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Old 07-15-2009, 04:29 PM
rogue77 rogue77 is offline
Cool The Half-Blood Prince (2009)

I just saw the movie at the midnight showing and it was awesome. I was surprised at how close it was to the book. Although they left out some interesting parts about Voldemort's past, they left the most important in. I thought Tom (Draco) did a terrific job and I was thrilled to see as much of him in the films as ever before. As usual, Dan, Rupert, and Emma did amazing jobs as well. Overall the film was really terrific and I will probably see it again. So who else has been lucky enough to have seen it already? What did you think?
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Mrs. S.O'pry ♥ // Mrs. Padalecki's BFF // Mrs. J.Kazama ♥ // I'mAGleek

I haven't seen it yet but can you tell how much 'Snape' moments were in the movie?

I am dieing to watch it..... eeeeeeeek tom (draco) and alan (snape)
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I thought the movie was AH-MAZING!But i really thought there should have been more teenage randomness.Like a scene where Ron would see Cormac and Hermione awkwardly holdin hands or a scene where Ron would be running away from Lavender or somethin.But other than that it was great my fav thing from the WHOLE movie had to be this conversation "What do u think Dean sees in Ginny?" "Well I don't no...she's smart,funny,attractive" "Attractive?" "She has" "Skin?...Hermione has nice skin." "Sure...i never really thought of that though"
That was hilarious!And i just loved Ron playing qudditch,he was really bad at first,which was SO funny!
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Lupin's ♥ for Tonks
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Default *spoilers*spoilers*spoilers*spoilers*spoilers*spoi lers*spoilers*spoilers*spoilers*
GLEEk Magic Picture Finder

If you haven't seen the movie, then perhaps you should stop reading at this point--

However, if you have given up on the movies, like I should have after Prisoner of Azkaban, then by all means keep on reading. Here's my rant on why I didn't like the movie so much--

1. The beginning - why the hell did it start with Harry and Dumbledore at the MoM having a photoshoot. That's so not where OotP left off, so it was the most random beginning to any movie.

2. I get that they wanted to add a big dramatic scene of the muggles/wizards being caught up in the war and the bridge being torn apart. The Millennium Bridge is pretty prominent and well recognized and visually it was pretty cool, but at least do a follow up (not in the Daily Prophet), how 'bout we stick with the book and use the actual Minister!

3. Quidditch - I love Quidditch. It's amazing to watch and it's a neat story. But, the tryouts taken from OotP was a bit annoying. If you're going to keep Quidditch out of one of the books, then it doesn't make that much sense to make a big deal of it in this one. It took up space and took away from more important things from the story.

4. Tom Riddle - You have got to be kidding me??? The bulk of HBP is going in depth with Voldemort and how her became so evil, even before he was even born. How could they cut out the scenes of the House of Gaunt. It's one of the most interesting of scenes and really helps establish the beginning of an evil. Also, when Voldemort asks for a job at Hogwarts has it's significance to and it's that last moment that you see Voldemort with the slightest bit of humanity. Though little orphan Voldemort, played by Hero Fiennes-Tiffin was excellent. This young talent made your skin crawl. He definitely stepped it up and you could see a bit of Uncle Ralph shine through. He definitely hard a dark quality about him. The Slughorn scene with Tom was just average. I liked the teenage Tom in Chamber of Secrets much better.

5. Stop changing the look of the pensieve! First Harry goes in and it's like he's part of the scene. Not he just sticks his head in for a long period of time (you'd think he'd drown!) and it's all smokey looking. Stick with one look. It gets annoying after awhile.

6. Was it any more obvious that Harry is a Horcrux? All during DH I kept going back and he or isn't he? I liked the suspense, but deep down inside I had a feeling he was. So, when Dumbledore is talking about the ring and then Harry goes to touch it...Harry gets all these Voldie flashbacks and then did the neck twitch thing and then the ring goes all spinny. I think that totally gave away that they were connected and clearly meaning that he was connected to Voldie soulfully.

7. Harry/Ginny - Um...WTF? Could there be any less chemistry. I think the actors could have pulled it off if they stuck with the book, but the writing was just bad with it. It's like this big pivotal moment that you don't really see coming, but there's this big build between the two of them. I think the flirting with the waitress at the beginning took away from it. And there were hardly any moments where it was just Harry and Ginny to establish he was starting to like her. It felt very forced, with Hermione constantly bringing it up to the point where it was annoying. Also, they really bond more over the book because she knows what it's like to be possessed by a book and how it can have power over you. Ginny never really showed concern about Harry and the potions book, like in the actual HBP book. And then to top it off Ron is okay with it, but not until the end. In the book, it creates a bit of tension, but it smooths out in the end. But, kind of sets the tone of H/G's relationship.

8. Lavender/Ron/Hermione - I liked Lavender, I think Jessie Cave did a pretty decent job. I just think there were a lot more funnier moments and lines in the book between those two. I just didn't like how they didn't set it up for why Ron was really doing it. Hermione had Viktor, Harry had Cho, it was time for Ron to get a little snogging. I liked the reference to Viktor in HBP as well. It creates more jealousy. I think Emma Watson pulled off the jealousy well for the most part, but again it felt a bit to forced and at times over the top. Plus, when she took Cormac to Slug's party, how the hell would it make Ron jealous. I think there should have been a moment where Ron saw them leaving the common room together or something to show a bit of jealousy with Ron.

9. Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes - well this scene was practically ruined since GoF. The fact that it never established that Harry was their benefactor... it just fell short. It was a bit of a calm before the storm moment, but again it was a useless scene that took away from the bulk of the story. There could have been a lot more funny moments like "Why Are You Worrying About You-Know-Who?You SHOULD Be Worrying About U-NO-POO -- the Constipation Sensation That's Gripping the Nation!" Everything I loved about that scene in the book was completely stripped down.

10. Tom Felton = Best Performance in the Entire Movie. I felt like he really took Malfoy to a defeated state. You could see that he was torn throughout the movie, but I think the writing fell flat between him and Dumbledore. He showed some great emotion, I just felt like if they stuck closer to the book it would have been loads better. It was just annoying that Harry wasn't more upset with what Draco was doing, to the point where he was obsessed and that took away from him getting the memory from Slughorn.

11. Bellatrix/Death Eaters/Narcissa - So, for people who didn't read the book they're going to be like, "Who's that hairy guy hanging with the Death Eaters?" Well that would be Fenrir Greyback, the most dreaded werewolf, who bit Lupin, but they never really established who he was, just a hairy guy. And just cause you play a werewolf doesn't mean you transform to kind of look like one in human form! I mean look at Lupin! What the hell was with Narcissa's hair?!? The blonde/black look was a no go in my book. She looked hideous! She's a bleach blonde, and the Malfoys are this bleach blonde little family. I can just say thank goodness Helen McCrory didn't play Bellatrix. Helena Bonham-Carter can hardly do no wrong, but I felt like she could have been a bit more crazy like in OotP. I like how she took on the role as Draco's mentor, but that was about it. Also, at the end of the book, there's this big fight scene between Aurors and Death Eaters and that was not there at all. The Death Eaters just walked freely about doing there thing and nothing seemed to happen. I kind of figured from the moment Harry drank all the Liquid Luck that it wasn't going to happen, but I guess they left it out so a battle at Hogwarts will seem more dramatic in DH. And why the hell did they need to burn down Hagrid's Hut? More randomness!

12. Snape - He is one of the most important characters in this book, hence the title "Half-Blood Prince." First of all, they didn't really go into all the research of who the HBP was. It was annoying, I mean it is in the title and it's kind of a big deal. Also, that little hush hush moment between Harry and Snape, before he goes off and kills Dumbledore was just so incredibly awkward. No one is supposed to know Harry is there. It took away from the shock that he was the one to kill Dumbledore. Also, Dumbledore should have been begging a bit more. When I read it I was like OMG, Dumbledore is begging for his life and it shows. Maybe it was Michael Gambon's fault on this, but it's really important in DH! Also, when Harry goes after Snape and the whole "Fight back, you coward!" It should be followed by one of the greatest lines in the book, "DON'T CALL ME A COWARD!" But no, let's just cast a spell that knocks him off his feet and leave. And the fact that Snape revealed that he was the HBP, just didn't have a dramatic effect like it should have.

13. Why did they add the scene where the Death Eaters attacked the Weasleys over the holidays? It was completely pointless. It made no sense. What were they trying to achieve with that scene? It also felt weird that Arthur told Harry about the cabinet...hello, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, shouldn't that have confiscated it! It was just a bit to obvious to what was about to come. The only thing that was somewhat significant they kind of/sort of established Tonks and Lupin had a relationship...which brings be to:

14. Lupin/Tonks, my favorite couple, but not in the movie! It was never firm they had a relationship. And it felt really weird that Tonks calls Lupin "sweetheart." In the book, Tonks' hair isn't a vibrant shade of pink and you know something is going on, but you think it's because she was morning Sirius. It's not until the end (in one of the BEST scenes of HBP, the Hospital scene), where you realize that they are in love and despite what has happened love can prevail in the most difficult of times. They have this chemistry and fire between one another and it just wasn't there. I am incredibly disappointed. And it's not until Dumbledore's funeral that you know if fact that they are going to be together.

15. Dumbledore's Funeral - WHY?!?!? WHY?!?!? It's such a vital scene and would have made such a greater impact on the ending. It was weird enough with the all wands in the sky moment, but why didn't they add it. It shows what a great man he was and what he meant to the wizarding community. Also, he's the first Headmaster to ever have been buried there and with his wand! It doesn't just sit in his office. Not only doesn't it show what a tremendous wizard he was, but there were other elements to that chapter as well. I was expected to get maybe a little teary-eyes, but no. It was just not as dramatic that was necessary. It showed Tonks and Lupin were definitely a couple and led to their relationship would go further in DH. Also, the scene with Harry and Ginny was really really important. I guess it wouldn't be that relevant cause they didn't really go in depth with relationship in the movie, but it's just so moving that Harry says he has to leave her to protect her. It just would have been such a greater ending to the movie, rather than have the trio have their (now tradtional ending) moment alone.

This is just a few of the many problems wrong with the movie, but I thought I would share. I'm sure I will think of more the more I dwell on it. I was incredibly disappointed, but I guess that should have been expected. I'm going to go and read all the books to redeem Harry Potter and truly remind me of why I love it so much! I hope you enjoyed my little rant, whether you agree with it or not. I just had to get a few things off my chest!

Final rating: 2 out of 5. It was slightly better than OotP. And that says something.
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I thought the film was excellent. There were a few things I wish WB had left in or changed a bit, but overall I loved it. It was a lot funnier and lighter than some of the previous films, but I think it worked.

Things I wish were different:
-Ginny hiding the Potions book. How is Harry going to know where to find the diadem now?
-Ginny and Harry's kiss. I wish they kept it the same as the book. I would have loved to see that.
-Dumbledore not freezing Harry on top of the tower. It makes Harry seem not like himself to just stand there while Dumbledore is going to die.
-I wish they kept in Bill and Fleur. Without them, the Harry/Ginny relationship seems a bit rushed. If you only watched the movies and didn't read the books, I can imagine you thinking "Where did that come from?"

Things I loved:
-Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy. There was so much power and emotion in him. He was amazing.
-The cave scene. It was the creepiest part of the whole movie, which was awesome.
-Harry when he took Felix Felicis. That was probably the funniest part in the whole movie, which is saying something.

Despite what some people are saying, I think this movie has really gone above my expectations. I loved it, and can't wait for Deathly Hallows.
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Overall, I really enjoyed the film, however, I was left rather unsatisfied due to the extreame lack of action and violence. There was none at all really.

Tom Felton Perfect. He was absolutly brilliant and exactly how I imagined Malfoy to be in at this point in the story. I did find the Sectumsempra scene rather dissapointing though, not becuase of Draco who I thought was brilliant, I just thought the spell was bad. That is my favorite chapter in the entire series and I was rather let down as it wasn't as gory as I imagined it to be.

Harry/Ginny Can I just say WTF? They had no chemistry at all and I found it all rather cringy and awkward. If they had stuck by the book on this, it would have been so much better.

Snape He was hardly in it at all. There was no complaining really about him getting the DADA job apart from lack of applause when it was announced. They also didn't go into the search for who the half blood prince actually is and I over-heard someone talking on the bus home about who the half-blood prince was and why he was called 'prince'. This isn't explained at all.

Weasley's Wizard Wheezes It seemed rather odd as it was skipped from GOF about Harry giving them money. The Weasley family have always been very poor, how would they afford to buy a shop?

Arnold the Pigmy Puff Am I mistaken or was he meant to be purple? In the film, Ginny had a pink pigmy puff on her shoulder. This annoyed me slightly as how hard is it to make it purple instead of pink?

Ron/Lavendar/Hermione This was very nicley done. I thought Jessie Cave played a very good Lavendar, not how I imagined, but still very good. Emma Watson played the jelousy very well indeed and I liked how heavly it was hinted that she likes Ron.

Christmas Why did they burn the Burrow down? I actually had tears in my eyes at that point. How are they going to do the wedding etc in DH? I found it annoying that they'd added something in anyway with that whole battle bit outside the Burrow but they didn't have to burn it down aswell!

Cave This was done pretty much how I imagined it. I did get annoyed when a man sat next to me said "Look, Zombies" when the Inferi appeared but I suppose that's just a pet peeve of mine

Dumbledores death It wasn't as long and dramatic as it should have been. It sort of just happened without much of a conversation between Dumbledore and Draco.

Lack of end battle I was very dissapointed, although I knew it wasn't going to be there due to previous reports, that it wasn't there. I did however find the alternative very nicly done.

Cho Chang It said at the end of the cast list on the credits that Katie Lung was in it. I didn't see her, can anyone please confirm where she was?

Helena Bonham Carter This woman cannot do anything wrong! I loved her performance so much, she is just how Bellatrix should be.

Unbreakable Vow Helena gave a fabulous performance throughout this scene, as did Alan Rickman, however, Narcissa was very dissapointing. Not at all how I expected her to be and also, why did she have a big brown steak on top of her hair and only blonde underneath? That really annoyed me. I suppose I expected Narcissa to be much prettier than Helen is, therefore it didn't really work for me.

Horcrux's I was very dissapointed that they didn't include the other two memories. They both contained key information of what they other Horcrux's are. How will Harry know what to look for in DH?

Evanna Lynch She, along with Helena Bonham Carter, completly made the film for me. She was absolutly perfect as Luna and I loved the idea of her finding Harry on the train instead of Tonks. Although I would have liked to see more of Tonks, I didn't mind the alternative at all!

I really hope that the lack of action is just building up to a spectacular finish and hope that DH will be absolutly filled to the brim with violence and darkness.
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I must say that I absolutely loved this film. I thought it was very nicely done and the actors were wonderful. I especially loved Alan Rickman, Rupert Grint, Helena Bonham Carter, and Evanna Lynch. Their performances were outstanding. Emma Watson has also improved on the acting as well as Daniel Radcliffe. Michael Gambon was actually really good as Dumbledore in this movie. Overall, I really liked the movie.
R/Hr, Rupert/Emma, Harry/Ron, Dan/Rupert. <3
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Here is my poorly typed review.

This movie really was

Okay just KIDDING!...
I thought it was it was AMAZING

Great film, Tho I did have my complaints, 30 more mins added on with the right stuff and a few changes here and there it could of been a masterpiece, but it was still freaking good. I went to this film feeling VERY worried/disappointed due to what I knew was cut and a few peoples negative reactions that saw it a few days ago, even tho I was following the film for quite awhile knowing most stuff, but slightly excited, and I came out very impressed + I sounded like a 8 yr old talking bout the movie on the way home *shrugs* The whole movie It reached a whole new level of maturity to me that the other 5 didnt quite have, which is really good.


The Humor & the Romance: I thought it had a proper amount, listening to some of the complainers about this movie for awhile made me think that there was a horrible digusting amount in it but in my opinion there wasnt, which suprised me thankfully, I didnt find any of the comedy cheesy at all, I thought it was done very well suprisingly.

The Level of Darkness: When hearing about all this romance and comedy, I was afraid that the movie wouldn't have this darkness feeling through out the whole film, but again I was wrong, It felt really dark for pretty much the whole film :cool:

Acting: everyone was GREAT, I dont feel like going into that alot tho, I'm lazy
Tho Hero and Frank Dilliane is a VERY GOOD Tom Riddle, I prefer Dilliane over Coulson

The Ending: Wasn't as terrible as I heard, probaly best ending in my eyes since PS/SS

Sectumsempra: Was impressive, I thought it was going to be terrible and SERIOUSLY dumbed down, I was really suprised with how much blood they added they did a good job.

Katie Bell: that was totally creepy, wasnt expecting it to be as good as it was, and the way she hit the ground like that wow.

Music: was really done well, Good Job Nicholas Hooper! I no longer really want John Williams back even tho I think he did amazing with the 1st 3 films for the most part, but sorry I want Hooper now

Cinematography: FANTASTIC, a real shame Bruno Debonnell isnt comming back for Deathly Hallows, Eduardo Serra better do a good job.

Effects: Brilliant! the Inferi they did very well also, AND THEY DO NOT LOOK LIKE GOLLUM look closer pplz! they might have small similarites but overall.. just no..and take a look at gollum again..I suggest google

Quite a few scenes we're really really emotional as well
Very beginning, Slughorn at Hagrids (I think), definately drink of despair, and and the tower and dumbledores death.

I felt sad in quite a few scenes, I didn't cry tho, almost did haha, they did an amazing job with that.

And liked everything else not in the Complaints section for the most part... blah blah


Some are just silly little things

The Dark Mark: Sounds like a silly complaint, but really come on, they left out the snake tongue, which I really like..was kinda a bummer the rest of it was good tho..

Milennium Bridge: The bridge came after 1996/97 *Sigh*

Lines I missed:
"I'm not worried, I'm with you"
"You may have your mothers eyes, but your as dim as your father"
"Don't you smell clean"

Oh if you truely payed attention Greyback did speak at the tower I believe, so all his lines werent cut, unless it was another male death eater... :relax:
but I think it was him

Half Blood Prince: They could of put a little bit more in the Half Blood Prince Line, not awhole lot tho, but it wasnt as bad as ppl are making it out to be in my opinion.

Horcuxes Explaination: They could of explained the horcruxes more and what they might be and for longer definately, but my Dad which is a non book reader and Sister understood them decent I believe. They could of mentioned that he was interested in things from Hogwarts too, and they should of showed the diadem in the room of requirement.

They shortend VERY GOOD scenes a tiny bit too much.

Missing Memories: I can care less about the Gaunts (I dont think it would of done well in a movie), but I liked the others, and believe they should of had the Cup Memory and the one of Tom Riddle asking Dumbledore for a job, but thats just my opinion.

Dursleys: Could of been in there and Dumbledore mentioning 12 Grimmuald Place and Kreacher. (I knew this for awhile tho no biggie)


But yeah quite a good movie

About the PG thing, It did deserve a PG-13 Rating I think, I was really impressed yet again with the things they got a way with and gave it a PG.

This REALLY goes to show how I shouldn't listen to other people opinions about movies and see for myself.

This is my new favorite, but like I said before 30 mins with some changed and added stuff it could of been even more awesome.

I have high hopes for Deathly Hallows after this movie, and I think things they messed up or not mentioned in this movie will be fixed and added there.

8.9 out of 10 for me
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You made some excellent points unicornkeeper07. I did think the Harry/Ginny relationship was rushed too much. It's like one moment she's with Dean and then she's cheating on him with Harry. They didn't even mention that Ginny and Dean broke up. I really loved Tom's (Draco) scenes. He stole the show. His performance was brillant. Luna's scenes were awesome and her outfits had me cracking up. Gotta love her character. Of course HBP will never be perfect, but I thought it was pretty good. Hopefully like some of you said, they will show more action in the last movie. Maybe they truly are saving the best for last.
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Ok, I went to the midnight show and was very excited, but a little apprehensive because I thought it may disappoint like OotP. Anyway, I agree with alot of what unicornkeeper and caity crucio said.
* I didn't like that they didn't start at the Dursleys, that wouldn't have been a long scene and I would've liked to see Dumbledore tell them off like in the book.
* I thought Slughorn and Narcissa should've more closely resembled the book descriptions
* The scene at the Burrow was completely unnecessary and presents problems for continuing the story in DH
* I thought it was nice to have Luna find Harry on the train, didn't mind that it wasn't Tonks
* The special effects were very nice, though it seemed that they concentrated more on this than story substance (The cave and Katie Bell scenes were great)
* I hated that they had Ginny hide the book...Harry's hiding the book was crucial to him finding the diadem horcrux
* I think they should've put in the House of Gaunt just to show Tom Riddle's history more in depth
* There should've been a little more discussion between Harry and Dumbledore about the horcruxes and what the other ones were, like in the book other wise how will he know what to look for in DH
* The scene between Dumbledore and Snape on the tower before Harry came up to go get the locket horcrux w/Dumbledore was totally out of place and wasn't revealed until the Prince's Tale in DH
* Harry wasn't as broken up about Dumbledore as he was in the book
* I would've liked to see a small scene with Snape teaching Def. against the Dark Arts
* More about the Half Blood Prince and Harry's "obsession" with him instead of just always showing him with the book
* It could've been a waaaay better exchange between Harry and Snape after Dumbledore was killed

All in all, I liked the movie,but I think the screenplay writers should've been lovers of the book so that they would know what to keep and what to leave. Just small things here and there would've made it better

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All good points Hermoine's BFF. I totally agree that Harry wasn't that broken up about Dumbledore's death as in the book.
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Just to let everyone know, if posting spoilers, it might be nice to put everything under the spoiler cut Even though spoilers are kind of implied when reading movie reviews, some people still don't want to see them even if you put a spoiler warning

SPOILER!!: Rating underneath!

Ok, so here are my little thoughts on the movie

To start off--I don't really care for the Half Blood Prince book at ALL. It was my least favorite of the series, but I think that in the end it made for a pretty good movie.

Things I liked:
-Ron's love potion scene. I was laughing HYSTERICALLY during the entire scene--the words exchanged between Ron and Harry were even similar to the book, which I liked cause that was also my favorite scene in the novel. Rupert was absolutely the BOMB during the whole sequence, especially when he hugged Slughorn. I was all like "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" the whole time

-Tom's portrayal of Malfoy. I'll admit, I'm a bit of a Malfoy fangirl...he's so pathetic and wimpy that I end up feeling sorry for him a lot of the time. Anyways, I'm digressing...I thought Tom played him magnificiently. He was all broody and depressed and jumpy all the time, exactly like they described it in the books. And at the end when he was faced with the struggle of having to kill Dumbledore, I thought he did an AWESOME acting job there.

-Dumbledore's death. One of my main issues with OotP was that you didn't get any time to absorb what happened to Sirius. And then, in this movie, there was hardly any mention to him at ALL. I honestly forgot that Harry was supposed to be all moody and depressed over it (as he should have been). Luckily, in this movie, Dumbledore's death had a much greater impact on the audience, I think. I almost cried, to be honest Especially when they all held their wands up. I was a tad disappointed that they didn't have the funeral but, at least they had SOMETHING.

-Inferi. I see there is some debate to them looking like Gollum from all honesty, I think they DO look like Gollum at first, like in the trailer when you only get a glance at it, but once they start dragging Harry under you can see that they're definitely much more human-like than Gollum. There. That's my opinion on that Anyways, they were DEAD creepy and that was some really good special effects there

-Overall plot. As always, they cut a lot of stuff out of the book, but I didn't really miss anything that they cut this time around To me the memories were what made the book boring to me anyways, and it would have been unrealistic to think that they would end up putting ALL the memories in there. We had the ones that we REALLY needed. I think the whole Gaunt storyline would have messed up non-readers, leaving them in the theater like "Whaaaa who are they again?" so I really didn't miss it either. Plus, we know the writers will find a way to explain the cup and such in the next movie--we have two for DH, don't forget, so hopefully some of that time will be devoted to explaining things that were left unexplained in the movies.

-Fenrir Greyback. I know, this is a silly little thing to like, but I just thought he looked really creepy and wolfish and I was impressed, even if he didn't have a very big part. Just thought I'd share my opinion on that

Things I didn't like:
-Umm, Neville only had TWO lines. AND they made him a waiter? I was very disappointed...but then again, that's just me, and I'm a huge Matt fangirl, so everyone else probably doesn't care as much as I do

-The whole scene at the Weasley's where the house catches on fire and Bellatrix and Fenrir just pop out of the blue and start attacking...really now, we're supposed to believe that Harry could just run out into a field after Death Eaters and NOT get captured or something? And since when does the Burrow burn down? The only good thing about the scene was that it introduced us to Tonks/Lupin

-Lavender Brown. There was really nothing WRONG with Lavender and the way she was protrayed, she was actually really good. I think that seeing annoying old Lavender on screen was just irritating for me personally

-They cut out the scene where Cormac knocks Harry out with a bludger. Obviously not a necessary scene, but I thought it would have been funny to see on screen

-There was no flashing sign for U-No-Poo in the Weasley's shop, and that scene was really short and didn't do justice to the awesomeness that is WWW.

So all in all, I thought that the movie was pretty good--better than the book, at least 8 out of 10
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i really enjoyed the movie. of course, they had to leave out things from the book but it was abit disappointing that some of my favourite parts in the book were not there or had been changed, im sure everyone who has read the book feels the same way after watching the movie. the special effects were amazing! overall, it was really funny and extremely enjoyable. i am definately going to see it again! i give it: 8 out of 10
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Thumbs down

the movie "as a movie" was great.
as a book adaptation it was terrible.

im sorry but the director needs to be fired.

in the beginning of the movie was NOTHING like the book. and in a BAD way:

i think we all wanted to see the dursleys getting hit in the head by wine glasses
dumbledore NEVER told harry to keep his cloak on him at all times
dumbledore never compliments harry on his sirius death coping abilities
and the weaslys didnt knwo harry was coming.

now the end of the movie:

harry looked like a coward in the dumbledore death scene. in the book he was petrified it was OK. he had a choice but they just made him look weak.

the lack of dumbledores funeral was so STUPID. nuff said

now for just random stuff i noticed through the move

6 chasers not 3?
the look of the ring (horcrux) it was not "hallowy" ( no hallows simbol os sword mark)
what did they do to the hogwarts express?
why did harry use the instant darkness powder on said hogwarts express
they cut out bill and fluer
they cut out tonks and lupin
sectemsempra WAS NOT sword slashes as it was supposed to
a distinct lack of dobby and kreacher
and much more but im getting angry so.... ya.

now someone PLEASE explain the burrow attack???? they have that but no funeral. could Yates DUPR DE HURP any more?????

okay to the fangirl who i beleive will agree. the harry ginny love affair. done poorly and rushed, and the kiss sucked. personally i dont care but my mother made me mention it.

they put in the important scenes, but none of the minor scenes that made those important scenes make sense. like, they never explained about the inferi, so it was just like wth? Why is harry being atacked by Golem's mutated spawn? And how in the end of the movie we can just assume he told ron and hermione about the horcruxes because while they were never discussed amongst them, they were suddenly very well informed at the end

now they did SOME good. the potions scenes were perfect ( love and felix)
the acting was great
tom riddle was spot on
ron/hermiony/lavender love/jealous thing was great

other than the golem spawn the dumbledore cave scene was GREAT.


thats my rant

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I wish I could give a review, and I hope it's allowed to post here even without one. I just want to say how much I love reading everybody's reviews and I ESPECIALLY loved unicornkeeper07's review. Excellent job! I will probably feel exactly the same way when I eventually see it on Blu-Ray. I will not be seeing this one in the theater even though so many (including Rowling) have said this is the best one. Cheers!

EDIT: Oh, and please remember to rate this thread one to five stars, depending on how much you liked the film.
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Default *spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers*

Well, yes. Overall, I think this film was far FAR better than Order of the Phoenix. It was the best one, and David Yates did me proud, which is good, as I didn't think much of him after the mess he made of Order of the Phoenix.

Well, I'm going to comment on the things that I actually remember. Mostly on characters because there's too much of the movie to do it scene by scene.

Draco Malfoy - He was one of the best portrayed characters in the entire movie. Tom really did me proud, here. More so than in the other movies. I love the way that throughout the movie, Draco was always lurking behind corners and looking scared stiff of what he had to do. I really felt sorry for him, and I believed Tom's performance throughout. The end scenes with Draco were really powerful - he just looked so frightened, and you can tell that his heart was really not into killing. But he knew that he had to do it because of the Dark Lord. I cried when he did - I love Draco so much and it was so emotional. I can't really say anything bad about Draco - he was perfect in my opinion.

But what about his MOTHER!?!?!?!

Narcissa Malfoy - I was right. She was truly awful. I wouldn't say that the acting was bad - the acting was a lot better than I expected, but her hair just made me look past that. She really did look terrible - what Malfoy has BLACK and blonde!? Blonde was fine, Warner Brothers! Blonde was CORRECT. I also wanted her to sob more at Snape's feet like in the book - is it me, or in Spinner's end, did she look like she could hardly care less? This was her son that could have died, and I only saw, what, one tear?

Severus Snape - Alan is amazing! He can honestly do no wrong, especially in the Astronomy tower and Spinners End scenes! He paused in all the right places, and I could actually believe that he was feeling reluctant to the unbreakable vow. You can just see it on his face. I wish there was more of Sev - I would have liked to see him teach a Defence Against the Dark Arts class, but I suppose what we have is so brilliant that it doesn't really matter. Quality, not quantity. I also adore the way that he and Bellatrix show hostility towards eachother. It was exactly the way I'd imagined it. I could tell that Sev was annoyed when Bella was going around and touching everything. Haha.

Which brings me to the most wonderful character and actress in the whole movie...

Bellatrix Lestrange - What can I say? THANK YOU HELEN MCCRORY FOR GETTING PREGNANT. Helena can seriously do NO WRONG when it comes to playing Bellatrix. (Or anyone else, for that matter). Spinners End - perfect. Bella going around and touching everything was so funny! And it is such at Bella-ish thing to do. Seriously. Her facial expressions were spot on, and I could tell that she really was crazy. I'm so pleased that she got more lines this time. I can't get enough Bella! The Burrow scene was fantastic - but her breathing did freak me out a bit! I would NOT have wanted to be Harry just then...when she was hiding behind the grass. I seriously love her, and everything bad the happened was caused by her! Eg. Burning down of the Weasley's house AND Hagrid's hut! And destroying the great hall. Draco just looked like "Aunt Bella, please stop now, you're kinda scaring me" HAHA! When she was on the Astronomy Tower, she kinda scared me when she yelled at Draco lmao. But you gotta love her. it me, or did she sound slightly cockney? XD

Horace Slughorn - I've always been a fan of Jim Broadbent, especially after I saw 'Moulin Rouge'. He is a great Horace and Jim is actually exactly how I pictured him. The only thing that dissapointed me was that there wasn't enough meetings that involved the Slug Club, and I think he was drunk more times than he was sober. lmao. It was so cute when he gave the memory; when Harry was holding his hand, it touched me. And the way he spoke about Harry's mother. It was clear that he really cared about Lily.

Hagrid - Not enough of him, but it was HILARIOUS when he was drunk. Robbie acted it so well. I just wish there was more of him. I think David Yates does fail on Hagrid scenes. He was never in OOTP, either...even though he was away, but still.

Dumbledore and Harry - Well the movie was all about them. Don't hate me, but they are two of my least favourite characters. However, I think the relationship between the two of them was superbly acted, and I actually did tear up when Dumbledore was drinking the potion and begging Harry to make it stop. Micheal did himself proud in this film, as to be honest, I wasn't keen on him in the previous three films. I had always preferred Richard. The let down about this was that the memory scenes weren't...bulky enough. It was basically, "Come in. Here's the memory. Go away now" The lack of conversation at the beginning and the middle of the movie dissapointed me. It was the end where I really started to appreciate the acting from Dan and Micheal.

Ron/Lavender/Hermione - Lavender REALLY got on my nerves! And it was blantantly obvious throughout the whole movie that Ron and Hermione belonged together! I know it was all in the book, but it was made so obvious that it was really starting to annoy me. Jessie Cave didn't do a bad job, but I really really REALLY wanted to shoot Lavender in the head by the end of it. Emma's acting, however, was brilliant. A lot better than in the other movies, and I'm pretty sure her eyebrows didn't twitch once. XD Ron was just...Ron...perfectly acted by Rupert and exactly how I expected Ron to act.

Harry/Ginny - Everything but the kiss was really touching. The kiss was dissapointing. It lasted one second and that was it. Harry and Cho's kiss was better than that, and I actually prefer Harry/Ginny to Harry/Cho. The chemistry was good, but the kiss could have been a great deal better.

Other stuff -

Remus/Tonks! Where was that!? Tonks called him 'sweetheart' once! And those who hadn't read the book would be like "How the hell did that happen!?"

Lucius Malfoy - I was really expecting to see a picture of him in Azkaban. I had been looking forward to that and never got it!

Dumbledore's death - was really good. It made me cry and I hate Dumbledore. I can't fault it, it couldn't have been any better.

The ending - was the worst part. I was expecting so much more! It just randomly ended and I was like '"Is that it?" But oh well.

Overall, I rate the film 4/5. I've seen it twice and I really want to see it again! Best film out of the lot, despite it's bad points.

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I know everyone keeps yapping about how this movie is the best yet...but, GAH. I hated it. Not that I liked much of any other movie but...they were bearable. This just irritated me. The actors...the dumb jokes that weren't even funny...the way it skipped from scene to scene like freakin' hopscotch..and GAH, the ACTORS. I wanted to kill Watson and Wright during certain parts of it. There was absolutely NO tension buildup, and GOSH, it was embarrassing for the lot of them how forced it seemed! But, I'll shuttup about that now. Let's get to the good stuff first.

The bathroom/Sectumsempra scene: Hands down, my FAVORITE scene in ALL of the Harry Potter movies. It gave me chills and proved that if a scene sticks to its true nature from the book, it CAN be perfect. Every little detail from how misty the bathroom looked, the tension that you could feel bouncing right off Felton and shown in Radcliffe's responses...god, I was in cloud nine. It was tormenting, sure...but it got me so excited at the same time! I was practically jumping out of my chair by the end of it. Oh, and when Snape showed up and slowly healed Draco? I felt so complete? I don't know what it was! But, god, for the couple minutes that the scene lasted, I felt as though I had snapped inside the book. The crazy amount of emotions and the beautiful depiction of the two characters with the mix of subtle effects just blew me away.

Then, we come to the scene with Harry, Ron, Hermione, and...Ginny, sitting around talking about the dangers of the book. Except, they didn't! It was SO badly done that it made me really sick. It was NOT necessary for Ginny to jump in the picture if they didn't link her experience with Riddle's Diary and compare it to the Half Blood Prince's potion book. I mean, the previous scene was so intense and moving have it followed up with such weak debauchery...was just, EH. All you see is this prancy little redhead bouncing from place to place and "hiding" the book from Harry while sneaking in a kiss. Gah, give me a break. And, a freakin' barfbag while you're at it.

Ooops, I said good stuff first, didn't I? Sowwie, I couldn't help myself. We'll do one good and then one bad comment, I guess.

Hmm, second favorite aspect...RUPERT. I love him. I always have and this movie just proves that regardless of what's on the agenda, Rupert can take it, make it RON, and most of all: make it WORK. Every comment, every expression, every single MOVEMENT was carried out perfectly. I don't know if it's his acting ability, or just how similar he is to Ron but...if it wasn't for him, I would've walked out on a lot of the scenes.

Like, take for example...the scene where Hermione sees Ron and Lavender kissing. I can't blame Radcliffe...he handled it as well as he could, but..Emma just overreacts? It's not even that. I mean, Hermione overacts slightly in the books too flows. In the books, you sense how tormented she is within that moment. In the movie? It just didn't work.

My main point is that they threw in all of these little "real-life teenage" snippets that are meant to give us insight on relationship experiences but all that it does is make the actors look like they're forcing something that never really was. Something that had no sufficient plot or character support. Perhaps because there wasn't enough buildup but...I don't know. I'm not sure what you guys thought of the minute hints in OOTP with Ron and Hermione, but I think they worked. They weren't too subtle but then again, they weren't over the top. In this movie? They seemed so forced and it ruined what I thought was the purpose of the scenes from the book. I mean, weren't they there to show how amidst the disappearances and dangers outside of Hogwarts (not to mention, the crazy journey up ahead for the trio), momentarily, inside the walls, the trio were just regular teens that were compatible with the audience? This was not clear at all. It was so badly done that the scenes sprinkled throughout the movie veered way off scale. I'm so not looking forward to Ron and Hermione's kiss. And, the "moment" shared between Dan and Bonnie in the ROR? Sick-e-ning!

Hmmm, back to good, huh? Little Tom Riddle. We were spoiled a bit by the trailers but, it still blew me away. I even got the shivers when Dumbledore was leaving and Tom said something like, "I talk to snakes that normal for people like me?" It just oozed of creepy perfection. I was very sad to see that they didn't show the scene with the other two kids by the cave. I'd have gladly taken that over any "roman-sicken-ing" scenes that they threw in so distastefully. One thing that I didn't like...was teenage Tom Riddle. Sure, he was good enough not to irritate me but compared to how creepy and perfect the little one was? I was expecting more. Much much more. But, it was okay, I suppose.

Hmm, another good thing was how the Half Blood Prince book..looked. God, how it made me shiver when I saw it. Sure, that's a minor detail and you're probably thinking 'nitpick, much?' but the fact that it was exactly like how I had envisioned it...gave me that 'complete' feeling I was yapping about earlier.ZOMG! And the scene with Ron and Harry fighting for the newer-looking book in the cabinet? Talk about dying of laughter! That entire scene, come to think of it, was hilarious. Ha, and Emma's hair!

Hmm, now on to the bad. The movie is called HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE. Why the heck did it seem as though that was less important than the poorly-carried out 'teenage-experiences' between the actors? Now now, I understand that characterization is key to a great plot. But, the actors are so much better at portraying their characters by FOLLOWING a decent plot line and not trying so darn hard to act out scenes that don't have strong support. Whatever, I'll quit repeating myself.x]

Good thing now, huh? I'm running out of things to say...OOOOH, I know! Molly! I love her. And, I really wanted to tear up when Arthur yelled out, "Molly!" as he saw their house burst in flames. I literally did tear up when he finally came to her side and we caught a glimpse of the dazed expression on her face. It seemed so..fitting. It goes without saying that the previous scene with Bella and Fenrir was thrown together so poorly. However, when you saw Molly's face, it somehow (it was a LOOONG shot and could have been done better but...meeh, thank god for Molly being able to pull through on this little detail) linked everything. That things WERE changing. That people were being raided and forced to consider hiding out from the "bad guys". Up until that point, it just seemed that it hadn't hit us how bad things had gotten and at what pace they were moving. Not like the book, anyway. That realization finally came to me when I saw Molly's face. Like I said, it was a long shot and I know numerous others didn't catch on to it..but it made me forget how bad the previous scene with the death eaters was.

What I hated, minus the fire scene with the death eaters was GINNY. God, I LOVE cannon Ginny! But, Bonnie Wright just doesn't quite cut it for me. AT ALL. She does NOT seem brave (and if running after Dan was supposed to mirror that? You've GOT to be kidding me!), she has no chemistry with Dan, she doesn't seem to pull off how attractive and radiating Ginny's personality is, and overall, she hasn't been able to break through of her shell like we all had hoped.

Hmm, good? The scene with Aragog, Hagrid, Slughorn, and Harry. Hands down, my second favorite scene in the movie. I didn't care so much for the little fish comment where they're talking about pets and life. Slughorn says something like, "One day you're alive..and the next, POOF. I once had a fish that went poof too.." and then goes to say that the fish was given to him by Lily and that the day she died, it went 'poof', to which Harry goes on a mini rampant and ends with, "If you don't help, the fish bowl will always remain empty" or some crap like that. Was that in the book? I highly doubt it, but it never should've made it on screen. He was doing great up until that point. But, yeah, other than that little detail, the entire scene was great. :]

Hmmm..good, again. Err...Ron on the Quiditch field! Haha, a girl in theatre started whistling out of nowhere and then group of fan girls starting squealing, which led to the entire theater howling in laughter. Sure, it wasn't needed but, meeeh, I love I may be slightly prejudice. Bad? His relationship with Lavender. Sure, it was bearable, but it could've been so much better! None of it was amusing, like the book. It was just annoying. I mean, WON-WON was supposed to be FUNNY but she killed it. ;/ What was used of it, anyway. Oh, poo. Enough of that.

Now, on to the rest of the bad:

Tonks/Remus. -- Sweetheart? Seriously...SWEETHEART? Is that the best you twits could come up with? You take all your stinkin' time coming up with lame scenes between people who have no CHEMISTRY and then you butcher one of the most INTRIGUING couples by throwing in a lame comment like SWEETHEART? And, why is Harry not shocked by this? This was HUGE news! Speaking of which...Why was Tonks not at Hogwarts? What happened to the beloved OOTP? Sure, JKR sortof made it die out slightly in the books...but the spirit was still alive, behind the scenes! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Evanna and how perfect she is for the role of Luna and how she did in the replacing scene but...I wanted the scene from the book with Tonks!

On a similar note, you have NO idea how angry I was at how there was no mention of Sirius. He had JUST died and, all you see is Harry flirting with a freakin' waitress as one of the opening scenes. (real life teenage experience, d'oh! What's more real than grieving for the last real family member you had?!)STUPID STUPID STUPID SCREEN-WRITERS! Gah, I'll stop my rant about that and take back the stupid comment. They're not stupid but...their priorities were all wrong in this movie, in my opinion. -too sentimental about Sirius-xD

Anyway...what else? Everyone else has said it already but I can't help but praise them as well. Tom and Alan were amazing in their roles. I mean, I expected it from Alan and he's been fairly consistent with it throughout the movies, but Tom really outdid himself and shined in the limelight. He's definitely a great actor. :]

I'm getting tired of yapping so I'll cut this short (Uh...short in theory? ). There's a million other things I could go on about, but it all revolves back to the same thing: there were far too many useless scenes that worked against the characters and distracted from the beautiful storyline that JKR created.

Rating? Eh, I can't even rate it. Perhaps I need to watch it again. I don't know. But, if one more person IMs and goes, "Wasn't it the BESTEST HP movie, EVER?"...I will throw a fit, so be forewarned. :]

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Default Less Adventure, More Relationship Drama.....

I happened to see HBP last night with lot of anticipations and a thrilling show of magic and some spells like the earlier movies had, but the movie turned out to be something less than that!!

I mean, Voldemort is on the loose and people are getting killed, but the first half of the movie completely concentrated on Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione/Lavender relationship! I agree that it has been there in the book but JKR made it quite sure that the past of Tom Riddle, Half Blood Prince book were on the first priority and then only comes this relationships issue! But somehow I felt the movie edged towards the teenage relationships/jealousy/ crush problems!

I would have been very pleased to see more adventure and magic in this movie (non verbal spells start in sixth year!) and I badly wanted to see Snape in DADA class! the only class they showed in the movie was Potions.....that too only one!!!!

Dan looked stressed out in some of the scenes, Emma did a great job in whatever part she has got, and Rupert was funny at his usual self!! But the real worth is of Tom who played Draco, he brought HBP Draco to life! Alan as Snape was wonderful, Lupin couldnt get much oppurtunity to fight for the order, and so as Tonks.

I still didnt understand why did they keep the Burrow attack scene at all.
Ron was mysteriously absent in that scene.....where as Harry/Ginny were acting the heroes when better wizards like Mr.Weasley, Lupin were there!

They should have cut the Harry/Ginny romance thing a little and concentrated on the magic learning process....or the mystery of Half Blood prince book.....

As an ardent lover of the books and movies, I always say any HP movie is a real fun to watch!! But Books always come first for me!

Eagerly waiting for HBP movie to come out
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I really, really liked it :-) It was so funny and I can't wait to see it again. I loved the scenes when Ron was "in love" with Romilda and the one where Harry had taken Felix Felicis. So damn funny!!! And Rupert looked gorgious (as usual)! His Quidditch performance was great and the whole triangle between Ron, Lavender and Hermione... Wonderful :-)
And I think that Tom Felton did a phantastic job!!! Great performance. I felt really sorry for Draco (and he looked great in these black clothes!)
All in all it's definitively the best film - which means a lot as I already loved the other ones.
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I was EXTREMLEY disappointed by this movie. As a movie, it wasn't good and as a book adaptation, it was simply terrible. I felt like I was at a test screening. The movie was so choppy and the editing was terrible. If you hadn't read the book, there is NO WAY you could understand what's supposed to be happening. I had high expectations for this film, especially after the last one and how good the actors were becoming, but they ALL fell flat. And seriously, Narcissa? The entire scene all I could think about was "Oh my God, what is wrong with this woman's face?!" And that doesn't even begin to cover how I felt about her acting skills.

Back to the choppiness. Okay, so they delayed the movie eight months so it could sit on the shelf and collect dust right? Because they obviously didn't do anything to fix that. Plus, they had that time to fix all the terrible acting scenes. My biggest disappointment: Snape. There was no emotion in his ending scene. He just walked up to Harry and told him flat out he was the Half-Blood Prince, kicked Harry's wand out of his hand, and walked away, cloak billowing as usual, looking like a greasy, stringy bat. Whew!

I HATED the Ginny/Harry relationship in the movie. It was forced, rushed and poorly acted in my opinion. Plus, WTF was up with the pie scene? "Open up you." ?!?!?!?! TERRIBLE SCRIPTING. Ron/Hermione relationship ... a BIT better.

I almost missed Hagrid in this movie, as there was so little of him. Plus, what was up with the Katie scene? He just shows up out of nowhere, says some crap line with no emotion, picks her up, says some other crap line, and that's about it for Hagrid. Oh, and seriously, WHY DID THEY BURN DOWN THE BURROW?! That entire scene was just lame. They could have cut that out and put in Dumbledorre's funeral.

They didn't put enough important stuff in this movie. Harry has basically nothing to go on about the horcruxes, no idea where they are, let alone WHAT they are.

Okay, I think I'll talk about some of the things I actually did like. Draco. About the only character that developed fully for me. Tom did a FANTASTIC job this time round and I really felt it. Bellatrix. Helana Bonham-Carter is a wonderful actress and it was nice to see just how crazy Bellatrix really is. Although I really didn't get why she randomly lit Hagrid's hut on fire then jumped up and down cheering. I guess she just likes distruction.

The very last bit of the movie was pretty good for me. Dumbledorre's death was very well done and, yes, I did cry and snotted all over myself. I didn't really like McGonagall in this movie though. Mind you, I didn't really like anyone in this movie. Everyone felt fake, and because the scene's didn't transition very well (or at all) I was confused the entire length of the film.

The cave scene was pretty good. The inferi were okay, not great though. At first glance they just looked like Gollum clones going after Harry. I would have liked Dumbledorre to be more out of it and scream at the top of his lungs in agony. It would have been much more powerful. Although, he did do a good job.

Anyway, I can't give a rating right now. I'll have to watch it again to try to wrap my brain around it. Oh, and ignore the book like the producers do.

Edit: I expect a SERIOUS make-up for this with Deathly Hallows
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Default ***spoilers***

If you don't want everything ruined, stop reading now.

I know, it's all out of order... Sorry...

This movie... I can't decide whether I LOVE it or HATE it!
*Where did the photo shoot in the beginning come from? Dumb.
*Where did the lady with the afro come from? Dumb. Harry wasn't supposed to be looking for romance! I get that he's a teen, but really? He has more important things to be concerned about!
*Where's the Prime Minister? That was supposed to be the opening scene!
*Dumbledore's hand: What? Wrong! It was supposed to be all burned and withered! Dumb.
*The Burrow scene: WTF?? I hated that scene! It was pointless!
* Greyback: Who's that hairy dude? Great job explaining. Not!
*The train: I thought the part with Draco was flawless, but Tonks was supposed to find Harry, not Luna!!
* Hogwarts: Tonks was supposed to walk up to the gates and Snape was supposed to chew him out for coming after the gates were closed. Who wants to miss a great Harry/Snape squabble?? Not me!!
*They didn't explain ANYTHING about the Tonks/Lupin ship! I didn't even realize it was Tonks at first!
*Hogsmeade: I actually liked it that Draco gave the package to Katie, not Madam Rosmerta. It means that Harry was right, and that made me laugh
* The potions book: The book was supposed to play a more prominent role! Harry spent more time with it than worrying about Slughorn's memory!
* Old fury, but it still makes me mad that there were no house elves! Dobby and Kreacher were supposed to follow Draco around! And they never explained that Kreacher belonged to Harry!
* I actually LIKED the Astronomy Tower scene better than in the book! It egged on the idea that Snape was going to go defend Dumbledore when he talked to Harry. As for the "chase" scene after, the fight between Harry and Snape was immensely disappointing. There was no drama when the HBP's identity was revealed.
Draco: LOVE! His emotion was great! He played the role perfectly! I love the bathroom scene because you can tell he's fraying. And it is revealed that he's NOT like his father. Which I adored
Overall, There were many small faults, but I thought this movie was great
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Default spoilers spoilers spoilers

I didn't like the movie all that much.

Sure there were some funny moments, like when Harry is on the Felix Felicis (the pincers line was gooood).

BUT how could they leave out so much important information?!

- Not enough about Voldemorts past.
- Definately not enough about the horcruxes (and they are only THE most important part of the war against Voldemort).
- Why did the Death Eaters burn down the Burrow?
- The ending SUCKED majorly. Why no big fight? Where were the DA members and the Order of the Pheonix?
- No funeral for Dumbledore.
- Waaay too much romantic drama. This is basically what this movie was about.
- And I agree about the whole changing the look of the pensive. And the school. Every movie something has changed look. EVERY MOVIE. Isn't it supposed to be a series?
- Also, not enough about Snape and the Half-Blood Prince (I figured that since this is the title of the book and film, then they would have focused more on him but noooo).

I'm sticking with the books.

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wow- you would think that after so many years many of you would just realize the Canon from book and film should not be shared, and should be appreciated as such, otherwise you all end up ******.

I can agree however, that the Burrow scene was pointless and almost made me ask, why didnt they just kill harry potter right there, and end it?
Ginny and Harry was forced in my opinion.
The end made me feel that the trio didnt really care agbout DDs death
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I just came back from the cinema and have to rant a little. First of all: I thought it was amazing, the best HP movie of all!!

What I liked (in no particular order):
- Slughorn: his amount of screen time, the way he was played, everything
- Harry "high" on Felix: wonderful acting by Dan
- Luna: she had a greater role than in the book!
- The way you sometimes see things from Draco's perspective and feel for him.
- Of course the love potion part was hilarious! Ron's face!
- Bellatrix: I never thought Helena Bonham-Carter was a good choice for the role, but this time she convinced me.
- The sea, and the fire conjured up by Dumbledore in the cave were visually very impressive.
- other scenes that I can't think of right now

What I didn't like:
- The Burrow burning. I agree that it was pointless. And why do they all just stand and watch instead of trying to put it out by magic?
- The part with the Death Eaters in the castle was a little rushed. It should have been longer and more dramatic. Also the confrontation between Harry and Snape when the DEs are fleeing should have been longer!!!!
- Ginny accompanying Harry to the ROR and kissing him there

EDIT: Another complaint would be that the movie simply isn't long enough to tell all the storylines it is trying to tell. In other words: It should have been made in two parts like Deathly Hallows. Harry's obsession with trying to find out what Malfoy was up to and the mystery of who is the Half-Blood Prince, it was all there, but not enough of it. The connections weren't made clear. Also I think many scenes were only understandable for people who read the book - and they should be understandable from the film alone, which means the film would have to be longer.
I Repeat: I liked the movie, it lived up to my expectations in some points, even surpassed them in others. I just would have liked to see more of a film, that illustrates my favourite HP book in a way that, in my opinion captures the mood of the book very well.

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i just saw the movie today and god it was amazing! But like all books turned to movies there were things i didnt like.

When dumbledore asked about Harry and Hermione, it was very funny!

Ron getting poisoned and then waking up and saying "man these girls, they'll kill me"

The fight between Draco and Harry in the bathroom

When all the teachers and students pointed their wants at the sky to block out the dark mark, to me that was pretty much the best part, it just showed that no matter who dies, no matter what happens, good will always win against evil

The inferi, i thought were done very well animation wise

Slughorn hiding as a chair, it was exactly how i pictured it

Draco sending the apple and the bird in the vanishing cabinet to the other cabinet in the Borgin and Burkes

When it showed Harry and Dumbledore taking photos after the battle of the ministy of magic

And lastly, Greyback was preformed perfectly

The second scene, it should hav been like in the book, the trains thing was kinda random to me

The house burning, the weasleys should have put it out

Dumbledore dying, obviously, after that i was pretty much crying for the rest of the movie lol

When Harry, Ron, and Hermione looked into Borgin and Burkes

The entire funeral missing from the movie, i alway's thought of that as a important part

The rating, ofcourse, it was tooooo low! deffinitly PG-13 in my book

They shouldnt have cut out the sorta mini battle of hogwarts that happens

Luna finding Harry on the train and not Tonks

And lastly the memories, not at all how i thought it would be. Just slightly to dark for my liking, also there werent enough of them. It didnt really explain that Dumbledore was trying to get Harry ready for his final show down with Voldy

Lists aside, it was an amazing movie and definitely one of the better ones. David did a great job directing. And also Dan, Emma, and Bonnie seemed really fantastic acting wise.
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