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South Side From Gringotts Wizarding Bank to Madam Primpernelle's, there are numerous shops to visit and places to socialise.

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Old 01-08-2021, 02:31 AM
sweetpinkpixie sweetpinkpixie is offline
Default Espresso Patronum

Located on the South side of Diagon Alley in London, past a number of other shops you notice a quaint building. It is a café in this fairly busy part of section. What makes this different from the other shops? Their logo for one, resembling a wispy stag that moves every now and then in the window, illuminating from a quite distance in the evenings. One can't help but chance a glance as they pass by.

Approaching the café you get a large sense of security as a warm haze falls over you upon entry. There were tables outside the place, where diners could have their meals and chat among themselves as well as indoors. Heading on the inside you are greeted with the sight of many Patronuses floating throughout the walls behind the other stag logos of the café. The flooring a pleasant velvet red, further emphasizing the pleasant warmth one would experience whether for a quick stop or a romantic scenery.

Floating around you see the wispy forms moving around the walls featuring creatures such as phoenixes, zebras, otters, horses and many other magical creatures. Perhaps your own will join the walls if you stay long enough? The tables are compact and decorated with candles that automatically light up keeping the darkness at bay. Along with additional small booths near the back for more privacy. The Menu illuminates right behind the counter as you approach to order. As soon as you sit, you can't help but feel as if you're right at home.

Text Cut: Inventory
Breakium Emendo
*items served all day
- Apple & Berry Bircher Muesli - 11 Sickles
- Cheese / Chocolate Twist - 12 Sickles
- Croissant - 13 Sickles
- Fruit Salad - 14 Sickles
- Porridge - 12 Sickles
- Yoghurt - 13 Sickles, 10 Knuts

Deluminating Delights
*side choice of chips/crisps/rice
- Bacon, Brie & Cranberry Panini - 1 Galleon, 2 Sickles
- Dragon Feast Handcrafted Panini - 1 Galleon, 2 Sickles
- Ham & Chimera Spiced Chutney Sandwich - 1 Galleon, 5 Sickles
- Pigs on Blankets Totalus Melt - 1 Galleon
- Veggie Fidelius Flatbread - 1 Galleon

Felix Felicis
*choice of cream/sugar/milk
- Cappucino - 11 Sickles
- Caramelatte - 13 Sickles
- Cortado - 12 Sickles
- Espresso - 12 Sickles
- Hot Chocolate - 10 Sickles
- Latte - 11 Sickles
- Mocha - 11 Sickles
- White Chocolate Mocha - 12 Sickles, 1 Knut

Salvio Sweets
*choice of sprinkle/syrup topping
- Lemon Posset - 13 Sickles, 9 Knuts
- Mince Pie - 16 Sickles, 5 Knuts
- Salted Caramel Cake - 14 Sickles, 6 Knuts
- Salted Caramel and Hazelnut Brownie - 14 Sickles
- Tiramisu - 15 Sickles
- Torte - 14 Sickles
This shop is NOT STAFFED and has a NPC shopkeeper.
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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

Yes. It was all good! In fact his tongue was just mostly tingly at the moment and not in an ouch sort of tingle either. His tongue sure felt a lot more smooth in in places that it really should not be. Those little bumpy things grew back though, right? He sure they did seeing as this was absolutely not the first time he had done this to himself and his tongue had been perfectly bumpy until this incident.

He did not return to his own drink just yet though, but Gabrielle was one of the most pleasant of distractions and he adored catching up with her. "That's great." He was really REALLY glad that these two had found each other in the mess that had been Hogwarts dynamics. "In case it wasn't obvious, I'm a huge fan of you two," he added with a smile. "I'm thinking of taking Eliza somewhere too...once the album drops. Well, the third single first which...I feel like I'm constantly fighting with my manager about...and then the album...won't be touring again until maybe next summer, maybe." That is if any bands or solo artists asked him to open for them again. He wanted to go on a solo tour and everything was pointing to him being able to do so, but he couldn't help but feel like he hadn't quite paid his dues yet in the industry.
"In case it's not obvious, I'm a huge fan of you," Gabrielle joked. She didn't reallt know Eliza that well, honestly, and maybe it was something that she should work to change. Or maybe it was the manifestation of all of the maybes she'd always had in her brain.

Obviously she loved Leighton more than anything, and he made her feel seen in a way that no one else could. But it would be silly to pretend that she hadn't had a crush on Josh when they were at school. Honestly, though, she'd had a crush on most of her friends at one point or another, something she'd learned to blame her hormones for. So yes, getting to know Eliza better was something she needed to do. "We should go on a double date, sometime," she even offered, wiggling a little, her hair bouncing around her head.

Gabrielle had always been comfortable, and it was only when she'd moved in with Leighton that she'd had to tighten the purse strings and learn how to spend and save a pay check. It hadn't been difficult, but as Josh talked about his next album and touring, she couldn't help but feel a small pang of jealousy. Not for herself, per say, but for the things she would buy Leighton and the places she would like to take him to if it wasn't for money.

Leighton deserved the best of everything, really, and there were times when Gabrielle hated that she couldn't give it to him.

But it didn't matter, because any momentary jealousy she felt was always going to be over shadowed by the pride and excitement she felt for her friend. Gabrielle's hair was a mane, and right then it was also a law unto itself as she practically buzzed with happiness. "I'm excited for it, you know," she said as he mentioned the single. "But why do you keep fighting? Can your manager not see how good your are?"

If they couldn't, Gabrielle was happy to have words!
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He may have blushed a little, he couldn't quite help it. It was just ... ace to have friends like Gabrielle who had known him back when he was dorky and just another face in the crowd. Now, well, he still was dorking and sort of just another face in the crowd...but with a wrock career. Eliza had kept to very different circles at Hogwarts, partly due to the fact that she was a year above them both and partly because she had no time for a lot of the nonsense they had all gotten themselves into. Which, to be fair, was more what he had relayed about his nonsense with Luz and her sister and then Spencer debacles and...well...mostly Josh had been messy with a whole bunch of stupid sauce. In any case, there was a big goofy smile in place and his posture straightened a bit. "I'm a pretty big fan of you too...and we totally should double date sometime."

Maybe once he was done with all this...album drama he kept falling face first into.

Sighing a bit, Josh leaned back in his seat and stretched his legs out forward a bit. "He keeps saying the song and how I want it arranged does not fit the's too angry and I should stick to the boy next door vibe," he explained while running a hand exasperatedly through his hair. "It's angry...and raw...false promises and false affections...I wrote it a little after the thick of all the...drama...had settled for the most part and I was able to look back and reflect a bit."

red, red desert, heal our blues; I dive deeper for you..............
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all these moments with you...
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