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FearlessLeader19 08-22-2021 10:23 PM

Strawberry Fields Forever

Ryder Jude Anders and Evan Nam were slowly building a solid friendship. Though they had been acquainted with each other at Hogwarts for Jude’s first and second years, it was only during the summer of 2105 that they bonded for a bit. With Jude entering his third year and Evan, entering his fourth, only time will tell what adventures await the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.


Davet Julien Durand - Chelliephone
Evan Nam - Chelliephone
Reagan Aurora Anders - FearlessLeader19
Ryder Jude Anders - FearlessLeader19

SPOILER!!: Click for Reagan's bio!

PP by Me
Model: Sydney Sierota {current}; Rachelle Lefevre{older}
Post Colour: International Orange {BA160C}
Name: Reagan Aurora Anders
Prefers: Reagan
Nickname: Rea
Pronouns: Her/She
Blood Status: Half Blood
Date of Birth: April 16, 2091
Zodiac: Aries
Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Place of Residency: Wales, Great Britain
Place of Birth: Wales, Great Britain
Height: 5’ 3’’
Weight: 110 lbs {50.8 kg}
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Complexion: Fair
Build: Average

- Intended Careers: Actress, professional dancer

- Primary Wizarding School {Edinburgh, Scotland - Class of 2102}

- Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry {Class of 2109; Gryffindor House}

Hatstall: N/A
Extra-Curriculars: Wizard Cards Collectors’ Club, Drama Club
Strongest Subject: History of Magic
Weakest Subject: Ancient Runes

OWL Results:
Ancient Runes: T
Arithmancy: A
Astronomy: A
Divination: A
Herbology: O
History of Magic: O
Muggle Studies: O
Potions: E
Transfiguration: E

NEWT Results:
Ancient Runes: TBA
Arithmancy: TBA
Astronomy: TBA
Divination: TBA
Herbology: TBA
History of Magic: TBA
Muggle Studies: TBA
Potions: TBA
Transfiguration: TBA
Will Attend:
-Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts {from 2110}
SPOILER!!: Walnut wood with a Dragon heartstring core 11 ½" and a Rigid flexibility

Boggart: Being abandoned by her family
Amortentia: Nail polish, {more TBA}
Patronus: currently unable to cast one {Will be a Tonkinese Cat in the future}
Fave Colours:
Laterality: Right handed
Likes: Crispy bacon; spending time with her immediate and extended family; painting Koen’s nails; watching movies with Keighley; dancing with Jude; acting
Dislikes: Evan Nam, household chores
Languages: British English; Welsh
Weaknesses: “I have none.”
Other: can be loud and over dramatic at times; often practices her lines out loud which makes it seem as though she’s talking to herself; is very protective of her siblings - especially Jude whom she worries will be taken advantage of because of his kind and gentle nature;
Wants to: be a successful actress
Mother: Addison Anders {former Gryffindor, Unspeakable in the Ministry}
Father: Connor Anders {former Slytherin, Unspeakable in the Ministry}
Sister: Keighley {b. 2093 - Hufflepuff}
Brothers: Koen {b. 2080; former Slytherin; currently the Drummer for The Kings & Serpents}; Jude {b. 2092; Hufflepuff}
Aunt: Katalin Donovan née Montcenaggio {former Ravenclaw, Magical Creatures Department at the Ministry}
Uncle: Evan Mikal Donovan {former Slytherin, Owned a outdoor supply shop, worked in the Ministry DMT, Shopkeeper in the Magical Menagerie, currently owns his own outdoor supply shop, mostly camping/hiking/boating/etc}
Cousins: William Starr {Magical Creatures Department at the Ministry}; Aiden Starr {Owns a muggle sweets shop}; JJ Starr {Auror}; Twins: Lukas {Ravenclaw}, Luna {Ravenclaw}; Triplets: Elias, Lily and Dahlia {Ravenclaw}; Amelia {Auror}; Hady Paton {former Slytherin, Magizoologist Vet}; Franklin Paton {former Gryffindor, Auror}; Daniel; Ophelia; Logan Paton; Oscar; Nova Paton; Melody Paton; Bryony Paton
Pet: None.
  • 2091 - Reagan is born
  • 2092 {1 year} -
  • 2092 {2 years} - Enrolled at the Primary Wizarding School {Edinburgh, Scotland} for Infant Class.
  • 2094 {3 years} - Enrolled at the Primary Wizarding School {Edinburgh, Scotland} for Infant Class; Graduated; Enrolled at the Primary Wizarding School {Edinburgh, Scotland} for Nursery Class.
  • 2095 {4 years} - Enrolled at the Primary Wizarding School {Edinburgh, Scotland} for Nursery Class; Graduated; Enrolled at the Primary Wizarding School {Edinburgh, Scotland} for Year R Class.
  • 2096 {5 years} - Enrolled at the Primary Wizarding School {Edinburgh, Scotland} for Year R Class; Graduated; Enrolled at the Primary Wizarding School {Edinburgh, Scotland} for Year 1 Class.
  • 2097 {6 years} - Enrolled at the Primary Wizarding School {Edinburgh, Scotland} for Year 1 Class; Graduated; Enrolled at the Primary Wizarding School {Edinburgh, Scotland} for Year 2 Class.
  • 2098 {7 years} - Enrolled at the Primary Wizarding School {Edinburgh, Scotland} for Year 2 Class; Graduated; Enrolled at the Primary Wizarding School {Edinburgh, Scotland} for Year 3 Class
  • 2099 {8 years} - Enrolled at the Primary Wizarding School {Edinburgh, Scotland} for Year 3 Class; Graduated; Enrolled at the Primary Wizarding School {Edinburgh, Scotland} for Year 4 Class.
  • 2100 {9 years} - Enrolled at the Primary Wizarding School {Edinburgh, Scotland} for Year 4 Class; Graduated; Enrolled at the Primary Wizarding School {Edinburgh, Scotland} for Year 5 Class.
  • 2101 {10 years} - Enrolled at the Primary Wizarding School {Edinburgh, Scotland} for Year 5 Class; Graduated; Enrolled at the Primary Wizarding School {Edinburgh, Scotland} for Year 6 Class.
  • 2102 {11 years} - Enrolled at the Primary Wizarding School {Edinburgh, Scotland} for Year 6 Class; Graduated; Started out at Hogwarts - Sorted into Gryffindor.
  • 2103 {12 years} - Stood against the Neo-Alliance.
  • 2104 {13 years} - Acted in the Peter Pan play.
  • 2105 {14 years} - Enrolled for dance classes during the summer.
  • 2106 (15 years) - Helped Hogwarts be rid of those pesky vines.
  • 2107 (16 years) - Studied a lot, snapped at siblings and many friends due to OWLs pressure.
  • Dancing With the Stars

Chelliephone 08-23-2021 08:37 PM

Scene One
September 1st, 2105 - Train Ride to Hogwarts
Beginning of Evan's Fourth Year, Jude's Third.

Had summer gone too quickly? Or too slowly? Now that he wasn't dreading returning to school as much as he'd been the year previous, Evan found he was almost looking forward to the new term. Something that felt so foreign, despite the fact for his first and second terms he'd been very excited at the start of them. But he was still going to miss Noah and his cousins. He often wished he was older so they'd been at school at the same time, but... it was probably better he was with his sister's instead.

Heading onto the train after he said his goodbye's, he bid his sisters a 'see you later' while they went off in search of their own friends and he found himself an empty compartment towards the back. They were heading TO school, which meant he always migrated to the back for the sake of the First Years.

He left the door to his compartment open, not opposed to company or silence, and pulled out a fiction book he'd been making his way through all summer. It wasn't his preferred genre, but sometimes switching it up was necessary.

FearlessLeader19 08-25-2021 02:55 PM

With Reagan and Keighley already off with their friends, Jude set off to find himself a compartment. Or a compartment with any of his friends or cousins, whichever came first. He made his way down the corridor, peeking at the faces that had already made themselves at home. There were some familiar faces and Jude waved to them as he passed by. He continued to head for the back of the train and actually almost passed Evan. Jude quickly did a double take and saw that the fourth year was engrossed in a book.

The Hufflepuff hesitated. Despite the fact that the door was open, the last thing he wanted to be was a nuisance. His eyes shifted around, looking for the excuse in the form of little Pads so that he could enter the compartment. Unfortunately for him, there was no sign of the kitten. Jude’s gaze shifted back to Evan, his heart beginning to race at the same time. A second later, he had made his decision. The boy lifted a knuckle to knock on the door. “H-hi, Evan. Mind i-if I join you?”

Great. Did he have to stutter? And why did it only have to be in front of Evan?


Chelliephone 08-26-2021 02:27 AM

While he always THOUGHT switching it up was a necessity, Evan also usually found himself struggling to get through fiction. He much preferred books based on facts. If he was able to force himself through a fiction book, it usually had to be historical so there was at least some information present in the book that was real scenarios. This one, however, was a fantasy. And he found himself not enjoying it at all.

So when he heard a voice at the door, it was a welcome distraction. Even more so when he noticed it was a familiar face. Closing his book, he nodded his head, before sliding it into his messenger bag on the seat beside him. "Hey Jude! Please do. How was the rest of your summer?"

The stutter and the fact it seemed only present when talking to him was something Evan was beginning to pick up on, but he just assumed it was because he was 'intimidating' as he'd heard often by others. He was trying to change that image though, and he just assumed the more he and Jude interacted, the more comfortable the Hufflepuff might become.

At least, he hoped he'd be more comfortable. He was finding he quite enjoyed Jude's company.

FearlessLeader19 08-28-2021 02:27 PM

A closed book meant that Evan didn’t mind his presence, right? At least Jude thought so. Evan didn’t seem to have snapped the book shut irritably. Gah. Why was he overthinking this? However, the nod, the book disappearing and the greeting put his mind to rest. His face instead lit up with a smile as he made his way into the compartment where he chose to sit in the seat opposite to Evan.

Despite hating the fact that he stuttered around the Ravenclaw, Jude knew that he couldn’t sit there silently for the entire journey. That would just be too weird, even for him. Though… he would be quite content to pretend to be staring out of the window while sneaking covert looks at the other boy.

“It was q-quite peaceful. My sister a-and I went to a few con-concerts my older brother’s band had. Dad sort of took us camping? It was in our ba-backyard but it was still fun. M-om taught me how to m-ake Shepherd's pie.” The latter had been his idea and Addison Anders had happily obliged. “And m-my sisters? Well…” Jude held up his left hand, even though he was feeling extremely nervous about Evan’s reaction. “Reagan and Keighley tr-tried out a new shade of nail polish on me.” It was a midnight blue colour, which he actually liked. “Reagan l-loves nail polish but th-this brand doesn’t seem to want to come o-off.” Now that he was on the train, the third year was worried about other students judging him.

Jude lowered his hand. “Did you en-enjoy the rest of the summer? Wh-where’s Pads, b-by the way?” He felt quite attached to the furbaby, even though Padme was not his.

Chelliephone 08-29-2021 08:09 PM

Evan was not the best of conversationalists, well... didn't used to be anyways though he suddenly found himself getting better. But either way, he didn't find sitting in silence awkward so he wouldn't have particularly minded. But it was nice to be able to have conversations as well. He also briefly looked out the window, watching the countryside fly by.

"Oh? Concerts? What kind of music?" He briefly wondered if Jude's brother would know Chase too then. Though he assumed the music world was large enough for overlaps such as that to be rather uncommon, especially if Jude's brother might already have more traction and fanbase which.. who knew. "Camping is always nice. My family and I go every year. Even the backyard can just be a really nice change of scenery. What'd you guys do?" He was surprised how similar there summers sounded in ways, though he supposed maybe that was true of everyone. He didn't know how to make Shepherd's pie, but he'd spent a great couple of weeks cooking with his Halmeoni in Korea. The highlight of his summer, outside of Padme. He looked at the boy's hand when he held it up, noting the color. "Showing your inner Ravenclaw?" He smiled a bit, "It's a good color. And clearly good brand too if you couldn't get it off. Though I don't think you really need to either if you like it. It looks good." Nails were just nails, why not paint them.

At the question, Evan considered before answering before finally giving a nod of his head. "It was pretty good. My time in Korea was really nice. And I got to see an old friend." To pretty much just say I'm sorry and good bye to said friend, but at least it was no longer hanging over him. Probably why he was feeling lighter and more willing to make friends. He smiled at the mention of the kitten, gesturing to the space between himself and the wall of the compartment where his jacket was balled up. He lifted just an edge so Jude could see the kitten, who lazily opened one eye and gave a soft mewl at them - what Evan was assuming was request to turn back off the lights which he did. "We played hard this morning to get her energy out before the long train ride. I didn't want her to go looking for trouble."

FearlessLeader19 09-02-2021 02:06 PM

Jude would be very sorry if Evan ever found all his chattering annoying. Oh yes, the Hufflepuff could be quiet when he wanted to be but talking to Evan was even better. And Jude rarely talked about his summers in so many details with anyone. Still, if Evan wanted him to shut up, all he needed to do was say the words.

“Rock,’’ the third year said brightly. “I think Reagan enjoyed herself most of all though. I never met anyone who could headbang that much.” His fourth year Gryffindor sister was quite something. Which reminded him… “Keighley’s starting Hogwarts this year. So far, the Anders’ kids have been Sorted into Slytherin - that was Koen - Reagan’s a Gryffindor, I’m a Hufflepuff. I’m kind of hoping that Keighley’s going to be Sorted in Ravenclaw.’' Just because it would be cool. “Did you guys go camping this year?” Jude was curious and wanted to know it all about the Nam family. “Well, there were s’mores. Lots of them. Ghost stories told by dad, which were sort of not scary.’’ He at that moment, thought about his mother suggesting he invite Evan over for the summer had just passed. He really hoped that he could work up the courage to ask Evan to visit for the next one. Jude chuckled, and that chuckle soon turned into his soft laugh. “I hadn’t thought of it that way but I suppose I am.” It came as a relief to him that Evan seemed unfazed by the polish, and suddenly the third year wasn’t so nervous about anyone else seeing his nails. “I do like it.”

Ah. So Evan went home to Korea. Jude supposed the Ravenclaw missed the country terribly while in Britain. “Catching up with old friends is nice.” Evan hadn’t given any hint about how that meeting went but Jude hoped it was a good one. He hoped everything in Evans’s life went well, in fact. His attention went to the jacket which he had only then noticed. Jude peeked under the bit of the jacked which had been raised. And there he saw her: one cute, sleepy kitten. “Hi, Pads,’’ Jude said softly. “Sweetdreams.” He then sat back in his seat. “That’s a smart thing to do. How has she been getting on with the other pets?”

Chelliephone 09-03-2021 06:16 PM

"Rock, huh? That sounds cool!" He'd never really listened to rock. His preference usually laid in classical Korean and chinese music, something for his dances, and rap for his own personal tastes. Naturally he listened to Kpop too when it came to Chase's music, and he had enough adoration for his cousin to claim his music was the best music even if not his own genre of choice. Evan briefly wondered if it was the same for Jude or if he genuinely enjoyed rock. He couldn't help but laugh when he mentioned his sister head banging a lot, and nodded his head. "Is she the most energetic of your siblings?" Lisa was his, by FAR. Oh, his younger sister was starting this term then? That was certainly exciting! "You know, I had hoped the same thing for us. Noah was Gryffindor, me Ravenclaw and Maya a Slytherin. One in each house would have been interesting, but it was so much better having Lisa in Ravenclaw with me." Easier to keep an eye on her too, so that left his primary anxiety about Maya. "Maybe it'll be the same for you and she gets sorted to your house?" But on the chance she was Ravenclaw, "Lisa and I can look after her if she's Ravenclaw though." Because if there was anything Evan distinctly identified with, it was older brother anxiety. Even though his sister's were both fully capable.

He nodded at the camping question, though it had certainly been different this year with his relationship with his parents being what it was. "We did. It was nice to be out in nature for a bit again." Even if shorter than normal trips. "S'mores are the best. Ghost stories can be. Did your dad make up his own?" He smiled a bit, amused and certainly thinking that sounded like it had been much more fun than his own. The laugh made Evan smile and give his own chuckle, "If you like it, then you should just wear it whenever you want." Other people's opinions on it shouldn't matter, if he was worried about that. Besides, he wouldn't be the only one. Evan had seen quite a few male hands with the painted tones on it. Not his personal style, but he certainly would never judge others for expressing their individuality however they saw fit.

Having been born and raised in the States and then transplanted to Britain at age 10, his only real experiences with Korea were the summers he got to spend with his family. And while Appa couldn't go often and Eomma only joined them on occasion for the same reason, his cousins were good about making sure they all got times with the matriarch of the Kim family; his mother's side. "It can be. I'm relieved to have been able to anyways." He saw she was fine, and he didn't have to spend this entire term dodging a conversation he just didn't want to have. Hopefully Solana was happier at Ilvermony now, and with her new family. He hoped this adoption didn't fall through. His attention turned back to his kitten, which was a far happier subject. Evan adored the little creature already, and she'd been very much by his side the rest of summer. He briefly wondered if he'd spoiled her too much and she'd have issues with him in class, but as long as he got up early for play time and perhaps a walk around the castle before breakfast, she should be fine. "She's been doing pretty good. Jinx is tired of her already, I think he'll be glad she's gone for the year." The old cat was getting grumpier in his old age. "Pascal and her... well he has a morbid interest in her but since he didn't want to play with her the first time she tried, she's unbothered. The dog is really where there was a fast friendship." It was actually kind of cute.

FearlessLeader19 09-04-2021 09:42 PM

Indeed rock music was rather cool. Jude was basically open to any genre even though he hadn’t much exposure to Muggle music. Not to mention he was learning to play the piano, the only instrument he ever felt drawn to. He sometimes spent his time in the Music Room at Hogwarts practicing. Koen wasn’t the only musical talent in the Anders’ family it seemed. Jude now sat there, very much surprised for Evan was actually laughing. It wasn’t a sound that he’d heard much but it was such a pleasant one. And to think Jude was the one who made him laugh. It was a great feeling of realisation. “She is. She’s loud and has so much energy, you’d think that she hogs coffee every morning." Jude listened with interest, as he always did when it came to the Nam family. “You get to take care of Lisa,’’ he remarked, understanding. He smiled then. “I know you guys would look out for Keighley. Let’s see where the Hat places her.” He was excited for his youngest sister.

“You’re an outdoorsy type?’’ Jude asked curiously. “I think he did for the most part. I also think he recited his own take on existing stories.” Connor Anders was silly {in a good way} enough to do exactly that. The Hufflepuff looked down at his hands which he had placed on his lap. The blue polish did look so good. Reagan had winded up painting her toenails in the colour. Evan’s words warmed his heart and he felt grateful to the Ravenclaw. He looked towards Evan, smiling gratefully. “I needed to hear that. I was having second thoughts.”

Jude nodded. Of course he did not know the extent of the unhappiness which Evan had gone through with that particular friendship but he would have been happy to know that putting certain things to rest had made the other boy feel at ease now. Jude was actually thrilled to hear about the development between Pads and the other pets in the Nam household. “Sounds like she’s adjusting well. And people say that dogs chase cats.’’ He chuckled at the last bit because he had seen cat-dog friendships before. “That reminds me… I got Pads some treats but they’re in my trunk so I’ll probably have to give you them tomorrow.” The younger boy turned to look out of the window, aiming to look quite nonchalant; as though he hadn’t gotten the treats partly because Pads belonged to Evan and he happened to like Evan in not just in a friendly manner.

He hadn't even noticed that he'd fallen into this conversation quite comfortably that his stuttering wasn't there.

Chelliephone 09-05-2021 05:06 PM

"Is rock one of your favorite genres to listen to?" He'd opted to try asking, because he realized how curious he actually was. Energetic sisters was most definitely a topic he could relate to very well. Lisa was loud and most people noticed her and her energy, but truly Maya wasn't that far behind either. She was a more quiet type, like Evan himself really except she by far had more of a planners brain while he preferred to fill his own with facts. The description of Jude's sister got another small laugh, as he nodded in understanding. "With Lisa we're pretty sure she just loads up on my candy stash pretty much every morning." He did have quite the sweet tooth. Which... speaking of, Evan reached for his bag and pulled out a couple sherbet drops, offering them towards Jude. "Want one?" Reverting back to the topic of family, he was still curious so decided to also ask about the younger. "What's Keighley like?" Taking care of Lisa was the entire reason he'd even returned for this third year, so her being in the same house had been extra advantageous. He took his role as the eldest very seriously, especially once Noah had graduated.

That question took some consideration, and Evan's head cocked slightly to the left while he did so. He wasn't sure if he would describe himself as outdoorsy or indoorsy, given he could see the merits of both. Indoors had window seats and libraries, outdoors had quiet nature walks, campfires and the beach. "I guess so. I like being inside a lot too but.. hiking and everything is fun. And our camping trips usually are too. What about you? Do you prefer indoors or out?" Another soft chuckle, because it certainly sounded to him like their fathers would get along. "That's always the best though. Reiterated stories aren't very much fun without a little personality." Seeing his eyeline drop to his fingers, Ev glanced down again briefly as well before up again when he spoke, smiling at the Hufflepuff. "Sure. I know there's a Slytherin too who likes to wear his nails painted. And oftentimes I hear people commenting that they look fantastic." If that helped any further. He hadn't been around to hear someone say anything unkind, and if they did Evan was happy to use the dead pan expression his sister so often pointed out to him for intimidation for the first time.

His previous friendships were not something he spoke of often, one for just not wanting to think of it because anger was very much still present, but the other because he was embarrassed of his own behavior in the situation. He'd obviously handled things poorly, and unsupportively. But in a lot of ways, he was just a kid and had been hurting and he hadn't been selfless enough to be able to squash that down in worry for others. And, thankfully, his parents couldn't understand what their children had been through. The whole line of thinking had him feeling melancholic again, so he shifted his attention, pulling the jacket back up so he could reach out and pet the kitten. "She is. I think it's, thankfully, been a good fit. She seems happy too. Though we are pretty careful still about her and Pascal, in case she changes her mind." They were careful with the dog too, but really there was no need. He laughed along with Jude and nodded, "It's funny that we draw so many generalizations about animals and interspecies relationships when... personalities always make the interactions so different." Two sets of eyes turned to the Hufflepuff at the mention of treats, a word kitten was already recognizing as a good thing as she stretched and hopped over to twine around Jude's legs. "Well... I think that's her saying thank you. That was nice of you to think of something for her!"

He had noticed the stutter drop, which brought another small smile. Maybe that meant Jude wasn't as scared of him as before? Perhaps there was something to the whole being more personable thing?

FearlessLeader19 09-08-2021 02:45 PM

Jude nodded. “It is though I’m open to pretty much any genre. But… I haven’t much knowledge about Muggle music.” He knew that Evan was a Muggleborn and wanted the other boy to know upfront that he didn’t really know Muggle songs. Jude couldn’t help but notice the similarities that they had when it came to sisters. He laughed again. “Pretty crazy what we’ve got in common in terms of sisters and an older brother and that we both wanted to have one sibling in each House.” Little did they know that they would have something else in common after tonight’s Sorting Ceremony: they’d both have their youngest sisters in the same House as themselves for Keighley would be a Hufflepuff as well.

Jude perked up at the mention of candy stash and immediately made a mental note that Evan liked sweets. “It seems like she does exactly that. She seems very nice.” At present, he only knew the Nam girls by seeing them around and due to the occasional greeting. Lisa always seemed to be more energetic which he supposed came in handy for early morning lessons and that sort of thing. And Maya… they were in the same year. “Oh, thank you.” Jude accepted the offered sweet, opened it then popped it into his mouth. “Any particular favourite sweet choices for you?’’ Jude asked casually. “Keighley’s energetic too but definitely not as much as Lisa or Reagan. She likes to laugh and she has the cutest face. She also brought her cat with her. I’ll have to introduce you two.”

Was the Hufflepuff actually keeping track of the number of similarities he and Evan had? Yes. Yes, he was. “They both can be enjoyable,’’ he agreed then grinned. “I don’t mean to copy you but I can never choose between indoors and outdoors. One minute I can be in doing something by myself and the next I can be out camping.’’ Jude would be inclined to agree: improvised storytelling was great; quite entertaining. He smiled again. “I’ve always cleaned the polish off before coming back. Anyway, if anyone isn’t understanding with me as your Slytherin friend, then I’m sure Reagan would be happy to jinx them. Reagan's very protective of me for reasons.” Mainly because he was different from many other boys his age and was one to avoid confrontations if it could be helped. The third year shook his head. “Gryffindors.”

Should Evan ever talk to him about the details of how things went down with his friend, Jude wouldn’t think badly of him {yes, he was biased}. The boy would explain that situations affected everyone differently and that in the end, they learnt from their actions and mistakes. He watched Evan pet Pads, his mind trailing back to Ned. Jude had been thinking a lot about Ned these last few days and hoped the cat would be taken in soon by a loving human. Hearing the Ravenclaw’s words, he was jolted out of his thoughts. “That’s a pretty great start. My offer still stands if you ever need help for her, by the way.” He blinked, thinking of the words about personalities. “Hey… that’s right. I’ve never thought about that. I can see why you’re a Ravenclaw.”

Jude was surprised when Pads looked his way before winding herself around him. He couldn’t help but smile broadly. He felt very warm and fuzzy on the inside that the kitten had taken a liking to him. “You’re welcome, Pads,” He reached down to scratch her behind the ear then straightened up, meeting Evan’s pretty eyes with his. Yes, his heart jolted a little. “At least this means I’ll get to hang out with you guys for a bit tomorrow.”

Nope, Evan. Jude was and would never be scared of you.

Chelliephone 09-09-2021 04:25 AM

It occurred to him when Jude mentioned 'muggle music' that Evan... didn't know much about wizard genres. He knew there was a wizarding rock but... was there a wizarding classical? Rap? Hip-hop? "That's okay. I don't know much about wizard music." He admitted, a small smile as he said it. Thinking on it too though, and Jude liking rock, Evan's head tilted a bit, "There's actually an old muggle rock song," not what he considered rock but.. technically what it was accepted as for genre, "that's called Hey Jude. You might like it. My Appa really likes the band." Actually, they really did have a lot of similarities. Is that what made it easy for people to be friends? He still hadn't really figured that whole thing out. "It is pretty crazy. Had you wanted to be in the same house as your older brother?" Because Evan had. Though he had to admit, Gryffindor was what he was the farthest from.

Mention of Lisa seeming nice did get a softer fond smile from the Ravenclaw, as he nodded his head in agreement. "She is. She's a lot of energy but... she's good about looking at a room and figuring out who looks lonely and then... making that person feel not so. She's a really kind and compassionate person." And he was proud of her. He was proud of Maya too, but he also noticed that Maya and himself had a closer personality type than their eldest and youngest siblings. It was harder for them to make friends, and their energy wasn't nearly as... infectious as the other two Nam's. He supposed Lisa and Noah took after Appa and they were more like their quiet Eomma. He pulled himself out of those thoughts, nodding at the thanks. "You're welcome." And at the question of if he had a favorite sweet, he held up his own sherbet drop before popping it in his mouth. "These. And chocolate, but that doesn't keep nearly as well to bring a bunch to school with me." And they didn't keep as well in his pockets or school bags. "Your sister sounds nice too. Would love to meet her. Is she nervous about starting school?"

The idea of copying him by having a similar thought when they already had so many similarities had Evan giving a soft chuckle, and he shook his head. "Don't worry about that. I get what you mean. Hikes and walks around the grounds are nice, but so is curling up in the library with a good book." Or a common room, or really anywhere else. So Jude had been painting his nails for awhile? But feeling like he had to hide it? Evan tried to not frown, lest the Hufflepuff think it was for a different reason other than just Evan felt bad he'd ever felt like he needed to hide the things that made him happy because of what other people might think. "I'm sure. And I bet we could find a spell too to transfigure their nails a different color for a few days. And then they could see it changes nothing about who they are and maybe they'd find they'd like it."

Evan certainly would have appreciated that view point, as the few people who he had ever mentioned it to had said much the same. It had made him feel exponentially better, that maybe he wasn't the worst. But it was hard to feel fully like he wasn't a terrible person when he'd hurt someone the way he had. And were he ever to admit it out loud, he missed his parents. But he was ignoring all of that. "I'll let you know, for sure." He laughed softly at that and gave a small shrug. "I'm pretty sure it's just because I always have my nose in a book, but thank you for the compliment."

The kitten proceeded to hop up next to the Hufflepuff, choosing to curl against his side now for further naps, a loud purr rumbling after the head scratches. Particular favorites of hers. "Absolutely. Compare and contrast then too how terrible first day back was." Was he already nervous for Trent's classes?


FearlessLeader19 09-12-2021 06:00 PM

And suddenly he wasn’t feeling so bad about not knowing much about Muggle music. Why did Jude assume that he had to be perfect and know everything? Was it because he wanted to impress Evan? It was quite safe to say that Jude knew how to be nobody but himself. He smiled back at Evan. “I’m going to loan you my entire wizarding music collection. I’d have to get it from home but still… that way you can take your time with it and figure out which songs and albums you like.” His gaze followed the other boy’s tilted face. “Is that the song with the lyrics ‘remember to let her into your heart’? If it is, my mom sings that to me sometimes.” He frowned. “She said it was an old song but apart from that, I don’t know anything about it. I never even heard the original.” Was it a lack of interest in Muggle music that made him never pursue the song? “I think I need to change that.” Now that Evan had mentioned the song, Jude was definitely going to seek out the original somewhere. And now he supposed his mother would have to change all the female pronouns to male pronouns now that she knew he was attracted to guys.

“Nope,’’ the Hufflepuff replied. “Mom was a Gryffindor and Koen followed in her footsteps. Dad was a Slytherin. But me…? I guess I just wanted to be where was right for me, whatever the House was. I… well, I just want to be myself and that definitely means being a Hufflepuff.” He loved the House! Not to mention he embodied all the traits. As much as he wanted to be himself, sometimes he couldn’t help be self conscious about certain things - like his painted nails.

Jude listened to Evan talk fondly about Lisa. Truly, the third year could relate: he felt the same about Keighley. Reagan too but sometimes her loudness got to him. “That’s very nice of her. It sounds as though she’s accepting of all personality types. Maybe this year I’ll get to know Lisa and Maya a little better.’’ Jude made a mental note of Evan’s favourite sweets though it also occurred to him that it would all be very stupid on his part to be making so many attempts to get to know Evan better and later found out that Evan didn’t feel the same about him. The thought made his heart sink somewhere to the level of his intestines. “Definitely. You two would hit it off in an instant because of the cats.” It cheered Jude just a fraction that Evan was interested in knowing Keighley as much as he was in knowing Lisa and Maya.

The younger boy nodded, somewhat enthusiastically, because he and Evan understood each other. It was quite a nice feeling. Jude chuckled at the mention of transfiguring fingernails. “You know, that’s quite amusing to think about.” Then he grew serious. “But thank you for understanding. It means a lot.” Like A LOT but it would just be weird if he told Evan that it meant more than he let on. “I’m sure you’ll be seeing various colours on my nails every week because now that Keighley is here too, I’m sure she and Reagan both are going to gang up on me.” And now? Now he just might go along with them wanting to paint his nails regularly.

Jude would tell Evan that it wasn’t healthy to ignore his feelings; there had to be some way that they could be processed. And… well, if Evan ever wanted to confide in him, he was welcome to. The Hufflepuff would like to think that he exuded some of the trustworthiness, a trait which he possessed. Now, he nodded, pleased that Evan at least considered taking him up on the offer. A signature soft laugh followed shortly. “You’re welcome, you bookworm.”

Okay. Jude was not expecting Pads to curl up beside him. Seeing the cat there brought a huge smile to his face. Maybe a cat would be the ideal pet for him, and not just any cat but Ned. You know what made him smile even wider? The fact that Evan had no objection to them hanging out again. “Why do you assume it’ll be terrible? Think of all the good things that could happen, Ev… an.” Jude wasn’t sure if Evan was comfortable with someone whom he barely knew calling him by a nickname.

Chelliephone 09-14-2021 04:34 AM

Was he... did he... really mean that???! Evan blinked a bit at Jude, before another smile stretched on his face and he nodded eagerly. "Actually if you really wouldn't mind, that'd be great! I'm really curious of what the wizarding music sounds like too." And mainly what the main differences would be between the different types - was it as start of a contrast as say... country to rock? At the question, he paused going through the lyrics in his head, bobbing slightly as he hummed it softly to himself to confirm. "Yes, that's the one." Hadn't heard the original? "I'll ask my Appa to send his album. He's a Beatles fan, but frankly... I liked the movie cover better." Which he had that as well back at home, however that one would have to wait until after break since he didn't want his father sneaking around in there.

He always wondered if it was weird to attend your parents Alma Mater but end up in different houses from where your parents had been. Maybe disappointing? Or maybe a relief? The way Jude spoke it sounded like... it just was what it was and there was no other particular thought to it. However, then there was situation's such as Ollie's where her dad wasn't speaking to her over the difference. "Are you relieved you kind of went off your own way or... don't really mind either way? I had been disappointed at first I wasn't Gryffindor." The statement was said with humor now, because honestly the idea of him as a lion was laughable. Truthfully, none of the other houses really would have fit him.

"Lisa is definitely accepting of all. Maya too, she's just quieter about it." He wanted to get to know the girls better too? Evan appreciated that sentiment as well, Lisa liked making friends whenever she could and Maya... well... "You should. I think you'd particularly get along with Mai." Which he did think was true, as they were the same house and all. But it'd also be nice to know Maya had more people she spent time with too. It was another way in which his overprotectiveness was rearing it's head a bit. "Well, I'll have to make sure then I have Pads too whenever I meet her." Which would probably be easy, as he was fully expecting to spend the majority of his free time with kitten in tow as well.

Transfiguring nails could end up being either a really nice present for someone, or a good prank depending upon the targets personality type. He made mental note, because while she'd probably like it... it might be fun to confuse Lisa for a bit by doing so. At the thanks, he smiled and gave another small nod of his head. "You're welcome." He doubted his opinion mattered very much, but if he'd been successful at all in being able to ease the other boy's fears about it - then he was certainly glad to have been able to do so. "What's your favorite color? Either in general or for your nails?"

He'd like to think at least the need to take up Jude on his offer would be unnecessary, but the more he thought about the previous term and all of Pascal's escape operations, it might come in handy to have someone to ask for help later too. Bookworm was probably in the dictionary next to Evan Nam, so being called as such did make him laugh. "Guilty." And not that worried about it.

Why did he assume it would be terrible? "Trent is the first class. It really could go either way depending on what the lesson is going to be." Besides, his favorite Professor was gone - a few others had moved on as well and he was fairly nervous to see how the new classes were going to go. Catching the pause between the two syllables of his name, he clarified, "You can call me Ev too, it's okay."

FearlessLeader19 09-17-2021 11:50 PM

Jude really meant that. There weren’t many persons he would trust with his collection but like he said, he was biased when it came to Evan. Jude, usually nice, wanted to be nicer towards him. Besides, wasn’t he being a good human in general by simply lending? “I don’t mind,’’ he reassured with a smile. Perhaps he’d write home soon. Yes, he’d do that. “Thank you. I’d like that. More than ever now, I’m curious about that particular song.” He couldn’t believe he hadn’t been before. “Do Muggle bands usually have movies made about themselves?”

At that question, he paused to think a little. “I guess I would have loved to follow in my mom or dad’s footsteps, but at the same time, I want to be myself.” His own identity was important. Was that a hint of whimsy that Jude detected in Evan’s tone? “Ravenclaw suits you best,’’ he replied with a smile. The third year could not see Evan as part of any other House besides Ravenclaw and perhaps Hufflepuff. “You’d probably make a good Hufflepuff though.” This was just his opinion. Of course Evan knew himself best, and possibly The Sorting Hat as well since it had ‘seen’ into his thoughts and nature. “Yeah?” Jude was curious to know why he thought that Jude and Maya would get along well with Maya. “I’ll surely let you know how things go between us.” Without realising it, he was setting up another topic for him and Evan to discuss in the future. Jude laughed. “Regardless if Pads is there or not, all you have to do is bring up the topic of cats, tell her how much you love them and Keighley will like you immediately.”

If only Evan knew how much his opinion mattered to Jude. If only. Still, Jude didn’t feel that he was ready to reveal this, not when their friendship was going so perfectly. Would he ever have the courage to do this? Who knew? The thought of saying or doing anything to ruin this friendship was oddly frightening to him. Yes, this was something Jude realised at that moment. “Blue,’’ came the enthusiastic response. “That’s for nails. Any shade of blue, actually, but I don’t mind any other colour. Let’s see… I’ve had pink, a bark coloured green, purple, orange… yeah, all of that used on me by my sisters.” He chuckled at the memories. “Basically it’s whatever the girls choose.” Jude shook his head. “Anything for sisters, right?”

The Hufflepuff absently stroked Pads’ soft coat. His head tilted slightly to one side as he considered Evan’s words. True. Trent’s class was always first and the man could be difficult on the students at times. Then again, that hadn’t been the real Trent a few terms ago. “If DADA turns out badly, there’ll be other lessons that’ll cheer you up. You’ll see. Besides, you handle difficult situations better than you think.” It was at that point that he realised he said much more than he intended. Jude had actually observed Evan, you know. Not in a creepy stalker way but Evan had always held his interest and sometimes Jude had observed him during lessons. He blinked and quickly looked at his watch to avert his gaze. He was surprised to see so much time had passed already. All this chatter with Evan had been so interesting.

It was a relief to hear that the accidental use of the nickname was not a big deal. “Great! I wasn’t sure if it’s only your close friends who can call you that.” Jude paused for a bit. “I don't think many at Hogwarts know but Jude’s actually my middle name which I prefer to use. Ryder is my first.”

Chelliephone 09-23-2021 02:45 AM

He was still all smiles, so excited by the prospect of getting to listen to new to him music. And maybe better understand what people were talking about when they mentioned songs they like, since it usually went over his head. Not that many people knew who NF was either though - which was the current band he was stuck on. "Sure. I'll write Appa tonight and I'm sure he'll get it right over. He likes to share the Beatles with new listeners. He really is quite the fan. And I'll get the movie soundtrack over winter break to show you." See which version Jude liked as well. The question got a smile laugh from him and he shook his head. "Not too, too many. The Beatles were really popular though. So there's actually two I can think of for them. Otherwise... it's more like autobiographies of the singers lives told in movie format. But more cinematic and fictionalized over documentaries." Like the movie about Freddie Mercury from Queen.

"That seems admirable." Wanting to go his own way, being 100% Jude instead of trying to be his parents. Or even an older sibling, like Evan had wanted for himself. "I agree. I don't see myself fitting in any other house now. It just would have been nice to be with Noah when I first got here." But his older brother had been a good brother anyways, often making time for him regardless of the different houses. Just as they'd both done for Maya the next year. "Hufflepuff? I don't know... I might be hard working, but I'm not sure loyal or patient really fits me..." Or friendly. Hufflepuff's seemed so friendly and extroverted to him, willing to start conversations. He... was not usually. "Yeah, you both have calmer personality types. Do you like scrabble by chance?" Maya was a scrabble fiend. "Good to know how to put your sister at ease at least!" Sometimes he still worried people thought he was scary.

"What's your favorite color not for nails? Just.. in general?" Blue was one of his favorites as well, had always been but even more so now that he was a Ravenclaw and it was his house colors. "Sounds like your sisters have quite the collection then of options." Or maybe Jude did, either way. The comment got a soft snort from him and he nodded his head in agreement, before also vocalizing. "Pretty much. Lisa and Maya have definitely gotten me to do some ridiculous things." At school they were usually distracted enough to not convince him to do too many things but over the summer all it took was the puppy dog look from either of them, and he couldn't say no.

"That's true. Care of Magical Creatures, Arithmancy." Muggle Studies would have been top of the list as well, but he was a little sad going in that Professor Schmoe was going to be gone. And Williamson as well, but he paid more attention in that class to the creatures than the Professor anyways, so who knew. At the latter comment, he blinked a bit and looked back at Jude. "Do I?" He certainly felt like he made a mess of things when he tried to handle difficult situations, but that was a spiral for another day.

Seeing Jude check his watch, Evan looked at his own as well - giving a small blink. "Wow, it looks like it's just about time to start getting into robes." And putting Pads into her carrier, though looking at how comfortable the kitten was with Jude he wasn't sure that was going to go well. "I don't mind whoever calls me that." Usually people just didn't want to use it unless they were already close. But given how much he and Jude had already spent talking, he considered that maybe they already were friends. Though he still didn't know what made people friends vs not. His name... he did not know about. "Really? What do you not like about Ryder?"

FearlessLeader19 09-25-2021 08:49 PM

That smile. Good gosh. Jude tried not to stare at it by occasionally staring out of the window as the scenery flew by. But there was something magnetic about Evan’s smile that kept Jude gazing at him repeatedly. “Great. Can’t wait to listen. Your dad would be pleased that you're continuing the tradition.’’ He smiled back, thinking how things had turned: he was suddenly super interested in Muggle music. The Hufflepuff listened keenly, nodding at intervals to show his understanding. And he really did understand. “I felt as though I just had a Muggle Studies lesson,’’ he admitted. “Meaning that I’ve learnt quite an interesting bit.”

Jude could not help but agree with Evan. “I know what you mean. An older sibling’s presence would have been comforting while you adjusted to Hogwarts.” He figured it must have been tough on Evan, not only because he had no one else there at School but because he was a Muggleborn now being integrated into the Wizarding world. Jude shrugged with a grin. “That's because you don’t see you the way I see you,’’ he remarked simply. Which was probably why he didn’t see Evan as scary. “I do, even though I’m not that good at it. Also a fan of Snakes and Ladders and Monopoly.” The third year tilted his head thoughtfully. “Is that how I get to bond with Maya? Scrabble?’’

“Bright colours generally.” Once again he was thoughtful. “Kind of clashes with my personality since I prefer to be quiet and not the center of attention.” Huh. Good to know. “Anyway. How about yours? Got one you’re addicted to?” Jude laughed. “My sisters certainly do. I think Reagan influences Keighley a bit.” There was another laugh. “Sounds like you spoil them rotten.” But hey. Jude could bet Evan wouldn’t have it another way.

He smiled to himself as Evan listed the subjects he was better with. It was exactly what Jude had been aiming for - to ease the other boy’s worries and for him to be reminded that there were subjects he was good at. He just hoped that Evan would remember these words come tomorrow when the first - and subsequent DADA lessons - commenced. He also hoped that the Ravenclaw wouldn’t dwell too much on the other words but it was too late. “Yeah… I wasn’t there with you in The Room but I saw you after you got out. I know it would have been difficult in there but well… you made it out. You survived. You handled that better than you thought.” True, there might be mental scars there but to Jude, Evan wasn’t going around being mean and mistreating others after such a hard, bitter moment and that was a good start.

Jude nodded. “We should. Don’t want to be late for the Sorting.” Not that there was really a chance of him missing it but he made no effort to move. Why would one want to disturb a sleeping cat? Besides, this had been the best train ride ever on the Hogwarts Express. The Hufflepuff really and truly enjoyed Evan’s company. You know what? He’d have been so thrilled that the Ravenclaw considered him a friend. “Ev it is,’’ came his reply, accompanied by a smile. “I like Ryder.” Jude paused, considering the question. “It’s just that I’ve liked Jude more. It felt more like… me.” That was the best that he could explain. Yes, the boy was really big on being his own person.

Chelliephone 09-26-2021 12:03 AM

His Appa probably WOULD be pleased. But then again, because it was Evan the time for being happy with anything he did might have already passed. It was Alexander, after all, who had been the hardest on him the summer after his second year. So then it was probably Alexander who had been the most displeased with him. Either way, what was done was done and he'd ask regardless because at least he could try to make Jude happy and educate him on a whole new realm of music. "Well, I'm glad to help. I think it feeling like a lesson is just a natural effect of talking about the other side." Like when he talked to anyone too about magical things they'd had access to growing up.

As he adjusted to Hogwarts? There was a soft snort, but a small nod of his head, "More than that it would have been nice for him to be around to tell me about magic in general. My family didn't tell the rest of us anything after Noah got his letter. We just thought he got a scholarship to a really good school and that meant he'd have to board. I used to study all the time hoping to get the same one. I didn't know until my 11th birthday that magic existed. And that was the year Hogwarts disappeared or something I think?" He was fuzzy on the details before he started, he just knew that it had been impossible to talk to Noah to get information. Not that he meant to unload that entire saga on Jude but... too late to have taken it back now. He was so puzzled by the fact he had shared it, he missed the part about the way Jude had seen him. Which certainly would have begged the question of how, had he actually heard it. Games did rouse his attention again. "Monopoly is fun." He was personally a fan of Sequence. "Pretty much yes, she's a scrabble fiend. I'm honestly pretty terrible at it too but she loves it."

Bright colours seemed fitting for Jude. Or maybe that was because he was thinking of the Hufflepuff yellow instead of personality. "That's true. But sometimes we're attracted to things opposite our personality. Like favorite colors or types of books or people." So really, it wasn't that strange that he didn't like something softer like pastels. "Blues. Midnight blue is my favorite." The dark, deep hue - like a night sky. He did really like stars and astronomy, another thing he frequently read about. "I... can't actually tell if it's Maya that influences Lisa or vice versa. They might just actually feed off each other." Which really only spelled trouble, particularly for him. Did he spoil them? "Maybe a little bit." But they were still kind and compassionate with others and he was proud of them, so he didn't think playing the doting big brother role every once in awhile was that bad.

The Room. He sobered a bit at the mention of that, considering Jude's words before... giving a small shake of his head. "I didn't though. I mean... I'm out, sure but..." Well, he didn't really know what else to say, not feeling that dropping all of his demons was appropriate heading to school conversation. He hardly knew how to talk about it all still either - truly hypocritical given how much he'd encouraged his other friends on the importance of doing so. Instead to just side track from the conversation he leaned across the expanse between the seats, patting Pads before leaning back and grabbing his robes and tie from the bag. He wore all the appropriate pants and shirt so all he really needed to do was slip on the outer wear.

"Or get the last carriage." Because the last carriage always felt like it took so much longer with having to be at the tail end of the rest of the students filing in. And it didn't really make anything go faster by being the last either, as there was still the sorting and speech to sit through before first meal. He smiled a bit at the clarification of Ev, just nodding his head. "Liking Jude more is fine. It's good you were able to decide which one you liked and just... be able to use that." None of the Nam's had middle names, so Evan was what he got. Though he didn't mind it - but for someone who did prefer a different name for their identity... well getting to choose certainly made sense.

FearlessLeader19 09-28-2021 09:56 PM

Yes, Jude would be quite happy and content to have a second Muggle Studies professor in the form of Evan. It meant that they’d get to spend more time together, which was something he now realised that he had to look forward to for the entire school year. Jude sat back listening in stunned silence to the recount of the other Nam siblings being kept in the dark about magic and the truth to where their older brother had gone for seven years. Jude, in fact, did not mind having these facts explained to him. “I’m sorry you and your sisters deal with that. It wasn’t fair to you three.” In his place, Jude would have probably been angry at his parents. Poor Evan. Poor Lisa and Maya. The revelation of the Ravenclaw not being good at Monopoly was tucked into the Hufflepuff’s brain. Yet another thing they had in common. The other piece of info tucked away? Maya’s love for Scrabble.

His new friend made another good point: sometimes they were indeed attracted to things that wouldn’t seem to fit them. “Midnight blue is such a nice shade. I think most blues are too. Like sky and berry blue.” Jude chuckled. “Well, regardless of who influences who, they both seem to be good sisters.” This was true and not just him saying those words to get into Evan’s good books.

All Jude did was to nod. Evan didn’t have to say more but Jude just knew what he was hinting at. He was also wise enough to know that there was definitely still mental trauma lingering. He hoped the other boy knew that he was always up for listening should the need for venting come up. Venting or just simple talk to lift things from his shoulders. The younger boy let things be; he just hoped that Evan would heal from everything.

Reluctantly, Jude gave Pads another pat then got to his feet. “True.” Would it be too much for him to hope he and Evan would wind up being in the same carriage. “I’d better go check on Keighley too. Reagan is with her anyway.” Not to mention his trunk was stowed with the girls’ in their compartment. Jude smiled at the vast amount of understanding Evan had; he was truly grateful for it. “See you around.” He really wanted to add that he’s thoroughly enjoyed the company but didn’t want to lay it on too thick. With a wave, he was out of the compartment, heading off to find his sisters.

Chelliephone 10-02-2021 02:16 AM

Scene Two
Winter Session - Term 59
An Introduction to Music

True to his word, Evan had requested his Appa's Beatles collection shortly after the train ride back to school where he'd talked about it with Jude. He also had managed to get ahold of his Into the Universe soundtrack as well, having entrusted one of his cousins to snoop through his room in order to find it. Not that there was much to snoop through, but either way Evan preferred a cousin in there rather than his parents. For some reason, it had taken some time for all the music to arrive, but once it did Evan tapped Jude after class earlier that day to let him know they should meet in the Technology Room so he could hear the songs.

Which true to his suggestion, Evan was currently in the technology lounge waiting. He was early, as his usual, and also had a book pulled out in front of him. Usually his books were of a non-fiction nature, but this time around he was actually working on doodling in his sketchbook. He still wasn't good at it, but he felt like he could see tiny bits of improvement as he continued to practice. That was an encouraging start.

FearlessLeader19 10-07-2021 10:22 PM

It might have crossed his mind that Evan had forgotten about their Beatles music date session. But Jude hadn’t been pushy by hounding the Ravenclaw about it. Evan was quite popu;ar, after all, and had a lot of friends he needed to divide his time among. Jude just went about as usual on a day to day basis though he had been disappointed. That was why he had been surprised {but more than pleased} when Evan had let him know that he’d gotten the Beatles collection.

The third year arrived at the Tech Room with his bag slung over his left shoulder. His eyes swept over the room and almost immediately found his friend. Jude approached Evan and was about to say a greeting when he automatically and curiously gazed into the sketchbook. “You’re not as bad as you think, you know,” the Hufflepuff said; he who barely knew a thing about art. Honestly? He was being biased as always when it came to the other boy. Maybe it would continue for as long as he knew Evan. “Hi, by the way.”

Chelliephone 10-10-2021 04:46 AM

He'd been a bit on the obsessive side with his drawing practice after learning the tattoo charm, but still nothing good enough he'd want to try putting on his skin even temporarily. Part of him did think it might be funny to try and put something somewhere and quite visible for the wedding over Christmas break, but then it also occurred to him that Cora might have had his head. And he wasn't sure Chin-hae even knew about their magic still, so was probably best to not poke the proverbial bears.

Perhaps another time.

Hearing Jude's voice behind him, Evan's head turned to the side and away from his attempted sketch of an abraxan. "Thanks. It's gotten a little better. It was much rougher when I first started." He flipped his sketchbook to the first one he put in there, offering it to the Hufflepuff to look at. "And hi, too."

FearlessLeader19 10-12-2021 05:12 PM

A slow, small smile spread over his face and Jude hoped Evan didn’t notice. Or if he did, he hoped Evan chalked it up to it being due to the fact that Jude was surveying the first sketch. The Hufflepuff really did not want the Ravenclaw to think that he was overly excited to spend time with him. Even though that was secretly the truth.

Jude, holding the book, studied the drawing a little longer then nodded. “These clearly show you’ve been improving. Practice makes perfect as that saying goes.” He was impressed by the improvements which, in his opinion, were rather noticeable. “You’re self- taught, right?” the younger boy asked curiously. And yes, he had momentarily forgotten the real reason for their meeting. "Not getting ahead of myself here, but maybe one day you can do this professionally. Or as a second job. It's good to have options."

Chelliephone 10-17-2021 04:56 AM

For the most part, Evan was still pretty hesitant and nervous showing people his sketches. Especially the first few, so he refrained from looking at faces whenever possible. So the smile was not noted by the Ravenclaw.

He did look up though when Jude mentioned the improvement, a small smile as he nodded his head in agreement. "Yeah. I wouldn't say I'm anywhere being the next Degas or anything but... it's better than it was. And it was something fun to do." Took up more of his time while he'd been spending it in his room. "Yeah. I've read a couple books that explained pretty well how to alternate using the different sides of your brain when sketching but... that's the most I've had for a teacher." Though he certainly had plenty of resources to ask for assistance on anything really difficult, like Ash or Claudine. "That would be cool - even just as a side gig. But I think I'm more interested in Psychology than anything. Though... I suppose art therapy is an option." One he had not considered previously but... that could certainly be fun. In reality, he leaned towards wanting to complete studies on the success rates of different types of therapies.

He could then combine art, dance, music, studying and animals all into one career. And he'd certainly have a leg up with starting out between his Eomma and her colleague. "I got those CDs from my Appa, by the way."

FearlessLeader19 10-19-2021 04:43 PM

Jude glanced at Evan but noted that the other boy wasn’t even looking at his reaction. The Hufflepuff mentally shrugged. Evan didn’t need to see the reaction, surely he heard it all in Jude’s voice?

Jude chuckled. “Maybe not but give yourself time.” Forever the optimistic, wasn’t he? Long ago, he had decided that that world needed more of that and he had set about improving himself in that way. So now his optimism was permanently a part of him. “I wish I knew more about art so I can help you. If you need any help in the way of the piano though, I’ve got you.” Sure, Jude was still in the process of learning but it was going his way thankfully.

Psychology? The third year tilted his head a bit. “I suppose you can incorporate art into whatever psychology job it is that you want to do. That would pair great if you want to get into child psychology.” Yes, Jude knew a bit about the topic.

His eyes lit up. Oh, yes. Music. The real reason he and Evan were here. “How are you liking the set I got for you, anyway?” Jude’s mother had sent a small stack of CDs when he had requested her to and he had passed them onto his friend soon after. The boy led the way over to the old equipment of the room, one suitable for them to play music.

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