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Hey guys, just remembered it is Sunday so here is the next chapter. I hope you enjoy it. It is very short, but I'm still happy with it. I'll be so glad when sad things stop happening to my family. If I could make a request of those who believe in prayer to pray for my family. My father-in-law died last month and my husband's uncle died suddenly and unexpectedly last weekend. I knew Steve's uncle before I even knew Steve. I lived in his uncle and aunt's basement when I was 18 until I married Steve. Uncle Bob called me daughter and it hurts that he died and I couldn't go to his funeral. They live in Ohio and we live in Florida and we just got back from going to Ed's (Steve's dad) funeral. Now I found out one of my nephews is dying of cancer. Anyway, here is the next chapter. Please fill free to comment if you want to.

Chapter 3

Draco’s Anguish

Albus and his father walked up the sidewalk to the Malfoy home and knocked on the door. Harry looked at Albus and said, “Son, I’m proud of you for not listening to your mum talking to Teyla. You’re a good boy.” He looked back to the grounds the house sat on and Albus knew the subject was closed and he too looked at the perfectly manicured yard and garden while they waited for the door to be answered. The house wasn’t the grand mansion like his parents had, but it was a very nice specious two story house with a beautifully manicured and flowered yard surrounded by a wall of Hawthorn trees and rose bushes that bordered the property. Outside the trees was a four foot Ivy covered brick wall with higher sections every twelve feet topped with marble slabs and statues of cherubs watching over the property. Songbirds occupied this splendid wonder and one might think they were in paradise if they sat contemplating the harmony of the universe in the granular state of one’s body and soul.

Harry’s thoughts were put away when Draco answered the door. At first he looked upset to see Harry but then saw Albus was with him and politely said, “This really isn’t a good time for us to entertain company, Potter. But, it would be good for Scorpius to visit a couple minutes with his best friend.”

Draco stepped aside and motioned Albus to the staircase and told him which room was Scorpius’s. Draco looked at Harry and said, “I’m not going to beg you to come in Potter.”

Harry ignored the sarcasm and said he needs to talk to him and it would be best if they were away from all ears who might try to listen. Draco said he was intrigued but he needed to stay close to his wife because she wasn’t doing well at all. At this information Harry turned abruptly to look Draco in the eyes. “Are you saying your wife is dying?”

Draco turned his head away from Harry; his pride forcing him to refuse Harry a chance to see the look of terror on his face. “Yes, Potter, for whatever business it is of yours, she is dying and the doctor said I shouldn’t leave her side. She actually doesn’t have the strength or the will to live.”

Harry jerked Draco around roughly and said, “Draco, you need to let me see her, and you have to trust me. If it is what I’m afraid it is, I might be able to help if it isn’t too late. I don’t have time to explain if it is as far advanced as you lead me to believe. Is her doctor’s name, Healer Thaddeus R. Sham?”

The look on Draco’s face told him it was and Harry pushed him in the house saying, “Take me to your wife right now.”

Draco ran up the steps two at a time and met Harry waiting for him at the top. He pointed down the hall but stopped when he heard his wife cry out. Harry touched Draco and they appeared beside Astoria lying in her bed looking pasty and drenched in sweat. Her eyes closed and she stopped breathing.

Draco yelled in anguish; doubling his fists and began pummeling Harry saying he cost him his last minute he could have spent with his wife. Harry fell backwards onto the floor totally taken by surprise and Draco kicked him in the stomach, ribs and his head before Harry was able to defend himself. He put up his hand and Draco’s feet froze on the spot. He drew his wand and Harry’s eyes went very dark. “I told you once before if you ever draw your wand on me you better be prepared to kill me because you won’t get a second chance to curse me.” Harry kept his hand up while he struggled to his feet and staggered back to the side of the bed. “There is a chance I can still help her but I need you to help me. Are you willing or do I kill you now and then try to save her so Scorpius has at least one parent?”

Draco looked shocked and nodded his head. Harry put down his hand and said, “Come over here and let me prop her up against you so I can have the best access to her.” He started to pull down the covers but waved his wand over the woman and a robe appeared on her. Then Harry pulled down the blanket and put his arms under her and lifted her out of the bed and Draco clamped his jaws closed so he wouldn’t take a chance and say something that would make Harry mad. When he was settled Harry put Astoria on the bed propped up against her husband. He wiped the blood from his eye with the back of his wrist and glared at Draco.

“This will take a while, keep her still and don’t interrupt for any reason. Do you fully understand?” Harry’s eyes warned of impending doom and Draco nodded his head quickly and said with a pleading urgency, “I do, I promise.”

Harry raised his hand to her but groaned and dropped it to his stomach and ribs. He glared at Draco once again and clamped his jaw shut and with determination raised his hand to her face again and put his fingers at various points on her face. He held her eyelids open with his thumbs and closed his eyes and drew in a shaky breath. He opened them and stared into her deep blue eyes. The shine and luster was gone from them but Harry looked harder and finally began talking to Astoria telling her she was alive and to breath. With relief Draco felt his wife stir with an intake of air into her lungs. For twenty long minutes Harry spoke to her and then stopped. He sat motionless and without word. He groaned and began shaking and then ten minutes later he began speaking the ancient Latin dialect he sometimes used for very powerful magic. Finally he pulled away from Astoria and told Draco, “She is fine. Let her rest and then if you feel up to hearing an explanation you can come over to my place later. And I can tell you what I found out and let you know; although I don’t know at this time why I care. I’ll see you later; I can find Albus and see our own way out.” He turned to find Albus and Scorpius standing in the doorway watching their fathers. He and Scorpius had come running when Draco screamed out in anguish and watched as Draco beat Harry; and then watched as Harry healed Astoria.

Harry said they were ready to go and Albus quietly nodded his head as he took in the condition of his dad and then glanced at Draco. He waved to Scorpius and said he’d see him later and Harry took him to the Burrow as he promised he would. He didn’t stick around to explain anything and just said he’d see them tomorrow and walked out the kitchen door.
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Janet Lynn Gordon
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Werecats are people too! Reader of Fan Fictions

Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for another chapter. Hope you enjoy this chapter, and I want to give you notice that in the coming chapters things get pretty dark and violent. Please comment if you want.

Chapter 4
Harry’s Day Just Got Worse

Harry walked home thinking of what Lily and James said. He tried not to dwell on what his imagination made him think. But had Ginny had sessions of depressive rants that caused her sorrow and grief with Teyla? No, she wouldn’t dwell on such things. But the kids wouldn’t have reason to make things up so she must have done so at least once. Lily had said Ginny said it’s always one thing or another going on with him and she’s so tired of it.

Harry walked on for a ways until he felt he should just use magic to get home and so he did. He was glad Ginny wasn’t home to see the state he was in and went to clean up. Harry lifted his shirt to look at his stomach and ribs where Draco tried to kick the stuffing out of him. He gingerly felt his ribs and decided none of them were broken and only a couple was cracked. He definitely would need to be very careful not to let them hold the weight of his body for fear of breaking them. Next he looked at his face and cleaned up the dried blood. The cut over his eye looked nasty but he decided it would heal fine without potions he was tired of taking. Sometimes he felt all he was doing was taking potions. He went downstairs and into the kitchen. Looking around he felt lonely and cold in his own home. He remembered feeling lonely after Ginny left that morning but shrugged it off. Now he felt something was wrong. He thought of happy times around the kitchen table. There had been some mighty food fights here. Ginny didn’t approve, but ended up joining in on the fun. Lily was born right after one of those battles. Ginny was really angry with him and said he was childish and needed to grow up. He ran his hand on the top of a chair that sat to the left of where he always sat. Albus had his first food fight that day. He fell out of his chair and he had caught him. This didn’t help Ginny get over her anger with him. In fact it made it worse; and then she went into labor. Lily was born and then her family came over. And then there was the huge battle with Tom Riddle. Ginny was nearly killed that day. Harry walked out of the kitchen without eating anything. He sat on the couch staring at nothing. “Ginny has always been unhappy. How have I not seen this?”

The doorbell rang and Harry shook his head out of the stupor he was experiencing and went to the door holding his head wishing he hadn’t shaken it just then. He had to blink once or twice to make sure he was really seeing who he thought he was seeing. He stepped back opening the door all the way so Draco, Astoria, and Scorpius could come in. They were all smiles and laughing at Harry’s surprised look on his face and total mannerism.

Astoria embraced him and kissed his cheek. She was speechless but her teary eyes told the story of gratefulness. Harry was still holding the door and then shut it when Scorpius laughed pointing his finger at him. He looked like a typical boy keeping a secret that was trying to get out. Draco grabbed a hold of Harry’s hand and pumped it up and down so cheerfully Harry wondered if someone might have cursed this whole family.

“Oh, please come and sit down. Forgive me; I’m just a bit surprised. You look better than the last time I saw you, Astoria. Am I to take it then that you feel like a new person? You certainly look like one.”

Draco laughed hysterically and Harry looked at the couple trying to figure out what was so funny. Then it hit him. They weren’t laughing because of something funny, but relief as though the greatest happiness of the world chose their home to visit that day and gave them the gift of joy of being able to live without any concern whatsoever.

Scorpius looked around for Albus and Harry explained he was at his Grandparents house. “If it’s okay with your parents I can call them and see if you can go down while we talk.” He looked at Draco and Astoria to see if it was okay. Astoria said she didn’t want to be a problem or inconvenience and Harry chuckled. They reluctantly gave their permission and Harry called Arthur just to make sure. He hung up and smiled saying they are delighted to get to meet Scorpius and he is more than welcome there. He called Marston and had the elf take Scorpius to the Burrow and when the boy and elf were gone Harry instructed them to sit down. After offers of drinks and cakes were made and graciously declined the Malfoys asked Harry to tell them how he knew what to do for Astoria.

Harry sat in his comfy chair and caught his breath when he twisted awkwardly to answer the phone that just rang. He answered through clenched teeth and then said they had the wrong number and hung up. After his ribs stopped throbbing and his head stopped spinning he began telling them about what he found out about Millicent Bulstrode, what Pansy Parkinson had done to her to make sure Astoria would drink the tea with the deadly potion for their unborn babies. It was very difficult telling them the evil things that Pansy did to assure she would get the deed to the Malfoy mansion and all Draco’s inheritance. When he got to the part of looking in her mind so he could get her memory of it for the trial they breathed a sigh of relief. They knew Harry would see to it that Pansy would get what she deserved.

“There’s something else though that I found out when I was getting the information from Millicent’s memory. I found the damage from the poison she put in the tea. It not only killed the baby but was killing her too. It was very old dark magic used in the Medieval Era. Thankfully I knew how to remove the lingering poison and heal the damage, except of course; sadly there was no way to bring back the baby she lost. Since Astoria received the same poison I was able to do for her what I did for Millicent. You are both healthy once more, and if you so desire; can have more children.”

Astoria tried to smile as she thanked him for everything he did. “I’m happy Millicent is able to have more children, but you see; Ludo-”

Harry put up his hand and said, “I know about the curse, but I made some phone calls today as soon as I got home and found out some interesting facts. Your doctor was paid off by Ludo Bagman. He didn’t know any curse that would render you sterile. He paid your doctor to say you were. The only thing the curse he performed did was sterilize your zipper. He told Pansy you were sterile though just to make her mad. He rather enjoyed pulling pranks on people.”

Draco and Astoria looked at each other grinning. This news created a topic they would discuss in length. They knew they probably wouldn’t have any more children, but at least now it wasn’t impossible like before. Draco soon turned to Harry and asked why he waited so long to tell them. “You nearly waited too long, Astoria almost died.”

Harry frowned and answered, “I apologize for that. I was in a coma for the past month. I just woke up yesterday and had to do some more healing before I could make the trip home. I nearly died a couple times, but I guess that is normal for me. I found out about your doctor this morning when we got home and I went right over as soon as I could. Astoria, I am sorry you were so near death, I really didn’t know. Being in a coma for the month, I lost perspective on time. It seems like the day before yesterday that I arrested Pansy and I didn’t-”

Draco and Astoria stood up to steady Harry. He had gotten so white in the face when he stood up they thought he was about to pass out. Harry told them he was okay he just needed to get some rest and eat something. “I’ve been on the go all day. And come to think of it, I haven’t had anything to eat since breakfast.”

Astoria said she’d fix him something to eat, but Harry said he’d just lie down on the couch and rest until Ginny got home and they’d have a bite to eat together. They said they’d get Scorpius and head on home and said goodbye after thanking him one more time. It was becoming a matter of great urgency that he go lie down; he just wasn’t feeling well at all. He shut the door and turned around and stopped abruptly when he heard Ginny Apparate right in front of him with a loud pop. He staggered backward and fell into the doorframe and reached for Ginny. She grabbed him and asked what happened. “What or who did the world need saving from this time? Honestly, Harry, don’t you get tired of this; I know I do.”

By now the room was spinning and he said, “Draco… crazy mad… grief; Astoria, he said I-”

Ginny pulled away from him and looked at his face. She saw the lipstick kiss on his cheek and slapped him as hard as she could. “And here I was feeling guilty for having dinner with Barney. So, I assume Ron couldn’t wait to come and tell you he saw me and Barney together. It’s hard to believe Draco would stop with just messing up your face. What stopped him from finishing you off?”

“Astoria needed me-” was Harry’s unfinished whispered response and he slid to the floor. He was staring at her without emotion but for a single tear rolling down his face and then his head lulled forward; his chin resting on his chest. He couldn’t breathe but he didn’t care. His vision was becoming blurry but he didn’t care. The light was going away and blackness took its place. His eyes were still open because he didn’t have the strength to close them. Death would come for him soon but he didn’t care. He knew when he stood to be judged he would be judged fairly one time and that time would be for all eternity. He would welcome this but how long would it take? Why couldn’t he just die peacefully? Why must he always be in pain? His chest was burning from oxygen deprivation and his ribs were burning from the awkward position he was in putting stress on the fractures. He knew his own weight would break them in the fragile condition they were in. His liver was shutting down; he could taste the bile in his mouth. He needed to think of something else while his life ebbed away from his body like the tide leaving land and going out to the ocean. He forced his mind to think of his children; his wonderful precious children. Their mum would have to raise them on her own now. She had done so for much of their life anyway. He only wished they wouldn’t think this was just another time he had to save the world but couldn’t save himself; or something messed up like that. He tried to remember how Lily and James had worded it that morning. He couldn’t remember… why couldn’t he remember? What was he trying to remember? Just then his fractured ribs broke and pierced his lungs and he felt the air rush out and blood began filling them in the vacancy of the air that was supposed to be there. Harry knew that death was seconds away now. He was thankful.

Just then he heard Ginny scream from miles away. He wanted to come back and help her, but he didn’t try to. He decided to let Barney help her. He laughed hysterically in his mind. Senility was going to give him the final send off from this world. But then he made his mind be sensible. Why had he thought Barney could help her? He told himself it was because Ginny is having an affair with him. No, she isn’t. He knew Ginny would never have an affair with anyone because he knew she loved him and he trusted her. Was it Ron that said she was having an affair, a fling?

She was screaming for him again. He could hear her and then he felt hands on him… little hands… Elf hands; Winky was working on him to save him. “No, Winky let me die. I just need to die.” She couldn’t hear him because he wasn’t talking out loud. His mouth was forced open and blood erupted out of it like a volcano. He knew he was finally about to die. His heart will stop beating and he will be no more. There it was; the last heart beat. He couldn’t bear the pain he was in but he knew he was about to stop suffering. Harry was grateful that he had this to look forward to.

Then somehow, against his will, light came back into his eyes. He was breathing, and his heart started beating. Tears streamed down his face; he was not going to die. He saw Ginny; her face wet with tears still streaming down her face and her voice hoarse from screaming for him. His tears; she thought was from his pain, was from his disappointment that he was going to live. He turned his head from her and then felt her lift his head gently and washed his face gently. And then she tipped something into his mouth. He didn’t fight her and swallowed the potion she gave him. He knew right away it was the Draught of Living Death.

It was dark when Harry opened his eyes. He ached all over but remained still to gather his thoughts and realized all that happened. Ginny was against him the side of her face using his upper arm for a rest. Normally his arm would be around her and her hand would be on his chest and so would her head. He pulled his knees up and put his hand on his stomach to find out what the horrible pain was gnawing away his insides. He knew this pain immediately; he was starved. It had only been since yesterday morning that he ate last. But he had used so much magic all day long without refueling. The trip across two galaxies exhausted him because he had only been up a day from a month long coma. Using the magic he performed on Astoria was what took the most energy from him. Plus taking that beating from Draco was life threatening; getting kicked in the head repeatedly. Draco wanted to kill him and nearly did because of being concussed. And then Ginny slapped him as hard as she could when he was trying to make his eyes focus. He was a goner right then and didn’t care; he wanted to die. He tried to think why she slapped him. His kids would be coming home sometime today. He needed to get up so they wouldn’t think he had been trying to save the world or something and was recovering from near death.

His heart ached from being so misunderstood all the time. Ron had thought once he had hurt Hermione and nearly killed him with a knockback jinx with the wand on the side of his head. He had a serious concussion from that and Draco thought he was the fault of Astoria dying and he went crazy with the pain of losing her and nearly killed him. That was the reason for this latest concussion. And then Ginny slapping him as hard as she could didn’t help matters, she is the reason he didn’t want to live any longer. He couldn’t stand thinking on it and quietly got out of bed. He went into the bathroom and came back out not feeling any better after his shower. He looked over at Ginny sleeping peacefully and slipped into his jeans carefully and took his shirt and shoes and socks downstairs to finish getting dressed. He sat down and struggled with his shoes and socks until he finally had them on. He was so hungry he stooped over holding his stomach tight.

The kitchen seemed like it was miles away from him and he was too slow getting to it. He summoned a glass of water and drank until he reached the refrigerator. He was afraid he would find it empty but it was stocked full. He loved his mother-in-law even more now than anytime else he knew her. Ginny must have told her when she and the kids would be back and she restocked it for her. Another pang of hurt just ripped his heart more. She hadn’t expected Harry to be going home with her and the kids. It’s like they thought of him as a favorite uncle who came around once in a while, but didn’t stay long.

He was pouring a bowl of cereal and thinking about leaving so that Ginny and the kids wouldn’t have to be unhappy with him. Hadn’t he told her once that he would leave if she ever raised her hand against him again? Yes, he had; then there was no getting around it, he would leave. Well; he thought, I’ll first give her a chance to explain why she hit me. Whether I leave or not will depend on what she says.

Harry ate the last bite from his third bowl of cereal and looked over at Ginny coming into the kitchen. He stood up and put his bowl and spoon in the sink. Ginny smiled at him and asked how he was feeling. Harry only looked at her and said he didn’t know and walked out of the room. Realizing he didn’t have on his shirt he went to the couch and picked it up to put it on. Ginny moved in front of him and put her hands on his chest and smiled sweetly. Harry’s ice cold eyes looked into hers and waited for her to move and then put on his shirt. He went into his lab and took out a book about the human brain. Not much time passed before Ginny walked in and stood watching him read and take notes now and then. She didn’t know if he knew she was there but wished he’d look up and see her. Pretty soon he stopped reading and put his book on the lab counter and put his head in the palms of his hands. He rubbed his eyes and tried to gently massage them to make them cooperate. It was very difficult to read when the words kept moving about. He sighed impatiently when he tried reading again and the words danced away as if making fun of the nature of the concussion he suffered with.

Shutting the book rather impatiently he turned and ran into Ginny. She instinctively put her hands out to keep him from running into her. He groaned and stepped back holding his ribs. “Something you want in here?” he asked rather brusquely. Ginny had been standing there with watery eyes not knowing what to say, but when he spoke so harshly to her she got angry.

“What do you expect me to do?!” she snapped back at him.

He chuckled bending over his ribs. He couldn’t resist falling for her ‘I shouldn’t have lost my temper’ eyes; to her ‘don’t mess around with me you silly little boy’ eyes. “I expect you to let me know what is on your mind. And you should know I wasn’t being harsh with you, but I’m more than a little sore. When we collided-”

Ginny was getting closer to him staring into his eyes. Pain filled his eyes and he reluctantly put his hand softly but firmly on her shoulder to keep her from getting closer. “I need to -”

Ginny squinted her eyes at him the way she does when she is about to jinx someone with her bat bogey curse and gritted her teeth. Harry saw her wand come to her hand but disappear the next instant. “Where do you ‘need’ to go now?! You can barely move and you ‘need’ to go save the world again. I would think our marriage is more important than whatever you suddenly came up with to do to get out of working this out. You ‘need’ to meet with Astoria? Aren’t you afraid of Draco finishing the job this time?”

Harry waited to make sure Ginny was done with her tirade before he spoke. His voice was quiet and defeated, but his eyes burned with rage. “I was going to say that I need to understand why you hit me last night and why you wasn’t upset that Draco did this and how you could only wonder why Draco stopped and didn’t finish me off, instead of being thankful he didn’t finish me off. But never mind; I guess I got my answer. I don’t know what you’re going on about concerning Astoria and I’ve never given you reason to raise your hand against me or wish someone else to beat me up and not stop. And I needed to know why you think its okay to hit me as hard as you can when you could see I was hurt fully intending on hurting me. You asked me if I needed to meet with Astoria; my answer is no, I don’t make plans to meet with other women. You asked me if I’m afraid of Draco finishing me off. No, I’m not afraid of Draco, why would I be?”

He stopped talking and drew in a shaky breath and waited to see if Ginny had anything to say and since she just stood there he slowly shook his head. His grief was unbearable and he could hardly talk but he tried anyway.

“I can’t live here when there isn’t love in your heart for me. I came to an understanding yesterday of how unhappy you have been for years and that I have made a mess of your life. I’m sure you must have just taken more than you could deal with. You hit me and you drew your wand against me; both things I’m sure you wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t ruined your life. Please forgive me. I’ve made the kids miserable too. It isn’t healthy for them to have to wonder all the time if I’m going to go to work one day and not be able to come home because I got killed. Or that I’m near death and they’re going to miss out on something because of it. They think it’s normal for me to be on my death bed and would probably be relieved if I did finally die instead of being nearly dead all the time. I don’t blame them; I just wish I could have found out before I ruined their lives. I’m sorrier than I can possibly say. There is one thing I’d like for you to tell me if you would. Why did you have Winky save me last night?”

Ginny was shocked and couldn’t talk for a few seconds. She opened her mouth to answer, but she didn’t know what to say. Harry swallowed and said, “Never mind, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I guess maybe you just couldn’t deal with me dying in front of you. I do wish though you would have let me die. It would have been better for me. I should be able to have something I want at least once. Well, I don’t know when the kids are coming back from the Burrow so I’m going to take off. I’ll be back tonight after they go to bed so we can make plans for who will watch them while you’re at work. Just don’t make plans to ask for a divorce because I will never give you one. Although I can’t have you I can’t let another man have you while I love you. I’ll love you until I die, Gin, and when that happens then you’ll be rid of me. Wes has my will and you’ll continue to live as you are accustomed to. The next time your necklace comes on around your neck… they won’t fade away; the diamonds will be permanent and I’ll be dead. I have nothing to live for anymore. I won’t try to die, but if something happens to me, I won’t try to live unless I’m fighting for someone else. Rest assured though, I’ll not try to recover when I’m done. Then you’ll be free to find someone else who…”

Harry swallowed and bit his lower lip. He waved goodbye and walked out the door and didn’t look back. Ginny ran outside calling his name. He turned; instinctively concerned something had happened to her. He held out his arms to her and scanned the house and yard around it. She ran into his arms and hugged him tight. He gasped and his knees buckled with her arms being so tight around his broken ribs. But he didn’t try to get her off. He held her with his left arm around her and his wand was in his right hand. He put up a protection charm around them and asked what was wrong as he kept a watchful eye around them.

“I’m not having an affair with Barney. I don’t even like him. It wasn’t a dinner date I had with him. And I’m not going to be working at the Ministry; I’m going to be working from my wonderful office cottage you built me just as we planned. I don’t want you to leave, we’ll work it out. I only hit you because I was … I didn’t really see you were hurt until after I hit you and you fell and didn’t get up. I didn’t see how badly you were hurt. All you have to do is tell me you’re sorry. I will forgive you; please don’t leave.”

Harry took down the protection barrier and put away his wand. He gently pulled Ginny’s arms from around him and then spoke with an even voice.

“First of all, there was no reason why you had to tell me about Barney. I never once had a single thought that you were being unfaithful to me. You called and told me you were going to be working late and that you were going out for dinner. I took you at your word and didn’t think anything else. I don’t know why you think I thought you were having an affair. As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing else to discuss about it. I did want to hear about your day, but nothing to do with Barney or Fred or Julie Ann. I just wanted to know how your day was. But we didn’t get to talk about it. I just asked for you to please forgive me for ruining your life; how else am I to say I’m sorry?”

Ginny answered back in a furious volley, “You can’t just ask for forgiveness like a blanket to cover anything you did wrong. You have to admit being wrong to at least sound like you mean it. And saying it’s for ruining my life is too vague. I want you to tell me you’re sorry for what you did!”

“If you will tell why I need to say I’m sorry then I can set the record straight and I won’t go. What did I do?”

Ginny stomped her foot and said, “All you care about is yourself! You don’t care about me or the kids! Just go, I don’t want you here. Leave and never come back. Go enjoy your life with whoever you want to be with.”

Harry shook his head not knowing what else to say to convince her otherwise. “I’ll be alone except when I give instructions to my Aurors in briefing; I’ll work alone also. My problems are nobody else’s worries and I’m nothing but trouble for people. You know how to get a hold of me if you ever care to tell me what I have to be sorry about. I’ll come back if you call me the way I told you that you could always call me and I would hear you, not with your phone or sending a message with Ron or anyone else. Two more things, I hope you make James muck out the stables for being mean to Lily yesterday morning. I told him he had to for his punishment. Your mum is checking with Bill to see about a puppy for Albus. I told him I’d get him one when we got home.” Harry disappeared and Ginny turned to go into the house but her parents and the kids all came up over the hill at the foot of the yard just then. She wiped her face and smiled as they made their way to the yard.
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Hey Guys, here we are again. Thanks for coming back for my next chapter. Sorry I had to post it so late tonight. We have company from outside of the country and we've been very busy. So without further word except for that I hope you enjoy this chapter and to as always feel free to comment; here's the next chapter.

Chapter 5

The Truth Will Out

The kids ran up to Ginny and greeted her with laughter and hugs. They looked up at the house and asked if their dad was home but Ginny held off answering them as if her parents distracted her. By now her they had made it to her side laughing and out of breath.

“It is such a beautiful day we decided to walk the kid’s home. We wouldn’t turn down a cool glass of water though.” They laughed and Ginny wondered why they were so happy.

“Did you all have a good time?” she asked as she led everyone into the house.

“Oh yes, we sure did. And we are so proud of Harry. Is he doing better today? I expect he’s been all doctored up. Scorpius of course is over the moon about it; and Draco seems like a new man.”

“They’re happy about it? But Harry said something about Draco being crazy with grief and he mentioned Astoria.”

“Oh well; what do you expect being overridden with grief and all? He just took it out on Harry since he was there when it happened and thought he caused him to miss Astoria before she was gone forever. He needed someone to blame. He does feel badly for hurting Harry. He guesses he is okay though since Harry was able to visit last night. Although Draco said he was looking pretty desperate when they were leaving. Harry told him he was just tired and hungry, but Draco had his doubts. I told him you would call if Harry was bad off and needed help. Scorpius thought it was funny that his mum left a lipstick kiss on Harry’s face. Boys are such boys aren’t they!?” Arthur laughed and looked around seeing the horror on Ginny’s face and then asked innocently, “Where is Harry, is he working out or… something?”

Ginny looked at the kids and sighed, she would explain to them later after she had time to gather her wits about her. She wouldn’t lie, but there wasn’t any reason she had to tell them what she was about to tell her parents. She told the kids to go put away their things and unpack from their vacation. Don’t come down before you’re called, and no listening in on our conversation.”

The kids went off to their rooms but Lily commented on her way by her mum, “It’s okay, Mum, we already know. Dad is in bed nearly dead and we have to be quiet. I wonder who he had to save the world from this time.”

James rolled his eyes and said, “Who knows, but at least we’re all safe now. I wonder how long he’ll be out of commission this time. I wonder if we’ll even see him this summer.”

Albus shouted, “Shut up; he’s not even here! I can’t feel him! The house is cold and lonely, he’s gone!” and ran upstairs and into his room slamming the door closed behind him.

Ginny knit her eyebrows at the remaining children and pointed upstairs. She would find out what that was all about later. For now she needed to talk to her parents.

“Albus is right, his dad isn’t here. I made Harry leave. I told him I didn’t want him here, to leave and never come back. He wanted to know why. He thought he would play innocent and lost but I wouldn’t let him get away with it. I hit him as hard as I could last night when he was mumbling about Draco being crazy with grief and Astoria, but he was passing out and that is when I hit him and then realized he was hurt so badly. He went to the floor and had a massive coronary and blood flooded out of his mouth and his heart stopped beating. He was so close to death I thought he was dead, but Winky brought him back and repaired his heart. I gave him the Draught of Living Death and he fell asleep instantly. Winky and I got him cleaned up and put to bed. We were going to fix his ribs and other organs today when he woke up, but we didn’t get to. Now he’s gone and he won’t be back. Why wouldn’t he just explain about the lipstick and perfume?”

“Because he didn’t know about it,” Arthur answered. Scorpius said he pointed at him and laughed at him but Harry didn’t know why. And I’m sure her perfume was the last thing on his mind.”

Molly looked at her daughter lovingly, but with judgmental eyes. She sighed and said, “Ron and Hermione stopped in to pick up Rose and Hugo after their night out and saw you having dinner with a strange man and Harry wasn’t with you. Hermione said he was a new writer for the Daily Prophet. She also said he took the job to be with you. His intentions are less than honorable to say the least. I’m sure Ron didn’t have time to talk to Harry about it and Hermione said to let you take care of your own business and she would talk to you today and see if you need any help. She thinks you were being less than honest with the man and it wasn’t what it looked like.”

Ginny grinned sarcastically and said, “Yes, I was out with him. It was a dinner date, he thought, but not for me. I was gathering evidence against him so I could get him arrested for sexual harassment. He said it was a working dinner and we were meeting a high up official of the paper and all kinds of good things were coming our way. I fought off his fat hands and his accidental brushes against me all day. I couldn’t wait to nail his hide to the side of a jail cell. I called Wes and asked him to hook me up to one of those wire tap devices and be there with his wife at a table behind ours so he could help if I needed it and also to be an, eyes on, witness in case the wire tap wasn’t allowed in court. And the worst thing of all is he’s a married man and has two children the same age as James and Lily! I was so sick of it all by the time I got home and the first thing I see is Harry looking like death and I startled him because I Apparated right behind him closing the door. I’m thinking now that Draco and Astoria had just left. He turned around and fell into me. I asked what happened who did this to him and he mumbled something about Draco being crazy with grief and mentioned Astoria’s name and that’s when I smelled her perfume on him. When I pushed him away from me I saw the lipstick kiss on his cheek. I thought he was having an affair with Astoria and Draco found out and beat him. That’s when I slapped him as hard as I could and asked why Draco didn’t finish the job. I said mean terrible things to him. I asked if Ron had told him that I was having an affair with Barney since he saw me having dinner with him and so he went to Astoria and got caught. He didn’t know what I was talking about. I asked him what I was supposed to believe and he said, “Astoria needed me,” and just slid down the wall and onto the floor. I turned away from him and left, but I thought it was odd he wasn’t moving or even moaning. I went back to him and he… he looked dead.”

Molly gasped and held her heart but Ginny kept talking. Telling her parents made her bring things into perspective. “His eyes were open but they were just open and not looking at anything. And I felt for a pulse and there wasn’t one. He wasn’t breathing and his body was bent funny because his ribs were broken and he couldn’t hold himself up because he was so near death that he couldn’t. I screamed for him, but he didn’t move, I kept screaming for him and then Winky came, I called for her. She opened his mouth and blood gushed out. It was from his heart breaking and Winky said his lungs were full of blood. She worked feverishly to bring him back and finally did. I got him and pulled him onto my lap and I held him against me. He looked right in my eyes and tears rolled down his face. I thought it was from the pain he was in, but I think it was from not being able to die. He wanted to die.”

Arthur looked around the room hoping to see his son-in-law but Harry was nowhere to be seen. Molly was blotting her eyes and Ginny started talking again. “He slept all night and was up when I woke up. Seeing Harry dying right in front of me made me realize that I needed to try to work things out. If he would admit he was having an affair I was going to forgive him.”

Molly opened her mouth to say something but her feelings got in the way. She was devastated that Harry was accused of such a thing and now he was wandering around alone and hurt. Tears streamed down her face and she just shook her head at a loss of what to say or do. Ginny had never seen her mom so lost and fearful. She looked at her dad and he was in the same condition, but he was holding himself together a little bit better. “Daddy, what have I done? Was I wrong somehow? He was having an affair; I couldn’t just let it go or he’d find someone else since Draco and Astoria made up.”

Arthur spoke with a strong voice albeit broken with his sadness, “Pumpkin, Harry wasn’t having an affair. When would he have had a chance to even if he wanted to? Didn’t you say he was in a coma for a month and just got back here yesterday? When you left for work he worked in his office finding out about the doctors involved in giving Draco and Astoria false information. He went over to talk to them about his findings and he took Albus with him to visit with Scorpius. Delightful boy, Scorpius, who would name their son such a name; strange that. Oh; anyway, when they got there they found Astoria was dying. Harry said he knew what it was and could help. Draco was overcome with grief and felt Harry was keeping him from being with her and then she seemingly died. Draco said he beat Harry and kicked him until Harry stopped him. He said he could still help her. So he did. Draco thinks he may have broken some ribs and done serious damage to his head. He and Albus left immediately. Draco and Astoria came over here to hear what Harry found out and thank him for saving their family. That’s how Harry got the lipstick kiss and the smell of perfume on him. He didn’t know, Pumpkin; he didn’t know.”

Ginny couldn’t bear the news her parents informed her of. She took out her cell phone and called Harry. He didn’t answer. She put her phone away and called from the land line. He still didn’t answer. This gave her an excuse for being angry at him. She said since he didn’t answer his phone he must not want to come home. Molly and Arthur looked at each other and frowned. Ron and Hermione knocked on the door and the story was told again. Ron tried to comfort Ginny by saying he would see Harry at work the next day and have him go home. She shook her head telling him to not bother. “He wants me to crawl to him begging for his forgiveness, and I’m not going to do it.”

Arthur said, “That’s not it I’m sure of it. Pumpkin, you’ve got to swallow that pride and talk to him.”

She snapped back at her father saying, “Well, he’s not answering his phone is he! This is on him, I tried and he’s not willing to meet me halfway. I have to talk to the kids; so if you’ll all excuse me.”

The next day at his office Wes filled Harry in on the dinner he witnessed at Ginny’s request. Harry took the report and read it quickly. He was very quiet and only spoke to thank Wes for his work and doing such a fine job. He briefly told Wes what happened over the weekend without blaming Ginny for any of it. When he said he was not living at home Wes said he could stay with them. Harry thanked him but declined. “It’s better for everyone if I’m alone.” He finished typing different things on his computer and slowly got up and went to the printer. He got the papers from the machine and nodded his head. Wes knew the subject was closed and Harry wouldn’t say anything else about it.

“Look at this, Wes. This Barney is wanted for high treason against the United States. His real name is Marley Barnett. He has a small army of thirty two and is said to be recruiting for more to join. A small handful attempted a break in at the White House but was apprehended before they penetrated the grounds. They have three eyewitnesses who gave testament of the plans, but they were killed in their cells before they went to trial. Marley Barnett is a paid assassin and his assignment was to assassinate the President. He’s on the run, thought to be in the UK, and concealing his identity. My special filters see through these concealment charms and false faces. It was reported that some of the testimony against him was that he had a backup plan that involved snagging someone powerful enough to make sure they would be able to get the job done on their next attempt.”

Harry looked at Wes and said, “I’ll need to involve the Aurors in this so we can capture him and take him to America. I’ll have to…” He stopped talking and looked at Wes. “What if this guy is going through Ginny to get me to assassinate the President? I’m not bragging or anything, but what if this guy suddenly showed up and he made it look like he was interested in Ginny so he could kidnap her to make me do whatever he wants?”

Wes nodded his head and just then his Aurors walked into the office. He greeted each one and when Ron came in he read the expression on his face and then greeted him with a friendly, “Captain? It’s good to see you,” and a nod. Everyone was happy to see him and stood around all talking at once. Harry didn’t answer questions or offer conversation, but he did smile at their camaraderie. He loved them and they all knew it. Soon enough he held up the file he had in his hand and they all settled down to find out their next adventure.

“I hope I let you know often enough how much I appreciate your dedication to the people we serve and the fantastic job you do. Thank you for doing everything I ask of you without question. Today I have a very dangerous assignment that I will only ask for volunteers to work it with me. It-”

He stopped talking when Percy walked in. Harry stood up from the corner of his desk he always sat on while addressing his Aurors and greeted Percy with the respect his office entitles him. “Mr. Minister,” his smile was easy and he held out his hand to shake it. He withdrew it when Percy turned his head away from Harry without a word to him.

Percy said in a loud voice that Harry has been suspended from duty until he takes care of things at home. I can’t trust a man who steps out on his wife and then leaves her to be Head Auror, or even work as an Auror. From now until I say otherwise, Ron Weasley will be Head Auror. That will be all; no need for questions and answers. He turned to Harry who was so white faced he could have doubled as a white marble statue. “You’ll need to vacate the premises and surrender your office, employees, computers, and all the files.”

Harry said, “Begging your pardon, Mr. Weasley, but this is my building, my Detective Agency, Wes is my partner, these are my computers, and all the files here are my possession. Any files to do with the Aurors’ are at the Ministry of Magic. And Carl is Head Auror since he was my Number One. You don’t have the authority to come in here and do what you want. And I don’t know what you’re talking about stepping out on my wife, but it is none of your business regardless. Now, you do have the authority to suspend me and that’s what you’ve done so I’ll gather my things and step aside.” He pointed his wand at his computer and the printer and said something swishing his wand quickly and the machines clicked and clacked and shut off. He looked at his Aurors and said, “Give Carl your best just as you’ve always given me your best. It’s been an honor.”

That was the last anyone saw of Harry Potter for months. Wes wasn’t ever able to find the information Harry got from the computer on Marley Barnett, but news trickled in every so often of sightings of the man on the run.
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Hey Guys; here we go again. It seems like time has sprouted wings. Hope you enjoy the new chapter and please contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Chapter 6

World News Divulges Disturbing News From The USA

Ginny and Lily had been watching a show about zoos and how they take care of the animals for a school project when a special news bulletin interrupted their show.

This is a worldwide news bulletin: The FBI in the United States handed over Barnett and his army to the Special Forces of Homeland Security in the United States of America today. Marley Barnett first made news when four months ago he and a handful of men attempted to breech the security wall around the White House. Three of the men were captured and revealed the plans to assassinate the President. These three men were found guilty and scheduled for death but were found dead in their cells before execution could be carried out. Marley Barnett was thought to be the leader of the army but since the capture we have learned otherwise. Oddly enough Mr. Barnett begged to be executed for his crimes and revealed on his own who hired him and his army who also were handed over by the FBI. None of the men were in good physical condition but five different teams of Psychologists’ all agree their minds are sound and were not coerced in any way to beg to be executed. The President is not commenting on any of the sources claiming National Security. He did publicly give thanks to the men and women who dedicate their lives for the safety and well being of his administration. Whatever the source of capture; the men will be put to death for their conviction of High Treason at the earliest possible date. More on this story as it unfolds. We now return you to your program already in progress.

Lily looked at her mom wondering why she was so interested in the news. “I wonder if Daddy was helping them capture the army. Isn’t that Marley guy the one you were going to press charges against?”

Ginny told Lily she needed to get back to her school work.

Lily nodded her head but continued talking as she watched the animals at the zoo. “I miss Daddy so much. When will you ask him to come home? He didn’t get to spend any time with us. When he was home I got to see him while the boys were at school every day, but they don’t get to see him. And he didn’t get to visit with James and Albus and didn’t get to go with us to Diagon Alley or take them to King’s Cross. I feel sad for him. Do you think he’ll be home while I’m still here? Do you think he will be home to see me off to Hogwarts next year? Do you think his feelings are hurt since you didn’t ask him to come home and you didn’t bake him a birthday cake for his birthday?”

Lily put her pencil and paper down and said, “He always called me Darling Angel. I loved it when he called me that. He’ll never call me that again. It’s my fault he left.”

Ginny gasped and said, “You are not the reason he left. And I can call you Darling Angel. There’s no law that says he is the only one who can.” She smiled sweetly at Lily and her reply was, “Mum, it isn’t the same. His eyes twinkle when he says it, and yours don’t. And he left because I was mean and indifferent to him the day before he left. I heard you talking to Teyla about how tired you are of him always being nearly dead.”

“Lily Potter! You know better than to listen in on conversations that you’re not included in on! What makes you think you can just do what you want like that?”

“Because Daddy was in that coma and as long as it isn’t Daddy who catches us, then we know we will get away with it. Just like James was supposed to muck out the stables but he said he wouldn’t have to since you wouldn’t make him.”

Ginny picked up Lily’s paper and pencil and pushed restart on the TV and said, “Pay attention to the show, take notes and we’ll discuss it after it’s over. No more talking.”

Late that night after Lily was finally asleep and Ginny couldn’t sleep, Ginny stepped out on the balcony of their bedroom. It was the fourth week of November and frost had already begun a coat of light fuzzy ice on the surface of everything. She wrapped her light robe around her hoping for some heat, but it wasn’t the type of robe to keep you warm. It was the type of robe to entice your husband to your bed. Ginny wore it some nights when she felt especially lonely for her husband. She had dreams of crying out to him in her sleep and he would come to her bed and disrobe her, revealing the scanty negligee she wore under the robe and they would cling to each other making love all night; and he would tell her how much he loved her. She stood looking at the stars wondering if maybe Harry might be on Atlantis visiting with John. She looked in the telescope in the direction he had said Atlantis was at. She thought about calling John to see if he was there. John had said he’d have him call her if he showed up there, and he never did. John brought Rodney to study with Albus for a week once and he said he hadn’t heard from Harry at all. When she had asked about the tracking devise they planted under his skin John said he evidently disabled it because they couldn’t find him.

Ginny began to sob and realized she wasn’t just trembling from her sadness, but she was freezing cold. She got angry at herself for being so foolish and turned to change into something more sensible and go to bed. Her foot slipped on the slippery ice fuzz and fell hard to the floor. She tried to get up but her foot was wedged under the railing of the balcony. When she tried to move pain shot up her leg. Now she was really shaking uncontrollably. She became worried for Lily since she had cried herself to sleep that night missing her daddy. Ginny closed her eyes and softly called Harry’s name angry that he wasn’t there.

She barely got his name said and he was there gently pulling her foot out from where the railing was supposed to be. When her foot was free the railing reappeared and Harry put his arms under his wife and picked her up cradling her to his chest. She put her arms around his neck and cried softly. He hadn’t said a word to her yet. He sat her on the edge of the bed and examined her foot. The skin was torn on the top of her foot and her ankle was already turning different colors and was quite swollen. He shook his head with dismay and began applying medicine to the top of her foot and the skin moved to cover her foot the way it was supposed to. Next he gripped her ankle with both hands firmly and pushed her ankle and moved her heel a certain way as he chanted in Latin. When he was done with that he bent over until his lips were close enough to kiss her foot. She couldn’t help but grin with her teeth chattering. She thought he was going to kiss her foot and she tingled all over with the thought of his lips touching her skin, but he didn’t kiss her foot; he opened his mouth just slightly and hot air warmed her foot.

For the first time since he got there he looked at her and spoke. “Can you move your foot normal now?”

His voice was quiet and unsettling. She nodded her head and thanked him. He didn’t reply and stood up but he didn’t leave like she was afraid he was going to. He held out his hand and asked her if she could put her weight on it. She took his hand and for the first time noticed that he had obviously been fighting wherever he had come from. She couldn’t see very well in the dark, but by the light of the full moon she could see his shirt was ripped and hanging on him by threads and his hair and beard was matted with blood. It looked like there was a hole on the left side of his chest and oddly enough he was barefooted. He had more than a few cuts and scrapes on his upper body and what looked like a gaping knife wound on the bicep of his left arm. He definitely walked with a limp and blood soaked his jeans just above his right knee.

He led her a few steps and then told her she should put on warm comfortable clothes and sleep. She summoned her favorite warm gown and Harry turned his back to her. She gasped at the welts and lacerations in long stripes from the top of his shoulders to his waist. He had been whipped recently; the blood still oozing. There were horrible burn blotches all over his back and chest. He wasn’t just whipped; he had been tortured repeatedly. He didn’t notice her looking at him because he was watching her foot as she walked around him. He handed her a potion and she drank it and steam blew out her ears. She hated pepper up potion but she had to admit it worked effectively and quickly. She caught a smile nearly crack his face and then he gently put his hands on her shoulders and asked why she was shivering still.

“I don’t know, I… I just… I think I need you to hold me. I’m afraid.”

He swallowed and said he was awful grubby. She told him to take a shower. “I could use one, okay then.” He showered and when he stepped out he told her to turn off the light. She thought it was just too bright for him so she turned them off. He picked her up and sat in the big overstuffed comfy chair and wrapped a thick blanket around her. She felt his muscles tense when he leaned his back into the chair, but he still held her to him. He sat in silence holding her; the steady rise and fall of his chest with each breath he took; the steady beating of his heart, and the soft breath she felt on her face told her he had fallen asleep watching her. She picked up a long curly lock of his white hair and coiled it around her finger.

“You should sleep while you have the chance. You’ll be sore when you get up in a few hours.”

She jumped at the sound of his voice and said she thought he was asleep. “You were so still and quiet, I thought you were asleep.”

“How can I watch over you if I’m asleep?”

“Why are you watching over me? You need to sleep.”

“You said you were afraid, so I am watching over you.”

Ginny said, “I’m afraid because my heart hurts.” She felt his heart race and his body tense. His wand was in his hand and a soft light came from the tip. She saw the worry on his face and he put his hand on her heart. “Have you been having trouble with your heart? Have you seen a doctor?” His hand remained over her heart and he was deep in concentration. “I don’t feel anything wrong other than its beating hard and fast. But you said you were afraid and that can cause-”

Ginny put her hand over his and held it there. He looked into her eyes and she said, “I’m afraid because my heart hurts. My heart hurts because it knows I hurt you and you might never come home.”

Harry was quiet and Ginny knew he was waiting for her to explain. She sighed and said, “When you left I was angry because you didn’t even try to explain yourself.”

She didn’t see any expression change on his face and felt uncomfortable under his hard stare. She swallowed and said, “Don’t you have anything to say?”

“I didn’t want to interrupt to defend myself. I’m listening to you.”

Ginny huffed with impatience. “Don’t you think you should defend yourself so we can figure out the problem?”

Harry said, “I did defend myself. You said you’d forgive me if I’d just tell you about it, whatever it is. You were saying something about my thinking you was having an affair and I said I didn’t think you were. I asked you to explain so I could understand and we could remedy the problem. Then by my saying that; you said I only care about myself; to leave and not come back. I didn’t know what I was to admit to because I hadn’t done anything wrong. Since I won’t admit to something I didn’t do I left. Plus the fact that I told you once I would never stay with you if you hit me again. I left and I still don’t know why you thought I would think you were having one, or what Astoria and Draco had to do with anything.”

Ginny explained about her day with Barney AKA Marley Barnett and setting him up to be arrested. And then she said she was sorry for jumping to conclusions. I’m so sorry I hit you. Do you believe me? Do you see why I hit you? Will you please not leave?”

Harry clenched his jaws and Ginny knew he was about to say something that would be a compromise for their sake. “I don’t pretend to understand the workings of the minds of women, but if you say you’re sorry and you had to hit me then I must believe you and accept your apology to save our marriage if you really want me to stay. And I still can’t apologize for something I didn’t do, and I don’t know what you’re talking about jumping to conclusions. But, Gin, I’ve told you before; spousal abuse is wrong no matter what the reason. You say you want an equal marriage. That doesn’t just mean we can both work. That also means if one is allowed to hit the other, than it is just as right for the other to hit too. Would it be right for me to hit you as hard as I can; or even hit you at all?”

Ginny gasped and said it would kill her if he hit her the way she hit him. “I am sorry, Love. Please forgive me. You are right; I shouldn’t have hit you for any reason.”

They sat in silence for a while and once again Ginny thought her husband was asleep so she began to examine some of the torture marks on his chest. It was obvious what the burns were from but she lightly touched a place where it looked like strips of his skin were peeled from his Pectoral Muscles. He involuntarily flexed them at her touch. He swallowed and gently pulled her hand away from the area and held her hand from wondering. He was trembling and his breathing was shaky. His heart was beating so hard she was afraid it would collapse from being over worked.

He told her again she should get some sleep but she asked where he had been all this time. He was silent for the longest time and then he sighed feeling her getting ready to ask him again. She knew he didn’t want to talk about it, that was very clear, but she wanted to know why he was tortured and who did it.

“When you told me to leave, I went to my Detective Agency and slept on the couch for a couple hours until I felt I could spend time healing my internal organs. Then when Wes came in he told me about helping you with Barney. I’m so thankful you asked for his help by the way. Anyway, I ran his face through a software recognition program I have that identifies faces; a different name came up. I took the photo and ran it through a special filter I invented and it showed who the man really is. He is, was a very dangerous man. I didn’t think I should ask Wes to help me apprehend him and his army, so I was about to assign my, the Aurors the detail when Percy came in and dishonored me and stripped me of my job in front of everyone. He said I was suspended from duty until I take care of things at home. He said, “I can’t trust a man, who steps out on his wife and then leaves her, to be Head Auror, or even work as an Auror. From now until I say otherwise, Ron Weasley will be Head Auror. That will be all; no need for questions and answers. You’ll need to vacate the premises and surrender your office, employees, computers, and all the files.” I took the file and left and from then on I followed leads and began capturing only a few men at a time to keep them from becoming suspicious. I was right about Barnett wanting to kidnap you to get me. He was going to make me do what he failed at doing or torture you until I did what he said. Finally I was getting close to Marley Barnett and his army. I captured all of them and found out who hired the professional assassination of the President and why he wanted him out of the way.”

Harry took a deep breath and said, “At one point, after the boys left for Hogwarts, I patrolled our property on Chevron for three nights in a row; sleeping on his back when I wasn’t busy capturing small units of men who made their way onto our property. They said they got the password from Percy. All they had to do was say I had hired them to protect his property but I had forgotten to give them the password. Percy swallowed their lie owing to the fact that I’m a filthy monster and care nothing for anything but my property. They said he called me arrogant and even gave them extra pay to arrest me if I showed up for any reason.”

Harry was having trouble telling the story what with his anger and sadness getting in the way. “Of course I didn’t know that at the time and I swallowed my pride and called Percy to ask him to send help to protect you and Lily. I tried to tell him what was happening, but he laughed at me and said I was paranoid like always and delusional if I thought he didn’t see what I really wanted. I begged him for help and he told me to move on and stop bothering him with my pathetic life. On the third night I captured seven more men and had to kill four others. That made a total of eighteen men I captured and twelve others I had to kill. But I was lucky and found a cell phone on one of them who was in direct contact with Barnett. He called off the plans of capturing you and ordered everyone back to the United States to make other plans to get me. There’s more to what went on over here, but I can’t tell you about it because it involves seven other countries included in the plot.”

Harry took one of his arms he was holding Ginny with and rubbed his eyes. He was desperately tired but he felt better for telling Ginny about most things that he was involved in.

“For the rest of the time I was following Barnett and finding out what the elaborate scheme was all about. My health was failing me because I was working alone and had to keep two steps ahead of Barnett. I kept out of sight and ate very little because Barnett had people watching for me everywhere. After they were ordered to the USA I followed them. They knew I had been seriously wounded each night they got onto our property. They underestimated my ability to stay alive. I slept in plain view because they didn’t think I’d sleep in the pouring rain on a park bench covered with newspapers. They simply looked right over me. There were days I went without eating at all, and many nights I went without sleep. I got to where I slept on my feet most of the time. But like I said, I was able to stay ahead of Barnett, and slowly captured more men on a daily basis. I regret that I did have to kill some of them. But finally, by the end of September I found out everything. The Vice President had a scheme to kill the President and then he would be the President. When he was sworn in he was going to Court Marshall Jack for undermining the integrity of the IOA and overriding their orders when he sent John and them to help me that day when they tried to grab Albus. I went to Cheyenne Mountain to warn Jack, but they already infiltrated the base and had Jack and the whole base under lockdown. They were about to torture Jack so it would look like Jack attacked them and they had to use extreme measures to protect themselves. The plan was to not only rule America, but when his time was up he was going to go to Atlantis and be the sovereign ruler of that planet. They planned on populating it so he would have world domain. I was able to capture the remaining personnel and Barnett too. I made them turn themselves in to the FBI and made them confess everything to them and beg to be executed at the earliest time. I called the FBI and told them where to find the men responsible for plotting the murder of the President. I’m sure they have them interrogated by now and will proceed with setting up a date for the executions.”

Harry stopped and cleared his throat. “It took me longer than I hoped to get all the men under the same influence and get them off the base. I had to allow myself to be captured when I put Jack, Sam, Teal’c, Daniel, and Cameron behind a protection shield. The Vice President was the only one left to carry out the plans. When he caught me I wouldn’t co-operate with anything he ordered me to do. He said if I used magic he would kill a soldier there on base. I had to try though. I disarmed him and tried to free myself so I could disable the stargate; I had forgotten to do that earlier. He ran at me before I was completely free and took a weapon from a soldier standing close by and used it on me. I was done in and he easily recaptured me. And then he said he was a man of his word and he killed the soldier he took the weapon from because I used magic. At least that’s what he thinks he did. Thankfully the soldier is still alive and well. That’s how I got this hole in my side; there’s a steel ball in it.”

At this point Harry could hardly talk but managed finally. “From the end of September through tonight he tortured me in front of Jack and the rest of our friends who were behind the barrier of protection. They were in the Observation Room and I locked them in with magic on the first day there so he wouldn’t be able to get to them. Farley, the Vice President, made some soldiers hold me and he whipped me the first day. After that he handcuffed my wrists and ankles to some chains that connected to the stargate. It’s a good thing disabling the gate was just a secondary precaution because if anyone would have dialed to or from Earth I would have been disintegrated in the flush. During the day I was chained to the stargate and at night they put me in a holding cell. He was so mad he couldn’t think straight. I told him his army was turning themselves in with confessions of everything and everyone involved. He would be getting visitors any time to arrest him. That’s why he couldn’t go back to Washington. He told me to dial the Stargate to Atlantis and I wouldn’t do it. We went back and forth for a month and a half; him telling me to dial Atlantis and me telling him no. He took his displeasure out on me every day until ten o’clock at night. Finally it was time for the next step of my plan and after another day of torture I begged him to kill me. He told me to fix the gate so he could dial Atlantis and I told him I’d dial it if he left me chained to it. The flush would kill me instantly and he was happy to comply. I made him think I dialed the gate and the flush vaporized me. Just as he started to walk through the gate I walked through the back of it to stand in front of him. He thought I was a ghost and passed out. I tied him up and let a team of Marines, the FBI and Home Land Security in and they took him away screaming out of his mind that the mountain was haunted. I just got Jack and the rest of them set free and told them to dial the Alpha sight to get teams home and then told Jack I needed to go back and check on you to make sure no one else was left to get to you and Lily. The Vice President had said if he wasn’t heard from at a certain time you would be killed and then they’d kill Lily and then they’d go to Hogwarts and blow up the school. When he said this last bit I figured he was bluffing because Muggles can’t see Hogwarts and wouldn’t know where to look for it. But I needed to come back and make sure. That’s when you called for me; I was already on my way back to you.”

Ginny couldn’t keep her tears from falling. She said she was sure Percy would let him have his job and position back. Harry didn’t say anything and then finally said, “I won’t go back until a Minister of Magic is voted in; I won’t work for a man who because of his self importance endangered you and Lily. He nearly got me killed the first night they showed up since they knew the password and walked right in. They would have gotten you and Lily easily. We’ve passed the time the Vice President said someone would be here. I thought it was a bluff but had to make sure. I don’t mean to make this about me, but I’m so tired. Could we get some sleep now?”

Ginny nodded her head and stood up and started towards the bed. She stopped and looked behind her when she didn’t hear Harry get up. He was sitting there with tears rolling down his face. The relief was too much for him and the realization he was free and not going to be tortured anymore overwhelmed him. But mostly he was relieved because his wife wanted him back.

Ginny understood and went back to him and offered her hand to him. She gently pulled him to his feet and he limped with her to the bed. He held his breath as he laid down. He became tense all over and his jaws clamped shut to keep from crying out. He began shaking from his body being in shock. Then his exhaustion took over and he fell asleep.
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Hey Guys, I can't believe a week has gone already! And now we're getting ready for Halloween. Sure hope everyone has a fun and safe time with all the Ghosts and Ghouls and Goblins oh my! Next week my font will be back to the normal non Halloween font. This chapter is very dark and hard to read only because of the peril our hero is in. I hope you all enjoy it though.
As always please feel free to comment if you so desire.

Chapter 7

Memories And The Rhythm Of Flashbacks

Later when Ginny got up Jack showed up at the house and asked to see Harry. Ginny explained that he wasn’t up and he didn’t get much sleep at all. He needs medical help from someone much more able than me. I don’t even know where to begin. He has a spike in his leg muscle. It starts above his knee and goes upward through that big muscle. And there is something stuck in a hole in his chest and another one in his side. And he’s… he’s so very thin and gaunt. He has a fever and so many things that awful man did to him. How can anyone be so evil?! Why did he need Harry?”

Jack comforted Ginny and talked softly to her. I’ve called Atlantis and Woolsey is going to have John bring Dr. Beckett. Do you think Lissy could come and assist him?”

Ginny nodded her head and pulled out her cell phone. After speaking to Lissy she said they’ll be here in about half an hour. Jack nodded his head and said that would be about the same time John would have the doctor here. Ginny made breakfast and got Lily up. She was pleasantly surprised to see Jack there and sat beside him at the table. She leaned her elbow on the table and blew a strand of her messy hair out of her eyes. “Mum, do we have to do school today, I’m so sleepy and tired.”

She looked at Jack and asked if Sam didn’t come with him. “No, Darling, not this time. I just came to check on you and your mum and dad. I’ll be leaving in a little while after John and Dr. Beckett gets here.”

Lily perked up and said, “John is coming?!” She didn’t wait for an answer but ran over to the steps and then stopped abruptly. She rushed back to the table and said, “Daddy isn’t here. Do you know where he is? Can you make him come home? I think he’ll come if you tell him to.”

He smiled kindly, “I can’t make your daddy do anything he doesn’t want to do. But, I don’t have to try anyway because he is here.”

Ginny anticipated a shrill scream of delight and quickly told her to be very quiet.”

“Is Daddy nearly dead again?” she whispered; looking upstairs.

Ginny said, “No, sweetheart. He is hurt very badly, but he isn’t dying. Just be very quiet because he needs to sleep.”

Lily went up the stairs on her tip toes. Jack sat at the table drinking his coffee while Ginny worked on breakfast. Winky came into the kitchen and barely acknowledged Ginny. She felt it was her fault her precious master was gone.

Lily came back down and sat at the table crying. She was dressed in a cute calico dress and had her hair fixed in French braids going down her back. “He looks bad, Mummy, he looks like he shouldn’t be alive. We need to fix him somehow.”

Winky looked at Lily and Ginny told her Harry had come home around two o’clock.
“Winky, I know you want to see Harry, but it would really help if you can forget your duties here today and keep Lily for me until he is able to see her. You can go see him for a minute but don’t disturb him.”

Winky nodded her head and tiptoed up to see her master. She came back down and woefully said she could fix him. Ginny knelt down in front of her and said, “Winky I know you can, but there are circumstances beyond his control I can’t tell you about that could easily make him hurt you. You know how much he loves and cares for you. Right now, it would probably kill him if he found out he hurt you. Carson and Lissy are coming to help him. Sirius and John will be here to help control Harry if he causes problems.” Ginny glanced at Lily talking to Jack and said very quietly, “Winky, he was tortured for a month and a half. He might slip out of his mind in pain now and then. You know how hard he is to control when he is like that. I would let you help him if it was just you and me, but he will get the help he needs any minute now. So, the best way you can help is by keeping Lily away from the house in case he screams with the pain it causes.”

The tiny elf nodded her head and said, “Lily is welcome to Winky Potter’s house as long as Ginny needs or wants her to be there. Lily will do school with Winky’s children!” Ginny arched her eyebrows and nodded her head trying to imagine what kind of things elves teach their children.

Just then John and Carson walked in. “We would’ve knocked but Albus told us he was getting a puppy so we didn’t want to take a chance on it barking and waking up Harry.”

Ginny ran the palms of her hands over her forehead and through her hair. “I forgot to get it for him.” John quietly went up to watch over Harry and Carson followed him so he could quietly access Harry’s condition and map out a plan of a series of operations while the others ate waiting for Lissy and Sirius to get there. Just as soon as they got there Winky took Lily to her house and everyone else went up to the bedroom to start on Harry.

Carson had brought all sorts of equipment with him and Lissy began setting up his tray of instruments she knew he would need. Carson scrubbed his hands and when he came out Lissy put his gloves on him. He looked at the tray she had ready for him and was pleasantly surprised. “You know Lissy, if you ever want a top secret job, I’ll put in a good word for you. Ginny took off the blanket and pulled off a bit of difficult magic to transform the king sized waterbed to an operating table. Complete silence gripped them like a horror movie when the audience sits motionless not even breathing because the villain is about to attack the innocent unsuspecting main star of the movie. Finally Carson said, “Right, let’s get to it then. He mapped out the order of operations to Lissy so she would be ready to move ahead of him quickly without him having to explain each detail so the two could work smoothly and efficiently. Carson looked at Ginny and then to Lissy. “Ginny; you see he is burning up with fever. All these wounds are infected, and I suspect there are a few nasty surprises internally too. That will have to wait until we take care of this other stuff first.”

Ginny said she knows the risk of operating when there is infection present. “Just do it because he won’t get better if you don’t.” Carson nodded his head and asked if she knew what happened to him. She said Harry told her so he asked Jack if he saw anything they did so he wouldn’t have any surprises along the way. Jack said they all saw, but he doubted Harry told Ginny what they did to him. She argued she did know and to tell Carson so he could get started. Lissy waved her wand and Harry’s facial hair disappeared and his hair became short.

“He whipped Harry until he thought he was near death. He stopped and told him again to send him to Atlantis. Harry refused and he took off Harry’s shoes and socks and stood him in a pan of water. Then he hooked up electric jumper cables to a battery and then pushed the other ends against Harry’s arms, chest, back, and stomach, each time Harry said no. At one point during the second week he hammered a spike into Harry’s leg muscle above his knee. I think it’s still in there. Then he started peeling pieces of Harry’s skin off… It had been a month and a half of torture every day. Some of those wounds were already on him when he rescued us; I don’t know how he got them. And I honestly don’t know how he survived.”

Ginny was as white as Harry’s hair and she said, “I guess he left out quite a bit. Wasn’t there anything you could do? I mean, please don’t think I’m blaming you, but I mean when we were on Atlantis they had to dial in weekly reports. Didn’t you get suspicious when you couldn’t dial in?”

John looked at Jack and shoved his fists into his pockets as if that would keep him from talking. Jack nodded his head and said, “You would be correct in thinking that accept due to unforeseen excessive use of the gate the Vice President made an executive decision to change those weekly reports to every other month. Normally he wouldn’t have had the authority to do that, but when the IOA had to be reorganized he made a point to the President there should be an overview from either him or the President and convinced him that he would be the best suited for the job with re-election coming up and all. So; to answer your question, no there wasn’t any reason for anyone to be concerned. We tried everything we could to escape, but Farley had all the computers shut down, all the phones disconnected, and he confiscated our cell phones. Sam even tried to short out our transmitters in Morse code, but it didn’t work. The guy had the foresight to order the Daedalus to the Pegasus Galaxy to supposedly make a trial run with a top secret software crystal installed on the ship. They were also supposed to pick up the monthly reports to save a month’s bill on the usage of the Stargate. The new software was supposedly a way to map out planetary shifts to make gate travel safer because it would be a big money making business if they opened gate travel up to the public.” It was all an elaborate plan to get the ship out of range for four months.”

John snapped his finger and said, “The election! Harry knew if the Vice President succeeded in getting him to Washington to kill the President then the Vice President would be in temporary command until the election. Harry, of course, would be killed when he supposedly murdered the President then all his property would be confiscated by the new President. General O’Neill, Cameron, Teal’c, Daniel, and Sam would all be charged and sentenced with treason for aiding and abetting Harry. Gate travel would still be classified top secret and the public would never know how Harry was framed or why he was killed. People visiting the Pegasus Galaxy would pay for travel on the Daedalus. If the VP wasn’t elected President, then he would just go to Atlantis to live and rule as a sovereign ruler of the planet.”

Carson dropped tiny drops of medicine around every wound just before he operated on them. The first thing he did was pull a steel ball out of Harry’s chest muscle and one out of his side and then Lissy closed and bandaged the wounds. While she was doing that, Carson operated on Harry’s leg, pulling out the spike, and repairing the muscle and ligaments. Sirius stroked Harry’s head in a fatherly way and listened to Jack and John talking. Carson kept close watch on Harry’s breathing and talked softly reassuring Harry he was being cared for. Now and then Harry groaned and his breathing became erratic, but when Carson spoke Harry actually nodded and was still. Whenever the doctor wasn’t using both hands he kept a hand flat on Harry and patted him with his finger tips. Finally Carson and Lissy finished working on Harry’s cuts and burns and said they did everything they could and that rest and proper nourishment would take care of the rest. He asked Lissy to draw several vials of blood to run specific tests and then he checked Harry’s vitals one more time before sitting down to rest.

Ginny sat down beside Harry and asked how long he would sleep from being put to sleep. Lissy said it was entirely up to Harry. “He’s exhausted on top of everything else, so I wouldn’t count on him waking up today. And then Carson said something that surprised everyone.

“Harry isn’t sleeping from being operated on. I didn’t put him to sleep. The only thing I did is give each place I had to operate on a local anesthetic. I found out that trying to take Harry out of anything he controls is bad for him and worse on us. He isn’t necessarily awake, but certainly fully aware while he is being operated on. Thankfully he doesn’t remember how painful it was when he wakes up; local anesthesia only helps with so much. As a matter of fact we should leave so he can rest quietly. He is suffering more than any of us can imagine.”

Jack looked at John who bit his bottom lip in thought. He knew what was going through John’s head. Memories of being tortured were still fresh for him and Jack knew how tough it was for him to see Harry like this. He was just glad John hadn’t been at Stargate Command when the whole ordeal had started. Both he and John looked at Harry in silence.

Harry opened his eyes and stared at Ginny; watching her carefully but not saying anything. When Ginny spoke he jumped and blinked his eyes as if trying to clear something from them. “I’m not dreaming? Am I home? … I am home; you hurt your foot right? We talked some; you were supposed to be sleeping. Is Lily here? Please don’t let her think I’m nearly dead or anything. I need to get up. I don’t want her to see me like this.”

“Love, you need to sleep so you can heal properly. Lily already knows you are home, but you need to-”

“Recuperate; just like I always do. It’s no wonder she feels like she does about me. It’s the same thing over and over. And each time is worse than the last. I don’t think I can get over- I’ll be okay; I just need to sleep a little more…”

His eyes closed and he stopped talking; he was asleep again. Ginny looked at Carson and Lissy with tears in her eyes. Why is he still so hot? Why was he able to walk better when he got here; he lifted me and carried me to the bed and then he fixed my foot. He held me in the chair for a couple hours. He was trembling badly though; but then he was trembling before he left so… Why could he do all that last night before he went to sleep and now he looks like the walking dead?”

Carson said, “His body has been fighting the infection for a long time. I imagine he was medicating himself to keep it under control so he could think clearly. But with time I’m sure he just couldn’t keep up with it. I’m going to see if the fever can burn it out of his system instead of medicating him and I’m confident it will do just that.”

Jack spoke up and said, “Harry freed us and then said he needed to go to make sure you and Lily were okay. Farley had said if he wasn’t heard from by a certain time you and Lily would be killed. He wouldn’t let himself relax until after that time was up. After that he was able to relax for the first time since the day after he left here. He forced his body to do way more than it was capable of doing and only by magic was able to do it. As soon as he was able to relax then his body wouldn’t let him go back to how he was when he came home early this morning. Since he isn’t being tortured anymore and he is patched up I expect he will soon be up again even if his body says no.”

Later that morning when everyone was sitting at the table for lunch, Lily screamed, “Daddy, you’re up!” Harry smiled and limped badly into the dining room. Lily jumped up and ran to him and he put his arm around her small shoulder. “Lean on me, Daddy, I can get you to the table.”

Harry grinned at her and let her help him. When he saw Jack, Sirius, Lissy, Carson, and John his smile faltered and then nodded at them with a friendly greeting. His eyes lingered on Jack and then quietly asked if everyone was okay.

Understanding that Harry was making sure Farley was in custody and everything at Cheyenne Mountain was back to normal he smiled kindly and said, “Yes, son, thanks to you everything is getting put back to normal. I left Sam in charge and came here to make sure you made it home and everything here was okay just as soon as I could get a ride. I hate to say, I also need to get an official statement from you as well.”

“Thank you, Jack; I appreciate that, and of course I know you need your statement.” He looked at Carson and Lissy and said, “I have my life thanks to you two I’m sure. I hope I wasn’t a pain for you.”

Carson shook his head and answered, “Not at all, Lad, you were the best patient ever; aside from John I reckon. It truly is remarkable how much the two of you are alike.”

Harry and John looked at each other and they each swallowed knowing exactly how the other felt. Then Harry said in a very small voice, “Didn’t we just have a similar conversation with Rodney?”

John chuckled and started to say something but Lily giggled and said, “Daddy, you’re being silly. That was forever ago just before we left Atlantis.” Harry looked at Lily and his smile vanished, but then it came back for her and a twinkle danced in his eyes. “Of course you’re right, Darling Angel. Thanks for setting me straight.”

He looked around the table and quietly said, “Are we going to eat or just look at it?”

Everyone laughed and began filling their plates. Harry took a slice of toast and began to nibble on it. After eating half of it, he took some water to drink and drank not even half a glass before he set it back on the table. He looked at Sirius and said, “How’s the family, Dad; Kids doing okay?”

Sirius was elated with Harry calling him dad. “They’re doing great, son. I can’t believe they’re grown up and on their own already.”

Harry nodded sadly and said, “Time beats to its own rhythm no matter how hard you try to change the tempo.” He turned to Lily when he felt her shift beside him. He realized she was trying to figure out what he meant so he added, “But, the rhythm it beats to is consistent for everyone and that makes it best all the way around.”

Lily looked at her daddy and said, “So you mean that like if you wanted time to slow down so you could have more time to catch up it would be good for you but bad for well, like me because I would have to be in school way longer than I would have to be normally? And it’s not really bad for you ‘cause you still get to join in where we are in time so you’re still with us. Is that what you mean?”

Harry leaned over with an involuntary groan and kissed the top of Lily’s head and closed his eyes with a tear trickling down his cheek. “Yes, Darling Angel, it’s exactly what I mean.” He held her head to his chin and laid his head sideways on the top of hers and then scooted his chair away from the table. “If you all will please excuse me, I think I’ve been up long enough for a while. I’m not dying or anything like that though.” He winked at Lily and she smiled at him. He put his hand on Ginny’s shoulder gently and told her to sit still and enjoy her meal and company. I’ll come back down a little later.”

As he passed John and Jack he put his hands on their shoulders and gripped them hard as pain swept through him. His teeth began to chatter and sweat trickled down his brow. He shook his head no when Carson started to get up. “I’ll be in bed in a second. Sit still and eat.” He disappeared to his bedroom and laid down on his bed and was asleep again. He tossed and turned with nightmares haunting his sleep and woke drenched in sweat. He still trembled but his chills were gone and so was his fever. He cautiously got out of bed and checked his bandages. They were soaked as well so he took them off and admired the doctor’s work. After Harry showered he put on fresh bandages the way the doctor had them on and put on fresh clothes. He started towards the door and put his hand to his stomach; he was hungry. A flashback to the past five and a half months of the many times he was hungry but either didn’t dare eat because the enemy was too close and to the month and a half he lived off of bread and water. The flashback was vivid in his mind and it made him shudder to think of the things he had to endure during that time. The flashback subsided and his breathing was hard from the anxiety it caused.
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Hey Guys Wow, I can't believe another week has gone by already. I hope everyone is enjoying the story so far. Please feel free to post a comment.

Chapter 8

Hard Truths

Harry hoped nobody would see him going down the steps and breathed a sigh of relief when he made it to the bottom of the steps unseen. He looked around for Ginny but couldn’t find her. She must be in the kitchen where he heard laughter and gayety from women fixing a meal. He looked for John and saw him, Jack, Carson, Bill, and Sirius talking quietly. He was on his way to greet them when he stopped short and stared ahead turning white but his eyes burned with a raging fire. The room got quiet and Harry stood on the spot he stopped at; still staring ahead. Percy walked over to him and nervously held out his hand while he jovially slapped Harry on the back like they were best friends getting to see each other for the first time in a very long time. Harry was determined not to let the pain he felt show, but couldn’t hide it all together.

“Harry, it’s so good to see you. I’m glad you came home; and about that, I guess I need to apologize for something that happened that some might say was wrong.”

Harry didn’t say anything or react in any way other than the fire burning in his eyes. He started to move away from Percy and stepped toward John but Percy grabbed Harry’s arm and pulled him around to face him. Harry felt sick at his stomach from Percy slapping his back and then grabbing his arm where a very deep knife cut was now throbbing. “Harry, I’m trying to say something to you.”

Harry turned his burning eyes to his brother in law and quietly said, “Try again when it matters to me what if anything you have to say matters to me. But for now, don’t speak to me, don’t look at me, and for your own safety don’t touch me. Now get out of my sight.”

Percy stood back frightened of the man in front of him. He recovered somewhat and said, “I beg your pardon? You don’t have any right to talk to me that way. How dare you threaten me; I’m acting Minister of Magic. I could have you thrown in prison for the rest of your life!”

Harry looked at Percy and calmly said, “You wanna know what I could do? I’ll tell you so you can heed my warning. I could cause everything that has happened to me because you wouldn’t help me when I asked and then bagged you for help to happen to you. I could cause you to have to carry a steel ball in your chest and side for five and a half months. I could cause you to get your arm sliced open to the bone. I could cause you to have your ribs beat in and broken and have to take care of them yourself. I could cause you to have to go hungry day after day because your enemy was so close to you if he paid attention close enough he could hear you breathe. I could cause you to have to miss out on five and a half months of your life with your family. I could cause you to lose your job and be disgraced in front of everyone you work with. I could cause you to feel your skin rot from infection and be so sick you wished you could die. I could go on with loads more, but hopefully you get the message. So, Percy, if you feel that you need to add to the list of things you need to be forgiven for from me, then you go right ahead and try to put me in prison. But I’ll tell you this; I will never be put in prison if I don’t want to be there. And if you try; then I’ll have to hurt you because you have been the bane of my lousy, rotten, miserable existence for five and a half months.”

Harry walked away from Percy but stopped when Ron approached him. He looked warily at his brother-in-law and quietly said, “’Lo, Captain, how have you and your family been?”

Ron smiled and said, “We’ve been good, Harry. A lot has happened while you were gone. Hermione got pregnant, but lost him in her third month.”

Harry was taken aback with so much grief he could hardly speak. “I’m sorry to hear that. Are you sure you guys are okay?”

Ron shrugged his shoulders and said, “Yeah, Hermione has bouts of crying still when we’re alone, she is hardly ever happy but she says she’ll be fine and besides; we’re too old for babies anyway. We’ll be happy to wait for grandkids. I’m glad you’re back, Harry. Nothing’s been right ever since you left. When do you think you’ll be back to work? Carl’s doing a good job, but none of the guys enjoy being Aurors without you as Head Auror. Carl knows it’s nothing against him. He says he can’t wait for you to get back.”

Harry glared at Percy across the room and said, “I’ll not be coming back until I’m reinstated by the real Minister of Magic when she’s elected. I won’t work under Percy. Even if I wanted to, he wouldn’t reinstate me because of his embarrassment of getting rid of me unjustly.”

Arthur and Molly made their way to Harry and Molly said, “Harry dear, it’s so good to see you. We need to get some meat on those bones of yours.” She smiled nervously not sure how they would be accepted after his altercation with their son, Percy. Trying to be pleasant might not be the best approach to greeting Harry. His demeanor was that of a sleeping dragon and she well understood what the Hogwarts motto, ‘Never tickle a sleeping dragon’ meant. Arthur just stood smiling; happy his wonderful son-in-law was home where he belonged. He offered Harry his hand and Harry smiled warmly and shook it firmly. “I’ve missed both of you more than you’ll ever know. It’s good to be home.” He put his arm around Arthur and laid his head on his shoulder and pulled Molly close to him with his arm around her shoulder. They could feel him trembling and begin to sob softly. “Father, Mother, please forgive me of my attitude with Percy. He is your son and I don’t want you to hate me although you have the right to and I don’t want to cause you pain-”

Ron huffed and roughly nudged Harry in the side. Harry tensed and swayed and groaned. He pulled away from his mother and father-in-law and stepped back to see what Ron wanted. His angry eyes burned into Ron and waited silently for Ron to speak. Finally Ron gathered his courage and laughed nervously. “You’re being depressing; come on mate my parents don’t want you hanging on them and making them feel bad for how you talked to Percy. I mean, Percy deserved it, but still he’s their son and your-” He stopped and swallowed. Harry’s deportment changed quickly and Ron wished he hadn’t said anything. Why did Harry think he could just call them father and mother; they weren’t his to cry on their shoulder.

“Not. I’m not their son; right, got it; please forgive me of my trespassing.” Harry turned away from them but saw from the corner of his eye Hermione chastising Ron for treating Harry the way he did.

Harry felt the walls closing in on him and went outside and sat on the porch swing. It had obviously snowed all day; accumulating enough to cover the tips of the blades of grass and burdening the small branches of bushes around the house. His thoughts went back to the years at Hogwarts when he would visit Hedwig. She was a great comfort to him during those years and he sorely missed her. He thought of his sons at Hogwarts and his heart beat so hard it hurt. He wished he could see his sons; a visit with them would be more satisfying to him than eating the delicious smelling meal that was getting ready to be served. On one hand he was so hungry he was feeling desperate. On the other hand he was so lonely for his sons he felt lost and alone.

Harry smiled at Lily standing in front of him looking worried. “What’s up, Darling Angel?”

She smiled when she saw the twinkle in his eyes dance. “Mum is looking for you; dinner is ready. She’s not happy with you disappearing. Grandma is screaming at Uncle Percy, and Grandpa is not happy with Uncle Ron. What’s wrong that nobody is happy?”

Harry texted Ginny and told her he was catching some fresh air on the porch and he’d be there in a couple minutes.

Harry turned his attention to Lily again and said, I think if you look in a special magic ball you’ll see someone very happy. Wanna try?”

Lily nodded her head and said to show her. Harry held out his hand and exhaled his hot breath into the palm of his hand and moved his other hand over it saying an enchantment and his breath looked like mystical fog in a crystal ball. He held it up between her and him and asked if she could see anyone.

She looked through the fog and saw her daddy’s smiling face looking at her; his eyes full of merriment. Lily giggled and said, “It’s you, Daddy! Why are you so happy?”

Harry kissed her forehead and said, “You see me and I see you. And I’m so happy because; I’m here with you, my darling angel. Now watch and see what happens.” He threw the ball into the air and the ball burst and the fog turned into snowflakes with images of Harry and Lily on them. He captured the snowflakes into a real ball made of crystal that appeared in his hands. Now sing your favorite song with me from The Sound Of Music:

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens,
brown paper packages tied up with strings,
these are a few of my favorite things.

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels,
door bells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles.
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings.
these are a few of my favorite things.

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes,
snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes,
silver white winters that melt into springs,
these are a few of my favorite things.

When the dog bites, when the bee stings,
when I'm feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite things,
and then I don't feel so bad.

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens,
brown paper packages tied up with strings,
these are a few of my favorite things.

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels,
door bells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles.
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings.
these are a few of my favorite things.

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes,
snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes,
silver white winters that melt into springs,
these are a few of my favorite things.

When the dog bites, when the bee stings,
when I'm feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite things,
and then I don't feel so bad.

When they were done singing the song together Harry put a device he had been holding into a music box that appeared in his other hand and attached it to the crystal ball he just made Lily. He turned on a switch in the music box and a light of different pastel colors lit up the snowflakes of Lily and Harry floating around lazily while their special duet played. “I’m sorry I missed your birthday, Angel. I hope you know I thought of you and hoped you were having a great time.”

She took her gift and said she loved it and she’d love it always. “Thank you, Daddy; it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen.” She kissed him and just then Ginny came out looking rather cross. Harry kissed Lily’s cheek and said for her to go on in and he’d be in, in just a minute. Lily turned still staring at her gift and walked passed Ginny and said, “I found Daddy, he’ll be in for dinner in just a minute. Look what he made me just now. I watched him make it and isn’t it so beautiful?” She turned it on and Ginny stooped over to look at it for a minute and then gently guided Lily to the door, “It’s beautiful, sweetheart; go on in now and wash up for dinner.”

Ginny looked at Harry and said, “It’s a beautiful gift, Love. Come inside, the party’s falling apart and we need to eat before everyone gets too angry and leaves.”

“Would it be such a bad thing if that happened?”

Ginny’s eyes blazed and she folded her arms just like her mom does when someone is about to get their heads handed to them for some infraction that’s made her angry.

Harry smiled and stood up and limped over to her. He had been sitting in the cold long enough to become cold and stiff. He didn’t dare let Ginny see his discomfort though. He stopped in front of her and put his hands around her back under her coat and then put his cold hands under her blouse on the small of her back. Her sharp intake of breath and his cold hands pressing her against him made her stiffen and then she giggled softly. He stared into her eyes and swallowed; his breathing becoming deep. His breath was sweet and his hot lips were gently pressing on hers kissing her passionately. He whispered, “I love you Mrs. Potter,” and then scrunched over slightly when his belly growled. He couldn’t help groan and held his stomach.

Ginny smiled and said, “I guess you must be hungry.”

Harry’s boyish grin flashed across his face and he said, “I wasn’t going to say anything, but since you brought it up, I could eat a bite.”
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Hey Guys, here we are already! I can't believe how fast time is going bye. Thanks for coming back for more chapters. I'm sorry if anyone was disappointed that I didn't post earlier today. I haven't been feeling the best, but I'm getting it posted now. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 9

A Very Important Guest Visits The Potter Family

Harry and Ginny walked in the living room and everyone turned to look at them. He took Ginny’s jacket and hung it on the coat rack by the door and put his hands to his chest to take off his coat but found he didn’t put one on. Everyone was still watching him and making him feel uncomfortable to say the least. He hated feeling awkward in his own home. Trying to diffuse the tension he grinned and said, “If there is anyone hungry you better get out to the table and eat because John looks really hungry, and we all know how fast the Captain can put away food.”

John chuckled and said he was hoping nobody noticed. Ron laughed and said, “You have to eat fast if you ever hope to get a bite when Hugo is around. He eats like a horse and I have the grocery receipt to prove it.”

Hugo didn’t quite understand but smiled anyway. Harry put his hand fondly on his nephew’s shoulder and winked at him. He looked at Ron and said, “You must be so proud of him taking after you then.” And before anymore barbs could be cast he said, “Let’s eat,” and pointed towards the dining room table.

Percy’s oldest daughter bumped into Harry and looked as if she might faint. Harry put his arm around her waist and smiled sweetly at her. “You okay, Sweet pea?”

She looked surprised and then smiled back and said, “Yeah, I’m okay. I was worried about bumping into you; I didn’t mean to.”

Harry winked and said, “Don’t worry about it; I’m fine are you good?”

She nodded her head and said, “I was just afraid to come here tonight. I nearly fainted when I bumped into you. You’re not at all what I thought you’d be like since you left.”

Harry studied his niece for a moment and then smiled kindly. “Are you okay now though? I’m not the filthy monster it’s been rumored me to be. I’m actually a pretty nice guy according to some people I know.” Harry pulled out a chair at the table and offered it to her to sit on. “I can’t help notice you’re not at Hogwarts, is there a problem with your health?”

Molly looked ashamed and said, “Father thinks we shouldn’t go to Hogwarts since he’s Minister of Magic until one can be elected. It isn’t safe and we have to be homeschooled. Father said you made our lives at risk by thinking you’re in jeopardy all the time and it makes us in jeopardy. He said if you’d only stop being paranoid and realize that you’re nobody special that we could have a normal life. And he said you wouldn’t get hurt all the time if you knew your limitations and if you’d stop trying to do more than what you’re able to do. He said anyone can do what you do and not get hurt. That’s why he said he had to remove you from being Head Auror. I’m sorry, but I’m afraid of you now.”

Harry took a few long seconds and then sighed sadly. “I’m sorry Sweet pea. Sometimes adults don’t have their facts straight and it causes them to act out of fear or lack of self confidence; they say and do things they shouldn’t. Whichever is the case with your dad, I promise you never need to be afraid of me.”

Harry looked at Percy but couldn’t trust himself to be civil to him so he didn’t say anything for the sake of Molly. Percy had been laughing and joking with George and didn’t hear what his daughter had said to Harry. Harry asked everyone to sit down to eat before the meal gets cold and then his cell phone rang. Harry excused himself as he sat down and answered it. All he said was hello and then he stood up and became very serious.

Percy rolled his eyes and said, Oh brother, here we go again. I wonder who he has to save now; maybe the whole planet.” He laughed but nobody else enjoyed his mockery of Harry. Everyone looked at Harry and listened to the one sided conversation.

“Yes sir, thank you, but there is no need to.”

Harry looked at Jack and John and said , “Yes sir, they’re here. Yes sir, right away sir. Where are you? Oh, Okay then, I’ll be right there.”

He hung up and kissed Ginny, “I’ll be right back, Honey; we’re having another guest and I have to go get him.”

Percy smirking sat in the chair Harry got up from and reached for the platter of bread, “We’ll see you whenever you get back, Harry. I’m sure someone will need saving and you’ll get-”

Harry said, “You’re in my seat, Percy. You’re not the head of this household or an honored guest; move. I’m getting an honored guest who will be seated there.” He apologized to his family and guests, “Please stand behind your seats until I get back in a couple seconds,” and then Harry disappeared.

Everyone but Percy had gotten up and stood behind their chairs as Harry requested. Ron was trying to get Percy to get up to no avail. Seconds later Harry returned with his guest. The look of disappointment was obvious on his face; he wasn’t expecting Percy to still be setting in the seat at the head of the table where he normally sat. When Percy saw Harry really did return he stood up to be polite since everyone else was.

Harry said he’d start introductions so they could sit down and eat. “This is my brother-in-law, Acting Minister of Magic, Percy Weasley,” and then went around the table introducing everyone there. When he was at the end he said, “This is Roland Evermore, the President of the United States of America.”

Harry took a deep breath and asked everyone to sit. Percy turned red in the face knowing the imposition he put Harry in by not having a place of honor for the president to sit. He knew it would make things awkward if he gave up his seat so the president could have it. It made him feel small that Harry made it sound like Percy was given the honor of seating since he was acting Minister of Magic; when in fact Percy stole the honor from Harry and then doubted Harry would be returning.

“Roland, I’m sure Jack will behave himself if you’d like to sit beside him. That way I can see you when we talk.” Harry extended the table and another chair and place setting appeared. Harry looked around to everyone and said, “Sit down and dig in.”

Harry was in a predicament anyway he looked at it. He was terribly hungry and needed to eat. The trip to the USA drained him of energy he was already in short supply of and he’d have to take the president back home when he wanted to go. The more he stared at the food the more his stomach did flip flops. He knew it was delicious food, all his favorites, but it all seemed so heavy and rich. Finally he got a slice of bread and put a thin layer of peanut butter on it and ate it with half a glass of water. He felt the eyes of his family on him and looked at the president when he spoke.

“I feel bad for interrupting your evening and especially your dinner, but I needed to thank you, Harry, for saving my life. This meal looks and smells fantastic, but for me it’s in the middle of the night. I think I’ll just have some peanut butter on a slice of bread too.”

Harry turned red in the face at being made a fuss of and quietly said he did what anyone would have done.

“I beg to differ; I think you could search hours before you’d find a single person who would be willing to do what you did.”

Percy asked what he did, but Harry spoke before Roland could answer. “Jack and John would have done it and have done loads more than what I did. As a matter of fact, John was tortured by the IOA and nearly died.” He passed the bread and jar of peanut butter to Roland and said the best thing to do is to forget about it.

Percy asked again what Harry did and Harry ignored him. Roland looked around the table of curious faces. “Didn’t Harry say what he did?”

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t want this conversation around the dinner table, and I don’t want the kids to hear this.” Harry looked between Roland and Percy and then said, “Just eat and enjoy the evening.”

The tension at the table was thick but they all eventually got over it and when they were all done eating and Harry was leading the President into the living room the parents quietly told the kids to play downstairs in the playroom. The women set the kitchen to clean itself with magic and they were all finding seats when Harry looked around asking about the kids.

Ron answered him saying, “They’re in the basement, Harry. We want to hear what the president was starting to tell us; we have a right to know why you were gone all those months and why you came back looking like you do.”

John grinned and told him to let them get it out of their system so they could visit. Harry sighed shaking his head and headed to sit with Ginny, but found Percy sitting beside her. He turned back to John and said, “Budge over; you’re hogging the whole couch.” John moved over enough for Harry to squeeze between him and Jack.

Roland began talking where he left off. “Harry found a fugitive of justice back in June. He was over here posing as someone else. He fought off this man and a small army by himself right here on his own property and although he was horribly wounded, he followed the man to the US to uncover a huge plot to destroy our government and way of life. They were going to kill me and steps were set in place to overthrow world leaders and gain global domination. He allowed himself to be captured to contain the last of the organization of which the master mind was hiding. He was tortured but still held his ground to protect those on the military base he was at and waited for the perfect time to outsmart the only one left, the leader. He single handedly-”

“That’s enough, Roland; nothing else needs to be said.”

Ron told the President to go ahead and tell them everything he wanted. “The president didn’t want to upset Harry and said, “Okay, I won’t tell the rest of the story, but I am going to honor you for what you did for me, and for the United States. Harry, at your own personal risk of life, you took down a mighty army within our country. By capturing one hundred thirteen men and unfortunately had to take the lives of seventeen of the criminals you single handedly and without a single loss of innocent life, saved not only your family’s lives but the lives of all Americans and quite possibly man’s failed humanity the world will never know about. My Cabinet and the branches of government have decided to make you a Statesman for the United States. I know you don’t want to be a politician but because of your integrity and impartial concern for all life; you are now a top advisor for domestic and international affairs.”

Roland held out his hand to shake Harry’s and Harry stood up to accept his hand. “Thank you for that tremendous honor, Roland, but I’m sure I’m not qualified to be a Statesman because I’m not a Politian and moreover; I am not an American. I will graciously accept your hand of thanks and humbly serve anyway I can if you ever need my help though.”

Roland looked into the eyes of the man standing before him and saw that he was being sincere in his denial of greatness. It was refreshing to look into the eyes of an honest man and a pleasure to shake his hand.

Harry felt the eyes of his family and friends on him and he became very uncomfortable. He moved towards the kitchen and said, “I need some water, do you need anything?”

Before he could escape though a glass of water appeared in front of him. “Oh, erm thanks.” He took the glass and set it on the coffee table after he took a sip. He didn’t like not being able to hold it without being watched; his trembling was obvious with the water.

Harry turned to his office and said, “Should we go to my office to talk about what you need to see me about tonight?”

Roland chuckled, “Harry, I just did. I wanted to come over here and thank you for what you did.” He asked if he could have his brief case that had been taken to Harry’s office when he arrived. When Ginny returned with it Harry took her hand before she could move away. He assumed he was leaving to take the President back home but couldn’t resist keeping her close to him. He didn’t get to sit beside her at the table or on the love seat after dinner. “I miss you, Honey. I’m sorry I haven’t told you yet how beautiful you are. Would you like to come with-”

“Harry, you’re being rude to Roland. He’s trying to talk to you and you’re blubbering over missing your wife.”

The room became quiet and Harry stared at Percy. When he spoke his voice was calm but there was fire in his eyes. “That’s Mr. President to you and it’s none of your concern how I talk to my wife.”

The president sat his briefcase down on the coffee table and opened it, trying to ignore Percy. He smiled at Harry when he saw the quizzical look on his face at opening his briefcase.

“I’m sorry for the confusion, Harry; I need to give you a few things before you take me home. I’d like you to pop into your Dress Blues with your ribbons and metals you were given when we made you an Honorary General.”

Harry bulked and asked if he must. John and Jack chuckled and Roland did as well when Ginny folded her arms and impatiently tapped her toes scowling at Harry. He sighed and mumbled something about not knowing what all the fuss was about; but instantly changed into what was requested of him. Roland looked at his long hair and arched his eyebrows.

“Any chance we could get you to cut your hair above your collar and trim your facial hair?” Harry scowled and gruffly said, “No,” but Ginny cleared her throat and Harry glowered at the president. Harry didn’t accommodate the President’s wish, but Ginny pulled out her wand and shortened Harry’s hair and made his face clean shaved. Molly gasped at the thin and sunken face the months of malnutrition and torture caused. Harry’s jaws clamped shut tight and he looked as though he could erupt at any second. Roland smiled and said, “Now how about-”

Harry stared forward and in a dangerous voice said, “Don’t push it, Roland.”

Roland looked at Jack and with a commanding voice ordered, “Attention!”

Jack, Harry, and John stood at attention smartly although a groan of agony escaped Harry. Suddenly Jack and John were both wearing their Service Blues and Harry grinned with satisfaction.

Harry, these are your Statesman’s papers showing it isn’t an honorary title or position, but indeed the real thing. You are being awarded a Purple Heart for being wounded while serving a service to our country. You are being awarded the Silver Star for your outstanding bravery and heroic sacrifices you made. Your valor and undeniable courage exemplifies the principles, values, and morals you live by every day and we are all better off for knowing you.” After Jack pinned all the metals awarded and gave him his ribbons he saluted Harry and Harry saluted him back. The president looked for a place to hang his special citation and then asked Harry, “Where are all your awards for all the things you’ve done here?”

Harry not knowing if he could stand at ease and speak rolled his eyes to look at Jack. “At ease, Airman.” Harry swallowed and said his certification to be an Auror was in his top dresser drawer. Percy spoke up with a chuckle. Now, Harry; don’t be so modest, I’m sure you’ve just got too many to hang on your wall. Ron has a whole wall full of citations and merits of bravery and all. You know it too, because as Head Auror it was you who presented them to him. You’re embarrassing the Ministry by not telling the President everything you have.”

Harry’s face turned bright red and he looked at his feet and then out the window wishing he was anywhere but there. Ginny glared at Percy and said, “You embarrass yourself, Percy. Harry has never been awarded anything and not because of a lack of heroics on his part, but a gross negligent oversight from the Ministry.

Percy jumped back to his defense saying, “If Harry wasn’t so afraid of being seen then-”

Harry spoke quietly but firmly looking Percy straight in the eyes. “I get on fine without having to be awarded and rewarded for things I do. Kingsley knew this and I thought you did too. When I made it possible for you to become acting Minister, you gave me your word you wouldn’t let the power sickness plague you, but you let me down. Look at what you’re power mongering cost me and my family. You use your position as a masque no matter the cost. So don’t sit there in judgment of me not wanting to be anywhere near your theater. I’m not afraid of being seen; I just won’t be used for entertainment.”

Roland closed his briefcase and said, “Harry, you’re much too humble, and that is something we could all stand a bit more of in ourselves. Could I ask somebody to get a picture of me shaking Harry’s hand?”

John took out his cell phone and took several pictures and then there was flashes of bright light from others taking pictures. Bill stepped forward and handed Roland a thumb drive. I saw what was about to happen and recorded the whole ceremony for your records. I’m sure there has to be accountability for all metals and ribbons given.” The president thanked Bill and said, “This is what I was going to ask for when Harry’s patience with me wore out.” He laughed and said, “Which is perfectly understandable. I’m ready to go home if you are able to take me, Harry. I noticed you only had a little bread with peanut butter and some water for your meal. Is that enough to get me home and for you to come back safely?”

Harry nodded his head to the president. “Yes, sir, we’ll be fine.” The president waved goodbye and Harry put his uniform hat on; gripped the president’s elbow and they both disappeared. A minute later Harry returned out of breath and his hat lopsided on his head and sat heavily on the couch beside Ginny. He grinned at Jack and said, “Apparently Roland didn’t have permission to be out after hours and caused quite a stir when he was seen going into the residence part of the White House but his wife said he wasn’t there yet when he was called for something that came up. It’s all good though; but maybe you should call Roland to make sure he is okay. I think someone saw me and tried to capture me just before I disappeared. There was some kind of explosion that nearly knocked off my head.”

Jack grinned and said, “It must be terrible not to be able to come and go as you please. I admire his courage to buck the system and do what he wanted to do.”

Molly stepped over to Harry carefully and quite shyly asked if she could have a picture of him with her and Arthur. She waved urgently to her husband to join them and Harry smiled warmly at them as he slowly stood up and said, “I’d be honored to have my picture taken with you two.”

Ginny stood up in front of them and Harry smiled happily holding out his hand to her. She laughed and said, “I’m taking a picture, Love; put your arms back around my mum and dad.” Harry did as she said and others took pictures as well.
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Hey Guys, another chapter. I hope you enjoy the chapter. For my American friends, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I hope that no matter where you live you'll have a wonderful day. Be safe and take care.

Chapter 10
Harry Tries His New Potion

It seemed like the room was getting loud with everyone talking and laughing. Harry closed his eyes and tried to block out the noise. He felt the room closing in on him and he quietly went out onto the porch. The uniform he was wearing seemed to be getting heavy and constricting. He magiced his jeans and tee shirt on and sent his uniform upstairs to hang in the closet. He looked at his feet and the shiny black shoes were replaced with his boots he had been wearing earlier. His hands were shaking but he was hoping it was only because he was so hungry and tired. Why couldn’t people go home, especially Percy? He conjured a hot roast beef sandwich and started eating small bites. It was so good, but he could only eat half of it before he started feeling sick. The rest of the sandwich disappeared and a glass of water appeared in his hand. He sipped from the glass until it was empty. Maybe it was a little too much because he felt sick when he heard Percy laugh loudly. He went to the railing on the porch and fought the urge to vomit. Finally he felt confident he was okay and started to return to the swing to sit down. His chin fell to his chest as the world spun out of control and he fell to the porch floor.

He desperately needed Percy to call his Aurors and send help to him. He was being attacked and he was afraid he would die leaving Ginny and Lily unprotected. He begged Percy for help and all Percy would do was laugh at him. “You’re delusional and paranoid as usual, Harry.”

“Percy, we need help! Let me call my Aurors to come and help me! Percy; please help us. Send as many Aurors as can be spared; I’m going to die without saving Ginny and Lily. Percy, Percy, at least help them. Please, Percy! Percy! Percy!” New images flashed before Harry and new pain tortured his body. The president of the United States was depending on him to keep the vice president there until after the election since he couldn’t send anyone to the base to help. If only he could figure out a way to let Jack and the others help him; he was sure everything could be sorted out to where Jack wouldn’t lose his command. The president needed to stop worrying about his re-election and consider Jack. It’s not his fault the vice president was a traitor to the country. Roland should have warned Jack instead of sacrificing him and the whole base. No, wait, those are the things the vice president was putting in his head. Roland is a good man and is trying to get help to Jack. He just needed to hang on until help arrives. How much more torture could he take before he simply died though? He would never see Ginny again.

“Harry, come on buddy; it’s okay, you’re home and everything is okay. You saved Ginny. General O’Neill and the base are all safe as well.” Harry opened his eyes and looked into John’s worried eyes. He swallowed and asked John to please let him die. His voice was barely audible but John understood all too well.

“Harry, you’re home with Ginny and Lily. You can’t die and leave them since you worked so hard to live and get home. They need you, buddy; we all need you.”

Harry kept his eyes on John’s and tears streamed down his face. “I’d do anything for Ginny, even live. It just hurts so bad; I’m so tired of hurting and being hungry. Why is it so cold? I’m freezing.”

John pulled Harry to him and brushed the snow from his hair. Even though the porch was covered, the wind changed direction and snow had been blowing in on them. “You’re freezing because you came out here without your coat on. You must have just been planning on getting a breath of fresh air, but you passed out.”

Harry put his hand to the back of his head. “Something hit me when I was leaving Roland. They thought I was an intruder kidnapping the president. I was afraid I wouldn’t make it home; I didn’t know I was hit so hard.” He looked at the gleaming red stain on his hand.

A new face came into view and a coat wrapped around Harry’s shoulders. Harry looked at Percy and thanked him quietly. Percy looked quite mortified which is what kept Harry from being hostile to him. Percy held out Harry’s Dress hat that went to his uniform. It had blood on the back of it and Percy pointing at it said, “You dropped this on the floor by the couch. I don’t know when because I didn’t see you drop it, I just found it. I saw John come out here and brought it out to you to make sure you are okay. I heard you talking in your delirium and am horrified that I caused all this to happen. Harry, I’m sorry, I truly am so sorry. I know there isn’t any way you can forgive me; and I don’t blame you. I just want you to know I am sorry. Are you going to be okay? I could never live if you died because of me.”

Harry was surprised he felt so much compassion for Percy, but he did. “Percy, I appreciate your owning your faults; I respect you for that. I’ll be okay; I just need to get squared away with everything. I didn’t realize I was hit so hard or what hit me. All I know is the pain from the last eternity or so is still affecting me and I … it doesn’t matter, thanks for … would it be rude of me to-”

John pulled Harry to his feet and pulled Harry’s arm around his neck and said, “Let’s get him inside so Carson can have a look at him.” Percy opened the door for them and John helped Harry stumble to the couch.

Carson didn’t need to be called over to him since he started to make his way to him when they came inside. “What’s happened then?”

“Remember he said the president didn’t have permission to be out, and did you notice his hat was sitting cockeyed on his head? Well, something hit him in the back of the head and caused this.”

John pulled Harry’s head forward so Carson could see the back of his head and evaluate the situation. Jack put away his phone and sat on the coffee table directly in front of Harry and said, “The President says he explained where he was and who he was with. He told them it was Harry who brought him home and asked if he was okay. He said one of the Secret Service personnel happened to be behind the spot Harry returned the President to and struck him with his baton. It more than likely would have killed Harry if he hadn’t been disappearing at the time. The President wasn’t even sure if Harry felt anything.”

Carson finished applying a potion Ginny gave him and wrapped a bandage around his head. He was aware of Harry slipping in and out of consciousness and snapped his fingers in front of Harry’s face to make him fully awake. “Harry, you cannot keep getting hit in the head like this. Concussions are seriously bad and you keep getting them. You’ve sustained head trauma from being tortured and now this. One of these times you’re going to get hit in the head and you’re not going to recover from it. You could even get hit and just drop dead!”

“It’s not like I get up in the morning and think, “Hmm what can I do today that I can get a head concussion from?” Harry was a bit upset getting lectured for something he had no control over. It didn’t help that his head was thumping to a rhythm that made no sense, but was terribly loud. He was barely conscious and wished he could just go to sleep until it stopped. But Carson said he had to stay awake. He was not in a good mood now and his fists doubled up despite the fact there wasn’t anything around he could hit. Harry focused on his situation and forced his eyes open to stay open. He figured the best thing for him to do would be to get up and walk; maybe talk to John and Jack for a spell. He would talk with Carson too; although he wasn’t feeling particularly friendly with him at the moment. Carson always had his best interest at heart so he would overlook this attack on his thinking skills. After all; just who in their right mind plans to get seriously hurt? He knew they would all have to leave and he wanted to visit with them. He made to get up and Carson put his hand on his chest; pushing lightly to keep him sitting. “It’s best if you sit still, lad.”

“I’m not about to sit here and be gawked at; let me up so I can-”

Ginny sat down beside him and put her hand on his thigh and sternly said, “Behave Harry. Carson is only doing what needs to be done for you to get better. Now, instead of being rude and childish; sit here and be cordial to our family and friends who are here because they love you and are happy you’re home.”

Carson sighed, “I’m sorry for my approach, Ginny. I’m used to dealing with military minds, soldiers and warriors. What I said was meant to make Harry force his injured brain to be alert so he doesn’t fall asleep and become comatose. I intentionally did this because it brings the best response from men like Harry.”

“Oh,” she looked sheepishly at Harry for talking down to him, saying he was behaving like a child. She thought she was using tough love; like Harry does when he feels the need to reprimand the kids if he thinks they have done wrong. She apologized to Harry and then looked for him to say something. She could see he was still annoyed and didn’t know what was expected of him.

“So, okay; apology accepted,” he said as kindly as he could and even managed a small smile at Carson and Ginny. It quickly dissolved though when Ginny continued to stare at him. He was in trouble but he couldn’t place what the trouble was. His head just wouldn’t give him rest and he was so tired of being in pain. He tried to focus on Ginny and asked what she expected from him. She sighed as though she was the parent of an obstinate child and said, “Percy apologized, Carson apologized, and I apologized, what about you?”

“What about me?”

“How about you apologize?”

Harry was surprised and said, “I’ve got nothing to apologize for.” Harry grabbed his head; the pain was unbearable and he wished he could just die. He felt like he was in a different dimension or something. Voices sounded like they were underwater and his vision was like waves of fuzzy and intermittent clarity. “How can you think-” Harry looked at Ginny with a searching stare. His voice gave away the hurt he was feeling. “You think I’ve done wrong? Err, I mean, are you employing the strategy Carson used to make me wake up or something?” He swallowed hard and looked around at everyone in the room staring at him. John spoke up and said, “Harry hasn’t done or said anything that needs apologizing for!” He got up and shoved his fists in his pockets and walked over to the window and stared out into the darkness.

Ginny folded her arms in front of her and harshly said, “You left and didn’t let me or anyone know if you were alive or dead for all these months. You just took it upon yourself to go save the world like you always do. Don’t you think things would have gone better for you if you’d taken help with you?”

Harry felt like he’d been hit in the gut and his head reached a point where it would surely explode. Ignoring Carson trying to keep him sitting, Harry slowly and quite stiffly stood up and asked Ginny if she really wanted him to come back, or did she just need him to fix her foot so she could get inside and get warm. “You told me to leave and never come back. I came back to watch over you and Lily in case the vice president sent someone to hurt you. You called for me just as I was disappearing from America. I thought you wanted me to come back. Ginny?”

Ginny didn’t say anything and Harry stepped close to her and held out his hand touching her arm lightly. “Did you want me to come back?”

Ginny shook her head slowly. “I am glad you’re back, but I didn’t ask you to come back. I called your name because I was hurting and I was angry you weren’t here for me. I didn’t call you to come home because well; I wanted to stay angry at you until I had everything figured out. Why everything happened the way it did, and why you acted like nothing was wrong. I mean I understand now, and I know I was wrong; but that is now, not then.”

Harry’s hands dropped to his sides and he shook his head slightly. “I’m confused, Gin; do you want me back or not? You didn’t want me back then, for whatever reason you needed to stay mad at me. I left because you told me to leave and never come back. You wanted me to apologize then, but I hadn’t done anything wrong. I didn’t know what you wanted me to apologize for. We talked about all this, Gin. Now you want me to apologize and I don’t have a clue as to why. You say because I left and I went by myself. Again, I left because you told me to, and I had to go off by myself because I didn’t have the authority to have any help that I did beg for. Please help me understand-”

Harry could no longer hear or see what was happening. He was being washed away in loud rapids of water his head bumping over boulders. He needed to die. There was no reason to live.

“Harry, come on buddy, you need to wake up. Carson, do something! We’re losing him!” Harry could hear John now. The river rapids were in the distance and he opened his eyes when he heard a noise he wasn’t familiar with but somehow knew what it was. Carson said, “Clear,” and Harry felt cold paddles on his chest.

“Stop, I’m okay. What’s happening? Where’s Ginny? Did she call me?”

Ginny took his hand and held it to her breast. “You scared me so bad, Love. I don’t understand what happened. You just kind of passed out after you accepted our apologies. You were screaming your head was killing you. And you kept saying you didn’t have anything to apologize for. You weren’t making sense, you asked me if I wanted you to come back and then you just grabbed your head and slumped over. Your heart stopped beating and Carson had to do those electric paddles on you five times. I guess your headache really was killing you.”

“I imagined everything? You really wanted me to come home?”

Ginny nodded her head and wondered what horrible thoughts he had that scared him so bad. She watched him sigh with relief and his eyes closed. Carson told him to stay awake and he said he was just so tired, “Can’t I sleep for just a few minutes?” He heard Molly fretting somewhere behind him and he became aware everyone was still there.

“Help me up, I need to get up and move some.”

“You are too weak, lad, you need to sit tight.”

Harry shook his head and said they could help him or he would use his magic, but he was going to get up and go to his lab. “Lissy, would you help me make a potion? I was studying concussions before, well, I can’t remember right now, but I worked out the formula for a cure to the affects of a concussion. Working on that formula is what kept me alive while I was, well, while I was away. I guess I’ll be a guinea pig to make sure it works.”

Seeing Ginny’s objection about to be spoken he said, “Honey, my brain is swelling. I can feel it pressing my skull. I have to do this or the next time I pass out, I probably won’t wake up from it.”

He put his hand on John’s shoulder for him to lead him into the lab and Lissy followed. Carson followed them and said, “I studied your papers on your theories and I hope you don’t mind, but I got the ingredients down that you had written on your notes. I asked Albus to help me with the ingredients I didn’t know about. He’s quite the delightful child, so knowledgeable. Anyway, he helped me quite a bit, so I finally have an understanding of your theory. I just didn’t know the amounts to use and how much to administer when it was complete.”

Harry was completely surprised and said, “Good, that takes a lot of the preparation time out of the time constraints. Did he have any ideas on the application of it? I’m thinking it needs to be injected because an ointment would most likely overdose one area and could even miss the damaged area of the brain. And drinking it would be harmful to the esophagus. It’s going to kick like a mule, but I’m sure it will fix the problem, and I can work out a buffer later after I see how I respond to it. It might cause a seizure too, but I’m sure I’ll come through it okay.”

Carson nodded his head and said that he asked Albus about that and he said pretty much the same thing and suggested we tie you down because you more than likely will have a seizure of sorts with muscle contractions. Harry closed his eyes and nodded his head. “That’s a good idea; I hadn’t thought of that.” Harry took a deep breath and began talking his way through the process and Lissy followed his instructions to the letter. When the potion was complete, Lissy looked at Carson and said, “What kind of catalyst will be used to-”

Harry answered, “Straight up from a full glass syringe and directly into the side of my neck. Do it now I’m about to pass out.”

John helped Harry lie down and strapped his arms and feet down. He knew from firsthand experience how an untested experimental drug worked and it wasn’t fun. Harry looked at John and communicated with him how terrified he was. John bit his bottom lip and nodded his head. “I’m with you buddy, and I’m not going to leave you.”

Carson expertly found the vain and injected the potion into it. He put the syringe down and put his hands on Harry to comfort him. Harry felt the seizure coming on and closed his eyes to let the convulsions take over his body. He wouldn’t have the strength to try to keep them from coming anyway; so he just wanted to try to relax as much as he could. This; Harry found out quickly, was not possible. His body began to violently convulse and he clamped his mouth shut to keep from yelling from the sudden intense pain he was in. For forty five seconds his body jerked and twitched out of control. The restraints he was secured with began to break apart and John quickly tried to hold down his arm, but Harry knocked John away with no effort whatsoever. Lissy conjured up another restraint and looked at Carson worriedly. Harry’s face was blood red and he began choking on his tongue.

John limped back to Harry’s side and stood helplessly subconsciously holding his arm. And then without warning Harry’s body went limp. Carson began to check his vital signs. Lissy was doing the same and said, “There are no life signs.”

Just as Carson was about to do heart compressions Harry took a deep breath and weakly opened his eyes. “Piece of cake… check to see if the swelling is gone, Carson. And I broke my left wrist but I can’t take any Skele-Gro so go ahead and set it. If the swelling is gone, then let me sleep.”

After seeing to Harry, Carson told John to let him take a look at him. John complied and then they all went back out into the living room with everyone else. Jack asked what all the commotion was about and John answered him off handily saying it was Harry taking his medicine and deliberately didn’t say anything else. Jack knew then that he would be told later. Ginny asked if Harry’s medicine worked.

Lissy smiled and said, “It worked and it looks like he’ll be okay. He broke his wrist and Carson had to set it the Muggle way since he can’t have any other potion for a while. He’s sleeping right now; he needs the rest more now than ever.”
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Hey Guys, here it is Sunday already! Thank you for your loyalty to come back for another chapter. This is the last chapter of this story, but the next story picks up right where this one leaves off only with a new plot. This chapter is kind of dark with Harry recounting what happened to him, but there is no fighting or anything like that in this chapter. In actuality this chapter is a summary of this short story, Secret Mission. Hope you all enjoy it and thanks again for reading my ff.

Chapter 11

Harry’s Official Report

It was early the next morning John, Jack, and Carson walked into the kitchen for a cup of coffee they could smell from their rooms. They also smelled delicious food and heard joyful laughter. When they got close enough to the kitchen to hear what was being said; they grinned at Harry teasing Winky and Winky’s high pitched squealing voice acting offended and defending herself.

“Winky is being able to make breakfast without magic just as good as Master Harry and that is that!”

Harry laughed and said, “And how will tiny little Winky get the ingredients she needs down from the cupboards?”

Winky answered, “Just like this; Master Harry, please get Winky the flour down from the cupboard.”

Harry laughed joyously and said, “Okay, Winky, you win. I will of course always help you in any way if ever you need my help.” Harry put his hand over his stomach and groaned softly. “I sure hope people get up soon for breakfast, I’m so hungry it hurts.”

John stepped in the kitchen ahead of the others and said, “Breakfast smells great, let’s eat.”

Harry straightened up and smiled. “Ah my hero; and he spoke words of wisdom. Have a seat and I’ll go check to see if Ginny and Lily are up yet.”

Harry moved toward the door and stopped abruptly when he heard a loud pop. Surprised at seeing him there that early he said; “Oh, Excuse me Captain, I didn’t know you were coming over.”

Hermione laughed and said, “Ginny called us and said you weren’t in the lab where we all left you last night.”

Just then Ginny walked barefoot into the kitchen with her bed hair and tying her favorite comfy tattered robe closed in front. She didn’t say a word but walked deliberately at Harry. Harry turned and nearly ran into his wife. He stared and the grape he was about to pop into his mouth dropped to the floor. He was breathless and said, “You’re so beautiful.”

She walked up against him and kissed him hard on the lips and then laid her head on his chest. Harry put his arms around her and held her like he was about to leave for the rest of eternity. This is what he looked forward to all those months while he was gone. He was home and Ginny wanted him here. His belly growled angrily for food it needed and he doubled over with the cramp of hunger. Ginny pulled away from him and said, “The master has spoken,” poking her finger in his belly. He looked sorrowfully and said, “I’m sorry, Honey. I’m just so hungry.” He tried to pull her back into his embrace but she giggled and said, “Everyone is hungry, let’s eat.” She sweetly took his hand and pulled him to the table and pointed to his seat.

Everyone by this time was sitting down and waiting for Harry and Ginny to sit; everyone that is except for Ron who already had his mouth full of biscuits that Harry learned how to make years ago when he was in America. He stuffed another bite in his already full mouth and said, “Ow’sgumuo’mak’ez, Mio’e?”

Hermione stared at him and shook her head, “What, you know I can’t understand you when you talk with your mouth full, Dear.”

Harry chuckled and said, “He said, How’s come you don’t make these, Mione?”

Ron nodded his head pointing at Harry and stuffed another bite in his mouth after he swallowed enough to make more room.

Harry stood by his place and then turned to walk away. Ginny asked what he was doing and he answered, “I’m going to go get Lily. Is she feeling okay? She usually comes right down.”

He started again to walk away but Ginny asked him to come back to the table. “I sent her home with Mum last night. I didn’t know if the medicine was going to work or not.”

Harry stood in silence and then stepped back to his seat at the table. He sat down and smiled sadly at Ginny and started putting food on his plate. He got a forkful of scrambled eggs but it fell off of his fork. He was very aware of being stared at and jabbed a chunk of egg. Jabbing his food actually helped rid himself of some anger he was feeling but he couldn’t bring himself to eat anything. He stared at his food and sweat beaded up on his face and neck. He felt sweat trickle down his back and swallowed nearly panicking. Why couldn’t he eat?! He picked up some bread and nibbled on it and drank some water. Pretty soon Ron and Hermione said they needed to get to work. They thanked Ginny for breakfast and Ron told Harry everyone was looking forward to him coming back to work. Harry frowned at him but only said to say hello to everyone for him. After they left Lissy said they really needed to get back home and Harry asked if they couldn’t stay and visit, but they insisted they had to leave. Harry thanked them for coming and helping him and looked very glum after they left. Ginny asked Harry if he would be okay if she went into work for a little while. He quickly asked when Lily was coming home and she just said later and left. Harry looked expectantly at Jack, John and Carson. “I guess you guys have to go too.”

Jack said, “Yes, we do. But I need to get a report from you first if you’re feeling up to it.” Harry nodded his head and went to his office and came back with a folder. “I wrote my report this morning. If you want to read it and ask any questions I’m all yours.”

Harry sighed and sat down cautiously beside John on the couch so Jack could have his chair by the fireplace. Harry stared into the fire as the log on top shifted causing it to pop and spatter. Cascades of sparks exploded out of the burned wood and traveled up the chimney. Harry’s mind went back to just a couple days before when he was chained to the stargate and the vice president had electric wires in each hand and touched them together causing sparks to pop and flutter angrily into the air. He was about to have that current go through him if he didn’t answer the questions. Harry swallowed and mumbled “I won’t tell you anything.” His breathing was short and anxious anticipating the jolt that was about to electrocute him again. How much longer must he keep this up?

A sharp pain in his side, different than what he was expecting, made him turn his eyes to the source of the pain with hate in his eyes. Then the look cleared away and he put his hand on his side. “What?! What was that for?”

John’s eyes were serious but his voice was humorous. “The General asked you if you were comfortable and ready to begin and you said you wouldn’t tell him anything. You looked like you despised him.”

Harry swallowed and then looked at Jack. “I’m sorry, Jack; my mind was somewhere else.” Noticing Jack favoring his side he said, “You’re hurt! What did I do to you?”

John pulled Harry back to the couch when Harry tried to jump up and go to check out Jack. “Sit down, Harry; you didn’t do anything to him.” John looked at his commander to make sure he was right.

Jack grinned at Harry and said, “It would be better for my ego if you had done something to me and I was able to fight you off; but no, I’m just old and the change in weather is making an old battle wound act up. And that reminds me; I haven’t thanked you sufficiently for saving me from being tortured and for rescuing the whole base under Cheyenne Mountain. Your courage and fortitude continue to amaze me every time I see you. I am honored and proud that you consider me your friend.”

Harry put his hand over the cast on his wrist and looked at John, “I did hurt you though. I remember you holding me down just before,” he shook his head and said, “I don’t remember anything after that. What happened?”

“Your heart stopped and you stopped breathing. Carson brought you around though. It was the medicine… Carson was expecting it to happen. Apparently the same thing happened to me with something he made and I was the guinea pig.”

Harry half nodded his head and glanced at Carson and then back to John. “How did I hurt you though?”

You broke your wrist breaking free of the binds strapping you to the bed. I tried to keep you from freeing the rest of you and you threw me across the room. I’m just a little bruised, mostly my ego.”

Harry said he was sorry he was such a pain to deal with. “Carson, thanks for saving my life. I wish we all lived closer together. So, back to the reason we’re all in here; go ahead, Jack, and ask your questions.”

Jack asked the questions he had to ask and Harry answered and sometimes he was asked to give reasons why he did things he did. Finally Jack asked a question that took the air from Harry’s lungs. “Why did you get involved in the espionage after you had the guy that was sent over to use Ginny to get to you? You turned in the names of the people involved when you went to America. You could have saved yourself a lot of pain if you’d gone back home and let our agencies handle the case.”

Harry was so surprised Jack could ask such a question that he just stared at him for a minute. Then he answered, “Roland and the Prime Minister of England asked me to, and besides; it was the right thing to do.”

Jack arched his eyebrows and said, “The President and prime Minister asked you to? Maybe you better start from the beginning.”

“The day we got home from Atlantis several things happened.” Harry told them everything that happened with Draco and the beating he took because Draco thought he wasted his last minutes he could have spent with his wife before she died. He told him then later how things worked out for them but he was beat more severely than Draco thought. Then he told them about Ginny coming home and her nearly killing him for some reason and about her telling him to leave and never return.

Harry shook his head and said he was sorry, “I kind of got off subject. After I had the information on Barnett, the guy who came over here from America posing as a sports writer from the greater London area; I took the information to the Prime Minister because as it turns out he really is from England and he was in a joint mission with Farley, your vice president. The Prime Minister ordered me to America to work out the problem and do whatever it took, namely kill all involved, I told him I was a better man than that and would only kill if no other way was possible to keep America from declaring war on us. So I went to America and got a hold of the President and Homeland Security. I told them about the threat to his life and my orders for Barnett and Farley. He asked me to find out who all was in on the scheme and to give him updates as often as I could. So each person I captured I got more and more information. Then two FBI agents saw me and mistakenly thought I was one of the traitors after the President and nearly killed me. Unfortunately my cover was blown then and the factions made it a priority to find and kill me. It was slow work, but I finally found out that they were going to capture the base under Cheyenne Mountain and torture you, Jack, until they got from you what they needed. That’s when I went to the base and captured all the rest of Farley’s men. I cursed them to turn themselves in and confess everything. I got all nonessential personnel off the base and got you, Sam, Daniel, Mitchell, and Teal’c sealed up in the observation room since that’s where you were when I got there. I was finally ready to let Farley capture me so I could stall him until after the election was over.”

“Why did you do that? Why didn’t you just turn him in?”

Harry shook his head and explained, “I found out there was a plot to buy the election. Many supporters were financially backing a crooked scheme to scam the people out of billions of dollars. This money would be laundered in various ways and multiplied to the point where enough money could be used to buy allegiances from other countries. I found out that over half the Senate and Congress was involved, but I didn’t have any names. Farley had the plans in motion to convert America over to the United Nations and a new world order would be put in place. And Farley was going to be the sovereign leader. He also had plans to colonize Atlantis and other worlds until he was the supreme ruler of the Pegasus Galaxy. And the first thing he was going to do when he got to Atlantis was feed John to the fish, as he worded it, because he knew John would buck his plans and ruin everything.”

Jack stood up and walked around rubbing the back of his neck being deep in thought and then sat back down. “Harry, you were in really bad shape. I honestly don’t know how you survived. But son, what if you hadn’t survived, he would have done what he planned, and all that you had gone through would have been for nothing.”

Harry shook his head and said with great certainty, “I knew how long I could take the torture. I knew if I couldn’t make it until elections, I would kill him. I wasn’t to capture him because then you would be obligated by law to arrest him and me and take us away. England said it would deny any such orders it gave me, and the President had also mentioned things would be touchy there as well; but assured me that I would be exonerated in time. But mainly he wanted me to hold off exposing Farley because Farley had a man on the inside; someone at the White House who would blow up the White House and the Capital Building if Farley didn’t report in every day. So, at least until Roland could find out who that was then I had to keep up the charade under Cheyenne Mountain. I could have done it easily at any time, kill him that is. I would not allow him to carry out his plans; I promised Roland I would do it if I had to, and he gave me the okay to do it. I would have done it without it though; I have to answer to my country first. Farley thought he was wearing me out; torturing me and starving me. But, I was actually wearing him out. I planted seeds of fear in his head without him knowing it. I made him paranoid and to cover for his hysteria he acted cocky. He gave me the names of the Senate and Congress who were involved but not the man he reported to each night. Each night when I was put in my room, I made a hologram of myself on the cot while I went on top of the mountain where a team of Marines and Secret Service agents awaited word from me. I gave them the names and everything I found out as I went along. It was costly for me, my health was so bad, but still I kept track of how much energy I needed to stay alive. Finally the election was over and I caused Farley to think he killed me and I came back to haunt him. That’s when he told me the man’s name inside the White House.”

John said, “You took a big risk being chained to the gate. If anyone had dialed in or out, you would have been vaporized.”

Harry shook his head again and said, “Before I allowed Farley to capture me, I went to the Alpha site and showed them orders I forged from Jack that they were not to under any circumstance dial the gate and all teams away were to report there instead of Earth. They were to stay there until they got word from General O’Neill that all was clear. There was two times the gate started to dial, but I stopped it with magic. You might want to check your Caller ID and see who needed you.”

John chuckled and Jack had to look away to hide the delight on his face at Harry’s interpretation of the gate recorder of planets dialing the Stargate.

Jack said, “I still think you should have just let us taken care of him. You should have told Roland and your Prime Minister you wouldn’t do it.”

Harry stared at Jack and said, “Farley was going to do to you everything he did to me. And then after you died, because he knew you wouldn’t help him, he’d have done to Sam, and more, what he did to us. He was going to vaporize Mitchell, Daniel, and Teal’c. I couldn’t take a chance on Roland getting help there in time to stop that from happening. Roland said he would have to have Barney and all the men I captured interrogated before he could get reliable help to you. I’m sure you know how slow the government works, you all would be dead, and I was not about to let him go to Atlantis and kill John.”

Harry sighed holding his chest, “Are we about done; I know I am. Let me have a twenty minute nap and then you can ask me anything else you need to know about. I think though I’ve told you everything important I can think of. I can’t think what it is, but I’m sure I am forgetting something. Probably when I go back to work, if I’m ever to be reinstated, I’ll think of it. If it is important to America, I’ll let you know. It’s probably a suppressed memory of being tortured somehow. I don’t know though because I can remember all that stuff like it just happened.”

Carson spoke up with authority and said, “Yes, Jack is done at least for now. You need to rest, now off you go. And just to be clear on the matter of working; you cannot return to work for several months. Your body and mind has gone through too much to heal even with your magic and potions.” Carson pointed to the upstairs and looked at Jack as if daring him to try and make him change his mind. Jack nodded his head and said, “Go ahead, son. I’m sorry I had to ask so much. You’re a good man, Harry. The United States is blessed to have you as a friend. Thank you for all you’ve done. And for what it’s worth, Roland didn’t have any right to ask you to help without a detachment of special ops working with you. I’m sorry you had to do what you did, and the cost you paid for helping us.”

Harry’s face turned red and he nodded his head once and walked away. “I’m just going to rest on the couch until Ginny and Lily gets home.” He sat gingerly on the couch and pulled with effort his boot off his right foot and sighed showing how exhausted he was. Laying back he pulled his right foot up onto the couch and left his left foot on the floor. John was about to say something to him but seen he was asleep. He pulled his left foot up; taking off the remaining boot and placed his foot on the couch. Carson pulled a decorative cover off the back of the couch and covered Harry with it and Jack put a soft pillow under his head. Harry half grinned and softly mumbled, “Thanks guys” and didn’t move or say anything else until two hours later when Ginny came home.

Ginny sat down on the side of the couch and looked at her sleeping husband. She knew he was having a nightmare from his rapid eye movement and his short shaky breathing. She was happy however; he didn’t jump or flinch when she put her hand on his chest. He opened his eyes and looked into hers and put his hand on hers. His emerald eyes told a story of weariness and wanting more sleep but he smiled and closed his eyes pulling her hand to his lips and kissed it. “How were things at the office, Honey? Did you write a spellbinding story of daring plays and brilliant strategy causing a win of your team you were highlighting?” He opened his eyes lazily and grasped a locket of her hair that was enticing him to use to draw her closer to him.

She smiled sweetly and bent over to kiss him. He released her hair and moved to put both hands around her face and kissed her passionately. When she pulled away she whispered that he must have forgotten they have company, and it isn’t polite to carry on with them there.

“They can get their own girl. I missed you.” He smiled at her mock disapproval and carefully swung his legs off the couch and sat up to see not just Carson, Jack, and John, but other people all around him as well. He saw them laughing and talking, but didn’t hear anything.

At first he thought he had lost his hearing, but then drew his wand and angrily made a quick swish of the wrist with an artful flare. “Who put the Muffliato spell around me?”

Hermione gasped and said, “Oh no; I’m sorry, Harry. It’s just that when we got here it was obvious you were having nightmares and you’re still so pale. I was going to wake you, but Carson said you needed to sleep. I put the spell around you so you wouldn’t hear us and then I forgot. I should have lifted it when Ginny went over to you. Only; well, it reminded me of when Nagi-”

Harry swallowed and quietly said, “Its fine, Hermione; don’t worry about it. Erm thanks for your consideration.
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Hey Guys, hope you like this new chapter. Love you all for reading and always coming back for more. Thank you. Oh, I nearly forgot. This starts a new short story, but like always it picks up exactly where we left off; only with a new plot.

Short Story: More trouble Than Harry Can Keep Up With

Chapter 1

The Birthday Party That Wasn’t

“Is something going on; something planned I didn’t know about?” Harry looked down to make sure he was properly dressed for company and Ginny spoke to him.

She smiled understandingly and said, “It’s Bill’s Birthday, Love. We thought it’d be nice if we all celebrated together.”

Harry nodded his head and smiled looking for Bill. “Certainly! Where is the birthday boy?” Harry stood up and turned around and saw Fleur looking apprehensive.

“My Bill hasn’t come home from work yet. He only went in for a couple hours this morning and hasn’t returned home yet nor has he called.”

Harry went to the kitchen sink and ran water in it to Skry for Bill. He saw Bill and knew instantly he was in trouble. He looked quickly at Ron and asked, “Captain, come with me to get Bill; he’s hu-”

Hermione interrupted saying, “Ron has never been in a mine-”

Harry turned to Ginny and said, “I’ll be back when I can,” before Hermione could finish what she was saying. John said he’d go with Harry and grabbed Harry’s arm and before anyone could say anything the two were gone.

Harry and John arrived and Harry told John not to move and not let go of him. He took out his wand and created a bright light and leaned way over the ledge they were on. It was then that John realized he wasn’t supposed to hang on to keep from getting lost, but to allow Harry to lean out over the ledge without fear of falling. After about half a minute of careful observation of Bill’s predicament he told John to pull him back. He sighed and rubbed his face and neck in deep thought.

“Bill’s unconscious and has lost a lot of blood. The ledge he’s on is too narrow for even one of us to stand on and it’s crumbling at a rate that will not be able to hold his weight. I’ve got a protection charm around him and a bubble charm for him to breathe in until we can get down to him. At least he’ll be protected if stuff starts falling.”

Harry suddenly reached out and grabbed something that was falling passed them. He groaned at the sudden tug on his shoulder and brought the fallen object close to him and Harry asked what happened.

John; his hands sliced raw from the cut diamonds as he groped at a crevice or something to keep from falling over the edge what with the ledge they were on now occupying three instead of two. He hadn’t even seen what it was that fell. Now though he clearly saw by the light of Harry’s wand the fallen object was a Goblin. Harry pulled John in closer to him, but kept his eyes on the Goblin. Harry asked who he was and what he was doing.

The Goblin looked at Harry with cold eyes and said, “Mr. Potter, we didn’t know you were even alive. A group of Goblins looking for a way to take over the mine since you, they thought, were dead and only Mr. Weasley was here, pushed him over the edge. My name is Ogdenore, and I’m trying to save Mr. Weasley. He was pushed from the third layer up from here. Fifteen of us have been climbing down from the top. Seven others before me have fallen and not been heard from since.”

Harry looked up towards the top level and asked if the conspirators were still up there, and the Goblin answered they had all gone to find an alibi for if any of Mr. Weasley’s wizard friends or relatives came searching for him. “Is the ledge you came down from wide and stable enough for us up there; including Bill?”

Ogdenore nodded his head assuring it was plenty wide and secure. “Are you injured any at all?” asked Harry.

The Goblin said he was uninjured, only some scrapes and bruises. Harry shown the light on the small creature and shook his head seeing the Goblin was trying to hide his injuries. He wouldn’t be able to chance using his help and said, “I’m going to move you back up to the others with my wand. Don’t move about and when you get up there tell everyone to stay to the back of the ledge. The Goblin nodded his head squinting doubtfully into Harry’s eyes. Harry huffed and gave him his word he would get him up with the others safely. Harry pointed his wand at the small figure and cautiously lifted him up counting the levels as he went to the third one up and set the Goblin down and released his wand from him.

The Goblin stepped to the edge and shouted down that he had arrived safely. But, as he moved hastily away from the edge, some shale and large chunks of diamonds rained down on Harry and John.

Harry grabbed John again from going over the edge and yelled above the noise of the falling debris to not blink his eyes. A wave of his wand froze John and then Harry put his wand tip to John’s face and looked with tear filled eyes at John’s eyes. He verbalized a spell that dissolved the dust and minute slivers that were embedded in his eyes and then made a gentle stream of water flush the rest of the debris. Then he put some ointment in both eyes and put gauze pads over his eyes and wrapped them on with some more gauze around his head. He talked to John the whole time letting him know what he was doing. Although John couldn’t move he could hear and knew Harry was in awful pain from the diamond dust and larger slivers scratching and cutting his own eyes.

By keeping his eyes open and causing the natural tears to fill his eyes they began washing them clear again. He could feel them burning and knew there would be some damage so he put some ointment in his eyes and blinked to coat the eyeballs, lids, and the whole socket with it. He coughed and realized they were breathing the same stuff that was in their eyes. He put a bubble charm on John and took the freeze spell off of him. John instinctively tried to put his hands to his eyes and Harry stopped him.

“John, I know this is going to be difficult for you, but I still need more of your help. I’m going to float us down to Bill and when we get to him I’m going to put a freeze spell on him and wrap him up like a mummy along with you to keep him from moving and then I’m going to put my Portkey between your fingers so that you’ll both be holding it. Now, when you get home, it’s important that you let go of the Rook because it’ll come back to me. Don’t let anyone come back with it because I might be someplace too narrow for more than one person, or I might be in the air… erm… jumping from place to place. I can’t-”

John heard a thud and Harry gasped sharply and fell into him briefly. He said the sides of the mine were falling in and they needed to get Bill. “Just make sure nobody touches the Rook. I’ll use it to come home after I find the other Goblins and take care of the guilty- Tell Carson to clean your lungs; Ginny knows the procedure, she can help. And John; don’t let Lily try to heal you.”

John nodded and felt Harry grasp his arm tightly and then nothing was under his feet. Then a minute later Harry was speaking to Bill telling him he would be okay and to not move. He began wrapping the two men together as Harry had explained to John. John felt wonderfully warm and oddly comfortable wrapped tightly in the cocoon, but also at the same time felt an incredible fear of confinement and finality. His thoughts focused on what Harry was telling him. “This cocoon will warm the two of you and hopefully make for a soft landing; like landing on an air bag. Travel safe brother.” Suddenly he felt the Portkey Rook wedge in between his fingers and then he felt as though he was being pulled about the universe by his navel.

Six hours later a bright blue aura appeared and then Harry was dropping onto the floor, rolling several feet beyond where he landed. He groaned as he stood up and faced everyone. It was a relief for them to see him grin slightly, but it didn’t fool them as he hoped it would. He held up his hands in warning for them not to come near him.

“Let me shower so it’s safe for me to hug you, Honey. Did the guys make it okay? Is Carson working on them?” he asked as he hobbled slowly to the stairs favoring his left side.

Ginny told him they were both cleaned up and Carson with Winky’s help had Bill done and was finishing up on John. “He said the way you had them wrapped up probably saved Bill’s life and he’s sure John’s eyes are going to heal perfectly fine in a few days.”

Harry nodded saying he was glad they were going to be okay. He looked up to the top of the stairs unsure if he could climb them without holding the banister; he didn’t want to leave diamond dust and blood all over the place. He turned and looked at the trail of dust and blood drops he was leaving behind him and said, “I’m making a mess. Would you make sure nobody gets in this; I’ll clean it when I come back down. Is there anything left to eat? I could really go for a bite or two.” Ginny nodded her head quickly and pointed for him to go and clean up.

“I’ll come up and help you in a couple minutes.” She blew him a kiss and he grinned shamelessly and said, “I’d sure like to hold you and have some of that love’n.” When she turned red in the face and pointed up again he chuckled and furrowed his brows as he began to choke and then disappeared.

A little while later Harry showed up downstairs and noticed the mess he had made was cleaned up and figured that was the reason Ginny didn’t show up to help him like she told him she would. Thinking nothing more of it he dodged Carson to get to the kitchen. Carson was persistent though and gently put his hands on Harry’s shoulders to stop him.

“Look lad, I know you need to eat, but I need to know how much of that dust got into your system. Did you do anything to prevent more damage?”

“I didn’t have time while I was down there, but I did everything I’m sure you did to John and Bill when I showered.” Harry was aware the doctor was evaluating him with expert eyes and noticed him trembling and said, “Carson, I do hurt, I’m extremely sore, but mostly I’m really hungry. I need to eat more than anything.”

Carson mentioned each of the treatments he did for John and Bill; asking to make sure he did them all. When Harry answered yes to them he said, “Okay then lad. I needed to make sure you didn’t do more harm to yourself by eating and drinking and getting that stuff mixed in with your digestion. It could kill you if it got into your bloodstream and got to your heart.”

Harry’s eyes averted with guilt looking toward the table where Ginny was setting a plate of food for him. “I took care of things Carson, and if it turns out I didn’t do enough then well; I will die full and content.” He stepped over to the table when Carson smiled and moved out of his way. Carson stepped over to the back of the chair Harry was now sitting in and said, “It’s good that I can see what you can’t, now then, you will keep these on until I say they can come off.” Carson affixed gauze over Harry’s eyes and patted him on the shoulders with a chuckle at the huff of objection from Harry.

John bumped into Harry’s chair and felt for a chair to sit at the table. Harry pinched the sleeve of his shirt and turned him to the chair beside him. Molly set a plate of food before him and John turned his head to Harry and asked what they were having.

Harry said, “Cut up steak is at your 12 o’clock and fried potatoes are at your 6 o’clock.”

“What’s at 9 and 3?” asked John moving his hands slowly on the table towards his plate.

“Your thumbs if you keep going.” Harry slid his hand over until it bumped John’s and gave him a fork in John’s right hand and said, “Cornbread is at your 9 o’clock and scalloped corn is at your 3 o’clock. And there is a delightful scoop of sticky rice in the center of your plate. Your drink is above your plate at your 1 o’clock.”

John grinned and said, “Thanks buddy!” He took a bite and said, “Harry, this isn’t steak it’s Mac–n-cheese. Where’s the steak?”

“I don’t know, John, you’ll have to ask someone who can see. I just told you what I know you like in case you don’t like what you really have so you can imagine you’re having those things.”

“Ah, that’s very kind of you. Why can’t you see? It sounded like you could see okay when you got home.”

“Because; Carson, put patches over my eyes when I sat down here. I guess he thought I needed them. And… well; I guess he’s right.” Harry frowned wishing he had seen his plate before Carson covered his eyes. He waited for a minute before he picked up his fork in his right hand and with his left he spread out his fingers and put his hand flat over his food. Making a mental picture in his head he took a bite of his meatloaf. His stomach felt uneasy and he put down his fork. He cautiously reached for his glass; finding it he took a swallow, disappointed it wasn’t chocolate milk but was happy with the cool refreshing water. Wanting more water after he finished what he had, he listened for evidence of anyone being in the kitchen to help. A startling realization occurred to him that caused his stomach to flip flop and become queasy.

“For a house full of people, it sure is quiet here. Where is everyone?”

Jack answered, “Well I’m in front of you working the crossword puzzle while waiting for you to eat. I heard this was to be a birthday meal, so I’m assuming there will be cake.”

Ron spoke up and said, “I’m sitting beside Jack watching him play at working the puzzle. I think he’s making up his own answers. The answer to seven across is biscuit.” Ron laughed and Jack put the puzzle and pencil down and said, “I’m not making up any words, they fit perfectly even though they might not be the words the puzzle maker had in mind. But give me a break; you people over here talk funny. Why would you call a cookie a biscuit? See there; ‘something one might have with their tea seven letters, COOKIES.”

“But the answer is ‘biscuit’,” exclaimed Ron chuckling.

“Who has a biscuit with tea? ‘Cookies’ is the logical answer.”

Lily giggled and Harry turned his head toward her and softly said, “Darling Angel?”

Lily went around the table and stood by her dad’s side. With a very small voice she replied, “Yes Daddy?”

Harry reached over to her with his right arm. “I’ve missed you; how are you doing?” He put his arm down since she didn’t let him hug her. There was an awkward silence and then Harry smiled sweetly and said, “I bet you’ve grown six inches since I saw you last. What did you do this summer? Are you enjoying school this year? Are you looking forward to Hogwarts next year?” He waited a few seconds between each question and then finally said, “I know you’re still here, I can hear you breathing. Surely there must be something we can talk about, right?”

Still she didn’t say anything but the silence was broken when she suddenly yelled, “Uncle Bill, you’re up! Shouldn’t you be in bed still?” Harry felt her brush against his shoulder as she rushed to Bill.

Everyone was making over Bill so Harry asked John if he was ready for more to eat. He answered that he had enough and started to tell him to just give Lily time to come around. “She was-”

“It’s okay, John; I understand more than you know. Let’s find out how Bill’s doing.”

Fleur and Lily led Bill to the table and helped him sit down. Bill cleared his throat and told his wife he was able to get his own plate, and asked for her to just sit with him and relax. Her response was, “Humph, you are in no shape to even be out of bed, and I WILL get your plate; YOU will relax.”

Harry turned his head to Bill when he mentioned his name. “Thank you for coming to my rescue; you too, John, thank you both. I don’t understand how you knew I was in trouble.”

John answered, “Well, Harry was somewhat suspicious when you didn’t show up for your birthday party. Fleur told us you went down to the mine for something but never came back. Harry did that Skry thing and saw you on that ledge and we went down to get you.”

Bill expressed his gratitude and asked why it took Harry so long to come back. Harry said, “I searched for and found the Goblins who fell over trying to rescue you. I tried to find the tribesmen who were unaccounted for and found they had been told not to report for work that morning. After I cleared the part of the mine they pushed you over I sealed it permanently. I fired the crew that caused the mutiny and put Ogdenore in charge of the Goblins. Of course there was an altercation when that announcement was made and had to be enforced with more than a gentle persuasion. It’s all good now and Ogdenore will run operations until you are able to return. I closed the mine for the next two days so the families of the two Goblins, who died before John and I got there, can take care of arrangements of the burials.”

Harry sat uncomfortably waiting for more conversation and then said, “Bill, are you okay? Do you still enjoy working at the mine?”

Bill chuckled and said, “I’m fine, Harry, and yes as a matter of fact I love working at the mine. That was good thinking; you giving them two days off. Goblins and wizards have somewhat of an odd relationship at best and that will keep the relationship we have with them at the mine in good working condition.”

Harry turned his head to his right and said, “Ginny?”

Ginny put her hand on Harry’s hand that had reached out for her. “I’m here Love; do you want more to eat?”

“I’m fine, Honey. John might need more though. Thanks for cleaning up the mess I made. How was your flower garden this year? Did you enjoy them as much as you normally do?”

Ginny didn’t have the heart to tell him she avoided the flowerbeds and turned them over to the elves to tend to. Although if she were honest with herself she would admit she was feeling guilty for avoiding them because they were a source of pain for her every time she walked past them or looked out the window or door. She was angry at Harry and when she saw them she thought of him weeding and tending to them when she neglected them. He always brought her cuts from them and told her how much he loved her. How was she to stay angry at him when she was constantly reminded how much he loved her?

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Hey Guys, so sorry I'm late. I hope you like this chapter and as always you're welcome to comment if you want to. Thanks for reading my ff and coming back for more. Love you guys.

Chapter 2

An Invitation Gryffindor Versus Slytherin

Seconds passed by and Harry’s smile slipped from his face. But then he turned his head to the window where he heard a screech. “Is that Tacita?” Harry waved his hand and the window opened. The snowy owl flew in and landed on Harry’s shoulder. She held out her leg and Harry fumbled with the letter trying to get it off the owl. Ginny tried to help but the owl pecked at her furiously. She smiled and said, “Albus must have told her not to let anyone else see it.” Harry finally retrieved the letter and gently put Tacita on his lap and stroked the owl fondly, remembering Hedwig. An owl treat appeared in his hand and he offered it to her. The owl accepted it and ate it while Harry put his hand over the letter and said something in Latin that ended with the word Tacita. Ginny remembered Harry telling her that the name Albus used for his owl meant ‘silent’ so she knew he made the letter speak to him the content so only he could hear it.

They watched the facial expression of Harry and couldn’t imagine what Albus was writing to him about. Then Harry offered the owl some water while he summoned a pen and paper. He enchanted the pen to write for him as he spoke the reply to his son in Latin.

Dear Albus,
I am thrilled to hear from you and happy you and James are doing well. Of course I would love to come to watch you play Quidditch against Slytherin or any other team. We will be there unless Headmistress McGonagall forbids it. I’m fairly certain she will be obliged to my request though. We cannot be seen there, so you and James meet us at Hagrid’s place after the game.
Thank you for the invitation son,


Harry magiced the letter to Tacita’s leg and stroked the bird a couple more times and then told it to return the letter to Albus as soon as she was ready. The bird flew off and Harry magiced the window shut. He asked for everyone to be patient with him for a few seconds while he made a phone call.

“Hello, Professor McGonagall, I

Oh, OK, thank you.

I regret that; I will…

Yes ma’am

Yes ma’am

Yes ma’am

Yes, ma’am, I’ll work on that

Thank you, good bye”

Harry put his phone away and looked very unhappy but then smiled and said, “We have permission to watch James and Albus play against Slytherin tomorrow. Of course we can’t be seen but we will see the boys for a couple minutes afterwards at Hagrid’s.

Ginny said, “But you didn’t even ask her; what did she say?”

Harry said, “This isn’t the time to talk about it. Angel would you like to see your brothers play Quidditch tomorrow?”

Ginny said, “I sent the kids to the playroom downstairs so we can talk. I heard them put a movie on to watch.”

Still not liking the idea of talking about it there but the others becoming impatient with him he told them that Albus had already asked for permission before he sent the letter to him but didn’t elaborate on the rest of the conversation. He started to get up to leave the room but Ginny pulled on his arm to keep him there. His face turned white and he held his arm close to his side and clasped it with his left hand. He swallowed and asked Ginny what she wanted with a strained voice.

She realized she grabbed and pulled on his arm that had the terrible deep cut on it and apologized for it. “I just want to know what the conversation was about. Obviously you are upset about it.”

Harry struggled to keep his anger under control and finally said in a forced convivial voice, “Let’s go into the living room and-”

Ginny gently put her hand on his and said, “Love, you’ll fall asleep if you get comfortable in there. Please let’s just get this talked about now.”

Harry sighed and said, “Somebody cast the Muffliato spell. I don’t want to take any chances of being eavesdropped on; and I can’t see how far to extend the spell.”

Ginny saw George wave his wand and turned back to Harry and said, “Go ahead, Love; it’s up.”

Harry shook his head and said he didn’t think it was good to talk about it right then but others were getting more and more impatient so he began talking quietly. “She told me first thing that she already gave Albus permission for us to go to the game and spend a scant few minutes with them afterwards. Then she said my sons were the brunt of ridicule and shame because of the scandal involving me abandoning my wife and family. I need to support my sons; I need to be aware of their needs. I should have seen to this especially the way I grew up needing the same thing. She thought I would be more sensitive to that and she is very disappointed that I’m not. And she says I need to stop being an absentee father instead of one who only shows up for special events. She then said she’d inform Hagrid to be expecting us.”

Crushing silence filled the room and then Harry asked if he could please be excused. Ginny said, “Love, I’m so sorry. I’m afraid this is my fault. But I thought I cleaned it up long ago. When you left I told the kids I made you leave and never come back because you were having an affair with another woman. But then I found out right after you left that it wasn’t true and that you would come home when I asked you to. I told them I was just so angry about the whole thing I wouldn’t ask you to until I was done being angry. I told them though that none of it was your fault. And I did grow up and confront my temper that caused the situation in the first place. But then I started seeing a shadow of my necklace around my neck. They became heavier and heavier and nearly completely visible. And for the last month and a half I could actually hold them seconds at a time. They fell through my hands like a ghost, but were always there. I remembered you said unless you were helping someone then you would just let yourself die if you were wounded for some reason and it was enough to be fatal. I figured you were doing something very important to be in that condition for so long. I was so afraid for you but I was afraid I would cause further harm if I called you home. I’m so sorry. But, I made sure the boys knew you have always been faithful to me, that we love each other very much, and that you must be doing something somewhere top secret and couldn’t let us know.”

Harry’s lips were slightly parted hearing the incredible confession of Ginny’s. Finally he spoke saying, “You nearly ki-” he stopped, remembering it wasn’t just the two of them but her family also was at the table and adjusted what he was about to say. “You thought I was having an affair?!”

Suddenly Lily yelled at Harry from the kitchen entrance, “You were having a torrid affair with Astoria Malfoy! Everyone knows it! You had her lipstick and perfume all over you when Mum came home and caught you in the act! And now Mum always has to tell lies to cover for you being a stupid coward and being afraid of Draco Malfoy and running off leaving her to take care of us all alone. I didn’t want to believe it, but I kept being told that I was being a baby about it and Mum wouldn’t talk to me about it, so it must be true!”

Harry ripped the pads off his eyes and ran as fast and hard as he could at the blurred area he knew was his darling angel crying. Just as he was within an arms length of her he reached for her and slammed into an invisible wall that bounced him back to his chair and then to the wall and back. He was bounced helplessly back and forth faster and faster like a bouncing ball until he broke the spell and fell to the floor.

Carson was on the floor beside Harry within seconds, but Harry only strained to see Lily and reached his arm out to her since he wasn’t making any progress at getting up even though he was desperately trying to. Lily stood terrified and heartbroken knowing she caused pain for her daddy. Harry grabbed Carson and told him to please help him up so he could go to his angel. Carson knew that fighting the issue would do more harm than good and he and Jack helped him up. John was about to pull the bandages off his eyes to see what happened but Fleur forbid him to and told him what was happening. Harry was on his feet now and Ginny was moving Lily closer to Harry’s outstretched arms. Just as soon as she was within his reach he picked her up and held her to him.

Harry kissed her and told her everything was okay. “Darling Angel, my precious Darling Angel, please don’t cry.”

Lily sobbed and said through hiccoughs, “But, Daddy, you and Mummy are crying too.”

Harry chuckled and kissed her again. He kept blinking his eyes to focus on her but it wasn’t helping. He put her on her feet and sat on the arm of the chair he was next to. “Angel, don’t be frightened or anything, and I’m not nearly dead or anything like that, but I need to get medicine in my eyes again and fix the patches on them.”

Lily took the ointment potion and said she’d do it. “I’ve been studying the eyes, ears, and mouth in Health. I have a full understanding of the eye ball and how it works.” She read the ointment and then looked at Harry’s eyes carefully. She turned to Carson and said, “This won’t help him unless I help his eyes first.”

Before Harry could stop her she put her fingers on his eye lids and forced them to stay open. And then she concentrated on his eyes and could actually see each scratch and cut the diamond dust made. She began to chant something and a minute later Harry took her hands and said, “That’s enough Darling Angel, the potion will work now. Thank you, Angel.”

She nodded her head and applied the ointment and fixed the gauze pads over his eyes. “Daddy, you’re bleeding all over and you’re not breathing right, and you’re trembling so. And Daddy, please, I’m ever so sorry for being so nasty to you. If believing in you means I am a baby, then I’m a baby. I know you aren’t a coward; you’re the bravest man in the universe and I won’t ever let anyone say otherwise or they’ll get a knuckle sandwich served by me.”

Harry shook his head and kindly said, “Angel, she only said what she heard someone she loves and trusts say. She wasn’t trying to hurt you, but oddly enough she was trying to help you not be in denial. She really meant well, don’t be angry with her.”

Lily gasped and said, “You know who told me?”

Harry smiled sadly and said, “Yes, I know who she is and you see; I’m not angry so you shouldn’t be either. Now, it’s getting late so you go on up and shower and get to bed. We’re going to go see your brother’s play Quidditch in the morning.” He hugged her tight and kissed her when she put her cheek against his lips. He told her he loved her and kissed her again. She started to stand up but then stopped and said, “Daddy, only I need to know why you were having an affair with Astoria and left us.”

Harry shook his head and put his hands to his forehead and tried to massage his headache away. “Angel, I don’t have a clue about any affair with Astoria. I don’t know anything about lipstick and perfume all over me. I just don’t know. I do know that I have never been unfaithful to your mum or had any ideas or desire to be. I love your mum more than my life, and there will never be anyone else for me.”

Ginny took Lily upstairs to talk to her some more, mainly about why her daddy left and didn’t come back until she called for him. Molly and Percy walked cautiously over to where Harry was sitting and said, “Uncle Harry, all this with Lily is my fault, I’m really sorry.”

Harry sighed wearily and said, “Sweet pea, its fine, don’t worry about it. I mean what I told Lily. I believe you had her best interest at heart. You’re not malicious, you’re kind. The same goes for you too, Percy. You can tell me one thing though if you would, and then the matter will be closed. I know you didn’t just make up the whole thing, but what made you think I was having an affair; what’s all this stuff about lipstick and perfume being all over me and Ginny catching me and Astoria in the act and my being afraid of Draco? Also, can anyone tell me why the Muffliato spell wasn’t put up like I asked?” His last question was asked with quite a bit of heat in his voice.

Percy swallowed hard and said, “Well, Harry, Ginny said Draco had beat you badly, and she said she thought you were having an affair with Astoria because you had a lipstick kiss on your cheek and she could smell her perfume all over you. She figured Draco caught you two and that’s why he beat you. When you left her I figured she kicked you out for it. And when you didn’t come back I thought you were being a coward about the whole thing.”

Harry was silent and after several minutes he asked again about the Muffliato spell not being used. George said, “I put it up Harry, I don’t know what happened, I know I did it correctly, I’ve done it hundreds of times when Fred and I-” He stopped talking and Percy said, “I was afraid the kids would come back upstairs and see us talking and not being able to hear might scare them. I put up a protection barrier at the entrance to the room to keep them from running in. They would have just bounced off if they did, and I’m sure I did it correctly.”

Harry sighed deeply and very quietly said, “You two cast your spells at the same time and they collided causing a rebound curse and canceled the proper affect of the Muffliato spell. That’s why the kids heard exactly what I didn’t want them to hear. Bill, I’m sorry I spoiled your birthday party. If everyone could come back tomorrow after work we can have cake and ice cream then.” The subject was obviously closed and nobody was brave enough to object.

Arthur stood up and said it sounded good to him and he and Molly each patted him lovingly on the head as they said good night to him. Soon the only people left other than Harry, Lily and Ginny was John, Jack, and Carson. Harry sighed and rolled his head to the back of the couch and fell asleep. Ginny came down just then and saw him asleep and said, “We should get him cleaned up and re-bandage him so he can lie down more comfortably. I don’t know what I’m going to tell the boys why we didn’t show up to watch them play.”

Carson said, “I don’t think there’s a force in this universe that could keep him from watching them tomorrow.” As they tended Harry as gently as they could Ginny began to sob. Carson tried to comfort her by telling her Harry was fine that all the bouncing around he did opened the wounds and bruised him a bit more. He’ll be up and sliding down that banister over there before you know it.”

Harry moaned when they moved him to attend his needs. Ginny confessed, “He didn’t have any idea why I made him leave until tonight when Lily brutally told him. He wouldn’t have left but stayed to talk it out with me, but I nearly killed him. He left to give me time to find out if I loved him enough to call him back and work things out, whatever they were. Five and a half months he was near death without knowing I truly do love him. I always have and I always will.”

Jack spoke up and said, “When the Vice president went bonkers the first thing Harry said was he needed to get back to see if you and Lily were okay. He went to you because he heard you call for him. I’m sure he wouldn’t have heard you if you didn’t love him. Love is what gives him his strength and magical ability to hear with his heart.”
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Hey guys, thanks for coming back for another chapter. This one is a bit longer than I have been posting, but I found that I didn't get all the previous chapter in my last post. Oh, well; I fixed it so it fits fine in the first few chapters. I hope you enjoy the chapter and thanks again for coming back after posting the last chapter so late.

Chapter 3

Gay And Gale

After diligent effort to tend to Harry with minimal moans from him, Carson and Ginny finished and got him to bed. In the morning Ginny woke with her head on her husband’s chest and his arm around her and his hand resting on her waste. His other hand was resting on her hand that was on his chest. She studied his hand, his fingers were wrapped under her hand and his thumb was resting on her knuckles. This was so comforting to her for some reason. His knuckles were scarred from many battles and the recent rescue of Bill left diamond dust cuts all over his hands. They were still red much like paper cuts look. She shuddered to think of paper cuts. If anyone was ever to torture her it would be paper cuts that would do her in. Harry stirred at the movement of her shudder and she laughed at herself thinking she would ever be tortured with paper cuts or anything else. Without thinking she rubbed her thumb lightly over a cut on the side of his index finger and he gasped and involuntarily jerked his hand away from her. He sat up in bed and groaned then flopped back down onto his pillow after he felt Ginny’s soft, warm hand on his back and calmed his breathing down.

“I’m sorry I woke you, Honey. I… I thought I was being tortured with paper cuts.” Sensing his wife’s concern he chuckled and said, “Jack should be thankful that nut job didn’t torture me with paper cuts. I’d given him anything he wanted. Paper cuts are the worst. I got one on my finger when I made my report for Jack. I must’ve rubbed it on something and woke up from a nightmare-”

He rolled over onto his elbow and forearm biting his lip to keep from groaning. He wasn’t hurting per say, but he was very sore and stiff. He lowered his head and rested it on the side of his wife’s face. He could smell her beauty and his mind put the picture of her together for him. She was beautiful and soft and very pleasant to touch. His breathing was becoming deep and urgent. “Ginny, are we good? Do you love me even with all my faults and imperfections? I was too long finding out why you wanted me to leave. I’m so sorry I didn’t know right away what you thought. Surely there must have been a way for me to know.”

Ginny stroked his face and said, “Love, I’m glad you didn’t know right away. If you had then it would have meant you could understand why I thought what I did. But since you didn’t then to me it means that the thought of having an affair is so far removed from your thinking that it couldn’t come naturally to think of it first thing. I do regret the whole thing, and if you hadn’t been needed for the mission for the President of the United States, then you would have learned very soon through the Daily Prophet what happened. I asked Draco not to print anything about it in the Phoenix because I didn’t want to add fuel to the fire by making it seem like we needed to cover up something or defend you. I think for the most part people think it was just vicious rumors but your disappearance has made it all difficult. But, all that aside, Yes, Love, I do love you no matter what. If you’re able I’d love to show you how much.”

A while later Ginny and Harry went down to the kitchen where they found Jack, John, and Carson sipping on some coffee. Winky was putting the finishing touches on breakfast and Lily walked into the kitchen with her hair a mess and her robe disheveled from carelessly slipping her arms into it and letting it hang open the ties trailing behind her. She gasped sharply seeing John sitting at the table and ran back upstairs. Ginny smiled at Jack and cocked her head sideways at the unsuspecting John sitting with bandages over his eyes and unaware of what just happened. He turned his head sideways and said, “Did Lily just run out of here? Is she okay?”

Harry chuckled and quietly said, “I imagine she forgot you would be here and came to the table with her hair a mess and her robe in the same condition. She probably was barefoot too.”

John grinned sweetly but didn’t say anything. He found it much harder to be quick witted with his eyes covered in bandages. He picked up his coffee and sipped on it enjoying the tranquility he was feeling after the strenuous day he just had. He spoke up saying, “How are you feeling today, Harry?”

“I’m feeling great. As a matter of fact I think we should have some of Bill’s birthday cake after we have breakfast. We can make him another one.”

“That’s a great idea! I knew some rest and sleep would make you a new man,”
Jack was happy that his number one airman and his young wizard friend were both doing so much better.

Ginny giggled and said she agreed. Carson laughed jovially and said, “It is a bit unorthodox, but I completely concur. Let’s have cake after breakfast. When do you need to leave for the game Harry? I’ll need to make sure you are able to have your bandages off your eyes and look you over good. I expect Jack and I will be leaving shortly after you leave. John, of course will not be going back with us so he can heal and rest properly.”

Harry was disappointed but understood they needed to leave. He nodded and thanked them for coming and staying during their crisis. The mood of the kitchen rose again when Lily came in properly dressed and ready to meet her company. Her hair was done up in an eloquent due and she was wearing makeup quite heavily and her perfume was overwhelming. She sat down on the other side of her dad and spoke in an adult way about her as she put food on her plate. “Daddy, you are looking ever so much better. Why are the bandages still on your eyes? Didn’t they heal properly? I can look at them for you.” She got back up and went to look closely at her dad.

Harry cleared his throat and said, “I’m sure they’ll be fine Darling Angel. Thank you for your hard work on them last night. That was very giving of you.” He put his hands on both sides of her face and let go as soon as he felt the greasy mess on his palms. “What-” but then Lily screeched, “Daddy, you’re messing up my makeup!” She was clearly distressed and Harry yanked off his bandages to see if he got it in her eyes or something terrible. He blinked quickly thinking his eyes were worse than better but realized it was her makeup. He swiped his hands over each other and was cleaned of the goopy makeup. “Sh sh sh, angel; its okay, I can fix it,” he whispered. He moved his hand over her face barely an inch away. Speaking soft words the makeup moved on her face to areas it was meant to be and then the excess disappeared. He held up a mirror so she could see and she smiled happily.

“Thank you, Daddy; you are so wonderful.”

Harry sighed with relief and then said, “I wonder if maybe we should take away some of your perfume. We can’t let anyone know we are at the game, and kids might be able to smell you. I didn’t put on any cologne and Mum didn’t put on any perfume. We just didn’t get a chance to tell you yet. Would it be okay if I removed some from you?”

“Oh please do, Daddy. I didn’t even think of that. You are so smart.”

So Harry took away some of the overpowering smell and everything was good. Lily told Harry his eyes were still red and he nodded his head and said, “Yes, I can tell they’re still sensitive. I think I’ll need to wear sunglasses for a while. But, I’m sure I can still enjoy the game.”

Lily turned to John who was sitting very quiet and spoke to Carson. “Is John’s eyes okay now? Can’t he have his patches off yet?”

Carson answered, “Well, Love, I haven’t had a look at them yet this morning. If he’s done eating, would you like to look at them with me?”

Lily about fell over and in a dreamy voice said, “Oh yes I would. I love looking into his beautiful eyes. They’re so dreamy.” She gasped realizing she spoke out loud and blushed. To save his special little friend Jack spoke up and said, “I think he’s fallen asleep. He hasn’t said anything or even moved for quite a while.”

John’s arms were folded over his chest and his head was hanging slightly. It really did look as if he was asleep, and nobody but Harry knew for sure if he was asleep or awake. Lily leaned over John’s arms and studied his facial features carefully and finally said, “I think you’re right. Shall I wake him so we can examine him?”

Carson got up from his seat and walked around the table. Harry got up from his untouched breakfast to give him more room to look at John. “Go ahead and wake him, Lassie.”

Lily put her hand on John’s hand closest to her and gently rubbed it. “Johnny, are you awake?”

John raised his head and smiled slightly and said, “Good morning sunshine. How are you doing today?”

“I’m fine, Johnny. You need to hold still because we’re going to take off your patches now. Keep your eyes closed until Dr. Carson tells you to open them, understand?”

John smiled and nodded his head, “Yes, Darlin’, I understand.”

Lily moved slightly so Carson could reach around her to get to John. Ginny told her she needed to give Carson room to work on John and Lily sighed, not wanting to miss the opportunity to help look at them. Then she got a bright idea and climbed onto John’s lap. John unfolded his arms and put an arm around Lily to keep her steady and then turned his face toward Carson.

The doctor swiftly took the bandage off one eye and Lily asked if she could take the other one off. Carson started to decline her request but John said she could. Lily did exactly as Carson did and got the other bandage off. Carson took an instrument from his pocket and turned on a special light. Then he gently and expertly lifted an eyelid up and got very close with the lighted instrument and looked into the eyeball. Finally he smiled and said, “Well, this eye looks better than I hoped for. Let’s have a look at the other one and hope it’s just as good.”

Lily said, “I don’t think this one is healed properly Dr. Carson. The bandage is wet and his eye has been tearing since I took off the bandage. I need to look at it before you lift the lid up. Is that okay with you?”

Dr. Carson was about to say no, but he did see her do some healing on Harry’s eyes just the night before. “Alright then, Lassie; I’ll give you a chance to look and tell me what you see.”

Lily nodded her head and got just as close to John’s face as the doctor did; only she didn’t have an instrument. She studied for a while and very sadly said, “Oh, Johnny, this must be very painful. You should have said something.”

She put the bandage over his eye to keep him from opening it and held it with her hand while she talked to the doctor. “There’s a big clump of shiny stuff caught in the muscle for eye movement. It’s cut into it and the muscle is only being held together by a thin thread. He’ll have to have an operation unless you let Daddy get the stuff out, and then I can heal it perfect again.”

Carson said, “Let me have a look see before I say anything.”

Lily didn’t move and said, “But if you open his eyelid to look at it, the muscle will be cut clear off!”

Harry put a calming hand on her small shoulder and said, “How much brighter does your light need to be to see through skin, Carson?”

Carson told him and Harry made the adjustment to the instrument. Carson moved close to John’s face and Lily moved her hand and bandage. Carson stood up after only looking a few seconds. “She’s absolutely right, he needs an operation and immediately.”

John said, “Let them do what they can, Doc. If you operate on my eyes, I’ll more than likely lose my pilot license.” Carson looked at Jack and Jack nodded his approval. Carson reluctantly stepped back and told Harry to go ahead and do what he can.

Harry took a deep breath, took off his sunglasses and stepped in front of John. Trying to adjust his eyes was difficult but finally he bent over with a groan and held John’s face very close to his and stared deep within his eye for a few seconds and then straightened up saying, “Lily is right and it needs fixed now or you’ll lose muscle control in your eye. And after the muscle is cut, the dust glob will fall cutting its way into your sinuses. When it’s there it could become infected and sinus pressure could send it right into your brain.” He told John, “This is going to be uncomfortable big brother, but you’ll be fine; it’ll only last for about half a minute at most. Don’t move because I’m going to be like a gnat in your eye and if you try to rub your eye or blink you might squash me or wash me away in your tears. If that happens I could be stepped on or anything. So, anyway, just behave yourself. I’m going to put a temporary freeze on your eye when I’m in there.” He put his sunglasses on John and then touched his wand to John’s temple and disappeared.

John tried his best not to move and doubled his fists. Lily took his hands and said, “Hold still, Johnny, you’ll be alright. He tried to tell her he was already better but before he could say anything but, “No Lily,” she put his fists to her lips. He suddenly felt his body relax even though he could feel Harry working behind his eye; and he was unable to say anymore.

Harry froze John’s muscle and was pulling the diamond glob out. It cut him everywhere it touched him. At the same time he was doing this he repaired the muscle as he pulled it out. A sudden gush of fluid caught him and washed him to the wall of the eye socket. He tried to hang on to the glob but the tear drop was squashing him between the socket and the eye ball trying to force him out. Harry realized Lily must have enchanted a calming spell over John and this caused the freeze he put on John’s muscle to thaw and this brought on the tear. The glob was cutting his hand to ribbons but he was finally able to roll out of the tear. The only thing is he dropped the glob. He flew down swiftly to catch up with it, fixing the damage it caused as he went along. He saw it was about to land on the sinus cavity so he caused John’s head to move suddenly to cause his left ear to rest on his shoulder, and then back upright again. The glob then fell through the tissue that surrounded John’s teeth and landed on a nerve going into a molar. It was also resting dangerously on top of a vein.

He looked around and saw where John had had his wisdom teeth removed but found the nerve to be very much alive and needed to be removed. He walked to it feeling weirder than he could remember ever feeling that he was actually walking in John’s mouth. He realized too late that the nerve was damaged from the diamond glob and began whipping around like a broken power line. Harry grabbed the nerve and made it disappear, but the reaction still came from John. He clamped his jaws shut hard like one does when they have a throbbing toothache. Harry was being crushed and desperately lunged for the glob that just fell into an opening in the blood vessel that it cut open. Harry grabbed the glob and put it in a special container and made it go into his pouch. He was moving swiftly and uncontrolled in John’s blood. Just then big blobs of antibodies began attacking him. One attached itself to his stomach, his hand, and various other places that the special suit he was in was coming apart exposing John’s blood to his. He tried not to panic but knew he needed to get them off him quickly. He performed the knockback jinx but only propelled himself with force further along towards a swishing sound. Harry knew that noise was John’s heart moving blood through it. He also knew that when the vessel he was in emptied into the large artery he would more than likely give John a massive heart attack. He looked down and saw the antibody dividing and attaching to him more and more. He clamped his jaw tight and shot the antibody with the Expulso spell. They exploded and Harry disappeared outside John in his full size gasping for air and bleeding. He said, “John’s OK now, I’m… gonna… shower, and then… we’re leaving for… Hogwarts.” A jar appeared in John’s hand and Harry told him to spit into it. John did as he was told and was surprised to see he was spitting blood out. Harry limped over to Lily and put his hand on her head and closed his eyes and swayed on his feet. Then he disappeared to the shower upstairs.

In the shower Harry unclasped his shredded hand and exposed the hole in his stomach to the water to clean them. Ginny opened the shower door and asked what happened. Harry’s teeth were chattering and he was leaning against the wall just letting the water wash over him. Ginny made him face her and she saw why he was in so much pain. A six inch long hole gaped open with ugly liquid mixed with blood running out. He told her he was letting the hole bleed free for a minute to clean it thoroughly and then held his hand up to look at it better. He closed his eyes and raised his face up for the water to wash over him some more. Then he pointed his wand at his stomach and whispered a spell in ancient Latin. The hole began to close and after three more attempts at closing it the hole was only gaping open like a regular type cut. After he did this to his leg where the spike had been he finished showering and tried to put Dittany on but was shaking so badly Ginny took it from him and applied it herself. After she was done she bandaged all the wounds and helped him get dressed. Ginny asked again how it happened and Harry told her in a very soft shaky voice. They went downstairs and found Lily sitting happily with John.

Jack and Carson stepped over to Harry and asked was everything okay. Harry only nodded his head and then said, “I’ll tell you what happened later. The important thing is John’s eyes and a molar are fine now and after some rest, he’ll be perfectly fine. Are you two going home now?”

Jack nodded his head and said, “We need to get back, but we’ll check in on you from time to time if that’s okay.”

Harry said he’d like that and then shook hands with them both before they left. Harry turned to John and Lily and said, “We need to go. John, you’re coming with us right?”

John was startled by Harry’s demanding voice and his lack of enthusiasm he should have had since he was so excited to see his boys. He stood up and walked stiffly over to Harry and said, “I do want to, but I think I’m going to stay here and go back to bed. I didn’t sleep last night and I’m really exhausted. Say hello to them for me though. I hope they win.”

Harry looked concerned at John and put his hand on his shoulder and gripped it harder than he realized. “Are you okay, John? I can get Carson back here if you need him.”

John grimaced and said, “No, no; I really just need to rest. And, Harry thanks for stepping in on my behalf once again. I don’t know what I would have done if I couldn’t fly again.”

“You wouldn’t have needed help if I could have taken Ron with me. You were a tremendous help to me and I’m thankful for your willingness to trust that I could take care of you if anything happened. It’s a great comfort having your trust and your willingness to help. Tell me, does your chest hurt any at all.”

John frowned and answered no he felt just fine. Ginny did that awful lung treatment on me first thing like you told me to tell her to do. After the discomfort of that subsided my chest felt great.”

“Did Lily try to heal you or comfort you?”

“No, Ginny made her leave the room. Why?”

“After the treatment was done and you were with everyone else; did she try to heal your eyes?”

“She touched the bandage over my eye and I could feel her magic on me. But I made her stop. What are all the questions about?”

Harry said he’d explain when they got back and squeezed his shoulder before he let go of him. “Get back to bed and get your rest.” He grinned and said, “Can I borrow your cool shades since you’re going to be sleeping?”

John laughed and took them off. “Here you go; too bad you won’t look as cool as me in them.”

Harry actually laughed and the pressure in the room became bearable again. Harry limped over to Ginny and Lily and took each of their hands and disappeared to the top of the Quidditch stands but didn’t let go of them. He gasped and said, “This won’t do,” in a very strained voice. They disappeared from there and appeared in the shadows on the balcony of the Astronomy Tower. Harry let go of their hands and took off his sunglasses. He was trembling and sweat poured off his face.

Lily looked at the Quidditch pitch and back to her dad. “Are we going to watch the game from here, Daddy? We won’t be able to see it very well; it’s so far away.”

Harry mumbled he just had to adjust his glasses because it was so bright out it hurts his eyes.

“But it’s cloudy and it looks like it might even snow!”

Harry asked Ginny to put more ointment in his eyes and she bit her lip when she did it. “Your eyes are bleeding love; maybe we should go back home. The boys will understand.”

Harry shook his head and modified his glasses to be as dark as they could be and made them wrap around his eyes so absolutely no light could get through. He said they are already feeling better. We are not going to miss this game.”

They were suddenly on the bleachers again and Harry enlarged his invisibility cloak to cover the three of them.

Ginny said, “I’ve heard so many stories of you, Ron, and Hermione all three under this cloak but then you all got too big to fit properly. How can we all fit?”

Harry said he just enlarged it so they could.

“Why didn't you do that back then?”

“I didn’t know how back then.”

By now the stands were full of students and the teams walked out onto the field. Ginny’s heart went out to Harry when he exclaimed with surprise and sadness that they had grown so much. The game played on and after four and a half hours it began to snow heavily.

“Oh no, we can’t have this. We need to move.” Harry looked around and then they disappeared and reappeared on the side of the field under an overhang built to support the four flags of the Houses. No snow would find its way there to give them away. Still under the cloak they stood and watched the game until it ended spectacularly an hour later when Albus caught the Snitch right in front of them and with a Slytherin plowing into him knocking him off his broom. Ginny covered Lily’s mouth as she nearly screamed. Albus opened his eyes and held up the Snitch in triumph. The stands erupted in tumultuous clapping and shouting.

Oliver Wood was then at the side of Albus asking was he okay. After making sure the boy was fine Oliver grabbed a hold of the offender’s ear and lectured him on the difference of aggressive defense and good sportsmanship. Harry smiled and disappeared with his family to Hagrid’s house. It warmed his heart that his son had felt his presence and had turned to say something to him but only smiled instead. Harry knocked on the door and quickly said, “It’s us Hagrid,” when the door opened.

They all barely got in when there was another knock on the door. Hagrid laughed and opened the door congratulating the two boys loudly. He let them in and set enough cups on the table for tea all around. James and Albus stared at Harry until Harry smiled and said, “I can see you; if that’s what you’re wondering about.”

James and Albus both grinned and said they were glad he was home. They asked when he got home, where had he been, and why did he look the way he did. Harry told them he got home the day before or two days ago or something like that. He said he had been on a top secret mission for the President of the United States of America and he said he looks the way he does because he was fighting the five and a half months he was gone.

Lily added proudly, “And he saved Uncle Bill in the mine and had a mighty battle with some bad Goblins. John helped save Bill, but Daddy fought the battle all by himself. Daddy and John’s eyes got all cut up with diamond dust, but they will be okay. I helped heal John; he-”

Ginny said, “Let’s talk about how you are doing with your studies.”

Harry said, “Aw Mum, let’s talk about the game; we don’t have but a few minutes.”

Ginny smiled and the boys cheered. The next few minutes were spent talking about daring plays James made and different times Albus saw the Snitch but couldn’t catch it until they were well enough in the lead. The time passed too quickly and Hagrid warned it was getting on time for dinner and Minerva wouldn’t be happy if the boys didn’t show up on time. “She seems to have somp’en wrong lately and don’t cotton to talk of Harry Potter for some reason.”

Harry swallowed and told the boys Hagrid was right, that they needed to get on up to the castle. “Don’t speak of us being here, right?”

“Right dad, we’ll see you all for Christmas,” said Albus and James added, “Unless Dad is off doing something that will keep him from being home or else recovering.”

Harry got up and limped to his sons and took each of their heads and held them close to him. He kissed them and softly said, “I’m sorry; I’m so sorry.” He let go of them and pointed them to the door and they left with Albus glaring at James. Harry turned to Ginny and Hagrid and said, “I need to speak with Minerva for a minute. Honey I’ll come back down and pick up you and Lily when I finish. Hagrid please don’t wait for me, I know you probably have a dinner companion waiting for you.”

Hagrid blushed and said he was just sitting with friends, nothing special. Harry smiled weakly and disappeared to Minerva’s office. He knocked on the door and she called out, “Enter.”

When Harry walked in all the paintings of previous Hogwarts Headmasters applauded and gave salutations of love, admiration, and respect. Harry blushed and smiled at them and acknowledged them with kind greetings of his own. He was especially happy to see Professor Dumbledore and Snape whom he referred to as Poppa.

Without lifting her head from her papers she was going through, Minerva raised her hand to silence them and said, “That will be all. I’m on a schedule and only have a minute to spare so make the most of it, Potter.”

Harry was deeply hurt she wouldn’t even look at him but continued on in a very quiet but pleasant voice. He limped badly to the front of her desk and leaned on it to steady himself. He was worn out and his wounds were proving his fragility. He asked if he could sit for a minute while he talked to her and she said, “There’s no reason why you should take the time to sit when you will just have to get right back up and leave. Your minute is nearly up after all.”

Harry sighed and reached inside his jacket and pulled out a folder and put it on her desk. “When you have time you can read a copy of my report I handed in to the acting Minister of Magic when I returned the day before yesterday, I think it was. I also wanted to thank you for allowing us to come and watch James and Albus play today. It was a tremendous joy for me…” He stopped talking because he was getting emotional and knew he was way too tired to be going on about things, especially when it didn’t appear Minerva cared. He asked was she well and if there was anything he could do for her, but she said his minute was up and pointed to the door.”
He groaned softly as he turned around and headed to the door. “You should light your fire; it’s absolutely freezing in here. Thank you for granting me a minute of your time, and enjoy your dinner.” After he made it outside of her office he disappeared to pick up Ginny and Lily. They were straightening up Hagrid’s dishes from their tea when Harry appeared.

“Are you ready to go home?” he asked wearily. Ginny and Lily both went to him and took a hold of his arm. “Hold tight,” he said and disappeared back into their living room.
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Hey Guys, Merry Christmas! If there are those who don't celebrate Christmas then please join me in a time of love, joy, and peace for all mankind around the world. Thank you all for reading my ff and I hope you continue to read. If ever you have questions or want to comment please do.

Chapter 4

Beautiful And Practical Discipline For Lily

John was asleep on the couch and Harry told Lily to leave him be so he can rest. She stopped in mid-stride to the couch and scowled. She looked over at Harry with a pouty face and said, “I was just going to check on him. He spent the whole day alone without anyone to tell if he was feeling poorly. I can tell without even talking to him if he is okay or not.” She assumed this explanation would reverse the instructions for her to stay away from John and was quite surprised when Harry sternly told her to go to her room for being disobedient when she proceeded to go to John.

Ginny glared at Harry but didn’t say anything until they heard Lily stomp into her room followed by her door slamming shut. John jumped and sat up sleepily. He saw Ginny and Harry and smiled with an adorable sleepy smile. “It seems like you guys just left, was the game postponed or something?”

Ginny laughed and said, “The game was played and we won. The boys played excellently and we had a wonderful visit after it was over.” They looked over her shoulder at Harry going upstairs and seeing Harry was out of earshot, she softly said, “You might as well go back to sleep for a while, Harry is going to lie down until Dinner is ready.”

He nodded his head and laid back down and saw he was looking badly. “Is he okay? He looks out of sorts or something.”

Ginny smiled sadly, “He’s had a very long day. I’m hoping some rest before dinner will do wonders for him.”

But Harry didn’t go to his bedroom; he went to Lily’s room and knocked on her door. The sound of paper ripping stopped and she said, “Come in.”

Upon Harry entering her room she gasped and said, “I thought it would be Mum because you should be in bed.” She casually moved a pile of ripped pictures behind her and then put her hands on her lap and smiled at Harry.

Harry asked permission to sit with her and she nodded her head and moved her pillow to cover the ripped papers behind her and leaned back on it to make the subterfuge more convincing.

Harry sat down and said, “Deceit and ugliness doesn’t become you, Lily.” He waved his wand and all the pictures of him she ripped up and tried to hide disappeared.

She frowned and her eyes rimmed with tears. “You didn’t call me your Darling Angel.”

Harry said, “Am I your dad then?”

Lily opened her mouth in surprise and then softly said, “Yes, Daddy.”

Harry smiled sadly the weariness becoming more evident as seconds went by. “I only asked because you deliberately disobeyed me several times today, and one of the times put me in grave danger that I almost didn’t escape from and put John in danger of dying. What is the rule I told you about healing?”

Lily’s tears were flowing freely down her small white face. “Never use my powers to heal more than simple cuts and bruises unless I’m asked to or unless it is a true emergency.”

“And was it an emergency to heal John’s eyes? He already had specific potions in his eyes and I went inside his head after you discovered something was there. I warned John he would be uncomfortable but it would only be for about half a minute.”

Lily hiccoughed and said, “But, Daddy, what you were doing was hurting him. I only meant to comfort him.”

Harry said, “But your heart did more than that. You relaxed him but you also put a healing spell on him as I froze the muscle. That caused the glob of diamond dust to reform as a hard diamond again. It had very sharp edges all over it. Everything it touched it cut through.” Harry finished telling her exactly everything that happened because of her doing what she wasn’t supposed to do.

“Daddy, I didn’t mean for any of that to happen. I’m sorry I was disobedient, and you need to punish me harshly because I deserve it. I would have died if you or John had died. And I hate myself for causing you more suffering.”

Harry readjusted his posture and clamped his jaws down hard to keep from moaning. “Darling Angel, don’t harbor hate, ever, for any reason. If you hate yourself then you wouldn’t care and try to be better. Love is what gives you strength and courage to do what is right. Keep love in your heart; first for you, and then for others. I have an idea of what to do for your punishment. It hurts me to have to do this, but if we think of it as a learning tool and at the same time as a memory of a bad thing to help you think about how you are using your power, then I think it will be bearable for us both. If at any time you think it is too much, then you come and tell me and I will take it from you.”

Lily nodded her head showing the fear she was feeling. Harry held out his hand and the container the diamond blob was in appeared. “This is what was in John’s eyes. It is a diamond like none other in the world. What does it look like to you?”

Lily looked at it and said, “It’s beautiful! I’ve never seen one with red in it like this. If you hold it like this the red looks like a heart. And the rest of it is crystal clear pastel blue, it’s so beautiful! Is the red and blue the potions you put in his eyes?”

Harry took the diamond and looked at it close and began moving his wand around it and softly chanted an ancient dialect. He stopped talking and took a breath then held out his hand again and a small band appeared. He put the diamond on the band and began chanting something else. Finally he was done and he slumped over Lily but quickly put his arm around her and kissed her head. When he sat up he asked for her right hand and slid the ring on her pinky finger. Before he let go of it he held her hand to his heart and chanted once again. The ring glowed bright gold for the endurance of the enchantment and then returned to a normal looking ring again.

Harry cleared his throat and said, “The colors aren’t just from the potions. The clear pastel blue is a mixture of the potion and John’s tear that tried to wash me out of his eye. It froze in the freezing spell I put on his muscle. I was picking it up and was ready to leave John’s head but couldn’t because it was that instant that you put your spell on him to comfort and heal him. That caused the diamond to reform in its natural state of a diamond instead of dust. It shredded my hand and cut John’s eye socket mixing our blood into the dust just before it turned into the diamond. The red heart you see is our blood. I didn’t do anything that made it be in the shape of a heart, but it is fitting just the same.”

Lily looked at the beautiful ring on her finger and cried softly. “Daddy, I don’t think I can bear wearing this and it reminding me how stupid I am and my stupidity nearly causing you and John to die.”

Harry said, “Well, Angel, you have the message wrong. I would never do anything to make you think you are stupid. Until you become mature enough to govern yourself with your wonderful power, then this ring will make you stop and think if you are using your power accidentally or when you shouldn’t be using it. And it will make you think your power through so it goes in the direction it needs to go in. I think you are at an awkward stage with your power. For example; when you were younger, your heart wasn’t old enough to have feelings for a boy. And so, you knew when your power could be used without even thinking about it. Like the times when you used them on me to heal me. You saved my life when I was in the Quidditch game Ludo Bagman made me play in. I didn’t have the energy to get up on my feet, but you knew I needed to get up and you were able to give me enough to get up. You saved me from where you were sitting clear over to the goal post where I was. Other times you saved me just by lying down beside me. It was your Aura that naturally saved me. Those times weren’t cluttered with feelings of like when you didn’t want John to be uncomfortable so you used your power then. You see, you weren’t thinking during any of these times, but you didn’t need to use them with John because he was already being healed and I was inside his head getting the glob of dust. That was a time when you did need to think about if you should use your powers or not; other than the fact that I had already told you not to use your powers but for the specific reasons we had discussed long ago.”

He let her think for a minute and then said, “You weren’t being stupid, Angel. If you knew you were using your power knowing it would hurt me or kill John and me; then I would say you were being stupid. But you weren’t and I don’t think you ever would use them in that way. Do you understand?”

After Lily nodded her head yes he said, “So let’s use this ring as a tool to remind you that everything you do has a consequence, good or bad. If you think about what you need to do and why you need to do it, then things will have a positive outcome. And as you grow, these things will come to you second nature and you’ll know without even realizing that you thought it through. And lastly, the most important reason I am making this such a harsh punishment is because you must learn that each time you use your power you must pay a price for it. I have been paying the price for you, but I can’t keep it up if you keep doing it without thinking. When you were younger the price was small, but as you get older the price will be greater. The more power you use, the greater the cost. But you will be able to pay the price when you are able to think and use your power correctly.”

Lily nodded her head silently with no tears just occasional hiccoughing. She swallowed and thanked her daddy for watching over her and teaching her these things. She looked at the ring and then looked up at Harry. She wasn’t able to talk yet, but there was something on her mind.

Harry stood up to leave and turned to his little girl with a big burden. “Nobody will see the ring except you and me, and anyone you want to show it to. I’m sure John will see it, since he is a part of it. Don’t think of it as shameful, it is a beautiful learning tool. It is also very valuable in more ways than one and it will also let me know if you ever get in a situation that is too much for you to handle. I will come to you without you even thinking of me if I’m alive and able. Is there anything you need to know?”

Lily said she would like her pictures back so she can repair them and hang them about her room again. Harry sighed and said, “Angel, you tore up those pictures. I made them disappear to teach you that instead of getting mad and destroying things; you should think about why you are angry and think of ways to fix the problem. When you get angry and start destroying things it makes a bad habit to break and it turns your beautiful heart ugly. And when you finally do fix the problem you find that you destroyed important things to hurt someone, and ended up hurting yourself. You didn’t care because you could just fix what was destroyed with your magic. This is dangerous for you because sometimes things you destroy cause more than just your release of anger. And some of those things cannot be fixed with magic so you start to defend yourself by saying that person shouldn’t have said or done whatever it was in the first place. That takes the responsibility off of you where it belongs and onto an innocent victim of your wrath. Think when someone makes you angry so you don’t automatically destroy things. When you tear up pictures of me it makes me think you don’t want me in your life or have any memories of me. Learn to be constructive when you’re angry instead of destructive. There is a way you can get your pictures to come back to you but you have to find the way yourself.”

Harry walked out of her room and she ran out of her room crying and lamenting her sorrow. She begged and pleaded for him to bring them back. Ginny and John both looked alarmed up at the second floor and Lily kept begging him to return the pictures. Then she cried in desperation, “Daddy, please forgive me for being disobedient and for being ugly to you. I don’t want my heart to be ugly, please forgive me!”

When Harry left her room he didn’t turn around but kept limping to his room as she begged for him to return the pictures. As he turned the corner into his room and she cried out for his forgiveness, he looked back and softly said, “I forgive you, Darling Angel,” and went on into his room. But he only got four steps into the bedroom and passed out.

Ginny ran to the stairs and John said, “Darlin’; maybe you should let things be. Harry wouldn’t do anything that would cause harm to Lily. He’s just teaching her-”

Ginny spun around and said, “I know exactly what Harry is doing, and it’s wrong to make her suffer this way! Don’t try to protect him or stick up for him.”

Ginny went up and turned into their bedroom when she saw Harry unconscious on the floor. She and John, he had followed her up the stairs to make sure Lily wouldn’t overhear or see anything she shouldn’t; rushed to Harry and gently turned him onto his back.

“Love, what happened; are you okay? Love, wake up so we can get you in bed.”

John removed the snug sunglasses and a few drops of liquid dropped from them. His face was wet under the glasses and his eyelashes were wet and stuck to his face. John said, “He has been crying; it must have broken his heart whatever he said to Lily.”

Ginny held him in her arms and gently wiped his eyes and face. She waved her wand and his glasses were dried. She forced an eyelid open and saw the eye was bloody. “Or maybe he’s crying because his eyes hurt.” She had a bit of anger in her words and poked his pouch with her wand and called for the eye potion. Harry groaned and put his hand over the spot she poked but then his hand fell to the floor. John roughly shook Harry’s shoulder and told him to wake up.

Harry tensed and opened his eyes and blinked rapidly to make his eyes focus. “I guess I didn’t make it to the bed. I’m sorry; I hope I didn’t scare you, Honey.”

Ginny pulled on him and he caught his breath and asked her to please stop. She said, “I’m not pulling on your sore hand, I’m pulling on your arm in case you didn’t notice.”

John said, “I think he noticed because that is the arm that has the deep cut on it. Just let him get up on his own.”

Harry got on his feet and reached for Ginny and asked what was wrong. She didn’t go to him but said, “You should already know what is wrong, but since you can only think of yourself then I’ll tell you, “You made like you were going to bed to rest, but instead you had to be the big boss of the house and torture Lily. You think you can leave for five and a half months and come back and act like nothing’s changed. Well-”

Harry interrupted her with so much sorrow in his voice she could hardly stand it. “I would never torture Lily or anyone else. And since you brought up the five and a half months I was gone, then I’ll tell you that those months were torture for me even before I was actually physically tortured because I wasn’t home with you and my children. I was forced to leave without knowing why. Those months were torture for me because I thought you didn’t love me anymore and I would die before ever finding out what I did to lose your love. It caused me more pain than the actual torture. As a matter of fact I told myself at the end of each day I wasn’t as bad off as I was without your love. Minerva and you seem to know something I don’t know, but once again, it hurts deep in my heart to even try and find out why. I didn’t say a word or do anything that could be interpreted that I was going to bed. I simply came up here to care for our daughter in the matter of discipline. I can’t keep up with all this, Gin. I can’t recover if I keep getting torn apart in my heart. I wasn’t being the big boss of the house with Lily. I was being a loving parent. She was disobedient and it was a serious infraction so I had to punish her harshly. I had to make it harsh because I love her more than it’s possible to say. And I would never put what’s best for her off for a more convenient time for me so I could get some rest. I’m not being the big boss ordering you to do something, but you could find out from Lily what she did and why she needed punished. I need to sleep even if it doesn’t matter to you. And if you’ll please forgive me for thinking of myself; I need those dark glasses please.”

She gave them to him and he gingerly got into bed after he fixed the glasses on his face. “Don’t wake me for dinner let me sleep or die, whichever comes I don’t really care anymore.”

Ginny softly said, “I was going to put more potion in your eyes, they look really bad.”

Harry didn’t object so she sat down beside him and in a gentler way than poking him like she did before; she put her wand on his hip where she knew his pouch was. She called for the eye potion and asked him to take off his glasses. He didn’t comply so she took them off and chuckled softly. “He’s asleep; I should have known.”

John smiled at Ginny being the loving wife to Harry like he knew she was. He felt like he was eavesdropping and said he was going to go find his horse. “Thor probably thinks I forgot about him.” After he left the room Ginny put the ointment drops in his eyes and put the medicine away. After she fixed his glasses to his face to keep light out she rubbed medicine soothingly on his right arm that she pulled on and re-bandaged it. After that she bent closely to his face and softly kissed his lips. She kissed him again and was about to say she loved him as tears dropped on his face from her, but Harry spoke very softly. “You better stop trying to seduce me lady, my wife can beat you up with one hand tied behind her back and only using her little finger on her free hand.”

His impish grin spread across his face and he raised his hands to the sides of his head. He sighed and the grin slowly left his face. She kissed his lips again and said, “I love you Mr. Potter.” The corners of his mouth turned up ever so slightly and he mumbled, “I can’t help myself; I’m hopelessly in love with you, Mrs. Potter.”

She kissed his lips again and asked him to forgive her for being so horrid. He slightly nodded his head and whispered he forgave her. She smiled feeling relief and kissed him on the lips again. This little game she was playing was giving her much satisfaction. He didn’t move or say anything and then he sighed and then yawned. He stretched and moaned and lowered his hands and sat up. He took his dark glasses off and looked at her. “Are you trying to get my attention?”

Ginny smiled at his eyebrows stretching high on his forehead to keep his eyes open but they kept closing anyway. He waited for her to say what was on her mind but she didn’t say anything. He yawned and scratched his head and leaned on his elbow with the palm of his hand under his chin and his elbow on his knee. He cleared his throat and scratched his jaw and then said, “Ginny, are we talking?” His eyes closed again but his lips were slightly parted as if he was about to say something else. She kissed his lips and he opened his eyes seeing her but not focusing on her. She smiled at him and said, “Love; how is it that you could stay awake days on end the last five and a half months and you can’t now?”

Quite suddenly his eyes focused on her and he sat up with a serious look on his face. His jaws clenched tight and she felt his wrath, but his voice was even and nonthreatening. “My life depended on my being awake and aware of my surroundings then. I didn’t know that to be the case in my own home now.”

Ginny stood up and said, “Of course that isn’t the case, don’t be silly. Go back to sleep. I was just having fun with you. I thought you forgave me, but maybe you didn’t.”

Harry looked confused and finally shook his head, “Honey, if you asked for forgiveness from me and I did forgive you then there shouldn’t be any doubt. I want-” He stopped before he was accused again of only caring about what he wants. “Do you want me here, do you love me?”

Ginny nodded her head and answered yes to both questions. He reached for her hand and she gave it to him and sat down beside him again. Their lips came together and they enjoyed a very passionate kiss. When she gently pulled away from him she smiled and dried her wet eyes and his as well. “Lie back and sleep, Love. Hopefully you’ll wake up to eat, but if not, then I’ll fix you something when you do wake up.”

“Sounds wonderful, thanks, Gin. Oh, could you check on Lily for me? If she’s figured things out then she should be a happy little angel. That would be a good time for you to talk to her about her feelings for John. Do you think as I do, that she needs some guidance on that subject? I’m afraid it’s a little deeper than puppy love for her and that isn’t healthy. Be subtle.”

Ginny said she would check on her right then, but the only response from Harry was evidence that he was sound asleep. She was glad he was asleep because she was in no way shape or form going to impede on Lily’s cute infatuation with John.
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Hey Guys, here we are again; already a new week and just about a new year! I hope you enjoy this chapter. When I was drafting my story in my head originally this was going to be a One Shot but as I wrote my rough draft I realized I was taking too much time in developing a story line to just make this part a One Shot, so now it is just a very short chapter in this short story of 7 chapters. Anyway; I hope you enjoy this little chapter that is full of the emotions of love of the very young.

Chapter 5

Dealing With Young Love

Ginny knocked on Lily’s door and then heard her daughter tell her to come in. Ginny walked into the room and saw Lily sitting on her bed smiling at her walls and dresser. Ginny looked around curious as to what she was smiling about. She didn’t see anything different; everything was the same as it always had been.

“Daddy is the greatest daddy in all the world; I’m so glad he is mine.” She began to explain everything that transpired in her room beginning with her ripping up all her pictures of her daddy and included was the whole reason she needed punishment and ended with her saying, “So Daddy left after I asked him to fix my pictures. He taught me things I hadn’t thought of and said there was a way for me to fix the pictures but I had to be the one to do it not him. I begged him to fix them but he kept walking away. Then I remembered why I destroyed them in the first place and understood why I needed punishment. I felt awful and knew I wouldn’t start feeling better until I apologized for being disobedient and for being ugly and destructive in my heart. He said he forgave me and when I came back to my room all the destroyed pictures were fixed and hanging on my walls and on top my dresser as they had been before I had my childish meltdown.”

Ginny asked her what her punishment was and if it was unfair she would talk to her daddy about it. Lily showed her the ring and said she was thankful for her punishment and how her daddy loved her so much that he would punish her even though it cost him great pain to do it.

As Ginny stared at the beautiful ring Lily went on to tell her everything her daddy told her, and that she felt they were valuable lessons. Ginny smiled at her little girl and asked if she’d like to go Christmas shopping with her. Lilly’s eyes brightened and she asked if they could ask John to go with them. “If he goes with us I can get an idea what to get him for Christmas. Do you think he’d wear a promise ring? I only see wrist bands on him, not jewelry.”

Ginny nearly choked and blurted out, “Lily, John is too old for you. He can be your friend of course, but nothing more than that.” Ginny immediately felt like the worst mom in the world and attempted to mend her error.

“I’m thinking I spoke my mind before I thought about it Love. Let me rephrase please. John is welcome to come with us if he wants to. But, do you think he would feel out of place shopping with two ladies younger than him? What would people say?”

Lily squinted her eyes at her and suspiciously said, “Mum, it doesn’t matter what people might or might not say or think; it’s none of their business so we just go about our shopping. And John wouldn’t think anything except he is shopping with friends. What are you really saying?”

Ginny sighed and said, “I don’t blame you for liking John. He’s funny and loves to have fun. He’s very intelligent but down to earth. Of course there’s the obvious fact that he is handsome and brave. He works very hard and has a big responsibility being the commander in charge of the military presence on Atlantis. He is a lot like your daddy, so I can see how you could be attracted to him.”

Lily folded her arms and huffed. “Mum, I’m in love with John because I’m going to marry him when I get old enough. There’s nothing wrong with me falling in love with him now. It’ll just save time instead of waiting to fall in love with him when I get old enough. You always loved Daddy and knew you were going to marry him, so you can’t tell me not to do the same thing you did.”

Ginny knew Lily won that round, but didn’t give up trying. “Look Lily; what if we think of John for a minute. He’s a gazillion miles from us clear over in another Galaxy. If you asked him to wear a promise ring, then you would make him spend seven more years without having a chance to fall in love with someone. He would have to be alone all those years while you’re back here growing up and enjoying boys wanting to date you. Also, by the time you are seventeen, when you become of age to make your own decisions how old will John be? He’ll be fifty two years old. You’ll be seventeen and he’ll be fifty two. I know you say it doesn’t matter what people think, but won’t you get tired of everywhere you go, people would assume you are his daughter and not his wife. And when they do find out, they won’t have any respect for him because they’ll say he robbed the cradle, or he just married you for your money. Would you be able to love him without feeling sorry for him? And there is the very sad thing to consider; you will still be very young when his life span is over. You will be a young widow with children if you’re lucky to have any, to raise on your own. Your children would be without a father. Surely you wouldn’t want that. Your daddy isn’t dead, but he hasn’t been around much has he? Do you want your children to go through what you have gone through?”

Lily stared at her mom and finally asked if she thought John was lonely for a girlfriend on Atlantis. Ginny could have said yes and she knew Lily would give up her dream of marrying John, but she would never lie to Lily to get what she wanted. “I don’t know, Love. But would it be fair to ask him not to look at another woman and be lonely when he could easily get a girlfriend? Let’s pretend that he and Teyla fell in love, but he was promised to you. It would be terribly unkind for him to have a chance to have a wonderful woman like Teyla and not be able to marry her and Teyla would be lonely too. I just think it’s wrong to ask him to wait for you.”

Lily nodded her head and admitted she hadn’t thought of the future except finally being old enough to marry him. A tear rolled down her face and she said, “I’ll never find anyone half as good as John. I’ll be lonely all my life, but at least he’ll have a chance to be happy in love.”

Ginny was feeling good about things until Lily said she would be lonely all her life. “Come on; let’s go shopping for Daddy and your brothers. And if John doesn’t want to come with us, then we can get him a present too.”

Lily reluctantly agreed but said she wasn’t going to enjoy it at all. Just then they both heard whistling in the hallway. John walked by and smiled at Lily and Ginny and said, “The snow is really picking up out there. We may be snowed in for a while; do you need to do any shopping?”

They both looked at him and cracked up laughing as snow on top his head melted and ran down his neck. He shook involuntarily and rubbed his hands together vigorously to warm them. He stopped and looked at them curiously. “What are you two up to?” he asked nervously.

Of course this caused them to laugh harder. One side of John’s mouth turned up as he approached the original question again. “It’s snowing and we might get shut in for a while. Is there enough food in the house?”

“We have plenty of food, John. But if you’d like to go shopping, Lily and I were just talking about Christmas shopping. Would you like to come with us?”

John’s eyes opened wide and though his mouth opened to say something, the words never formed. Images in his mind formed, instead of words, of him following Lily and Ginny through the store stopping to look at every little thing; and being asked his opinion on this and that. Not an enjoyable thought; shopping with women. He drew in his breath and said, “I probably should beg out this time, but thanks for the invitation. Fun though; it would probably be fun, but I should stay here and rest my eyes. The bright snow may have been too much for them, I mean, I was going to take you shopping for food but that’s only because; we need to eat. When is dinner anyway, is there even time for Christmas shopping?”

Lily and Ginny looked at each other and erupted in giggles again and John’s face turned red. He had been found out, and they knew he was just making excuses. Not to be read so easily by a couple females he changed his mind and said, “Okay, now that you mention it, I should look around for gifts for Teyla, and the others. I might even get two hilarious Potter women a couple gifts if they behave and don’t take hours to decide on a bottle of perfume for Hermione or something.”

Lily smiled sweetly at John and stepped over to him. He smiled sweetly back and bent over resting his hands on his upper thighs to support his weight at the awkward angle he was in when Lily motioned for him to come down to her level.

She stepped so close to him he froze in complete surprise. What was she going to do? Did she want to whisper something to him? Why couldn’t he move?”

Lily said, “Close your eyes, Johnny.”

Worry left his eyes and he smiled as he closed his eyes. There wasn’t anyone in the world he would let call him Johnny, except for Lily; for her he made an exception. She put both her hands on the sides of his face and kissed him softly on the lips.” It wasn’t sexual or naughty but Lily making a memory of something that she knows she loves but will never have. The kiss was like the kiss of morning dew on a rose pedal. A fleeting moment of beauty and perfection that lasts only long enough for the beholder of the splendor to make a memory of a solitary connection between the rose and the dew before the sun dries the dew.

John; taken by complete surprise and suddenly able to move dropped one knee to the floor and sat on his heal. He gently took her small hands in his and looked directly in her eyes. “You really are a catch and I honestly wish years didn’t matter but they do. Darlin’ I’m too old for you. I’m so sorry if I’ve led you to believe-”

Lily put her fingers over his lips to keep him quiet. “Dear Johnny, you are not too old; you’re perfect. I’m just too young for love like you need now. I’ll love you forever though. But, I’m letting you go for your sake. I want you to be happy and I don’t want you to be lonely. I kissed you for a keepsake if you don’t mind. I had to know what it is like to kiss the love of your life. I hope you didn’t mind me being so forward.”

John closed his mouth and swallowed. “I don’t mind at all and, Lily, I can tell you that someone is going to be very lucky to be your husband. I’m honored that you love me and I hope you know that I love you too. But we will have to settle for friendship, which is great.”

Lily bravely nodded her head and John wiped the tear streaming down her cheek with his thumb. “Let’s go Christmas shopping while we wait for dinner.” He smiled and was relieved to see her smile and nod her head again in a more cheerful way.

Ginny walked over to them and said, “We do need to put some potion drops in your eyes though. Then we can go shopping.”
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Hey Guy's, back for another chapter. Hope everyone had a Happy New Year beginning and I hope your happiness continues throughout the year. This chapter is quite a bit longer than the last one, but I hope you love reading it as much as I loved writing it. Please feel free to comment if you want to.

Chapter 6

Gifts From The Heart

When they returned from their shopping; John was burdened with shopping bags and laughing merrily, Ginny and Lily were taking off their coats and gloves. John let them take from him their bags and then he took off his coat and gloves and set his one small bag on an end table. He noticed a light on in Harry’s office and walked in sighing sadly. His young friend was staring out an enchanted window seemingly deep in thought. John knew there was a window there but it was invisible to everyone even magic folk unless they knew the password. Harry turned around and realized John was watching him.

“Surprised to see you up, buddy; you okay?”

Harry sighed and nodded his head slightly but then softly said, “No, but I suppose there will come a day when I’m okay. I just can’t stop thinking and the nightmares are constant. I’m desperately tired but can only sleep for a couple hours or just minutes at a time. Sometimes I wake up sure that I’m still at Stargate command and chained to the Stargate. I have trouble remembering when things happened and getting things straight in my head.”

John frowned and grasped Harry’s shoulder. “Carson said it’ll take time for you to begin healing properly. You have a lot to catch up on. You’re still reeling from fighting Tom Riddle. So many things have happened to you and too often for you to catch your breath before something else happens. And I know you made that potion for concussions but still the effect of brain damage isn’t something you can easily recover from.”

Harry nodded his head slightly trying to take in what John was saying. He looked up at John with so much sorrow in his eyes John could hardly meet his gaze, but he did for Harry’s sake. “When Ginny told me to leave and never come back, I didn’t know what I did. I couldn’t remember doing anything wrong, but every day I saw her in my mind. I could see the hurt and anger, and I could hear her hurt and anger. I tried so hard to remember what I did and I could never remember anything. I was so relieved when I found out yesterday, or whenever it was she told me, that I didn’t do anything. Then last night she was angry at me again, she said I only think of myself. I can’t remember what I did, John. Then she apologized to me, and I don’t know why. I remember Ron being so mad he cursed me nearly killing me. He called me a monster and a filthy animal. I don’t know what I did for him to hate me enough to want me dead. And then next thing I know, he’s friends and apologetic. I don’t know what I do to people to make them hate me, or at least get mad at me. James and Lily carry a chip on their shoulders for something I did. It’s like I woke up one day and they had nothing but resentment for me. They forget I’m there and act differently. Then they’re repenting for attitudes and things I don’t know the reason for. I know it’s hard on them; Ginny too. I’m either gone or recovering from something, and they’re just more used to me being gone than being around for them.”

Harry ran his hands through his hair and took a deep breath and began talking again. “John, after I fought Riddle and the Ancients took me to their time line; I think I told you that I was there for forty two years. Well, when I came back, I couldn’t remember but bits and pieces clear up to this day. I remember things happening and having to fight all the time, but I don’t remember being with the kids and Ginny. I hadn’t been with my kids for like two years before I fought Riddle. And I haven’t been with the boys since Hogwarts started. I know I had some time with Lily but just short periods of time. But now, two years later, and I don’t remember my sons but when something happened at Hogwarts and they’re so big! And Lily is in love with you and it’s not puppy love with her. I think I asked Ginny to talk to her. I can’t remember if that’s when Ginny told me to leave and never come back. I know I was gone for five and a half months and I spent the night with them on Atlantis and then we got home, and things happened and people were mad at me again and I don’t remember why. And the night I was on Atlantis with them, Ginny was angry at me for some reason; my hair was short and she wanted it long and I didn’t warn her I was going to be there for dinner are two things I remember, but I don’t know why and I was pretty much alone except right when I got there. I found some magazines James was hiding and I was going to talk to him about it the next day. I told Albus I would get him a puppy, but tonight since I got up I’ve been looking everywhere and I can’t find one. Did I not get him one? I’m a horrible dad for saying I would get him one and not do it. And then… Ginny wasn’t mad at me but something happened that I didn’t see them anymore after that. Any of them… And Minerva is so mad at me she treats me like a villain. She wouldn’t look at me even once when I was trying to talk to her. And she said I could only have a minute and she kept her eyes on the clock and told me when my minute was up. What did I do to her? I wonder if I just need to give up on trying to be happy and leave for good. Clearly I make people unhappy and ruin their lives. When I was Head Auror I was able to keep my mind busy and things would just come back to me. Now, I’m not anything and I’m going crazy. How do you do it, John? How do you keep your sanity?”

John shook his head and said, “I understand what you are going through, Harry. And all I can say is you’ve gone through too much without properly healing. There are things I can’t remember when I was on combat missions and special ops. I mean, I remember everything I did, but I am missing bits and pieces of when certain missions were over and I didn’t fare so well and barely made it out with my life. But, it’s like you said, we get busy and things come back bit by bit. Rest is the best thing for you. You need to have some time to just rest and recover. Carson said it will take some time before you begin to heal your mind. But if you can rest your body, it’ll help you rest your mind so you can sort things out. When did you wake up tonight?”

I don’t know how much I slept, but it doesn’t seem like it was very long. Nobody was here but I could smell dinner. Winky said you took Ginny and Lily shopping. Did I sleep all night and all day? I can’t remember if she is angry with me or not. She says I only care about what I want. But then, I remember her kissing me, and I think we talked but I don’t know when that was. All I know is I can’t live without her. What am I supposed to do, John?”

“Maybe you should get in your routine you had. Just a very light one mind you. I don’t need Ginny mad at me. And if Carson or Jennifer heard me tell you this they’d have my head. But it’s what I do when my head is loose and needs screwed on again. War changes you inside. Your body can heal but your mind retains all the bad memories like it was yesterday. The more that happens to you the worse off you are, and the harder it is on you. I still have nightmares and flashbacks on occasion, but I am coping just like you will too. Now, let me straighten your mind up some.”

Harry sighed with relief and nodded his head wearily. “Thanks John.”

John told him the time line of what occurrence happened at what time and finally came to today when Ginny was upset with him because she thought he was going to punish Lily for something she considered trivial. “But then she found out the seriousness and wasn’t angry anymore. You wanted to sleep and Ginny talked to Lily about her being too young to be in love and me being too old for her. Evidently they were just finishing the talk when I came in from riding Thor and said it was snowing. I was willing to take them to the grocery store if they needed to stock up on food because I think we’re in for a blizzard. That’s when Lily dumped me in a very mature way, and I have to say, it broke my heart, but I’ll get through it. If it wouldn’t be so unfair to her, I’d wait for her to get old enough to marry me. She’s that special and she will always have my heart. Anyway, they tricked me into saying I would take them Christmas shopping. I feel bad for you buddy. When they gang up on you there is no hope for you coming out doing what you want to do. Anyway, we left about forty five minutes after you fell asleep. I guess we must have been too loud and woke you up for which I’m sorry.”

Harry took in every word John spoke and closed his eyes to try to commit it all to memory. He opened his eyes and softly said, “Thanks, brother; you’ve helped me so much. I couldn’t get things straight in my mind. But why is Minerva mad at me? You didn’t mention anything about her. What did I do to her?”

John wished he could look into Harry’s eyes to see how he was taking things but the dark sunglasses prevented that from happening. He shook his head and said, “I can’t help you there, buddy. I don’t have a clue.”

Just then Ginny walked in with her hands on her hips and said, “I was wondering where you boys were at. You were sleeping when we left; I think you should get back to bed. I want you to be able to spend Christmas with us like a normal family. So-”

She stopped giving orders when she saw Harry’s face turn white. His jaws set tight and he asked what he did to make her angry. Surely just being out of bed wasn’t what caused it. She went to him and took his hands and said, “Love, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you think I’m angry; I was just trying to be like Carson to make you go back to bed. You couldn’t keep your eyes open before we left, and Winky told me you got up when we left. I know you need a whole lot more sleep than what you’ve had since you got home earlier this week.”

Harry cleared his throat and said, “I think I’ll sleep better if I eat something. Yeah, I asked Winky to make me some scrambled eggs and toast when you guys got home. She said dinner would be done when you got home and we could eat then.”

Ginny put Harry’s arm around her and she put her arm around his waist and they slowly walked out of the study. Ginny said, “Is your leg hurting worse today? You’re not walking as well as you were earlier today. And you’re cold! Have you been outside?!” she asked rather grumpily.

Harry tensed again and looked at her quickly. “What?” he asked softly.

Seeing his confusion Ginny shook her head and said, “Why are you being so sensitive? You look like you lost your best friend or something.”

“I guess I just can’t think straight. It seems like I’m always making you mad, and I don’t know what I’m saying or doing to make you angry at me. And my leg is tired and sore. And yes, I am cold because I was looking for Albus’s puppy. I noticed there wasn’t one running around here yapping at me so I went outside to see if it was put out and forgotten about. I couldn’t find one anywhere or even evidence that we have one. I must not have gotten one for him. I told him I would get him one-”

Harry stopped talking when Lily skipped into the room. “We don’t have a puppy Daddy. Mum forgot you asked her to get one for Albus.”

A smile and a big sigh of relief escaped Harry and he said, “Well that explains that then. Let’s eat, I’m starved.”

They sat down to eat and Winky served him his eggs and toast he had requested. Ginny, Lily and John ate a heavier and much more satisfying meal. They were dismayed however that Harry just sat staring at his eggs and finally ate his toast and drank his water. As the meal progressed Harry withdrew into silence. Finally he spoke. “I think it was Mrs. Weasley I asked to find a puppy for Albus. I knew Bill’s dog was due for delivery and asked her to ask Bill if they weren’t all spoken for, I wanted one.”

Harry smiled despite Ginny and Lily looking at him wondering why he said such a random thing. “Mum told me you wanted to get a puppy for Albus, but Bill’s dog already had her pups and they were all spoken for. I forgot to look into finding him a puppy. I told Mum I’d find one and for her not to worry about it. Don’t be upset with her; it’s my fault.”

“No, Honey,” Harry shook his head slightly wondering why she was so defensive, “I’m not blaming anyone about anything. I’m just happy I finally remember something. It’s fine about the puppy; we can find one before Albus comes home for Christmas. And we’ve got Christmas shopping to do; I hope the snow lets up so we can go tomorrow. Hey, maybe there will be enough snow for some sledding! How about it; who’s up for a big day tomorrow of shopping and sledding?”

John said he was in for it and looked at Ginny and Lily. Lily frowned and said, “Mum already told me we have to buckle down and get some schoolwork done. I guess we’re behind and we will be busy until we get James and Albus from school.”

“But, isn’t tomorrow Saturday? Surely there doesn’t have to be school on the week end. Come on it’ll be great, shopping for Christmas and sledding later.” The look on Ginny’s face told him the answer was no, but he asked why anyway.

“Lily and I need to do school until noon and then after lunch I need to work on an article with a deadline. While I’m doing that, Lily has a book report she has to work on, starting with reading the book she’s been putting off.”

Harry looked at Ginny not knowing what to say and finally started off with, “But… we’ll be able to have fun together; shopping and sledding… having fun. We have lots of shopping to do. I don’t have a clue what to get… but that’s half the fun right?”

Ginny sighed and said, “Shopping is already done, Love. I didn’t know when you’d be getting back or if you’d even be coming back, so I did gradual shopping until I had everything except a few things and Lily and I got them tonight. I didn’t know if you did come back if you’d be able to; well, I didn’t know if you’d even be able to be out of bed; you never have before. I know you’d want the kids to have as happy a Christmas as possible, so I got the shopping out of the way. And that way if you did come back and you needed to recover I would be able to tend to you. There’s always something you need to-”

Harry nodded his head and smiled sadly. “I understand you don’t need to defend yourself. You’ve always had to take care of the kids yourself. They’re lucky to have you. I’m going out for a while, John, wanna come with me?”

John stood up and said he’d love to but Ginny cut across before he could finish accepting Harry’s invitation. “Love, you can barely walk and you need to stay home and rest. And you need to keep warm! And the same goes for John! He went horseback riding earlier and the snow hurt his eyes and then we drug him all over town shopping with us. Let him stay home and recuperate; he can’t stay longer than what the doctor thinks should be enough time for him to be recovered. He’ll get court-martialed for shirking his duties.”

“Pfft! I’ll be fine, Darlin’ I’m not going to be court-martialed or even be in trouble. Come on Harry let’s go.”

Harry looked at John and asked if he was sure and John answered impatiently he was sure as he walked stiffly into the hallway leading outside. Harry took his coat and handed it to John to wear since John didn’t have one of his own there. Harry knew he had worn it shopping just a short hour and a half ago. He took an old jacket for himself and put it on. He had worn this when he went out looking for the puppy they didn’t have. Anger flushed across his face. He felt foolish for actually expecting there to be a puppy there. He turned around and nearly stepped on Ginny. He jumped back and rammed the doorknob into his hip. Clamping his jaw shut tight he asked if she needed something from town.

“No, I was just there. I’m asking you to stay home and rest.”

Harry shook his head and Ginny blurted out in anger and worry, “Do you realize Carson almost couldn’t save your leg? Do you realize you nearly went blind and you still might? Do you realize all those burns and cuts and all that stuff that horrid man did to you was infected? Do you realize we nearly lost you?! And now you want to jeopardize all the work Carson did for you and take a chance on driving into a tree because you can’t see very well?”

Harry answered, “No, yes, yes, yes, no, so that being said, I’ll let John drive.”

Ginny screamed, “You are both wearing extremely dark glasses! You can’t see in the dark with dark glasses! If you don’t care about yourself, at least care about John so he doesn’t end up killing himself just to keep you company!”

Harry took the keys back from John without a word and put them in his pocket. He turned to the door and quietly said, “I’m going for a walk; don’t feel you need to wait up for me.” He took off the jacket he had on and asked John for the coat he had on. John said he thought he’d like to go with him and Harry just shook his head and said, “Not this time, go rest your eyes.” Harry magiced the coat off of John and when he objected Harry disappeared.

Harry looked around the stable hoping Chevron would be there. The horse wasn’t there so he started out toward the pasture the horse frequented. After walking for quite a ways he stopped and stared at the tree where he fought Tom Riddle and impelled him on a tree branch. The memory flooded his mind as if it happened yesterday. He didn’t realize how long he had been standing there reliving the fight and then looked around to the place where Teal’c and John had been hiding under his invisibility cloak. He shook the memory away and began walking. He didn’t mean to end up at Pride Rock but he ended up there just the same. He swallowed as the memory came to his mind of fighting Kingsley there. John had been along for that fight as well. Both times John had been there for him as well as many other times he was battling a foe of some sort. He remembered John feeling so powerless to help him, but he had forbidden John to help and demanded him to stay hidden. And although John complied Harry knew he was upset he couldn’t do anything to help. He mentioned being a useless bystander and feeling angry he couldn’t help, but knew Harry was right. Now Harry was feeling exactly like a bystander in his own life, unable to help in any way to make life pleasant to live.

Harry became very aware of how extremely cold he was; cold to the bone. This was dangerous and he knew it. He sat on the rock defiantly throwing caution and wisdom to the wind. He put his frozen hand over the area where the spike had been driven into his muscle. Pain shot through him as if it had just been done. He remembered the manic laughter that had come from his mouth to cover up the pain the man had caused him. This was not a laughing matter though and it certainly wasn’t then either. Harry took off his glasses and put them in his pocket. An immediate blast of frigid air hit his eyes that made his eyes tear up. He set his mind to think about Ginny angrily telling him he nearly lost his leg and he was being careless using it more than he should. A thought hit him like the hammer that drove the spike into his leg muscle. Ginny wasn’t too understanding and sympathetic; but not to be mean, she was being sensible to save him from what she thought was his carelessness. He smiled realizing again how blessed he was to have her. He would have to just put his wants, desires, and needs to the side until she thinks he’s sensible again. He would have to try hard not to let her misunderstanding of his feelings bother him. He just wished she understood why he feels the loss of the life he has. He feels he doesn’t have a life with her or his kids because he hasn’t been with them at all, and he desperately wants it.

He looked down at his teardrops freezing before they hit the soft snow. Harry dried his eyes; not realizing before now that he had been crying. He pulled out his wand and maneuvered it in intricate swift movements and soon created a beautiful necklace of his tears. He put it in his pouch and then put his hand on his leg again. He concentrated strictly on the wound and used the knowledge he had of cell regeneration to heal his leg completely. He felt the blood surging to the wound bringing new oxygen and healing minerals. He moved the muscle to insure correct development of new muscle weaving in with the ripped and torn muscle that was slowly healing. He could feel the muscle mending and becoming stronger again.

He took a deep breath and put his hands over his eyes. Harry was exhausted but needed to find out if he would lose his sight. He remembered being in John’s head behind his eyeball and saw the damage the diamond dust had caused. He created cells to form where dead cells were collecting and flushed his eyes. For fifteen minutes he sat with his hands over his eyes concentrating on healing them. Finally he felt like they were as good as new and stood up. He looked about and saw nothing but snow all around him. The wind was howling and he knew he needed to get home before he froze to death. He stepped lightly to test the healing in his leg and was satisfied it was going to be fine. His stride was efficient with a very noticeable limp but nothing like it had been before.

He started to disappear to his house when he stopped abruptly to listen carefully. He thought he heard a small voice but then the howling wind carried it away. He strained to listen and just when he was about to give up deciding it had been his imagination, he heard it again. But this time he could definitely make out a small voice and the sound of hooves clopping in the soft snow. It was a muffled thud with each step this three footed animal was taking. He turned to the direction the sounds were coming from and walked directly into the path of Chevron and Marston.

Harry reached out and put his hands on the small elf and then patted Chevron to keep him from getting spooked. He seemed somewhat jittery and Marston was barely conscious. Harry picked up Marston and held him with one arm and put his other arm around the neck of Chevron and the three of them disappeared into the stables.

Harry put Marston down and pulled the elf’s gloves, boots and socks off. He examined Marston for frostbite and didn’t see any evidence of it so he charmed warm dry clothes and socks and boots on him. He gave him some hot buttered rum to drink and looked into his eyes for signs of snow blindness and found he was fine. He sat the elf down on a comfortable chair and put a blanket around him with only the front of his face showing. Marston smiled weakly and thanked him.

Harry turned to Chevron and saw evidence of a broken leg and ribs. His coat was matted with blood and his beautiful mane and tail were a tangled mess with brambles and twigs. He tried to think how his horse could be in such horrible condition and thought of the ravine in the pasture Chevron loves running in. He must have slid in the snow and tumbled down the craggy wall of the ravine. Marston must have gone looking for him when he didn’t come in for the evening. Marston had used his magic to get the horse up the ravine and was able to keep the horse from using his broken leg. This had been a terrible burden on the elf’s magical abilities and cost him dearly. The snow was up to Marston’s waist and made it difficult for him to travel very fast.

Harry waved his wand around the horse and his coat gleamed clean, free of dirt and twigs. His wand removed the dried blood and a brush began brushing his coat to relax him and generate the circulation of the oxygen in his blood. Harry worked wearily on the broken leg and ribs. After only ten minutes Chevron was repaired and nickering softly as if thanking Harry for helping him. He nuzzled Harry’s face and then sneezed. Harry grinned and said he knew just the thing to help him feel better. He fixed up a trough of malted barley syrup and mixed in some oats and put some fresh water in another trough. Harry stroked the horse lovingly and talked to him while the horse took in the stiff brew Harry fixed him. After Harry was satisfied Chevron was going to be okay he turned his attention back to Marston.

Harry put his hands on the sides of the elf’s face and was pleased his body temperature was normal. Harry asked him if he knew where he was and Marston said, “Marston is living on Master Harry Potter’s land where Marston has a home with Winky and Little Harry, James, Albus, and Little Marston. Marston is trying to get Master Chevron back to the stable to fix him from his accident. The snow is deep and Marston…” The elf blinked his eyes and looked at Harry. “Master Harry! Master Chevron is hurt badly and is needing Master Harry’s magic.”

Harry calmed Marston down and told him he found him and Chevron above Pride Rock and was able to get them back safely. “Don’t worry about him anymore tonight he’s fine. Thank you for taking such excellent care of him. We’ll talk more tomorrow. Do you think you’re able to walk now?”

Marston stood up and said he felt wonderful. “Maybe Marston is a little tipsy, but Marston doesn’t need to be dunked into the barrel of rainwater. Marston isn’t knowing how Marston has this forbidden drink. Marston hopes Winky-”

Harry grinned and said, “I’ll explain to her that I gave it to you because you were frozen and needed it to warm you up quickly. Now we need to get you home so you can sleep.”

Harry looked over Chevron once more and then wrapped Marston up in the blanket and picked him up and walked to the elf’s home. Winky was watching for Marston when she saw Harry and a bundle he was carrying. She didn’t see them until he was right in front of the door and quickly opened the door and pulled Harry in. Harry told her right off that Marston was fine and he had given him some hot buttered rum to warm him quickly. He told her Marston would be able to tell her what happened in the morning but he might not remember Harry finding him and Chevron. “You can tell him I heard him and followed the sound of his voice until I found him. Good night Winky.”

Winky thanked him and told him she’d see him in a few hours. Harry was surprised when he thought about what time it was and then told her to take the day off and just take care of her and her family.

Harry trudged up to the house relying solely on his memory of how many steps it was from the elf’s house to his home. At one point he realized that his steps were not those of a normal stride, but shorter and uneven steps due to the deep snow. This didn’t concern him because he could easily just use magic to instantly be inside his home. He didn’t like relying on his magic so he could keep his senses sharp. He stopped and tried to see but all he could see was the snow blowing against him. He smelled the air and followed the smell of smoke from the fireplace and soon was walking into the house. He carefully took off his boots and hung his coat on a hook to dry before he hung it in the hall coat and boot closet. He rubbed his hands briskly and tucked them under his armpits. He turned around and saw John standing in front of him. Harry smiled graciously and took the cup of hot chocolate John handed him.

“You’re supposed to be in bed asleep.”

“So are you. At least I’m cozy warm and slept on the couch until a couple minutes ago. I thought you would be coming in, so I made this hot chocolate for you.”

Harry looked hard at him and said, “You just happened to decide I’d be coming home around now?”

John grinned, that boyish grin that could charm even a snake and said, “Well, I might have stepped outside and heard the snow crunching with your footsteps and figured it was either you or the abominable snowman.”

Harry chuckled merrily and then asked how he was feeling. John said he was doing a lot better than he had been and wondered if maybe he might be able to take off his sunglasses. Harry took another sip of his drink and set down the cup.

“Let me take a look.” He stood up and met John who also stood to go to Harry. He took off John’s glasses and stood so close their noses could have touched if they had been aligned but Harry was slightly off center looking deep in one eye and then the other. He nodded his head and said, “Yes, your eyes are completely healed. There is no need to wear the glasses anymore, and you don’t have to have the sleeping mask now either. That should help you be able to sleep better.”

John was obviously relieved and to confirm what Harry said he said, “So Carson will be able to tell me I can fly again?”

Harry nodded his head and said, “Yes, there won’t be any problem. Your nerve is great and your muscle is also great. All the damage the diamond dust did is completely healed.” He allowed John to soak that bit of good news in before he asked him about his ride that day.

“While you were out riding Thor, did you happen to see Chevron?”

John laughed and said, “Yes, he’s gone a bit wild I think. He was out there running and kicking up his heels and snorting like a great beast. He even challenged Thor and me to a raise. Of course Thor accepted and was defeated. It was a lot of fun no less.”

Harry told John how he found Marston and Chevron earlier but that they are okay now. “I’ll go back there tomorrow morning and see if the ravine is eroding away or if he could have lost his footing or just what happened. I’m thankful Marston is okay. Elves are pretty resilient but still, he was pretty out of it.”

Harry drained the last of his cup and said he needed to get some sleep. “I got a lot cleared up in my head and decided to just-” He stood up and stretched with only the slightest groan escaping him and only turned white for a few seconds before his normal color returned. He held his belly and went to the kitchen to get some water. Chocolate was still a little too rich for him to have. When he got back to the living room John was watching him and said, “Your leg is doing lots better and I happened to notice when you were checking my eyes that your eyes are clear as well. What else happened while you were out tonight? You were out there for hours.”

Harry shrugged his shoulders and glanced at his friend before saying he just tried to put things in perspective. Then he pulled the necklace he made out and showed it to John. “I made this for Ginny; do you think she’ll like it?”

John took the delicate looking teardrop necklace and exclaimed it was beautiful and he couldn’t see her not loving it. He looked closer and each crystal clear teardrop illuminated a different hue of the rainbow when light touched it. As he turned it ever so slightly the light catching it caused different colors to shine brighter than the others. No two were the same size and there were quite a lot of them. It was like an overflowing handful of beautiful kaleidoscopes of pastel colors strung on an elegant chain of silk.

“She’ll love it, Harry; it’s quite exquisite. It’s one of a kind isn’t it? I mean, I wouldn’t be able to get you to make one for me to give to someone special. Of course I wouldn’t want that big of one, just a very small one.”

Harry shrugged his shoulders again and said, “I could easily make you a copy of it. It would be made of glass and dyes.”

John’s eyebrows arched when Harry turned over his fist and a replica of Ginny’s necklace was in his fist. It was beautiful and looked just like Ginny’s but something was different about it but he didn’t know what it was.

“Thanks buddy; tell me how much I owe you for this. Don’t cheat yourself, this is fantastic.”

Harry smiled kindly but said it didn’t have a monetary cost to him so not to worry about paying anything for it.

John said, “I want it to mean something to this person like this will mean for Ginny. Only…” John sighed and said, “Lily planted a kiss on me today that showed me exactly how she feels about me after she dumped me. I wasn’t expecting it; I thought she wanted to whisper something in my ear. But she made me close my eyes and then she took my face in her little hands and I couldn’t move or say anything. When she kissed me, I could feel her love and it went through me like I’d been electrocuted. I have never in my life felt that with anyone, except when two different Ancients kissed me. I couldn’t commit to either of them because I would have had to die to be with them. And I couldn’t commit to Lily because I’m too old for her. But I’ll be honest, if I wasn’t too old, you’d be my father-in-law as soon as possible.”

Harry drew his wand and swished away the necklace he had just made for John and told him to hold out his hands. After he did this, Harry cut the roots off of an onion and then cut it in half. He held the pieces close to John’s eyes and tears began to flow from his eyes. As this happened he flicked his wand and the tears that fell from John’s eyes turned into crystal tears. Then he drew a line in the air with his wand and a silky thread appeared. He told John that all he had to do was touch the thread to the top part of the drop and it would affix itself to it. “Touch it to each drop and then I’ll fix a clasp on it when you’re done. Let me put some drops in your eyes to overcome the onion irritant.”

John put the teardrops on the table in the pattern he wanted it to be in and then took the silky thread in both hands and let the center touch a teardrop and then he draped and swooped over the others until all the teardrops were encompassed in the shape. He looked over to Harry who was asleep on his feet beside him. John nudged him gently and grinned. “Do your thing and then go to bed.”

Harry grinned and nodded his head and touched each end of the necklace affixing a strong clasp to it. Both men smiled at their achievements and said their good-nights after Harry conjured special boxes to keep the necklaces in.

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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for the next chapter. Sorry I didn't post this yesterday; the day got away from me. Anyway, this chapter is shorter than usual and I suggest not eating while you read it. Anyway, this is the last chapter in this story line; 'More Trouble Than Harry Can Keep Up With'. Sunday I will be posting a chapter for the next episode. It of course, like always, will be picking up right where we leave off in this episode. Hope you enjoy the chapter, and please feel free to comment.

Chapter 7

Winky Sorts Out Harry

When Harry finally got to the top steps he walked past his bedroom and looked in on Lily. He went in and took her tablet and pencil and put them on the nightstand beside her bed. Only the title of the book and the author was written on the tablet. He picked up her book she was reading and smiled knowing this was her book report she was supposed to do tomorrow. He put her book mark back to the beginning of the chapter before the one the book was opened to and put it on her night stand. He pulled the blanket over her arms and she snuggled down deep in her pillow and murmured softly in her sleep, “Good night, Mum; tell Daddy I love him when you see him the next time.”

Harry stood up and turned away wishing he could wake his little angel to let her know it was him checking on her. He passed John without a word and went into his bedroom. He stood in front of the window and saw the blizzard raging outside. He ached from being too cold way too long and decided he was too tired to shower. He took off his clothes and started to climb in bed quietly so Ginny wouldn’t wake up. Before he even got under the covers Ginny spoke up and said, “You need to shower, Love; you smell like a horse.”

He looked at her to see if she might be teasing but she was asleep. He sighed and wearily took his shower and climbed in bed beside his wife. Ginny snuggled up to him and put her hand on his chest. Harry’s hand went over hers and his fingers curled around hers. Suddenly she was shaking him and calling out to him. “Wake up, Love; you’re having a nightmare! Harry’s eyes opened sharply and he looked around to evaluate the situation. Everything seemed as it was when he shut his eyes and fell asleep minutes before. He moved his head so he could look at Ginny and nearly yelled in horror. He wasn’t in bed at all, but at the Stargate under Cheyenne Mountain. The vice president was ripping layers of Harry’s skin off over his diaphragm and touching him with electric cables. A plastic bag was tied over his head and he was gasping for air. Harry tried his best not to scream with the agony he was in.

He sat up taking in huge breaths of air and wiped the sweat from his face. It was another nightmare, maybe the chocolate milk he had caused it. He wanted it to be that instead of simply remembering what had happened to him just over a week ago for the past month and a half before. Soft hands pulled him gently to her and held him tight.

“It was just a bad dream, Love. Go back to sleep, you’re okay.” Harry took a deep breath and fell asleep in her arms. Harry woke at seven o’clock and reluctantly rolled out of bed. His night had been too short. He had hoped he wore himself out too much to keep him from having nightmares but that didn’t turn out to work for him. His sleep had been wrought with horrible nightmares and confusion. Even when he thought he woke up from a nightmare he was still asleep having a nightmare. He was surprised Ginny wasn’t up considering she wanted to do school work with Lily.

Harry tiptoed down the stairs and down into the basement. John had suggested he begin working on his routine and that sounded like a good idea to him. He worked out hard and then showered. When he walked into the kitchen he was surprised to find Winky fixing breakfast.

“Winky, I told you to take the day off so you can take care of your family. The weather is rough out there and you should be home. How is Marston this morning?”

Winky smiled lovingly at Harry and said, “Winky’s Marston is being fine this morning. He is taking the morning to look after Master Harry’s Chevron. Now, Winky is taking care of Master Harry.”

She put a plate of a few bites of steak and a small amount of potatoes and an egg, over easy and one slice of buttered toast in front of him. Then she put a cup of hot coffee by the plate. “Master Harry needs to eat.”

Harry swallowed and looked doubtfully at the food. He looked at Winky and took a deep breath. “Okay Winky, I’ll give it a try. It does look and smell great.” He stared at the food he wanted so badly, but he was afraid to eat it. This haunted him immensely, being afraid to eat. Why was he afraid to eat? He swallowed and reached for his fork and then looked at Winky. He shook his head slightly but couldn’t say anything. Winky put her hand over his and said, “Winky is being afraid Master Harry cannot eat for a bad reason. Winky is needing to look deep in Master Harry’s memory to find out what Master Harry is hiding from.”

Harry moved his head up and down once ever so slightly and quietly said, “Thank you, Winky. But my mind is a very dangerous place. If you feel afraid in any way get out immediately.”

Winky nodded her head and climbed up Harry so she could sit on the table directly in front of him. He sat still and looked straight ahead and Winky moved in close to his face. She was so close all Harry could see was her huge eyes. He looked deep and saw the reflections of his memories. He saw different times in his life he had been captured and ate despicable things to stay alive. He saw the five and a half months he was working for the president of the United States and several other countries and the long hour’s even days he went without food to eat because he was too close to the enemy to move. And then when he was captured he had to make himself eat the cup of swill he was given each evening. He made himself think it was just bread and water he was eating because what he was really eating was moldy stale bread infested with roaches and maggots swimming in water. He looked forward to every seventh day when he was given a slice of fresh bread and a cup of clean drinking water. This he knew is what kept him alive. He depended on that fresh bread and clean water to stay alive. He remembered telling John and Jack about sneaking food when he was being taken to his cell, but now he remembered the truth. He was caught the third time he did it and was brutally punished by water boarding. He was told after it was finally over and he was trying to force himself not to kill the man that if he ate anything but the bread and water he was served that he would be stuffed with spectacular tasting food until he died. And then he would be sent home in a hot box where his wife and children would see his body rotting and crawling with maggots and flies. He knew this was what was keeping him from eating. He had forced himself to not eat anything but what was given to him to keep from being sent home in the condition he was promised he would be if he did eat other than what was given. The only thing Harry continued to do was treat his bones and muscles to keep from losing bone density and muscle mass.

Winky pulled away from Harry and he stared ahead hating himself for allowing Winky to see that. Winky dried her eyes and in a very matter of fact way said, “Now, Master Harry knows Winky does not prepare food even for animals such as Master Harry had to eat. So Master will from now on eat what is being healthy for Master Harry to live on. No more toast and water. Master will eat this breakfast.”

Harry swallowed and nodded his head. She heated up his food and coffee and put the fork in his hand. “Eat!”

She climbed down from the table and walked out of the kitchen. About an hour and a half later, John walked into the kitchen and saw Harry sitting with a fork in his hand and looking at his plate of food. His face was white as his hair, he was visibly shaking, and he was clammy and cold.

John went to him and pulled Harry out of the chair by the front of his shirt. He had him inches away from him and shook him roughly. “Winky just told me what she saw happening to you these last five and a half months and I’m telling you now that if you ever find yourself in a position like that then you will use your magic and save yourself. The president didn’t have any right what so ever to ask you to do what you did. And if you don’t protect yourself from people who abuse your loyalty and servitude to humanity or whatever, then I’m going to beat some sense into you. Do I make myself perfectly clear?!”

Harry looked at him silently and then calmly said, “I need you to tell me the part where you’re going to beat some sense into me. I don’t understand that part, because I don’t think you can do it; and you’d be foolish to try.”

John didn’t budge but tightened the grip on Harry’s shirt and stared into his eyes with rage Harry hadn’t seen before. All at once John pulled him to him and hugged him tightly and then shoved him away from him. Harry adjusted his shirt and folded his arms over his chest mainly because John hurt him, but he just acted like he was waiting for John to say something else. John put his hands on Harry’s shoulders and with watery eyes said, “Just don’t let anyone take advantage of you again; alright little brother?”

Harry’s eyes softened and he half nodded his head and John told him to sit down and eat or he’d tell on him. They both chuckled and Harry said, “Who you gonna tell?”


Harry cleared his throat and said, “Oh, err, well, come on let’s eat.”

John sat down and said, “You should have been done eating an hour ago; what have you been thinking about?”

Harry mumbled; slightly embarrassed, “I just got done running a lab work-up on me. I’ve had more potions within the hour than I’ve had in a month probably. But I am now cleaned out and purged of pesky parasites and all manner of varmints and critters. Now if I can get my mind off of that, thank you very much, I might be able to eat.”

They both stared at their food and Harry picked up his fork and as if nothing had happened in the last year or so began eating small bites. “I had a good workout this morning. I think you’re right; I need to get back into a routine. Wish I could be an Auror again. I guess I’ll just be a Detective with Wes. Funny isn’t it; how things never turn out the way you want them to? Clear through my upper years at school I wanted to be an Auror. I worked hard to become one and was given the honor to be Head Auror of the best bunch of guys a man could want to work with minus you of course. I thought Ron and I would be side by side working every day and when we weren’t working our families would be together doing something fun.”

John asked what happened between him and Ron. Harry finished eating his last bite of food except for a slice of toast. He refilled his coffee cup the steam curling around his nostrils the aroma satisfying the desire to enjoy what he’s been missing for months. “Mmm nothing like a hot cup of coffee or two with good company who doesn’t torture you,” he said with a chuckle. He picked up the toast in one hand and held his coffee in the other. He was thinking hard and took a bite of his toast when Ginny yelled at him. He spilled his coffee down the front of his chest and jumped up choking on the toast. He magiced off his shirt and peeled off the coffee soaked bandages on his chest. He cleared his throat enough to ask Ginny to please excuse him for a minute. Harry walked barely composed into the bathroom adjoined with the laundry room. He tried hard to keep from vomiting up his breakfast, but his stomach was just not going to cooperate. After he lost the breakfast he had just eaten he washed off the coffee and looked carefully at the hole and the other wounds before cleaning and putting on fresh bandages. His chest was nothing more than first degree burns. Harry finished dressing the wounds and magiced on clean jeans and a fresh soft white tee shirt.

When he got back to the kitchen table he offered Ginny a seat beside his chair and a plate of breakfast appeared before her. He poured her a cup of tea and sat down and asked what was on her mind. His smile was kind and his voice was quiet and non abrasive.

Ginny looked at John and then back to Harry. Evidently John had already spoken to her because she was quite shaken when she spoke. “I’m sorry, Love. I’m sorry for assuming you were only having toast and water. I was about to yell at you to make you eat something good for you. I was worried about you not eating and wanted you to enjoy eating again.”

“Oh, well, thank you for your concern, I was able to eat this morning and enjoyed it going down, but not coming back up just now. But not to worry; possibly John and I will have an early lunch.”
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Default An Investigation Of Natural Deaths
Werecats are people too! Reader of Fan Fictions

Hey Guys, here we are again. Thanks for dropping in for my next story. As I said before, this story begins exactly where the other one ended. This first chapter is very short, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Myself... I prefer long chapters, but I have been trying to be more considerate of my readers' and the time they have to read. Anyway, thanks again for following my story, it means a lot to me. Please feel free to comment if you want to.

Investigation Of Natural Deaths

Chapter 1

Hermione Steps Out Of Line

Lily sauntered into the kitchen and sat at her seat and laid her head on the table; still very sleepy. “I didn’t sleep hardly at all last night. I stayed up reading that stupid book I have to write a stupid book report on. Thankfully I remember what I read. I thought I was further along, but I looked ahead and none of it looks familiar.” Harry smiled understandingly; remembering many a night being exhausted while doing school work. He was glad he moved her book marker back a chapter so she would be able to understand her story better. Sometimes you can get away with missing parts of a chapter but he knew the book she was reading and also knew that she would need to remember all of what was read to be able to follow along making sense all the while.

“Darling Angel, where does the book you’re reading have its brain? Is it perchance in the cover, or maybe in the title of the book? Ah, a clever place for a book to hide its brain would be in the binding. What is your idea?”

Lily looked at her dad with wrinkled eyebrows and a turbulent look. “Daddy, books don’t have brains unless they are possessed.”

“Ah, I see. Well then; it is silly to call an inanimate object stupid then, do you agree?”

Lily sighed and said, “Yes Daddy, you’re right. It isn’t a stupid book. But that doesn’t mean I’m happy about having to read it either.”

“No, I agree with your point. And so the book isn’t stupid, but you want your report to be stupid. Surely that would be a travesty of time and effort. I think since you have to write a book report, you should make it the best you can, so the teacher grading it doesn’t think you are stupid and either give you a failing grade or make you write it over again.”

Lily drew in a long deep breath and blew it out with loud exaggeration. “I guess you’re right about that too. I’ll read the book and write a good book report.”

Harry smiled and nodded his head telling her that she was a good girl. “And there is a bit of advice I’d like to give you, if you don’t mind.”

Lily started to roll her eyes but stopped quickly remembering she isn’t talking to her Mum, but to her Dad who doesn’t put up with such disrespect. She smiled hoping she caught herself before her dad noticed her near infraction on respect.

Harry didn’t say anything but arched his eyebrows showing his disapproval. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I really do want to hear your advice.”

Harry said, “I highly doubt your mum assigned you to read a whole book and write a book report to be handed in the next day. As a matter of fact, I bet it was due sometime this past week, but with all the commotion I made coming home and Bill getting injured, she extended the due date. There is something to be said for not putting things off until later because the longer you wait the harder the assigned task becomes and it turns into too big of a burden to do it justice. You’re one up on me there. I didn’t even start to learn that lesson until I started at Hogwarts. Putting off reports was something that happened with me a lot of the time. It takes a bit of time to learn the lesson well, because experiencing the effects of putting off things is an essential tool most of the time. Thankfully Hermione helped me and Uncle Ron a lot of the times.”

Hermione and Ron walked into the kitchen brushing off ash from the fireplace and Ron said he needed to be getting to work. Harry stood up and turned to see them and said, “I didn’t know you two were here. When did you come? Why didn’t you join us? Sit down for a couple minutes. Why are you guys going to work on Saturday?”

Ron said he was going to the Joke Shop to help George with the Christmas rush. Hermione said she was just working on loose ends for something important that needed done. Ginny took her plate and said as she walked toward the door leading to her office, “I’m going to get started on my day’s assignment until Lily comes out to start school. Don’t doddle, Love, eat and come right out” She kissed Harry and walked out with a smile on her lips and laughter in her eyes. Life was good with her husband home.

Ron grinned and sat down and took a sausage from a plate. Hermione rolled her eyes and smiled. Then she looked at Harry and then onto Lily and said, “Your dad gave you some good advice, but it wouldn’t hurt you to know that he is just as guilty of putting things off as you with your book report.”

Harry smiled politely and didn’t offer any excuses to justify her accusation. There was no reason he needed to defend himself, he’d just told Lily he was guilty of the same thing when he was in school. His smile disappeared when she went on to give a specific example. “For instances: during the Tri Wizard Tournament one of the Champion’s Quests was to figure out a riddle of sort and figure out how to breathe underwater. Your dad kept putting off working out the clue and it came up to the morning of the Quest and he was only able to participate because Dobby gave him the solution.”

Harry’s face turned red, but he didn’t say anything. Ron said, “Harry worked out the clue, he just couldn’t work out how to breathe underwater. You made it sound like Harry was a complete idiot.”

Lily looked at Harry and said, “I don’t think it was nice of you to give me advice on something you are guilty of. Why would you do that to me?”

Harry obviously was shaken with the memory Hermione brought back and frowned and quietly said, “I try very hard to be fair and just when I teach you and your brothers’ things. I hope that you trust me enough to know that I became wise to bad habits like putting off until later things I know needs to be done, just as you will learn with time and experiences. It isn’t something you learn right off because adults say so.”

Lily shrugged her shoulders skeptically and dutifully said, “I guess so. I guess I think maybe it isn’t reasonable that I have to be guilty all by myself when you were guilty of the same thing. I’m going to go read now, since Uncle Ron ate the rest of my breakfast.” She smiled sweetly at Ron and kissed his red face.
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Hey Guys! Hope everyone is having a great day. Thanks for coming back to check out my next chapter. You might need to wear your comforting hat for this chapter; Harry needs your support. Hope you all enjoy the chapter and please comment if you want to.

Chapter 2

Memories Of The Tri Wizard Tournament Haunts Harry

Hermione’s smile however wasn’t sweet or teasing; it was smug when she looked at Harry and said, “It doesn’t feel so good looking like the dummy and not being Mr. Perfect or a super hero does it? Now you know how Ron and Percy feel when you make them feel that way.”

Ron said, “Leave me out of this. I didn’t come over here to throw rocks.”

Harry looked at Hermione and said, “Is that what you meant to happen? You wanted me to feel like a dummy and in front of my daughter? I had already admitted to her I was guilty of the same thing in school. And what do you mean by me being Mr. Perfect? I have never tried to make anyone look like a dummy. If that’s how they are perceived then that’s not on me but them. And I am far from perfect and would be the first to admit that if anyone asked. And let me say now in case you didn’t know; I detest being accused of thinking I’m a super hero. I have never even hinted that I thought I was a super hero or any kind of hero because I’m not!”

Hermione never was one who readily admitted she was wrong and pushed on with her agenda. “You barely won the Tournament and you should have been disqualified because you didn’t learn anything on your own. Ron and I helped you every step of the way! And you were supposed to do it all on your own! And even with our help you barely won!”

Harry calmly said, “I’ve never said otherwise, and I thanked you as much as I knew how. And I didn’t win. But this is not the same as the lesson I was trying to teach Lily.”

“It’s the exact same thing, and you did too win! On each task you put it off until it was nearly too late to figure out how to win. And then you weren’t smart enough to work out how to solve the riddles. If you hadn’t put them off-”

“If I hadn’t put them off I still wouldn’t have been smart enough to work out the task. That Tournament is not the same thing as putting things off. Hermione, even if I worked out the clues right when the task was given to us, I still wouldn’t have been smart enough to win each task. I was not old enough to be in the Tournament! I wasn’t mature enough to be in it! And I didn’t know the magic I needed to know to be in it! I couldn’t work out the obstacles because I wasn’t taught the magic I needed. And don’t forget that all the other Champions had more help than I did and they were all taught beforehand the magic needed to win. They were actually told what spell to use and how to use them. Do you actually think that I thought it was all me, that I lived through it because I was just that good? You think I just wanted to win to be a super hero or be popular or something? I was trying to survive and getting to the next task just meant a new thing I didn’t have a clue how to survive and it was about to try and kill me. Do you think I think myself a superhero because I lived and Cedric didn’t?! Do you think I think I’m Mr. Perfect because I lived and Cedric didn’t?! Do you think I think Cedric died because he was a dummy and I wasn’t?! I should have gotten the most points for getting the Dragon egg, and I didn’t put off trying to learn how to do that. Yes, I was given help; huge help. And I thought it was the right thing to do to tell Cedric. My immaturity led me to give Cedric the same clue about what the challenge was. If I hadn’t maybe he would not have scored high enough to tie at the end and he would still be alive today. Cedric died because I wasn’t mature enough to make the right decisions. The underwater task I was too immature because I wasn’t able to shake off nearly getting killed by the dragon in the first task. I didn’t put it off; I tried to forget about it and just try to enjoy life while I could because the next task would probably kill me! You said it yourself, Hermione, I barely got through the first task and it was mostly luck I pulled it off. You kept telling me the next task would be harder and I needed to figure it out. Do you know how hard it is to constantly think about solving a puzzle you don’t know what the pieces look like? I was terrified and I was trying to do my lessons and make potions and fall in love with Cho so I could just be a normal kid doing normal things while I was still alive. But I had to keep thinking of working puzzles and trying to stay alive. I should have won the points for the second task for doing it right and not for my moral fiber. But I didn’t; did I? I was the first one to the hostages and if I had been mature enough I would have left you, Cho, and Fleur’s sister to your own Champions to rescue, but I was immature and was afraid you’d all die down there. My stupidity and immaturity should have taken points away, but I gained points for my moral fiber. And the maze, if I had been mature I wouldn’t have taken the time to send sparks up to mark Fleur needing help. I wouldn’t have saved Cedric twice, I wouldn’t have stopped Krum, and I would have taken the cup when I got there instead of letting Cedric win with me. I wanted him to share the honor because he deserved it and I didn’t. I got through the maze because Crouch made sure I would. The only reason I wanted to win was because Hagrid was counting on me to win. I couldn’t let him down, so me being the dummy I am, I told Cedric we would share the win. Cedric died because I wasn’t old enough or mature enough or smart enough to be in the Tournament; but I was in it because Tom Riddle wanted me in it! I didn’t know how to keep Cedric from dying! None of your help made me mature enough or knowledgeable enough to know what to do! I should have used the banishing charm on the cup so it would go to Cedric, but I wasn’t smart enough to think in that split second to use it. I was too young, immature, and stupid! THE TRIWIZARD TOURNAMENT WAS NOT THE SAME THING AS PUTTING THINGS OFF BECAUSE I DIDN’T WANT TO DO SOMETHING! I DIDN’T WIN THE TOURNAMENT, CEDRIC DID! I LOST EVERYTHING THE TOURNAMENT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE PRAISE WORTHY OF EARNING AND MORE!”

Harry folded his arms on the table and buried his head in them. Years of pent up anger and pain shook his body escaping him since his guard was down. Tears flowed from his eyes and horrible sounds tore his throat with cries of agony and torment. His fists were doubled tightly and pounded the table. Hermione put her hands over her mouth in horror and Ron’s face turned red with anger and fear. John glared at them but kept his mouth shut, lest Harry hear something he wouldn’t want to hear. He put his hand lightly on Harry’s shoulder to let him know he wanted to comfort him.

Harry composed himself and after a minute he sat up looking totally defeated and quietly said, “I assume you came over here for some reason other than to hurt me. I hope you did anyway, what is it you need from me?”

Hermione tried to apologize and Harry cut in quietly, “It doesn’t matter, Hermione. Slow witted that I am I do understand that everyone is always sorry until the next time someone thinks I have to be taught a lesson. I’m sure you are both running late, so; just let me know what you need from me please.”

Ron and Hermione chanced a quick look at each other which reminded him of times in their youth that they conspired behind his back thinking he didn’t know. He knew Hermione would speak up in her matter of fact way and say what was on her mind. And true enough Hermione did speak up and said, “Harry, crime has gotten out of control and Percy won’t swallow his pride and tell you to come back as Head Auror. And my ratings aren’t as favorable as I need them to be so it would look bad for me to just assume the leadership rule and tell you to come back. So would you please go to Percy and ask for your job back?”

“Let me see if I understand you correctly; “Percy’s pride is such that I am to go grovel before him and beg for my job back or the safety of the people will suffer? And you might look unfavorable in the eyes of the public; so setting aside their safety you’ll not order me to come back.”

His eyes bored through Hermione with intense flames that boiled her guilt and made her become speechless. She and Ron looked at each other again knowing their fears had come to fruition.

Harry sighed and said, “Percy doesn’t need to ask or order me to come back. You on the other hand, Hermione, actually have the authority as head of your office to order my reinstatement to my position which you should have done when Percy overstepped his authority in terminating me without proof of my being derelict in my duties. If there is an objection from the people, then it will go before the Wizengamot to decide if your decision to reinstate me is sound or not. But, I am asking that you please not order me back until I am healthy in mind and body again. My doctor said no work for at least three months; it’ll be a while before I can begin to feel and look healthy and work out my-”

“Harry, you are fine. You don’t have to be all muscled up and all powerful. Just let people see you back to work and things will be fine.”

Harry glared at Ron and held out his hands. They shook badly and then Harry closed his hands into fists and said through gritted teeth, “You think people seeing me shake like a leaf and being too fragile to move with any kind of speed is safe for me and anyone I happen to be working with? How ‘bout it, Captain; wanna be walking down the street and some punk decides to lift a lady’s purse and kills you first because you would be the bigger threat to them. Just one look at me and he would think I’m a pushover and get away with the purse and killing you and maybe the lady he robbed.”

“Well, I mean, when you put it that way; it doesn’t seem like a good idea. But that would never happen, just come back. You can stay in the office and just be seen now and then to let people know you are back. It’s understandable that you are afraid, but you’ll get back to your old self before you know it. Just show yourself so people know you are back. I thought you wanted to be an Auror, now’s your chance to get back in the game.”

Harry’s eyebrows arched high and his lips parted in actual disbelief. Then suddenly Harry’s eyebrows were furrowed angrily and his eyes pierced Ron’s courage to stand up to his brother in law. Harry’s hair blew away from his face and lightning bolts zapped through the flying white locks creating a blue aura around his head. “You think I’m afraid?! Guess again, Captain. I want to be an Auror; I’m anxious to be able to get back to work. Being an Auror does not scare me. But as I told a certain Minister of Magic years ago when we were on Christmas break from Hogwarts at your parent’s house, I will not be a poster boy for the Ministry of Magic! I know my body and mind and I’m not able to return yet!”

Ron finally found his voice and weakly said, “You could’ve fooled me.”

Hermione picked up her purse and turned on Harry and said, “I could just order you to return. I didn’t want to, but you don’t give me any choice.”

Harry shook his head, “Hermione, I won’t disobey a direct order, but please, let me heal. My nerves are shot and I really am unfit for duty right now. As I was trying to say before I was rudely interrupted, I have to get my health back, body and mind. I have to work out my demons that haunt me every time I close my eyes or when something causes a flashback. And I don’t want to take a chance on pushing myself and something happen that causes me to miss getting my sons from Hogwarts and being able to spend the holidays with my family. Ginny and my kids no longer hope I’ll be with them for special occasions, they just assume I won’t be. Please, I am begging you to help me change that.”

Hermione put her hand sympathetically on Harry’s shoulder and said, “Harry, you know that people who have fears of doom end up hurting themselves more than if someone did do something they were afraid of happening. Quit looking for things to happen to you and you’ll find you aren’t as bad off as you think. Try to put these scary things away and think of the people who count on you to keep them safe. The people want you back.”

Harry threw her hand off and glared at her and said, “A simple, Harry you’re stupidity is showing, buck up and come back to work because what you want or need doesn’t really matter, would suffice. What you just told me doesn’t have anything to do with me. And it was also the most ridiculous thing to ever come out of your mouth. And I’m sure if people got a good look at me they wouldn’t count themselves very safe.”

Hermione huffed and then said, “Alright, Harry, I think you’re exaggerating but I’ll give you time; but you will come back as Head Auror, you promise?”

“Thank you, Hermione. Yes, I’ll come back as Head Auror when I’m able.”

Hermione’s face brightened. “I’m sure that will satisfy my possible constituents, I’m sure to get elected now.”

Ron and Hermione left and Harry stared after them. “Why do I have the impression I’ve just been used?”

John answered, “Because you were.”

“Let’s go have some fun, wanna raise the snowmobiles?”

John clapped his hands together once and then pointed at Harry and laughed. “Excellent idea little brother; let’s go! Only I can’t do much more than ten minutes, I’m still not all together yet.”

Harry chuckled nodding his head, “Yeah, and by race I mean drive through some snow drifts and easy going stuff like that. I might not even have ten minutes in me. But we gotta give it a shot anyway.”

Just then John’s cell phone rang and the two men’s faces fell with disappointment. “Hello, this is John… Understood”

John slid his phone in his pocket and said, “I’ve got to get back to Atlantis on the double.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “Go tell Lily good bye and I’ll pack for you and then take you home.”

John took the stairs two at a time and was on his way to see Lily when he saw his belongings magically packing themselves which gave him a chuckle. He knocked on Lily’s door and when she answered it a smile came to her face. “Little Darlin’ I just got called back to Atlantis. I have to leave right now; your dad is taking me home. In case I don’t get to come back before Christmas, have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Tell your brothers’ the same for me. Good bye, Little Darlin’”

Lily took a deep breath and then smiled. “Good bye, dear Johnny. Be safe and come back when you can.” She hugged him and kissed his cheek. He smiled and asked was she going to go down to say good bye to her dad. She just shook her head no and returned to her reading. When John got back downstairs Ginny was storming through the door as Harry was reaching for the door knob. The door flew open and struck Harry full force. He yelled out and doubled over falling clear to the floor. He held the right side of his face and stumbled to his feet favoring his hip where the doorknob hit him and his right knee that was also hit. Ginny gasped she was sorry and then remembered she was angry and forced a special bulletin from the Daily Prophet into his chest.

“We just got this OWL and you need to explain yourself! Last night you told me you were anxious to get back to work but you would take several months to heal. I should’ve known it was too good to be true. You just couldn’t keep your word to me that you would stay home until you were physically fit to return!”

Harry snatched the paper from his chest with his blood covered hands. Blood now dripped onto the paper from his nose eyebrow and his mouth he had been holding from being hit hard with the door.

The paper had an old picture of Harry from last year when he was looking healthy and fit. He was looking quite stern and fierce actually throwing a criminal he had caught into a jail cell. The caption in bold print read:

Harry Potter returns to work as Head Auror. We all know he isn’t overly fond of being seen, but watch for him where you might find criminals to ruin your holiday shopping, because who knows, you may actually see him working to keep your shopping safe and joyful. Mr. Potter has been out of the country for the last five and a half months on a Top Secret mission and just returned with the mission being a huge success. Many rumors had been going around about the reason he left. These rumors were the perfect cover for his very sensitive mission. We are truly thankful that Mr. Potter is a brave and dedicated loyal citizen who considers serving us as an honor. Remember; my friend Harry Potter has endorsed me, Hermione Weasley, for Minister of Magic. I hope you will do the same. Happy Holidays to all the good people in our family community of magic. Watch for a special morning addition for a special photo op of Mr. Potter being reinstated. I can’t make a promise that this will happen, but I’ll try my hardest. Regardless whether he sits for a photo op or not he will be in his office getting reacquainted first thing in the morning.

Harry handed the paper to John to read and told Ginny he would be right back. “John got called back to Atlantis just now. I’ve got nothing to say about the paper. I’m tired of being used and having to defend myself when I’ve done nothing wrong. I’ll give Hermione a chance to explain the paper before I jump to conclusions. And Gin, if Lily had been the one going through the door at the same time you burst in here you could have seriously hurt her. I guess I’ll get checked out there before I come home.”

Harry looked back to the steps thinking Lily would have come down to say bye, but then when she didn’t he told Ginny to tell her he said good bye. Ginny nodded her head and then lunged at Harry and kissed his left jaw since it was the one place that didn’t look hurt from the door or a previous injury. “Be safe, Love. Maybe you should get something to eat and rest before you come back home.”

Harry took a handful of her hair and smiled wearily. “Maybe Lily can set aside her issue with me and the three of us can do something special since it looks like I’m to return to work tomorrow. Honey, I did tell Hermione I would go back to work. But I told her my doctor said I needed at least three months, before I would be fit for duty. I hope you believe me.”

She nodded her head and Harry grasped John’s arm tightly and disappeared. Ginny went upstairs to have a talk with Lily to find out what issue Harry was talking about. She thought it was odd that she wouldn’t come down and say good bye.
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for my next chapter. Hope you all like it.

Chapter 3

Close Call On Atlantis

Harry and John arrived at Atlantis invisible so Harry kept a hold of John. They were only there a second before Harry relocated to one of the underwater levels. He made the two of them visible and John asked what was going on. Then he saw that Harry was scanning the area and seemed like a totally different man. This was the way of warriors; when a presence of danger heightens their ability to put any frailty behind them so they can protect. Harry looked at John and pointed to his hip and his side arm appeared.

“Do you have any witches or wizards living here now?”

John shook his head no and looked around for anything suspicious.

“Do you know of any magical people or creatures in this galaxy?”

Again John shook his head and answered no.

“I felt magic when we arrived, something other than your Nimbus.”

“You can sense my broom?”

Harry nodded while he cleaned up the blood on him and his clothes. “That should be good enough.” He covered John with his invisibility cloak and took a deep breath. “Don’t make a sound and only make your move when you know it will work. This is really bad news, even if I were on top form. He’s coming; he sensed me using magic. Keep crouched down so the cloak drapes onto the floor. This wizard has powerful and poisonous magic in his odor; the cloak will keep it from reaching you.”

Harry moved to the other side of the room and stood quietly. After a few minutes he turned and said, “I think it only fair that you show yourself since you can see me.”

“Very well,” said a gravelly voice. A hideous wizard appeared before him but Harry seemed unfazed by its looks. Harry quickly observed the attire the ugly wizard was wearing and then said, “Who are you hiding from me?”

John nearly threw off the cloak and charged the wizard but stayed put like Harry had told him to do. He was thankful Harry hadn’t told him not to do anything so he could stay safe.

Teyla walked out from under the cloak of the wizard. She was in a trance but other than that seemed unharmed. “What are you doing here, and why are you attempting to take this woman? You are not from this galaxy and there is contempt that drives you. You are not welcome here. Leave as you came and nothing will happen to you. You are forbidden to take the woman with you. You must leave and leave everything you packed away for yourself.”

The wizard laughed and the room filled with a nasty odor. He acted childish when his magic didn’t seem to affect Harry. “Who are you that my magic doesn’t work on you?”

Harry laughed and said, “I am not the one you should be concerned about. There is another who can obliterate you with his Lightning Rod if you make him angry. I am only an insignificant servant. I will call him if you remove your stench so you don’t offend him. It would be a terrible thing for you if he gets offended.”

The wizard swallowed and waved a heavy club about like it was a feather and the odor was gone. Teyla came out of her trance but didn’t move. Harry held out his hand and Teyla floated over to him and she felt a refreshing and cleansing sensation shower over her as soon as he touched her. “I can’t take the chance of my friend being too close to you if, The Great and Powerful Jonathan of Zeus gets angry at you. To make this fair, I’ll give you a tip so you’ll have a fighting chance against him when you make your move. He has a sly smile. You’re done for if he smiles at you. Are you ready?”

The wizard looked around and for a few seconds Harry wondered if he was just going to leave, but then he said he was ready.

Harry spoke very loud and fast and waved his arms in grand motions. Under the cloak John took out his mechanical pen and his Lightning Rod appeared. Just then his clothes turned into a magnificent suit fit for royalty and a handsome cloak draped over his left shoulder down to the floor. He knew Harry was about to unveil him so he stood up and just then Harry called out to him as if he wasn’t there. Harry’s cloak disappeared back into his pouch and John stood before them with a commanding presence about him.

Teyla gasped at the site of John and she wasn’t displeased with his looks at all. She grinned and nodded to John to let him know she was okay. John then turned his attention to the wizard and very seriously asked who he was.

The wizard didn’t say anything at first and then started to laugh but stopped immediately when John pointed his rod at him and lightning sizzled all around it. It gleamed bright blue and John said, “Do not offend me with your stench or so help me I’ll shut your mouth forever.”

It’s hard to tell because of the ugliness of the wizard, but John, Teyla, and Harry took it as a look of surprise that showed on the Wizards face. He recovered from his surprise and proudly said, “I’m called, Zcharlizarbequez.”

John arched his eyebrows and said, “I’ll just call you, Charlie if that’s OK” Before an answer could be given John spoke again. “Charlie, why have you come here and what are your intentions other than wanting our friend?”

Charlie just stood there and Harry stepped over to him and spoke kindly to him. “You are just a child; show us your true self so we can punish you for what you attempted without damaging you more than we have to.”

Charlie waved his club around dramatically and all at once the ugly wizard changed into a small boy who looked about the age of seven, and his club turned into a small wand. He was well groomed; his stature was handsome and one of royalty. Harry didn’t seem fazed at all but Teyla was obviously astonished. John was as well, but his training enabled him not to show any shock he felt.

Harry said, “If the Great and Powerful Jonathon will be charitable and allow me to take care of your punishment instead of him making a grease spot of you, I promise you will be able to return home with honor if you undo your curse you put over this city and you will not attempt to come back.”

Charlie nodded his head and looked at John to see if he would allow Harry to punish him instead of John dealing his wrath with his horrible Lightning Rod. Charlie really didn’t want to die.

Harry looked at John and John took a dramatic moment and then said, “Very well, I was looking forward to using my Rod but I’ll forgive your trespass this time and allow my underling to punish you as he deems fit.”

Charlie thanked him and spoke in his own language and with great theatrics waved his wand. Harry looked at John and said, “If you wish, I’ll check throughout the city to make sure he did what he promised.”

Charlie spoke up with urgency and said, “Oh, wait! I forgot one thing!” He swished his wand quickly and said something else and then looked at Harry. John looked angry but held his contempt for Charlie. He nodded at Harry and Harry said he’d be right back. He subtly nodded his head at the Rod and John pointed it at Charlie and said, “Don’t move or you die.”

Harry disappeared and a few minutes later came back and told John everything was as it should be. John nodded his head and lowered his Rod and Harry looked back to Charlie. Harry’s Sword of Victory appeared in his hand and he stepped over to Charlie and said, “After I punish you, can you make it home? Do you know your way?”

Charlie shook his head and said, “I was tired of being treated as if I was something to be pitied so I took off on my own to do what needed to be done. I am prepared to wonder until I am killed in battle. At least I will die with honor.”

Harry said, “You are too young to take matters in your own hands. What has been tried to fix your deformity?”

Charlie’s face turned red and then he held out his left arm to show only a nub for a hand and the shriveled and dead looking arm. “Our Medicine Scribe was not qualified to copy a real arm and only managed to kill the one I was born with. I will be as shriveled up as my arm within the year and I will die a painful hideous death. Shame has fallen on my parents for creating me. Their honor will be restored after my death. I wanted to find a way to heal my arm and thought this woman could do it because I felt her compassion but I did not know she wasn’t magical. So instead I was taking her to be a gift to my brother. It seems this inhabitant is non magical except for the Great and Powerful Jonathon, and a few odd things and stuff. I fear his power for I can feel it without being used. I also can feel your immeasurable magic and your all knowing powerful mind and I was wondering; do I know you?”

Harry answered, “I am known to your world as Harry of Godric’s Hollow.”

Charlie’s face turned white with fear and he dropped to his knees bowing his head. “Please take my head with your Sword of Victory. I’m sorry that I have invoked your wrath. I didn’t know this is the world where you live. We were taught you live on another world. Please don’t take my failure out on my world.”

Harry said, “I do not live here all the time, but Sir John the Great does. He is the protector of this world, and he doesn’t take kindly to you coming and taking his friend and things you have no right to. Empty your hidden compartments of things you took from here. Be swift, I grow weary and I have great distances to travel yet.”

John said, “Since you are prepared to receive your punishment honorably, you may call me Sir Jonathan for short; unless you don’t hurry up and do as you’re told with my stuff!” he added as if he was bothered Charlie was not doing so while he talked.

Charlie jumped to do as he was directed and a huge pile of things appeared on the floor in front of John. Most of the items were from the Infirmary, but two of the things that were not were Mr. Woolsey’s two Yorkshire Terriers. Only they weren’t real, they were statues. Harry separated them with his magic and told Charlie to take the curse off of them. Charlie did and the dogs began to yap in fear. Harry asked Teyla to take them back to Mr. Woolsey and after she left Harry held his sword in front of him. His hair blew from his face and looked wild with electricity. Small bolts of lightning sizzled around him and his eyes seethed with anger. His demeanor had instantly changed from kind and gentle to exceedingly formidable and daunting. He told Charlie to bow his head and hold out his left arm.

John looked quickly at Harry as Harry raised his sword. He couldn’t believe Harry could hurt the child with such a sad story. But Harry suddenly brought his sword down upon Charlie and the shriveled dead arm fell to the floor. Charlie swayed but did not scream or cry. The sword glowed in brilliant colors and then Harry touched the point of it to Charlie’s shoulder and spoke in a language never heard by humankind. From the shoulder an arm appeared to grow and Harry kept chanting the unknown language until Charlie had a new arm that worked perfectly. The dead stub that fell to the floor gradually disappeared as Charlie’s new arm grew.

Harry inspected his sword before he cleaned and put it away and then told the boy to get to his feet. Charlie obeyed and looked in wonder at his new arm. He was quite speechless and Harry told him, “You took your punishment well and that gives you honor. Not many could keep their composure while their arm was being cut off. Now, I am going to erase your memory of this place and take you home. You or your people will never be able to find this place or me and if you try, then your arm will cause unfathomable pain for you, and if you insist on coming you will die and your people will be cursed.”

Charlie nodded his head and thanked him for making a new arm and hand for him. Harry said, “Your courage to find a way to treat your disability or die trying is what I drew upon to make the magic happen for you. But it was foolish of you to venture out on your own. Next time see about getting permission from your parents and travel with an adult. You will surrender your ship to Sir Jonathon for your act of war.”

Harry called Ginny and said Atlantis had been attacked and now he was helping with the cleanup which involved taking a boy home to another Galaxy. He told her he might be gone about five - six hours or so, but he’d be home for dinner and movies with her and Lily.

Harry looked at John and quietly said, “Tell Rodney, since he obviously doesn’t trust me or my math, I put the force field back up and he’ll have to find another way to find out how I came up with the engineering that created the force field. One of the things that I designed into the force field was a sonar detection alert specifically for this race of wizards. They are incredibly advanced because their lifespan is very long. This boy looks to be about seven but he is actually around one hundred and twenty years old. And although they are very theatrical and dramatic, they are more powerful than can be imagined. The best way to defeat them is to outsmart them. I had to fight them once and barely lived. I earned their respect because I survived. Atlantis, without you and your Lightning Rod, doesn’t have a chance against them. This child got here and was able to go about the city without being detected because Rodney lowered the shield. Charlie’s touch can kill us in a matter of hours. By the contamination on Teyla, I estimate that he was here for three hours and she would not have lived to make a good present for his brother. She had possibly another hour to live. The call you got was from the automated system I put in the force field. If it ever went down and you weren’t here it would notify you. If it went down and did not get confirmation that you received the call, I would have been notified. Now I need to spend two hours getting him home and then I’ll need to come back here to decontaminate. So, if I’m not back in four hours, five if I don’t get away before they detect me, then I didn’t make it.”

John said, “Let us take him home; it’s our fault he is here, you need to rest.”

Harry said, “You don’t understand, John. The Galaxy he lives in isn’t even in your star charts yet. And it takes me two hours to get there. It is a Galaxy far, far away. I need to go, I was hungry before I came here, and it’s going to be at least another four hours before I can eat anything. Not to mention the fact that… never mind; I’ll catch ya later, John.” He took the spell off of Charlie that he used to keep him from hearing him talking to John and his call to Ginny and then he grabbed Charlie and they disappeared.

Four hours and forty five minutes later Harry appeared in the infirmary. He was quiet and looked sickly. Blood was oozing from his forehead, running over the bridge of his nose and down the side of his cheek where it became matted in his facial hair. Another bloody gash was open and bleeding freely from his right temple, down over his jaw and down the side of his neck. His torn shirt revealed evidence of a severely injured left shoulder at the joint, and blood pooled in the small cleft under his Adam’s apple from a puncture wound.

Harry held up his hand stopping anyone from approaching him. He silently commanded a decontamination wave to wash over him like he did for Teyla. He reached out his hand for a potion from a locked medicine cabinet. He took the lid off and poured a third of the contents of it into a small cup and drank it. His knees buckled and he went to the floor. Most of what he drank poured out of the puncture wound in his throat and ran down his chest. John read a note that appeared in his hand as he ran to Help Harry. The note told him to throw him in the ocean. It was his only chance to live. Ronon and John took each side of Harry and a horrible noise came from Harry as John had attempted to put his left arm over his shoulder. Barely conscious now, Ronon picked up Harry and ran to the door and to the nearest balcony. When he got to the edge he threw Harry over it.

John yelled ‘no’ at the top of his lungs and watched in horror as Harry’s limp body fell to the ocean water many levels below. John leaned over the railing and watched to see if Harry cleared the concrete pier around the tower he was thrown from. After he saw that Harry had cleared the pier only by scant inches he ran to the nearest teleporter and ran with everyone else who had been waiting for Harry to return from taking Charlie home.

After fifteen long minutes Harry was brought to the surface by a whale and tossed him onto the pier. When Harry landed he was unconscious but alive. Jennifer forbade anyone to touch him. “Let me see if anything is broken before we move him. Falling from that height should have broken every bone in his body and all his organs should have been busted open; he should be dead.”

She used her scanner and sighed. “Well, he’s alive and nothing is broken. The wounds we saw earlier are far from being healed but they are closed and healing. Namely though; he needs nourishment. He is literally starved, dehydrated, and totally exhausted. His internal organs are in stress and he urgently needs to rest.”

Harry moaned and sat up asking for food and water. John pulled a power bar from his vest and gave it to him after he tore the wrapper off. Harry devoured it and took a canteen of water Teyla offered him. They helped him to the mess hall and had food brought to a table where they helped him sit at. He became hopeful that he would be able to get home for dinner and movies with Ginny and Lily. He smiled with the expectation of a restful evening with his two favorite girls.
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Hey Guys, hope all is going well for you all. I hope you know how much I appreciate your loyalty and I hope also you know to contact me by way of posting a comment here or my visitor's page, or by private message. This chapter is very short, but I hope you still like it. Also I'm sorry I'm posting so late. I had company all week end and just now able to post this. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 4

Rodney Gets Schooled

Rodney came in and sat down with an air of being put out unjustly. He opened his mouth to speak his much prepared and thought out defense but Harry deflated the courage he worked up by saying, “Not now, Rodney.”

When the food came Harry summoned a big glass and put all his food in it and put his hand over the mouth of the glass. The food swirled and broke apart into a liquid. Harry drank it down and asked for another plate of food. When it was brought to him he did the same thing as the first. After his food changed into thick liquid and drinking several glasses of water Harry began to look like he would live and began to feel like he could answer questions.

He sat his water glass on the table and looked at Rodney wearily. “Let’s make this quick; I need to get home.”

Rodney quickly looked around the table at his friends and then his eyes rested on Harry. He gathered his courage once again and exclaimed it wasn’t that he didn’t trust Harry or his math but he needed to see proof that it was still holding up. “I’ve been seeing spikes on the shield readings for a couple days and I wanted to make sure the shield was working.”

Rodney stopped talking so Harry could say he understood and he did the right thing, but Harry didn’t say anything and just looked hard into his eyes waiting for him to finish explaining his defense. This angered Rodney and he continued figuring Harry would be condescending with anything he would say.

“And while they were down I wanted to look at some of your equations because it seems like it would be more effective if I tweaked it some. You had too many systems running at the same time, even with your theory of continuous power. So, I did that and when I went to put the shield back up they wouldn’t work. But there wasn’t any wraith in the area so there was plenty of time for me to fix the problem. It was just a coincident that this kid happened to be in the area when they were down. What are the odds of that ever happening?”

Harry asked was he done and Rodney turned red in the face and answered hotly, “Yes I’m done and that’s all there is to it!”

“Oh, is that the way it is then? You make your case and that’s that whether you are right or wrong? Oh wait, you don’t think you could actually be wrong; and that’s the way it really is. Okay, I listened to you while you justified why you did what you did and I listened while you made excuses for what you did. Now, I’m telling you that you were wrong to take down the force field to make sure it was working. And you were wrong to try to tweak the system and blame me for overtaxing it. Without going into complex quantum theories I’ll explain what I’m sure you already know. The thing you overlooked is that the way I set up the defense grid made it possible to keep charging in a continuous cycle from system to system by recompense. But when you shut down the system and bypassed a specific task, because you thought it didn’t need to be part of the shields, two things happened. You short circuited the system because they are all supposed to work together as one instead of taxing the ZPM for each program in the system. The ZPM only has to send a single burst of minute radiated particles to the system to begin the cycle; much like the starter on a vehicle starts the engine when the key is turned on. The force field schematics are designed to assign the same amount of power to each task in a progression of importance. That is to say whether it is the primary systems like the force field or the secondary systems like the lifts and transporters; they all receive the same amount of power. That way as lesser tasks of the secondary systems runs they send unused power to the primary systems that already has an abundant amount of energy to begin with. This allows the primary systems to run at full capacity all the time. It charges the complete system continuously in a never ending cycle. So what you did was you essentially removed a link from the cycle disallowing the system to charge; allowing the battery to die so to speak.”

Harry stopped to drink another glass of water and Rodney sat staring not believing he was being schooled by a non scientist. The second thing that happened was you allowed a race of the most powerful wizards ever, to be able to find you. Those spikes you were seeing were from sonar they use to look for magical worlds. Thankfully it was a child, who by the way is way more powerful than I am, but just wasn’t able to outsmart me. That link you removed was created to make it appear like their sonar went through open space as if this planet didn’t have any magical properties. When Charlie saw a positive ping on his sonar he knew there was magic here. And he wasn’t just in the neighborhood; he was in his own galaxy.”

Rodney said, “But there aren’t any witches or wizards here; not all the time. No magic, no need to be protected from it. See that’s why I thought that bit wasn’t needed and that power could be used for something else.”

Harry shook his head and said, “If I had lost the battle with Tom Riddle, he would have come here and destroyed everyone here because of the love I have for all of you. He would have access to the gate and every planet on the star chart here and the Milky Way. I built that part of the shield to keep him from being able to find you. And besides that, magic is how you perceive it. Charlie’s race sees your holograms as magic. They see many of your medicines as magic. They see some of the amphibious creatures as magical. Did you know you have a species of Octopus that can transform itself into a predators’ natural enemy as a defense and also as an offense? Did you know the infirmary is full of enzymes that if used correctly can rejuvenate dead cells into living cells? I can go on and on. But the main thing is they can detect me being here even when I'm not here because a sample of my blood and DNA is in the infirmary. Charlie thought he hit the jack pot finding Atlantis, and unknowingly nearly killed the total population by just touching and breathing. That’s how powerful their magic is, Rodney; powerful enough to detect a vial of blood from a galaxy you’ve never even heard of before. They of course know of Earth and they know that is where I am from. Earth is densely populated and they for some reason assume everyone is magical, and our inhabitants are a violent race. They leave us alone, but Atlantis is barely populated and could easily be overthrown. That is the reason I designed the grid for your protection. Yes, it is effective against the wraith and anyone else, but it was with Charlie’s people and Tom Riddle, in mind why I designed it this way.”

John glared at Rodney and then looked at Harry. “What happened when you took Charlie home?”

Harry swallowed and looked away for several minutes hoping the subject would be changed. When it wasn’t he sighed and quietly said, “I had to hang on to Charlie for two hours. The poison was affecting me badly even though I have a partial immunity against them. By the time I got Charlie home I was weakened considerably. The Chief Warlock felt it would be a good time to get rid of me instead of owing me anything. I told him Charlie healed himself with his bravery and honor. I told him I didn’t have any reason to be owed anything; that I just brought him home as I hoped one of them would do if someone I loved needed a little help with directions. He challenged me to a fight to the death.”

Ronon smiled and said, “That’s what I’m talking about; my kind of people right there.”

Teyla narrowed her eyebrows sharply at Ronon and then spoke gently to Harry. “But then you could have passed on the challenge, and they would have felt they won for your lack of courage. I know it wouldn’t make you feel good about it, but at least you wouldn’t have to fight being so sick from the poison working against you.”

Harry nodded his head slowly but looked away in silence. Mr. Woolsey spoke knowingly, “But it wasn’t the type of challenge you could or could not accept; you were forced into accepting.”

Again Harry nodded his head but spoke very quietly. “I had to accept or be killed on the spot. So the Chief Warlock and I fought until I finally killed him.”

Rodney smiled and said, “But that’s good then. Everything turned out great. Our force field is fixed and Charlie was fixed and some creepy Warlock got killed. We should celebrate our good fortune.”

Harry stood up looking weary and sad. “I’ll hold off on celebrating your good fortune if it’s all the same. The new Chief Warlock has been placed on his throne by way of inheritance. He seemed like a good kid before the fight, but since I just killed his brother I’ll have to wait and see if Charlie decides to come for me sometime in the future after everything sinks in. I hope he remembers the curse I put on him when I healed his arm; that he can’t come here or come for me or his arm will cause him excruciating pain until he dies from it. I need to get home and spend the evening with Ginny and Lily. And I’ll need to get all the rest I can since I have to go back to work in the morning.” Harry glanced at John and nodded to him but wasn’t able to say anything else and disappeared.
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Hey Guys, looks like it's that time again. Time for another chapter. Hope you enjoy it, and as always please feel free to comment.

Chapter 5

Surprise Visitor At The Ministry Of Magic

When Harry got home he found the house empty and no note. Winky hugged him and said she was glad he was home. She didn’t scold him for the state he was in and just said, “Yes, Master Harry” when he told her he was going to shower. As he was walking to the steps he asked Winky if she knew where Ginny and Lily was. She said they were at the Burrow because Ginny’s necklace had appeared as a shadow on her and gradually over hours became real and stayed on for several minutes before they suddenly disappeared. It was as he feared, Ginny was upset with him and their evening was ruined. When he reached the top of the steps and walked down the hallway to his room he pulled out his cell phone and called Ginny.

“Lucy, I’m home. I missed you Honey; are we still on for movies and popcorn?”
Harry frowned and said, “Yeah, I’m sorry about that. Are you and Lily okay?”

Ginny clearly wasn’t happy with being scared that her husband was dead or dying and gave Harry the tongue lashing one would expect from a member of the Weasley family. Sometimes Ginny was just like her mom in that respect. Harry stopped and leaned against the wall of the bathroom. He listened until Ginny was done yelling at him.

“So, your answer is no you’re not okay. Are you able to come home so we can all heal and have dinner and the evening together?”

Another lecture was given to him on how he is so inconsiderate of her feelings and selfish always doing what he wants and forgetting about his family. Finally in a voice full of discouragement he simply said, “I’m going to shower and then lie down on the couch until you come home. I love you and please let Lily know I am fine and-”

Ginny had obviously hung up so he took his shower and went down and curled up on the couch falling asleep before he had time to be upset of the day’s events.”

Harry woke up not moving but listening carefully. He sighed and sat up; it had been another nightmare that woke him. He stretched careful not to pull any healing wounds apart. He was quite sore and was stiff moving around but he went down to the basement and began a very light workout. There wasn’t a lot he could do but he worked through some sort of a routine anyway. When he was done he went down to the stable and found Chevron resting comfortably. He went to his horse and talked quietly for several minutes and then jogged out to the east side of the property where he got a beautiful Christmas tree every year and picked one for this year. He had planned on bringing Lily out this time, but that was out of the question for several reasons. He chopped it down with an ax and bundled it together and began pulling it home on the snow. The aroma it was giving off put him in a pleasant frame of mind.

Snow was falling and his tracks were covering quickly. He stopped and looked about and only seeing white he became concerned. A blizzard had set in while his mind was thinking of Ginny and his family. Harry knew he was very close to the ravine Chevron had fallen into and taking another step in this blinding snow would be foolish. He disappeared and stood at the steps of his house and was thankful there was such a thing as magic. Harry chuckled to himself and stomped up the steps to knock off the snow from his boots. He opened the door and pulled the huge tree inside and took it over to where he put the tree up every year. He used magic this year to prepare it and then decorated it with magic. It was way too early to go to work, but he wanted to get there well before the Atrium began filling up with people going to work. He was not happy he had to go in and he was even unhappier that Hermione was using him. At what point would he have to risk their friendship and just tell her no? Of course Harry quite felt Hermione didn’t seem to be bothered by this. He admired the tree and then cleaned the mess from the snow and muddy footprints off the floor.

He built a large fire in the fireplace and then went to the kitchen to eat some breakfast. Winky popped in and smiled at him. She put his breakfast in front of him and climbed up on her chair beside him. “Tell Winky everything Master Harry did yesterday after Master took Master John home.”

Harry looked at her and his eyes brimmed with tears but none fell. He was grateful for Winky and he smiled and thanked her for her interest. Then he told her about everything that happened. It felt good to be able to talk about it and soon he finished with getting home and finding the house empty and having to go to work without seeing Ginny and Lily. “I guess I’ll be gone when Ginny and Lily come home. Tell Lily I’ll help her put the Angel on top of the tree when I get home from work and maybe we can make cookies after that.”

“I need to change and then hit the road. Thanks for breakfast, Winky.” He went upstairs and when he went into the bedroom he found Ginny had been there sometime because the clothes she wore yesterday were thrown on the bed and her dresser drawers were open with clothes picked through looking for what she wanted to wear. Then he saw her necklace on top of her dressing table. It was under the mirror where she had evidently thrown them against it and broken the bottom corner of it. He picked up the necklace and noted the clasp had broken and some of the diamonds were scattered on the dresser and some were on the floor. Harry opened his hand and all the diamonds flew to him and he fixed them onto the chain. Before he put them in her jewelry box he removed the enchantment from them that let her know if he died. He repaired the mirror; straightened the bedroom and then sadly put on a handsome suit for work.

He disappeared into the Ministry of Magic. He clamped his jaws tight and looked straight ahead to keep from making the walk to his office anymore unbearable. Tomorrow he would meet in his office at the Detective Agency where he would be working with his Aurors. Today was just for Hermione wanting everyone to see she got him back to work. He frowned as a thought came into his mind. He thought of her using him and he began to wonder if it would have made any difference if he had died the day before while fighting Charlie’s brother. He heard his name and stopped and turned to see who called him. “Who would be here this early? He wondered.

“Mrs. Carter; I’m surprised to see you out and about so early and in this bad weather. Is something wrong?”

The woman smiled sweetly, completely taken aback that Harry remembered her. It isn’t often that he frequents the Children’s Home after all. He walked to her and offered her his arm and she took it happily. He made small talk to help sooth her troubled look she had about her today. When they got to his office he touched a tea server and hot steam came from within it. He poured her a cup of tea and handed it to her. She was very grateful and thanked him several times. He sat on the corner of his desk as a crackling fire started in the fireplace. Harry smiled and looked pleasantly at the elderly woman.

Mrs. Carter’s face turned red and she sighed while patting her heart. “My heart’s just going a mile a minute it is. You’re quite a man Mr. Potter, your wife is very lucky.”

Harry took interest in a log popping in the fireplace; his face as red as the burning embers. “So, erm, there must be a reason you braved the weather to come here this morning. What can I help you with, Mrs. Carter?”

“Oh yes! Dear me, I’m such an old woman!” She opened her purse and shuffled things about and then pulled out a long piece of official looking parchment and handed it to Harry. “This was brought to me by OWL this morning and I just don’t know what to do. Thanks to your generous support we are doing just fine financially, but we can’t afford to do all these upgrades and repairs to the Home. I was wondering if you could go to Gringotts with me to get a loan. The letter says if I get all the work done at once by this company then it’ll be cheaper. I don’t want them to take advantage of me because I’m old.”

Harry didn’t say anything as he took the papers she handed him. He quickly looked over it and finally said, “Mrs. Carter, you don’t have anything to worry about. This is all fake, every bit of it. Let me take you home and I’ll round up the perpetrators’ doing this and throw the book at them.”

Harry stood up slowly and started to reach for her with his left arm and groaned. He pulled his arm back tight against him and smiled shakily. “Forgive me, I wasn’t thinking and-” he chuckled and said, “It’s nothing, I’m okay.”

Mrs. Carter took his right arm that he offered her and said, “I didn’t believe the paper and the rumors; just so you know.”

Harry frowned and then smiled when he saw her looking at him. “Thank you, Mrs. Carter. I haven’t read the papers and yesterday was the first day I’ve been out of the house since I returned from out of the country for five months. But, I can imagine what’s been going around.”

Mrs. Carter looked surprised and said, “So it’s true, you’ve been on a top secret case involving us and the United States? They said you nearly died on the case, but the real reason you left was because you-” She stopped and put her free hand over her mouth.

Harry stopped and looked at the elderly woman who was in distress over what she said or what she was about to say. He smiled kindly at her and said, “I have never been unfaithful to my wife. I love her more than my own life. I didn’t know about the rumors until my family told some of them to me the day before yesterday I think it was. I have trouble remembering time when things out of my control happen. But, please rest assured I didn’t get these injuries from a jealous wife.”

Mrs. Carter laughed and said, “I should think not!”

Harry put his hand on her hand that was around his arm and they disappeared to the Children’s Home. None of the children were up yet and although the home was warm and clean, he felt very alone. He looked around and asked about Christmas decorations for the children and Mrs. Carter said, “Oh well, we don’t have that many and my helper is out with the flu so we won’t be able to get them up this year. I thought I would help the children make some chains and string some popcorn and berries.”

Harry’s emotions were torn apart and he looked woefully at her and then with a warm and loving smile he asked how many children there were and how many staff members and upon her answer he said he needed to go. “Don’t go anywhere today so you can answer your door. I’m off to catch some bad guys, good day, Mrs. Carter.”

After he left the Home he walked down the street to a store open twenty four hours through Christmas Eve that was already full of Christmas shoppers. He asked for help from the salesman he trusted every year to supply the Orphanage with gifts and handed him enough money for decorations to decorate the inside and outside of the Orphanage and a huge tree. Then he asked him to gift wrap toys for the amount of children and some thoughtful gifts for the staff. Harry told him to make sure to give him the receipt and he would give more money if what he gave wasn’t enough. He told him he would have some people come and pick up the things in a little bit. After he left there he found a tree lot and picked out a beautiful Douglas fir. He arranged for it to be delivered to the orphanage and then he went to a Hiring Agency for people looking for work. He talked for a couple minutes to a young man who took him to a large waiting room. Harry thanked him and then looked at the people waiting in hopes of finding work. He asked them questions that would set his mind at ease to hire them and not be a danger to the children. There were five young men and two young ladies and they all seemed very grateful to get the work. Harry told them to call him in a week if they couldn’t find work and he would see what he could do to find them some. After he told them to pick up the decorations and gifts and deliver them to the orphanage he told them to stay on and help decorate inside and out.
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Hey Guys, my goodness how time flies! I was playing Zelda, Breath of the Wild when my husband said he figured I'd be posting my chapter. I just looked at him not realizing it was Sunday! That's what happens when I don't go to Church. Well, here is the next chapter; hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 6

Nipped In The Bud Before It Bloomed

It was twenty minutes before eight and Harry knew he needed to get back to the Ministry, but he wanted to check out something he thought about when he was reading the fake code enforcement parchment. Something seemed familiar about it and then it hit him. It was from the scam years ago with the Mayor of Godric’s Hollow. Harry put his hand over the parchment and commanded it to show him the place where the quill wrote the fake document. He didn’t know if it would work but it did. The paper was forged by a Quick Quotes Quill and Harry just traced the spell back to the quill. Harry was invisible and stepped quietly through the office door that was open. He heard voices and taped a conversation already in progress.

“Yes, I wrote and sent the parchment first thing when I got here. The old biddy will pay everything she has just to keep that home for those retched nymphs. She’ll get a loan to pay us. And the best thing is we’ll get away before she finds out she’s been conned. The Aurors are in disarray with the new Minister Elect wanting to get Potter back. That’s a lost cause; he’s a has been. I’ve got some extra juice brewing now too. It sort of just happened in conjunction with what we’ve done with the Orphanage. I think it’s hilarious how it worked out for us and Potter even helped us out with it. We’ll be able to make Potter look even worse. Plus, I have it on good authority that he is in really bad condition after some top secret mission with the United States of America. He has lost his edge and is slower than molasses. Even if he pulls through, he’s a Politician now. They made him a Statesman. We don’t have anything to worry about with him. He’ll be easy to kill off and make it look like another country did it.”

Harry stepped out of the office and became visible. He pushed a button on his phone that automatically called two of his Aurors to him. Harry knew they would be there quickly and so knocked on the door to keep the two men from leaving as it sounded like at least one of the two was about to do. He stepped into the office and said, “The door was open so naturally I came in when I heard the law being broken. Mr. Mayor, I see you got out of prison, my how time flies right?!”

The man he was talking to put up his hands and said, “Now, I don’t know what you think you heard, but I run a legitimate outfit now. You don’t have anything to worry about.”

Harry couldn’t move away from a curse from the other man and was knocked back into the wall. The man cursed him again and white hot pain streaked across his chest and arm. Another spell cut across his jaw and Harry finally stood up and whipped his wrist around and the two men fell to the floor bound and gagged.

Just then Carl and two other Aurors arrived and looked at the scene they ran into. One of the Aurors looked furiously at Carl saying he told him this would happen and Carl should have taken precautions. Harry looked curiously at the two for a minute and then told Carl to take the two men to the holding cells and question them and then arrest them for fraud and attacking a government official. He quickly told him how he got wind of them and what they were planning to do to Mrs. Carter from the Orphanage. “Anything else you can charge them with then do it. I’ll go to the office and write out the report and have my meet and greet with our new Minister Elect.”

Harry appeared in his office to find Hermione, Ron and Ginny there, none of whom were happy to see him. He couldn’t hide his pain at seeing Ginny standing in opposition against him.

He said, “Well, I still have six minutes before my shift begins; so if you’ll excuse me so I can take care of myself. Is there to be a photo shoot so everyone can see you have a washed up has been as your Head Auror? Thanks, by the way, for the whole minute or two to let me heal and all. It’s not near what I was expecting, but I guess I should have expected it. You’ve become power hungry, Hermione. I hope you shake out of it right now.”

Ron turned red under the collar and Hermione looked as though she had been body slammed and Ginny looked confused.

Harry sighed since he had asked them to excuse him to tend to his needs and they just stood there. “Fine, I don’t mind if you don’t. He magiced off his suit jacket, vest, shirt, and tie, and made a mirror stand in front of him. He waved his wand over him and all the blood disappeared. It was very clear he was upset with his wounds being opened and for the new ones he just received. He began applying medicine and Ginny stepped over to him and took the medicine from him. He could tell she was angry with him, but she was being careful with his injuries.

“I want to understand what happened, but you make it hard for me to trust you to tell me the truth. Why would you say you were home when you weren’t? I really thought you wanted to work out all our problems.”

Harry suddenly groaned and grabbed Ginny for support when she started to apply medicine to his shoulder. “My collarbone is broken, that’s good enough, thanks.”

He took the medicine from Ginny and bandages applied themselves to the wounds. This wasn’t as good as if a human had done it, but Harry didn’t think he could stand anymore touching. He drank a potion to mend his collarbone and then magiced a new shirt, tie, vest, and jacket from the closet where he keeps spares. After he finally got them on he turned his attention to Hermione, Ron and Ginny. “I need to sit down if nobody minds.”

He was looking rather white and they just nodded their heads. “Now, where do we begin? Gin, we can discuss your accusations at home in private if you don’t mind. I’m sure Hermione and the Captain would like to get their pictures taken so they can get back home while I’m left here for the day to be gawked at by all who’ll come to see if I showed up to be reinstated.”

Ron straightened his back and said, “There’s no call to be unfair.”

Harry’s face turned red and his voice thundered. “This whole thing from the beginning five and a half months ago has been unfair to me; so don’t speak of a couple of you guy’s feelings getting hurt as unfair!”

Ron said, “What about you lying to Ginny and then showing up this morning from who knows where as if you were here all along?!”

Harry furrowed his eyebrows together shaking his head curiously. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I came here from home.”

Ron stood up and shouted, “You weren’t home all day yesterday or last night. And it’s obvious that you were somewhere dying because Ginny’s necklace appeared on her for hours yesterday. And then look at the shape you’re in this morning! You called from somewhere and said you were home, but you weren’t. You used to pride yourself about always telling the truth, but you told Ginny one lie after another.”

Harry looked at Ginny and she softly said, “I never know if you’re coming home when my necklace appears on me. When you called yesterday, I figured you were just trying to keep me from worrying. You probably called Winky to ask if we were home so you would be able to make up anything. I went home this morning and you weren’t there. And you show up here this morning all beaten and hurt so badly.”

Before Harry could say anything there was a knock on the door. Ron answered it and looked over at Hermione, “It’s the photographer and reporter.” Before Ron got the door shut Draco came in with his camera and a notepad. Harry explained that he asked Draco to come so he can share the news. “I didn’t think you’d mind Hermione, since you want an open and transparent administration.”

Hermione put on a happy face and tilted her head to Ron for him to do the same. He smiled and asked the crew to come in. Hermione looked at Harry with a pleading look but Harry didn’t pretend to be happy. At least he wasn’t unpleasant. He just looked like he was a busy man who didn’t like to be interrupted with trivial things as pictures and interviews.

Ginny smiled at him and he actually smiled back which melted her heart. There were pictures and a candid interview with Harry and he answered honestly to all questions. But then when he was asked about the secret mission he was on with the United States he said he wasn’t at liberty to talk about it. And then he pleased them with some volunteer information that they hadn’t heard before. “I am not at liberty to tell you what my role was in the mission, but I can tell you that it didn’t just involve the United States. It initially was discovered by me over here and it involved the Muggle Prime Minister of England, Ireland, Scotland, the upper levels of government in the United States, and three other countries. It was dangerous hence the mangled man you see before you. But, I’m okay now and with time I’ll heal.”

More pictures were taken and then the photographers and reporters left. Hermione turned on Harry and said, “You could have smiled at least once! Even a fake one would have worked! I thought you wanted me to be the Minister of Magic! And I’m not leaving until you tell the truth about where you were and what you were doing. Why did you lie and say you came here from home?”

Harry kindly said, “I told you the truth. I got home yesterday around 3:00 in the afternoon. I didn’t leave my property and I came straight here from home. And I won’t speak to you about it again, because my private life isn’t any of your business. And, Hermione, I barely lived through that mission so I didn’t think it was something I could smile about. I want people to see me as I am, fake doesn’t work for me. I challenge you to take an honest look at your smile when the papers come out and see if fake ones work for you. You don’t give people a good picture of yourself with fake smiles. How will your public believe you with important things if you show yourself as a fake?”

There was no warning, and no time for Harry to see anything about to happen. Ron rounded on him and hit him with his fist.”

Harry dropped to the floor and didn’t move. Just then Carl came in and dropped a folder he had in his hand and roughly held Ron against the wall by his collar. “What is your problem?! Harry didn’t do anything to deserve that!”

Ginny clasped her hands to her neck and was relieved there wasn’t any sign of her necklace. She thought he just looked worse than what it was. She stooped over to Harry along with Hermione to help him get to his feet. They looked at each other with white faces and Hermione said, “Get him home quickly and call Lissy, hurry!” She stood up with tears streaming down her face, “You two help us get him home!”

Carl dropped Ron and gently pulled Harry onto his back. There was no sign of life but he felt a weak pulse in his neck. Carl picked him up being careful not to jostle him about. Ginny, Carl, and Ron Disapparated from Harry’s office to his and Ginny’s house. Ginny pointed to the couch and said, “You can put him there.” She stopped talking and noticed the tree and decorations. Hermione popped in a minute later and asked was Lissy coming. Ginny shook her head and said, “Lissy has the flu, she’s terribly bad sick.”

Hermione told her to see if Harry’s doctors, Carson or Jennifer could come.
Ginny said she hated to call them because they had just returned from being here earlier. Hermione begged her to call them and so she did. While Ginny talked to Mr. Woolsey, Hermione was skimming over the folder and asked Carl what it was all about. She continued saying, “It says that Harry was called out on a case this morning and captured two men committing fraudulent acts on the Orphanage Administrator. But he told us that he went straight to work this morning. He’s put himself in an awkward position with his lying. I don’t think his friends from the United States have been a good influence on him. He used to never lie.”

Carl took the report from her and said, “The boss did go straight to work from here this morning. Just before he got to his office Mrs. Carter from the Orphanage went there and asked for his help. He took her in his office and gave her tea while she explained why she was there. That’s what the parchment is. Harry told her he’d take care of everything for her. He took her home and did some charity work for the orphanage so they could have Christmas and then he worked out knowing where to find the frauds and he had to step in before any of us got there because one of them was leaving. Of course Ron would have known the rest of the story if he’d responded to the emergency call he sent out to us. Any way he had to do something to keep them both there and because he isn’t able to move quickly he was cursed I don’t know how many times, but then he finally was able to capture them just before any of us got there.”

He pulled out the recording Harry made and played it for them. Hermione put her hands over her mouth in horror when she heard them talking about Harry the way they were. Harry was right, she needed to let him heal and now he might just die instead of recover.

Ginny called Winky and the small Elf screamed when she saw Harry on the couch. “What is you doing to Winky’s poor Master Harry?!”

Winky put her hands on Harry’s chest and head. She shook her head and sorrowfully said, “You is killing Winky’s Master. What is Winky to do?”

Harry opened his eyes and barely whispered, “Winky, let me-”

Ginny gasped and slapped her hand over Harry’s mouth quickly. “Winky, he didn’t say it. You have to save him. Do what you have to do to save him!”

Winky looked at Harry who had tears streaming out of the corners of his eyes. He looked at Ginny and saw her terrified face and her tears dropping onto his chest. He closed his eyes and nodded his head just slightly.

Ginny removed her hand from Harry’s mouth and looked at Winky. “Do what you can to keep him alive. Carson and Jennifer are both away on a mission and won’t be back until tomorrow. I told Mr. Woolsey not to bother sending them then; he needs help now not later.”

Winky nodded her head and said, “I have to turn Master Harry blue and it is very dangerous for him in this state. Master Harry might not live through it.”

Ron dropped into a chair in disbelief and said, “I didn’t hit him that hard, what’s wrong with him?”

Ginny didn’t say anything and Carl held his tongue. He knew no matter what Ron did, Harry wouldn’t approve of him telling Ron off. Winky; however, didn’t hold back. “Master Harry is already being too bad off to work and is having to work. He is getting home at 3:00 yesterday afternoon and showering. He is waiting for his Ginny and Lily to come home and sleeps on the couch making Winky promise to wake him when they is being home. Only Winky isn’t ever waking him because poor Master Harry is waking up at 3:00 this morning from nightmares and worked out a tiny bit and then Master is being out in the cold to find the perfect tree and comes home with it. Master decorated the tree with exception of putting on the Angel. Master is waiting for Lily to come home to help her put on the angel. After Master and Winky is done eating breakfast Master goes to work too early so people is not gawking at him. Master is very sad Master’s friends is using him to get what they is wanting. Master is afraid his demons will keep him from being safe at work because Master isn’t able to move quickly.”

Ginny used her wand to remove Harry’s suit jacket, vest, shirt, and tie and then nodded to Winky to take over. Winky put her hands on his chest and blue energy went from Winky into Harry. His body jumped clear off the couch and his scream was horrible. Winky put one hand on the side of Harry’s face where Ron hit him and then at various other places. Finally she took her hands off of him and stepped back from him. He was shaking violently and Winky put both her hands over his temples. Suddenly he stopped shaking and convulsing. He was blue from head to toe, except for his hair.

Harry looked around and his wrath was clear. In his primal condition he was in everyone wished they had restrained him before Winky charged him with this energy. He stood up making fists and glowering at Ron and Hermione. He stepped over to them and Ron stood in front of Hermione. He swallowed and said, “Now, Harry, think about this. You don’t want to hurt us, we’re best friends.”

Harry doubled his fists and yelled ferociously. He backed up shaking his head and then ran outside. Ginny turned on Ron and Hermione and was fixing to scream at them but a Ministry Owl pecking on the window got her attention. She took the Special Edition of the Daily Prophet and paid the owl. She looked at the pictures on the front page all of which were showing Harry in a dilapidated state and looking like he was ready to kick the bucket. Hermione and Ron were in one of the pictures and Hermione cried out in shame. “Harry was right, look at us. I look like a spoiled snob, and Harry is going to be the laughing stock of the Ministry. What have I done?”

Ron said, “We just have to show people that he is able to be Head Auror. We could print the case he worked out this morning, and Harry does a lot for charity; we can get pictures of his charity work. People eat up Human Interest stories, they’ll love him.”

Hermione looked hopeful and then said, “We can have the case printed up but we will not make a reality show of his good will to men. His charity work is close to his heart and we won’t ruin it, by making him look like a hero for doing what all of us should be doing. Harry saw a need and he did something about it. He did it out of the kindness of his heart because he is a good and decent man.”

Ginny said, “Let’s see what the Phoenix has to say about the interview tomorrow. The Prophet didn’t even print the interview until the next to the last page under the obituaries. They didn’t even quote him, just said he rambled on a bit until the Minister Elect mercifully said they were done.”

Ron said, “They’re really mad because Harry’s secret mission put the Daily Prophet in a bad light. There must be something we can do to make them put better pictures in and write the interview according to what was asked and answered. I thought Harry did spectacularly. It isn’t fair what they’ve done.”

Ginny glared at him and snapped, “What they did is better than what you did, nearly killed him is what you did.”

Ron was taken aback and turned fierce red in the face clear down his neck. “I only meant to teach him a lesson in diplomacy. He was talking down to Hermione, making her look like-”

“Making me see what I look like. A spoiled snob like I said earlier. And he wasn’t being mean; he was being a good friend like he has always been. He kept warning me not to get power hungry but I had a taste of power and liked it. I wanted more. I hope he forgives me, his friendship is more important to me than being Minister of Magic.”

Ron looked at Ginny and said, “Sis, I’m sorry, I truly am. I haven’t gone off like that since-”

“Since you nearly killed him after you called him a monster and filthy animal,” she broke in with ice in her voice. “Yeah, that wasn’t that long ago, Ron. It was right before he left for America on that mission he was on. You know you could have gone with him and helped. You could have gone with him to help him get Bill; he needed your help and had to settle for a Muggle to help him save Bill. He was by himself on the mission; another wizard would have been helpful and probably would have been able to help with ending the mission without him getting hurt so badly. Instead he was tortured worse than you can imagine. He has nightmares about it whenever he shuts his eyes. The least you could do when you think you have to hurt him is to at least let him see you attack him so he has a chance to defend himself.”

Ron nodded his head and said he wished it hadn’t happened and he wished Harry would get back to explain how sorry he was. The day went by slowly and every so often Ginny put her hand to her neck saying, “At least he is okay, not lying in a ditch dying or something. My necklace hasn’t even made a shadow, he must be okay, and just taking longer than normal finding himself after the blue wore off.” Hermione and Ron always agreed and said things like he’d probably walk in any time.
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Hey Guys, here we go again. Time for another chapter. Thanks to everyone for reading my ff. It means a lot to me, thank you. I hope everyone likes this new chapter. As always, feel free to comment.

Chapter 7

Truth And Consequences

Finally at five o’clock Harry walked in the house and wiped his feet before going into the living room. He saw Ron and Hermione on the couch and then saw Ginny walk in the room asking if she heard the front door.

Harry managed a small smile for her and said he just got home. His look at her lingered and then he went into his office since she didn’t say anything to him. He put down his brief case and then went back out to face the three silent people watching his every move. Ginny went to him slowly and held out her arms to him. His smile was small and sad, but sweet to her eyes. He welcomed her into his arms and accepted her kiss. She pulled away from him feeling his reserve but didn’t blame him. His emotions were too fragile to get his hopes up that she wasn’t just being dutiful to him in front of her brother and sister-in-law. She took his hand and led him to his comfy chair by the fireplace and motioned for him to sit as she told him to rest until dinner was ready. “It’ll be another twenty minutes; I didn’t know when to have it ready.”

Harry said that was fine and asked about Lily and Hugo. Ginny loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt while she told him they were making Christmas cookies and cakes at the Orphanage and they’d be back later in the evening. He was so quiet and since he didn’t offer any conversation she was worried that he was just waiting until they were alone to make his displeasure with her known to her. He smiled and quietly said he was glad they were doing that and it was thoughtful of her parents to let the kids help. Hermione finally spoke talking quickly and steadily how sorry she was and how he was right about everything. And then Ron spoke up but when Harry’s eyes met his they were cold and hard. Ron stopped talking and swallowed. “Look mate, I’m sorry I hit you. You didn’t deserve it. I couldn’t help it because I thought -”

Harry broke in quietly and said, “I was ready to accept your apology until you started justifying the reason you felt you needed to kill me. Try again with humility and no justifications this time.”

Harry’s voice; although quiet had the tone of danger and Ron wasn’t sure he wanted to keep talking in case Harry got mad at him. “Never mind, Harry. I just wanted to apologize, but I don’t want any trouble or make you mad.”

Harry sighed and said, “I figured you’d back down. Let me tell you a few things just so you’ll be perfectly clear. It’s too late to worry about making me mad because I am already mad. And take this as a warning; the next time you ever curse me, I will protect myself if you are man enough to try anything in front of me. If you ever hit me again, I will hit back.”

Ron’s face went white and he nodded his head and said, “Right, like that’s fair. You could kill me with your little finger.”

Harry stared at him and said, “We’re going to have a discussion about what is fair I see. Not long ago you cursed me when I was totally unprotected and vulnerable for something I still don’t know the reason for. Whatever I did required you to tell me I am a monster and a filthy animal. I was trying to help Hermione and you got bent out of shape for some reason. Just so you know I don’t consider that fair. And again today you hit me from out of my line of sight when I was totally vulnerable and suffering from being attacked physically and from being cursed several times. You nearly killed me and once again I don’t know why. I don’t consider that fair either. Now, you tell me how you think having an unfair advantage being used against you isn’t fair but it is fair for an unfair advantage to be used against me.”

Ron suddenly had the look of defeat and worthlessness. He bit his lip and said, “Harry, I’m sorry. You’re right and-”

Harry interrupted saying, “I’m sorry is all you need to say, Captain. Are you willing to put this behind us so we can be mates again?”

Ron looked incredulously at Harry and nervously half laughed. “I can if you can. I’d like that, Harry, I’d like that a lot.”

Harry offered a small smile and closed his eyes. He was so tired he couldn’t help it. Hermione asked where he’d been all day, and his eyes opened with a hard look that made them all feel uncomfortable. But then his eye’s softened and his eyebrows furrowed with serious confusion. “I don’t - err were you talking to me? I must have dozed off or something.”

Hermione, Ron, and Ginny looked at each other. Ginny gently said, “Hermione asked where you were all day today.”

Harry stared; not knowing what was expected of him to say. “I went to work, and then Ron tried to kill me and then I found myself walking through a field freezing because all I had on was my suit pants. I remembered Winky making me go blue, and you have no idea how much that hurts by the way, so then I went back to work and put on a fresh suit and finished my shift. I came right home at five o’clock.”

They all sighed and Hermione said, “Why did you go to work?”

Harry stood up his frustration beginning to get the best of him. “Hermione, you ordered me to go back to work. I don’t understand why you’re asking me where I went and why I went.”

Ginny took his hand and stopped him from pacing. “Love, when you turned blue you ran out of here and we waited all day for you to come back, but you didn’t until now. But, I knew you were okay because my necklace didn’t ever show any signs of coming on me.”

Harry said, “I found your necklace and fixed it. I took the enchantment off of it. It is just a plain necklace now. But if you don’t want it you can give it to a charity. I’m sorry it has been such a terrible burden for you. It was never my intention for it to cause you any hardship.”

Winky announced dinner was ready and she turned to leave but Harry called her name. She stopped and looked up at him. He knelt on one knee so he didn’t tower over her but put them on the same eye line. “Winky, thank you for saving me today. Are you okay? I know it takes a lot out of you when you have to do that.”

The small elf smiled sweetly and said she was happy her master was alive and not angry with her for saving him since she knew he wanted to die even though he didn’t get to tell her to let him die.

Harry hugged her and said he could never be angry with her. “What’s for dinner, I’m hungry!”

Winky giggled and said, “As if Master doesn’t already know, Winky is making all Master’s favorite foods.” Everyone laughed but Harry. He did manage a chuckle and thanked her again. Harry showed Hermione and Ron to the dining room and Ron noticed he never put his back to him ever. Harry didn’t trust him and this made him feel small.

Harry stood behind Ginny’s chair and waited for her to scoot it to the table. Ginny didn’t like Harry waiting on her but he was too much of a gentleman to sit before she did. He sat down and asked again about Lily and so Ginny looked at her watch. “I expect them to be here in about forty five minutes.”

“Fantastic! I can’t wait. You know, Vernon and Petunia always made such a big deal about having Dudley put the topper on the tree. Dudley, being their only child got the honors every year. And I don’t know, I guess it’s silly, but I always wanted to have a child to help put the topper on the tree. This year will be the first ever I’ve been home or able to do it with the kids. I know she won’t be up for making cookies since she did that today, but maybe tomorrow after dinner we can do some more decorating and make cookies afterwards. Oh; and I have a recipe Teyla gave me that her family always made I bet Lily will love to try.”

Ginny said she was sure she would love to. They finished eating and went to the living room to visit. Harry’s eyes lit up at one point but then he looked like his world was about to end. He opened his left hand toward the front door and then tried to talk cheerfully with his wife and Ron and Hermione. Harry’s cheerfulness waned little by little and soon he was just sitting there with a faraway look on his face. He was able to answer any questions but didn’t offer any conversation. He smiled at Ginny whenever she said his name and soon said, “Well, I’ve had a long day, please don’t think badly of me, but I need to get to bed.”

He stood up stiffly and Hermione wincing at his pain he was hiding said, “Harry, I think you should take the time off and heal like your doctor said.”

One side of Harry’s lips turned up slightly and he said with a gentle jab at Hermione’s conscience, “That would be wonderful, but I think it is too late for that now. I’m sure you saw the results of the interview with the Daily Prophet. I know I did because it was brought to my attention all day long. Your idea went over with overwhelming success. People actually made lines to have a turn looking in on me sitting obediently behind my desk for them to gawk at. People expect me to be on the job now and I have to prove I am worthy of my job title. Carl told me he played the tape for you today and told you what the case was about. I was able to stretch the fraud case I worked out this morning to last all day, as it turned out there is more to it than originally thought. I found out while trying to look busy that the reporter and photographer were both working for the ex mayor of Godric’s Hollow and I must say they did their job proud. They were to show the people how pathetic I am and stir up trouble by only having the job of Head Auror now because I’m related by marriage to the Minister Elect. Good night everyone; see ya tomorrow, Captain. We’ll be meeting at the Detective Agency. Surely there has been enough of my public display at the Ministry and I can work where I’ll be more comfortable since I have to go to work.” Harry flipped his wrist when he walked by the tree and the angel was on top of the tree and plugged in.

Harry walked slowly over to the front door and opened it and spoke quietly. “I’m going to bed now and can’t make your light stay on or keep you warm any longer. I’m sure it’s past your bedtime, so gather up your things and come on in now. Good night, Darling Angel.”

Ginny watched as Harry turned away from the door and went to bed. She looked at her watch and exclaimed in surprise, “It’s nine thirty! Lily walked slowly into the house and cheerfully said good-night; trying to get up the steps before Ginny said anything, but it didn’t work out that way.

She huffed and walked over and stood in front of her mother. Ginny told her to sit down and Lily obeyed. “How long have you been on the front porch?”

“Uncle Percy brought me home at six fifteen.”

“Lily Luna Potter you could have frozen to death out there! I know you have better sense than to sit in freezing weather with no coat, hat, and gloves. Why didn’t you come in when you got home? Your dad has been anxiously waiting for you, and now he’s gone to bed without seeing you.”

Ginny began feeling for a temperature and swollen glands and such things that a mother would check for if their child had been in freezing weather for three hours without being properly outfitted for it. Miraculously Lily wasn’t cold at all, and in fact she was nice and warm. She pointed to the chair and folded her arms waiting for her daughter to start talking.

Lily sat down and began her explanation. “Uncle Percy brought me home but before I came in I saw him sitting in his chair so I sat on the swing to wait for him to leave. I finished reading my book while I waited and I even wrote my book report. I had to take off my coat, hat, and gloves because I got too warm. I thought you made it warm for me to keep me from coming in while you guys talked. But then he said he couldn’t keep me warm or make the light stay on anymore since he was going to bed. Why is he still here; I thought you would tell him to live somewhere else.”

Hermione sobbed into her hands and said she was so sorry for everything she caused to happen.

Ginny glared at her and said, “If you don’t mind, Hermione, this is not about you right now, it’s about Lily!”

Hermione braved Ginny’s wrath and said, “Lily didn’t know she was doing wrong she was only reacting to how we have all been treating her dad. It’s no wonder she is acting out against him.”

Ginny suggested they go home since they both have to work. “Lily tried to manipulate me into feeling sorry for her, like she is the victim of an injustice done to her. Lily didn’t want to come in after she saw her dad sitting here. She decided to stay out there because she is angry with him. You heard her; she couldn’t even say, dad, but said ‘he’ instead. She conveniently used my anger and pain to her advantage. Yes, I understand she is confused, but she listened in on me yesterday when I talked to Harry, a one sided conversation is what she heard; and she listened in when I got back to the Burrow this morning. Something has been eating at her for some time now, and it is going to stop now. I will not allow her to manipulate my emotions so she doesn’t have to pay the consequences of her actions.”

Ginny looked back at Lily and said, “When you got home, did you intend on coming in the house?”


And you stopped when you saw your dad?”


Lily folded her arms and looked just as angry as her mom. “I am mad at him because I got punished for doing more than I knew how when I tried to comfort John and not make him hurt. Then he goes and nearly gets killed doing something that was too much for him to do. And he didn’t come home to have dinner together and watch movies like he said he would. And another thing he did when he knew he wasn’t able, he went back to work! I was never so embarrassed today when the kids at the Orphanage showed me the pictures of my dad and saying how lucky I was to have him for my dad! Have you seen those pictures, he looks like he should be dead! And he didn’t have anything smart to say in the interview, he sounded like he was a dumb bum! The paper showed people putting up a huge Christmas tree and decorating the Orphanage. It said it was nice of the store to send all those decorations and gifts to the kids, something Harry Potter had seen to in prior years making sure the kids each received a new toy. How can those kids be so adoring of him when he hasn’t done anything for them and what with him looking like a mere husk of a human man, a dumb one at that? And if that wasn’t bad enough the paper had a picture of him going into an employment company; saying that he must not have confidence he will be able to keep his job as Head Auror! He might be able to flip burgers at a fast food place because he is too weak and slow to do anything else.”

Ginny and Hermione both grabbed at the paper to find what Lily was talking about. Lily told them they wouldn’t find all that in that special report, but in the regular paper that came out after the special report.

They gave up looking after Lily told them about the regular paper carrying the story. Ginny looked at Lily and said, “Regardless of what you’ve seen and heard, you don’t have the whole story and you acted on misinformation. Didn’t your dad just have a talk to you about that the other day? We’ll talk more after we see what the Rising Phoenix prints in the morning. They didn’t put out a special report like the Daily Prophet did. Go on to bed now, and think about the cost of listening in on things you don’t have a right to hear. And I hate that I said what I did because I was wrong too. But, Lily, you must stop listening in on people unless you are invited in on the conversation. And if you hear me talking and there isn’t anywhere else for you to be then it is your job to let me know that you can hear me without trying to. I’ll think of a punishment suitable for you by tomorrow evening.”

Ginny folded her daughter in her arms and hugged her and kissed her tears that were forming but too rebellious to drop.

Ron and Hermione left and Ginny went on to bed. She made sure the waterbed didn’t create any waves when she got in so she wouldn’t wake up Harry. She could tell by his breathing he was having a nightmare, but at least he wasn’t trembling. She lay against him and became cozy from his warmth. She fell asleep and slept comfortably all night. She hadn’t slept well the night before but that was her own fault.
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back foe the new chapter and I'm sorry for not posting yesterday or today. Actually, I guess I should say sorry for not posting Sunday or Monday. I was caught up up in other things and didn't get to post. But here it is now. Please feel free to comment. I hope you enjoy the new chapter.

Chapter 8

The Injured Bird

Early in the morning Harry got up to work out and see if Chevron was feeling up to taking a short run with him. He worked out hard and ran at a faster pace than he probably should have, but he was careful not to open any wounds and he felt good with his progress. He showered letting the hot water massage his tired and sore muscles. He finished up and went upstairs to have his breakfast. Winky put his plate in front of him and climbed up in her seat beside him. They enjoyed their conversation about her children and how anxious Harry was for his sons to come home. He stood up to leave but first said, “I found an injured bird while I was running. He must have been blown from his nest early this morning during that snow storm just before dawn. I’ve warmed him up enough and looked to his needs. His wing is bruised and Lily should be able to heal it if she wants to. If she doesn’t, let me know tonight and I’ll take care of it. If she does want to heal it, tell her it is on the porch swing in a small box with some fresh hay for warmth as if it were in its nest. Tell her to let it fly away after she is done. It would be bad for it if she brought it in the house and got too warm before it went back out into the cold. And make sure she washes her hands when she's done. If she doesn’t want to heal it, tell her it is important for it to get water throughout the day and to feed it several times.”

Harry arrived at his Detective Agency early to get set up for his Aurors. He just made a pot of rich coffee when at six forty five Draco walked into his office and shook hands with Harry. “I don’t know how you do it, but you look a lot better than yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, you still look horrible, but that’s probably just because you’re so ugly.”

Harry chuckled and said he was sure he was right. Draco captured the easy smile on Harry’s face with his camera and Harry’s demeanor changed to somewhat formidable. He looked seriously at Draco and Draco snapped the image before Harry could say anything. Just then the phone on his desk rang and Harry’s look changed again. This time he looked downright scary because of the suspicious nature of someone calling the agency when they weren’t even open yet. He picked up the receiver and Draco took another picture and Harry ignored him to find out from the Caller ID who called. Harry looked at Draco and said, “What’s going on, Draco? The Caller ID says you called.”

Draco snapped another picture of Harry looking determined. Then Draco laughed as he reached for the door knob. “Relax Potter; I set my phone to call your office so I could get a picture of you working. I just wanted to get some real pictures of you for my story on the Great Harry Potter returning back to work. You noticed I’m sure the phony story the Daily Prophet put out yesterday. I don’t know what Hermione is playing at, but she certainly didn’t do any favors for you or her. I wanted to wait and see what they put out so I could print a better, truthful story. I’ve got your back Potter; but don’t think this makes us friends or anything like that.” He smiled and Harry grinned as well. Thanks, for that, Draco. I can give you something to help your article if you want to use it.”

Harry spent a few minutes telling Draco about the case he uncovered and how the photographer and reporter weren’t employees of the Daily Prophet. And in fact the publisher and editor of said paper were captured and locked away under a spell that had them unconscious all day until his Aurors found them and took them to get help. “They were held at St Mungos overnight and should be released this morning. The story from Hermione was also tweaked a good bit. She did ask me to return to work and I said I would but not for three months and then only if my doctor released me from his care.”

Draco grinned and said he couldn’t wait to put his story out and left. Harry yawned and began reading the rest of the cases the Aurors worked on for the five and a half months he was gone. He had begun reading them off and on when time permitted the day before so he wouldn’t have to pay attention to the constant gawkers looking in on him being there. He just finished up with some notes when his Aurors began coming in happily greeting him. He sat on the corner of his desk and his men sat down quietly to receive their morning briefing. Just then Ron came in and sat down rather grumpily.

“I just arrested some bloody git for trying to break into the office next door, can you believe it? I took him to the Ministry and threw him in a holding cell. I didn’t want to miss briefing; figured he might need time to clean up his face anyway. I wouldn’t have hit him, but he said I wasn’t going to live long enough to arrest him. He tried to curse me; the fool stuck his arm out trying to dazzle me with his wand movements and I just yanked him forward and cleaned his clock.” He looked at Harry and grinned saying, “Remember when you taught me that move? It’s the first time I ever got to use it.”

All the Aurors laughed heartily and Harry chuckled and nodded his head. “I do remember Captain; good work.” Harry let them enjoy Ron and Ron felt good about himself. Finally Harry asked them all to settle down so they could get their assignments. He told them everything that happened the day before since Ron, Carl, Kevin and a young Auror named, Larry knew about it. (A/N The other Aurors didn’t need to respond to the emergency call Harry sent to them since Harry only pushed the button to call them once. When someone is in an emergency situation, they need only to push the button on their phone once and two Aurors respond by pushing the button. When two Aurors respond then no one else needs to respond. The way to call all the Aurors for an emergency is to push the button twice and hold it down for several seconds.)

After Harry was done talking he said for them all to look at their folders and check out his notes on quite a few of the cases they handled while he was gone. The room was quiet and then Wes came in and though he was surprised to see them there, especially Harry, he just sat at his desk and opened a file on his desk and read it. Then Wes got up and as he was going outside he called back in to Harry, “I’m going to get some coffee, I forgot we were out.” Harry nodded his head with a very slight smile. He stood up and moved toward the Auror named Larry and all at once Larry shouted EXPELLIARMUS! Nothing happened so Larry tried to curse Harry but Harry simply flipped it away and then Harry hit him with his fist under the right jaw and the young man dropped to the floor unconscious.

Harry magically tied up Larry and took his wand and tossed it to Carl. He turned around to see who his Aurors were looking at and raised his hands. Everyone else raised their hands as two men walked in with wands drawn as Wes left. One of them told them to hand over their wands. Harry spoke up saying, “We don’t surrender our wands to anyone. How about you try and take them?”

Harry saw from the corner of his eye a young woman going for her wand. “Easy, Judy, they can’t take your wand if you don’t give them the opportunity to.”

He spoke to the man giving the orders saying, “You’re in quite the predicament; the two of you against eighteen Aurors. Well, seventeen since we can’t count on Larry here,” Harry added while he pointed to Larry still unconscious on the floor.

The man said, “We can be patient; you’ll draw your wand thinking you are quick enough to beat us and your Aurors will draw theirs to protect you. You can’t bluff your way through this Potter, you’re a washed up has been. After today, the Ministry will have to get them a new Head Auror and replace all these fine men and women you were too inept to protect.”

Harry cut in as if he didn’t hear the man talking and said, “Oh, and too bad for you I also have an Ace up my sleeve. I’ll give you a peek at my hand if you want to take a chance knowing if I’m bluffing or not.” Harry nodded to the coffee pot showing a full carafe and said, “I’m not out of coffee.” The lights flickered eerily and Harry’s sly grin turned scary.

When the two men looked nervously at the coffee maker; Wes shouted from behind them, ‘Expelliarmus!’ The men lunged at Harry but before they could do anything Harry had them hanging upside down and shaking their pockets empty. After he made sure all the pockets were empty he tied their hands together making use of the hanging robes to cover their heads. They looked rather comical when Harry righted them and set them on their feet. Their arms were stretched over their heads and their robes being tied the way they were made them look like giant tulips.

Harry nodded at Wes and said, “Good job, Wes. Did anyone else look suspicious out there? Was there anyone with these two?”

“There was another man but he left just before these two came in. I waited for a little bit to see if he came back but he didn’t.”

Harry nodded his head and said they’d have to find out who else was in on the attempt to take all the Aurors out of commission. He wondered too if the guy Ron captured was in on it too. “I don’t know Larry, who hired him and when was he hired?”

Carl answered saying, “Percy hired him after he fired you. Seems I remember him saying he knew his mum from work and hired him as a favor to her.”

Harry nodded his head but didn’t say anything. Ron became fidgety suspecting that Harry would make a comment about Percy being stupid or something, but Harry never did.

Judy spoke up and said, “How did you know Larry was a plant? I thought he did an admirable enough job as an Auror, we didn’t notice anything suspicious about him at all. Except reading your notes it is obvious now that he was a plant. And if you don’t mind my asking, how did Wes know what to do?”

Harry sat on the corner of his desk and put a spell over the three men on the floor to keep them from hearing what was being said. I wanted to find out what you all were up to and why I was told crime was up so much since I wasn’t here. I know I have the greatest group of men and women here and it couldn’t be negligence on your part. As I read the reports I kept a mental record at first of times things went wrong and who was present during each time. I noticed that Larry was either initially involved or responded to emergencies before most everyone else so I started making notes to keep track. Just like yesterday; I called for two Aurors, Carl came and then Kevin and Larry came. Each time he was involved blame was put on a different Auror. So in the Ministry’s eyes it did look like things were sloppy at best. And by the way, I will be removing blemishes from anyone’s record that has blame caused by Larry. And I’ll let Wes tell how he knew what to do. I’m going to take these three into the holding cells and be right back.”

Harry left and Wes said, “I thought it was odd Harry being here and I thought it odd that it was so quiet. I sat down to get busy and a folder appeared on my desk. It had a note in it from Harry. He told me something was amiss with an Auror named Larry. He told me to go outside and make an excuse while I was leaving. I’m not that good at thinking on my feet I guess or else I would have made a better excuse than to get coffee when he had a pot right there. When those two men came in and I went out I saw another man who had been with the two men leave. I was supposed to keep watch until I saw Harry’s sign, the lights flicker and then I was to sneak back in and capture the two men. So, that’s what I did.”

A few minutes later Harry came back to the office and assigned the work details for his Aurors and then sat at his desk with a cup of coffee and began writing his report. Several times throughout the day he left and returned looking more tired as the day progressed. Finally it was time to go home and he appeared on the front porch to look at the bird on the swing and picked it up carefully and tended to its needs and put a healing potion on its wing. A few minutes later it flew away. Harry made the box disappear and then stepped into the house. He put his briefcase on his office desk and finding the house empty he sat in his overstuffed chair and reclined it so he could rest before dinner; feeling totally exhausted from the day’s work.

Ten minutes after Harry reclined in his chair Ginny and Lily came home. Harry sat up wearily and gazed at the fire when Lily ran upstairs without a word to him. She glanced over at him when he spoke to her but hadn’t responded with even a ‘hello.’

He tried to put it in the back of his mind and stood up so he could give Ginny a proper hug and kiss. She smiled at him and reciprocated his love with a passionate kiss. Her arms went around his shoulders and his went around her waist. He held her to him and very softly told her how much he missed her. She kissed him again and gently pulled away from him. Smiling, she told him she missed him too. “Dinner will be ready in about twenty minutes. How was your day at work?”

Harry smiled tiredly and answered it was just fine, he was tired but it was good to see his Aurors again. And then he added in a non matter of fact way that sadly he had to let one of them go. “Percy hired him after he fired me. Not a big deal, it won’t happen again. Percy didn’t realize who he hired and his credentials appeared to be in order to the untrained eye. Unfortunately, they were fakes.”

Ginny frowned and said, “Percy won’t ever measure up in your eyes will he.”

Harry looked in her eyes and saw she was holding back a confrontation. He stepped over to the fire and placed another log on it. Standing with his hands to it he rubbed them to circulate some heat in them. ‘Why did he feel cold all day long,’ he thought before he answered Ginny.

“Forgive me if I led you to believe I was implying he was incompetent or inadequate. Percy didn’t have any ill will against the Aurors office. He merely hired a man he felt was good for the job when he was asked to hire him for a favor of a colleague at work. Percy checked his credentials; he just didn’t know to make sure they were legitimate, because he trusted his colleague.”

Harry looked up at the stairs and smiled when Lily came down and said she was going to see if the snow stopped coming down. A minute later she came back in and announced it hadn’t stopped snowing and then she looked smugly at Harry and said, “The stupid bird must not have been hurt as bad as you wanted me to think; it’s gone. It’s a shame it had to be alone all day because you had it trapped from spending it with his family.”

Harry felt gut punched at the way his darling angel looked at him and spoke to him. He said he was quite sure it was injured but was happy it was able to fly away.

Lily said, “It was not injured; you just kept it against its will to make me feel guilty and feel sorry for it. You are trying to distract me from thinking the way I am.”

Harry quietly spoke in a conversational tone; “Is that it then? So did the bird fly away with its prison when it escaped?”

Lily was taken aback with his question. She hadn’t thought about the brown box being gone. She looked at him and shook her head slowly. “Little birds like that don’t have the strength or the means to carry little brown boxes away.”

Harry nodded his head and said she was correct. “And it’s doubtful that they would be able to fly away at all if they were injured and kept in a little brown box all day without food or water.”

Lily rolled her eyes and said, “So I guess you’re going to punish me now, for not healing your stupid little bird.”

Harry looked sadly at Lily and said, “I will not punish you for not healing the bird. I didn’t tell you to, so you weren’t disobedient. And I didn't tell you to feed and water it several times although I did ask that you would. I must say I am surprised you would allow an innocent creature of nature to suffer and die if you could prevent it from happening. I apologize for assuming you would want to help it. It was my mistake thinking you would want to help it, but don’t worry I won’t make that mistake again. If it matters to you at all; I came home every two hours today to check with your progress and seeing you didn’t even check the bird once I cared for it. And it was when I got home tonight that doing one more treatment of potion was enough for it to be able to fly away. Now, the other matter of you being disrespectful to me when you rolled your eyes at me… Is there anything you want to tell me?”

Lily glared defiantly at him but in a very civil tone said, “No, I don’t think I need to feel I did anything wrong in showing any disrespect.”

Harry was very quiet for a minute. And then he tenderly said, “I see… well, let me make something clear; I am your father whether you like it or not. You don’t have to like me, but you do have to respect me, because as your father I try… my best to protect you, love you, and lead you on a path of knowledge and truth that will help you grow into a healthy, strong, responsible, knowledgeable and loving woman. So from this moment on, no matter what you think of me, I am your father and you will show me respect.”

Lily said she understood and then looked at Ginny mainly so she wouldn’t have to see the pain in her dad’s eyes she knew she was the cause of. But when she looked at her mom she saw her mom’s face grief stricken. Then Harry spoke again and Lily looked at him.

“I have been trying to figure out what I have done to cause such a divide between us. Would you please talk to me to help me understand what I have done to you? I want to fix anything I-”

“I don’t want to talk about it. Can we please just not talk about it?”

Harry stood up and nodded his head and as he turned away to put another log on the fire he said, “I won’t speak of it again, but hopefully you remember that you can talk to me about anything whenever you want. I love you Darling Angel.” He drew in a large breath and put the heel of his hands over his temples and pressed hard. He wished his head didn’t hurt him so. When he turned back around Ginny and Lily were both watching him intently. Winky was also standing there looking at him. He smiled weakly and said, “Is dinner ready then?”

Winky said it was ready and Lily and Ginny both jumped; not knowing Winky had walked into the room behind them. Harry followed them into the kitchen and sat down after Ginny and Lily both took their seats. “Thank you, Winky; this looks wonderful. Would you like to join us for dinner?”

Winky smiled and said, “No thank you, Master Harry. Winky is needing to eat with Winky’s family tonight and sort out young Harry. Winky and Winky’s Marston do not allow pretending illness to escape school work. Winky is distressed to know young Harry would do wrong for any reason.”

Harry gently put his hand on her shoulder and kindly said, “I’m sorry Winky; I understand your pain. Young Harry is a bright elf, I’m confident he will see the error of his ways. Don’t worry about coming back to clean up dinner tonight. Take the rest of the evening off.”

Winky thanked him and left. Harry began putting food on his plate and passing the plates on to Lily when he was done. He looked at Ginny and asked, “How was your day today? Did you write a spectacular story?”

Ginny smiled despite the sadness she was feeling. She shook her head unable to speak. Harry watched her and wished he didn’t feel so strongly about not looking into people’s minds so he could know what she was thinking. He took a bite and looked at Lily and said, “I haven’t heard a single word from you about Quidditch. How about it; do you have any aspirations to be a famous player like your mum?”

Lily opened her mouth completely taken by surprise that he was going on as if she hadn’t just hurt him. She shook her head slowly and picked up her fork when he smiled sweetly and told her she needed to eat. “I think we should work on decorating for Christmas after dinner. How about it?”

He looked at Lily and Ginny both and arched his eyebrows waiting for them to answer. Ginny said, “It sounds like a wonderful idea, but how about we do it tomorrow evening instead. I need to talk with Lily after dinner and it can’t wait.”

Harry frowned at first and then smiled slowly. “Sure that’s fine; tomorrow after dinner then. But maybe after your talk we can make Christmas cookies. That wouldn’t be an all evening project and it’ll give our bellies time to digest dinner before we eat, I mean decorate the cookies. I can’t promise I won’t eat a couple before we’re done though, I’m just saying.”

Ginny laughed but said, “I don’t think it is a good idea for tonight though. I’m just not in the mood for it tonight. I am looking forward to doing it though. And I made a chocolate cake for you today. You’ll have to settle for that instead of cookies.”

Harry nodded his head slightly and took a bite of his dinner. After a minute of awkward silence Harry said, “I’ve been thinking we need to get Albus’s puppy so it can get used to us and our house by the time we bring the boys home. How about I come home for lunch tomorrow and we-”

“Mum and I already did that. We ordered one from the pet store in Ottery St. Catchpole. They’ll deliver it Christmas day so we don’t have to put up with it until then.”

Harry was perceptibly surprised and looked at Lily. “Oh, err, what kind did you get? Did you see a pet you’d like to have, Angel?”

Lily’s eyes opened wide with surprise. Harry smiled with delight but it was short lived. Lily shook her head no. “We didn’t go there, we ordered it online and we didn’t look for any other animal to put up with. And it’s a five year old Bullmastiff; it has a Pedigree and lived alone with an old woman who died and needs a home. So it already has its puppy energy worn out of it.”

Harry looked at Ginny and said, “This is very curious. If you don’t mind me asking; why did you get it from the pet store instead of the pound like we talked about, Honey? And I take it you think it’ll be a bother to let Albus have a puppy? Do you know anything about Bullmastiffs?”

Lily spoke up with a defensive attitude, “Mum only tried to do what you wanted. She doesn’t want a stupid dog, but you promised one to Albus, so she got one since you didn’t. He’s getting his dog, what does it matter what kind it is or where it comes from? And why does she have to know anything about it?!”

Harry looked at Ginny and asked if Lily had been anyplace where she could have been cursed. Ginny answered hotly, “I’ve been trying to think of anyplace she could have picked up such a disrespectful nature or even cursed, but I can’t think of anyplace. She’s by my side if we go anywhere, and Mum and Daddy both know to be particularly watchful of her when she’s with them. She’s been to Ron and Hermione’s a few times for a week end now and then, so I can’t imagine she could have been cursed over there or picked up anything to give her such a rotten attitude. Hugo certainly does not act this way. He’s never acted suspicious or negative to you like Lily has been.” She looked at Lily who seemed affronted that they were talking about her that way. She felt they were both being unreasonable and blind for not seeing that she just finally seen how her dad really is.

Harry swallowed and frowned. Putting his hands to his head again he pressed and rubbed his temples hard. If only his head didn’t hurt so; he was sure he could figure what was going on with his darling angel. This was making the situation with Lily nearly unbearable. He sighed heavily and resignedly said, “Ron and Hermione is that way though. As a matter of fact, so was Percy until the other night, or whenever it was that the President of the United States was here. Or rather they were until yesterday. Between listening in on adults talking negatively about me and reading the articles in the Daily Prophet about me; mixed in with her own dramatic nature, it’s a wonder all that garbage hasn’t buried her love I’m sure is in her heart for me.”

He looked at Lily and she stared at him in confusion. She sighed and put the last forkful of dinner in her mouth and asked if she could be excused. Harry looked at Ginny’s plate and seen she was done eating as well. He on the other hand had barely eaten. He said, “If your Mum is through then we can all make haste in cleaning the kitchen and then finish our talk in the living room where we’ll all be more comfortable.” Ginny agreed except for them all cleaning the kitchen.

“Love, Lily and I will clean up dinner; you go in and relax until we are done. Harry stood up and was about to say he could help but briefly became dizzy and promptly steadied himself by leaning on the back of the chair for a moment. He straightened back up then and said, “Okay then, maybe I better.”

Ginny and Lily watched him walk slowly into the room and hurried to get the kitchen done. It didn’t take long, Ginny told Lily she was going to set the kitchen to clean itself this time so they could go in with daddy. Lily nodded her head and covered Harry’s plate of food before she set it in the refrigerator. She got a glass and filled it half full of water and followed her mom into the living room. They went to Harry who was sitting on the edge of the chair; his hands holding his bowed head and his elbows on his knees.

Lily was near tears and said, “What’s wrong with him, Mum? Something is terribly wrong, I can feel it!”

Harry sat up quickly to keep Lily from being afraid for him. He closed his eyes tightly to try to focus from moving so fast. When he opened them he saw double of Ginny and Lily. He groaned and weakly said, “I know what this is. I need to get in my lab and take the medicine I made; concussion medicine. You two stay out here; I’ll come out in a short bit.”

They both started to argue saying they could help. “No, you need to stay out here; hurts a lot, a whole lot. Don’t want you to see or hear me. I’m going to make the room secret so you can’t hear me.” He held out his hand and the portrait of Severus Snape zoomed to him. He half caught it but mostly just stopped it from going past him and it dropped with a thud to the floor. “Oh, sorry, Papa; are you okay? Sorry, never mind.” He said, “If anything goes wrong Professor Dumbledore will come in this picture and tell you.”

Harry staggered into the lab and put up the barrier that made it look like a wall instead of a door into the study. This also made the room soundproof. He got the potion and looked up at the portrait of Dumbledore and said, “You saw how this worked on me the last time?”

“Yes, sad to say I did witness that. Are you about to take it again; by yourself?” Dumbledore was watching Harry prepare the needle with the potion.

“Yes, and I don’t know what to use for a buffer so it’s going to affect me the same way. That’s why I don’t want Ginny to help me. I don’t want her or Lily to see me suffer from it. If I don’t pull through please go into Papa’s portrait and tell Ginny.”

Harry didn’t wait for a reply but laid down on the floor and then caused ropes to bind his arms to his sides. He spoke a charm and the syringe flew at him and stuck him in the neck and pushed the potion into the artery. He felt it begin to course through his body and tried to relax to keep him from muscle fatigue but the potion was just like the last time, too powerful for him to control his muscles. He began to spasm and convulse violently for what seemed to him to be an eternity and then he saw a bright light far away and he was still and lifeless. He heard a comforting voice and beautiful unearthly music emanating from an unseen choir all around him. He wasn’t in any pain and he wasn’t sore or weary. Then the light disappeared and he opened his eyes. His body ached, but the headache was gone which was a relief beyond measure. He looked up at the portrait and said he was okay. Dumbledore smiled affectionately and said, “You are now, but a minute ago you wasn’t.”
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Hey Guys, look whose not being tardy on posting this week. Thanks to everyone for coming back for another new chapter. I hope you enjoy reading it; I enjoyed writing it. It isn't quite as long as last week's chapter.

Chapter 9

Choosing A Puppy For Albus

Harry made the ropes disappear and made his way to his feet and stood rubbing his arms and wrists. He picked up the syringe and disposed of it properly. After removing the charm from the room he went back into the living room with Ginny and Lily. He made the portrait of Severus hang itself up in the study and sat down in his chair by the fireplace. He was trying to act normal but he couldn’t fake normalcy when he looked as bad as he did. His coloring was white as the snow falling outside and he was trembling noticeably. He looked into Ginny’s eyes and told her with*Legilimency that he needed to talk to her later. Harry didn’t want to tell her what happened to him but knew she would be hurt if he didn’t. When he spoke his voice was shaky and very soft. He was breathing like he had just finished a marathon and it was obvious he was too tired to be out of bed.

“Really; I’m okay. It just took a lot out of me. At least it fixed the trouble I was in. Speaking of trouble, let’s talk. “Angel, is there something wrong with the water?”

Lily arched her eyebrows and looked at Ginny. Harry chuckled softly and said, “You were holding that water when you came out of the kitchen, you haven’t drank any.”

Lily looked at the glass in her hand and then she laughed nervously, “I brought this in for you because you always drink water when you aren’t feeling well.”

Harry thanked her for it as she handed it to him. “That was thoughtful of you, Darling Angel, thank you.” He drank it and replenished it and drank the full glass. “Before I forget, Honey; will you please call the pet store and cancel your order? I don’t really think we want a giant dog that slobbers, drools, and sheds as badly as that breed does. Plus, it has already lived half of his life expectancy. And the main thing is it would have a hard time adjusting to children since he lived his whole life with an adult woman. And they tend to have health issues if you don’t clean its fur and folds of skin around its face and neck. Is there a special reason you picked that breed of dog?”

Ginny said it was the only dog with a pedigree. “It says on the link that they will have more dogs and puppies after the holiday. So many parents got puppies for their kids for Christmas they only had the dog I ordered left. Well, they had other dogs but this one was the only one with a pedigree.”

Harry smiled sweetly. “It doesn’t have to be a registered puppy with pure blood lines. I thought we’d just go to the pound and pick a puppy. A Golden Retriever would be a super puppy for Albus. It’ll be compatible with the whole family, but it will be loyal to Albus when he is here to take care of it. I reckon it’ll be okay with me too since I’m thinking from the way Lily was talking, you and she doesn’t want to be responsible for it when Albus isn’t here. It’s fine, I’ll take it to work with me until Albus gets home.”

Ginny and Lily wrinkled their noses, “Folds of skin?” they both asked at the same time. Harry laughed and said, “You didn’t see a picture of the dog?” They shook their heads no and Harry changed into a Bullmastiff and said, “This is what the dog would look like.” He barked and loped about the living room and then jumped up on the couch with Ginny and Lily. He put his paw on Ginny and licked her face. Lily giggled and he licked her face. She giggled again and said, “Eww gross Daddy, you’re slobbering all over us! Get down.” Lily was trying to push him off; of course this only made Harry squirm against her harder making it impossible for her to move, and Ginny was laughing too hard to say anything because he was now licking her face and neck. Lily was nearly covered with his great body and was pretty helpless to do anything about it. She giggled harder and harder until she began to choke. Harry turned back into himself instantly and swished his arms causing all the droll and hair to disappear. Lily stopped choking and felt her face. She had been choking on a mouth full of dog hair, but thankfully it was gone now.

Lily looked at Ginny and said, “What were we thinking picking that dog without knowing what it looked and acted like?!”

Harry said, “Well, honestly, I exaggerated the way it acted because I loved hearing you laugh and giggle. A grown dog still has plenty of energy, but it wouldn’t jump about. And I did forget to mention that they are pretty stubborn and if they aren’t trained from a puppy they don’t mind unless they want to.”

Ginny laughed and said, “We obviously weren’t thinking were we?” She smiled sweetly and then asked Harry if he could show them the kind of dog he wanted to have. He nodded his head wearily and said, “Just for a minute, I’m pretty tired.”

He changed into a Golden Retriever puppy and ran around when Lily began chasing him and avoiding her catching him. She was laughing so hard he didn’t want to stop playing. He’d slow down and let her get close enough to barely touch him and he’d take off bounding about the room, jumping on and off the furniture. He jumped up on Ginny and licked her face and then climbed up her to get on the back of the couch and barked at Lily taunting her to chase him again. She reached for him but he jumped to the chair and then to the floor and yapped at Lily, wagging his back end happily. She lunged for him and he jumped out of the way and began running as fast as he could around the living room. Lily giggled and sat down giving up any chance she had of catching him. He realized she wasn’t chasing him so he jumped up on her and snuggled into her arms.

“Daddy you’re so cute! She hugged him tight and he yelped but right away said, “I’m okay Angel. I’m a little sore from the medicine. He licked her face and jumped down and turned back into himself. He was breathing hard and sat heavily into his chair but he was smiling. “That’s the kind of puppy I had in mind, but there are loads others that would be good for him too.”

He folded his arms across his chest subconsciously holding his ribs. Smiling he said, “I love it when the girls in my life are happy. I guess though we should get on with the other part of what we need to sort out.”

Just then the doorbell rang and Harry stood up slowly to answer it. He looked out the window and grinned. Opening the door and stepping aside he said, “Well, would you look who just dropped in from the other side of the rainbow.”

John, Rodney, and Carson walked in greeting the three Potters. John looked concerned at Harry and said, “I’m not liking your new look there, Buddy.”

Carson turned and looked at Harry and clucked his disapproval. “Let’s have a look see then.”

Harry said, “What? What do you mean; I’m just ugly, same as always. What brings you all here?” His grin was telling; he really didn’t have a clue what they were talking about and he just decided to mark it up as not understanding a joke or something.

John saw the look on Lily and Ginny’s face and realized this was obviously something that none of them was aware of somehow. John subtly nodded at Harry’s shirt where his arms were crossed but Rodney bluntly said, “You’re wearing blood these days, Harry?”

Harry was totally shocked and John glared at Rodney. Lily and Ginny rushed to Harry and Lily began to sob. “Daddy, oh Daddy; I’m so sorry I hurt you.”

Harry looked at his shirt and quickly said, “Oh that, well that’s just something that happened when I took that potion. I’m okay really, Angel.” He explained further, “You didn’t do this; it was from taking the potion. I didn’t know I was bleeding; I think it was from my fooling around being that big dog, probably the fur and folds of skin rubbing it just irritated it.”

“But what do you mean, “it” what the fur rubbed?” asked Ginny horrified and asking another question before the other was answered. “What kind of potion causes you to bleed like that? And look; your arms and wrists are nearly bleeding too!”

Rodney didn’t help by saying, “You look terrible, Harry, what happened to you?”

“Nothing! I’m okay, it’s like I said… from taking the potion.” He sighed and said, “The potion I had to take is… well it’s… err, I had to tie myself up so I wouldn’t do more harm to myself because it makes me have a bad seizure with convulsions. It hurts somewhat and I subconsciously strain against the ropes. But it doesn’t last real long, not really long at all just like forty five seconds or so.”

Rodney said, “Sounds like that cure John had to take that time and it actually stopped his heart. It was scary I’ll admit it. You should be glad at least it wasn’t what John went through. Remember that, John; you told me later you never experienced so much pain in your life.”

Harry sighed and looked down at the floor. “Could we just go sit down and visit? Is there a reason Rodney had to come with you guys?” He laughed and tried to guide everyone over to sit down. John glared at Rodney and whispered for him to ‘shut up and sit down’.

Carson understood Harry not wanting to talk about it but wanted to check him out. “We weren’t on base when Ginny called for our help. Mr. Woolsey told us Winky would heal Harry, but we could check on you when the mission was finished. So we came as soon as we could. Can we step into your office and let me have a quick look see? I’m afraid we can’t stay very long.”

Rodney grinned and said, “Well you two can’t but I have a three week Christmas vacation starting tomorrow. If it’s okay with you guys’ I can spend the night here and if you can give me a lift to the airport I’m going to fly to Canada on the first available flight to spend it with my sister and her family.”

Ginny huffed and waved her wand and Harry’s shirt came off. Harry looked hard at her and she defended her action hotly. “I want to see what that potion did to you and get some medicine on it. And it’ll be medicine that actually does more good than harm! Is this the extent of the side effects, do I need to take off your pants and boots?” She flipped her wand again and Lily gasped and covered her eyes.

John put his hand gently on Lily’s shoulder, “It’s okay Darlin’ she just cut his hair short so Carson can see your dad better.” He guided her to the couch and they sat down. He began talking to her asking what she was talking about her dad being a dog. She glanced back at her parents and John said, “Let them take care of that stuff, we can visit since I can’t be here very long.” Lily nodded her head and with one more glance at her parents and what was going on she looked back to John and smiled. She told him all about the dog her dad had changed into so they could see what kind of dog they were getting Albus. Then she told him about him turning into a cute puppy that he wanted to get Albus.

Carson gently touched Harry’s elbow to move him into the office. Rodney finally understood the trouble he caused and talked quietly to Ginny while Harry cleaned the rope marks of the blood that seeped through his shirt. Carson said, “Ah, yes, these are friction burns from the ropes.” Carson spoke soothingly to Ginny as he applied the Dittany swiftly but efficiently to the marks. “The potion Harry took didn’t do this, Love. It’s like Harry said, the potion is so powerful it changes the affects of the concussion immediately. Unfortunately it needs a buffer to calm the effects of that power. I have found a buffer for it now and I wish we could have gotten here when Harry needed the potion because I brought him some in case he needs it anymore. The next time he needs it, it’ll just be like getting a flu shot so he won’t need to be restrained.” He finished with the Dittany and took out an instrument and ran it up and down Harry sighing and looking unhappily at him without saying anything. Ginny didn’t see the look of disapproval and thanked him for explaining.

“I wish Harry would have just told me about this instead of trying to keep it from me.”

Harry said, “I fully intended on telling you when Lily went to bed. I told you I needed to talk to you later. I didn’t want her to know about it and I didn’t know I started bleeding.”

Carson said, “Is there a bloody good reason you had to go back to work when I told you not to for at least three months?” The doctor understood from Harry’s reaction he had just been unfair to him. “I’m sorry Lad, I didn’t mean to hassle you about it.”

“I was ordered back to work by my boss, just like John was ordered back to work before you cleared him for work. We tried to comply with your orders but we were overridden by a higher authority.”

“Well, I have to say, if they only knew or cared that the body is only able to do so much and one of these times when they say get back to work, your body will just flat out refuse and then what will they do?” Carson finished his examination and said, “It looks like you’ll live to fight another day, but your body has taken a huge beating and you’re exhausted. If you could tell your boss that your doctor said you need the time I originally told you to stay home, then surely he will allow it. Nobody knows when their body will just give up from pushing too hard. You may look perfectly fine or in your case only able to get around, but your insides tell a different story.”

“Thank you, Carson; but I did tell her and she ordered me back anyway. Staying home to recover properly just isn’t going to happen. Come over and sit for a while.”

They walked over and sat down with the others and John looked at Harry questioning his well being without words. Harry silently replied with a small smile. Although the fire was burning hot, Harry felt chilly and missed his long hair that hung down his shoulders and back. Then he realized he didn’t put a shirt back on when Carson was done examining him. A flannel shirt appeared on him and he felt the warmth right away.

Harry looked sleepily at Rodney and said, “So you get to spend Christmas with your sister and her family. She has a daughter doesn’t she? I think I remember you mentioning her. Madison, right, her name is Madison? And she’d be what, around eight years old now? Kids grow so fast, right?”

Rodney stared at Harry with amazement, “That’s right; Madison is her name and yeah, I think, yeah; Madison is about eight. But, how did you remember that, I only mentioned it once when we met.”

Harry’s smile was slight but it was there. “I remember because you are important to me. If you thought it was important enough for you to tell me then I think it is important for me to remember. I do have trouble remembering things sometimes, but I get lucky now and then and am able to pull things from the cobwebs. And by the way, speaking of remembering, before I forget; yes, of course you can spend the night. I will take you to your sister’s in the morning. When do you want to be there?”

Rodney said, “Harry, no, that is very generous of you but I can take a plane if you can take me to the airport.”

“It’s not a problem Rodney, just let me know when you want to be at her house.”

A time was set for nine o’clock in the morning and Harry said he’d come home right after briefing and take him. John spoke up and said, “If you want you can drop in on my brother. He has a litter of Golden Retrievers that are just now old enough to leave their mother. I told him you wanted a puppy for Albus and he said for you to come over anytime.”

Harry’s eyes brightened and he said, “That’s great thanks!” He looked at Ginny and asked if she thought it would be okay for him to get it. Ginny said she thought it was a good idea. “It is the puppy you showed us last; right?”

Harry nodded his head and Lily squealed with delight. Carson mentioned with admiration that the tree looked lovely. Lily said, “We’re going to decorate the rest of the house maybe tomorrow when Daddy gets home from work. Are you guys going to be able to come here before Christmas?”

Carson kindly answered, “I can’t say yes definitely, but we may be able to drop in for a couple minutes if we get called to Earth for some reason.”

John said they needed to go but wanted to ask Harry a question that’s been bothering him. “How do you know Charlie and where he comes from?”

Harry rubbed his face thinking quickly how to answer John without revealing the whole truth with Lily there. He looked at John with dread and said, “There was an occasion when I learned how to move instantaneously from one place to another place within the same second. After I learned that I did some exploring. I discovered many, err… people and animal species. Sometimes I was by myself and other times I was … traveling with someone else. It was during one of those unfortunate times when I wasn’t alone that I met them, Charlie’s people. It took me two hours of instant travel time to get away from them once I defeated them. Some of the magic I used to defeat Riddle I learned from err… studying their magic and fighting skills. Studying them carefully for quite a spell I learned how to shape shift. They are peoples of shape shifters.” He looked at John hoping John understood well enough that he didn’t need to say anymore about it. Thankfully John nodded his head with understanding.

Rodney couldn’t contain his curiosity though and said, “There’s no way someone can just study a species and suddenly learn how to copy their particular skills.”

Harry was silently boiling over but was able to contain the fire that raged against his patience. He stared at Rodney and with an incredible amount of fortitude was able to smile and answer with friendly enough manners to let Rodney know he was on thin ice and said, “There is a way if your life depends on it. I tricked them into teaching me. I asked them how their people would feel about them if they brought someone into their fight arena that wasn’t worth spending time to watch. I told them that they were so much more powerful than me that to get the kind of satisfaction they deserve in killing me they should teach me how to shape shift so I would be more of a challenge instead of a boring insignificant win.”

John laughed and said that was brilliant. But Rodney was all wrapped up in the story and asked how it was that he was fighting them. “Did you get caught spying on them or what? I mean, you said you studied them.”

“I was taken there by someone I’m not fond of at all. He left me there to teach me a lesson for beating him in a fight. They sensed my magic instantly and caught me before I even knew anything about them. I fought them for nine hours. It was mostly a battle of the minds. But this was after I battled this other person for seven hours and also I was poisoned from their odor and that’s when I learned how to cleanse myself of them. But, it was still difficult to keep ahead of them and I suffered for my efforts. I could hardly breathe because their air is dense with poison. Anyway, that’s how I knew where Charlie and his people lived. I actually met one of them before, right here on Earth not far from here, and that’s when I made a potion I’ve only had to use one time thankfully but I’m done talking about it.”

“So you discovered the Pegasus Galaxy, can you prove that? Did you meet any Wraith when you made your discovery?”

Harry looked at Rodney; his anger becoming evident and said, “Rodney, how do you think I was able to save Sam? I didn’t say they were from the Pegasus galaxy, they have nothing to do with that galaxy, but the Wraith has an enzyme I needed for the cure to their poison when it is in your bloodstream.”

Rodney sat up suddenly realizing he had gone beyond Harry’s good nature and managed a small defense. “I just thought since you’re a wizard you could make anything work with your magic.”

Harry actually chuckled and shook his head. “Rodney, although I have been blessed with a fair amount of gray matter, I’m not all knowing. I had to learn things just like you.”

Harry looked at John when Rodney started to say something else and said, “So John, have you learned anything about that secret room I told you about on Atlantis?”

John fought to keep a straight face so he could play along with Harry’s mind game.

“Oh that… yeah; I figured out from your description where it is, but I haven’t been up to exploring it yet. I think that I’ll be able to get to it tomorrow afternoon.” He looked at Rodney when the scientist spoke up excited at the prospect of learning something new about Atlantis. John said, “Aw, it’s a shame you won’t be with me when we explore it. I’ll just take Zelenka with me. Harry said there’s all kinds of stations with different crystals and,” he looked at Harry hiding a smile said, “what else did you say you saw?”

“Orbs, lots of different colored orbs,” he answered soberly. Oh, and the exoskeletons. Yeah, I’m curious to find out about them. I mean, I’ve been all over the Universe and I’ve never seen an intelligent species as those things obviously were. They had six arms and four legs, most curious.”

Rodney couldn’t contain his excitement a second longer. “John, listen, you better rest up some more before you just jump in exploring without me there. I’m the chief scientist not Zelenka and, and, and come on John I promised my sister I would be there for Christmas and the little one,” he snapped his fingers trying to think of her name and Lily said, “Madison” Rodney looked at Lily and said, “Yes, Madison, Madison is anxious to see me again. How did you remember her name after only hearing it tonight for the first time?” He didn’t wait for her answer but looked at John and went back to trying to make him wait for him to get home from his vacation. He put his hand over his heart and his face was turning red.

He looked so desperate Carson chuckled and shook his head. “Come on Lads, haven’t you tortured him enough?”

Harry’s face went white and he got up rather quickly; putting his hand gently on Rodney’s shoulder and looking into his eyes said, “Rodney, are you okay? I’m sorry; I didn’t mean-”

John scowled at Carson for his choice of words and said, “Rodney’s fine Harry. We didn’t torture him; we were only having fun with him to get him to close his big mouth.”

Then Rodney realized they were making up the whole thing as they went along. At first his face turned a darker shade of red with anger but then he laughed. “I have to admit, you had me going there.” He looked at Harry expressing his regret for all the insufferable questions and said, “I’m sorry Harry, next time just knock me upside my head like John does.”

John laughed and said, “If Harry did that to you even in the shape he’s in now, he’d knock you simple. Come on, we need to go; curfew and all you know.”

Harry hugged John’s shoulder in a one arm hug and said, “It was good to see you if only for a few minutes. I wish we could spend more time together.”

John agreed and then he and Carson left.
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