “Well… actually everyone was there, and we all had a really nice visit. Fleur’s parents even went with Bill and his family. Everyone stayed for a long time. Daddy was elated to have Jack, Sam, and John take a crack at that pilot simulator you got him a few years ago. He didn’t know Sam was an Air Force pilot too and was quite impressed with her skills. The kids and I stayed for a couple hours and then we came on home. I don’t know when the others came home. John drove his truck and took Teyla and Carson. I told Jack he could take your truck since he looked squeamish when I told him he and Sam could take the van and they could take the kids.” She laughed remembering the face Jack made at the thought of driving a minivan.

Harry tried to smile big and act like it didn’t bother him that he missed out on the visit he had hoped to have at lunch, but instead the family visit happened without him later. And then he put it behind him; he wasn’t going to dwell on things that upset him. A more sincere smile came across his face and he said, “I’m glad everyone had a nice visit. It’ll make it easier for your parents being over there knowing everyone here is fine and going to be happy. Now, we better get downstairs before we’re left out of our Christmas.” He smiled and kissed her one more time and let go of her.

They used magic to get dressed since they took those few minutes talking. He took Ginny’s hand and led her to the bathroom where he ran some water in the sink and Skryed what was going on downstairs. “Nobody is in the kitchen; let’s play a joke on the kids.” He looked again to make sure nobody was in the kitchen, not even Winky and they instantly appeared in the kitchen. Harry made coffee and sped it along with magic and then he asked Ginny for her phone. She gave it to him and he started checking it out while he and Ginny stood grinning by the coffee maker as if they were waiting for it to get done. The carafe was nearly full when John walked into the kitchen saying, “I smell coffee! Woo hoo; Merry Christmas to me at this unearthly early hour.” He cracked up laughing loudly shaking his head and pointing at them. Everyone came out to see why he was laughing and the kids were very indignant to find their parents obviously got up before they did and didn’t let them know. Harry laughed and said, “Calm down, we haven’t been up that long, and I thought we’d prank you into thinking we have been down here all along. We just got up when you pounded on our door and came down using magic for fun. I made sure nobody was in the kitchen first,” he added when he saw Lily about to object since he gets mad at Ron for coming in the house by magic unannounced.

Carson asked Harry how he was feeling and asked to see Harry’s hands. Harry knew he was still trembling and didn’t want to be told he needed more rest or medicine. He swallowed and did as he was requested and Carson nodded his head and said, “Your nerves are bad son, but not anything I didn’t expect. What did you eat for dinner last night?”

“I had a peanut butter sandwich and Draught of Living Death.”

“You need to eat better than that. You can’t dangle from the end of your rope and just eat a sandwich; you need food that will nourish your body to recover from the abuse it endures. And you need plenty of water to-”

Harry was looking at the floor as he was being scolded; his face red with embarrassment. Carson stopped and said, “Listen to me going on and on and you being a good lad letting me. I know you are well aware of what you need. Why is it then that you didn’t eat more?”

“I was too tired to fix anything else and things were laying heavy on my mind. If I eat much with a heavy heart I get sick. I knew I was too tired and I also knew I needed to eat. I thought if I ate just enough, then I could make it until morning if I slept all night without nightmares. I took the Drought and I don’t even remember lying down, but when I woke up I was in bed. So can we eat a little something and then open presents?” Nobody complained but Harry knew they were all anxious to open the presents but wouldn’t keep him from eating like he needed to do.

“I have an idea. How about anyone who wants to eat can grab a bowl of cereal and eat in the living room so we can watch presents being opened?”

Everyone was agreeable and Harry poured a bowl of some kind of flake cereal and poured milk over it. He took his coffee and cereal in the room where everyone else was settling down to watch the kids open their presents. He sat in his comfy chair by the fire and sat his coffee down on the hearth stone out of the way but easily accessible for when he was ready for it.

He smiled at his family and friends and then he was hit hard with emotions making him just nod at the kids to proceed with the giving of gifts. He wiped his eyes and began eating as the kids began handing out gifts. Harry made sure the cameras around the room were recording on magical recorders. Lily was the first to open a gift and then Albus opened one followed by James opening one. They all three were very pleased and thanked Jack and Sam for the gifts they brought them from America. The boys received large model fighter jets to put together and Lily received a rather large hardback book, ‘A Linguistic Guide for Foreign Languages and Cultures.’ It came with a CD to help with words and definitions commonly used.

Another round of gifts was given and Carson was surprised when a gift was given to him from Harry. It was heavy and not small at all. He just stared at it as if he didn’t know what to do with it. Lily said, “Open it, Dr. Carson; we want to see what you got.”

Carson looked at Harry who was watching intently wanting to make sure he saw his reaction of whether he liked the gift or not. Carson grinned and shook his head and tore off the gift wrapping. He opened the box and pulled out a brand new seven volume set of first edition books from the author he had been reading while he was there. The books came in a special collectors case and had Carson’s name carved into it. His mouth dropped open and he looked at Harry saying, “Thank you son, but I can’t accept this. I’m sure they are quite valuable being First Editions.”

Harry frowned at first when he said he couldn’t accept them but then chuckled. “I think if I was worried about the value of them I’d still give them to you. Go ahead and look what the author wrote to you; I had it autographed to you specially.”

Carson was beside himself with joy and looked at the inside cover. It read;

For: Dr. Carson Beckett; a kind and brilliant man, and a special friend. Always my best in all you do, Hermes Jay Rapttor.

Carson looked at Harry not knowing what to say. “Do you know this man ‘Hermes Jay Rapttor’ personally, Harry? Is he who you learned so much of your knowledge about medicine and the human body from? What’s this he’s going on about me being a special friend?”

Harry slowly shook his head no saying, “I do know him as well as I know myself.” His eyes twinkled with delight but he saw nobody was opening their gifts and he didn’t want to hold up the festivities. Just then John jumped up and asked to see one of the books and Carson handed it to him urging him to please be careful. John grinned and said, “I know how to handle books Carson, don’t worry.” He looked at the handwritten dedication to Carson and then smiled looking at Harry. “You wrote this, Harry; it’s your handwriting. What’s the story here? Do you know the author and he told you to just say something nice or are you the author writing under a pseudonym?”

Carson looked at Harry and then smiled, “It is you! I always feel like I am talking to someone I know when I read this. Now it all makes sense. Thank you, Harry. This is a wonderful gift, but I feel bad I didn’t get a gift for you or your family.”

Harry said, “You’ve given us more than we can ever say. You work tirelessly on me when I’m in need and you give of yourself before you care for your own needs. It’s us who can never thank you enough.”

More gifts were handed out and finally Ginny opened her gift from Harry and when she picked it up she felt warm and happiness throughout her body. “It’s beautiful, love! Where did you find this? I’ve never seen anything that can compare to it. Did you get it when we were in France? Oh I bet you got it when you and John were supposedly at that sporting goods store. Say I’m right, I figured it out.” She laughed and did a dance boasting of her deductive reasoning skills. Harry smiled at her and his eyes twinkled merrily.

“No, I didn’t get it in France, I made it. Do you still like it?”

Ginny said, “I love it dearly. Would you put it on me?”

Harry stood up and took the fragile teardrops from her and hung them around her neck and shut the clasp. Teyla, Sam, and Lily went to her to look at it and marveled at how beautiful and exquisite it was. Lily put her fingers under the necklace and she caught her breath. “These teardrops are really tears from Daddy. I can feel the pain in them. But more so I feel his love for you in them. I would love to know the story behind these tears, but I’ll never ask; it’s personal.”

Ginny put her hands to her throat and wished she had paid more attention to it instead of making a foolish scene about getting the necklace in France. She thought of her husband and what he went through to have so many tears. She would ask him to tell her when they were alone. She looked at him and put her arms lovingly around him and put her head on his chest. “Thank you, love. It is beautiful and I do love it.”

Lily was given a package from John and looked excitedly at it. She opened it and her hands went to her mouth then she gently picked it up and then saw a letter and read it. At first it looked like she was going to cry but then she smiled with understanding. She looked at him and nodded her head and then showed everyone her necklace that was made of teardrops on a fragile looking strand of silk. When she got to her daddy she hugged him and said, “Thank you for helping with the magic part.” She went to John and hugged him and said she loved it and that she’d keep it forever.

After the gifts were unwrapped and all the scraps of wrapping paper, bows, boxes, and plastic bags were all cleaned up, Jack glanced over at John and received a subtle nod. He subtly took Sam’s hand as she started to help the kids gather their new things. “All the gifts haven’t been given yet. I know you were disappointed you didn’t get one of the model fighter jets we got Albus and James, but will this help you get over the disappointment.” He took out a small box and gave it to Sam. She took it and opened it; her face lighting up with surprise and great happiness. “Will you marry me?” he asked when she looked at him with watery eyes.

She nodded her head and the tears started falling. “It’s about time, don’t you think?”

Everyone laughed and Ginny said, “So this is why you wanted to go with Harry and Albus yesterday; to get a ring. We wondered but Harry covered for you so well we thought we were wrong.”

Then they looked at John and said, “So why did you go?”

John answered saying, “Well, I knew Harry and Albus would be busy and I know my way around the area. So, I went so I could chauffeur him around. It wasn’t the first time I’ve ever been his chauffeur.” John smiled and when he saw Teyla pick up and cuddle Banner; hiding her disappointment he added, “And besides, I wanted to go so I could get this for Teyla and ask her to marry me.”

He handed Teyla a small box like Sam’s and she took it cautiously. She looked at Lily and when the small girl nodded her head she looked back at John and opened the box. “John, it’s beautiful. Yes, yes, a dozen times yes, I will happily marry you.”

Teyla and Sam both kissed their fiance's and then excitedly showed Ginny and Lily their rings. Breakfast was eaten quickly and more attention was given to the presents. After the morning was spent excitedly trying out each game or examining puzzles and a monsters guide to practical jokes that are hilarious but safe and informative books were skimmed through; Ginny said they needed to start cleaning up for company. “We don’t know exactly when the Malfoy’s will be here, but I don’t want to be cleaning house when they do get here.”

James said he’d bring in some more wood for the fireplace, but Harry said he’d get it this time and for James to help his mom. Harry went out to the back behind the shed and loaded up his arms with wood and took it in and put it in the wood box. He made another trip and put it in the wood box also. The third trip he made a startling discovery.

“Hello there little one; where did you come from? Don’t be frightened, I won’t hurt you. Can you speak yet?” Harry listened hard and after looking around to make sure the mamma wasn’t around he reached down carefully so as not to frighten the kitten and picked it up and put him inside his jacket to help him get warm. He took the last load of wood in and piled the load in and closed the wood box lid.

Harry was holding his side and had an anxious look on his face. He asked Ginny to get the kids and bring them down quickly. “Tell them it’s important for them to come immediately and quietly.”

Carson looked concerned that Harry didn’t take off his coat and had his hand inside apparently holding his side. His left arm was pulled up tightly to his ribs and his forearm was holding the bottom of his coat under his right arm that was inside his coat. “Are you hurt Lad?”

Harry shook his head and his lips turned up in the corners. “I’m fine, Carson; something turned up that needs immediate attention.”

Ginny and the kids came down and went to their father and stood without speaking. Harry sat on the arm of the couch and said, “When I went out to get the last load of wood I found someone who is in need of some tender loving care.” He pulled out his hand and showed them a fairly large white kitten. “This is ‘Moonrock’ but we can call him Rocky. He is newly born and we need to try to find his mum straight away. Lily I want you to sit here and hold him and keep him calm and comforted.” He glanced at Ginny and said, “Honey, could you cut up some small squares of raw steak for him? Albus, go get Banner and bring him to me, hurry.” He looked back at Lily and said, “He has to eat from a bowl or plate, do not feed him by hand.”

“Daddy, he’s so big to be a newborn, but I can tell he is. So he’s too young for solid food and I just found out that you shouldn’t give milk to cats. What can we give him?”

Harry only said that raw meat was what he needs right now and then Albus handed him Banner. Harry put Banner up to his face and looked into his eyes. After a minute Banner began wagging his tail and looked around at Lily. Harry stooped down and held the pup up to the kitten and said, “Rocky, this is Banner, he knows to leave you alone until you are able to play if you decide to stay here and let us be your family.”

The kitten stared at Banner and then looked at Harry. Everyone was gathered around the kitten now watching Harry communicate with the animals as if they were human, or could at least understand him, and he could understand them. He put the pup on the floor; patting it affectionately and saying, “Good boy, now stay in here while we go find his mum.”

Harry said, “I could use some help looking for the mamma cat if anyone wants to help.” He went on out followed by his son’s and his friends. He quietly asked Jack and Sam to keep James and Albus with them in case things turned ugly. They went back to the wood pile and Harry began looking for tracks and any signs of covered up evidence that a cat had been there and given birth. Finally Carson said he thought he found something. Harry rushed over to him and looked at what he had found and satisfied it was evidence that the cat was very nearby he got out his wand and spoke in soft tones a chant of another language that didn’t sound human. Before their eyes a pair of emerald eyes in the midst of pure white fur, which blended in perfectly with the snow, locked onto Harry’s eyes and he told the others to back up quickly; he though, was unable to move. It took a lot of effort but Harry put out his hand as if telling it to stop. The cat lowered its head and crouched getting ready to pounce and came slowly at Harry for the perfect moment to attack. Then Harry abruptly broke the spell the cat had on him and drew his sword and held it against the cat’s neck. He spoke with amazing command in his voice and the cat lowered its head in surrender.

Harry put away his sword and then cautiously knelt down in front of the cat. He spoke the whole time he reached for her and then put his hand on the back of her neck. Her fur bristled and he spoke harshly to her. He put his face right up to her and looked into her eyes. His tone although was soft became more forceful. All at once he jumped back and told the others to move back also. Harry was breathing hard and was obviously in fear of something but his determination gave him the courage to do what he must do.

With steadfastness he approached the cat again and spoke a language that made Teyla gasp. John looked curiously and said, “I don’t know what he said, but that language sounds kind of familiar to me.”

Teyla whispered, “It is an ancient dialect of Athosians. It has been many centuries, ten thousand years actually, since we spoke the same dialect as our ancestors.”

They turned their attention back to Harry and the cat, noticing the conversation becoming heated to say the least. Suddenly the cat grew into the enormous, natural form of a Werecat. Its claws extracted from the pads of the feet and its incisor’s were hooked slightly backward to keep anything that was bitten from escaping. It growled, hissed and spat at Harry. It spoke in different tones of growling and meowing. But then Harry roared and ran at it full force, at the same time she took a huge swing with her paw and swiped at Harry’s shoulder and chest. This didn’t deter him any at all because he had just then transformed into a Werecat overpowering the female cat and they tumbled over each other with Harry ending up over the back of the Werecat, his teeth biting into the neck of her. He was ferocious and his growling came deep from within him while still biting into the neck. After a minute frozen in time seemingly; Harry’s low and threatening growl was a final threat to the cat. The female became submissive and was still, her heart racing and her mouth open breathing hard. Harry lifted his head and spoke to her in the Athosian language. The Werecat transformed back to a common looking cat and Harry transformed back into the man he is.

Then surprisingly he spoke English and the cat conversed poorly with him in the same language. “Do you have a human transfiguration you can change into to make talking easier for you?”

The cat turned into a human woman who could have passed as a sister of Teyla’s. Harry asked her if she had a difficult delivery and she answered that her husband had been killed and taken from her. He had sacrificed himself so she could get away. “We were on our way to a source of power we felt at different times. This power was growing stronger and we were nearly here when we fell into a trap by a group of wizards. Because of my husband’s sacrifice, I was able to come here being heavy with child. My kitten would be born whether it was safe or not. I am very weak and unable to see to the needs of him. I left him in hopes he would be able to kill and eat while I tried to get to the source of power. I was hoping to find help from it and then come back for my son.”

Harry looked at Jack and John and said, “It’s the Puddle jumper. She feels the power from the Ancients. Werecats come from the Pegasus galaxy and this cat and her husband was trying to get back there.”

James asked why he had to be so mean to her since she had just had a baby. Harry understood that his son wasn’t accusing him but didn’t understand his treatment of her. He answered, “She has been here for a day and a half and knowing she was about to give birth she also knew she needed to have fresh meat for her kitten in case she died giving birth in her weakened condition from starvation. She was going to kill you, James; until she saw you using magic and was afraid you would overpower her. She decided to wait until Albus brought Banner out and kill both of them for a meal. I had to let her know she couldn’t kill anything or anyone on this property. Then I told her I would help her, and that Rocky is fine and being cared for this very minute.”

Harry conjured a thick steak and threw it at the Werecat and told her to transform back to her natural state so she could eat the way she needs to eat. She looked at Harry and decided she would have to trust this human and turned back into the great animal they saw Harry overpower. He threw her another cut of meat and after a third large chunk and some fresh water she said she was recovered sufficiently enough to take care of her kitten.

“Let’s go in then. We’ve got to decide what we are going to do with the two of you before our company we are expecting gets here.”

John stopped him and said, “Maybe you should wash the blood from your mouth from biting her. It’s pretty unsettling and maybe Ginny wouldn’t like seeing her neck bleeding and it dripping from your mouth.”

Harry nodded and rubbed his mouth and chin removing the blood as if he had a washcloth in his hand. He went to the cat and spoke enchantments over the cat’s neck. She purred while he was fixing the wound he inflicted on her neck. When he was done they all went in the house and the cat ran to her kitten.

Harry told Lily to put the kitten on the floor gently and Lily obeyed quickly but made sure as not to startle the kitten. Harry watched them carefully while he spoke to the others. “Teyla, have you ever heard of these creatures? We call them Werecats, but your people might have called them something else.”

Teyla nodded her head and said, “It has been told down through the ages that there once were powerful cats that lived in the forests and thrived on small animals and children. They had the ability to change into terrible beasts after they lured their prey from the safety of their habitats. But they were killed by armies of hunters until they were extinct. They were called Deceptacats but I don’t know the reason for the name.”

Harry said, “It is probably because deception is one of their many magical abilities. But, I think they probably got a bum rap on your world just as they have here. As a matter of fact I’ve heard similar stories about Werecats. It is said that in the middle ages when a couple fell on hard times they told officials that they saw their child run after a cat into the forest and when they went after said child, all they found was a giant animal half human and half cat standing over their dead child. Upon further investigation though, it was thought but never proved that the parents killed their child because they couldn’t care for it especially if it had special needs.”

The cat looked at Harry and then back to her kitten. Harry continued, “The Werecat I know wouldn’t hurt a human unless he was forced into it in self defense. He is extremely loyal to his master, or was until she gave him his freedom, and he was a great friend and ally. When I was a baby, he was my pet and he tried to save me from Riddle, but he was killed along with my parents. His next life is when I remember him most because we were once again living under the same roof, only he was Hermione’s cat, Crookshanks. And by the way; unlike normal cats, Werecats really do have nine lives.”

The kids looked excited and said, “Crookshanks is a Werecat?!”

Harry smiled and said, “Yes, but she didn’t know and neither did Ron. But we need to figure out what to do with our guests. They are of course welcome to stay here, but since her husband has been taken close to here, it would be safer if she and her kitten went somewhere else.”

He looked at Teyla and said, “I wonder if you would like to help her and her kitten, Teyla. Rocky and Torren could be best buddies and you and his mamma could be great friends.”

Teyla looked skeptical and said, “I’d love to help, but wouldn’t I constantly be worrying about my son while I was away?”

Harry answered, “You should talk to her and make your decision. Please don’t think you have to. I just thought that since she looks so much like you, that she would pass easily as an Athosian and she would be more comfortable with you than here where she and her kitten are in danger. And I will find out what has happened to her husband.” Harry took pictures of the mamma cat and her kitten while Teyla talked to her. John said he didn’t know if the IOA would allow her to keep them. Harry answered, Mr. Woolsey has two dogs and others have pets. The IOA doesn’t need to know they are Werecats because they don’t pose any threat to the people there. I’m not saying to keep this from Mr. Woolsey though. I’ll talk to him about her so he will be assured it is okay for them to stay there.”

They both looked at Jack and he nodded his head saying he didn’t see anything wrong with taking the cats to their home galaxy. And if it was agreeable with the cat then as long as there could be a promise of loyalty to Teyla so nobody would be in any danger she could take her as her pet or friend or whatever they want to be known as.

Harry looked at Teyla and she said she would be happy to give the cat and her kitten a home. He looked at the cat and said, “What is your name?”

My name is Tazmia and I pledge my loyalty to you and to Teyla, her people and the expedition on Atlantis. I also pledge my loyalty to the one Teyla loves. I will not attack any human, animals or other beings as long as my kitten and I are provided for.”

Harry nodded his head but before he could say anything she said, “I have been here for a day and a half but I don’t know your name or why you want to help us.”

Harry watched Rocky who had made his way to him and was trying to climb up his pant leg. He picked up the kitten and smiled. Stroking Rocky on his head and back and scratching his ears gently the kitten began to purr. He yawned and closed his eyes and slept comfortably on Harry’s arm that held him close to his body.

He looked at Tazmia and said, “My name is Harry Potter and this is-”

All at once Tazmia jumped over to him in a single bound and bowed to him. “Please forgive me of the trouble I brought to you and for trying to kill you because I didn’t believe you when you said that Rocky was fine and being cared for. Others have made promises for friendship and promised to help us and betrayed us at the first chance they got. I just lost my husband and wasn’t about to lose my son too. Harry Potter is known to be an honorable and faithful friend to the Werecats. Crookshanks is my father. He thinks we are all dead, but I survived and met up with my husband Tormane who was already being held captive by the ones who murdered my brother and sisters. It was when my father found out about our deaths and that of our mother’s that he caught and turned in the boys who killed us as a ritual of some sort. My mother ‘Moondrop’ was a normal domesticated cat, so when she died, she didn’t come back. Tormane looked after me and then we escaped together and have been on our own ever since.”

Harry was very quiet remembering Crookshanks heartbreak of his family’s death and wished he had done more to help him investigate his loss. “I’m sorry you live in such peril for your lives, and I will make it a priority to find who is responsible. I can’t promise I’ll be able to bring Tormane back to you, but I will try my best to make it happen.”

John’s cell phone rang and the look of disappointment was obvious. He put away his phone and said, “Mr. Woolsey is calling us back to Atlantis on the double. The Daedalus has just picked up Rodney and will be dropping him off here in five minutes. I’m sorry we have to leave, thank you for your hospitality and the great time you gave us; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” He looked at Teyla and Carson and told them to run and pack because they have to leave the minute Rodney gets there.

Jack took out his cell phone and made a call and when he hung up he said, “Ronon has been captured by the Wraith and a ransom demand has been received. Let me know if you need any more support when you go after them.” John nodded his head and said, “Yes sir, thank you, sir.”

Before Teyla and Carson could get to the stairs their luggage along with John's appeared on the floor by the door. Harry told them if they wanted to go check to make sure he didn’t leave anything out to go ahead, or they could take it to them later if they find something after they’re gone. Right then a very unhappy Rodney walked in from outside. “The Daedalus dropped me off on the porch and I’m not happy that I promised my sister I’d be there for Christmas and I left before we had our dinner. We were just sitting down to eat and you can’t even imagine how hungry I am. So what’s the big emergency that I couldn’t even have time to pack?”

He noticed the luggage by the door and turned red in the face. John said, “Too bad you weren’t staying with a wizard who can pack for you in the blink of an eye. And get a handle on your anger, Rodney, we haven’t eaten yet either. Ronon has been captured by Wraith and they sent a ransom demand. And just to keep you informed, we have a couple new residents to take home to Atlantis.”

He gestured to Tazmia and her kitten. Rodney was surprised and said, “Oh, forgive me, I didn’t notice you there. Are you Teyla’s kin? But, hang on. You didn’t come here with us, how did you get here?” Before any answer was given to him he saw the kitten and went to it with an outstretched hand. “I love cats, they are so loyal and independent. Look how cute he is.” He gently stroked the kitten in Harry's arm and Harry watched Tazmia carefully. He indulged Rodney for a second longer and then said, “Here we go, let's let Rocky go back to his mamma.” He carefully handed the kitten to Tazmia and smiled at her. You are welcome here at all times.”

John took Harry’s hand to shake good-bye. Harry shook his head saying he hated for him to leave. “Let me know if you need me, I’ll be there in a flash.”

Harry looked at Jack and asked if he and Sam had to leave also. Jack said they would stay for a little while and then they’d have to leave. “You’ll keep me informed about Ronon and please let me know if my help is needed?”

John assured him he would keep him in the loop. Harry stirred up the fire and put more wood on the flames. He hoped Tazmia and Rocky would be able to adjust to being owned instead of being free to go wherever they chose whenever they wanted. This was the way of their own laws regarding living with humans to keep them from being abused. If a Werecat is found doing wrong it is the fault of the owner and it would be the high council of Werecats who would judge and punish the owners. Although Werecats are nearly extinct and the council is nonexistent the Werecats that still live abide by their law. Harry knew Teyla wouldn’t abuse her title as master and would treat Tazmia like family. He was hoping they would become great friends like he and Crookshanks were. He chuckled thinking suddenly that John would get his wish. Ever since he met Crookshanks he wished he could have a Werecat around.

A knock on the door brought Harry out of his thoughts and he welcomed Draco and his family as he let them in. Astoria looked for Ginny and went to her carrying a covered dish followed by Scorpius with a carrier containing brownies. Draco handed James a sack saying it goes in the kitchen. “Astoria wants to make a special dessert for after dinner if it’s okay with you guys.”

Harry said, “I’m always good with desserts, so it’s fine by me. Come in and sit down. Do you remember our friends from America, Brigadier General, Jack O’Neill and his fiancée Colonel Samantha, Sam as she prefers to be called, Carter? Our other friends from America just got called back for an emergency mission.”

Draco shook hands and seemed to be embarrassed with a loss of words. While Jack shook hands he smiled in genuine friendship saying, “Please call us Jack and Sam and don’t think of any titles we have. They are just to keep the ranks informed of who the boss is over and how much the government thinks you’re worth in the pay scale. Accept Sam here, who is held in high regards because she has umpteen accreditation's and a PH. D. in Astrophysics and all sorts of other things I don’t have a clue about.”

Draco chuckled and recovered from his embarrassment. He said, “Scorpius wants to be an Astrophysicist when he grows up. He wants to get into NASA as soon as he gets out of Hogwarts. I don’t know how I will be able to make that happen for him. There is the slight problem that he is a wizard and is forbidden by law to use magic around Muggles. Magic is part of who and what he is, and I’m afraid he could easily slip and use it without even thinking. Muggles might not even realize it but then they’d certainly find it odd that an owl shows up with a Howler for using magic and the punishment that he should expect on a given date and time.”

Harry responded with “Humph, I know about that all too well. This is something I have been working on for years with change coming slowly; mainly because I’ve been tied up with other things. It is important to keep a degree of secrecy among normal civilians, but with governments, I have made huge accomplishments. For instance all the leaders of nations are made aware of witches and wizards but they for the most part are put under strict oblivion charms until they need to know of something pertaining to their country. Great Britain and the United States are now exceptions to the rule.”

Sam spoke up saying, “Because of what Harry has accomplished between us umm Muggles and magic folk, and if you would accept my help I can talk to Scorpius and see what I can do to make it happen for him. It might be possible for him to work with me one on one during certain times in his studies and as an on-line student. He would get his degree as far up in the field that he wants to climb to. And whether or not you want this for him I could give him a personal tour of NASA anytime he wants. He doesn’t have to wait until he is out of school for that.”

Draco’s jaw dropped and he was speechless for a few seconds and then he smiled happily. “Yes, of course; I would be a fool not to accept your offer. I’ll need to know what you need to make this happen. I don’t know how much it would cost and what kind of computers and software; all that stuff, I just don’t know enough about that kind of technology.”

“I’ll be happy to let you know what he’ll need and as far as cost for me, there won’t be any. I can’t accept payment because I’m not a certified teacher, but I am qualified to teach. The cost will be whatever the tests cost for him to take. He’ll have to take them from an accredited teacher or from a University.”

“Thank you, thank you very much. I can’t wait to tell Astoria and then we can talk to Scorp about it.” He looked at Harry and said, “I owe all this to you, you know. Scorpius hadn’t ever mentioned being interested in space and physics until you fell out of the sky from space when you killed Lord Voldemort.”
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for another chapter. I really enjoyed writing this chapter and I hope you enjoy it too.

Chapter 2

Lunch And Questions With The Malfoys

The sentence came so nonchalantly that Harry choked at the memory of killing Tom Riddle after the Quidditch game. He leaned back into his chair with a ghostly white face. His mind brought back the memory of taking Riddle into space and letting him fall through the atmosphere to burn up into nothingness. The memory was so vivid he could actually feel the intense pain and he could feel his tongue being burned out of his throat. He looked up remembering the last thing he saw before he died. Ginny’s eyes were staring into his. Harry no longer heard the screams from the stands, or his family and friends. Sam went to the kitchen to get Ginny when Harry turned white and went into a flashback moment. She sat back down with Jack and Astoria sat with Draco looking at him curiously. Draco shrugged his shoulders and whispered, “We were just talking and he choked and did that,” he said nodding at Harry.
The flashback had been intense and Harry brought himself back to the present when he heard Banner yapping happily with Albus and Scorpius running calling excitedly for their parents. Harry sat forward and wiped his face with his palms. He noticed to his surprise Ginny sitting on the arm of his chair looking worriedly at him.
He smiled and glanced around seeing everyone else looking at him intently. His face turned red and he quietly said, “Sorry about that, must have dozed off… or... something.”

He chuckled as Banner jumped up in his lap and licked his face. He stroked the puppy affectionately and smiled at the two boys running up to them. James and Lily came running as well to see what all the commotion was about.
Harry looked at the boys and Harry said, “Scorpius, your dad told us you want to become an Astrophysicist and that I had something to do with your interest in space. May I ask how my journey into the upper atmosphere caused that interest?”

Scorpius looked at Albus and then nodded his head and said, “Yes, sir; well I heard that you were in space and I thought that when you are in space without a spacesuit on that your blood boils and you die instantly. And you didn’t die out there, but I mean; so anyway I started to search for my answer and the more I looked into it the more I became fascinated. I’d love to be able to know all about space and traveling in space and different theory’s on Quantum theory and being able to travel from one point in space to another by molecular breakdown and arriving at a destination where you are recomposed back into your original self. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s all in my head. And, sir, well; that Quidditch game was incredible and your fight with Lord Voldemort was even more incredible. I’m so glad you defeated him and you didn’t die all the way dead. Do you think I could have your autograph?”

Harry swallowed and nodded his head, “You can if you don’t call me sir anymore. Harry is fine with me since we are friends; if that’s okay with your parents.”

Scorpius became more excited and said, “Yes sir, I mean, thanks, Harry.”

A pen and paper appeared in Harry’s hand and he wrote:
Scorpius Malfoy,
May all your endeavors bring happiness and success to you.
Your friend always,
Harry Potter.

He handed the note back to the boy and then said, “Now tell us what’s in the boxes that seem to be identical.” His normal coloring came back to his face and his emerald eyes shone brightly, but they could all see that he was trembling when he handed back the paper to Scorpius.

They both began talking at once and at the same time. They giggled and Albus told Scorpius to go ahead. Scorpius said they should just both show them and so they did. They opened the boxes and pulled out a long cylinder that had metal threads to screw lenses at both ends. Scorpius began talking eagerly but then Albus would jump in mid sentence adding more information and then Scorpius would say something else with Albus contributing again, finishing sentences. “There’s a tripod in the box to put together and lenses with different strengths,” “and there’s a book showing how to put it together and what lenses to use for objects at close and far distances. And there’s a DVD of all the Constellations,” “and moons and their names and all the planets and satellites.”

Lily asked if she could look through it and James laughed saying, “Don’t be stupid, Lily. You have to put it together before you look through it.”

Harry arched his eyebrows but remained silent for the moment. But Scorpius jumped to Lily’s rescue and said, “She was talking about after the telescope was put together.”

James shook his head and said, “No she wasn’t. Dad has a telescope in his and mum’s bedroom and she’s looked through it loads of times. She just asked to look through it to-“

Scorpius interrupted James; whether or not he knew James was about to say she was flirting with him or not, he said, “Well, here then, Lily. You can look through it for whatever reason you want to.”

He smiled sweetly at her and she with a very red face smiled but shook her head and quietly said it was okay that she didn’t want to anymore.

Albus looked heatedly at his brother and said, “Sometimes you can be such a jerk.”

James smirked and said something under his breath but then looked at his little sister and felt bad for embarrassing her. He knew it hurt her and guilt caused him to look at his dad. James saw the look of disappointment on his dad’s face and knew he didn’t say anything to him right then to keep from embarrassing him, his son who he knew loved him dearly. He looked at Lily and said, “Lily, it was very small of me to say that to you, and it was very big of you not to retaliate even though you had the right to. Would you please forgive me of my immaturity?”

Lily nodded her head and then James said, “But would you tell me why you wanted to look through it when you know it has to be put together to see far away things?”

Lily said, “I’ve just always been curious about what is inside them that makes them work…like, are there mirrors and things in it that makes the lenses so powerful?”

James arched his eyebrows and said, “So I was being the stupid one, because I assumed something that wasn’t true. And I understand you wanting to see inside before it’s assembled since you’ve always been curious about them.”

Once again Scorpius offered her his telescope to look through. She took it and then he and Albus began telling her all about them. They stopped talking and turned to look at Ginny when they heard James ask Ginny if lunch was about ready. Astoria laughed in a singsong sort of way. “Typical boys; everything comes to a stop when food is mentioned.”

Harry, Jack, and Draco looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. Harry looked at Ginny and said, ‘So, is lunch about ready?” Winky was the answer to the question just then when she walked in the room and announced lunch was ready and waiting for them.

They all went to the kitchen and sat at the stretched table. Ginny said that since it was just sandwiches and soup type of stuff that it’d be homier if they ate in the kitchen. Conversation was light if not awkward until Scorpius asked Harry what it was like when he went all over the world for four years.

“I mean, wasn’t it terribly lonely and scary? I could never have done what you did nor do the things you do now.”

Harry swallowed hard and tried to make it look like the question didn’t bother him. “You never know what you are capable of unless you are determined to do what you want and then try your best to do it. It was scary and dangerous but my determination kept me going. And yes, it was lonely but I knew that it would be before I left. The upswing is I met a lot of good people and learned many new cultures and languages. The most important thing that happened was that I was able to accomplish what I set out to do.” Harry smiled at the boy and when Scorpius didn’t make any comment he started to eat again. His belly was beginning to do acrobatics but he kept eating and being pleasant.

“What did you miss the most?” asked the boy who was totally consumed with admiration of Harry.

Harry was quiet for a minute, trying to keep his emotions inside him instead of leaking out of his eyes. But it didn’t work that way. A tear ran down the corner of his face and he said, “I missed going to see Ginny and taking her for long walks and kissing her whenever I had a chance. It was almost unbearable how much I missed her.”

“That’s very sad. I’m sorry I made you have sad memories. What do you want the most in the world right now?”

Harry smiled gently at the youngster and said, “It’s fine, Scorpius; you didn’t make the memories, I did. And what I want most right now is to hurry up and get up the hill to ski before this snow coming down cancels our plans.”

Draco surprised Harry by asking a question while he took a piece of Pecan Pie. Harry put the last bite of his sandwich in his mouth and took the pie pan from Draco after he took his and offered it to Harry.

“There’s something I’ve always been curious about if you don’t mind me asking. It’s rumored that the room of Requirements still burned with Fiendfyre after the war, but you went back and put it out. Is that true?”

Harry nodded his head slowly. And then Draco asked how he knew it was still burning and that it seems like after all the objects in the room had been devoured that it would go out on its own.

Again Harry nodded his head and then spoke. “I figured it was still burning because it would always have fuel to burn. The room provides what the occupant at the time needs. After the flame consumed all the material in the room, the room provided more fuel for it to burn. And even if the room didn’t replenish fuel for it, the fire embers would turn to Ashwinders giving the Fiendfyre the eggs to burn.”

One of Draco’s eyebrows’ arched and he said, “I guess it’s a good thing you thought of that. And when did you put the fire out?”

Harry swallowed his bite of pie and took a sip of his coffee. “It was the night before the Quidditch Tournament and the last thing I had to do before I could face Tom Riddle the next day. I couldn’t meet him knowing I didn’t do everything I could to keep Hogwarts and all the students safe.”

Before Draco could ask anything else Harry looked around and said, “The snow is picking up, we should head on out. If anyone stuffed themselves too much then you should wait a bit for your food to settle. I think we had a light enough lunch that we should be okay to go play.” He looked at Ginny for her input and she nodded her head in agreement. Everyone got up from the table and was about to get ready to ski when Jack’s cell phone rang.

Jack answered his phone by identifying his name and serial number. All at once he looked concerned and said, “No wait!” He looked at Harry quickly and Harry was instantly between him and Sam. It looked like he put his hands on them and they all three disappeared. They appeared on the Daedalus and Harry doubled over holding his stomach. He groaned and stood up straight and glared at Colonel Caldwell the commander of the starship. The commander was red in the face and said, “Welcome aboard, Mr. Potter. Please forgive the abrupt intrusion; my navigator is in training and he was a bit overzealous getting the General and Colonel here. I didn’t know you carry the Ancient’s Stone on you. Are we supposed to drop you off somewhere?”

Harry shook his head and said, “No, I’ll get home on my own. And to clarify; I don’t have an Ancient Stone. I used my magic and followed the beams transporting Jack and Sam’s molecular particles. My guests wouldn’t understand the sudden disappearance of Jack and Sam because they know they are Muggles.” Harry pulled his hand away from his stomach and handed Jack a bloody screw in a special container. “I wasn’t protected by the beams you two were transported in and I ran into some space debris. I guess you two will be back sometime to get your luggage. You’re welcome anytime and we had a wonderful time with both of you. Merry Christmas.” He and Jack shook hands and Harry kissed Sam on the cheek. He rubbed his thumb over her engagement ring and smiled. “Congratulations on your engagement.” He waved to the two and disappeared.

Harry returned home and said that Jack and Sam got called away for an emergency. He saw Winky standing off to the side twisting her hands and watching Harry intently. He told everyone else to go on ahead and then turned his attention to Winky.

Kneeling on one knee he spoke quietly to her asking if she needed him for something. Winky looked around nervously and saw Draco watching intently. Although she didn’t like talking to her master when he had people around him she whispered her need to Harry.

“Master Harry, young Harry has been very sick in the heart and cannot be happy. Marston and I are worried sick about him. Is there any way he can hang around you for a little bit and see if we should take him to a doctor or something. I don’t think St. Mungos would see him, we just don’t know what to do.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “Of course, please tell young Harry I would like to have his company now while we ski since I am just recovering from serious injuries. He can keep an eye on me, but I’ll really be watching him to see if I can find out what I can about him.”

Winky was greatly relieved but then looked stoic saying, “I am very sorry about bothering you, Master Harry, with my personal problem. How do you wish for me to punish myself?”

Harry furrowed his eyebrow together in disapproval and said, “Winky, you are doing very well with your English, but you are failing in humanity. I consider you and your family as not only my friends but also my family and I do not punish them if they ask for my help. You are forbidden to punish yourself in any way. Do you understand me perfectly?”

Winky nodded her head and said, “Yes, Master Harry. I will not punish myself because we are friends and asking for help from a friend is not a punishable offense,”

Harry said, “Alright then. Now, have young Harry meet me up at Pride Rock.”

Winky nodded and disappeared. He touched Draco’s arm and they were on top of the rock where the young elf was to meet Harry. Nobody else had gotten there yet which is what Harry was hoping for. He hadn’t counted on Draco staying behind but didn’t say anything so as not to make Draco feel awkward. But Draco felt embarrassed he remained behind and witnessed the scene between Harry and his House Elf.

“Harry, I didn’t mean to be a fifth wheel; I just wanted to stay behind so we could talk on the way up here. I wanted to have a go with this friendship thing. But, something always messes up any chance of making it happen. I guess it just isn’t to be that we can be friends.”

“Draco, have you ever considered that it already happened and you were trying so hard to find the perfect time, place, and words that you didn’t see that it did happen without you knowing it? Friendship doesn’t happen as a planned occasion. It happens most of the time in subtle ways and times. If it helps any I can tell you that I never ask favors from anyone unless they are a friend or someone I think can be a friend. How many times have I asked you for a favor? Loads of times; too many times to remember. And how many times have I done things for you without your asking? I did them not to make us even, but because I’d like to be friends and that’s what friends do, they help each other out. In my book that makes us potential friends at least. I consider you a friend, but I don’t push my friendship on you because it’s up to you to decide if you want me for a friend or not.”

Draco looked him straight in the eyes the whole time they were talking. This was one of the things that Harry always admired about Draco and made him be able to trust him. Of course Harry knew Draco was very skilled at Legilimency and felt him using it on him right then.

“Draco, my mind is a very dangerous place to be and you’d be well off to heed my warning to never try to see what is in my mind without an invitation to do so. I’m not angry with you, but I will be if it happens again.”

The pale face of Draco’s became even whiter. “I’m sorry, Potter, it’s a habit I’m trying to break. What you said makes sense and I will consider us friends if you can trust me not to try to get in your mind again.”

Harry smiled and held out his hand and they shook hands. Just then young Harry appeared with a pop and looked unsure at Harry and then Draco.

“Mum said you need my help, Master Harry.”

Harry answered straightforward, “Are you afraid of heights, or flying through the air? That is to say are you afraid of skiing?”

The elf shook his head and said, “No sir. I am not afraid of skiing. I’ve always wanted to try it but Mum said the air would carry me away.”

Harry smiled and said, on a blustery day like today, you probably would be. But I want to ski with my family and friends and I need to take precautions with my fragility from being severely injured. I know I look okay, but I’m not fully recovered on the inside. I’d like to harness you to me so you can let me know if I’m endangering myself. Would you be willing to do that for me?”

The young elf nodded his tiny head and nearly smiled with the thought of flying through the air like he imagined himself doing on many occasions. Harry made a ski lift like he made a few days before and put up flags and bright ropes with barriers around places too dangerous to ski. He smiled after a minute and pointed down the hill at the rest of the two families riding up on the floating benches. He quickly unzipped his coat and lifted young Harry and held him to his body and then zipped up his coat. He wasn’t very comfortable, but he wanted to be able to gain young Harry’s trust in him. He strapped a belt tight around his waist to keep the elf’s feet from falling out from the bottom of his coat.

“Are you comfortable in there, young Harry?”

“Yes, Master Harry.” Harry conjured a tiny ski hat and goggles on the boy and asked if he could see and breathe okay. The elf yelled he could do both perfectly. Harry snapped a flap on the zipper closed that locked the zipper from working its way loose. Everyone reached the top of the rock and got out of the benches. Harry told them he had the place all marked and warned them all to stay clear of the ropes that prevented them from getting too close to dangerous places. “I want to show our friends where the best place to jump from the rock is so you don’t fly into the tops of trees below.” He pointed to the spot and then said, “And if you don’t want to jump the rock ski off to the right side from where the yellow flag is just before the rock. Any questions?”

Nobody had any so they got in the benches and rode the rest of the way up the hill. When they got off Harry moved the ski lift over to the side out of the way of downhill skiers. Draco and Astoria looked around at the breathtaking view. Ginny stepped over to Harry and looked quizzically at the added girth and the extra thickness in the front of his coat. “You must have eaten more than I thought. You look like you’ve gained a little weight.” She smiled when she heard a small muffled giggle.

The young elf poked his head out of the top of Harry’s coat and said, “It’s me Miss Ginny. Master Harry needs me to make sure he doesn’t make his injuries worse.”

Ginny’s eyebrows arched and she looked at Harry. He grinned and winked at her and she smiled at the tiny face with huge eyes looking out at her. “Thank you for being willing to help him like this, Harry. You are very brave.”

Harry said, “Okay now, let’s let everyone make a trial run down the hill to get used to being on the skis and the snow and then ski wherever you want. And I forgot to tell you that you don’t have to stay on the rock jumping course. There is a nature cross country trail over there if anyone wants to do that. Just stay on the trail marked with purple flags.”

Everyone began and soon there were races and contests to see who could jump the furthest and then Astoria, Draco, Ginny, and Lily went on the cross country trail. Harry and the boys continued on with jumping Pride Rock until half an hour before they called it a day. Harry beat the boys again and when they were all at the bottom Harry said, “I’m beat boys, you go ahead and continue and I’ll watch from down here.”
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Hey guy's, thanks for coming back for the next chapter. I hope you enjoy it, I enjoyed writing it. After this chapter the stories get dark again. Don't say I didn't warn you. Hope you like the chapter and please feel free to comment if you want to.

Chapter 3

Harry Finds Out What Is Ailing Harry Potter Elf

When the boys got on the lift Harry unzipped his coat and lifted the young elf out and put him on the ground. “I thought you’d like to move about some. You’ve been cooped up all afternoon. Are you doing okay? I hope you’re having a good time.”

“I’m doing great, Master Harry. And I’m glad you decided to rest a little because I was becoming concerned with a change in your breathing and your heartbeat. And the last three times you landed from jumping the rock, I could tell it was causing you pain in your back and right knee.”

“Thank you for telling me, Harry. I was going to meet Ginny on the trail before we quit for the day, but I guess I better not.”

The boy nodded his head and looked longingly at Harry. He felt he could talk to his master about something without getting in trouble. “Master Harry, is it permissible for an elf to ask advice from his master?”

Harry nodded his head and said, “You can talk to me anytime you want, young Harry. What’s on your mind?”

The elf took a deep breath and said, “You and Miss Ginny are beautiful together when she isn’t mad at you. I always wanted to have that kind of love, but I will never have it. The love of my life no longer seeks the attention of this poor wretched elf.”

“Oh, I’m afraid I don’t understand, Harry. Will you tell me who you are interested in and why she no longer wants anything to do with you?”

Her name is Marlene Moffatt. Her father was killed and her mum moved away. You asked my mum to bring her back to work here, but she hasn’t been given a job yet. Moffatt forbids Marlene to be my girl since we are your personal house Elves and we are above them since they are only here because of your charity. She says they are a disgrace to elves and I am part of ruining their good standings because I don’t try to see if I can get you to find something for them to work at. I made my standing with her worse when she said that you don’t care about them and I said you do care for them. I said that you care for everyone on your property and she needs to punish herself for being disrespectful to you. She no longer permits me to see her daughter, my wonderful Marlene. I am sadder than I’ve ever known it could be possible to be. I am worthless now, and destined to die a lonely elf.”

Harry studied the young elf and then finally sighed and said, “Harry, if I believed in doing it I would tell you that I forbid you to think so little of yourself. But I can’t do that because it’s what is in your heart that causes you to think such untruthful things about you. But listen son, you can’t let your heart choose your future when times look bleak because your heart is broken in those kinds of times.”

Albus yelled at Harry as he was reaching the bottom of the hill in first place followed by Scorpius and then James within inches of each other. Harry laughed and waved to the boys but before he could give congratulations they hurried and got on the lift to have another race.

He looked back to his little friend and continued with what he was saying. Tell me how you would describe yourself to me if we didn’t know each other and if you had never met Marlene before and you wanted me to hire you. I know it’s difficult to think that way, but try.”

Young Harry thought and said, “Master Harry, my name is Harry Potter Elf and I am a capable and hard worker at all things related to horses. I grew up caring for my master’s horses alongside my father, Marston Potter Elf. He is the best there is at caring for horses and stables. I am an excellent Herb and Botanist, able to recognize and name every plant growing in this region. I can cultivate and work up batches of medicines and elixirs from them for all known sicknesses and diseases. I can recognize all living creatures, critters, varmints, and insects living in this region. I know if they are good or bad for the land and animals and know how to get rid of them if they are bad. You would be well off if you hired me for your service. But, Master I must also tell you I am still underage to be on my own legally and would need you to be tolerant of my need to return home each afternoon at three o’clock. But when I work I will give you my all. I am a hard worker.”

Harry’s eyebrows arched and said, “You’re hired, but only when school is out for the summer. When you are legally old enough I would be happy to hire you full time if you still want the job.”

The young elf smiled and said, “Yes sir, I would love the job. Thank you Master.”

“Now, back to why I had you tell me that. From what you told me I am sure you will agree that you are not worthless but very valuable. Plus I would add that you are a kind and decent elf, worthy of any girl’s hand. Regard yourself in this way and you will have a better attitude about life and how to solve your problems instead of falling into despair and depression. About Bozey; I feel badly that I wasn’t here when he died and regret that nobody represented our family at his funeral. I am ashamed beyond measure and will see to it that that never happens again. I will speak to Moffett after my company leaves and I will make her aware how helpful you were to me to let me know she hadn’t been taken care of as she should have been after her husband’s death. Thank you, Harry, for your help today; you have been a great relief to me. You are free to return home now.”

After Harry Elf left Harry looked gloomily around. He wasn’t happy his elves hadn’t been taken care of properly while he was gone. His first thought was that Ginny was responsible for the neglect and he would have to speak to her about it. But then he thought more into the matter and decided that he couldn’t expect Ginny to function normally since he was gone and in grave danger as her necklace had shown. And then when he got back he needed her constant attention for one reason or another. He would not pin this neglect on her. It was his own fault for not seeing to them right when he got home. He was to blame and he would let Moffett know this when he spoke to her. A sudden gust of harsh freezing wind hit him and buffeted him nearly off his feet when he walked to the lift to make sure the boys didn’t get back on when they reached the bottom. He looked up searching for them and saw the three boys being blown off course over the trees. He put his hands up and pulled them down to him with his magic. He grabbed them when they landed and then he took them to the house telling them to stay inside.

He went back to Pride Rock and called Ginny on her cell phone. He asked where they were and she said they were nearing the end of the trail. “The wind and snow has become too dangerous. I took the boys home and you need to get Lily home. Tell Draco and Astoria too. I’m putting away the ski lift and all the ropes and flags. Do you need any help?”

Harry swished his arms and everything he put up for their day of skiing disappeared. He tried to look around but the snow was blinding and so thick he couldn’t see in front of him. The wind was howling and it became too hard to hear Ginny on her phone. He looked to the trees where the trail went through. White lightning hit in the trees and Harry felt Ginny calling him in his heart. He went to where she was calling from and took her arm securely. “I’m here; are you okay?” He noticed how unusually dark it was in the forest and he lit his wand with a very powerful light. The faces of Ginny, Lily, Draco, and Astoria smiled with relief at him. Lily said, “It was getting spooky in here and we couldn’t see the trail markers any longer. Mr. Draco said he’d take us home when it was safe. Then he said, ‘Right now we should be very still and not make a sound.’”

Harry looked suddenly at Draco and said, “I was thinking the same thing. Come on; let me take everyone home, he can’t hear my magic.”

He took the ski party to the house and said, “Dinner is smelling up the place nicely. I bet Winky can use some help in the kitchen.” He was looking at Lilly but Ginny and Astoria both said they would go help also. He held Ginny’s hand and kept her there for a minute to explain something and then let her go to help in the kitchen. “Draco and I think there is an Ice Giant here and I need to take it somewhere safe to eliminate it.”

Ginny swallowed and said, “Do you have to kill it? Can’t you just take it to where its home is?”

Draco spoke up and said, “There isn’t any such thing as an Ice Giant… naturally anyway. They were created in a lab for the first wizard’s war but escaped before Lord Voldemort had a chance to use them. The Aurors thought they eradicated them, but it seems this one escaped their net. They were created with one agenda, kill Harry potter.”

Harry said, “But I was just a baby then, why would he – never mind. Draco, do you want to come and help or do you want to stay here and watch over our families?”

Draco said, “I want to come with you, but should we leave them here unprotected? I can go and you stay here.”

Harry wasn’t used to this kind of choice and thought for a minute dwelling on the luxury of having a choice. “I think they’ll be safe here. I have protective enchantments and special hiding places here. And I can call in Winky and her husband and children to help. We should both go together.”

Harry called Winky and asked her to bring Marston and her children to the house. When they got there he quickly told them what was going on and then left. When they got outside Draco asked how they were going to find it. Harry magically changed them into white snowsuits and white full face masks while he was looking around. He pointed in a direction and said, “We walk into the wind and it’ll take us to the source its coming from.” They walked up the hill from Pride Rock and the wind started becoming so strong they struggled to keep going. Harry pulled on Draco and looked into his eyes. From now on we use Legilimency to communicate. They slowly moved forward until they went down a valley and up the next hill. Harry got Draco’s attention by pulling him to a stop. The snow had stopped and it became very quiet because the wind also died away. He looked in Draco’s eyes and said, “It’s here trying to see us. This is my chance to have a good look around. Watch my back?”

Draco said he had his back and Harry slowly laid down on his back and then raised his head looking up the hill over his feet. This way he could see the sky line easily and he would be able to see anything that changed the view of the normal skyline he knew like the back of his hand. He was hopeful he would see it before it saw them. Just as he was about to look as far to his left as he could; he moved his hand to touch Draco so he’d look at him. Harry didn’t look in his eyes he slowly pointed about fifty yards away from them.

Draco saw the immensity of it and swore under his breath. The Giant started to turn and Harry quickly grabbed Draco and they disappeared to a spot on the other side of it. Harry caused the snow to cover the evidence that they were there before the Giant reached the spot and began searching for them.

Harry looked at Draco and said, “This Giant is capable of thinking and logic to a slightly higher IQ than normal Giants. It’s still stupid, but it can think somewhat conclusively. I think it saw us from time to time coming up the hill. We need to be extra careful and not depend on it being all muscle and no brain.”

Draco agreed with him and he wanted to tell Harry he was sorry for giving their hiding place away but Harry took his eyes off of him. Draco smiled inwardly thinking Harry knew what he was about to say and didn’t want him to take any blame. He suddenly wondered what it would have been like being Harry’s friend at Hogwarts instead of mortal enemies. He focused on the Giant and Harry looked back at him and asked if he had any ideas.

This surprised him so much he nearly laughed. He controlled the urge and said, “I could distract it and you come up from behind and kill it. I wonder what its weapon is.”

Harry looked at the Giant and then looked back to Draco. “It probably shoots ice boulders out of its club. Let’s make sure. I’m going to make a set of footprints run on down the hill.”

The footprints appeared and the Giant shot huge ice boulders in rapid succession covering the area. It went stomping down to look for the bodies and Harry looked quickly at Draco. There didn’t need to be any words; seeing what it did was terrifying enough to get the message to both of them. Harry got out his invisibility cloak and told Draco that it was impenetrable and for him to stay under it no matter what. You go ahead and get his attention and I’ll come up from behind it to kill it. Harry said, “Start running for a boulder to make it think you’re hiding from it and make a noise like you slipped or something. Otherwise it’ll keep going down the hill and not see your tracks. Draco nodded and Harry took a deep breath, “Thanks for your help, mate.” He wrapped the cloak around Draco and fastened it to make sure it covered him completely and wouldn’t blow away.

Draco started running to the boulder and watched the Giant to know when to make the noise. It stopped to listen and turned to look back where it came from. Draco actually did slip and made a thud when the wind was knocked out of him from falling over a small boulder that had been covered in snow. The Giant ran at Draco with incredible swiftness and accuracy. When he was nearly to Draco he stopped suddenly and sniffed the air. He turned and looked right at Harry and swiped his enormous hand catching nothing but air. Harry had moved just in time. The Giant roared and made a motion with his club and Harry’s white snowsuit and face-mask disappeared. Harry stood very much visible to the Giant and then he became invisible again. He began moving around with great speed only becoming visible when he was behind the Giant and drew his sword taking great slices at it. The only thing it seemed to do was to wear Harry out and irritate the Giant. Finally Harry appeared in front of it and jumped up above it and came down in impressive form; his sword blazing with fire. Harry came down and drove the sword down through the Giant’s mighty chest and said, “Fiendfyre!”

The flames erupted within the Giant and engulfed him and Harry. Draco nearly got sick watching and thought he lost his new friend to the evil monsters in the fire. But then Harry and his sword dropped to the ground away from the fiery Giant and rolled in the snow saying the counter curse to put out the Fiendfyre around him. Harry was breathing hard and great puffs of his breath could be seen in the freezing air. He was smoldering and sweat froze to his body. He looked over at the Giant and cried out in anger when the Giant put out the fire that was raging over his body. It was definitely hurt, but still mighty dangerous. Harry got up and staggered close to the Giant. The Giant laughed and said, “I am going to squeeze the life out of you Draco Malfoy.” This shocked Harry but he didn’t let it show. The Giant had Harry in his crushing arms instantly; Harry not having a chance to move away. Harry looked over to where he knew Draco was and nodded his head towards the house and then he and the Giant flew straight up like a rocket. Draco saw the Giant begin to batter Harry and Harry then was able to draw his sword and run it through the Giant to keep it from getting away from him. Harry reached an altitude where there wasn’t any oxygen; space. He shot the Giant down into the atmosphere and watched it burn up completely as it fell through reentry. Harry disappeared and fell to the spot where he left from. He was exhausted and hurt all over. His legs buckled under him causing him to fall face forward to the ground.

Draco didn’t go to the house like Harry intended him to do, but stayed on the spot in-case Harry needed him when he returned. He knelt down beside Harry’s lifeless form afraid his new friend was dead. Surely he was; who could survive what he just did? Even if he survived how could he lie in the snow in freezing weather without a shirt on? When the Giant grabbed Harry and yanked his snowsuit off his shirt ripped off as well. Only the sleeve to his left arm remained on Harry and if it wasn’t so serious Draco would have fun making sport of Harry’s appearance.

Finally he gathered his courage and touched Harry’s frozen shoulder. “Potter? Harry, are you dead man?”

Harry softly groaned and began to stir ever so slightly. Another minute went bye with Draco trying to see what all was wrong with Harry. Finally he rolled him over and shook Harry’s shoulder, “Harry, can you move?”

Harry opened his eyes slowly and tried to focus them. “I’m trying to but I’m too tired,” he whispered in his weakness. Another few minutes and Harry rolled over onto his side and pushed his body up onto his knees. He was shaking more and more and his teeth were chattering.

“I think I can get up now if you can help me.”

Draco stepped closer to Harry and draped Harry’s arm over his shoulders and then put his free arm around Harry’s waist. Harry said, “I’m going to take us home but don’t let go of me when we get there.”

Harry took them to the porch and then they got through the door and into the living room. Ginny, Astoria and the kids ran to them and started trying to help Harry to the couch but he shook his head saying he needed to shower and get some band aides on before he thawed out and blood drips over everything.

Ginny took Harry’s arm from Draco and started helping him toward the steps. He was limping badly and moving slower with each step. After just a half dozen steps he moaned through his gritted teeth and stopped walking. “Honey, stay here with our friends and I’ll just transport myself up to the shower. Winky can help after my shower if I need medicine or bandaged someplace I can’t reach. Draco can tell you what happened. Don’t worry about me; I’ll be good as new in a little while. The good thing is I’m not near as bad off as I would be if Draco hadn’t been there to help me.”

Harry disappeared up to the shower and stood under the cold water waiting for it to start feeling cold to him. He felt like crying out; the water feeling so hot he kept checking to make sure he had the cold water on instead of the hot water. He even conjured a thermometer once to check the temperature. He read the device and thought out loud, “Well, it is definitely the cold water; I just need to be more patient.” After twenty minutes he went ahead and shampooed his hair and washed the rest of him. The water never did start feeling cool, so he decided to just go to the underground cavern and be healed by the Poseidon effect. He changed his mind when a sudden query came to his mind. Was he becoming dependent on the water healing him like a drug addict is dependent on drugs? He didn’t want to become dependent on anything so put the thought out of his mind. At least he tried to. He kept finding himself thinking about how wonderful he feels after he’s completely healed.

Harry sighed and stepped out of the shower and dressed in comfortable sweats and socks with sneakers after he medicated and bandaged his injuries. He studied the hole in his stomach where the space debris went into him. He held out his hand and a small devise appeared. He turned a knob on it and ran it over the area of the hole and lights blinked and an alarm sounded. It was as he was afraid; he was radioactive. He became alarmed and read the dose he was exposed to and calmed down somewhat. The poison circulating in him wasn’t contagious since he put a containment shield that was like an extra layer of skin around him when he appeared on the spaceship for protecting his friends and family. He took a potion and called Jack. He knew the explosion in space would be picked up by spy satellites relaying it back to America. He explained about the Giant and what he had to do to get rid of it.

“It was a robot made with the earliest forms of NANITES. It seemed to have been confused on its directives but was still a deadly force to deal with. And also; that screw was radioactive. I’ve taken a potion that will hopefully stop the poison in my body, but if I’m not any better tomorrow will it be safe for me to go to Atlantis and see what Carson or Jennifer can do for me?”

“Sure, Harry, go ahead and have them see to you. I’m sorry we messed up causing you to have to expose yourself to space like that. I don’t want to keep you from your friends and family, and wish we were still there. Merry Christmas, son.”

Harry finished up and went downstairs and stopped in front of Draco. “Stand up a second, Draco. I need to make sure you weren’t exposed to radiation. I took that Giant to space and shot him down through re-entry and let gravity help pull it to Earth to burn up completely. I ran into a screw up there today, but I contained it to myself. I’m sure you are okay, but I need to make absolute certain that you don’t have even a trace of it on you.”

Draco stood up and looked worriedly at the machine when Harry was done. Harry smiled kindly at him. “I’m sure you are fine. None of the bells and whistles went off like it did with me. I’m contained so you don’t have to be worried about your safety. I’ll probably get checked out by my doctor tonight or in the morning just to be on the safe side.”

Harry sat down on the hearthstone in front of the fireplace. He was so cold he could hardly stand it. He looked out to the kitchen and asked quietly if there was a time frame on dinner. Ginny told him it would be about five minutes. Harry nodded his head and looked at the kids staring at him. He smiled and said, “Are you kids having a nice time? Did you enjoy skiing?”

“We all won at least one race each. And then some of the races were so close we couldn’t tell who won, but it was so much fun I hated to quit,” answered Scorpius. James and Albus commented about the winds and snow making it difficult, but made an interesting challenge for them all.

Harry looked at Lily and said, “What about you darling angel? Did you have a good time skiing?”

“Oh it was so much fun I hated to come to the end of the trail. Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy were ahead of us just a little ways and Mum told me very romantic stories of when you guys would take walks where we were skiing before us kids came along. You’re so romantic Daddy.”

James rolled his eyes and laughed, “You should have stayed with us and had a real nice time, Lily. Talk about a lot of wasted time, good grief.”

Scorpius looked seriously at Lily and then looked at James and said, “Leave her be, James. She had a good time doing what made her happy. That’s what’s important.”

Harry grinned at his oldest son and winked at him. He was glad James didn’t say anything else about it or rebuttal Scorpius’s remarks. And then he looked at his wife and wished he could have been on the cross country skiing with Ginny. She met his gaze and smiled gently and he smiled back at her wishing there was a way to let her know how much he loved her.

Winky came in and said dinner was ready. Harry stood up slowly and held his stomach. He wasn’t feeling good at all, and he hurt so badly he wished he could just go to bed. This was Christmas though and he was with his family, something he has wanted ever since he first got married. He was very thankful and bowed his head for a moment being thankful for his blessings.

“It all smells so good; I can’t wait to try some of everything.” The meal was eaten and though conversation was light and fun, Harry sensed an uneasy feeling in Draco. It seemed to Harry that Draco was trying very hard to be friends and couldn’t just be natural. He watched Scorpius talking freely with Albus, James, and Lily. They were having a great time and Harry was glad of it. He looked at Ginny and Astoria and saw them talking like they had been friends all their lives. Once again he felt glad for their happiness. He took a deep breath and put down his fork that he couldn’t hold without showing how much he was trembling.

Scorpius suddenly looked over at Harry and said, “Harry, I hope you don’t think me as a spoiled child, but do you think you can take me in outer space? I just want to experience it for a dream come true type of thing. I’ve always wanted to see it.”

Harry studied the young boy for a moment before he answered. With a serious look about him he said, “First of all, Scorpius, I don’t think you’re a spoiled child and secondly, yes I can take you out to outer space if your parents say it's okay.”

Astoria looked worriedly at her son but then seeing his heart’s desire she softened and smiled sweetly. “I think it’s a wonderful thing to get to do if Harry is up to it.” She looked at Draco who was planning on saying no right off the bat. But, he didn’t want to be the bad guy so he said it was okay with him, but maybe they should wait until Harry was feeling better.

Before Harry could say he should recover before he did it, Lily spoke up and said, “Daddy said he wanted to make sure everyone had the best time they could possibly have today. So I think he would want to take Scorpius on his outer space trip.

Draco frowned and then smiled saying he could do it then if Harry really felt well enough to do it. Harry nodded his head and stood up since everyone seemed to be done eating and was just talking. Scorpius went to Harry and asked if he could talk to him in private for a minute. Harry nodded his head and offered him the study to talk in and shut the door behind him. When they came back out Harry took a deep breath and said, “We’ll be coming back into the study so I can make sure we don’t bring back any contamination with us.” He kissed Ginny and gave her a hug. She felt his reserve and noticed his lips were still blue and he was still terribly cold. Now she didn’t want him to leave; but she knew it was useless to ask him to do this another day when he felt more up to it.

Harry said they’d be back in a couple minutes and tapped his wand on Scorpius and his shoulder. They were now wearing protective spacesuits and Astoria breathed easier. Harry took Scorpius by the upper arm and disappeared. Three minutes later they returned and walked out of the study. Scorpius was so happy he was speechless. He handed his parents a small box. They were taken by surprise and looked at Harry who was headed for the fireplace. Draco opened the box and Astoria pulled out a card that read, ‘To the best Mum and Dad in the world. I love you to the moon and back. Merry Christmas!’ They looked in the box again and saw two rocks. “They’re moon rocks. Harry took me to the moon so I could make this present for you. It’s the reason we had to wear the special suits. Harry made the boots have a gravity force field so we could stand and walk on the moon. My footprints are on the moon! Oh, and look at your phones. Harry sent you a picture of me and a video of me on the moon. Some of it is pretty silly, but it was so fun.”

Draco and Astoria thanked Scorpius and hugged him tightly. They said they loved it and can’t believe he thought of doing that for them. They looked at Harry who was very quiet and sitting in his comfy recliner by the roaring fire. He had a blanket wrapped around him and his eyes were closed. Ginny sat on the arm of the chair and he opened his eyes and smiled. She asked if he was okay and he just smiled. Then he asked her if she could have the kids go play so they could talk.

Ginny stood up and smiled at the excited kids. She loved seeing them all having fun. Albus said, “Come downstairs and tell us everything about what you saw and what it felt like.” They ran to the basement door and Harry said, “Walk; no running on the stairs.”
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