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Default pls let me know if i missed a mention
tag yourself i'm felix | daxton prince was here | schrödinger's tag

More and more people were arriving, or maybe they weren't even arriving and he was just becoming even more aware of them, but Abra still felt okay. Faces that had at first seemed unfamiliar were actually those he recognised, and he quickly realised that viewing the scene through the lens of anxiety had made him feel a lot more lost than he actually was.

Once he had been acknowledged by Zita, he smiled again and nodded and half-said, half-mumbled something about being glad that he had been invited, before realising that was what he had said in the first place, at which point he just... shuffled away pretending like he'd not said anything at all. Soon, though, greetings started to be hurled his way, and naturally this put him more and more at ease. Well... except for the part where he felt like everyone who spoke to him was drawing attention to him, which made him feel sdkhsdklgskhs, but other than that!!! It was okay!!!!!

Ahem. Like when Zoryn HOLLERED at him, and he actually started a little in surprise even though she was far enough away that it wasn't that loud to him at all. Abra sought her out in the crowd of teenagers, flashed her a grin, and waved back.

"Yo-" ... that could not have sounded any weirder coming from him, and he made a mental note to never try to use 'cool' language ever again "-Zoryn!" What Abey Abra wanted to do was to point out that actually he was sort of trying out a new nickname these days, but in the end nothing could have made him try to correct her explain it, at least not while out in front of a crowd of people, even though that was probably the best way of going about the issue. Later... later...

Théo next. A genuine beam broke out on Abra's face when his fellow Gryffindor approached, and he naturally and unabashedly caught Théo in a good-natured headlock, which very quickly turned to his having his arm slung across the other boy's shoulders. "It's been forever!" Months and MONTHS. Enough for Théo to start looking more... like he did now. Oh boy.

But there wasn't any time (thankfully) to ruminate on that, what with the mention of a double cannonball.

"Yeah!" ... "... Except, I should probably take my hoodie and stuff off first, I don't think it was meant for swimming in."

While he was unzipping his sweatshirt and kicking off his shoes, ready to dump it all into a pile (but also taking his time sort of because he still didn't really think it was all that warm), Abra heard his name once again and looked up to see Juniper Primeaux, the other girl that had been hurt that same time that Junia had been. The memory made him feel all... uncomfortable and squirmy and gave him a shiver down his spine, but a moment later he smiled back, hoping his discomfort hadn't been noticed. Aaaaaaand, if it had, that it hadn't been taken personally.

"Hi Juniper. Good to see you." It felt strange to say that to someone he'd not really spoken to a whole lot in the past, or really knew very well, but what he meant was more along the lines of 'it's good to see you're doing okay', but that felt a little too much like acknowledging all the bad stuff that had happened, when he didn't really want to think about any of it today. But at that moment Abra looked away, because a VERY FAMILIAR VOICE had suddenly caught his attention.

And, even though it was SO SO SO SO SO LOUD and probably drew in EVERYONE'S ATTENTION, Abey broke into the world's widest grin and bounced up and down excitedly on the spot. Thrilled. THRILLED!

"DERF!" he yelled back, because suddenly it didn't matter so much that people would stare because there was his VILLAIN, for the first time in like A MILLION YEARS. Abey beckoned him closer, though it was a little more like flailing wildly, and really had eyes only for him. Ahem. "Come here! ... Triple cannonball!"

But even though that was what he was saying, Abey-... oh, uh... Abra (with one shoe off, one shoe on, and his hoodie awkwardly twisted around him from where he'd pulled it back on in a rush) had actually already started rushing towards his Hufflepuff, ready to tackle-hug him.

... Hopefully Théo would understand he'd be right back and that the cannonball plans had not been abandoned.


As he couldn't remember whose party he was actually at, and also wouldn't be able to pick that person out of a line-up even if he did know their name, Jordan didn't immediately realise that the girl who was calling out his name happened to be the host in question. He decided to great her back though, with a simple "You!" in exactly the same tone as she had spoken in, in place of using her name (which, of course, he didn't know).

J0rd4n B34MED as S0r4y4 joined him in the pool. He would have splashed her in welcome, but was currently preoccupied with treading water to keep afloat, which also required the use of his arms and hands. Seeing as he wasn't exactly 4M4Z1NGLY coordinated, it was best not to go taking any risks there, otherwise he might end up like J4M35 SUMM3R5 at the party on that big boat.

But he wasn't an idiot troll, see? So he'd never end up like him.

"I was going to st4y h0me," Jordan explained to Soraya, even though he didn't really need to. "But I thought it might be m4ybe fun." That, and he had sort of wanted to get away from the watchful eyes of those back at the house, just for a little while. And also 4NT1C5! And friends. That t00.

Speaking of friends, here was one r1ght n0w.

Andi's warning of 'look out' was actually taken extr3m3ly l1t3r4lly by Jordan, who looked up and out and towards the source of her voice, eyes open. Naturally, he received a face-and-eyes-full of pool water, and just slightly muddled up senses for his trouble, but only for a moment.

"Hi 4ND1," he said, speaking just before the girl in question had even fully resurfaced, and squinting one eye shut because of both the sun and the water. "Y0u kn0w, I've n3v3r actually been to a p00L p4rty before. 0r any kind of p4rty." Parties for kids at Stemp House didn't count, because all the residents were usually invited even though you couldn't really be invited to your own home, so he always saw that not as going to a party, but of parties happening around him.

... W41T A M1NUTE. Was that the TR0LL?!

J0rd4n GR00000ANED.

"I thought he was d34d," he said loudly, sounding bitterly disappointed as he looked in the direction of J4M35 SUMM3R5. But really, though, he thought he'd solved THAT issue at the end of term. And also, James really was stupid, considering he had a tendency to try and drown wherever there was water involved, and this whole party was all about swimming.

UGH. WHyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did he have to be here? J0rd4n frowned, still treading water there in the pool, but before he could look away again, he saw the girl from earlier walk r1ght up to James and kiss him right on the lips, out of nowhere, and then immediately walk off again and jump into the pool.

............ uh.......

Confused, Jordan turn his attention back to his pool companions again, except this time he was quiet, trying to understand what, exactly, he had just witnessed.
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Default a lot of people omg
✿ i ain't sorry.mp3 | i don't know her.gif ✿

Soraya was unbothered when the ever-so-bashful Zayden ran into her. She just shrugged and laughed, brushing it off with a blasé sort of response. "S'all right, fam, you're good." Because it was. As she was now currently busy in the pool with J0rd4n (whose cool factor upped by 10 when he cannon-balled into the pool) and Andi, she couldn't help but grin and laugh, because the party was soooo much fun. (And it just started!!!)

"Isn't Zita's pool the B35T!" She looked expectantly at both Andi and J0rd4n, hoping they'd both agree (really, she was more invested in what J0rd4n thought for v4ri0u5 reasons that didn't need to be thought about right at that moment)--and why WOULD'T they, Zita was so cool, and she was SO fun. "I'm gl4d y0u d3c1d3d to come 4nyw4y," she splashed both J0rd4n and Andi with water, feeling every bit the playful thirteen year old she was. Everything was happening so fast--and she would later blame the thrill of swimming in the pool for her poor memory--that she'd forgotten about James also attending the party. In her defense, she didn't know if J0rd4n was actually going to come, and she was PRETTY sure she told James to behave himself while at Zita's--but memory was a tricky thing, and Soraya was the worst when it came to remembering important things--so she really hoped that he'd keep to his word (if he had given her his word, that is) and not act a fool.

"Uhhh...," her expression changed from the jubilant and excited, to shocked and embarassed, since James was doing that thing he did whenever he was shirtless. Boys. With a dramatic roll of her eyes, Soraya turned to face J0rd4n, feeling terribly apologetic. "I forgot to mention th4t, uhm...J4M35 is staying at my house this summer soooo he came to the party too, surprise!" Except her voice was anything but excited or happy, she was just doing her best to not groan because if James said or did the wrong thing, it would only be a matter of time before he got into it with J0rd4n. In FACT, Soraya was going to call her obnoxious house guest over, when she witnessed the most scandalous thing she'd seen to date.

With very widened eyes, Soraya watched Zita kiss James, and she was just... in shock. Mostly impressed, but also... she had a very strange feeling that she couldn't quite place and would deny anything and everything related to it later. Huh.
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Default 17.5 years later (there are lots of you and this is all over the place
my name is ariana and i am 99.9% CONFIDENT that i am a gryffindor #rip

Zor turned away from Théo momentarily, catching a wave from Farah. The soon-to-be-fourth year didn’t exactly know the girl… But she sent a chipper wave right back. Wow being popular was SOOOooooOOOO much work. Back to Théo.

“Okay cool, well they better let you come back because it was SOOOOOOO quiet without you,” Zoryn made a dramatic show of waving her arms in order to add extra EMPHASIS. It was incredibly important that Théo came back. “Tell them you miss learning, parents are suckers for that kinda stuff.” Zoryn was an expert convincer, it’s why she was SOOOoooOOOOoooOOO good at magical debate.

She was also VERY peeved when HER Théo started talking to Juni ‘cause she was feeling especially territorial. Grabbing him by his arm, she tugged him in the other direction. “C’mon, I’ve gotta tell you some STUFF.” Stuff that she had yet to come up with but would most certainly NOT include Juniper Primeaux. Just sayin’.


Anyways, anyways, ANYWAYS the girl who was really just standing around (Magnolia) had Zoryn’s attention (well, most of it). There was just SOOOOO much happening, it was kind of hard to give anyone her 100%, y’know? “Oh,” Zoryn was a little dumbfounded. Of course the girl probably had to go to Hogwarts if she had gotten an invite to this party… But Zor hardly payed attention to anyone that wasn’t her friend and this Magnolia was definitely one of those people Zoryn totally did not remember ever seeing in her ENTIRE life But like, no offense. “Magnolia. Sounds like a flower.” Not that she’d know, seeing as she usually skipped out on herbology. #sorrynotsorryMyers. “Well, I’m Zoryn Spinnet. Are you gonna go swimming?”

When Zayden came to join them, Zoryn greeted him with a HUGE smile. Also someone Z never really payed attention to (by accident, of course). The poor boy was all red in the face, did he know? “How come your face is so red? Did you forget to put on sunscreen?” If so, Zoryn had some extra in her bag! She was being ALL sorts of helpful today!!


OMG Derf!!!! ‘Cept he was heading straight towards Abey, which meant Zoryn would have to go bother them both in a minute and settled for a wave instead. She’d let them have their time. SEEEEEEEEE so thoughtful. Zoryn Spinnet had really turned a new leaf over the summer. WHO WAS THIS GIRL???


Such maturity.

Instead, the Gryffindor went running straight towards, “SIIIIIIIGHHHHHHHH-MOAN!!” Wait a minute, “Uh, no offense Simon… But what the heck are you wearing?” She made a VERY pointed face at his… attire. “Please tell me you’re gonna take that off now.”

Zoryn would get him in the pool either way, but it’d be much better if he had less of… that on.
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removing the tie entirely now Simon looked up when he was greeted by the host of the party. "Hi, Zita." He then quickly shook his head in instant protest at the idea of wearing another man's clothes. Nope. No. Never. Even if they were properly washed, then pressed. Also who would make sure they fit if they didn't? None of them were allowed to perform magic so transfiguring them to match his rather slim size seemed impossible at this time. "I like it very much right here. Under the Umbrella in the shade. I can see you all enjoying the party just fine and that is good enough for me." He rolled up the sleeves of his white collared shirt next. Then looked back to Zita. "Is. Chloe here?" Maybe he would change his mind if Chloe Kettleburn was at the party.

It was only once he finally had his sleeves rolled up that he saw. Derfael, and Abey, and Théo, and Abey, and Abey and...Abey came to the Party! Sweet Merlin. Abraham Botros came. Simon tossed his glasses back on and began to hurry over to the Gryffindor whom he missed very much since he left Hogwarts Early.

But froze in place when he heard her voice and she blocked his path forward. "Z-Zoryn....I no. I was wearing a...Tux...but um. It was too hot. so..." He extended his arms out and and looked down at himself to reveal that now he's just in remnants of what once was a full suit. "Yeah. Hey it's cool that you're here." he smiled at her. "So is this pool better than Professor Hirsch's office pool or worse?" No offense meant to Zita's pool of course.
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So looked at Simon like he was a bit crazy. He was ni interesting one. One that she weirdly enjoyed being around. He was an interesting friend, but if he ever shook her image doing weird things like this he'd have to be her secret friend or something. She looked around to see how the others reacted to him. He seemed popular enough, so popular enough to stay, but those Blaze boys, they were going to have to go. Chloe? She looked around, [b] "She should be here, but I don't think she is yet. Which hello why wasn't she here yet? Girl better get moving.

Once she was in the pool after the kiss she let her eyes go to Derf first and then they hit a wide-eyed Soraya. Nope, no, nope, she wasn't that type of girl and she hoped Soraya saw all of the situation to realize why she ended up doing that. She remembered things from the sleepover and she wasn't going to say anything here, but she would be talking to her girl later.

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