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Hey Guys, back again with a new chapter. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy reading it. It isn't a long chapter, but it was fun to write.

Chapter 10

A Good Visit And A Bad Nightmare

Harry turned to Rodney and said, “Have you had your dinner?”

Rodney said he ate before they left, but he wouldn’t say no to a piece of the chocolate cake that he noticed sitting on the table. Harry grinned and said they would join him.

Harry looked at Lily and Ginny. They hadn’t been able to talk about Lily’s attitude towards him yet. He didn’t want to put it off, but he didn’t want to subject Lily to any embarrassment from talking about it in front of Rodney. He decided it would be best if they talked tomorrow evening. He smiled at his young daughter and said, “We’ll continue our conversation tomorrow evening.”

Lily thought for a minute and sighed. “We better talk now while things are still fresh in our minds. I just hope Rodney doesn’t think too badly of my thoughtless and disrespectful attitude I was having.”

Rodney shoved a bite of cake in his mouth and his eyes rolled with the rich flavor and its moist texture. “I can’t believe how good this is! Oh, listen Lily; don’t mind me. If you need to talk to your parents, or they need to talk to you, then go right ahead. I think it’s commendable of you to consider the timeliness of a matter over your own self esteem. And I doubt I could ever think badly about anything you could have said or done. You’re a kid and from what I know about kids, being one myself once, they grow up making mistakes and learning from them. And parents have to expect some rebellion from the status quo now and then, because kids sometimes have troubles discerning right from wrong and change doesn’t always bode well with them until they understand it. Go ahead and talk, pretend I’m not even here.”

Harry watched Lily while Rodney talked and was pleased at her acceptance of what he was saying. She looked at her dad when Rodney was done talking and waited for him to speak. Ginny spoke up first and so she looked at her.

“I wanted to talk to you about what you took to be the truth instead of relying on what you know to be true of your daddy. The Daily Prophet ran the story about him to make him look bad. They were hoping to make Daddy out to be insignificant now. Everything they printed was a lie or misinformation. And as it turned out, Daddy found out they weren’t even from the Daily Prophet, but villains out to cause trouble so they could run a scam. I have the article from the Rising Phoenix showing everything the way it really happened. Daddy single handedly caught the villains and saved the Orphanage from losing everything and having to shut down. Also; your Daddy bought all the decorations and tree and gifts for all the boys and girls and staff at the Orphanage. Then he hired some people from a job agency looking for work to decorate the Orphanage and tree. He was all alone when he captured the villains, but he had called for help. He knew his Aurors would be there to help but he had to start without them because they were starting to leave. He was hurt pretty badly but he was able to capture them. This all happened before his day was supposed to begin but he had gone in early to keep from being stared at on his way to his office. That’s why he looked so badly in the pictures from the Daily Prophet. It had just happened and Daddy hadn’t even had time to catch his breath. But look at the pictures Mr. Malfoy took this morning of him. He also wrote the real story and included quotes from yesterday when Daddy explained about a few things. I want you to look at these pictures and read his words and tell me if you still think he looks and sounds like a bum.”

Ginny handed Lily the paper but kept talking. She told her about what happened and finished by saying, “He got home and called me to say he was home and going to shower but then he would be ready for movie night with you and me. I was mad at him because I was afraid he was dying somewhere and couldn’t help him. I was wrong to talk to him the way I did. I accused him of lying, but he wasn’t. And the reason he wasn’t here when I came home is because he woke up at three and we weren’t home so he went in the woods and found a tree for our Christmas. Now the last thing I want to say applies to what you were angry about you getting in trouble for trying to heal John. Daddy told you that using your power before you know how to handle it is dangerous for you. He explained why and how it is dangerous for you and made sure you knew it was too much for you until you know more. You said you were mad at him because it isn’t fair that you got in trouble but he goes off and does more than he is able and ends up nearly dying from it. The difference is he does know how to handle his power. And he was the only person able to do anything. Would you expect him to leave Atlantis and come home when he knew they would all die if he did?”

Lily shook her head and said, “Daddy could never do that, he wouldn’t ever do it. He would do his best to save them, no matter the cost to him because that’s what good people do and he’s the best.” Lily looked over at her dad who was staring into the fire. She knew he didn’t like being the topic of this conversation but he never keeps her mum from saying what she wants to say.

Ginny continued on with things she thought Lily needed to know. “I also want to tell you that Hermione told me about her telling you your daddy was guilty of putting things off and used the Tri Wizard Tournament as an example. This was way out of line for her to tell you. I wish I would have been in here when she said that because I would have told you to not believe what she told you. The Tournament was something your daddy wasn’t supposed to be in. You know the story of how he happened to be in it. It wasn’t fair and it wasn’t right. He was too young and he shouldn’t be held to the same scrutiny as everyone else. And your daddy has never been guilty of putting things off until later just because he was rebelling against the assignments. He had to deal with constant headaches from Lord Voldemort messing up his head. And he was occupied with knowing things weren’t right and solving problems and trying to stay alive. He found out things before the adults and always ended up risking his life to save us from Lord Voldemort coming back. But still he had to try to keep up with his schoolwork. I think he did exceptionally well all things considering. And if he had ignored everything and just concentrated on school then he would have easily been able to keep up without Hermione’s help.”

Lily stood up and went over to Harry and rubbed his shoulder to get his attention. “Daddy?” He looked at her and ever so softly said, “Yes, Angel?”

“Daddy, I’m so sorry. I don’t know how you love me, but I’m so glad you do. Please forgive me for being such an abject wretched child.”

Harry took her hand and gently pulled her to him in case she didn’t want him to touch her he could drop her hand without causing a disturbance. She lunged at him and threw both her arms around his neck and cried on his shoulder. He put his arms around her and cuddled her to him. They remained that way until she stopped crying. When she pulled away from him she saw he had been crying too.

Harry smiled and said, “My Darling Angel, life can be pretty bumpy sometimes, but the journey through the bumpy times is a lot more bearable when you have people you love help you through it. You do yourself a great injustice by not talking to someone who is understanding and loves you to help you over the rough stretch in your journey. You kids and your mum mean more than everything to me. I love you Angel and since you asked for it then I forgive you for being disrespectful. But I want you to know that you are not an abject wretched child. It’s like Rodney said, sometimes kids don’t understand things and don’t know the right or wrong of it. I can see how you could misunderstand what’s been going on what with only getting bits and pieces and all of it being untruths and misdirected truths. But you should never be willful or disrespectful no matter what. I believe you got that out of your system now and there won’t be any more problems. One more thing I want you to know is that I have never lied to you and I never will and that is something you can count on.”

Lily nodded her head and hiccoughed little sobs that escaped her control. “Daddy, I still loved you and I was heart broken that you treated Mum that way. I only acted that way so I wouldn’t be devastated when Mum made you leave. Uncle Percy said you left because Mum kicked you out on your ears. But then you came home finally and I was so happy I forgot and everyone was saying it had all been a lie. And then all this happened again with the paper and you are always being nearly dead from doing more than what you can handle and Mum gets angry and Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron says things that makes me mad at you. I just didn’t understand so I acted the way they did. And it’s my entire fault because I shouldn’t have listened even though it was hard not to hear most of the time. I’m sorry and I’m so happy you are back home. And I know that you and Mum love each other and I know that when I get married my husband and I will love each other the same way. It’s so sad that it can’t be my Johnny that I marry.” She sighed sadly and shook her head with dismay.

Rodney shoveled his last bite in his mouth and said, “You certainly can do better than John, and you won’t have any problem catching a boy if you can cook as good as your mum.”

Lily looked horrified and then tried to smile. “Johnny is the man I will always love. He is a great man who is worthy of my love. The man I marry will just have to know I love him and will be true to him even though he was not my first love. And Rodney, saying I will catch a man if I can cook as well as Mum is very sexist. I will be a great cook and I will make him wonderful cake, but only because I want to, and never because he expects it of me. My husband will love me for who I am, not for what I can do for him.”

Rodney choked on his last bite as he tried to swallow. “I’m sorry, Lily; I didn’t mean that literally. I was making a compliment to your Mum’s cooking. But you’re right, it shouldn’t have been said. I do believe you will find a great man and he will be very lucky to have you- umm no I mean; rather what I mean is that… that you and your husband will be… well, very happy with each other.”

He looked at Harry desperately hoping for some intercession. Harry smiled and said, “You’re fine, Rodney. She understands what you mean.” He stood up slowly and winced but moved away from his chair and leaned down to kiss Lily. “Good-night Darling Angel. You can stay up as long as Mum says, but I need to get some sleep. Love you Angel.” He stroked her head fondly and looked at Rodney.

“Rodney, you can have the guest bedroom, make yourself at home. I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ll be here at eight o’clock to take you to Jeannie’s. Hang on, we forgot about the time difference. We need to leave at three in the morning to get you to Jeannie’s at eight.”

He kissed Ginny and told her he loved her. He hugged her tight and kissed her again. As he walked towards the stairway he turned and said, “Oh, Honey could you call Dave for me? Tell him I’ll be there around nine in the morning to pick up a puppy.”

Ginny said she’d call him right then. Rodney got up and said he needed to go to bed too since he had to leave early. He thanked them for their hospitality and followed Harry up the steps. As Harry went passed the guest bedroom he pointed his wand into the room and the mattress jumped as if alive. Rodney swallowed and went to the bed cautiously wondering what Harry did to make it jump.

Harry wearily rolled over on his side to look at Ginny before he got up to take Rodney to his sister’s house in Canada. Her face was bathed perfectly in the moonlight and he marveled at her beauty. He couldn’t believe she was just as beautiful as when they got married. Harry was about to lean over and kiss her softly when a black shadow appeared and stabbed her with a long sword. The blade was coming down again this time to cut off her head. Harry’s magic failed him so he cried out and laid over her to shield her and the sword went through him and her head rolled away from him. He yelled louder than he had ever in his life; his anguish forbidding logical thoughts to come into his mind. All he knew was his life just ended because his Ginny was dead. Yet how was he still on his knees holding his wife he loved more than anything? The sword went through him before it cut through Ginny. He tried to get her head but every time it came within reach, the shadow kicked it away. Then the shadow laughed and spoke. He knew this voice. But how could it be?! This man was clinically insane and in a Federal prison in America. “How did you escape, Farley?” Harry tried to summon Ginny’s head and it flew to him with Ginny’s blood flying everywhere. He caught it and put it back on her shoulders.

“Thank you, Love; that’s much better. What a mess!” She began siphoning the blood off of her and everything else. Harry was beyond confused and at first whispered, “You’re alive!?” and then he asked how she was alive. Farley laughed with such an evil sounding laugh Harry looked around to see if they had been transported to Hades. They were still in the bedroom for which Harry was thankful. Farley moved to him and Harry felt his skin begin to slowly tear from his body. He yelled with the horrible pain and then Farley put the tip of the sword on Harry’s chest and said, “I’m done playing; I’m going to kill you now.” He felt the sword go slowly into his heart and he couldn’t breathe. Blood gushed out of his mouth and his body went limp with his death.

Harry’s eyes flew open and he put his hand to his chest. He felt his heart pounding wildly and then he realized he had a nightmare. He got up and paced the floor trying to calm his heart and breathing down to normal. It was only ten o’clock; an hour after he had gone to bed. He glanced at the bed and saw the moon shining softly on Ginny’s face. Just like his nightmare he saw her beauty and was thankful she was alive. He jumped when she spoke to him.

“It was another nightmare; wasn’t it? They seem to be worse each night. What do you dream about that causes you so much trauma?”

Harry shook his head not wanting to talk about it, especially to her. He swallowed and returned to bed. He rolled over to her so he could hold her in his arms but she ran her arm under his neck with one arm and drew him close to her; putting her other arm around his shoulder. She felt his trembling stop and his breathing return to normal and a few seconds later he was sleeping. She studied him in the soft light of the moon. She hadn’t noticed how wavy his hair was this time when she cut it. The waves were deep and the ends of the hair curled giving his manly features a boyish charm about him. His face was very handsome and although she knew he carried scars they were mostly under his facial hair. She looked at the ones that weren’t hidden. One forced a groove through his eyebrow and over the lid of his eye to the bridge of his nose. It was barely noticeable except for the part through his eyebrow. It didn’t take away from his good looks at all. She smiled thinking the scar showed proof of his strength. She ran her fingers through his hair on the side of his face and she saw another scar. This one ran from his cheek, over his jaw and over the top of his ear. This was the one Ron gave him when he thought Harry hurt Hermione. How could Ron think that Harry would ever hurt her, or any of them? Harry had never raised his hands against family even though he never deserved any of the abuse against him. Her hand ran through his hair and tried to tame the rebellious hair that stuck up in shocks here and there on top of his head when his hair was short. She smiled at his inability to control his hair. He was so disciplined in everything about him, except he had no control over his unruly hair. She wondered if this was why he liked his hair long; because he could keep at least some semblance of authority over it. She giggled softly; her husband whom was thought to be the world’s most powerful wizard couldn’t control his hair even with magic. Harry stirred when she giggled and she chastised herself for nearly waking him. He desperately needed to sleep and get as much rest as he could. She ran her fingers under the hair hanging down over his scar. Odd that his hair grew in a way it would hang down over his forehead covering his lightning bolt scar. But then again, John’s hair was exactly the same way. She looked at Harry's face wondering what he would look like if he hadn’t gone away for four years after he killed Voldemort. Those four years had made a big difference in his appearance. What if he had been able to live a normal life without all the fighting he was always doing? What would he look like if he didn’t have all the years of hate built up in him?

“Honey, are you okay?” he asked softly, mostly still asleep. She gently touched her finger to his lips and hushed him softly. His lips turned up slightly and she kissed his forehead lovingly. “Thank you for saving me,” he said in a whisper. She smiled sweetly and whispered, “Who saved who, Mr. Potter? Sleep, Love.” She pulled his head against her breast and sighed with content; closing her eyes she too fell asleep with the feel of his breath on her breast.

At two thirty Harry walked into the kitchen and took his plate of supper he didn’t eat the night before and heated it up. Sitting with a cup of coffee he ate slowly and thought of the nightmare he’d had last night. He shivered with the thought of how real it seemed. He wondered if he would ever have a night to just sleep without the nightmares. He’d had them ever since he was captured and tortured for the first time under Cheyenne Mountain. He got stuck thinking and remembering the ways he was tortured. His hands began to shake and he dropped his fork, but the memories weren’t phased with the noise it made when it hit the plate. He put his elbows on the table and clenched his fists. He leaned his head into his fists and stayed that way while images of being tortured resonated in his head.

Then he felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up startled. He didn’t realize he was breathing hard until he tried to speak but choked on the air he swallowed. “Rodney, I didn’t hear you come down. Did you sleep well?” He attempted a smile and did poorly at it, but Rodney returned the smile and answered him.

“I slept like a baby, thank you. Can I ask what you did to my bed last night? Did you put a magic spell on it to make me sleep, because I fell right to sleep and I don’t normally? Normally I lie in bed for hours working out things on my mind.”

Harry chuckled and said, “No, I accommodated your back with the type of mattress you need. I’m glad you slept soundly.”

Rodney sat down at the table and Harry asked what he wanted to eat with which Rodney answered some fruit and cold cereal. “And is there coffee? I’ll need a large cup if there is.”

Harry nodded his head and all the cereal boxes, a large bowl and spoon and an apple, banana, some grapes, cubed pineapple, orange slices, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries appeared in front of him. Then a jug of milk zoomed out of the refrigerator and settled in front of him. Rodney was delighted and poured his cereal choice and studied the fruit. “I think I’ll slice the peach into my, oh there isn’t a peach. That’s fine I have plenty with this other fruit.”

Harry chuckled and a sliced peach was suddenly in his bowl. Rodney was thrilled and pointed to the other fruit and slices and diced bits of each fruit went into the bowl. He poured in some milk and picked up his spoon. But then when a large mug of coffee appeared next to his hand he grinned happily and picked it up and swallowed a gulp. “Wow, that’s great coffee, thanks.”
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Hey Guys, Happy Easter! Thanks for coming back for my next chapter. This is the last chapter in this story. There are 6 chapters in the next story, Harry And The Less Fortunate. Please feel free to comment. I hope you all like this chapter.

Chapter 11 Harry Meets Rodney’s Sister

Harry nodded his head in acknowledgment. “We need to get a move on it, Rodney. It’s twenty till three.”

Rodney took a huge bite and said, “Harry, I never see you look at a watch, how is it that you always know what time it is?”

“I’m connected with Hogwarts by an enchantment and it has a huge bell tower and clock. I always know what time it is at Hogwarts, and since we are in the same time zone I automatically know. But I have to figure time changes when I go to any other time zones. I also know when the castle does any magic, like when the staircases move, or the Library sounds an alarm when an underage student is in the restricted area; stuff like that.”

“That’s fascinating; it must be nerve-wracking with all that in your head all the time.”

“It was at first but I learned to keep it in the back of my mind.”

Rodney looked at Harry wanting in the worst way to ask what was bothering him when he came into the kitchen but didn’t know if he should or not. Instead he said, “I can’t get used to sometimes your hair is long and sometimes it’s short. I mean you look great with it either way. I’d never be able to pull off long hair and beard and mustache, but you wear it very nicely. I think I like it shorter like this. You look less intimidating, unless you’re angry, then it doesn’t matter how long or short your hair is you’re downright scary either way. It’s funny how your hair stands up the same places John’s does. It took me a while to get used to his hair at first, but he’s just like you; wears it nicely.”

He watched Harry nod his head again to show he heard him, but also noticed a tinge of redness to his face. Harry was embarrassed and didn’t know how to respond well with the compliments he was given. Rodney decided to change the subject and said, “Harry, are you okay; I mean when I came down you were so deep in thought and you looked like you were either fervently praying or something awful was on your mind. Is there anything I can help you with? I’m sorry about the force field and all. I shouldn’t have messed with it. You got busted up pretty bad because of me.”

Harry shook his head and held up his hand to stop Rodney. “I’m okay, Rodney, thank you for your concern. I was deep in thought and maybe I should have been praying, but I was living in my not so distant past. I have nightmares every time I fall asleep and sometimes they haunt me like when you came in the kitchen. I’ll have to work through it and just try to hang on to my sanity until I have a handle on them.”

“I used to have nightmares about Moby Dick and you caused me to never have them again. Can’t you do that for yourself?”

Harry said they were from being tortured and they seem to be just as real as when it actually happened. And then he further explained, “I was able to cause you to not have those nightmares because Moby Dick was fiction. You never really experienced anything of what your mind fabricated based on the movie your dad made you watch when you were a kid. But since I physically experienced being tortured I can’t fabricate any part of it. That’s not to say my mind can’t expand on the reality of them, but I can’t magically make them go away. But thanks Rodney; for understanding and trying to help. Now, we need to go if you’re ready. Rodney took the last swallow of his coffee and said he was ready. Harry cleaned the kitchen with a wave of his wand and he took Rodney’s bag in one hand and touched his arm with his other hand.

Rodney said, “Oh I wanted to… never mind. I can’t get used to being one place one minute and the next second I’m halfway around the world. Thanks Harry for bringing me here. Could you come in and meet Jeannie? She really wants to meet you.”

Harry looked sharply at him and said, “Does she know I’m a wizard?”

Rodney looked lost for words for the first time in his life. He actually looked somewhat frightened. “Well, let me think, um no, I don’t think I told her out right. I mean, she asked once jokingly and I just kind of laughed at her. I’m a terrible liar, Harry; you can ask John or anyone.”

Harry looked at him curiously and slightly angry. “You weren’t supposed to tell anyone.”

Rodney looked nervously at the house as if it might attack him at any moment. “I didn’t, but she’s a brilliant scientist especially with math formulas and equations. Don’t tell her I said that though. But anyway, she saw those seven white boards of mine with that new math I discovered; but lost the ability to understand. She knew about that and when she saw it was all translated she got all jealous and tried to learn it to prove me wrong. She couldn’t figure it out and she laughed and said it would take a wizard to figure it out. Well I just laughed with her. So she’s suspicious that I found a wizard in the Pegasus Galaxy. I told her that to the best of my knowledge there aren't any wizards in the Pegasus Galaxy. I laughed at her and said it was a friend of mine named Harry Potter. I told her you are a genius and you figured it out.”

Harry was really put on the spot but he wasn’t upset with Rodney. Just the fact that he couldn’t lie to his sister was enough to convince him that he simply wasn’t able to keep her from needling him to get at the truth. Rodney apologized and Harry gave him a weary smile and said it was all good not to worry about it.

Just then the door opened and a blond woman with a friendly smile came out onto the porch reaching for Rodney. “When did you get here!? I was waiting for a phone call to go fetch you home from the airport.” She noticed Harry and smiled friendly, “Oh hello, I’m sorry I didn’t see you there.”

Harry stepped forward and held out his hand to shake hers that she offered. “It’s fine; I was just saying good-bye to Rodney. I dropped him off here before I went down to the states. My name is Harry Potter; I’m pleased to meet you, Mrs. Miller.”

Jeannie smiled but didn’t let loose of his hand, but gently pulled him forward. “Come in, come in; I’m so happy to meet you Mr. Potter.”

Harry returned her smile pleasantly and said, “Please call me Harry,” he said as he reluctantly followed her into her home. She let loose of his hand and gave Rodney a hug and told him how happy they were that he could spend Christmas with them.

“Rodney, I’m going to head on down to Dave and Maria’s to get that puppy and get on home.” He looked at Jeannie and smiled saying, ‘It was nice to meet you, Mrs. Miller. You have a beautiful home. Merry Christmas.” He turned to leave but Jeannie spoke up quickly.

“Harry, I saw your work on the new math Rodney claims he discovered. He said you worked it out for him. Could you tell me how you did that? I just don’t want to be the one not in on the joke. You see I’m sure since you are obviously friends that you know he is very competitive. And when he said he knows Harry Potter and he is the one who figured out the math, well, let’s just say he will go to any length to one up me. And I don’t even play his silly competitions, but he makes these outlandish stories up and I have heard of Harry Potter. I guess what I’m saying is that I’d like proof that you are who you and Rodney say you are.”

“What kind of proof are you looking for?”

She handed him a folder and said, “There is an article in here about Harry Potter’s all natural fertilizer. I worked out most of the equations he would have to have used to make the ingredients, but I can’t figure out the formula he solves the equations with.”

Harry said, “You don’t know and you want me to prove I am Harry Potter by filling in the parts you don’t know?”

Jeannie nodded her head and Harry said, “If you don’t know, then how will you know if the answers I supply you with are right or wrong?”

Jeannie stopped smiling and then Rodney smiled as if he just won the battle of the wits. Jeannie saw her brother and became impatient. “Well, I’d just have to watch you work it out. If you work it out correctly the checks and balances would let me know if you are correct or just someone Rodney hired to make me look foolish.”

Harry looked at Rodney and said, “You wouldn’t really do that to your sister would you?” Rodney looked guilty and then flustered and said, “Sure she acts like little Miss Friendly the victim but the minute you leave she’ll get her claws out and, and, and well she won’t be nice.”

Harry licked his lips and sighed; his resignation easily interpreted and opened the folder. He read formula after formula and went over her math and then took the pen she was holding out to him. “This is where you’ve made your first mistake.” He quickly marked through several lines and reworked the formula. “Now you can see that changes the equations you need to solve the problem.” He worked the equation so quickly even Jeannie had trouble following him. “Since we changed that part then we need to change this part and rework it like this.” He worked through the rest of the folder and then handed it back to her.

She looked at his work and then said, “I have to admit I am impressed.”

“Why is it you needed to work out my theory and hypothesis for the fertilizer I created?”

“I wanted to make sure it was legitimate before we bought it for our garden. We don’t believe in using synthesized fertilizer but we need something because our soil has become overworked. We found a research paper you did and stated what your fertilizer does not only for the plants but the soil enrichment too. So I worked backward from the end product to get what I would need to work out everything.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “I understand. So do you believe I am who I say I am or does there need to be more proof?”

Jeannie bit her lip wanting ever so badly to ask him something else but it was so silly she didn’t want him to laugh at her. It was bad enough her brother laughs at her; she did not want a total stranger to laugh at her. Her curiosity got the best of her though and she said, “Since Rodney says you were on Atlantis, I can ask you this without breaching any secret of the government. I was on Atlantis and I saw some white boards with some very complex math I’ve never seen before. Meredith,” she glanced at her brother who had huffed angrily at using his first name instead of the name he goes by. “Grow up, Mere… Anyway, Harry, he said he discovered the math when he was enhanced by that Ancient instrument; but lost the knowledge of it after the enhancement wore off or whatever. He said you worked it out for him. How did you figure it, better yet; how could you figure it when you didn’t discover it?”

Harry quietly said, “If you and I were living in prehistoric times and one day you discovered how to make fire and although you didn’t share your knowledge but showed everyone that you could have fire and control it without a lightning strike, would it be safe to say that I could have discovered fire after that when I was rubbing my spear handle with another piece of stick swiftly to make it smooth and saw smoke come from it and then sparks and a flame? Would I not be able to use the fire even though you are the one who discovered you don’t need lightning to make fire?” Jeannie wasn’t happy with Rodney laughing at her expression that Harry outsmarted her. Harry didn’t want hard feelings to come about because of brain matter and sighed.

He said, “You understand you’re asking a lot of me. I have to go to the United States yet, and I still have to get back home and go straight to work. But I don’t want to be the cause of quarreling between the two of you so I’ll give you the condensed version. I thought about the Ancients and the war they were fighting, and loosing I might add. I figured they would need some complex designs for their ships; and force fields for not only their ships but the city as well. With that in mind I thought of priorities that would need to be addressed from greatest to least important. I studied the formula and looked for patterns. Once I discovered the patterns I worked out equations that would fit the patterns into groups to keep them from running together. It’s like you would do if you had a paragraph without any commas, quotations, periods, and so forth. Once you put in the correct grammar, you can read the paragraph and understand it easily.”

He looked at Jeannie and Rodney both standing with their mouths open and reached for the folder and pen Jeannie was holding. “Look, I’ll show you. I’ll write part of the formula that is in the beginning and another part in the middle of it. You see how it all looks like gibberish right? But if you notice this part here, and this part here, is the same; so that is a pattern. And if you look at the end, you see that the end is the same as the beginning of this part. So I figured it to make sense that this is the determined amount. So if this amount is truly the answer then this must also be the greater number of these because this formula clearly subtracts from that amount. So now we know that the ends justify the means so to speak. And these are basic elements of the periodic table here and here, so we know that-”

Jeannie’s phone rang and she nearly jumped out of her shoes. She excused herself and when she hung up she apologized and asked Harry to continue. But Rodney cut in and said, “Jeannie, Harry has been very gracious explaining answers to your questions, but he has places he needs to be. We’re being rude holding him up. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to hear more about this too, but, we do need to let him go.”

Jeannie looked horrified and said, “Oh Harry, I’m so sorry. Mere’s right, we were being rude. Thank you for explaining and being so kind in doing so. Do you need a ride to the airport?”

Harry said, “No, thanks, I’ll just disappear out of here.” He handed her the folder and pen and went to shake hands with Rodney to say good bye and noticed he was very worried about something. Jeannie said with a sly smile, “You would have to know magic to just disappear wouldn’t you?”

Harry shook her hand to say good-bye and smiled. “That would be one way to do it if you know magic. Or, you can hitch a ride from the Daedalus that’s orbiting Earth.” He pulled out a smooth stone that Jeannie knew was used to signal the ship to pick up the person with the stone. Of course it wasn’t a real one, just one Harry made so he would have a good explanation for disappearing. Rodney smiled with satisfaction that Harry had outsmarted his sister. Harry waved and disappeared.

Harry knocked on Dave Sheppard’s door and greeted the maid with a smile. After he told her who he was she told him to please have a seat while he got Mr. Sheppard. Harry stood in the foyer waiting for Dave. Upon Dave’s entrance he greeted John’s brother warmly. “Dave, it’s been a while. How have you and Maria been?”

Dave accepted Harry’s hand and they shook talking hurriedly, but kept it cordial. Dave explained he would need to leave in a matter of minutes and Harry said he was in a hurry as well. “Rodney’s sister needed proof of who I am. I think she was hoping she would find out I am a wizard, but she didn’t, so I was then finally able to leave. John says you have a puppy we can get for Albus.”

“Yes, we sure do.” He took Harry to a small room that had once been a walk in closet and pointed to the mamma dog and her puppies. “Here they are take any of them you want.”

Harry knelt down and stroked the mamma with care. “You have a fine family here. It is sad that I am taking one of your pups, but I promise he will be well cared for and loved. The dog licked Harry’s hand and he studied the pups. He didn’t take a long time since Dave needed to leave. Harry picked up the runt of the litter and announced he wanted this one. Dave handed him some papers and said here are his papers and a copy of his momma’s papers.”

Harry stood up with the pup in one hand and reached for the papers with the other. Dave said, “I don’t know why there is a throwback, her blood is pure, and so is that of the father. He won’t be used for breeding will he?”

Harry’s mind went back to Aunt Marge and her dogs. This puppy would have been thrown in a burlap bag and tossed in the creek to make sure the bloodline stayed pure. “No, he will be my son’s puppy and best friend.” Then Harry asked what the price was for it and Dave refused to take anything for it. “I wouldn’t take any money from you even if you wanted any of the others either. You’ve done so much for me and Maria, and John too. Have you heard from him lately? I only talked to him briefly last night when he said you wanted a pup.”

Harry told him he saw him for a minute last night but didn’t get to visit. “He just brought Carson to examine me and he dropped off Rodney to spend the Holidays with his sister and family in Canada.” They shook hands and said their good-byes.
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Hey Guys, thank you for returning for the first chapter in the new story. Sorry I missed posting this earlier today when I was supposed to. This story only has 6 chapters and this first one is longer than normal. I really hope you enjoy it. On a sad note; those of you who believe in God; please be prayerful for the families and friends of the Canadian Junior Hockey Team. 15 people were killed on the bus and 14 were injured. My heart goes out to family and friends of those involved in the deadly crash. Comments are welcome.

Chapter 1

Hermione Hires A New Auror

Harry disappeared to Hogwarts right beside Albus who was asleep in his bed. Harry put the puppy close to Albus so it could get a memory of his scent. Then Harry quietly took one of his son’s dirty shirts that hadn’t gone to the laundry yet and replaced it with one from home. Harry transformed the shirt to look and feel just like the one he took and then he disappeared without a sound to his Detective Agency. Harry needed to make the office puppy friendly since he would be going to work with him every day until Albus came home for Christmas. After Harry made a comfortable corner for the puppy to nap in and put fresh water and food out for him. He sat with the puppy talking quietly and comfortingly and stroked it over and over with Albus’s shirt.

“You are small in stature, but your character is super sized. I can see you will be loyal to Albus, and defend him from things he can’t see. I think I’ll call you Banner, as in Bruce Banner, to encourage you to grow into greatness with my son. That is a massive charge I’m putting on your little shoulders, but I’m sure you’ll handle it just fine. But listen now, Albus has the right to change your name if he so desires, so don’t have hurt feelings if it isn’t a grand name like Banner because he will want you to have the best name he can think of for you. Take any name he gives you as something to be proud of.” When the puppy became drowsy Harry wrapped it in the shirt and put him in his napping bed in the corner.

Yawning and stretching carefully Harry moved about the office. He was going to work out some before he showered and set up the office for the day, but he was tired. He got a pillow and blanket from a closet and laid down on the couch. It would be an hour and a half before his Aurors came in for briefing. He turned on his side and fell asleep. Unfortunately he began having nightmares and the rest he sought to get was hard coming. He began to tense his muscles as the whip in his nightmare tore the skin on his back; breathing hard he tried desperately to escape. He opened his eyes suddenly to something warm and wet on his hand dangling over the side of the couch. He opened his eyes and saw Banner’s sweet little face and front paw’s peeking up at him. Harry smiled and apologized for waking him. Banner sat on the floor; his little tail thumping wistfully on the floor. “Come on up, Banner.” Harry patted the couch at his chest and the puppy grabbed the shirt he drug with him to Harry and jumped up trying to climb up to him. “Need a lift little friend?” Harry cupped the puppy in his hand and cuddled him and the shirt to him. Banner crept up to where he could bury his face in Harry’s neck; took a deep breath of satisfaction and went to sleep. Harry was content smelling the scent of his son next to him and feeling Banner snuggled cozily. He closed his eyes and thought of his secret excursion to get a shirt for Banner to get to know Albus. It was so hard being right there and not get to pull him into his arms.

When Harry next opened his eyes it was from Banner licking his ear. Harry chuckled and asked if he needed to go outside for a minute and stepped outside the back entrance to the alley. Banner explored the immediate area and chose a place to do his business and went back to Harry. They went back in and Harry tossed him a chew toy and took a shower. After his shower he began preparing for his Aurors to come in. Harry picked up Banner and all the Aurors began coming in and made over the puppy. They were especially glad to see Harry although they tried to convince him to go home so he could recover better. Ron was quiet through all this because he knew they all held him partially to blame for Harry being as bad off as he is. Plus they felt since he was married to the Minister elect that he should have some pull with her so she’d back off and let Harry stay home to recover.

Harry felt the tension in the room after everyone settled down for briefing. He sat on the corner of his desk holding the folders but looked at each of them instead of handing them out. “Let’s have it guys. Have I done something to upset the apple-cart here?”

Everyone jumped in immediately saying he was great and nothing was wrong. Harry chuckled and said, “Well, let’s see; I’ve showered and put on deodorant so I can’t smell that bad. Tell me what’s got you all so unhappy.”

Carl spoke up and said, “We just feel that you would be better off if Ron hadn’t attacked you when you were already hurt too bad to work. His wife forced you to be here, and we just think he could tell her to tell you to go back home to recover properly.”

Harry looked at Ron to let him have a chance to speak up for himself. Ron didn’t say anything and just stared straight ahead. Harry said, “I won’t defend Ron, because he did wrong, but at the same time I’m not going to hold it against him because he’s already made amends to me. Plus he is enrolling in ‘Anger Management Classes’ so I’m good with him. About the Minister Elect; she too apologized for her part in what happened to me. She knew she was wrong to have me come back to work. She told me she was being selfish thinking by my being at work that people would have more confidence in her. She told me to stay home until I recover, but what’s done is done. I don’t want people to know she ordered me in for her pictures and posturing to make her look good. If I don’t come in then people will think I only came in to make myself look good and they won’t trust me. Plus, in her defense she did tell me to take the three months my doctor told me to take off. She put an advertisement in the paper saying I would be returning when I was released from my doctor’s care but the false reporter changed the story.”

Harry said that there was something weighing on his heart lately. “We all have had our ups and downs whether it’s finances or family issues. We are all very fortunate we have each other and can depend on each other. But there are those in our community that don’t have what we have. I want each of you while you’re on patrol to make note of any place of business that is hiring. Also, I want you to make it a priority to monitor the homeless. Please try to be lenient if they aren’t being a nuisance or breaking the law. Buy them a cup of coffee or a sandwich to get them through the day. Bring your receipts and I’ll reimburse you. We are servants to the people, and that means all people, not just the ones who have a pillow to rest their heads on at night.” He smiled at them and thanked them for their goodness.

“I’m going to be in and out all day looking at that office building on Tenth Avenue. I want to see if I can transfer it into an apartment building for the homeless or those down on their luck; but call me if you need me. That’s it, go out there; make a difference in the world, and watch out for each other.”

When Wes came in he asked him to keep an eye on Banner while he was out and sometimes he took Banner with him; tucked into his jacket pocket. Finally at four thirty Harry came back to the office for the last time and put Banner in his napping bed for a short nap before they went home. Harry grinned wearily at Banner and said to Wes, “The life of a pup; play hard and sleep hard. I could handle that life right now.” He got a cup of coffee and sat in his chair wishing it was time to sleep. He was exhausted. Would he be able to keep this up and be a good Head Auror? He would make it so, no matter what. He asked Wes how his day went and Wes said it was pretty quiet.

“I was able to finally get the city to let me convert the office building into apartments. Could you draw up the legal papers for me? This is a non-profit project and I need it to be processed as quickly as possible so we can get these folks off the streets. I’m buying the building and the lot it’s on from Seamus, Parvati and Padma’s Reality; you remember them don’t you?”

Wes’s eyebrows arched high with his surprise of Harry making this purchase so suddenly. He asked Harry about it but just then the Aurors began coming in for debriefing. After Harry debriefed them he asked if there were any receipts he needed to take care of. Harry smiled as they all handed over the receipts for reimbursement. One of them laughed as he handed Harry the slip of paper with a rather large order and said, “Merry Christmas to me, boss! I was busy at lunchtime so you bought me lunch when I got a coffee for a homeless dude. Oh here is the receipt for the coffee.”

Harry looked at the receipt and grinned, “Here you go, Todd, Merry Christmas.” He handed out all the money to his Aurors who spent money on coffee, fries, sandwiches, or whatever. He thanked them for taking the time to do this service for the needy. “You never know the life you touch when you give a helping hand.”

Todd laughed and said, “Good one boss, like you know this from experience; right?”

“Yes, I do; but aside from that, it is a kindness for the humanity of man that this world needs.”

Todd stopped laughing and asked when he ever was in need. Harry shook his head sadly and said, “I’ll not give you details of my life in thirty seconds or less, and I won’t brag that I was able to overcome the unpleasant trials and tribulations I survived. I will tell you that when I left here on that special mission, I lived on the streets much of the time and you can only guess how it feels when someone hands you a cup of coffee or a kid splits his chicken nuggets with you. I was undercover and had to make it look like I was homeless many a time. And it touched me that there are still people who have giving in their hearts.”

Everyone glared at Todd, the newest member of Aurors since Larry was imprisoned. Todd was not Harry’s pick, Hermione had picked him. She told Harry that he was young but passed Aurors training with flying colors and she assured him he was a good young man who wants to make a difference in the world. She asked him to at least give Todd a chance.

Wes heard what was going on and was angry at Todd. He walked into Harry’s office and said he had Seamus on the phone to arrange an appointment to give him the contract to sign for the office building he is buying for the homeless project. Harry nodded his head and thanked him. “Well, time to go; see you all tomorrow.” He started for the door, handed Wes the receipts to file and was just about out the door when Ron said, “Boss, we’re going to stick around and plan an office party.”

“Oh, err okay then.” He started back to his desk but Ron got up and took Harry by the elbow and turned him around facing the door. “No, boss; go home we got this. We won’t be long and I’ll lock up myself.”

Harry was relieved and thanked Ron. “Just make sure you let me know what I’ll be responsible for bringing and stuff.”

Ron nodded his head and said goodnight. When Harry left, Ron asked Wes to join them for a minute. When everyone quieted down; guys dragging their feet at the idea of planning a party and the gals excitedly already making suggestions of gift exchanges and what foods to bring and where to have it; Ron said, “Okay, I just said that to make an excuse for us to stay and Harry leave.” He rounded on Todd and said, “Don’t ever talk to Harry that way again, and don’t try to take advantage of his giving nature. I can’t believe you actually had the nerve to make Harry pay for your lunch, and a big one at that. Harry will give you the shirt off his back if you need it. And don’t think you pulled off that free meal and having a laugh at his expense because you didn’t. He will make you sorry for trying it. He won’t be made a fool of.”

Todd scoffed and said, “Looked like I did to me; Potter is washed up like the Daily Prophet said. Look at the condition of him; he sat around all day doing nothing and he looks like he’s ready to curl up and die. I just hope we don’t ever have to depend on him in an emergency. I know all about the stories of the war and him killing Lord Voldemort when he was seventeen if you can believe that stuff, but he was a kid then and a washed up has been now. It looks to me like the fight is gone out of him.”

Carl said, “What planet are you from that you could be so misinformed about Harry Potter? He is the most powerful wizard on Earth and stronger than all of us. His reflex actions are quicker than a cat and his brain works in ways one can only dream of. He’s smart and can figure out the good and the bad of what’s going on before anyone knows something is wrong. It just happens he hasn’t been able to recover from the mission he just got back from. Didn’t you at least read the write up in the Rising Phoenix about why he’s in the condition he’s in?”

“Yeah, I read it, but who can believe that? If even half of the things really happened to him that the paper said happened he would have died before he even left for the United States. You guys are all gullible if you believe that garbage. And something else, you all believe he actually paid for all those receipts he took from us; really though he’s going to turn them in for cash back. People say he is so rich he has to have special accountants and lawyers to manage his taxes for him. He doesn’t have a clue how much money he has or what his net value is. He is just like all other filthy rich people; they have it and want more no matter what. He won’t even give his money, but he wants us to give the Aurors a good name. He shouldn’t be working but he does because he wants more money; a sickness is what it is. He is taking a job someone else could be doing that really needs the money. And that is what I’m going to be, Head Auror, and he will be sitting at home in his rocking chair wondering what happened that I was able to take his job from him.”

Wes cleared his throat and said he’d like a word and upon everyone looking at him and Ron nodded his head for him to go on he said, “Harry’s been in and out of the office all day today checking on each of you and meeting with city lawyers and councilmen. He is buying with his own money that office building on Tenth Avenue to convert into a facility for the homeless. He worked out a brilliant plan on how to run it to make it self sufficient after he gets it set up and running. You won’t hear anything about it from him though because he is not one to brag on himself. Something else you obviously don’t know about your boss is that he has never even once received a paycheck for being Head Auror. His check is written out directly to charity and the Orphanage. That’s how he is able to have this detective agency, because he doesn’t get paid by the Ministry of Magic. And Ron is right, you can laugh all you want, but you will learn that you haven’t pulled the wool over Harry’s eyes. I think you need to tell your fellow Aurors how you grew up so naïve about Harry.”

“It’s not a big deal; I was home schooled and graduated three years before coming of age. I went through Aurors training and the other stuff and left getting the highest score possible. Only one person has a better record and that was Harry Potter. I’ve passed the person with the next highest scores and that was Mr. Ron Weasley. I will be promoted through the ranks quickly and will be taking Harry’s job within the next year. In Aurors training we were taught all about the great and powerful Harry Potter, but my parents told me to just concentrate on my training because although some call it conspiracy theories, most of what they say about him isn’t true. Everything can be explained. Those scars he is said to have over most of his body are self induced to make people think he is tough. It all makes sense if you think about it.”

April said, “Didn’t you watch the Quidditch game and the fight with Voldemort after it? Didn’t you see what he went through and how he ended up killing Voldemort?”

Todd chuckled and shook his head, “That is the biggest story ever. It can all be explained and they say that the people who claimed they saw it were all put under a spell to think they saw a battle and well look; it’s not like something like this hasn’t been done clear through the ages. The Americans claim they put a man on the moon and back then it was all smoke and mirrors, Muggles own way of trickery.”

Ron looked at everyone else to see if they heard the same as him. Everyone stood motionless in disbelief. Then Ron said, “I’m leaving, I need to get home and ask Hermione what she was playing at hiring this coot.”

“What about the Christmas party? If we don’t plan one Harry will be suspicious.” asked Alice and Stephanie at the same time. Ron stopped short and said, “Oh yeah, right; just go ahead and you gals plan it. You know us guys will just go along with anything you say anyway. But be forewarned, if we have a gift exchange and I draw Todd’s name I’m getting him a bag of coal because he’s been very naughty. Come on, everybody out, I wanna lock up and go home.”

Harry was happy to get home and looked forward to eating and decorating the house. He felt guilty, but he hoped it wouldn’t take very long so he could go to bed. When Harry walked into the house he smiled widely at Lily rushing to him asking did he get the puppy. Harry pulled Banner out of his pocket and put him on the floor. Lily squealed with delight and the puppy ran in between Harry’s feet. Harry chuckled and knelt down and picked him up and held out his arm to Lily. She approached him slowly so she didn’t scare the puppy again. Harry kissed Lily on the cheek and she smiled sweetly at him.

“Banner, this is Lily; give her some kisses.” Lily bent over slightly so she was even with Banner and he licked her face. She giggled and Banner licked her over and over; his tail wagging happily. Harry put Banner on the floor and said, “Lily, how about you take Banner up to Albus’s room so he can get used to it and he can pick up his scent in the room. He’s his puppy and we wouldn’t want it afraid of him and only be happy with you, me, and Mummy. Let him walk, he needs the exercise from being cooped up at the office all day or in my pocket.”

Lily ran off and called Banner with her. The puppy started to go but turned and ran back to Harry. “Go on boy, go with Lily.” He scooted the puppy along gently and laughed when Lily called him again and Banner ran behind her.

Harry sighed and smiled wearily at Ginny who had been watching. She hugged and kissed him and held him around his waist when he laid his head on her shoulder and allowed himself to totally relax. She could tell when she saw him he was exhausted and now knew for sure he was way too tired. He straightened up and said, “Dinner smells wonderful; Chilly?”

Ginny didn’t scold him for working too hard; it wasn’t his fault. She pleasantly said, “Yes, it seems a fitting day for it. It’s so cold and the wind has been blowing so hard all day.”

Harry nodded his head his thoughts suddenly somewhere else. “I’m going to shower and then I want to talk to you about something I did today, I hope you are okay with.”

He showered and Ginny was sitting in her easy chair reading a book when he came out and quickly ran a comb through his hair to no avail. His hair just refused to behave when it was short like this. Ginny always watched as he combed it and after he put down his comb his hair seemed to come alive and rebel against conformity. It stuck up all over the place and he’d without thought run his fingers roughly through his hair freeing all the hair that had just been tamed to lie down normally. This was all done without thought while Harry talked to her about his project for the homeless. He put on a pair of jeans and stopped to look at Ginny. He stood in front of her holding his shirt and turned one side of his mouth up in a quizzical smile. He never understood why Ginny smiled at him the way she was doing right then and he didn’t know what to expect from her.

Finally she stood up and stood against him with her arms around his neck. She kissed his lips softly and said, “Love, it’s a fine idea and I’m glad you are so conscientious to others who are less fortunate. Whatever you do is fine with me.”

He put her arms around her and kissed her softly and then again passionately. He was about to kiss again but Lily screamed, “Daddy, Daddy, come quick!”

Harry and Ginny ran into Albus’s room and Lily said, “I think he needs to use the bathroom!”

Harry pointed his wand at a prepared box in a corner for the puppy to use and carried Banner to it and put him in it. He kept the puppy from coming out until it used the bathroom and then Harry praised him and let him out. “Darling Angel, how about you walk all over the house and keep going to Albus’s room so Banner understands this is his room from all the rest of the house.”

Lily said okay and Ginny said, “Dinner is going to be ready in ten minutes, so don’t take too long. And make sure you wash your hands before you come to the table.”

Harry and Ginny smiled at each other for what was interrupted and instead of picking up where they left off before Lily screamed Harry went back in the bedroom to put medicine on different areas that still needed it. Ginny took it from him and put it on for him. It still made her squeamish seeing what was done to him but she was a sturdy woman and didn’t let it affect her at all (on the outside at least.)

They washed their hands and Harry thanked her for being so wonderful. He started to pull on his tee shirt but Ginny stopped him. She began poking him here and there and pinching his skin and feeling as if she was measuring his muscles. He looked at her clearly intrigued with her. Then she said, “I’ve had lessons from Teyla that shows how to tell if your skin is healthy and the elasticity is still working, and how to see if muscles are building back up, and also to check bone mass. She said you don’t need all the fancy equipment if you know what to look for. You’ve lost so much weight from malnutrition, muscle loss, and loss of bone density that it is possible that you’ve been damaged irreparable. But, I can see that you are actually doing way better than you should be doing. I know it is too soon, way too soon, for you to be back at work, but you’re doing something that is helping you despite returning too soon. Whatever it is, keep it up but take it easy so you don’t overdo it. I put some charts downstairs on your weight equipment to help your muscles you need to use quickly like reflex movements. Getting these built up before you develop your muscle mass then you should be safer at work if you need to respond before your body is able to.”

Harry was quite surprised and stood quietly listening to each word she spoke. When she was done he quietly said, “Thank you, Honey. That is incredible information that I really need. It’s actually what has had me the most worried about going back to work before I’m ready. But now I feel so much better. Thank you for teaching me.”

He was so grateful and earnest Ginny nearly bawled, but instead controlled her emotions and kissed him. “You’re most welcome I’m sure. Now let’s go down and eat.”

Harry nodded his head not being able to control his emotions as well as Ginny. Dinner was delightful and after dinner Harry asked Lily if she was ready to decorate the house. She looked at Ginny and then back to Harry and said, “How about we just work on maybe half of it tonight and the other half tomorrow night. I still have some homework I need to be working on.”

Harry walked in front of a mirror and did a double take of his reflection. A shirt appeared in his hand and he put it on quickly. He looked at Ginny and said, “I can’t believe I went to the dinner table without a shirt on. I’m sorry.”

Ginny said, “I didn’t say anything because I wanted some of those wounds to get some fresh air to them before I bandage them. It’s all good, Love; don’t feel bad about anything. Come on let’s get busy. Lily and I brought everything out so that’s half the battle won right there.”

They spent two hours on decorating and got more accomplished than any of them thought they’d get done. Lily looked at the small amount left to do and said, “If we go ahead and do this little bit, tomorrow we can make cookies and then we’ll be all done.”

Harry took a deep breath and then nodded his head in agreement. They set to their work and each was finishing the last three things when Harry sat heavily on the top step after he finished decorating the staircase. He leaned against the wall and his eyes closed. He held his breath dreading what he heard. Footsteps walking up the steel grate that led to the Stargate he was chained to. He wouldn’t look at the filthy vile animal who worked tirelessly to break Harry. He heard the snap of the whip just a second before he felt it cut into his skin. “Open your eyes and look at me when I talk to you!” Something was happening now that he never felt before. What was he doing letting an animal eat him? Harry gasped and opened his eyes and looked around. He was home and just had the best night in months. Banner was on his hind legs with his front paws on Harry’s left shoulder and licking his face.

He pet Banner and spoke softly to him; thanking him for waking him. Lily yelled excitedly for him to come down and look at everything. Harry smiled and got up gingerly and joined her and Ginny in the center of the room. Ginny turned off the lights and all the Christmas lights twinkled and glimmered on glass ornaments and silver tinsel. Fake snow on the branches of the tree gave it the appearance that it was still outside in the winter wonderland. It was beautiful. Harry waved his wand and he said, “Let’s run outside and have a quick look. I’m not able to physically put up the decorations so I hope you don’t mind that I used magic to do it.”

They put on their coats and hats and went out to see what Harry did. Ginny and Lily Oohed and Aahed at all the decorations about their house, “It’s beautiful Daddy!” Lily exclaimed excitedly. Ginny agreed and then said they needed to get inside before they became snowmen, because the snow was coming down so furiously. When they got inside Harry took Banner outside to see if he wanted to do any business. The pup jumped and bounded around snapping at snow on bushes and a rabbit under a bush at the corner of the house. Harry called for the pup and whistled at the puppy but the wind snatched the sound from him and sent it screaming in a different direction of Banner. He took off after the puppy that wasn’t making much headway in the snow which buried him with every jump. Harry finally found him and picked him up and turned back towards the house. The snow was now a full force blizzard and Harry had to use his magic to get back to his house. He put down Banner and hung up his jacket. He and Banner shook at the same time dumping snow all over the place.

Ginny came down from upstairs and said, “I can’t find Lily anywhere. I told her to get ready for bed, but she asked if she could wait until you and Banner came back in. I said she could stay up until you came in but she still had to get ready for bed. She called up to me saying something else and I told her Ron was calling for some kind of help. It turns out he was calling for you to help plan a Christmas party at work or something like that.”

Harry looked at the coat rack and saw her coat was missing and so were her shoes. “She’s gone back outside! Draw a tub of tepid water! The temperature has dropped drastically and you can’t see a foot in front of you. I’ll find her, but be ready to treat her for frostbite just in case I don’t find her within a few minutes.” Harry had been putting gloves and a heavy scarf around his neck as he talked. He hurried outside and began calling for his little girl. He strained to hear her but could only hear the wind. He began running around to the other side of the house screaming for her. He couldn’t see anything and ran full force into the pool house. He screamed for her and thought he heard her from inside. He opened the door and called out to her and lit his wand. There she was huddled up tight with the pool furniture covers over her and a blue flame in a porch light sconce. Surprisingly she had a rabbit snuggled up to her. She looked up at him somewhat frightened.

Harry got his phone and called Ginny to let her know he found Lily; there would be no need of the tub of tepid water, and they’d be inside in a minute. He knelt down stiffly and told her they were worried out of their minds. “Why did you come back outside when your mum told you to get ready for bed?”

Lily said, “I was starting to but then I heard you calling and I heard a scream or something. I was afraid something got you and Mum said she was calling Ron to help you. I said I was going to go out on the porch and wait for him. But when I stepped down the steps this rabbit jumped right into my legs. And then it jumped away before I could save her. I chased her around here and got her but got lost because I couldn’t see anything but white! I was afraid but I remembered you teaching us how to make this blue fire for emergencies. Did I do good, Daddy?”

Harry could see how her and her mum’s conversation got mixed up and took pity on his frightened little girl. “Yes, Angel you did just fine. Why didn’t you call me? I can hear you when your heart is calling me.”

“I forgot Daddy. I was scared and cold; but got real warm with my blue fire. What are we going to do about this rabbit Daddy? She is a mommy and her babies are probably going to die without her in this scary weather.”

Harry looked sadly at her but before he could explain that there’s a chance she wouldn’t make it back to her babies she cried. “Oh Daddy, please find her babies. They can’t die because I kept her from getting to them safely.”

Harry smiled comfortingly and said, “I’ll see what I can do. I’m going to take you back in the house first. Let me have mamma rabbit.”

He held the rabbit close to his face talking soothingly to it and looked deep into its mind. Feeling weird would be an understatement thinking how he felt. He was trying to interpret the mind of the animal and it was straining him to the point of exhaustion. He was just about to back out but suddenly was able to see the rabbits mind. He found out where the babies were and stood up breathing hard. “Come on Angel, I’m taking you inside and then taking mamma back to her nest. She showed me where it is.”
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Hey Guys, Hope everyone is doing well. Sorry for posting a day late. I won't go into details but I will say, family comes before fantasy. Yes? Absolutely So here's the new chapter and I hope you all enjoy it. Please feel free to comment if you want to.

Chapter 2

Todd’s Day Begins With Doubt

Harry took Lily inside and told Ginny he’d be back after bit and that Lily could explain. Before Ginny could object because of the look of him he disappeared. Harry disappeared to the ravine Chevron slid into due to erosion and pulled back some bramble halfway to the bottom to let the mamma back into the rabbit’s home. Harry conjured some oats and corn to put in the burrow for some food. Thankfully the nest was partially protected from the snow, but the wind blowing wild the way it was blew snow around and was causing drifts. This nest would be closed up in a matter of hours. Harry piled more of the thorny bushes over and around the nest so thick the snow probably wouldn’t be able to close up the hole to the nest. He made sure there was enough room for mamma rabbit to get through and then cautiously stepped back to make sure none of his clothing was caught on the thorns of the bramble. He felt the prick of a needle and stooped over to pull the thorn covered branch from his jeans when his boot caught the ice covered root he was trying to step over and he fell hard to the ground tumbling the rest of the way to the bottom of the ravine.

The wind had stopped and it was eerily quiet and black as pitch. He couldn’t feel anything which he was surprised at; with the fall he just took he should be in considerable pain, but he wasn’t. He couldn’t even feel the ground he was lying on. Then anger struck him. He thought he was in the secret place where time and space are a total void. He tried to move his head to look for Dawn, but then found he couldn’t move. Now there was a ringing in his ears like a teapot screaming its water is hot for tea or possibly a hot water bottle for aching muscles. Yes, he was aching now and the blackness turned to white. The wind was howling and screaming fiercely as wind devils twirled in total chaos. His throat was raw and there was a roaring noise in competition with the wind. Snow was falling and the melting snow was choking him. He closed his mouth and the roaring noise stopped. It was him; he had been screaming out in pain. A tumbleweed of bramble raced over him ripping his face and hands. Now they felt like they were on fire.

Harry blinked his eyes rapidly to focus on his condition. He slowly moved individual body parts carefully to see if anything was broken. Finally he breathed a sigh of relief, nothing broken; extremely sprained and bruised but not broken. He was also extremely cold; frozen. He tried to stand but he felt the snow under him begin to shift and decided to just get home and find out there what all was wrong.

He appeared on his front porch and with a lot of effort got to his feet. He looked in the window and saw Ginny standing in front of the fireplace. Lily wasn’t around; something to be thankful for. He opened the door and whispered Ginny’s name. Ginny turned thinking she heard something and felt the cold air blowing in from the open door. She drew her wand demanding he tell her who he is and Harry raised his hands with a groan. He lowered his head and as the room began to spin wickedly fast he reached for her and fell to the floor unconscious; the last thing he saw was Banner running to greet him happily.

Since Banner reacted the way he did Ginny quickly realized the bloody snow covered man enshrouded with bramble, twigs, globs of icy mud and dead leaves was in fact her husband.

She gasped and ran to him and quickly began clearing away all the debris and torn clothes. After she finally had him cleared of the great outdoors, she washed his cuts and bruises. She was mystified with his condition and when he woke up she asked who he was fighting. Harry groggily whispered that he fell down the ravine. “But at least the rabbits are safe.”

“Do you know anything about your condition?” she asked him as she put Dittany on the cuts on his face.

“I don’t think anything is broken, my left ankle is sprained pretty badly, and I’m so cold I don’t think I’ll ever be warm again.”

Ginny helped him drink some Pepperup potion and smiled sweetly at the face he pulled. After he was cleaned and patched up he stood up and hugged Ginny tightly. “Ah, you’re so warm! I’m going to get Banner settled in his bed. Is Lily okay?”

“Love, I hope you aren’t going to discipline her because-”

Harry shook his head and said, “I know the whole thing was a misunderstanding. I feel bad that I didn’t turn back around to come in because I would have seen her and all this would have been avoided. It scared me that she was outside in this. This weather is something else. I can’t think of a winter coming in so hard like this year.”

Ginny knew Harry was talking to be sociable and all he wanted was to go to sleep. She quite agreed that he needed sleep desperately. “Love let’s go to bed and sleep through the storm of the century.” They put Banner to bed and then looked in on Lily; her door was open. Harry stepped inside when he heard soft sobbing.

“Darling Angel? Can I come in and say goodnight?”

Lily answered him pithily. Harry limped to her bed and sat down beside her. He pulled the comforter up over her shoulders and tweaked her nose playfully. “Momma rabbit is with her babies and I put some food in with them. I’m sure they will be fine. Are you okay, Angel? What’s with the tears?”

“I was afraid you were lost in the storm or hurt somewhere. You were out there so long. Why did it take so long?”

“Do you remember the ravine up past Pride Rock? That’s where the nest is and I got her put back with the babies and fixed a wind and snow break around it. Then I slipped on an icy root and fell to the bottom of the ravine. I hit my head and was knocked out for quite a while. But, Mum fixed me up and I’m just fine and dandy. I’m so glad you went into the shed to get out of the weather. I’m proud of you for keeping your head about you.”

Lily smiled and said she was afraid he would be mad at her. “No, Angel, I wouldn’t be angry for something like this. Go to sleep and I’ll see you after work tomorrow. I think Christmas cookies should be on the agenda for after dinner, how about it?”

“Yes, Daddy, some really yummy cookies would be wonderful. We should try to make the ones Teyla sent you the recipe for.”

Harry kissed her goodnight and went on to bed. He barely remembered Ginny with her head on his chest and the next thing he knew he was waking up with a nightmare worse than all the others he had. Looking over at Ginny on the other side of the bed he figured she had rolled over sometime to get a restful sleep what with him and his nightmares and still feeling so cold. Harry rolled up in a ball and closed his eyes to sleep some more.

Several hours later Harry got up and went to the basement for a hard workout. He figured if he worked out hard he’d work up a sweat. He worked on his muscles Ginny pointed out that would help his reflex response be as quick as his mind told him. This was harder than he thought it would be, but he felt good with his accomplishments. Finally he showered and went up for his breakfast. Winky served him and stared at him the whole time. Harry didn’t notice at first but then smiled as she tugged on his suit jacket.

“Yes Winky, is something on your mind?”

“Master is not being a picture of health this morning. What happened to Master that is making Master look like he has been too cold too long and the many cuts on Master’s face?”

Harry explained what happened the night before and had a hard time convincing her he was okay. She told him he needed to stay home and rest in bed under many blankets to get warm.

“I can’t do that, Winky. Thanks for a wonderful breakfast and your sweet company. I’m going to get Banner and go on into work now. I’ll see you shortly after five.”

“Master, is it being okay if Master Banner stays home? Winky is being able to bring some more of Master Albus’s scent for him to know his master when he comes home from Hogwarts.”

“That’d be great, Winky, but I don’t want to put more work on you and I don’t want Banner to distract Lily from her schoolwork.”

“Winky will see to Miss Lily not getting distracted, and Winky is being full of joy to keep Master Banner while you work.”

“Okay then, thank you it’ll be a big help to me. Can you tell me how all your people are doing? I’m afraid I’ve been awful neglectful for the last six months.”

Winky frowned and said, “We lost Bozey just after you left here on your secret mission.”

Harry doubled his fists and clamped his jaws tight. It was hard for him not to dwell on the fact that if Percy hadn’t fired him he wouldn’t have been involved in the secret mission. Then he sighed; he couldn’t blame Percy for that. Harry would still have left the only difference was he would have taken some of his Aurors with him. When he calmed down enough he asked what happened. It wasn’t like the elf was old because he was Winky’s age.

“Bozey wanted to clear the ground around the ravine to make it beautiful for Master. Bozey is not listening to Marston tell him not to do anything Master Harry hasn’t said to do. But Bozey wanted to do this for Master. Bozey pulled a giant boulder from the ground and was distracted by a snake and dropped the boulder on him. He was crushed and died instantly.”

Harry was mortified and said he would look in on the family when he got home from work. But Winky said they left because Bozey brought dishonor to his family for changing the land without orders to do so.”

Harry was now devastated and stood up to pace in thought. Not only was he a hand short from the death, but also he was short Bozey’s wife and daughter. The daughter and Winky’s oldest son Harry were dating. He was sure this was the reason Harry Elf was having problems at home. Winky had only mentioned it briefly once before a couple days ago. Also, Harry had his answer as to why the land was so unstable at the ravine. That boulder and bramble was what he had placed there when he first bought the land to stop some eroding that was happening. He wondered last night why he was having trouble getting more of the thorny bushes to shelter the rabbits nest. He had the whole crevice covered before and most of the bushes and boulders were cleared from the top going down. This was obviously why the mamma rabbit had to make the nest halfway down the steep slope. Deep fissures and crevices opened up where the Elf had cleared away the bramble and boulders.

It also explained why Ginny’s flower beds were in such bad shape while he was gone. Bozey’s wife and daughter kept the flower beds in tip top shape. He would have to find out from Ginny why she hadn’t told him about the death and the others leaving.

“Winky, Marston was right to tell Bozey not to change anything. I’ll talk about it more when I get home, but for now can you get the rest of the family to come back? Do you know where they are living, err are they working for another family now?”

“No, Moffett and the rest of her family live in shame on the streets and old basements where coal is stored for the wealthy.”

Harry couldn’t believe Ginny would let them go like that. “Winky, I’m going to find and bring them back. Just because Bozey made a mistake doesn’t mean he was dishonorable. He was trying to do a good thing it just didn’t work out that way. I won’t have them living anywhere but here. Will the rest of the Elves accept them back without shunning them or anything?”

“They will accept them if Master Harry wants them back.”

“Okay then, I’ll make it happen; I’ll see you after work, Winky. Thanks for keeping Banner for me.”

Harry went to work with a heavy heart and already felt like he needed to be back at home in bed. He quickly got the folders and assignments ready and made a pot of coffee. After all the Aurors got there and settled down Harry sat on the corner of his desk. An expression on Todd’s face was curious to him but he didn’t say anything. Ron obviously noticed Todd’s face and it seemed to annoy him for whatever reason he didn’t know. Ron looked at Harry and frowned, “What happened to you boss? You look like you were in a fight with a banshee or something.”

Harry laughed, “Well, Captain, it was nothing like that at all. The blizzard that hit last night came all of a sudden and Lily was caught outside chasing a rabbit. I found her and she is fine, but she caught the rabbit and was worried it wouldn’t make it to its home in the blizzard. I found out where its home was and took it home which is on the steep side of a ravine. After I put her in the nest with her babies, my foot came down on some moving earth and I tumbled down to the bottom of the ravine. I was knocked unconscious for twenty minutes but made it home safely when I came around. So, that’s why I look the way I do. I’m mainly just stiff and sore. And cold, very cold,” he added.

Before anyone could say anything he gave them each their assignments and gave them the same request that they watch for any homeless needing a hot drink or food. “Keep your receipts and I’ll reimburse you for what you spend.”

Todd huffed softly and chuckled. Harry looked at him waiting for him to share a joke with them or something. When he didn’t say anything Harry said, “Alright, those of you working on the east side of town the schools have closed due to the blizzard so watch for children playing in the streets. Todd, you’ll be with me today so I can make sure you don’t get too busy to eat your lunch. Be on your toes people and stay safe.”

Everyone filed out of the office with smiles on their faces. Todd was about to have a day he wished he hadn’t showed up at work for. They did warn him, and he was too arrogant to believe them.

Harry put a note on Wes’s desk and left the office with Todd following him. Harry talked pleasantly about Todd’s training and what his favorite part of training he enjoyed the most. Todd answered but never offered any conversation. Harry acted as if he wasn’t bothered about his less than enthusiastic companion and kept talking. Todd looked up to the sky as if praying he could work anywhere than with his boss who he was actually working at trying to not like. He kept hearing his parents and brothers telling him he was crazy for working with Harry and they’d be surprised if he lived the first week. Suddenly Todd slid on a patch of ice and his feet went out from under him. He didn’t hit the sidewalk though because Harry’s lightning quick reflex caught the back of his coat and pulled him to his feet without even braking stride.

A groan did escape Harry though with the sudden exertion on him and he held his stomach and ribs without thinking. The rib wasn’t broken but it was however cracked as he was suspicious of. Harry looked at Todd and said, “You need to watch where you’re going there son.” Harry kept up his pace which was a pretty brisk pace especially for limping so badly.

“I got a call just before you guys came in for briefing. A store clerk heard some young people talking last night before the store closed about making some mischief under the cover of this snow. She said they were planning on meeting this morning at eight thirty so here we are; there are around five or six and she doesn’t know what they are planning so, we’ll walk in and make it look like we’re-”

“What would we be looking to buy? We’re in suits, not likely to be digging or doing any manual labor of any kind. We should just wait until they do something and then bust them.”

Harry said, “There’s a good chance someone could be hurt if we wait. We’ll go in and say we’re going to look at some glass we need cut for a window in the office that broke during the storm last night. That’ll be believable and we’ll be in a position to watch without being noticed.”

Todd nodded his head and Harry continued, “Now, I don’t have to remind you this is a mixed community so there are bound to be Muggles; no wands unless it is an emergency.”

Todd put away his wand he had already drawn and followed Harry in. Harry looked over at the cashier and smiled, “Hello, Michel, we need to go in the back to look at some glass to have cut for a window. Did your store suffer any high wind damage?”

The cashier smiled nervously and shook her head no. Harry continued with a believable story he made up as he went along, “We have a window broken because of a dead tree that broke from the weight of the snow. I was told I should get that removed, but we all put things off at times I reckon. We’ll be a while matching the glass to what we have.”

The cashier smiled and said, “I am certainly guilty of putting things off until later. I have six aisles to restock from last night.”

Harry nodded his head chuckling and threw his head to the direction of the back to Todd. When they were in the back Harry stopped and pushed the door to the back room open and shut but didn’t go in. He pulled Todd into a nook where there were two stacks of heavy duty mop buckets and industrial sized mops. He pointed to mirrors on the ceiling so they could see down aisles of the whole store. Harry whispered, “She said there are six here, and I bet those are them in the middle of the store. Looks like they’re planning something,” he added after watching them for a few seconds.

“What do you think, Todd?” Harry asked while he was trying to look at different angles. Todd’s eyebrows knitted together and grumpily said, “I think I need backup if you don’t know what you’re doing.”

Harry calmly said, “My apologies, Todd. I assumed incorrectly that you would be looking to see if you had any facts that I didn’t mention. Like; I’m not at the best angle to see if any of them have weapons or if they have wands drawn.”

Todd looked quickly at the young men and said, “I don’t see any weapons, but three of them do have their wands drawn.”

Harry nodded his head and then said, “They’re standing by some aerosol products. At least one of them has a lighter in his hand and I can’t see the other two without wands, can you?”

Todd looked excited and said, “What are they planning?”

“My guess is they want to make a flame thrower.” Harry picked two pint sized cans of paint off of the shelf and handed one to Todd. “Throw this at the one with his wand out on the left and I’ll do the same with the one on the right. Aim for their wand hand so they’ll drop it quickly. Just as soon as you throw it run up and disarm the one in the middle unless by a miracle I get there first. We need to get the wands before anyone sees them. Understand?” Todd nodded his head and Harry whispered, “Go!”

Todd and Harry both threw their cans of paint and Harry ran as fast as he could up the aisle picking up a jar of plumbers putty and throwing it at the third one who pointed his wand at Harry. Todd was behind him because he waited to see if he hit the guy with his can of paint. He grimaced at hearing the dull thud of the can hitting the young man in his lower back. He dropped the wand because he was writhing on the floor in pain. The putty Harry threw hit his target knocking the wand out of his hand and Todd ran up and quickly picked up the wands and put them in his pocket. One of the others who had a lighter in his hand aimed it and an aerosol can at Harry. Without breaking his momentum Harry picked up a metal trash can lid and deflected the stream of flames that came right at him. Harry hit him over the head with the lid and another young man maneuvered a well placed karate kick into Harry’s side. It connected with a heavy force but Harry caught the leg before the man brought it down to the floor. Harry yanked hard on the leg and swung his own leg under the man’s other leg with a sweeping motion and the guy landed hard on his back knocking the wind out of his lungs. Harry looked around worriedly for Todd thinking he must have been hurt since he wasn’t doing anything. The last man took advantage of Harry’s distraction and brought a sledge hammer down squarely on Harry’s shoulder. Harry threw himself backwards and drove his momentum into the man bringing it up to hit Harry with it again. But Harry was falling into him now and after both of them fell to the floor Harry rolled off and hit the man who was scrambling to get up in his jaw with a powerful right upper cut.

Breathing hard Harry asked if Todd was okay while he pulled some quick ties from his pocket and tied up the men. Michel came back and Harry asked if anyone was in the store. When she answered that there had been three people but they ran out when the excitement started. Harry nodded his head. They’ll be calling the police we need to tidy up and get out of here. I’ll call the chief of police later. Harry used his wand and the store righted itself and Harry asked if there was a security camera. The woman said it was in for repairs so there wasn’t any evidence anything happened. “Just tell anyone who shows up that you threatened them with your protection behind the counter and they ran off.”

Harry took one more look around and saw he was dropping blood on the floor. He cleaned it up and told Todd to grab the prisoners. Harry took Todd’s arm and they all appeared to the Ministry of Magic’s holding cell. “Search them and take down their names and addresses. I’ll be in the office starting the report.”

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For Merlin's beards! You've done a great job here! I glanced through the chapters I haven't read yet and I am sorry time does not permit me to stay here with a cup of tea reading and reading your story all day long!
Why time can't stop running so I could read all about what Ginny wants Lily to know?
Keep the great work, my dear friend Connie ! I'll make a proper comment on your story as soon I have time.
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for the new chapter. This chapter is pretty sad as you probably guessed from the title, but I wanted to warn you again. Finding out a truth is sometimes painful and sometimes I think I'd rather have the physical pain as Harry has to endure, rather than the emotional pain. But, life is about learning to accept the bad with the good and develop coping skills to be able to get through and beyond trials and tribulations. I turn to God to help me cope with things; others turn to other things. But I love to write so this is what I feel I can do. Thankfully there seems to be at least a few who enjoy my writing, so I am happy to continue even when I'm not trying to cope with life. On that note I apologize for posting late again. An ongoing issue has been stealing my mind for real things in my life but nothing critical yet. I hope you are satisfied with this chapter. Saying I hope you enjoy it makes me sound disrespectful to Hermione's problem.

Hey Ivana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So good to hear from you. Thank you dear friend for checking in. And thank you for your kind words. They are very much appreciated. I hope you are able to rest and have some time for yourself, whether you read and comment here or not. I can't have you getting sick going without time off to take care of family and issues that might be going on for you. I do hope you have time soon to read but mostly to work on your own ff.

Chapter 3

Hermione Has A Meltdown

Pretty soon Todd came in the office and Harry was just getting up from his desk and putting one of three reports in a file. Harry looked up at him and asked if he had any problems. Todd said there wasn’t any problem and Harry nodded his head toward the bin for personal items of the prisoners and then turned to the filing cabinet. He caught his breath and winced when he tried to raise his arm to open the drawer. He changed hands and opened the cabinet with his right hand and then put the file in the correct spot.

Harry took off his jacket and shirt to work on whatever was bleeding. He raised his arm slightly and saw his rib sticking out of his side. Todd nearly passed out but steadied himself.

“Well, lucky for me it broke this way.”

Todd asked how that was luck.”

“Because,” Harry answered quietly, “if it had broken inward my lung would have been punctured and collapsed. You might not want to see this.” Harry didn’t wait for a response from Todd but closed his eyes and chanting something in an unknown language pushed his hand into his side and moved the broken rib pieces together and then back to where they belonged. When he pulled his hand out he carefully uncorked a tall glass of Skele-Gro and drank it down as quickly as he could. Next he took the lid off of the Dittany that appeared in his hand. He tried to reach his shoulder but nearly passed out from the searing pain. He took some deep breaths and opened his eyes. He saw Todd staring at him and said, “Todd, I’m sorry to have to ask, but could you give me a hand? Todd walked slowly to him and Harry smiled kindly, “I’m not going to bite, I promise.”

Todd took the jar from him and Harry moved so Todd could see the top of his shoulder where the heavy hammer hit him. It was dark black and blue with sickening green and yellow around the edges. Todd touched the medicine to Harry’s shoulder and Harry flinched; his muscles turning rock hard. When he was done Harry asked with a strained voice if he opened up any cuts or anything on his back.

“Yes a few, I’ll clean them and put some of this stuff on it. What is this; it works so fast.”

“Dittany, Harry answered with a groan.” Todd looked at all the scars and recent wounds on Harry and applied medicine where it needed to be. He was beginning to think his family and relatives made up the stories he grew up hearing. None of these scars on Harry were fakes and couldn’t have been self induced. And Harry most assuredly didn’t act cowardly and he handled the situation without panicking. It was at this point that he realized he only took out one of the six men and Harry took out the other five, even after he was hurt.

Todd was ashamed and angry at his feelings and with a rather snappish voice said, “When you said not to use our wands, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. We’re wizards, we use our wands and if a Muggle sees us we adjust their memory. That’s just the way it is and it’s wrong of you to expect me to be defenseless just to keep Muggles from seeing magic being used.”

Harry decided not to confront Todd about the use of magic and when not to use it and said, “When we walked in we already knew trouble was waiting for us. In situations when you can’t use your wands you have to improvise with what is in your surrounding area. Anything at all can be made to use as self defense or a weapon. It was good for us in a way that we were in a hardware store, right? But you have to be ready right away because the bad guys also have the same options. So just be quicker than your opponent. To answer your question as to why we didn’t use our wands other than the obvious reason of Muggles; being at a hardware store you need to consider right off that you are surrounded by volatile merchandise. If wand play went astray and hit any of those containers we would have a bigger mess than a few minds to adjust. We are wizards, yes of course, but we aren’t wizards so we can use magic for everything; we can use magic only if we have to because we are wizards. Use your brain instead of magic whenever you can and you’ll be a better wizard.”

Todd was about to ask about the scars on him when Harry turned to face him. He reached for his shirt and looked at it. “Well this won’t do.” He dropped it in the trash can and pulled a shirt from a closet. He turned back to Todd and saw him looking at him. He looked to see if maybe his bandage was coming off or something. Not seeing anything he looked back up at Todd. “I need to tell you that when you are working together it has to be that, working with each other. I understand that you don’t think I’m up for the job of Head Auror, but hopefully you know I have your back. I want to know why you didn’t have mine. I have a broken rib and collarbone because I assumed you did have my back.” Just then Hermione walked in and gasped at the site of him. “Harry, what happened?”

Harry grinned wickedly and said, “I was freezing last night and Ginny got angry at me for taking all the blankets.”

Hermione clucked her tongue and laughed happily. At least she sounded happy, but Harry could detect something was not right. “I guess you learned your lesson then.”

Harry laughed and winced badly. He picked up a couple sheets of paper and put them in a folder and handed it to her. “Here’s your copy, I was going to drop it off after I changed my shirt.

Hermione looked at him and said, “Harry you look really bad off, you better go home and rest-”

Harry looked tiresome at her and said, “We’ve been over that and I’m not going to discuss it again.” Harry put one arm through a sleeve and Ron walked in. He looked at Harry and said, “Looks like you found some trouble to get into. You need to go home so you don’t endanger anyone. You can’t look after yourself yet alone a teammate. Just go home, Harry; nobody will think badly of you. We all know you need to recover; don’t be such a hero.”

“It appears people will think what they want whether I’m here or at home. Did you need something?”

Ron answered he came in to have a quick lunch with Hermione. “Alright I’ll see you at debriefing then. Hermione, what did you come in for? I need to get back to my job.”

Hermione looked offended and Harry sighed and shook his head, “Please, Hermione, what do you need from me. You came in here; I didn’t go looking for you.”

“I called your office and Wes said you were out babysitting the new Auror. Todd is perfectly able to handle himself; his credentials are very impressive and his knowledge and use of magic is admirable to say the least. And I’ll thank you not to undermine people I hire by telling people you have to babysit them. Honestly, Harry, I think you maybe should think seriously about retiring. It’s obvious you can’t cut it anymore. And I won’t have you dying on my conscience.”

Harry lost any color he had in his face and he sat on the corner of his desk. Then noticing he didn’t have his shirt on, he magiced on his shirt, vest, tie, and suit jacket. Then he respectfully said, “I’ll not be retiring anytime soon; and don’t concern yourself about me dying I don’t plan on doing that either. And as the matter of you hiring anyone to my office, in the future I’ll reject them. That is my responsibility and mine alone. I’m sorry to break this news to you Hermione, although you are very good with a lot of things, you don’t have a good eye for hiring law enforcement officers. And one more thing before Todd and I get back to work, “I did not undermine Todd by saying I had to babysit him. I told Wes I would be working in the field with Todd so he can be properly trained to be an Auror.”

Hermione impatiently yelled at Harry, “He has already been trained, he is an excellent Auror. And even if he wasn’t it is very arrogant of you to think you are qualified to train anyone to be an Auror.”

Ron took the report from Hermione and started reading it so he wouldn’t be tempted to say anything against his wife. She must have forgotten that Harry was the one who hired and trained him. Hermione kept yelling at Harry for one thing after another. Finally she said, “Todd, I want you to tell me exactly what you did so far today. Don’t worry about saying anything against Potter, just tell the truth and I’ll protect your job, he can’t fire you.”

Harry shook his head and quietly said, “Todd, you’re not on trial here, and there isn’t any reason for you to give Acting Minister Weasley a report because she doesn’t hold any authority over you. If you’re ready we’ll get back to work.”

Hermione cracked up in mock laughter reminding Harry of Minister Fudge at the end of his fourth year and all of his fifth year at Hogwarts. “He certainly does have to do as I say; I’m the-”

“Power bug still ailing you, Hermione? It’s like a bad cough after you finally get rid of the cold or flu; it just keeps hanging on causing problems. You and the Captain need to go have your lunch; my Aurors don’t normally get over half an hour for lunch. If you’ll pardon me for speaking the truth, you’ve taken up forty five minutes of our time and we’ve got work to do. And I need to go talk to the Chief of Police about-”

“You gonna try to get on as a policeman, Harry? That’s rich you thinking you can; they’ll laugh at you for even putting in an application. Why don’t you want Todd to give me a report? Feel like you need to hide something? You can’t hide all those cuts on your face, and your blue lips from being out in the weather trying to be effective at being Head Auror. You’re so frail that the first time you confront an obstacle you get beat up horribly bad. And you won’t even consider Ginny and your kids. You get wounded trying to be a hero and they suffer-”

Ron looked up and said, “Mione, you need to stop-” Hermione yelled at Ron for telling her she needed to stop. She turned back to Harry looking so mad her face was red and ugly. Harry was getting concerned for her; this just wasn’t like her.

“Hermione, are you okay? What’s the matter? Can we help you with whatever is wrong?” Harry stood up slowly and approached her with compassion and concern. He looked at Ron and he was as confused as Harry and Todd. His eyebrows arched and he shrugged his shoulders not knowing what to do or say.

Harry reached out and gently put his hands on Hermione’s arms to calm her anger causing her to shake. She threw his arms down roughly and yelled within inches of his face, “I don’t need your help; I need you to tell me what you are trying to hide from me. Why won’t you let Todd give me a report?”

Harry said, “I’m trying my best to protect-”

“You don’t need to protect yourself! You’re not worth the effort I use to stay friends with you. You’re pathetic and I can’t stand the sight of you; now tell me why you think Todd needs training!” Harry stared at her and shook his head no.

“It isn’t fair for Todd to be here seeing you like this and having to be evaluated by me after only seeing him half an hour for the first time yesterday and just this morning being teamed with him. It isn’t fair to him.”

Hermione slapped him hard across the face and yelled she hated him. She slapped him again and one more time. Ron pulled her hands away from Harry and turned her to look at him. “Mione, what the blue blazes is the matter with you?!”

She pushed him away and told him to leave her be. She suddenly rounded on Harry and hit him in the face with her fist doubled. It wasn’t that he didn’t have time to react quick enough to stop her from hitting him. It was because she was so close to him that if he raised his hands to stop her he was afraid he would accidentally hit her. Now she was pounding down on both his shoulders with her fists screaming for him to tell her.

Ron stepped in between her and Harry nearly knocking him down for lack of room for him to come between them. Harry could barely contain his pain from making him cry out. Todd was completely unnerved and said, “I’ll tell you, I mean I’ll give you my report!”

Hermione stopped screaming and looked at Ron in complete surprise he was holding her arms to her sides and telling her to stop. She looked at Harry; his head hanging and blood dripping from his face.

Todd spoke up and told about how he and Harry were walking along and Harry saving him from falling on the ice he didn’t see. He told her how he expected Harry to walk slower because of his bad limp, but it was he who could hardly keep up with Harry. Then he told her that Harry had gotten a call from the manager of a hardware store and how Harry explained everything about not using magic because it was owned by a Muggle. Todd went on to explain about not knowing what to do since they couldn’t use magic. He told them all about him only taking out one guy and Harry taking out the other five without using magic. “And all I did was to stand there watching. I’m ashamed to say I was a complete and useless idiot.” He finished up saying that after Harry had them all tied up he talked to the manager, a witch, about the security camera and anyone being in the store. “He cleaned it all up and said he’d talk to the Chief of Police after we took the prisoners to the Ministry of Magic.”

Hermione listened and when Todd was done she looked at Harry and said, “Well, Potter, I see you’ve gotten to him to cover for you. Why wouldn’t you tell me what I wanted to know if you already had your cowardly backside covered? I’ll bet when I read your report it’ll be word for word of what Todd just got done telling me. You might as well pack up your desk, Potter, you’re through.”

Ron said, “No, Mione, you have it wrong. The report just says what happened in the hardware store, that six young wizards in their early twenties tried to wreck the store with fire and that he and Todd prevented it from happening and all six of them are in custody. Harry didn’t say anything about Todd except he needs to have more field training.”

“Why do you still defend him?!” she yelled.

She looked at Harry and said, “Potter tell me right now why you wouldn’t say anything about Todd’s being the excellent Auror he really is. And then tell me how you feel about hurting him making him look like a useless fool.”

Harry spoke quietly and with a shaky voice from the pain he was in said, “I didn’t want to say that Todd is an arrogant, selfish, obtuse, and obnoxious jerk who thinks he’s better than all the other Aurors, but mostly me. It doesn’t bother me that for whatever reason, he hates me. I don’t need for my Aurors to like me, I just need to know that they are all dependable and will have my back if they’re working with me, just as I would for anyone I’m working with. Todd needs time to learn how to work in the field safely and to do that he needs to knock himself down a few rungs on the ladder he’s climbed too high on. He isn’t gelling with the other Aurors and he won’t if he doesn’t learn how to be humble. He acts like he is God’s gift to us and he isn’t. He has a lot to learn and I wanted to be the one to teach him because he does have great potential. And I thought I was qualified to do this because I trained the Captain and he turned out to be a fine Auror. And about my report, it isn’t anything like Todd’s report. I didn’t coerce him to say anything and I didn’t want him to because I didn’t want him hurt and damage his confidence because he froze today. He wasn’t prepared and he froze. But I would have dealt with him in a much better way that would have encouraged him to do better the next time. We’re going back to work now, and I’m not quitting and you’re not going to fire me. Even though you hate me, as you say, you can’t fire me after making me come back to work only three and a half days ago. People will lose all confidence in you and your position will be taken from you before you’re sworn in for office. I know something is terribly wrong with you. I recognize mental fatigue from pain; welcome to my world.”

He looked at Ron and said, “Take the rest of the day off and get her to a doctor. I think I know what it is, but I don’t want to say.” He wrote his friend Ivana from Brazil a note and added her phone number to it and handed it to Ron. “Nobody around here will know anything about her discussing anything with a doctor of the mind. Todd won’t say anything, I’m sure he won’t.” Todd shook his head emphatically showing he definitely wouldn’t say a word.

“What is it, tell me mate. I gotta have something to tell the doctor for her to have an idea where to start on her.”

Harry sighed and softly said, “When I got back from being away you told me she had a miscarriage. Remember when Lissy had one? Sirius said she was depressed and stayed in bed all the time for ages. I think she has been depressed and hasn’t had any time to grieve properly. She’s been under tremendous strain working to get elected and now that she won the election the hype has died down and there isn’t a lot to keep her from dwelling on it. By now she probably has feelings of inadequacies and I know she wanted to hire someone to help me, but she can’t do that. So now she feels more inadequate. All kinds of things are just piling up on her and she doesn’t know how to deal with it.”

Hermione began to sob and tears flooded her face. Harry felt awful that she heard him and he reached for her to try to comfort her. She was crying hard now and Harry was now right in front of her. She looked up at him and he read hate in her eyes. He backed away but she suddenly lunged at him and began pounding on his face, chest, and shoulders anywhere her fists could come in contact with him she kept hitting him. Ron and Todd ran at her and Harry froze them to the spot they were in. He let her beat on him until she was too tired to strike him anymore and then she looked in his eyes and saw his pain and the suffering. She knew that he now understood she blamed him for the miscarriage.

When he spoke he was barely able to talk. “I’m sorry, Hermione; it seems I am the blame for so many deaths. All of them were a waste of precious life and the only good that came from them is that I lived. Not a good exchange is it? It is a terrible reality that I suffer the memory of everyday and every night in my nightmares. And of course it is especially hard for me to deal with the loss of a child. I still grieve the loss of the clone of me. Do you remember him? Do you remember he died in my arms? And now I learn I am the fault of another child, unborn though he was, he was still loved and adored by you and Ron before he could even be born. Please I bag of you to tell me what I did that caused… the death… of your… unborn baby boy.”

Harry broke down and cried; heartbroken that he was responsible for another death. He looked up at Hermione and then stood up facing her. He could hardly stand and the pain he was in was excruciating, but he wanted to be standing when she told him so it would give her comfort if she needed to hit on him again.

Hermione became angry because she felt compassion for Harry. She doubled her fists and glared at him. Finally she regained her calm and said, “You are always off saving the world. When Ginny was going to deliver Albus, you saved his life because the cord was wrapped around his neck. He went too long without oxygen and should have died, but you breathed life into him and held him all night giving him special potions and he is alive and well today because of it. When Ginny was ready to have Lily, both her and Lily should have died because the birthing was too much for Ginny. You gave her as much of your energy she needed to deliver Lily and they are both alive and well today because of it. You saved Draco’s wife’s and Millicent Bulstrode’s life and made a potion so they could get pregnant if they want.”

Harry looked at her trying to make sense of what she was blaming him for. Then she yelled at him, “Why couldn’t you be home when I needed you? Why couldn’t you have saved Ron and my baby when he needed you?”
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for the next chapter. Hope you enjoy it. Please be advised that I'm not a doctor or nurse and the things I write of Harry talking about medical things id not to be taken for anything but writing to make the story sound good. The things I mentioned about miscarriages is only from what I found out from Google. So, don't take anything as medical knowledge on my part. If you have medical issues, please consult your doctor who is a real doctor and not a wizard. I hope you enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 4

The Painful Truth

Harry swallowed and shook his head. Anything he said would sound to her like he was making excuses so he struggled with what to say to her. “Hermione, I hate it that I didn’t know and I would have come back to help if I’d have known. Did you tell anyone you were pregnant?”

Hermione shook her head no. Harry ventured on since she seemed to be calming down even more. “You found out you were pregnant and at some point you went to the doctor. And he or she confirmed the pregnancy. Was anything mentioned about your getting pregnant so long after Hugo? Err, how far along were you when you went?”

“I was twelve weeks along and the doctor said she wanted to do a level three ultrasound. That’s how we knew we were going to have a boy. But…”

Harry took her hand gently knowing something she was going to say would be very hard for her. She didn’t say anything else so he softly continued. “Why did she want to do a level three ultrasound? Did she tell you there was a considerable risk doing that?”

Hermione swallowed and shook her head. “She said she wanted a closer look at the baby, to make sure it was developing because of my age. And she asked me if I had told anyone yet. I told her my husband knew but nobody else. She advised me to keep it under my hat until after the first trimester was done.”

“What did the she find out other than the sex of the baby?”

“She said it was inconclusive and we’d just have to wait unless I wanted to do an Amniocentesis. All she could tell me was the baby was eight weeks along. She explained that she would be able to tell better and if there was a problem with the baby then she would be able to find out then. But she wanted me to wait a couple days.”

Harry took her other hand and bowed his head so she wouldn’t see the pain he was in. When he felt like he could; he looked up at her and said, “Did you see the ultrasound?”

Hermione shook her head and said, “She wanted to know what she was looking at before she showed it to me. And then a few days later she called me in to say she wanted to do the other thing. So we went in and she did it. After she was done she told me to go home and stay off my feet until she called me back in with the results of the test she did; or if I had any problems to call her.”

Harry’s chin began to quiver and his eyes welled up with tears. He cleared his throat and said, “And you did have problems; you started bleeding before she called you back?”

Hermione nodded her head; tears streaming down her face. Harry slightly nodded his head and said, “And this is when you wanted to call me?”

“No, I didn’t think of calling for you until the doctor came in and put me in St. Mungos for three days trying to save him. The third day she told me there wasn’t anything she could do. It was then I wished you were here to save our baby boy. You were my only hope, and you let me down.”

Harry swallowed; the moment of truth and he knew he needed to be very careful what he said, “I’m sorry, Hermione; I am truly sorry for your loss. What I have to say isn’t meant to defend myself or make less your pain and suffering. After lunch, I’ll go to your doctor and get the truth from her. Did she have you sign any papers after the ultrasound? Not being here I can’t say for certain, but it sounds to me like the baby was already expired when you had a level three ultrasound. You said you were twelve weeks along but the doctor told you that the baby was eight weeks along. Hermione, that means the baby stopped developing at eight weeks. There was no heart beat past that time. I think that she didn’t do the Amniocentesis, but instead gave you something to cause your body to abort the baby and when you called about your bleeding; she was expecting you and put you in the hospital so they could keep an eye on you because hemorrhaging needs to be watched for. She should have told you from the beginning that your baby was not viable because I’m pretty certain she knew then. I will be honest and say that there have been in extremely rare cases that even though viability stopped at eight weeks the baby began to show signs of viability again. But those cases are very rare as I have already said. There is nothing I could have done to save your baby, Hermione; but I will help you get closure for your loss. I’m sorry I can’t do more.”

She stood there staring at him and then she doubled her fists. Harry sighed and said, “By all means, Hermione beat on me some more if it makes you feel better, but it won’t change anything. Your baby was already gone four weeks before you thought that you needed me.”

He closed his eyes and his breathing was uneasy. All at once she stepped in against him and hung her arms around his neck and began crying on his chest. Harry tried to put the pain he was reeling in to the back of his mind like he did when he was being tortured. He put his arms around her and held her for a moment. He looked at Ron and Todd, both of whom had a steady stream of tears falling from their faces. He released them from his freeze charm and they were to him and Hermione in seconds. Harry eased Hermione’s arms over to Ron and then went behind his desk and fell into his chair. He looked curiously at Todd and asked if he was okay.

“I don’t know, boss, I don’t know if I am or not. What I witnessed, I mean she beat on you and said horrible things, unfair things.”

Harry said, “Pain causes the worst in us to come out, no matter if we are ordinary people or Ministry officials.”

“Yes sir, but I mean my wife and I have experienced the exact same thing at the same time. I didn’t know about Mrs. Weasley’s miscarriage, but she knew about ours, because I told her about it when she interviewed me for the job here. I asked her not to say anything to anyone because I didn’t want to be handled with kid gloves. I figured that wouldn’t look good on my job application. I told her I needed this job and I would be the best Auror she ever knew.”

Harry sat up alert now and asked him several questions. “Did the doctor ask your wife if she told anyone about her being pregnant? And did she sign any papers?”

Todd scrunched his eyebrows and said she had. “And did the same thing happen with the ultrasound and-”

“Yes, it did, I said everything was the same; it all happened to us the same way. And yes she signed papers; they were waiver forms giving the doctor permission to do the ultrasound for clarification of the fetus, even though there was a small risk of complications. She thought it was necessary and said the test wouldn’t cause any changes to the health of the baby.”

Harry went to Ron and Hermione and told Ron to take the rest of the day off and to have Hermione cancel all her appointments for the rest of the day. “If she needs you tomorrow, take it off too, just let me know in the morning.”

Ron nodded his head and glared at him. “Don’t say that Hermione signed papers not knowing what they were. It’s like Todd said, it was just a wavier in case of unusual circumstances. She assured Hermione that it wouldn’t cause any damage to the baby, so why not sign a waiver and make certain everything is okay?”

Harry just shook his head and told him to get Hermione home so she could rest. Harry looked at Todd and asked if he was ready for lunch. Upon Todd nodding yes Harry grasped his arm tightly and they appeared in Harry’s kitchen. He pointed to the table and told him to sit down. Winky walked in and asked what he was doing.

“Winky, this is Todd. He’s a new Auror and I’m training him. Could you fix us a quick bite to eat please? I would but I need to change my suit and make a couple phone calls.”

Winky smiled warmly and said she was happy to make lunch for them. Harry went up to his bedroom and took off his shirt. Hermione had really done a number on him. And by the looks of the nasty looking contusion on his shoulder she must have done considerable damage. Ginny walked in and gasped at seeing his wounds opened and bleeding because they had looked better the last time she saw them. He turned around and answered the question as to what happened to him: “Your new Auror only said you were beaten on a visit someone made to you today. He said he isn’t at liberty to say anything else. Who did this to you?”

Harry smiled happily because Todd was keeping his word in not telling anyone that Hermione had a meltdown and beat him. “Hey Honey. Yeah, he was sworn to secrecy. But on a different note; did you know Hermione had a miscarriage while I was away?”

Ginny frowned, “Not until Ron told you the night after you got back. What does the beating you got, have to do with that?”

Harry went on talking obviously not intending on answering her question but instead told her quickly about the doctors’ visits with Hermione and Todd’s wife. He left out the part where Hermione blamed him and beat on him until she wore herself out. “Todd and I were on our rounds and stopped some young people from destroying a Muggle owned hardware store. This happened because one of them came up from behind me with a sledgehammer and hit me and this rib was already cracked, but now it is broken so I need to clean up and get patched up so I can eat lunch while I make some phone calls. I’m going to check out the doctor at St. Mungos and see if there is anything else suspicious going on that needs stopped.”

Harry showered off and drank more potions and concoctions, and Ginny applied Dittany on his shoulder and ribs and other cuts and bruises before he got dressed. Ginny went back down to the kitchen where she left Todd. He was on his phone and saying that he was on a case with his boss and that he was on his lunch break. Ginny figured whoever he was talking to wasn’t happy with him. Then she found out from a one sided conversation he was talking to his wife and talking about Harry.

“No, baby; he’s nothing like that.”

“I know I said that but now I know differently. Everything that’s been said about him is a hundred percent the opposite of what he is really like. And something else; he’s a bloody genius! He works things out in his mind from the tiniest information that doesn’t even sound remotely connected and turns out it is a huge discovery. Anyway, I wanted to let you know we are working a case and I can’t wait to talk to you about it. And it’s just me who is working with him, nobody else,” he added proudly.

Ginny went back into the middle of the living room and walked towards the kitchen raising her voice to call Lily to the table for lunch. When she walked into the kitchen Todd told his wife he needed to go and he’d talk to her later.

“Please excuse me for leaving you for so long, but I wanted to help Harry get patched up.”

“Oh that’s fine ma’am, I needed to call my wife anyway. She’s been terribly moody for a while and it helps if she’s not worrying about me. We lost our baby close to five months ago. She wasn’t born yet, I mean, she was only twelve weeks, or eight, or, I don’t know now… it’s very confusing to me.”

Just then they heard Harry’s voice only he was talking on his cell phone. It sounded as though he was someone who carries a lot of authority and wasn’t putting up with anything less than what he was calling for. He got off his phone and called someone else and by this time he was in the kitchen. He put his finger to his lips and winked at Lily who was about to say something. Harry directed his conversation to the person who answered the phone and was just as nonsensical with this person as the first person he talked to. Then he said, “My work colleague and I will be there in thirty minutes, your boss needs to be done with his meeting and waiting in his office for us when we get there.”

He hung up his phone and put it on his belt. He smiled at Lily and introduced her to Todd. “Darling Angel, this is Todd Liberton. He is a new Auror and is enduring special training from me. You should feel sorry for the poor guy; right?” He looked at Todd and said, “Todd, this is my favorite daughter, Lily.”

Harry motioned Todd to sit at the table where Winky placed a plate of food for them. Todd couldn’t believe that Harry would admit to having a favorite daughter and then chuckled when Lily looked at him with dancing eyes and more giggles, “I am his only daughter, that’s why I am his favorite daughter.”

Harry grinned and winked at her and then looked at Ginny. “How is your day going?”

Ginny gave him a small but sweet smile, but she wanted to know why he looked so bad. He very briefly told her what happened at the hardware store, but nothing about Todd freezing and only getting one villain. It sounded like they both worked the detail with the end result of six villains being charged and put in jail. Ginny glanced at Todd and back to Harry but it was Lily who asked the question Ginny wanted to ask only didn’t know how to word it without accusing Todd of not having her husband’s back.

Lily took a bite of her lunch and said, “It’s okay, Todd; you’ll learn how to be as good at catching bad guys as Daddy after you’ve been properly trained. I mean to be able to take care of each other and still be able to capture the bad guys. Daddy just thinks faster than regular people, so it’s next to impossible to back him up if you don’t know what to do when he does what he does naturally. One of these times you’ll be able to have his back just as good as he has yours.”

Todd turned red in the face briefly and then chuckled. “I feel better now, thanks, Lily. And I’ll try to follow his lead and instructions better and quicker.”

Harry hurriedly finished the last bite and swallowed the rest of his chocolate milk and looked around for Winky. He saw her peeking around the corner and he motioned her to him as he wiped his mouth on his napkin. “Winky, have you been able to contact Moffett and her daughter?”

Winky nodded her head and said, “Winky is finding Moffett and giving her Master Harry’s desire for her and her daughter to come back to the Potter Estates and she is much appreciative. They came back with Winky and is once more living in their home and waiting for orders from Master Harry.”

“That’s fantastic; only tell her I’ll talk with her as soon as I can. For now, just tell her to settle in and get her things in order so they can regain their health. Thank you, Winky.”

Harry looked at Ginny who was curious as to what Harry was talking about. Harry smiled sadly and said, “I didn’t know Bozey died and his wife and daughter moved out in shame.” He covered his eyes and rubbed hard trying to only think of his duty to the elves in his employment and not of the case he needed to leave for in a couple minutes or making it back home in time for dinner and making cookies with Lily.

“I have failed horribly. There has to be a way…” Harry stopped and sighed, there wasn’t time for him to ponder a way to be in two places at once. He was on a mission and bad things happened at home while he was gone. These thoughts he would put aside until later. He needed to get back to what he needs to do now.

He looked at Ginny and said, “I’m sorry you had to deal with the loss by yourself. I’ll be more conscientious from now on. I hate to ask this of you, but could you be thinking of something else Moffett can do to earn their keep? I wouldn’t mind if they just stayed on, but you know their code of honor won’t allow them to.”

Ginny looked guilty and said, “I’m sorry, Love, I don’t understand who died and who moved away in shame.”

This time it was Harry who was shocked. “Bozey was one of the hands responsible for up keep in the pastures. His wife Moffett and daughter helped with your gardens. Bozey died just after I left for that secret mission. He was moving boulders and bramble out of the ravine. Marston told him not to, but he did anyway. I specifically put those boulders there and planted all the bramble and briers to keep the ravine from eroding away. Since he did it though and we had so much rain the ravine began eroding; which is why Chevron had his accident and why I fell to the bottom of it last night. Since he did what he wanted instead of what he was told, after he died his wife and daughter thought they needed to leave from their shame.”

A look of deep guilt washed over Ginny’s face. She wasn’t now or ever been sociable with the elves on their property except for Winky whom she did love. “I’m sorry, Love. I’ll give some thought about where she can work when the gardens aren’t in need of care.”

Harry nodded his head and stood up without anymore conversation. He brushed his teeth and when he came back downstairs he asked Todd if he was done eating. He said he was and thanked him and Ginny for their hospitality; and winked at Lily saying he was happy to have met her. Lily smiled wide and said the pleasure was hers. Lily hugged her daddy and stood by Ginny as Harry gave Ginny a hug and kiss goodbye.
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back. I've been trying to post this chapter, but slow internet and real life things going on kept delaying me. And then in my haste, I nigh on posted the wrong chapter. So glad I checked before I posted it. So hope you all enjoy this chapter and please fill free to comment if you want to.

Chapter 5

Todd Learns From The Best

Harry dumped some water on the table and put his palms facing the water and looked through the framed water to Skry the place he wanted to go to. “The office is empty,” he said whisking away the water and then touched Todd’s arm and they were then standing in an office at St. Mungos. Harry instructed Todd to stand on the other side of the desk so he would be unseen when the doctor entered. “I’m sure there won’t be any violence, but don’t let them leave without getting the information we came for.”
Harry pulled out his phone and called the front desk saying he was there to see Dr. Sonnet in her office and then put away his phone. Pretty soon they heard rushed voices and two people entered the office talking about how they thought for sure he had been bluffing to make them careless with evidence. “You go out and get rid of him while I get rid of this evidence he wants. We are too close to our dreams to let that bumbling fool keep us from our fame and fortunes.”

Harry cleared his throat and the two rounded on him and tried to turn back around to leave but Todd had stepped in front of the door. Harry told them to have a seat so they could be comfortable telling them what kind of scam, they were running and why they would do something so perverse to the hearts of expecting parents.

“We can begin with introductions; I am the Head Auror of the Ministry of Magic and my name is Harry Potter, not, Bumbling Fool, and this is my special trainee, Todd-”

“You don’t need to make introductions because you don’t have any right being here. We haven’t done anything wrong to be charged for and you don’t have any evidence saying otherwise. And furthermore you don’t have a search warrant to look for anything.”

Harry was unfazed by their comments and handed them a document saying, “This is a warrant saying I do have the authority to search and seize any information I deem necessary to arrest and hold you for trial. Now, since you won’t talk civilly then I’ll have a look at those folders you want to get rid of.”

Harry flipped his wand so quickly Todd wondered if he actually saw him move or was it his imagination. Harry held out his hand for them but the man with the doctor performed a sudden movement with his wand but nothing happened. He tried something else and nothing he tried worked. The doctor tried to use magic then and nothing worked for her either. Reluctantly she held out the folders to Harry and Todd intercepted them since Harry didn’t move to take them. While the doctor was handing over the folders the other man picked up a heavy paper weight of a horse head and made a move to hit Harry over the head with it. Harry had evidently expected this and made a quick chopping move with the side of his hand and the weight flew out of the man’s hand.

“That wasn’t a bit nice, trying to kill me that way.”

The man quickly corrected Harry saying, “I wasn’t trying to kill you, I only meant to knock you out.”

Harry arched his eyebrows and smiled at the accidental confession the man made and said, “Attacking an officer of the Ministry of Magic is against the law. We now have an obligation to arrest both of you with at least three charges. The first is of collusion to commit crimes against the Ministry; mainly impeding an investigation with orders to kill or the very least harm the lead investigator and the obvious attempt made to carry out that order. The second is for any number of patients you’ve treated with questionable viability and termination of life during pregnancy. And the third is for attempting to destroy evidence in this investigation.”

The man and doctor both objected strenuously saying nobody was going to kill anyone. Harry looked at Todd and said, “Did you hear what the doctor said to this man before they came in the office?”

Todd answered, “Yes boss, she told him to go get rid of you.”

“And when you stood in the doorway to stop him from leaving what did he do?”

“He picked up that statue err paperweight and tried to hit you over the head with it. And it is surely heavy enough it could have killed you.”

Harry looked at the doctor and the man and said, “There you have it; exactly what I observed also. Now, we need some information from you to see what else we need to look for. Let’s see those folders Todd. And while I skim through these folders get the information we need for the arrest report.”

Todd got busy and Harry settled back in the chair and skimmed through the folders quickly. He put them in his brief case that appeared out of nowhere and folded his arms across his chest. When Todd was done he turned around to let Harry know he was done and noticed the fire in Harry’s eyes and his square jaws clamped tight. He nodded at Todd and told him to sit down. “Todd, there is more going on here than meets the eye. I’m going to call Carl and have him bring four Aurors to search the office here and Oliver Burton’s office.”

Todd was sure he didn’t want to upset Harry in any way with the dangerous displeasure about him; but he wanted to know how he knew the man’s name. Harry nodded his head with understanding but a bit distracted. He simply said he learned his name from the phone calls he made during lunch. “I knew there had to be someone else in on this.”

Harry got up and handcuffed Doctor Sonnet and her assistant Oliver Burton and read them their rights and charged them with the three charges and added that more charges could follow upon the completion of the investigation.

Harry put special earmuffs on them and turned them so they couldn’t see him and Todd talking. Harry sat on the corner of the desk and sighed sadly. He looked at Todd and said, “Todd, I wanted to have you on this case to help you learn, but this is going to be very personal to you and I don’t want you going over the deep end when you find out what is going on here. I had an idea what it was about but I didn’t know how demented it was. I understand if you would like to be excused from this assignment, and there won’t be any questions why.”

Todd shook his head and swallowed. “No boss, I want to stay on with you.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “There’s one more thing; I know you don’t like me and that is fine. I just need to know that you will put your personal feelings aside and work with me and have my back whatever happens.”

Todd’s face turned red and he said, “Boss, it isn’t that I don’t like you, err, well I mean-”

Harry interrupted saying, “Todd we can talk another time. I’m a big boy and don’t have to have everyone like me to do my job. I do however need to know that I can do my job without worrying if my back is exposed or not. Can you put your differences and opinions about me aside to work with me as a team?”

Todd nodded his head and said, “Yes sir, boss, I can and I will.”

Harry smiled showing his gratitude. He took a deep breath and began. “I’m going to give you a few details so when the guys get here you will be able to have yourself put together. You and your wife, along with our Minister of Magic Elect, and three hundred and thirty seven other women in the last year and a half were given potions to abort pregnancies before viability of life was certain. This doesn’t mean they killed the babies, but they terminated the pregnancy when no heartbeat was present in the fetus at eight weeks, and they got signed documents saying the mothers wanted the procedure done. They lied saying they were going to perform another test to see if there was a heartbeat just to make sure everything was okay. In very small legal mumbo jumbo one and a half pages in length they had a wavier; which is what all the patients signed, saying the doctor could use her discretion to skip the procedure if she thought the pregnancy was not viable and could administer a potion that would begin a natural elimination. Upon such a decision the patient would be hospitalized to control hemorrhaging. Her research paper says that she and Mr. Burton had a way to isolate the gene that gives people the ability of magic. They have been experimenting with the gene on squibs to make them magical.”

Harry stood up and stood by Todd and put his hand on the young man’s shoulder and said, “The way we will get them on this is they took your baby even though it did have a heartbeat. The heart was defective and did not grow at the rate the baby was growing. She was twelve weeks along and her heart was barely the size of eight weeks. There is nothing I can say to comfort you accept that I am truly sorry. She says there are no videos of the office visits so there isn’t any evidence if any kind of inquiry is done when they file for patents on their research and any developments they made. But, the thing with greedy people like this is they’re not trustworthy. And the first person of suspect is their partners. You and I will interrogate Mr. Burton to see if he does have evidence. He’ll spill his guts if he thinks he’s going down alone. He’ll come up with evidence of the doctor’s dastardly deeds pretty quick.”

Todd couldn’t talk, but nodded his head and paced back and forth. Harry watched him for several minutes and then called Carl and told him to bring four other Aurors with him to St. Mungos Hospital; Dr. Sonnet’s office. Harry took off the spell he had over the doctor and Oliver and began questioning the two. He wasn’t kind or gentle but very scary. Harry magiced an image on a wall of a baby and told the doctor to tell him the age according to the heart. The doctor said it looked to be no older than eight weeks. She also said the baby was not thriving and showed no signs of life. Harry said, “You are correct, he is eight weeks old and his heart is not beating.” Then Harry showed another image of a baby and asked if she could tell him the age according to the heart. She answered, “This baby’s heart is beating and is consistent to that of a baby of twelve weeks.”

Harry quietly said, “That is correct; it is also the same baby you said wasn’t thriving and showing no signs of life at eight weeks.”

“I want video proof of office visits of these patients.”

The doctor said there wasn’t any video done for any of the visits. Harry abruptly whirled around on them and said he would charge both of them with murder if they didn’t co-operate. The doctor said he would end up releasing them from jail because there wasn’t proof. “I’ll charge you both with experimenting on babies causing their deaths. I saw several that died at your hands.”

Oliver began sweating and he looked at the doctor who was cool as a cucumber. She noticed and said, “He’s bluffing, just keep your mouth shut, he can’t pin anything on us.”

Harry opened a folder he had been writing in and spoke as he wrote. Dr. Sonnet assures us that she doesn’t have evidence of tampering with the natural development of fetus before or after viability is definite. However; Mr. Oliver has research and provided funds for experiments on squibs with cells taken from terminated pregnancies and will be charged with murder and experimenting on live tissue for the gain of profit and fame.”

Just as Harry told Todd, Oliver opened up and spilled the beans. “I have videos of every visit she conducted. I also have video of her promising me that none of the babies would be harmed, that she would use only tissue drawn from the fetus after a miscarriage. What she didn’t tell me was that the procedure she used was high risk for the baby and might have been what caused the miscarriage. And the procedure she used wasn’t what she told the mothers. That way if a parent(s) wanted tests to see if that procedure was what caused the miscarriage then obviously it would come back negative.”

Carl came in and Harry briefed him on what was going on. Carl looked at Harry and then Todd. He turned his back to Todd and whispered was Todd behaving himself. Harry nodded his head and asked why he would ask such a question. “Because you’re worse off than before you left this morning. You look like you were in a fight with a she wolf or something.”

Harry silently nodded his head slowly remembering Hermione beating on him. “I’m okay though; it wasn’t Todd; we won’t speak of it again.”

Harry looked at Oliver and said, “Where are the video tapes?”

Oliver said, “They’re in my office downtown across from the new theaters.”

Carl looked at Harry and took over searching for evidence there when Harry said he and Todd were going to get the videos. Todd suggested Harry give Carl the report paper Harry was writing on so he would know what kind of questions was already asked during the interrogation. Harry held out the paper to Todd and said, “This?”
Todd glanced at it and started to say yes, but then said, “What is this? This isn’t the interrogation. This is…”

Harry grinned slightly and said, “That is my, ‘to do’ list when I get home tonight. I didn’t write anything down what really went on so they can’t use it against me somehow during the trial. I didn’t say I was taking notes; Oliver’s guilty mind let him think that. Harry looked at Carl and told him to go ahead and have someone take the doctor in for interrogation and then he and Todd left with Oliver. Once they were at Oliver’s office Harry told him to lead the way. Harry looked at Todd and told him to watch him close. “There’s nothing a trapped rat won’t do to escape when it’s cornered.”

Todd looked more alert and nodded his head. Just then Oliver ducked down behind an air conditioning unit and shot a spell at Harry who deflected it away from him and Todd. Glancing over at Todd to make sure it didn’t get him Harry called out to Oliver and told him to give up peacefully; he didn’t want to hurt him. Seeing Todd was okay Harry turned his full attention back to Oliver and looked for a good angle to use his magic, but didn’t have a clear shot. Harry squatted down unseen by Oliver and asked Todd if he could see Oliver. Todd shook his head no and Harry stuck his head around the corner quickly to get a look at the surroundings. He looked back over to Todd and motioned for him to shoot down the canopy Oliver was standing under. Todd understood and did as he was instructed. When the canopy came down over Oliver Harry rushed forward as close as he could before Oliver sorted himself out from under the canopy.

Harry aimed a well placed shot at Oliver and took his shot. Oliver at the same time stood up and dove out of the way of the spell about to hit him. Harry suddenly said, “Expelliarmus” and the man’s wand flew to him. Thinking Oliver would be incapacitated without his wand Todd left his protection and started to run forward to where Harry was. Harry saw out of the corner of his eye and jumped up and grabbed Todd before he fell over him.

Just as Harry was afraid of, Oliver had another wand and shot a spell at Todd running up to attack him. The spell hit Harry in the back of his left shoulder and Harry groaned loudly. He felt as if he were sinking in an ocean of crushing water. He was suffocating and choking at the same time. He looked at Todd who was white in the face. Harry gave a non verbal counter curse and sat up leaning on Todd for a rest. “Are you okay?” he asked and Todd nodded his head quickly. “Are you?”

Harry half nodded his head but was thinking of more pressing issues; capturing Oliver before he got away from them. “Can you see behind him? I saw a child; it’s why I didn’t curse him.”

“Yes, sir, there’s a pole with a utility box of wiring and stuff. And the little boy is playing in his yard on the other side of the ally.” He looked at Harry and saw the desperation come over his face. He knew the safety of the child was on Harry’s mind. Harry took several breaths still trying to shake off the effects of the spell he was hit with.

Harry handed Todd his Invisibility Cloak and said, “Put this around you and walk around Oliver and then squat down to cover you and the boy in the cloak. Don’t move until you see Oliver is incapacitated or if I say it’s over. If you try to move the boy he’ll cry out for his mum or dad. Give the boy some chocolate to keep him quiet.” He gave Todd a piece of Honeydukes best chocolate and nodded for him to go on.

Todd took the cloak and did as he was told, and Harry backed into the spot where Todd had been. When the child disappeared from view Harry disappeared and reappeared behind Oliver and a cat startled with a sudden noise behind it screeched and darted away. Oliver swung around and caught Harry with his elbow in the neck. Harry grabbed his elbow and tackled him to the ground. He wrestled the wand away from him and bound him tightly and put tape over his mouth. Harry staggered to his feet and leaned forward over his hands on his knees coughing and wheezing.

Harry flipped his wand and moved as quickly as he could with his hands up to show a young woman, who all at once emerged onto the scene; he wasn’t armed (because she had come running with her wand pointed at him) and spoke with great difficulty.

“Ma’am don’t be frightened, I’m Harry Potter and I’m with one of my Aurors, Todd Liberton. We apprehended a felon who tried to escape arrest. We kept your son safe, I’m sorry if we spoiled his dinner, but I needed to keep him quiet.” Harry motioned Todd to come forward as he explained to the young mother. Harry’s cloak came to him and he showed it to her before it disappeared into his pouch and the little boy was in Todd’s arms happily eating a piece of chocolate. “While he was under the Cloak of Invisibility Todd could have moved him away from seeing what was going on but I purposefully told Todd to just cover him and the boy and keep him occupied with his chocolate. I was afraid if I had him move away it would frighten your son. We tried our best to not be disturbing. He seems to be okay, yes?”

The young mother thanked him for watching out for her son and asked if she needed to answer any questions as to why her toddler was playing unattended outside.

Harry shook his head no and said, “No ma’am; I saw you come out as soon as he went invisible. When you started to run to where he disappeared from I put a spell on you that kept you from running into the line of fire, endangering yourself. Unfortunately a cat was spooked when it saw you run from the house as I did and alerted the villain I was behind him. Not to worry though; we caught him in the end and that’s what matters. I am sorry you were so frightened and hope you understand why we did what we did.” The woman nodded her head and smiled at her son who was content with his chocolate.

Todd handed over the small boy to her and turned to Harry and pulled Oliver to his feet. They waved to the woman and boy and proceeded to the man’s office. After they gathered the evidence they took Oliver to the holding cells at the Ministry. When he was settled in securely, Harry touched Todd’s arm and once more he found he was standing somewhere he hadn’t been just a second before. Harry said they were in the office building he bought to convert into an apartment building for the homeless. “I just need to meet someone for a minute and then we’ll go back to the office for debriefing.”

They walked around for a couple minutes and then Harry stopped and leaned against a doorway holding his shoulder close to his body. He was by now breathing with effort and closed his eyes willing himself to make it to the end of the day when he could go home and rest. He licked his lips and swallowed hard; he was progressively feeling worse. Harry opened his eyes and called someone on his cell phone. When he put away his phone Todd said, “I’m sorry, sir. It’s my fault you got hurt.”

Harry said, “How do you work that out?”

Todd said, “When you won Oliver’s wand, I didn’t think about him having another wand. I rushed forward to help and you were hit with a curse when you pushed me out of the way. If you hadn’t I would have been the one hurt, and you still would have had to save me because I can’t break curses that quick.”

“We’ll both survive and you can be happy you learned at least one thing today. That’s what’s important for you to remember, Todd. You are being trained and just like everyone else, including myself, you made a mistake. This mistake won’t be made again because you experienced it instead of just reading about it. That’s why training is so important. And Todd, I don’t hold you responsible, so don’t you.”

Harry turned his head and stood away from his resting post and smiled when Seamus and Parvati showed up around the corner of the room from the hallway. They stopped and looked hard at Harry for a second or two and then Seamus said, “I wonder if there will ever be a time when you aren’t beat up and bleeding when we see you?”

A grin Harry had to work on to look believable came over Harry’s face and he shrugged his shoulder and then winced at the movement of his left shoulder. “We are working on a case and just wrapped it up before we came here. This is my new trainee, Todd Liberton. Todd, this couple is Parvati and Seamus Finnegan. We went to Hogwarts together.”

They shook hands and Harry asked if all the details were worked out to where he could proceed with the project. “I’d like to get people off the streets before worse weather sets in.”

Parvati answered, “Everything is set up, Harry; the papers are being sent to your office for you and Wes as we speak. We needed you to meet us here so we can show you the only stipulation you have to deal with immediately.”

Harry nodded his head and moved slowly to follow them. He hoped whatever it was it was close so he could hurry up and get done for the day and get home. They went down the corridor to the fourth office on the right. When they entered into the office Harry looked around for something that was holding up the inspection.

“This carpet is rotted from a leaky water line that hooked up to a water cooler. When the inspector pulled back the carpet, he found the floor was rotten and said it has to be repaired and then new carpet put down. He said if you do it immediately and take pictures for proof that it was done then he won’t re-inspect it and just pass the inspection.”

Harry nodded his head and performed a complex wand maneuver and spoke an enchantment. Before their eyes the rotten floor rejuvenated itself to its former beauty and Harry said, “Is it okay if I leave the floors this way? This room is going to be the office for the building, and I think a hardwood floor would be nice. It’s completely sealed.”

Seamus whistled and said with admiration, “Yeah, it’s great; you do exceptional work, Harry.” He smiled his easy going smile and said he was sure it would be fine. “Go ahead and begin your renovation.” Harry handed his phone to Todd and asked him to get some pictures for his records and at the same time Seamus took pictures to send to the code inspection officer.

Harry thanked him and said they needed to get back to the office for debriefing. They said good bye and Harry grabbed Todd’s elbow rather tightly and disappeared.
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for my next chapter. Hope all the mom's out there had a wonderful Mother's Day. Today's chapter is the last one in this story. Next Sunday (hopefully ) I'll be posting a One Shot. As always it is current to the story being told. I hope everyone enjoys this chapter.

Chapter 6

Harry’s Compassionate Explanation

When they got to the Detective Agency Harry sat slouched at his desk; his head resting on the back of the chair; his eyes closed, and he sighed slowly. Wes came in and looked at Todd who stood looking at his boss. He arched his eyebrows and nodded silently at Harry, which is an unspoken language that universally means, “Is he okay and what happened?”

Todd shrugged his shoulders and quietly said, “The boss got knocked about today. I don’t know what the curse was but it wasn’t easy watching the affects it had on him. I think it hit him in the back of his shoulder. He was saving me when it happened. And then there was the little boy-”

Harry sat up and his face drained of color with his movement. “I’m okay err I will be soon enough. Wes did the papers come for us to sign and finalize the amendments to the contract you wrote up for me?”

“Yes sir, I’ve got them all prepared and ready for your signature.”

Good, I’ll go ahead and sign them now. Did you get the advertisement for the Rising Phoenix for the project?”

“Yes, I did, everything is in order and ready for print. Do you want me to put it in tomorrow’s paper then?” Harry nodded his head and closed his eyes as he swallowed. He could feel paralysis setting in on his larynx and decided to take a potion to relax his throat. After he did that he cautiously opened the left side of his suit jacket and rolled his eyes angrily at the site of his bloody shirt. “I need to take a quick shower.” He stood up and walked drunkenly into the bathroom to shower and put on fresh medicine and dressings. When he came out he didn’t have a shirt on and handed Wes his card. “I’m out of shirts again, could you go across the street and pick me up five or six? I’m sorry to ask you to do it for me, but-” he swallowed and turned around when he heard Lance clear his throat.

“Oh, erm I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting any of you back for another twenty minutes or so.” He looked at Wes who was enjoying his boss’s modesty and turned red in the face with his embarrassment. “Please hurry,” he coached Wes as he shoved him playfully to the door. He picked up his suit jacket and siphoned off the blood and hanging his head to keep his Aurors from seeing his embarrassment from the whistles and giggling “a-ooh-la-laa” from the female Aurors.

Just then Ron walked in and Harry’s head jerked up at the tone of voice he had. “Closing early for a striptease act now are we? Shouldn’t people be working instead of ogling the famous Potter muscles? Thought you were going to be busy working on a special case, guess you think other things are more important.”

Harry dropped his jacket and stood staring at his brother in law. He didn’t know if he should be angry or feel sorry for Ron, but knew he was tired of being accused of things unjustly. After Harry regained stability of nerves he quietly said, “Todd, would you mind taking the Captain in the spare room and give him the highlights of what we did today?” He handed a folder with his report to Todd and pointed him and Ron to Ron’s old office. “I need to do debriefing so we can get home.”

Wes came in just then and handed Harry the shirts. As soon as Harry touched one it was on him and the others went into a closet in the office Todd and Ron was going into. He motioned for everyone to sit down and put his hand on his throat, gripping it slightly to see if it was swelling like it felt like it was. He shook his head and took a shaky breath and struggled through debriefing. He finished up the same time Todd and Ron came out of the room they had been talking in and Harry dismissed everyone.

As the Aurors began leaving Harry was glad they gave praise and words of encouragement to Todd for his work with the boss. Todd was pleasantly surprised and Harry could see his Aurors were all starting to gel with him as a team member. Harry’s smile disappeared when he turned around and saw Ron standing still instead of moving to the door to leave. He sighed and leaned against the wall with his right hand holding his left arm tight to his body.

“How’s Hermione doing? You didn’t need to leave her and come in here, I was going to go to your house in the morning after briefing and let you both know what Todd and I found out and the arrests that were made,” he added when Ron didn’t answer him.

Ron shook his head and said, “You don’t need to now since I came in. I’ll tell her what Todd told me. Is it okay if I take this report home with me so we can study it?”

Harry nodded his head and said, “Sure, as long as neither one of you act on it at all. I don’t want the case to be dismissed on any technicalities.”

Ron glared at him and said, “We know the law Harry, don’t make like we’re stupid.”

Harry looked at him with disbelief and finally in a near whisper said, “Is there anything else you wanted to see me about?”

Ron huffed and doubled his fists. Harry looked at his fists and then looked him in the eyes and said, “Make it count for you then, because if you don’t send me to the floor or my grave, I’m going to hit you back.”

Ron’s face turned white and then he recovered his composure somewhat, enough to chuckle and say, “Na, I don’t wanna hurt you, Harry. I guess I’m just upset at this whole thing. I almost wish Hermione didn’t say anything to you about it. But she’s been so moody and I hate seeing her this way. I don’t know what we’ll do if your friend Ivana can’t help her. And with Christmas coming up in just a couple more weeks it all has to at least start getting better so we can enjoy Rose being home for the holidays.”

Harry was relieved Ron wasn’t going to hit him because he really didn’t know if he’d survive it, and he sure didn’t want to expend the effort it would take to hit him back. He was grieved though that Ron seemed to be missing out on one of the most important reasons to get this over with. Hermione was suffering and she would only continue to get worse if she didn’t get it out of her system. That was why he let her go off on him earlier in the day. He let her exhaust herself with getting much of her feelings out while she was beating on him and yelling to release her anger. He didn’t like that she used him the way she did, but he was pretty much a safe bet for her to do so. She knew that he wouldn’t hit her or yell back at her. Deep down she knew his love and compassion he had in his heart would allow her bottled up emotions to escape and let her see things in the right perspective. But this was just the tip of the iceberg of what she needs to begin healing. He hoped Ron would be able to understand and help her and it would help him too.

Harry smiled with the thought of the kids coming home for the holidays. He was so tired and the day was wearing on him so that his eyes became moist with tears. Before he became anymore emotional he stood away from the wall and stepped toward Ron and with his right hand grasped Ron’s elbow tightly . The next thing Ron knew he was standing outside his house. Harry took a deep breath and nodded goodnight to him and left without a word.

Harry finally climbed the steps to his front porch and walked into his home. Banner came running to him and yapped his happiness at seeing him. Harry went down on one knee and scooped the puppy up with his right arm and buried his face in the puppy’s fur. Banner began licking his face and nipping his ear excitedly. Lily came running over to him and sat on Harry’s knee and before he could say anything she put her arm around him and squeezed him tight. He caught his breath and put Banner down so he wouldn’t drop him. He put his arm around Lily and kissed her cheek.

“Hello Darling Angel, I missed you today. Did you have a good day?”

Lily stood up quickly and moved over when Ginny got to them. She looked at her mom and Ginny softly said, “I think Daddy had a rough day at work, sweetheart. Let’s help him to the couch.”

Harry was grateful to her and when he stood up he kissed her lips. He tried talking but he was getting emotional and his throat was constricting making the swollen Larynx pain him badly. He was by now finding it hard to breath and was getting lightheaded. They got him to the couch; he sat down and an ice bag appeared in his hand which he held to his throat. He smiled at the two and said he was so happy to be home. “It seems like it was a really long day. How was it for you two?”

Lily smiled kindly and said they had a very productive day and was able to spend time with Hugo after school. “Aunt Hermione needed to talk to Mum.”

Harry asked what she learned in school and Lily said, “Nothing,” before she had time to think.

“Maybe I should set up a parent teacher conference with Mrs. Potter and find out what’s going on that you didn’t learn anything.”

Lily thought that was hilarious and giggled looking at Ginny. She leaned over and kissed her dad on the cheek and said, “Daddy, I love you so much. How about you tell us about your day; what did you do?”

“Nothing,” he answered with twinkles dancing in his eyes. At this Lily laughed hard enough to cause tears to run down her face. Harry arched his eyebrows thinking he wasn’t that funny. He smiled figuring she was just happy like he was that the three of them were home and having a good time.

Harry took a potion to help the swelling in his throat so he could eat. After the three of them were done with dinner Harry asked if they were ready to make cookies. Ginny and Lily looked at each other and Ginny said, “Let’s just relax tonight and maybe we can make cookies tomorrow night. Lily and I just got home right before you did and we’re pretty tired. Lily has homework and you and I can talk.”

Lily got up without complaining and said, “Yeah, I have lots to do, and I’d rather do that than join in what you guys have to talk about.”

Harry gently squeezed her fingers she put in his hand to give him support. His smile was warm and she knew he knew she was offering her support. She left them and ran up to her room beckoning Banner to join her. The puppy loped hurriedly after her and she stopped to carry him up the steps since he was still too small to climb them quickly on his own.

After they were out of earshot Ginny switched to his right side and leaned back under his arm. She snuggled to him and put her hand on his chest and sighed with her satisfaction. When his arm went around her she snuggled in even more. She smiled when he laid his head over on top of hers and they just sat there enjoying the moment. After a few minutes she giggled softly when he said, “This is the kind of talk I enjoy the most. I could talk like this all day long and never get tired of the conversation.” She lifted her head and looked at him in the eyes and followed up with a kiss. Ginny quite agreed with him but sadly she needed to talk to him about something she wasn’t happy about.

She stood up and sat directly in front of him on the coffee table. He looked wearily at her and she nearly didn’t continue. He was so tired and it wasn’t fair to him that he have to deal with so much during the day and then have to come home and put up with her questions but she needed to hear his explanation.

He loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt. This offered so much relief that he actually smiled at Ginny and told her to have out with it, whatever was bothering her.

She nodded her head and said, “Hermione called me and asked if I could go over after lunch and she sounded so upset I told her we could right then, but she said she wanted to take a nap so Lily and I went over after lunch.”

Harry listened carefully trying to put things that happened in a timeline so he could understand why things were said the way they were. Evidently Hermione had called Ginny after she and Ron went to talk to him at work. So, Ginny didn’t know at that time about Hermione beating on him. And he hadn’t said anything about it when he was home for lunch so he wondered if she was upset with him for not telling her then.

Ginny started off with telling him she didn’t blame him for anything but wondered why he would let Hermione beat on him. Harry licked his lips and said, “Does Lily know anything about this? Only, she seems to know what we are about to talk about.”

Ginny nodded her head and said, “Love, she has more perception than kids her age and frankly some adults. I felt that she needed to know since she seen how you looked at lunch time and she put things together without being told. You remember how you felt when you found out things the hard way; how much better off you’d have been if you were only told the truth about things.”

Harry nodded his head and Ginny began talking again. “So, why did you allow Hermione to beat you up? Do you really think that physical violence is the answer to her problems?”

Shaking his head sadly he answered quietly, “No, I don’t think that at all. But she has been suffering for all this time and has had to put on a fake smile for everyone. She won the election but she needs to keep her popularity high for her to be accepted by her constituents when she takes over the office as Minister of Magic. I think she just had all she could handle and she lost control before she could prevent it from happening. I let her do what she needed to do so she could get it out of her system before she was seen in public. I also think that if she could have talked about this when it happened then she would be okay.”

“I agree, so why didn’t you stop her from beating on you and have Ron talk to her; it’s his responsibility.”

Harry made a sound that almost resembled a chuckle but was hard to tell. His throat was getting worse so he decided to just make an off handed reason so he could just go to bed.

“Hermione once told us, me and Ron, that he has the emotional range of a teaspoon. She was right back then and it still holds true today. If he could help her he would have when it happened. I can see his attempts, getting her some tea, or patting her shoulder telling her she was fine, and maybe talk to his dad to see what he thinks they should do. He just doesn’t know, and it’s not a fault, it’s just the way he is. So with it being a serious problem, I let her deal with her pain by letting someone else feel the same amount of pain she felt. She thought I needed punished and I wouldn’t fight back, so she got it out of her system. I guess I found out some things I didn’t know before, but that’s okay.” He didn’t know if Hermione told her how hateful she had been to him other than the physical beating she afflicted on him. He didn’t want to go into her accusing him of the reason she miscarried or her saying he was washed up as an Auror, saying how much she hated him and how it was hard work making like they were friends. He didn’t know if Hermione told her that she called him by his sir name instead of Harry. These things were more hurtful to him than the physical abuse, but he also knew she was under extreme duress. He sighed and before Ginny could say anything he said, “I know it’s early, but I’m going to go on to bed if you don’t need me for anything.”

Ginny went upstairs with him and waited for him to say good night to Lily and then talked to him while he got ready for bed. Before he got in bed he took Ginny in his arms and gave her a very passionate hug and kiss. “If there is anything you want from me when you come to bed just wake me please.”

She smiled and said she would. The next thing he knew he was sitting up in bed breathing hard from a nightmare he just had. He put his face in his hands and rubbed it hard. It was only ten o’clock and Ginny wasn’t even in bed yet. He thought about getting up and going back downstairs to visit with her but decided he might have a hard time falling back to sleep when he did come back to bed. He laid back down and fell asleep right away.
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for the next chapter. This is a One Shot and next Sunday begins a new story, but a continuation where this takes off. I hope you all enjoy this read and come back for more next week.

One Shot

Minerva’s Unusual Request

Harry woke early and had a good workout as he did for the next two weeks. Nothing significant happened at work to cause bodily harm to Harry and he continued to push his body to recover from the torture he lived through for the five and a half months he was working on the secret mission. He was nearly fully recovered physically but his emotional and mental fatigue continued to be the main thing he needed to recover from. It seemed that his mindset had reverted back to the pre Riddle fight that he had never mentally recovered from. These days he was very quiet and seemed always to be thinking. Something was definitely on his mind that caused him concern.

One morning, the day before his sons’ would be home from Hogwarts, in the middle of briefing his Aurors for the day’s assignments he got a phone call. He looked at the Caller ID, and a look of worry came over his face. “Please excuse me guys; I need to take this call.”

He answered his phone politely and arched his eyebrows and hung up without saying another word. “She hung up on me,” he said looking at Ron curiously. “It was Minerva and all she said was she needed to see me.”

Ron’s face turned white and said, “Is something wrong with one of the kids?”

“I don’t know, Captain, I told you what she said; you know as much as I do.”

He handed a notepad to Carl and asked him to finish giving his orders for the day and then told Todd to work with Ron until he got back. Wes came in just then and Harry told him he had to go to Hogwarts and he didn’t know when he’d be back.

Harry stood at Minerva’s office door and listened before he knocked to make sure he wasn’t interrupting anything school related. He heard a voice he hadn’t heard for nearly half a year and knocked. He tried to stay calm upon the door unlatching and opening of its own accord. He remembered the last time he was here Minerva was very cold and distant to him. He rather felt like she couldn’t stand to be in his presence and so it was with a bit of apprehension he entered her office.

She didn’t acknowledge his presence but the voice he heard through the door spoke and Harry smiled and took the few steps needed to reach Kingsley’s outstretched hand in welcome.

“It’s good to see you, Kingsley; how have you been?” Harry glanced at Minerva to make sure he wasn’t upsetting her by speaking with Kingsley. They shook hands and Kingsley pounded Harry’s back fondly. “You’re starting to look good again, Harry, things going well for you?”

Harry only grinned at him and turned to Minerva when she cleared her throat. “Professor McGonagall, I got here as quickly as I could. You didn’t say anything when you called; is anything wrong? Do you need my help?”

“Sit down, Potter; no need to be ready to run out the door, unless you’re too busy to be here. I know I called you while you’re at work, but I didn’t want to wait any longer.”

Harry looked gravely at her and sat down in front of her desk. It was the same chair he sat in when Professor Dumbledore sat behind the desk. He glanced up at the portrait and relaxed at seeing him smile upon him.

“Professor, I’ll always have time for you; what can I help you with?”

For the first time in a long time Harry saw her rare smile. He smiled back and tears streamed down her face.

Concern showed in his eyes but he didn’t say anything. Kingsley sat down in the chair beside him and encouraged Minerva to tell Harry what she called him there for. “You’re starting to worry the boy, Minerva, tell him what’s on your mind.”

“Do you remember the last time you were in this office while Albus was alive and Kingsley and I were here as well?”

Harry’s mind went back instantly to the time she was asking about and he nodded his head slowly and said, “Yes, ma’am. I believe you are talking about when Fudge and his pet Toad was in here and they found out about-”

Minerva smiled at Harry’s disrespect he showed toward Dolores Umbridge but didn’t chastise him for it. She nodded her head and said, “That’s right; your memory is as remarkable as you are, dear boy.”

Harry was set aback with the complete turnaround she did from the last time he saw her and even this morning when he came into her office. “It was a terrible year; a lot of things went horribly wrong that year,” he added somberly.

“Yes, you are more correct about that than you could possibly know.” She smiled sadly and the hair on the back of his neck stood on end. Anxiety nearly pulled him up out of his seat and he gripped the arms of the chair to keep that from happening. He turned to look at Kingsley to see his reaction and realized whatever was about to be said, Kingsley already knew. The sympathetic smile he was giving Minerva said as much. Harry looked back over at Minerva who seemed to be struggling with what she had to say.

Harry licked his lips and bit his bottom lip. Finally he said, “Surely if you just say whatever is troubling you we can figure it out and move on.”

Minerva nodded her head and said, “I have been thinking of how to say this for a very long time and I thought I had it figured out. I called Kingsley here to help me in case I flounder but perhaps you are right and I should just say it.”

“I’m dying, Harry; I don’t know the exact day, but it is time for me to leave Hogwarts.”

Harry jumped up so fast his chair overturned backwards. “No! No you’re not… your time isn’t… I mean…” Harry paced back and forth breathing deep and shaking his head in disbelief. He looked vehemently at her and then Kingsley. “You can’t possibly know… you shouldn’t say… Somebody’s told you wrong, diagnosed you…”

He stopped suddenly and stared at her as if she had cursed him with a freeze spell. Finally in a near whisper said, “The Stupefy Curse… five of them hit you that night you were trying to protect Hagrid from that toad and ministry officials. Are you saying that you never fully recovered from them?”

Minerva nodded her head acknowledging the terrible truth in Harry’s statement. “I never fully recovered and lately I’ve been feeling death creeping up behind me. Well, I want to face it straight on instead of all this sneaking about its doing. I had thought I would be able to stay through next school term. I rather cottoned to seeing Lily come to Hogwarts and watch her come into our reality of magic as I have done with your parents, you, and both your sons now. But, now, realistically thinking, it isn’t going to happen and that’s where I need your help.”

Harry stared at her not believing what he was hearing and afraid of what she was about to say. He shook his head with tears streaming down his face. Kingsley said, with quite a bit of emotion showing, “I told you he wouldn’t like the idea. I don’t think he’ll do it even for you.”

Minerva looked at him and then gazed at Harry. “Do you know what I’m about to ask you to do for me? You can’t know because I just last night decided to do it and I called Kingsley early this morning to talk to him about it.”

Harry said, “You want me to introduce you to Death since I have all three Hallows.”

Minerva slapped the top of her desk and Harry jumped. He had never seen her quite this animated before. She smiled and said, “I can’t imagine how different things would have been if only you had been this knowledgeable when you attended Hogwarts. Yes, dear boy, I want you to introduce me to Death. Would you be able to do that? You wouldn’t be afraid to see him?”

Harry actually chuckled and shook his head. “Death and I are practically best friends. He’s called on me so many times I’ve lost count. He was by my side for a month and a half solid before I came home after that mission was over. I’ve seen him several times since then too, always trying to convince me I’d be so much better off just letting him take me. So, no, I’m not afraid of him, but I can’t introduce the two of you; I won’t.”

Minerva listened intently until he said he wouldn’t introduce them. She asked him why he wouldn’t do this one thing for her. Harry sat the chair he knocked over on its legs and sat down suddenly very tired. Exhausted if truth be known, “Surely you know what you are asking of me; how could you want me to?”

“I’m simply asking you to introduce us and let him take care of the rest! Why can’t you do it for me?!” Her anger kept her from sitting any longer. She came around the desk like she was going to attack him.

He stood up and grabbed both shoulders tightly and answered sharply, “I would have to kill you! Death doesn’t answer to me or anyone else for a list of people to take. He doesn’t cause people to die, he’s there when it is happening so they’re not alone and he can take them away from their bodies!”

Minerva became limp in his hands and he helped her sit down. “I didn’t know, Harry; I’m sorry. Well then, you can take me to that beautiful garden in Madagascar you made and I’ll draw my wand against you. The fairy guarding the garden will come and kill me.”

Harry said, “That won’t work either unless you still hate me, that is or you really do want me dead. The fairy discerns the heart before taking a life. Otherwise people would use her to off people who they didn’t like or use her to commit suicide.”

Minerva chose to ignore the last part of what Harry said and asked impatiently what on earth he was talking about her hating him.

“The last time I was here, I saw it in your eyes and I heard it in your voice. You hated me; for whatever reason I don’t know.”

Minerva frowned and answered apologetically, “Forgive me, Harry; I was terribly upset and hurting. I was disappointed to say the least. You see Percy had been here collecting Molly saying how you left Ginny and the kids. I didn’t believe him but then you were gone and never returned until just recently. The Daily Prophet had that big write up about you and the Rising Phoenix didn’t have anything at all to say about you. Why didn’t anyone defend your absence? Why didn’t Ron or Hermione set people straight instead of joining in as if what was being said was true?”

Harry had a faraway look and only barely mumbled. He was living another place and another time. His hands trembled and then he looked at her and said with clarity, “Nobody defended me because I guess they believed whatever was said or they didn’t want to jeopardize what I was doing by talking about it or demanding my return to prove my loyalty to my wife. I didn’t know anything about what was being said and I wasn’t in contact with anyone here. It was a desperate time for me because I was by myself, doing things I needed help with, but had none because of what people chose to believe about me. When I was here the last time I still didn’t know people thought I was away for any other reason than I was on a special top secret mission.” He sighed and told her what happened the day he left and the reason he left. People believed awful things about me but, I lived through it even though it was the most painful part of all.”

Minerva took a deep breath and said she didn’t know what to do now. Harry walked about the room in thought and finally turned to her saying, “Would you consider letting me try to repair what the curse did to you?”

Minerva and Kingsley looked at each other and then both looked at Harry. Kingsley said, “I know you are a great wizard, Harry, but surely you don’t think you can mend a fracture in something you can’t see.”

“I will do it or die trying,” Harry said already deep in thought about how he would do it. He looked at Minerva for her answer and when she nodded her head he began pacing back and forth until finally he stopped abruptly in front of her and said, “I’ll be back as soon as I can, and I really don’t know how long this will take.”

He disappeared and six hours later he was back quite shaken and bleeding heavily from his left shoulder down to his elbow; his arm completely exposed for the lack of the sleeve to his suit jacket and shirt being ripped off. He was filthy and drenched in sweat and his clothes that remained on him were torn and hanging in shreds. Small cuts and scratches riddled his skin that was exposed to the elements and twigs and leaves mingled in with the sweat and dirt all about him. He didn’t say anything except to tell Minerva she was going to feel some discomfort but it wouldn’t last long. “Try your best to remain still and don’t try to move away from me whatever you do.”

Harry held out his right hand and sterilized it with his magic and then a golden glow emitted from his fist. He held her right shoulder firmly with his left hand and slowly pushed his right fist into her chest where she was struck with the Stupefy curse years ago. He was chanting something not even Kingsley understood. Finally after twenty minutes of intense chanting and magical manipulation Harry withdrew his hand and said he was done. “You should feel a difference now, and know that you are not going to die anytime soon.”

Harry sat heavily in the chair he was in front of and closed his eyes; his head hanging so much his chin rested on his chest. Minerva and Kingsley stared at him expectantly.

“I need to get back to work, Professor. Can you tell me if you feel any different? I’d like to know if it worked. You should feel remarkably better.”

Minerva jumped as if she’d been electrocuted. “I’m sorry Harry, I didn’t realize you were waiting to know if it worked or not. Yes, I can feel quite a difference. Thank you, Harry. But, what did you do? Where have you been?”

Harry answered quietly saying, “As you know there are protection spells against the Stupefy curse, but there is also natural ways to block it, like; if you are a Giant or part Giant and half or part human. Centaurs fit that description so I went in the Forbidden Forrest and found Bane to ask for a sample of his blood. He said I was welcome to as much as I needed if I could take it from him. It took a while but I was able to take it. Then I separated the part out of it that makes him immune to the curse and by ancient magic I put it on the point of impact of the curse on your sternum. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to both of you,” he added just before he disappeared.

When he showed up in his detective agency Wes jumped out of his seat and rushed to Harry’s side. His Aurors were already back and waiting for him to show up. They were all curious to know why the Headmistress of Hogwarts needed him and nobody heard anything of him all day. He patiently explained what happened and they all stood listening intently.

Ron spoke first and said he was glad he could help her. “Hogwarts wouldn’t be the same without her; kind of comforts me her being there while Rose is there. But why did you go into the Forrest when you could easily get some from Firenze? Or for that matter, you could have gotten some from Hagrid; he’d love to have helped you.”

“I needed to get a sample from the most aggressive bloodline so I could isolate the part of a gene that repelled the curse quickly. I didn’t know what I was looking for so I thought I’d have a head start if I used one who already had an aggressive disposition. Plus, I didn’t have the heart to repeatedly curse Hagrid or Firenze. Didn’t mind it so much with Bane to be perfectly honest,” he added as an afterthought.

He sighed and said, “I’m beat guys, let’s get debriefing over with and go home. Would anyone object if I didn’t come in tomorrow? I was only going to be here half a day anyway. I’d like to have the morning to rest just in case I don’t sleep well tonight.”

Ron chuckled and said, “You just don’t want to take a chance on anything happening to you to keep you from picking up James and Albus. I’ve never known you to play it safe, boss. And since you get to take the day off then I’m going to too.”

Harry glared at Ron for a minute not saying a word so he could get his tongue civil before he spoke. He turned around and picked up a folder Carl had prepared for him on the day’s activities. He’d take it home and study it so he could prepare for tomorrow. He knew Ron was mostly teasing, but the part of him that wasn’t would make the day unpleasant for Harry before they picked up their kids. He decided he’d rather go into work than take a chance on being on the outs with his brother-in-law.
Harry looked at Ron calmly and politely said, “I wasn’t on a picnic today, Captain. All day long, for six hours solid, I ran for my life, jumped down cliffs, bounced off boulders, got torn to bits from thorns, and did you know there is quicksand that moves? Yeah, it swallows you and just before you suffocate it spins deliriously fast and when it stops you’re in a whole new place on the other side of the Forrest. So, yeah, I was swallowed by quicksand more than a few times and they’re full of lousy sand fleas that bite you and suck your blood from you while you’re trying to fight the enchanted mud. And all that isn’t the worst part of my day. Bane wasn’t a joy to spend the day with. He fought me and it wasn’t quite fair because he has four legs, two arms and hands and a tail. And-”

“But, Harry, you’re a wizard, you could have used your wand, or not. You can do magic without your wand and without speaking a word. You could have just gone in there and caused his blood to fill up a vial before he even knew what happened.”

“You must think me some kind of fool, right Captain? Did I say I didn’t use magic?”

Ron turned red in the face and said, “I don’t think you did, because if you did use magic it’s like I said, he wouldn’t have known you did anything to him. You didn’t use magic so you could look more like a hero.”

Harry was irate and everyone in the room could tell. He tried to keep calm when he spoke, but his voice was punctuated with hard breathing and shaking. He clamped his jaws shut tight to keep his teeth from chattering. He could feel his throat tightening and the fact he was getting sick made his ire rise even higher. “I used magic, but it’s hard to fight everything. When Bane told that Toad the Forrest belonged to the Centaurs, he was right. Their magic controls EVERYTHING; vines reached out and yanked me off my feet leaving me hanging by my neck. Branches of trees bent and clubbed me over my head and tripped me. Animals and insects attacked me mercilessly. And all the time I had to try to keep Bane from killing me while I was cursing him over and over so I could find the part of the gene I needed. And,” Harry pulled apart the rags covering his chest and exposed a huge bloody hoof print on his chest. “I’ve got two more of these brands on my back and THIS,” he turned his shoulder to show Ron, “is from him BITING ME!” he said with gritted teeth. Now; I’m going home and I’ll see you all in the morning.”

Before he could leave Hermione walked in and looked hard at Harry. He sighed and asked what she needed. “I came to see if Ron was ready to go home. He was supposed to meet me ten minutes ago.”

Harry said he was sorry she was kept waiting that he wanted to get home too. He moved to walk around her but she stopped him. “Harry, why do you always look like you’ve been in a war zone and there is never a mark on anyone else? It just seems like you can’t work a case anymore without getting hurt. Why is that? Do you care about your Aurors? Aren’t you afraid that they could get hurt being with you? I think you’ve been incredibly lucky nobody but you has been hurt since you came back to work.”

Harry had been unbelievably kind to her ever since he discovered how she felt about him since her miscarriage. He knew it would take some time for her to come back around to him being her best friend but until that time arrived he would just be as patient and kind to her that he could be. “I was off the clock today, Hermione; helping a friend. There wasn’t any chance anyone else would be hurt; I worked alone. I’m tired and need… Never mind, I’m going home. Good night.”

He disappeared and Ron sighed regretting his part he played getting Harry worked up. Hermione started to object strenuously but Ron gently shook his head. He told her about Harry getting the phone call from Minerva and what Harry spent the day doing. She looked around at the Aurors staring at her. She knew they all loved Harry and didn’t like the way she and Ron treated him. It suddenly hit her that she didn’t like it either. She thought back through the last year and found she hadn’t been a good friend to Harry for an awful long time. She was ashamed and told Ron they needed to go see him and ask for his forgiveness. “We’ve been so ugly to him and he’s been nothing but kind and understanding to us. How does he put up with us; why does he put up with us?” she asked.

Ron shrugged his shoulders and said, “He loves us I guess. Come on lets go.”

He waved to his coworkers and he and Hermione popped out of the office and picked up Hugo before going to Harry’s house. When they arrived at the Potter residence they found they were not the only visitors. Minerva and Kingsley were also there. Lily was in the process of explaining to Minerva that she wanted to be a Linguist and a Veterinarian when she graduates from Hogwarts. “Daddy said it’s an odd combination but if it’s what I want to do then I can do it if I commit my heart and mind to it to accomplish it. He told me that you were the one who helped him realize that when you said you would do whatever it took to see that he became an Auror since that was what he wanted to be when he grew up and graduated. And look at him now, being all he can be in what makes him happy. He wasn’t happy when he came home tonight though. He acted angry, but I could tell someone hurt his feelings. People do that a lot without thinking. It’s sad because it takes the joy out of him doing what he loves to do. He’ll put it behind him; he always does. When he comes down from his shower and getting some fixing up he’ll put a smile on his face and be very cordial.”

A few minutes later Ginny came down and apologized for leaving them unattended. “I didn’t even know you two were here. Is everything okay?”

She looked happy, but somewhat reserved. She told Lily and Hugo to go play until dinner was ready. The two children ran off excited to be playing instead of doing homework. Ginny looked at the four adults and said, “Is something going on? You’re all welcome here, but it’s rare that we have guests lately. I don’t know what Harry did today except he was in the Forbidden Forrest all day getting something for a friend. He’s pretty messed up and the only other thing he said was it was a difficult day and he’s anxious to put it behind him.”

Ron glanced up the steps and said he could tell her what it was all about. He then told her everything beginning with Minerva’s phone call. Minerva was horror-struck that he had gone through what he did for her. Her fingertips rested over her mouth with each word Ron spoke. Just as he finished his explanation of Harry’s day Harry walked down the steps deep in thought. He looked up with surprise when he saw Ron and Hermione there. A wide smile came across his face and he motioned everyone to sit down. They had stood up when Harry came down; probably in anticipation of him telling them all to leave his house.

“Ginny told me you two were here but she didn’t mention you and Hermione,” he said to Ron. “Is everything okay?” he asked nervously looking at Minerva and Kingsley and then Ron and Hermione.

Ron said, “Yeah something’s wrong mate. I keep opening my mouth and sticking my foot in it. I’m sorry mate. You always put up with being treated badly and we wanted you to know, we er well, we, Hermione wanted to tell you.”

Hermione rolled her eyes and smiled, “Harry, Ron is right; we treat you badly and you don’t deserve it. I don’t know why you put up with us the way you do. Please forgive us for everything. You deserve more of an apology for our actions but we don’t want to take up your evening.”

Harry smiled kindly while nodding his head slightly. “Forgiven, now what can I do for you two?” he asked Kingsley and Minerva.

Kingsley spoke up since Minerva still had her fingers over her mouth and looked horrified. “Minerva wanted to know what you did to get the cure, but now she knows and I’m thinking she now wishes she didn’t know.”

Harry bowed his head and softly said, “I didn’t intend on you finding out. I would have told you what I did if I thought you needed to know. I’m sorry you found out. I take responsibility for you being told. My Aurors were in the office when you called this morning. When I returned this evening they had come back from the day’s work to be debriefed. They were concerned about you so I told them in just a few details what occurred. I wanted to get home but one of my Aurors felt I could have done things differently and needled me about it until I lost my patience and told him what I did and the reason I did it. I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enough at the time to not give in to justify my actions and reasons.”

Just then Winky came into the room and announced dinner was served. She said she set the table for five guests and left the room eyeing Harry as she left. Harry stood up and smiled wide pointing to the dining room. “Please come eat with us, I don’t know what we’re having but it smells wonderful. I missed lunch today so don’t dawdle.”

Ginny called Lily and Hugo down and everyone started towards the dining room. Minerva started to say she should really get back to Hogwarts but Harry hooked her elbow and led her to the table. He smiled sweetly at her and said, “Hogwarts can function without you for a while longer. Please be our guest.”

He pulled out a chair for her and motioned Kingsley to sit on the other side of her. He took a deep breath and sat between Minerva and Ginny. He held the platter while Minerva took a chicken thigh and Harry took a thigh also and passed the platter to Kingsley. After their plates were full of food Harry said, “Let’s eat, I’m starved!”
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Default The Return Of The Toad
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for the next story. I hope you all enjoyed the One Shot. It was a little different wasn't it? So this Story has ten chapters and I really hope you enjoy them. It picks up right where the One Shot left off, only on a different subject. Please feel free to comment if you want to.

The Return Of The Toad

Chapter 1

Avada Kedavra!

The house phone rang and Ginny started to get up but Harry said, “Let the machine take a message, we’re having dinner.”

The voice that spoke when prompted by the machine was Percy’s. “I’m trying to find Hermione. I’m at the Ministry of Magic and an emergency all points bulletin was just put out. Delores Umbridge has escaped from Azkaban. It’s believed to have been an inside job because she was seen using her wand that had been confiscated. Harry, as Head Auror you are required to come immediately to the Ministry of Magic. Um oh yeah, Due to the threat she poses to your life a Ministry official will be there to escort you safely to the Ministry.”

Hermione and Ron ran to the living room to gather their coats and the door bell rang. Hermione started to open it and Harry yelled for her not to open the door; his face white as he looked at Banner who was growling in the direction of the door. It swung open as she tried to push it shut and she suddenly fell hard against Ron and a flash of green light streamed into the room and hit Harry square in the chest. A high pitched scream filled the air as the stream of light hit Harry, “Avada Kedavra!” Harry fell to the floor and didn’t move. Ron called the Aurors, and then he and Kingsley ran out into the night looking for the attacker, Dolores Umbridge. He and Hermione had seen her when she kicked open the door from Hermione’s hands.

Ginny, dropped to the floor beside Harry and tried to scoop his head and shoulders up to her but her hands went right through him. Lily dropped down beside Ginny and tried to take his hand but her hand couldn’t grasp his. Her hand went right through his. All at once the house became full of Aurors and Weasleys. Molly said Percy called them looking for Hermione and Harry. “When Percy said nobody answered the phone he was worried something had happened. That’s why we came here to check.”

Arthur was terribly white in the face and knelt down on the other side of Ginny and looked hard at his son in law. He looked up and said, “He’s alive! Harry is alive, only just but his heart is beating.”

Ginny gasped and tried to magic off Harry’s shirt to put her hand on his heart but nothing happened and gasped as her hand went right through him. She couldn’t believe he was dead and watched him carefully and said, “Daddy’s right, it’s very faint but he is alive. I don’t know why we can’t touch him, but I can see his heart is beating.” Molly said, “Get him up off the floor and make him comfortable.”

“He doesn’t look real, I don’t think he’s alive,” said Hugo sadly. He began to cry and said, “I don’t think Uncle Harry is really alive, you just want it so badly that you think you see his heart. Check again.”

Hermione looked at Ginny and Ginny swallowed. Hugo was right, what if they just wanted it so badly that they imagined his heart beating. Hermione stared at her friend for a whole minute and then said, “He’s gone; we lost Harry, there isn’t a heartbeat and he isn’t breathing. We have to do something, what about Carson or Jennifer; can you call them?”

Lily said, “I can help him!”

Ginny said no right away. “Bringing someone back from death would kill you sweetheart. Remember what Daddy taught you.”

Lily shook her head and said, “I can bring him back enough that his heart starts beating.” She looked at her hand and the diamond in her special ring gleamed oddly and she softly said, “Never mind, I can’t do it.”

Hermione said, “The curse has to be broken before we can save him anyway; call Bill!

Just then Bill and his family ran in and asked what happened. “Percy called us and said we need to get over here right away.”

“He was hit with the Avada Kedavra but he is still alive. We need to break the curse, can you do it?” Ginny was still denying her husband was dead.

Bill sat on his heals beside Harry and said, “There isn’t any known way to break that Curse. Can’t we move him to the couch?” He started to put his arms under Harry and jumped back when his arms went through Harry as if he were a ghost.

Ron, Kingsley, and the Aurors came in and began talking in whispers around the fireplace warming their hands. Arthur asked them if they found any clues as to where Umbridge went and they shook their heads without speaking. Then Ron spoke saying, “Her footprints disappear at the edge of the porch. I know she can’t instantly transport like Harry can. He is the only known person who can do that as far as I know. But yet, I didn’t hear her Disapparate.”

Kingsley said, “When we ran out to capture her she was gone. There were tracks of her coming to the door and leaving. She appeared and disappeared at the same place.”

Hermione asked in desperation, “But then how did she get away if she didn’t Disapparate? She doesn’t have a Port Key unless whoever gave her, her wand also gave her a port key. Has anyone checked if she had any visitors today?”

Ron said, “Yeah, Carl went there first thing. He’ll be back pretty quick.”

Ginny called for Winky and the elf popped in the living room immediately. She cried out and ran to Harry. “What is happening to Master Harry?”

Ginny told her what happened and begged her to help him. Bill moved to give her more room. She put her face down so close to his face her nose nearly touched his. She looked up finally with tears streaming down her cheeks. “Winky isn’t seeing any light in Master Harry’s beautiful emerald eyes.” She looked at him and backed away. “This is not Winky’s Master.”

Banner ran to the door and began barking and then there was a knock at the door. Ron drew his wand as did the other Aurors and asked who was there.

“It’s John and Carson.”

Ginny ran over and opened the door and pulled them in and pointed at Harry all without saying a word. Carson hurried to Harry’s side and ran a scanner over him. He mumbled something about being odd and ran the scanner again. He turned around and said, “What’s going on here? Is this some kind of a trick?”

Everyone looked shocked and Ginny said, “Harry was cursed with the Avada Kedavra. But he’s not dead; we thought he had a heart beat but he doesn’t.”

Carson said, “Although there is a residual energy reading, this is not Harry, this is like a ghost with a physical manifestation. I’m not saying that is what it is; I don’t think such a thing even exists. I’m just saying this is not alive or human. Maybe a better explanation would be if you look in a mirror the image is not the real person.”

Ginny’s phone rang and she practically screamed, “It’s Harry!”

She answered the phone and asked where he was and if he was okay. She evidently was listening and then she said they were all scared out of their minds and to please just come home.

“He’s at the Ministry of Magic! He said he caught “the Toad” as he calls her and said he’s processing her back into Azkaban. Carl found him and said he’d finish getting her put back and that he can come on home after he finishes talking to Percy. Harry said Percy is the one who found out she escaped; seen her snooping in disguise at the Ministry looking for Harry. He also said he’d tell me how he got away from the Avada Kedavra curse.

Ginny looked at John and Carson suspiciously. “How did you know he needs help?”

John said, “We didn’t know anything. Carson wanted to come and check him and I wanted to come too, so Mr. Woolsey gave us permission to come. So, what happened is Harry okay then?”

“I wouldn’t say I’m okay but at least I’m not dead. Can we talk while we eat, I’m powerful hungry,” he said as he made his way to the kitchen. They noticed he was carrying his broom and it disappeared to his pouch. He put a spell on the food and it multiplied enough times for there to be enough to feed everyone there. Then he stretched the table and added chairs for everyone. He turned back to the living room wondering why nobody moved. He reluctantly walked back in the room with his family and friends. “What’s going on? I’m sorry, but if I don’t get some nourishment in me I will drop over.” He stopped in front of Ginny and put his arms around her and kissed her. She was a little cold to him but he didn’t say anything. He grinned warmly at John and Carson. “Hey there! I’m so glad you could come! This is great! Then he caught his breath when he saw himself on the floor looking dead. “What’s that?”

Everyone relaxed since it appeared Harry was fine and was in the dark as much as they all were. Ron said, “When Umbridge knocked the door out of Hermione’s hands she shot you with the Avada Kedavra curse and you died.”

Harry looked bewildered at it and then turned towards the kitchen again. “Well, let’s eat and figure it out when we’re done. Isn’t anyone else starving?” Ginny turned Lily and Hugo to the table and told everyone to come and eat.

Hermione gently said as if he would fall apart, “Harry can’t you understand how afraid we all were when you got hit by the curse? Can’t you realize that seeing you here now, not dead, but you over there on the floor is dead, makes us need to understand something that is impossible?”

Harry swayed on his feet and stared at Hermione. He surrendered to her desperation but really didn’t have the strength to say anything. The room began to turn in slow motion and his legs buckled beneath him and he would have fallen to the floor but John caught him and Ginny said, “He needs to eat! Why can’t people just be satisfied with letting him have what he needs?! Look at the condition of him! Even if he hadn’t told us a hundred times he was hungry, it’s obvious he is starved and dehydrated.”

Carson was tending Harry’s needs and brought him out of his faint. “Here Lad, drink this water.”

Harry turned his head and when he saw the water he took it like it was a precious metal and put it to his mouth. His hands were shaking so badly that he spilled much of it. Only it wasn’t just his hands shaking but his whole body. Carson helped him drink slower and consoled him when he cringed with his stomach cramping. As soon as he could speak Harry begged people to please go eat and that he’d be out to join them in a few minutes.

Carl squatted down beside Harry and put his hand on Harry’s shoulder. “Boss, we’re going to go on home now. We’re all glad you’re okay and we’ll see you later. Take it easy and enjoy your company.”

Harry thanked him for his help and thanked all the Aurors for coming to his aide. Harry’s head lolled back onto John’s shoulder he was sitting against and closed his eyes. The hunger pains were awful and he knew he was in trouble. He tried to think and found it difficult. Finally he said, “I can have some chicken broth; I think that’ll be helpful to me.” Winky brought him some and he guzzled it down. Carson tried to slow him down but he couldn’t. He pulled his legs up to his chest and groaned with the pain gnawing away his belly. He whispered a request for some bread and Winky brought it to him. He looked at it and the cup of broth and he thought for sure he was back at Cheyenne Mountain being tortured. He cried putting out his hands to keep it from coming at him.

John took the bread and told him he was home and it was just plain bread. He took a bite and handed it to Harry. Harry took it on faith of John telling him the truth and ate it. Pretty soon he wasn’t hallucinating anymore and he felt he could eat real food. Carson asked if he was sure and Harry nodded his head. He took a deep breath and with John and Carson helping him he stood up and walked into the dining room.

He smiled at his family when they all cheered him and even chuckled when they tried to get their eating companions to move over so he could sit with them.

“I believe I have a dinner date already with these two beautiful ladies.” He sat down between Ginny and Minerva and squeezed their hands when they put their hands in his. He started eating and answered any question that was asked of him. He noticed however; Hermione wasn’t saying a word. She barely looked at him. He looked at Ron and he just shrugged his shoulders.

“Hermione, I’m sorry if I hurt you. Are you okay?”

Her head shot up and she looked at him thoroughly confused. “I’m fine, Harry; you didn’t hurt me. What are you talking about?”

“When I pushed you out of the way from that Toad's curse,” he answered. Still not understanding Harry explained more.

“When you went to the door you assumed it was the ministry official coming to get me. The way Banner was acting I knew it wasn’t anyone friendly. Then it hit me that Percy said the Toad had her own wand so I thought it more than likely was her wanting to off me. She assumed I would be the one to answer the door and seeing it was you she decided to kill you first. I flashed over and pushed you back out of the way of the curse. Since you weren’t there the curse traveled to the first person in site which of course was me. But, something happened years ago that kept me from getting killed. I hunted down and dueled with the Toad before I left on my Quest right after the war at Hogwarts. I won her wand. I turned it in and Kingsley sent her to Azkaban. This was something I did that wasn’t common knowledge because Kingsley was afraid people would think I was turning into a vigilante. Anyway; Ollivander told me once that a wand won’t kill its master, so technically her wand knew I was the master of it. I know I was taking a chance, but we couldn’t have Hermione murdered could we?”

Harry looked into the living room where his image was still lying on the floor. “I’m thinking that when I flashed over to Hermione the curse found and hit me, but I was moving so fast it didn’t actually land on me. It hit the image of me that was left from my flashing. The curse remained on the left over image because it was able to attach to it forcing it to remain behind instead of catching up with me. That also explains why I was in such need to eat. I was already hungry and dehydrated from being in the Forrest all day. That quicksand not only nearly suffocated me, but it sucked nutrients out of me. That happened more than three times; I lost track after that. And that part of me there on the floor is made of energy not flesh and blood.” He opened his shirt and showed the lightning bolt scar over his heart. “You see, just like the scar on my forehead, it kind of hit me as it was going through me. I was just going too fast for it to land on me solidly. And it got stuck on the energy instead of ricocheting back on her like it did with Riddle.”

Hermione said, “I didn’t know it was you who pushed me. It happened so fast I just thought Ron pulled me back to save me.”

Ron said he thought Hermione just fell into him when Umbridge kicked open the door after Hermione opened it. He looked at Harry and said, “Thanks for saving Hermione, mate. Where were you if you weren’t in that reflection or image thingy over there?”

Harry looked surprised and said, “I followed the Toad. I figured she had to have come by way of a broom. So after I pushed Hermione out of the way I heard the Toad laugh with delight when she thought she killed me. I didn’t look back I just turned invisible and got on my own broom to follow her. She went to Hogwarts,” he said to end the explanation. “I’ll go first thing in the morning to find out what the interrogators found out. She might have others ready to follow a second plan if she failed to get into Hogwarts.”

When nobody said anything he excused himself from the table and went over to his image on the floor and stared at it. Then he held his hands in front of him and the image rose off the floor and entered back into him like a vacuum cleaner sucking dirt off the floor. Lily ran to him and hugged him tightly. “Daddy, I would have killed myself! I wanted to heal you but Mummy said no. I said I could bring you back just until your heart started beating again. But the ring you made me told me it couldn’t be done. I didn’t know it wasn’t a really you.”

Harry held her to him and trembled at the thought of her trying to bring back life to the image of him that was left behind. He wished he’d looked back before he went after Umbridge. Lily surely would have died trying to bring him back to life. Then Lily spoke again saying, “And Mummy told me no, because you taught me that I would die trying to bring back life to someone dead. But she never did believe you were dead, ‘cause she loves you too much to think of you that way.”

Hugo joined in on the hugging and said, “I’m so glad you aren’t dead Uncle Harry. Nobody understands me like you do.”

Harry smiled at the two children; his watery eyes floating the twinkles about. He hugged them both and said he was glad he wasn’t dead too. So many thoughts were racing through his mind he just stood there holding the two children to him. It saddened his heart that he had missed so much of his children’s infancy and childhood. It hit him hard that all the milestones he missed with his kids he got to see with Hugo. The boy was not slow on the pickup he just took his time showing what he learned. He wouldn’t take a single step or say a single word for the longest time and then one day they came over and Ron said he was going to take him to the doctor the next day. Harry squatted down; winked and smiled at Hugo, taking his tiny hand in his and gently squeezing, said that he was sure Hugo was fine and he’d walk and talk when he wanted to. When he let go and stood up Hugo let go of Hermione’s hand and walked to him with his arms held out to him. Harry smiled and picked him up. He kissed him on the forehead and told him he loved him. Hugo then told him he loved him. Harry smiled and then another memory came to him when Hermione said she didn’t think Hugo would ever be potty trained. She had said that Rose was so easy and something must be wrong with Hugo. Harry was surprised she would talk like that with Hugo right there. Harry kept his eye on Hugo the rest of the day and then about half an hour after dinner Harry stood up and held out his hand to Hugo. The boy smiled and took his hand happy to do anything with his uncle. Harry took him in the bathroom, took off his diaper and sat him on the commode. He sat on the tub and started talking to him about going fishing and as soon as he heard Hugo go he smiled and told him he was such a big boy. Then he asked if he needed to go stinky and so Hugo did. He told him that’s what big boys do instead of going in their underwear, and that big boys didn’t wear diapers. The look on his little face was priceless and Harry told him he would get him a pair of Albus’s if he from then on used the bathroom instead of going in his diaper. Harry conjured a pair of underwear and put a spell on them that made them like new and put them on Hugo. They washed their hands and went out in the living room and Hugo went over to his dad and showed him his new underwear. Hermione told him later that Hugo never wore another diaper or pull ups ever since. It was Harry who taught Hugo how to swim also. He remembered the day like it was yesterday.

His thoughts were interrupted by Lily tugging on Harry’s shirt sleeve saying, “Daddy, you can let us go; we know you love us and missed us, but we’re kind of penned down here and we need to go back to our game. We love you too though.”

Hugo grinned and nodded his head and Harry chuckled; the twinkles in his eyes dancing merrily. He kissed them both again and turned them loose. When they ran off Harry said, “Wow, they sure grow up fast. I missed so much-” He stood up and turned away from everyone to look out the big picture window.
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Hey Guys! Can you believe it's Sunday already? Time has a way of speeding up it seems. Anyway; thanks for reading and coming back for another chapter. Hope you enjoy it and please feel free to comment if you want to.

Chapter 2

Things Don’t Go According To Plan

It was black as ink and Harry looked around with a look of a soldier planning a defense against the enemy. He told Ginny to check the phone since she was right beside it. She looked worried and picked up the receiver and said, ‘It’s dead, no dial tone. What is it, Love?”

Harry said, I just noticed how dark it is outside. The Christmas lights make quite a bit of light, and as you can see, it is as dark as Peruvian Instant Blackness Powder.”

Hermione said, “It could just be the weight of the snow and ice broke the phone lines. And maybe you just forgot to turn on the Christmas lights.” Ron said, “Yeah, Mione is right, but let’s get the girls and kids in the basement in case the electric goes out up here.”

Harry nodded silently and said, “I’m going out and see how far the blackness covers. Everyone stay in here, I don’t want to accidentally hurt anyone. And only I can go out because I know every inch of our property and don’t need to see. I’m not being a hero or anything.” He thought for a second and then changed his mind. “On second thought, John, if you’re willing you can help.” John nodded his head and stepped forward so he wouldn’t hold Harry up when he was ready to do whatever he needed him for.

Harry looked for Kingsley and said, “Kingsley, go ahead and take Professor McGonagall back to Hogwarts and call Ron if anything is out of the ordinary. Leave from inside instead of outside. Hermione, call Carl and let him know what is going on here. Tell him if he doesn’t hear from me within ten minutes then he needs to gather the Aurors and bring them out. We’ve had drills for working in Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder.”

Harry asked John if he was ready and they disappeared when John grasped Harry’s arm. John didn’t let go but hung on trusting Harry to lead them to where he parked the Puddle jumper. Within the minute Harry stopped and then proceeded cautiously with his hand in front of him for a couple steps and then stopped and moved John against the spacecraft. John pushed a button on a controller to open the door on it and they entered into it. Harry let loose of John and turned them both visible again.

“Okay, John; take it straight up sixty feet and keep it cloaked.” Harry scanned below them and saw from the aide of the full moon the area covered by the blackness. “Okay, it appears that it is only surrounding the house. Even at that we’re probably looking at least a dozen people to be able to cover that large of an area. Switch over to infra red; the darkness can’t shut out heat signatures.”

John pressed a crystal and Harry stood up suddenly; pointing out the window at various places. “They’ve got an army! I count twenty eight and … what? … BOMBS they’re going to set off explosives. Where’s the Daedalus?”

“They’re orbiting Atlantis; they can’t help us.” John shook his head wishing they had some of their soldiers to help.

“We can’t use them anyway; I just want to make sure I won’t hurt anything if I take the bombs out of the atmosphere. I need one of your radios so you can guide me from up here. Hopefully I can get them all before they set the devices to explode.”

Harry took his phone and called Ron. “Listen Captain, there are twenty eight intruders and they have explosive devises. Get everyone down into the cavern right now. Did Kingsley get Minerva away okay?”

Harry wasn’t happy with the answer he gave them and told him to make sure everyone gets down into the cavern and call Carl and send the Aurors to Hogwarts. You, Minerva, and Kingsley need to be at the front door and I’ll take you all there to let the Aurors in so they can help you search and be ready in case something happens. I have a suspicion that there are plans set up for destruction there as well.”

Harry looked circumspectly at John knowing all the things happening and what he had to do and the odds of so many things that could go wrong. He swallowed and pointed to the west side of the house and as he hooked the radio receiver over his ear he said, “I’ll be right back and then I’ll start over there and work my way clockwise. If you see any change in movements let me know.” John nodded and said, “Right”

Harry appeared in his living room by the door and glanced quickly around to make sure everyone was making their way to the basement. He waved his wand around the room and images appeared to be walking about the room and sounds of laughter and merriment was heard. He saw Ginny and asked if she got Banner and she ran back upstairs to get the puppy. Harry appeared in Albus’s room and as soon as Ginny picked up the puppy he touched her arm and they disappeared back down to the stairs to the basement. He kissed her quickly and motioned for Ron to meet him with Minerva and Kingsley walking as fast as they could but not fast enough for Harry’s comfort. As soon as they came within arm’s length Harry reached out and took Minerva and Kingsley’s hands and told Ron to grab a hold and the next second they were at the gates of Hogwarts.

“Hermione called Carl right?” he asked looking at Ron. Ron’s hesitation told him she hadn’t. Harry shook his head to stop him from talking when Ron started to say the ten minutes hadn’t been up yet. Harry pushed a button on his phone twice that meant there was an emergency situation and all Aurors were to respond to the location the call came from. He looked back to say something to Ron and actually chuckled when Ron took out his phone to see who was calling him. “It’s me Captain, don’t worry about responding, you’re already here. Brief everyone when they get here. As soon as they are all here and the barrier is back up get the Professor and Kingsley up to the castle. I want you by her side at all times; protect her at all cost, Captain.” Harry kissed Minerva lightly on the cheek and gently squeezed her shoulder to him, “I love you, Grandma,” and then he was gone.

Harry appeared beside John in the Puddle jumper to check on any change of position. He pointed to the first person and disappeared. “Harry, he’s right in front of you.” John saw Harry’s figure overpower the other and then it disappeared. Then John picked him up on his on board screen. Harry was outside of the atmosphere and then John saw an explosion. He could tell the blast threw Harry but then he was back on the ground. It was then John could see him falling and getting back up. Harry came upon another man and did the same with him as the first. Harry didn’t leave the atmosphere this time but went on to the next person. John kept talking to Harry guiding him to the next person until all but two of them were captured.

Harry was afraid they would learn they had been discovered and use other sources of hiding. He asked John where the others were and John said, “Harry, there are still two more but they’re gone from my infra red vision. I can’t see where they are, but you were less than four feet from them when they disappeared. Harry, what’s going on? All I can hear is a bunch of hissing like a snake. Harry? Harry?”

John heard a sickening thump and sounds like cloth ripping. Then he heard a high pitched voice and the next instant Harry’s pouch came to John. This was the arrangement Harry had with John in case Harry died or was in peril out of his control. Harry had sent it to him before when he didn’t want it to be found and taken from him if something happened to him. This was the real reason he and Carson had come tonight. Harry’s pouch had come to him several times during the day. Even though it returned to Harry the last time, Mr. Woolsey told him and Carson to go check on him. John stared at the pouch and listened to the words coming from the woman and chills went up and down his spine. He was glad Harry had the com open so he could hear what was going on. Hopefully Harry would be able to find out where he was so he could let him know where to go to rescue him. It worried him that Harry wasn’t talking until he heard some soft moaning.

“Oh good, now that you’re awake we can have ourselves a nice little chat, at which time you will give me your wand and that beautiful sword. We looked for it but we haven’t had the good fortune of finding it, despite ripping your clothes searching. All we found is this box we can’t get opened. Are they in here? You better hurry before your life is squeezed out of you.”

“How did you get away from my Auror? Is he hurt in anyway?” Harry asked with extreme effort.

“Oh, don’t be silly, Potter,” she simpered, “Your Auror is just fine. He didn’t have a clue he didn’t have me, but my solicitor instead. She is being paid very good money too. You know, a bit of free advice is warranted here I think… The law enforcement office should check everyone who visits prisoners. It was quite easy for Miss Bendy to walk right in with a Polyjuice potion for each of us. When I was released from the holding cell and your Auror took me to Azkaban he actually had Miss Bendy and I walked out as Miss Bendy a free woman.”

“I’ll be sure to pass that information on to that office,” Harry said quietly. “Do you have anything planned for Hogwarts? I only ask because I followed you there earlier if you remember. I caught you before you could get through the barrier.” Harry groaned and panted and then said, “Are we where I think we are; Azkaban?”

“Aw, isn’t that pitiful? You think you’re going to get out of here alive and call for someone to come and rescue you? Well; to bad for you, you won’t be alive much longer. Too bad for you nobody will be alive to grieve for you. By now your home is in splinters, everyone dead. It’s nice Minerva and Kingsley are gone too. And I’m just ecstatic that our new Minister elect is dead too. And an added bonus; no more pesky Weasleys to get in the way since they were all at your home; it’s just wonderful for me how it all worked out. Of course I wasn’t expecting your American Air force friends to show up. I’ll have to find a way to smooth things over what with them getting killed in the blast.” Harry sounded as though he couldn’t draw his breath and was panting. “Oh, and by the way, Potter; anytime you try to use magic its charmed to get tighter.”

Harry asked again about her plans for Hogwarts and she said, “Oh, are you sure you want to have that on your mind when you are dying so pitifully now? Oh very well,” she said with a sugary giggle that turned John’s stomach. “By now all my helpers will be storming the tunnel to Hogwarts by way of the Shrinking Shack. Oh don’t bother trying to convince me it can’t be done. My helpers have been clearing out the tunnel for years. It’s why I made my move tonight; they said they’ll be through within the hour. And don’t think too badly of me. They’ll have a warning something is wrong when the Whomping Willow falls over and fifty of my helpers come charging out to kill everyone who gets in their way. They have enough explosive potions to blow up the whole place and half of Hogsmeade too.”

“How will they get out if they blow up everyplace?” Harry asked barely talking loud enough for John to hear.

Delores laughed after a minute and said, “I hadn’t thought of that and evidently neither had they? Of course when one is under the Imperius Curse then they can hardly ask questions contrary to what they are ordered to do.”

John quickly touched Harry’s pouch and asked for it to give him Harry’s cell phone. It appeared in his hand and he thanked the pouch just in case it had a mind of its own. One always wants to be on the good side of magic after all. Harry called Carl on it and told him who he was and that Umbridge had Harry at Azkaban where she plans on killing him. He told Carl that he would go after Harry so Carl and the Aurors could capture the fifty people who were under the Imperius Charm and where they would be coming from within the hour. He told them to be extra watchful because they all had explosives enough to blow up all of Hogwarts and half of Hogsmeade.

John racked his brain trying to figure out how he was going to find Azkaban and had just decided he would have to go pick up Ron from Hogwarts and have him guide him when he heard Harry speak again. Umbridge had told him to give her his wand and she promised she would go ahead and kill him quickly.

“I’m not the one who is going to die here tonight. As you found out, I don’t have my wand and sword on me. Do you actually think I’d get captured and allow my wand and sword to end up in the hands of a toad? My wand knows how to find me so I’m going to be rescued. Are these others with you under the Imperius Curse too?”

Umbridge said they were loyal friends of hers and pleased to be so. Harry apologized to them and said he might not be able to save them so they can stand trial and give up their free life as they know it.

Delores became angry and screamed at him. “You seem to have forgotten what I taught you at Hogwarts, ‘You must not tell lies’. Nobody here is going to die except you Harry Potter. Now shut your mouth I’m tired of hearing you.”

Harry swallowed and said, “When I disarmed your filthy friends I took one of the charges into space and found out how big to expect the explosion to be. All the rest of them I shrunk to a tiny size and put them in a special container. It is now sitting beside you in that box you think my valuable wand and sword are in. And you better try and make peace with whatever higher being you pray to because you will not be leaving this place. I charmed the box to explode if it is separated a certain distance away from me. You and your friends will not be able to leave this room as I have sealed it closed and the box will explode. Good bye Toad.”

John had gotten Harry’s wand and held it out on his palm and said, “Now, you know I’m not a wizard, but you heard one say you could show me where your wizard owner is, so umm… Point me to Harry Potter.” Surprisingly the wand turned in John’s hand and John used warp speed to get to where the wand began spinning in circles. He took it to mean they were at the place Harry was being held. John said, “Harry, I hope you can hear me, I’m right over top of you but how can I get through the barrier?”

He listened carefully and then heard Harry say something and he suddenly saw Azkaban below him. He quickly landed and told Harry he landed and was coming after him. Harry said something else and Azkaban was once more unplottable. Umbridge chuckled sarcastically and said, “Am I supposed to be afraid that you just let an army in to rescue you? You’re a pathetic liar Potter. Well, I’ve had all I’m willing to take of this. I’ll find a way to get this open. Good bye Potter. I’m going to take the charm off the Basilisk now and it can enjoy his dinner. And I will enjoy watching you die.” Harry did something that allowed him to escape the coils of the snake the second she released it from the spell it was under, but before he could gather his breath and move Umbridge screamed, “Oh no you don’t!”

Harry groaned and cried out as the snake bit into him and coiled around his entire body. John heard bones break and Harry gasping for breath. “You better hurry and find cover, Toad, you’re about to die,” was the last thing John heard before a mighty explosion rocked the prison. John had just shown his credentials to the guards and explained why he was there when the explosion occurred. He held his palm out and Harry’s wand directed him through the prison and down to the lowest level of the prison. Water was seeping through the walls and John ran with desperation to find Harry.

Finally he and the guards ran into a large room where they found Harry in the coils of the snake. His head was in the mouth of the monster and the coils of the snake had been wrapped around him but the blast killed the snake and the coils were easily pulled off of Harry. Deep hideous puncture wounds marked the spots where the fangs had buried in Harry’s right side ribs and left side of his chest between his arm and heart. It wasn’t easy opening the giant snake’s mouth and holding it open but they managed it finally and at last Harry was free. John caught Harry when he fell from the mouth. He was alive but failing fast. He looked at John and whispered, “Take me to the water.”

The guards turned to secure the rest of the prison and some stayed behind in the room gathering body pieces to identify. John turned to start back to the surface and suddenly he was on the surface and ran to the Puddle jumper and took off. After they were far enough away (it only took a fraction of a second at warp speed) he stopped and decompressed the bay and then opened the hatch and carefully lowered the Puddle jumper into the ocean. As soon as the giant waves came into the bay it drug Harry into the ocean and John rose above the waves and hovered close to the surface of the water. John stood at the open door; the storm blowing freezing rain and the tops of waves against him, and looked hard in the flashes of lightning for signs of Harry. He was beginning to think he didn’t get Harry into the water in time, but then a hand pulled him back away from the door and Harry said, “Let’s get to Hogwarts to make sure they don’t need any help.” He laid down on the bench behind them and closed his eyes. John knew the water healed Harry of the poison from the basilisk and mended his broken bones, but he still looked to be in bad condition. Harry didn’t open his eyes but grinned slightly and with a very weak voice said, “I’ll take my wand back if you’re done playing wizard.” John chuckled and placed it in Harry’s hand that was resting over his ribs. He looked and saw the pouch on his waist and grinned. Harry could have just taken back his wand without a thought but let John surrender it back to him. Harry’s hair lifted off his face and golden sparks flew from the tip of his wand.

John called Ginny to tell her he had Harry and they were going to Hogwarts to see if they needed any help. Ginny told him they were already done at Hogwarts and Ron was home. John told Harry and it was decided then to go on home. Harry sat up and called Carl to tell him how to get rid of the explosive potions and told him he was going to go home and that he would see him in the morning.

John told Harry they were home and helped him to his feet. They walked into the house and Harry wouldn’t let anyone touch him; saying he needed to shower and put on some clothes. He showered as quickly as he could although the pulsating water felt good on his weary and agonized body. When he stepped out of the shower and into the bedroom to get dressed he nearly ran into Ginny who had been waiting for him.

“Oh; hello beautiful. Imagine running into you here,” he said with an impish grin on his face. He put his arms around her and held her to him tightly; his heart racing in his chest. Her heart melted when he bent over enough to lay his head on her shoulder and relaxed. His breath was hot on her neck and then he groaned softly when she gently pulled away from him. “Love, we have guests; we should get back down to them.” She smiled sweetly at him when he sighed and said, “Okay, but I’m not going to enjoy their company as much as I would enjoy-”

Ginny put her finger tips on his lips to keep him from saying what they both wanted. “Just come down and you and I can visit later after they’re gone.” Harry arched his eyebrows and nodded his head and said, “Okay, but I’m exhausted I hope they don’t stay too long and make me fall asleep before we get that visit.

Ginny grinned and then looked at him with scrutiny. “What happened to you?! I recognize those wounds; the holes spaced far apart and the bruises like a spring around your body. You were bitten and in the coils of a Basilisk! And what are those cuts all over you from?”

Harry moved to the door and said, “I don’t want to talk about it, Gin. Can we just visit and then forget about it please?”

Ginny wasn’t happy but she huffed and left the room with Harry following her. When they got downstairs all the kids were saying they had a blast in the cavern. “Grandpa heated a big area of the lake and we got to go swimming!” Lily spoke up then saying, “Banner knows how to swim; he went swimming with us!”

Harry smiled at them and sat in his cozy chair by the fireplace. “Did Grandpa swim with you?” he asked as he looked at Arthur grinning. Arthur cleared his throat and said, “I’ll have you know I have perfected a somersault and belly flop combination.”

Everyone laughed and Harry yawned. “It sounds like the evening wasn’t a total failure after all. I guess nobody was afraid of the ghost of Ottery St. Catchpole then.”

A noticeable gasp from around the room was heard and they all stared at Harry who had a very serious look about him. Then Hugo burst out laughing and said, “You’re yanking our chain! There isn’t any ghost here.”

Harry looked at Hugo without changing his expression and just when Hugo’s smile left his face to a look of wonder; Harry arched his eyebrows up and down and grinned wickedly. He and the kids burst out laughing and then everyone was laughing again.

Ron said, “Okay, we’ve all had our fun and games can we get down to business?”

Harry frowned and looked at Ron and asked what business did they have that needed discussing. Ron said, “You know what I mean. We all know what went on at Hogwarts, but we don’t know what lit the sky up over your house. And we don’t know what went on with you after you left and John won’t tell us. He said it’s for you to say if you want everyone to know about it.”

Harry looked gratefully at John and nodded his head in thanks. Looking back to Ron he said, “It’s probably not the best time to talk about it, Captain. I’ll be debriefing the Aurors at work in the morning; you can find out then.”

Carson shook his head and said, “You shouldn’t be working yet, but you are. You should be resting now, but you’re not. I don’t want you to go to work tomorrow or anytime soon-”

“But I will,” said Harry wearily.

Hermione said, “I could pull the, “I’m the Minister of Magic card and order you to tell us if I have to.”

Harry answered, “And I could pull the “I’m your best friend, card, and ask you not to.”

Ginny folded her arms in front of her and said, “And I’m pulling the, “I’m your wife, card, and demand you at least give us some kind of idea of what happened.”

Harry looked at her not knowing if he was more hurt or angry that she demanded him to tell them especially after he just told her he didn’t want to talk about it. He sighed and quietly said, “I guess Ginny holds the winning hand.”
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Hey Guys, hope you are all well and doing great. It's been raining and storming here a lot lately. I am however; so thankful for the rain. Thank you for coming back for my next chapter. This chapter is pretty violent, but not any more than what I have written before. I hope you enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 3

Sunshine At The End Of A Dark Day

Harry swallowed hard and said, “After I took Minerva, Kingsley, and the Captain to Hogwarts I came back here and John was waiting for me in the Puddle Jumper. He has infra red imaging in the aircraft and was able to see where the intruders were. I came down invisible and he led me to where they were all stationed. We could communicate with each other with this communication device. It’s a radio transmitter and receiver which fits over my ear.”

Harry smiled kindly at his father in law when he sat up at the mention of the communicator and said, “Oh I should really like a look see at that. Does it-” Molly sighed at Arthur; another time dear.” Arthur acted as if he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar and nodded his head at Harry to continue.

“I should say that each one had an exploding potion and I took one into space and made it explode. It was more powerful than what they thought and it nearly blasted me into the next galaxy but I made it back and rounded up, with John guiding me, all the rest but for two. They figured I had some sort of heat sensing spell and charmed their body temperature to show them as the same air around them. One of them called out using Parseltongue saying she would explode both devices if I didn’t show myself. I knew that just one of them would level our home and a radius of ten miles extending the boundaries of our property. And both of them would kill everyone in the cavern and twenty five miles out. So, I showed myself. I still couldn’t see them and couldn’t tell that one of them was right beside me and clubbed me on the side of my head. It knocked me out. When I came to I was in a large room and a Basilisk coiling around me. It hadn’t bit me though, just kept me barely able to breathe. Anytime I used magic it tightened its coils on me. It was the Toad and at least two others in the room. She is the one who spoke in Parseltongue. She wanted my wand and sword but I wouldn’t let her have it. I got her to tell me her plans for Hogwarts and it would have devastated the area for miles around. The fool didn’t realize how powerful her creation was. We would have lost everyone at Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and everything in a radius of the blast destroying all life and structures in much of Scotland. I reduced the size of the bombs to the size of a pinhead and put them in a box she thought had my wand and sword in.”

Harry looked around hoping that could be enough but saw from his riveted listeners that it wasn’t so he proceeded in telling the rest of the story.

“So, anyway, I was taken to Azkaban where I was to be killed by the Basilisk but as soon as she told me what her plan was John, who was listening with the communication device, called Carl and told him where she had me and to wait for the rest of the fifty people at the Whomping Willow. You all know about that part already so I’ll skip over that. She was releasing the spell she had the Basilisk under that kept it from eating me. I got away from it, but couldn’t move and could barely breathe. She put a freeze spell on me and the Basilisk … it…” he was breathing hard and began to tremble noticeably and then closed his eyes. “The Basilisk bit me and coiled completely around me. I knew the explosion was about to occur but the poison was already affecting me. I would still die from the explosion so just before it exploded; the snake released its fangs from me and I let it start to swallow me. Now I was completely covered from the blast that would happen at any second, which it did right then. I felt like I was yanked into another universe from the pressure on me. John found me and here I am.”

Hugo quietly asked if he was okay and Harry answered, “I’m okay, a little sore, disoriented and shaky for the most part. I don’t know that I want to do any magic for a while until I settle down a bit. I used it when John rescued me. It was a dangerous move though because I barely got us to the surface and we arrived so close to the edge of the island one step to the left and we would have fallen into the water with the razor sharp rock the island is made of. Thanks for asking, I appreciate your concern.”

He looked at Lily and smiled sweetly. “You’re being unusually quiet, Angel, are you okay?”

Lily shook her head and said, “No I’m not, Daddy. Why would you let that awful snake put your head in its mouth?”

“It was the only way I thought I had a chance of surviving the blast from the explosion. If John wasn’t there ready to rescue me, I would have died from the poison. It was risky, but it all worked out; right?”
Lily nodded without saying anything. Her eyes were tearing up and Harry pulled her onto his lap and held her to him kissing her softly. “What is it, Darling Angel?”

“You almost didn’t make it for Christmas and you probably won’t be able to get James and Albus. You look like you shouldn’t be alive.”

“I’ll make it… I have to go to work in the morning but I’ll be able to get the boys with you and Mummy, and we’ll have a wonderful Christmas.”

Ron was getting impatient for more information and was trying to keep quiet. Harry noticed and was thankful for his restraint. “Well, if nobody cares I’m going to excuse myself and go to bed.

“I have a question if you don’t mind.”

Harry got up slowly and grimaced but had a smile from one side of his face to the other. Turning around to greet the young man speaking he said, “I recognize that voice, come here son!”

Ted hurried to Harry and wrapped his arms around him and squeezed him hard, making Harry woozy. “Let me look at you, son. Turn this feeble old man loose so I can see you properly.”

The young man let go and Harry sank to the arm of the chair behind him for which he was grateful for it being there. Ted said, “Poppa Harry, it’s so good to see you. I wish you weren’t feeling so poorly, I have an important question to ask you.”

Harry stood up with a serious look on his face and said, “I’m fine, son; what’s going on; what do you need to ask me?”

Ted smiled and said, “I’m getting married and I want you to be my best man.”

Harry grinned and held out his hand. “Congratulations, son. Do I know the blessed young woman who applied for room and board in your heart?”

Ted laughed and said, “You mean you’re not going to tell me I’m too young and I don’t know what love is yet and all that stuff? Grandma’s going to be disappointed in you. And to answer your question, no, I don’t think you know her. She lives and works in Godric’s Hollow. She works at a restaurant called Connie’s Place and her dad is the owner and editor of the town paper. His name is-”

Harry said, “Frank N. Reasoner! Yes I know him and his daughter Lana; wonderful people. She was just getting out of High School when I met them. So when is the big day? Have you set a date and where you’ll have the ceremony?”

Ted hesitantly said, “Well we planned on getting married in late June, or maybe… I mean… Well we actually planned on the first week of January as in the second day of next month… or sooner if possible. But, you know, if you’re not up to it then we can make it later. And we; rather I wanted to know if we could have it here. Some of my fondest childhood memories happened here with you. But, it’ll be fine if you’d rather not, I mean we can easily have it at umm well some other place than here; it’ll be fine wherever it ends up being.”

Harry chuckled and looked at Ginny before he spoke, but she nodded her head and Harry said, “We’d love for you to have it here and pick a day for it to happen and that’ll be fine too. I’m sure James and Albus will want to come also and too much later in January and they won’t be able to. And later in spring, Lily won’t even be able to come. So, sooner is better for us.”

Ted was so excited he grabbed Harry again and hugged him tight. Harry gasped for air and John pulled Ted away from Harry saying, “Congratulations, Ted, I hope you and your bride to be will have a wonderful life; hard to believe you’re old enough to be getting married. Last time I saw you; you and your Grandma had come out to talk to Harry about you going to college. You went swimming with the kids while Harry and your Grandma talked and you put soap in the pool. Lily didn’t appreciate the bubbles like you and the boys though.”

John laughed happily at Lily’s face she made; embarrassed as she was she hid it very well and warned that she would get even for him bringing up such a childish memory. Ted laughed and shook John’s hand happily. “Thanks, John, for the wishes and I was just thinking of that memory today.” He looked around and said, “It is really beautiful the way you have the place decorated; I hope the decorations don’t get taken down until after we are married.”

Molly hugged and congratulated him and said she couldn’t wait to meet Lana. Ted smiled and thanked her. “Oh! Everyone here is invited to come to the wedding; I nearly forgot to ask you all to come. Can everyone let me know if you’re coming so we know how many to cater to?”

Ginny spoke up and said, “Teddy, let us do that for you. Just let us know what you want to eat, and we’ll take care of everything else.”

Everybody closed in around Ted and Harry began feeling an urgent need to step away from all the noise and excitement. He was so tired and was tempted to tell everyone he was going to bed. He had started to before Ted came but didn’t want to be rude. He walked over to the fireplace and poked at the burning wood stoking the flames. He picked up a piece of firewood to throw on the flame and stared at it remembering the two explosions he was involved in just a few hours ago. When he was in space, he was thrown from the blast even though he had protection around him. He hadn’t considered how the vacuum of space would affect his magic spell. And then in Azkaban he was terrified he was going to die and not see Ginny or his kids anymore. The Basilisk scared him and being in its coils took his breath away even thinking about it. Then when it bit him and crushed his bones he wished he was dead. So much pain and the poison going through him_

Harry felt kind hands on his shoulder and he looked at Carson with a faraway look on his face. He couldn’t shake the terror that gripped him. Finally Carson pinched his arm and he jerked back and looked at him angrily. His friend smiled sympathetically and said, “How about you say good night and go on to bed, especially if you’re going to work in the morning. It’s pretty late and everyone will understand. As a matter of fact they’re probably wishing someone would leave the scene so they can all make the same excuse to leave.”

Harry looked at John and then his empty hands. He hadn’t even noticed John took the wood from him and had put it on the flames. Only John was still staring at it too. Harry pulled him away and said, “We’re a sorry pair aren’t we?” They both laughed and John nodded his head; his face as white as Harry’s. It hadn’t been that long ago that he had been tortured and burned severely.

Ginny hooked her arm in Harry’s and sweetly guided him back to the group of people he had just gotten away from. She felt his resistance but saw he was smiling genuinely. “Teddy, isn’t Lana a Muggle? Does she know about you being a wizard and all of us being magic folk?”

Ted answered, “Oh sure she knows; it wouldn’t be right keeping something like me being a wizard from her. But as for everybody else, she doesn’t know I have anything to do with you. I mean, she doesn’t know any of you except Poppa Harry. And she doesn’t know he is my God Father. Not that I’m ashamed, I just didn’t want her to know I’m connected to money and power. She’ll be surprised.”

“That’s an understatement to say the least,” laughed Ron. He looked at Harry and Harry chuckled quietly; appreciating Ron’s humor but being way too tired for a big laugh. Then Ron said, “Harry, how did John know where to look for you at?”

Harry said they could talk later, that this was Ted’s time. Ted became serious and studied Harry like he was seeing him for the first time. “What’s happened, Poppa Harry?”

While Harry took the time to glare at Ron, Percy spoke up loudly proclaiming his part in the events of the evening. “I was at the Ministry of Magic about to leave to go home when I saw someone going into Harry’s office. She was disguised but I saw right off it was her, Delores Umbridge. She escaped from Azkaban. Your Poppa Harry saved all of us tonight and half the world I think. Plus he found out that Hogwarts was in trouble and sent Ron and all the Aurors there to stop the attack. Meanwhile Harry was captured and taken to Azkaban where he-”

Harry said, “That will do, we’re talking about Ted and his wedding.”

Lily spoke up defiant of her father’s wishes, “Daddy was nearly swallowed by a Basilisk. It bit him and nearly squeezed him to death. His head was inside the snake.”

Harry turned to Lily without saying anything and looked at her with such disappointment showing she closed her mouth before she said anything else. But taking after her mom she gathered her courage about her and said, “It’s just that I can’t get it out of my mind and I just want to forget it.”

Harry softly answered, “The same rings true for me too, yet here we are talking about it.”

Ron said, “You still haven’t said how John found you. Azkaban is unplottable to Muggles.”

Harry sighed and said, “I knew I was in trouble, so I sent my wand to him. It was charmed to point him to me. When he got over Azkaban he asked me how to get through the barrier so I lowered it and put it back up when he landed. It was then that I allowed the snake to find my head so it could… start swallowing me. The only thing is I froze its muscles that pull the prey in to swallow it. So, only my head and shoulders were in the snake and the rest of me was in its coils. I allowed this to happen to keep me from being blown up like the Toad and her helpers were. John and the officers of Azkaban found me just then. John took me away and I was able to fix myself up somewhat and here I am. Now I’m going to bed. Good night.” He looked sorrowfully at Ted and said, “Come with us tomorrow to get the boys and we can talk more if you can. Bring Lana if you like.” He hugged the young man quickly and went on to bed.

The next morning Harry sat up in bed and wished he had gotten to bed earlier and that he was able to sleep dreamless. Since neither happened it seemed to him he was more tired than before he went to sleep. He would have a light workout and think how to work out everything that happened the day before. He rubbed his face and sighed. He just wasn’t up to working out… unless; looking back over at Ginny asleep she wouldn’t mind waking up for a little exercise with him. He remembered she had said they would make love last night, but that was before everything that happened. Would she still be willing? She didn’t wake him when she came to bed; although he had said he wanted her to. He decided he would wake her enough to ask her. If she said no, or didn’t respond he would simply take it as a no.

He got back under the covers and propped himself up on his elbow and forearm. Before he woke her he studied her face; noticing how beautiful she was. He picked up a lock of her soft silky hair and put it to his face to take in the rich flowery aroma that he always thought of as his life force. He put his hand lightly on her and moved it under the blanket and around her waist. She snuggled into him and he drew her to him tightly. “Honey,” he kissed her and moved his mouth to her neck. She raised her shoulder blocking anymore kissing on the neck. “Honey, would you like to wake up and make love or would you prefer I get my exercise working out in the basement?”

She sighed without opening her eyes. This Harry took as a bad sign and without realizing it he moved his hand under her gown and to the small of her back. He was about to kiss her and ask her again, but she put her hand on his face and gently pushed it away from her. He let go of her and covered her; tucking her in so she wouldn’t get a draft from him getting up. She said something to him and he stopped moving so he could hear her soft sleepy words. “Love, it would be wonderful to make love but I’m so sleepy and tired. Can you understand that I’m tired and need more sleep and rest? Let’s make love tonight when we’ll both be awake.”

Harry started to answer her but she rolled over and pulled the covers around her. He got out of bed and dressed quietly. He went to the stable and asked Chevron if he wanted to go for a run with him. The horse neighed and moved his head exaggeratedly up and down. They started out at a jog and then Harry picked up some speed thinking of things he probably shouldn’t think about. Why wasn’t it important enough last night when he kept trying to go to bed, but everyone else had questions they demanded answers for? How was that fair and why doesn’t his rest and sleep deserve the same respect as hers? How many times had they made love since he got home from whatever was his last thing he needed to recover from? Harry suddenly stopped and bent over; his hands resting on his knees. He was breathing hard and he was cramping all over. He became angry with his sickening attitude and conjured a bottle of water to drink. He began shivering and looked around. He had run four miles in snow and wind. He was sweating and the freezing wind on it made his temperature drop too rapidly. He hoisted himself onto Chevron’s back and told him to take him home. When they got back in the stable Harry rubbed down his magnificent horse and fed him a double portion of oats and forked a fresh pile of hay for him. He poured fresh water into the trough and hugged Chevron before he walked back up to the house entering the basement. He set up a light workout and tried to keep from thinking about Ginny refusing him. Why was it bothering him so badly; he only planned on asking and if she said no then that would be it? After his routine he worked out on the punching bag some to cool down slowly. He became aggressive remembering Ginny didn’t just say no, she put her hand on his face and pushed him away. He stopped hitting the bag and it swung back to him and knocked him down.

He laughed at himself and went in for his shower. Oddly enough after his shower and put his suit and tie on he felt much better to meet the day. It had been a long time since he felt this good. And Ginny didn’t reject him; she was just too tired and sleepy. Knowing how she felt he couldn’t be angry with her. He looked in the mirror to quickly run a comb through his hair and wondered when his hair became so long. Was this why he suddenly had so much energy, because a lot of his power is in his hair and it just grew because he was so worn out from over exerting himself lately?

Harry went up to the kitchen and smelled his breakfast being prepared. Winky smiled at him and served him his breakfast he requested. He pulled out the chair beside him and she brought over her breakfast and they ate and talked together. She said she noticed that his hair was longer every time she seen him since he’s been home from his mission. When he told her what happened the night before she was upset with him for not letting her help. He smiled and thanked her for her willingness to help, but he didn’t want to take a chance on her getting hurt. Just then John walked in and poured himself a cup of coffee and sipped it deep in thought. Winky put a plate of breakfast in front of him and he picked up his fork thanking her with a smile. He told her she was the best cook in two galaxies.

“Here, here,” joined in an agreeing voice entering the kitchen. Carson poured his coffee and told Winky to sit still he could help himself. Carson was the complete opposite of John who, unshaven and unkempt, looked like he still hadn’t been to bed yet. His hair was a mess like Harry’s but then their hair always objects to order. Carson on the other hand was showered, shaved, every hair combed and in place, and wide awake obviously from a good night’s sleep. Carson sat at the table with his breakfast and observed John and Harry while he ate. His professional observations were disguised with chipper conversation. After a bit of talk; Harry answering questions of well being and offering conversation on other topics, Carson turned to John and asked what was going on with him.

John gave a quirky smile he had about him when he was bothered about something and said, “Not my place to say anything.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

Harry stared into his coffee and somberly said, “He means that last night I made it known that I didn’t want to talk about things right then, but was kept talking about it. Nobody could be satisfied no matter how much information I had to relive telling about it. And as it happens some unpleasant things I went through are the same as what John went through. It’s bad enough living through things you wish you could just die of instead of-”

He swirled the last of his coffee and gulped it down and got up; clearing his place he said, “I’m going to brush my teeth and go to work. I’ll be home at noon to get Ginny and Lily. Then making his way to the stairs in the living room he said over his shoulder, “If you guys want to come with me today you better finish up and get ready. If you don’t want to come, make yourselves at home and I’ll get you when I come home to get Ginny and Lily.”

He turned his head back to the direction he was walking and ran right into Ginny. “Oh, Honey, I’m sorry! Are you okay? I wasn’t watching where I was going as you already noticed.” He held her at arm’s length to look her up and down for any signs of harm done. She knocked his hands off of her and threw her arms around his neck; kissing him passionately on the lips.

Carson whispered to John as they watched with their mouths hanging open, “Makes you want to get married doesn’t it?”

John answered with his wicked smile, “I like you Carson, but you’re not my type. I’m going to go with him, what about you?”

Carson elbowed his friend for his comment and then said, “No, I think I’ll stay here and read a good book, there’s quite a few here on medical science.”

John turned back to Carson, and talked a bit about the book he was going to read, to give Harry and Ginny some privacy. Harry put his arms around his wife and reciprocated her passion by giving her a kiss just as passionate. “I was on my way up to brush my teeth. I’m glad you’re awake so I could receive that kiss. Why are you up anyway? You rarely ever get up this early.” He gathered her robe together and shut it, realizing she didn’t know John and Carson were up yet or even forgetting they were there. She just wasn’t a morning person. He smiled at the look of confusion on her face and he threw his head backward slightly to show her the two men standing in the doorway talking with each other.

Ginny gasped and tied her robe shut tighter than what Harry had done for her to cover her baby doll pajamas and said she forgot. She put her arms around his neck and pulled slightly so she could whisper in his ear. He bent slightly to accommodate her shorter stature than him and listened intently. She had such a look of urgency about her he was concerned.

“I rolled over and you weren’t in bed. And then I woke up afraid you left with hurt feelings. After the cloudiness of sleep left me I realized that you had tried to wake me and I pushed you away saying I needed more sleep; that I was tired. I’m so sorry, Love. You should’ve woken me.”

Harry hugged her and then kissed her before he softly said, “I respect you more than that, Honey. I know it isn’t easy being my wife. You go through much more than people realize, and sleeping with me has to be a pain for you because of my nightmares. You never complain but I know they bother your sleep. I apologize for that. I’m working on something I used to use a long time ago when I dealt with nightmares. Hopefully these nightmares will be a thing of the past soon enough.”

She smiled at him and they walked hand in hand over to the steps where Ginny let loose and kissed him sweetly and Harry went on up the steps. He brushed his teeth and went back downstairs where Carson was showing several books to Ginny saying how informative they were but he had never heard of the author, Hermes Jay Rapttor. Do you have any other of his publishing’s?”

Ginny raised one eyebrow and opened one side of her mouth looking doubtful. “I’m sorry, Carson, those are Harry’s books, they’re over my head and not my interest. Harry can probably tell you though.”

Harry walked over and said he’d be back at noon to take everyone to King’s Cross. He was so excited he couldn’t keep a serious look on his face. Carson asked Harry if he knew about any other books by the author of the book he was holding. Harry nodded his head and said there was a series of books by that author and flipped his wand making three more books appear in the doctor’s hands. “You’re welcome to borrow them if you like.”

Before Carson could accept or decline, John sailed down the banister hopping off at the bottom. “Always wanted to do that ever since I saw you do it the first time I was here. “You ready to go little brother?”

Harry grinned happily and said, “Yep, let’s go.” He kissed Ginny and held her a little longer than normal. He kissed her again and looked into her eyes with joy. I love you, Gin.” He took her hair in hand and smelled it taking in the beautiful scent of what he called essence of Ginny otherwise known as his life force. He straightened some of the tangles his fingers got tangled in and said, “You know this reminds me of that time at Hogwarts when you and I went flying while Ron and Hermione went to Hogsmeade. I’m so thankful for memories like that.”

Ginny’s face flushed and she said she loved him too, and that she did remember that day also. Harry turned and said good bye to Carson and took John’s arm and next thing John knew they were standing in his office. Harry quickly prepared for the office with festive decorations for Christmas and then made a pot of coffee. He sat at his desk and rested his head with his eyes closed. He subconsciously put his hands tightly over his chest and ribs where the Basilisk had bit him. He gasped and opened his eyes as he stood up with a start. He swallowed and paced back and forth forgetting John was there watching him closely. Harry’s face was white and holding out his hands before him; saw that he was trembling. Harry doubled his fists and pounded the wall and leaned against it; his head hanging. “Why can’t I get it out of my head?!” he demanded of himself.

John was about to say something but the Aurors began coming in and Harry turned to them completely recovered from his moment of anguish and smiled at them.
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Hey Guys;Happy Father's Day to any dads we might have out there. Thanks for coming back for another chapter. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 4

Little Lost Puppy

None of them expected him to be there but didn’t say anything. Ron came in last five minutes late. He stopped and glared at Harry and then said, “I see you have long hair again; trying to hide your scars from Ginny because she can’t bear to look at you? Thought you’d have the good sense to stay home. You’ve probably jinxed us by coming in. Something will happen that will make us not be able to get the kids from King’s Cross.”

Harry sat on the corner of his desk and was silent for a minute. When he looked up he smiled sadly at Ron and said, “When have you ever not been able to get Rose from Hogwarts?”

“I’ve always been able to go, but you never have been able to go. You’re always off being a hero or something.”

“Are you not feeling well, Captain? You seem to be out of sorts this morning.”

“I’m just fine; can we get on with whatever danger you’re going to put us in? Just don’t pair me with you so I can still get Rose.”

Harry told everyone to have a seat and asked them to fill him in on them capturing the people under Umbridge’s curse and took them all to St Mungo’s to have the counter curse done. Carl said that he did as Harry said and shrunk the explosives to a minute size and took them to an isolated place and exploded them safely. “We searched the grounds and the castle and didn’t find any trace of anything out of the ordinary.”

Harry filled them in briefly on what happened to him, leaving out anything that made it look like he did anything heroic. “The important thing is, the Toad is dead and so are three of her helpers who were there with her.”

He picked up a box and opened it up and tossed a small box to each of the Aurors and said, “You guys are the best of the best; Merry Christmas to one and all. He waved his wand with a simple movement and the office played Christmas music loud enough to be cheerful and spirited. Wes came in carrying several boxes and when he put them on the table where the coffee pot was the boxes enlarged and Harry motioned them over to the table. “I seem to recall something being said about planning an office party but nobody told me anything else about it, so the party is on me. And best of all, after you all get tired of the party you can all go home. I’ll call if anything urgent comes up.”

Harry sighed and watched everyone open their gifts and smiled at their delight with them. He looked at John and said, “Hope you weren’t hoping for an action packed morning.”

John laughed and said, “This is just fine; I’m too tired for an action packed day.”

Harry chuckled and said, “Why did you want to come then?”

An impish grin came across his face and he said, “Well, someone needs to watch you. Trouble follows you around and you have things to do today.”

Harry looked serious; swallowed and nodded his head slightly and said, “Thanks John. Thanks for having my back.”

John looked into Harry’s tortured eyes and could hardly stand the pain he saw. “Always, little brother.”

Harry’s cell phone notified him of a text and read the message. He looked over at Ron who was trying to have a good time but something was very wrong with him.

Harry showed his phone to John and went over to Ron. Harry asked to see him for a minute and Ron walked back with him to where John was waiting. At first Ron didn’t act too friendly to John but then said, “Look you two, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I was a big jerk when I got here, but it’s not a good time for me right now. I am really sorry though. And, Harry, I was way out of line with you. I can’t believe I said those things, I didn’t mean any of it.”

“So, what’s going on then, Captain? Why the devil act you came in here with?”

Ron said, “Harry, I ruined Christmas for my kids. I got them a puppy and I took it out this morning for it to do its business and ran back inside for my sunglasses because the snow was blinding me. I went right back out, but the puppy was gone. I looked all over the place for it and couldn’t find it.”

Harry told everyone to continue with the party and just go home when they were done, and all he asked was for them to clean the office and make sure it got locked up tight when they left. He turned to Ron and said, “Let’s go, we’re going to find your puppy.”

Ron’s mouth dropped open and he said, “Are you sure? I mean it’s probably long gone by now or,” Ron looked away from them and finished his thoughts out loud. “It might have fallen over the cliffs. I have that fence up to keep the kids safe, but a puppy could get through easily enough.”

Harry looked at John and said, “Do you wanna come or would you rather go home?”

“I wanna help find the pup, what’s its name?”

“Umm well, I just got it last night after Hugo went to bed. I just call it dog. The kids will name him err, that was the plan anyway. Mione calls it precious,” he added while rolling his eyes.

Harry and John chuckled and Harry took their elbows and they appeared at Ron’s house. Harry looked sadly over the grounds away from the house and saw the small marker stone he placed over Dobby’s grave. Without saying anything he walked the short distance to the grave and knelt down thinking of his friend Dobby. He said an enchantment and the grave cleared of the snow and ice. He spaced his hands over it and green grass with flowers and green vines covered it. He conjured a pair of socks and placed them over the headstone. Then he placed a dome over the grave. He stood up and wiped his eyes saying something under his breath.

John and Ron watched from the place they appeared at and John asked what Harry was doing. Ron answered quietly, “During the war we escaped death with the help of Dobby, a House Elf who loved Harry more than anything. He gave his life helping us. It still hurts Harry something fierce.”

John said, “He told me about Dobby, it kind of makes it real seeing the grave and all. I can’t imagine what you three went through looking for those Horcruxes on your own. You were so young; a pity your youth was spent doing what shouldn’t have been put on your shoulders. Ah; here he comes. What’s happened? I can’t see the grave anymore.”

Ron said, “He must have charmed it to be hidden from Muggle eyes. You could walk right through it and not even know it. If you can imagine such a thing as two worlds occupying the same space that’s what it would be like. You can’t see or walk through it on this world, but on a different one in this same space you would be able to see it and not be able to walk through it. It’d be cool wouldn’t it; to have different realities? Harry claims there is, but he doesn’t hold it against me that I don’t believe him. He had that theory even when we were in school, but he never mentioned it because I laughed at him and Hermione just shook her head like she felt sorry he was so stupid. These days though, I don’t have a problem believing him. It makes sense to me now that I don’t just except that everything isn’t always the way it is because of magic.”

Ron laughed and said, “Don’t tell Hermione I said this but Harry is way smarter than she is, all of us as a matter of fact.” He looked at John watching Harry make his way over to them and said, “Do you think Harry is smart?”

John looked at Ron and said, “I think Harry is the smartest person I have ever met.”

Ron smiled and nodded his approval at John’s answer. When Harry got to them he rubbed his hands together and said, “I guess we left our coats at the office; pretty stupid of me.” He held out his hand and their coats appeared in it. John and Ron looked at each other and chuckled. It was just odd that they had both just said how smart Harry was and he comes back over to them saying how stupid he was for forgetting their coats.

Harry looked at Ron and asked where the puppy was the last time he saw him. Ron pointed to the spot and they followed Harry to it. Then he asked which direction the pup was going. Ron shrugged his shoulders and looked around the area in thought. “He was looking at something over the fence. I think a bird was scouring the beach for an animal or fish maybe.”

Harry walked over to the fence and looked down and asked what color the puppy is. Ron said, “It is a fluffy white puppy with black at the tip of his tail and the very tip of his ears oh and of course the tip of his nose too.”

Harry said, “I’m going to stop the snow and the wind for a couple minutes. Listen very carefully for him whimpering or anything.”

Harry licked his lips and took a deep breath and then stretched his hands and arms toward the sky. He shouted in an unknown language. Suddenly the winds died and the snow stopped falling. The sun shone down on them and it felt like summer. Ron and John looked at each other in awe and then Harry said under much strain, “I hear him over the side where I used to sit to get away to think; hurry and see if you see him!”

Ron jogged over to the spot and said, “I can’t see anything but white, but I think I hear him.” He looked at John and John nodded his head in agreement. “But look, he is there, I see his black tipped tail.” Ron looked again and said, “I don’t see him…wait yes there he is! It’s him; he’s alive!”

Harry was breathing hard and down on one knee still with his arms stretched over his head. He told them to come over to him. When they got to him he said, “Ron, go in the house and make sure Hugo and Hermione don’t come out. When I release the wind and snow it’s going to come down on us in a fierce force. We don’t want them blown over the side. John, you go in too, but one of you needs to come back out to help when it’s normal again.” They both said he needed to go in too, but he yelled and said he couldn’t move or it would break him to pieces, “Just go, hurry up; I can’t hold back the force much longer! Give me a sign when it’s okay to let loose.”

They both went inside and Hermione jumped at two men running into her home when she wasn’t expecting anyone. They both apologized abruptly but went over to a window they could see Harry from. Hermione said, “What’s going on?”

Ron turned quickly to her and urgently said, “Where’s Hugo?”

She pointed to the back door and said, “He went out to see why the wind stopped blowing and it stopped snowing out front but not over the house or out back. Have you ever seen-” John was already running to where she had pointed. He ran out shouting that he sees him and for Ron to watch Harry.

John rushed in actually carrying Hugo and said, “Yell to him that he can let go.”

Ron opened the door and yelled, “Harry, they’re both safe in here, let go!”

Harry let go and he was immediately swept off his feet and the wind carried him; breaking through the fence and out to the water. Snow fell so heavy that they lost sight of him. Hermione had to put a spell on the two men to keep them from running out after Harry. When the snow returned normal and the howling wind was gusts instead of a steady high velocity wind, she released them from the spell and they both ran out to find Harry. They yelled for him and John started climbing down the side of the cliff when Ron summoned him back.

He stared at Ron and was trying really hard not to deck him when Ron pointed down to the beach. Harry was walking out of the water and stopped to pull a fish out of his shirt. He looked up and saw four people standing on the edge. He called Ron on his cell phone and said, “Go stand directly over the spot where you saw Tippy.” Ron looked at John curiously and said, “I think he’s hurt; he thinks we’re looking for someone named Tippy.”

“The puppy! He needs to know where the puppy is.” He walked over to the edge and pointed to the spot. Harry nodded and asked how far up from him was it. Ron answered about fifty five feet and John looked worriedly down to the ledge and said, “I think you’re short, it looks more like seventy. But Harry didn’t hear John and appeared at Ron’s estimate and landed on loose rocks and went sliding down the cliff. He disappeared and then appeared on the ledge. Harry waved to let them know he was okay and leaned against the side of the cliff quickly accessing the damage done to him. Nothing was broken but he was most definitely banged up and cut badly. He rested his head against the cliff and thought back to those years when he tried to get away from Ron and Hermione’s constant bickering and the judgmental eyes of Fleur. He stooped down and picked up the shivering puppy and something else and put the pup inside his shirt next to his body to begin warming him. Harry could hardly breathe it was so cold. He could tell his strength was nearly gone and wondered if he had enough in him to make it up the side of the cliff. Then he remembered Lily saying she was afraid he wouldn’t be able to get the boys with them. He took a breath and disappeared up to the edge. He fell into John and John grabbed his arm and put it around his shoulders. “Come on, we need to get him inside.” Harry dropped something and hobbled into the house aided by John and Ron.

When they had him inside Hermione wrapped him in a fleece blanket and sat him on the couch. “How are you dry? You should be dripping wet,” said Ron.

“I’m a wizard, Captain.” Harry moved slowly under the blanket and brought out the puppy handing him to Ron. “Give him some food and water. I think he’s okay other than being frightened. There was a white rabbit on the ledge with him; that’s what he chased after. The wind was just too strong for them. You’ll have to fix your fence; I broke it when the winds swept me away. Now I need to get home and shower and get ready to get the boys.” He got to his feet and handed Hermione the blanket thanking her for it. “I’m afraid you’ll need to clean it up a bit.”

Harry limped to the door and was about to go out when Hugo called out to him and then ran to him when Harry stopped and turned to see what he wanted. He hugged Harry and said, “Thanks for what you did for us; for saving Tippy. Isn’t he wonderful? Daddy picked the perfect puppy. He told Mum last night he chose this one so he could see him in the snow. Only I wasn’t supposed to hear that ‘because I was s’pose to be asleep.”

Harry smiled wearily and patted Hugo on the shoulder fondly. “He did a good job, that’s for sure. I’ll see you later, Hugo. I like Tippy; he’s a good puppy. He’s going to be a very big dog when he grows up. Did Dad say what kind of dog he is?”

“No, I didn’t listen anymore I was so excited. I went back to bed so they wouldn’t hear me being so happy.”

Harry smiled and said, “Your puppy is a, Clumber Spaniel. These dogs are frequently owned by people of royalty. You and Rose should get a book on how to care for them. They need brushed every day, and you need to play with them a lot.”

He tweaked the boy’s nose and smiled. “We’ll see you later son,” he said quietly. He turned to leave and Hermione said, “Harry, just a minute please.”

Harry stifled a groan as he turned to look at Hermione. “Yes, Hermione?”

“How do you know he chased a rabbit?”

“Because it was down there on the ledge with him. I brought it up with me and Tippy and dropped it so it could be about its business.”

“How did you survive being swept out to sea?”

Harry looked hard at her and said, “I might have only put off death temporarily if you don’t let me get home and take care of myself.”

Hermione gasped and apologized. Harry nodded quickly and grabbed John and disappeared right then and there. When they got home Lily and Banner ran to him excitedly. Banner was very interested in the new smell he picked up on Harry and Lily huffed and put her hands on her hips. “Mum; he did it. Daddy’s home and he’s all messed up,” she yelled; looking at her father disapprovingly as if saying, I told you so.

Ginny hurried in and looked at Harry and John. Carson was sitting on the couch reading and got up to have a look at what Lily was talking about. Harry sighed and said, “I’m okay, just let me shower and get fixed up a bit. I look worse than what I really am.”

He walked up the steps doing a good job of looking as if little was wrong. In the shower though, it was a different story. He groaned with every movement he made. Standing under the shower after he was clean was relaxing to him so he stayed there for a while. He could tell his legs, hands and face took most of the cuts and bruises from falling down the cliff. He didn’t hold it against Ron for underestimating the distance from the beach to the ledge. He just wished he’d been right instead of wrong. Wearing his winter coat saved him from getting shredded from the sharp rocks for the most part. He mostly ached from bouncing around from rock to rock. After a little while longer he stepped out of the shower and put Dittany all over his cuts and scrapes. He looked longingly at his bed and was tempted to take a fifteen minute nap, but decided against it.

He looked out the window with the sun shining in. He felt drawn to it and went cautiously to it. He felt the warmth from the sun and got an idea. He opened the windows and screens and conjured a large curved glass to stand between him and the open window. The curved glass amplified the energy of the sun and Harry turned slowly in circles concentrating on the energy to go directly into his muscles and bones. After twenty minutes he felt considerably rejuvenated; at least as much as when he went to work this morning. The sun dried his hair and he put on a pair of jeans and a long sleeved flannel shirt over his tee shirt and then brushed his hair. He made the curved glass disappear and fixed the window properly. He looked in the mirror and smiled thinking he would be just fine as long as nobody pounded on him or he didn’t push himself too much.

By the time Harry got back downstairs there was just enough time for a quick lunch before they needed to leave for King’s Cross. Ginny smiled pleasingly at him and kissed him lightly. Lily asked how he could be so much better and Carson raised his eyebrows wondering the same thing. John beamed at him and said, “Much better little brother. It’s good to see you looking so much better.” Harry grinned and said, “I feel much better. I’ll be fine as long as we don’t stay out too late. My energy is coming from an accumulation of the sun’s energy.”
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for another chapter. Today was a big day for me and I would like to apologize for being late on my posting. We were out of town all day at my son and his family's house. I didn't have time to post it this morning and wanted to rest a bit before I posted after we got home late in the evening. Well, thanks again for reading; it means the world to me. You, as always, are welcome to comment if you want to. Hope you enjoy this chapter.

Chapter 5

The Toad Twice Removed

After they were all done eating they headed for the door and Harry grinned at Ginny like a school boy. “Can you believe it? I’m finally going to be able to-” Just then Ron and Hermione popped in and Ron tripped over Harry and they both went to the floor yelling out in pain. Ron got up holding his knee and Harry was doubled over with his hand tucked up to him, holding it tight to dull the pain. He limped over to the door and leaned against it breathing heavy. He was trembling so much it was hard to know if it was from pain or anger.

Hermione stepped over to Harry and saw he was wrapping his hand. She reached for the gauze saying, “Let me do that for you, Harry, while I tell you why we’re here. Time is of the essence.”

“Whatever is going on it can wait until tomorrow. We’re leaving to get James and Albus; the key word here being, we’re.” He was speaking through clenched teeth and his voice wasn’t friendly at all. Ginny said, “Harry is not doing anything but going to get the boys. He’s hurt, Hermione, and Ron just knocked him down and his knee landed on Harry’s bad hand. Whatever is going on; someone else can take a turn to miss getting their kid from school.”

Hermione said, “Harry, I’m sorry but it has to be you. There’s been a report that Delores Umbridge was spotted at Hogsmeade going towards Hogwarts.”

Harry turned around suddenly; his face white and fire flaming from his eyes. “That Toad is dead! I saw her body blown apart and all over the room at Azkaban. Someone was mistaking.”

“It comes from a credible source, Harry. I’ve called your Aurors back to work; they’re standing by in Hogsmeade awaiting your orders.”

Harry yanked his hand away from Hermione and Carson caught his arm to finish wrapping the cut on his hand. Harry only glanced at what the doctor was doing and then responded to Hermione with ice in his voice. “You had no right or authority to give my Aurors orders. And I see one of them either didn’t get the message or is privileged and excused from them.”

Ron turned red in the face and said, “That’s uncalled for and you’ll take it back.”

Hermione raised her hands and said, “Now isn’t the time boys; Harry, go meet with your Aurors and find her. I’m keeping Ron with me just in case she gets passed you and your Aurors and comes to Kings Cross.”

Harry said, “If she gets passed me and my Aurors? Even if the Toad was alive and she got passed me and my Aurors, what is the Captain supposed to do? Now, go on to Kings Cross and I’m going to call my Aurors and tell them to go on about their day. And then I am taking my family and friends to Kings Cross to get James and Albus. And Hermione… never give my Aurors orders again; you don’t have the authority.”

Hermione said, “We’re not done with this conversation, but it is getting late. Get to Hogsmeade and find Umbridge.”

Harry glared at her and said, “No. She is dead! I am going to King’s Cross.”

Lily screamed, “Daddy, what if she isn’t and you don’t stop her? She’ll kill James and Albus and all the other kids!”

Harry shook his head, “Angel, think about this. Why would she be going to Hogsmeade to kill them? They will be at King’s Cross shortly. She’s hundreds of miles from where they are.”

Ron looked at Hermione at a loss for words. But she didn’t back down. “The source didn’t say what time she was spotted there; she could have done what she needed to do and then left for King’s Cross. But you need to start at the beginning and find out all the information and work your way to King’s Cross.”

“Hermione, you’ve got to discern between right and wrong, between what could or couldn’t be, and dismiss claims that can’t be true instead of acting on impulse. How many times have you accused me of doing that and now you are doing it? Who is your so called credible source?”

“Kingsley Shacklebolt! Now go do what you’re told; you’re going to make us late and you might be causing the catastrophic murder of our children!”

“Did you ask him how-”

Hermione yelled, “You’re denying the safety of all the children on board that train just so you get to be at King’s Cross to see James and Albus get off the train. How can you do that to all us parents, Harry?

“IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR HER TO BE THERE BECAUSE SHE IS DEAD!” yelled Harry as loud as he could.

Lily cried, and bagged him to please go to Hogsmeade and make sure. Harry swallowed and spoke calmly to his little girl. “Darling Angel, you can’t let fear ruin your life. You have to think and be logical when you know the truth about something someone else is saying because they are afraid.”

Lily said, “Daddy, please just teach me that life’s lesson another time when James and Albus can learn it too. Please Daddy, please just go and make sure.”

Harry glared at Hermione and shoved his keys to the van in John’s hands. “You’re used to driving in the snow, but use the white button under the steering wheel. Ginny will need to ride with Lily to calm her down from a vicious prank or something.” Harry kissed Ginny and then disappeared. Ginny glared at Hermione and Ron and said, “You guys should be ashamed of yourselves; giving into prank calls. Fear is the enemy and you can’t give into it or you will get walked all over by people who see how vulnerable you are. Harry taught us that a long time ago. Why can’t you believe him and trust him rather than someone so sketchy calling in claiming to be someone they’re not with information that can’t be true? Why can’t you let him be a normal husband and father instead of your robot? Every time he starts making some progress in getting the past behind him you force him to do something that keeps him stuck in that black hole in his life. And each time that happens we lose a little bit more of him to the past he can’t shake. He’s hurt and damaged and you won’t let him heal. And from now on, you can show a little respect by knocking at the door when you come over.”

She held the door open and waited for everyone to leave before she shut and locked up the house. Ron and Hermione Disapparated away and Ginny told John they needed to hurry. They got in the van and after John started the vehicle he pushed the button Harry referred to and felt all four wheels lock in to drive instead of just two. He smiled and said, “This could be fun.”

Harry arrived at Hogsmeade and found his Aurors huddled in a group. None of them were happy but they greeted Harry in a friendly manner. They could see right off he wasn’t in the best of moods either. “I’m sorry you got called in guys. Since you’re here go ahead and look around a bit. If you don’t see or hear anything suspicious go back to whatever you were doing before you were called in for duty. I’ll satisfy my boss and that will be that. Thanks for showing her respect even though she didn’t have the authority to call you in. Becoming Minister of Magic isn’t a job you just slide into comfortably like your evening slippers. It’s like buying a brand new pair of shoes and breaking them in slowly because of how sore they make your feet if you don’t. We have to allow her time to break in to her new position. The problem is she’s actually not in the position of Minister yet and won’t be until her inauguration next month.”

The Aurors said they would stay with him until they were sure it was safe for them to leave. Harry called Kingsley and asked him if he called in a threat to Hermione about seeing Umbridge around Hogsmeade. After a minute he hung up his phone and said, “Kingsley didn’t make such a call, nor would he because the woman was dead. Do a quick search and go about what you were doing. I’ll check around here and make sure everything is on the up and up. If something weird is happening, a group of this many ministry officials would most assuredly attract attention and scare away the bad guys.”

Everyone left and Harry walked Hogsmeade’s streets covertly under the disguise of a disgruntled, disabled, and discarded veteran listening to people talking. He walked into a pub and sat at a small table for one in a dark corner with his hood pulled low over his forehead. His brown hair covered the sides of his face and long locks hung over his eyes in curtains with just enough gaps to see through. His beard and mustache covered the rest of his face. Harry was totally unrecognizable to everyone. He walked with a limp which wasn’t a part of his disguise but came in handy for the rough looking character he was disguised as. A young man of about twenty years of age walked into the pub and quickly scanned the people and went to the barkeep to order his pleasure. As the young man took his drink he looked around his eyes resting on Harry. Harry had the look of a mean rat backed into a corner. He rocked his chair on its back legs and leaned against the wall. He raised his head enough to look at the young man sizing him up and showed he wasn’t afraid but agitated that he was being watched.

A stare down commenced between the two men and Harry kept his silence throughout. Several minutes went by without movement from either and then Harry leaned forward and picked up his glass of Ginger ale which was to look like Firewiskey. He needed to keep his wits about him and he really wasn’t a fan of the spirits anyway. A few more minutes later three other young men joined the man at the bar watching Harry. The four men talked in quiet tones and drank sparingly. Harry knew then that they were waiting for at least one more person. His speculations came to reality when someone else joined the small group. Harry’s interest heightened when the person turned out to be a woman. Something looked suspicious and Harry watched simmering in hatred for the woman. This woman wasn’t the Toad but there were similarities that had Harry’s attention. Still though; he hadn’t moved except for his arm moving his drink to his mouth and then back close to his body leaning against the wall. The woman seemed to be changing before his eyes and then she was completely different. This woman had taken some Poly juice potion to look like Umbridge. Things were getting interesting but he also knew that the kids at Hogwarts were in no way in any danger. Harry allowed his ire to show and he leaned forward so all four legs of the chair were on the floor. He slammed his glass on the table breaking it in his hand and stood up and limped passed the group keeping his ears peeled. As he walked by them one of them grabbed his arm and he shook him off easily. “Leave me alone,” he said gruffly. He stopped when a different young man stepped in front of him to block his passage. Just then another woman walked in and Harry stopped trying to be troublesome. He kicked himself silently chiding himself for not thinking ahead. He should have known one wouldn’t be seen without the other. It was always the case at school, Cho and Marietta; always together.

Cho looked Harry up and down judging him for some reason Harry didn’t know the reason for. The first young man spoke saying; “This is him Cho; thought he’d do nicely.” Marietta said, “I thought the same; looks to be about Potter’s size. What do you think, Cho?”

Cho said, “Yes, he’ll do nicely; bring him with us.”

Harry spoke in a grizzly voice, “I think I have a say if I fit into your plans whatever they are. What does it matter if I’m about Potter’s size?”

Marietta said, “Bring him along and keep him quiet.”

Harry heard a crash of thunder and his skull felt like it had been split open and then he didn’t know anything except he heard women screaming. When he came to his head was thumping and his ears were ringing. Water was thrown in his face but he wasn’t fazed by it. He only softly groaned and was lost in unnatural sleep. He felt rough hands rip off his hoodie and shirt and more hands going through his pockets and voices from far away arguing. Finally he opened his eyes and tried to move but pain rushed through his body causing convulsions.

He tried to make his eyes focus and gave up trying and just tried to rest. It was a little hard to do though with his hands and feet tied tightly and being gagged with a rolled up scarf reeking with sickening sweet perfume.

“He’s awake, cancel the healer!” someone yelled.

Harry groaned at the loud noise right beside him. He tried to talk but the scarf in his mouth made it impossible. Soft hands removed the scarf and he looked into the eyes of Cho and Marietta right beside him. He closed his eyes tight and opened them trying to clear the fuzziness. “If you promise not to try and get away, we’ll set you free. All we want is to hire you for something.”

“I’m listening,” he answered with a very dry voice.

Cho helped him sit up and put a class to his lips. “It’s water, I promise. We really don’t want anyone to get hurt. Chucky just let his excitement get the best of him.”

Harry drank the water and said, “Well, maybe Chucky shouldn’t be in the same room if you do let me loose. I can’t promise I won’t hurt him; but you have my curiosity peeked about a job. What kind of job could you offer me that would make me want to work for your Heroin, Delores Umbridge?”

Marietta slapped his face hard and one of the younger men hit Harry with his fist in the mouth and another kicked him hard in his side. He fell to the floor and then he was being kicked on his back, stomach, and head and anyplace they could kick. He was about to magically free himself from his bindings when Cho yelled at them to stop. “He is a defenseless Muggle and we will not hurt him! You are acting like the animal we want destroyed.”

She pointed her wand at Harry and his bindings disappeared. She helped him stand but Harry slumped over holding his side. He noticed the bandage on his hand had been removed and it was bleeding fresh blood. His mind became alert and began working on solving this puzzle. It was very confusing and his pounding head didn’t make things easier.

Cho put a straight back chair by him and told him to sit down. He said he’d rather stand and one of the men kicked his knees and Harry fell into the chair; his body quivering with the pain he was trying to hide.

“Tony, go wait outside! I told you we are not stooping to her lowness!” Cho watched as the young man stomped out. All at once he recognized the other young men. They were all at Hogwarts with the exception of the youngest, but he looked familiar. Did the Creevey brothers perchance have another younger brother who didn’t attend Hogwarts when he was there?”

“Who are you, mister?”

Harry looked at Cho surprised she didn’t recognize him. He was in disguise but still he thought she would know him. His silence was taken as stubbornness and Marietta impatiently said, “Look, we searched you and haven’t found any ID on you, and you don’t have a wand. Any wizard would be able to escape from us and you haven’t. So you are a Muggle or a squib. We want to hire you for something but we want you to know there is danger involved.”

He looked at her and said with a sneer, “Danger involved? That much I figured out all by myself.”

One of the younger men chuckled admiringly. Cho sighed and said, “We don’t have much time. Donnie wanted to get help from an unlikely source and put our cause in jeopardy. He took it upon himself to call Hermione Weasley, our acting Minister of Magic as Kingsley Shacklebolt, our Minister of Magic who is retired. Anyway, he used his voice and said that Delores Umbridge was spotted in Hogsmeade and was going to kill all the students at Hogwarts. He thought this would bring Harry Potter here and investigate and find the real Umbridge that escaped. You see we saw her, and tried to stop her, but many of us were captured and we haven’t heard from them since. Harry will know Delores wouldn’t show herself and make a lot of noise about killing students and such ridiculousness. Harry will be at King’s Cross to pick up his boys for Christmas holiday. That’s why we need some help and think you will do. We have a bit of Harry and need for someone to take some Polyjuice potion. Once she hears of him being here, she’ll come after him. She hates him more than anything in her life and wants him dead. Chucky Creevey saw you and called us here to see if you would work out. But, you not being a wizard throws a bit of a kink in the works. You wouldn’t be able to defend yourself, and I don’t want to take a chance on getting anyone hurt, especially a defenseless Muggle or squib.”

Harry remained silent and Cho said, “How is it that you have so many of the same scars as Harry Potter?”

Harry frowned and said, “Harry is a wealthy man and when he was gone those four years a lot of men tried to say they were him so they could marry Ginny for the wealth. Weren’t there stories and rumors of his death every day?”

Cho wrinkled her nose and said, “Oh, you were one of them; marking up your body with scars so you pass the tests the Weasleys did on you idiots?”

Harry stared at her and closed his mouth. A thought came to him and he became anxious. If he ended this now he could show up at Kings Cross to be there when the train showed up. He had to make sure there wasn’t any danger if he did though.

“Why are you doing all this?” asked Harry.

Marietta pulled a scarf down that fashionably covered her face and Harry saw the word SNEAK on her.

“Vanity does crazy things but isn’t this a little ridiculous?”

The woman screeched at him saying it wasn’t vanity. “She ruined my life! No man wants me and all Cho’s friends left her. Potter and his friends Granger and Weasley seen to it that our lives were ruined.”

Harry looked at Cho and asked was this a way to capture Potter and the Weasley’s. Cho frowned and wiped away a tear. “No, Marietta is sensitive about what Hermione did to her, and Harry just moved on. I was in a bad way, sick with the loss of the love of my life and Harry found out I didn’t really care for him the same as he cared about me. I didn’t try to understand what he was going through so we didn’t work out. Even if I hadn’t messed up, Harry wouldn’t have had a chance with me. Not since Ginny used that love potion on him.”

Harry felt sick at his stomach and told her to stop talking. He needed to put an end to this now. “Why are you doing all this when Umbridge is dead?”

Cho and Marietta snapped their eyes on him and asked what he was talking about. Harry said, “Umbridge escaped from Azkaban and Harry killed her. Three others died with her as well. There were others who were captured and are being desensitized at St Mungos as we speak. I’m thinking maybe they are your friends who disappeared. How could you not know this?”

Cho and Marietta looked at each other and stammered about trying to find words and emotions for what they were told. “Now, are you going to try to retaliate against Potter and the Weasleys?”

Both women shook their heads no. “We were all so young, just kids and they were doing what they knew had to be done. But, Hermione didn’t have to put that curse in the signatures.”

Are there going to be any retaliation against her or anyone else?”

Both women said no and then demanded proof Umbridge was dead. Harry changed his disguise and was himself. They literally fell over each other backing away from him in fear. Harry ordered them to stop and sit down. They hurried to comply and looked at him with teary eyes. The young men laughed giddily and said, “We whipped Harry Potter!”

Harry glared at them and said, “You thought you were beating on a defenseless Muggle. You snuck up on me from behind and cracked my skull with whatever you hit me with and tied me up, and you’re lucky I didn’t hurt you.” He looked at Marietta and asked her to come closer to him. “I don’t know what curse Hermione used, but I do know it is not reversible. But I can help you hide it if you want.”

Marietta said, “You’d help me after everything I did?”

Harry smiled sadly, “We were children forced to play grownup games in a war that was put on us. All of us were used by different people, some of them good and some of them bad. I’m sure you did what you did out of fear. It was a terrible time to grow up in. I hold no malice in my heart for you, and yes, I will help you.”

She walked to him and took a deep shaky breath and closed her eyes. Harry put his hand over her face and all the heavy makeup came off her face and then he said a chant in Latin. Bright gold light streamed out of his fingertips and the word SNEAK became invisible.

Harry lowered his hand and became quiet. Cho was amazed and asked how he removed it if it wasn’t removable. Marietta quickly seized the mirror Harry held out to her when she opened her eyes. She began crying and thanked him over and over and over.

Harry said, “Now quickly tell me what your plan was today.”

Cho said, “We had Marietta take some Poly juice potion and walk around Hogsmeade as Umbridge so she would come here instead of hunting for you and your family including your extended family. Umbridge had visited Marietta’s mum’s house to get her help. When she refused she captured her and we haven’t seen her since. We got the idea that if she knew you were here then she would come here instead of looking for you and your family. We were going to capture her and take her back to Azkaban dead or alive. We thought it would be like helping you in Dumbledore’s Army. But, the younger guys didn’t think it would work, so they told us about their plan saying it would get you here to capture her. We said no, under no circumstance would we do that. And the person we got to take the potion to become you was going to be protected by us. We aren’t the only ones in this group. All he had to do was walk around here and be out in the open and be a target. He really wouldn’t be in any big danger.”

Harry said it was appreciated but to please leave things up to the Aurors. “She escaped yesterday morning and by last night, she was dead. We are on top of things whether I look like I can handle the job or not.” He made sure they didn’t feel belittled in their efforts but made them promise they would not take things in their hands again. “Now one more question, “How did you get erm a bit of me to make your poly juice potion?”

Cho turned red in the face. “I had a crush on you, Harry, way before you asked me to the Yule Ball. That time when the Dementors showed up and you fell off your broom. Well; I went in the hospital wing and took some of your hair from your bandage Madam Pomfrey took off your head when she dismissed you. I forgot I had it all this time until the other day when Umbridge escaped. Donnie said if only we had some of your hair one of us could take some Poly juice potion. That’s when I remembered I had it and I said we needed to get a man who could act like you. Lots of men do that you know; grown men.”

Harry said he needed to leave and for them to enjoy life instead of living in the past. And incidentally, Marietta, the curse is still there, I just made new skin the same color of your natural skin to grow over the letters. And just so you know; after some clones of me were made, I put a special marker in my blood that prohibits anything like that from happening again; magically, scientifically, or medically engineered. Your plan with Polyjuice potion wouldn't have worked.”

Harry shook hands with the young men and told them to behave themselves and use their heads before they do rash things. He gave them an address telling them to meet him there at seven o’clock in the morning. He said goodbye to Cho and Marietta and was about to disappear when Tony, the man Cho sent outside, came running in. “Cho, Marietta, look at the Rising Phoenix! There’s an article in here about Umbridge escaping and being caught by Harry Potter and you need to read it. She’s dead, Umbridge is dead!” Before they could say anything, Harry disappeared to his home and stood outside the living room window on the front porch.
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Hey Guys! Another week is in the past and it seems like I haven't gotten anything done around the house. Dust will soon become bunnies if I don't knuckle down on some serious housework. But you don't want to hear about my inadequate housekeeping. Hope you have been enjoying our story so far. And I hope you enjoy this one as well. I tried to add some small humorous bits to lighten the story a bit. I don't want it to turn into a depressing story. So, as always, feel free to comment if you want to.

Chapter 6

When Pain Does The Thinking And Talking

Harry was feeling sick and had a sudden attack of the shakes. He watched as Albus was laughing with Banner climbing all over him and licking his face. James and Lily were delighted and laughing at Albus and Banner falling over each other with their glee. Harry was about to swallow his disappointment and go inside when he saw Ron and Hermione. They were talking to Ginny who was giggling with delight at how happy her children were. Harry backed into the pillar of the porch and a dark gloom shadowed his heart. Ginny had used a love potion on him. Why didn’t he know this? How could he not know? He remembered back to all the times his stomach tied up in knots whenever he saw her with Dean or any other boy. He remembered on his Quest how each night he had gotten the Marauder’s Map out he could actually smell her and he missed her so badly he felt he couldn’t go on living without being with her. She must have sprayed some on the map he thought. Then he remembered hearing her, Ron, Hermione, and Bill talking about how she had used the potion Dumbledore gave her to make him think of her. He didn’t know it was a love potion though. But then hang on, he thought; “Weren’t we taught in Potions class that love potions can’t make you fall in love? No, that was the liquid luck potion. He shook his head. His thinking process was all out of whack.”

He swallowed and looked up when the front door opened and John came out. John looked out into the darkness and asked in a worried whisper, “Harry, where are you?”

“I’m right here,” he answered quietly. John turned abruptly and stepped over to him happily but stopped when he saw him. “It was true then? I didn’t think it was a real threat. What happened? How long have you been here? Come inside it’s freezing out here and your family misses you. Why are you without a shirt and coat in this freezing weather?”

Harry sighed and said, “I just got home, and I heard all the laughing. I missed it John, I missed the train bringing them home. I missed giving Albus his puppy. I don’t know why I keep thinking that I’m meant to have a family. I should leave and never come back. I keep making promises and I believe them myself. And then they get broken and I feel like a heel. I don’t deserve them, John. And look how happy they all are, they can get along just fine without me. I know it sounds like I’m brooding and maybe I am somewhat but it still boils down to I’m never around here when it counts for them. I’m somewhere else for someone else. Go back in and I’ll come in after the excitement dies down.”

John said, “There’s still Christmas, Harry. You’ll get to see them open their gifts and be happy-” John stopped talking when Harry turned to look at him with such a sadness in his eyes it hurt him just seeing the pain. Then he remembered and Harry saw the realization come over his face.

“You remembered correctly. I don’t know what a single gift is under that tree except for the gift I made Ginny. Yeah, I’ll need to get that and throw it out in the trash. I don’t want her knowing how much I love her and that I’ll always love her. I’m going to file for a divorce in the morning and then leave. She and the kids will be taken care of for the rest of their lives. And Ginny can find a real man that will be here for her and the kids. Hermione can make someone else be Head Auror who won’t argue with her. Hopefully she’ll get someone she doesn't feel like she needs to use a love potion on. I was right, John. Nothing would have happened to me or anyone else if I hadn’t gone to investigate the death threat she received and believed despite what I told her.”

John said, “Harry, don’t do this; you’re making a big mistake. You can’t live without Ginny and your kids; you’ve said it over and over again. Where would you live?”

“That’s just it, John. I won’t live anywhere; I’ll just exist until I die, hopefully sometime real soon. But until then where ever I exist, I’ll be alone. Please go inside before they miss you. Carson is looking for you. I’ll come in when things quiet down. I don’t want to take away from their fun. I want to remember them exactly like this; laughing.”

John started to object and Harry said, “Don’t tell them I’m out here or I’ll leave and you’ll take away my memory of their happiness.” John shook his head and said, “Harry, come in and get warm. Enjoy your family and visit with me and Carson before we leave tomorrow morning.”

Harry’s head dropped and he shook with sadness. He started to slowly drop to the floor of the porch saying, “I love you brother; I don’t know what to do. My head is exploding; you better go in so you don’t see me die.”

John stepped over to him and Harry said, “No” and pointed his wand at him and John was in the house wondering what he was doing and why he was so cold. Harry tried to disappear and fell the rest of the way to the floor unconscious.

Carson saw John looking really confused and went to him. “Where have you been? Are you okay, son? Here now; what’s this Lad? You’re cold as ice.” Carson called Ginny to him and said, “Look at John, is he under some kind of spell?” John looked beyond them toward the door and said, “Where is Harry? Has he gone?”

Hermione followed Ginny over and she put her hand over her mouth. “John, where were you? Did Harry find you and send you home? Has he been captured and needs help? Did you see the Aurors with him?” John shook his head and looked at Ginny, “Did Harry come in? He was on the porch.”

Ron was going out the door by the time Ginny got to the door. “He’s here! He’s hurt badly, Doc. Should I move him; he’s so cold!”

Now Carson was beside him scanning him with his hand held scanner. “He can safely be moved; help me get him inside. Easy now, be careful.”

John crowded in and pulled Harry’s other arm and shoulder up and then he and Ron carried him into the house. As they placed him on the couch Ginny frantically asked why didn’t he have a shirt and coat on. Harry woke up, said he was fine and disappeared.

Ginny sent the kids to the basement with Banner so they could talk. They weren’t happy about this and said they could help. Ginny could hardly keep up appearances but held herself together and told the kids they would get everything sorted out but for now to just play in the basement. The kids reluctantly hung their heads with disappointment and did as they were told.

Hermione, Ron, Carson, John, and Ginny all came together in the living room. Ginny looked at Carson and asked if John was okay. John looked surprised and said, “Why not ask me, I am right here you know.” His temperament wasn’t quite the normal friendly man they were accustomed to but they overlooked it after their initial shock wore off.

Ron said, “Go on then, tell us what you know. You appeared out of nowhere and seemed dazed and confused. And to top it off you were freezing cold.”

John relaxed his stance and his normal nature came about. “I went outside to think because I knew Harry was supposed to be here. He was supposed to take us all to get the boys from King’s Cross. I was sure the whole Umbridge sighting wasn’t anything to be concerned about. Harry knew it too. I can’t understand why when you have at least two very credible eyewitnesses, one being your Head Auror, Harry and the other, me; to the fact that she was dead you chose to not believe us but you do believe someone who wasn’t there. There’s no way to make sense of sending Harry and his Aurors to find something that wasn’t real.”

He stared at Hermione and saw she was about to defend her actions and so he quickly continued with his thinking. So I was out on the porch and I said, “Harry, where are you?” and he answered me, he said, “I’m right here.” Well, of course I could see he was hurt, but he was more depressed than anything, I thought anyway. He was watching Ginny and the kids having fun watching Banner and the kids laughing and playing. I think he was kind of out of his head though. I’d rather not say anything else until Harry is here to-”

Ginny said, “Tell us, John. We need to know what he’s thinking it could help us find him.” John didn’t want to say anymore, but Ginny put her foot down and demanded he tell her.

“He said you and the kids were better off without him. He couldn’t take making promises to them and breaking them all the time. He said he knew there wasn’t anything to the Toad sighting and he was right.”

Hermione interrupted him. “But he’s hurt, that proves there was something to the Umbridge thing. Nothing else makes sense.”

“Harry didn’t go into it, but he said nothing would have happened to anyone and the whole thing would have worked itself out if he hadn’t stepped into the mess.”

Hermione again tried to defend her actions but Ginny stopped her. “While we’re still on speaking terms maybe we should just wait to hear the story from Harry. Too many times things are said and acted on too soon and all that comes from it is hard feelings to one another. I’m tired of apologizing for something that shouldn’t have happened but did.”

She glared at Hermione; her eyes betraying her truce. Then she looked at Carson. What did you find out from your machine, Carson?”

Carson looked at his scanner and read off the screen, “He has multiple bruises and contusions to his entire upper body. He’s got a serious concussion and cracked skull and his brain is bleeding. He’s bleeding from a ruptured kidney and his right hand is cut and bleeding badly. The trauma to his head can cause depression and his state of mind he was in before he left will contribute to unhealthy thoughts of separation and abandonment of one sort or another. It can cause suicidal tendencies and taking actions to end his needless suffering.” Carson looked at John and said, “John, did Harry make any references of suicide or wishing he were dead?”

John said, “Harry would never kill himself. No, he didn’t say anything of the sort; although he did say everyone would be better off without him. He knows he’ll die and said he just hopes it happens quickly. He’s pretty banged up and talking out of his head, so don’t take what I’m telling you to the bank. He’s says he’s going to file for a divorce in the morning so Ginny can have a man she deserves in case he lingers. He said Ginny could find a man who would be good for her and the kids. He can’t stand that he is never around when it counts and they need that more than having him here just now and then. And he said Hermione could get a Head Auror who will be the kind of person to jump through hoops for her without arguing with her.”

He looked at the Christmas tree and said, “He hurts because he doesn’t feel like he got the kids anything for Christmas. He said he doesn’t know what any of the gifts are for the kids. He said the only gift under the tree that he knows what it is, is the one he made for Ginny. He said he’s going to get it and throw it in the trash so Ginny doesn’t know how much he loves her.”

Ginny gasped and looked for the gift and finding it she grabbed it and ran upstairs with it. A few minutes later she came back downstairs. Hermione was saying she just couldn’t understand what happened. Carson said with strict authority, I know everyone wants answers, but when he comes home, I don’t want anyone questioning him or making him talk until I have a chance to examine him. He needs to rest and not get worked up about anything. Ginny said, “Well, he can consider himself lucky you ordered that because what I want is to give Harry a piece of my mind!” She was angry and her hot temper was verging on exploding without a way to vent some pent up anger.

They all turned gasping as a soft voice said, “Not exactly what I was looking forward to, but I’m so glad to finally be home, I’ll take it.”

Ginny ran to him and threw her arms around his neck sobbing hard. He groaned but put his arms around her and quietly said, “Ah, I’m enjoying this, I could use a piece of your mind all the time.”

She pulled away from him and scowled hard at him. He sighed and waited for her to yell at him. He had hoped she would hold off until another time when he felt better. But she didn’t say anything and thankfully Carson stepped in between the two and led him to the fireplace where Harry could get warmed up while he treated him. He could see Harry must have already stopped the bleeding on his hand and head, but wanted to bandage them and look at the rest of the wounds he couldn’t see yet.

“Let me have a look at you son.”

Harry limped over to the fire, grateful for its heat. Hermione couldn’t stand the quiet anymore and demanded he tell them what happened. Harry turned to her and said, “And what if I don’t want to talk about it. What if I have more important things to talk about? What if I want to spend time with my family and our friends from out of country? I’m sorry Hermione, filling you in on the disastrous day's events aren’t on my priority list. My priority is to be with my family and rest.”

Hermione answered hotly, “Oh, it is okay that Ginny gets a divorce without talking to you, but I can’t find out what’s going on?!”

Harry’s face went white and his knees buckled and he fell onto the arm of his overstuffed chair trying to breath. He looked at Ginny and barely loud enough to be heard he said, “You divorced me?”

Carson put his hands up to keep anyone from saying anything else. “Harry, try to calm down, Ginny didn’t divorce you, nor does she want to. Now tell me what the last thing you remember is before you came inside.”

Harry just stared at Ginny and Carson repeated his question. Harry swallowed and said, “I… was walking up the hill to the house. I was freezing and dripping wet. I must have slipped and fallen into a creek somewhere or something. I came in and everyone was here talking about me I guess, because Ginny said she wanted to give me a piece of her mind. I… I liked it. I didn’t know it was a goodbye kiss though. Ginny, what…”

Carson caught him as his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he slid off the arm of the chair. John and Ron pulled him back up and there wasn’t any resistance from Harry. He was completely unconscious.

Carson said, “The excitement was too much for him.” He ran his scanner over him and said, “His concussion is worse than it has ever been. I would liked to have found out what he was hit with that cracked his skull. But, nobody ever thinks the doctor has a reason for giving the orders we give. When I said he needs to rest and not let him get excited this is why I said that. Now, let me treat him and if he wakes up nobody will talk to him until I say it’s okay. Does everyone understand me?”

Everyone nodded their heads and Ginny began crying softly. John turned her into his shoulder and held her to comfort her. She cried, “Doesn’t he mean when he wakes up and not if he wakes up?”

“Carson will get him fixed up Darlin’. He’ll be up before long and sliding down the banister-” He stopped talking as he watched Carson frantically getting syringes out and getting an IV ready to put in. Surprisingly Ron jumped in to help and put the IV in. Carson said with surprise, “That’s expertly done, Ron. When did you learn-?”

Ron answered before the doctor finished asking the question. “Harry taught me when he was training me to be an Auror. I’ve put loads of IV’s in him, out on cases even; least I can do.” He and Carson worked feverish on Harry for half an hour and then Carson said, “It’s up to him now. We’ve done all we can do for him.”

Carson kept an eye on him through dinner and early into the evening. He said it might do him good if he stayed on the couch and heard the kids playing. So after dinner, the kids and Banner played in the living room with their dad sleeping on the couch. Sometime during the night, Carson took the IV’s out of his hand and told Ginny and John that he was out of the woods and it looked like he was going to be okay. Ginny hugged Carson and thanked him for saving Harry. He told her he would sleep in the recliner chair to keep an eye on him the rest of the night, but Ginny told him he should go on to bed. She thought they’d be up before he woke up and so everyone went on to bed.

The next morning Harry didn’t remember any of the night before and just figured he had fallen asleep from being so exhausted and his head hurting so badly. He forewent his exercise routine but got ready in the basement so he wouldn’t wake anyone and left for work. He left a note for John to call him before he left so he could come home for a quick goodbye. When he got to work he set up the days plans and made a pot of coffee like he always does and when the Aurors came in he greeted them with a smile and seemed extra happy to see them. When Ron came in Ron stared at him without saying a word. Harry chuckled and said, “What’s up, Captain? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Ron pinched him and Harry raised an eyebrow; curious as to what the problem was and punched him in the arm. He was curious but he wasn’t going to be a pin cushion. For some reason this morning his arms were really sore and bruised. He certainly didn’t feel up to being picked on by Ron or anyone else.

Ron held his arm where Harry punched him and said, “Ouch! What was that for?”

“You pinched me. What was that for?”

Harry said, “Let’s get briefing over with; I’ve got company I haven’t been afforded time to visit with and they’re leaving this morning sometime. I’d like to at least say goodbye.”

He looked around and everyone nodded their agreement. When Harry looked at Ron he stopped and chuckled. “Okay, before we start briefing I think I need to know what is going on with the Captain. Seriously mate, you look like you’ve seen a ghost. What’s going on?”

Ron said, “Well, I just don’t know what’s going on with you. Last night when we left your house, we didn’t know if you were going to live through the night. Now you’re here acting like nothing’s happened at all.”

Harry’s eyebrows knit together and his lips parted but he couldn’t say anything at first. It seemed Ron was serious, but how could what he said be true? He thought back to last night and shook his head. “I’m sorry, Captain, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m not calling you a liar… I-” He thought hard and closed his eyes trying to remember. “I don’t remember anything after I left Hogsmeade. I know I was hurt badly, but I must have just needed rest and a little potion of some sort. I’m pretty much okay now; tired, sore, real sore to be more precise, and a bit fuzzy in the mind, but functional, and NOT a ghost.”

Ron still did not believe him, but didn’t say anything. He didn’t want to get chewed out by Carson if Harry had another spell like last night.

Harry began telling about his visit from Hermione and reasons why what she was telling him couldn’t be true. “I know that Toad Umbridge blew up because I saw her scattered remains. Since she ordered you all to go to Hogsmeade then I needed to go and tell you to take a quick look around and if you didn’t see anything then to go on to whatever you were doing. I went incognito,” He changed into how he looked the day before, and got a rowdy approval from the guys and howls of delight from the ladies. “You’re hot boss!”

Harry looked surprised and slightly offended. “I'm not hot, I'm a ruffian!”

They all laughed and the ladies said, “No, you're HOT ruffian.”

Harry immediately changed back to his normal looks and continued talking with his head hanging due to its unnatural redness at the moment. He told them of meeting up with Cho and Marietta and others from Hogwarts. He looked at Ron and said, “The Creevey brothers would have had a younger brother if they hadn’t been killed in the war. He’s the one who cracked my skull with this.”

Harry held up an aluminum baseball bat. He passed it around the room and they all saw the amount of blood on the bat and a few whistled their astonishment. “Just a bit more humph behind his swing and he would have killed me. Now, these people weren’t breaking the law, with the exception of the beating they gave me, but they thought I had insulted their cause and they thought I was a ruffian. They actually thought they were continuing on with Dumbledore’s Army. I guess it will take more than a few generations for the war at Hogwarts to be forgotten about. We need to be tolerant and mindful of the people directly involved in the war and how it affected them. I went by the pub this morning and retrieved this from the owner. Young Creevey and his friends are working at my special project since their university classes are over for the Christmas holiday. They will be doing some community service to get the homeless off the streets and into warm living conditions. Hopefully working there will fill their minds with a positive outlook that actually does make a difference.”

Harry looked around and asked if anyone had questions and all of them wanted to know how he found out about what was being planned. Harry said he just got into his role playing and listened to everything until that caught his attention.

He didn’t understand why everyone was so quiet and curious about yesterday but went on with his instructions for the day. When he was done he looked at Todd and asked how he and his wife were doing. When Todd said they were doing great he smiled and told him he was proud at his efforts and strides in becoming an excellent Auror. Still smiling he asked how Rose and Hugo was doing with the puppy and what did they name him?

Ron arched his eyebrows and said, “They’re doing just fine Harry. And they kept the name you gave him, Tippy, because it was so fitting. Hermione especially thought it appropriate. You know how she counts stuff like that as something worth writing home about.” Harry chuckled and said he was happy they were all doing so well.

Then Ron asked how his kids liked they’re puppy. Harry looked up at him and studied his brother in law for a minute and then without smiling he answered, “I wouldn’t know the answer to that Captain, because if you remember I wasn’t available to get the kids from King’s Cross or to see them when they saw the puppy. I still haven’t seen them yet. I don’t even know what Albus named him. It’s his puppy.”

Harry closed his eyes and rubbed his head and then paired up teams and sent everyone out to do their jobs with a reminder, “Don’t forget I’ll be away from the office for a little bit to say good bye to my company I didn’t get to see at all, but if anyone needs me, give me a call and I’ll be right there.”

Harry sat down at his desk and began writing a report from yesterday and just finished when Wes came in. Wes did a double take of him and said, “You look awful, what happened?”

“Thanks Wes, good to know I look like how I feel.” He briefly told Wes what happened and said he needed to go home and take care of some things. Wes nodded his head and said, “Take your time, or even the rest of the day.” Harry grinned with one side of his mouth but shook his head. “I need to drop this report off to Percy before I go home. He can give Hermione her copy since she made it her business to start giving all the orders.”

He left and appeared at the Ministry of Magic and walked through the main corridor to the Minister of Magic’s office. He walked in and said he needed to see Percy for a minute. But he stopped suddenly hearing Hermione’s voice and the mention of his name and handed the secretary his folder and then something about shopping. “On second thought, just give this to him when he’s done talking to Hermione. Oh, and give Hermione her copy as well. Thank you.”

Harry felt like laughing hysterically he was so happy he was finally going to get to see his sons’. He walked up the porch steps and into his house. The smile came off his face as he looked around the silent house. It was after nine o’clock; surely nobody would still be sleeping. He went upstairs and checked the bedrooms and found them all empty. He went downstairs and out to where John always parks the Puddle jumper and found it gone. He wasn’t surprised because there were footprints to the little spaceship and none returning to the house. They were gone and he didn’t get to say good bye.
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for the next chapter. I can't tell you what it means to me to have you return faithfully to read our story. Thank you so much. As you can see I'm posting a day late. I apologize for this and my only defense is I went through the whole week a day late for everything. It's a sad thing to lose a day. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Chapter 7 The Inspection And The Failure Of The Code Inspector

Walking into the house Harry stopped in the kitchen and saw the note he had left for John asking him to call him before he left. He hadn’t called him so maybe they just went somewhere. Harry grinned, “That’s what it is; Arthur asked John to come to the Burrow so he could see the spaceship. They’re probably all at the Burrow!” He picked up the note with more writing on it catching his eye. It was from John, he left word saying he had an emergency order to report back to Atlantis. He didn’t know any details, but he had to leave that minute. He regretted not getting to visit with him and hoped Harry stops working too hard because he was going to end up killing himself.

Harry dropped the note in the trash can and called Ginny. It went straight to voice mail which meant she had more than likely forgot to put her phone on the charger. He left a message that he had come home and nobody was home. After telling her he’d check at the Burrow for her and how much he loved her he hung up and called the Burrow. No answer there either. He got a bowl and spoon and the milk from the refrigerator. Sitting at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal Winky walked into the kitchen singing Jingle Bell Rock by Brenda Lee. Harry smiled and joined in singing with her. It was always a delight when Winky spent time with Harry in the kitchen. When the song was done she smiled at him and said, “Why didn’t Master Harry eat breakfast before Master went to work?”

“I planned on coming back to have breakfast with Ginny and the kids.” He added, “And John and Carson too if they hadn’t left. But, everyone is gone so here I am eating alone. Sit down and talk to me if you can.”

Winky climbed up on the chair beside Harry and asked what he wanted to talk about. He looked at her and recognized the look on her face. She was supposed to keep a secret, but Harry is her master and won’t keep secrets from him. It’s just that she hates being disobedient to any of the Potters’. Harry wouldn’t make her reveal any secrets so he changed the subject so she wouldn’t be uncomfortable. “Are you ready for Christmas, Winky?”

“Oh yes, Master Harry, Winky has been ready for weeks now. Winky is laughing at Winky’s Marston shaking packages with Winky and Marston’s children. They aren’t realizing I am watching them and taking memory pictures of them.” She giggled and Harry smiled at her happiness. Thinking about memories was depressing him so he changed the subject again. “Have the kids done much sledding, Winky?”

Winky giggled so hard she nearly fell off her chair. “Winky and Marston went sledding with all the kids yesterday, and Banner rode down the hill with Albus beating everyone. James was a daredevil and skied off Pride Rock with Miss Ginny screaming at him for doing such a dangerous thing. James laughed so hard Miss Ginny gave in and laughed too after she was done telling him he was going to be just like his daddy. Harry wondered if that was meant to be a good or bad thing.

“Were Carson and John able to eat before they had to leave?” Harry asked as he poured a cup of coffee. Winky said they were gone before she came up to the house for work. Harry nodded his head and said he wished he knew what the emergency was. Turning his thoughts back to Winky he said, “Winky, if you could go anywhere in the world where would you like to go?”

Winky smiled and said, “Winky is being happiest with Master Harry and does not want to visit anywhere else in the world.”

Harry grinned and said, “Surely you would like to see another part of the world. I would like to give you and your family the week off to go anywhere you want to go for a Christmas present.”

Winky giggled and said her best Christmas is being with Master Harry. Harry laughed and said, “Okay then you and your family will spend Christmas day with us. And you will all have Christmas dinner with us. How about that then; Merry Christmas!”

All of a sudden Winky quit laughing and shook her head no and jumped off her chair. She started to run off but Harry called her back to him. “What is it, Winky? Here, never mind; you don’t have to spend the day with us or eat with us. I just want to give you something special so you know how much we love you. Okay, are you okay now?”

Winky nodded her head and said she needed to get her work done and at Harry’s nod and sad smile she ran out of the kitchen. Harry took his dirty dishes to the sink and washed them quickly. He looked around the kitchen and the living room as he walked through and felt alone and out of place. He frowned and disappeared back to the Detective Agency. Wes was busy when he came in but took the time to raise his head and smile. “I thought you’d be gone longer than twenty minutes Harry. Why don’t you take the rest of the day off? You don’t look so good.”

Harry shrugged his shoulder and said he’d survive; it was just a headache and soreness in his body. He sat down behind his desk and picked up a file. He worked on some papers and then filed them. He made some phone calls and buried himself in his work when Wes walked in with a man who said he was there to make an appointment for the final inspection on the project for the homeless shelter.

“That’s fantastic news! People will be able to start moving in now? I don’t know how the other papers could have been lost and why my copy can’t be used, but all’s well now, let’s go. And if you please; it’s not meant to be a shelter but apartments.”

“Well, the business people would like for it to remain empty until after the holidays so it doesn’t ruin the looks of the community. They are afraid the type of people who move in will make an eyesore of the area.”

Harry was livid and said, “People need a place to call home. The weather is getting worse each hour and our community will start finding dead frozen people, families without a place to get in out of the weather. Come on let’s go inspect the building then. And you should know; I know for certain it is up to code and that there won’t be anything found wrong. And if something is found wrong, then I will investigate you and every business in town for bribery or payoffs to fail the inspection or whatever the case may be.”

The man turned white in the face and said with a very shaky voice, “Yes sir, Mr. Potter, I’m sure it will pass and there won’t be any delay for people to move in as soon as they are vetted. They will need vetted and that takes time.”

Harry glared at the man and said, “I have already made thorough background checks on all the applicants. They have been waiting patiently and deserve a break in life just as much and in some cases more than everyone else.”

Harry walked out with Mr. Weatherbee, and he nervously said, “Maybe we could have a cup of coffee while I make an urgent phone call. It’ll only take a minute.”

Harry scowled at the nervous man and kept on walking. “We’ll take your car and I’ll buy you a cup of coffee after the inspection.” The smile he gave Mr. Weatherbee was not a friendly smile, but a smile that warned he knew the game and he wasn’t playing.

When they got in the car Harry picked up brochures for the Cayman Islands. “Oh, I see you’re planning on spending the holidays away from the cold. It should be nice this time of year.”

Mr. Weatherbee grunted something about not anymore he’s not. When they arrived at the building Mr. Weatherbee parked half a block away from the building and Harry began wondering if he was walking into a trap. “Why park so far away? There’s plenty of parking at the facility.”

Mr. Weatherbee shot back his reply with a nasty sneer, “Well, maybe I want the exercise!”

Harry shrugged his shoulders and walked with the angry man. As soon as they got to the door Mr. Weatherbee stopped and turned to walk away. “Sorry, I don’t know where my head is. I left my clipboard in the car. I can’t very well make an inspection without my checklist can I.”

Harry handed him his clipboard and said, “I noticed you forgot and picked it up for you. Come on; let’s get in out of the cold.”

The man snatched the clipboard and stood away from the door and looked around. “You’ll need to unlock the place; I left the keys at the office.”

Harry pulled the door open and said, “Lucky for us I dropped off a few people to wash windows and vacuum the carpets early this morning. A little community service work detail for messing with an officer of the law.”

Harry pulled open his jacket and showed the man his badge. The man turned absolutely white in the face and nearly keeled over. Harry grabbed the man behind the collar and shoved him inside. “Now, let’s get busy.”

They walked through each room and Mr. Weatherbee made checks on his paper and then they came across the young men from the night before. But today they were happy and very compliant with whatever Harry said. “And when you’re done, go ahead and go home. Stay out of trouble guys. And, Chucky, I wanted to tell you I knew your brothers. They were fine young men. Much too young to be called men, but they died doing good and honorable deeds that only grown men should have been doing. They were heroes in my book. Not because they died; sneaking back was a foolish thing to do, but because their hearts were in the right place. They fought to save the lives of those who were oppressed and those sought out for annihilation because they weren’t born the same as the prejudiced.” He reached inside his jacket and gave each of the young men an envelope and said, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” He shook hands with all four of them and watched them leave in happy spirits.

Mr. Weatherbee looked at Harry and soberly asked what that was all about. Harry said, “You know about the cause up north, how ugly things get now and then.” Mr. Weatherbee nodded his head assuming Harry was talking about skirmishes between the folk of Scotland and Ireland. Harry was counting on him thinking that and continued. “Well it hit pretty close to home for a lot of us and kids joined in wanting to help. Sadly many young people died that awful night. Some of us made it through-” Harry’s face was white and he began to tremble and turned away from the man and walked on to the next room without another word about the war at Hogwarts. He saw the man looking closely at him and knew he saw the scars from the many battles Harry fought in.

Mr. Weatherbee called to him and Harry stopped and looked down at the floor. The war and all his battles from that day on began raging in his head. Mr. Weatherbee put his hand kindly on Harry’s arm and tried to turn him but Harry didn’t budge.

Mr. Potter, there’s no need to go through the rest of the building. It has already passed inspection. Some of the people close to here said they’d pay me if I gave an unfavorable report and destroy the other one that just passed. I’m truly sorry I let money ruin my honor. Can you see it in your heart to forgive me please? My Nephew died in a country to help set the oppressed free.” He held out his hand and Harry shook it and thanked him.

“Will there be any reason I need to be worried about the safety of anyone who moves in here?”

“Oh no sir, this was just a group of snobs who think they’re better than others and don’t want this center here, but they knew it would open sooner or later. They just wanted it to be after the holidays so their businesses looks good in the monthly catalog that drums up business for them. Nobody will be getting hurt or treated badly. They’ll have their fake smiles on to make everyone think they’re just people doing their part to help the less fortunate.”

Harry nodded his head and quietly thanked him. When they got to the car Harry said he’d like to walk and clear his head. “I would still like to get that coffee for you though. He handed the man some money and wished him a Merry Christmas and walked away.

Harry walked around for hours doing this and that; little things and big things. When he walked into the office Wes jumped up and threw a blanket around him and then got him a cup of coffee which he didn’t even notice. Harry thanked him in a whisper leaving Wes holding the cup of coffee he got him and walked into his office; the blanket falling off his shoulders, and sat behind his desk. He sat there despondent and staring straight ahead for about ten minutes. When his Aurors reported in he came out and sat on the corner of the desk as he always does and asked how their day was. They all gave him their reports and then Harry told them the new residence was going to open first thing in the morning and asked them to all drop over off and on throughout the day to make sure occupants were getting moved in okay and there wasn’t any problems from the community. He explained what happened with him and finished by telling them to go home and have a good time with their families.

They all said good bye to him each patting him friendly on his shoulders and back before they left. It was very obvious something was very wrong but nobody said anything. They knew Harry would say something if he wanted to talk about it.

Harry told Wes he’d lock up and to go on home. Ron hadn’t made it out the door yet and was doing his best to make it look like it was just because the others were taking too much time leaving. When Wes stopped what he was doing and left Ron turned around and said, “What’s wrong, Harry?”

Harry looked at him tempted to talk but then said, “It’s five o’clock, Captain, and you’ve put in your day. Go spend time with your wife and kids.”

Ron was so caring when he put his hand on Harry’s arm to stop him from turning away from him that Harry swallowed and shook his head slowly, his eyes bright with water pooling. “What is wrong, Harry?”

“I can’t remember anything but bits and pieces from last night. I remember Hermione arguing with me in front of Lily and it scaring her at noon; thinking her brothers were going to be killed. And I remember leaving to check out what she was afraid of and I remember not getting to pick up the boys and I remember everything that happened until I got home. I remember my head hurting so bad it would have been fine if I died but I wanted to be with Ginny and the kids. I saw all you guys laughing and having a good time without me. I tried to go inside but my head was hurting so bad and my whole upper body felt like I had been run over by a truck I thought I would die if I moved. And then I started thinking about always missing out on things with the kids and Ginny. Things began getting really fuzzy, it seems like John was there, and then he was gone and I was walking up the hill soaking wet and freezing. The next thing I remember is walking in the house and hearing Ginny saying she wanted to give me a piece of her mind. I thought she sounded angry, but… she kissed me. It was a kiss like no other; I liked the piece of her mind she gave me. And then I started feeling dizzy and Carson was taking me to the fireplace to look at me. I was a goner, I could feel myself swimming in space and Hermione screamed at me that it was okay that Ginny divorced me and she kept on screaming but I couldn’t hear her. I saw Ginny looking at me like she was sorry I heard that and the next thing I knew I was here giving you guys your assignments for the day. Throughout today I kept remembering things and I remember that when I woke up this morning, I didn’t know anything was wrong. I thought I must have fallen asleep on the couch and Ginny just decided to let me sleep. I didn’t remember anything about last night. I went home right after you guys left this morning to have breakfast with John and Carson, Ginny and the kids but they were already gone. Winky was acting strange; I know she was ordered not to tell me anything so I didn’t press her. But, Ginny hasn’t answered her phone and neither have your parents. The kids, Ginny, even the puppy, they’re gone and all the gifts under the tree are gone too. A lot of their clothes are gone from closets and dressers. Did she… has Ginny divorced me somehow? I don’t know what is going on.”

Harry put his hands on his head and said, “You need to get home Captain. I’m hurting too bad to try to get…home. I’m just going to take some medicine and lie down here in the office for a while until I feel up to going back to that empty house. Thanks for lending your ear. See ya in the morning.”

Ron took Harry’s arm and turned on the spot thinking of the destination, the Potter house. Harry felt like he was turning inside out and the pain in his head was so intense he was yelling, though the sound was not traveling with them. It seemed like an eternity and he couldn’t breathe; how could people travel this way. He tried to stay perfectly still so Ron didn’t have any problems but the pain was so bad he didn’t think he was successful. The two men arrived screaming in pain. Ron shoved Harry down on the couch and checked on his own arm where Harry had gripped him hard. He was fine except for what he had in his hand. He looked at Harry shaking uncontrollably on the couch groaning with the added pain of being splinched.

Harry began applying potions to his arm and saying spells with chattering teeth. He was becoming more frustrated each time he performed another spell. Finally he put some Dittany on it and wrapped it with some gauze and then leaned back with his eyes closed tight. Sweat was pouring off him yet he was shivering. Ron knew this to mean he was in shock. He got Harry a glass of water and held it to his lips.

“Here mate, drink some water. Harry opened his eyes and thanked him and tried to hold the glass but was slopping it out all over him. He tried to laugh about it to ease Ron’s worried face and Ron said, “Just let me help you, you’re going to be okay.”

Harry nodded his head when he had a few swallows. He tried to look around but groaned and closed his eyes again. He softly asked if Ginny was home, but Ron said it didn’t look like she was. “I’m going to call Hermione; she’s better at this than me.”

Harry said, “You’re doing fine, just consider who you’re working on; I’m complicated.” He smiled at Ron and beads of sweat and tears dripped off his eyelashes and rolled down his jaw and into his beard. His flushed face and white hair made his emerald green eyes shine brightly. He took a deep breath and said, “I need a shot for my concussion, will you give it to me?”

He held out his hand and the syringe appeared but fell. Ron caught it and asked where to give it to him. Harry stretched his head to lay over on his shoulder and exposed his neck. Ron made a face and pushed the needle into the large vain Harry showed him. “Hold still mate!”

Harry groaned and said try another one after he pulled the bloody needle from his neck. Just, you have to finesse it in or you’ll push it clear through the vain again.” He held out his hand and Ron took it before it fell. Harry gave a trusting look at Ron and told him to try again. Ron held his breath and Harry was trying his best to hold still. This became too much for him and he passed out. When he woke up Ron was sitting anxiously on the edge of the couch watching him closely. “I think you look some better, Harry.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “I do feel better, thanks, Captain. You probably saved my life.”
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for another new chapter. It's a dreary day out today and I'm still playing catch up from last week. The grocery shopping awaits me after I post this. Yuck But, I always enjoy coming on here to catch up on what's going on here on Sntchseeker. I hope you are all doing well and having a great day. We were out of town all day Saturday and my granddaughter came back with us. So, sorry I didn't get to post this Sunday. Please feel free to comment if you would like to. I hope you enjoy this chapter. There only two more chapters in this story line, but lots more coming after that.

Chapter 8

Mystery Solved And Harry Gets A New Home

“Why is your concussion so much worse than ever before?” Ron asked.

“Well, once you have a concussion your brain is susceptible to more. I’ve had a lot of them, and I can’t have time to heal properly. This last time I wasn’t just hit hard enough to cause one; my skull was cracked from being hit with an aluminum baseball bat. I should have taken a dose this morning, but I didn’t know what Carson gave me last night and if I had anything during the night. I think he must have administered it in an IV drip throughout the night according to how sore and bruised my wrist is. But it was gone this morning and I didn’t even realize I had the medicine. I’m so tired of not knowing what’s going on with my own family but knowing everything going on at work.”

Ron frowned and said, “It’s not right mate and I’m sorry it’s been me and Hermione causing most of your problems and confusion. Sometimes I wish she didn’t even think about being Minister of Magic. I’m sorry she overstepped her authority and-”

Harry interrupted him saying, “Stop, just stop. Look what we went through at Hogwarts and the year we set off to find the Horcruxes. We didn’t know what we were doing and we made it through despite a crooked government. Hermione will find her way, we have to let her do things the way she sees fit or she will think she won’t be a good Minister of Magic. I knew for certain that Toad was dead, and she needed to believe me when I told her what happened. John told her too. She had two eyewitnesses, plus the guards at Azkaban. But her inexperience made her too afraid to trust reliable information. Even Kingsley didn’t run a ship shape Ministry and had to take a few knocks on the chin from me. Hermione wants so badly to do right and good without me telling her she’s wrong. We have to stand behind her even when she doesn’t see things clearly at first. We have to let her know what we know is right and then let her make her mistakes when she makes them. She has to learn to except that she can be wrong sometimes. I’m really angry that she wouldn’t believe me yesterday because of her scaring Lily and what it ended up costing me. Lily is the only reason I went out to check the rumors about the Toad being alive. I was hoping I would be able to look around and leave right away and still make it to the train station. I would have been too if Chucky hadn’t used that bat on me… Sorry; got carried away with my own problems. The point is Hermione needs to experience bad things that happen because of bad choices she makes so she can be stronger the next time something like it comes along.”

Ron took a deep long breath and thanked Harry for not being mad at her. “Oh, I am mad, but I won’t disparage her, because she thought she was doing right. It’s just I hope you understand my point of view too. I nearly died, I missed getting the boys, and I didn’t get to see Albus meet his puppy or get to see the look on his face. I didn’t get to go skiing and since when do we even have skis? I didn’t get to visit with John and Carson, and worst of all, according to Hermione, Ginny divorced me! I can’t see how that’s possible, but she hasn’t been home all day, she hasn’t answered or returned any of my calls, all the gifts under the tree are gone, and most of their clothes are gone.”

Ron shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t know what to tell you mate, except Ginny didn’t divorce you and she doesn’t want to. She’s crazy mad in love with you. I don’t know why she won’t answer her phone or return your messages. I can’t tell you where they’ve been all day, but I can tell you that Hermione must be with them because it’s the same with Hermione.”

Harry looked at him and said, “What did we do to them? Were we together any yesterday after I came home? Things are so fuzzy I can’t remember things properly.”

“I know; ask Winky!”

“I can’t. I started to mention something about Ginny being gone and she got all nervous. I think she was sworn to secrecy. She would have answered me, but it would hurt her to go against Ginny’s orders.”

Ron told him to tell him everything he remembered from the pub. Harry told him everything he said at briefing and then added, “I was knocked out and they took me someplace while I was unconscious. I don’t know where at, but it wasn’t the pub anymore. They took my hoodie and shirt off to check how badly they hurt me I guess and searched me for ID and then they threw water on me to wake me. I nearly drowned it was so much water. They saw my scars-”

That explains why you got here wearing only your jeans and boots and why you were soaking wet,” said Ron excitedly. Go on; what do you remember after that?”

They asked why I had scars like Harry Potter. I told them I knew about leaving after the war and how men tried to claim they were me; Harry Potter to marry Ginny for the money. That seemed to disgust Cho and she said I; he would have been hers if Ginny hadn’t used a love potion on me; him. For some reason hearing it come from Cho really threw me for a loop. I was feeling the effects of the beating they gave me and had to not deal with that right then. They wanted proof Umbridge was dead and I took away my disguise so they could see who I was. So then I left… And now I can’t remember anything except being bothered about the love potion business and Hermione saying Ginny divorced me.”

Harry held his head in his hands and said, “I think I spoke to John, but I don’t remember anything, except I think I said something about being broken up about not getting to Christmas shop for the kids because Ginny had done it all. But this morning I woke up on the couch and other than being stiff and sore, I felt pretty decent. I went on to work because I told the guys who beat me to meet me at the new apartment complex for the homeless so they could begin some community service for their attack on me. I told them I’d help them as much as I could when they go to court. When I got to work I did everything like I always do, but everyone looked at me like I was a ghost. Right after I sent you all on your way, I came home to see the kids and Ginny; have breakfast with everyone. Nobody was home although John left a note saying they were called back to the base for an emergency. But the way Winky was acting and Ginny not returning my calls and loads of clothes being gone, and all the gifts being gone; I was afraid somehow Ginny did divorce me. When I got back to work twenty minutes later, well you know about that from briefing. But I walked around for hours trying to figure things out, why Ginny would want to divorce me. But, I did figure out the love potion Cho was talking about. Ginny told me Dumbledore made a potion very much like a love potion, but it was to make me remember her. He had been to the future and knew that we got married but he also knew I would leave for a number of years. My remembering Ginny would keep me grounded and always do everything possible to stay alive. So, yeah, she told me about that.”

Ron sighed, shook his head and reluctantly said, “Harry, John told us, well, actually he didn’t want to tell us but we made him. He had stepped out on the porch to think where you could be. He said you had just gotten home and, yeah mate, you told him it hurt you that you didn’t get to be in on buying gifts for the kids and you told him about the whole divorce thing. He told us you were talking out of your head and saying you weren’t good for them, Ginny and the kids, and that it wasn’t fair for them to be without a husband and father most of the time. You told him you were going to file for a divorce today so Ginny can find someone better for her and the kids. You said you were going to die but just in case you lingered on you would divorce her. But, John and Carson told her it would never happen. You were on the verge of dying, and your arm is sore because I put your IV in last night. I’m not a doctor so I did my best though.”

Harry listened with his mouth parted to say something but never did. He stood up and limped back and forth in front of the fireplace and then stopped. “So stop me if I got this wrong. I came home, but I didn’t go inside I stayed on the porch and talked to John. I said all that stuff about getting a divorce and said I was going to divorce Ginny and later when I was inside Hermione said it was OK for Ginny to get a divorce, but she meant because I had already told John I was going to divorce her. What happened then?”

“Nothing mate, the excitement was too much for you and you passed out. That’s when we nearly lost you. Ginny had the kids play with Banner here in the living room in case it might help you, but it didn’t faze you whatsoever. Sometime during the night Carson took out the IV and we went home and Ginny, Carson, and John went to bed. I guess you woke up before them and came to work like normal.”

“I didn’t know that I shouldn’t; I thought I was okay. I knew Carson had given me medication for my concussion since I was still alive and I couldn’t feel my brain swelling anymore. I didn’t work out before I left, I really thought I was okay, and I didn’t know I put such a hardship on everyone last night.”

Harry stopped pacing and said, “Something is wrong. I’m still woozy from everything that’s happened and I can’t think straight, but I know something is wrong. No answer with Ginny, Hermione, or your parents has to mean something is wrong.”

Ron stood up and said they were probably shopping or something, but he was checking his watch. “I think you’re right, Harry. Someone would have returned our calls.”

Harry put on a tee shirt and jeans and Ron told him he should let him bandage his head so Harry let him. It wasn’t a spectacular job, but Harry was grateful for Ron’s help. “Thanks for bringing me home and talking to me, Captain. And thanks for your medical aid, although my neck might never be the same after you pushed that needle clear through and into my throat. I think you poked my tongue with it.” He smiled and Ron shrugged his shoulders and said, “Well hold still when people who are squeamish with needles are trying to save your life and you won’t have problems like that.”

They both chuckled and Harry pulled a bit of gauze covering his eye up and tucked it under the gauze that was actually on correctly for the most part. Ron became serious and asked, “How do we go about finding them?”

Harry said, “Process of elimination. Where is a place they would all go if they were shopping?”

“You mean like what store? How could we begin to know that?”

“No, you’re getting ahead of yourself. Where would they go first? Don’t you and your parents still use Gringotts to do your banking? Your parents would go there first before any shopping.”

“You’re right, Harry. There must be a holdup at the bank!”

Harry thought for a second holding his head to think better. Ron was saying he’d call the emergency code for the Aurors, but Harry shook his head and said, “No, now I’m getting ahead of myself. If the bank was being robbed it would be all over the news and Percy would call me, and so would Carl. It’s not the bank. Think back further. Why are they all gone? I think the answer is right here staring at us. Ginny makes a used clothing drive every year to take clothes she doesn’t wear much and clothes the kids outgrew. Also, all the presents are gone because she wanted to let me be part of giving to the kids. She bought everything for them; you said John told her I felt bad about not being a part of getting the gifts. She asked Hermione and her parents to go with her to help take the gifts back or… wait a minute… she told me once that it would be her one day doing good deeds for people! She took the gifts to one of those charity places.”

Ron nodded his head anxiously getting caught up in Harry’s excitement. He stopped and said, “How will we find which place they are at?”

Harry said, “That’s the easy part, we needed to figure out where and how to plan our strategy once we get there. Okay, I’m going to go have a quick look and come right back to get you. Call Carl and tell him to gather all the Aurors here and wait for me to come back.”

Ron nodded his head and Harry took out his wand and held it flat in his hand. “Take me to Albus’s wand.” Harry turned invisible and the next second he was standing beside Albus. He crouched down and whispered to his son. “Albus, everything will be okay, Uncle Ron and I figured out what happened and I’m here to see the best way to get everyone safe. I’m looking into your eyes for you to answer my questions. Is anyone hurt? How many are there? Where are all of them stationed? What time did they capture everyone? Where are Mum and all the other adults?” Harry was glad Albus couldn’t see the worry in his eyes and very lightly put his hand on his young son. “Good boy, son. It’ll all be over in a few minutes. Don’t be afraid when you hear a lot of noise. I’ll cause a distraction so we can get people in here to get everyone. I’m leaving right now, but only to get Ron and the Aurors; I’ll be right back. I’m going to put a protection barrier up around all you kids. When you hear a big commotion outside tell all the kids not to move and that they are safe. Okay son, I’ll be back with help.” He kissed his son on his head and left.

Harry appeared back beside Ron and hurriedly greeted the other Aurors. “A group of ten men are holding hostages at the charity warehouse on Chase and Fowler. They’ve been hitting all the donation centers all day, and the reason we haven’t heard about it is because they’re closing the stores and locking the personnel and any customers in transport trains that go across country. They’ve had this warehouse closed since eight o’clock this morning. The reason they haven’t followed their own protocol is because they found out they have the Minister of Magic Elect and my wife and kids. They’ve been arguing and making plans as what to do. Albus said they’ve had Ginny in the office with them for half an hour. Albus also said… James was hurt when they took Ginny but he’s okay. Albus tended to him best he could, and they hurt Lily when she screamed at them. He said they took Lily to a separate room and hasn’t heard anything from her for the last ten minutes. She had been screaming that her daddy would save her and…”

Harry stopped talking and said that he would go first and light off some firecrackers for a diversion to cover the sound of them Apparating there. He quickly sketched out a map of the warehouse and told them where Albus said the men were stationed on lookout. He appointed several men at each exit and window and pointed to offices where the adults were being held and the one where they took Ginny and the one they took Lily. “All the children other than Lily are huddled in this corner under a protection barrier I put around them. Make sure you lower that before you run to them to get them out. Once you have them and the adults take them outside someplace safe. If anyone is injured find out if they are magic folk or Muggles and take them to a hospital accordingly. The others can go home if they want. With the exception of lowering the barrier, no wands unless it is an emergency. We are in a mixed community of magic and non magic. You know what you need to do to Muggle's minds.”

He made sure everyone knew what they were to do and then Harry disappeared. He set off a bunch of rocket launchers and firecrackers and the other Aurors popped into the alley beside the warehouse. They quickly split up and ran to their assigned places grabbing and disarming a few men who ran out to see what the commotion was. Harry appeared inside the warehouse and ran to the room where Lily was being held. When he busted in the room he fell to the floor and rolled over while shooting spells at the man guarding Lily. It wasn’t difficult to defeat the man and Harry disarmed him and tied him up with one swift hand motion with his wand. He carefully picked up Lily and softly said, “Darling Angel, its Daddy, I have you. Are you okay?”

Lily buried her head in his chest and cried, “Daddy, I knew you would come.”

Harry stood up with her and said he was taking her home and Winky would take care of her so he could get her mummy. She nodded her head and Harry took Lily home and called for Winky. When she showed up he said, “I need you to take care of Lily; find out what she needs and help her please. I have to go back and get Ginny.”

As soon as Winky started to nod her head he disappeared and reappeared in the office where Albus said they had Ginny. There were three of them in with her and Harry disarmed them right away. He was tying them up when one of them knocked a bookshelf over on him and ran out. Harry groaned and got up and freed Ginny; asking if she was okay. She said, she was okay but they hurt James and they took Lily away. Harry squeezed her quickly and said they were already taken care of. He squeezed her again and said, “I was so afraid they hurt you. We’ll talk later, go down these steps and join Hermione. I’ve got Ron and the rest of the Aurors here helping.”

Harry ran out of the office and looked around for the one that got away. He would need to be careful because they seemed to be pretty intelligent thugs. He would probably have gotten another wand by now and hiding until it was clear for him to leave. Harry was glad he put a spell around the warehouse to keep them from Dissaparating. It would make it less handy for the Aurors to have to go outside to take them away, but it was the best course of action to keep the villains from escaping. Harry of course was able to travel through the spell without any problem.

He listened and heard a slight noise behind him and ducked as a large wrench flew passed his head. The man ran down a set of stairs and Harry jumped over the rail to land in front of him. The man was quick on his feet and kicked at Harry but Harry was quick too. He caught the man’s leg and twisted it knocking the man off balance. He fell to his knee and then hooked his other leg around Harry’s shoulder and twisted Harry backward and then kicked him in the stomach to get loose. Harry got up and grabbed a hook on a pulley and rode it down to the bottom floor where the man landed by jumping down from pallets and boxes and was about to grab one of the hostages that hadn’t been transported out yet. Harry let go of the hook and landed on the man and the two rolled several yards punching and gouging anyplace they could get a hold of. The man saw Harry’s arm bleeding through the gauze from where he was splinched and clawed at it burying his fingers deep in the wound. Harry yelled and finally got a stranglehold on the man hoping to put him to sleep. Neither man let go until finally Harry jerked the man’s head sideways and the break of his neck made a loud snap. The man dropped to the floor dead and Harry leaned on a wall he was close to. He looked around to see if his Aurors needed any help and saw his battle had wound up being in front of the kids who now were staring at Harry awestruck at what they watched.

Harry turned his attention to his Aurors coming at him. When they got to him they waited for him to speak and answered all the villains were rounded up and taken to the Ministry. He asked if anyone got hurt and they answered, “Only you boss. But then we all had three people taking down one man. You took out like four or five by yourself.”

Harry shook his head wearily, “I had hoped the kids would be taken out to keep them from seeing anything. I hope I haven’t damaged any of them.” When he saw the sorrow in them disappointing him he said, “It couldn’t be helped, I understand. They were safe under the protection around them and getting the parents free would free you up to fight the villains instead of you having to watch the kids until the parents were free. It’s the way it had to be done. You all did exceptional work; thank you. Go on home and we’ll do reports in the morning.”

Harry remained leaning on the wall, his eyes closed and his head hanging with weariness and sadness. It always bothered him when kids were involved in bad things. And he hated them watching violence and death especially at his own hands. He was so tired and hurting badly. He wanted to give parents time to get their children before he went to his own family. Harry couldn’t face the kids after killing a man right in front of them. He heard them telling their parents when they picked them up about the fight. Surprisingly to Harry, they weren’t afraid at all, and rather enjoyed watching the fight. One of the kids turned out to be a teenager who had obviously been in trouble before since Harry heard him say, “Mum, I’m sorry I’ve been so much trouble. I’ll never be on the wrong side of the law, never as long as I live; especially while he's Head Auror.”

Harry took a deep shaky breath and stood up straight when he recognized the footsteps coming up behind him. Ginny slid up against him hugging him tightly. He rested his head on the top of hers and put his arms around her. He held her for a minute and said, “Take the kid’s home, Lily will be waiting for you. Look after James’s injury; Albus said he did the best he could and I haven’t seen James yet to know what else needs to be done. I’ll be home as soon as things are taken care of here, locking up the warehouse and stuff like that.” He kissed her and told her he loved her and reluctantly let go of her and walked away. When he turned to make sure all the kids were picked up one small boy was still there staring at Harry. Harry looked over at the entrance to see if anyone was keeping this boy’s parents occupied but all he saw was Ron, Hermione, and a few other Aurors deep in conversation. They kept glancing over at him and Harry realized they were talking about him. He sighed and stepped over to the small boy and asked where his parents were. The boy shrugged his shoulders and didn’t say anything.

“What’s your name, little one?” asked Harry gently.

The boy looked up at Harry and said, “You’re Harry Potter.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “That’s correct, but right now I’m more concerned about who you are and where your parents are. They must be worried about you being gone all day.”

The boy was staring at the dead man on the floor just a few yards from where they were talking. Two Aurors came and picked up the body and took it away. Harry noticed the boy watching them closely.

“Where are they going to take him?”

Harry said, “He’ll be taken to the Ministry’s Morgue so they can find out who he is and how we can notify his family that he is dead. I’m sorry you saw-”

“You’re sorry I saw you kill my father?”

Harry’s heart shattered and devastation clouded his white face. He sat down beside the boy on the floor and leaned back against the wall. What was he to say to this young boy? “Why did your dad have you here pretending to be one of the hostages?”

The boy said, “My job was to find out if anyone has money. I’m the one who told them your family was here. It’s my fault your daughter got hurt and your son too. Are you going to kill me too?”

Harry looked at the boy and didn’t see any malice toward him but then he might very well be in shock.

“No, I am not going to kill you. I really don’t like to kill people and only do so if I have to. I did try to choke your dad long enough for him to pass out, but he fought too hard for me to do it properly. If I didn’t do what I did he was going to get loose and take a hostage, which thinking on it now, I’m sure he was trying to get you so he could escape. I am sorry. Can’t you please tell me your name and your mum's name so I can take you home?”

The boy shrugged his shoulder and said, “I don’t have a mum anymore, he killed her. You knew her; she was in love with you at Hogwarts. And I don’t have anyone who loves me.”

Harry looked at the boy curiously and said, “I’m sorry? Nobody loved me at Hogwarts, with the exception of my wife. And you surely have aunts or uncles don’t you, and grandparents?”

The boy rolled his eyes and said, “Mum said all the girls loved you. She made a love potion to give you but that guy over there; Ron Weasley ate the candy she put it in. You asked me what my name is, well, it’s Harry after you. My dad always beat her up and said he’d rather put me in a burlap bag and throw me in the ocean before he’d raise a son named Harry. His name is Randy Coon, and my mum’s name was Romilda Vine. And no, I don’t have anyone because everyone disowned my mum when she married Randy.”

The boy rubbed his eyes and tried to hide the tears streaming down his tiny face. “Big boys don’t cry; dad said so. Mum said I’m four years old going on forty cause I told him big boys do too cry if they’re hurt bad enough.”

Harry had been resting his elbow on his right knee that he had drawn up to be more comfortable. He lifted the boy off the floor and sat him across his lap and rested his back against his leg. Harry just looked sorrowfully at him and the boy leaned over to his chest. Harry put his arms around him holding him tight to his chest and told him to go ahead and cry because he had been hurt really bad.”

The boy began to cry and Harry rested his thumping head on top of the boy’s head. Ron and the rest of the group standing off had stopped talking when they saw Harry go to the boy. Now they were curious what was going on that would have the boy crying and Harry looking so devastated.

“What’s up, Harry?” asked Ron.

Harry said, “Just letting a little friend let me know how much he hurts. A notepad appeared in Ron’s hand and the story of the little boy and who his parents were magically appeared in Harry’s handwriting. Hermione put her hands to her lips in horror and Carl doubled his fists and read on with anger venting from him in long exhales. After the writing stopped Harry said, “Carl, do you remember Millicent Bulstrode and her husband?”

Carl thought for a second and said, “Yes, sir, I remember them.”

Harry said, “Would you go ask them if they’d like to help young Harry here?” Harry looked at Carl making sure he knew what he was asking him to do. Carl nodded his head again and left. Harry looked at Hermione and said, ‘Did they feed you guys any today?”

Hermione said that they didn’t have any food or water all day. Harry held out his hand and a wad of Muggle currency appeared. Ron took it and said, “You want us to go get something to eat?”

Harry nodded his head and asked Harry what he would like to eat. Harry just shrugged his shoulders and said he didn’t know.

“Bring back some Chicken Noodle Soup and a grilled cheese sandwich and a glass of chocolate milk for my new friend. You guys get whatever you want, just bring it back here so Harry can eat something quickly.” They said okay and Harry caught Hermione’s eyes and made the motion of holding a phone to his ear and silently said, Ginny. Hermione nodded her head and Harry saw her pulling out her cell phone as they hurried out the door.

Ron and Hermione got back and Harry gently woke the boy. He had cried himself asleep shortly after Ron and Hermione left for the food. “Here you go lad; food fit for a king.”

“I don’t want to leave you.”

Harry gently rubbed the little boy’s back to sooth him. “You don’t have to go anywhere right now. Just sit up so you can eat.”

The boy dug his elbow into Harry’s ribs to help sit up and Harry clamped his jaws tight to keep from yelling out in pain. The boy got situated and began eating like he hadn’t eaten in more than just today. He just finished and Hermione gave him a cookie and little Harry laughed at Ron asking if she had anymore cookies.

Little Harry snuggled back into Harry’s chest and pulled his arms around him again but didn’t go to sleep. He talked about his parents and how they fought all the time. He said, “It was two weeks ago that dad said he killed Mum, and we been running all over the place since then. He steals lots of money and buys cheap houses and makes them look pretty and then sells them to people who don’t know they’re buying a dump.”

Harry didn’t say anything and just sat listening. Finally Carl came back with who Harry sent him out to find. Carl told them all about the events at the warehouse and the boy who now didn’t have any parents. Millicent looked at Harry and said, “You want us to take the boy in?”

Harry answered he was hoping they would and little Harry buried his head in Harry’s chest. Harry rubbed the boy’s back again and said, “Harry, I can’t keep you, although you are a wonderful lad and I would love to have you. It wouldn’t be fair to you at all. You need someone who can take care of you all the time. I’m not able to be home a lot of the time. And look at me; people are always trying to get rid of me because they want to be bad and I catch them. My family is always in danger because of me. I don’t want that for you. I want you to be safe and loved. These good people can do that for you.”

Millicent got down on her knees and looked at the adult Harry and could see he needed to get this issue resolved so he could get home. “My name is Millicent Bulstrode and my husband and I want a little boy to love and take care of. Would you give us a chance to do that? We have a Christmas tree up but nobody to buy presents for and put under the tree. Could you help us please? If you don’t like it with us then the courts will put you in an orphanage.”

Harry said, “I have to tell you though that I will be investigating the death of your mum.” The Bulstrodes knew Harry wanted them to be careful not to get hopes up of keeping the boy. They nodded their heads and looked lovingly at the small boy.

Once again young Harry dug his elbow into Harry’s ribs to help him sit up and then he looked at Harry and said, “I’ll go with them, but can you check on me from time to time?”

Harry said he would be happy to. And with that answer the happy couple left with young Harry.
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Hey Guy's; hope you are all feeling great. I'm extremely tired; sleepy tired that is. I've been up for 24 and a half hours so I hope you please excuse any mistakes that I don't catch. Thank you for coming back for this new chapter.

Chapter 9

The Green Eyed Monster Rears Its Ugly Head

Carl and Ron looked back to Harry, “We need to get you home, boss.”

“Agreed,” said Harry groaning while trying to stand up. “Thanks Carl, go on home to your family. Can you take over for me tomorrow? I might take the day off if I don’t die during the night.”

Harry’s cell phone rang and he answered it without looking at the caller ID first. His eyes opened wide and he said, “It’s okay, but where are you?”

Harry chuckled and said, “Yeah, we’ve all had a bad day here, but we’re okay. I’m actually just going home now; we can talk when you get back home. Say hello to Charlie for us.”

Harry hung his phone on his hip and said, “Well, the mystery of your parents has been solved. They left for Romania early this morning to visit Charlie. And Charlie only had spotty internet all day due to a winter storm. He said they’ve been trying to call Ginny and Hermione all day long, but couldn’t get a hold of them. He didn’t try calling me because they were afraid I’d be resting and didn’t want to disturb me. They said with me out of the picture they knew Ron would be busy doing Auror stuff. Then they lost internet all together and just now got it back and they called me because I am the one who called all day long to check on them.”

They all chuckled and Hermione said, “Well, we’re going to go on home now. But we need to go to your house first to get the kids.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “Sounds good, just don’t let the Captain lead the dance.” He looked at Ron and grinned at the look of unjust on his face. Then Ron laughed and said, “All right, Hermione can lead this once, I don’t want to take a chance on Splinching her. Ron was being a good sport. He could tell Harry was not doing well but didn’t want any attention.

Harry said, “I’ll see you at home,” and then turned off the lights and locked up the warehouse after Ron and Hermione left.

When Harry got home he walked up the steps to the porch and looked in the window. Ron and Hermione were both trying desperately to explain to Ginny, “Harry didn’t want to Disapparate and he said he’d see us here. We don’t know why he isn’t here?!”

Harry walked in the house and said, “I’m here, Honey. I had to shut off the lights and lock up the warehouse.” Ginny rounded on him and reached out to him and took him to his chair by the fireplace. He started to sit down; thankful he was home and could be comfortable in his chair instead of the concrete floor he’d been sitting on the last hour with young Harry. Ginny stopped him and pointed to him. He looked and said, “Oh, I’m a mess, I have nose tears all over the front of my shirt.”

He started to go to the stairs and Ginny stopped him again. He stood motionless and stared at her with a blank look. He didn’t know what she wanted and didn’t know how much longer he could take not resting and getting something to eat.

“Yes, you’re a mess Love, but I was just wondering if maybe I shouldn’t get the bleeding stopped and bandage you before you sit down. I don’t think you can stand to lose any more blood.”

Harry said, “I don’t think I can hold out that much longer, but I’ll try for you.” He cast a spell and all the blood, bandages, and dirt were gone from him. He took out potions and bandages and when Ginny was done with him he said he needed another shot in the neck, but he could do it. Ron was terribly relieved and agreed it was for the best. Harry grinned with one side of his lips turned up. After the shot he took some Skele-Gro and started to sit down in his chair. Before he did he asked about the kids. Ginny said she’d call them down after he sat down, but she wanted to talk to him sooner than later so not to keep the kids up late. “They’ve eaten and had their showers and they’ve had an awful day, so don’t let them talk about it. We’ve already said everything that needs to be said. And they don’t need you to confirm that it was really awesome and way cool the way you fought that one dude and ended up breaking his neck.”

Harry swallowed and said, “I would never-”

“Well, let me get the kids so they can put this day behind them.”

Harry looked at Hermione and she shrugged her shoulders. “All I got to tell her was you were okay and we’d be later coming home. She said she couldn’t talk because she was dealing with James being hurt and Lily being afraid and Albus not saying anything except to defend you. And she was also trying to comfort Rose and keep Hugo from thinking killing bad people is okay as long as you do it quickly.”

Harry looked around and saw that none of the Christmas decorations were lit so he turned them on and sat up in the chair to keep awake. His face lit up as he watched feet running down the stairs with Ginny yelling to stop running. Banner came running down the stairs; rolling down most of them. He ran to Harry and tried to jump up on his lap. Harry chuckled and picked him up and petted him until the kids made their way to him.

He was so happy he didn’t realize that tears were flooding his face. Albus stood back to let Lily and James have time with him first and Harry smiled at him for being so thoughtful of his brother and sister. “Come on, pile on kids.” He expanded the chair and they sat with him, Albus snuggled into his right side, James snuggled into his left side and Lily snuggled into his chest. Harry kept pulling them to him tightly and kissing them; telling them how much he missed them.

Harry looked up at Ginny and held out his hand for her to sit on the arm of the chair with them. She pretended not to see though by adding another log to the fire. Harry closed his eyes and rested his head on Lily’s and cried softly. Then he raised his head and asked to see where James was hurt. James showed him a bruise on his shoulder blade and said it wasn’t anything. “Albus fixed it right away. He said my something or other was broke, but snuck some Skele-Gro to me. I don’t know where he got it from though.”

Albus glanced up at his dad and said, “I’m sorry I did magic, Dad. I carry some potions with me like you just in case of emergencies. It’s less scary that way.”

Harry smiled sadly understanding his youngest son. “You did the right thing son. I’m glad you weren’t caught though. I’m proud you kept your head and were discrete.” He looked at James and said, “I’m glad you’re okay, son.”

Lily said, “I didn’t try to heal him but I made them sorry they kicked James. That’s why they took me away. They didn’t want me to give the other kids ideas of fighting back.”

Harry glanced at Ginny huffing. This evidently was breaking her rule of no talking about what happened. Harry kissed his daughter and said, “You are just like your Mum, Angel.”

Hugo said, “Well if Aunt Ginny isn’t going to sit here then I am.” He sat on the arm of the chair and Harry smiled affectionately at him. He patted him on the back and said, “You’re welcome to sit with me anytime, buddy.”

Rose, not to be left out sat on the other arm and said, “It was really scary today, Uncle Harry. I’m glad you all saved us.”

Harry saw from the corner of his eyes Ginny put her hands on her hips. “Hey Beautiful, how’s come you two haven’t told me anything about your puppy yet? I mean, about him getting used to being at your house and all.”

Hermione gasped and said, “He’s been alone all day!” She gathered her kids and said, “We’ll see you guys tomorrow or sometime. Night”

Ron and the kids barely got to say good-bye before Hermione grabbed them and they all made a loud pop Dissaparating away. Banner began licking Harry’s face and the kids giggled that their dad just let him lick him. Harry gasped and gripped the chair but then let go and pulled the puppy away from his neck. The place where Ron tried giving him the shot earlier was sore. Harry smiled and asked what they would like to do tomorrow and Ginny told them to say good night to their dad and go on to bed. They frowned and asked if they couldn’t please stay up longer to be with their dad and Ginny shook her head no and pointed to the stairs. Harry kissed each of them and told them all he loved them and he’d see them in the morning. Ginny said, “Don’t make promises you might not be able to keep.”

Harry swallowed hard and after the kids marched off to their beds Harry said, “I felt like I was here for visitation rights or something. What’s going on, Gin?”

Ginny went into the study and came back out and threw something at Harry who she noticed too late had fallen asleep. Harry jumped when they hit him and then looked up at Ginny without a word. He held up the objects and then looked at Ginny with a curious look.

“You want me to change my clothes?”

Ginny couldn’t help but to laugh and said, “No, I’m just giving them to you. What do you know about them?

Harry put them away from him as he felt sick with the smell coming from them. “They smell like Cho.”

Ginny blew up and said, “After all these years you still remember what she smells like?!” She brought them over this morning before I was even ready for the day. Her and her every hair in place and make up applied perfectly self. She acted surprised I was here and looked me up and down like I was a tramp or something disgusting. She asked me to give these to you. She said they’re your clothes from last night because you left her house so fast you didn’t finish getting dressed. And why did it take you all day to save us?!”

Harry threw the clothes in the fire and looked up at his wife. He tried to be sympathetic to her but wasn’t really feeling patient. “Let’s just cut to the chase okay? Cho is only an annoyance because she came here trying to make you jealous. You know there isn’t any reason to be jealous, but the fact that you think I remember what she smells like after all these years; you actually have the nerve to accuse me of still having feelings for her? I think you were annoyed at most with her for showing up here before you had your hair brushed and your face made up or whatever. But when I said it smelled like Cho you thought maybe you were inadequate or something because you think that I must still have feelings for her. Well, Gin; I don’t. I wore that stuff as a disguise yesterday when I had to go investigate that sighting of the Toad. I was undercover in a pub when I was approached by some young men, Cho and Marietta. They wanted to hire me to take Poly juice potion to look like me of all people. They were going to have me follow them somewhere, but one of the young guys misunderstood the orders and hit me from behind in the head with an aluminum baseball bat. When I came to Cho gagged me with her scarf she was wearing. Her perfume was so strong, and that’s why I said those clothes smelled like Cho. I didn’t know where they took me. I’m not going to go into everything that was discussed but she mentioned that I would have been hers if you hadn’t given me a love potion at Hogwarts. But she said that I wasn’t interested in her when I found out she didn’t think of me the same way I thought of her. She just brought those clothes over to try to make you jealous; not so you would leave me, and I would go back to her, but because she was angry she messed up by trying to go out with me just so I would fill Cedric’s shoes. She knows I would never leave you for any other woman especially her.”

He held his head and sat forward in his chair. “I can’t remember hardly anything of last night. After I got the information of who and why someone would make the Toad appear I showed them who I was and proved it and left. By then I was so bad off I couldn’t think straight. All I wanted was to come home and be with you and the kids. I don’t remember hardly anything at all except her saying that you used a love potion on me and I think John was here and Carson, but, Ginny, right now I can’t think. I know I woke up this morning feeling better than I was and went to work to do briefing and then I came home to be with you, the kids and John and Carson before they had to leave. I left a note… Ron said I said that I was going to divorce you so you could get a better husband and that I was going to go off and die somewhere. But Ginny you have to know that that was just the darkness from my pain and depression about my own inadequacies speaking. I think all the time that you and the kids would be better off without me. But you’ll have to put up with me because I am so in love with you. When I get hurt I push myself to live because I haven’t had enough time to give you all my love I have for you. I remember Hermione saying it was okay with me if you divorced me and I spent the day wondering if you had because you were gone when I came home after briefing. You were gone, the kids were gone, and most of you guys’ clothes, and even Banner was gone. I tried calling your parents but they didn’t answer either. I could tell you told Winky not to tell me, so I didn’t make her for her sake. When I went back to work, I kept getting worse and remembering less and less. After straightening up a complication with opening up the apartment building for the homeless I walked in a daze for hours working when I thought of something I needed to do but mostly trying to think what I could have done for you to divorce me. After debriefing, Ron stayed behind to talk but by then I had to let him bring me home. He had some trouble because I was having a seizure and I ended up getting Splinched. I needed a shot right away and he jammed the needle clear through the vain and into my throat. He made it on his next try though.”

Ginny sat on the arm of the chair listening to every word. Harry continued quietly telling of why it took so long for him to save her as she put it. “When I felt the medication beginning to work I knew right away something was wrong. It only took a few minutes to figure out what happened and I found you and went to Albus. I told him I would be right back with Ron and the Aurors. I put a protection barrier around them and then came home. I went back and lit off several hundred firecrackers and such to cover the popping of the others coming. So that’s that. I’m sorry it took me so long to figure everything out, but in my defense if you allow it, I wasn’t able to think properly. My concern right now is if you still love me and if the kids are going to be okay because I killed a man right in front of them. I can’t stand that that happened and for more reasons than you know. But I can’t go into that right now. If it’s okay with you, I haven’t eaten since breakfast and I’m sick from infection in my arm and neck.”

Harry rested his head on the back of his chair, winced and turned his head sideways. The tree reminded him that Ginny had taken the gifts back unless he assumed wrong. “Am I correct in thinking you donated the gifts to the place you was at today so we can buy gifts together?”

Ginny’s smile was gentle and kind. “Yes, it was my intentions to do that.”

“There was a gift in there that wasn’t for the children,” said Harry gloomily.

“You mean the one I took out from you to me? It’s upstairs in my-”

“Secret place?” he finished for her.

Ginny opened her mouth and looked shocked. “You knew about it?”


“How did you find out? Were you snooping about?”

“When would I have ever had time to snoop about and for what reason would I do such a thing if I did have time?”

Ginny shook her head and said, “You’re yanking my chain, you don’t know anything about it. What’s in it?”

Harry managed to grin a little and said, “I don’t know what’s in it; it’s a secret, remember.”

“When did you find it and how could you have known to look for it?”

Harry yawned and raised his eyebrows to pull open his eyes. Ginny smiled at how cute he was and was about to go bring him some food from the kitchen before he fell asleep but he spoke softly. “Do you remember years ago when that bomb blew up above our house and it broke the windows and stuff? Bill came over and helped with the repairing. He worked on other things while I worked in the bedroom because Sleeping Beauty was still asleep. I had to make new window frames and that’s when I found it.”

“So what was in it back then?”

A hint of a smile came on his face but his eyes could no longer be forced to stay open. She bent close to his mouth so she could hear him; his end of the conversation turning into a whisper on the boundary of sleep. “I didn’t look; it was a secret that wasn’t mine. I asked Bill to gather the stuff and put it back, but to not look if at all possible. When it was back in place, I built the new frame and window. But don’t worry; I made sure you were covered while he was in there.”

Harry’s teeth began to chatter and he was shivering. He opened his eyes and looked at the fire. “There seems to be enough wood on the fire, but I’m so cold.”
He looked pitifully at Ginny and said, “We’re married, right? You didn’t divorce me because we love each other?”

Ginny became concerned and put her hand on his forehead. “You’re burning up, Love. Yes, we are married because we love each other.”

Harry looked relieved and said, “I can’t promise I will be a perfect gentleman in bed. I’m freezing and you look smoking hot. I think I’m going to have to-”

He stopped talking and looked serious. “Is my arm falling off? I think my arm is falling off!”

Ginny said, “No, Love, your arm is fine, nothing is wrong.”

Harry shook his head and his breathing was fast and shallow. “No, something is terribly wrong. I think its falling off. Check it please?”

Ginny took his hand and began undoing the bandage. “Not my hand, my arm where I got Splinched.”

Ginny gasped, and moved over to his other arm and said, “I’m sorry Love, I forgot about this! I’ll look at it.”

“It is awful looking! Ugh and it smells foul! What should I do?”

Harry said he needed to get to his lab and Ginny helped him get up. They slowly but surely got to the lab and Harry looked over his supply of potions. Finally he said, “Would you mix the potion for me? It’s very dangerous and I don’t want to ask Albus to do it for me. He can, but I would rather him not do it.”

“Yes, of course I will. Just tell me what to do.”

“Dragon gloves on. Enchanted Crystal tube, diamond edged silver surgical knife; be careful there isn’t a sharper knife known to man, and one of these roots sliced as thin as you can possibly make them. Don’t handle the root without the dragon gloves on. And this is a timed process; so listen carefully and work as quickly as possible. The dragon gloves will protect you, so don’t take time to be too careful.”

Ginny began slicing the root and was surprised how easy the knife cut through the root; like it was soft butter. Meanwhile Harry went to the window and opened it. He maneuvered a telescope in an odd position and then looked through it until he found the moon. He tapped it with his wand and then stepped away from it. Next he set up a mirror aimed at the telescope eyepiece. The tray on the table directly under the eyepiece immediately began to glow a brilliant translucent blue with shimmering white light moving about. Lastly, Harry took a jar from the back of the top shelf and set it beside the Bunsen burner. He looked at Ginny’s progress and was discouraged with the small amount she had accomplished. She saw his look and said, “I’m sorry, Love, I’m trying to hurry. I’m afraid of so many things, like how sharp this knife is. And you say Albus can make this? It doesn’t sound like something I would be happy about him making.”

“Me either,” said Harry. He didn’t say anything else but held out his hand for the knife. She slapped it at his hand and he quickly jerked his hand back and looked crossly at her. “You nearly cut off all my fingers, Gin. Save your anger with me until you’re not in a dangerous condition. We have to hurry because my temperature is critically high. In a matter of minutes it will burn my organs up starting with my brain.”

He took the knife and sliced the root expertly like a professional chef. When he was done he told her to put the slices in a special unit that had dry ice in it. While Ginny was doing that he took another potion and broke open the top of the jar hastily. He held out his hands and the jar tipped over of its own doing; the contents spilling over his fingers. They steamed and sizzled and Harry clamped his jaws closed and looked up at the ceiling; tears streaming down his face. After all the potion in the jar spilled over his hands he looked over at the telescope and said, “Get the sliced root and slide all of it into the Crystal vial and put it over the Bunsen burner and then pour this potion I measured out on top of it. As quickly as you can; get the mixture under the eyepiece of the telescope. When the moonbeam hits the mixture correctly it’ll look like its moving with life. That’s when you know it is done and you’ll need to immediately pour it onto my arm and my neck where the needle track is infected. It’ll be thick but it’ll turn hard if you take too long. As soon as you have it on both places wrap them tight. I’ll need to spend the night in this containment chamber. Get me out twelve hours from the time you seal me in.”

Harry opened the chamber and set some dials and buttons and pointed to a button. “This is the button that will seal the unit. Don’t worry about me and go to bed after I’m in there. Closing the window will be the last thing you do before you go to bed.” He waved his wand and the lab became crystal clean with everything put away with the exception of the telescope.

Harry stood in front of the chamber in a position that would be easy for Ginny to work on him and began taking long deep breaths. Ginny looked at him uneasily and told him she loved him. He looked at her but didn’t have any expression on his face. She knew he was concentrating on something with everything in him. She saw the mixture do what Harry described and at first was too afraid to go near it. She thought, “Harry is right, it looks alive but it can’t be dangerous; it is so beautiful.” She did as he told her and Harry’s body tensed and had a tinge of the translucent glow all about him. She got both places bandaged tight and gently pushed on him to guide his steps backward into the container and then pushed the button he told her to push. He opened his eyes and whispered ten o’clock and looked down directly into her eyes and then the chamber seemed to freeze him with him staring into her heart. She saw pure love in his eyes and horrible sorrow. She slowly moved away and saw his eyes remained staring as if she was still there. Just when she shut the window and turned out the light she looked back at him and she had to cup her hand over her mouth to keep from screaming. The glowing moonbeam from the telescope was spreading through his veins. She could see them pulsating and imagined tiny little moon aliens racing through his veins. She didn’t know if she liked the idea but she had to admit it was beautiful. After a while she left the lab and gasped at something Harry had told her. She was supposed to open the chamber in twelve hours from the time she sealed the door on the chamber. She hadn’t looked at a clock to figure when that would be. She looked at the time now and wondered how long she had watched him and his glowing veins. She decided to sleep in the lab so she could watch him closely, but then worried about the kids having nightmares from the horrible day they had. Reluctantly she went to bed and despite thinking she’d never be able to fall asleep she did without the first hint of sleeplessness.

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Hey Guy's, thanks for coming back for another chapter. Look at me posting on time! I can't visit much because we are having a thunderstorm and we lose our electricity much of the time during storms. Hope you enjoy it. Oh, before I forget to tell you; this is the last chapter in this story. The next story is a One Shot. The story continues though along the same story line though.

Chapter 10

The Moonbeam Fairy Potion

The next morning Ginny jumped out of bed and ran to the door to answer it. “Who is it?” she called. At the answer, “Cho” Ginny stopped and just about the time she was about to magic herself well put together she shrugged her shoulders remembering what Harry had told her, that he would never love another woman no matter what the case.

Ginny opened the door and smiled kindly at Cho and invited her in. “It’s too cold to be out in that weather, come in before you catch cold.”

Cho smiled warmly and accepted the hot tea Ginny offered her. Cho looked around the grand home and said, “I’ve never been in such a Manor as this and felt so comfortable and homey. You have a beautiful home Ginny.”

“Thank you, Cho. Harry designed it, the grounds and everything and my brother Bill built it while Harry was away for those four years. When he got back we were married and are doing our best to raise our family here. We have two boys and a girl, all wonderful children.”

Cho smiled graciously and said, “It must be difficult with Harry being away so much. I admire you, Ginny. I used to be jealous of you, but I grew up. Though still now and then I have bouts of jealousy fever flare up. This is the reason for my visit at such an early hour. I was hoping I would catch Harry before he went to work, if he even went to work. We were awful rough on him the other night. I was afraid that blow to the head killed him, but thankfully it didn’t. The boys just got overanxious being a part of our organization. They all knew of Dumbledore’s Army and many of that group is in our group. And we never do anything dangerous with the exception of the other night. And Marietta and I never planned on anyone getting hurt either. But Harry looked so formidable that the boys thought he would be difficult to hire. We wouldn’t have done anything to him if he turned us down. I stuffed my scarf in his mouth, before I knew it was Harry, because when he woke up he was in horrible pain and I was afraid he would cry out. He was shaking badly but finally calmed down for the most part. Is he okay?”

Ginny’s eyes rimmed with tears but she answered with a steady voice. “No, he’s not okay. He’s temporarily, I hope, lost his memory of everything that happened after he left your place. He didn’t even know where he had been taken to, but thankfully he made it home. The rest of the night was a nightmare because we couldn’t find out anything about why he was acting the way he was. Anyway, he healed enough through the night that he thought he was okay, but not remembering he wasn’t, he went to work. It wasn’t a good day at work and by the time he got ready to come home he was too weak and fuzzy minded from the concussion he got the night before and had to let Ron bring him home. He was having some kind of seizure and Ron couldn’t hang on to him properly, plus Harry had a death grip on Ron trying to make sure he didn’t lose him and broke Ron’s wrist. When they got home Ron found out he had Splinched Harry. A deep chunk out of Harry’s left arm was missing.”

Cho held her hand over her heart and started to say she was sorry but Ginny wasn’t done letting her know what it cost Harry for them to take matters into their own hands. “So Harry was having this seizure and told Ron to give him this potion he made and it had to be given to him in the neck with a needle. Well, Ron pushed the needle clear through the vein and into Harry’s throat. Harry said it wasn’t Ron’s fault because he was shaking too badly for Ron to control the syringe. He told him to try again and it worked that time.” Ginny stopped to give Cho a napkin because she slopped her tea down her chin. She then finished telling her everything that happened with being kidnapped and Harry not being able to realize something was wrong until after the shot began to work. She told her about how he and his Aurors saved everyone and the effect it had on Harry fighting in front of the children. “And so then after we got home the kids and I had to eat without Harry because he had to tie up loose ends at the warehouse, and he wasn’t able to tell me what else happened because he became so sick he couldn’t function. Infection had set in and spread through his body. One of the thugs at the warehouse had clawed into where Harry was Splinched and dug down to the bone. And the place from the needle going clear into his throat was infected then too. He said the infection was so close to his brain he had to take drastic measures and I helped him make a potion that was very dangerous. It’s something I’ve never heard of before, but Harry had some last night and it takes twelve hours to work. Maybe when he wakes up we’ll be able to Christmas shop for the kids. I don’t know what he’ll look like, he’s glowing all kinds of bluish white right now.”

Cho dropped her tea cup and put both hands over her mouth to stifle her scream she involuntarily made. The look of terror on her face scared Ginny. “Did he say what the potion is called?”

Ginny shook her head no and Cho said, “It surely isn’t what I’m thinking. It’s ancient and it’s never been known to work properly. There are serious side effects and consequences if it isn’t one hundred percent perfect.”

They both looked to the study wondering if they should check on him. Just then Albus came down carrying Banner to let him go out to do his business. He stopped and looked at his mom in her bed clothes and messed up hair and then at Cho who was perfectly put together as Ginny would say.

“Excuse me, I didn’t mean to intrude, I was taking Banner outside. I didn’t know anyone was here. Is Daddy at work; only your bedroom door was open and nobody was in there?”

“No, sweetheart, he’s in his study. He is doing something very important and can’t be disturbed until…” she couldn’t think of a time to tell him and finished with, “until he’s done.”

Albus looked suspiciously at her and then the study door. He slipped his boots on and his coat on over his pajamas and then took Banner outside. After about fifteen minutes boy and puppy came back in the house. Banner shook snow all over and then ran to the office and cried with his nose to the bottom of the door. Albus looked at Cho and said, “My name is Albus. Who are you?”

James and Lily raced each other to the steps and laughed as they stopped just short of the steps so they wouldn’t get in trouble for running down them. They hurried down and Banner began barking at them wanting to play too. Albus snapped his fingers and the pup ran to him obediently. “Look at how he’s coming along with his obedience training, Mum. He’s really smart.”

All three children stood looking at Cho and their mom. Ginny chuckled and said, “Cho, these high spirited youngsters are my children, James, Albus, and Lily our youngest. Kids this is, Cho Chang. She went to Hogwarts with us.”

Cho smiled and said she was pleased to make their acquaintance. Oddly enough the morning hours sailed by quickly until Albus looked directly at Ginny in a knowing way and said, “I think Daddy would be getting done any time now. He looked at Cho and said, “We’ve been anxious to see him because, well, James and I anyway, haven’t been able to see him since school let out last year. I’m sure you understand.”

Cho saw Ginny look at her watch anxiously and said, “Oh of course. I didn’t mean to intrude.” She stood up and walked to the door with Ginny. “Thank you for breakfast and the wonderful visit. Since Harry fixed Marietta’s curse she is feeling free for the first time since she received that awful curse. She’s like a bird just let out of its cage for the first time. I’m happy for her, really I am, it’s just she doesn’t have the time of day for me. Thank you, Ginny.”

Just as soon as she left Albus said, “Mum, I’m sorry to have been so forward with her, only Daddy will be waking up soon now and he’s not going to want anyone here. Why did he have to use the Moonbeam Fairy Potion?” Albus looked and sounded so much like Harry she just looked at him and James hit him on the shoulder.

“Don’t talk to Mum like that and stop acting like you know everything.”

Albus rubbed his shoulder but looked back to his mom. “I’m sorry, Mum. When I took Banner outside I looked in Daddy’s study window and saw him in the stasis chamber. He was still glowing and so I knew right away what potion he used. And I also know he wouldn’t make that potion unless there was nothing else that could be done to save his life. It is beyond dangerous. He should have had me help him; I know I would have been okay.”

Ginny recovered from her shock and said, “He didn’t want you to have to do it. He thought I could help him. Between the two of us we got it made okay.” She stopped talking when Albus went to the office door. “We need to watch to make sure he comes out of this okay. What time did he say it would be?”

Ginny said, “He said it would take twelve hours and not to worry about him. I didn’t look at my watch; it was careless of me I know, but I was dealing with things I shouldn’t have had to deal with.”

Albus looked at her patiently but she could see he was annoyed but understanding. “Mum, it’s okay; just calm down and think of the last thing he said to you.”

She thought back to last night and then suddenly said, “Just before he turned all… well, looking that way, he whispered ten o’clock.”

She was rushing to the office as she talked. She and the kids watched for the time to come for them to wake him and bring him out of the machine. “What would have happened if I didn’t get him out after the twelve hours?”

“He would suffocate. He has the timer set to shut off after the twelve hours to keep anything from coming out that is in there with him. If the potion didn’t work then moonbeam fairies would come out and destroy everything around for three miles before they died from exposure to the sun beams. That’s what the root was for, to be a safety net. If a breech occurs then the minerals in the root begins a natural cellular process of the ionized particles until the moonbeam fairies are so hard and porous they disintegrate and die off. They only survive in sub zero conditions as a flowing liquid. When this potion Daddy made is used Ionization takes place in the living organisms that charges the atmosphere they are in and causes visible fractures in whatever the charged atmosphere comes in contact with. Like if you video record a window and the weather conditions are right then you would see frost actually forming; it’s the same thing that is happening with Daddy only with a much greater intensity.”

“I can’t understand why he let you make this potion when it’s so dangerous. How could he let you do it?”

“Mum, I never made it before. He-”

James rolled his eyes and said, “Here we go, first you made it before when it didn’t look like there was going to be trouble and punishment and you could be Albus the All Knowing but now you didn’t make it before since it does look like there will be trouble and punishment. Make up your mind, Albus. Be the man you want everyone to think you are and live up to it.”

Albus said, “I never said I made it.”

Lily spoke up saying, “Yes you did, and Daddy said you made it too. He said so to Mum; right Mum?”

Albus said, “I’m sure you just misunderstood what we said. I know what I said, and I’m sure it’s the same thing Daddy said. I said I can make it. What did Daddy say? Did he say, Albus has made it before or did he say something like, Albus can make it, but I’d rather not have him do it? Because that’s what Daddy told me after he taught me how to make it; only using other roots with the same consistency and other ingredients that are not dangerous instead of the dangerous ones. Of course it didn't turn out to be anything and we threw it away. But he wanted to teach me the ingredients and how much to use that would turn it into the real potion.”

Ginny looked at James and Lily and said, “He’s right, that’s what they both said.”

Albus explained that his dad was teaching him about the House Elves magic and how some pure-bloods that were prejudiced against what they called Half-breeds did to make the potion. “He said they gathered elves to experiment on to extract their magic and made a potion to drink. The one and only time they were able to accomplish this was at the cost of one hundred twenty three elves and the person who took the potion went senile and only lived two painful years after that. He died from the inside out, which is to say; the charged energy inside him continually burned and poisoned him because it was radiation. And he went senile because his mind couldn’t take twenty four hours every day of total chaos that was unleashed and bombarding his mind.”

Lily was staring at Albus the whole time without a word until Albus seemed to be done explaining. “But what happens to the Moonbeam fairies after they do what they’re supposed to do?

Albus squeezed her hand gently and said, “They aren’t really fairies, but the process is beautiful and when the telescope captures the energy of the moonbeam it’s visible enough to see, without the aid of special magnifying glasses, the charged particles and they look like little fairies. And the reason the door can’t be opened if the potion isn’t made properly is because it has the same effect as nuclear radiation fallout.”

All four of them looked at the chamber with Harry in it. Lily said, “But, then how do we know if the potion worked and we don’t let killing stuff into us and everywhere it goes until it runs out of electricity?”

Albus looked at his dad again and said, “At the end of the twelve hours if he doesn’t burn up then it worked.”

James angrily said, “Why did he make this potion if it’s so dangerous?! I think you’re making up stories.”

“The people who made it first wanted the potion for unlimited power and to halt the effects of aging. Dad said some people said it should be used for health and rehabilitation. But it was determined to be a catastrophic failure with detrimental effects to the condition of humanity. Daddy recognized the power as the power elves use for their magic, making time stand still and healing and stuff. Daddy must have been injured in a life threatening way for him to make it. He won’t ever ask Winky to heal him with that special magic because the last time she used it on him she connected her mind with his to comfort him so he wouldn’t die from the pain and he saw her life weaken significantly and he won’t put his life over hers.”

Ginny looked at her watch and said, “Ten more minutes. At least he doesn’t know what’s going on. He doesn’t feel any pain and he’s resting.”

Albus didn’t say anything and looked down at his feet. Ginny asked him what he wasn’t telling him. He shook his head no and didn’t say anything. The portrait of Dumbledore cleared his throat and said, “If you don’t think I’m stepping out of line I’ll explain what our dear young man won’t.”

Ginny nodded her head and said, “Yes sir, please do.”

As Albus mentioned the man who took the potion went senile. These twelve hours Harry has been fighting chaos for a calm place to keep his mind safe. And the energy that is coursing through him would be like having hundreds of thousands of electrical attacks over one hundred percent of his body. It is quite literally zapping the infection out of every cell and rehabilitating each one after it has been neutralized from the infection in him. He is in extreme pain and he is exhausted. If when the time comes and he doesn’t burn up, then don’t be surprised if he falls to the floor too weary to stay awake when you open the door.”

Both James and Albus moved closer to the container when Dumbledore said that. Ginny suddenly said, “It’s time, and he didn’t burn up, let me let him out.” She reached for the latch and Albus stopped her hand nearly screaming, “Wait Mum, you can’t go by your watch, use the Atomic clock on Daddy’s desk. James turned it so she could see it and the time shown was a minute slower than Ginny’s watch. He watched and when the time reached ten o’clock he said, “Okay now!” He ran back to his place and Ginny opened the latch.

Harry breathed in and saw his wife and children and swallowed. How was he going to be able to stay on his feet? He wanted to be with his family so he forced his feet to take steps out of the chamber. It seemed like even breathing was a task too hard to do, but he did.

He reached for Ginny; his hands shaking and the room spinning. Albus and James each took his arms and put them over their shoulders and helped him to his chair by the fireplace. When he sat down he nearly passed out, but was able to stay awake. Albus put a glass of water in his hand and helped his dad get it to his mouth. Harry drank it down without taking any breaks. He thanked Albus when it was gone. He looked at Ginny with teary eyes and whispered, “Thank you for your help.” He put his hand gently on James shoulder and asked was it okay. When James said he already forgot all about it he looked at Lily and asked if she slept okay and she said she slept like a baby. He tried to talk to the kids but he lost the battle of staying awake.

Albus looked at his hands and said, “His hands need some special cream from his lab. Do you care if I get it and put it on him?”

Ginny smiled at her little man and said to do whatever he thought his daddy needed. While Albus did that; Ginny asked Winky to come sit with her. When the tiny elf saw Harry she couldn’t take her eyes off of him. Albus was just finishing with Harry’s left hand. He had carefully rubbed the cream into Harry’s hand and was now wrapping it with thick gauze bandage. Observing his dad’s neck he decided it wouldn’t need any medication or bandage, but his arm where he was Splinched still needed Dittany to mend the layers of skin that was still missing. After applying the medication he wrapped it carefully so it was tight enough to protect anything from tearing or scraping the wound. When he was done he cleaned the area and put away the medicine.

Ginny was telling Winky what happened and why it happened. “Winky, what I want to say is this. I know if I hadn’t forbid you to tell Harry where we went, you would have told him when he came home for breakfast and he would have known right then something was wrong. He would have been able to save us before he got bad off and probably wouldn’t have gotten hurt. So from now on I want you to use your own discretion whether he does or doesn’t need to know, if I tell you not to tell Harry something and he really needs to know. Like, if I was out getting a new horse to surprise him then you wouldn’t tell him if I said for you not to tell him. But if… like the case of me being put out with him for going to work and my telling you not to tell him where I was just to get even with him, then of course you would know I was being childish and it would be fine for Harry to know.”

Winky nodded her head and said, “Winky is wanting to tell Master Harry where his family is being and Winky is not wanting to disobey her Mistress Ginny. But Master Harry said for Winky to forget it, Winky didn’t need to tell him. Master Harry didn’t want his Winky to be disobedient. Master Harry is a wonderful man.” Ginny smiled sadly and agreed with her and then Winky said, “And Miss Ginny is a wonderful woman for Master Harry.”

Ginny called the kids to the table at one o’clock for lunch and after hands were washed and they sat at their places Harry walked out and said, “Does anyone mind if dear old dad joins in. I’m so hungry I could eat a whole cow.”

Ginny turned and looked at him disapprovingly and said, “I thought you’d sleep for quite a while. But, yes; we’d love for you to join us. Are you sure you’re up to it?”

“I won’t be up to anything if I don’t eat.” He smiled at Ginny and his kids. “So what are we having?”

Ginny looked woefully at the stack of peanut butter jelly sandwiches, raw baby carrots, celery sticks, grapes, and sliced apples. “Not a cow, that’s for sure. But if I knew-”

Harry chuckled and said, “This is perfect Honey. Let’s eat. Can I have some chocolate milk with it?”

They ate their lunch and Harry looked at Ginny and said, “Has anyone called about the Apartments for the homeless?”

Ginny shook her head, “No, the only person who called was Carl to see if you were coming in today. He was glad you’re taking some time to heal but feels bad it’s the only way you get to rest and spend time at home.”

Harry nodded and said, “I ought to take off for a couple weeks. And if anyone doesn’t like it they can fire me.”

The kids whooped and Harry jumped and then chuckled, “I need to get my nerves settled at the very least.”

Lily giggled and said, “I think your nerves are going to have to just tough it out. Mum was looking forward to Christmas shopping before all this happened, and we don’t have any clothes to wear, because Mum donated them all to that charity warehouse place; along with our Christmas gifts.”

Harry smiled and said, “Well now we can’t have our children running around butt naked we better do some shopping. And I’d love to Christmas shop, but maybe we’ll have to do most of it on line and finish up at the stores tomorrow.”

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Default Percy Does The Right Thing
Werecats are people too! Reader of Fan Fictions

Hey Guy's, thanks fr coming back for this post. This happens to be a very short One Shot. I enjoyed writing this because I'm pretty rough on the Weasley family normally and this was a chance to give Percy a retrieve from how Percy was portrayed in my stories. I try to write the characters as I think of them growing up to be. I've been hardest I think on Percy from the start, but have been gradually moving him in a different direction for instance trying to make himself be important in other people's eyes. But Harry has been working on him to be a better person. Harry wants to make Percy see he is important in his own skin and not the skin of how he wishes he was. So, while Percy might slip occasionally, he has come a long way. I hope you all like this One Shot as much as I enjoyed writing it.

One Shot

Percy Does The Right Thing

Ron and Hermione popped into the living room and Harry jumped up from his chair; wand in hand, but quickly put it away. He took a deep breath and swallowed hard and then sat back down at the table to finish his chocolate milk.

“Are you okay, mate? You look kind of peaked. Come in here and turn on your TV. Percy told us he’s going to be on the news.”

They all went into the living room and sat around so they could watch the news. Weather forecasting another winter storm was given and a human interest story about a water main breaking and neighborhood children ice skating on Main Street instead of cars and trucks that would normally be going to and fro on the street.

“In other news: A new homeless shelter has been opened right downtown to take the eyesores of homeless bums off of the streets.”

Harry started to get up saying, “It’s probably best if I don’t watch this.” But Ginny and Hermione both pulled him back down laughing and said, “Come on, some recognition on your generosity and hard work won’t hurt you. Harry shook his head and said, “That’s not what this is, and I didn’t do it for show. They’re taking away those people’s dignity showing them moving in some with just a small trash bag for their belongings but most with nothing but the clothes they’re wearing.”

The reporter was going on with making the camera ‘pan in on the lucky occupants’ moving in. “Now thanks to a very generous donation from an unknown source and these surrounding businesses, this beautiful empty building has been transformed into a homeless shelter for the street bums and little urchins. With me at this opening today is Acting Minister of Magic, Percy Weasley.”

The news show went to a commercial and when the program came back on Percy smiled and gave a nod at the camera and then looked at the reporter when he started speaking:

Good afternoon. In case you are just tuning in, my name is Brutus Nabal here at ZNN channel 3 News and sports. Mr. Weasley, whatever possessed someone to purchase this building and have it converted to something that in past history always shows the property degrading and driving businesses away? Isn’t the Ministry of Magic afraid of turning a once prominent area into slums? Poor people always end up nothing more than poor and taking instead of contributing. They are not contributing members of society. Is the Ministry of Magic really going to support this?”

Ron jumped up and said, “Percy, how could you!?! I’m going down there right now and-”

Surprisingly it was Harry who calmly told him to sit down and listen. “Percy is going to do the right thing. He’s been offended; he remembers being poor.”

Harry was right and Percy just proved it. “Now hold on there, Bucky. This isn’t about the value of real estate. This is about people having a safe and warm place to live until they get their feet back on the ground. Many of the people moving in here have families. They had a house and a garden with a white picket fence like many of us. For whatever reason, through no fault of their own, they lost what they had. Some of them got called into service for their country. When they came home, they found their jobs gone and their homes foreclosed on. Many of them were wounded and have astronomical medical bills and lost their homes and are just trying to survive. Now they don’t have a home or the medication they need, but they still have their country that let them fall between the cracks. I commend Harry Potter for loving the people he serves and for purchasing this property and the building to create this wonderful Haven, which by the way is called, ‘The Winston Churchill Building’. On those blocks over there is a message by Mother Teresa that says, ‘Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.’ That’s what Harry wants for every person who steps through those doors, for people to have a better tomorrow because their yesterdays weren’t so good. So your statement that the poor stay poor isn’t true, is it? When the poor leave here, they leave rich because of the love shown to them. Harry met with civil engineers, contractors, educators and all sorts of leaders of the work force to help educate these people to learn a trade so they can be hired. Some of these people already achieved jobs through resources from people who have agreed to help Harry find them jobs. Can’t we allow them the luxury of some dignity and give them a chance to get their feet back on the ground without feeling like they are the scourge of the community? Merry Christmas, I’m going home to my family.”

Ron whooped and slapped Harry on the back saying, “Percy finally did it didn’t he? He made it through an event without blowing his own horn. It’s about time!”

Harry ducked as Ron started to slap his back again and Ron apologized. “What’s got you so skittish, Harry? Hang on, Carl told us during briefing that the guy you killed last night had a pathogen of some sort under his fingernails that could kill anyone he scratched. I was supposed to tell you and make sure you got checked out since he clawed into your arm where I Splinched you. You do look bad off; maybe we should call your doctors and have you checked over.”

Ginny spoke before Harry could say anything. “He did get infected with it in his arm and his throat where the needle went through the vein and into his throat. We made a potion that was extremely dangerous and he fought for twelve hours to live. He suffered with severe pain the whole time. That’s why he is so jumpy, his nerves are shot.”

Harry got up and turned on the Christmas lights and the room seemed to be more cheerful. He poked around at the fire and threw another log on it. When he turned around everyone was looking at him and then Ron. Harry sighed and said, “I’m going to be fine and it wasn’t the Captain’s fault, none of it. I didn’t make it easy for him, and he did good to be able to get done what needed done. And he ended up with a broken wrist. The main thing I was concerned with was my fractured skull. I could feel the poison spreading through my body and it took a lot to clear my head and then keep it clear while we made the potion. How is your wrist by the way?”

Ron, feeling a bit more chipper since Harry defended him said it was fine. Harry turned his attention to the kids romping around with Banner and smiled. He closed his eyes to listen to them committing the moment to memory.
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Default Zeus's Clever Trick
Werecats are people too! Reader of Fan Fictions

Hey Guys, thanks for coming back. I hope everyone is doing great. Here in this part of Florida, school starts tomorrow. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about going or sending my kids anymore. Please be watchful of children walking to school or the bus stop so they all remain safe. Now, to my story here. I hope everyone enjoyed my One Shot and that you'll like this chapter. It is the first of six chapters. Hope you like it.As always, please feel free to comment if you want to.

Zeus’s Clever Trick

Chapter 1

Zeus Sets A Plan In Motion

All the sudden Harry was standing in front of Dawn, completely healed of all his maladies.

“Dawn; did I fall asleep; am I dreaming?” he asked hoping she wouldn’t answer which would mean he was dreaming. But she did answer.

“I’m afraid you are very much awake. And I am sorry to say I need your help. I know you don’t want healed when you come here, but you had to be to handle my situation. But don’t worry; you don’t owe us anything for it.”

Harry wearily asked what the problem was and looked around when all she was doing was tearing up and staring at him with pleading eyes.”

Where are all your Narcissist son’s mirrors; and oh by the way, where is he?” There was a dangerous sharpness to his icy voice and a fire in his piercing eyes.

Dawn said, “Zeus became angry at me and for punishment he broke all the mirrors. I told him he would set Leviathan free if he broke all of them. He said that was my problem and left. But before he left he caused me not to be able to repair the mirrors. Leviathan became overwrought and dangerous to himself and me. I told him to go to the river where he could look at his reflection. That’s where he is right now, just over there.”

Harry put his arms out to his side and closed his eyes. Pretty soon he opened his eyes and said, “It’s a curse that only he can break. But, I can temporarily fix this problem for safety. He held out his hand and a hand mirror appeared in it. I’d like to know why he didn’t die. It was our agreement that if he went passed the barrier then he would die automatically. You understood it was for the safety of our world the barrier was put up.”

Dawn nodded her head as more tears flowed down her face. He’s been such a good boy, and it wasn’t his doing that his mirrors broke. I lifted the barrier so he could go to the river safely.”

“Yes, but now he knows my word is false and he won’t be afraid to go beyond the barrier and he will die when he goes to spite you the next time he gets willful with you. I’ll have to find a way to prove he must not ever try it again.”

Harry appeared behind Leviathan and said, “Time to go back home, Leviathan.”

The god said with hate in his voice, “I know that voice. Harry Potter has come to gloat because my mirrors have been broken.”

Harry said, “Your mummy brought me here to ask me to help you get a mirror since your daddy broke yours. Too bad you can’t be a man and protect yourself from his bullying you. But here you go. I’ve made you another mirror. Go back to the cottage and I’ll give it to you.”

Hope registered on Leviathan’s handsome face and he reached for the mirror. “I’ll have it now and then we’ll see about going back to the cottage.”

Harry smiled pleasantly as if he heard a funny joke. “Nah, you’ll go back now; but first look in the river for your reflection.”

Leviathan looked and wailed sorrowfully. Harry had put large rocks in the river just deep enough that the water became turbulent going over them. There wasn’t any still water that could cast his reflection. When Leviathan turned on him Harry said, “Now go to your cottage; Mummy is worried about you.”

Harry tossed the mirror and it flew slowly just above Leviathan’s head toward the cottage. Leviathan ran after it jumping now and then trying to get the mirror. When it got through to the inside of the barrier Harry stopped and caught the mirror. He had it so Leviathan could see his reflection. “This is as far as you can go from the cottage. If you cross over the boundary you will die.”

Leviathan laughed heartily and said, “Right, just like today when I crossed it. Oh wait a minute! Lookie here, I didn’t die.” He came at Harry swinging and Harry held up the mirror in front of him. The god stopped short and pouted. “You used to be fun, Potter. Let’s fight like old times.”

Harry held his ground and laughed and said, “Sure, we can fight like old times. You forget though that I beat you sorely every time we fought. Come on then, I’ll just put this mirror here to free up my hands.”

Harry tucked the mirror in his belt and held up his fists ready to fight. Then he said, “Or we could just save time and I’ll prove you can’t go past the barrier. He tossed the mirror through the barrier and it shattered into hundreds of pieces. Leviathan screamed and dropped to his knees crying so sorrowfully Harry would have felt sorry for him if he didn’t hate him so much.

Harry spoke loud enough for Leviathan to hear a spell to repair his mirror. When the man looked up he saw the mirror being held out to him. Leviathan approached Harry cautiously and Harry handed him the mirror. Harry said, “Go on now; get back to the cottage. I’m going to find your daddy and make him pay for breaking your mirrors and for treating Dawn the way he did.”

A new look of hero worship crossed Leviathan’s face. “Thank you, Harry. I’m lucky to have you for a friend.”

Harry’s stomach turned at the thought of being friends with him but didn’t have time to explain he couldn’t be friends with someone he hates. He walked part of the way back to the cottage with the grateful man wondering if this was something of the same as him wanting Draco to become friends but Draco not wanting to. No…surely not he thought but; rather than forget about it he stuck it in the back of his mind for a different time to ponder on the subject. As soon as Dawn ran to him he disappeared to find Zeus. Twenty years later Harry came back to the cottage and held up his arms long enough to say a spell and then the cottage was once again full of mirrors. Harry looked different to them and when Dawn asked why he looked so different Harry just said, “I know time is standing still at home, but I’ve been gone for twenty years hunting and fighting Zeus. I whipped him and he said he’d come back here and release the curse over you and the cottage. But then he said he wasn’t coming that he’d just give me the knowledge to break any curse or spell. And he did, I instantly knew how to break the curse over you. But then he said the next time he sees me he’s going to kill me, unless I thought I could kill him. He walked away and left the room we were in. As I was leaving he came back in the room and attacked me from behind. He kept me on some cloud locked in a room with a Minotaur hog tied with heavy chains. Zeus made my magic null so I had to keep away from it of my own physical abilities. It caught me numerous times and it bit me and tried to eat me. For three years I tried to escape but failed with the monster beating me severely each time. Finally I escaped by turning the monster loose. But I didn’t leave the room. Zeus came in and we fought once more. He nearly won after he blasted me in the side with his lightning rod. But I rebounded and killed him. I spent the last two years trying to heal enough so I could make it back here. When I got here I was healed and I suppose I owe you something for it, even though I didn’t ask for it, nor did I want it done for me.”

Dawn shook her head and said, “You killed Zeus? But I don’t think that has ever been done.”

Harry gave a malicious grin and said, “Well, don’t get your hopes up, he’ll just make a nuisance of himself down there and get kicked out and come back. I’m going home. Can you tell me how much time has elapsed in my time?”

Dawn said, “You will have disappeared for a few minutes. Thank you Little One.” Harry smiled at her and she knew it was genuine. He put a diamond in the Tiara she wears and said, “This will let me know if Zeus ever tries to come back to hurt you or for any reason. He told her to enjoy the day and she smiled back and sent him home.

Lily shouted, “He’s here, Daddy has come back!”
Harry scooped his daughter up in his arms and hugged her tight and bestowed upon her head kisses. James and Albus were next to get to him. He stood Lily on the arm of the chair he was standing next to and scooped both his son’s up in each arm and hugged them tight and kissed them both. Lily put her arms around Harry’s neck and the four laughed happily; Harry crying tears of joy that he was home with his kids. It was hard for him to think right then that it wasn’t as long for them as it had been for him.

Ginny, Ron, and Hermione came running into the room and stopped suddenly at the sight they ran in on. Ginny yelled at the kids to get down saying their daddy wasn’t up to them climbing on him. Harry looked over at her and smiled. “Come and join us.” He put the boys down beside him and Lily sat on the arm of the chair. Ginny walked to him mesmerized at the change in him. But just as she reached him she said, “You could have the decency to at least let us know you want to go do something. Why do you do this to me? I’m so tired of it.”

He took her arms gently and pulled her to him. He held her to him and held her tight like he had with the kids. He was outright crying now; kissing her and telling her he loved her. “Please don’t be angry with me, Honey. I don’t think I could take the emotional roller coaster ride I’m on with another death drop.”

Ginny’s voice softened but still she scolded him. “Love, what am I to do then; just keep wondering if you’re going to be coming home when you disappear like that without warning? You’re recovering from a very serious-”

Ron interrupted and with a look of jealousy he said, “Except he isn’t seriously hurt now; are you, Mr. I’ll never use the room for my own good.”

Ginny stepped away from him and looked disappointingly at him. “How could you? I mean I’m glad you’re healed but you did say you would never use that place for yourself or anyone else.”

Harry looked at the kids and saw they didn’t understand. His heart broke for them, thinking their dad did something he said he’d never do but apparently did. Albus said, “I’m glad he is healthy again. And I don’t care if the healing came to him from someplace he said he’d never use for himself. But I don’t think he went wherever that place is of his own accord. From the length of his hair, beard and mustache he’s been gone for years. He has new scars on him and he’s got more hidden behind his eyes. You all accuse him of doing something he said he wouldn’t do; but you also forget you all said you wouldn’t jump to conclusions again and you have.”

Banner was going crazy smelling Harry jumping back and barking and then smelling him some more and wagging his tail happily. It was funny watching him until Harry stooped over and picked him up and looked into the face of the puppy. Banner whimpered and cuddled into Harry’s neck. And then he licked his face. Harry stroke Banner lovingly and handed him to Albus. “I’m sorry to ask this of you, kids, but would you allow us adults to talk for a little bit?”

Albus and the others went to the basement and Harry looked over at Ginny, Hermione, and Ron. He tried to remember how much they knew about the Ancient gods and the secret place behind Dawn’s portrait at Hogwarts. They obviously knew about her and the secret place and after a minute he remembered Ginny knew of the god’s too. So he played it safe and said, “It was not of my doing that got me summoned to see Dawn. You know that time and space slows down to all but stopping when I go there. I had ample time to fight many battles and I healed myself well enough to stay alive for the next battle more times than ever before. When I got back to Dawn she healed me entirely of all my injuries without consulting me. She knows I don’t allow it, but she did it anyway so she wouldn’t owe me anything. I’m home now, and we won’t discuss it any further except to say that we won’t talk of things that we have to send the kids away; we’ll talk at a time when they aren’t here to hear things they don’t know about. It isn’t fair to them.”

Harry looked at each of them to make sure they all understood him. Seeing they did he lightened up and smiled friendly, “What were we doing before we were so rudely interrupted?”

Ron recovered and said, “Percy was on TV.”

Harry’s left eyebrow arched and he said, “Oh yeah, he ended up doing the right thing with the new housing project. Only I didn’t appreciate him giving my name, but I know his heart was in the right place. People will forget soon enough I suppose. Was there anything else on the story?”

“No, mate, since Percy pretty much put ‘Bucky’ in his place the story shifted to world news where in the United States there has been record breaking snowfall in California.”

“Great, so here at home and abroad everything is good. Is dinner ready, I’m starved?”

Hermione said they shouldn’t stay so they could get home to take care of the dog. Harry put his hand kindly on Hermione’s shoulder and said, “Are you doing okay, Hermione? If you’d like to stay for dinner, the Captain and I can go tend to Tippy or we could even bring him over here. I’m sure you didn’t get to visit yesterday or the day before yesterday whenever that stuff at the warehouse happened.”

Hermione looked at her friend and as scary and different as he looked; he was remarkably the same Harry Potter, her kind and compassionate friend. She looked at Ron and he shrugged his shoulders, “It’s okay by me, do you want us to bring Tippy here or just take him out and feed and water him?”

Hermione said maybe they should bring him over. “Unless… what if the puppies don’t get along with each other?” she asked.

Harry laughed and said, “Puppies are like kids, they don’t become prejudiced against others different than them until they get older or they learn it from adults.”

Harry touched Ron’s elbow and they were standing at Ron’s front door. Ron shivered and said, “Why didn’t you take us inside? It’s freezing out here and Hermione has the house keys; we’re locked out!”

Harry laughed and said, “You are a wizard, Captain, and you passed first year magic.”

“Oh yeah, right,” he said; his embarrassment obvious. It’s just that you are so intimidating it’s hard to think straight.”

“Are we going to go in or what?” asked Harry trying to put off what Ron had said about him being different.

“Oh yeah, Alohomora!” he said confidently. The door unlocked and they went inside. Tippy met them at the door jumping and yapping with excitement. When he saw Harry he went wild with excitement. “Well, at least this little guy doesn’t think I’m menacing looking.” Harry took him outside while Ron grabbed his food and water bowls and a serving of food. When Harry went in Ron said he was ready to go back. Before Harry took his elbow to go back he asked Ron if he was okay. “It hasn’t been that long ago that you guys went through a really hard time finding out about the doctor using miscarried babies for experiments. I know you have been really strong for Hermione, but do you need anything at all? I want you to know I am always here for you.”

Ron stared at him and frowned, “I’m okay, mate. Thanks though I do appreciate it, but I’m good.”

Harry nodded and touched Ron’s elbow and they were coming up the steps to the porch. “Again with arriving outside! Why can’t we go straight inside and skip the freezing outside part?”

Harry answered, “It wouldn’t do to show up on someone about to occupy the same space you appear in. There have been lots of times when you came here and knocked me down because I was walking somewhere and you showed up in front of me. It’d be harder to sort out if you showed up partly inside me instead of just knocking me down. And it’s not at all comfortable getting knocked down either.”

“Oh, I hadn’t thought of that; I see your point. But hang on; you appeared inside just a few minutes ago when you came home.” Harry said Dawn sent him home just like she took him there. “She knows where to put me so everyone is safe.” They went in and Harry called Banner to him. He squatted down on one knee and picked up Banner and put the puppies nose to nose to let them get acquainted. A few minutes later he put them both down and told the kids to take them for a run around the place. While the kids went racing through the house Ginny said, “I’ve been trying to get the kids to stop running in the house and now you tell them to run.”

Harry looked at her quickly and then turned to the kids to call out for them to stop running, but Ginny stopped him. “I don’t really mind if they run in the house if you don’t.”

A look of relief came over Harry’s face and he said, “I wouldn’t want them running if we had a small house, but there isn’t any danger of knocking over anyone or anything with this much room to maneuver in.”

The doorbell rang and Harry asked Ginny if she invited anyone over. He opened the door ready for anything when she said that she hadn’t. But he happily stood aside and said, “Would you look who dropped by?”

John, Carson, and Teyla stepped in seemingly confused and then greeted everyone happily. Ginny was particularly happy to see Teyla and she, Hermione and Teyla went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Ron had a tinge of jealousy for only a few seconds but then his normal good nature prevailed. He shook hands with Carson and John and told them it was good to see them. They responded warmly and returned the greeting.

Ron said, “I bet you are surprised to see Harry looking better than ever. You should have seen him half an hour ago, nearly dead he was; but he never fails to amaze us.”

John arched an eyebrow at Harry and said, “Yeah, I think we are pretty much surprised to see him looking like this. As you can see Carson is carrying his medical bag all ready with Harry Potter quick fixes. Good to see he doesn’t need them.”

Harry looked down; his face turning red and chuckled. “Come over and have a seat.”

“If you don’t mind lad, I’d like a quick look at you.”

“Oh, well, okay then if you think you really need to. I am fine though.”

Carson asked him to take off his shirt and Ron’s phone rang just then. He said, “George needs me for about half an hour, I’ll be right back.” Harry asked if everything was okay and Ron answered that George had a surprise for his wife and needed help closing the store so he could get the surprise home by a certain time. Harry nodded and told him to tell George hello for him.

Teyla whistled at Harry when he took off his shirt and giggled along with Ginny and Hermione at Harry’s red face. They had stopped their preparations in the kitchen when Ron said he was leaving. When Ron left they couldn’t help having a little fun at Harry’s expense. But this time Harry wasn’t to be outwitted and faced the women and started making a show of unbuckling his belt and unsnapping his jeans. When he started to unzip them Hermione and Teyla squealed and turned around quickly and Ginny called his bluff. He walked over to her staring her in the eyes and she became breathless. He smiled and kissed her lightly on the lips and held her tight. He kissed her again only passionately this time realizing how much he missed her these twenty years he was away from her. His breath was hot as he kissed her neck and then he whispered something that made her blush and backed away from her slowly. He snapped and buckled his pants and belt and turned to go into the study for Carson to have a quick look at him. John and Carson glanced into the kitchen and chuckled at the girls fanning themselves and giggling talking in soft tones.

“Carson said, “I think it’s a good thing Ron had to leave just then.”

“Yeah, the opportunity arose for me to get even with the girls so I had to take it. Why do they like making us squirm so? The way they have about them is totally unfair.”

They all laughed and then John said, “They should be glad it wasn’t me taking off my clothes; they would have been falling all over themselves trying to get to this machine,” he laughed as he pounded his chest in mock machismo.

They all laughed harder and then Carson said, “Well let’s get this started and done so we can get to the reason we came before Ron comes back. Your wand and belongings have been with John since the day before yesterday and your transponder wasn’t reading anywhere in both galaxies since early evening. And then Ginny called and said you disappeared and wondered if you were with us for some reason. We told her you wasn’t there and we’d come help her look for you.”

Harry stood with his arms raised out to his sides. Carson whistled softly, “What’s gotten a hold of you lad? It looks like you were a chew toy for a giant dog of some sort.” Carson studied the change in Harry’s demeanor and sighed as he fingered the new scars he was examining. He knew Harry would talk when he was ready to, but it wasn’t going to be easy for him for whatever reason he had for the drastic change in him. He ran his instrument over him from head to toe, poked, prodded and pinched here and there and was nearly done when Harry spoke quietly.

“A Minotaur… you asked what chewed on me. It was a Minotaur that I was held captive with for three years.” Carson handed Harry his shirt while Harry took a deep breath. He sat on the corner of his desk and told him everything he told Dawn. He swallowed hard looking sorrowfully at John at the end of his tale. “John, I’m sorry, but I ended up killing Zeus. I’m sorry he was your father and that I had to kill him.”

John’s face was indifferent with a smidgen of sorrow. He said, “There was this man years ago. He raised me and provided well enough that I could live comfortably and have the best education. We didn’t get along, but I knew he loved me. He died before I realized I had taken advantage of him by not letting him know that I loved him. I hadn’t spoken to him for four years before I left for Atlantis and I left without saying goodbye. That man was my dad; Zeus was nothing to me.”

Harry said he was still sorry. “And there is one more thing… I’m sure he’ll cause enough of a problem that he’ll be kicked out of Hades. When that happens he’s going to be steaming mad. He might go to Atlantis and demand that you kill me. I’ll try to figure out a way to keep him from getting to you and the Pegasus Galaxy.”

Just then Harry turned his head toward the window and said, “Ron’s back, and I don’t want him to know about any of this. We need to change the subject. Carson, you can tell me your findings; that ought to keep him from being suspicious.”

Carson looked at his little instrument and began telling Harry his findings. Harry stood up and waited for just the right moment and then prepared to put on his shirt he had been holding this whole time and when Ron came in he pulled the shirt over his head and pulled it down and tucked it in. He looked up at Ron without changing his expression and nodded so he didn’t interrupt Carson.

Ron looked over at John who had his head resting lazily on the palm of his hand with his elbow on the arm of the chair. He really looked like he was about to fall asleep. He raised his eyebrows and looked up at Ron and hooked a chair with the toe of his boot and pulled it out for Ron to sit on. Ron sat down and whispered, “I thought they’d be done way before now. Is Harry okay?”

John exaggerated a shoulder shrug and said, “I’m not good at deciphering doctor lingo, but near as I can tell, Harry’s in perfect health, with the exception of not getting enough rest, not eating enough to put some fat on him, something about his brainwaves being overworked, and he can stand to have a haircut. I added that last part only because I’m jealous he doesn’t have to worry about it not meeting military protocol.”

Ron laughed and nodded his head, “I thought his long curly white hair was strange at first, but I think it’s really cool now especially how wild it looks. Hermione won’t let me have my hair like that though. Harry’s lucky Ginny doesn’t care how he looks; only that he’s healthy. It’s good to hear a good report on his health though. He’s been so near death too many times ever since he’s been back from that secret mission. He wasn’t even in good health before he left on that mission.”

John agreed and they looked over at Carson and Harry finishing up with the health report. “Thanks Carson, it’s good to hear a good report for a change. Will you guys be able to stay for Christmas? I can call Rodney and find out when he wants me to pick him up so you don’t have to make a trip there and back to Cheyenne Mountain.”

John said that was their orders, “We’re to pick up Rodney from his sister’s house before we come home, so if it’s okay with you guys to have three more over the holiday then we’d be happy to stay.”

Harry said he was going to take Ginny Christmas shopping in the morning. Ron said, “I thought since you are better now you’d come back to work.”

Harry swallowed and looked at Ron like he just stole Christmas from him. “I guess I could, but, I’d like to have some time to recover from some memory loss. My mind needs to heal, Captain. Do you think I need to be there?”

Ron shook his head and answered, “No, mate, it’s just better with you there. You need to take the time and be with your kids and Ginny though. I don’t know how you’ve kept from going insane you’ve missed so much with your family.”

Harry’s thoughts were far away now and the voices he could hear in the background got further and further away, remembering the events he’s missed because of one reason or another. Too many to sort out what happened at each time, but he did remember pain being the absolute bane of existence in each and every case of him not being present at the events. Now Zeus was back in his worries and his thoughts soured thinking of the last twenty years in the other time dimension.
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Hey Guys, cutting it close for posting my new chapter on Sunday aren't I? I hope all is well with each of you. Thank you all for your loyalty in coming back each time for more of my story. It really means a lot to me. If anyone wants to comment, you're surely welcome to. I hope you enjoy the new chapter.

Chapter 2

Consuming Hate Drives Harry To Take Drastic Measures

“Earth to Harry Potter!” Harry reached out and grabbed the intruder by the throat and lifted him clear off his feet and held a large ball of some kind of energy that hissed and sizzled in his other hand. All at once everyone was screaming and Harry dropped his captor and held him from falling over from fright. “Percy, I’m sorry, are you okay? I’m so sorry. When did you get here; are you okay?”

Harry squared his brother-in-law up to him and looking directly into his eyes and asked again if he was okay. Percy swallowed and said, “Yeah, I’m okay, Harry. I was on my way home and wanted to come over and tell you something that happened today and make sure you are okay.”

Harry poured Percy some water and gave it to him to sip on. “What has happened Percy, did you need me for something?”

Percy shook his head and told him about the opening of the Winston Churchill Building. Harry put his hand on Percy’s shoulder and gave it a friendly squeeze, “It’s okay, Percy, we saw the interview. I thought you did outstanding. I wish you hadn’t mentioned my name, but I’m not upset at you for it. Thank you for standing up for the people. Do you know if all the approved applicants got moved in?”

Percy was happy Harry wasn’t angry with him and said, “Yeah, everyone on the list got moved in and settled. And the neighboring restaurant owners even donated dinner for every occupant. Thanks for asking me to do this for you, Harry; it’s really opened my eyes about a lot of things.”

Percy left after Harry apologized once more for mistaking him for somebody else and then Ginny came in the room announcing dinner was ready. She looked at Harry’s stark white face and Ron looking like he just had the scare of his life. “What’s going on, did Percy bring bad news?” She looked at John and then Carson and said, “Is there bad news from your examination of Harry, Carson?”

“No, lass, physically he’s perfectly fine. He is however in dire need of relaxation and relief of mental fatigue and stress. According to this brain scan Harry is using an enormous amount of energy processing information and-”

“Thanks, Carson; let’s go eat,” interrupted Harry as he hooked his arm around Ginny’s waist to escort her to the dining room. “This smells fantastic!” Harry stood behind his chair until the ladies were seated and then sat down. The meal was great and much of the dinner talk had to do with what was going on at Hogwarts and studies with the kids.

Rose said, “We’ve been talking about Greek mythology in Professor Binns class, and he said that those gods were responsible for many of the creatures that exist today; creatures that aren’t common to Muggles. Muggles can’t see them because of enchanted dust particles causing them to see right through the creatures, but we would be able to see them if they existed.”

Ron said, “I always thought Binns was a nutter. He probably taught us the same thing but I was so bored in his class I couldn’t stay awake.”

Hugo said, “Well, now I know what class I can goof off in without getting in trouble with Mum and Dad.”

Hermione glared at Ron and said to Hugo, “You most certainly will not goof off in any of your classes!”

Ron looked at Hugo and sighed heavily, “Listen to your Mum son, she’s right. Harry and I were hopelessly bored in there and we depended on your mum to take excellent notes and share them with us.”

Harry had been looking down at his plate hoping the subject would change. He rolled his eyes to John; moving his head just slightly and saw John looking at him the same way. John was about to say something to change the subject but Rose quite unexpectedly said, “I think Professor Binns is wrong and the gods were just myths like they are called. Just because Muggles can’t see those creatures doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be affected by them. I mean say a Minotaur was after a wizard, running through the streets, Muggles would be caught in a horrific scene of a man fighting for his life and getting eaten right in front of them by something invisible. How could that be explained? What do you think, Uncle Harry?”

Harry put his hands on his lap so nobody would see them shaking. He was silent for a few seconds and then said, “Your reasoning is quite valid but there is so much we don’t know or understand that sometimes unless it can be proven to be wrong then it is best to go along with what you are taught. That doesn’t mean that you have to start believing in them, but you don’t want to get bad marks because you answer a question about who did what, with, I don’t believe those gods were real. That being said, I would never advise you to change your ethical beliefs and values for the sake of good marks on a paper. Always stay true to what you believe to be true because in the end that is all that counts.”

Hugo said, “I think Zeus is the best of those gods. He’s the big boss and is unbeatable in battle and he survived anyone who tried to kill him. Who is your favorite, Uncle Harry? Do you think Zeus is unbeatable?”

Albus spoke up quietly after noticing the time his dad was taking to answer questions about the gods. “Those gods are immortal so they can’t be killed. Any of them can be temporarily killed but they always come back to life, with the exception of the two Zeus killed with his lightning rod, because they are divine beings. And the only reason Zeus hasn’t been dethroned is because he is a backstabber and cunning. Daddy could defeat him because he is stronger, way smarter, and he can use magic better than Zeus can use his divine powers.”

Hugo said, “Who do you think Uncle Harry’s favorite god is, since you know so much. Albus was stung by Hugo’s words and said, “Next year when you start Hogwarts, you’ll be told by Professor Binns the same thing I just told you because that’s what he tells everyone. You’ll also be told not to ask any questions of whether or not Zeus could be defeated if Harry Potter fought him. When I said Dad could defeat Zeus it was my own opinion. And if you really want my opinion about who I think my dad’s favorite god is; Poseidon comes to my mind right away because he is a lot like him. He can hold his breath a long time under water. At the Quidditch Tournament we all saw him command a wave of water to leave Black Lake and wrap around Tom Riddle and then we saw him throw lightning bolts from his hands into the water electrocuting Riddle.”

Everyone became silent and looked at Harry. Harry sighed and looked up and was surprised to see everyone looking at him. He was very uncomfortable but joined in the conversation since it appeared he was expected to say something.

“It isn’t something I enjoy talking about, but Albus is correct. When I was preparing to face Riddle I had to think of a way to fight him that would be effective against his superior abilities. My best bet was to fight in ways that wasn’t common. He had the ability to read wand movements to anticipate spells and curses; like people who read lips to know what is being said without hearing. So I didn’t use my wand a lot of the time to keep him off guard. I studied Poseidon’s divine powers and learned to make magic spells with the same effect. I also did the same with Mars and Mercury, but as far as who would be my preferred god I think I’d choose Pan, the god of nature or the wild. I think he was the only one of the Olympian brats who wasn’t violent and conniving to get what he wanted from someone else who had it or was rightfully theirs to inherit. He was powerful, intelligent, had dominion over everything but didn’t let his powers turn him evil, and he was the most respected of all the gods and goddesses. Also; when it was his time to kick the bucket he simply faded away without kicking and screaming that he’d be back.” Harry rubbed his head and closed his eyes from a sudden burst of pain that started when he mentioned the gods being brats and reached a climax at the end of his opinion of Pan.

He looked at Ginny and said, “Are there any Christmas cookies?” Ginny understood Harry wanting to change the subject. He wasn’t a huge fan of the gods and she knew the reason he disappeared today for that short bit was because he had been with them for, judging by his long beard, quite a long time. She wondered what he had to do for them and what he would owe them for healing him this time. Thinking on this she decided she wasn’t such a fan either.

Ginny shook her head and said they didn’t have any Christmas cookies or any others, but she made a wonderful fancy pudding cake and ice cream to go with it if he wanted it. Harry smiled and started to decline both but Ginny added another dessert. “Oh, I have some chocolate pudding too.” Harry smiled happily and said he’d like a bowl of chocolate pudding.

Visiting went on for quite a while longer and Harry became absorbed with his own thoughts in his mind. It struck him again how odd it was that Zeus gave him the power to break all curses and then try to kill him. He remembered being in the room with the Minotaur and each time he tried to curse the beast his head hurt just like it did tonight telling about the gods and goddesses being brats with the exception of Pan. He didn’t try to curse the beast after a couple times of the pain that got more severe when he tried to use it. He thought Zeus had just made it so it would hurt him too much to use his magic so he didn’t until the very last day when he made it possible for the Minotaur to escape. Now he was thinking of when he broke the curse on Dawn and the place she lived. His head hurt worse than the time before. He thought about what Carson had said about his brain and became alarmed. It wasn’t from his mind being in a state of chaos as he thought but something way worse. Now he understood something very important that needed to be fixed right away. Anger and hate began growing in him with every breath he took. Zeus would have him die at his own hands with his own magic.

He felt a sharp nudge in his side and looked over at John with such a look of hate it would have scared anyone else. John whispered, “You wanna step outside to cool off before you become a human torch?”

Harry looked over at Ron getting up laughing. He pulled Hermione up and asked her to get the kids and he’d get Tippy. After they left Ginny said she was going to have their kids go to bed too. Harry stood up and paced back and forth until Albus came back in from taking Banner out to do his business. He said goodnight to his kids and lovingly hugged and kissed them.

Harry cast the Muffliato spell and began pacing back and forth talking quickly as he walked. Since Ginny and Teyla didn’t know what he told John and Carson, he told them what happened to him when he was gone earlier and that he was gone for twenty years. He told them about getting Dawn her powers back and setting up the perimeters again and making sure Leviathan couldn’t escape again, and how he also made it so Zeus couldn’t ever get to her again. “But, now I’ve figured out something. Zeus didn’t just give me the knowledge and ability to cure any curse, but he made it so each time I used it, it would slowly kill me. Carson said my brain showed unusual activity he was concerned about and would keep an eye on it. I thought it must be from the Moonbeam Fairy potion, but it wasn’t, it was a curse he put on me along with the knowledge of how to break all curses. And I know I’m right because I know what the remedy is to break this curse. The trouble is it will kill me just as soon as I attempt it. I have to go break him out of Hades and trick him into taking away the curse.”

Ginny shook her head trying to understand. “But are the gods magical? I didn’t know that about them.”

Harry shook his head, “I’m sorry I’m making this confusing. No, you were correct thinking they weren’t magical entities. At least most of them weren’t. There were a few who knew magic, mostly the Egyptians, used it. The gods were given a gift of knowledge of the energy in the universe. This divine knowledge of energy gave them the ability to make magic from within them. They made symbols and chants and directed movements with their arms and hands that created the wanted effect.

But, most gods made their own tools to direct their divine powers such as Zeus’s Lightning Rod, Poseidon’s Trident, Thor’s Hammer, and so on. That way they just had to point and fire instead of chants, dances, and formal arm movements. That’s how Zeus gave me the knowledge of the curses; by touching his Lightning Rod to my head before I could stop him. Of course he was a coward and had an invisible cage waiting for me. He was expecting me; figuring Dawn would have me help her. The cage surrounded me with the walls an inch away from me. I couldn’t move or I would be zapped with lightning bolts. This is when he asked what I wanted from him. He said he would do it; that he did it to her in the heat of the moment and then he stuck his Lightning Rod in the center of my forehead and told me what he was going to do instead; give me the knowledge of the curses because he didn’t want to appear to be soft by removing Dawn’s curse. So after I was able to regain consciousness he got rid of the invisible cage and said I was free to go. He walked out of the room and then when I turned to answer someone calling me in the next room, he attacked me from behind. So, you know the rest of the story about the Minotaur and stuff… I’m going to go back now and set things straight. I have to or I’ll always be watching for him to come after me or John. I’m going to Dawn’s now and tell her what I’m going to do and then I’m-’’ he swallowed and all the color drained from his face. He rubbed his face and with a shaky voice said, “I’ll go to Olympus and speak before the committee so to speak and offer them a deal they can’t refuse.”

John stood up and said, “Take me with you.”

Harry looked at him without judging him. He was grateful for the request and would love to take him but it would be very dangerous and he didn’t know what kind of shape he’d be in when he was done. “Has Zeus ever invited you to a council meeting in Olympus?”

John bit his lower lip and considered lying but knew Harry would know if he was. He shook his head and said, “No, but I’ll take my chances. What’s the worst they could do to me?”

“Kill you and they would. And besides I don’t know what kind of physical problems I might have and I wouldn’t want to drop you in the River Styx when I go to Hades to get Zeus. And I don’t know how long it’ll take me to pull off my trick. I don’t want that place to haunt you forever.”

Ginny gasped and said she didn’t want him to go either. She said there had to be another way to do it. She started to threaten to make him leave and never come back but couldn’t bring herself to do it.

Harry took her gently by the waist and softly pleaded with her to not be angry with him. “Honey, I have to do this. Hate is consuming me again. Earlier when Percy came over, I nearly killed him. He caught me by surprise while I was thinking about what Zeus did to me; locking me up with that Minotaur and everything. I had Percy by the throat before I knew he was there and I was about to kill him. He said, ‘Earth to Harry Potter’ and I thought he was another god coming to take me back to that cloud with another monster. It would have been so easy, and quick to kill him. And just a little bit ago before Ron and Hermione left John poked me in the side while my mind was occupied with the hate I was feeling. I was thinking of being in that cage for hours while Zeus poked me in the side with the other end of his Lightning Rod so I would jump into the bars of the cage and get electrocuted. The only reason I didn’t kill John was because I was afraid to do magic in that cage. I didn’t know what would happen. And then I realized it was John. I can’t stand the thought of hurting anyone especially my family. My memories are making me unsafe to be around because my mind is too tired from never getting to rest. I have to do this; please understand. I can’t bear the thought of leaving you and I have to. And if you’re angry at me, it’s going to be hard to do what I have to do. Just thinking of it is terrifying.”

Ginny nodded her head unable to talk. She kissed him passionately and said, “Give Zeus what for, and if he doesn’t comply with whatever you come up with then I’m going there to kick his sorry-”

“Ginny!” Exclaimed Teyla, “Should you talk that way about a god?” She laughed and John said, “Good for you, Darlin. I knew you had spunk.”

Harry kissed her one more time and turned to look at John with tremendous sorrow. He was asking John to take care of his family if he didn’t come back. John’s face rarely turns white from surprise but it did just then. Now he was even more curious what Harry would do that he might not be back.

After ten minutes and Harry hadn’t returned yet Teyla asked how long Harry had been gone before. Just then Harry’s wand came to him secretly. A note appeared in his hand and Harry read it discretely. It was only two words, “I’m alive.” He stuffed the paper in his pocket and turned his attention to Ginny. She said, it was only a few minutes and that worked out to be twenty years for Harry. Carson said, “My Greek Mythology is a bit rusty. Do the gods age any?”

John said, “Well; yes, they do. The one Harry spoke of, Pan; died of old age. But time is different still than the time that Harry is in now. I think that like maybe a second is like a year or something. You know like when you have a dream that you’re falling from someplace high and you just keep falling and falling and falling and you never fall to the ground, but in normal reality you should hit the ground within seconds. That seems to be the way it is in a lot of the realities. When Harry was bringing me home that one time and we were flying over the River Styx, it was that way.”

They anxiously waited for an hour and then an hour and a half. John couldn’t think with the worry that had come over him when he got Harry’s pouch with his wand, sword, medicines and potions. If it had been twenty years for a few minutes how many years would ten minutes be? John decided that surely it had been more than just a few minutes and Ginny just guesstimated incorrectly because she didn’t check the time. She was known for that; her inability to mark time and events. Still, Harry was now gone an hour and a half, that had to be an enormous amount of years. Then Harry walked in the house from the porch. He looked like a ghost, he was so white. Ginny grabbed John’s arm and he put his hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming. He was without color, that is to say, not only did it look like he didn’t have any blood in him, but even his eyes were white. He had a glowing aura about him and he moved in uncharacteristically inhuman ways. Harry stood in front of the fireplace and stood silently for a few minutes without moving and staring straight ahead but not seeing anything. Then he looked directly at John and handed him a special staff and after John took it Harry raised his hands to his sides appearing to be asking John to shoot him with the staff. John licked his lips and took deep breaths because he didn’t want to kill Harry. But he trusted Harry knew what he was doing. He raised the staff to shoot him with it but Ginny screamed no and stood between John and Harry.

Harry held his stance determined for John to fire the staff at him and then he hung his head for several minutes. John shook Ginny off and told Carson to help him keep Ginny away. John just about got the shot off when Ginny cursed Carson with a Stupefy jinx and jumped in front of Harry. Then Harry raised his head and looked at John and raised his arms as if he were pleading for John to shoot him. When Ginny again refused to let him shoot Harry John told her to stand aside so he could save Harry. She cursed him with a knockback jinx and Harry put his arms down and started to walk outside. Ginny stepped in front of him and he stopped. When she started asking him questions he moved forward and she was moved by him and he walked right by her and outside. John ran after him and kept calling him, but Harry moved on until he was over the hill and out of site of the house. When John, Carson, Teyla, and Ginny caught up with him he was standing by the deep part of the creek that runs through his property and down to the Burrow. He doubled his fists and cried out in a horrible scary shriek that dropped the onlookers to their knees covering their ears. And then without warning he burst into flames and fell backward onto the snow and ice covered creek; sinking and lighting up the water as he sank.

Ginny screamed and ran to the creek crying for her husband. She was about to jump in after him when John and Carson both grabbed her. Carson said, “You can’t go in that water, love.”

“I have to help him, I need to bring him back up here and help him.”

John said, “You would die if you went in there. Look this is moving water; it takes longer to freeze so think how cold it is. And it’s good he is in there. Think about it. He came here to do this because he thought there was a chance he would survive the fire and the water would heal him.”

Ginny turned and walked up to the house. She said she needed to get warm and make sure the kids are still in bed. “That horrible scream was loud enough to wake them.” Teyla went up with her slipping her arm around her waist to help her keep her balance in the snow.

Another five minutes after Ginny and Teyla left, Harry swam to the surface of the water. He struggled to climb out until John and Carson both took a hold of him. “Thanks guys, let’s get up to the house. I need to go into the basement and shower before I go upstairs to Ginny.” They struggled to listen to him because he was barely able to whisper.

The three struggled through the driving snow and slipping over the snow trying to hold Harry on his feet. Harry seemed to decline in health swiftly. By the time they reached the house he was shaking hard from cold and groaning from horrible pain. The water from the creek had frozen on him and he was like a living ice cube.

Ginny ran down the steps when she saw John and Carson practically dragging Harry into the yard from her bedroom window. When they didn’t come up to the front porch she and Teyla went to the basement. John and Carson were just getting him in the door and Ginny rushed to help. Carson turned on the cold water in the shower and they got him under the cold water. Harry cried out; trembling with excruciating pain of frostbite. Carson asked Ginny to summon his doctor bag for him and it appeared on the table beside the bathroom. He gathered a syringe and tubing connected to a bag of solution he poured into it. He worked so swiftly and smoothly they couldn’t tell what he was doing. He took one of Harry’s arms and tucked it up between his arm and ribs. Then he tied off Harry’s upper arm with an elastic band. Lastly he inserted the needle into Harry’s forearm and then took off the elastic band. He fixed a sling around his arm and around his neck to keep his arm from dangling. Carson then hung the bag from the shower head. He adjusted the drip to dispense at a high rate and then stepped back to watch his patient. After several minutes he reached in the shower and adjusted the temperature to a tepid degree. Ten minutes later he changed the water into a hot shower.

While Harry finished his shower in privacy Ginny swished her wand around the two men and they were in nice clean and dry warm clothes. “He’s going to need to eat and drink when he comes out of the shower; I’ll go take care of that if you two can help him get up here when he’s done.”

They nodded and she and Teyla ran up the steps to begin making some food and drinks for Harry. Finally Harry stumbled out of the shower and got dressed with the exception of his shirt in silence. He walked over to Carson, favoring his side; his hand on his back and held out his arm with the IV in it and handed him the bag when Carson removed the needle from his arm. He put on his shirt and sat down on the couch to put on his socks and shoes. “Don’t let me fall asleep please, I need to eat. Thanks for your help guys.” John and Carson looked at each other hearing how scratchy Harry’s voice was. His throat must hurt something fierce from that screaming he did.

He got one sock on and slumped over asleep. Carson and John both began trying to wake him and was about to give up when Carson pinched the tender skin in between Harry’s fingers. Harry pulled at his hand to stop the pain but didn’t wake up. Encouraged that it was a good start Carson pinched harder and didn’t let go. Finally Harry yanked his hand away from Carson and held his hand close to his body trying to make the pain stop. He looked at the blood seeping out of a small fissure and then looked at the two men.

John said, “You fell asleep and we couldn’t wake you.”

Harry half nodded his understanding but studied the injury. “How am I to put a band-aid on this?” He looked up curiously when John and Carson cracked up laughing. John said, “You’re just a little kid aren’t you!? I see you covered in blood all the time from severe injuries and you need a band-aid for this little booboo?”

Harry was still too tired to make sense of illogical questions and just looked at the two friends. Then he caught on and managed a small smile saying, “Yeah, well, don’t I always put band-aids on all my booboos?”

He got out his Dittany and said, “This will do the trick and I probably won’t need a band-aid.” Harry opened the bottle with his magic and was about to pour some over his injury but was shaking so hard he found it difficult. Finally he magiced it out of his hand and it tipped over pouring the potion where it needed to be. The lid went on it and he put it away. Feeling happy he accomplished something right he said, “Let’s go eat.”

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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for another chapter. This chapter is another short one. I can't tell you all how much I appreciate you reading my ff. I worry that I might be confusing sometimes when I put a lot of dialogue in it from the characters from the Stargate crossover. Please feel free to ask questions or please comments because it's important to me that my ff is understood so you aren't wondering about things. Okay, so here is the next chapter. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 3

Cause Enough For A Headache

Carson and John smiled, “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

Harry put his hands to his chest and looked down; his shirt was on so he checked his zipper and found his jeans correctly done up. He huffed and said, “Yes, obviously if you seen something wrong then I have forgotten. Is it important, I need to eat!”

Carson smiled sympathetically and pointed to his one sock on and the other foot completely bare. “Oh, thanks.” Harry pointed his wand and his feet had socks and shoes on. He looked over to the steps and swallowed. They looked so far away and steep. He walked over limping terribly and started to go upstairs and turned to his two friends. “You know what, I’m going to lie down on the couch for a while, you two go on up and eat.”

John said, “Come on, let me help.”

Without waiting for Harry to turn down the offer John stooped over slightly; grabbed Harry behind the knees and swung his arm around his shoulder and then stood up straight with Harry being carried up the steps like a sack of potatoes slung over his shoulder.

Harry groaned and clenched his teeth and then passed out. When they got upstairs Carson told John to hold still while he checked out Harry with his scanner. It only took a minute for Carson to find the problem.

“His backbone is out of alignment. When he was frozen several discs fused together crushing the soft material in between the discs. When he thawed out those bones and discs didn’t realign straight. I can’t understand how he walked from the shower and then to the stairs. He couldn’t lift his leg high enough to climb the steps is the reason he said he was just going to take a nap down there.”

John looked serious and said, “What can we do for him?”

Carson said, “Well, he needs to be put in traction and with a daily routine of shots and therapy, he has a pretty good chance of being able to walk again, but that’s it, no running, climbing or lifting of any kind.”

Ginny huffed and then swished her wand and Harry was hanging upside down. He woke up moaning and asking through gritted teeth what was going on. “Love, Carson said you’re going to be crippled because your spine is out of alignment and some discs and soft stuff is flat or something. Fix yourself so you can eat; I’m tired and want to go to bed.”

Harry looked over at Carson and said, “Where is the problem Carson? Can you put my hand on the place?”

The doctor, quite in shock at Ginny’s treatment and bedside manners with Harry, put Harry’s hand directly over the area telling him exactly what was wrong.”

Harry said, “Okay, let me see if I can try. I’m pretty much zapped out of magic and strength.”

John said, “Maybe Winky can help you.”

Harry shook his head no and said, “It’s late and I don’t want to ask her to do this. She can’t see what happened to me. It’ll hurt her.”

Ginny said, “That’s a good idea, John. I’ll call her.” She quickly added, “It’ll hurt her feelings if you don’t ask for her help.”

She called Winky and the tiny elf popped into the kitchen wearing her gown and robe. “What is being wrong with Master Harry?!” she asked as she ran to him. She moved her hands over Harry’s face and his beard and mustache shortened to the length he had been wearing for several years now.

She cupped Harry’s face in her two tiny hands and got so close their eyes were nearly touching. Finally she whimpered and cried sorrowfully, “Winky’s poor, poor Master Harry. Poor, poor master Harry. Winky is being able to help, but it is being very much more painful than you is being in now.”

Harry groaned and put his hands on his head. His face was getting deep red from hanging upside down for so long. “Please hurry, Winky; it’s not like I haven’t ever felt pain before. Just please do what you need to do.”

“Master Harry, hang on to Master Harry’s Chevron, and let Winky do what is having to happen.” She started to move to Harry’s back and stopped. “Oh excuse me, Winky means, let Winky do what needs to be done. Winky is so embarrassed at her improper Grammar usage. Winky is teaching proper Grammar to Winky’s children and forgets sometimes to use it herself.”

John, Carson, Teyla, and Ginny chuckled at how cute Winky was, but Harry said, “Can we please get on with this?”

John laughed merrily and said, “Harry, hang on to your Chevron, she’ll take care of you; be patient.” Teyla whispered to John asking what she was talking about. John whispered back trying to keep from laughing, “She’s saying the phrase, ‘Hold your horses.’ Harry’s horse is named Chevron if you remember.” Teyla smiled at the elf like she was the most precious thing she ever saw. “She’s so cute, but I remember having a hard time with phrases from you Earthlings too.”

Winky put her mind to task and put her index fingers on Harry’s lower spine and pushed her lowest finger toward his neck and her upper finger towards his tail bone. Then she held them with her thumb and index finger on one hand and moved squiggly lines and circles in the space between her finger and thumb. Harry began to twitch and tense up and she stopped with the squiggly lines and reached down to the side of Harry’s neck and jabbed her thumb into his neck so fast they couldn’t tell what she did, but saw the results; Harry was unconscious. She quickly went back to what she was doing and then she stood up still behind him and put her arms under his arm pits; clamping her hands tight to him and then jerked her feet up off the floor. Harry woke up screaming and then the two of them were on the floor and Harry was curled up in a ball begging them to stop torturing him.

Ginny went to her knees and stroked his face lovingly assuring him he wasn’t being tortured. John helped Winky to her feet and softly asked if she was okay. Winky was crying from a broken heart that she caused so much pain for her poor Master Harry. John told her he would be fine, and they were all grateful she saved him from being crippled. Harry stopped sobbing and looked at Ginny and thanked her for her kindness and said he was fine now; she could go to bed. “I’m sorry I kept you up so late.”

Ginny smiled and said, “I only acted put out with you to make you concentrate on what you needed to do to fix yourself. I would never go to bed with you in need of anything. Come on now; can you stand? I have you some food fixed and you need to thank Winky for saving you.”

Harry wasn’t fully aware of what was going on and seemed confused. “You fixed me food? It isn’t Minotaur I hope. I mean I don’t want to be picky, but I’m not a big fan of it.”

Ginny froze staring at him. “Minotaur… you ate Minotaur?”

Harry blinked and nodded his head, “Zeus didn’t feed me, and the only thing there in that room was the Minotaur and me. I named him Tiny just to make him mad. Zeus didn't see my knife I carry on me at all times because it was invisible. I cut off the tip of Tiny's tongue when I got so hungry I thought I'd die. It always grew back so most of the time that is what I survived on.” He furrowed his eyebrows together and said, “Ginny, am I really home?” He reached out and touched her and then grabbed her holding her so tight she could hardly breathe. John pounded on his shoulder and said, “Come on buddy, you want to be careful with her, she’s not as strong as you.”

Harry let go of her and stared at her. “Honey, don’t let me hurt you. I’m sorry, are you okay? I’ve missed you so badly!” Harry took her gently and began sobbing; his face buried into her hair. “Years and years I’ve been without you and the kids. I hope I’m never separated from you again.”

Ginny of course wanted to ask how long he had been gone this time, but she restrained herself for fear of making him remember exactly how long he was gone. She was afraid that remembering the exact amount of time instead of years and years would send him in a spiraling setback into worse depression. So she said she was fine and that he needed to tell Winky he was fine so she could go back to bed.

“What… why is Winky here? I fell into the creek to heal myself.” He looked for Winky and knelt down to her. He rubbed her tears from her enormous eyes and spoke softly to her. “I’m sorry; please forgive me for asking you to heal me. I can’t believe I did that to you. Are you okay?”

Winky put his face in her hands and sweetly told him she would have been upset with him if he needed help and she was not asked to help him. He hugged her and kissed her twice on the head and she did the same to him and left.
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Hey Guys, hope all is well with everyone. Please excuse my tardiness in posting this new chapter. I got lost in the new format and didn't have time to look for ways to get here after everywhere I tried said it was an invalid something or other. I do appreciate the establishment, moderators and everyone involved in making Snitchseeker a better place to hang out. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to keep things moving along smoothly and a few bumps and turns in the road is little to put up with when everything is all done. Thank you to all who have sacrificed their time in the real world for making make believe a fun place to have fun. This chapter is very short, I think even shorter than the previous one. I made them short because it might be somewhat confusing to follow along and I didn't want to overtax anyone's brain trying to follow the story. So, I hope you all like it. Please feel free to comment if you want to.

Chapter 4

Harry Explains His Trickery

Teyla put Harry’s food on the table and he sat down and began eating like he hadn’t eaten in a very long time. After they watched him for a while and nibbling on some sandwiches for themselves so he didn’t eat in front of them, Ginny asked if he felt up to telling them what happened. He dropped his fork and hurried into the bathroom to be sick. He came back out a few minutes later and put more food on his plate. He took a deep breath and put his elbows on the table and massaged his forehead with the palms of his hands. He had a nasty headache from hanging upside down for so long and being under so much stress.

“No, I don’t feel like talking, but it is only fair to you guys. He continued eating while he talked. “When I left here I talked to Dawn for a while explaining what I had to do. She agreed I needed to take the restriction off of Zeus not being able to visit her and Leviathan if he ever came out of Hades. I told her I would figure out something that would keep him from being abusive to her. When I left her I went to Olympus and caused quite a stir because I wasn’t supposed to be able to get past their security. Plus although I was invited to go to the home of the gods’ I was supposed to go for special occasions. And they made it abundantly clear that even though he had it coming to him; they weren’t fond of me killing Zeus. This was where I was hoping to lead the conversation to instead of them finding a way to punish me for killing him. So anyway, I said I had a plan to get him to go back to sit on the throne again; a way for him to save face and by doing that it would save Olympus. Poseidon, the rightful heir to the throne who had been filling the seat begrudgingly, asked how he would save Olympus since it didn’t need saving. I told him that surely they knew Zeus hates it in Hades plus his ego was hurt. I told them that Zeus and Hades would conspire together to throw down on Olympus to rebuild under their laws. This was a worry of theirs too they just didn’t know I knew it. So they asked me how I could get him to go back to Olympus. I told them I would go to Hades and tell him to go back to Olympus and of course he’d say no. So I’d call him names to hurt his pride and he’d get mad at me and work on a way to kill me. We’d fight and I’d let him get the best of me until he nearly kills me and then he’d say something smug because he likes to play with his food before he makes a show of eating it and then I’d laugh at him and say I didn’t care anymore about dying. I’d tell him that I would accept the offer to become immortal so I could never die and I’d tail him everywhere he went and undermine and undo everything he did. I’d stir up problems among his soldiers telling them that Poseidon was the true heir of the throne and for them to remember how well he took care of them when he was their commander and how badly he ‘Zeus’ takes care of them. All the gods had fun with this and then Poseidon asked if I would really do this and I said no it would all be lies; that I will never become an immortal and I didn’t have any desire changing anything about their world. Then I knew the great test was coming; finding out if this was the truth.”

Harry put his fork down and held his stomach and swallowed hard. He drank some water and his trembling was obvious. He cleared his throat after several minutes and then continued. Poseidon asked why I would lie that way to Zeus when I don’t believe in lying. I said that I believed the world they made for themselves was a lie in and of itself. I explained that I believe that when you die you aren’t supposed to come back as an immortal because the Creator didn’t plan that and I would never go against what He planned. But I wouldn’t lie to them, because I didn’t want anything from them and wouldn’t jeopardize my beliefs. So he came down off his throne and said, “So facing imminent death you wouldn’t call on your gift of immortality we gave you to keep from dying?” I told him I would not. He said they’d see about that and he killed me with his trident right there on the spot. However he only made it look like I was dead. I was indeed clinically dead, but my brain was still alive in case I decide to come back. It was difficult just doing nothing and not giving into the temptation to magic my way out of that situation. I wrote several books in my head and found ways to occupy my brain all that time so I didn’t go insane. He kept me in that state for five years. It probably would have been longer but there were signs that Zeus and Hades were starting to do what I said they would do. So Poseidon brought me back to life and told me that they would allow me to proceed with my plans. I asked all of them, because they had a bringing Harry Potter back from the dead ceremony before the whole council, if they stood by me and there wouldn’t be any back stabbing. They all promised faithfully they had my back and I would always be welcomed there anytime I wanted to go visit them for any reason. After I regained my strength and vitality from being mostly dead for all that time and going to meetings all day for six months I went to Hades and did what I said I’d do.”

Harry finally finished eating and having his fill of water he leaned back in his chair turning down the chocolate pudding Ginny offered him. He looked into the living room at the staircase to make sure there weren’t any little ears listening. It took me two months to get into Hades because I met Riddle and his new gang he was recruiting to break out of the underworld and come after me again. So I had to break up his band which he wasn’t happy about and finally made it in to Hades. Several times I was caught by security for line jumping and had to deal with them. That was another four months because they found out I hadn’t been guilty of line jumping but paid dearly for the crime. We won’t talk about that. Anyway, it was Ludo Bagman doing all the false reporting and I had to wait for the investigation to end before I could go on. Bagman threw a fit and said it wasn’t fair that he was in trouble for having a little fun and I didn’t get any punishment and I wasn’t even dead. Well, this is an unforgivable crime and if you weren’t dead then you was sentenced to die and sent to the end of the line to be properly sorted. This usually takes years and years of floating in the River Styx. It's full of broken possessions, hateful, evil dead people and they fight over everything and the stench is horrible. So, I had to not care about the attention I might get if I was caught again and escaped from them; adding another seven months onto the time I was in that disgusting place.”

Harry stood up and stretched; his tee shirt now bulging tight where his muscles were returning to form chiseled rock hard definition. He stirred the fire and then faced them and began talking again. “When I walked in on Zeus and Hades bent over a table with maps, Zeus looked like he wanted to throw me in the pit of Hades where no one can escape from; so they all think. But then he stopped and smiled. He said he was happy I was dead but wanted to know how I made it in Hades so quickly because, like I said, it takes years in the River Styx before the line ever gets to the doors of Hades. And then after that you have to be sorted and sent to where you have to spend eternity. I told him I wasn’t dead and that I went down there to ask him to remove the killing curse from my brain. He laughed and said I had a lot of nerve asking that of him. I told him … well, can we skip the dialog and just say we fought twelve years and five months, because I was mostly fighting their armies and sending monsters to other realms of the Galaxy. You don’t want to kill monsters in the worlds of the gods because they are only gone for a short period and come back a lot meaner and a lot more dangerous. That’s why I didn’t kill the Minotaur I was imprisoned with. So I was finally able to be in a position to fight Zeus, I had previously won a battle with Hades. I didn’t hurt him because it was important to get on his good side. I told him the gods on Olympus wants to do him a good service and take Zeus out of his hair and told him of the goodies I made them promise to give him. Which; they really did promise, I showed him evidence of their promise and he was a happy camper.”

Harry stood still staring far away frowning and looking angry. “When Zeus found out I had all the armies and monsters taken care of and that Hades betrayed him he concentrated on me and only me. We fought and warred against each other for nine years until finally I came to a point when I couldn’t keep my mind on task. I wanted so badly to come home. I couldn’t stand being away from Ginny, the kids, my life and I knew I needed to end it before I became foolish and made a mistake. So I made it look like I was dressing my wounds and I let on that I was weak and standing on sheer will power alone. He came up behind me and… he… he… blasted me with his Lightning Rod and sent… he… he sent… Riddle and Bagman over to me to bring me back to him. Someone had reported Ludo to Hades and Hades told Zeus when he betrayed him to save himself from Zeus’s wrath that I was there causing the ripples in his pond. Riddle was practically begging for Zeus to let him be the one to kill me. Zeus gave him the chance but I beat him not so easily since I was nearly dead anyway. But at least Zeus zapped Bagman and Riddle into nothingness for letting me escape. I would have died trying to get away so I just went to Zeus’s house and laid down on his bed getting my blood all over the place. When he found me I had to work fast because I was dying. I told him I would die honored that I was killed by him if he would do me two favors before he killed me. He just laughed but he was intrigued so I said that I had convinced the council to ask him to go back to Mount Olympus to sit on the throne where he belonged. They only ask that he doesn’t abuse Dawn anymore so that she can take care of Leviathan in peace. He bought into it and said he’d agree if he did go back. Then he asked what my other favor was. I said that the council knows of the curse he put in my brain and in order for him to be able to get credit for killing me he would need to cure the curse in me. He didn’t see why but I said that they would just think that I died of my curse instead of a terrible tragedy that he would surely have planned for me. He thought about it and then asked what would happen if he said no. I told him that if he said no to him killing me without curing me first and if he didn’t go back to Mount Olympus then I would die any second and become immortal just so I could follow him everywhere he went and ruin everything he tried to do. I told him I would do unspeakable things to things he cared about. I finished up by telling him that living there in Hades would be a luxurious vacation compared to what I would do to him for the rest of eternity. He said he’d cure my brain but leave all the knowledge of the curses so nobody could say I used that to get my way; that he still beat me. So, he did, he cured my brain and I still have all the knowledge of the curses and cures for them.”
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