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Sugar Quills (FanFiction) Drop in to read the creative works written by your friends on SnitchSeeker. FanFictions of all ratings, HP canon and SSRPG characters welcome.

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Hey Guys, here's the next chapter. Only four left. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 10

The Explanation

All at once John said, “Stand back everyone!” and pulled out a mechanical pencil and it expanded into a Lightning Rod. Winky pulled Ginny back to a safe place and watched John cautiously. John shot lightning into Harry and Harry’s body jumped off the floor. John shot him again with a longer blast and Harry’s body jumped off the floor again. John shot him one more time with a sustained lightning bolt and Harry jumped up off the floor totally blue with white glowing eyes. Just as suddenly as that happened the blue went away and his eyes turned back to normal but he still had pure white hair.

Harry looked around and said, “Thanks, brother. Good to know you paid attention in your classes.” He moved toward Ginny and tried to hug and kiss her, but she looked repulsed and confused but didn’t move away or turn him away. He didn’t look hurt or betrayed but nodded in understanding. “You feel the hate on me, you can smell it. I’m going to shower and then get some sleep.”

He made to leave the room and Percy said, “I think you owe us an explanation!”

Harry rounded on his brother in law and said with ice in his voice, “I owe nobody nothing. I’ve paid my dues in full!” and stormed out of the room with miniature blue lightning bolts zapping through his glorious white hair as it lifted off his face, shoulders and back with every movement he made. He stopped and looked outside at the rain. The soft drizzle always beckoned to him; the promise of cleansing. He walked outside and stood in the yard with his arms to his side and his face to the heavens.

Ginny started to follow, but John stopped her. “He really needs some time to clear his head and though he needs some medical attention and sleep this will do him a world of good.”

Jack couldn’t stay quiet any longer and said, “That’s a pretty nifty pencil you have there, are there any others like it?”

John laughed and said, “Actually, Harry has the original one that he won from a battle with who owned it. We should all get comfortable because this is a very long story. It actually answers a lot of questions for everyone, including me. But, I need to tell you that you will not be allowed to speak of any of what I tell you to anyone including Harry; it is a matter of national security for all of us and a matter of deep pain for Harry. Nothing you find out from me can leave this room. Does everyone understand?”

As everyone sat and listened, John told them all about the Ancients and who they are. Jack raised his eyebrows and looked at Sam. They were wondering what made John think he could give out classified information like he was doing. John told them that Kingsley was one but Kingsley decided to give up Ascension because he loved Harry as a son and couldn’t go along with what the Ancients wanted him to do.

“When the being or the soul of the Ancient Kingsley exited him Harry thought the Ancients kept it captive somewhere, but what they really did was banished him to the underworld. He couldn’t do anything until he met up with a man killed in the mine. If the Ancient could combine with a body he would be able to come here in the world of the living under the right circumstances. But, he couldn’t figure out how to do it. He couldn’t escape the River Styx and could only come here in the form of thunder and black lightning. He has been attacking Harry quite often and Harry hadn’t said a word to anyone about it. The last time he showed up was today when Harry had just saved Chevron. It was this being that poisoned the pasture with Hemlock to cost Harry the loss of his beloved horse and his livestock. Harry defeated him at great expense to his physical well being. That’s the reason he looked the way he did when we got back.”

John stopped talking when Lily and Hugo ran into the room to ask for cookies. Ginny got up and fixed them some snacks and told them to take them back to the play room and eat them. John had been sitting at a vantage point where he could easily watch Harry out the window across the room in front of him. He was startled when Harry momentarily disappeared but came back a second later.

When Ginny returned to the living room she quickly nodded to John for him to continue. So he did. He started by saying that Harry figured why he was having trouble eating the pudding Winky made. “Dawn was trying to communicate with him. When he realized it he left immediately and I grabbed on so I could help. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Harry had moved the secret place with the gateway in it to the event horizon of the Black Hole that the Ancients call their home world.”

John shivered thinking about it and then continued, “To get there we had to go through the underworld. And because I was with him it took more of his strength than was normal. The pull on us was terrible. I thought we would be pulled apart. I lost my hold on Harry, but he grabbed me and when we got there he collapsed in exhaustion. He was revived by Zeus and they had a big fight and that’s when Harry got this lightning rod. He told me to ask Zeus to give me lessons on how to work it. Dawn told Harry that he had to go to the underworld and bring the being to her so they could get him back under their control again. She said Harry had to do this because it was on his way there to destroy them all, their whole world just to get to him. Harry told her it was their problem that he did his part by saving Kingsley instead of killing him.”

“Zeus hates Harry because he is a wizard and was able to beat him in every battle they had. The forty two plus years he was there, Zeus said he was training Harry for other species of aliens and creatures he will come up against in the future. They fought every day until Harry was too exhausted to move. And then Harry did the unthinkable, he bested Zeus, took his lightning rod, and used it against him. The sad thing about this is, when Harry had to go to the Ancients world the very first time, the time Dobby took him, Dawn said that the Roman god Mercury gifted him a Gene from him that gave him Ancient DNA so he could be there legitimately. But, I think he did that earlier, because of him being able to travel instantly without Apparating, and that would have come from Mercury because he was the messenger god and that’s how he traveled. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure I’m right. So I wonder what he really gave him. The Greek god Poseidon gave him his gene and not to be outdone by his brother; Zeus gave him his Gene just before Harry fell into that coma, but only because he was jealous. He gave his gene confidently thinking that Harry wouldn’t live even if the Ancients tended to him. When he did live, Zeus told Harry that he, Mercury and Poseidon were his fathers and that he wanted to teach him how to fight with the lightning rod. Of course we all know that Harry is already an expert fighter; but now he knows how to use the lightning rod. Zeus caused Harry to not remember who they were, only that they were Ancients who loved him. Zeus had another agenda though; he wanted to kill Harry himself, and what better way to make it look like a training accident than teaching. It was Zeus, by the way, who caused the storm that nearly killed Harry in Brazil.”

John looked around at everyone and smiled. They looked like a snapshot of a group of surprised people; their mouths hanging open and their eyes wide. He continued talking and explaining various things like the Ancient being, nearly making it to the secret place.

“Like I said earlier; Zeus woke Harry from the rest he desperately needed. He told him he had to take them to a safe place for payment of saving his life when he died killing Riddle. They fought and when the fight ended Zeus shot him with his lightning rod. It was a huge charge he hit him with. Harry became a huge blue giant and his eyes shone like white lights. But he didn’t understand anything about who he was or who we were or that there was an urgent need for him to move the secret place somewhere safe. Dawn thought Zeus gave him too much power and it fried his brain, but then Harry was able to somewhat understand when I asked him if he could take us someplace safe.”

John stopped talking and stood up and began to pace the floor. He shook his head and wiped his eyes and sat back down. He began to tell them with a constricted throat how Harry had shown love and compassion for him. “He thought I was a very small child. He picked me up like you pick up toddlers and he sat me on his forearm and he pulled me to his chest and stroked my head telling me he would keep me safe and not to be afraid. He held my face in the palm of his hand and put our faces together and then he kissed me on my cheek a couple times. He hugged me to him tightly but he was so gentle I felt like his sole purpose for living was to keep me safe. I have never felt that safe in my life and I have never felt so much love and compassion in my life. When he put me on my feet he pressed me to his leg and told me to hang on. He wouldn’t move us until I did, so here I am, a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force, hugging the leg of a giant for dear life. My head only came up to the bottom of his knee; that’s how big he was.”

“So Harry started out with his arms above his head like he was carrying something huge and he started groaning for the strain was great. His knees began to bend and he was yelling so loud it sounded like the pounding of a huge waterfalls. I didn’t know how long this went on right then but finally he stopped and then he collapsed. It was a good thing Harry made me hang on because I felt like I was being sucked out of wherever we were. His hair turned white like it is now, and it hasn’t been black since. I think it is permanently white now. He slept for hours or days, I didn’t know which. Dawn did some work on finding out what time it was and said it took us a month to get there. While he slept Dawn opened a window and we saw that he took us to Atlantis where and Ancient named Janus had a secret lab only we were two months in the future. Dawn said it was impossible to do, but Harry did it. So anyway Harry had caused the Stargate to go offline and all our ships in space to malfunction to keep them from leaving the Galaxy so it wouldn’t cause a wrinkle in the fabrication of time. Now this is pretty confusing so I’m going to explain it once and if you have questions you might have to wait for Harry to explain it better. When he left to get Leviathan, Zeus took me into the world of the Ancients and I was actually there for twenty six years. The whole time he was teaching me all about gods and ascention of the Ancients. He taught me how to fight and use the lightning rod. I could never beat him like Harry did, but he was proud of me. He told me over and over how much he hated Harry because of him being a wizard, but he has never had so much respect for a mortal or god as he does for Harry and he will no longer try to kill him. I asked him why he always tried to kill him if he respected him so much and he said because if he didn’t he would lose face in the eyes of the others. After trying for so long and being unable to accomplish killing him, it was better to say he was training him all along and they only thought he was trying to kill him and called his teaching a huge success, rather than for everyone to see him trying to kill him and Harry defeating him each time.”

“All the while we were fighting and talking I could see Harry in my mind as if I was there with him. It was rather disconcerting not being able to help him. Harry fought in the River Styx for three months solid. He ran into a troll, Ludo, Tom Riddle, and some other things that terrified him. Harry nearly lost the battle, but he outsmarted them and got away from them. So many times he could have just sent Leviathan to Hades to never return, but Dawn had begged him not to; she pleaded for him to bring him back to her. Harry had compassion for her and said he would, but she knew then how hurt and betrayed he was that she preferred Leviathan being there safe at the great cost of his life. She knew it would kill him when all was said and done because of every fiber of strength he would have to use and the great strain it would put on his heart literally breaking it. And as you have clearly seen, his condition was exactly that when he brought us home. His only hope was that Zeus would teach me to use the rod because it would be the only thing there would be time for using. I recharged his heart enough that his heart healed itself. He has horrible wounds from the beating Leviathan gave him, but he needs rest before anything else.”

Ron asked John why Zeus was so nice to him and hated Harry. Molly answered saying, “Well, John isn’t a wizard; if you remember Zeus hates, but still it isn’t fare that he should like him and hate Harry.”

John smiled, he understood she wasn’t saying what it sounded like; that Harry was better than him and shouldn’t be hated just for being a wizard.

“You’re right; Zeus doesn’t hate me; he actually loves me because I am his son. Turns out… I am a Demigod. When my mom got pregnant, it was by him. He took human form and fell in love with her. He seduced her and left when he found out she was pregnant. My dad and her were great friends and got married right away to save her from scandal. So, Harry and I are by all accounts, brothers. Harry from when we first met has always said he felt we were brothers and has always called me brother. He said we have so much in common and he was right, we have everything in common. And as it turns out, I am only ten years older than he is.”

Bill said, “So, Harry was talking about those gods when he said he had others from out of this world who claims him as their son. He has three gods for fathers?”

John said, “Yes, and remember, you cannot mention this or any part of what I say to Harry. The god, Set, brother of the Goddess, Isis, caused Sibyll Trelawney to make a Prophesy that the Dark Lord would mark his equal and neither could survive while the other lived. And this is where Harry got two other genes. One was from the Goddess Isis and the other was from her son Hor, or more commonly known as Horus by the Greeks. The others didn’t know, but Isis and Horus gave Harry the genes when he was just a baby. They came to Earth and gave him the Gene immediately after Tom Riddle killed his mom. They, especially Isis, had powerful magic spells to help people. Horus was a symbol of protection and courage. He defeated all evilness in the world, symbolically, by killing Set, his mother’s brother, who killed his father Osiris. When Horus was just a baby Set transformed himself into a poisonous snake and bit him, nearly killing him. The god of wisdom, Thoth saved him. When Tom Riddle killed Harry’s parents; Isis and Horus gave him the combined genes from them to empower him to repel the curse. His mother’s spell that protected him was given to her by Isis, and after Riddle killed her, Horus intended to guide Harry’s hand to pick up his mom’s wand she put in his crib but Harry had already picked up the wand and was biting on it like a teething toy but quickly turned it on Riddle on his own. Harry’s words, ‘bad man go,’ weren’t magical so just in case the wand wasn’t magical enough to take the words as a magical command; Horus doubled the spell that rebounded on Riddle. It was at this exact moment in time Harry became, “The Chosen One.” Riddle had intended to kill another baby, Neville Longbottom, when he was through with Harry, but because Harry reduced Riddle to less than a spirit, a shadow of his formal self, he wasn’t able to.”

Nobody could utter a sound and sat spellbound waiting for more of the story from John. “The story gets more incredible if you can believe it. Set saw a way to get vengeance and gifted Tom, unbeknownst to him, his Gene and put it in his mind that he had marked Harry in a way that would enable him to always be able to get in Harry’s mind. As the spirit form of Tom left, Set snatched the last of Riddle’s soul and directed it into Harry so that Tom was assured a part of his soul if the other Horcruxes were destroyed. Harry would not, he thought, be able to kill the other Horcruxes because the one in him would fight to prevent this from happening. But it was actually Set who put that scar on Harry’s forehead by causing the Horcrux to go into him. This was to insure that Riddle would be able to control Harry and the piece of soul would be able to leave Harry and return back to Riddle to ensure his eternal dominance when he killed Harry. Tom Riddle’s body was dead, but a mere spirit shadow of him lived because of the fractured part of his soul that lived in Harry and other Horcruxes. He would be able to conjure his body with potions and dark magic once he captured and used Harry’s blood. It was Set’s Gene that would make this possible. But as we know, once again Harry defeated Riddle but more importantly; he has now defeated Set too.”

Ron asked if Harry knew about the god and the goddess giving him those powers and John answered, “No; Dawn doesn’t think it’s a good idea for him to know. That’s why I said none of you can tell him. They only found out when Harry and Tom fought to the death. When Harry’s parents were murdered Isis and Horus fought Set before Set disappeared. That is what blew up Harry’s bedroom and damaged that whole end of the house. The whole place would have burned down with Harry in it if they hadn’t put out the fire. Saving Harry from the fire is why they lost Set. And then Hagrid and Sirius got there so they disappeared.”

Percy nodded his head in the all knowing way he has about him and said, “So, Harry isn’t that great after all, it’s been those gods and the lot of them helping him all these years. He sure had us fooled. Just when we were starting to believe it wasn’t a hero complex he has too.”

John spoke quickly noting the rage he saw come into Ginny’s eyes. He knew her famed bat boggy jinx was about to fly. “No, it was all Harry. Ancients don’t normally get involved with helping us even though they could. They say it would unbalance the universe by undermining mans free will. So, no, everything Harry learned and accomplished was on his own. His fighting, and his magic are all his. Isis and Horace only stepped in that one time. I guess I should give credit to Mercury for Harry’s ability to learn every language, human and animal; and his ability to instantly go from one place to another without traveling by way of Apparating. Mercury gave him the foundation to learn how to travel between times, past, present, and future. It’s how he was able to take us to the future to be safe from Leviathan. And also credit should be given to Poseidon for teaching him how to stay under water indefinitely and how to control it more than just being an Element Bender. Mercury is quite impressed and proud of Harry. The thing is they said they only put the ideas in his head and Harry worked it out on his own. I think since then though that he figured it all out. He can make his mind do incredible things.”

Ron was rather indignant and said, “I think Harry has a right to know. I say we should tell him.” Hermione at a loss because she was learning all this on hearsay instead of reading it in a book nodded her head in agreement.

John; rather impatiently said, “What is the one thing Harry asks about this Riddle stuff? I know he has mentioned it to you all, he mentions it to me quite a lot.”

Ginny spoke saying, “He has always wondered how Lord Voldemort knew the Prophesy was about him. It could have been Neville.”

John nodded his head, “That’s right. Can you imagine how he would feel if he knew there were two higher beings right there in the house with him when his parents were murdered and they didn’t do anything but help him, and only him? Actually the truth of the matter is that Isis and Horus only found out about Set helping Tom Riddle just before he killed James. If there had been more time, they would have helped James and Lily, but their main objective was to make sure Harry lived at all cost. Since Lily had already put her wand in the crib hoping Harry could use it, then all Isis could do was help her with the protection spell while Horace tried to help Harry with the wand. Harry grew up not knowing he was a wizard, but he accepted his fate before he even truly understood that he was to be the one to kill Tom Riddle. What he doesn’t know is that it wasn’t to revenge his parent’s death, but to end Set’s continuous hold of evil over the world. What Set wasn’t counting on was Tom Riddle making Nagini a Horcrux. Set decided to take the form of a snake again to kill Harry, just as he tried to do with Horace. He didn’t particularly like becoming Nagini; but did so because he met Tom when he wasn’t yet corporeal. Tom and Set met after Tom was nothing but a thought in the wind so to speak. He occupied many forms, and Set saw the opportunity to get close to him if he became a female python. Tom took the form of a male python and the two became fast and loyal friends, the only friend Tom ever had. Set was stuck in the form of Nagini when Tom made him, err her, a Horcrux. She nearly had Harry killed but he and Hermione got away from Bathilda’s house. Set did taste some satisfaction knowing he poisoned Harry though. But, he wasn’t counting on Hermione being able to save him.”

Percy coughed out a laugh and looked about with a smug smile. “So; Neville is the true hero of the story, because he is the one who killed Nagini.”

John frowned at Percy and said, “What do you have against Harry after all the sacrifices he’s made and all the pain and suffering he has gone through at the will of some gods?”

Percy shrugged and said, “I just like giving credit where credit is due.”

Ron retorted, “Harry would have killed Nagini when he came back from the Forrest and then killed Tom. It doesn’t matter who killed the snake. I mean, I’m thankful Neville killed it and all, but like I said, Harry would have made sure she was dead before he tried to kill Voldemort.”

John added, “And besides, Harry defeated her in the River Styx right after he was hit by a troll. Since Set is a god, he wasn’t dead, but was sent to The River Styx where he would be dumped into Hades where he would spend all of eternity. He could come back to the living if he had a body. He was going to take Harry’s body. She bit him where his appendix had been, but he was invulnerable while he was in the river. Harry drowned him and took him to Hades himself. Then he swam back to where he met Leviathan. If Harry hadn’t removed his appendix before he went to the river to get Leviathan her bite would have killed him and Set would have a body to control. Since he was in the Little Tiber, he is vulnerable to her poison. Now, Set is gone forever and can’t hurt him anymore, and it was Harry who killed him, her, Nagini.”

“There was a big celebration for him, but of course he wasn’t there. And when he brought Leviathan back to Dawn, he made sure he was dependent on her. I think it was brilliant what he did. It hurt him to his very core the betrayal he felt when she begged him to bring her Leviathan even though she knew it would kill him to do it. She needed to take care of him like she had done his whole life. Since he was already a narcissist pig he cursed him with a mirror that ties his very life to it. He has to have a mirror to look at his image for all of eternity and if he is to live, Dawn will have to feed, bath, and clothe him as if he was a baby.”

Lily and Hugo came in the room and said they were tired of playing in the basement, could they play video games in her room.

Ginny gasped as she looked at the clock on the mantle and jumped up saying she needed to check on Harry. She stopped and told Lily they would have to play video games another time. “It’s way past your bedtime, go brush your teeth and get ready for bed. Be very quiet so you don’t wake up daddy. You too, Hugo, you can sleep in Albus’s room for the night unless your parents want you to go home with them when they leave. Regardless, go to sleep in Albus’s room for now.”

“Daddy is awake and hungry enough to eat a bear, who wants to join me?”

Lily giggled and ran to him as he stepped off the last step but stopped short of jumping into his arms. “What happened to you, Daddy, you look awful! And why is your hair all white?” She and Hugo backed away from him in fear.

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Hey Guys, Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans, and happy day to everyone else who celebrate life. This chapter is pretty short with some sweetness. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 11

Gifts Of Love

Harry sat in the chair Ginny had just jumped up from and opened his arms to the two frightened children. They stepped into his arms and he pulled them both onto his lap and hugged then gently to his chest. “Everything is okay, I’m still dear ole dad; it’s just that I had to do something very hard and scary. I’m afraid it was too much for me to do, but I had to do it anyway, so it changed my hair white. And I guess I look awful because what I did was dangerous and I got hurt doing it. It was something I didn’t have a choice of whether I should do it or not; I did have to do it. Now, I’m finished and everything is okay, there’s nothing to be afraid of.” He hugged them both and kissed them on their cheek. He smiled at them and they saw his eyes water up. He cleared his throat and quietly said, “I missed you Darling Angel, you’ll have to tell me everything you did.”

Lily began talking excitedly and Hugo interrupted saying, “Next time she goes away can I go with her?”

Harry chuckled and squeezed his nephew and then ruffled the top of the boy’s fuzzy curls. The electricity crackled and the static charge made his hair stand on end. Hugo rolled his eyes and said, “I hate it when that happens. Why couldn’t I have hair like dads instead of mums? Uncle Harry, could you make my hair be normal, PLEASE? Everyone makes fun of me and mum said there isn’t anything that she can do to make it better.”

Harry asked him what he does when everyone bullies him about it.

Hugo sighed loudly and said, “Well, I tell them everyone can’t have perfect hair like them and that if it doesn’t bother me then it shouldn’t bother them.”

Harry smiled and said, “That is very brave of you. Do you mean it?”

Hugo shrugged his shoulders and then said, “Yeah, but it doesn’t mean I like it.”

Harry said, “It is something I can help you with if it’s okay with your parents.”

Hermione and Ron stepped close to their son and then looked doubtful at each other. Hugo pleaded with his parents and said, “I don’t think there is anything Uncle Harry can’t do. I trust him don’t you?”

Harry knew this was exactly the reason they responded the way they did, but he defended them with a different reason they might have. “It might be that they are just concerned that it is your vanity you are worried about. Just like when your mum’s teeth were jinxed at school one time and they grew like big walrus tusks. Madam Pomfrey told her to let her know when to stop her from shrinking them when they were back to her normal size. Now, I bet you didn’t know that your mum used to have larger teeth that she hated the same as you hate your frizzy hair. She let Madam Pomfrey shrink them to the size she wanted them to be. Do you remember that, Mum?” he asked looking at Hermione with a playful twinkle in his eyes and a very small smile.

Hermione sighed and smiled in her embarrassment. “Yes, Uncle Harry, I remember.” She looked at Ron and after he stopped laughing they told Harry it would be great if he would help Hugo with his hair. Harry moved his arm he had around Lily so he could put both hands on Hugo. A groan escaped him at the movement but he didn’t stop. Harry told Hugo to close his eyes and then Harry closed his eyes as well and a thick cloud hung around his hands making it impossible to see Hugo’s hair. Harry spread all his fingertips gently onto Hugo’s scalp all the way around his hairline and said a long enchantment in ancient Latin. When he finished he tied a blindfold around Hugo’s eyes and told him to leave it on until he takes it off.

Hermione looked concerned and clasped Ron’s hand. Harry winked at her and smiled kindly. He cleared his voice and said, “Now Hugo, tell me what is the first thing you want to do when I take the blindfold off.”

Hugo giggled happily, “That’s easy; I want to go in the kitchen with you and have a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of chocolate milk. Your belly is growling like it hasn’t been fed for months.”

Hugo and Lily both had a fit of laughter and Harry laughed merrily. “What about your hair, Hugo; don’t you want to see what it looks like?”

“Nah, it’s just only hair. I’m sure it looks good since you fixed it.”

“Good boy, Hugo. Let’s take off this blindfold and have a look at your hair.” The cloud disappeared and everyone looked in amazement and clapped at seeing the perfect thick golden hair that adorned the boys head with waves and cute girl catcher curls. Harry assured everyone that this was Hugo’s natural hair only with the fuzz controlled and the curls behaved.

Ron and Hermione thanked Harry and said they were sorry for doubting him. They asked why he blindfolded him and asked the questions he asked.

Lily drug Hugo off her daddy and they ran off so she could show him his hair in a mirror. Ginny reminded them to brush their teeth and get right to bed when they were done looking at Hugo’s hair. Harry licked his lips wishing he could get something to eat, but willingly answered his friends. “I blindfolded him to keep him from seeing any reflection of himself in a window, or our eyes, anything that would show a reflection of his head. I had a cloud around it to keep anyone from being able to show any delight or disapproval in what it looked like. I needed to know what his first reaction was at even the thought of having normal hair now. If he was giddy about it and preened and primped then I would need to work in an anti narcissism charm. But he was his lovable self without any narcissist tendencies. If he wanted to see a mirror and look at himself I’m afraid he would have been a little vain until he grew out of it. Just like you, Hermione, when you loved your smaller teeth. You loved them and you willingly smiled showing them off. It’s why you love the smell of toothpaste and-”

Hermione laughed, “Okay, okay, I admit I was somewhat vain for a while. Thank you, Harry, for not just doing it, but thinking of how it would affect him after it was done. That was very thoughtful of you.”

Ginny sat on the arm of the chair and picked up a long curly locket of his white hair. She twirled the tight curls at the end around her finger in thought. He raised his head so he could see her face and when she looked in his eyes he offered her a small loving smile. He never knew what she was thinking about when she behaved this way, and he was a little apprehensive. It was the only time he was ever tempted to look into her mind to see what she was thinking; but he never did and he never would.

“Love, is there anything you want to tell me?”

Harry grinned with a boyish charm and said, “Yes, Honey, there is. But it would be inappropriate at the moment.”

She blushed and playfully pinched his shoulder. He winced and quickly made like it was intentional and said, “I’m sorry, but you did ask.” His white face looked ghostly with his white hair. He felt the sudden tension in the room and his face turned red. He softly said, “I’m sorry, Honey, you’ll need to give me a clue what you expect of me. I can’t think of anything good and right. Please give me a clue, or better yet just say what’s on your mind.”

Harry began to get uncomfortable with everyone staring at him. He swallowed and his chest rose and fell with his breathing becoming short deep breaths. He looked up at her with pitiful eyes and quietly said, “I love you?” in a hopeful asking way.

She smiled and said, “Happy Anniversary, Love.”

“But, that isn’t until next week… a week from today,” he added desperately. I wouldn’t forget that; I ordered you a present, it’ll be here on-”

She held up her wrist and he saw the delicate bracelet. Then she pulled away the hair over her ears and showed the matching earrings, and then she pulled out a delicate chain around her neck with matching jewels of her earrings and bracelet. And lastly she showed him her ring she was wearing on her long slender finger. “They came today as my family was leaving. They stayed because right then you and John disappeared. Our anniversary was today. You were asleep all last week.”

All he could do was to stare at her ring. He took her fingers gently in his and looked closely at her ring. He spoke softly saying, “Happy anniversary, Honey. I seem to always miss important events and milestones in our family’s lives. I don’t mean to. I hope you went out and had fun and-” His stomach rumbled and he cringed with the hunger pain but opened his mouth to say something else and Ginny put her slender fingers over his lips and said, “Let’s go eat.”

Harry smiled sadly and nodded his head. He looked at the family and his friends to see if they were coming. They all smiled and made their way to the dining room and sat down at the table. Nobody was hungry though, but they sat with Harry and would nibble on small portions. After he sat Ginny to her chair beside him he stood by his chair until Molly and the other women sat down. Jack, John, Carson, Arthur and Sirius remained standing with Harry and then sat down after all the lady folk was sitting. Percy said, “Well if we’re standing on tradition and all that stuff then I think Harry should make a toast to his bride.”

Harry swallowed and pulled his hand away from the meat platter he was about to get a helping of and stood up. “I had plans made to celebrate our anniversary because this one was going to be special. I thought it was going to be the first anniversary Ginny and I would actually be able to spend the whole day together healthy and awake. I had already made arrangements with Mrs. Weasley to keep Lily for us. It was going to be a day to remember. But, clearly that didn’t happen. So, I will attempt to salvage the couple hours we have left of the day by hopefully making it known to my wonderful wife that I love her more than my own life and it is because of her that I was able to live through… trying times… Ginny the gift I got you means more than just jewelry. Life is just a short thread in the measurement of time. The delicate chain around your neck symbolizes how fragile and short life is in this moment of time; and the clasp that holds the ends together is what keeps us together forever. The two jewels on the chain will never separate and because they are both the same size it means that neither is better than the other and one will never overshadow the other. The earrings have one jewel on each to symbolize the time we are apart, whether being from work or anything else, we are still a matched set unlike any other. And the ring with the one large jewel symbolizes our unity as one for all eternity. I love you, Honey, and I always will. May you always know the love and happiness that I want for you.”

He raised his water glass to Ginny’s drink and everyone drank. Harry sat down and reached for the platter of meat but Ginny put her hand on his to stop him. He looked at her but then smiled when she magiced food from each bowl and platter on the table to his plate. “Eat Love, and thank you for my wonderful Anniversary gift. I loved them when I opened them, but I love them even more so now. I wanted to wait for you to give them to me and open them while you opened yours, but the Jeweler delivered them himself and he was extremely upset. It seems the courier who was to bring them out was in an accident and the car was overturned and in the lake down the road from here. He was able to get out of his car and recover the package, but it was waterlogged; the packaging ruined. The courier called the jeweler right away and he went out to the site and brought my package here. He begged me to please open it so I could see what you had ordered me to be made, and then he was going to take them back and remake me new ones. But they were all fine and I told him so. He really was very relieved that I wasn’t angry.”

Harry sat with a fork in his hand through the whole explanation and asked if the courier was ok. Ginny told him he was ok, just a little shaken up, but fine. Harry asked what caused the accident and Ginny said she didn’t know. Harry said he’d go in and see about it in the morning on his way to work. He started eating and Ron started to say something, but Harry spoke to him before he could get the first word out of his mouth.

“Ron, Hermione, so what did you guys do for your anniversary?” Hermione huffed and turned her head from Ron and said rather stiffly that she spent the day with Ginny while Ron spent the day with Kingsley. And when he was done he brought me flowers and candy. I didn’t get any poem or specialties with them either.” But then she laughed and Harry grinned seeing the horror on Ron’s face. “I will say though that the flowers were dozens of roses; a dozen for every room in the house so that no matter what room I was in I always knew that he loves me. And the candy was mmm so good! It should be against the law for chocolates to taste that good. And I won’t mention the rest of his surprise for me, it’s private.”

Ron’s face turned as red as his hair and choked on the cookie he was eating. Harry looked at Ginny and smiled when she started giggling. He wanted so badly to know why Ron would spend the day with Kingsley when he would have been with Hermione normally. Nothing more was said about it so Harry turned his head to talk to Jack and Sam. “Thank you for bringing Lily home. I hope-”

Sam cut in and said, “We were thrilled to bring her home, and we are thrilled that Ginny said we were welcome to spend the week here. We have wanted to visit for quite some time, and we both had vacation time so we took it to spend it here with you guys. And Lily was a pure joy to have with us, thank you for allowing her to come over.”

“That’s great; I’m looking forward to your visit. Do John and Carson get to stay as well?”

“No, I’m afraid they need to get back; but I want them to stay through tomorrow and leave the day after,” Jack answered. Harry nodded his head seriously but then turned and looked at John; the two smiled boyishly and then Carson spoke. “And as your doctor, I’m ordering you at least a week of rest and relaxation. I know you will go see the lad who wrecked his car bringing Ginny’s gift, but you’ll come right back home.”

Harry again, nodded his head and said, “Alright, Doc. there and back, I promise.”

He snuck a glance at John again and they both arched an eyebrow and grinned devilishly. Harry quickly turned to Sirius and asked if they were staying as well. “I feel like I haven’t seen you guys in ages.”

Sirius smiled easily and said they would love to. Harry was desperately tired and hurting all over but he didn’t want the evening to end even though by now it was very late. He was reaching for more chicken but froze like a statue not even able to breathe when Percy asked him to tell them about the River Styx and will Voldemort be able to come back to the living.
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Hey Guys, back to post my next chapter. If anyone came on to read it today, I mean yesterday, I didn't get to post it. Time swept by too quickly. Sorry 'bout that. Well, here's the next chapter. A bit longer than last week's, so here ya go. Comments are welcome. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 12

The Reveal And The Hiding

Mr. Weasley spoke up sternly, “Percy; son, you should not pander to your curiosity at the expense of Harry. Tom Riddle is dead and he won’t be coming back. Now leave it at that.”

“But those Horcruxes attacked him; how do we know that at least one of them didn’t go into Harry? You know it happened before when his parents were killed.”

“That’s quite enough!” Arthur had a look on his face that was rarely seen; he was angry.

Harry withdrew his hand without getting the chicken he was reaching for. His face had a look of horror at first but then he regained his composure but his voice trembled when he spoke.

“There are no Horcruxes in me, Percy. You should know that if there was I would surely not have come home, but instead I would have given up my life.”

“But you can’t know you would have done that.”

Harry stared at Percy and shook his head slowly. “I can’t believe that you lived through the war at Hogwarts and you have the nerve to say that to me. I learned that night that the last remaining part of Riddle’s soul left his body and entered mine when I was a baby. Right then I knew that I had to give up my life for it to be destroyed so that Riddle could die. I walked into the Forrest heartbroken and defeated. But I did it because internally I knew that was the reason I fought so hard to stay alive every time I faced Riddle. I had to kill him and the only way it could be done was for me to die. So you see I do know that I would have given up my life again if there was one in me.”

Harry continued watching Percy as if he thought Percy would say something else but there was total silence at the table. He sighed deeply and then looked around the table for anyone else to say something stupid. When no one said anything he asked Percy how he knew about what happened to him in the River Styx.

John spoke up saying, “I told everyone here about everything that happened. Dawn said I had to tell them so you could have peace with them understanding finally. She said making you keep her secret has caused you more grief than you should have had to go through. She said if I didn’t then she was afraid you would be consumed with mental anguish because I was the only person you could talk to and I live in another Galaxy. I told them everything.”

Harry looked at Jack and said, “I didn’t say anything to her to make her think that. What is to become of John and me now that matter’s of national security has been breached?”

Jack looked sorrowful and said, “Nothing will happen to you, but John will face a court martial hearing. For your sake, and that is what was and is important; he did the right thing in telling us. He had no choice; but the law is clear that because he is a ranking military man and he gave away top secret information he committed an act of treason. When he comes home the day after tomorrow he will be put in prison until his hearing.” He looked at John and said, “I’m sorry son. I was going to try and let it go, but it’s obvious we can’t trust this to be kept secret.”

John silently nodded his head and sighed. “I was nearly certain that I would be court-martialed, even if nobody had said anything like I specifically told them not to.”

Harry glared at Percy but didn’t say anything. He was so angry with his brother in law he didn’t feel safe talking for the moment. Finally he looked at John and then Jack. “I won’t let John be court-martialed because of me.”

Harry stood up and slowly paced back and forth. How he wished he could just put all this behind him and just go to bed and sleep for however long his body needed to heal. He thought of the River Styx and all the hate and strife he was in the midst of. He thought of the terror of seeing Tom Riddle and Leviathan and worse than them was remembering the Horcruxes clinging to him. He was right wasn’t he, none of them got inside of him. Nagini came to his mind and her teeth that sunk into him. Could the Horcrux have left her body and got into him somehow? He instinctively put his hand over his appendix and a cold sweat came over him. He stopped pacing and rubbed his face hard. He realized he was too tired and these fears were just modified because of his weariness and the pain he was suffering with. He needed to do something now before he crumpled to the floor. He turned to look at everyone sitting at the table and rested on Percy.

Palpable anger was betrayed in his eyes so much so that Percy swallowed hard and said, “Harry, I didn’t mean to make things bad for anyone. I don’t want John to be court-marshaled and it was callous of me to speak without considering what you went through. I apologize for saying anything. John did tell us that we weren’t to speak of it and I did, because I was afraid for my family. It scares me that you might have at least one Horcrux in you.”

Harry pulled out his wand, the cloak, and the stone so everyone could see it. After they all gasped and settled back down he swished them away again. “Do you understand what you just saw?”

Percy spoke up almost apologetically and said, “If you had all three… but I mean you could have just killed Voldemort and everyone involved in that evil scheme years ago after the war. None of the things that happened since then would have happened and you wouldn’t have had to die again this past September. Harry, you’re Master of Death.”

Harry stared at Percy for a few more seconds without saying anything. Then he looked around the table and asked if there was anything else from anyone. Nobody was saying anything and his brothers in law and wives jumped when Harry looked at them individually; all with the exception of Bill that is.

Suddenly all the dishes were done and leftovers were in the refrigerator. Harry pulled Ginny’s chair from the table and everyone else got up as well in a rather confused state of mind. They didn’t know what Harry was doing but nobody had any desire to upset him.

He walked slowly and stiffly into the living room and offered seats for everyone. After they were all seated he began to pace back and forth with his hands covering his face. He had no desire to do what he was going to have to do, but he had to.

Harry sighed and turned to see everyone looking at him expectantly. “It is important for you to ask me questions as we go along if you don’t understand something, because once I tell you what I have to say then I’ll need to fix the situation and that is going to cost me more than I want to know. So, yes, I do have all three Hallows. When I fixed my wand with the Elder Wand its power went into my wand because it knew I was going to put it back with Professor Dumbledore. I wasn’t aware of this for some time, but yes, I do have it, but that was after the war. The Stone is and has been mine ever since Professor Dumbledore gave it to me. I dropped it in the Forrest when I surrendered myself to Tom Riddle so nobody would have all three Hallows again. So when Riddle killed me, I wasn’t Master of Death, so that isn’t what brought me back. The only explanation I have that makes sense to me is it was a miracle.”

Harry looked around as he talked to make sure everyone understood so far. He smiled slightly at Arthur struggling to stay awake. He continued talking as he walked behind his father in law and gently put his hand on his father in law’s shoulder and Arthur’s eyes opened wide and he cleared his throat suddenly feeling wide awake. He smiled at his son in law not knowing that Harry had given him a burst of his own energy. Harry was going into the time that he got the Stone back by the time he walked back to where he had started speaking from. He leaned back on the wall behind him and crossed his arms over his chest cautiously and moved his right foot over the left side of his left ankle. He was so tired and hurting badly by now but he continued talking.

“I went into the Forrest the day I turned Mrs. Norris into a human again. I got the stone but took it someplace else that I couldn’t summon it from. I would have to go there to get it. But, I could go and get it if I had need of it. You would have me do that so I could be Master of Death. Then what… you would have me with just a wish kill Riddle and Bagman, Rita, and then I would search out all the Vernier and kill all of them. That’s what you said right?”

Percy shook his head and said he didn’t mean that at all. Harry looked at him and said, “It is what you said. But I’m not going to argue about it. I will never use the Hallows like that, never! I am not God and by the way, He doesn’t work that way either. The reason I retrieved the Stone today was so I could use the power of the Hallows to summon the Ancient being and Leviathan to me in the River Styx. I commanded them to come to me as one so I could take them back to where Leviathan is to spend eternity and the Ancient has no way to escape his body. The Ancient didn’t have form, but it was alive, just condemned to the River Styx to spend eternity. I would have gladly left it there, but I needed a live being for Leviathan so I could bring him back. That’s how the Stone could bring them back as a living body instead of a ghostly one. You see, even though he was a son of Zeus, I killed him. Zeus has never had any love for me, and he hated me even more so for killing his son. Tom Riddle couldn’t use magic because he is dead; so there was no way for him to gather his soul that he mutilated into pathetic pieces. And you can stop worrying about any of the Horcruxes getting inside me. They are bits and pieces of souls without bodies so in their death they are unable to acquire bodies. They attacked me because they were evil and full of hate as was the body they originally came from. Nagini could attack me because Riddle’s pathetic piece of soul died inside her when she died, and she knew from her previous life that I was supposed to die. I was able to get her off me and I personally took her into the inferno of Hades. I don’t know how she was able to be alive; my guess is that she had a god in her that was using her. I guess I’ll figure it out sometime if it ever matters to me.” Harry shook his head and said, “I will never get the smell of sulfur and death from my memory, nor will I ever forget seeing the horror of Hades. The River Styx was certainly bad enough and I will never forget it; but Hades is beyond anything you could possibly imagine.”

Percy said, “It would be fascinating to actually see it though. I mean you read how bad it is and all, but still it would be something to see.” He looked wistfully at Harry on the verge of asking him to take him there to see for himself.

Harry broke into Percy’s fantasy and with significant warning in his eyes and voice said, “You better just pray you don’t end up there when you die; something for you to work on; yes?”

Nobody was prepared for what came next. Harry sighed and asked if there was any more questions and upon the answer, no, from everyone he said, “I want you all to think on the choice I’m going to give you. Knowing and remembering what I told you and not being able to tell anyone; would you rather not remember it or be able to forget it. I honestly wouldn’t mind if you remember because I wouldn’t be alone in this anymore. I think it would be helpful to me if I could talk to you when things get difficult for me. But… you are absolutely forbidden to tell anyone about everything I told you tonight. It wouldn’t do for people to know I am Master of Death for instance. They would be after me to kill someone they don’t like or bring loved ones back from death; all kinds of things the worst being people wanting to take the Hallows from me for them to have. And people would want to go to other worlds and it isn’t safe for that right now. The United States would be overrun with weirdos demanding things and I would be forbidden to go there anymore. All my businesses and Xanadu would be confiscated by the US government. And I would lose ownership of the Stargate program. Jack, Sam, John and Carson, would be court marshaled and either executed or imprisoned for life. And if people knew about the Ancients and the mythological gods and the under-world; they would want me to set up tours and all as if it were a tourist attraction. If others knew it would be the end of me because I would be fighting for my life because I will not allow anyone to take the Hallows from me, or do anything having to do with others trying to make me take them to another planet or anything else. Having the Hallows can drive you mad if you’re not extremely careful; the power is overwhelming and that is why I don’t keep all three on me or where I can easily get them.”

At first everyone was saying how neat it would be and Harry allowed them to talk and get more excited about it with their laughing and then Percy said, “I can finally get one over on Grayden at the office. He’ll never prank me again when I have Harry come in as that giant blue monster.”

Then George elbowed Ron and said, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking? We could clean up on new joke material from the Pegasus Galaxy.”

“Hey, how about making an action figure like Zeus as a wizard and his lightning rod could be a fake wand.” George pounded Ron on the back laughing and said, “I like the way you think!”

More and more, others joined in thinking of ideas how they could use a vacation and Atlantis would be nice this time of year. It was then that Hermione and the other wives became excited about the prospect of vacationing at such a romantic place as a city on an ocean on a different planet. Fleur suggested they set up a vacation and travel agency. Finally Harry spoke in a very disheartened voice.

“So, I guess you have decided to forget since you have pretty much all of you for the last half hour been talking, laughing, and making plans of announcing to the world what I just very specifically said you would never be able to do. Bill, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Ginny, Sirius and Lissy, Jack, John, Sam, and Carson are the only ones who didn’t give into the temptation of abusing your knowledge of these secrets. The rest of you will have substitute memories so you won’t remember any of what John or I told you. Please quickly make a decision of what you want this memory to be about. It will have to be something that would give reason why I am in the condition I am in and why my hair is white.”

There was much unrest and disquiet over this announcement and Percy spoke angrily. “It isn’t fair that you get to keep the Hallows all for yourself. And it isn’t fair that you can go to another world and we can’t, and it isn’t fair that you and only you have access to the gods for your own pleasure! And why can’t you help us, your family out now and again? It wouldn’t hurt you to help us since you are so powerful with magic from the gods. Look at all you have because of the gods!”

Harry asked what he meant by that and said, “My magic doesn’t come from anyone but me. I was born with magic the same as you. Just because they gave me some of their DNA so I could go to their world doesn’t mean they are magical beings. And everything I have, I worked hard for and shed blood for. I will never dishonor any of my family by giving them whatever they want; but I have never and will never, let you go without what you need if you can’t get it on your own. You of all others should know that!”

Percy turned red in the face and shouted, “Isis and Horus gave you magic when you were a baby! They showed up when Voldemort killed your parents and gave you magic because they needed you to kill Set for them!”

John stepped forward and shoved Percy away from Harry and doubled his fist to hit him when Harry put his hand on John’s fist to stop him from swinging on his brother in law. “What are you saying, Percy? I was born a wizard; otherwise my name wouldn’t have been registered at Hogwarts when I was born. I have a picture of me flying on a broom when I was a baby, and before my parents were killed.”

All at once the room was silent when they saw the devastation on Harry’s face and heard the pain in his voice. John had told them that Harry couldn’t know about Isis and Horus because it would be too painful knowing his parents could have been saved, but they only needed to make sure he survived so he could kill Set for them. They saw John was right. Then they all began feeling guilty for the way they had behaved when the thoughts of making money and having easy access in the person who could get them whatever they wanted. They were ashamed of the hard feelings they had towards Harry when he said he would refuse to use the Hallows or any of his magic for them. Now, before them stood a hurt young man who had every right to be angry at them, but he wasn’t.

Harry realized they wasn’t going to say anything else and said, “Everyone please think of a scenario that I can put in your heads and then gather over here together so I can use a blanket spell over all of you at the same time. They all stood where Harry said to stand but Harry said only the ones that were talking about telling others need to have their memory altered, Molly said it would be too hard for them to keep from saying anything accidentally; and Bill said he couldn’t keep a big secret like that from Fleur. Harry was disappointed but said okay. They decided that they would have a memory of a late celebration meal for Harry and Ginny’s anniversary celebration that was missed because of Harry being captured by evil wizards who attacked him with weapons that caused all these wounds and then they used some kind of electrical machine on him that he barely escaped with his life but it caused his hair to turn white. And John was with Harry at the time because he had been helping him save Chevron, but no harm had fallen on him. They also said they should remember everything that was said and done while the kids were with them, like Harry fixing Hugo’s hair.

Harry was so troubled with what Percy had told him that he just agreed even though he didn’t think it was a plausible story. After all in their time he was only gone half an hour and that didn’t seem like enough time for all that to happen. He just shrugged his shoulders and said okay after they said it was believable because Harry is strong enough with his magic that it could have happened that way. He raised his hand with his wand over his head to begin but Ginny put her hand on his arm holding the wand. He looked at her questioningly and then his heart dropped. He knew what she was going to say.

“Love, I don’t want to remember either. I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can handle knowing that you have DNA from gods in you and well I don’t think I like the idea of… I mean… I couldn’t kiss you or, well anything thinking about you being a god or Demi god or whatever.”

Harry shook his head and softly said, “I’m not any different than you or your family. I just have some different genes in me. It’s the same as having different genes in our blood than Muggles. I’m still just Harry, please believe me. I’m not a Demi god. Stay here with me and we can work things out.”

Ginny’s eyes filled with tears that Harry knew made her angry, but she wasn’t angry; she was hurting. “Love, please don’t ask this of me. I don’t-“

Harry swallowed and nodded his head for her to go stand with her family. He asked her if there was anything she wanted to remember and she said no. Compassion showed in his eyes and he tried to smile understandingly but could only muster the very corner of one side of his mouth to give the slightest hint of a smile. He looked at Sirius and Lissy and Sirius winked his eye in that special way he had that told him he was proud of him or that he understood. He and Lissy stood beside John and Harry looked back to his wife and in laws. He raised his hand with his wand and looked hard at his in laws for a minute and then raised his left arm and held out his hand in a cupped fashion fingertips towards the floor said a long Incantatem that put an enchantment of forgetfulness over them and gave them a memory to replace what he moved in them. He moved everyone around to where they were before Harry corralled them together. He turned to Ginny as if they had been talking and then put away his wand.

“Honey, happy belated anniversary,” he said with a very sad smile. He gently held her hands and touched the ring he gave her with his thumb knowing she wouldn’t remember the special things he told her about them. “I’m sorry I caused us to miss it again this year. I hope you like the gifts from me. I’m going to go up and go to bed. I’m really tired and not comfortable at all. Stay here with your family and I’ll see you when you come to bed.” He looked at his guests and said, “I’ll see you in the morning. Carson, do you think you can look at some of these wounds…?” He didn’t finish his request; just moved toward the stairs as quickly as he could.

Carson started towards the stairs behind him and Lissy went with them. She said she wanted to see what needed done so she could keep an eye on his progress. Harry thanked her and he waved to everyone else and said good night. John looked at Jack and Sam and said he’d be back down shortly. He wanted to talk to Harry.

John went in the bedroom and stood quietly while Carson was tending to Harry. Harry carefully took off his jeans and shirt and then he moved his hand over his head and his long hair was cut short to keep it out of Carson’s way. Lissy retrieved the medicine from Harry’s medicine cabinet and Carson examined the wounds he had received in the River Styx. “You did a good job cleaning these, Lad, but you needed medical attention right away. Some of these are quite deep and gaping; I’m sure they will leave nasty scars.”

Without moving a muscle or blinking an eye and with a sarcastic tone Harry said, “Oh please tell me there is something that can be done so I don’t have to carry scars the rest of my life.”

John stooped over and picked up the long curly strands of Harry’s gleaming white hair that he cut off to hide his laughter. Sirius laughed aloud though as he walked across the floor from just then entering the room. “At least you still have your sense of humor.” Harry stood unmoved staring straight ahead. He didn’t want to talk or visit. He didn’t want to be comforted; he just wanted to go to bed and never wake up again.

Sirius whistled seeing all the wounds covering Harry’s neck, shoulders, back, chest, and arms. “I thought since you were in the River Styx you couldn’t be hurt. Isn’t that the myth of the Achilles Heel?”

Harry wearily rolled his eyes to look at Sirius without moving his head. “It’s a misunderstanding people have. The river makes you invulnerable to death, except for whatever you covered to keep from going under water so you could be pulled back out once you were submerged. I could be hurt, but I wouldn’t die from the wounds. But, I was in the Little Tiber River which took away the affect of the River Styx anyway. I got most of these after that.”

Arthur told me to tell you thank you. What does that mean?”

Harry’s face softened and he managed a whisper from his constricted throat. “When I was about to enchant them all, including Ginny; he caught my eyes and through Legilimency said he wanted to remember. So, I put a shield around him to keep him from getting enchanted. He remembers everything; he’s a great man.”

Lissy gently put her hands on Harry’s face and tried to turn his head to look at something better but Harry instinctively jerked away. He moved his hand over his face and his beard came off and John found the facial hair in his hand with the rest of the hair he had gathered. John grinned and stuffed the hair in his pocket.

Carson; who was used to seeing horrible things wasn’t easily shocked but he was when he saw the side of Harry’s face. From the top of Harry’s ear to the edge of his jaw and down three inches of his neck was laid open. The medicine Harry had put on it after his shower had stopped the bleeding, but it wasn’t healed at all. Lissy said a spell and the skin became soft and workable so she pulled the skin over the way it was supposed to be and Carson applied the medicine on it, and then Lissy closed the wound with her wand. They put a patch over the area and then finally they were done with his upper body wounds.

They stepped back and looked at Harry who had been silent for about ten minutes now. He swallowed and looked at his friends and told Carson as he sat on the side of the bed there was one more place he was worried about and then cautiously laid down on top of the comforter. He didn’t say anything but moved his hand over the lower right side of his torso. An invisible shield disappeared and revealed a two inch cut over his appendix. Carson moved his handheld instrument over the area and said, “I thought you took out your appendix. You’ve got one here and it’s perfectly fine and dandy.”

John looked at Harry who was now very much asleep. He thought for a minute and then said, “After he left us to take a shower, he went outside. He likes standing in the rain when it isn’t storming, just a gentle spring rain to cleanse him he says; he calls it cleansing rain. It’s what he told me anyway. When I was telling you all what all happened I was watching him in case he passed out or anything. I saw him disappear, but he came back. I’m sure he went back to Dawn and got his appendix from that clay jar and put it back in. The thing is, when he took it out, he did it with very dark magic of voodoo. He can put his hand inside bodies and remove whatever he wants and the place he does this closes up when he pulls out his hand. Why didn’t this? It shouldn’t have even left a mark. He must have cut himself open to put it back in and then put a temporary closer on it. He was exhausted, that’s why he stood the whole time downstairs, he knew he would fall asleep if he sat in a cozy chair.”

“Well, I wish I knew about this when he came home. This is infected and his body is too tired to fight off the infection. He’s going to need a twenty four hour watch over him until his fever breaks.” When he and Lissy finished Lissy magiced Harry under the covers and watched for a couple minutes to make sure he hadn’t awoken. John said he’d stay with him until Ginny came to bed and the others but Sirius left.

Sirius pulled a chair to Harry’s bedside and talked quietly to John. They talked quite a while before Ginny came to bed. Neither one could figure why Ginny wanted to forget about Harry’s latest endeavors and him having the special genes in him from the gods. John had an idea and it worried him that Harry had been so quiet after the memory adjustment and Ginny saying she couldn’t deal with thinking of Harry being a god or something.

“I think he is wondering since Percy told him about Isis and Horus giving him special magic; he is probably afraid his children inherited special magic too. I wish Dawn and Zeus hadn’t made me tell Harry. At first it was just Zeus saying the family needed to know everything so they could help Harry deal with things. But they told me to make sure they knew they couldn’t discuss Isis and Horus with him; that he must never know. I think Zeus knew the family would react exactly like they did, especially that they would end up telling him about Isis and Horace. He knew it would put a wedge between him and the family but mostly between him and Ginny. I think that’s why Harry told Ginny that they could work things out. I was a fool for letting them talk me into it.” John subconsciously put his hand carefully on his ribs and sighed deeply wincing involuntarily.

Sirius asked what was wrong with his ribs and John removed his hand and just shrugged his shoulder. At Sirius’s persistent glare he chuckled and said, “It’s nothing, it seems I have a very temperamental father who doesn’t take ‘no I won’t do it’ as a suitable ‘yes sir right away’.”

Sirius asked him to show him what happened and when John said it wasn’t anything to worry about Sirius grinned and made the shirt open up to show what was bothering John. The grin faded from his face and he did some magic with his wand and then went to the door and called Carson back up to the room. When Carson, Jack, Sam, Lissy, and Ginny rushed in the room thinking something had gone wrong with Harry they laughed at John standing with his side away from them and trying to get his shirt down and buttoned. When he heard all the laughter he turned and pointed to Harry saying they were going to wake him. They gasped when they saw his side and hurried to him.

“Here now; what’s happened Lad?” asked Carson. John looked at Ginny and tried to think of a believable answer. He surely couldn’t say Zeus punished him for being a disobedient son. Sirius answered instead saying he must have gotten it when he was with Harry fighting off the group that attacked Harry. It must’ve happened when you slipped on that boulder.”

John nodded his head and confirmed he slipped on the boulder and that in all the excitement he hadn’t noticed it until now. Carson cleaned the burn and treated it with disapproval that he was lied to, but he understood the real cause couldn’t be mentioned with Ginny standing there. They looked over at Ginny and she sat on the edge of the bed that caused small waves to rock Harry. He moaned softly and opened his eyes. His emerald green eyes looked spectacularly bright against his red fevered face and white hair. He looked so young with his hair short and no facial hair. He looked at Ginny and when she put her hand on his chest he still only looked at her. She had expected him to put his strong hand over hers and tuck his fingers around hers but he didn’t.

A tear rolled down the side of his face and he asked, “Why do you forsake me?”

Ginny gasped and said, “I haven’t!” She looked at John and the others with worry. “Why does he think that?”

John stood beside her and bent over the side of the bed and gently shook Harry. “Hey buddy, snap out of it, you’re home and it’s Ginny talking to you.”

Harry looked confused and then saw Ginny. He looked at her hand on his chest to see if she was still wearing the ring and wondered if he should tell her the meaning of his gifts or just let it go. He decided it didn’t matter anyway; he would just put it out of his mind. He put his hand on hers and curled his fingers around hers.

“Honey, what is it; you look frightened.” He blinked his eyes several times and opened them wide. He didn’t want to fall asleep. He needed to find out what was bothering his wife. An uneasy feeling was building in his stomach and he began to breathe in short shallow breaths.

Ginny stared at him and smiled nervously, “I thought you didn’t know who I was. You asked me why I forsook you. You didn’t hold my hand like you are now. It scared me that you thought I was someone else. Who do you know that loves you like I do? You were really upset.”

Harry did some fast thinking and said, “I must have been asleep; and I’m just so confused with time and all. I thought Carson was working on me and you came in and drew your wand on me. I thought I did something to make you not love me, though I didn’t know what it could be.”

Ginny frowned sadly. “I put my hand on your chest but you didn’t do anything. You always even when you’re asleep, put your hand like you have it now.”

Carson cleared his throat and said, “That would be because I had to do quite a bit of numbing to look after these wounds. You saw him look at your hand and then he put his hand on yours. He just couldn’t feel it, Love.”

Harry began shaking and shivering. He rolled over and said very weakly, “I need to get up!”

Ginny started to push him gently back on his back, objecting to him getting up and he disappeared. They all became alarmed until they heard him vomiting in the bathroom. Just when Ginny was about to go in to see if he was okay Harry came out and leaned on the door. He was exhausted and wondered if he could make it to the bed before he either dropped dead or passed out. The room started spinning and he felt like he fell into an ocean of cold water. He heard muffled shouting and a scream, but couldn’t stop his knees from buckling and then he lost consciousness.

John caught him before he hit the floor since he was on his way to him when he saw his face. Jack caught Harry’s other side and swiftly unburdened John and carried Harry to his bed. He smiled at Ginny’s frightened face and said, “He is quite a bit lighter without all that hair. I think Sam weighs more than he does.”

Ginny laughed and then giggled at Sam’s look of outrage on her face. She also knew they were just playacting for her benefit. When the laughter settled down and Carson and Lissy were done checking over Harry; Lissy said, “He’s just exhausted and getting the fever on a full belly wasn’t the best thing that could happen to him, but he’ll be ok. Let’s let him rest now, and you too Ginny.”

When Ginny and Sam left the room; Sirius asked Carson to look at John’s arm. “He was disciplined by Zeus. I did what I could for him, but being it was from an unearthly type of weapon I think you should look him over. And I couldn’t have you look at this burn while the others were there because it couldn’t be explained as slipping on a rock like the other wound; it is definitely a serious burn. John tried to object but Lissy had his shirt off with a swift flip of her wand. “Jack said, “Son you need to give up any intentions of objections with this crowd.”

John sighed and said, “Yes, Sir.”

Carson whistled softly and asked what he used on him. “I don’t know what it was. I do know it looked like lightning came out of his eyes and it felt like my arm was yanked off my body and was stampeded by a thousand horses and then put back on.”

Lissy asked why he would do such a horrible thing to his son and John not wanting to dwell on Zeus being his father just shrugged his shoulders and mumbled, “I don’t know, he’s a big bully.” Thunder and brilliant lightning flashed outside and the rain began pounding the windows. Everyone looked at John and he said, “No, it’s just a storm; it’s been doing this off and on all day; remember?”

Carson went back to looking at the serious burn on John’s arm and said, “It’s a nasty burn, but you did a good job on it, Sirius. It doesn’t look like it will even leave a scar. Why did your daddy do this to you?” He smiled at John and frowned at the answer John gave. “He said I had to tell everyone here what happened with us all day. I told him that although the Weasley’s are good people, some of them wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret. He told me I had to and I told him no, and said I wouldn’t do it.”

John looked over at his commanding Officer, Jack, and said, “He was going to vaporize me. I’ll report for court-martial as soon as we get home, Sir.”

Jack said, “Not necessary, son. There’s no way you could have avoided the situation. No good would have come from you getting killed by him, and it would have been more inconvenient to try and find a reason for your disappearance. What plan did you have in mind when you told him you would tell them about your field trip?”

“I figured I’d tell everyone and then Harry would make them forget when he found out I told them.”

“You didn’t think Harry would be mad at you?”

“No, Sir. I know he wouldn’t like it, but he wouldn’t be mad at me for it.”

Jack looked at Lissy and asked how long it would take for the medicine to completely heal John’s arm and she told him probably three or four days if nothing else happened to it. Jack asked if he could return to duty the day after tomorrow and Carson said he could be on light duty, but no missions that would chance worsening the condition. Lissy knew Harry would hate for John to be gone when he woke up and said, “But will he be able to drive that little spaceship?” Jack chuckled and said, “He’ll be fine, and Harry can visit Atlantis anytime.”

Carson said he was going to check on Harry one more time and then turn in for a few hours seeing how it was early in the morning and nobody had any sleep yet. He wasn’t entirely convinced Harry was as well off as Lissy had said he was, but didn’t want to undermine her judgment. He instructed John to sleep on his back so his side and arm would be free of any weight.
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Hey Guys, here's the next chapter. One more chapter to go after this one. Hope you like it.

Chapter 13

The River, The Curse, The Cure

Harry woke to Winky dabbing his forehead and singing softly to him. She smiled at him when she saw his eyes open and look at her. He didn’t say anything and he didn’t move. His eyes followed her movements and after about a minute he closed his eyes again and slept peacefully. Next he opened his eyes to see John standing over him, but his reaction was nonexistent; just watching. He didn’t respond to any thing John did nor did he answer any question. Carson moved into the scene and looked closely at Harry. The doctor moved Harry’s head from side to side without any resistance from him. Carson looked up at John and shook his head. “It’s not good; he’s in a coma. He is awake, but not responsive.”

“But, he’s watching you, isn’t that responsive?”

“He’s watching me, but nothing is registering to him. See watch, I’ll show you.”

Carson picked up Harry’s hand and pinched the tender skin between his fingers. Harry just watched Carson without even a flinch. Ginny came in the room in a very cheerful mood, “Is he awake yet? I keep coming in and he keeps going to sleep without saying anything. Carson stood up and offered her the side of the bed he was sitting on. The look on his face told her he wasn’t pleased with his examination of her husband. She sat down and Harry looked in her eyes. She took his hand and felt it limp in hers. She put her hand on his chest and he only looked at her without expression. She looked up at Carson and asked what was wrong with him. “I’ve seen this before when he woke up from that coma of five and a half years. He was like this. What happened?”

“I can only guess that the constant fever of 106 degrees Fahrenheit these four days might have fried his brain. I should take him to Atlantis and run some tests. I’m sorry, Lass.”

Ginny said, “I should have let you take him that first night. I was such an idiot listening to the advice of my family. Can therapy help him or will it be… permanent damage?”

“I don’t want to say until I make a full scan and evaluation. It doesn’t look good though, Love. But; we all know Harry is a remarkable man in every way. I do have hope that he will come out of this ok.”

Just then Lily burst into the room yelling, “Daddy, daddy, daddy,” and jumped up on the waterbed without giving anyone time to stop her. A giant wave rolled Harry over and he would have fallen off the bed but for Ginny and Carson catching him. Ginny was about to scold Lily but Harry started laughing and when he was settled back in bed he looked at his daughter and said, “Good morning, Darling Angel.” He was very weak and his voice was barely audible but he held out his arm for her and she snuggled beside him and he squeezed her with his left arm and fell back asleep.

Everyone was laughing as quietly as they could when Ron and Hermione came in. “I hope you don’t mind, Winky let us in. We’re just in from work.”

Lily saw Hugo and rolled out of bed to go play before he was told to go ahead and start on his homework. Sirius held a charm on the bed to keep the waves from moving Harry.

“How is our hot head tonight, any change; he doesn’t look like a red chili pepper anymore, is he better? He looks so young, like a little kid, but he looks bad still. Is he going to be ok?”

Hermione nudged Ron in the ribs and said, “Let the doctor speak and you’ll get the answers to your questions.”

Carson smiled politely and filled the couple in on Harry’s improvements. “That’s great then; he’ll be up before you know it,” Ron said and added, “Why is he still sleeping; you’d think he’d be hungry?”

Hermione laughed and went over beside the bed and put her hand on Harry’s forehead. “I thought you said his fever broke; he feels hot to me. She looked back at Harry and saw that he was looking at her. He took her wrist and said, “Where are we? I dropped the picture when we jumped out of the window. He knows now, Hermione; he knows. He hates me, so much hate. I can’t swallow; so much hate. Nagini had me, she bit me and she had me in her coils. I can still smell the stench, it’s in me.”

Hermione looked around at Carson for help. “He thinks we’re back in Godric’s Hollow when we escaped from Nagini. She was at Bathilda Bagshot’s house and it did smell beyond worse than anything you can imagine. We barely escaped with our lives. Lord Voldemort nearly had us.”

She looked back at Harry who by this time was sweating horribly and breathing irregularly. He looked up at Hermione and his eyebrows knitted together in thought. “Hang on…something isn’t right here. What’s wrong with me; that happened years ago didn’t it? Didn’t that happen a long time ago like nearly twenty years ago?”

He looked at his hand on Hermione’s and let go quickly. “I’m sorry, Hermione; did I hurt you? Why are you crying?” Ron stepped into Harry’s line of sight and Harry looked solemnly at him. Ron gently pulled Hermione onto her feet and he sat where she had been. They stared at each other for a few more seconds and then Harry said, “Have you come to kill me, Ron? Can you let me see Ginny first?”

Ron gasped and turned white in the face. “What?! No! I’m not going to kill you! Why would you think that?!”

“Kingsley gave the order; he’s afraid I have an army from the furnace and he can’t take a chance on me attacking everyone.” Upon Ron’s bewildered silence Harry sighed with a rattle in his chest. “Just do it; I’m nearly dead anyway. Put me out of my misery.” He closed his eyes and moaned when he coughed up blood.

“Harry!” shouted Ron and he roughly shook his shoulders. “I’m not going to kill you!”

Harry opened his eyes and breathed in hard and coughed some more. “What?! That’s good to know, but why would you need to tell me that? Did I do something to make you mad?” He saw that the blankets were down to his waste and he didn’t have a shirt on. He tried to pull them up quickly at the same time apologizing for not being presentable.

Ron laughed nervously and said, “Mate what’s going on with you? One minute you’re talking normal and the next you’re talking out of your head.”

Harry looked surprised and slightly shook his head. “What have I been saying? I am really confused with time and what is and isn’t…”

Ron broke in saying, “Well, you were going on about Nagini having you, and saying ‘he knows’ and then you were talking about, well… you were asking me if I came to kill you because Kingsley ordered it because of you having an army from the furnace.”

Harry had a faraway look in his eyes and then Ron said, “Look, Harry, it’s raining the way you like. Maybe you should go get cleansed or whatever it is you go on about.”

John looked at Ron and smiled. “I’ve heard Harry say this a few times but it is relevant just now for sure. How many times has Harry told you that you’re brilliant?” He made like he was going to go to Harry’s side but needed to walk behind Lissy to get to him. As he passed behind her he whispered, “They can’t hear what I’m about to say.”

“Dr. Beckett, Ron just reminded me of something. You said last night if Harry’s fever didn’t break you were going to try that one thing on him?”

At first Carson stood with his eyebrows arched not knowing what John was talking about, but then caught on he was just stalling for time. Lissy started turning Ron, Hermione, and Ginny towards the door. Ginny looked worried and bulked at being moved and said, “I need to stay with Harry.”

Lissy shook her head wisely and softly said, “You guys need to be with Lily and Hugo in case he screams. I’ll get you if it goes badly, but I think this is what needs to be done and right away. Ginny, sweetheart, you see him and you can hear that…”

Ginny gasped sharply at the thought of Harry dying. “You’ll get me right away?” Lissy gently shoved them the rest of the way out of the room promising them she would get her at the first hint of it not working.

John gently pulled Harry into a sitting position and said, “Listen, I think I know what is happening. Harry is dying so I need to hurry. This is from the River Styx and the Little Tiber. His memory of Nagini is from her attacking him in the River Styx. That’s what the stench and all the hate is he was talking about. And when he was talking to Ron, he was talking about him standing in front of the furnace that produced the army he killed. He was actually thinking about Hades at the end of the River Styx. He was out of his head with fever, but he knew he couldn’t say anything about Hades or the two rivers because Ginny and the others didn’t want to know about it. He made them forget.”

John looked at Harry and asked if he thought he was right. Harry nodded his head thoughtfully and said, “Yeah, I think you’re right. But why would I…”

He felt his lower torso and said, “I took my appendix out before I went in the river. I tried to make sure I didn’t swallow any, but when the troll hit me I did swallow some. So when I got back home and Percy was saying something stupid about me owing them something I got angry and went outside. While I was out there I remembered I hadn’t put my appendix back in yet. I went back and I knew I was too weak to use the black magic so I cut myself open and put it back in. Since I swallowed some of the River it affected my appendix, it was my death spot if I ever got wounded there, which I was from Leviathan ripping me apart when we jumped in the Little Tiber. I swallowed some of that river too. So, that has let the curse of the Styx kill me. I’m being poisoned with a curse, not from the water technically, it’s long gone from my system, but from the curse; which explains the fever and why it couldn’t be lowered. And my fever broke through the night because Lily came in and put her hand on my forehead. I thought I was dreaming. And then the curse was coming back again but left when she jumped in bed with me and snuggled with me. She was just there a few seconds when Ron, Hermione, and Hugo came and she left to play with her cousin.”

Sirius asked what he had to do to be cured. “Unless I have my History of Mythology wrong, there isn’t a cure for that curse and I don’t think Lily is strong enough to counter the poison curse.”

John said, “Harry, you have to either be healed by Dawn, or you’ll have to turn blue and do it yourself.”

“I’ll never ask anything of them, and I don’t have enough strength to go blue enough to heal myself from the curse.”

John pulled out his special pencil and clicked it. The pencil became Zeus’s lightning rod and Harry swallowed hard. He shook his head no slowly showing real fear. “No, please don’t. Let me die, please?” John told him he had to because it was the only way, and he would be dead in a matter of minutes if he didn’t do it now. “You only have to be blue for a short time.”

Harry was breathing hard and began to cough blood in a large amount. It was spurting from his mouth now. Jack ordered John to just do it. John said, “I’m sorry buddy, I hope you forgive me,” and shot him with a sustained blast. Harry screamed in pain and turned blue and he grew into a giant. Harry stood bent over so his upper body wouldn’t bust through the roof. He grabbed John and brought him to his face his eyes burning with raw rage. He jerked his head to the door at the sound of footsteps running to the bedroom. John said, “Harry; take us up to Pride Rock, hurry!” Sam was holding onto Jack hating to see John being squeezed so hard. It was obvious he was in horrible pain but he was still able to make Harry listen to him.

They disappeared and Ginny ran in the room crying out for Harry followed by Ron, Hermione, and the two kids. Sam took Ginny by the shoulders and smiled. “We think it worked. It was painful for him, and he will be weak for a little while, but Dr. Beckett thinks he’ll be fine. He wanted to go out in the rain to bring down his extremely high fever to keep his brain from frying. I’m sure you’ll see a big change in him when he gets back. John went with him to keep him company.”

Ginny hiccoughed and nodded her head. They all went downstairs and the men went in the living room while the women went to the kitchen to help Winky prepare dinner. Ron was visibly shaken and said, “When Harry screams like that, I mean… it’s because he is in so much pain he wishes he was dead. And I can’t help but... When Voldemort was alive and capture him all those times it caused unbearable pain and he screamed like that. I couldn’t figure how to help him or how he could get free, and I would wish that he could just die and be free of the pain. And then when he killed Voldemort I thought I wouldn’t ever have to hear him scream like that again. Tonight sounded worse than ever. Do you really think he’ll be ok?”

Jack had a new respect for Ron after him saying that and nodded his head. “I’m sure he’s fine. John has orders to call if anything goes wrong, and the phone hasn’t rung.”

Ron only nodded his head and stayed silent but for a sigh of relief. An hour and a half later John and Harry walked in the front door. They were dripping wet, exhausted, and looked like they just returned from a battle, but they both smiled. Harry and John started towards the couch to sit and were completely dry after the first step. Harry was no longer in his loincloth but was clothed complete with socks and shoes. When he spoke his voice was raspy and quiet. “Is dinner about ready?” he asked hopefully. Harry started to sit on the end and John shoved him roughly to the center and he sat on the side.

There was total silence due to the hostile action of John. Harry chuckled and said, “A little respect for the weak, brother.”

John’s only comment was, “Pfft!” but he had that adorable impish grin on his very pale face all the while.

Ron asked how they got their cuts and bruises and John said, “Harry wanted to go get some of his cleansing rain but we ended up in a storm.”

“A storm? But it’s only just a calm rain. Where did you guys go? I heard thunder over the way; around Pride Rock, but it’s just been a gentle rain here.”

“Yeah, well, we ended up in a storm; a raging storm I might add.”

“But the bruises and cuts-” interrupted Hermione.

John and Harry looked at each other with their heads bowed and grinned foolishly. “Harry felt the need to object to the treatment Carson had to use on him. He felt the need to relieve some pent up stress and I was there to be a punching bag of sorts. He was still very delirious; he didn’t know me so I can’t fault him.”

Ginny drew her breath in sharply and said, “Love, you could have really hurt John, I’m surprised at you! And you are in no condition to fight whether you’re relieving stress, playing or whatever!”

Harry chuckled and said, “It’s all good, the important thing is I’m all better and John lived through it. Is dinner ready? I really didn’t know who he was or what was going on. I thought he was attacking me.”

John made a show of pulling at his torn pocket on his shirt and said with an innocent look, “Yeah, it’s all good if you’re not the one being thrown around like a rag doll.” He grinned wickedly at Harry at the reaction from his friends.

Harry sighed heavily and rolled his eyes and defensively said, “I said I was sorry, just get over it already. Can we eat now please?” He looked at John and grinned not being able to keep up the ruse that he was angry.

Winky answered and they all looked at her with surprise. And then Hermione laughed, “We were supposed to come and get you guys but got interested in what was going on. Come on, let’s eat. Then we need to get home so Hugo can get his homework done before he goes to bed.”

They all sat at the table and Harry looked over at Lily and smiled. “I missed you, Angel. Tell me all about your time with Jack and Sam.”

Lily smiled sweetly instead of telling him she already told him a couple times and said, “I missed you too, Daddy, but it’s top secret what we did. I can tell you that we had cake.”

Everyone laughed because they all knew Jack and Sam worked at a top secret facility, and Jack really does like cake. Pleasant conversation continued, but Harry began thinking of the time that past while he slept. He was confused trying to place events others were talking about to a particular time frame. And he tried to think what was said before and after he modified memories. He didn’t want to say something and it happened to be during the time they wouldn’t remember. He tried to laugh when someone said something that was evidently funny but could only manage a small chuckle. And then he even gave up on trying and sat there thinking.

“Uncle Harry!” said Hugo rather forcefully, but smiled innocently when Harry snapped his head to look at who demanded his attention.

Harry smiled politely and apologized for not paying attention and asked what he wanted.

“I was wondering if you and Aunt Ginny are going to have any more babies. You need to have one more.”

Lily huffed and folded her arms across her chest and said, “No they don’t need another baby! I would be the one who had to take care of it and it wouldn’t be fair. Mum is working and Daddy works or has to spend time getting fixed from being nearly dead all the time.”

Ginny threw her napkin on the table and started to get up, but Harry calmly put his hand on hers to keep her sitting. He looked at Hugo and smiled and said, “Hugo, forgive me please, but would you be so kind as to let me talk to Lily for a minute before we discuss your question?” The boy nodded his head in awe of Lily being out of character of how sweet and kind she always is.

Harry thanked him and then looked at Lily. His heartbreak was obvious but he spoke with respect and gentleness although disappointment and displeasure was in his voice. “Lily, I appreciate your honesty, but you were very rude to Hugo and everyone else at this table. The question wasn’t directed to you, it was directed to me. We’ll speak of why you feel the way you do on the subject of babies and who would be taking care of them later.”

His gaze was unyielding and Lily knew what she had to do. “I’m sorry, Hugo. I won’t open my mouth with ugliness again. I was being jealous and that is something I don’t like in people and I don’t want to be that way. And I apologize to everyone else too, for being so rude. I real bad need to say I’m sorry to Mum and Daddy; it was duphideous of me.”

“What does that mean; dupeious thingy?!”

Ron bent sideways to say something to his son in an undertone, “It’s okay son, women talk in a language us guys don’t understand a lot of the time. Just accept her apology because that’s what she is asking for.”

Hermione smiled lovingly only acting upset poked Ron in his side and he jerked up and innocently said, “What!? I don’t know what it means either! But I do know she was sincerely asking for forgiveness.”

Harry smiled slightly at Hugo and Ron and said, “The word is duplicitous, and she meant it as being treacherous or disloyal to her parents because she knows we make sure our children are loved and well cared for and saying anything other than that is telling fictional stories about us.”

He looked wearily at Hugo and swallowed slowly. He had been doing too much talking with his raw throat from screaming so hard. He started to speak but his voice cracked. He cleared his throat and said, “You asked if Ginny and I are going to have any more babies and then said we needed to have one more. So, why don’t you tell me why we need one more so I can fit my answer directly to what you are asking?

Hugo said, “Okay, well you see; James has red hair like Aunt Ginny, and Albus has black hair like you… had, and Lily has red hair like Aunt Ginny so you are outnumbered. And Lily is outnumbered; two boys and only one girl. You need to have a baby girl who has white hair like yours is now. And why is your hair all white and short now?”

Harry sat quietly trying to remember what was said he was supposed to say about what happened before he adjusted the adults’ memories. He knew Lily and Hugo were in the playroom when the plan was made. He remembered he didn’t think it was a good plan but did it anyway. “To answer your question; I would feel badly for any baby of ours to have to be born with white hair to make things even. So I guess based on that reasoning, just to make it even, we won’t be having any more babies. And about the hair; I’m sorry, Hugo, I don’t remember when it turned all white or what happened to make it turn white. And it was cut short because I, as Lily put it, needed fixing again and my hair was in the way so somebody, err no wait, I cut it and my beard off. It has grown back somewhat, but I don’t know if it will get as long as it was before or not. I think when I take time to look in the mirror my honest reaction will be the deciding factor of it growing back, long or not. Tell me what you think. Do you like it long or short?”

Hugo giggled and said, “I like it long! I like watching it when you get mad. It goes all blowing wild like in the wind and lightning crackles in it when you move.”

Harry opened his mouth slightly ajar fully surprised. All he could do was look at Hugo as if he was going to say something else that sounded ludicrous. He licked his lips and swallowed. “My hair does what?” But instead of waiting for an answer he looked at Lily and tipped one side of his mouth in a very scant smile and quietly said, “What about you, Darling Angel, long or short?”

Lily giggled happily because she was included in on the conversation and her daddy called her by his pet name for her. “I love it both ways. I think though that I like it best long. Short makes you look too young to be our Daddy, and you look too young to be Mummy’s husband.”

Harry’s eyebrows arched in shock and he looked at Ginny. “Honey; long or short?”

Ginny was still laughing at Lily’s reason and looked at her husband, but then got serious. “You really do look a lot younger, but-”

Harry saw her eyes go to different scars on his face and neck and his hair and beard grew back to the way it was before he cut it. He looked in her eyes and said barely loud enough to be heard, “I guess you got your answer, Hugo.” He swallowed and stood up slowly and excused himself from the table and went in the living room. Everyone went in to find him looking out the window into the blackness of the night. It was still raining and occasionally lightning flickered across the sky and distant thunder rumbled and boomed.

“Looks like another storm is coming,” said Jack who was now standing beside him.

“There is always a storm. It might not be here at the moment, but the threat is always looming. It is where I live; always on the edge or right in the middle of it.”

Ron, Hermione, and Hugo came up behind the two and Ron said they were taking off. Harry turned to them and smiled. “Thanks for coming over. I don’t remember you coming, but I enjoyed your company. Hugo, how are you doing in school?”

Hugo grinned broadly and said, “All the boys hate me b’cause all the girls love me. It’s all on account of my hair isn’t frizzy now. Thanks for that, Uncle Harry.”

A twinkle glimmered in Harry’s eyes as he smiled and said, “The guys will come around as long as you don’t let the attention change who you are.”

Hugo nodded and said, “I don’t worry about them because they’re just jealous. When they start needing me on their teams because I can run faster and hit harder than all of them, they will notice my hair isn’t the big deal they thought it was and beg me to be on their team.”

Harry grinned and said, “You’re a good boy, Hugo, I’m proud of you.” Harry looked at Ron and Hermione and said, “You’ve done a good job raising your kids.”

Hermione said, “You and Ginny have raised your kids just as well.”

Harry smiled in a sad way thinking he had little to do with raising his kids and quietly said, “We are blessed with good kids; all of us.”

Ron put his hand on Harry’s shoulder and said, “We’ll see ya later, mate. Take it easy.”

Hermione kissed him on the cheek and smiled, “You guys need to come over for dinner with us when you feel up to it.”

Harry was surprised at the invitation and smiled graciously, “Thanks for the invite, Hermione. We can come anytime you want; I’m ready when you guys are.” He tried to remember the last time they had been asked over because it had been years. Then Hermione said, “Yeah, be thinking of where you want to go out; it’ll be great.”

Harry forced a friendly smile and said, “I’ll leave that to you and Ginny then.”

They said good-bye and Harry waved and then pulled Hugo into a fond hug when the boy reached toward him. He kissed Hugo on top of his head before he let go of him and softly said, “Good-bye, son.”
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Hey Guys, thanks for reading this short story. This is the last chapter and I really hope you like it. You'll probably be happy to know it isn't very long. I would love to have some feedback if you can spare a minute or two. I've got a One Shot floating around in my brain, but it hasn't materialized yet, so it might be a little while before I post anymore. When or if I do write more, I will post it here after this short story.
Chapter 14

Repulse, Retrogress, Reunify

Harry stood with Jack, Sirius, Carson, and John who had been talking quietly so they didn’t disturb Ron and his family saying good-bye. Sirius put his arm around Harry’s shoulder in a fatherly way and gave him that special wink and smile that is always a comfort to Harry.

Harry made an effort to smile and then said to the group, “In the morning I’m going to have to ride around the bottom land. With all this rain we’ve been getting I’m afraid some of the land might be flooded. Would you like to come with me? We’ll take the four wheelers and have some fun.”

At first there was silence and then John said, “I’d love to, buddy, but Carson and I have to leave at daybreak.”

Harry’s mouth opened and he started to shake his head but stopped before he said what was on his mind. He thought they were going to go home the day after tomorrow, but he wasn’t up to speed on the reality that that day had come and gone with him being in a coma oblivious to the world. “I’m sorry, I lost track of time. I’ve kept you here longer than what you were supposed to be here for. Thank you for all your help; all of you. John, I would be dead if you hadn’t learned how to use the lightning rod. Thank you, and thanks for today, I hope I didn’t hurt you anymore than your broken ribs.” He looked at the others and said, “I broke his ribs when I grabbed him after I turned blue. I didn’t quite have the amount of energy I needed to heal myself before I became normal again, so he blasted me with that rod again. When that happens I don’t have any reasoning skills for several minutes. I’m not safe to be around. All I knew was he had that rod making me go blue. It isn’t a comfortable feeling, kinda hurts a bit. Then he had to defend himself from me for a while. I was really angry and didn’t recognize him. I was really rough with him, but he kept shooting me until this stuff poured out of my wound. But when I came to my senses I gave him some Skele-Gro.”

Carson moved to have a look at John but John said he was fine. “I need to check to make sure you’re up to traveling.” He took out his hand held machine and scanned John and then said, you’re jarred about, but you’ll settle down with some rest. I’m keeping you on light duty for three more days, but you can return to duty. I’d like to know how you kept from being electrocuted though.”

John looked at Harry with the question on his lips. He hadn’t thought of that, but since Carson brought it up it was something he’d like to know the answer to himself.

Harry nodded his head and said, “The lightning rod protects you from electricity, plus you have a natural protection from it because of your relationship to Zeus. I wondered why you weren’t shocked when you took the cloak from my pouch yesterday, or whenever it was that we saved Chevron. But since we found out you are a Demigod, a direct blood descendant of Zeus then that is the reason you are protected from it. Your pencil will protect you from it at all times, and you will never be without your pencil for long if you are separated from it.”

When they all looked at him with understandable doubt Harry asked John if he could see it. John gave it to him and Harry opened the door and threw it into the storm. John wasn’t happy about this, but he didn’t say anything. Within a few seconds, the pencil returned to John.

“Cool,” said John with a smile.

Harry looked over to the steps as Ginny came down from getting Lily to bed. His gaze followed her to the couch where she sat with Sam and Lissy. He sighed and turned back to the window where the blackness of the night and the lightning flashes encouraged his gloom. The rain was becoming a driving force of despair in his mind. How was he to hold Ginny, kiss her, and make love to her when he knows how she feels about him; scary and something of disgust. Why hadn’t she let him talk to her about the gods and their gifts to him? She chose to draw her own conclusions and asked to have her memories removed. He thought of the enchantment he put on her and her family and wondered if maybe he should’ve really made them forget instead of putting it in the back of their mind where it will stay unless they want to remember again. He knew he did it that way because he was hopeful Ginny would want to remember and let him explain to her. He turned his head so he could look over his shoulder at her for a minute and then looked back out the window. She would never want to know, he shouldn’t have had any hope of anything else.

“I’d rather be dead than not have her love for who I am.” He said these words under his breath completely alone in his thoughts. What was he to do? His thoughts went back to his sixth year at Hogwarts when Dumbledore told him that Merope more than likely had given Tom Riddle’s, father to be, a love potion. She had been so in love with him that she felt guilty for trapping him with the potion. Hoping he would love her too she stopped giving him the potion. He left her immediately without considering her or his soon to be born son a second thought. Wouldn’t it be much the same if he kept secret what he knew his wife abhorred and continued to love her in every way? He felt filthy for even considering it.

John broke into his thoughts and asked him about what he believed, about God, Greek and Roman gods, and Heaven and Hell. Sam heard his question from where she was on the couch and said they should come over and sit with them so she could hear the answer too. Harry glowered at John wondering what his intentions were for bringing up the subject in front of Ginny. John just grinned and Harry relaxed his anger but was still annoyed. The men went to the furniture and sat down. Noticing the only place left to sit was beside Ginny, Harry went over and poked at the fire and then put two more logs on it. The fire crackled and spit bright embers up the chimney. He watched it for a moment and turned and sat on the stone slab in front of the toasty fire. It did feel good after being out in the cold rain that hour and a half.

Harry sighed and rubbed his face with both hands and then covered his face with his hands and put his elbows on his knees. He took another breath and raised his head to look at everyone staring at him. Ginny smiled sweetly at him and he blushed severely. “What do you want me to say; just my opinion on the subject or what?”

John nodded and said, “Yeah, I was just wondering what your beliefs are. I notice that you have a well worn Bible on your desk in your study. But, I also know you have a vast knowledge about Greek Mythology. They claim to be gods and they talk about the underworld and Hades. Is there all these different gods and if there is, then who is the boss?”

Harry looked at his friend silently for a full minute wondering how he was supposed to answer that without Ginny knowing about the Ancients. “First of all, I believe there is only one God and He is the ‘boss’ of all things past present and the future. I think there is a group of people who evolved to a higher plain of existence and left Earth as we know it. They existed as beings without corporeal bodies in a different world. They claimed to be gods because of this new existence. Where they lived, they created a higher order and this was their Heaven. They also created an underworld they called Hades. Sometimes they come to life in a corporeal body and fall in love with humans. They have children with these humans and they leave them before they are born. It is supposed to be against the law to do this, but they do it anyway. Many of them lived whole lifetimes here on earth teaching about the gods and the wars they had. Some were sent here in small magical creatures made of the waste that magical folk made disappear from here. They sent them here to help humans.”

Ginny spoke up enthusiastically and said, “Like Winky and our elves!”

Harry smiled slightly and nodded his head. Sirius asked if humans could go to that world, and Ginny spoke up saying, “Harry’s been there before. Dobby took him when Kreacher died. Didn’t they have to give you something in your blood so you could go there? Because I think you said that if you go there without that special gene in your blood you would die instantly.”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

Ginny’s eyes were full of spirit and she asked, “So, that’s where the Ancient Greeks and Romans went after they did this enlightenment thing? The gods were there unless they were busy coming to earth to get women pregnant?” she finished asking with a note of temper showing.

“Yes, you’re right again,” Harry answered quietly, keeping his eyes on her, thinking he would once again be made to feel he was a monster or something vial since he had the gene in him.

“Do these children of gods or goddesses inherit the powers of the parent who gave them the gene?”

Harry wished the subject hadn’t been brought up and more so wished he could just go die somewhere. He sighed seeing her impatience beginning to show. “They have a tendency to be susceptible to the power, but most don’t develop any powers unless they are predetermined to know it. What I mean by that is most children only feel out of place or different and they just simply grow out of it unless the gods feel they need them. Then they are guided to schools where the history of Greek and Roman Mythology are taught very specifically to them; usually by a god. Then at some point the father or mother reveals to them their parentage. This rarely happens anymore, as it is highly frowned upon by the gods. And normally it is only the House Elves from there who comes now.”

“I should think so!” Suddenly she had a worried look on her face.

“Most children go through their entire life without knowing they have a special gene in them. Others are naturally born with the special gene from an ancestor just like some Muggles who don’t have magic themselves pass magic to their children, like Hermione, or my mother’s parents.”

Ginny still looked worried and Harry stood up and moved away from the fire that was toasting his back. “Here it comes,” he thought when Ginny said his name instead of her pet name for him.

“Harry, you have that gene in you, from the gods. You have it so you would stay alive when Dobby took you to his world.”

The look on Harry’s face was unreadable, but there was ice in his voice. “Yes, you’ve already mentioned that. Is there something you need to say? If so; just say it.”

Ginny was taken aback from his cold voice. She became defensive and said, “You kept the fact that you have blood of the gods in you! Were you ever planning on telling me? Did you ever for one minute consider me whether or not I would want you -”

She stopped suddenly because Harry’s face went from red to white and he turned his head to Sam and John. With pain dripping from every word he asked, “Did you find out what you, for some reason, wanted to know about? If so, it’s really late and I’m weary of the day’s events and would like to get a few hours sleep before -”

John spoke quickly saying, “I wanted to find out about the people who ascended to a higher being; the Ancients. I asked about God since I know you believe in Him, because I was wondering what He does when they ascend and say they are gods. Why would He let them go to another place instead of Heaven or Hell?”

After looking at John for a minute he answered, “People who ascend ponder on life and living to the fullest extent that is possible. They wanted a place of living that is above humans dwelling on war, hate, lust, pretty much sins that man is born into. So, they came to a point in their devotions and meditating to rid themselves of their earthly bodies and ascended to a higher being of energy. The thing is; they don’t die. They come to a fraction of a second before death and evolve into their higher existence. If they had died, they would have gone to meet their judgment like we all will sooner or later. It’s what happened to me after I fought Riddle. Ron got Dawn and she took me to their world a fraction of a second before I was dead. My magic was trying to rebuild my body, but I shut it off knowing it would take too long to repair myself. I wanted to die because I couldn’t take the pain I was in any longer, and my brain would have been too long without oxygen. I would have been a vegetable. None of the gods were there that I know of except Zeus. And I didn’t know it was him until today, or yesterday… or whenever it was that I was there. He was there each time I was and he always wanted to teach me to fight. So we fought everyday for years. I took his rod from him and fired it at him. I didn’t for a minute think it was Zeus, I thought he was maybe an Ori who changed his mind at being what the other Ori wanted to become. You see how power makes people act? They all ascended and because nobody was in charge, they began to divide. Some claimed to be gods and goddesses, others split off and became power hungry and created replicators to fight other beings and inhabitants of the universe because they wanted to control everything. Others wanted to split away from them and became the Ori. They literally enslaved people to their religion and consumed their souls to build their own powers.”

Nobody said anything and then Harry asked if anyone had anything to say or ask. Nobody said anything because they were in awe at what Harry had just told them. Even Jack, Sam, John, and Carson were speechless. Harry looked hard into Ginny’s eyes wanting in the worst way for her to tell him she loved him for who he is. However; she didn’t say anything.

“John, I’ll be in the basement more than likely when you get up. Please wake me if I’m sleeping so I can say good-bye properly. Good night, everyone.”

He turned without looking at Ginny and went to the basement where he dropped onto the couch and fell asleep. It was in the wee hours of the morning that he woke up very groggy and confused. Ginny was climbing over him to get on the back side so she wouldn’t fall off the couch if either one moved. She pulled the comforter over them and laid her head on his chest. He instinctively moved onto his side to make more room. He wrapped his arms around Ginny and sighed contently and fell back asleep until he realized they were both naked and she was kissing him with hot lips. She moved over top of him and he put his arm around her and moved onto his back to keep her from falling off the couch. She said she was sorry for behaving so horribly to him.

“I can’t believe I acted so, so, not even childish. It was uncalled for how I treated you. John and everyone else told me that I was being unfair to you. They said you left a memory for me if I ever felt I needed to change my mind. I remembered right away and I can’t believe I acted like that. It was such a shock to me what happened to you and that the gene you had was actually genes from four gods and that one goddess. I don’t mind, Honey. I love you because you are you and nothing or anyone else.” She kept kissing on him and then asked him to forgive her when she was done explaining. “I wish it wasn’t always me who acted inappropriately. Do you have even one memory from your past that if you’d acted on it, it might have changed everything?”

A whirl of battles, and years of pain and weariness flew through his mind. He couldn’t tell her those memories. She was moving over him and he didn’t want to talk about memories but he smiled and said,
*"His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad,
His hair is as dark as a blackboard.
I wish he was mine, he's truly divine,
the hero who conquered the Dark Lord."*

She giggled seductively and softly said, “Are you mine?”

His breathing was shallow but forceful and catching and he pulled her tight against him and kissed her hard with passion. “Yes,” was all he said with a tight throat and the rest is private.

A/N *Poem Ginny sent to Harry via singing Dwarf in The Chamber Of Secrets
And also I want to apologize if I offended anyone talking about God. It is not my intent to offend, but I could not make up things about God, in whom I do believe, but I don’t believe in the others. I felt I needed to explain the way I did to justify the Ancients, gods, Demi gods, and their underworld.
Please forgive me if it turned out wrongly and I ended up being offensive.
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HI, Connie!
I just want you to know I'm still reading and enjoying your amazing story, *love it*, but I haven't had time to comment on... You know... Vacation... And kids in home all the time...
You're a great writer!!! Love you !
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Hey guys, just a short note to let you know I'm going to be posting my newest story. I wrote it after this storyline was completed to be a short story, but JK's Cursed Child came out and I didn't want to take away from her new book and I didn't want anyone to compare our stories because there are some similarities to them. So I changed up some of the similarities but not enough to ruin the story I was telling. It is a continuation of the one I had been posting but different storylines and plots. I just kept writing and adding to it so now I have another long story. I think I'll break it up into small stories though so I don't abuse being able to post all on one thread. I hope you enjoy it. I need to do some final editing and title my chapters, so it'll be a short wait yet. Thanks guys. Merry Christmas to everyone, hopefully I'll have my first chapter up before then but who knows. So much to do for the holidays.

Ivana, thanks for reading and I'm thrilled you like my story. Thanks for commenting. I love having comments.
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Hey guys, just wanted to let you know there was a snag in my story line so I tore up the ending and am finishing rewriting it. I just didn't like the ending I had. And then changing it like I did caused giant holes in the earlier parts of the story, so I've gone back to fix those holes and am now putting the finishing touches on the ending and THEN I will be able to post my first chapter or One Shot. It depends on how long it is if it will be a One Shot or not. Either way, it will be a continuation of the story I've posted and will pick up where I left off. Thanks for your patience.
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Hey Guys, still breaking up the story into short stories and making titles for the chapters. BUT I decided I needed to get posting some of it so you don't forget where we left off in the story. Just a brief summary of the last part of the story just ending: Ginny asked for Harry to make her forget he had special genes from the gods of Greek and Roman mythology because she thought it was disgusting. Even though it was hurtful to him he did as she requested and went to bed in the basement since his morals wouldn't allow him to sleep with Ginny knowing he was disgusting to her. He felt like even though she now doesn't think of him that way, he wasn't any better than Merope giving the man she dearly loved a love potion trapping him to love her.

Also; Harry had been off work since he was badly hurt. In just a very short time he, Ginny and Lily would be going to get James and Albus from King's Cross for the summer. This story picks up right where we left it only Harry has been able to go back to work on light duty, still recovering from his injuries. It is the day to pick up his sons from King's Cross. I hope you like this story line. The whole story is long, but I have broken it up into short stories. I hope you all like it and any and all comments are welcome and will be appreciated. Thank you.

A Chance To Make Things Right

A strikingly handsome man walked at a swift pace through the Atrium; his focus on a small man moving about with remarkable agility for the age he looked to be. Now and then the little man’s eyes darted from side to side taking notice of anyone exiting the many offices that lined the wide hall.

It wasn’t uncommon to see the handsome man there, but still, people stopped in their tracks and whispered to anyone around them of the scene that stirred the atmosphere in their midst whenever he was spotted. Normally he used the maintenance hallway, which is behind the walls and offices when he had a need to be at the Ministry of Magic; to avoid the whispers and pointing. Of course, as it turns out, he is there quite often since he is the Head Auror, Harry Potter.

This morning as Harry approached the alley next to the Ministry of Magic he caught a whiff of a very distinct pungent stench he hadn’t had the displeasure of smelling for many years. His sharp senses turned his head in the direction of the odor and saw the little man darting in and out of groups of workers waiting to enter the Ministry in an orderly and civil manner. Harry followed the little man as resentment within him dredged up memories of Kreacher bringing Mundungus Fletcher to the kitchen so Harry could get the necklace he stole from him. Fletcher got away after they found out Dolores Umbridge took the necklace, but Harry had always wanted to catch him and properly charge the thief of the crimes he had proof of him committing. Harry kept the real reason tucked safely in the back of his mind; his abandoning Madeye leaving his back exposed and unprotected to the Death Eaters and Voldemort.

Just as Harry reached out to grasp the back of Fletcher’s jacket collar a hysterical voice called his name and Fletcher turned to see Harry and jumped into the nearest fireplace disappearing into green air. Not believing what just happened Harry turned sharply on the interfering woman and took some deep purging breaths of disgust; his nostrils flaring to accommodate the intake of air. His jaws were clamped shut to keep him from speaking unkindly to Hermione. He gained control of himself and stiffly but calmly asked her what she needed.

Hermione was clearly distraught and Harry became concerned. “What is it, Hermione? Are you okay? Were you watching for me to make sure I’d come for your meeting you wanted?” He put his hand gently under her elbow and steered her to the side of the hallway. “I figured you’d be planning a party for when Rose gets home later today. Ginny and I are anxious ourselves. This will be my first time going to King’s Cross to get…” His smile was kind and infectious but Hermione didn’t return the smile. She looked down at her shoes not wanting to look her friend in the eyes.

Harry stepped back, understanding with anger building that she was about to say something that wasn’t going to make him happy. He sighed and resigned himself to hearing what she had to say.

Hermione looked up and reached out putting her hand on his arm. “Now, Harry, don’t be upset with me, but I need to talk to you right now. Come to my office where we can talk freely.”

The two walked together without speaking and entered her office. Harry stood by the door hoping this would be short and simple so he could at least get a good lead on the whereabouts of Mundungus Fletcher before he left early for the train station. “Close the door, Harry,” ordered a voice from a back corner of the room.

Harry shut the door and faced Ron, Kingsley, and fifteen men in special uniforms he hadn’t seen before but who’s faces was familiar from somewhere in his unpleasant past and one other man of obvious distinction; of whom he did unfortunately know. He noticed Ron was also wearing a uniform only his had several stripes on the cuffs of the sleeves and fancy shoulder pads with gold braided fringe that squared off his back and shoulders smartly. They slowly approached him nervously with trepidation. Harry looked at their wands pointing at him and slowly raised his hands in a non threatening manner. He looked at Hermione and quietly said, “This is some kind of prank, right?” The pain in his quiet voice was heart wrenching. He knew something was going on but it wasn’t a prank, and the betrayal was breaking his heart.

The silence became overwhelming until Kingsley spoke with his booming deep voice. “Harry, as you are well aware, I’m stepping down from the Ministry at the end of this election term or sooner if I can convince someone to take my place. There’s been a file with a matter of complaint against you for years, and I’ve never acted on it. Frankly, I didn’t have the desire to give the matter a single thought. I had closed the case completely without investigating it; which was my prerogative to do. However; it’s been discovered and leaked to the Wizengamot.” He nodded his head to the elderly gentleman sitting on the opposite side of the room they were in. “I believe you know Mr. Hendershot, the Wizengamot’s representative?” Harry acknowledged the man, who was busy recording with his ink and quill on parchment the official transcript of this meeting, and returned his attention to Kingsley. “Hermione has put her name in officially to run for Minister of Magic, and she cannot ignore this or her bid will be dismissed before she has a chance to prove she is capable and impartial.”

Harry looked at his friends and the men in uniforms and congratulated Hermione. “I still don’t have a clue as to what this has to do with me.” He started to lower his hands from weariness but everyone tensed up and the wands were thrust forward pressing against him threateningly and ready to use against him. He put his arms back up and clenched his jaws tight. He had only been back to work at the Ministry a week and a half. He wasn’t completely healed, but certainly able to perform his duties as Head Auror.

Ron nodded his head forward at Harry and looked down at Harry’s hip where, although invisible, he knew his wand would be. “Turn over your wand and your sword; as a matter of fact, just turn over your pouch you carry.”

Harry only looked at Ron and then looked at Hermione. “Is this some sort of Inquisitorial Squad? What authority do they have? And do they answer to you?”

Hermione cleared her throat and said, “They are the Law Enforcement Watch Detail who are under the authority of my office, and they have every authority within the Ministry that the Aurors have.”

“So they are LEWD officers for the use of your office. What is their function? It can’t be the same branch of law enforcement because we already have that with my Aurors. You can’t have more than one agency working the law because they would interfere with each other as far as jurisdiction with arrests and culpability when something goes wrong due to stepping on each other’s toes. It sounds like they are spies who report to you about other branches of the Ministry. I’m surprised at you, Hermione; this is beneath you.” Harry saw a tinge of hurt in Hermione’s eyes and then saw Ron’s face become bright red. Before Ron could say anything Harry spoke up again.

“Hang on a second; I think I’m putting it together now. I sincerely apologize for speaking my thoughts as I go along, Hermione; but I am working under dire circumstances. This is what Ron has been working on. A few weeks ago you said he spent the day talking to Kingsley instead of treating you to a special anniversary celebration.”

Harry looked at Ron and said, “I actually hoped that you were working on being reinstated to be an Auror with me. I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part.” He looked back at Hermione and then to Kingsley. He huffed with his displeasure of having to stand there with his hands up and wands being poked into his arms, shoulders, and back, and not being told anything. “Somebody better say something real quick or I’m leaving. I’ve got things to do, one of which is to pick up my sons from King’s Cross in a few hours.”

At the mention of him leaving, the men around him pressed in against him and grabbed his arms and one even yanked a handful of Harry’s hair pulling his head back abruptly. Harry was compliant although his friends saw fire in his eyes and heard ice in his voice as he said, “Call off your dogs, Captain. I haven’t resisted, and I haven’t been defiant although I have a right to be. You are detaining me illegally and none of you are ignorant of the law that protects me and my rights you’ve stripped me of.”

Ron couldn’t resist a small smile at Harry calling him Captain, but then frowned thinking maybe Harry was making fun of him. He grumpily told his men to ease up and just get Harry’s pouch on his hip. Harry told him he didn’t have it on him. Ron glared at him and nodded at one of his men. The man roughly searched Harry and then punched him in his kidney telling him to give up his pouch. Another one drove his fist hard into the area of Harry’s appendix and yelled for him to give up his pouch. Everything escaladed so abruptly Ron and Hermione just stood there looking in horror as the men became hyped up with excitement and took Harry to the floor pounding on him. Hermione screamed for them to stop and Ron detached himself from Hermione finally and stepped into the fray. He ordered them to stop and move away from Harry. He tried to pull at one of the men and received a punch in the face with an elbow. Hermione rushed to Ron and was knocked to the floor. Ron was nursing his broken nose and didn’t notice Hermione lying still on the floor.

All at once all fifteen men were sitting on the floor bound and gagged with Harry handing Kingsley their wands. He knelt carefully beside Hermione and said her name softly. He gently moved his hands around her head and neck and pulled his hand away with blood on his finger tips. Hermione opened her eyes and looked at Harry with so much pain on her face he didn’t have the heart to be angry with her. He swallowed and forced a kind smile and spoke very softly assuring her she was okay and moved to clean up and medicate her wound. It only took him a few seconds to do this and was helping her up. But when Ron turned and saw the men subdued and Harry kneeling over Hermione and blood on her blouse and his hands he assumed Harry escaped his men and attacked Hermione.

Ron swiveled on his knees and drew his wand shoving it at Harry just as Harry raised his head to tell Ron to help him with Hermione. “You filthy animal, you monster; get away from her!” He shot a knockback jinx at Harry and Harry went sailing across the room and through the glass in the door he shattered and landed on his back in the hallway of the Ministry of Magic. Hermione screamed and told Ron to help him. Kingsley was already to him and breaking up the shocked crowd that gathered around Harry murmuring, “He’s dead; someone’s killed Harry Potter. Kingsley and Ron picked up Harry and he did most definitely look dead. He was lifeless, not even moans or groans from them moving him. “He still has his wand in his hand, it was his best friend; his brother in law what killed him, don’t ya see it; just there in his hand. He’s killed our hero, Ron Weasley killed our hero!”

Ron shouted at them to move on along and mind their own business, this was Ministry work and they were interfering. Meanwhile Kingsley was busy tending a rather large horribly bloody gash under Harry’s left ear. He shook his head and said, “I can’t bring him back, he’s gone.”

Hermione fell on her knees beside Harry and put her wand on the open wound and recited over and over an incantation from an old book of magic cures she had. Then she began crying and pulled Harry’s head to her and bagged him to be okay. She rocked him back and forth while looking up at her husband; who was kneeling white faced beside her and staring at Harry. He looked at his wand and saw blood dripping off the end of it and put it away quickly as if maybe since the guilty wand wasn’t in full view the gash would heal and Harry would get up and start joking around.

Harry moaned and stirred and then noticed that he was being cradled by Hermione and Ron was looking like he was about to die. He disappeared and then re-appeared sitting in a chair on the other side of Hermione’s desk. “Can we get on with this nonsense so I know why I’m accused of being a filthy animal and monster and criminal? That alright with you, Captain?”

Ron nodded his head without looking at Harry’s eyes and helped Hermione to her chair. Harry gasped and then stood up very gingerly. He leaned forward and grasped the desk and swayed where he stood. “Glass in my back,” is all he said.

Mr. Hendershot of the Wizengamot cleared his throat and said, “Mr. Potter, it was brought to our attention a couple months ago that there is an open case that has been in the books for years. The accusations were brought forth to then Minister Pius Thicknesse and he filed the charges. The Office of the Aurors and you were negligent in solving it because it is a matter that directly involves you. This is why the new law enforcement team was developed and Mr. Weasley seemed the most logical person to be the head of the department due to his experience he received while being an Auror.”

Harry arched his eyebrows in disbelief of what he just heard. “That’s it? I was beaten for this reason?! Why wasn’t I ever told about this open case? How can I solve it if I don’t know anything about it?” Harry sat on the corner of the desk and clutched his arms tightly against his midriff and ribs. He bent over and coughed blood onto the floor. He scowled at the men sitting where he left them still tied and gagged. “You idiots broke my ribs. What kind of training do you go through to become LEWDs’?”

“Why do you call them lewds; it sounds vulgar, objected Hermione feebly.

Harry looked at Ron and managed a small grin. “I bet the Captain knows.”

Ron looked surprised and then a grin spread across his face. “It’s like your SPEW, Mione. Law Enforcement Watch Detail; LEWD He cracked up laughing saying Harry was bloody brilliant. “And Harry’s description is right; they are a vulgar or crude form of Aurors.” We need to disband them now. They were used for something we didn’t plan on for them. They/we were strictly to patrol the Ministry because of the increasing political agendas nutters are coming up with. When one of the guys said we should be used to bring you in, instead of your Aurors, in case you got violent or used your magic to get away, someone,” Ron swiveled his eyes to Mr. Hendershot, “agreed with them. I was only doing my job, but it’s obvious I’m not a born leader.”

Harry shook his head and said, “So, let’s forget about all that for now, and tell me if Mr. Thicknesse is in Azkaban for his participation with Tom Riddle in overthrowing the Ministry and fighting against us in the war.”

Mr. Hendershot was shocked Harry could ask such a question and answered as if he had personally been attacked. “Mr. Potter, I regret that you would have to ask such a thing. Mr. Thicknesse was heavily brain washed and forced to do the things he did. He cannot be held accountable for anything he did at that time.”

“So then are you saying that this charge against me was made before he became Minister of Magic?”

“No, the incident occurred before that, but it was not reported until Mr. Thicknesse was the Minister.”

Harry groaned and nearly fell off the desk, but caught onto a bookshelf close to the desk. “So, if Mr. Thicknesse wasn’t in possession of his own thoughts and forced to do the bidding of Tom Riddle, then how can you hold me for something he personally charged me with? If he isn’t held accountable for the time he was Minister, then,” Harry groaned again and coughed violently. He was unable to keep the blood he coughed into his hands from spilling over onto the floor. “I’m sorry, Hermione; I’m making a mess of your office. So, anyway, are you going to drop the case or do I call my attorney?”

Kingsley looked at Mr. Hendershot and said, “He’s right you know? You can’t forgive and dismiss Thicknesse for everything, except for one thing; it’s all or nothing.”

Mr. Hendershot nodded his head emphatically saying he agreed. “I’m sure the case will be dropped, but we need to clear up the complaint that was made against him.”

Kingsley, Ron, and Hermione all looked skeptically at each other. They wondered if maybe they should talk about this another time. Harry asked them to please hurry and tell him about the complaint and who brought it. But then he sighed and grumbled with much ire, “Never mind; I think I know who it was. It was Mundungus Fletcher wasn’t it? He… he…” Harry doubled over again and with a strained voice barely audible said, “He said I tried to kill him twice when both times he wasn’t doing anything but minding his own business.”

Hermione and Ron looked at each other completely shocked and said, “It’s true? How could you know if it wasn’t true?”

Harry looked at them and said, “You were there, you saw the whole thing, both times. I caught him with a bag of Sirius’s goblets and who knows what else he had. I grabbed him and held him against the wall forcing him to admit he stole from Sirius. And the other time was when I sent Kreacher to find him so we could get the locket he stole.” Harry looked at Mr. Hendershot and quietly explained it was a Horcrux and he had to destroy it. “I’m sure he embellished on his story and said I ordered Kreacher to torture him to death unless he told me what I wanted to hear. I swear it wasn’t like that.”

Mr. Hendershot looked at Ron and Hermione and asked if they would swear Harry was telling the truth. Ron nodded his head saying, “Yes Sir,” while Hermione agreed and then said, “And, Harry was just sixteen years old and had just recently (he thought) lost Sirius Black, whom he was very close to. And like he said, we needed that necklace to kill the Horcrux, and Fletcher had stolen it.”

Hermione looked worriedly at Harry and said, “Harry, that’s why I kept you from grabbing Mundungus. If there was a scandal over this, I didn’t want you being seen to be the one capturing him. People would think you threatened him to lie to get you off. He was coming in to give his statement. We, Ron and I didn’t know what the case was about; just that he was a material witness. You always come in through the Maintenance hall; we didn’t think you’d even see Fletcher.”

Harry nodded his head in understanding and replied, “I smelt him and knew he was somewhere close. Then I saw him sneaking around the corner of the alley I was about to enter. I hid quickly so he wouldn’t see me. I became curious as to why he would be showing his face here. It was assumed all these years that he had died from a crooked deal he made with a Death Eater since this was the last place he had been seen alive.”

Mr. Hendershot looked at his watch and told Ron and Hermione they better leave so they could make the plans for a party for their daughter and then make the train. He then said he was sure all the charges would be dropped. “I don’t understand why they were reopened after they had been dropped and dismissed years gone by. At any rate, I must get back to my office. Mr. Potter, I’m sorry but you’ll have to meet before the Wizengamot to give your official statement. Maybe the Weasley’s or your wife possibly can get your children from the train for you.”

Harry shook his head and doubled his fists and looked away from his friends. He could barely speak; his disappointment was so great; another incident keeping him from getting to meet the train to pick up his sons. At least he wouldn’t have to appear in public all beat up and looking sickly or anything. Still the disappointment was great and he would have to settle for seeing them after he was released from the Wizengamot’s incessant questions. He thought it was odd someone would wait all these years to look for trouble and to what end? He hoped Mr. Hendershot would at least have the decency to let him tend to his needs first. It was after all their fault he was in this condition.
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Hey guys, thank you for coming back for more of my story. I'm sorry I'm late with this, I've been horribly sick and am finally able to be up and post this. This chapter is very long and violent. I tried to inject a small amount of humor in it to keep from being too overwhelming. I hope you enjoy this chapter and I'll try to post the next one in a couple days. Please feel free to comment.

Chapter 2

Crossover At King’s Cross

Suddenly he looked up and said, “Can I see the report that was leaked to the Wizengamot? And Mr. Hendershot, I need you to remain here to be a witness.”

Hermione handed it to him and Harry said, “Did any of you see this letter heading?”

Ron said, “Yeah, it’s a bird wearing a top hat,” he laughed as he spoke, “carrying a cane and it’s in some kind of wonky bird cage. Why would you have a bird in a cage if it can get out through an open door whenever it wants? Weird if you ask me.”

Harry said, “It’s more than what you think, Captain. This is a letter from the birdman from Azkaban. This is the same stationary as is in the journal I found at Hogwarts when I found the secret corridor. It wasn’t an accident or a coincident that today was the day I was detained and was to be put in prison. I think they planned something since they think I’m going to be out of their way. I need to get cleaned up and get to King’s Cross. I’ll have Ginny go with you guys and I’ll be there waiting for them with some Aurors. Which one of these men suggested they be used to bring me in today? He’s probably the one who looked through the files to see what they could dig up on me and leaked it to the Wizengamot.”

Harry took out his phone and made a phone call and within a minute Draco, his wife, and his parents walked into the office not looking too happy. Lucius was carrying a camera and Narcissa had a notepad and pen. Harry took notice of his shirt and suit jacket tattered and ruined with blood on them. Meanwhile Ron and Hermione were telling the Malfoys what happened so far and Harry’s quickly made plan to retrieve the children before the train arrived at the station and the ambush that awaited the villains.

Harry called four of his Aurors to Hermione’s office, while the Malfoys were being briefed, and had them take the LEWD officers to holding cells for questioning. “Get as much information as you can from them and then charge them appropriately. I have files on them here; they all put in applications to be Aurors and I turned them down due to their unsavory ideals on what should be made legal. I don’t know if I’ll be able to come in later or not. Lance, you’ve got the lead on this while I’m not around to lead. Make this your only priority. Carl, you’re in charge of the detail at King’s Cross. I’ll be there but I’m in no condition to be able to keep an eye on everything. Watch for Ravens and suspicious acting people. I know they call themselves Birdmen, but there were also women at Hogwarts when they tried to take Albus and kill me. Take as many men as you feel necessary and be careful. We don’t want any citizens, especially children, hurt.”

The Aurors left with the detained men and then Harry said, “Winky” and the house elf appeared. Harry stripped off the clothes from his upper body. “Excuse me ladies, but I need to do this now and I need to talk to you guys some more. Winky, I have glass in my back; could you please get it all out? And then could you-”

Before he could say anything else Winky said she could see what needed done for her poor, Master Harry. She began working on Harry and he drank different potions he had for broken bones, deflated lungs, and blood filled lungs. All the while he talked to Ron and the others more about the plan he worked out. When Winky was done Harry asked her to go back home and gather all the elves together and have them wait for him. Tell Ginny what happened and tell her I’ll be home just as soon as I finish up here; and tell her to see if her parents can watch Lily and Hugo; we won’t want them there.” He looked at Ron and Hermione and they nodded their heads yes.

Winky left and Harry said, “Gather as many people you can trust to call all the parents and let them know what happened and where they can pick up their children.
“Now all that’s needed is to put the finishing touches on the sting. Captain, you’re going to have to handcuff me and lead me away to the holding cells. Hang on; I need to be in my suit.” He made the adjustments and gingerly put his hands behind his back for Ron to handcuff him. After he was handcuffed Harry bowed his head forward and rested his forehead on Ron’s shoulder, so he could steady himself. He was beginning to seriously doubt that he would be able to make it through the day. Ron quietly told him they needed to get on with the sting.

“You gonna be ok mate? You’re really pale… like you’re dead.”

Harry shook his head but said he had to be. He took a deep breath and said, “I lost too much blood. I’ll get an IV later but for now, let’s make this look believable. You’ll have to take me to-”

Lucius took one of the wands that Kingsley put down so he could help Harry and shot Harry with a stun curse. Kingsley and Ron caught Harry between them and Draco glared at his father and said, “I don’t think he meant for him to be cursed. You might have killed him.”

Lucius shrugged his shoulders with a wicked grin and took more pictures. Ron and Kingsley drug Harry from the office all the way to the holding cells. They heard whispers and women crying. “It’s true what they said; Harry Potter is dead; they’ve killed him.” They could hardly bear hearing these whispers and wondered how Harry put up with the same sort of things all his life. When they shut the door behind them they quickly took the cuffs off him and laid him on a cot in a cell. Hermione brought him some water and they revived him with quite a bit of effort. Harry was not moving and was staring straight ahead and then finally he sat up and summoned his pouch. He took his wand and touched the top of his head to his toes. His hair became short and he was now wearing a pair of blue jeans and a black T shirt, and black sneakers.
“Have I forgotten anything?” he asked wearily. When nobody said anything he asked Hermione if she was ok and that she could stay with Ginny if she wanted to. Hermione said she was fine and then she swished her wand over her blouse and cleaned the blood from her hair. He looked at Lucius coldly and with venom in his voice said, “You need to give that wand back to Kingsley.”

“Okay then, Captain, you and Hermione make sure Mrs. Weasley can watch the kids and then take Ginny to King’s Cross. Act like it’s any other time you’ve gone to pick them up. Once the train gets there, go immediately to the station where the kids will be waiting and stay in there until you get the all clear from me… or an Auror. Draco, you and your family stay safe. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way to get a good story or a good shot for a picture. The only reason I need you there is for my name to be cleared from the scandal we’re inventing for subterfuge. You’re more important than that, so be careful. The Rising Phoenix doesn’t need an exclusive story that badly.”

They all left and Harry appeared in his living room. Ginny gasped and ran to him and helped him to the couch. All the elves gathered around him and listened to his instructions for them. “We are going to get on the train and take each child to the station at King’s Cross. We’ll make as many trips as we need to until all the kids are off. I’m going to put an enchantment on each of you that will make you look like a human child and when the train arrives at the station you’ll get off as if you’re one of the students coming home from Hogwarts. Are there any questions? If anyone doesn’t feel like they can do this then you can remain home without being thought badly of.”

As soon as he was done talking Ginny and Lily both hugged him good-bye and left for the Burrow. Ginny had begged him to let her go with him or to let someone else do what he had to do. But Harry told her he had to be the one to do it because nobody else could instantly transport themselves to places. “And I have to do something that I won’t allow anyone else to do; and because this has to be flawless to work, no matter what.”

Harry told the elves to stay there while he found exactly where the train was and then he would summon them to him. He drew his wand and commanded it to take him to Albus. That was one of the finer points of making his children’s wands, each one had something in the core that his wand would recognize and be able to find instantly.

Harry appeared right beside Albus, who was more than a little surprised to see him. He told him to sit tight and he’d be right back. He left and a few minutes later came back with the trolley lady. “Okay now everyone listen closely. There is a situation at King’s Cross that we need to keep you away from. Your parents will meet you in the station and you’ll stay in there with them until you get the all clear notice. The train will be held until you can get your trunks and everything you have. For now though leave everything on the train. You’ll be traveling with me or one of my elves right now. So, we’ll begin leaving and come back for everyone until you’re all safely off the train. James, Albus, and the trolley lady will start going to the next cars to spread the word.” Scorpius said he wanted to stay behind and help also. Rose didn’t want to, but she bravely said she would stay also. Harry thanked them and told them to go ahead and begin spreading the news. “Remember to tell them not to take anything with them.”

He nodded to the trolley lady and then summoned his elves; where upon they all arrived promptly. Harry took the hands of the first four children close to him and disappeared and came right back for more. The elves did the same until all that were left was the four children who stayed behind to help. Harry took their hands and disappeared to the station with all the other kids and left them with Ginny and Hermione and Draco’s wife Astoria. Harry turned and swayed closing his eyes and then opening them he reached out pointing at a ball cap of an older student and asked if he could borrow it. The boy was delighted and nodded his head yes. Harry put it on and pulled the bill down over his forehead so it was hard to see his face. Unless you looked hard at him, he passed off as a young man who was of age to be out of school easily. He went over to the door and looked out casually and then turned to the crowd and told them to stay inside until they got the all clear; and then he was gone before anyone could say anything. When Harry got back to the train he made sure the elves were all fine. They were excited to be helping and insisted they could do more, but Harry forbid them to. “I don’t need anyone accusing elves of warring against humans whether they are good or bad. Just get off and walk over to complete strangers as if you are one of their children. You can leave after you say hello, nice day or whatever you want. I doubt you will be watched once an initial observation is made.”

Harry disappeared and appeared at the platform in a place that kept him hidden for the most part, but he could see what was going on around the area. He spotted his Aurors and was happy with their placements. Harry began watching people and birds. He was able to move about freely and quickly captured six men who were acting suspicious and anxious. He took a paper off one of the men and put it in his pouch for safe keeping. Harry turned around as if he was with a man and woman and passed a Raven that just landed on the platform gate. He walked on for a couple steps watching the bird in the reflection of the station window. The bird turned its attention away from him and then Harry quickly turned and caught the bird in a net. He ducked out of site and tied the wings tight against its own body and put a tie around its beak. He put the bird with the other men he captured.

Harry went back out onto the platform and observed a couple more men being detained by his Aurors. Harry got seven more Raven’s and two more suspicious acting men and went out onto the platform. Harry’s knees buckled and he nearly fell to the sidewalk when a burly man came up beside him and put his heavy hand on Harry’s shoulder. Harry regained his balance and looked at the man. He was an attendant keeping a lookout over the crowd. “What are you about there; youngen?”

Harry held up a bag and with a perfect American accent said, “My family is new here and I’m trying to earn money to help my dad and mom with rent and food costs. The station master was kind enough to allow me to pick up trash and keep the station clean and beautiful. If I’m offending anyone or scaring them, I’ll leave, Sir.”

The man clapped Harry several times nodding his head with teary eyes. He dug in his pocket and handed Harry a wad of money and told him to be careful of pick pockets. “They’ll rob ye blind, good luck to you and your family son.”

Harry tried to give the money back but the man shook his head and moved away from him. Harry noted the name tag on the man so he could return his money later. Just then the train whistle sounded and Harry ducked away from site and appeared on the train looking exactly like his son Albus. He sat down next to the window so he would be seen from the platform. Now that he was sitting still he realized how desperately tired and how much he was hurting. His mind wearily thought of this morning when Ginny begged him to please call off today so there wouldn’t be any chance of something happening to him that would prevent him from going with her to pick up their sons from King’s Cross. He told her he only had a few things that had to be done, first of which was to meet with Hermione for some reason. He told her she had called and said it was imperative she talk with him first thing this morning and then we would have the rest of the day off.

Harry huffed shaking his head. If he had listened to Ginny and told Hermione that it would have to wait until tomorrow, she and Ron would have sent her new Law Enforcement Watch Detail to bring him in. He was overwhelmed with the thought of what could have happened to Ginny and Lily if that had happened. His anger gave him an adrenaline rush as he thought of what would have happened to Albus if he had been stopped from getting Albus and James.

His attention came back to the present because the train was slowing, going around the curve just before stopping at the platform. Harry smiled when Marston (only Harry could see through the enchantments on the elves) walked over to the seat he was in and said something funny and then snatched the ball cap off Harry’s (Albus’s) head and ran with it. That was really smart of Marston, acting like a typical school boy. Of course Harry thought this wasn’t much of an act for the elf. He laughed and willed himself to have the energy to run after the boy and retrieve his hat. The two were laughing and being rowdy and skipping the steps to jump off the train. They both ran full force into a large man and bounced off of him and landed on their backs looking up at the man.

“Excuse me, Sir. I wasn’t watching where I was going. I hope I didn’t hurt you,” clamored Harry trying to be louder than Marston who was giving the big man mouth for being in the way. Getting up and looking at his bloody elbow Harry watched the man out of the corner of his eye and saw him draw his wand directly at Marston and then Harry grabbed the cap from Marston and shoved him hard telling him to go home to his momma. Marston took this as an order in disguise to leave him so he ran off to a couple approaching them as he had been instructed to do.

The man watched Marston for a minute and then turned his attention to Harry. All at once the man hit Harry hard across the face and Harry went to the sidewalk like a wet noodle. He fought to stay conscious and felt the man lift him in the air by the neck. “I got him; I got Potter’s kid! Come on let’s go!” he shouted. “Come on, the boss is expecting us! Where is everyone?”

Just then fifty Ravens flew in a circle crowding around the man and Harry. They all turned into men and was about to leave when someone yelled from the crowd. Harry’s lack of oxygen to his brain was making him see bright white spots before his eyes and everything sounded as if he was under water. He was going to pass out or die so he kicked out at the man and felt his foot connect with the soft fat of the man’s belly. The man laughed and threw Harry to the sidewalk and told one of the other men to hold onto him. Harry gasped for breath and stood only because he was pulled to his feet and being supported by the men around him.

Then the man yelling from the crowd pushed his way through and came right up beside Harry. “Now look ‘ere! This weren’t no part of the deal! You can’t take this boy. He ain’t done nothen to ya. ‘E weren’t part of the deal you made me. And neither was kill’en ‘is daddy. You said nobody’d get ‘urt. You said I’d earn me freedom if I got ‘Arry Po’er to the Ministry fer a s’prise meeting of someone he owed a lesson to. This boy ain’t done nothen to you, le’ ‘em go! I won’ be lett’en you take ‘em. You killed ‘is daddy, you ain’t-”

The man raised his wand and said, “Avada Ke…” Harry yelled no and broke away from the men loosely holding him and shoved Mundungus down to the sidewalk. At the same moment Harry drove into the man and reached for the wand with a green light erupting from it as the man finished saying the curse, “davra” Harry’s momentum was enough to force the point of the wand back to the man who was about to kill Mundungus. The curse hit the man killing him instead. Harry took the wand and whirled in a circle and with a flash all the men were bound and gagged. The Aurors moved in and got to Harry as he sank to the sidewalk and for a moment it looked like Albus Potter had been hit with the curse because a lightning bolt appeared on his forehead. Everyone screamed with horror as they thought they witnessed Albus Potter being murdered after saving Mundungus Fletcher.

But then silence overtook the crowd when Albus changed into his dad, Harry Potter. Carl and the rest of the Aurors took the captured men and the body of the only fatality away. Carl stooped beside Harry and felt for a pulse. Finding one he gently shook Harry’s shoulder and tried to revive him. “Boss, can you wake up; it’s all over now. Wake up boss, come on. There ya go, come on, wake up.”

Harry groaned and put his hand to his throat. “Is Mundungus okay?” he asked quietly. He shook his head holding his throat. “Can’t breathe… can’t talk.” Then Harry noticed the crowd around him and with the help of Carl and Mundungus he stood up on wobbly feet. The train conductor came over to him and said he needed to get the train to its final resting place for the night in just over an hour. Harry nodded his head and walked to the station to tell the parents to get their children’s trunks and personal belongings so the train could leave.

On his way he saw the attendant who gave him the wad of money and motioned him to come to him. Harry took off his ball cap and looked the man squarely in the face and said, “Sir, thank you for your generous heart and your willingness to help when you thought I was in need. My name is Harry Potter, and I am not in need... of money, that is. I was undercover and told you that story so you wouldn’t blow my cover. Thank you again for your generosity.” Harry gave the man his money back to him, unaware Harry had doubled it upon its return to reward him. The man was speechless and then laughed, “You fooled me good, Mr. Potter. Thank you for the protection you gave everyone. My Granddaughter was on the train and you and your elves saved her and all the other kids. You’re a good man, Mr. Potter. So what was all the commotion at the Ministry about?”

Harry said, “It was an elaborate ruse to draw this lot out into the open after a plan to undermine the workings of the Ministry was discovered with detrimental cost. We were uncertain of everything and had to make plans swiftly as we went along. The Rising Phoenix was called in to verify the authenticity of the ruse so people wouldn’t think it was a scandal being covered up. It was then that we found out about the attempt on my son’s life, and the danger all the children on the train were in. Even the best laid out plans can go wrong, and we did have a rough time with our scarcely planned sting with things going horribly wrong, but we persevered and it all came together in the end. But, sir, I need to let people know they can get their kid’s trunks and things now. You can read all about the events in the Rising Phoenix when the story gets told. Thank you again, sir.”

By this time they were at the entrance of the train terminal Harry tried to walk in as if nothing was wrong, but nobody was fooled. He saw the boy he borrowed the cap from and motioned him to come to him. He met him half way and took off the cap. “What’s your name son?”

The boy mumbled, “Harry Poitier sir.”

Harry smiled and handed him the cap. “Thank you for the loan of your cap. It was instrumental in the capture of at least eighty men on the wrong side of the law. Would you please raise your voice and tell everyone the train conductor needs to move the train to the train yard within the hour? So they need to go retrieve their belongings. All the violence is over and it is perfectly safe to go.” The boy turned red in the face and stuck out his chest and did as Harry instructed him to do. Harry nodded and thanked the boy and made his way over to his family. It was becoming more and more difficult to breathe and walk. An eerie feeling was spreading through him. He was worried he wouldn’t make it to his Ginny and his sons.

Ginny watched her husband come in the station house and her fears were confirmed. He was white as snow but for the blood dripping off his body. She could tell he was concentrating every movement to keep from dropping over. She saw his eyes search for hers until they made contact and relief showed on his face that he would be able to get to hold her one more time. She saw grief and despair as his eyes searched for his sons to make eye contact with and failed due to their cousins and close friends talking ecstatically about their adventure on the train. She saw him reach out to them but let his arms fall to his sides from weariness. It was at this time he asked the boy to make his announcement and walked to Ginny, hoping he could at least make it to her because he was failing fast.

Her eyes brimmed with tears, and not taking her eyes off of his she reached for her boys, calling for them to come to her quickly. She swallowed hard and the tears defiant of remaining in the wells of her eyes fell freely now gushing over the out of bounds rim and cascaded down her beautiful face. She tried to be brave and talk as normally as she could to ease the burden of her husband of seeing to everything that needed to be done. She told him she had the elves get the trunks and all the stuff from the train and then she stopped talking and grabbed Harry and held him tight to her; because they were now close enough for her to do so.

He breathed in her sweet aroma of garden flowers and everything Ginny. He gathered long locks of her thick silken hair and let it fall lazily through his fingers. He was so in love with this woman that he began to feel as though he was swimming in pools of water that was Ginny. She was the water and the smooth coolness caressed his body all over as he floated. The air he breathed was essence of Ginny and the sweetness made him swoon. His head lay on her shoulder and his arms fell limp to his sides. Ginny was holding him to life. All the noise went away and the only thing he could hear was the air going in and out of her mouth. His breathing changed to the same as hers. Every breath she took he felt her breast heave against his chest and their hearts beat as one. Her lips were on his face. His skin burned like fire, but her lips took his mind from the fire. Now her lips were on his and he couldn’t breathe; but he didn’t care. They quenched his dry mouth and the taste was sweeter than ever before. He whispered her name and she answered, “I’m here love.” And then he was at peace, he could die now.

“Daddy? Daddy, come back! He could hear them now; his sons. It had been so peaceful and restful when he didn’t hear anything, or feel anything. Such a wonderful feeling, but why did his bliss have to be at the cost of his children? He knew the hands he felt on his face without opening his eyes. Albus had his face in his hands and was crying; his tears falling on him. His arms went around his neck embracing him so tight as if he could hold him there from leaving this world in death. His sweet young face was pressed against his face now crying as if his world was ending. “Daddy, please come back. I’m sorry you had to die for me. Please come back.”

Harry tried to tell him it wasn’t his fault, that he had no blame in this whatsoever. Now James was crying on him. His head was on Harry’s chest. His arms were around his waist. He kept crying for him to come back, promising him he would change and be good for the rest of his life if only he would come back. Harry wanted to tell his son he was a good boy, and he didn’t have to change anything about him, that he loved him the way he is. But Harry for some reason couldn’t move or open his eyes. Death had a tight grip on him and would not release him.

Harry opened his eyes but blackness all around him is what he saw. He couldn’t hear anything either, but he felt someone close to him. Although he couldn’t see or hear, he knew who it was.

“Where am I Dawn, and why are you here? I’m not going to allow you to save me from death, just let me go on.”

Since he said her name, he could see and hear her.

“You are on the brink of death where only you can control whether you cross over or not. Death tries to coax you over by showing you how wonderful being pain free is. Life tries to show you it is worth living and how it would be for those left behind if you do cross over. I’m here, not to try to save you, but just to be with you dear little one to comfort you as much as I can when you choose to cross or not. Whichever way you choose, you will be sorrowful through all eternity. You didn’t have the comfort of dying instantly. You fought to stay alive until you accomplished your goal. Now you have to decide whether to fight your way back to living, or fight your way away from the cares and responsibilities of loving and living for others sake. Your continuous sacrifice has been immense and you deserve to be able to be rid of the suffering you constantly endure. If you cross you’ll be free, but all your loved ones will suffer because of it. If you don’t cross, then you will have to live like this the rest of your life because you are a servant and protector to your people and your morals and principles won’t allow you to ignore the people who act evil and force your people to capitulate their rights and freedoms. Your sorrow will be great if you desert your people and go through eternity knowing you left them defenseless, because you weren’t there to have their back; just like when Mundungus Fletcher left Madeye Moody the night of his death.”

“I would be a coward if I left them? But they wouldn’t think badly of me. I gave my life for them.” Harry felt Dawn’s embrace and he cried in her arms. He tried to justify a choice of death by saying, “Ginny would understand. She would be happy I wasn’t suffering anymore. She knows how painful my life is. She knows I get so tired and weary that it hurts even to breath. I can’t stop thinking of all the fighting, all the pain and suffering, the betrayals; the cost of winning has been too much for me. She understands.”

“And your children, will they understand? Albus thinks it’s his fault for some reason. He doesn’t know why, but he thinks it’s his fault because they were after him again, and you got injured too much for you to recover from, just because you took his place. He will always think it’s his fault. Will his brother and sister think the same thing about him? Will Ginny be able to comfort her children when she is hurting so badly now herself? Will Lily become resentful of you for not letting her be here? She’ll think she could have healed you if she had been here. Will she be able to overcome her resentment and not give into the darkness of her power?”

Harry screamed at her to stop. “You said you came here to comfort me, how is making me feel guilty for crossing over supposed to comfort me?!”

“I am simply telling you the way it is. When you make your decision, then I will comfort you.”

Harry calmed down and finally said, “Well, I guess I won’t be at peace if I’m tortured for all of eternity for abandoning my family. There really is no rest for the weary. I can’t allow my children to suffer for their loss of me under these circumstances. How do I fight back? I can’t move.”

Something about this whole conversation didn’t sit well with Harry, but he was too tired of thinking. He looked down at his body lying on the floor of the train station with everyone crying over him. “How am I seeing myself when I’m here with you?”

“You aren’t anywhere, Harry, just like I’m not here.”

“Are we in my mind?”

“Of course we are, but that doesn’t mean the situation isn’t dire. You really need to be making a decision.”

Harry stared at Dawn and after a few seconds said, “How ironic is this? The last time this happened to me was when Riddle killed me. I was pain free like now. I was talking to Dumbledore and I asked him where I was, and he asked me where I thought we were and I said King’s Cross. He left me thinking I could get on the train to cross over and nobody would be upset with me. Now, I really am at King’s Cross deciding whether to cross over again. The train conductor said he had to take the train to its final resting place for the night in an hour or something. Was he really there and really said that, or was I already dying and he just informed me I had that long before I would be gone to my final resting place?”

Dawn looked at him with concern and then said, “Harry, your mind is deteriorating; you need to focus on a decision.”

“But, Dawn, something is wrong. I don’t think I believe what you said about being tortured for eternity for abandoning the people I love if I cross over. No, I’m sure I don’t believe that. Heaven is the opposite of torture. You just used that scenario because you know I hate being tortured. I know how terrible it is; so I wouldn’t want that for all eternity. And you said people would think I was a coward, but how so? I was hit with an Avada Kedavra curse; I’m supposed to die. And who judges people for dying anyway? You’re telling stories to make me choose not crossing over.”

Dawn continued on as though Harry hadn’t made some very true arguments against her points. “When that man tried to kill Mundungus with the Avada Kedavra curse, the stream of light was coming out of the wand and you grabbed his hand and wand and with your whole body you turned the wand back onto him. You didn’t get the instant affect from the blast, but it did go through you by way of a second hand curse. For example, if you are standing by someone who gets injected with a lethal dose of radiation, enough to kill him instantly and he falls over dead against you, you wouldn’t die instantly, but you would still die of radiation poisoning, painfully, slowly and very soon afterwards.”

Harry glared at Dawn and said, “Thanks for painting that picture for me, Dawn. I really appreciate that.”

“What’s going on here?”

“John?! What are you doing here? How did you get here?”

“I don’t know, you tell me. You brought me here… wherever here is.”

“Harry you are running out of time. You have to decide if you’re going on or staying here!” Dawn said forcefully.

“Dawn, if I’m running out of time, then I’ll just go on right? It’s not like I’ll be in limbo for eternity. I don’t have to decide, I’ll just let whatever is supposed to happen, happen. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. People don’t get to choose when they die.”

John grabbed Harry by the front of his shirt and jerked him within inches of his face and spoke in his dangerous quiet voice in anger. “Dawn, are you saying that Harry gets to have a choice whether he lives or dies? If that’s the case then I’ll make the decision for him. He’s going to live! You can’t be selfish Harry; you have a wife and kids! You know you would die a thousand deaths for them if you had to. Now buck up and do whatever you have to do to fix whatever’s wrong with you!”

“I don’t know how!” he yelled back. “I was basically hit with the Avada Kedavra curse. It was an indirect hit, so I didn’t die instantly, but I am dying from it.”
“You have to use your magic to cause the dead cells to regenerate back to healthy ones. You used this magic on the Longbottoms’ remember?” John spoke encouragingly to Harry and added “Use your mind, Harry, look inside of you at those cells that regenerate. Use them to isolate the cells that are… Harry, just fix it with your mind enough so you can come around and use the potion you used on the Longbottoms. You can’t leave me, buddy” John pointed to Ginny and the kids and now at a large crowd all around them. “You can’t leave them.”

Harry suddenly became aware of the tremendous pain he was in and did his best to concentrate on healing. Finally he opened his eyes hearing his sons and Ginny begging him to come back to them and with great effort he lifted his hands and stroked Albus and James’s heads and with a very weak voice said he was trying to.
They gasped and lifted up their heads to see him and then yelled with glee when they saw his eyes were open. A voice interrupted the celebration and they all looked at Lucius. “Who is the dead man, Harry, and was that the Avada Kedavra curse he used? Is that why you’re dying?”

Harry nodded his head and the crowd gasped in unison. “He was, Zacharias Smith.” Harry asked for help sitting up. Ron reached around Ginny and the kids and pulled Harry into a sitting position and propped him up against Ginny.

“Thanks, Captain.” Harry held out his hand and a potion appeared in it. He groaned and said he was too weak to open the bottle and measure the amount he needed. Ron took it and pulled the cork off and asked how much he needed. A syringe appeared in Ron’s hand and Harry told him to fill it to the last line. Ron swallowed hard looking at the six inch needle afraid of what he had to do. Why did he have to use a needle that long? He put the tip of the needle in the potion and pulled the plunger until it came to the last line. Harry told him to flick out the air bubbles and so he did.

Just then Sirius and Lissy ran in the terminal and began asking what happened. Lissy saw the syringe and the name of the potion on the bottle and took the needle from Ron and injected it straight into Harry’s heart. Harry cried out softly and passed out.

The Malfoys were quietly asking questions and Lucius was taking pictures for what seemed like hours. All the Weasley family, Hagrid and his wife, and the staff at Hogwarts mixed with the crowd while Harry remained unconscious leaning back against Ginny.

Then John and Carson walked into the station and knelt down beside Ginny and Harry. “We got here as soon as we could. Winky told us what happened and said you were here. Would you like us to help you get him some place more comfortable?”

Lissy said, “We can’t Disapparate with him; it’d likely kill him. He’s had an injection straight into his heart.”

Carson looked at the potion that was used and asked what the dose amount was. When Lissy told him he looked at John and then Lissy and said, “If he survived the first fifteen minutes of this then he can be moved cautiously. He really needs to lie flat on his back for about four hours for it to circulate and do what it’s supposed to do properly. We came in the… helicopter, and can get him home pretty quickly.”

Sirius suggested they do it and stood up and pointed his wand at Harry and said, “Locomotor Harry.” They walked out through a roped off court where the helicopter was waiting with the engine still on. “We had to get special permission to land here for half an hour only.” They loaded Harry, Ginny, and the kids in the helicopter and took off with Lucius taking many photos. John flew a distance away and pressed a button on the control panel and the helicopter changed into a Puddle jumper. James was impressed they had magical helicopters and John chuckled. “It’s a top secret technical machine, James, so don’t tell anyone about it ok?” John pulled gently on a lever and they sped away much faster than the helicopter was going. In a matter of minutes John set the Puddle jumper down at the Burrow so Ginny could run in and get Lily and then the next minute he was parking it where he normally parks when he visits the Potters.

Carson asked Ginny if she could do the Locomotor Harry magic or did he and John need to carry him. Ginny smiled slightly and said she could do it fine and so she did.

After they got Harry taken care of John went downstairs to be with the kids while Carson and Ginny stayed with Harry.

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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for more. Sorry I'm so lat posting this chapter. Hope you all like the chapter. All comments are welcome.

Chapter 3

Albus Has A Plan

The kids watched as he descended the stairs and walked over to them. He told them their dad was resting and it would be several hours before they knew anything. “Are you hungry; I make a mean blueberry pancake?”

They all nodded their heads and he took them to the kitchen. He told funny stories while he mixed up the batter and fried the pancakes. He flipped the cakes fancifully and the kids giggled at John’s brand of magic. Two stacked plates of plate sized pancakes soon sat on the table ready to eat. While they prepared their pancakes John opened the refrigerator and asked what they wanted to drink. The answer was unanimous; chocolate milk. They talked and laughed around the table while they ate, and afterwards when John washed the dishes.

When he was done he looked at the clock and suggested they all get their showers, brush their teeth and get ready for bed. “After you get done, you can come back down and we can do whatever you want until you get to see your dad.”

They were delighted they weren’t told they had to go to bed without getting to see their dad. Albus hung back and told James to go ahead and shower first and then he would be up in a couple minutes. He watched his brother and sister go upstairs and then sat beside John. He thought for a minute and John didn’t push him into saying anything and then Alus said, “I’ve been thinking. Dad is all the time having to save me for some reason. I don’t understand why people hate me so much. I can’t stand Dad getting hurt and coming close to dying because of me. I was wondering if I could live with you on Atlantis. I could do my schooling there during the day, and I could work for you in the afternoons and evenings. Or, I mean if you don’t want me, I understand. I could sleep in the infirmary and help Dr. Keller. I’m an expert potion maker and I can make medicine just as easily. There are lots and lots of things I could do to earn my keep. Just… I can’t live here when so many people hate me. I can’t live if they kill daddy while he’s trying to protect me. And I could be real useful to you; dad says I have the Ancient gene in my blood like he, you and Jack has. I know how to read star charts and I’ve been studying the Ancient language and their technology and I have a special project for Rodney if he’s interested in doing it. I know I’ll miss everyone here and I’ll be lonely for them, but I could see them from time to time.”

John listened intently to his young friend and was amazed at how much Albus and Harry were alike. Albus was willing to sacrifice his needs for the safety and well being of those he loved. John felt a stab of sorrow for Harry and Albus having such a bond with each other that put them in danger. John had a depressing thought of not having a son by now, and thought he would be lucky to have Albus as a son. But he knew this couldn’t be.

“I would love for you to live with me on Atlantis, or anywhere else. If it was just me alone, I would say yes in a heartbeat. But, I can’t act on what I want. You are very brave to be willing to move away from your family for the sake of your dad. I would be honored for you to live with me. But I couldn’t take you away from your family; especially your dad. If I took you away from him, it would be the same as taking a huge part of his heart. He would be so unhappy and guilty feeling that it could eventually kill him. He already feels guilty for causing you to be in harm’s way all the time. It is because of him that people are trying to get at you to either; brainwash you to join the dark side, or kill you. They hate your dad so much that they want him dead. They know they can never be successful in their attempts of domination over the people as long as he is alive. They go after you because of the special bond between you and your dad. They know if they took or even tried to take you from him he would rescue you at any cost to himself.”

“You think I need to live with him the rest of my life, it’ll kill him if I move away when I become of age? Because that was my plan; after I graduate I was going to disappear to keep him safe. But I don’t think he’ll live that long. He saved me once when I was like five and again at the Quidditch Tournament and twice within the last three months.”

“There’s something you aren’t thinking about; if they can’t get you, they’ll try for James, Lily, or your mom. They’ll keep trying to get your dad until they’ve ended up killing your brother, sister, and mom too. If they still haven’t killed him, they’ll start on your grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. They’ll never succeed in killing your dad. So should he leave to keep all of you safe? He did that about three and a half years ago. He left for two years and they were the worst two years of his life. It kept you all safe, but he wasn’t any less safe because he still fought for good and justice; and he was heartbroken the whole time.”

James ran down the steps with Lily chasing after him with a threatening look on her face. “You better keep your mouth shut, James Sirius Potter!” James dropped down tight up against John with a silly grin on his face. “Lily has a serious crush on you. Did you know? You’re her Prince or Knight in shining armor, or something girly like that! She’s wearing her special Cinderella nightgown, robes, and slippers. Her panties are probably Cinderella too.”

Lily’s face turned beet red and she quickly closed and tied her robe and looked at John to see his reaction. John’s smile was charming and he winked at Lily. “Well, that’s awesome to know, James. I’ve been crushing on her ever since I met you guys.”

James grin left his face and disappointment came over his whole being. “But, you were my hero!”

“And I better still be! You should be happy for Lily. Don’t you know that a lot of the time, sisters’ end up marrying their brothers’ best friend? Your dad and Uncle Ron were best friends when he married your mom. Look at everything you could be a part of if we were brothers in law. You better be nice to her.”

James mouth dropped in surprise and then he laughed, “You’re the greatest, John. I wish you could marry Lily; but you’re too old for her.” He laughed and playfully elbowed his friend realizing John was keeping Lily from getting embarrassed.

Albus laughed in a subdued way and stood up and offered Lily his seat beside John. “I need to get ready for bed. Lily you are very pretty and you smell good too. You probably want to finish brushing your hair though,” he added in a whisper.

Three hours later Carson and Ginny helped Harry downstairs and found James and Albus asleep against John with their arms folded around each of John’s. Lily was snuggled up on John’s lap and her face into his neck asleep with her arms around his neck and John was asleep with his head resting on top of Lily’s head, her hairbrush stuck in his unruly hair. The TV was on playing a Batman movie marathon.

Ginny took several pictures and then held Harry’s arm to help support him. Carson quietly said John’s name. John being a well trained military man, who serves in combat situations quite regularly, opened his eyes without moving to access the situation that woke him.

“Well, would you look here; look who’s up kids.” He tried to move but found he was pinned down by the three kids. They woke when he spoke and tried to move. When they saw Harry standing between Carson and Ginny right before their eyes they all three jumped up and launched toward him.

The three kids knew to be careful so Ginny didn’t tell them to be careful. Harry leaned heavily on his kids trying to hug all three and keep them tight to him. It was difficult and he became emotional thinking he could have lost them. He took each of their heads in his hands and looked them in the eyes making sure they were ok. When he held Albus and looked in his eyes, he sank to his knees and cried trying to talk. “Are you ok son? Do you feel like I can’t protect you now? I know it was scary for you. It was scary for all of us. Are you ok?”

Harry hugged them all again and apologized for being so emotional. He wiped his eyes with the back of his hands and said, “Do I smell Blueberry Pancakes? I’m so hungry.” He was trying to cheer his kids and take their minds off his emotional breakdown. “John, what’s up with your hair ornament?”

Before John could say anything Ginny’s cell phone rang. She got up and said she’d take it in the kitchen while she got him some scrambled eggs and toast. You kids come with me.”

James and Lily followed her into the kitchen as Ginny said hello to her mom. Albus helped Harry onto his feet and then to his chair by the fireplace. He thanked him for saving him and then took a deep breath. “Daddy, you’re the smartest and strongest and most powerful wizard in the world. If I don’t feel safe with you, then there isn’t any one who could come close to making me feel safe. I’m sure without a doubt I am safest in your capable hands. But, if you ever get tired and need a break you can send me to live with John on Atlantis; if he doesn’t mind.”

Harry’s chin quivered just for a second and then he just smiled and nodded his head. He cleared his throat and said, “Thank you, son. You’re a good man and John should be so lucky to get to have you, but I can’t ever imagine there will be a time when that would happen. You are a huge part of my heart, and if I didn’t have you with me, I’d probably never be happy again. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t ever move out and be about living your life making your own decisions. Every parent wants their children to be able to go out and achieve their goals and become an asset to society. It is healthy and best for them. Your mum and I will miss you kids when you become of age and move on with your life when you’re ready, but we will be happy for you. But that time won’t come for a while yet, so for now, I need you… I want you to be here with me, your mum and me. Only I was thinking if John agrees I might ask him to take you, your brother and sister, and your mum with him when he leaves for a little bit until I feel it’s safe to be here. I spoke to your mum and Carson about it when I woke up a little bit ago. She agrees it is best and she’s excited for, you kids, to see Atlantis. I need to find the leader of this birdbrain outfit. The plan was to let them think they had you and take me to their leader, but Mundungus ruined that plan when he thought he was saving you from them. I don’t think it’ll take long if Mundungus is willing to help. It appears he knows them. And then I’ll come to Atlantis and spend a week or so there with you before we all come back home for the rest of the summer.”

Albus smiled and nodded his head and kissed his dad’s forehead. He looked closely at, and gently put his hand on the side of Harry’s face and then tilted Harry’s head back enough to see the strangulation bruise. His face was black and blue and puffy. “I think I would have been killed if you hadn’t taken my place. I can’t ever thank you enough. But I feel so bad this happened to you.”

Harry smiled warmly and said, “I’m just glad I was able to take your place. I’m sure it would have killed you. But you know what hurts the most right now, other than my throat?” He held up his arm and showed him his skinned elbow. “I wonder how Marston is doing. It was him who grabbed the cap I was wearing and ran with it. I think he enjoyed playing his part. He totally did that on his own. What a guy.”

They laughed and Albus went to the kitchen a happy boy. He started telling the three in the kitchen about Marston. Harry looked wearily at John and quietly said, “Do you think you can take my family with you when you leave? I’m not going to be able to get around very well for a few days, and I need to start looking right away before the birdbrain people go into hiding. I need to know my family is safe so I can concentrate on what I need to do. Plus, I don’t want Albus subjected to reporters and such. They’ll begin showing up here probably mid morning.”

John nodded his head and said, “I checked in with Atlantis earlier to let them know what happened and I’ve been ordered back by 10:00 tomorrow morning. They’ll only have time to say a quick good bye.”

Harry nodded his head and closed his eyes. His breathing became deep and labored. “I need to get back to bed. Ginny asked Winky to pack all of their clothes, and she’s done by now I’m sure. She’s telling her parents about them leaving now. Tell Ginny I’m sorry but I need to go to bed. She can have my scrambled eggs. Thanks for watching; taking care of the kids for us. Good night, John.”

By the time he was done talking John could hardly hear him. Harry made an effort to get up but fell back into his chair. John and Carson helped him up and took him upstairs. Harry asked them how they knew he needed help. They had to ask what he said again because he was barely whispering. Harry repeated his question again a little bit louder.

John said, “Well, I figured something was going on because your pouch kept coming to me on and off all day today. But because you were at a public place mixed with magical and non magical people, we had to go through all kinds of government red tape on both sides. The IOA was dragging their feet and General O’Neill reminded them they answer to you. They finally said, “You better hope he’s dying because there’s going to be trouble if he’s not.” The General said, “If Harry dies, I personally will give testimony that you caused his death by keeping us on ‘stand by’ when we had tangible evidence he and an entire train loaded with children were in imminent danger.” He is the one who over ruled the IOA so we could finally come. And then your Prime Minister made us jump through hoops to land at King’s Cross. Kingsley got us through the barrier 9 and 3/4”

Harry nodded his head and asked what evidence he had. “I don’t want anyone knowing that my pouch with my wand and sword go to you when I’m-”

“No, buddy; relax. It isn’t that. The Daedalus is orbiting Earth and they picked up unusual energy readings from the Hogwarts Express. They contacted me to see if they should check into it since it is the train used to transport students to and from Hogwarts and I told them yes. They told me then that your transmitter was showing up as bleeps both on the train and at King’s Cross. They couldn’t find out what the other energy readings were though. I had Rodney check and he said the energy readings were the same type that we got when Winky came to get Carson and me that time you…”

Harry nodded his head and said, “Okay; thanks, John. I don’t want to be rude, but I can’t stay awake any longer. See you in the morning?”

John grinned, “Sure, buddy. I doubt you will be up when we leave, but I’ll see you later. And I’ll make sure your family is well taken care of, rest easy.”

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Hey Guy's, thanks for coming back for the next chapter. I've decided to post before I go to bed so I don't let tomorrow's goings on make me forget. Forgetfulness is trying to become my best friend, but I'm trying to keep my distance. Please feel free to comment.

Oh that reminds me, Ivanna, you posted a comment a while back and I didn't respond. Thank you so much for reading my ff, and I'm thrilled you like it. I look forward to your comment after you finish the chapter.

Chapter 4 The Investigation

The next morning everyone was surprised to find Harry sitting at the table having breakfast with Albus. The change in him was like the difference between night and day. He still looked like he’d been in a boxing ring with a giant, and his movements were slower than normal, but nothing like last night. The thing that made the most difference was his vitality and enthusiasm. Albus too, was looking better this morning. He was more at ease after spending some alone time with his dad over a hearty breakfast, and a very serious conversation. Breakfast was eaten quickly and reluctant goodbyes were said and everyone but Harry left.

Harry walked into his Detective Agency and went straight to his desk; setting some video cartridges on his desk and shoved one into a player and turned on the TV. He watched intently stopping at places and typing something on his computer. Then he’d continue on and stop the tape or rewind and play in slow motion and then do more typing on his computer. He did this through the entire tape and all the rest of the videos. He slipped a CD in the CD Rom and recorded certain sections and then made copies and gathered the video cartridges to have Wes take back to the Muggle authorities in law enforcement. Just as he finished with this task Wes came in while reading the Rising Phoenix. He was quite surprised when he saw Harry in his office.

“Harry! What are you doing here?! Surely you need to be home and in bed. Can’t whatever you are doing wait until you are fully recovered? I mean, it’s a wonder you are even up at all!”

Harry looked up and smiled at Wes and motioned him over to him. “I’ve got all the videos in the area and a four block radius of King’s Cross here. Now, you need to know that these were designed by me so I could put a filter in them that prevents Muggles from seeing any magic. So what I’ve done here this morning is I watched all the videos with the filter on, and then I watched it again with the unfiltered screen overlaying the filtered one. All the places that stop and show a snap shot are frames where magic has been done and who did it.”

Wes watched it all and said, “Was that the boss where all the men and women were going in the old empty warehouse; there were a lot of Ravens too. Harry this is incredible! All we have to do is put names to the faces and you’ll have a majority if not the whole lot!”

Harry grinned showing a twinkle in his eyes. “I’ve got them going through a facial recognition program as we speak. And yes, I believe it is the boss, and I do know who it is. I’m just flabbergasted at who it turned out to be; but something doesn’t feel right. I can’t see her being the sole leader, I think there is someone else with the brains calling the shots behind the scenes. I need to find out the motive, and the first person I need to talk to is Draco Malfoy.”

“Speaking of Malfoy, have you seen the paper this morning?” They certainly covered the entire story scene by scene. People might not view the Ministry in a good light; with the whole LEWD detail. They weren’t biased but, it did show them unfavorably. It surely wasn’t that bad, how could it be?”

“No, I don’t need to read about it; I was there,” Harry replied as he went to the printer that beeped just then. He took a stack of paper and began sorting them in ten piles while he chatted with Wes.

“It is that bad and they should have known better. Hermione was taken over by the, “I will clean house,” virus that affects political venues since she is running for Minister of Magic. Ron jumped at the chance to have power over people and to have an excuse to have authority over me. He reveled at my helplessness because of his power. I’m sure neither one of them believed for one minute that I was guilty of anything, but they didn’t have the decency to ask me about it, but chose instead to take the advice of a stranger. The stranger by the way was one of the birdbrains of Azkaban. Now I have to investigate them to see how involved they were and how deep the Ministry is involved. It casts a shady light over Hermione’s chances of becoming elected; because if she isn’t capable enough to see to proper vetting of people the Ministry hires, then how can she be capable of watching over her constituents? At least they know I’ll be investigating them along with the Ministry.”

“I bet that didn’t go over well.”

“It’s pretty much confirmed I am a filthy animal and a monster. First I have the indecency to call them a whole ten minutes before their alarm clock went off to inform them and see when I can talk to them about it, and secondly because I could even think they have any involvement in a wicked sabotaging of the Ministry. They’ll be ok, once I’m done questioning them. They’re just not used to being suspects and they’re hurt. Never mind that I’ve lived with a dark cloud over my head my whole life, and many times by their own hands. At least now, they know how badly it hurts. They know I have to do it, it’s my job. And I’ll see to it that they come out smelling like a rose, because Hermione is a good person and she’ll grow into her power and not be overcome with the insanity that many people fall into with that much power.”

Harry stapled the individual pages together and piled them up on the desk in the reception area. A few Aurors began shuffling in and greeted Harry enthusiastically. None of them expected him to be there. After they were all there Harry passed out the papers to every other man and then sat on the corner of his desk.

“Thank you for the tremendous effort each of you put in yesterday in rounding up as many of the Azkaban birds as we did before the train arrived. I know how difficult it was doing this without proper investigating beforehand and just by my description. We didn’t have time to do any planning due to the time constraint we were working with. You went above and beyond what was expected of you and you did it without the loss or injury to any of you, the perpetrators, and the innocent lives at the terminal. I thank you for not rushing in when I was attacked, but it had to be that way so we could find out where their hideout is, and who the boss is. I had to change the plan at the last second because Smith was about to kill Fletcher. And, thank you, Lance, for interrogating the men Hermione, through the Ministry, hired. Your report was brilliant and you made my job a lot easier. I informed Ron and Hermione that there was going to be an investigation this morning and they will co-operate to the fullest. I’m sure without a shadow of a doubt that they were only being used and innocent of the matter. Now, these people are persons of interest in this case. They were also seen entering and exiting the abandoned warehouse throughout the day, and they are all caught on tape at King’s Cross committing acts of violence and conspiracy to commit kidnapping and murder. This,” he held up a different paper and passed it around, “is evidence of the intent of the group. As you can see it says to apprehend Albus Potter at King’s Cross and take him to the warehouse to hold hostage until I was captured and upon which time I would be tortured and killed. Albus was to be held for ransom and brain washing. He would be killed if the brain washing didn’t work. It also says to remove all obstructions by anyway deemed necessary of anyone who gets in the way. By my interpretation; that means children, and or parents. A thousand Galleons reward was posted to the person responsible for the capture of Albus. The “boss” of the group is this person.” Harry held up the page with the picture and information on it. “Her name is Pansy Parkinson.”

Harry took a breath and asked if there were any questions. Jason, a new Auror, asked why they would have their plans on paper since it could be held against them if they were caught. Carl spoke up and answered for Harry. “It says at the bottom of the page that they were to destroy the paper as soon as they memorized what Harry and Albus looks like. Evidently the guy Harry took this off of hadn’t memorized it yet.”

They discussed a thorough and indebt plan to proceed and then Harry dismissed them to go about their work. “Be careful out there.”

As they were leaving Ron and Hermione came in looking sheepish. But the Aurors were kind and slapped Ron on the shoulder and said how good it was to see him. Ron looked bewildered at Harry when they went back to his office and sat down.

“Oh excuse me a second.” Harry jumped up but plopped back down suddenly with a groan. He shook his head and clamped his jaw closed tightly. Then he carefully stood up and took the cartridges to Wes and asked him to take them back to the branch of Muggle law enforcement they needed to go back to. As he returned to his office chair he stopped and put his hand gently on Hermione’s shoulder. “Is your head healing ok, Hermione? Are you up to some questions? Do you need anything?” He added when she answered him. “I hope Rose and Hugo are ok, are they with Mr. and Mrs. Weasley? Were they able to sleep and get the rest they need?” Hermione tried to answer impatiently, but was touched with his concern with them and the kids.

He looked at Ron when Hermione stiffly said she and the kids were fine and didn’t need anything. “Alright there Captain? Your nose looks loads better today.” Harry smiled kindly at both his friends; trying to ease their discomfort of having to be there.

“I’m fine; Hermione is fine, and the kids are fine! Can we get on with your grilling us? We’re the innocent victims here; but go ahead and treat us like the criminals!” he retorted.

Harry sat back in his chair and stared at Ron without emotion showing. After he let them squirm under his consternate stare he leaned forward and began typing on his computer. Without looking at them he quietly said, “You are neither innocent nor victims, Captain. But, yes, we’ll get on with my questions. By the way, speaking of the innocent victims, since you didn’t ask; my family is extremely shaken up. Albus wasn’t able to sleep well due to thinking I would be better off if he hadn’t been born. Last night he talked to me about going away so I wouldn’t have to die trying to protect him. Thankfully I was able to talk him out of it. Lily kept sneaking in our bedroom wanting to heal me. It would have killed her if I hadn’t woken with her attempts. James paced in his room for hours trying to think of a way to help protect Albus and me. Ginny couldn’t sleep well because I’m making her and the kids go into hiding, they left early this morning, until I say it’s safe for them to come back. When she did fall asleep she kept jerking awake every time she didn’t hear me trying to breath. And yeah, not that it’s important, but it was touch and go all night for me, but it appears that, being the filthy monster and animal I am, I fought hard enough that I won’t be dying anytime soon. But maybe it’ll make you feel better to know I’ll be working every waking hour alone and miserable; trying to make it safe so my family can come home as soon as possible.”

Harry started asking questions before they could say anything, but they felt horrible for not thinking how detrimental the day before had been for Harry and his family. They answered each of Harry’s questions with baited breath. They looked at each other often when they thought Harry was too involved with his typing to notice. They wondered when Harry was going to lower the boom, and accuse them of being a part of the scandal.

Finally Harry stood up and took eight pages from the copy machine and sorted through them making two piles of four pages each. He put them in separate folders and handed one to Hermione. “There you go; a copy of my investigation and conclusions I’ve come to regarding any possible connection you might have had in the case. I hope I haven’t inconvenienced you too much. Thank you for coming here instead of my going to the Ministry. I know you didn’t want people seeing my questioning you, but still it was a help to me that I didn’t have to go and face anyone either. Have a good day, and if you think of anything I missed please be sure to call me.”

He wearily opened the door for them to leave. Neither one knew what to say. Hermione finally asked if he thought it would be okay if she continued to run for Minister of magic and he answered, “This report completely exonerates you and I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t continue on with your campaigning. I even gave you my endorsement, on a separate form. If you think that’ll hurt you instead of help you, just chuck it in the bin.”

He started to go back into his office and Ron mumbled something to him. “What’s that Captain? I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.”

Ron was looking at his old office and said, “You still have my name on the door.”

Harry said, “Yes, I guess I’m delusional, but I keep hoping you’ll want to come back and work with me; be an Auror too. But; there’s no since wishing for it; I have enough pain in my life without bringing more on me.” He went to the door and took the name plate out of its holder and gave it to him and without looking at either one he said, “You’re always welcome back if you can get passed working with an animal and filthy monster. I have to get on with my investigation,” and disappeared.

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Chapter 5 A Secret From The Past

Harry walked up the sidewalk to the Rising Phoenix and met Draco and Scorpius as they were about to enter the building. Harry grinned pleasantly at the young boy and offered him his hand and shook it when Scorpius obliged. “Thank you, Scorpius, for your bravery to stay and help your fellow students by giving instructions and keeping them calm. It made the effort of getting all the students off the train in time easier. Are you working with your dad today?”

Scorpius nodded his head proudly and answered, “Yes sir. After we’re done we’re going fishing and have a picnic. Dad said I could ask Al to come if it’s ok with you.”

“Fishing and a picnic, Al would love to I’m sure. The thing is, I’ve arranged for them to go into hiding until we get everyone in prison who was involved in yesterday’s attempted kidnapping and murder. But after that I’m sure he would love to spend the rest of summer with you and you with him. Maybe our families can have a day of it together.” His smile was generous and kind when he asked if he could have a private moment with his dad and Scorpius said it was fine and ran into the building. “I’ll tell Grandpa you’re on your way, Dad.”

Draco nodded his head more of an acknowledgment than an answer and looked sourly at Harry. “Don’t come here looking for all kinds of gushing over your heroics yesterday. Mum made me write all that nice stuff about you.”

Harry’s eyebrows arched and said, “You wrote nice things about me? I expected you to write truthful things. I guess I better read your article for a pick me up. It hasn’t been a morning to brag to Ginny about whenever I get to talk to her.”

Draco chuckled despite himself. “What did you need to see me about, Potter? And what did you mean by you guess you need to read the article? Haven’t you read it yet?”

Harry shook his head and closed his eyes for a moment before swallowing and answered, “Is there reason to? I asked you to write the truth in what you witnessed. I trust that is what you did, and my reading it would only be feeding the pride monster that lurks in conceit and narcissism that I want no part of although it lurks in all of us. I came to ask you about Pansy Parkinson. I know the two of you were close in school and I was wondering if you are still friends. And before you say anything I want to tell you the reason for my questions aren’t going to be good for her.”

Draco sneered and said, “Grasping for straws, Potter? The villain must be a Slytherin right?”

Harry studied Draco for a few seconds and then pulled out a copy of the stationary head from his pocket and handed it to Draco. “This stationary was taken from one of the Birdmen from Azkaban. It was instructions for what was supposed to happen yesterday. It came from the leader. What do you make of it?”

Draco snatched the paper from Harry and studied it and then said, “It’s just a bird in a cage. How do you make that coming from a Slytherin?”

Harry told him, “Look at it again. It is a Raven standing on a perch in a round cage, with the door open. The phrase around the cage says, A Circle Has No Beginning.”

Draco mocked Harry with a sarcastic laugh. “Oh, that makes sense now, yes; the leader is most definitely a Slytherin. I have a lot of work to do, Potter. And you should go home and rest properly; you look like death itself.” He pushed the paper against Harry’s chest harshly and Harry moaned and looked sick. He put his hand on his heart and gritted his teeth, “Malfoy, you’re jumping to conclusions. I never once said the leader is a Slytherin. I asked you about her, because she is definitely involved and likely is the leader. But I need to be sure before I make any accusations and I need to make sure she isn’t working with a Ravenclaw or just throwing me off the trail making it look like a Ravenclaw.”

Draco magiced a bench behind Harry and helped him sit down instead of falling into it. He sat down next to Harry and took another look at the paper and asked why Harry thought what he did.

Harry put his hands to his face and leaned over his elbows on his knees. He yanked his head up out of reflex. He had forgotten about the whole left side of his face being swollen with a massive bruise too. He clamped his teeth together to keep from yelling out and then tried to chuckle. “Bad enough I get hurt but then end up hurting myself too. Look, Draco, I wanted to spare you as much as I could if you were still friends. But now I don’t care. I do have proof Pansy is the head person in this club of hers. I need to find out if she is working alone or if she has a partner. If she does, it is more than likely someone from Ravenclaw. If she is alone in this, then she is trying to make it look like a Ravenclaw and your dad are the leaders. The cage is a circle. The door is open. When I was trying to get into the Ravenclaw’s chambers during the war at Hogwarts Luna was with me, and the question that the Raven on the door asked for proof of being a Ravenclaw was, “What comes first, the Phoenix or the flame?” The answer is, “A circle has no beginning.” After she said that, the Raven said, “Well reasoned” and the door opened. Also, there’s the fact that Zacharias Smith, a Ravenclaw, was her first Lieutenant. The bird is a Raven with a top hat and a cane. Your dad always carried himself as a top quality gentleman who carried a cane. If you look closely at the cane it has a serpent wrapped around it and the handle is the head of the snake. Loads of people called your dad a jail bird; hence the name of her group, “The Birdman From Azkaban.” Now, I need to find out why she would implicate Smith and your dad; it goes to motive, and her motive will give me a glimpse into the fragility of her mind. The more fragile she is, the more dangerous she is. And; leaving herself totally out of the picture proves she doesn’t care about glory and attention for herself. Are you still friends with her?!” Harry was getting impatient by now and really just needed to go someplace and rest for a bit.

Draco sighed and took his eyes off the paper and looked at Harry. The two of them weren’t friends by any definition of the word, but they did have a mutual respect for one another. He also knew that it was only himself that was to blame for them not being friends; Harry is always open to being friends, he has reached out in friendship many times. He thought maybe, for the sake of his son anyway, he might consider being friends with Harry.

He handed the paper back to Harry more civilized than when he took it. “After the war at Hogwarts, I broke off all relations with her. It hurt her something fierce, but it made her angrier than anything. She said our destiny was prearranged before our births, and I couldn’t leave her out in the cold. She stood to inherit more if we were to marry because her family’s estate would be her dowry. If she didn’t marry me then her family’s estate would go to the eldest male in the family, which would be her cousin, and she would only get a trust fund. For years, I’ve been getting threats from her. About a year or so ago her threats changed in nature. She said it wouldn’t be long before I became real sorry for breaking up with her. I hadn’t heard from her for several months; since the group broke into Hogwarts and tried to kill you and take Albus. That is why I was so upset when you called me that day and told me we needed to get to Hogwarts and get Scorpius. And then when we got there you were in critical condition and couldn’t talk to me. When Ginny told me what happened, I was relieved it wasn’t anything to do with her trying to get Scorpius.” Draco could see the wheels turning in Harry’s mind trying to reason out something that wasn’t making sense. He knew he was going to have to tell him a secret that had been kept from him for years.

“Father knew about the threats from Pansy and he wanted to take advantage of the situation for his own agenda. This was at the beginning of your help to him with detoxifying his mind from the extreme brainwashing he had endured. He was trying to make you look bad and evil any way he could. After your son James was born, it was widely known Ginny was less than friendly to you. Dad told Pansy that it was because you and my wife were having an affair and she was pregnant with your child. A few months after Scorpius was born, she came over to the house and saw him for the first time. Dad cursed her to make her think she saw that he had black hair and green eyes like you and took it as proof that he really was your son. Father had forgotten all about what he told her until the attack. I didn’t know about all this until they attacked Hogwarts. I was going to tell you, but you had problems of your own.”

Harry stared at Draco with his mouth slightly a gap. “So why did she care if the child was yours or not?”

Draco said, “She made plans to use a love potion on me and seduce me so she could have my firstborn son. This way she could file a paternity suit and force me to leave my wife and marry her since you were Scorpius’s father. You unknowingly saved me from the love potion so her only chance of a stake to my wealth went down the drain. Since you took away her chance of having my firstborn she would take something dear from you. Everyone knows you love all your children the same, but you have a special bond with Albus because you taught him special magic. When you and Riddle were battling on the Quidditch Pitch, a hundred thousand people saw Albus signal to you to use a special curse on Riddle and you did. That’s why everyone thinks he has powers above and beyond what they teach at Hogwarts. She wanted to brainwash Albus like Father was brainwashed. She was going to have him kill you.”

Harry leaned back and studied the air in front of him for a while and then said, “How was she going to get you to take a love potion. And how did I save you from it?”

When Bagman had Father and me kidnapped, she had paid him to allow her to have umm unlimited access to me for five days. It was during the time she would be able to get pregnant. You rescued us before she had a chance to see me. It was right before you rescued us that my wife and I lost what would have been our second child through a miscarriage just a day before we were kidnapped. Astoria was unable to conceive after that. The healers said I was sterile; Bagman had me cursed with some sort of mid evil dark magic that caused sterility. I didn’t even know what he did; I thought he attempted something that didn’t work. He did it to get even with Father, blaming him for losing his favored position with Riddle. Pansy said that caused her to miss out on her last chance to have my baby. Oh and she claims you caused me to have a change of heart after the war; caused me to go soft on Muggles and half bloods. And on top of that, she had given Ludo the rest of her money to pay for those five nights she didn’t get with me. That’s why she hates you so much.”

“I’m truly sorry, Draco; I wish I had been told. Did she cause the miscarriage?”

Draco hadn’t thought of that and stared at Harry for it coming so natural for him to think of it first thing. “I don’t know, err, the healer said it was an unnatural termination, but we thought she meant it was unnatural because the baby came eight months early due to unknown reason. She also added that it was quite normal for miscarriage at that stage of pregnancy.”

“I’ll do my best to find out when I capture her. Now we know the motive and we know her state of mind is fragile. This is a tremendous help to me, Draco. Thanks for your help. Again, I am deeply sorry for what you and your wife went through. I hope causing you to dredge up these awful memories won’t put too much of a damper on your day and you can still enjoy your day with the family. I hope Scorpius catches a big fish.”

Harry slowly stood up and turned to leave, but Draco called him back. “Let’s make plans for the families to get together when you get yours back from wherever they are.” Harry smiled genially and nodded his head and said he’d like that.
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Chapter 6 Another Secret Confession

After he left Draco, Harry returned to the office. He sat at his computer upset with himself for forgetting to ask Draco if he had heard from Millicent Bulstrode in any of the times Pansy contacted him with her threats. Just as soon as he was able, maybe in twenty minutes or so, he would find her whereabouts and pay her a visit. He groaned softly and gently massaged his weary head with the palms of his hands. He hadn’t had a headache for a very long time and wondered if it was due to overworking, or from the things Draco had just confided in him, and not knowing how to write up his meeting without making his personal losses public. Harry decided it was from both. He went to the coffee machine and got a cup of strong hot coffee and started back to his desk thinking as he took a deep swallow of the black drink.

Wes came in and took note of Harry’s concentration. Then realizing what Harry was drinking he magiced it out of his hands. Harry spun and drew his wand prepared to curse the intruder but caught himself from cursing Wes. He staggered backwards and sat on the corner of his desk and clutched his chest over his heart and closed his eyes tight.

Wes ran into Harry’s office and took hold of both his shoulders. “You ok boss? I didn’t mean to startle you; it’s just that you can’t have caffeine for a while, you’ll over stimulate your heart.”

Harry nodded his head and quietly said, “You’re right, thanks for thinking so quickly. I wasn’t thinking. My head is…” Harry stopped and stared at who just walked into his office. He stepped around Wes and walked out to the outer office and spoke to the person.

“Millicent Bulstrode, it’s been a very long time since I’ve seen you.” He turned and introduced Wes, who walked up beside Harry and Millicent to each other. “Millicent and I attended Hogwarts at the same time, and were in many classes together.” Harry offered the woman a chair and sat on the corner of the desk so he could be better prepared if she pulled something on him.

She accepted the offer of coffee Wes made her and directed her attention to Harry. She looked skeptically at Wes, but then began speaking. “Mr. Potter,” she said with a slight frigid air about her. She shook her head to show a surrender of her attitude and continued with a sincere voice acknowledging her need of Harry’s advice and help. “I don’t doubt you remember Pansy Parkinson and I were best friends at school and sometime after the war as well. But then she began talking of disgusting things. She hated you more than anything in the world. She blames you for the war at Hogwarts and she holds you personally responsible for the deaths of everyone who died or was injured during that time. She still feels that way, and on top of that she told filthy accusations about Draco Malfoy, his wife and you. I tried to assure her that none of it was true, but the more I claimed it false, the more she believed it to be true. She begged me to have Astoria Malfoy over for tea one day and make it look like I wanted to understand how a pureblood could have such tolerant ideas about Muggles. She said she would stay in the kitchen and listen to what she had to say and then she would decide if Astoria was a phony and a gold digger just out to get the Malfoy estate. She promised that she would leave them alone if she believed Astoria. So, I set up the tea invitation and Astoria graciously accepted. Honestly; I found the woman to be very strong but elegant, and eloquent with her speaking on the subject of tolerance to not only Muggles and half bloods but half breeds, as she called them, as well.”

Harry was startled at what happened next and offered her a box of tissues from the desk he was sitting on. Millicent wiped her eyes and dabbed her cheeks and began talking in broken sentences.

“After Astoria left, Pansy laughed at me and said I disgusted her and she no longer considered us friends. She left saying at least she got what she wanted and she was glad that I’m dying. I became very distraught and went through an emotional breakdown. I not only was heartbroken with what she said to me, but I was terribly confused about who I was and how she knew I was dying. I grew up believing pureblood entitlement and all the nasty things about everyone else. But, Astoria made me see the world as it really is. I thought it was this depression and emotional roller coaster ride she put me on that caused me to have a miscarriage, but then a few months later I learned Astoria had a miscarriage the same day I did. I was so distraught I asked Pansy to come over and be friends, that I needed her comfort. She came over and laughed in my face. She showed me a vial of black potion and said she had to kill Astoria’s baby and prevent her from ever getting pregnant again because it was in the way of her plans. She also said that she had to sacrifice my baby because she couldn’t take a chance that Astoria wouldn’t get the tea with the potion. SHE KILLED OUR BABIES and left us barren FOR HER AGENDA! She told me she would kill my husband if I told anyone, and she would have. I was dying and didn’t care about myself, but I couldn’t bear the thought of him dying because of me.”

Wes snapped his pencil he had been taking notes with and fixed it quietly. He was outraged to hear what he was hearing. Harry on the other hand sat quietly and simply offered his consolations, but his eyes were very moist and showed his heartbreak and compassion for the woman.

“Millicent, I am deeply moved with your confession and you can be assured she will meet justice as soon as I am physically able to arrest her safely. As you can see, I am not fit to do much at this time, and I don’t want to take a chance on her getting away because I had a dizzy spell or something. In the meantime, I’m gathering evidence to make a strong case against her. One she can’t possibly get out of. Would you be willing to write out a statement of everything you just told me?”

She looked fearful and then looked at Wes and said, “Can’t you just let me sign his notes, I’m sure he got the gist of what I said?”

Harry said, “A smart defense attorney could get it thrown out of court because we could have forced you to sign it whether you said it or not. Are you aware of a process of milking your memory?” When she nodded her head Harry asked if she would be willing to do that.

“I’m afraid to do it, Mr. Potter. I can’t work that magic very well; I’d screw up my brain somehow.” She paused and then said, “I’ll let you do it though.”

Harry held his hands before him and seen he was rock steady and then said he would do it if she was sure. After her enthusiastic affirmative response he said he’d do it then. “You will still be able to remember everything, and you may even remember things that you didn’t mention. He put his fingertips on her head at different points and then stared deep into her eyes. After twenty minutes he gasped and staggered but recovered. He struggled to say something in an ancient Latin dialect and then his wand appeared in his hand and he put the tip to her temple and a silvery glimmering stream of memory web came from her mind and hung from Harry’s wand. He put the memory into a slender bottle and put a cap on it and marked it as evidence with the date of rendering. “Memory of Millicent Bulstrode” He handed the bottle to Wes and breathed a deep cleansing breath. He knew it would take a lot out of him but he didn’t remember it being so taxing on him when he did it before. But then he hadn’t ever met up with what he did before like he did just now.

“Thank you, Millicent. Do you mind telling me what made you come forward with this now, and do you have somewhere you and your husband can stay in case she finds out you told me?”

“All these years I’ve lived with the fear of what she will do to us; so I kept quiet. But I realized yesterday that my silence nearly cost you your life. And if you hadn’t found out about what was happening, your son and maybe the whole train of kids would have been killed or hurt. I could never live with myself if that happened and I could have prevented it. I’m sorry, Mr. Potter, please believe I truly am sorry. I wish I could make you know how sorry I am. I’ll not be running anymore, I’m tired of running and hiding.”

“I do know, Millicent, and I look forward to this being over and done with. Thank you for coming forward. I’ll post a couple Aurors at your house, and I’ll have a detail watching Pansy also. Just as soon as I have all the evidence I should be healed enough to go after her; and you won’t have to be afraid any longer.”

She looked at him curiously and asked why he asked her to tell him why she came forward if he knew how much she was sorry. I appreciate you trying to comfort me, but don’t say things like that just to try to make me feel good about myself.”

“Millicent, I just spent a good bit of time in your memories. I seen what you saw, and I felt what you felt and feel. I asked if you would tell me because when you speak what is in your heart, you are releasing your burden that lay heavy on your mind stifling your ability to enjoy life. Now, although you will naturally still have some fear, you will enjoy life and what it has to offer you. And by the way, you aren’t dying.”

Harry stood up and stepped over to the door with her and asked if she came alone.

“Yes, I did, but I’ll go straight home and stay inside.”

Harry asked Wes to take her home and to stay with her until the Aurors showed up. “They’ll be there in about twenty minutes. Bring her right back if you get there and something is amiss.”

Wes nodded his head and took Millicent to her house. Three minutes later as Harry was explaining to a special detail to watch Millicent’s house, Wes came back barely able to stand and in obvious pain. Millicent was near hysterics and in tears. Wes’s shoulder was bloody and he was limping badly with blood running down his left hip. He quickly told Harry that he doesn’t know how many, but at least four men were waiting for them and a flock of Ravens were circling the yard to the front of her house. “The two responsible for doing this laughed at us and said, “Go back and tell Potter that Hogwarts was a skirmish compared to what The Birdman of Azkaban has planned, and the show begins in five minutes.”

Harry pushed a button on his cell phone two times that called all his Aurors to come to his location at once. He quickly cleaned and bandaged Wes’s wounds and kept looking Millicent over carefully as he worked on Wes. Words cannot describe the rage he had boiling inside him at that moment. Just then Ron and Hermione came in cheerful and bursting to announce some good news but stopped when they saw Millicent in the office and Wes wounded.

All the Aurors piled into the room and asked what was going on. Harry quickly told them operation Pansy Birdbrain was now a full scale attack. “Kyle and Aaron go to this address and Apparate directly inside the home and grab Mr. Bulstrode and take him to the safe-house the second I tell you to. Everyone else but Carl and Justin will go to the same address and surround the area. Advance on this address with extreme prejudice to confuse the enemy so you can get the upper hand quickly and arrest everyone at the site. It won’t just be men and women there, but Ravens also. You’ll leave ten seconds after Kyle and Aaron leave.”

Harry held out his hand and an 8X10 picture of Mr. Bulstrode appeared whereupon he showed it to Kyle and Aaron. “Millicent, is this an accurate likeness of your husband? And I need you to call him on his phone right now. Tell him you are ok and then give me the phone.”

Ron stepped forward and tried to talk to Harry but Harry shook his head no and told him he’d have to wait until he came back. Then he looked at Hermione and Ron together and asked if they weren’t going to be busy could they stay with Wes until he got back. Hermione said she could and Ron said, “And I can go with you Mate, I was just reinstated as an Auror.”

“That’s great, Captain, but you’ll have to sit this one out. You don’t know what is going on and I’m in too much of a hurry to explain. I can’t let you jeopardize your life or anyone on the operation. We’ll talk later, but now I have to take care of this. It is imperative we leave within seconds.”

Harry looked at Millicent when it looked like she was done telling her husband she was ok. She handed him the phone and he took it hastily and said, “Mr. Bulstrode, this is Harry Potter, Head Auror. Are you alone in your house?” Upon his answer of no, Harry looked at his phone and said, “Change of plans. Everyone converge at this address. Kyle and Aaron, you’ll go along with the others and I’ll get the Mr. myself. Go three seconds after I leave. Be careful.”

He disappeared and when the three seconds were up the rest of the Aurors left as well. What seemed like hours later, but was actually five minutes later, Harry appeared with Mr. Bulstrode over his shoulder and gently put him on the couch. He ripped open the man’s shirt and moved his wand over a long wound from his neck to his navel. As he did this he chanted a steady stream of ancient Latin over and over. Finally the man moved and sat up so fast Harry barely had time to react. “Easy now, you’re with friends and your wife is right here, and she’s fine. Stay here until I get back.”

Harry stepped quickly over to Wes and asked how he was doing. Hermione said he would be ok after the shock wore off. “He keeps coming in and out of consciousness.”

“Hang in there buddy,” he instructed Wes since he woke up when he heard Harry speak. Wes, could you explain what is happening to the next shift when they get here in five minutes. Then tell them to join us at the address I sent you to.”

He glanced at Ron and saw him trying not to show his displeasure at Harry not letting him in on what was going on. “If you still want to help; be ready to come with me when I get back. We’ll be going to arrest Pansy. Millicent can let you know what is going on.”

They saw Harry’s face and saw the rage that burned in his eyes and the hatred that was stirring his heart. This was his do or die trying look. His determination to continue on is the only thing that kept him on his feet. Blood was trickling out of the corners of his eyes and his nose began bleeding. He disappeared before any of them could get to him to stop him.

Four and a half hours later all the Aurors returned and Carl looked at Ron and said, The boss said if you still want to help get to this address and he’ll be waiting for you there. If you decide not to go, he said to call and tell him you’ll catch up another time.” Ron nodded his head seeing the bedraggled men who returned some of whom were seriously hurt and looked to be barely alive. Only a few were well enough to get the wounded to St Mungos. Carl held out his hand and said, “He said to use this.” Ron surged with relief and took the Cloak of Invisibility and draped it over him.
Hermione jumped and disappeared suddenly as Ron draped the cloak over her too and kissed her good-bye. He wanted to make sure Hermione was proud of him when Carl cleared his throat. “The boss won’t be waiting all day, Romeo.” Ron rolled his eyes and Disapparated away to the address Harry told him to go to.

Carl was right, Harry didn’t wait for him; he was fully engaged in a duel with Pansy. It had been a long time since Ron was in a battle and it was daunting to say the least. He looked around and saw a man trying to sneak up on Harry from behind and was about to curse him when Harry turned and cursed him and then turned back to Pansy. But the instant it took to do that gave Pansy an opportunity to land a curse on Harry. He fell over backwards and jumped up firing a curse back at her. She screamed and cried out he was going to pay for that. Ron found another target and fired his curse and the man fell over. Ron took his wand and tied him securely and then looked for someone else. Before long he was feeling overwhelmed with the battle and wondered what he was getting himself in for becoming an Auror again. Suddenly Harry yelled at Pansy he was tired of trying to be nice and he was going to get her at all cost. “Surrender or die now, Pansy!”

She stepped out of her hiding place and said, “Face me, Potter so I can see the horror on your face when I kill you slowly!”

“No,” Harry answered behind her as he snatched her wand from her and subdued her rather roughly.

Harry held out his hand and his cloak went to him. “Alright there, Captain?” He glanced over at Ron and grinned. A thin glimmering gold thread shot out of Harry’s wand and connected Pansy and her gang all together. Harry told them their rights and why they were being arrested and wearily told Ron to go back to his office and let the Bulstrode’s know they could return home. “I’ll be there as soon as I take this lot to the holding cells.”

He disappeared with his string of outlaws and Ron shrugged his shoulders a little disappointed Harry didn’t make a big deal of him being back to work with him. Then he made a face of disgust and said, “Grow up, Ron; you’re not a child.”

He went back to the office and gave Harry’s message to Millicent Bulstrode and her husband who was looking much better. Harry showed up two hours later and talked to Carl for a while and then everyone but Harry, Wes, Ron and Hermione were the only ones left.

Harry crossed over to where Wes was sitting and asked how he was feeling while he looked over his wounds. Wes responded that he was fine and would be able to go home without Gwen getting all hysterical about getting hurt at work. “You though; are a different story all together, boss. Should we take you someplace or call someone to fix you up or whatever?”

Harry shook his head and went to his desk and began typing his report. “No; but thanks for the thought. If you’re sure you don’t need any more attention, then you can go on home. I’m closing the detective agency for a week, while my Aurors recuperate.” He typed while he talked and didn’t let the conversation interrupt his concentration.

Wes looked at Ron and Hermione and shrugged his shoulders and then said to Harry, “Alright then boss; I’ll see ya a week from this coming Monday. Hopefully you can use this time to spend with your family before you have to come back to work.”

Wes left when he saw, by Harry’s refusal to speak on the matter, that the subject was closed for conversation. Ron and Hermione got up and went to Harry’s desk and cautiously asked what was going on.

Harry kept typing furiously and then suddenly hit ‘print’ and stood by the copy machine. He sorted twenty pages into two piles and put one of the piles in a file and into his filing cabinet. The other pile he put in a large courier envelope and wrote, ‘Kingsley Shacklebolt: Minister of Magic’.

I have to hand deliver this; my fifteen minutes they gave me to write it is nearly up. I’ll be right back… unless the Wizengamot convinces Kingsley to fire me for my, “gross negligence and incompetence” but I don’t think he’ll budge, although he is tired and I’ve been constant trouble for him.” Before they could say anything Harry was gone.

Ten minutes later Harry came back and quietly cleared his office of the day’s work and said, “You guys wanna come home with me and I can fill you in on what’s going on? I can’t help but notice you stuck around for some reason.” His slight smile was showing his weariness but they could see he wanted to see them.

Hermione made the face that expresses ‘Gee we’d love to but no we can’t.’ “We can for a couple minutes; we have plans to meet everyone at the Burrow, and we’re late as it is. You can come if you feel up to it,” Ron added enthusiastically.

Harry tried to have a friendly expression on his face as he told them he would just go home and clean up, eat and go to bed. “It’s been a long day. Say hello to everyone for me. I’ll see you in the morning at 8:00 sharp, but go to the office at the Ministry.”

They moved to the door and Hermione said, “You mean Monday Harry. You guys have the weekend off.” He swallowed and smiled awkwardly and opened the door for them to leave. “Monday then, Captain.” After they walked out he closed and locked the door, and waved silently as they said good-bye to him. He turned and walked away and disappeared after turning the corner and out of sight.

Once home, he showered and doctored up his various wounds and went back down to the kitchen. He tried not to notice how empty and lonely the house was; but it was pretty much impossible. He fixed a couple peanut butter sandwiches and went to bed very much aware of how desperately tired and sore he was. Harry put his hand over his heart wishing he could massage the muscle like a sore back, but he didn’t want to use black magic to do it being as tired as he was. He was sure if Ginny was there he would feel better. He realized he was afraid he would die in his sleep and not get to see her and the kids again. Dying wasn’t something he was afraid of; he just couldn’t bear dying without seeing Ginny and his kids before it happened. He put his hands up under his head and stared at the ceiling thinking of that morning when he held each of them before he left until he fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning.
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for more. This chapter is pretty long, hope you don't mind. And I hope that you enjoy it.

Chapter 7 Hermione’s Career Choice In Jeopardy

The next morning Harry wasn’t up to doing a workout, but rode Chevron around his property thinking of Ginny. How he missed her in his arms. He looked at the sky in the direction of the planet she was on and took note of the fiery red clouds building into what would soon be storms. The elongated clouds stretching into wisps at the end from the winds blowing them made him see his beautiful wife and he longed for her so much his heart ached. He pulled out his phone and called her. His heart jumped when it stopped ringing and her voice came on. “Nobody in their right mind should be awake at this early hour, so leave a message, and I’ll get back with you.”

Harry said, “I am in my right mind, I’m just not normal. I miss you more than you could possibly know, Honey. Love you and the kids. I’m off to work as soon as Chevron and I get back to the stable.” He chuckled at her recording and her abhorrence of getting up before the sun rises. Just hearing her voice, albeit a recording lifted his spirits and he left for the Ministry in a good mood and ready to face the day.

Since it was Saturday the Atrium wasn’t packed with people rushing to their offices. He didn’t use the maintenance hallway for this reason. He would just put up with the stares and whispers. His step was light but not swift; as a matter of fact he walked with a limp and subconsciously held his right arm pressed to his side and his left hand stuffed in his pocked balled up in a fist. Just before he reached the Department of Aurors Percy stopped him to speak to him.

Harry knew right away something was troubling him and he invited him into his office where they could talk in privacy. “Percy, what is troubling you already this morning?”

“I hate to tell you this, Harry, but Ron was reinstated as number one Auror under you. He is so happy and thinks he was just that good to be able to pick up where he left off. And I would be the first to congratulate him on this, but the fact of the matter is he was only reinstated in this position to be close to you so he could spy on you. They didn’t word it that way. They said they worry about you working too hard to make us all safe that you jeopardize your health and safety. They told Ron to keep his eye on you and let them know if you do something that will cause undo injury to yourself. Of course this inflated his ego even more to be your guardian. He doesn’t know you are under investigation by the Wizengamot or that you have to work every day until you have a full work crew. I can’t believe they are making you work when you need to be home in bed at the very least. They’re even counting the Aurors’ who had very minor curses as being wounded and forcing them to stay home when they could easily be at work with no problem whatsoever. It isn’t right and I want you to know that if I get elected as Ministry of Magic I will put a stop to this constant harassment they bombard you with. Some people just can’t handle power. I guess it is good it took me so long to feel like I can be Minister. My goal has always been to be Minister of Magic. I was way too immature to run for the position until now. I hope you can forgive me of all you had to put up with me. I was such a pain, but never again. Now I don’t feel like my heart is in the job, but things need to change. I will always stand in your corner with you. I also understand you will surly vote for Hermione. She is very competent and I won’t mind losing to her, but I won’t make it easy for her.”

“Thank you for telling me all this, Percy. I really do appreciate it; but I already know everything you told me. It’s the way they play the game. They make a formal inquiry of every move I make so that if the public opinion of me changes and they begin getting complaints, all they have to do is say they have been investigating me. If nobody’s nose gets bent out of joint about the way I do my job, then they act like nothing is wrong. I have a twenty page sealed Rap sheet, covering from the time I became head Auror to now, of which I have been prosecuted against without being arrested. Every case I was found innocent of all allegations and behaved in accordance to all laws pertaining to the matters in question. And although these cases were dismissed they have never been expunged from my records. I have a record like a common criminal. Like you said, I have to work every day until I have a full crew; but you don’t know that I’m not allowed to hire anyone until everyone who was cursed or hurt comes back. That means I can’t hire anyone else because out of the twenty eight Aurors who got cursed or hurt, nine of them will not be coming back. They won’t be back because they quit with the excuse that being an Auror is a safety violation of their rights to life. And those men weren’t men I hired, but ones the Wizengamot hired. I thought Kingsley hired them while I was out of commission this last time. What the Wizengamot doesn’t know is I plan on making an inquiry myself, of them. They have overstepped their authority, and Kingsley is too tired to put them in line. I won’t tolerate it; I will not work for a corrupt government. Oh, and Percy, the thing I didn’t know is that you are running for Ministry of Magic. Congratulations, I hope the best for you. If I’d known, I wouldn’t have told Hermione I would endorse her. I won’t go back on my word, but I won’t say or do anything that puts you in an unfavorable light. I’m sure Hermione feels the same way. I do however; have an idea that might work for both of you and Kingsley as well.”

Harry discussed what was on his mind and then after several minutes of discussion on the matter, Percy looked at his watch and said he needed to get to his office. Harry shook hands with him and thanked him again for stopping by to tell him what he found out. He smiled with a boyish grin and said, “I’m going to put a notice in the Rising Phoenix for openings in the Department of Aurors. Just watch what happens if the Wizengamot try to tell me I can’t.”

Harry spent the day working on his investigation into the Wizengamot when he wasn’t busy with newspaper advertisements for Aurors, helping his men when they needed him, or getting cats down out of trees. A good bit of the day was spent assuring the men who were ordered by the Wizengamot to stay home that he was calling them back to work, unless of course they weren’t able to comply. He visited each Auror to see to their needs and to make sure they would be back to work the following Monday for those who worked full time to cover all three shifts Monday through Friday. Then he saw to the ones who were called into work the day before to help in the battle with the Birdman of Azkaban. These wounded men and women who were injured would be able to return to work the following weekend which is their normal part time job for any of the three shifts. Of course all of them were reluctant to return against the Wizengamot’s orders until Harry told them he would take the blame and they wouldn’t have any actions taken against them.

Harry worked double shifts Saturday and Sunday and was called in to help Sunday night when a bank was robbed. During a scuffle he had with one of the bank assailants he opened a wound on his left side, a wound on his right thigh, and received a black eye. When he returned to work Monday after only three hours of sleep he went in his office looking pretty rough. The three hours sleep was before the bank robbery and Harry had just taken the men to the holding cells. He didn’t go home, but into his office instead.

Harry limped in and without looking at anyone he said, “Morning guys and gals; when I call your name you’ll stand and show yourselves to the others you’ll be working with so we can all know who you are. Abbot Church, Bonnie Clyde, Candy Delite, Connie Stickle, Elmer Hunt, Tonto Zofttree, Randal Walkman, Serra Compeer, and Cecil Chapman.”

Everyone looked at those standing and Harry said, “Welcome to each of you, we’re all thankful for your service to the people. These nine new Aurors are replacing the nine who quit yesterday. Let’s make them all feel welcome among us.”

Harry allowed the new Aurors to receive welcome from all the others and then introduced the others who were there. After introductions were made; Harry continued on with ranks of each member. Ron was surprised when he wasn’t mentioned as a member or even worse he wasn’t said to be number one after Harry. “I’d like to make a special welcome back to Ron Weasley who is ranked seventh due to his amount of experience in previous years.”

Harry began his briefing of what went on over the weekend and told them their assignments and dismissed them to do their jobs. “Oh, I’m going to be out of the office off and on all day; you all have my number so call me if you need me. I’ll see you back here at debriefing.”

Ron stood staring at Harry until Harry asked what was on his mind. “Just get it off your chest instead of beating around the bush, Captain. I need to leave to take care of something right away.”

“What’s going on, Harry?” asked Ron finally.

“You need to be more than just vague if you want a serious answer. I don’t have time for anything else. If you want you can come with me while I go home to shower and eat. I can fix us a quick omelet while we talk if you like.”

Ron barely nodded his head and Harry touched his arm and they were standing in his living room. “Make yourself at home while I shower and get clean clothes on.”

After Harry’s shower he went to the kitchen where he found Ron sitting at the kitchen table. Ron studied Harry’s demeanor and decided he could talk without upsetting the full applecart if he was careful.

“I just don’t understand a few things. You look awful Harry. You should be getting better, not worse. I can’t believe you are letting yourself go the way you are. You showed up for work without showering and wearing clothes that smell and look like you wore to a night at a night club where you had an altercation with at least one person who had a different point of view than you. You are all cut up and you have a black eye. You can’t defend the people this way, mate. We are at the mercy of all the criminals if you keep declining in health. Maybe you should get Ginny to come back since the danger is gone now. And then there’s the matter of telling everyone I’m bloody seventh in rank and not number one under you. I was told by the Wizengamot themselves that I would be your number one.”

Harry flipped the ham and cheese omelet over and slid it onto Ron’s plate finishing it off with grated cheese on top. He quickly buttered two slices of toast and tossed them on his plate as well. He cracked two eggs in each hand into a bowl and whipped them, adding seasoning and some ham and cheese. He poured the ingredients into the skillet and then began answering Ron’s concerns. A folder appeared on the table in front of Ron and he looked at Harry to see if he was supposed to read it.

“What’s in that file is strictly top secret. It’s my research and investigation into the Wizengamot. It’ll explain a lot more in detail than what I can go over with you at this time. I’ll let you read it if you give me your word you won’t breath a word of it to anyone especially Hermione. I am letting you read it so you can watch out for her during my investigation.”

Ron was aghast at what he was hearing from Harry and his face began turning deep red. “Look, Harry! You can’t expect me-”

“Settle down, Captain. I’m doing this now to protect Hermione and to make things easy for her when she becomes the new Minister of Magic. I’ve been working on it for quite some time now, but of late things are escalating too quickly for the worse. Kingsley has been after me for several years to become Minister of Magic. It used to be monthly he’d ask me. Then it was weekly and now he begs me daily to become Minister of Magic. I always tell him I don’t want the job, but it is becoming heart breaking turning him down. He is just tired of it all. I’m afraid I’ve made life bad for him and he can no longer tolerate standing behind me. I’m defenseless against the Ministry. I can stand up for myself, but I shouldn’t have to defend every move I make. And I don’t need the Wizengamot sending my best mate into my job to spy on me. And before you go off all mad at me listen to what I’m telling you. The Wizengamot have been making laws that aren’t compliant with the rule of law and enforcing them. They say that I’m a loose cannon that is liable to go off at anytime if my fuse isn’t snuffed out and I’m put under a tight thumbscrew. I won’t have it and I know you don’t want to be used to do their dirty work.”

Sliding the omelet onto his plate and grabbing his toast he sat down to eat. As he buttered his toast he said, “I spoke to Percy this morning and I think he’s up for helping me. He is running for Minister of Magic but his heart isn’t really in it for one reason or other. The thing is, he sees what is happening with the Wizengamot and wants to do what he can to set it straight. I suggested he take over, temporarily mind you, the position until elections are over. This way Kingsley can retire gracefully while he is still in good standing with the people and we can begin to get the Wizengamot back out of the clutches of people who want to change the way of our people in a not so good way; but will make them, the Wizengamot, rich and powerful. And the reason I won’t have you back as my number one is mainly because you quit years ago and I waited two months for you to come back, but you didn’t and the Wizengamot made me advance the men to replace you. Now they put you back in that position to spy on me.”

Ron was about to blow up when Harry shoved the last forkful of egg in his mouth and swallowed it chased by a mouthful of hot black coffee. He took the dirty dishes to the sink and began cleaning them while he interrupted Ron.

“I know it’s hard for you to believe, but just know that I would never make up stories to keep you from what you think you should have. Just abide with the position you’re in and be happy I took you back. Watch to see if I’m right though when you start getting called into meet with one or all of them in casual conversations that just happen to bring up my name and what I’m doing. I won’t tell you what to say and let you handle it anyway you want, but I am not going to allow you to work as an Auror as my number one.”

Harry looked around the kitchen and went into his office and sat at his chair and computer and quickly paid his bills and sent off cards to various friends around the world who had birthdays or anniversaries. He glanced at Ron every few minutes to see how he was taking everything. Finally he said, “I want you to know that even though I won’t take you back as my number one, I am happy to have you back.”

He got up and put the outgoing mail in the box with the flag up and then looked around to see that everything was in order. He went over to the mantle where the family portrait hung and looked wistfully at Ginny and his kids. He put his hands up to touch them and then hung his head with so much loneliness Ron could feel the pain it was causing Harry. Just as he was about to say something Harry raised his head and turned to the door and said he needed to get back to work. He touched Ron’s arm and they were sitting in a tree across from the bank that had been robbed the night before.

Ron hugged the branch they were sitting against and whispered, “Blimey, Harry, what are we doing here and you could have warned me we would be landing in a tree!”

Harry apologized without taking his eyes off the bank. He put his cell phone to his lips and quietly said, “We’re in position, in the tree across from the bank. Has anything irregular happened?” Ron heard different men respond all was clear and normal.

“This bank was robbed at 3 AM and a standoff occurred until 5 AM at which time three suspects were apprehended and four others got away. We chased them to a nightclub, the Cat’s Meow, where we apprehended the remaining suspects killing two of them, wounding a third and finally captured the last one. That’s why you thought I was drinking and brawling or something. It was smoky there and hard to see. People were reluctant to leave and got physical when we forced them to do so. That’s when I got drenched in alcohol beverages and cut with knives. I got this black eye from a man who didn’t appreciate me grabbing him by the front of his bra and yanking him out the door. Now before you accuse me of not being sensitive to gender equality, let me explain the club was having a themed party. It was come as the opposite sex and you had to dress the part. This guy was dressed as a flapper.”

Harry stopped talking as he became interested in a well dressed gentleman walking suspiciously toward the bank but then walked on and entered the building next to it. Harry called Carl and whispered to watch the gentleman who just walked in.

He took in a deep breath and tried to reposition his body so it wasn’t making his cuts hurt. When he was done trying to get comfortable he rubbed the back of his neck wearily and closed his eyes tight for a few seconds. Ron knew he was exhausted but acted like he hadn’t noticed.

“Harry, didn’t you rest much over the weekend? I mean I know you must have been called in on this robbery, but you had Friday night and the whole weekend to rest and heal.”

“I don’t want to talk about it, Captain. Let’s just concentrate on this stakeout. I think the bank job had an inside operative and someone else on the outside so I staked out the bank to see what goes on.”

Ron watched the bank and then looked at Harry. “Look mate, unless you tell me why you aren’t resting then what am I supposed to say IF the Wizengamot does question me? You have to tell me what’s going on with you. Did you and Ginny have a fight and you feel guilty she left? Is that what you want me to tell them? … Because that’s what it looks like?”

“Leave Ginny out of this! … It’s bad enough I had to send them away for their safety, but its worse that the danger is not over and it’s because of the Wizengamot that it’s taking so long to being over. What the Wizengamot is doing to me is wrong and she would deal with it differently than I am.”

Ron’s eyebrows arched high on his forehead and Harry sighed and looked back to the bank and spoke. “I’ve been ordered to work double shifts seven days a week and be on 24 hour call until I have a full crew on all three shifts. They said I can’t hire anyone until all the injured Aurors are able to return. They made everyone, other than me that is, who received even the slightest wound to stay home until it is completely healed. I’ve ordered these men back because the Wizengamot overstepped their authority doing this. Also, three of my Aurors received serious enough wounds that they won’t be returning for several weeks at the earliest. Nine Aurors quit, so I am very short handed. I had to call in men from second shift Friday and even some of my part time Aurors who only work weekends. But, starting tomorrow I should have all the positions filled back up so I won’t have to work double shifts anymore. When this shift is over today, I’m going home and sleeping until morning.”

Ron was outraged after Harry stopped talking and said he wouldn’t work since the Wizengamot hired him back for the reason they did.

Harry shook his head emphatically and shut his eyes tight grabbing the tree to keep from falling. When the world stopped spinning he said, “Listen, Captain, you aren’t working for them, I told you I let you come back. You work for me, not them. Now; let’s just keep our eyes on the bank for awhile until we’re relieved. The reason I’m not taking a chance to get Ginny and the kids back is because I think the bank robbery and Pansy’s birdbrain scheme are related somehow. I just have a feeling about it.”

He told his brother in law what he was thinking and Ron nodded his head in agreement and said he thinks Harry had the right idea. They sat in silence for several hours and Harry softly moaned holding his side. He had been pale for a while now, but now he was so pale he looked like an Albino. He wet his lips and swallowed. Harry was breathing in shallow sharp breaths. He put his hand under his shirt up to his shoulder and pulled it out smeared with fresh blood. He took a clean bandage and stuffed it in his shirt where his shoulder was bleeding.

Suddenly he had his phone in his hand and said, “Kyle, Aaron, a man just walked by your position, follow him. If he goes in the bank go in as well but stand in watch next to the windows facing the street. Do not engage; wait for the rest of us.”

Harry’s face was determined but his jaws were clenched shut to keep him from yelling out when he moved him and Ron to the alley next to the tree they had been in. Speaking into his phone again he said, “All teams: execute on Carl’s command. Carl, don’t wait for me, once you see Ron in position, take the mark. Remember how we planned it out. We can do this without anyone knowing something is happening right in front of their noses.”

Harry leaned against the building and took a deep breath and swayed on his feet. “Captain, go, go on into the bank now. Get in line behind the man who just walked in. It’s Pansy’s husband. You saw him right?”

When Ron nodded yes, Harry shoved him towards the bank, “Go then and be careful. Don’t forget, use as little magic as you can since Muggles are in there. I’ll be waiting out here somewhere. I’m too easily recognizable he can’t see me or I’ll tip him off.”

Ron jogged across the street and entered the bank reaching for his wallet like one might do when needing to do business there. He picked up a withdrawal slip on his way to get in line like Harry said to do. Ron looked around and wondered why they were waiting in a line that wasn’t the shortest one. The man turned and nodded to Ron and Ron responded with a quick but friendly enough nod. He was obviously in a hurry the man thought. “It’s like they know you’re in a hurry so they go as slow as they can. Know what I mean?” The man growled his displeasure at having to wait but then laughed heartily. “But, it’s not that bad when you don’t mind having to waste time when the alternative is spending the morning with your wife. Do you know what I mean?” The man laughed and Ron nearly gave it all away at his confusion of the mention of his wife, when he should know his wife is in prison.

As Ron was figuring what to do his cell phone rang. Mr. Peddlemore looked strangely at Ron as if he was just seeing him for the first time and thought he recognized him from something. Ron answered his phone and his face turned red and he was instantly angry. “I’m fine! Why wouldn’t I be fine? I’m working what do you think I’m doing?! Why do you always have to check up on me?! I’m not goofing off; the boss sent me to the bank and that’s where I am. Of course he trusts me, why would he send me if he didn’t trust me?! What are you doing; did you get the dishes done, did you do the laundry; I’m tired of having to dig through the dirty laundry to find the cleanest dirty shirt and I didn’t have socks to wear! I hope you are planning on going to the grocery store because I’m not eating bloody leftovers again. That slop should have been-”

He stared at the phone and shoved it in his pocket muttering about her hanging up on him, “Didn’t want to talk to ‘er anyway; always on my back, no pleasing her at all!” He looked at the man and said, “Yeah, you know what, you’re right, anytime away from the wife is a good time.”

The man laughed and nodded his head, pounding Ron on the back. “You should go out for drinks with us. You getting much money out for your boss? Maybe the drinks can be on him!” The line moved making the man to be the next to be served. Ron nodded his head forward and said, “I’m not here for the boss, I came to get the last of our; MY money to hit the poker tables. I lost my job last week.” The man laughed hard and moved up to the teller window. Kyle and Aaron moved over to the line and crowded the man over until he wasn’t in close proximity to anyone. Carl and Jerry were already in the line next to Ron and stepped over so the man was now surrounded. Ron discretely took the man’s wand and took a note from his hand. Kyle caught the man’s hand going to retrieve his wand from Ron and Aaron snapped a band on the wrist of his other hand. Kyle twisted the arm he had behind him so Aaron could cuff that hand then too.

The man became furious and loud; demanding to know what was going on. Harry stepped around in front of him and said, “You’re under arrest is what’s going on.” He instructed the men to take him to jail and then Harry spoke to the manager that nobody knew he had been conferring with.

“Thank you for your cooperation. Let’s see what his intentions were.” Harry took the note from Ron and read it aloud: ‘This is a hold up, give me your money or your life.’” Harry laughed sarcastically, “Real original, this one.” Harry nodded his head at the manager and said they’d be on their way. Harry kept his eyes on any movement behind the counter of tellers and spoke of interviewing the security guard and forwarding any information they came up with to him and then they left. Once they were gone Harry and Ron went to the Muggle Police Department and spoke to the Chief of Police. “I’m here to do some mop up on the bank robbery I spoke to you about this morning. It’s as I suspected, the attempt on the bank was unsuccessful so they tried again just now. The suspect I questioned from the first attempt was so vague I decided he wasn’t trying to keep from telling me anything, he simply didn’t know everything.” They talked for several minutes longer and then left.

Ron was about to ask Harry some questions but his cell phone rang. Looking at the screen telling who was calling he looked sickened at Harry. “I have to take this Harry, it’s the Wizengamot.”

Harry looked nonplused and nodded his head. They had reached the alley and Harry touched Ron’s arm and they were suddenly in Harry’s detective office. He opened Ron’s old office door and motioned him to go in and then Harry shut the door and went to his office.

Twenty minutes later Ron walked sheepishly into Harry’s office. He found his best friend with his shirt off and dressing his shoulder. Ron became afraid for Harry seeing how pale and gaunt he was. Harry pulled on a clean shirt and fell into his desk and groped his way to his chair. Ron asked what was wrong but got no answer. Harry sat down and sighed with relief. He rested his head back on his chair and closed his eyes. After a minute, he reached up and took cotton out of his ears. They were soaked with blood and sweat. He threw them away and noticed Ron standing there with his mouth open. He chuckled and asked what he found out.

“Did they invite you and Hermione to have lunch with them? They’ll want a report on what I’m doing. You probably should call Hermione so she knows you are on top of things or else she’ll call you.”

Ron’s phone rang and Harry grinned sadly, “She’s playing right into their hands and doesn’t even know she’s being played; just like you.”

Ron was angry that Harry was right and he rather grumpily answered the phone. Harry shook his head and whispered, “It isn’t her fault, Captain. Be nice.”

Ron sighed and talked to his wife in a more loving way; the way a husband should talk to his wife. “No, I’m sorry, Mione. Everything is fine, you just caught me at a bad time; the Wizengamot’s Chief Warlock just called me to have lunch with me. No, it isn’t great; I’m nobody, why would he want to have lunch with me? No, I’m sorry, you’re probably right. He wants to get to know you better since you’re running for Minister of Magic.”

He looked at Harry and swallowed at seeing the heartbreak on his face. This was confirmation for him that everything he told him was right. They only wanted Ron working as an Auror to be a spy for them. Ron also knew he wouldn’t let his friend down because he wasn’t blind and naive anymore. He finished talking to his wife and said, “What am I supposed to tell them?”

“Always tell the truth; just don’t let them know you are onto their game. I should take us back to the Ministry so you’re in the office when Hermione picks you up for lunch. Oh, before I forget… you did a good job back there at the bank. And I don’t suppose you’ll be getting back before quitting time briefing so I’ll tell you what I’m going to tell the guys. Be thinking of ways we can find out who else and how many people are left fighting against us. I’ve got a tail on the guy we watched walk by the bank before Pansy’s husband went in the bank. I also have an unlikely helper. While you’re at lunch, I’m going to join Lance to find out more about this guy.”

“First of all, I was rubbish back there at the bank, and if you hadn’t called when you did to tell me what to say and act like, I would have blown the operation. Secondly, what makes you think there are more than what you got this morning and back there a while ago? I think this time Mate; you are being a little paranoid. But I don’t blame you at all. I mean look at you, you’re a skeleton and barely able to get around.”

Harry tried not to take offense at the accusation of being paranoid, what with in the past he was always accused of this. “What did he say back there while you were talking to him about going out for a beer?”

Ron thought back and said, “He said we should go out for a beer.”

“No, he said, “You should go out for drinks with us.” So, he was going to meet up with someone to have drinks with. He suggested you get enough money from your boss to have him pay for them too. In other words, he was seeing if you wanted to join them for something other than playing poker and wanted to see if you were willing to steal from your boss. I think you were being sized up for a job with them.”

Ron stood with his mouth open staring at Harry and then Hermione walked in. She was beaming at Ron and looked at Harry with pride for her husband. “I have to say, I was surprised the Wizengamot asked Ron personally to go back to being an Auror. I was kind of hoping he would say no, but they were very persuasive and offered a deal Ron could hardly turn down. At any rate I’m proud of you, dear. How is your first day going? Are there any problems with the guys you coming back in as Harry’s number one?”

Harry went to a counter and poured some black coffee and leaned against the counter swallowing the pick me up he was in need of. He was allowing a quarter of a cup now and then since the shot he had injected into his heart was a potion mixed with pure adrenaline. He smiled friendly at Hermione when she looked at him for an answer since Ron didn’t answer her. “Hermione, Carl is my number one and has been ever since Ron left and didn’t come back. But today was excellent with him working with me again. He was instrumental in capturing Pansy’s husband at the bank earlier. As a matter of fact we were just wrapping up there when you called.”

He looked hard at her when she objected at Ron not being his number one when it was a condition the Wizengamot made him. “Well, Hermione, I’m Head Auror, and I choose who is to be my number one. As a matter of fact they don’t have the authority they seem to think they have on a lot of things. I told Ron I was happy to have him back, but he couldn’t be my number one, and he is fine with that.” Harry put his cup down and said, “Excuse me, I’d love to get some lunch, but I’m shorthanded and an Auror is counting on some backup, so I’ll see you guys later.” He looked at Ron and said, “If you happen to get done with your lunch break, call me and I’ll have you spell Lance so he can have his lunch,” and then he kissed Hermione on the cheek and went to the door to leave but turned back to Hermione when she called his name.

“What is it, Hermione; I don’t like leaving my men without backup.”

He had noticed the coldness in her voice. He knew she was upset that Ron wasn’t put in the position he was promised and wanted to dig at Harry to cause him some pain to get even with how he treated her husband.

“I just want to say that you look awful and you should swallow your pride. You need to solve whatever issue you and Ginny are having and get her back here so she can look after you. You really have let yourself go and you obviously need someone to take care of you since you don’t seem to be able to do it yourself.”

She smiled at her zinger, but then immediately felt bad for treating her friend the way she did, but her own pride wouldn’t let her take back what she did. Ron turned her to him and she saw the horrible pain in his eyes. He didn’t jerk her around or even turn in anger, but as a father might turn his young son or daughter to lovingly show them the error of their ways. “You don’t know what you are talking about, Mione; you should apologize to Harry right now.”

She just stood in shock that Ron had the nerve to stand up to her and then she looked at Harry who was getting ready to leave and not expecting anything from her. He checked his messages on his phone and chuckled fondly at a message Ginny left for him. He put his phone away and wondered why Ron and Hermione hadn’t left after her stinging advice she gave him.

They were both looking at him and he swallowed and quietly said, “I’m sorry, did I miss something other than Hermione’s zinger? I didn’t think it needed a response; but I’ll give it a go if it means I can get out of here and back up Lance like he is depending on me to do. I’m sorry, Hermione, that I look so awful. My pride has nothing to do with how I look, nor does Ginny not being here have anything to do with why I look the way I do. I scheduled Winky to be off for two weeks because I’m supposed to be on vacation and none of us were going to be home. I had to send Ginny and the kids away for safety reasons I’m sure you are aware of, and I’ve been short close to thirty Aurors. I’ve been working twelve hour shifts and on twenty four hour call. On top of injuries that don’t get a chance to heal; I have a concussion that isn’t getting any better and it feels like I’m on a storm tossed ship trying to stay on my feet. Saturday and Sunday combined, I’ve had four hours sleep. Saturday I was too busy to eat and Sunday I was too tired to eat anything; but forced myself to eat two peanut butter sandwiches before I fell asleep for four hours. That’s when I was called back into work because of the bank robbery. I fixed an omelet for Ron and me so I could fill him in on work details. He’s been out of the loop for a long time to just jump in like he’s doing. It isn’t safe for him or the others. So, if that’s all I really do need to go. If there’s anything else then you can just pay attention to what Ron tells the Wizengamot over lunch.”

He looked at Ron then and said, “If you can get away after you eat, I’d really appreciate your help. Call me regardless so I can either tell you where I am or if I need to find someone else to help.”

He nodded his head to them when neither one said anything and disappeared. Harry arrived at the spot that was indicated on his phone when he checked his messages. He moved in close to Lance and got his attention so he wouldn’t startle the Auror by just showing up next to him. Lance nodded his head and turned back to the subject he had been following. He nodded at Harry to let him know it was safe to go to him without being seen.

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Hey Guys, here we go again. I'm using the place where I double posted to try to keep order in things. I hope you all like this chapter. It is the last chapter in this story, but the next story takes up right after this one.

Chapter 8 A Quickly Thought Out Plan

“I brought us some lunch,” he said as he gave the man a large cheeseburger and fries along with a soda. Lance thanked him gratefully and they watched the subject along with three other people who had joined them. “Did you get pictures of this meeting?”

“No sir, they just got here seconds before you got here. I was waiting for the waitress to get their orders. It seems to be a popular place because ten minutes ago, four other people stopped to talk to them. They didn’t order anything; just spoke a few minutes and then went to the back of the restaurant. I think they’re reporters and journalists; two of ‘em had cameras. I got pictures of them, here, look; oh no wait.” He took the phone back with a red face, “Erm those were… my wife… well you see I lost a bet and; oh here they are; these are the pictures of the other four men.” He handed the phone back to Harry who was still grinning at the picture his wife had taken of him dancing with a grass skirt on doing a belly dance. The grin washed off Harry’s face and he became deadly serious when he saw the pictures of the four men. He sent the pictures to his phone and then took pictures of the men in the restaurant. Harry was in his deadly serious mode and Lance wondered what caused the normal steak out waiting and watching to become something that required more than just cell phone photos. Harry had summoned his high powered high definition camera and was taking pictures of each individual in several positions.

Harry watched as the original man he assigned Lance to follow looked at his watch and looked around saying something to the men who were with him. They looked at their watches too and looked around as if someone would be meeting them. “Did they order yet?”

“No, they just took the menu and looked at it so far. What’s going on, boss?”

“How could I not have seen this; I’ve been such a fool?!” Harry took out his cell phone and called Ron. “When are you meeting your luncheon party and where are you meeting them?” Harry shook his head and became agitated. “No, listen, Captain, move on along; don’t go in, don’t stop, don’t even look in! It’s a… Hermione, no! Don’t meet them; it’s a trap- Hermione!” Harry was getting angry and tried again to get them to turn away but Hermione evidently hung up on him.

Harry told Lance to walk past Hermione in front of the alley next to the restaurant and be ready to catch her. “I’m going to curse Hermione. You catch her and take her into the alley, and then Apparate to my detective agency as inconspicuously as you can. Don’t let on that you know Ron, just walk by and catch Hermione. I’ll deal with him.”

Lance nodded his head assuring Harry he had it straight. Harry tapped them both with his wand and they looked like two hard working young men in the construction business. They stepped out of the alley and Harry handed the untouched lunches he brought for them to a bagger sitting on an apartment stoop and then crossed the street. Harry stopped to tie his boot and Lance walked on. Just as Lance walked past Hermione Harry swiftly without being seen used his wand to curse Hermione and Lance caught her without breaking his stride. Ron didn’t even notice anything because he had turned around to look at two dogs fighting in the alley; a distraction Harry set up. He reached over beside him to take her hand to get them past the snarling dogs safely. By the time he realized Hermione wasn’t with him Harry walked up beside him.

Ron couldn’t help but notice Harry was angry, but he couldn’t deal with that right then because his wife was mysteriously missing. Harry looked him in the eyes and without stopping said, “Turn around and come with me. We’ve got Hermione; she’s safe at my office. Come on, we’re not safe.”

“What, the bloody-” Ron was caught too much off guard to see Harry had something going on and stopped to say he wasn’t going anywhere until he knew what was going on and why he took Hermione.”

Harry grabbed Ron by the arm and jerked him around pulling him toward the alley. “Come on, we’re not safe-” Before he got Ron into the alley, Harry suddenly groaned and fell forward. He was paralyzed but was able to work the counter curse quickly. “Run! Go; that’s an order, Captain!” he moaned loudly as he tried to get to his feet. All of the men Harry and Lance had been watching came out of the restaurant and all but two left in a hurry. Two of them, one of which cursed Harry ran over to him as Ron was leaving. One pulled Harry to his feet by the elbows behind his back. The other one began pummeling him, until Harry broke free and pulled out a badge announcing to the crowd he was an undercover agent.

The two men couldn’t do anything but let loose of him and apologized for the misunderstanding. We saw you taking that guy away and thought you were kidnapping him. Where is the woman; he was supposed to be with-”

The other guy elbowed him and quickly said, “We thought we saw a woman with him and wondered if she was ok.”

Harry asked the people who stopped to help Harry if they saw a woman, to which they all replied there wasn’t any woman with the man that went in the alley.”

The more intelligent man asked who the man was and Harry said, “I was in the middle of a steak out and the man was going to walk into the middle of it. I didn’t want to take a chance on anyone getting hurt so I was identifying who I was and telling him that he needed to go around the block. It doesn’t matter who the man was, what matters is that you two interfered with an official investigation and beat up an official of the law without any reason to do so. I’ll need your names and phone numbers.”

Harry reached inside his shirt and pulled out a PDA. As he took the pointer from its holder he looked up to see the men running away. The people around Harry were concerned for him but he said he’d go get taken care of and he appreciated their willingness to help him. The waitress came out and looked around and saw Harry. She came over and gave him a small round object and Harry gave her an envelope and thanked her.

He appeared in his detective office where Lance, Hermione, and Ron were yelling at each other. Harry told them to shut up and made his way to his chair; glaring at Ron and Hermione as he went by. He called Kingsley and said, “I don’t have time to say anything at the moment, just play along when the time comes. For now go to wait for Hermione in your office. If anyone asks what you’re doing tell them you are waiting for Hermione. Tell them you called her a couple minutes ago and she said she’d be there in about ten minutes. If they ask why you called her, tell them it’s none of their business.” He hung up and looked at Ron and Hermione. “I don’t know what you’re playing at, but when an official of the law orders you to do something you do it and ask questions later. Now, there’s no time to give you any details, so just listen and do what I say right away.”

Ron and Hermione said, “Harry, nothing matters right now accept to get you home and taken care of.”

“Hermione, I’m trying to save your career! Now, just hang on a second so I can set up something quickly.”

He pulled out his phone and called Percy. “Percy, are you ready for what I discussed with you? Okay great, get to Kingsley’s office in your Sunday best in five minutes. Don’t be early, don’t be late. And Percy, I’m counting on you to not get the power sickness. Don’t let the power go to your head. Okay then; if anyone asks, you and your family were on your way out to formally celebrate the kids being home for summer holiday and Kingsley called you in; got it? - Yes now, get ready!”

Okay, Hermione, someone will show up and ask what you are doing there. Tell them this word for word: I was on my way to have lunch with my husband and Kingsley called. I tried to explain I was meeting some members of the Wizengamot, but Kingsley said he needed me there immediately; but if I could would I please stop and get him a fish sandwich. It seemed like he needed a helping hand so I did what he asked.”

Harry stood up but didn’t stand up straight. He held his stomach and ribs tight and reached for the phone on his desk. He pushed a button and Wes appeared. “I need you to come with me to the Minister’s office.” He touched Wes with his wand and Wes was dressed in a very smart three piece suit and carrying his brief case. Then finally he said, “Okay, one more thing. “Captain, after Hermione hands Kingsley this bag, supposedly a fish sandwich, I need you to walk over to his bookcase and make like you’re looking over his books to kill time. You can act like you’re a little put out since you missed your lunch. When Percy gets there pull out a book on the third shelf and the fifteenth book over from the right and act surprised while you read the title and author to Kingsley. You can improvise after that until someone else speaks. All this will work together very fast; now go, you have to be there before Percy.”

He handed Hermione the bag and went into the supply room after he impatiently motioned them to go. When he came back out a minute later, he quietly told Wes that he put a recorder on his lapel pin so everything could be used for evidence. Then he touched Wes’s arm and they were in the office next to Kingsley’s. They listened carefully and within a minute they heard Ron say, “Coup d'état, by Harry J. Potter” Is that the, I mean it can’t be our Harry, Harry Potter with the scar, Head Auror-”

“Did I hear my name mentioned?” Everyone turned to Harry and Wes and Kingsley stepped over to Harry just in time to catch him before hitting the floor. He and Wes helped him to a chair and Harry pulled his wand saying, “Excuse me sir,” the door yanked out of the man’s hands and slammed shut. “I believe I need you to stay for an arrest I need to make.”

Harry was extremely pale and sweat ran down his brow. His breathing was heavy and forced as if he just ran a long distance. He looked at Kingsley and said, “Good job, sir. My department’s investigation uncovered proof that your suspicions were correct. It’s good you called Hermione in to keep her from being implicated. I’ve got the evidence that they were trying to overthrow the Ministry and the Judge here is behind the whole thing. I have evidence he and a bank security officer made it possible for it to be robbed and they were planning on pinning it all on Hermione. They planned on black mailing her to get her to do whatever they wanted.”

Everyone was silent while Harry laid it all out and was amazed that this was all taking place right in front of them. Harry looked regretful and said, “Of course you understand that you’ll need to step down immediately so you’ll be able to testify freely. Am I to assume you chose Percy Weasley to take over in your stead? Normally there is a chain of command that is put in place if you’re unable to fulfill your duties, but I haven’t been able to clear everyone in your administration yet. So, until that happens it is natural that you choose someone you find capable and of able body. I’m sure Mr. Weasley will do right by our people. Well chosen, Mr. Kingsley. Now, I’ll go ahead and arrest the judge and put out a bulletin for his eight accomplices’, two of which beat me during my investigation so that the judge could get away, and so they could kidnap Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. As it turns out, they had someone else in mind for Minister of Magic. Wes, please proceed to swear in Mr. Percy Weasley to be temporary Minister of Magic. Minister Shacklebolt, you are free to retire with grace, sir. Enjoy.”

While Wes took care of swearing in Percy and officially dismissing Kingsley from his duties, Harry called in Carl and gave him instructions to take over Head Auror until he is relieved. He handed over a small round object from the waitress and said it was a recording of everything in the restaurant from the table where the judge was sitting. He transferred a copy of all the pictures over to Carl, and told him he already had files of charges against the Wizengamot and to ask Wes for anything else he needed.

“It seems like there is something else, Oh yeah, the High Judge Hendershot has been cleared, but the rest of the Wizengamot needs to be checked out for any involvement. Oh, and the Malfoys have been here observing so the story can be explained to the people. They’ll show themselves when they’re ready. I’ve got a team checking out Mundungus Fletcher’s role in this mess, and I will be looking into an organization that is using this mess for their own agenda. I will be checking on this angle myself but first I’ve got to get out of here before I die.” He tried to smile as if he was teasing but everyone knew he wasn’t. “Minister, by your leave, I’m going to take the next two weeks off and see if I can recover. If not, I want to be with my family for what time I have left. I can’t hear anything but a loud ringing and I can’t see well enough to read lips anymore. I’m bleeding badly and lost too much blood. I can’t hardly take anymore of this and just want to be with my family. I don’t even know if I can get to where they are so I might die trying; but I’m trying.”

Kingsley opened the bag Hermione had given him hoping to eat the fish sandwich he somehow doubted was really there. He chuckled and said, “You gotta admit, the man has style.” He pulled out a large rubber fish and a dill pickle in a sliced bagel. A piece of cheese was wedged in the fish’s mouth and a sign said, “Hope this was fishy enough to pull off the ruse. You played your part well, dear friend. Take care.”

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Hey Guys, here we are again. Hope you all are doing very well today. Thank you for coming back for another post. This post starts a new story but don't worry, it picks up right where we left off. If there are any questions you have from The Bird And The Cage please let me know. Hope you enjoy this story.

Missing In Action: Harry Potter And John Sheppard

Chapter 1 The Wonky State Of Mind

Harry woke up in the infirmary on Atlantis feeling better than he felt in a very long time. He looked around and was pleased he could see just as well as he could before his concussion and judging by the sounds he heard from the beeping monitor on the infirmary bed he was lying in he could hear just as well. He sat up and disconnected all the leads, wires and tubes going into him and magiced his clothes, shoes and socks on. He felt some discomfort in his head. Not exactly a headache, but definite pain. He could live with it though. He looked at his reflection and seen a bandage that went all the way around his head. He felt terrible pain when he tried to take it off so he left it on. He got his cell phone and called Ron.

“Hey Captain, how are things going?”

“Harry? Harry, is that you?”

“Yes, it’s me. I just wanted to call and tell you I made it to where I sent Ginny and the kids to. I haven’t seen them yet, I just woke up and nobody is around.”

“Harry, we’ve been worried out of our minds over you! Why didn’t you call when you got to where ever you are?”

“I don’t remember getting here and like I said, I just now woke up. I’m feeling great except I am starved out of my mind, I’ve got rubber band legs and my throat hurts. I was on life support, and you know how that tube down your throat makes you feel.”

“No, I don’t know how that feels, but I know you do. Harry, do you know what time it is?”

“Oh, yeah, I’m sorry, Captain, I wasn’t thinking of anything but letting you know I obviously got here ok. I’m sorry I called three minutes before your alarm clock goes off.” Harry was feeling too good to be annoyed with Ron’s obsession to sleep every minute until he absolutely had to get up.

“No, mate, I mean, what time as in days since you’ve been gone?! You left here a week and a half ago! We’ve been worried you died somewhere.”

Harry looked straight ahead silently and then said, “I’ve got to be back to work in three days and I haven’t even seen my family yet. I’ll catch ya later, Captain.”

“Why do you call me Captain? Why won’t you ask about Ginny and your kids? Don’t you care anymore? Did something else happen to you when your horse fell on you? Why would you just up and leave the way you did? Where are you?”

“What are you going on about? I call you Captain because of the silly Law Enforcement Watch Detail you were in charge of before it was dismantled. Ginny and the kids are here. I sent them here to keep them safe from Pansy Parkinson and her lot. She tried to have Albus and me killed remember? You rejoined the Aurors and have been working alongside of me. Stop acting like you don’t remember; it’s not funny!”

Ron became belligerent and said, “Harry you are sick! I don’t work for you; I am partners with George at the Joke Shop and you know it. And what are you going on about Pansy Parkinson and her trying to kill you and Albus?! You are sick to bring your little boy in your paranoia. Stop self treating yourself and get help, Harry!”

Harry hung up and walked out of the infirmary and straight to John’s quarters. He looked around and the hair on the back of his neck stood on end. He could hear his name being called from a distance away. But where was it coming from. John’s quarters were empty and eerie so he left. Everything Ron said to him stayed with him and tormented him. He put his hands to his head and felt faint; which made him angrier. From all indications, he was healing extremely fast. Why wouldn’t his head be better? Why was he suffering the effects of his concussion all the sudden.

“Where is everybody?!” he shouted, his rage mounting by the second. “Harry! Buddy, it’s good to see you! When did Kelly release you from the infirmary?”

Harry spun around and caught himself on the wall. “John; am I glad to see you. Where were you?” He looked around and people were busy going here and there tending their business. How did everyone get here all the sudden? There wasn’t a soul around when I got up, and I don’t know where Ginny and the kids are.”

The smile left John’s face and he took both Harry’s shoulders in his hands and looked seriously into his friends eyes. “I’ve been here, buddy; in my quarters. I heard you call out and came out to see what was going on. Ginny isn’t here, Harry, and neither are the kids. They didn’t come with you. Remember, they stayed home and you came here with us after we saved Chevron, remember? You were really bad off and Ginny wanted you to come here so we could have you taken care of because you were so near death. You’ve been here a week and a half, but you’ve been in a coma.”

Harry stared at John and couldn’t process what was happening to him. John wouldn’t lie to him for any reason, but this was not the truth. He looked down at John’s arms that held him at arm’s length. His eyes caught on his hair. “What about my hair? How do you explain my hair being long and black?”

John swallowed and shook his head in clear worry about him. “You always wear your hair long to cover your scars and your hair is black because, well because that’s what color your hair is.”

Harry backed away from John and looked around. “It’s you calling me. That voice is you calling me. Don’t you hear it? Is my family ok? Where are they?”

John shook his head, “I don’t hear anything; Buddy. I think we need to get you back to the infirmary. Come on everything will be ok.”

Harry stood his ground and said, “I wanna see my family, where are they?”

John stopped and winced at the iron grip Harry had on his arm. “Now, Harry, your family is fine, we can go call them and you’ll see. Here, we’ll call them from my quarters.”

John motioned him into his quarters and offered Harry a couch to sit on while he called. Harry shook his head because he didn’t think he’d be there long enough to need to sit. He looked around again at hearing the far away John calling him. His attention snapped back to John when he started talking to Ginny.

“Yeah, Darlin’, he’s awake and wants to talk to you.” He smiled and handed Harry the phone. Harry asked where was she and John whispered she was home and then he took the phone and shut it off. John furrowed his brows together and asked why he did that.

Harry called Ginny and nothing happened. He handed John his phone and said, “Nothing is happening.” John called again and apologized for getting disconnected and handed Harry the phone again. Harry took it and got out his own phone. He started talking to Ginny on John’s phone as he called her on his phone. She answered his phone and seemed to be surprised to hear from him. He hung up both phones without saying a word and gave John his phone back. John couldn’t understand what was going on. Harry stared at him for a minute and then looked around for the voice he heard again.

Harry stood toe to toe with John and had a deadly look in his eyes. “Tell me where my family is or you’re going to wish you never met me.”

John shook his head and said, “Harry, you just talked to her; she’s home! We need to get you to the infirmary.” Harry grabbed John by the front of his shirt and pinned him to the wall saying he was going to get answers. The Ginny I spoke to on your phone said how she misses me and can’t wait to see me and the Ginny on my phone repeated the same thing word for word. She seems to think I have been missing since a week and a half ago.”

Harry had a sudden burst of pain in his head that incapacitated him for about fifteen seconds. When he was able to see clearly and function without feeling as though his head would blow up he looked at John who was standing in front of him smiling. “Come on, let’s go get some dinner, I’m starved how about you?”

Just then Mr. Woolsey entered since the door was open and handed Harry a small electronic keypad. “Ginny needs you to give her the password to your bank account so she can pay the bills. Oh and she said she needs to know where the key is to the safety deposit box so she can secure some items. It’s a secure instrument and will be sent to her right away.”

Harry took the instrument and punched out something on the keypad and handed it back to him.
Harry stepped away from John and tried to disappear but couldn’t. He summoned his wand but it didn’t come to him. He saw the broom John bought in Diagon Alley and took it off the wall. He didn’t feel the familiar magic surge through him and he looked over to John. He went out the door pulling John with him and pushed John out the first door with a balcony he could find. “Let’s take a ride, John, it’ll be fun.” Another sudden horrific pain shot into Harry’s head and he dropped the broom and grabbed his head screaming. Then the pain was subsiding and John was standing in front of him smiling. “You don’t look so good, Harry, let’s go get some dinner. It’ll make you feel better.”

Harry looked around and he was in John’s quarters and the broom was back on the wall. Mr. Woolsey came in and handed Harry a small electronic keypad and said, “Harry, Ginny called and said she needs the password to get into your computer. She says she needs to pay bills and can’t get into your bank files.”

Harry took the keypad and pressed some buttons and saw his previous numbers he had put in said the access was denied to try again. Harry entered something that took a minute and then handed it back to Mr. Woolsey. This time the man looked at it before he left and looked quickly back up to Harry. “But, what have you done? Some kind of security breech, your account has been frozen until you show up in person to give your identification.”

Harry looked at Mr. Woolsey and said with a trembling voice, but deadly rage, “Ginny has never paid a bill in her life, and doesn’t even know we have a safety deposit box. And if she really was home and decided to pay bills, she would see I paid all the bills Friday morning. I don’t know who you are, but this isn’t John, this isn’t Atlantis, and you’re not Mr. Woolsey. Where is my wife and family, and why can’t I use magic?”

The pain in Harry’s head was coming back, but he forced himself to stay focused on Mr. Woolsey. “Harry, you’ve been severely injured. For some reason you think you’re a wizard, but you’re not. You’re part of John’s team, and you and Ginny live on the main land. Ginny has been transferring all your things here from earth. After you get healthy enough you are going back to get your kids. They’re staying with Ron until that happens. Now, you’re going to have to go back to the infirmary to have Dr. Kelly look at you.”

Harry backed away from Mr. Weasley and John saying, “You mean, Dr. Keller… you and John both referred to her as Kelly.” The pain became so intense Harry couldn’t see anything but white and all he could hear was a high pitched squealing noise. He jumped forward knocking over Mr. Woolsey and tried to run into the hallway but John caught him easily. He couldn’t take the pain anymore and fell limp in John’s arms.

The next time he opened his eyes he was standing in front of John in his quarters. John was saying they should go get some dinner. “I’m starved out of my mind. Dr. Keller said you can eat as long you take it easy.”

Harry said he wanted to wash his hands first and John nodded his head and casually nodded in the direction of the bathroom. Harry went in and looked at his reflection. His hair was short and white but he still had the same bandage as when he woke up in the infirmary. He tried to listen hard, but couldn’t hear any voices that sounded like a far away John. He tried to think what the voice had said but he was having trouble thinking. His head hurt so badly he shook. He stared at the bandage and tried to remember what happened to his head that wouldn’t have healed in a week and a half’s time like the rest of his body was doing. He shook his head and then he heard a very faint voice telling him it wasn’t real. It was telling him to run. And then the voice stopped again. Harry looked at the bandage and pulled it off. It was causing terrible pain but he didn’t stop. All at once he wasn’t in front of a mirror in John’s quarters, but lying on a hospital type bed with all kinds of wires and leads sticking in him, mostly his head. He listened and heard muffled voices but he could see they were standing right beside him. He chanced moving his head and saw he was chained to the bed. Both hands, both feet, around his waist, and his neck were all fastened to the bed. He moved his head as much as he dared to his right and saw John was on a hard bed beside him strapped the same way, only he was also gagged. Harry looked him over and was angered to see he had obviously been severely tortured.

He sighed and accessed his condition the best he could. He didn’t feel any differently than when he left for Atlantis. If anything he felt worse. He summoned his wand and nothing happened. His head began hurting causing white flashes before his eyes. He knew what was going on then. There was a force field of some sort around him to keep him from using his magic. He swallowed and gathered up as much energy and courage to do what he realized he had to do to get away. He closed his eyes and started shaking hard all over. He began gagging and convulsing.
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Hey Guys, sorry to bring you this chapter so late but I am out of state for an unexpected emergency and now staying for a funeral for my Father-In-Law. I hope you like this very short chapter. As always, please feel free to comment.

Chapter 2
The Escape

Someone said, “He’s having another seizure! Lower the force field!” Then Harry felt hands on him and he heard someone say roll him over on his side and put the board under him in case we have to do CPR to start his heart again. As soon as Harry realized he was free he summoned his wand and it came to him. He began cursing everyone around him. Someone in a little observation room yelled to get the force field up again. “Someone get his wand!”

Harry disappeared and moved away from the vicinity of the bed. He pointed his wand at the door and opened and shut it quickly. “He’s getting away, everyone after him; get him! He cannot get away! He’s nearly dead so be careful when you catch him. We don’t have his passwords yet.”

The room was quiet and Harry didn’t see anyone in the observation room. He remained invisible, but went to John’s bed and put his fingers on his neck to find a pulse. He found one but was fearful at how weak it was. Harry didn’t know how much strength he had left in him but he had to try and escape with John. He knew he didn’t have enough energy to get to Atlantis. Thinking was so difficult with the amount of pain he was in. He looked down at himself and noticed he was wearing the same clothes he had on Monday afternoon when he went to Atlantis. The only difference was his shirt was ripped down the front and hanging open. He was sure this was so they could hook him up to those leads and wires and such. What were they doing to him? He grasped John’s arm and then they were standing in a hallway close to a huge door. He knew what this building was; it was a hanger for aircraft. He saw a helicopter being prepped for takeoff and managed to get closer. Two men were getting into a flight suit and one took a clipboard from a man and signed it. The man tore off the top paper and handed it to one of the men and then he left carrying his clipboard and talking into a headset.

“Agents Croft and Stone will be ready for departure in three minutes. Code name Seeker will be used to clear them for departure of Area 51.”

Harry cursed the two pilots and with the aid of magic he and John were both buckled into the helicopter. The massive sliding doors of the building opened and Harry quickly pointed his wand to all the other aircraft in the building and then maneuvered the helicopter out of the hanger and put the headset on. He said into the radio headset that he was clear and ready for flight. He was asked his and his companion’s names and Harry responded with Agents Croft and Stone. When he was asked for the code name he said, “Seeker.”

“Seeker, you are cleared for flight. Bring back escaped alien alive, but Colonial John Sheppard is no longer any use to us. Kill him and make the cover story look like the alien killed him after he was forced to help him escape.”

Harry wished he felt up to going back and breaking every neck at Area 51 but forced himself to continue the ruse. “Roger that, Seeker out.”

John began to moan and Harry looked over at him. He summoned medicine from his pouch and slowly began treatment to keep John alive. After about twenty minutes John was lucid enough to realize he was in a helicopter and Harry was flying it. Neither one said anything because they were both exhausted and only concentrated on escaping with their lives. Then Harry’s headset crackled and he turned it off quickly. “They found the pilots we need to ditch this sweet ride. Hang on; this isn’t going to be fun.” He began to fly erratically and then finally put it in a tails spin and then he grabbed John’s arm and they both appeared in Jack O’Neill’s office. John, who couldn’t stand, fell into Harry and unable to hold the extra weight Harry fell into the corner of the desk and hit his head and crumpled to the floor with John falling across him since he still had a hold of his arm.

Jack picked up his phone and said, “Medical emergency in my office get two teams up here now.”

Harry and John both groaned and tried to get up but couldn’t. Harry got Jack’s wrist and swallowed back his emotions of being safe finally. He looked Jack in the eyes and whispered, “Under no circumstance tell the IOA we are here. Miss Dolly of the IOA… she was in on what was happening in England. They had us at Area 51. He held out his other hand and several bottles appeared. Jack took them and Harry said, “I gave these to John to keep him alive. They tortured him and was about to kill him and make it look like I did it. They were going to kill me after they got all my assets. Are Ginny and the kids okay? They were going to keep Ginny and the kids on Atlantis so they could use them if they couldn’t get from me what they want.”

He started fading away and begged Jack to not tell the IOA. “Don’t let anyone know we are here, not even Ginny or Winky. I’m so sorry; I’m such a problem for you. Don’t let John die. Please save him. They gave orders to kill John. I crashed the helicopter to slow down their search for us. It was an Apache fully loaded with every capability it was designed for. They won’t even be able to get close enough to sift through the pile of ash for a while, and because the fire is so intense they know there won’t be any evidence of any human remains for them to try to identify.”

The medical team hurried into Jack’s office and tried to load Harry onto a gurney, but he told them to get John first. Harry wouldn’t let go of Jack’s wrist until he passed out from the pain that became too much for him to handle.

Harry woke with a sense of urgency but was too groggy to remember what happened to him. He tried to think clearly and opened his eyes and cautiously looked around. His head was thumping something fierce and he put his hand to his forehead. He became alarmed when he felt a bandage because he started remembering and knew he took off the bandage before. He listened intently but couldn’t hear anything out of the ordinary. A steady rhythmic beeping noise is what he did hear. He knew that sound from the many times he was hooked up to life support. He turned his head to his right side and saw a doctor, nurse and Jack talking softly.

“There’s just nothing more we can do for him. His health is declining and deteriorating rapidly. He will be dead before the sun comes up. I’m sorry; I truly am.”
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Hey Guys, I'm back and trying to pick up the pieces after our sudden trip to Ohio. From Florida to my Father-In-Laws house is about twelve hundred miles. It was a rough trip especially because we didn't make it up in time to say goodbye. Needless to say getting back home is wonderful, but it has been hard on me trying to get back to the swing of things. I didn't mean to neglect you, I just couldn't try to feel chipper as if nothing happened. So, here is the next chapter; quite a bit longer than the last one. Hope you like it, and I will try to be punctual with posting new chapters from here on out.

Chapter 3
One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

Harry heard Jack in a pleading voice saying there has to be something that can help Colonial Sheppard. Harry stirred and started to get up but soft hands and a quiet voice held him gently from moving. “Harry, you’re at Stargate command. You brought John here twelve hours ago. You are both in critical condition and the doctor doesn’t think either one of you will live. But he doesn’t know you like we do. Is there anything you can tell us that will help us patch you two up?”

“Sam? I can hardly hear you.”

He felt his head bandage being adjusted and then he could hear much clearer than when he left England. It seemed like that was ages ago. “Thanks,” he said weakly. “What’s wrong with John? I could hear them talking softly. The doctor said John and I are both dying.”

Sam nodded her head, “Yeah, we can’t figure out what is wrong; you’re both just not getting better.”

Harry said, “But I am getting better; I can feel it. Help me up so I can talk with the doctor. Is Dr. Beckett not here?”

Just then Carson walked briskly into the room. “What is going on here; who are my patients and what is-” silence overtook him when he saw Harry getting up with Sam’s help and then saw John in the next bed.”

“Hold on now, Lad, what do you think you’re doing? You best get back in bed this instant.”

Harry couldn’t help but smile at his Scottish doctor friend and held out his hand to him. “Carson, it’s so good to see you. We can save John, you, me and Sam. But, I need to see him.”

Jack stepped over to Harry and took him by the elbow and helped balance him as he stepped over to John’s bed. He looked at his friend and an overwhelming urge to cry came over him. He cleared his throat and swallowed hard. The urge to cry left him which he was more than a little happy about and he put his finger tips over John’s forehead and temple. He stood that way for ten minutes as still as a statue and finally he took his hands away and turned back to his bed. Jack helped him get in and Sam covered him noticing he was trembling rather hard. After several minutes of trying to calm down he spoke with his throat constricted.

“I need to see a sample of his blood.” He turned his face away from the group and wiped his moist eyes. When the attending doctor brought over a report of what he found to be John’s blood type and basic DNA structure Harry said, “I mean I need to see a sample of his blood.”

The doctor said, “I’m sure you don’t have an iota of knowledge-”

Harry calmly asked what the doctor’s security clearance was and the doctor, taken aback at Harry’s commanding voice answered, “A tad bit higher than yours I think. As a matter of fact, I don’t even know what you, being a common civilian, are doing here.”

“You obviously don’t have high enough security clearance to be in the same room as me, so if you’ll leave, we can find out what is wrong with John.”

The doctor held his ground and Harry nodded his head at two MP’s and they came forward. “Escort the doctor out please.”

“Yes sir,” they both reported and took the startled man out.

Carson smiled at Jack and said, “Doesn’t Dr. Beeman have high enough clearance to see Harry?”

Jack smiled and said, “Yes, but we won’t correct Harry since he is finding answers I’ve been trying to get for the past twelve hours.”

Harry grinned and then looked seriously through the microscope. He stood up feeling like he was going to be sick and tapped the instrument with his wand. The image of John’s blood was projected onto the wall and Harry drank a sip of water he summoned; dizziness was something he could never get used to.

“Sam; break this down into subatomic particles please, and then, Carson, see if it matches with the molecular structure of his DNA from the buffer storage in the DHD crystal.”

Sam said, “Harry, that’s brilliant, but that would take too long. The infinite divisions-”

“No, Sam, you’re thinking too complex. You’re not looking for a continuum. Think of a Soma cube. If you compare his blood with what is stored in the buffer, you will see in that confined cube an element that doesn’t match even though it is the same blood.”

Sam deep in thought nodded her head and then went to work on a dry erase board. Harry watched and suddenly said stop, I already see an occurring element that is missing consistently in every variable. I think I know what it is.”

Harry picked up a scalpel and sliced into his finger and allowed a drop of blood to fall on a slide and stuck it under the microscope. They looked at the wall where they could view his blood elements.

“Now do the same thing to my blood.”

Sam nodded her head and began working and then stopped at the same time Harry quietly whispered, “There it is. Dr. Carson, can you identify what we are seeing?”

The doctor nodded his head and said, “This element in John’s blood is missing. It is what is killing him. But why didn’t the buffer identify it and sort him out?”

“It can’t identify it because it isn’t in his blood. They removed that element, so the DHD crystal didn’t have any data base to reference from. If you allowed the DHD to continue it would do exactly what Sam said when I asked her to break down the elements. If you continue to divide and break down its infinite structure it would eventually divide down to nothing. It would say that John doesn’t exist.”

Carson sighed and said, “Then Dr. Beeman is right, John will die since we don’t know what is missing from his DNA.”

“But we do know. You saw it, Sam. Where you stopped, that is what is missing from John’s blood.”

“But, Harry, that is your blood; it would be different because you are not related and don’t carry the same genes except for the Ancient gene that John has.”

Harry smiled, “You are forgetting that John and I are brothers in the since that Zeus is his natural father and I have the gene given to me by Zeus. Sam, you need to identify the element and add it to John’s molecular coding in the DHD crystal. When you do this the buffer will automatically recognize him again; and it’ll be able to sort him out properly from now on.”

“But, it won’t do any good if we don’t get that element back in his blood right now, because he is as near death as he can be. He will be dead in minutes. And we don’t have time to wait for Sam to do the thing with the DHD crystal and then pass John through it. He just doesn’t have enough time for that.”

Harry told him to transfer some of his blood to John. He held out his arm and Dr. Carson looked at him stunned. “No, Lad. I want to save John as much as everyone else, but you don’t have enough blood to keep yourself alive. You can’t spare any to give him.”

Harry tapped his arm and said a spell and blood began going from Harry into John through a tube. Harry said another spell and closed his eyes; and just before he passed out he mumbled, “Just a pint will do, Carson; magic will do the rest.” Carson watched carefully the transfer of blood and took the needle out of Harry’s arm after the pint was given.
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Hey Guys, time for another chapter. Yea! Thanks for coming back for more and I hope you are all enjoying the story. This chapter is 'The Explanation' Actually if you haven't noticed this title gets used for a few other stories I post. LOL Sometimes it just fits and you have to use it. The chapter after this one will be the end of this short story, but as before; the story continues on exactly where it leaves off. It is just going into a different story arc. Hope you enjoy the chapter. As always please feel free to comment.

Chapter 4

The Explanation

Next thing Harry knew he was being pestered to wake up, when all he wanted to do was sleep. He grinned without opening his eyes and playfully mumbled, “What does a guy have to do to get some sleep around here?” He laughed drunkenly and rolled over and pulled the blanket over his head at the answer he was given.

“Well, first you have to earn the bed you’re sleeping in. Come on wake up; you can’t expect to sleep today too.”

He sighed and threw the covers off him and worked at sitting up and becoming serious at how he was feeling. He tried to blink the weariness out of his eyes and attempted to stand up and fell over against Jack. “What are you doing?! Are you trying to get Carson to kill me? I said wake up, not get out of bed.”

“Where am I, Jack? What’s wrong with me; why can’t I wake up and function properly? Help me walk around to get my legs working right.” Harry jerked an arm loose from Jack and started pulling wires off of his chest and head. He fumbled clumsily at the needle in his arm and frustrated he couldn’t do it he removed it with his magic. He felt his head and was relieved that the bandage was gone, but his head was still sore. “Why won’t you answer me where am I?!”

He shook off Jack’s hands and moved away from him. He was able to focus his eyes now and strength was returning to his body. He just felt sore and clumsy and somewhat confused. While he was trying to process the hazy memories Jack spoke up and said, “Harry, I’m trying to keep you from hurting yourself. You can’t sleep for a week and a half and just jump out of bed thinking you can run a marathon. Now, just calm down and I’ll answer all your questions and you can answer mine.”

Carson rushed in and said, “Hang on now, who said you could get out of bed?” Carson stepped quickly to Harry saying, “Back to bed with you now.”

Harry moved away from Carson and put his hand up to stop Carson from getting any closer. Carson stopped abruptly but didn’t heed the warning both he and Jack were feeling from Harry’s burning eyes and tight jaw. “Now, Harry, listen to me; you can ask your questions just as well from your bed. You aren’t able to be up and about yet.”

Harry didn’t budge and looked back at Jack with a deadly stare. “Where am I?”

“You’re at Stargate Command under Cheyenne Mountain. You showed up at Atlantis a week and a half ago and someone took you and John away. We didn’t know who it was or where they took you, but you showed up here with John. You were both nearly dead and you fell over and hit your head on the corner of my desk. You managed to stay conscious long enough to tell us it was the IOA and they tortured John. We got you down here to the infirmary and you saved John’s life, don’t ask me how because it all went over my head. Carter and Beckett can tell you because you told them how to do it. Then you gave John a pint of your blood and you’ve been asleep ever since.”

Harry asked where John was and they both looked at each other a bit concerned. Carson stepped closer to Harry as if the news would do harm to him. “Harry, I’m terribly sorry, but he’s gone. We couldn’t do anymore for him.”

Harry shook his head and looked over to the bed where John had been as if he would see him. Unimaginable sorrow filled his whole being. “But what happened; I’m sure I was right about what-”

Jack said, “We took him back to Atlantis where we can treat him with Ancient technology. He will live, but he’ll never have the quality of life he had prior to being tortured. We wanted to take you back as well, but you couldn’t be moved due to the immediate treatment you needed for your injuries, especially your concussion. Since it had been left untreated for so long, it became dangerously close to killing you. You suffered significant brain damage which is why you undoubtedly have a whopper of a headache. I only woke you because you were screaming with the pain and more than likely nightmares.”

Harry swallowed and nodded his head. “Has John been able to tell you what happened?”

“No son, I’m sorry, John can’t speak, and the right side of his body is paralyzed from either a stroke or something they tortured him with that is giving him the same symptoms. He is healing from most of his other wounds, but some he just will live with for the rest of his life.” Jack and Carson looked at each other and Jack spoke again with sympathy, “We all know how close you and John are, and we’re sorry we can’t do anymore with him. Can you tell us what happened so we know who to investigate and throw the book at for this heinous crime?”

Harry sighed and he doubled over out of instinct when his belly growled. But then he spoke quietly telling them what happened to him before he went to Atlantis. “After I wasn’t needed anymore, I went to Atlantis because I knew I was near death. All I remember is lying down in the infirmary. When I woke up there wasn’t anyone around.” Harry told them everything that happened and how he knew he was in a virtual reality.

“I kept hearing John calling my name but I couldn’t find him. I felt wonderful except my head hurt awful bad. It was wrapped in bandages and felt like it would explode at any moment. I called Ron to let them know I was safe, but he was all uptight and saying things that wasn’t making sense. He said I was gone for a week and a half and it devastated me because I spent the first day of my vacation working and if I had been gone for a week and a half then I only had three days left with Ginny and the kids. Ron said the kids were there with him. Different things he said didn’t make sense at all. And I kept hearing John calling out to me. I went to his quarters and nobody was in the corridors or anywhere. When I got in his room he wasn’t there, but when I left his room he came out of it and acted like he had been there all along. I asked him what was going on and he acted like I was talking out of my head. He said we should go to see Kelly to have her patch me up. That was one of the clues he gave me that something wasn’t right, calling Dr. Keller, Kelly. When I said something that showed I knew something was wrong, it’s like I started over and the mistakes were corrected but others were made. I heard John again and he sounded distressed I tried to do magic but couldn’t do any. I was told I was on John’s team and had been wounded. Mr. Woolsey said I wasn’t a wizard. I couldn’t hear John anymore and the pain in my head became unbearable but I was able to pull the bandage off and found I was hooked up to all these leads and wires. And John was beside me and that horrid woman Miss Dolly from the IOA was there. I managed to get away with John and when I finally was able to get to a door, I found we were at Area 51. I knocked out two pilots who were suiting up to fly me and John somewhere. They were supposed to kill John and make it look like I did it. I stole the clipboard from the pilot and somehow managed to get us into an Apache helicopter and flew us away. Before I left I put a spell on all the aircraft there to keep them from being able to fly after us. When they discovered we escaped I put the helicopter in a tail spin and got us out before it crashed in the desert. You know the rest of the story.”

Harry rubbed his head and neck and remained standing with his head hanging in sorrow and guilt. “The reason they tortured John was because he was supposed to feed, the virtual reality us, a casual life on Atlantis and keep me happy. Mr. Woolsey kept coming in to get me to tell him the password to my accounts so Ginny could pay the bills or whatever. I took the keypad and punched in your phone number and then 911. It didn’t work, and the scenario started again. Mr. Woolsey came in saying some other reason I needed to give my password so I took it like I wasn’t suspicious and punched in the your number again and the number designations for Area 51, 911, and John’s identification numbers. The scenario changed again- every time the scenario had to start over, they must have done something else to John. But he never would give them any useful information.”

Carson stopped him from talking and said, “That’s enough now, you need to rest.”

Harry shook his head and said, “I can fix my head now, if I can eat something, and then I’m going to go to Atlantis. Really, Carson, I’m ok. If you take an image of my brain you’ll see that it is already healed. I’m just sore and stiff from being in bed for so long.”

He looked at Jack and said, “I’m going back to Area 51 and destroy the machine they were using on me to take away my magic and I’m going to destroy all the research and blood from John and me. They can’t have the Zeus’s genes because what they get when they try to make a clone of Zeus will be death to the planet. The fools don’t know what they are dealing with. And they don’t want to deal with me if they try to clone magic cells.”

Before they could object Harry disappeared to the mess hall to eat. Jack and Carson joined him a couple minutes later and then Sam, Daniel, and Teal’c came in and smiled friendly at Harry as they pulled up seats around the table. They all exclaimed their pleasantries and announced they were going with him. He smiled and continued eating until he had his fill. “I appreciate your willingness to be court marshaled for treason, but there is no need for it. You can’t be a part of what I’m going to do. Thanks anyway. And I’ll be back before you have time to get there. He winked at them and they tried to get up to follow but they were stuck to their seats.

Ten minutes later, Harry appeared before them as they ran to the hanger to take a Puddle jumper to help him. They all stopped and looked at him standing before them completely healed and very much back to his health and vitality. He looked dangerous and intimidating. His impish grin spread across his face and he handed Jack a stack of papers and Carson a thumb drive along with several vials of blood.

“There was an accident at Area 51 in one of the labs where they were conducting dangerous experiments’ and it blew up. Fortunately there were no injuries but the computers and labs where all the work was stored didn’t survive the inferno. There is nothing left in the entire area. A bit of a fluke though is that the flash fire was extinguished before it did any damage whatsoever to the rest of Area 51. Oddly enough too is that; eyewitnesses only remember seeing a great bolt of lightning and hearing a terrible crash of thunder.”

Harry shook everyone’s hands and said he needed to get to Atlantis. “Thank you for saving me. I’m going to get John back to his old self if it’s the last thing I do. And when the IOA discover we’re still alive, tell them they should count themselves lucky I didn’t go back and kill them, because I wanted to. I’m just not the cold blooded animal they are. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do it if they try this again. I gave you the research and stuff so you all can study it in case they do try it again; you’ll be able to disarm them. Let me know if you ever need my help.”

Carson asked if he could go back to Atlantis with him to help with John. Harry nodded his head and grabbed his arm tightly. The next thing Carson knew he was on Atlantis in the infirmary. Carson rubbed his arm when Harry let loose of him and wondered if Harry was doing as well as he was letting on. He had seen Harry transport people with just a touch to the arm, but he had him in a vice grip. He decided he would watch Harry very close while he was here on Atlantis.
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Hello, Connie! Here I am trying to keep updated with your stories and all these new and wonderful chapters you have posted weekly. I love the rhythm of your stories, but I think I told you about it on other comment. I admire the effort you have done to post your chapters even when real life is too complex. I have lots to learn from you! Thank you!
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Hey Guys, wow; here it is already time to post another chapter! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this very short chapter. Please post comments if you want. Or if you don't understand something and you are too shy to ask here, PM me and I'll answer your quandaries.

Hey Ivana! Thanks for dropping in! Thank you for your kind words. Sometimes when life is too complex we need a distraction from it. That's one of the reasons why I love writing ff's and posting them. And if you can't find time for yourself through the week to relax then it is helpful to come here and post a new chapter since you have loyal readers you don't want to disappoint. That way you actually benefit yourself too. Thank you for remaining loyal even though I know your life is very full and busy. Sure hope Anita had a wonderful birthday. Thanks for reading and commenting, Ivana.

Chapter 5
John’s Wrath - Harry’s Compassion

“Thanks for the lift, Harry. I want to run a scan while you’re here.” The doctor motioned toward the scan machine and Harry bulked at the request but complied. He laid down and closed his eyes. He decided to take the time to relax and think of his family and how excited he was to see them. He wondered what they were doing right at this moment and became anxious. His thoughts turned to John; wondering what kind of shape he would find him in. He was in horrible condition when they escaped Area 51 and wondered if he had healed much in the week and a half’s time that he last saw him. Jack and Carson had painted a pretty bleak picture of him and Harry tried to brace himself for what he would see when he was able to see him. Hopefully he would see him soon. Guilt flooded over Harry realizing abruptly that it was because of him that John was tortured in the first place. How would John react to him when he got to see him? Harry frowned knowing what to expect.

“There ya go Lad; all done. Now, it appears from first glance that you aren’t as well off as you are letting on. However you are healing at an amazing rate, and there is no evidence of brain damage. But, I do see things that concern me, so I’m going to tell you this: You are cleared from being confined to sickbay, as if I could hold you if you wanted to leave, but you get back here on the double if you feel out of sorts in any way.” He smiled at Harry and helped him up so he could leave.

“Thanks Carson, I will. Where is John? Are you coming with me to see him?” When Carson answered him Harry asked if he could tell him everything he knew about what his family has been doing while they go to John’s quarters.

They talked about Harry’s family and Harry could hardly contain himself with the happiness he felt about the kids and Ginny having such a good time. He longed to be with them and he expressed his desire to Carson as they walked the final few feet to John’s quarters. Carson stopped and put his hand on Harry’s shoulder and warned him of the condition John was in. “It is quite normal to be bitter when devastating things happen, and often times; things are said that aren’t meant. Don’t be hard on your friend, if he-”

“Carson, it’s alright. I’ve been in the boat John’s riding many times. I know the waves are rough.”

Carson nodded his head and rang the chime on the side of the doorway. There was no response and Carson rang it again and then opened the door announcing who he was and that he was coming in.

“I have a surprise John. Look who I’ve got with me.”

Harry looked around the dark room and found a crumpled form in the darkest corner of the room. Harry walked over to John and spoke quietly to him. There wasn’t a response so he walked around in front of his friend and stood leaning with his back against the wall and his arms folded across his chest. He didn’t act surprised when he saw the ghastly image before him, but instead told John he was glad he was able to see him again.

This seemed to strike an angry chord in John and he looked directly in Harry’s eyes wanting him to look into his thoughts. “You can see me I’m sure, Harry, and you have the nerve to say you are glad to see me. Yeah, you being the good person you are, had to save me; but you should have let me die. And if it was possible I’d beat that goodness out of you. Look what you left me to spend the last days of my life in, a contorted body wracked constantly in pain and unable to do anything for myself. I can’t even use the bathroom unaided. Thanks for your goodness Harry Potter, Mr. Wonderful himself. How unlucky was I to ever have met you! Get out of here and don’t ever come back again.”

Harry didn’t try to cover or mask the pain John’s thoughts for him caused him. It was John’s intention to hurt Harry, so Harry let it happen. But Harry knew the thoughts came from the pain he was in and couldn’t be free of. What kind of friend would he be if he couldn’t let John unload his pent up anger out on him. A true friend takes what is given no matter how hurtful it is. It lightens the load of the friend and then they are able to begin the healing process.

Harry stood there just staring into John’s eyes because he knew John hadn’t said near enough to lighten his burden. So, John continued ranting about how Harry was the worst thing that ever happened to him and he was nothing but a monster. Finally he quit and looked hard into Harry’s eyes and thought, “Well… what?! Say something!”

Despite the obvious pain John’s thoughts had for Harry; being the man he is Harry chuckled and said, “Well, I should let you know; in case you want to continue being childish and call names, my monster status has been upgraded to an animal and a filthy monster. Now, if you’re done with your incessant whining about being alive then I’ll let you in on a well known fact. Life isn’t always a bed of roses and whoever thinks it is hasn’t experienced real life yet. You can’t expect to live without getting knocked down sometimes. And you can’t expect to be left alone if you get knocked down and refuse to even struggle to get up when there are people who love you and want to help you get over your pathetic excuse of a life you chose to live. You don’t have to shut yourself away in a dark room so you can just wither away like a forgotten flower in a garden. And just to set the record straight, what I said was I was glad to see you. Since you’re too busy being angry you didn’t bother to try to understand what I said. I’ll break it down for you so your weak mind can understand. I was nearly dead, and although you were being tortured, you did everything in your power to save me. I was saying thank you for giving me the gift of life at your great expense. People go through tough times, but then there are people like you and me and many others who dedicate our lives to the service of others and we experience torture because that’s what we do when one of our own is in the hands of the enemy. We are warriors, we are brothers, it’s who we are and it’s what we do plain and simple.”

John moved his head slightly up and down. He moved his left hand to the controls on his wheelchair and drove it close to Harry and held out his hand. Harry accepted it and held it in for a moment before he shook it. He understood the pain and the state of mind of his friend. It took all his strength to talk without breaking down; but he wouldn’t let what happened to John defeat him. So he very seriously said, “They really did a number on you didn’t they. Does it hurt?”

John looked at Harry and then cracked up laughing; this laughter being the first sound anyone heard from him since he was brought back home. They looked over at Carson who was becoming emotional at the scene and chuckled softly, because they were just as emotional.

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Hey Guys, thanks for coming for another chapter. We are under a Hurricane warning but we still have power at the moment. Bands of rain and wind are beginning so I need to get this posted or I might loose power and wifi. Sure hope everyone enjoys the chapter. This is the last chapter to this story. But as always, the main story continues right where this one ends, but with new issues to deal with.

Chapter 6

An Unlikely Helping Hand From Harry’s Past

Harry crossed his arms over his chest and looked down at John and said, “Do you trust me John?”

John nodded slowly wondering what Harry had in mind. “I can try to heal you completely, but it won’t be comfortable and it is dangerous. I wouldn’t consider trying this with anyone but you, because I trust you with my life, literally.”

“Dangerous for you?” John asked out loud barely understandable due to his jaws clamped shut from his stroke.

“Yes, but, no more than for you. It’s never been done before and there’s a chance it won’t work.”

John thought and then barely shook his head no. “Better not risk your life.”

Harry picked up a cloth on John’s chest and wiped the slobber from his chin. “Okay, whatever you want. Be prepared to move in with us where I can take care of you.”

John’s face turned red and his anger was evident. He tried to get up and yell at Harry, but Harry held his hand on his shoulder keeping him from accomplishing anything but raising his level of anger. “So, you wanna fight me? I take it then that you changed your mind and want me to try healing you so you can do a proper job of it.” John glared at Harry and said, “I won’t let you risk your life for me.”

“So, you can risk your life for me, get tortured and slated to be killed; but I can’t take a risk to save you. I don’t see the fairness of that brother.”

The two looked at each other angrily and Carson didn’t know what to do but to stand there watching. He knew anything he said would fall on deaf ears; the two men were so intensely standing their ground. Finally Harry quietly sighed and sat on the arm of the chair close to John and said, “Look John, from the time I was a scrawny kid of eleven years old I’ve been called the Chosen one. For years, all through school really, I didn’t understand what I was chosen for. People I knew personally, and people who I dearly loved died fighting for me to be able to do what I was chosen for. I was seventeen years old when I found out what it meant. It didn’t mean that it was prophesied that I would be the one to kill him. It meant that I was the only one who needed to die so he could be killed. All those people who died because I was still alive should still be alive. So much hate occupied my heart when I finally killed him that I didn’t know how to live when the reason to hate was gone. Hate drove me to live so I could kill him. But then I found out the devastating news: No, I wouldn’t be able to be an Auror. No I wouldn’t be able to finally be normal. No I wouldn’t be able to marry Ginny and have a family so I could be a great dad to my kids; something I never had that I can remember. I didn’t know what love was because there was so much hate in me. How could I have a wife and family when I didn’t know what love was? After the war, I was lost. I didn’t know who I was. To shorten this long story, I left for four years and found out who I was. I found that I did know how to love because I loved all the people around the world I helped. My heart was full of love and I decided that I was really chosen to be a servant to anyone who needs me. Now, I’m not saying you are my master, but you do need me, and I won’t watch you die when I can help you.”

John was moved and said, “What if you can’t?”

Then you and I will have wheel chair races up and down the corridors of Atlantis, and you know I’ll win every time, so what do you say?”

John chuckled and nodded his head. “What do I do?”

“Just trust me, and don’t try to stop me under any circumstance. It will be difficult.”

“We’re going down to the pier. The final stage is where your part comes in, John. You might need to push me into the ocean. It’s vital to my survival that I get in the ocean no matter what my condition is. I trust you with my life to do this for me.”

Carson said, “Lads this sounds like maybe you shouldn’t try it. Let me keep working on you, John.”

Harry picked John up from the wheel chair and they disappeared. Carson called Ronan, Teyla, Rodney, and Mr. Woolsey to meet him at the East Pier immediately and took the transporter to the pier. They all ran out yelling for Harry and John to stop. Harry had been giving John some last minute instructions but stopped talking and held up his hand and the team ran into a protection barrier. Harry and John both grinned that mischievous way they have about them and then Harry moved to stand behind John and got out his wand and holding John up with one arm he put his wand in his and John’s right hand. Harry yelled at the top of his lungs and the sound was like thunder. He and John began glowing brightly. Harry’s eyes turned white and light shone from them and his mouth as he was still yelling. He was shaking all over and turning blue. John was standing on his own power now and his form was changing. Harry pulled his and John’s hand holding the wand against John’s chest and they both jerked hard and began to float a foot off the pier. What happened next was totally unexpected and the bystanders screamed out. Harry moved right into John’s body to where the wand was against his own chest. Now there was only one being and it was hard to say if it was Harry or John because the glow was so bright but now and then they could see one or the other. Two hours later the glowing figure landed and stopped glowing all but for Harry’s eyes.

No one could move. “Where’s John?” shouted Rodney. Harry’s eyes stopped glowing but he didn’t say anything. He stepped backwards and John emerged from within Harry. He looked perfectly normal; better than normal even. Harry on the other hand was horribly disfigured and crippled. His face and neck were deformed with the horrific burns John had sustained while being tortured. Harry continued to step backwards but fell to the pier lifeless. Now everyone was free from the magic Harry used to keep them from him. Carson was the first to get to him and while staring at John completely unnerved at what he saw, felt for a pulse and said, “Harry is dead.”

John shook his head and looked around. When he saw Harry being picked up by Ronan at Carson’s request he told him to throw him in the ocean. “Now, Ronan, throw him in the ocean before it’s too late!”

“It’s bloody too late now, John; he’s dead!” cried out Carson.

John said, “Throw him in the water!”

Ronan trusted John and did as he was ordered. Teyla and Rodney screamed and Mr. Woolsey looked as if he was going to dive in after him. John stopped him with a look of admiration for his civilian commander and said, “It’s part of Harry’s plan. He knew this would happen. We need to wait and be ready to help him if he needs it when he shows up again.

A half hour later a technician named Chuck ran over to the group who were frantically watching the water. “Mr. Woolsey, sir-” he began to stutter when he saw John; “Colonel Sheppard… you’re okay, but you were all… you looked dead, I mean I saw you when they brought you here.” He stopped and gathered himself when John said, “Did you have something important to report to Mr. Woolsey or did you come down here to make me wish I was dead?”

“Oh, yes sir, I mean no sir, I mean it’s good to see you are up and,” John looked impatiently at him and Chuck said, “Right, umm oh yeah, I’ve got Harry Potter’s transmitter showing him here on Atlantis!”

“Where is he, Chet?” Mr. Woolsey asked urgently.

“It’s Chuck sir, and he’s down there sir. He’s sinking to the bottom of the ocean floor. And that’s not all; there is a whale closing in on him fast. He’s probably been eaten by it right about now.”

Rodney grabbed his laptop from the carrying case on his back that goes with him everywhere he goes. He tapped out commands on the keyboard and he said, “Chuck’s right! He’s… Ahhhhh he’s been swallowed!” He dropped his laptop and swayed on his feet about to pass out. Ronan caught him and Teyla fanned him. Carson dazed by Harry being gone now jumped to Rodney’s needs. He explained to Mr. Woolsey, “Rodney used to have reoccurring nightmares about being eaten by Moby Dick. He’ll be alright I suppose; as alright as one might expect to be after seeing what we saw.”

Suddenly there was a great noise and a whale exploded out of the water with Harry lying face down on the great whale’s head. The whale arced and Harry flew over the pier and Ronan and John caught him and laid him on the pier. He opened his eyes and looked at John and whispered, “Piece of cake,” and closed them again not having any strength to remain awake.

Carson ran his small instrument over him and said with a sigh, “Well, don’t ask me how, but he’s perfectly fine. With the exception of being exhausted; he is one hundred percent fine.” Carson turned to John and ran the instrument over him and said, “The same with you, only you are even better off than before you were captured. I don’t understand this one little bit, but let’s get Harry to the Infirmary and out of these wet clothes.”


“What does a person have to do to get some sleep around here?!” Harry grumbled with a smile and rolled over pulling the covers over his head. He drifted back to sleep hearing the muffled voices’ complaining that he wasn’t awake yet. The voices were falling away when his shoulder was shaken roughly. “Come on, sunshine, rise and shine. I sent the doctors away on a false errand. It’s time to go outside and play.”

Harry mumbled he didn’t want to play he wanted to sleep. “I’ve been working hard and need to sleep. Go find someone else to go outside with.” It could be said that Harry was more asleep than awake. It could even be said he was barely conscious and talking in his sleep. Whatever he was didn’t matter because the next words spoken were enough to kick start Harry’s brain.

“Okay, I’ll go to the mainland and pick up Ginny and the kids. We’ll have a picnic and I’ll show your kids all the things you wanted to be the one to show them.”

Harry threw off the covers and rolled out of bed before he was fully awake. All the tubes and wires disappeared from him and he said, “Wait; wadeamin’t; I wanna go with you; I wanna see Ginny and the kids.”

John laughed at Harry falling to the floor while he was hurriedly trying to stop him from going to see his family without him. “My legs are still asleep; my whole everything is still asleep, I can hardly move!” He laughed and took the hand John offered to help him to his feet and staggered in a circle looking for his clothes. John held him steady until he felt he could stand on his own. Their eyes locked and exchanged thankfulness to each other for being a loving brother. Harry squeezed John’s shoulder and John did the same. With misty eyes they turned away from each other and Harry looked for his clothes while John kept watch out for either Dr. Keller or Dr. Carson. Both had looked in on Harry quite often, monitoring his condition.

“Hurry up, Harry; quit dilly dallying around, they’ll be here fast since you took off your wires and such.”

“I’m trying to; I can’t find, I don’t see my, where are my clothes?!?!” Harry stopped turning because he was unsteady and tripped over his own feet. He fell into John and John laughed at him and caught him around the waist. “What’s wrong with you?!?”

“I’ll bloody well tell you what’s wrong with him; he needs to stay in bed and sleep before he does damage to himself,” answered Carson as he practically ran over to Harry and John. Jennifer was beside Harry taking his arm before he realized she was there. He staggered back against the bed and shook his head.

“What’s wrong with me? It’s like I think to do something, my brain reacts but my body is a second slower. Err; like my movements are an echo to my thoughts.”

Carson and Jennifer looked at each other. “It’s the same thing we are looking into. We put you in a medically induced coma to keep you from doing magic that could kill you. We found that your vital readings are perfectly normal. These are readings of involuntary commands from your brain, like breathing, your heart pumping, blinking; things you don’t need to think about for them to function properly. But, things you react to then your brain is a second slow. For instance while you slept, we inflicted pain by pinching the soft tissue between your fingers. We saw your heart beat increase a second before you pulled your hand away. Rodney foolishly volunteered to help with a higher degree of pain because you have such a high pain threshold and he wanted to measure it with a special probe he created. He started pushing the pressure reading probe into your side and it registered a second before you reacted by breaking his wrist before he could move away. He wasn’t going to break through your skin; he said it was to tell him how much pain your body would tolerate before you responded to it. It was to measure your pain threshold.”

“Is he okay? Did you give him some Skele-Gro?”

“Yes, he’s fine. As a matter of fact; he thinks himself as quite the hero for his contribution.”

Harry nodded his head and was quiet in thought until he finally looked up and said, “I think I know what it is. On the pier, after we separated, did I go immediately into the ocean, or did I appear to die?”

“It’s my fault, Harry, I wanted to take you to the infirmary and put you through a machine we once used to bring Rodney back from a near death experience. John hadn’t become fully aware of his surroundings yet, but when he did he ordered Ronan to throw you into the ocean. He had to tell him twice, but it was only for a second or two.”

Harry nodded his understanding and was in deep thought. He sighed and said, “I know what is wrong. My brain reached one hertz by the time I hit the water. By all accounts I was dead, except for that .01 hertz. I had to fight to not ascent to a higher plane of existence. Zeus tried to butt in, but he doesn’t like the water. Water naturally heals me; a gift from Poseidon. I was barely able to concentrate and it was extremely difficult to stay alive. It took too long for me to overcome the… to do what I needed to do. When I was nearly at the bottom of the ocean I summoned a whale to take me to the surface. The second it took me to go from one hertz to .01 hertz delayed my physical response time; I’m out of sync with my brain.”

Teyla spoke trying to encourage Harry that surely a second wouldn’t make that much of a difference and he would be able to get used to being out of sync. Ronan agreed; although truthfully he didn’t have a clue as to what a hertz was.

Rodney said, “Sure, you can do it, Harry. I mean what’s the worst it could be? Maybe a little odd or awkward at a party when someone tells a joke and you laugh after everyone already laughed.”

“Or; like when a witch or wizard tries to curse me and I am too late to defend myself. That would be real awkward when the news got out that the Head Auror can’t defend himself. Oh wait, awkward isn’t quite the right word; let’s see what word would best describe that scenario. Ah yes of course, DEADLY is the best word to describe that scenario!” Harry glared at Rodney and then shook his head, “I’m sorry Rodney; that was uncalled for.”

Everyone was standing around trying to think of a solution or just wishing Harry wasn’t impaired at all. The technician, Chuck, came in to give the doctors verbal notice that he was about to do a procedure and wanted to make sure nobody would suffer for being offline for about half an hour. He was most uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do. He decided to go back to his post but didn’t want to seem insensitive to Harry’s plight and said, “Err, I’m going to go back to my post. Zelenka has me running a diagnostic on the mainframe computer. I don’t want him to reboot me.” He chuckled at his sorry excuse of a joke and turned to leave.

“Thank you, Chuck,” said Harry and then looked at him but frowned seeing he had left before Harry thanked him, even though in his mind he responded right away. But then he got an idea. “Sometimes at home when I’m paying bills my computer starts lagging and I have to shut it down, reset the router, and then reboot the computer. That’s what I need to do. Carson can you recalibrate your defibrillator to send an electrical charge into me for a second?”

Carson said, “Sure lad, but your heart isn’t the problem. That kind of jolt would more than likely stop your heart and end up killing you.”

“No, you wouldn’t use paddles; you would take the paddles off and touch the wires to the place where my brain attaches to the spinal cord. It would be like electric shock treatment. All you need to do is figure how much current you need to shut down my brain and start it back up with another shot of current.”

Mr. Woolsey said, “I don’t think I can authorize that before I know the cost of it. Running Atlantis isn’t cheap and we have to be careful. I think it’s too much of a risk and we can’t be held accountable.”

Harry’s face turned red and then he blurted out his displeasure of the IOA. “The IOA is why I’m here in the first place.” He stared at Mr. Woolsey and said, “Fine, I’ll do it the hard way.”

Harry ignored him when he told him to please understand that there are proper channels to adhere to. Harry said he was going down to the pier and to not be disturbed. Once down there he put his hand over the pier and made a wall form from the cement. Next he stood with his back to it as close as he could get without touching it. Then he put his hands behind his neck and chains bound him by the elbows to the wall. He swallowed hard and took some deep breaths staring straight ahead in concentration. He didn’t even fully register everyone running to him. They all jumped when he summoned Zeus’s lightning rod. He positioned it between his neck and the wall and moved it back and forth as if testing the distance. Harry took one final deep breath and clamped his jaws shut tight and closed his eyes. He rested the rod at the base of his skull and suddenly a bolt of lightning emitted from it. His wrist twitched and hit the wall and bounced back onto the base of Harry’s skull and the bolt of lightning once again hit him. The instant it did Harry dropped the rod and hung limp from the wall; the chains keeping him from dropping to the pier. Amazingly he stood up and opened his eyes. The chains and wall disappeared and very quietly he said, “I’m still alive, I guess it worked.”

Harry saw movement from the corner of his eye and turned swiftly at something coming at his head. He grabbed Mr. Woolsey’s wrist and stopped himself from breaking it. He let it drop and Mr. Woolsey with a very shaky voice said, “Harry, we need to get you to the infirmary; your neck is bleeding.”

Rodney’s mouth dropped open and he said, “Well we know your reaction time is spot on. That was the most incredible, scary but incredible, thing I ever saw.”

Harry and John both looked at him and frowned. Then John looked at Harry and said with a concerned tone of voice, “Are you okay, Buddy? You’re kind of quiet.” He stooped over and picked up the rod and handed it to Harry. As soon as he took it, it turned back into a pen and Harry put it away. He shrugged his shoulders and wouldn’t meet John’s eyes. “I suppose I’m okay. It hurt a little.” He held out his hands and they were shaking. “I’ll probably stop shaking sooner or later. It doesn’t matter.” He put his hand over the back of his neck and retrieved it to see how badly he was bleeding. He held out his hand and a wet cloth appeared and he started to clean the blood away, but Teyla took it from him and cleaned it thoroughly and then cleaned his back where it had trickled down his spine. “Do you have medicine for this; it hasn’t begun to clot up yet and is still bleeding. Harry held out his hand and a jar of medicine appeared. She took it from his trembling hand and put it on his neck. She watched as it stopped bleeding and a thin layer of new skin formed over it. He handed her a bandage and Jennifer took it from Teyla with a smile and said, “You shouldn’t get to have all the fun, I’ll bandage it.” She and Teyla smiled at Harry’s red face and modest chuckle.

“Thank you ladies, I appreciate your help.” He knew they weren’t really flirting, just trying to lift his spirits, but he also knew women loved making men squirm so. “I’m going to see my family. It seems like ages since I’ve seen them.”

His eyebrows furrowed in sudden realization that he didn’t know how long it had been since he saw them. He tried to think, but he was so tired and trying to remember how long he had been at Area 51 and then Stargate command and then here; it was too much right at the moment. Plus Carson had said they put him in a medically induced coma and hadn’t told him how long it had been.

He looked at John and said, “How long has it been-”

“Ginny and your kids arrived here a month ago yesterday. We’ve been going over every other day to make sure they are doing okay. We’ve really enjoyed having them here. Ginny has been such an amazing friend to me. I shall greatly miss her when you all go home.” Teyla smiled and continued, “Your whole family is wonderful, and you are truly blessed.”

Harry slowly nodded his head and managed a sad smile and thanked her. John nudged him in the ribs and said, “You should get some clothes on, you’re making Teyla and Jennifer blush, and Rodney jealous.”

Harry had forgotten he hadn’t found his clothes and looked down at his near naked body. His loincloth he wore was so comfortable he forgot he wasn’t dressed. “I don’t know what happened to my clothes. Where are they?”

John grinned his boyish grin and said, “They were ruined, Harry. We aren’t wizards here, so we couldn’t zap them to make them good as new. But you are a Wizard; just conjure up some from somewhere.”

Harry’s impish grin, although it was a brief one came upon his face and he quietly said, “Okay, I will; thanks! See ya around.” Before anyone could do or say anything, Harry was in John’s clothes and boots and disappeared. John was left standing in his tactical vest and underwear.
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Hey Guys, so much has been going on with me I hardly know if I'm coming or going. I do know though that I need to post this chapter. Sorry it is late, but we were out of town all day for my Granddaughter's birthday. Thanks for any prayers that was said for me and my family through the hurricane. We were without electricity for 6 days which seemed like a lifetime. We had very little damage in the grand scheme of things. my parents huge Oak tree broke a limb and fell through their house. They cannot live there any longer. Anyway, I shouldn't talk about this because it is counted a SPAM. My family and I are fine and here is the next chapter. Thanks for reading and coming back for more.

Short Story
Secret Mission

Chapter 1
Family Reunion

“Is anybody home?” asked Harry as he walked around the back of the house where he heard high spirited laughter and water splashing. The kids got out of the pool and ran to their dad with such excitement Harry could hardly contain his emotions. He did lose the battle when he saw Ginny run out of the house and throw her arms around him. They kissed and hugged for several minutes before they noticed he was trembling. Harry didn’t know what was wrong when they stepped away from him and looked at him; their faces full of question.

“What is the bandage on the back of your neck for, Daddy? Why are you trembling so?”

Harry offered an exceptionally small smile and quietly said, “It’s nothing to worry about, Darling Angel. It’s the only thing left I need to heal from. Except for being really tired I’ll be pretty much good as new before long.” His eyes gleamed with the moistness his emotions were causing. He hugged them all again trying to keep them all in his arms at once. “It’s so good to be here with you guys; I’ve missed you so much.” He laid his head over Ginny’s and breathed in everything Ginny and kissed her head. She looked up into his eyes and smiled knowingly. He closed his eyes and kissed her softly on the lips.

James pulled away from him and he jerked his head to see where he was going and chuckled softly at James rolling his eyes. “If you guys are done kissing and all this lovey dovey stuff maybe you could spend some time swimming with us. Since you’re not nearly dying anymore; we’re leaving tomorrow you know.”

Harry’s smile vanished and he looked at Ginny. “No, I didn’t know we are leaving tomorrow. Why do we need to leave so soon?”

Ginny frowned at the unhappiness she just caused her husband, but stayed strong in what she wanted to say. “Love, I know it seems too soon for you; but it’s been a month and I need to get back to work. I need to work at the office in the Ministry of Magic.”

“I thought you were going to be off during summer holiday. Who’s going to watch the kids while I’m at work if you’re not working at home in your office?” He saw the cloud form in Ginny’s eyes and said, “Look, let’s enjoy the evening and we’ll talk about it later. I want at least one pleasant evening with my family before we have to go. Is that okay?” He pulled her lovingly into his chest and took handfuls of her thick silky hair in his fists and let it fall through his fingers. He had his hands on her back and held her gently as if she were the most precious thing in his life. He felt her shifting from one leg to the other and she dutifully patted him on his back so he released her; not understanding her refusal to reciprocate with her love for him. She wouldn’t meet his eyes but instead giggled and said, “Last one in the pool is a rotten egg!”

Harry watched after his family and then sat in a chair beside the pool. He watched his family wondering how they grew so much in just a month’s time. He had just about decided to swim for a while just to be part of the fun; but he remembered the burn on the back of his neck from being electrocuted earlier, shouldn’t get wet with pool water. He watched Ginny and his heart yearned for her. He was smiling at her when she glanced up at him and she smiled back. His heart flip flopped and he felt like a school boy seeking the attention of a crush. He laughed and stood up eagerly. Ginny had told the kids they needed to get out of the pool and shower.

James walked over casually and tried to spring a surprise attack on his dad but Harry was lightning quick on the uptake and picked him up and threw him in the pool. He laughed louder and harder than he had in quite a while. Lily and Albus laughed and teased James and Harry picked them up and threw them in as well. Ginny huffed and started to say she was trying to get the kids to settle down for the evening but Harry picked her up and threw her in as well. The whole family was laughing now and they climbed out of the pool each hugging him.

Albus said, “I’m hungry, when are we going to eat?”

Ginny’s eyes widened and she gasped loudly. “I forgot about dinner!” She ran into the house and opened the oven door. She pulled out the chicken pot pie and stomped her foot. She rounded on Harry and said, “You made me forget about dinner! Why didn’t you warn me that you were coming tonight?”

Harry’s lightning quick reflex couldn’t help him with this attack and his face showed the pain he felt. He recovered and looked over at the kids who were shocked at their mom’s reaction. Harry smiled at them and asked them to please go shower quickly and get dry clothes on. They obediently turned to do what they were told and Harry turned his attention to Ginny.

“I didn’t know I was supposed to warn you that I was coming home. I’ll have to remember that new rule I guess. In the future could you inform me when new rules are made that have anything to do with me? I’m sorry I caused your dinner to be ruined. I see you weren’t expecting me by the small amount you made. What I’m wondering is, since you obviously didn’t know I was coming home today; why were you going home without me tomorrow morning?”

Harry waited patiently for her to speak and even attempted a smile to show he really did just want to understand what was going on. She couldn’t stand him being so understanding to her when she knew she had hurt him twice now unintentionally, but still she had been hurtful to him. Why couldn’t she curb her temper? She glared at him for making her feel guilty and said, “Why are you keeping your hair short now? I thought we decided we liked it better long.”

Putting his hands to his head Harry said innocently, “My hair… is making you go home tomorrow without me? I haven’t had a single thought or made any decisions about my hair, Gin. What…” He realized she was just being mean for being caught off guard.”

He walked over to the chicken pot pie and said, “It’s not burnt, I can fix it for you.” He put his hands over the pie and said something in Latin and moisture went back into the meal, the top turned golden brown and he covered it so it would stay hot and moist until they ate it. ”It smells great. I always said you are the best cook in the world. And I’ve been around it to know. What is there for me to eat? I can’t remember the last time I ate and I’m starved.” Harry was trying so hard not to let his wounded feelings show, but he has trouble hiding his emotions most of the time. He smiled at her and went to the refrigerator and found it empty. He sighed and leaned his forehead on his arm he put against the wall.

“I used up all the food since we were leaving in the morning. I figured you’d stay on Atlantis until you recovered and then come home to Earth.”

“Were you going to…? I mean… if I wasn’t going home with you did you have any idea when I would be home? Were you going to see if maybe I woke up and could go back with you?”

Ginny couldn’t take the suffering she was causing him and she moved over to him and leaned into him with her arms around his back. She couldn’t resist laying her head on his chest and smiled hearing and feeling his heartbeat speed up and pound so hard she could count every beat. He put his arms around her and squeezed her gently. She felt his tear drip onto the side of her face and loved that he wasn’t ashamed of his emotions. He whispered he loved her. She looked up at him and he kissed her passionately; his lips hot on hers.

She pulled away from him after a minute and he looked at her expecting her to say something. She didn’t say anything so he said, “Ginny?”

Just then the kids could be heard running through the upstairs hall and down the steps. She yelled at them to not run down the steps and turned back to Harry apologetically. He understood and tried to swallow his pain so the kids wouldn’t see him wounded without apparent reason. After all, the heart doesn’t show signs of physical wounds when it has been broken by disappointment.

The kids found their places around the table exclaiming how good dinner smelled. Harry told them to enjoy their meal. “Mum wasn’t expecting me, so obviously there aren’t enough for me and James both without the rest of you starving; so I’m gonna go and…” He tweaked Lily’s nose fondly when she giggled about James eating too much, winked at his oldest son, mussed Albus’s hair, and went outside, pecking Ginny on the lips as he went by her. It wouldn’t have been anything at all for him to simply say a spell and enough food for him to eat with them would have appeared. But since Ginny hadn’t done it he figured she didn’t really want to deal with him eating with them. He walked down to the little boat dock and put his hands over the water and two fish jumped into his hands. He prepared them and wrapped them in banana leaves and built a fire. When it died down enough he put the wrapped fish over the coals and waited for them to cook. After what seemed like an eternity he pulled them off of the coals and opened them; his mouth watering for the tender fillets of meat. He ate in his solitude and wondered what tomorrow would bring. When he finished eating he put out the fire and went up to the house and entered quietly. It was only 8:30, but the house was dark and quiet.

He looked in on each of the kids and then went into his and Ginny’s bedroom. He went over and sat on Ginny’s side of the bed and watched her for a long time. Although he knew she was awake he didn’t disturb her. Finally he got up and showered. He took John’s clothes and threw them in the washing machine and waited in the living room for them to wash.

He picked up a notebook titled, ‘Ginny Potter Senior Quidditch Correspondent for the Daily Prophet’. It was copies of assignments and the articles she wrote. Harry noted the last part of the notebook had assignments and articles written during the last month while she was here. He picked up correspondences’ to her and put them back down. He wouldn’t look at those; they were none of his business. The last assignment said she had to interview in person the new manager of the Holyhead Harpies within three days or her position would be terminated.

Harry put the notebook down and put the clothes in the dryer. His thoughts were on the information Ginny received yesterday. She had to do the interview tomorrow; he understood now why she had to go back. Why wouldn’t she just tell him that instead of she has to get back because she has been gone a month? He certainly understood her plight now. Yes, he wanted to spend quality time with his family, talk about Albus’s first year at Hogwarts; and ask both sons how they enjoyed school, things they did and new friends they made. He wanted to ask Lily about having her brothers’ home again and he wanted to make cookies with her. So much he wanted and missed out on, but he would not make this about him. Life goes on and he just has to catch up when he is sidelined for a while. He sighed and noticed a notepad on the end table. They were going to Atlantis and leave there by 9:00 by way of puddle jumper. It would be John taking them home.

Harry also understood Mr. Woolsey’s position now. Ginny didn’t realize how much it costs to operate the Stargate in Cheyenne Mountain. Getting daily reports for Ginny and sending her articles to be published was a huge cost. And then; sending Teyla here every other day put John’s team a man down, so missions were scheduled around her being gone. Having both Dr. Beckett and Dr. Keller on staff working with Harry was an extra expense. Yes; it was quite an expense for Mr. Woolsey to deal with. He would have to make it up to him in the morning.

The dryer stopped and Harry folded John’s clothes and put them with his boots to take to him tomorrow. He looked around and saw evidence that there had been a family living here. He stepped over to the couch and pulled Lily’s doll out from being half tucked into the cushion. He smiled remembering her playing with it after Christmas when she was six years old. He hadn’t been able to watch her open her gifts, but Ginny said she loved it at first sight. He picked up James’s socks that were under the chair and a shirt beside the staircase. There was a small nook under the staircase that he must have claimed as his spot, because he found another pair of socks and a half eaten sandwich, a Batman comic book and a… Harry stooped over to get another magazine and stood up suddenly; hitting his head hard on the under stairs. He managed to calm down and decided it was time to have that father son talk as soon as possible. He walked around the house picking up odds and ends of Lily’s and James, but he never did find anything of Albus’s.

Harry cleaned the downstairs thinking of how he would approach James to have the talk. He finished up with the cleaning and went to bed. He stopped at the bed and wondered if Ginny expected him to sleep with her or was she too angry with him. Just then without thought his hair grew to its long length. His head was thumping so he magiced some ice and wrapped it in a washcloth. He sat on the bed and suddenly realized how tired he was. He leaned over and supported his elbow on his knee and tried to keep his eyes open. Sometime within a few minutes he fell asleep and his elbow slid off his knee dropping his arm down and spilling out the ice in his hand.

Ginny gasped loud and nearly choked. She sat up abruptly and Harry in one swift motion swept her off the bed and cradled her up to his chest asking what was wrong.

He turned on the light and laughed seeing the ice in the bed. “I’m sorry, Honey. I hit my head on the bottom of the stairway when I cleaned the living room. I needed an ice bag. I guess I fell asleep sitting up and dropped the bag.”

Ginny was not happy and sarcastically said, “Who’s trying to kill you now?”

Harry stopped laughing and looked at her. His impish grin came over his face and the ice cubes zoomed over to him. He held her tight enough she couldn’t get loose and the ice cubes went down the front of her gown. She squirmed and breathed in catching her breath as the cubes slid down between her breasts and stayed there. Since she was in Harry’s arms they didn’t have anywhere to go. He told her amid his laughter to keep quiet so she wouldn’t wake the kids.

All her struggling made the ice spread across her front and not being able to stay angry with him she laughed. “Let’s see how you like a taste of your own medicine!”

She got a piece of ice and lifted up his long hair off his back and just as Harry realized what was going to happen and told her no she smacked the ice on the back of his neck. It felt like he got hit with the lightning rod again and he staggered to the bed and lowered Ginny to it carefully. He whisked away the ice and went into the bathroom to vomit. He brushed his teeth and weakly looked at his reflection. He was as white as his hair. He pulled it off his neck and cleaned the area and was about to put medicine on it when Ginny came in. She gently led him to a chair and put the medicine on his injury. As she asked for a bandage and he gave it to her; she tried to say how sorry she was.

He stood up and she walked around to stand in front of him. She wanted to make sure the color was coming back to his face which it wasn’t and he was trembling worse than before. He thanked her and moved her hair back over her shoulders.

“You need to dry your nightgown,” he said softly as he lightly moved his hands from her shoulders over the front of her neck and collar bone. He was looking in her eyes and she was drowning in his. She whispered, “Or you could just take it off.” He moved the straps off her shoulders and the gown slid to the floor.

The next morning Ginny woke with her head on her husband’s chest and his arm was around her; his hand resting comfortably on her hip. He was still asleep and the steady rhythm of his breathing was relaxing to her. It was only on rare occasions that she woke before he did. She didn’t want to get up but she had to clean the living room and make sure she had everything packed. She moved her head cautiously to look up at his face. She didn’t want to wake him, but just look at him. Her eyebrows knit together at the site of a nasty bump on the top of his forehead. Then she remembered he told her he bumped his head cleaning the living room. She smiled thinking she didn’t have to get up so early after all. Ginny laid her head back on his chest and put her hand on his breast plate lifting a long lock of his hair and coiling the curl around her index finger. Harry’s hand covered hers and he stirred slightly. He turned onto his left side and his right arm went around her and pulled her tight up against him. She felt his hot breath on her forehead and she looked up at him. He was still asleep but his hand caressed her back slowly. She put her lips on his and they kissed. His eyes opened and he said, “Good morning beautiful.” She rolled onto her back and pulled him to move over her, but then they heard the kids running in the hallway and Lily yell at James that she beat him to the bathroom and he was mean to pull her away so he could go first.

Harry and Ginny grinned and said they’d have to get back together later and got up. After getting dressed they went out and saw Lily standing by the bathroom door dancing around demanding James to hurry up so she can get in there. Ginny told her to use theirs and she ran off scowling hard enough to go clear through the door and onto the boy causing her discomfort and laughing about it.

Ginny frowned, showing her disapproval at Harry when he leaned against the wall and knocked on the door. Albus sauntered into the hallway and leaned against the doorway of his room. He heard James laugh and say; “Sorry you have to go so bad, Lily. You should have beaten me to the door. I think I’m going to be a while longer.”

Harry looked at the sly grin on Albus’s face when he said, “This is gonna be good.”

Harry knocked on the door again and James said, “Patience, Lily, you’re just gonna have to hold it.” It was when he laughed that Harry put his hand on the door and when he unlocked it with his magic James said he was going to tell on her for using magic. Harry knew he had been standing next to the door, intentionally making his sister wait. He opened the door and James yelled for his mom saying Lily was coming in the bathroom while he was still in there. James stepped out of the room since Lily hadn’t said anything.

“Oh, good morning, Dad; I forgot you were here.” James wished as soon as he said it he hadn’t. He braced himself for what he knew would be a just, but not at all pleasant, punishment.

Harry told him to go to his room. He arched an eyebrow at Albus and the boy grinned and said, “I’ll take my turn in the bathroom now.”

Harry nodded his approval. He watched Albus walk toward the bathroom and Harry saw him as in slow motion. He was so much like him and growing up so fast. As Harry looked into Albus’s eyes he saw a well balanced boy with a happy heart. Though there was a quiet darkness in the shadows of the happiness. Harry smiled at Albus now that he was ready to step past him and go into the bathroom. He wondered what the darkness was and decided to keep a special eye on his young son. He felt the darkness as something familiar he tried to keep hidden in his own heart. He reached out and took his son by the shoulders and looked solemnly into the questioning face. He hugged Albus and said, “Are you happy son? Do you still have thoughts of leaving us to keep me safe?”

Albus offered him a small smile and stayed quiet for a few seconds and then said, “Daddy, I trust you to always tell me the truth and to always do your best to keep me safe. And I know there will always be evil people who want to get rid of you because you believe in righteousness and justice for everyone; and until they can get rid of you they can’t rule or have dominance over the world. Whether I’m around for them to use against you or not, they will always try to get rid of you. I have to know something though; why do they try to get me and not James or Lily? I mean I’m glad it’s me and not one of them but I don’t understand why.”

Harry sighed; he figured he knew that was what the darkness was. He knew it because that is what he recognized as his own darkness. He nodded his head and turned his head to James’s door that opened and James peeked out. Harry grinned and said, “What’s on your mind, son?” He glanced at Albus and tossed his head behind him telling him to go ahead and get ready, that they’d talk when he came back out. “We need to leave in ten minutes, don’t dawdle.”

He looked back to James with a twinkle in his eye. The red headed boy looked up at his father and said, “Dad, I’m sorry I was having fun at Lily’s expense. It was ugly of me, and I really am sorry.”

Harry asked him exactly what he was sorry about and James answered, “I’m sorry I was nasty to Lily and I’m sorry I’ve let you down. You taught us better than that. I was being a bully and you taught us that bullying is wrong, and I believe you are right about it. I don’t know why I did it, I guess because I thought I could get away with it. It’s just that she gets in the bathroom and takes forever and I wanted to show her how it feels to be on the other side of the door needing in badly.”

“You were doing beautifully with your explanation before you decided to justify what you did. I don’t want to hear any justification for things you do that are wrong. I want to know that you know something is wrong, why it is wrong, and how you will do better from now on. Bullying is wrong no matter what the reason, and I will not tolerate it. For your punishment you will muck out the stables with Marston until I say otherwise. And you’ll do it without magic or the help from Marston’s magic. Also, you will do it with the attitude of thankfulness that I love you enough to care what you have in your heart and soul.”

James nodded his head and said, “Thanks, Daddy.”

Harry nodded his head and patted his shoulder. James hugged him and Harry hugged him back. “You’re a good boy son, and I am thankful that you are my son. Now, go help your mum make sure she has everything. We need to leave in a couple minutes. Tell Mum Albus and I will make sure everything is done up here and then we’ll be down in a couple minutes.”

James said he’d be the best helper around and ran to the stairs. “Don’t run down the steps,” said Harry as he turned to Albus who just came out to him. His face was shining and his hair was properly combed; although it was already beginning to spring up in various places in spikes as Harry’s does when it’s short. He was carrying toothbrushes and toothpaste in one hand and James’s pajamas, and Lily’s nightgown in the other. Harry chuckled and he said a charm and various items flew out to him while Harry caught them in a bag as he walked from room to room cleaning and making all the beds with magic. He didn’t even go in Albus’s room because he knew it would be spotless. Finally; the family’s luggage came to him and he made them shrink and disappear into his pouch on his hip.

Harry guided his son into his and Ginny’s bedroom and out onto the balcony. He looked around and then with his wand he made a movement quick enough Albus couldn’t see how he did it and the words he used were non verbal. Then Harry lifted his son up to a part of the railing that was right up against a tree. The tree had two huge branches dividing right at that spot and Harry told him to go sit in the nook of the branch on the left. Albus stepped onto the tree and sat where he was instructed; amazed that it was just big enough for him to fit in. Harry waited until Albus was sitting and then he stepped onto the tree and leaned against the other branch with his arms folded across his chest and his right foot propped up on the branch Albus was sitting in.

Albus greatly admired his dad and hoped he would grow up to be just like him. Right at the moment though he was afraid his mum would be upset at his dad for taking so much time when she wanted to get home.

Harry looked down on his black haired son and said, “Do you know how the House Elves at Hogwarts clean all the common rooms and classrooms in the amount of time they have to do it in?”

Albus was surprised at the question and shook his head no. Harry smiled and said, “Their magic allows them to stop time so they can do it in however long they need, but to people it would only appear messy one minute and the next second cleaned. That is what I have done here so we can talk. I didn’t want to put off your question until there was a better time to do it. You are much more important than that. But I also want you to know that this is a onetime thing. You have to be careful doing this because it could tear the fabric of time and space which would cause horrific havoc. Do you understand?”

Albus nodded his head unable to say anything again. “Albus; have you ever heard the story of your birth?”

Albus was getting more and more surprised with everything his dad told him. He shook his head no and Harry chuckled. He said, “I think you could use a friend.” and a puppy showed up on the boy’s lap. Albus was delighted and held it to his face to see it better and the puppy licked his face. Albus giggled and the puppy settled down and curled up on Albus’s lap and slept. Albus sat watching the puppy while he gently stroked its fur. Satisfied Albus was ready to listen now he began to talk.

“When you were being born, your umbilical cord was wrapped around your neck. The umbilical cord is what attaches a baby to its mum so the baby can get all the nutrients and oxygen it needs through the cord. After the baby is born, the cord is tied and cut off and that’s why you have a belly button; that’s where the cord was attached. So, your cord was wrapped around your neck and you weren’t turned the right way. I was able to turn you the right way, head down, but I had to keep you from being born before I had to cut the cord from around your neck because it would have broke your neck or at the least strangled you to death. Your mum was worn out and unable to push anymore so I gave her the energy she needed to push you out, but you had turned blue from being strangled so long; you were dying. I breathed into your tiny mouth and rubbed you all over until you were breathing on your own and pink like you were supposed to be and soon you were as good as new. I sat in the rocking chair all night with you sleeping on my chest and my arms around you every so often giving you medicine to strengthen you and to rub an ointment around your neck. You held my pinky finger the whole time. I recited poetry and sang songs so you would here my voice letting you know your daddy loved you and would always have your back.”

Harry told him about the Quest he set out on when he was seventeen. “It was kind of like being reborn because I had to find out how to fill my heart with love and not hate. It is more complicated than I care to talk about at the moment, but none the less I was like a new baby struggling to live without anyone to protect me.” He told him the first place he went he was captured and hung to die within seconds of his arrival. “It is how I got the scar around my neck and wrists. You had a ring around your neck too. There are those who thought it was an Omen because you look just like me and both of us, totally innocent, were hung to near death. For some reason the story of your birth made its way into the populous of the wizarding world. People think that you are special; as in, meant to live to save them after I die from whatever evil was befalling them. And it didn’t help that I taught you kids’ special magic, with the Ministry’s permission, to defend yourselves when Tom Riddle and the Vernier were trying to take over the world. But Albus, you were always with me when I worked in my lab. You were with me sometimes when I went out to discover and invent new magic. So, for these reasons evil people think that if they capture you they can brainwash you into going over to the dark side, and if they haven’t had success in killing me, then you would be able to because they think you have great powers and I wouldn’t fight you because you are my son.”

Albus stared at his dad for quite some time and in a small quiet voice he said, “But you would fight me wouldn’t you? You would kill me if you had to.”

Harry looked at Albus, “I would have to do what was right; wouldn’t I? When I set a punishment for James for bullying, it was what was right because he did wrong. I love him enough to punish him for his actions when they are wrong because his heart is good. He will grow up being a good person because he knows right from wrong and he knows he has to be held accountable for wrong things he chooses to do. The same goes for you and Lily, but in the instance of brainwashing, it is different. What you were taught about right from wrong changes. What we lovingly taught you as wrong, is turned around in your head to where you think wrong is right. It would no longer be my son who was fighting me, but a stranger who is doing evil things. If you somehow overpowered me and I knew there was no other way to stop you, I would have to kill you. But, by death you would be set free and you would be my son whom I loved more than my own life. And, I know that I would die from having done what I had to do.”

Albus said, “You would kill yourself?! We don’t believe in suicide, Dad.”

“No, we don’t believe in suicide. If I had to fight you I would fight the evil that bound you, until I knew I was failing and was going to die and there was no longer any chance I was going to save you from the evil. At that point I would have to kill you, and because of the pain killing you would cause me, I would not be able to recover and I would die.”

The silence that fell over them weighed heavy on their hearts. But Albus felt better for having answers for the questions that beleaguered his young mind. Harry on the other hand felt worse for having to have this talk with Albus. He felt he was way too young, but he talked to him about it because he always felt that if Dumbledore had told him everything from the beginning that things would have ended up differently. People wouldn’t have died trying to protect him. Tears rolled down his face looking at his wonderful son. He was so terribly young to have such a conversation as this with.

“Are you okay, son?”

Albus giggled and rocked backward into the little nook he was sitting in and then looked up at Harry and said, “I’m for sure a lot better than you are, Daddy.” He saw his dad grin and then said, “Thanks for breathing air into me, and making me live. It would have been terrible to have missed out on being your son. You’re the best dad in the world.”

Harry’s eyes gleamed and he just shook his head and said in his quiet voice, “What kind of best dad in the world talks to his youngest son about killing him? And on that note I can say all day long that it would be the right thing to do to keep you from destroying your life and soul. But at the end of the day, I am just a man who loves his son and I would rather die than lift a finger against you. I can’t say I would kill you or even fight you. I most assuredly would fight for you though. I will always be here for you if you ever have need of me.” He cleared his throat and pointed to the puppy, “We better close this time rift and get to Atlantis. Your mum has an appointment she has to attend, and I don’t want to make her late. Now, remember, time for us is a blink of an eye to your mum, James, and Lily. And we need to get rid of your puppy.”

He waved his hand and the puppy was gone. Albus opened his mouth to say he wanted to keep it but then Harry chuckled and said, “It wasn’t real, Albus; just a figment of my imagination. But if you want a puppy, I’ll get you one when we get home.”

Albus laughed and said, “You’re incredible, Daddy. I hope I’m half the wizard you are when I grow up.” Harry tousled Albus’s hair and said, “You already are, son; you just don’t remember.”
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Hey guys, can you believe it is Sunday already?! Time is flying like it is the Snitch! Hope you enjoy this chapter. Please comment if you want to. Don't be shy.

Chapter 2

Trouble Is brewing

Harry said something in Latin and made a complicated wand movement and time was restored. Harry said, “Let’s have some fun; follow my lead.” He took Albus’s arm and disappeared to the yard in front of the house. He yelled into the house, “Are we going home today or what?!”

James came running out hollering, “I just got to the bottom of the stairs! How did you get out here before me?”

Albus shook his head and looked sympathetically at his brother and said, “People who don’t have a load of guilt to carry around with them can move faster. We just beat you ‘cause we’re guilt free.”

Harry chuckled at the surprised look on James’s face and said, “He’s right you know? Haven’t you spoken to your sister yet?”

James burst out laughing, “Okay, okay, lesson learned. And no I haven’t talked to her yet because like I said, I just got downstairs.” He looked around at Ginny and Lily coming out of the house and put an arm around Lily saying, “Lily, I want to tell you that I’m really sorry I pushed you away and ran in the bathroom before you and then I stayed in there laughing at you because I knew you needed to get in there. It was a really ugly thing to do. I am ashamed of myself, and need for you to please forgive me.”

Lily opened her mouth in total surprise and then closed it and knit her eyebrows together like a true Weasley is known for and said, “I do forgive you, but why would you do that?”

James said, “I was being a bully, and there is no reason for that. Bullying is wrong in every way shape and form. I won’t do it again.”

Lily kicked at a tuft of grass in thought and said, “James, I have been intimidating in the same way. I find it terrifying and I won’t be that way again.”

Ginny looked at Harry in amazement and Harry shrugged his shoulders. “Let’s get to Atlantis for some breakfast. We’re on a tight schedule and can’t spend much time saying good bye; but we do need to eat before I take us home.”

Harry and his family appeared in the Control Tower of Atlantis and Harry asked them to wait right there so he could make sure it was okay if they went to the Mess Hall. Harry took the stairs three at a time and went to Mr. Woolsey’s office and entered after he knocked on the door.

Mr. Woolsey looked up from his desk and smiled. Getting up and walking to Harry he stretched out his hand to shake his hand. Harry accepted it with a smile and said, “Mr. Woolsey, thank you for putting up with me and my family while I was incapacitated. Is there anything I can do for you before we leave?”

Mr. Woolsey showed relief and said, “Honestly, Harry, I didn’t think you were too happy with me when you left. And to answer your question, no, there isn’t anything we need from you. You have done more than enough saving John and dismantling the IOA’s corruption. They have been waiting for you to heal so they can have a meeting on the entire ring of corruption and who you want to replace them.”

“Mr. Woolsey, I need to take my family down to eat so we can leave as soon as possible. Would you care to join us and we can talk then.”

Mr. Woolsey smiled; delighted with the invitation and accepted graciously. Harry touched his elbow and they were standing with Harry’s family. Then Harry held out his hands and everyone grabbed one of Harry’s fingers and then they were in the Mess Hall. They went to the food counters and chose their breakfast and sat down. Harry asked the man if he had met his wife and children and Mr. Woolsey smiled politely and said he did and that Harry has a wonderful family. Harry and Mr. Woolsey talked about the IOA and Harry ended up saying that he could meet with the board anytime, to just let him know at least a day ahead of time so he can schedule around his duty as Auror.

A few minutes later John came in yawning and then Teyla, Ronan, and Rodney came in. They all greeted Harry and his family happily and were so happy to see Harry looking so much better. Lily, who was sitting against Harry scooted over and smiled at John hoping he would sit with her. John didn’t see her at first because he had stooped over to kiss Ginny on the cheek and said, “Good morning, sis.” He then started to shove in between Harry and Ginny being silly, but Teyla arched her eyebrows and moved her eyes to Lily so John would see he was being invited to sit with her.

He set his tray on the table and asked Lily if he could sit there. She of course approved and John shoved Harry on the shoulder playfully. “Move over, Dad, you’re hogging all the room.”

Harry didn’t move but the table and bench extended enough for John to sit down comfortably. The two men locked their eyes both thinking of what the other had done for them to live. The friendship between these two men was unlike others, because of the blood that each willingly shed for the other bonded them for life. Words didn’t need to be spoken, but the gleam in their eyes and the constricted throats was a silent language only they understood. A few seconds was all they needed to convey their thanks and then they attacked their breakfast with gusto.

Rodney asked if Albus could stay a while longer so he could ask him a couple questions about the idea he had for a project he wanted to work on. He looked upset when Ginny said Albus needed to be home. Harry grinned at John and nodded his head at Rodney and then as if wanting to have a serious conversation said, “I’m sure I can bring him by sometime during his holiday from school to help you, Rodney. It’s just that he needs to be a kid and do kid things for a while instead of solving complex math equations for you.”

Rodney turned red in the face and began to object strenuously to the attack on his intelligence. John spoke up to join in but Rodney pointed his fork of tater tots at him and warned him to keep his mouth shut and then shoved the food in his mouth. Teyla spoke up with a grin and said, “Play nice now, boys.”

Harry and John both at the same time hung their heads shamefully and said, “Yes, ma’am.” They rolled their eyes to look at each other and grinned while their heads were still bowed and then in unison they said, “I’m sorry, Rodney. Please forgive me.”

Rodney shook his head and said, “Aw, aren’t the two of you so cute! You’re like-” He stopped and laughed at them. They were both looking innocent and curious at how they could be accused of being cute. “You really are cute! The two of you are exactly the same!”

Harry and John looked at each other with scrutiny and took turns replying their disagreement. John said, “Harry has white hair and I have black hair.”

“My hair is long, and… well; John’s is short and spiky.”

“Harry’s hair is girly curly, and mine is manly straight.”

“I’m an Englishman and John is an American.”

“I’m good looking, and Harry is ugly.”

John grinned at the smile trying to find its way onto Harry’s face. John could see a horrible and deep pain in Harry, something new from the normal mental pain he lived with from years of fighting and physical pain he always deals with. This new pain was from grief and making him smile was the least he could do. He would do anything for Harry; anything in the universe. John thought about that day; a month gone by and although both doctors had worked furiously, and wouldn’t give up, to save him he was dying. Harry took him out of his wheel chair and literally stepped into his body. Never had he felt so exhilarated; being able to experience standing again. But he was inside Harry’s body. He felt everything about Harry; the power, the energy, and the capacity of love and compassion. He felt Harry’s physical pain and mental anguish. It was unbearable and John tried to get away. He felt and was fearful of a space Harry had separated from the rest of him. It was the hate of injustice and evil. This space had such an incredible amount of energy and power that John tried to get away from it. He felt lost and out of control, but at the same time he felt his pain leaving him and a renewed vitality slowly lifting him. Still, he kept watching the space where that hate, power and energy was being kept and his fear made him tremble. He remembered yelling for Harry to let him out, that he was afraid. And then a wonderful comfort washed through him because Harry had told him he was okay and that he had his back and nothing could hurt him. He heard him softly tell him to stop struggling and relax so he could finish and get in the water. John felt all the pain leave him, and enter into Harry. He felt his crippled body return back to health and uninhibited movement. He felt all this as he was separating from Harry; and then the coming death was only in Harry’s body. And then Harry stepped back out of his body; he was standing; Harry however was everything he had been and was trying to get into the ocean to heal himself with Poseidon’s gift. John brought his thoughts back to the present and waited to see if Harry was going to try to one up him with an insult.

Harry calmly said, “I am a wizard and John is not.”

Everyone laughed because they knew John couldn’t come up with anything else. Harry got up and the rest of his family stood also. He looked at Rodney and said, “We need to be leaving, but I’ll get Albus here for you sometime, or you can come to our place, you’re perfectly welcome anytime. Albus enjoys learning from you.” Just then Harry’s eyes lit up and an easy smile appeared on his face.

“Well if it isn’t my two favorite doctors. I’m glad you showed up for breakfast; saved us a trip to the infirmary to say good-bye.”

Carson and Jennifer greeted him and the rest of the breakfast party and said they were glad they caught them before they left. “We want to make sure Harry is healing properly. No examination or anything, just a little hands and eyes on will do sufficiently.” They stepped away from the table and Carson put two of his fingers on the back of Harry’s shoulder and said, “You’re still trembling but not too much. One can’t expect to be electrocuted one day and be perfectly fine the next day.” Jennifer lifted Harry’s hair off his neck and Carson took off the bandage after he peeked at it and saw it looked well off enough that he didn’t need to keep it bandaged. “And that is doing excellent; very good, I’m pleased to see you doing so well. I would like to have been able to see that you were well rested, but I guess that’s too much to be expected. Promise me that you will take it easy for the next two weeks. I know you are healed, but you’ve had some very nasty concussions and your head is very susceptible to relapse if you’re not careful. It could be fatal, depending on how hard you get hit or jarred.”

Harry tried to smile as he spoke, “I don’t make promises or even plans, Doc. It’s too hard on me when they fall through, every time. I will do my best though to take it easy until I feel 100%.”

All at once Harry’s attention was averted to the doorway of the room. He looked terribly concerned and said, “Winky?”

Everyone followed as Harry rushed to his little House Elf asking what was wrong. Winky; who had been peeking around the doorway to find Harry, apologized for being there when Harry reached out to her to calm her worried little self.

“Master Harry, Winky is not knowing what to do. Mr. Daily Prophet man is calling every 15 minutes to talk to Miss Ginny and is not leaving a message. Winky is assuring him she is out of the country but will be at the Daily Prophet at 11:00 today as scheduled, but now he is telling Winky the time has changed and if Miss Ginny is not having her… appealing body part… there by 8:00 she will no longer have a job.”

Ginny gasped and said, “Winky; that’s in ten minutes! Why didn’t you let me know sooner? Wait, what did he say about my appealing body part?”

Winky blushed and motioned Ginny close so she could whisper. Ginny’s face turned red after Winky told her and then she said to Harry, “I need to get there right now. Not to keep my job but to tell him-” she stopped and glanced at her kids and finished with a more acceptable tone and choice of words, “that I’m not a slab of choice meet in the butcher’s showcase for him to droll over.”

Harry grinned wishing he could be there to watch his wife hand the man’s head to him on a plate. But he would let her take care of that without him; he knew she would prefer that. John started to run off to get his gear so he could take them home but Harry told him he would get them home. They said their good-buys and left rather abruptly.

Upon their arrival home the kids all took off in different directions each shouting what they were going to be doing. Ginny kissed Harry and said, “I’m going to the Prophet this very second and give Barney a piece of my mind!”

Harry grinned and told her not to do anything that would cause him to have to arrest her. She smiled wickedly and said, “I might have to let you put me under house arrest.”

“Get gone with you now then, and I’ll see to your holding cell for when you get home. Just know to expect preferential treatment because I’m solely in love with you.” Harry smiled and they kissed again and she Disapporated away. He looked around the house and felt alone; but not really. The kids were there and about their play and Ginny was at work. This is what normal must be like; he would have to adjust. He and Ginny would have to talk when she got home about if she had to work at the office or if she could work from home. If she worked away then they would need to find someone to come in to watch the kids. Harry decided not to think about it until Ginny got home so he didn’t get depressed. Something came to mind so he went in his office and began making phone calls, and then worked on his computer. Once in a while he’d get up and search around to see what the kids were doing.

Lily came out of her room looking down at a note from her owl she just got. She walked right into Harry and looked up at his smiling face. “What’s up Darling Angel?” He squatted onto his toes and steadied her balance from jumping back.

“Daddy, I’m not used to you being here, you scared me! Grandma and Grandpa want us kids to come down if we are allowed. I was just going to ask Mum, but I forgot she isn’t here.”

Harry’s smile didn’t falter even though it stung a bit hearing she wasn’t used to him being there and that he scared her. He knew she was just startled that he was right there as she came out of her room. “Well, maybe we should get you used to me being here. I was coming to see if you kids would like to go horseback riding. You can ride with me partner, and I’m quite sure we can coax the boys into a race. We of course should start making plans for a victory celebration. What do you think?”

Lily’s eyes danced and she giggled but declined the invitation and became serious. “Daddy, I think I’m too old to ride with you anymore. We can do something else together another time. Grandma really wants us to go down to the Burrow. Don’t you think it would be more prudent for a young lady to facilitate happiness for her Grandparents?”

This was one time Harry couldn’t pretend he wasn’t shocked and disappointed at his daughter’s response. He knew she was growing up but he wasn’t ready for it to hit him all the sudden. And he didn’t think it would be as cruel as it sounded. Was it his imagination, or was Lily giving him the cold shoulder? No, surely not; she’s just all into being older and more mature. Probably all little girls go through this stage. His eyes were kind; his smile was a bit sad but understanding and he took her hand in his and rubbed her small fingers with his thumb and then nodded his head saying, “Yes, I guess you’re right. When did you do so much growing all the sudden?”

It wasn’t a real question he meant for her to answer, but kind of just a statement to make her feel good for being so mature, and thoughtful to her Grandparents. But she answered further shocking Harry so much he fell off his toes he was squatting on and fell hard to the floor and ended up sitting against the wall of the hall. “I’ve been growing all along, Daddy. You just missed it because you’re always saving the world or being nearly dead and sleeping until you get better or something. If you had come to Atlantis like you said you would then you would have seen me grow a lot during the whole month we were there without you. So, can we go to the Burrow?”

Harry stared at his darling angel and then nodded his head. “Sure, I guess that’ll be okay. Let’s see if your brothers want to go.” He stood up and reached for her hand out of habit but stuck it in his pocket when she turned to James’s room to see if he wanted to go. He said he’d go, but he didn’t want to stay long. Harry said that was fine because he would need to muck out the stable when he got back. James all the sudden decided he should not be in a hurry to come back. Harry grinned and said, “Okay then, but you’ll do it in the morning.” Harry went to Albus’s room and asked if he’d like to go to the Burrow, or go with him to the Malfoy’s house. “I need to talk to Mr. Malfoy and you can visit with Scorpius for a little bit. Or you can go with Lily and James to the Burrow if you’d rather.”

Albus nodded his head and put down the book he was reading, ‘Quantum Theory’ and said he’d like to see Scorpius. “And I’ll be careful not to mention where I’ve been for the last month.”

Harry nodded his head and was just about to reach for the kids’ hands when his cell phone rang. Lily rolled her eyes and James sighed like, “Here we go again.” It was heartbreaking to him and he quietly answered his phone. He said okay and then put it in his pocket. “Mum won’t be home until late, come on I’ll take you to see your Grandparents.”

Arthur and Molly were happy to see him and the kids and were actually disappointed that he and Albus were leaving right away. “It shouldn’t take long and then I’ll bring him back. When do you want me to gather them to take home?”

“Oh, well we were hoping to keep them overnight; would that be alright? We’ve missed them so very much this past month.”

“Oh… certainly, I’m sorry it took so long getting back.”

“Daddy was on his death bed or something again. You know how it is with him. Mum said it’s always one thing or another going on with him and she’s so tired of it. She told Teyla so. It makes me angry when she gets upset like that because it makes her cry and she hates to cry. She cries because daddy is hurt or dying and she is afraid for him. Then she gets angry for crying. It’s a mess any way you look at it.”

Molly was shocked to hear Lily talking about her dad the way she was especially with him standing right there beside her. James and Albus stood with their mouths hanging open. Then James said, “Lily, all that is true, but you shouldn’t talk about it right in front of dad. He’s the best dad in the universe and Mum couldn’t have gotten a better husband. So, don’t be so hurtful when he is right here. None of this is his fault. And plus, you misunderstood what Mum was saying. She just needed comforting because dad can’t let anyone else fight a battle for once. Albus can tell you the same thing; you’re just too little to understand.”

Albus huffed in anger and said, “I cannot tell her the same thing because I don’t know what mum said. I leave the room when Mum needs to talk to another adult. She didn’t know you guys were there because we were taught not to eves drop on conversations we weren’t invited in on. And if you need to blame someone, blame me. Dad nearly died saving me and…”

Before anyone else could say anything Harry regained control of the conversation and quietly said, “Nobody is to blame for the corrupt and evil people in this world. The thing is, we have to stand against what we know is wrong and protect what is near and dear to our hearts. If we don’t then we have only ourselves to blame for when the evil and corruption touches us. I don’t ask anything of you kids except that you do what is right and good for yourself so that you can do the same for others so all can live in a better world. When it’s time for you to leave this world, you leave it better than when you arrived. That doesn’t mean you have to fight in battle, but you use what you have within you whether it is fighting, teaching, entertaining, inventing new things, or whatever. The point is that you use your talents for the good of humanity. And lastly; give a person the decency to be able to lift a burden they’ve had to carry by talking to someone they trust to understand them even though they might not say what they truly feel. That’s one reason why you don’t eves drop on people. You don’t understand what you hear because you hear the content but not the context.”

Harry looked hard at his three children and they nodded their heads to show they understood. He looked at Molly and said, “I have something that needs to be done. You can reach me on my cell phone if you need me. Ginny had to go into the Ministry today, and she phoned just before we got here saying she won’t be home until late tonight. Oh, could you do something for me? Has Bill’s dog had her pups yet? I’ve lost track of when they were expected to be born. I told Albus I’d get him a puppy. If Bill has any he can let me buy tell him I’d love to get it for Albus. I can’t do it right now because I wanted to take Albus with me for a little bit so he can visit with his friend from Hogwarts, but I’ll bring him back here afterwards. Of course unless he doesn’t want to go, which; is fine if he doesn’t.” He looked at Albus and asked if he wanted to see Scorpius for a while. Albus nodded his head and told his grandma he’d be back later. She smiled and nodded her head with a heavy heart. She admired her son-in-law for not making the issue about him and not defending himself to his kids which would be the natural thing to do when something unjust has been said or done.

“Behave for Grandma and Grandpa while I’m gone,” He gave James and Lily a kiss; with one in each hand he hugged their heads to him and said, “Even if I’m not around to tell you; always know I love you,” and before anyone could say a word he touched Albus and they both silently disappeared.
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