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Old 09-07-2021, 04:39 AM
AlwaysSnapesGirl AlwaysSnapesGirl is offline
Default Back-to-Uni Pillow Fight

If you’ve been around the campuses of the Wizarding Universities in London and Edinburgh, then you’ve probably seen flyers advertising a Back to School Pillow Fight, put together by one Micaiah Moon, to be held at a community centre in London. Free food will also be provided, but the main attraction of the event is a magical pillow fight with your fellow students!

Upon arriving at the rented venue on the evening of 5 September 2105, you will hear the sounds of the music playing on the wireless (perhaps a song from one of your favorite wizarding musicians?), and upon entering, you will see that the room has been decorated to look like a giant blanket fort. Bright string lights hang on the blanket-covered walls, ensuring there is plenty of light for the fight to come.

Hopefully you brought your best pillow with you, but there are many, many extra pillows available in case you didn’t. Pillows are available in multiple different sizes, but they are all fluffy and soft and incapable of any real harm, so they are perfect for even the most competitive pillow fighter. Most of the pillows contain the typical feathers or fluff, but a few contain some surprises - and they’re charmed to not be quite as structurally sound as normal pillows. If they burst open, your opponent may find themselves facing a shower of bubbles, confetti, or - horror of horrors - glitter. Actually, you and everyone around you may find yourself covered in that glitter as well, given its tendency to go anywhere it pleases. Luckily there are spells to get rid of it, right?

Speaking of which, all the pillows that remain unclaimed are also charmed to join the fight on their own, so it’s not only your human opponents you need to watch out for.

If you need a breather, there is a section off to the side with a table of food and drinks: crisps, pizzas, biscuits, cookies, fizzy drinks, and water. There are a few cushy chairs and tables here as well to sit and eat before you decide to venture back into the fray.

So come on in! Mingle with your friends and make some new ones as well. The pillow fight begins around 30 minutes after the event opens, so prepare yourself. And have fun!


OOC: This is an OPEN RP. Any adult characters who are either attending wizarding university or who could have heard about it from friends/relatives who are attending uni are invited to attend! You may play as many characters as you want to, just be sure to differentiate between them with different colors and/or fonts.

Pillow Fight Rules!

List of Characters:
Micaiah Moon - AlwaysSnapesGirl
Gray Russell-Liu - Chelliephone
Yong Haneul - Kimothy
Anjya Gaeltheos - Emzily
Isabella Miller - oh its Erik ok
Eloise Fairfield - oh its Erik ok
Aboli Song - kayquilz
Noah Nam - Watson
Nina Castillo - ArianaBlack
Jackson Bole - ArianaBlack
Indigo Rousseau - littledhampir
Harper Phillips - SarcasticStrawberry
Joshua Miller - sweetpinkpixie
Geraldine Trepanier - Kimothy
Gerard Fanelli - Harron Peasley
Kiara Mordaunt - SilverTiger
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Old 09-24-2021, 09:12 PM   #26 (permalink)

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There were a lot of faces that looked familiar to Gray, but only about half of them could he actually put a name to. There was a lot of people that seemed like they had been younger, which probably accounted for not knowing their names. But then again, he never made much conscious effort to connect with people - though he'd certainly encouraged it had anyone reached out to him. He was a social bloke, but only when approached. Which was probably the only thing that kept this part so far not overwhelming to him. He caught Nina's wave back and just made note to find her later in order to catch up.

His attention then turned back to Anjya, smiling as she offered Jackson's services to get pillows too. But taking note how many people seemed to still need them, he figured he could probably offer his assistance as well in this area. Certainly to at least get his own, anyways. It really had been good planning on the hostess' part to have so many pillows available. Uni students were so busy all the time they were clearly not good at being prepared. "It's nice to meet you, Anjya. What are you currently studying?" Unless she was just here because she saw the notice and wanted to be. Which no shame in that either.

More faces appeared, and he did smile at the girl who stopped next to Micaiah (Kiara) and gave a smile and a quick, "Hello" in greeting. Micaiah then was speaking, and he nearly blinked at the information. She was a triplet? He couldn't stop himself from glancing around the room, expecting to see two others who looked like her. "Are your triplets here as well then?" Wouldn't they want to be at a party hosted by their sister?

But then it seemed it was time for the event to get underway, and he listened as Micaiah explained the rules and expectations. He meandered a bit over, grabbing a pillow for himself before heading back towards the food table where the others he'd been previously socializing with were located. The event sounded fairly self explanatory, though he was quite excited to see what was in these surprise pillows. He eyed the one he'd picked up for a minute, actually finding he was rather anxious to start the event. Hopefully just none of them hurt, though they were pillows so it should be fine.

Fight was being called, which meant they were fully underway so he glanced at everyone else still gathered there. "And are alliances welcomed?" It was kind of a tease, but at the same time... team work also seemed a good way to get to know people.

We all shine on, like moon and the stars and the sun. We all shine.
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Old 09-30-2021, 11:27 PM   #27 (permalink)

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Micaiah shook her head in response to Gray's question. "No, they were busy with other things tonight." Not entirely untrue, but it was better than admitting she hadn't invited them and having to explain all of that. Much easier for all of them involved.

And now that the game was getting underway...oh, a question!

"Oh, absolutely! But you'll each still get your individual points, so...choose your allies wisely." She grinned. Who knew whether someone might betray their ally in the heat of a pillow battle after all?

But the extra pillows that were not claimed, well, they pledged their allegiance to no one. Several of them rose up - some normal, some filled with confetti, a few with the dreaded glitter - and they each flew in different directions, aiming to thwack any fighters with their guard down.
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together we are dangerous; together with our differences; together we are bolder, braver, stronger
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