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Old 11-18-2005, 09:11 AM
hprwhg4ever hprwhg4ever is offline
Default The Goblet of Fire (2005)

Please read the rules before posting your review and remember to include a rating (1 out of 10 or whatever scale you'd like to use).

ALSO: Be respectful to others opinions. Anything other than that will be deleted and warnings will be given.
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Old 11-20-2005, 07:20 PM   #26 (permalink)
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9.0 out of 10
Because the movie did not mach the book it had big diffrents.
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9 of of 10

I found the rearranging of events very disturbing. I can handle them cutting things out cause of how large the book was but just to move stuff around for no apparent reason really bothered me. The twins were awesome, glad to see them in a more prominate role.
the only other beef I had with the movie was harry's eyes were BLUE. Not sure what happen with that but they were.
I love harry potter
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Old 11-20-2005, 10:04 PM   #28 (permalink)
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it was awesome! 10 out of 10 but only if you are a potter fan. Apart from that i don't know if non potter readers understood the movie. Did anyone notice the ferret sitting on Moody's lap at the dance? It was umm... disturbing!
I'm In Love!
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Old 11-21-2005, 07:06 AM   #29 (permalink)
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I'd give GOF 9.5/10.

Compared to POA.......i felt that GOF was more true to the books.........and though the movie was a bit fast.......i am very happy the way Mike Newell gave importance to most of the essence of the book........I felt the darkness of the situation right from the starting to the end!
The way movie started(with Nagini coming up)depicts the whole darkness coming ahead.........I felt that all the new actors and actresses did a wonderful job........and Rita especially was exactly the way i imagined her......
Cedric was his role........Fleur is looking exactly the same I imagined her........but we could'nt see her talking much though.........still she was really good in expressions in the maze.
Krum was good.......the same "surly" look JKR described.......and Barty Crouch senior did very good acting........i felt Barty Crouch Jr in the pensieve scene must look a bit "innocent"(according to the book.......he pleads his father not to send him to azkaban........but in the movie they showed as if he is evil with his father also!).
I loved the way Dark mark scene has been handled........the death eater's costume is simply breathtaking.........It was scary and amazing.
Quidditch world cup has been adequately shown......i thought it was more than enough to show that one........
The twins were all their scenes......esp when Fred(or george?)asks Angelina for ball........which was very sweet!
My favorite task would be the first task over all the tasks........which was shown in greater detail........i think dan did a superb performance there.........i liked it very much........and even the effort of the moviemakers is seen in the second and third tasks as well.Overall i liked all the tasks!
Coming to the uaual actors..........I felt Dan,Emma and Rupert have definetly improved in acting........but somehow i thought Hermione's charecter has been sidelined this time.........she did not help harry that much while harry and Ron were'nt speaking to each other........and her interest in Krum was also not so much according to the book........but in the movie they showed(when krum kisses her hand and she comes and sits along with harry in yule ball......her look was of some triumph.......which was'nt there in the book).......still Emma did a good job.......and she did justice to the role of Hermione.Rupert is simply amazing(as he always is)i liked his way of acting when he feels jealous of harry.Alan Rickman was amazing once again as Snape.........i liked karakoff as well.........Brendan Gleeson as Mad Eye moody is someone worth talking about........he was amazing in all the scenes.
Oh my god...............the graveyard scene is 100 times darker than i imagined it to be.........Ralph Fiennes is brilliant as one can bring that much villany into that charecter.......I was out of words when i saw that graveyard scene in the movie.........voldermort was exactly the way JKR described.........slits like pupils........spider like fingers...........amazing.........just amazing.........I loved the WHOLE movie people!!

Eagerly waiting for HBP movie to come out
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Old 11-21-2005, 11:29 AM   #30 (permalink)
Special Services to the School
*stalking you... and you*
*and you*

meana picasso
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Morbidda Lucretia Morwenna Sabine Valencia DeValdemar LeDeaux T'Humperdink.


The movie was not only bad from the viewpoint of a person who has read the book, but it would also be bad from the viewpoint of a person who hasn't. It seemed that to placate the fans, they put two minutes of every chapter into the movie, cutting huge, gigantic holes in between. When I first saw the scenes of the Quidditch World Cup, I was like, "Woah..." and exceedingly impressed. Unfortunately, it lasted for far too little a time - before you really knew it, Ron was being teased, and right after that - BAM! Attack! The Deatheater costumes were effective though - they gave the aura of menace, much like the KuKluxKlan.

They also chopped out many, many things that were quite consequential to the next few books, Harry handing his winnings to to Fred and George (who were brilliant in this movie), Karkaroff running off, Ludo Bagman, SPEW, Dobby, Rita Skeeter's ginormous exaggerations, the walk after the Yule ball that Snape and Karkaroff took (I was really looking forward to this part) etc etc.

The new actors that were added were really good though, but underutilised. Rita Skeeter especially was brilliant. And Fleur, Viktor, Cedric and Cho were decent, but should definitely have gotten more to say. Daniel and Emma have definitely improved. The scene where Hermione is screaming at Ron after the Yule Ball is brilliant - she really shone there, and proved that she's not just there to look pretty. Rupert, as usual, gave his usual solid performance. I agree with Karen_ginger - GoF was one of the books with the most Snape in it, and this movie has turned out to have the very least of him which was exceedingly disappointing (loved him in the Study Hall though). But Michael Gambon was a trifle disappointing. He played Dumbledore with less of the twinkle and more of the anger. DD's sense of humour was lost.

I have come to the conclusion the person I hate his the scriptwriter. Whoever he or she is, must be a closet Harry/Hermione-shipper, and must hate Ron. The H/Hr shipping I can stand, barely (why do H/Hr get their hands on each other at every moment in this movie, might I ask, if the scriptwriter is actually reading the book and not wistful fanfics?) - but the characterisation of Ron!

Even in the movie posters! Hermione looks Xena-ish, Harry of course looks daring-do, and Ron? Like a whimpering, cowering fool! Where's the bravery, the loyalty, the common-sense, the flashes of wit that we've grown to love in the canon!Ronald Weasley? I'm not even overmuch of a Ron fan - but this movie was just too much.

Overall, it has moments to treasure, but it still falls short of the other 'book-movies', like Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events, and LoTR.

Graphics made by: Miss Lissy Lou
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Old 11-21-2005, 05:56 PM   #31 (permalink)
Join Date: Sep 2005
Posts: 11

I enjoyed the movie but I have to give it an 8

I agree it was rushed i expected to see more of certain scenes especially the QWC I was amazed on how it began then it suddenly cut to the victory party and i was upset i really wanted to see the whole match especially when Krum broke his nose and was all bloody. Another thing was that certain parts where left out of the movie and certain things were changed wish it could of been exactly the same. The actors did improve but they do look alot older than the age they are suppose to be playing but oh well good job.
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Old 11-21-2005, 10:09 PM   #32 (permalink)
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Ultimate Potterite Original original


GoF was a great movie. I mean, just look at the sales for the weekend! I've seen it twice already...once on Wednesday the 16th..and another time on friday the 18th.. I've loved it more and more.. It was very true to the book..and Mike Newell only changed it where he needed too. The casting was also brilliantly done! Also, since GoF was after PoA, we all needed to believe someone would not let all us Potterites down! I mean, Cauron destroyed Prisoner of Azkaban...But Newell was great with Goblet of Fire!

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Old 11-22-2005, 08:14 AM   #33 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by narglesRnifty
9.5! really has got Ron down! He's very moody...but it bothered me that he came off kinda too horny. I know that sounds rough but I guess he's just being a guy *eye roll* ..with that whole "busting out" line during dance practice and his zoom in on the Beax. girls' butts...
Still, I think Rupert was the best of the trio in this movie!
I give it a 10! Oh and I loved the way they showcased Ron's horniness. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that I'm in love with Rupert Grint. hmmmmmmmm could be........

I give it a 10 not because I was particularly happy with everything, but because Rupert was really able to use his artistic freedom and present cannon Ron. That meant the world to me, and I finally feel a load taken off now that the public gets it. He was brilliant, and it's showing in the reviews.

I'm a sucker for comedy, so I did not mind at all that they added more of it. Everybody had their funny moments. I mean everybody did. From Filch to Hargid, the twins, even Harry. The drama was good. I thought that Rupert and Dan had better chemistry this time around. I was feeling them all the way. Emma and Dan's chemistry was just blah. She seems so much more natural when she is acting with Rupert. Although, I was a bit confused when they had the fight after the ball. She started crying, and you sort of feel like you missed out on something that was leading up to that. Other than that, I was genuinely happy with the R/H moments. How can I not be because the media gets it. Fans will always want more!

I was much more impressed with Dan this time around, although I still think he does not do well with showing emotion. It seems to me that you could take a scene of him crying over Cedric and one from him sitting in Snape's class, and see no real difference. I love the kid, but I still have not been fully satisfied with the kind of emotion needed for that role. In his defense, I don't want anybody else to replace him as Harry, I just want him to take some acting lessons.

Emma needs to tone it down just a little bit. Other than that, she's a doll.

I could have done with less action and less scenes of Crouch and Mad Eye to get more trio moments, but I know the story needs to be told. Now all I can do is pray for extended scenes of R/H goodies. Would really make my new year.

Oh yeah, I just had to add that I really don't blame Ron for making Hermione cry. If I were him, and I seen her going to the ball with my favorite Quidditch star I think I would have called her a few choice things and not speak to her for some time. He was too nice about it actually. Now that is love folks. But really, I get Ron.

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7/10 I thought the GoF was a bit rushed, but overall a good movie considering that they had to fit a, what was it..... 734page book into a 2+1/2hour movie!
GO GOF!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you Katrina for this -like siggy!!!
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Old 11-22-2005, 10:33 PM   #35 (permalink)
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Bonnie Booster
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The movie was great. I watched it twice. But to be honest, my expectations were very high so there was a bit disappointment.

I loved new Harry, funny and bold. I loved new Ron, funnier and snob, I didn't so love new Hermione all girly and panicked!!! But she is our dear Hermione, anyway. (Was she in love with Krum in the book? because in the movie she looked so...)

These guys getting better and better with the each film. It's such a pleasure watching them.

Favourite actor: Brendan Gleeson
Favourite task: First one
Favourite scene: Potion class
Favourite line: Kill me, Harry!

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Old 11-23-2005, 12:14 AM   #36 (permalink)
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I rate it about a 9.5/10
It was the best by far, but a little dissapointing.
Dumbledore: I thought he never got mad until a later time, and when he was about to lash out it kinda saired me. Totally unexpected. And Cedric and Viktor: BOTH VERY HANDSOME!!! But their attitude was a little... different than I imagined (not good). I never thought Lucius would talk back to Voldemort... hmm...It seemed like there wasn't as much talk as the other movies. It could just be me but I don't know. They left out a lot that I was expecting (house elves, I knew they wern't going to be in it but still would've been nice. confronting Rita also.). And I never pictured Voldemort the way he was...
However, the actors have all improved greatly compared to them in all the other movies!!! Great music and dancing!
yea! I can't wait to see it again tomorrow... maybe.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Sara Salazar

I L^OOOOOO^VVVVVVVVV^EEEEEEE^DDDDDDDDDD it!!!! I give it a 10 *wishes to give a 200000+* Where were Dobby and Winky?!!!!:litebulb:

try to divorce a dark lord...
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9 there could have been improvements but it was a reeeeeeeeeeeeally good movie. all the actors have gotten older-but their skills have improved by A LOT! there was somethings that i wish they hadn't left out, but what are we going to do about it? it was still a fantastic movie! i think it was funniest of the four, and with me, funnyness is key. great job harry potter cast and crew! cant wait for the fifth one!

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Thumbs up I Loved It!

(Beware of spoilers)

I give it a 9.9 out of 10! The acting of every single actor was so much better than usual-and that's saying something! Dan,Rupert and Emma give it their all and it definitely showed. Overall, the acting of everyone was way better than my expectations.
The set was great.The Great Hall during the Yule Ball was so beautiful. The stadium at the QWC was just amazing.The CG was indescribable(no wonder, if you look at who did it). I didn't know where real life ended and CGI started.
As usual, everyone looked a lot like how I had imagined them. Kudos to Mike Newell as director. Best director yet.
The Weasley Twins were so funny.I enjoyed every moment they were shown. The arrival of the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons students was one in a million.
The champoins and the Tournament was fantastic.Kudos to Clemence Poesy, Stanislav Ianevski and Robert Pattinson for an amazing portrayal of the Triwizard champoins.Also, Katie Lueng was fantastic as Cho Chang.

I give it a 9.9 because I think even a little bit more of the Qudditch Cup game would have been better. But the movie itself exceeded my expectations by a million times infinity. And trust me. My expectations were pretty high.I'd write more if I didn't have to go but I do.

Good-bye and happy viewing! May the magic be with you!
sgg23 or Laura :cheerpyr:
Hufflepuff ROX

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Gryffindor Harry Potter and the Goblrt of Frie Review

I rate the fourth movie, yet another 9.5/10

I give it this rating because they cut a lot of the small scenes out from here and there, where the book includes to make the story flow. But I think they did this because they had many difficult scence to film during the process of the tournament. I really think they did a very good jon on the graphics and designs throughout the movie, fantastic. The part where the diving scene and the Yule Ball was great, only that I wish it could be a bit longer will give the movie a higher rating. Overall this movie is by far the best I seen!
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Before I experienced the movie, I expected only little small parts to be cut out, like SPEW. Boy was I wrong. So many scenes were cut, along with characters, that I was very disapointed. I understand why, but I'm sure a couple more second wouldn't have done harm to the things that I was really looking forward to. The movie, and more specifically, the beggining, was incrediblly rushed. So a huge point off for that.
However, it still manages to be the best Harry Potter movie yet. It's funny, clever, and full of action and adventure, which made the books what they are today.

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[*Proud Hufflepuff//Quidditch Player*]
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Elijah Black
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outstanding! spectaculer! intense! phenomenal!
more later gotta run

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I like the fourth Book so I think Il give the movie a big 9
but I really like the other movies a lot too... but I got a bit dissapointed then they didnt have the Dursleys SPEW and other Dobby and Winky in the movie
But I liked it
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Crazy Blonde
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I would give it either a 9 or a 9.5 out of 10

I've seen the movie twice the day it came out and the day after and I still havn't really decided which of the two ratings I would give it. I have to say that it was my favorite movie out of the four that have been made. I thought Mike did really good bringing out the fear and darkness that was creeping out of the book's pages.

Hermione- She is a real good actress and I have heard a lot of people say she over reacted but I don't think she did. I felt that she acted like a teenager that was scared for her best friends life would act. I also liked her crying sence in the yule ball even though you could hardly tell she was crying. I also think they made it very clear that she likes Ron.

Harry- I think that Daniel is become a great Actor he has always been my favorite and I've always thought he was extremly cute but I think he is getting a lot better. I like the way they had him in the grave yard sence it was very dramtic and I wasn't that disaponted by it. I also like the way he did the second task even though the last spell he used in it, I never even remeber hearing about.

Ron- I adore Rupert's faces! I like the way they had the fighting sence they played that off very well. To me it almost seems like something you would see at school when two friends are fighting. I also loved the way that he supposedly told Harry about the Dragons.

Voldie- I love calling him that. He was a very good actor and played his part very well the only part I didn't like was his eyes they were not like I expected them.

Twins- The twins were amazing. I love all the little parts that they say. They were great and kept me laughing throughout the movie.

My favortie sences would have to be
1) before the QWC match and the twins are copying everything there dad says
2) Draco as a bouncing Ferret, it was awsum the only part I didn't like about it was that is was outside. But I love the way the did it and the face Moody made at McGonagal afterwards.
3)The graveyard sence like I said the way they Daniel(Harry) played in it and the way the did Voldemort made that scene awsum.
4)Harry's crying scene after they got back from the graveyard. I must say I didn't really cry when Cedric died because I never got attached to him, but to see the way they played on everyone's emotions at that point did make me a little sad. Fluer screaming added a lot to it.
5)Parts during and right after the yule ball sence. Durning I like Hermione and Ron the whole enemy thing. And Patail twin "Arm, Leg, I'm yours" was very funny. And then afterwards when Hermione screamed at Ron "You ruined everything" I thought that showed just how much she like him. Then her screaming at Harry and Ron "To bed both you" showed how much of a mother figure she was to Harry.

I Think over all the movie was very well done. I didn't like the fact that it was so rushed but I understand that it had to be because they couldn't go over 2 and 1/2 hours. I don't think anyone person could sum up the book in that amount of time besides J.K. herself. I do also think that this movie would be good for those who have never read her books, and for those that have a very thrilling experinces to see her magic come to life.
What Hurts the Most was being so close
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I'm not going to repeat what everyone else said. It was a good movie, I won't deny it that credit, but I could have easily waited another year so that little things such as Potter not wearing real glasses and extremely rushed scenes were blown off. I'll still see it again.
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WoW...............9.5/ 10..........................
I went and seen it last night and it was really good... better then far......

So, I liked how they change the first task with the dragon braking off the chain and chasing Harry....It was played out a to long a bit... but, it was good...

The second task was cool........ I didn't like how he had to get out of the water.... and flew out of the lake and landed on the deck.... but, it was cool to see the shark on Krum and Harry looked great....

The Third task........... Holy cow..... Victor and his eyes were cool.. I didn't like the bushes moving like that though...I was hoping to see the sphinx... I loved Voldemort.......Ralph was a very good choice.....................I think they should have given that scene a little bit more time and showed us the echos of the past talking to Voldemort... Also, I actually got tears in my eyes when Harry seen his parents and they talked to him...... it was awsome.........
The Yule Ball........................................Well, loved the gowns...and dress robes... LOVED THE DANCING........Dan did a fantastic job... he looked great.... I liked it, and Hermione/ Emma is a great actress... she will be a big star when this HP series is over........

You really have had to have read the books to truly understand the movie. I went with my hubby and he hasn't read the book and was lost.... I was rushed......

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I HATE THAT DUMBLEDORE.................................................. ..............................
JUST PLAIN RUDE, if you ask me.....................
I was so P.O.ed when he yelled at Harry,.............. and when they all came in to the room behind the teachers table... and Dumbledore came in and yelled and shoock Harry........... I WAS MAD...........They have really done a bad job on him... He did do some good things with him... I just don't think he is a good Dumbledore.....

They did do better this time but rushed to much... You don't get a real chance to know everyone again... the movie moved to fast....

I also loved Snape and Moody did a good job...( I didn't think he would)... He was great with the ferrit...
Oh, and how they got Barty Crouch Jr. was rushed... It was all to fast ....

Sorry... Any who.... it was better... to fast ..... but GREAT....................

Still a Harry Potter fan.............(movies)
Ravenclaw all the way ....

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Elijah Black
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Gryffindor Spoiler Warning
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9.5 i took of 0.5 for missing scenes and mixed up facts

Harry Potter Has Arrived

I’m speechless after the long wait and raiding every Harry Potter website for the past year I can proudly say I have been blown away by the outcome of this intense film. “Dark and difficult times lie ahead” is what Dumbledore says and he was as usual right. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the darkest installment in the Harry Potter series so far. In this movie our young hero played by the amazing Daniel Radcliffe has to fight giant fire breathing, tail crushing, dragons, hold his breath underwater for one hour while fighting of savage mermaids and rescuing captives, make his way through the most sinister maze ever seen, and last but not least battle the man who murdered his parents known as Lord Voldemort.

In the first movie we glimpsed the Dark Lords face, in this movie we shall see him in full and whole form and he does not dissatisfy bald with snake like slits for a nose he is played by none other then the enchanting Ralph Fiennes. Barely alive but not yet dead the Dark Lord is rejoined by his followers the Death Eaters using his fathers bone, servants hand and Harry’s blood the Dark Lord returns.

This film is defiantly more violent but the action is not empty destruction it is something with more reason and it has what Roger Ebert calls “shape and style…” like the Triwizard Tournament which starts the film. Three Champions are chosen by the goblet of fire to compete in the tournament, and then the goblet gives a fourth name Harry Potter’s. Even though the rules are set so that only students of the age 17 and up are allowed to enter Harry who is only 14 cannot refuse and Dumbledore can do nothing due to the fact that those whose names come out of the goblet have a binding contract and must compete in the tournament. Two of the
champions come from other schools the French champion Fleur Delacour who comes from the school of Beauxbaton (Clemence Poesy) and the second champion Bulgarian Quidditch star seeker Victor Krum a son of Durmstrang (Stan Ianevski). The third champion the handsome Cedric Diggory of Hogwarts (Robert Pattinson). This tournament is not for the weak-heated and unskilled, those who were chosen will have to face three dangerous tasks including dragons, diving and rescuing captives from a dark lagoon, and a sinister maze which contains a dangerous threat not known to anyone but the person who put Harry’s name in the goblet.

Harry and his friends will also have to contend with raging hormones this year. In Harry’s opinion fighting another dragon is a lot easier than finding a date to the Yule ball. Hermione also becomes more fiery in this movie, and has a date before Ron asks her out! “These scenes seem almost in the spirit of John Hughes' high school movies.” Says Roger Ebert he and Roeper give it two thumbs up and they are not the only ones who are raving
"A rare film that does it all and never loses itself along the way. Successfully blends drama, action, comedy, romance, and mystery to form an almost flawless movie."
-- Michelle Alexandria, ECLIPSE MAGAZINE
"A model of exhilarating, economic storytelling." -- Jeffrey M. Anderson, SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER

"Harry Potter's not just for kids anymore. Director Mike Newell has reset the bar for the series and delivered a smashingly dark and dramatic film" -- Laura Clifford, REELING REVIEWS

"Easily the most involving of the movies so far." -- Liam Lacey, GLOBE AND MAIL

"Radcliffe is literally and figuratively growing into his role, while Watson shows greater fire and depth. And Grint's rubbery charm is intact."
-- Gene Seymour, NEWSDAY
are just some of the rave reviews. I highly recommend this movie and will be going to see it again it is a movie like none other Mike Newell the director has really out done himself, he has applied all the perfect properties needed for a spectacular film. The movie is already being considered for the following Oscar awards:

Produced by



Production Designer
Set Decorator




Makeup Department Head
Key Hair Stylist



Production Mixer
Re-Recording Mixers




The movie has also broken IMAX records by a huge 30% more than previous record. The average screening was about $44,000 it opened with a whopping $1.06 million on Friday. It has accumulated a total of $196,241,182 by Nov. 25,2005.
hey guys this is a copy of an article i'm writing for my local news paper

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oh my god the movie was amazing!!!!!!!!

Harry- wow harry was awesome. he was really cute. and Dan got much better at fake crying, he almost made me cry. hes becoing such a great actor.(not that he wasnt before)

Ron- OMG!!!!! ron was hot!!!! couldnt get much hotter. but besides that Rupert was a great actor, i loved all his facial expressions, they rocked. he has really grown up. i love RON

Hermione- i have one she was so pretty, she had really grown up. she was awesome at the part when she yelled at Ron. she was just amazing. she also really grew up

Twins- wow they were awseome. i loved them. they were cute and funny. what more could you ask for in twins.(lol) it was funny there was a part of the movie where-- well i wont give it away but i said the line before they said it and i didnt even no they were gonna say it. crepy stuff. (lol) but they were awesome

voldiemort- he was cool. a good actor. but truely he wasnt that scary. to me he looked kinda funny. i liked his nose. but he was a very good actor.

Dumbledore- ...............BLAH!!!!! i would have given this movie a 10/10 if it wasnt for the guy that played dumbledores lowsy acting. im sorry but he wasnt good at all. i miss the first dumbledore. he was the true dumbledore. im jsut saying he could have ben alot better.

the movie was pure amazing!!!!!!! but if you had read the book. then the begging will confuze you because they go very fast in the begging and leaveSOOOO much out. but i think they did that because they wanted to go more indepth with the stuff at school. and if they would have left everything in the movie would be 4 to 5 hours long. but it was amazing.

//Can't escape this line of best fit;;

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ooc: sorry didnt no i doubled posted my review. just ignore this.
//Can't escape this line of best fit;;

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Thumbs up huge 10

i will give big 10...besause he deserves it!!! it's the best film i have ewa seen!!
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