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Old 04-05-2021, 10:56 PM
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Default The Melos in London

The Melos in London.

A thread for exploring the interpersonal relationships of the Melo family.

Scene 1: After the war
Gabriel Melo’s London flat. There are three main rooms: a bedroom, a bathroom, and an open living space containing the kitchen area, a dining table, and a sitting area with a sofa and bookshelf. There are a handful of books and several tropical-looking plants on the bookshelf. There are several empty packages from Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes and a couple of half-unpacked suitcases scattered throughout the main room.
It is about a week after the war. Gabriel’s mother (Juniper) and twin (Rafael) showed up unexpectedly at his flat a day after the battle, to make sure he was not hurt. Gabriel was not hurt, and has invited his friend Missa to help prove that to his mother, and also is hoping she can be a second opinion about his Auror plan not being as dangerous as he knows Juniper thinks it is.

This is a CLOSED RP. Additional characters may be invited at the discretion of Waddles.

  • Juniper Goodwin-Melo (Waddles)
  • Gabriel Melo (Waddles)
  • Rafael Melo (FearlessLeader19)
  • Missa Renaldi (Samia)
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Gabriel Melo
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Juniper Goodwin-Melo had been absolutely shocked when she showed up to her son's flat with her other son and no warning, and had found it a mess and plant-less. She had thought any child of hers would have the common sense to have at least one houseplant. It made the air cleaner, after all. And given his mess, cleaner air would have been a blessing.

And, given the mess, she had opted not to impose. That is, she had found a nice Muggle rental to stay at while she made sure her youngest son, her baby, was recuperating from that mess of a battle he had thrown himself into without permission.

Though, to be fair, he hadn't asked permission to move to London, either. He should be glad she was visiting!

Today, she was fussing over the plants she had helped him accumulate over the past week. One plant a day, and she was worried they wouldn't do well here. "Gabriel, dear, you should have found a place with more natural light," she said, tsssking as she checked the dirt and rotated a plant or two that was already reaching toward the window.

Gabriel was sitting on his couch, not pouting but close. It had been bad enough when Isabella visited and refused to leave, and if it had been just Rafa here now, that would have been fine with him. But Isabella had the common sense to leave the flat, and leave him alone. Sure, she'd taken over the living area, but she'd also not tried to tell him what to do.

And not only was his mother not allowing him to do whatever he wanted, she wasn't letting him do anything.

So Gabriel sat on the couch, trying to ignore her and focus on his twin until Missa showed up.

"Rafael, how has uni been going?" he asked in Portuguese, sticking with small tall.

This was really, definitely proof that absolutely nothing was wrong with him, if he could small talk. This was basically just a regular unannounced, uninvited Melo visit where they could catch up. He wasn't in denial or anything. But also, he hadn't seen his brother in over a year until they showed up at his door, so, he'd take what he could get in terms of the gossip on their mutual friends.
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Hazen Krum
*sappysapper* MAJNOO, YO!

Missa was not the type to be late, but today she was sure she would be. University, and ministry and the YATI life were all becoming one and these days it was hard to keep up with everything. Her busted knee was not helping matters either. Limping everywhere was not something she fancied and it often left her in a sour mood, and her mood was what she was struggling with as she picked up some flowers and made her way to Gabriel's apartment.

Sure, she had agreed to visit while his mom was visiting - but stars had aligned to royally fudge up her day and now she was not looking forward to this meeting at all.

Sighing, and working on a few deep breaths to calm herself - she knocked on his door.

......................let's be reckless, unaffected, running out until we're breathless
...............let's be hopeful, don't get broken, and stay caught up in the moment

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~ Mrs Steve Harrington ~ Friendly Neighbourhood Hufflepuff ~

Did Rafael Melo think that his identical twin’s job was dangerous? Of course he did! But was he opposed to the job as his mother was? Not in the least. Rafa was all too confident that Gabe was capable of taking care of himself. Still, he needed to check that his brother hadn’t banged up his pretty face too badly. Rafa lowkey cared that his brother hadn’t banged up his mental faculties as well but since he was the cool twin, Rafa was not going to show how much he cared or had been worried.

Rafa was leaning casually against a wall watching their mother fuss about some stupid plants. He definitely had NOT inherited the love-for-plant gene. The young fella rolled his eyes at his brother, hoping Juniper wouldn’t turn around at the same time and catch him in the act.

“Not bad at all,’’ Rafa replied back, glad for a change in topic. “Been hitting the books as usual.’’ Studious. Rafa was studious, making up for that aspect that Gabe lacked. “Met anyone interesting?’’ he continued, lifting an eyebrow pointedly. He had deliberately shifted from University talk to something else: he didn’t want to bring discomfort to Gabe.

And as if on cue, there was a knock on the door that had Rafa lifting that eyebrow again. Was it Isabelle? Was it a friend of Gabe’s?
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Pygmy Puff
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Margaret (Mamie) Turov
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Peggy Laplace
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Ministry RPG Name:
Gabriel Melo
Law Enforcement
Constant Vigilance! O_O AWAKE!

Hitting the books. That sounded majorly dull to Gabriel, but was proof that it was he and not Rafa who was in fact the cool twin. How could someone who studied that much be cool? Unlike Gabriel, who was hip with the times. He definitely wouldn't be sitting alone in his flat if his mother and brother weren't here. Well, he would, but only because he was exhausted and his best friend spent too much time with her boyfriend he wasn't jealous at all or anything. "Aren't you supposed to graduate soon?" Gabriel deflected. He might have been practicing his interrogation skills a little. It was hard to turn off the YATI stuff, especially since most of the people he knew here in London were in law enforcement. The shop talk during fun times generally couldn't be avoided.

He ignored the question about whether he'd met anyone. He had friends, all right, Rafael?

Well, at least one.

He jumped up and over the back of the couch at the knock on the door, racing to beat his mother. He pulled it open and beckoned Missa inside with a relieved grin. "Missa, hi!" he said, mildly out of breath from his parkour. "This...this is my brother, Rafael, and my mother," he said, gesturing to each of them. "Ma, Rafa, this is my friend, Missa, from work."

Juniper did not mind being ignored by her children. She'd had years of it at this point. Still, a little thank you, mum or gee, Ma, those plants look nice would have been appreciated, but a mother's work was often thankless. She was content, therefore, to keep busy puttering with the new plants and eavesdropping on her sons' conversations. Her Portuguese was nearly as good as theirs, after all.

She was surprised by the knock on the door, however. Isabella and Paul had both stayed in their respective countries, Isabella until she graduated and Paul until, well, forever, probably. So who could possibly be here?

A girl?

She was confused. Was Gabriel confused? He had never introduced a girl to them before. She stepped toward the door, smiling after just the moment of shock. "Hello, welcome to--oh, well you've probably been here before, haven't you." Hadn't she? Had this girl been here before? If Gabriel chose to introduce her to a "friend from work", did that mean he only had friends from work? Did he spend all his time working? That couldn't be healthy, with an intense and dangerous job like his. This mother had so many questions. But, she was trying to play it cool and spread them out so it wouldn't feel like an interrogation. It would definitely be an interrogation.
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