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Old 06-01-2024, 10:58 AM
sweetpinkpixie sweetpinkpixie is offline
Default The Ministry of Magic RPG Placement is now CLOSED

The placement period has now closed The Ministry of Magic forums will reopen soon.

Please join the department head team in welcoming these members and their characters to their respective departments:

Charely Potter

AlwaysSnapesGirl [student intern]

Charely Potter



Nordic Witch


And be sure to check out all the new and old faces in the Ministry Employee Files or make sure your own is up to date for the coming IC year here on Snitchseeker

Text Cut: previous announcement
Are you of at lease 17 years of age and seeking employment? Why not consider a future with the Ministry of Magic?
It's the holiday season (IC December) in the SnitchSeeker site-wide RPGs and that means that the Ministry of Magic is going on a brief hiatus and closing its doors (meaning members will no longer have access to the Ministry of Magic RPG forums although IC the Ministry would still be open for operation and employees still hard at work) until placement comes to an end. This means that from now until June 15th you can have up to two adult characters apply for a job at the Ministry of Magic simply by filling out this placement questionnaire. Prior to submitting your questionnaire, make sure you are familiar with the Ministry of Magic RPG rules and general FAQ. And don't worry, the Ministry will be back up and operational once we ring in the New Year IC in the site-wide RPGs!

NEW to this placement period is the expansion of Ministry employees to the Ministry of Magic RPG!

You can now apply for IC (in-character) employee positions in the Ministry of Magic with up to 5 of your characters by filling out the placement questionnaire. Please see this thread for more information on this expansion to the Ministry of Magic RPG.

The questionnaire itself can appear daunting, so here is a very basic guide and example for how to fill it out. A Job Listings thread is also available to you to use as a reference. Remember that unless otherwise specified, this questionnaire should be filled out entirely in-character (IC)! The more information and detail you provide, the better!
Text Cut: example of a completed application

1. Name
Stanley Ophart

2. Age

3. Please list all forms of education, both wizarding and muggle, that you have completed or are pending completion. This information should include degrees, time, place, and any honors or titles you earned.
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; Gryffindor 2080-2087
WU Edinburgh (Cryptozoology/Magizoology and Behavioral Sciences) 2088-2092

4. Please include your OWLs, NEWTs, and any other notable examinations you have sat.
Ancient Runes: Class not taken
Arithmancy: Class not taken
Astronomy: A
Care of Magical Creatures: E
Charms: E
Divination: P
Flying: E
Herbology: O
History of Magic: A
Muggle Studies: T
Potions: O
Transfiguration: E

Ancient Runes: Not taken
Arithmancy: Not taken
Astronomy: A
Care of Magical Creatures: E
Charms: E
DADA: Not taken
Divination: Not taken
Flying: E
Herbology: O
History of Magic: A
Muggle Studies: Not taken
Potions: O
Transfiguration: E
OWLs and NEWTs are only one example of the information you can include here. If supplying OWLs and NEWTs scores, remember that it is not necessary to have perfect scores in all subjects in order to get a job at the Ministry of Magic. As a matter of fact, it helps us better place you if you give us strengths AND weaknesses. Knowing what your character is best in and what he/she isn't so great in helps lead us to the department best suited for your character.

If providing OWL/NEWT scores, please don't provide something like "6 OWLs, 5 NEWTS." We need to know the subjects to help us figure out which department is best for you. Possible test scores are as follows:

Pass Grades
Outstanding (O)
Exceeds Expectations (E)
Acceptable (A)

Fail Grades
Poor (P)
Dreadful (D)
Troll (T)
5. Please list all former places of employment. Include dates of employment and job titles.
Internship at Galloway Rehabilitation Reserve May 2088 – December 2091
Internship at George Glass’ Greenhouses: February 2091 – December 2092
Freelance nature photographer 2092 - 2096

6. Please list any additional skills or qualifications you feel pertinent to your placement in the Ministry of Magic:
Degrees in Cryptozoology/Magizoology and Behavioral Sciences from WU Edinburgh

"Picture of the Year Award 2094" by National Geographic

7. Please list your strengths and weaknesses.
Strengths: I'm really good and making and achieving goals I set for myself. Once I put my mind to something, I work hard at it until the job gets done. I'm very knowledgeable about anything dealing with the outdoors, and I have a deep care for the wildlife around me. I get along well with others and am comfortable working with a partner or a team or by myself.

Weaknesses: I don't like to stay in one place for too long; therefore a desk job wouldn't be right for me. I get bored with paperwork and if that's all I was assigned to do, I'd lose my ambition really quickly. I like to protect wildlife; however, I tend to shy away from jumping headfirst into dangerous situations involving people.

8. If you are applying for a specific position in the Ministry, please list it here.
I am not.

9. Please list any crimes, wizarding or muggle, including the nature of the offense, the date committed, and sentence served.
petty theft (Scribbulus Writing Instruments); June 7, 2094; paid a fine of 52 galleons

10 - 15. Select the radio button beside the option best fitting to your character

16. OOC: If you are already placed in the Ministry of Magic RPG and are applying for a chance to re-sort, please provide a few details as to why you’d like to change departments.

17. OOC: Please indicate the name and department of the character you are giving up.

Ministry Placement is a lengthy process for the Ministry of Magic RPG team as each questionnaire is first reviewed by a SSRPG admin and then by each respective department head, so please be patient after submitting. We're a thorough lot when finding the right job for your character, so it may be UP TO A WEEK before you hear back from us.

Who can take the Ministry Placement Questionnaire?
  • Members! All members can apply. You need only to get your ten legitimate posts first. No RPG experience required.
  • If you are not currently a Ministry employee and would like to be, then now is the time!
  • If you ARE currently a Ministry employee but wish to change departments and characters, retake the questionnaire using your new character.
  • If you ARE currently a Ministry employee with only one character at the moment and wish to more (up to 5 at this time), fill out this questionnaire. Please note that this will assumed to be the case for any member with only one character currently employed in the Ministry who fills out this questionnaire. If this is not the case, please specify so in the appropriate OOC field.
  • If you ARE currently a Ministry employee and wish to change characters within the same department, please contact your department head directly. There is no need to fill out this questionnaire.
  • Likewise, if you wish to have your current character considered for another job, a promotion, or another department, please contact your current department head directly or the SSRPG admin (sweetpinkpixie). Note that promotions will typically come IC from your department head with character longevity and reliability.

What happens after I take the Ministry Placement Questionnaire?
  • Your questionnaire will be carefully looked over by a SSRPG admin before being passed on to the appropriate department head.
  • Once the department head has your questionnaire, it is their turn to carefully look it over to assign your character an appropriate job within the department.
  • Once the department head has given your character a job, they will PM you welcoming you to their department and provide you with details on which position your character has earned.
  • After a SSRPG admin has received confirmation of this PM being sent by the department head, your Ministry of Magic tags will appear (if you are new to the Ministry). So keep an eye on your inboxes!
  • A new profile field has been added to your user pages to list all your Ministry employee characters if you wish to utilize it. These character names and their assigned departments will no longer appear in your postbit, however.
If you have questions you are free to ask them right here, in this thread. You can also contact any one of the department heads or a SSRPG admin via PM and we'll be more than happy to help

Good luck & happy placement! We look forward to hearing from you.
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Dark Force Defense League

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Logan Paton
Seventh Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Gillyweed Beery
Third Year

Ministry Department Head:
Franklin Paton
Law Enforcement

Ministry Department Head:
Tallulah Gamp
Accidents & Catastrophes

x8 x8
Bathes in Maple Syrup | Dancing Lobster | Mrs. Charlie Weasley | Seneca's Beard | That's So Fetch

Good luck on your Placements, everyone! Looking forward to seeing all of those faces (old and new) in the Ministry!

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Greer K. Murray
First Year
#heartsforhealthcare | Disney princess

What fun - I'll have to get back into the Ministry with the next sorting!
Days of Potter 2023:___________________________ Which Bertie Botts Flavour Are You?

You are Honey!
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