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Old 06-25-2003, 04:31 AM
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Default Book Review: The Order of the Phoenix

Please remember to follow the rules and leave a rating (1 out of 10 or, whatever scale you want to use).

well this topic is for you to post your reviews of the book- like you might if you were writing for school or a magazine.

please dont post things like "yeah it rocked but sirius is dead. that sux" rather write about what you did and didnt enjoy in the book, how you think rowlings style has changed, weather you enjoyed it as much as the other four, what was done well, what could have been done better etc etc.

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Harry Potter and the Order of Pheonix is arguably the darkest book in the series so far. The characters, particularly evident in Harry Potter have changed. But this was not a sudden change, as most people think. In Goblet of Fire I noticed when Ron was not speaking to Harry, Harry wanted to kick him. That shows anger, which he no longer can contain...and hormones were shown in that book too, particularly during the Yule Ball.

Sure, J.K. Rowling's style of writting in this book is different and seems to be targeted more for teens. But this makes sense as Harry Potter is no longer a child, he's a teenager and able to make up his mind for himself. A person can not stay the same forever. Through many experiences he/she will change. I am sure everyone can relate to that. You probably aren't the same person you were only a year ago. You could be more confident, less shy, ect.

Many things in The Order of Pheonix were revealed. Though it might not been have as exciting there was more depth to it, then ever before. And many close calls. The second war has started. The darkness in the book is from that. There were a lot of clues in the book, I feel. I recommend reading this one a second time for sure. I am on my second time already and it is even better the second time through. You capture it more, even without the surprises. Instead of dwelling on those you can look at what the book is really trying to say as a part of J.K. Rowlings fantastic Harry Potter series.

Some characters, like Ginny and Neville were given much needed depth and I feel there is more to Luna Lovegood then meets the eye. However, I did particularly dislike Profesor Umbridge. She reminded me too much of Rita Skeeter, how she was trying to ruin everyone's lives with her rules, or in Skeeter's case, with her malicious gossip.

Also some things in the book felt a little too rushed, for example the fifth year. It went by too quickly for me and I did not like the no quidditch thing. Quidditch is quite exciting.

Emotions and descriptions again were captured perfectly in this compelling book of dark and tragic times. It will only get worse before it gets better.

I feel like this was the start to the dark war, which will grow even darker in the 6th book and the beginning and middle of the seventh book. The fourth book was just the beginning of the spiral, and the fifth book took if further, exactly how I felt it should be.

The Order of Pheonix lived up to my expectations for the most part...but I did not like some things. However, it is a great addition to the Harry Potter series. Read it again to see what I mean.
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Old 06-28-2003, 07:53 AM   #3 (permalink)
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This book has to be the most masterfully written of the series. J.K. sounds like she's really in a very comfortable, easy place in her life, and it's showing through her improved writing. Up until the last fifty pages, the book is excellent, definitely the best of the series, and then in the next fifty, it's like the book has been set on fast-forward, rushing through events. Now I understand that she didn't want to make this thing 2000 pages long, but it feels very odd for her to switch from very calculated, precise writing to her usual fast-paced, smaller book style. I understand that she would have wanted to spend as little time as possible dwelling on Sirius's death, but the ending feels as though she simply ended it for the sake of a break. It has to be one of the weakest endings, but as far as the rest of the book goes, it's the best, which makes it my second favorite:
1) Prisoner of Azkaban
2) Order of the Phoenix
3) Goblet of Fire
4) Philosopher's Stone
5) Chamber of Secrets
P to the Otter
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Old 06-28-2003, 08:50 PM   #4 (permalink)
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Order of the Phoenix wasn't exactly what I expected. That's not saying that it's a bad thing - Au contraire, I loved it, and have read it twice since it came out. But I must admit, there are some things I don't like.

The way the story's written is as fab as ever. JK never ceases to weave magic with her words. It's eloquent and very well strung. But at the same time, it has a much darker feel to it. It's so much more urgent. The whole book, you're wondering what the heck's going on. Not in a bad way, but she manages to arouse interest and captivate it long enough. Though it does seem to drag on at times.

The new characters are marvellous. Particularly Umbridge. She's loathsome and I love the way she's written. Poisoned honey was a magnificent way to describe her. What. A. Cow... Luna's a bit of an oddity - I didn't get her, but she was good. Tonks is alright, as are the other characters who are more accentuated through the book. But the death....Oh My God, that was awful. She did well, wrote it brilliantly, but she prepped us for the death of Hagrid and then look who goes off. I was so shocked I started crying... It just happened. You were given a false sense of security and then she hit you with it. It was very random, and a bit rushed, if I must say.

As for Dumbledore's revelation? It was so heartfelt. I cried there too. I think the way she wrote in everyone's feelings and reactions was great - it personified reality exactly. It's nice to see the hormones and mood swings kicking in. I get so sick of characters in literature that are so darn perfect.

You know, I see this book as the calm before the storm. They're getting the sides ready, then we'll see what happens before heck breaks loose. It's a marvellous book and I wasn't disappointed too much. Hopes, this time, have been justified
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Old 06-28-2003, 09:24 PM   #5 (permalink)
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Isabella Thompson

Well making sure that I was down early in the morning at the bookshop certaninly wasnt that much yet of course it was the right thing to do. As soon as I got hold of the book I sat down and read the whole day and I was not disappointed, thank goodness although I doubted that I would be. After waiting for three years I couldnt beleive that I was finally read the book, it was fantastic yet undoubtly a different style of writing for JK's normal writing like in the preivous books. This one has to be undoubtly the darkest of all of them even though the fourth one comes a close second. The first chapter I thought was much better than I exopected to be because there was action in the first couple of pages with dementors and the troubles with Dudley. Also it was good that Mrs Figg came into play there and not later on in the book. Of course as Harry gets to school the troubles start happening and then there is the new DADA teacher who I absolutely hate with all my heart. She is the worst out of all but the questions now arises, who will be the new DADA teacher in the next book? Along with all the different adventures and the disappreance of Hagrid the book keeps the reader captivated throughout the whole movie. Although at times it did seem to drag on a bit it was still undoublty the best of the best.
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Old 06-30-2003, 03:25 AM   #6 (permalink)
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Well where can i start first of all i loved the book.... the death i was not at all ready for and all that time i was thinking that it was going to be hagrid Guess i was wrong...When i did get to the death i was crying he was my favorite Person in the book besides the headmaster....i was really happy about the frist part of the book...i could not belive that there was stuff happing like 3 pages in the book...Some of the book though did kinda let me down..well with the "hooking up" we heard so much about there was not that much but harry getting with cho wicth was really good but that did not last long... and the end it seemed kinda rushed like she was just wanting to end the book but over all it was on of the best but i still like Poa better but OOTP comes in a close 2nd and 3rd GOF 4th COS and last but not least SS
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Old 07-03-2003, 05:58 AM   #7 (permalink)
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First off let me say i liked the book,and i was so happy i almost cried when i got my hands on it. And i really enjoyed reading the book, and cant wait for the next one to come out

Now for my review of it

The Plot

This book could have opened up so many mysterious doors for the world of Harry Potter. JK could have taken somethings so far to make our minds explode with the possibilites.

Like the howler Petunia got, she could have done so much more with that than she did. I mean she could have taken that all the way back to James' family or something. Since Harry seems to be the last Potter

The Order could have been something much more than it was. I mean the theory mill at came up with better stuff than what it turned out to be

And what was with all the names when Harry got to leave the Dursleys? I mean only two of those characters were mentioned again in the book, so did we really need to read like 12 names?

The part with the Thesels could have been better too, if not Luna's reason for seeing them.

And i was this close to getting POed at Harry for snappig at everyone. I mean he acts like he is the only one hurting, like he is going through this alone.

Im glad Ron got some of the limelight. I'm just upset that yet again Harry's adventure took over, and we didnt get to see him win the Quidditch cup after we had to suffer through how bad he was. And tho i was shocked, im glad that Ron was picked as prefect, but the reason for it sucked. I mean Dumbledoor could have said that Ron was the better choice for it, but no it had to be bcuz of Harry, and not Ron.

And im tired of all the Slytherins being JERKS, i mean this is getting out of hand. We get to see the good and the bad from other houses, why cant we see the good from Slytherin?

And the reason Voldemort was after Harry really disappointed me, it really did and i hated that. I was just expecting something that JK had been building up to since the first book, and it just missed the mark with me.

I think Sirius could have died better, since he was going to die. I mean he could have died jumping in front of Harry to save him, or something, he just fell into a veil thingy, and i really hope JK runs with that in the next book, im smilig now at what she can do with that

The Characters

Mrs. Figg could have developed into a better character, i mean there was really no point in even mentioning her in GOF, and really no need to have her in this book.

It just seems to me that she wanted to make the characters change as much as she could. I mean Angelina used to be one of my favorite characters, but not after this book. I didn't like Dumbledoor at all in this book either

I didnt like Snape in this book simply bcuz for 4 years we have seen him push around alittle child, that has done nothing to him, and now its kidding old and annoying. I mean you would think he had better things to do than push around a kid, you know.

I wish we could see more of the Death Eaters, i really do. I wish Draco could do something that didnt have anything to do with Harry. I mean Draco is a strong enuff of a character to stand on his own without running after Harry

I hated Mrs. Weasley in this book i truely did. She needs to cut the apron strings. And she had no right to threw Sirius jail time in his face. He didnt beg Crouch to throw him in jail and cut him off from his Godchild, and i think that was below the belt. Harry is not her child and his parents left siruis in charge of him if anything happened to him, and she needs to realize that. I just really didnt like her in this book.

But Im glad she let Ginny and Neville shine thru in this book. Ive always loved Neville, im glad he got to do something that didnt have him burning a hole in another cauldron.

I LOVE LUNA LOVEGOOD, i really did. I just loved her so much. She is a free spirit who doenst care what anyone thinks of her, she is her own person.

Well that is my take on OOTP, it may not seem like it, but i really did enjoy this book.")
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Old 07-05-2003, 01:17 PM   #8 (permalink)
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***I didn't read all the posts on this board, so if it's just like someonelse's, sorry I didn't read it.....***

To me, book 5 was like a step up for book 6. Not much seemed to happen in book 5, just major key points or w/e( I guess :unsure: :ermsmile: :online2long: ). But also the first time I read the 5 book I read way tooo fast and now I'm reading it, very slowly .But I also love this book.....not at first, it's that kind of book/thing where u gotta learn to like it.***In my opinoun***

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Old 07-09-2003, 06:23 PM   #9 (permalink)
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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=7][COLOR=purple]The Order of the Pheniox was much different than the other Harry Potter Books. This book was most surleythedarkest of the five novels written so far. Each book presented its own style and this one just like theothers was much different then the privious books. This book seemed to connect many ideas that made the books so fun and exciding to read while still leaving other things to be found in the next to (hopefully more) books in the series. I think that even though the tragic death of Sirius black, which i greatly mourn, this book was a very good and exiciding part of the Harry Potter saga. The most interesting part for me was the prophocy. Was Harry reallythe right one with the scar? :star:
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Old 07-09-2003, 08:23 PM   #10 (permalink)
Sirius Bane
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The Order of the Phoenix was more than I expected. It was wonderful. The first books were great but they weren't dark enough. The O.O.T.P. showed all the characters emotions which adds way more feeling into the book. Now I feel I realy know the characters.
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Old 07-10-2003, 06:27 AM   #11 (permalink)
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I loved the book, in fact it's now my favorite book of all time. I like how JKR showed us different sides of the characters, like with Neville! I think it was awesome how he just suddenly became good at doing the spells. I also liked how Ginny was kind of becoming one of the main characters. The plot was awesome too...I don't know how JKR squeezed that much into 870 pages, but she id an awesome job of it. I also think it was cool that this book was really dark, but Harry being mad all the time did get kind of boring. Then there's Dumbledore...he seemed so...i dunno...mean in this book. Except for the tear...that was so sad when he cried!!!

It does suck that Sirius died, he was my favorite character...I cried for ages, and I'm in mourning over him, but I don't think that should ruin the book.

OotP was definitely the best book in the series. I hope that in the next books we still see Neville like he was, and I hope Ginny continues to be more of a main character. And, of course, I hope we see Sirius again, in more than just Harry remembering him!
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Hermione's Biggest Fan
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I think Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix was the best book yet, even though it DID have its flaws.

I think Rowling could have made the body of the book a little more interesting. I mean, the most exciting part was obviously the part at the Department of Mysteries where Harry, Ron, Neville, Hermione, Ginny, and Luna fought the Death Eaters. During the school year all that basically went on was that Umbridge woman banning Harry from basically everything and Harry having those visions or dreams or whatever you want to call them. I think Mrs. Rowling could have made something more exciting happen with the Order during the school year. I waited for the 5th book for 3 years because I was dying to find out what happened with Voldemort, and the only big part with Voldemort was at the end of 800 pages of detentions and punishments and dreams. Not that those things weren't exciting. I found the book very enjoyable to read and I can't wait to read whatever Mrs. Rowling has got in store for us muggles next.
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I loved OotP. I cried my stinking eyes out when Sirius died. That was an evil thing to do. I loved him. and poor harry. His life is going down the drain...first Cho **no offense to anyone with the username Cho** being a complete ninny because of Hermione and then losing Sirius. Utterly devastating. Poor Ickle Harry Other than that I think it was the best book she's written other than PoA, which ties in my opinion.

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Old 07-17-2003, 05:45 PM   #14 (permalink)
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J. K. Rowling's new addition to the HP series was a good read.
Please note: Although I enjoyed Rowling's new book, I do express some negative judgements and I do not want to influence your feelings on the book. So, you may not want to read the following.

There were some instances where I felt the book dragged on and on and I found myself skimming to reach some real substance. As with her other books, she refreshes our memories and builds up to the present day. Although this is good for some, I would much rather get to the meat-and-potatoes of the story. Harry's whining bothered me, even though he has led a very difficult young life and has suffered much, I would think he would realize that ranting and raving as he has been doing most of the book is useless. It would have been great to see Rowling write in Harry being a bit more open with his feelings and share them with Ron and Hermione, instead of verbally bashing at them all the time.

Despite all these negative comments, I felt this was a great turning point for the series. As book 4 was a stepping stone for Voldemort's return, I truly hope Harry will become more focused and use all that energy (positive and negative) and combat Voldemort in book 6.
Besides, the addition of Luna left me hungry to learn more about her character. Odd, yet extremely confident and intelligent, she has the true markings of a loyal and trustworthy friend to the trio. I expect good things from her. Gina's determination and leadership qualities present themselves well in this book. Her fiery red hair match her great energy and desire to be good. I am excited for her. Ron in the limelight is what I was hoping for and got. It was exciting to see him shine. He may not be the best Quidditch player, but his love of the sport will help him get better. Hermione was awesome as usual. Her desire to free the house-elves doesn't seem to be going anywhere, really. I would like her efforts to materialize. With her perseverance, it may just happen, but later than sooner. All the while, I still love her quick wit, unbending loyalty, and goodness. Umbridge is a character that I loved to hate. What an awful character, she stirred up my emotions and I felt no sympathy for her in the Forbidden Forest. If this book becomes a movie, her character would be delicious to play. Dumbledore must have had a really hard time hiding his emotions and love for Harry. I am not unsatisfied with his role in the book. Though one may think his actions were callous, I actually think it shows how much he truly loves Harry. Of all the characters who love Harry, I feel Dumbledore shows a tremendous amount of love for Harry. His conversation with Harry was definitely a tear-jerker.

I have gone on and on, I enjoyed this book. I look forward to Rowling's future books. In the meantime, rereading book 5 for better understanding may help keep my thirst for the 6th book occupied.

Thank you.
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The Order of the Pheonix is arguably the best in the series yet. J.k. Rowling shows how Harry is growing up and how his strange connection with Voldemort grows stronger and more obvious. Harry shows signs of violence which he cannot control, and seems more edgy.

After the dementor attack and near-expulsion from the wizarding world, Harry arrives at the Order of the Pheonix headquarters frustrated and rather hurt. He wants information on whats going on, but his two best friends, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, have been sworn by Dumbledore not to utter a word.

Harry attends a hearing for which his dementor attack is questioned, and he is vouched for by Dumbledore and the elderly,cat-loving Squib, Mrs. Arabella Figg.Harry is cleared of all charges, but a mysterious woman named Dolores Umbridge along with Cornelious Fudge and othr members of the ministry have their doubts about Harry and Dumbledore's truth.

Percy has joined with Fudge and the Order is finding is difficult to find allies and friends in the time of need when Voldemort is returning to his old strength and power.

Harry arrives at Hogwarts only to find Hagrid missing and the horrible Umbridge woman as DADA teacher, to his disgust, placed their by the Ministry to take control inside Hogwarts.

Harry works to fight Umbridge, but she is like a snake, slithering around the truth and blaming Harry and his friends for nearly everything, while also gaining power to change Harry's life forever.

In return for his defiance, Harry is banned by Umbridge for no Quidditch-playing the rest of his years and the Gryffindor team struggles with their new Keeper, Ronald Weasley, and seeker, Ginny Weasley, to win the Cup.

In the end, Harry's true face is uncovered as he rushes to the aid of his godfather in the depths of the Ministry of Magic only to be encountered by Death Eaters and, yes, Voldemort himself.

This book shows how even in times of dark, Harry remains true and loyal t his friendships, even till the end...

I give this book 10 easy stars, and I hope everyone will read this masterpiece.
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:up: Well... where do I start. I think this is by far the darkest book in the series. As it should be. Many people have said the 4th book started a down word spiral and the 5th took it farther. Well that is true on many levels. It was bound to be that way, after the ending of the GoF. And as so many characters put it "It will only get worse before it gets better." I also belive the Dark War will go throght the 6th and most of the 7th book. And then we will see what happens. Becuse we must remember that "...Nether can live while the other survives..."

But there were some good times with the Weasley's brothers and there candy. But over all the book was different than the others. And how could it not. You seen Harry as a teen. Which was (or is or will be) hard on all of us. No one said growing up would be easy and I think it is safe to say that Harry has and will still have a harder life than most of us. And with all he has been through and will go through he has the right to be mad. And you see it all through the book.

Some of the other characters have been seen in a new light. Like for an ex. Ginny she has really grown up over the summer and you saw a little of is in the GoF. But you she really shown in this book. You could tell she had gotten over Harry as she had a boyfriend for most of the book. But most of all she wasn't just a nether Weasley. Nevllie was a nether character that had changed you could also see how much he had grown over the years. He really showed us why he was put in Gryffindor. He also showed us how loyal he was to Harry and Dumbledore.

But over all I think this was one of JKR best books! :sorcerer:
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I thought that this book overall was very good. I think that J.K is doing very well at building up the suspense of what will happen to harry and co. in the end.

I think that J.K. Rowling showed how Harry is changing and is trying to find out who he really is. I read an article that said that OotP faced one of the scariest demons of all........"Adulthood". I think that that J.K. Rowling wrote in the fact that Harry and his friends are changing very well. They are no longer little 11 year old wizards nor are they full adults but Harry has faced enough hard ships in his life that even his elders have trouble dealing with and he is still a teen.

I think that the death in OotP was J.K. Rowlings way of showing that the books are getting darker. I know many readers who were extremley saddened by the characters death. I think that although the character is gone they will still play a role in future books. I also think that this will help Harry mature and realize what he really has.

I enjoyed the group of new characters. I thought that Luna was a very good character to add to the story. Though she is considered Loony I think she has a lot more common sence then people think. Now on to Umbridge and Kreacher...............I loathed both Umbridge and Kreacher. Umbridge seemed evil from the start as did Kreacher.

I liked the fact that Ginny was given a bigger role in the books. She seems to have become more open. Some think she will be the one to keep Fred and George's spirit alive even though they aren't at Hogwarts. I was also suprised that Neville played a huge role in this book, but I think it works out fine. It was a real shock to me. He was always clumsy neville, but now we find out that there is more to him than meets the eye.

I was looking for a bit more action between Ron and Hermione. I really expected something more to happen between them in the 5th book, but I guess we will have to wait. I was also hoping that something would happen between Harry and Ginny. I am as you can tell a Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione shiper! I found Cho kind of annoying. I felt that she rushed into a relationship with Harry as more of shoulder to lean on rather then someone she loved. I think they should have been more so mutual friends. I think she just has a problem with being alone. I think that she should take some time and work things out about Cedric's death before going out with another guy. I also found Hermione giving Harry love advice very cool. She seems to have a keen understanding of everyones love life but her own.

I overall enjoyed the book and am ecstatic to see what will happen to Harry, the trio, and the wizarding world!

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It was a great book. Some things in it were really unsuspected. I enjoyed it a lot. I wished it explained more about Harry's life. Hopefully the next book will. :flowersmile:

I don't get why his own cuz would kill him?

I love you Sirius Black
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I definately think that J.K could have put more effort into it!
The caracters know too much about thinks they normally wouldn't know...
Fx, Hermione knew that Harry had had a crush on Cho for ages, she knew all that about Cho's feelings etc.
And the way people react...when Hermione guessed that Cho had kissed him, he just says yes...I mean...come on!
I missed details! And it's like you read a lot, but most of it doesn't matter....
You can tell that it has been a while since she wrote the other 4 books..
And since when did everyone (specielly the twins!) start to say "mate"?!?
I mean, that is so australian! and that is not right...and Harry is much too angry all the time...and it did come as a chock to me that it was Sirius who died...and that is a good thing...(not the death, but the suprise in it)
I has a lack of romance...I had hoped to see more of the Ron/Hermione know, the "love triangle"....(Krum....)
But it was a good thing that Ron became the Gryffindor prefect...He really needed that! It was about time that poor Ron got some credit....
The book was okay...I wouldn't call it fantastic or anything...she could have spend much more time writing it...It disappointed me a lot...I'm definately sticking to book 2-4...those are my favorites...And I feel like you get to know more about Harry's parents etc in the end of book 4 that you do in book 5...
I didn't like it that much....

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I was sooo stoked when I bought my copy. I walked out of the store just looking at it in my hands and grinning i haven't been a HP all that long, that's how fast you get hooked....

Anyway, I loved the book. I was a delight, better than most books I read. I did not however feel that it was JK's best. If you read GoF (or any other for that matter) then read OotP, you'll see that it lacks the creativity and vividness that the other have. Its still great, but not as great as her others.

A lot of people aren't liking all the anger and angst that Harry is doing. But that was my favorite part. With the exception of a few places where it dragged a little, i enjoyed it. It's gratifying to know that even Harry can feel like that. I know when I read, so many times I thought, "Wow, I know EXACTLY what he means!" I was kind of a stupid, angry, frustrated sophmore last year and i could relate so much. It was very gratifying in that sense.

Also, I enjoyed all the information we received. We get LOADS of new evidence and tid bits of Harry's past. I'm going to read it again soon, and then I'll give you a better breakdown of the information sometime. But I read it a month ago and am now rereading the rest of them to refresh my memory.
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i would have to say that i loved the final days of the weasley twins at Hogwarts. The way they made it so crazy with their pranks and the teachers wouldnt help Umbridge and Filch. And then right when you think they are caught and going to get whipped, they fly out and go to working at their shop. Fred and George have always talked about leaving but it was good to see them actually do it, with style. I also liked the look into how James, Remus, and Sirius acted when they were in school. Granted there are many mentions of their actions, but to actually see them and Snape at Hogwarts was pretty neat. You find out that Harry's dad isnt the great perfect guy he was made out to be. OH YEAH and Tonks is definitely one of my favorite characters. I mean, anyone who can change their appearance but cant sit down for dinner without knocking over a chair, gotta love her.
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I'm too lazy to write an essay.... Here are my points:
-Sirius' death was unconvincing and underdescribed, leading me to believe that he will make another appearance in some form
-Tonks was awesome and I think she will (or should) become a more prominant figure i.e. older sister type for Hermione and Ginny
-Harry irritating when unrational but I see that JK wants to convey the whole mood swing deal
-Why haven't we heard about Luna before now???
-DA is incredible, but it's sort of suspicious that everyone can do a patronus, which is supposed to be incredibly advanced
-Thought that Snape would have been more professional about the whole oclumency thing
-Dissapointed in Dumbledore, he could have at least sent Harry a note if he didn't want to look at him... Was a good represenation of the way that you find out the people you look up to aren't actually perfect though
-Umbridge was maddening but a little over the top, so incredibly evil
-Weasly twins overdone, but great except for the riding into the sunset bit....
-Draco is completely onesided, as was Umbridge, they need some explanation and motivation for their actions
-Didn't feel that we learned all that much, not so many new spells... I thought there were a lot more interesting little details in other books
Pretty good book but definately not my favorite, I was expecting so much more.
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Posts: n/a

Although I LOVE the book endlessly...
I couldn't help but think that J.K could have done better...
I was expecting a lot more action, romance (Ron and Hermione OBVIOUSLY), adventure, thrill, etc...
But all we got (or all that I saw) was snippits of those categories...
I'm slightly disappointed in J.K...
We waited SO long for this book to come out
And I was so sure that I was going to like it more than POA
That didn't come
I'm not saying that this book wasn't fantastic...
Because that would be lying.
All I'm saying is
Basically, it could have been a whole lot better
(not that I could do any better though, hahahah )

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i really like the fifth book but it was kinda hard to understand. there was just so much going on that you had to keep up with. Umbridge was a really good evil villian in this book so to speak and voldemort is at his worst(so far) i geuss i need halp understanding it all

Follow your heart and may all of your dreams come true
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The fifth book wat GREAT! All except for someone dying.... but you know, Harry will talk to him. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars
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