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Old 12-09-2017, 11:03 PM
sweetpinkpixie sweetpinkpixie is offline
Default Term 46 Yearbook Released!


The Yearbook Staff having been working away like busy little house elves yet again and are pleased to present a holiday treat: Term 46 Yearbook! Are you a new member and are curious to see what all goes on in the School RP? Or are you are an older member who is feeling a bit nostalgic and just wants to reflect the good ol' days of the 2092-2093 school year? Whichever you are, the wait is over and just a click away

With Term 47 now coming to a close, those busy yearbook house elves will be hard at work watching and recording everything soon enough. So, until next time!

Want to take a look at older issues? Those too are only a click away.

OH! Don't forget to hug a Yearbook house elf. They work so hard for all their membersies
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Kaysha Alexandra Stewart

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Megan Baines
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Ministry RPG Name:
Lucas Riley Hawthorne
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Everything looks BRILLIANT, guys!

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Ronan Victor Carter
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Kara Valentina St. Cloud
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*gives thumbs up*
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Old 12-10-2017, 01:00 AM   #4 (permalink)

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Cameron Tamesis
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Olly Emmons-Clarke
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Ooooh. It looks so pretty!! Congrats to everyone who made superlatives and awesome job everyone! <3
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Formerly: Meizzner

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Théodore Montmorency
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Alexander Brian Pappadeaux
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Leopold Dudemeister-Quackenboss
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Nolan Auberon
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Looks amazing guys!
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Türk Bilgini
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Dorian Katharos
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Kevin Hirase
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Ministry RPG Name:
Victoria Hyland
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Always keep the faith//~~Duckies~~// Non timebo mala

I always love reading the yearbooks

Great job everyone who worked on it
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Old 12-10-2017, 11:14 AM   #7 (permalink)
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Rylee Caelyn Prichard
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Addison Anders

Ministry RPG Name:
Evan Donavon
Panda Dance! l Purr! l Penguin Waddle! Charmander! l Banana! l Tiny Little Me!

It looks wonderful!

Great work to all the busy little elves that worked so hard on it! <3
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Old 12-10-2017, 02:18 PM   #8 (permalink)

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Chloe Michelle Adara

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Josephina Nairne
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Louise Hamilton
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*was wondering about this*

Great work to all you little Yearbook Elves! Looks so pretty
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Zoryn Spinnet
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Zander Adair
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Nikho Pham
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my name is ariana and i am 99.9% CONFIDENT that i am a gryffindor #rip

Job well done, y'all it was a super fun read!!! and graphics were lovely, as always
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Old 12-11-2017, 03:26 AM   #10 (permalink)

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Tristan Wayland

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Juno Star Darcy
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Isley Mae Tydings
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Awesome!! Loving those graphics!! <3

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Celestia J. Grimsbane

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Amelia Raventhorne
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Gryffindor for life Notorious Niffler

This turned out really well! Great job to all of my fellow Yearbook elves .

All credit goes to Kath/Pixie for making this!!
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Olivia "Vi" Holden
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Arabella Morgenstern
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Slytherindor ♛ The Crazytastic Besties ♛ Shan Watson ♛

WOAH! This IS incredible!! Amazing job to all the Yearbook elves!!
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Old 12-11-2017, 03:56 PM   #13 (permalink)

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Haraldur Baldvinsson

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Amelia Hartman
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Ministry RPG Name:
Presley Ross
Specialty Area

Diagon Alley Employee:
Stella Marie Reed
Daily Prophet News Reporter
a bit of madness is key | miss chanandler bong | those cunning folks use any means

As always, I'm BLOWN AWAY at how talented you guys are! Amaaazing work, everybody involved!

Sit back, relax, and get ready to explore the mind of our dear old-not old old-Mr. B.
tyvm, we appreciate this, it's a sensitive topic <3
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Old 12-11-2017, 04:57 PM   #14 (permalink)

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Laurel Vance

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Sophie Connolly
Magical Creatures

Ministry RPG Name:
Jacob Radford
Games & Sports
Swedishfish Girl! Madame Librarian! Jess's Soul Sister! Sweetest Swede!

You've put together an amazing yearbook issue. Great job all yearbooks elves! The graphics are super pretty and Laurel liked how her interview/article turned out.
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Old 12-11-2017, 10:01 PM   #15 (permalink)

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Kirk Tristan Forsfelle
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Luc Serge Auditore
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Ministry RPG Name:
Val Étienne McLeod

Diagon Alley Employee:
Bradley Antonio Davidson
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You Yearbook elves did amazing work (as always). I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.
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Old 12-13-2017, 08:31 AM   #16 (permalink)

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Natalie Mills
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Yet another fantastic edition. Well done to all the Yearbook elves
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Nathan Hale
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Great article!
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