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Dainsie 07-15-2005 10:18 AM

Book Review: The Half-Blood Prince
What did you think of the book? Come on in and let us know...

*alohamora* 07-16-2005 09:59 PM

Ohh goody I can finally let out my feelings. The whole thing was like a bad fan fic!!! The romance part, anyhow (read my comments in the romance section). I thought she could have done better with the plotlines. Why did they go after something that was already taken care of? Why didn't Dumbledore ever say what had happened to his hand? Did JKR forget to answer?? I read the entire thing today, from 8 am to 5:30 pm or so, so I think the book itself was good, but honestly! Lee Jordon, Angelina, and Alicia were completely AWOL, and Luna was MIA (pretty much). Poor Loony! She deserves more lines after that last book, along with Neville! We didn't hear hardly ANY dialogue from Crabbe or Goyle (although they probably can't string together any words anyhow). I actually felt bad for Draco for opening up to Myrtle. Poor baby :( He didn't seem THAT bad. He couldn't even kill Dumbledore, so... Snape is a horrible man!!!!! It's funny when the new Potions teacher calls Ron "Rupert". That made me laugh! And when Harry found all of that writing in his Potions book, I knew it was the HBP's before it was actually said. Go me! lol I love the book in all, but some parts were just... well... you know... I love the dead corpses! Good idea, and it had me scared. Dumbledore!!!! I miss him! I never really liked him, but somehow I started bursting out in tears when I read the funeral part. Well, those are my thoughts, anyhow, :) happy reading!

Flawed_Perfection 07-16-2005 10:10 PM

All in all, I thought that the book was ganerally an interesting read, however, I found it full of a bit too many facts, a bit too quickly and some things just like popped out of nowhere, like the romance between Ginny and Harry, it was written like a fan-fiction, however, it wasnt a main storyline, although romance did play quite a big part in the book

I felt that giving snape the DADA position was quite a good idea, as it had been mentioned in all the other books, and having an actual real curse be revealed to have been placed on the position by voldemort was also a good idea !

I felt that harry wasnt actually featured int he book half as much as he should have been. he didnt get enterered into the picture till the third chapter, and i foudn that he only wen on one actual adventure int he book, which ended in dumbledore's death and snapes cover being blown !!

I felt it was kind of rushed toward the end, but it wasnt badly written, and it is quite realistic that it would all happen that quickly, JK left a lot of times open to wondering what would happen, and there was a generous amount of tension within

There were a lot fo pieces that began to fit together in this story however, the reasons behind tom's decent to evil, and how harry can truly defeat him !

it actually gives quite a clear view of what the ourcome of the 7th book couldbe, and in some eyes, its quite a devastating ending... that is if all goes to plan !!

so all in all, not the best put together story I feel of her series, however I feel that it is a good addition to the world of HP as we needed an informative story to actually fit all the ecents together...

Ijust hope there's more action in the next one, and judging by harry's decision at the end to not return to hogwarts (if it actually DOES open again) then it could turn out to be very interesting
kellie xxx

Flawed_Perfection 07-16-2005 10:13 PM

alohomora !! ...

the reason that alicia and lee jordan and angelina were absent.. was because they graduated last year.. remember it wa fred and georges last year last year.. even though they left b4 !! .. and they were all in the same year.. so they dont actually attend hogwarts anymore !!

kellie xxx

*alohamora* 07-16-2005 10:45 PM

Well, Fred and George graduated, and we heard from them... hahah I thought we would hear SOMETHING from those others. Anyone else miss Oliver Wood?!

Hermione_loves_Ron 07-17-2005 12:09 AM

Yes, the others graduated, but because they weren't main characters, we didn't really hear much about them.

Now. I shall voice my opinion. I myself found it marvelous, spectacular. You have to look beyond the romance and the things you believe are just popping out. You have to look further into it.

There was a definet plot line to the story. That was simply all those meetings with Dumbledore. They are VITAL to the stories. We have learned so much about Voldemort now. In fact, if you realize, we have now figured out a big part of how Harry is to kill Voldemort. That is one of the biggest things in the book.

Not only that, but we have seen some of how Voldemort treats his "followers". Look at Draco, being forced into the ring, forced to do deeds he clearly wasn't ready to do, didn't want to do. We saw how maliscious Voldemort is, how truly evil he really is.

Romance was only big because, as I've stated in the Romance thread, they are 16-year-old teenagers. They are developing into adults and have rampant hormones. Of COURSE they are going to exaggerate their first relationships. Ron, being the male who has finally got a girl who has interest in him. Lavender completely giddy that she is the one in his lap. Hermione seething because Ron plainly hadn't seen that she has feelings for him (or so she thinks). Harry suddenly realizing that Ginny HAS grown up. She's not that little eleven year old he rescued from the Chamber of Secrets. She's fiery, popular, and there must be something about her if so many boys are crazy about her, no? Harry has finally had time to be a boy. He has finally been able to notice girls. And naturally, he notices the one closest to him. May not be my faveorite ship, but nonethless, its happening. It wasn't spontaneous generation of emotions. They've been boiling about.

The book was a lovely installment and masterfully crafted. Her characters are developed wonderfully; the history of Voldemort, the tales of Snape.

And, Harry DID go on many adventures. Just because he didn't leave school for some of them didn't mean he didn't venture out. All those memories? He went to places that he wouldn't ever have been able to go.

JK did wonderful work on this and it offends me that anyone can compare it to a "bad fanfic". She knows what she's doing and she has reasons for doing it. I give it a 20/10 :D

no1particular 07-17-2005 02:21 AM

Okay, this is going to be a lonnng explanation.

So far, this is definitely different from the rest of the books that we've seen so far, mostly because we got to see more into Voldemort's life. We don't really see a whole lot of Voldemort himself, but we do see a lot of him in his past. Rowling shows us how he came to be, which (from what Dumbledore was saying) is something worth knowing for the future.

Harry, it seems, in this book has matured. I had the misconception that he would be extremely reckless in this book, what with Sirius being gone. However, it seems, by the end of the book anyways, that with Dumbledore's guidance Harry has matured. You can see by the way he approaches people now that he has learned to control his feelings, and has finally accepted what needs to be done.

The ROMANCE, hehe, well, there was definitely more of it, wasn't there? That's to be expected of course, they're sixteen! I was glad to see a lot of Ron/Hermione, as we didn't see a whole lot of it in OotP. I was surprised with Harry picked Ginny (I thought maybe it would have been Luna) but, nevertheless, I was happy with his choice, and I am sure that they will end up together.

Dumbledore dying came as a complete shock to me. At first, I thought it was a trick or something, that Dumbledore was faking it and that Snape had to have mispronounced the spell. But, once I realized they buried him, it sank in. I think, though as much as I hate to see Dumbledore leave, it was a necessary loss, because now Harry knows that he himself must face Voldemort, with no help. Although, I did like at the end when Ron and Hermione vowed to stick with him, no matter what.

This book left me hanging miserably, but I also had a sense of relief, for some reason. Harry knows what he has to do, who he truly loves, and now has fully grown up.

X-Girl 07-17-2005 04:03 AM

JKR has done a wonderful job, no doubt about that, But many like me, are still shocked. They don't know what to think of JKR's conclusion, therefore just say whatever's on their mind. (And frankly, by being shocked, all that comes out is a bunch of nonsense) JKR shown her awesome talents throughout all the series, so I can never ever dare say anything flawed about her writing….
I’ll have to admit, I’m still not over the shock….(But, by reassurance and the comments of others…I’m a bit over it)
THE #1 thing was DD'S Death. I mean, I don't know about all of you, But I sort of imagined Dumbledore to be there when Voldemort was finally defeated. Then again, I imagined my Siry to be there too *SNIFFS* It was so cute, how Harry had said he was DD’s man through and through…AWWWW…..
However, I do believe the theory on how this is a-wake-up call for Harry. We all do know, it’s him that should go on, like Ron had mentioned in SS. I’m positive the last battle will be Harry/Volde. Not Ron, Not Hermie, Not the Order. Even if they will give a great deal of help and will be willing to risk everything.
Speaking of the Order, WHERE were they? I know they were on lookout/trying to protect, but I really thought their role in this would be greater. Speaking on this, will the order be strong enough to go on w/o DD? I doubt it, I think they will completely fall apart. I know this isn’t something that is good, but you guys should’ve seen them? They were over-worked and it seemed their personal problems and lives were getting in the middle of things they would’ve normally easily accomplished.
Another thing, like others have mentioned, is ROMANCE. One word will surely explain it; hormones. They’re sixteen for god’s sake. What teen out there isn’t looking for the perfect relationship in the real world? This goes double for ppl in the wizarding world, considering The Dark Lord is back. All three ships used were my favorite. Lupin and Tonks was just awesome (I so knew that her Patronus was Lupin…which might I add was so CUTE). However, JKR didn’t not go into detail…which made it a bit more intriguing. No shocker w/ Ron and Hermie. I was a bit disappointed, I was awaiting a grand intro to this new fling, but JKR only got to the good part toward the end. And, by then, I was too gloomy to put out the good. Harry and Ginny was the same as R/Hr. I wanted her to go into more detail, but w/ a story so suspenseful there were more important things to state.
Looking back, I just absolutely agree w/ Hermione Loves Ron. The events poured out of the pensive was ingenious and such a thriller. They were all little adventures that became of great use by the end. Since, the beginning, I’ve always loved the pensive and the things it showed. That’s one of my favorite things of the wizarding world (Don’t mine me, I’m a huge fan of keeping memoirs, and what better way than the memories themselves?) Also, going through Tom’s life was an awesome extra. Since COS, I’ve always wondered and wondered about Hogwarts when Tom went to school. This piece of information was vital for Harry and DD did an excellent job with the guidance. I did seem to like SlugHorn, and he played his part awesome.
As awesome as this book was, I liked OOTP, a lot better. OOTP, I think, was much better planed out and it’s plot was a bit more stimulating and captivating. But, I do think this book had a bit more suspense of the moment. Things kept on going wrong/ happening at wrong times, and it made you keep going. There were so many things to watch, that you had no idea what to think. While in OOTP, the every-day tactics and events (Such as normality of the Order, regular DA meetings, annoying hard schoolwork..etc.) were included a bit more therefore making it a bit more understandable. It gave your mind a chance to think about what will be happening instead of opening a topic and going straight into its main events. Then again, JKR might have done it on purpose. With the return of Volde and commotion of Ministry, it prompted events to happen at a racing speed.
The book was of high quality once the shock/ a reread is made. For me, I had to read it a bit more to finally thoroughly understand the details. But, over all, it is a first-rate, admirable, thrilling, mystifying, glorious, and bewildering read.
NOW all I can do is re-read the story and wait for the next (and sadly) final one….*Sniff* Hey, on a good note, More riddle could be made!!! *Winks to all gamers out there*
Love Always,
P.S. I told myself I wouldn’t mention this, but I can’t help it! WTF WAS SNAPE’S PROBLEM? All DD, had ever done was trust him and help him for his benefit. How could he?!!!?!?! I always knew he was evil…It was there from the start. He was just playing along, I just don’t understand how DD didn’t grab hold of the situation. It was shown too many times. I can’t seem to imagine how he could’ve even dare do what he did. But with people like his cold-hearted self, God knows what’s possible. I was a bit shocked to see he was the HBP…Never even entered my mind…I still can’t believe it. I did imagine the Prince to either be a gal or cool and clever guy.

ShriekingSnape 07-17-2005 04:54 AM

This is my favorite book so far. Yes, it was a lot of exposition, but it was obviously necessary for the story to continue, and for book seven. I also thought it was done well. This book was more about the characters, than the progression (coincidentaly, PoA was as well, and there was a twist on the title character in question in it too.) I don't know about everyone else, but I was fairly certain (and correct) about the Half-Blood Prince in the chapter the Advanced Potions book is introduced, and I don't think that is a coincidence. You think you have it all figured out, and then something is added. It's dark enough and they are, in fact, teenagers (insert romance and drama)

I, by the way, am not completely convinced Snape is evil yet. I wouldn't say he's nice, but I think it's too....I don't know...I still have to re-read and tear apart the first five as well.

I'm not going to lie, I knew DD was going to die. I wasn't positive it would be in six, but it had to happen. It's a classic hero archetype to have to go on alone and lose the mentor. Didn't suprise me in the least, the suprise was the culprit.

tonks26 07-17-2005 05:10 AM

So. After the endless arguments, theories and speculations, HBP is here. It answered some of our questions, but raised a lt more. After losing a lot of sleep reading HBP, allow me to give my ten galleons on HBP.

HBP is fast becoming my fave book in the series. Exciting (as always), funny (a bit less this time, though), complex, and most of all, bittersweet and sad. I don't even know where to start bec there are so many parts of HBP that I wanna mull over about, so just for clarity's sake, I'll divide it into themes:

ROMANCE - Although I did see the Ginny/Harry angle coming, I never ever believed it at first. Reading abt Harry's almost instant attraction to Ginny just took me by surprise. Harry never even gave Ginny a 2nd glance before then we see em snogging in book 6? Just surprising, but I'm not against it though. RON and LAVENDER--now that's a laugh. I guess it's a mere diversion then we'll see Ron and Hermione solidly together in book 7. I'm pretty satisfied with the relationships that grew in HBP, so no complaints here.

DUMBLEDORE's DEATH - I won't even elaborate much bec its too sad to describe. *wails loudly* I guess book 7 will see Harry just om his own now, and he has to find all the answers himself.

SNAPE's BETRAYAL - I can't read Snape at all. with which side is he really on? Seems like he's saying the same things to both sides. I cant help but feel that he has upstaged two of the greatest wizards ever. I HATE him for killing Dumbledore, but I dont think Snape has really shown which side he's truly on--but one things for sure, he's a @#$%% traitor and I hope he...(I won't continue, it's too violent to post in here).

I really loved that bit about Horcruxes. So far that was the best revelation in HBP. But I was a bit disappointed that some ideas/ themes were not really elaborated on like what happened to most of the Order (sure a couple died, most are still on duty, but what else), and there wasnt much Harry's history and stuff, which I was expecting. HBP could have been titled The Highly Colorful Bio of Tom Marvolo Riddle--nothing wrong abt it though...basically the 4 central characters for me this time were Harry, Voldemort, Snape and Dumbledore.

My mind is getting murky with all the ideas on my head. Better get it into the Pensieve before it explodes.

RrHuEnA 07-17-2005 05:30 AM

I wasn't too crazy about this book...I mean I haven't slept for over 24 hours because I've been reading, working, reading, running, reading, eat (you know I actually haven't eaten that much during this time)! So, OK...FINE I LOVED the I just hate the fact that I'm going to have to wait years and years to see how it all ends and to get some of my questions answered.

I thought it was kind of weird that although Draco was mentioned a lot in the book we didn't actually get to hear to much about him...there was hardly any Harry taunting or king of the world kind of attitude and I must say that I missed it slightly. And there wasn't really too much mentioned about Luna or Neville, who were both dominant characters from book 5).

I was devistated when Dumbledore died...*sob*...but I felt like maybe it was for the best.

All I can say ist that if Harry dies in the 7th book I will be so severely dissapointed that I don't know what I'll do with myself. I mean...after all of this pain and suffering I would hate to see the series end with...."and the last thing Harry ever saw was a blinding green light and all he heard was the sound of his pending death. And Voldemort remained a terror to the entire world. The End." I couldn't handle that...I just couldn't.

SapphireMisty 07-17-2005 05:40 AM

When Snape killed Dumbledore, I was shocked for his actions. But then, as I reread what had happened in the scene, with Draco clearly hesitating to kill his headmaster and the death eaters accompanying him as well as Snape, I remembered a vow that has been made towards the begining of the freshly minted second to last part of the story. A vow that has been made between the potions-master-turning-into-a-DADA-professor-to-be and Narcissa to protect her son, which it was later discussed in the book. As I reread again on, I realised Draco wasn't ready kill Dumbledore but he feared for his life if he didn't. That was when Snape stepped in, risking his life for Draco's, sometime after the DE came to attempt to take over Draco's job.

Seems to me Dumbledore could sense this hesitation while Draco taunts while not making a move, but I couldn't understand what was going on until later.

Now that I think more about it, this makes me feel sorry for the poor boy.

Ever since the annoucement of Voldemort's return in book five, I've never imagined (or seen) Diagon Ally looked so deserted near the start of book six. War against Voldemort, seems to have taken its effect, now with Floresque the ice cream man and Ollivander the wandmaker have both gone missing. To me, that is a great loss to the English wizarding community.

I didn't think Remus would find love because of his hazard. I was surprise to say Tonks is in love with him despite his "hazard", despite that Remus kept denying it. Now I'm happy for him. I just hope he doesn't perish, seeing that he is the last of the unbetrayed mauraders. God I hope not.

I am surprised to say Snape is the Half-Blood Prince, revealing himself to Harry about the book while saving Draco. That kinda explains the mystery of the book.

Overall, this is the best book so far. I guess that was because Harry became the Captain of Gryffindor Quidditch team that gave it a boost. I believe I'll rate this the same as Ootp.

fr2nc1z 07-17-2005 06:42 AM

I loved the book. At first, I thought it was going too slow and JKR was feeding us too much information too quickly (her style seems to be to conceal the information until the end). I knew by the first chapters (the Snape making the Vow chapter, actually) that Draco would probably kill someone. I knew that because of the wording, Draco would doubt and Snape would kill the person. It didn't help that I figured Dumbledore would die in this book... I was surprised at the romances, but overall I loved the book. It was great.

But I still think my fav book is book 5 ;)

malfoyman 07-17-2005 08:48 AM

Here's my two cents (1.49891 US cents):
You'll notice I won't talk about the plot much, that's for other areas I think.
Firstly, a fantastic book.
This one is my favourite so far.
I think I like it so much, because I think it is finally Harry Potter in full swing. In the First four, It was sort of a kids book, but now it's finally maturing (I'd like to see them make a kid's movie out of this! Hah!) Some people say they don't like Harry Potter anymore, and I must say "Tough!". J.K. always said that it never was really a kids' book, and I must agree. I'm quite mature for my age, and am very Happy to see Harry finally using his head. In the first couple of books he was unsure of what he was doing, and was just making a guess at what he could do. I think that when Harry thought of his life as two universes, one with Sirius and one without, that he finally entered the real world.
Secondly, I was very happy to finally see another chapter not from Harry's point of view! That makes four so far! When the whole book is from one person's POV (CoS, PoA, OotP) I feel the story starts to drag a bit, maybe it's just me.
Finally, I really feel JK has finally let us into her universe, giving us so much info (Horcruxes, You-Know-Who's past, etc). Before we were really living through Harry, and we only had as much information as he has (and this kind of ties in with the stuff about POV) and as we can see, it hasn't been a lot really.
I don't think we should be talking too much about the seventh book yet, I mean hold on! We've hardly got the sixth!
Ok ttfn,

Treamayne 07-17-2005 08:50 AM

Well.... I'll review this the way I review other fiction (

Technical: You could tell this was rushed in editing. There are more than a few spelling and grammar errors (not attributed to the differences between British and American English) to be found, at least in the Collectors Edition that I read. Alot of the sectios seemed choppy and ill-formed, as if they were first draft sections rather than re-worked sections. I know everyone was keen for the book to release as soon as possible, but if waiting anotehr 6 months would have meant better construction and no SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) errors, I would rather have waited the 6 months. Maybe future printings will fix this (like the Lily error in OOTP).

Flow: The flow was awful. I'm hoping that the start-stop pacing was not purposeful as it made the book feel like a broken rollercoaster. It zipped through sections that could have used a bit more detail and planning while it lagged in sections that could have been reduced from pages to paragraphs.

Style: Some deviations from the standard JKR style detracted from the story. This was the first time we witness events that Harry does not since PS/SS. This changes the tone of the book from the very beginning as the reader spends the entire time knowing where some of the characters misperceptions lie rather than finding the facts with HRnH as usual. It's not necessarity bad, but a dangerous change in format so late in the series totally changes the feel of the story.

Story: Much less darker than anticipated and nowhere near OOTP. The story started with a bang and quick adrenaline rush. Then it floated into the Soap Opera realm and campy demeanor. The feeling that the "War" was really raging was almost non-existant from Ch. 5-23. It was appearant that JKR wanted to keep the tension with Hermoine's following of the Daily Prophet andf Malfoy's aborted attempts at fulfilling his "mission." However, these events fall flat as (see flow above) they seem glossed over in favor of the bad drama that permeated this book.

Now, I'm not saying this is a bad book. It is not, in my opinion, the best book of the series but it does have some very important information buried beneath the fluff. I think this story could hve been told in about 75% of the space and would have been excellent if reworked with detail focusing on the metaplot rather than the mundane in the space alloted.

*** of *****
Three of Five Stars

sweetbaby 07-17-2005 10:16 AM

OMGOSH, i am so freekin out, the book was so amazing, is it just me or was malfoy about to enter the good side b4 those deatheaters showed up. and i cant believe it, Harry is not goin back to hogwarts next here, i sorta hav a feeling thers goin to b more than 7 books in this series. SNAPE, I SO TOTALLY HATE HIM, :mad: and all this time, me trusting dumbldores judgment on ppl, u think thats wht dumbledore ment wen he said he makes mistakes, do u think he was talking about making a mistake about snape. What really makes me think is that, i duno this was really out of the blue, well the idea is that since we really dont know wht all the horcruxes are, maybe sorta by some total freak accident, when voldemort wanted to kill harry, voldemort mite hav put some of his soul into harry, as mentioned in CoS theres alot of simlarities between harry and voldemort cuz of the scare, so iduno, just a guess, who agrees?
:cry: :cry: :cry:
another thing, i cant believe dumbldore is dead :faint: :erm: i cudnt believe it at first, i thought maybe snape mite have not actually fully did the curse properly and there was still hope that snape was good, but then at the funeral, i was crying my eyes out, even though its ficionial, its sorta weird cuz im reading they're lives, and i duno, dont ask its weird, anyways since dumbldore lives in a picture, cant harry still talk to him, and tell him whats going on?

Fleurgreene 07-17-2005 03:17 PM


another thing, i cant believe dumbldore is dead i cudnt believe it at first, i thought maybe snape mite have not actually fully did the curse properly and there was still hope that snape was good, but then at the funeral, i was crying my eyes out, even though its ficionial, its sorta weird cuz im reading they're lives, and i duno, dont ask its weird, anyways since dumbldore lives in a picture, cant harry still talk to him, and tell him whats going on?
me too...cud not think dd dead till the end

cnryan 07-18-2005 12:19 AM

The book was amazing in my opinion. The thing I noticed first was Harrys new attitude and what a capable wizard and leader he has become. It seems as though he has grown up overnight. The new and more intimate relationship with Dumbledore seemed to foreshadow what a huge role he would play in the book. It definitely dealt with much more adult themes such as the Inferi and Fenrir Greyback, who ate humans, whether transformed into a werewolf or not. At the same time that the book contained moments of happiness and the realization of old loves, it ended in sadness and a bit of hopelessness. With Dumbledore gone, it seems Harry is alone in his fight. The whole book was really well written, especially Dumbledores end. It definitely makes the wait for book Seven seem all that much more unbearable.

Dark Mark 07-18-2005 12:29 AM

Prepare yourselves, because this bit is mostly discussing Draco *guilty look*

The romance bugged me a bit, it kind of seemed like a fan fic, but that's what I thought about OotP before I read it a couple of times. I really enjoyed how much Draco was in it, obviously, because he is my favorite character. I agree that this whole fiasco with Draco shows us that the Dark Lord isn't afraid to throw away a life in revenge. Quite disturbing, I think you'll agree. Like some of you have said above, Draco was obviously not ready for the task. It seemed as though everyone but Draco knew that he wouldn't be able to do it. It was pretty interesting, though, when Dumbledore was trying to convince him to come to the good side, and Harry noticed his wand droop a little. Of course, then the DE burst in and Draco lost his chance, but it still proves that there's some good in him! I enjoyed the book, and it is my new favorite out of the series.

Singularity 07-18-2005 01:20 AM

Alright. I read the book in about 4 hours and was kinda rushing through it, so I have to re-read it to be sure, but here's my initial thoughts:

THE BOOK WAS SO DISAPPOINTING! I couldn't believe that I was actually reading the real book, and not just, dreaming it up or something!!

The opening... very different from the others. I had a little bit of trouble following it at first (which maybe was due to the fact that I was standing in line waiting to get our second copy). But I finally managed to get it straight, I think...

The new Minister of Magic was very... Interesting. I thought it'd be someone we'd never heard of.

Um. I was disappointed that we didn't even hear from Harry until the third chapter, and right away he's leaving the Dursley's... not much detail there, unlike before.... Shocked that Dumbledore himself got Harry that time...

Ok, now... The fact that Dumbledore and Harry Apparated together was kinda cool...

Umm... Tonks. In love with Lupin! Who'd have thought!!

Ahhh, Ron and Lavender was so.... I was rooting for him to ditch her and get with Hermione! And that ridiculous necklace Lav-Lav sent Won-Won... Eh. I'm sorry, but I would NEVER may have an engraving, but I mean... *twitch*

I CAN'T BELIEVE SNAPE GOT DADA! And Slug-whatshisname was Potions! *twitch* And it was Voldemort who put the curse on the DADA position...

Draco, Death Eater? Figured. And the whole crying to Moaning Myrtle? Knew it was him when she mentioned a boy crying, but just... weird.

The whole Legimen-blahblahblah thing was just... weird.. All those memories of Voldemort.. And the Horcruxes... *twitch*

Dumbledore's death disgusted me.

I mean, I agree where the whole thing seemed like a fan fic.

I mean, it was totally not up to Rowling standards, and I can't believe we waited two years for it. I mean, the book had it's redeeming qualities... But it was too rushed, left all sorts of stuff out, and it was entirely too short.

But I need to read it again, just to get myself straight.

dannyluver0210 07-18-2005 02:43 AM

Hey Everyone!! goes.

I have never been this effected by a Harry Potter group. This book showed so many emotions all in one. Sadness, love, affection, loss...etc. There was soo much action throughout the whole entire book! It showed a lot of backround information and yet it let you keep guessing and making your own assumptions. You learned more about Tom Riddle and Voldemorts old self. You also have a very tight bond between Harry and Voldemort.
Throughout the school year, there were relationships which i loved becuase i am a big shipper. You had Ron trying to fit in and finaly having someone that he can be with(even if we all knew it wasn't based on love ;P ). Then you have Hermoines jealousy finaly burst through, leaving people to take notice of her fondness for Ron. Then you have Mr. Potter himself, being notied by girls even more and him finding someone he is really fond of. He gets jealous and has the problem of choosing between his best mate or his sister.
Dumbledore had to show Harry so much backround information that they became extremely close. Having private classes where they dive into DD's and others' memories. Harry had to even retreive some memories to help complete their understanding of Voldemort better. Once they did that, they finaly set off to help get rid of Voldemort.
When Harry comes back with Dumbledore there was trouble. Lies, deciet, betrayal are all words that come to mind. Snape, who no one trusted except for DD, turned out to be Evil in the surprise to me. But i had no clue he would go as far as KILL Dumbledore himself. I even was in a bet with some friends(no we didnt really bet money) that Dumbledore would definitely not die. I was so wrong...and shocked. I had no idea. I was so angry at that point. And how many losses can Harry endure in his short years?
I guess we will have to wait for the 7th book to find out?

Lynnythy1406 07-18-2005 03:02 AM


Why did they go after something that was already taken care of? Why didn't Dumbledore ever say what had happened to his hand?
Ok alohomora hold on a sec before you hyperventlate!

Ok, I think that Dumbledore didn't know that that certain Horcrux was taken care of by R.A.B. (who ever that is). Then about Dumbledore's hand... Dumbledore mentioned that he had to get rid of the ring and I think that the only way to do it was by blasting it or something while it was on his hand...or maybe someone else did it, like Snape. That's what I thought as I read those parts. But whoever knows perfectly well how all this happened please correct me. For I'm pretty sure that my word is somewhat right.

Ok my review.....

I agree with many of you above that this did seem like a long fan fic and definately wasn't up to J.K. Rowling's standards which really disappointed me alot. Many scenes and parts in the book flew by too fast, weren't explained or discussed enough in my opinion. Definately the lessons with Dumbledore were detailed but other things... The whole Harry obsessing Malfoy thing didn't really impress me alot. Yes, Harry did have his reason for doing so but it just made him seem like a demented crazed lunatic!

Then I think we definately missed out on many classes this year as the book went on. That part, I think deserved a little more, I was hoping for more DADA classes with Snape because it probably would have made the book more exciting and helped everyone build their rage on Snape.

I think J.K. pretty much just touched some certain subjects, rather than go into detail, in which in my opinion, I would have thought would have been better. The whole Order barely popped up in the book, neither were many of Harry's and Draco's usual quarrels in the hallway, however I think that may have been due to Draco's distraction when trying to fix the cabinets.

There were many things that were missed out on that were in the previous books and the whole, Harry dealing with Sirius' death. I thought would have been much more dramatic and emotional on Harry's part, however the only thing was maybe a few furious moments when Snape made fun of them infront of Harry.

Relationships definately were focused on in HBP, from Harry discovering feelings for Ginny, to Hermione and Ron's jealousy over either previous or current relationships, Bill and Fleur (or Phlegm), Remus and Tonks (although barely touched upon, pretty much only a paragraph long or maybe even less), and Dean and Ginny. Definately alot of romance in HBP which I hope we will see more of in Book 7, but with much more of the things that were barely touched.

Four out of five stars for me. However I still think Book 3, POA was my favorite still...

That_Potter_Chick 07-18-2005 03:54 AM

i think it's so funny that so many people are saying the exact same thing... "it's like a bad fanfiction". i've spoken to a few people, and they said (i write fanfics) they were waiting for one of my characters to turn up. lolz. but yeah, i thought the romance was one of the more exciting plot-twists, maybe i like fanfiction too much... lol.

i wasn't very interested in voldything's past, even though it consumed a lot of the book.

i only got excited when they arrived at the scene at the end, harry and dumbledore, that point on was great... the last chapters were great, though the very last sort of dragged on, it was really sad, though.

i'm very dissapointed about the big first chapter in the making for all these years. i thought we would learn about harry's parents, but it was rather slow and immediately turned me off.

i'm also dissapointed that we didnt learn about the veil, or harry's parents, and the lack of sirius-ness. lol. very very upset about that.

seastars__ 07-18-2005 03:56 AM

Just a short review. The beginning read like a screenplay, more than a book, but by the end, JK was on her complete game. This book is making me think, perhaps even more than the others, and it certainly could lead to several interesting conclusions. (I posted a lot of my thoughts in the Snape thread, so I don't want to repeat them here.)

I do think this book will be the easiest movie to make, and will perhaps be the best movie of the series. It would be hard for any director to really screw this one up, unless they try to combine it with the last book, and leave too many things out.

I think Ginny will become very important in the last book, and not as a hostage, but perhaps, as the ultimate heroine. Love is Harry's greatest weapon, right?

Padfoot-ranger 07-18-2005 04:07 AM

Well, here goes:

This book has so far been the only one to rival COS as my favorite in the series. After the fifth book, which i wasnt very fond of, this was an absolute dream. It read very smoothly and was succint, which i liked. There was always something happening. Also, the amount of information we get from this book is almost overwhelming. To be honest, the focus of all the romance surprised me a bit, but we have to remember that the main characters are now 16/17 years old, and romance/love would be playing a large role in their lives and it is more of a focus for them now too.

There were some things that dissapointed me a bit though. First of all, I would have liked to have seen more about Harry dealing with the loss of Sirius. That is not something someone can get over quickly and i think more of Harry's feelings could have been shown. I was also upset about the lack of Lupin. He is the last of the Marauders, and now with Sirius gone, i thought he would be playing a bigger role in harry's life.

Overall, i loved it, and it is probably my second favorite, or possibly third, in the entire far.

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