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Old 07-20-2007, 10:53 AM
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Default Book Review: The Deathly Hallows

This is the official review thread, for properly formatted entire book reviews complete with ratings. To post just "OMG I LOVED IT", use THIS thread.

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Well, my message deleted itself before I could post it, so I'll have to make a new one *sigh*. So, a chapter-by-chapter analysis of Deathly Hallows, by Maddey....

Chapter One

Forget caring about Charity Burbage, I fell off my seat when it was announced that Remus and Tonks were now married. Still, after hearing that, I decided that I better had listen to what the Death Eaters were talking about (I tuned in at midnight). So, Yaxley scared me, I wanted to kill Snape and I hated Lucius. I felt sorry for Draco, however, because you could tell he wasn't too happy about what was going on. He wasn't mentioned too much in this book, which I was really surprised about. Lord Voldemort's words at the end of the chapter chilled me completely, and the snake reeeally freaks me out.
Chapter Two
We see Harry unpacking his trunk for the first time in six years, and taking out things with great importance. I thought it was touching how he kept the locket, as a reminder of what had happened. I thought it was really sad how Sirus' mirror was no longer useful, and that all it had done was hurt Harry, but that was probably why JK Rowling wrote it in. We read a memorial for Dumbledore by Order member, Elphias Doge, and an article on Rita Skeeter's offensive new biography of Dumbledore, The Life and Lies. The ending was really sad, telling us that Harry knew he would never see Dumbledore's eyes again.
Chapter Three
What's this? Vernon Dursley saying "Please"? Dudley admitting that he didn't think Harry was a waste of space? Well, our last encounter with the Dursleys is certainly an interesting one. We also get to know Hestia Jones and Dedalus Diggle a bit better. Aunt Petunia was enfuriating, as usual, but we never have to put up with her again so who cares? And Dudley and Petunia said goodbye! And in Dudley's case, it was as though they were, dare I say it, friends!
Chapter Four
The title made me wonder about Harry's family, but it turned out that it wasn't. We see Harry reminiscing about the cupboard under the stairs, which holds many (not-so) fond memories for him. We have many Order members come to greet Harry, aswell as Ron and Hermione. I squeed like the fangirl I am when Tonks showed Harry her wedding ring. Harry's reaction to being asked to pull out his hair was understandable, but he didn't have to be so protective. Ron's reaction when he found out he was with Tonks was priceless, and so was the guilty look he gave Lupin about holding Tonks' waist. This could easily be one of my favourite chapters. But Hedwig's rather pointless death seemed to make it go down in my opinion.
Chapter Five
We finally meet the two people who gave my favourite character life (well, if they were real, they would have ). Ted Tonks seemed exactly as I had imagined him, and I love the nickname he gives his daughter (Dora). It suits her so well! And Harry thinking that Andromeda was Bellatrix! The parents have exactly the sort of reaction towards their daughter that many parents do - protective and caring. So, some shocking happenings - George lost an ear (he was feeling like a Saint), Remus was very ferocious, Remus and Tonks had a romantic (or not so) reunion, Hermionie and Ron actually did have a romantic reunion, Remus was really unfair to Tonks, especially since she's gonna....whoops! And we find out that Mad-Eye died *NOOOOOOO!*
Chapter Six
Interrogation time, courtesy of Molly Weasley. I felt quite angry at her, but I've been getting angry at everybody who's been nasty to either Harry or Tonks. I wish there had been a funeral for Moody, because I wish they could have said goodbye. Hermione was right, I doubt anyone ever imagined Mad-Eye being killed. I really felt for poor Hermy when she was talking about her parents not knowing they ever had a daughter. And Ron's idea was legendary! Plus, we meet Monsieur and Madame Delacour, whom I have NOT taken a shine to.
Chapter Seven
I think this chapter was rather boring, even though plenty happened in it. We hear of Gregorovitch. The trio don't know this, but Gregorovitch is a wand maker, possibly Bulgarian. He made Viktor Krum's wand. It's Harry's seventeenth birthday, meaning he is now of age. Ginny gives Harry an intimate birthday present, meaning she snogs him. Ron seems to think that Harry is messing Ginny around (so I get mad at Ron for a while *grr*). And why, when he has such an apparently radiant girlfriend *sorry, wife* *squee*, does Remus look so unhappy? Plus, we find out what Harry, Ron and Hermione were left in the Will of Albus Dumbledore. I just thought it was a sweet gesture of Dumbledore's that Harry got the Golden Snitch. And Scrimgeour gets aaaaangry.
Chapter Eight
It's wedding time! Cousin Barny makes his appearance, even though we've known him since the first book (He's Harry, FYI ). Fred and George attempt to hit on a pair of Veela, while we meet Xenophilius Lovegood, father of our favourite quirky Luna. While the pair get excited over being bitten by gnomes, Harry receives an apology from Tonks about hers and Remus' sudden disappearance the night before. We see Grindlewald's symbol, and Auntie Muriel is just plain irritating. And Bill and Fleur marry! *aww, sweet*. People dance, before Kingsley's lynx Patronus announces that Scrimgeour is dead and the Death Eaters are on their way.
Chapter Nine
Well, as people start to realise that the Death Eaters are coming, the Trio attempt to stick together. While Lupin and Tonks attempt to shield the place, the three Apparate to Tottenham Court Road. The workmen who had been eyeing up Hermione reveal that they are actually Death Eaters, Thorfinn Rowle and Antonin Dolohov. They defeat them and arrive at Number 12, Grimmauld Place. Mr Weasley informs them that the family are safe, but not to reply. Note - Arthur Weasley's Patronus is a Weasel!
Chapter Ten
Harry goes in Sirius Black's old bedroom, which is like that of many normal teenagers. There are Gryffindor banners, however, and moving pictures. As there is in normal teenage boys bedrooms, there are pictures of bikini wearing Muggle girls, unmoving. There is also a picture of Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs back in their Hogwarts days. Harry also finds a letter written from Lily Potter to Sirius, thanking him for Harry's toy broom for his first birthday. Plus, we find out who R.A.B truly is, and many guessers the world over are right, it was Regulus Black. But his middle name is not Alphard, as we first thought, but Arcturus. We find out that Kreacher was the Dark Lord's elf at one point, used to drink the potion on the same island that Dumbledore weakened himself with. Harry gives Kreacher the fake Horcrux locket.
Chapter Eleven
Remus Lupin turns up at Grimmauld Place. Harry, Ron and Hermione aim their wands at him, but he assures them that he is Remus, by telling them about the Marauder's Map, Harry's Patronus and the fact that he is married to Tonks. Harry realises that Scrimgeour's final act had been to protect him. They also find out that Harry is wanted for questioning over Dumbledore's death. Pius Thicknesse, the Imperiused Ministry worker, has become Minister. It is also revealed that Muggle Borns are wanted for questioning over "stealing" magic. When Lupin says he's going to help the Trio, Hermione asks about Tonks, which changes Lupin's voice, it is now cold and harsh. When asked if everything is alright, Remus reveals that Tonks is pregnant with his baby, but isn't too happy. He doesn't want to have a son or daughter who is ashamed of him. Remus leaves in a bad mood, revealing he wants to leave Tonks because he made a mistake by marrying her.

Okay, so a C-by-C is NOT going to be quick to either read or write, so I'll cover the main points, starting with my happy bits -

- The revelation that Tonks and Remus are now officially and canonically married!
- Bill and Fleur's wedding
- Ginny's birthday present for Harry *wolf-whistle*
- The very best IMO - Tonks had a baby!!!!!!

Sad bits -
- Fred's death
- What I thought was Harry's death
- Harry meeting up with the dead Marauders (just because I cried at Remus' reaction to knowing he'll never see his son grow up)

The book was full of twists, turns, surprises and over fifty deaths, but the best ending to the best series anyone could have hoped for.
This book gets ten out of ten, and I just want to say - thank you so much, J.K Rowling. Without you (and your missing pen), we would never have made such fantastic friends, I wouldn't be able to read as well and we would have nothing to do.
Than you so much.

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Well, the long wait is over and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been released at last. Despite a last minute flood of some accurate and some grossly incorrect spoilers flowing across the internet, the majority of true fans maintained a self imposed media blackout in eager anticipation of discovering the answers to some long awaited questions for themselves.

Was Snape good really ? Would Voldemort, Harry or both die ? Would Neville avenge his parents ? What did the prophecy really mean ? What and where were the horcruxes ? What are the Deathly Hallows ?

The list was seemingly endless and the various debates across Snitchseeker forums were often intense, passionate and entertaining. But at last, JK Rowling has presented her final installment of the Harry Potter series and many of the debates are now settled. Given that it's just over 24 hours after the book's release, I won't post (too many) spoilers, as some will undoubtedly still be in the process of working their way through the 608 or so pages, depending on which edition they are reading. So read on, at your own peril.

In Deathly Hallows, JK Rowling has written by far her most intense, dark and violent book of the series. Harry has matured, and so has the apparent target age of the reading audience, as this is a book for teenagers and adults - not for younger children. DH is a brooding affair in which a tormented Harry expresses doubts about his relationships, his own abilities and his monumental task at hand. The wizarding world is under a cloud of fear and confusion, which intensifies as the Ministry is taken over by Voldemort's minions and lackeys.

The high death toll begins its inexorable climb right from chapter one with a character despatched in a fairly gruesome manner with some gestational assistance from Nagini. From there, the book is strewn with the carnage of almost relentless attacks and ambushes, with some minor characters killed off first and as the book progresses, more and more of the major characters. these include some of the "favourites" and some that were seemingly too talented to succumb to the opposition. There are more than a few surprises along the way. JKR's much publicised and talked about killing of 2 characters and one getting a reprieve was obviously talking about 2 extra characters being killed off, as by my count, there are literally dozens and dozens of deaths. Some occur individually and some are group massacres such as when a furious Voldemort finds out that one of the locations of his horcruxes has been compromised and a group of hapless Goblins and Wizards receive the full force of his vented fury. DH has a number of gruesome injuries inflicted upon its cast of characters and not even children are spared from death in the main text and in the climactic battle of Hogwarts at the end.

There are also a number of dark themes running throughout the book, such as the discrimination and internment of muggle-born wizards & witches, reminicent of the Nazi's reign of terror and racist policies. The statues in the Ministry of Magic have been replaced with disturbing effigies to the new regime's attitude toward muggles and the evil Delores Umbridge returns as something even worse than her earlier High Inquisitor role, dispatching muggles borns and other "undesirables" to the clutches of the Dementors at Azkhaban. The wizarding world falls under the rule of a totalitarian regime, with arrests without cause, discrimination and elitism creating a climate of fear. Propaganda and disinformation cloud the issues of the day and the masses are fed lies and deceit. The parallel use of Azkhaban with real life SS concentration camps or Soviet Gulags may be disturbing to some mature readers.

It may be surprising to some readers to find out that not every nice character is squeaky clean nor every dark character what they seem. Reputations are sullied and some "bad" guys are seen in a better light, if not actually redeem themselves. Of note is when Harry learns some troubling information about one of his heroes who, as a youngster, had some different philosophies from those shown in latter years. Harry has conflict with Hermione and Ron leading to a regretful split. Harry also has a confrontation with an ally about his commitment to his new family and questions his integrity. This leads to a physical fight and parting of ways under unhappy circumstances. All in all, Harry is tormented internally and this leads to uneasy and sometimes downright antagonistic relationships with fairly much everybody. Hopes of a reconciliation with Ginny are raised and then quickly dashed early on. In the end, Harry does gain a profound understanding of his situation and as predicted, he is put in the situation where he has to choose between what is right and what is easy. And does so at his own great expense and sacrifice.

JK Rowling has written a mostly fast paced and enthralling book. The start doesn't waste time in capturing your attention and the ending is spectacular in both the scale of its action and in the revelations it produces. It does bog down in the middle a little, and perhaps the reader may share Ron's frustration at the trio's endless wanderings through camp sites with little planning or answers forthcoming. But this temporary stagnation is soon left behind as one horcrux riddle is solved under unusual circumstances and another becomes apparent in a flash of inspiration under even more unusual circumstances. From there, the pace accelerates and the ending is .... well, wait till you read it.

The final chapter describes in tantalising brevity what happens to some of the major characters 19 years on. As endearing as it is, it did leave me questioning what happened to other survivors, such as some of the teachers at Hogwarts, some of the baddies, and some of the ex-students. But we do find out about what happened to the surviving trio member(s) and/or their offspring. I was left wanting more and perhaps there may be a companion book published to tell more of the epilogue ? Otherwise, there will be endless debate and desire to find out about what happened to Professor whatshername or some other character.

All in all, it satisfies the many many questions that were raised in the first 6 books, and leaves only a few more fairly minor ones by the end. JKR wraps it all up nicely and the result is an interesting and exciting book. It is well written as we've come to expect, with twists, surprises and revelations coming thick and fast. JKR actually uses two "swear" words in the book, for the first time that I can recall in the series, but they are appropriate in context from the characters that utter them. Mrs Weasley's challenge to Bellatrix at the end was one of them and will go down as a great one liner - especially if reproduced in the movie version.

Speaking of which, and unfortunately for younger fans, the resulting movie will most likely be a mature rated one, given the nature of the material. I don't think that given the torture scenes, injuries and deaths, that it would escape an M rating or whatever is the equivalent wherever you are. This won't be one for the kiddies.

All in all, it was a great end to the series and an enjoyable read. Well done JKR !


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This book was the most suspensfull, and most anticipated book of the series, and it was the best.

She went through and had him go in and out of being voldemort and harry, and she had them looking for the horcrux's and the hallows.

The way she wrote this book was all in all incredible, she wrote it with a lot of mystery and evil. The book was completly filled with dark magic, and when the good side did show through you could really tell.

I love how she brought back people, like ollivander, Dobby, and other people came back who had not been mentioned lately, like colin creevy.

The way she told everyone there would be two major deaths, and then she made there be more and more major deaths in the book. And how she threw in the fact that harry could die, in the book, when he went to go visit dumbeldore i thought he was gone and i started to cry until it sunk in that he wasn't dead yet.That was a great part.

The way she summed everything up in the end. Everything from things that dumbeldore and snape had said in previous books. And things that people had done. She had a reason for everything, and it all fit so perfectly. She didn't leave a whole bunch open for disscussion no empty holes, or spaces where you just don't know what could have happened next. She ended it perfectly.

The way she ended it in the epilouge was amazing, 19 years later with harry's kids going to hogwarts. The double name, the things she thought of to make this book so amazing. I loved the way she even added draco into it. Mentioning his child, the epilouge was my favorite part. I loved how she closed up the relationship ties, and the questions about love and children.

I think that Jk did a wonderful job, she closed the gap's and solved the endings. She couldn't have ended the books any other way than the way she did.

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After reading the DH, I must say I am surprised but pleased with the last book. I secretly was hoping that the trio would return to Hogwarts, but I am glad they did not. Running around in the wilderness made the whole wizarding war seem more real. There were quite a few minor characters killed off, but that is how it is during war. I am quite glad that JK wasn't afraid to show this to kids. Sorry, but it's the truth that people die in war.

As for the deaths, here is how I felt about them:
--Hedwig: Shocking and quite a brutal death for the poor bird, but she had met her in the series. Harry couldn't take her with where he was going.
--Mad-Eye: I expected it. He was a great threat to the DE. I was mildly insulted when Umbridge took his eye, though.
--Scrimegeour: At least he tried to redeem himself slightly before dying
--Crabbe: Wow, talk about going completely psycho!
--Remus: I expected it, but it didn't make accepting it any easier
--Tonks: Wh-what? I was so sad when Tonks died! Yes, she died with her husband, but poor Teddy...I was hoping that one of them would have been responsible and stayed behind to protect him
--Fred: The only death that I cried for. He was my favorite Weasley, aside from Ron, and I was especially sad to see him go. I would thought that Bill or someone went before him...he was even still smiling!
--Snape: I also expected this, but I thought he would die saving Harry, not brutally crushed and bitten by Nagini
--Dobby: I almost cried for him. Loyal to Harry even in his final words

Parts that I thought were especially good:
--I liked the Epilogue, although it could have been a little longer, if you ask me.
--R/HR! I loved the little hints throughout the book, from the simple things like hugging each other to the kiss scene.
--The whole final climatic battle at Hogwarts was great and a perfect way to end things
--The DH storyline about the 3 brothers. Confusing at times, but made sense.
--Luna and her father's house reminded me of something out of a Dr. Seuss book. I started to tear up when I read the part with the pictures in Luna's room of her friends.

Thing that shocked me:
--Harry being a Horcrux. I know lots of people predicted it, but I never felt it could be a plausible explanation. Guess I was wrong

All in all, I give the book 9/10. A great ending to one of the greatest book series of all time!
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So I think it is safe to say that the Harry Potter series has come to its end. The secrets have been let out, the stories have been told and the ending has been confirmed. Overall I thought the book brought out a lot of excitement, sadness, disappointment and down right devesation from me. It is an easy book to cry to and the drama is never really at bay throughout the entire novel.

Before going through the book chapter by chapter I wanted to point out the dedication. I really loved this because she left the last book to all of us, she knew how much her series was loved, how many dedicated fans she had and it sounds cheesy to say that it touched me. But it did. Thanks JK.

Chapter 1 :: The Dark Lord Ascending

Deathly Hallows, like Goblet of Fire and Half Blood Prince before it, started off with characters other than Harry Potter. I think that this failed miserably in Goblet of Fire because it really did confuse me a lot. I was too busy concentrating on the idea that the Tom Riddle who had been killed was actually Lord Voldemort and I actually found it rather dull and un-HPish. On the contrary the start to this book, I must say, is the best start out of the entire series. We are straight away plunged into the Death Eaters plans to discover how far along they are in their plans to take over the wizardring world and how to defeat Potter. I think Snape was absolutely fantastic in this chapter {even though I despised him so} and I loved the idea of the floating body. Its so Voldemort.

A death straight away just told us not to get our hopes up on keeping a lot of our favourite characters I think haha. I like that we did get to discover the Muggle Studies teachers name though, pity the Ancient Runes professor is still a mystery to us.

Chapter 2 :: In Memoriam

A touching chapter nonetheless, but I got kind of bored. We do normally spend beginnings with Harry with Daily Prophet clippings of how he is nuts and yada yada and it is only natural that now we should get to hear about what they had said about Dumbledore. I think though that this could have been hurried a little more and moved on much quicker than it dragged out. With this said, I think it takes great skill to flesh out something so simple. A key feature to this chapter his Harry believing he saw a blue eye in a broken shard of Sirius' mirror which brings mystery to the book, carefully adding more excitement from what the first chapter had already brought us.

Chapter 3 :: The Dursley's Departing

In previous books I was never fond of reading Harry's time at the Dursleys because there was no magic, no fun, just a brutal agonising read for me haha. This chapter however was so special. I am so glad that Harry managed to convince his Aunt, Uncle and cousin to safety and that they left each other on a good note. I am really glad Dudley stopped being the prat that he had been and plucked up the courage to say thanks and bye. It was really heart warming to see two people who hated each other show love anyway due to the simple fact that they are family.

Chapter 4 :: The Seven Potters

Chapter four!!! I was surprised to find this much drama so early in the book. I knew it would be soon, but not this soon. It was positively wonderful. I loved the whole idea of having seven Harry Potters, I love being introduced to so many oldies there to help Harry and I am so glad we got to meet up with Hermione and Ron before so early on in the book.

With all that said, the chapter was actually pretty terrifying. The were only moments in the air before they were attacked and it was a pretty thrilling read! The second death happens here though and I don't know what it was about it, but it was extremelly upsetting. How could Jk Rowling have honestly killed off Harry Potter's poor bird! If that wasn't enough she brings in a FLYING Voldemort, which in my head, I can imagine to be so frightening! To add on top of all this hullaballoo she leaves you in suspense as to whether Hagrid has now died or not and it didn't help that the next chapters title was 'Fallen Warrior'.

This chapter was seriously too much for me early on. My heart was pounding out of my chest! It was fabulous. I dearly loved it.

Chapter 5 :: Fallen Warrior

Like I said previously, the chapter title automatically gives you the impression that it is Hagrid who is the fallen warrior, I was later proved wrong. I love this chapter more to the fact that we get to see more of Tonks' past/family/life and it is just exciting especially since Harry originally mistakes Mrs Tonks for her sister. Hagrid and Harry manage to get the portkey to the Burrow and the tension is left with us as we discover some people havent arrived in time etc. so it is all a big mystery and secretly in my head I am thinking 'Curse you JK!' haha.

All is fine, however, apart from George losing an ear, which I thought to be very unique, and our third death of the book so far, Mad Eye Moody. This struck me hard actually. I believed, like the characters in the book, that Moody was too much of a strong character to be killed off so easily, but I guess when you are up again Voldemort you have no chance!

Chapter 6 :: The Ghoul in Pyjamas

This is a calm little chapter and I was so thankful for it after all of the crazy things we have just read in the previous 5 chapters. Harry, Hermione and Ron talk of their plans about what they are going to do in order to destroy the Horcrux etc. and this chapter just makes me smile because it is like they are back at Hogwarts acting like the trio acts, teehee. We are also introduced to the Delacour's in this chapter who are lovely people unlike Fleur when we first came across her in GOF. This was just a silent wee chapter.

Chapter 7 :: The Will of Albus Dumbledore

This chapter actually annoyed me. Infuriated me! For one Rufus Scrimgeour was in it. I hate that guy, the two face son of a nargle! I also wasn't really impressed with the ridiculous gifts Dumbledore gave the trio. They all come into play later on in the book. BUT, Dumbledore would have been LOADED and he never thought to give some money to them to help out on their travels? or ANYTHING! Just a bloomin' snitch, book and a lighter? Yes. I was not impressed with Mr. Albus here.

We also see how the messages are passed through patronuses for the first time and I have amazing images in my head of this. I really do love the way Rowling described it.

Chapter 8 :: The Wedding

My favourite part of this chapter is the introduction of Xenophilius and Aunt Muriel. Both were fabulous characters. Aunt Muriel specifically when she was talking to Harry and Doge. Krum was also brought into this chapter which was great for the R/Hr ship. It really showed itself here {not that it hadn't in the previous two chapters}.

The ending to this chapter was one of the best I think. Left you hanging, tension, worry, OH NOEZZ1!11!11!!! haha. Scrimgeour was dead which I was glad. An idiot should not be in the position of Minster for Magic in my opinion. The Ministry had fallen which was very worrying for me as was the fact that the Death Eaters were on their way! haha. The use of a talking patronus was used again which I loved .

Chapter 9 :: A Place to Hide

This was a nice short chapter to show how much Harry, Ron and Hermione had grown since we had first met them in PS. The fact that the Death Eaters also knew where to find them added extra 'ZOMG' for the readers. We are also returned to Grimmauld Place and I just love that joint! Especially with all the Snape protectors! Occlumency is brought up in this chapter by Hermione, which is awful kind of her haha. And we discover Mr Weasleys Patronus is a Weasel! Which is so fitting I think!

Chapter 10 :: Kreacher's Tale

There was a few things in this chapter that really made me sad. First off was the letter Harry found from Lily with the picture of himself on the toy broomstick. It was such a family moment. To me it felt dead intrusive of Harry to go into Sirus' room even though he was dead but never mind.

The first talk of the horcrux hunt winds its way into this chapter as they discovered who RAB is and where the locket is and for the first time I actually felt really sorry for Kreacher when he told his 'tale'. He had lived a hard life poor elf and Hermione was right all along to stick up for him. Kreacher becomes so funny later on and I love him to bits!

Chapter 11 :: The Bribe

So Kreacher is all happy with Harry now that Harry gave him the fake locket. I mean, how very considerate of him indeed! *rolls eyes* I really dislike this chapter because Harry is so horrible to Lupin, and okay Lupin was being a coward but in no way did he deserve the words Harry spouted at him. Harry was totally out of control in this chapter and needed to be LEASHED!

We discover that the dude who got himself cursed by a Death Eater is now the Minister for Magic and Harry is on the most wanted list. Has the Ministry not learnt anything yet? Even if they are under control of pooheads!? Muggle-borns are now dangerous and Mundugus gave the bloomin' locket to Umbridge of all people!

Harry has also been getting more visions into Voldies mind. I love that they are not all through Harrys sleeping or unconcious state now. It flows much nicer with the book.

Chapter 12 :: Magic is Might

We return to the Ministry in this chapter and see how it has drastically change. Toilets I ask you! The fact that it is so unhygenic and smelly is just ewwie. The new statue was just altogether creepy for me anddd I had a very horrid image in my head of it all.

Before they got into the Ministry, I loved how they got their bits and bobs for the Polyjuice potion. Once they were in the Ministry faults began to happen: Ron was sent elsewhere and Death Eaters were working in there and we were left with Hermione and Harry meeting Umbridge.

To be continued some time...
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I'm not going to do a Chapter by Chapter review for this; I think the book is best treated as a whole. I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows a second time and my opinion of it changed considerably. The first time I read it, I was disappointed with the conclusion and I believed that the first three quarters of the book far exceeded the conclusion in terms of plot, suspence, and even how well-written it was. I thought that Harry should have died to make a more fitting resolution. However, after reading it a second time, the ending seemed fitting to me; I even warmed to Harry's forray into the afterlife which I absolutely detested the first time around. While I still mantain that the first three fourths are the stronger part of the book, the ending no longer seems so bad.

I felt that Rowling did an absolutely wonderful job with the middle portion of the book where Harry, Hermione, and, partly, Ron where living in different forests throught England. The despair that began to creep amongst the trio and its effects where wonderfully described by JKR and felt all to real. I thought that this was the best written part of the book. I loved the allusion to the Lord of the Rings by having the Horcruxes have the same physical and mental effect on the trio as the One Ring had on Frodo.

I also thought that Rowling was wise in making Voldemort's reign eirily similar to Hitler's Nazi reign over Germany. Reading about how the Ministry went from taking Muggle-Borns in just for an 'interview' and registering them reminded me all too well of reading about how the Nazi's slowly enforced anti-jewish laws in Germany. I also relished comparing the resistance on 'Potterwatch' to the French underground resistance during World War Two. All in all, I think that this third of the book was the most interesting, suspencful, and best written.

After that, I would say that the beginning third of the novel did an excellent job of setting the tone, albeit a dark one. The constant, sinister presence of Voldemort and the Ministry was excelently portrayed by Rowling, throughout the novel, but particularily as she set it up in the beginning. Also, I thought that the action scene in the air was superbly crafted. The H/G kiss was also good.

As for the conclusion, I think that it was fitting, but could have been better. The action of the final battle never really captured my imagination like battles in previous scenes had done. However, in all fairness, it is certainly much more difficult to craft a battle when its hundreds of people fighting as opposed to only ten or twenty. I still believe that Harry's little forray into the afterlife was ill-advised, but I no longer think it was stupid and annoying. One touching part in the finale was when Harry was marching to what he believed to be his death and brought back all his lost loved ones. I think the final part of the book, besides Harry's walk to his percieved death which was wonderfully written, could have used more of this type of emotion.

Overall, I think that the dialouge was terrific and the characters excellently crafted. However, I think Rowling's strenght as a writer is portraying angst, despair, anger, and sorrow. The ending lacked these emotions and therefor was less powerful then, say, reading about Dumbledore's death at the end of the 6th book. If I were to grade the book, I would give it a 94%. It was a great book and the conclusion to a phenomenal series, but I can't help but feeling that Rowling left a little on the table and the book never reached its full potential.

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Loved it, of course. Something funny though happened the day before the book was released. I told my brother, what is dumbledore asked snape to kill him. turns out i was was so freaky reading it. i read it in about to days which is an awsome feat for me. i didn't like the epilouge. I mean who names their kid Albus Severus Potter.
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Elphie-Glinda Thropp
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Chapter One - The Dark Lord Ascending
This chapter was a good opening as it showed what the death eaters get up to and how they are treated by Voldemort. I think it is a good opening for the book because it introduces what happens without you realising that it will have relevance to the rest of the book. 7/10

Chapter Two - In Memoriam
I thought this was an amazing chapter. It explained alot about Dumbledore that we didn't know before. And because he had died we just though he would be like the rest of the characters who died and not have much relevance to the reast of the books. I learnt alot in this chapter 10/10

Chapter Three - The Dursleys Departing
This chapter was well written. I loved the end where Dudley expressed his feelings for Harry, I thought that was really sweet yet very unexpected. It shows how Vernon Dursley is really a bad character, but Dudley is the opposite. Although it could have had more detail into how Petunia felt about the situation, overall I thought the chapter was good. 8/10

Chapter Four - The Seven Potters
This chapter was really exciting because normally in a Harry Potter book the excitment just increases and something big happens at the end, but this chapter gives the reader a kick at the begining to make them really intregued and very sad that Hedwig died. I think she created Harrys emotion about this very well becasue Hedwig was his one conection to the wizarding world while he was with the Dursleys. 10/10

Chapter Five - Fallen Warrior
This chapter was really intreguing and made you really worry about what had happened to all the characters as they didnt return at once. And with at the begining of the chapter you think that Hagrid is dead and you panic. Aslo the loss of Georges ear is quite exciting acctually. Aslo the shok of loosing Mad-Eye is extreme because I always imagined him as a big strong fighter who would never die. 10/10

Chapter Six - The Ghoul In Pyjamas
This chapter was well written. JKR really expressed how the characters felt the same way I did about Mad-Eye. The preporations for the wedding are quite good. 7/10

I Cba to write anymore.
Overall I thought the book was AMAZING and a great finish to the series.I give the book 10/10!
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Antipodean Opaleye
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SuperMegaFoxyAwesomeHot | Everybody lies | Awesomesauce! ♥

i was going to put a big post about what i thought about it but id rather be diffrent so... i was very impressed with this book but i did notice some mistakwes like they took a tent that was destroyed in the goblet of fire but i liked the fightring scenes especially the last one and how harry gets to see sirius and his parents again so i would give this book a 10/10
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I hated this book! It was soooo different from the other 6, and they weren't at Hogwarts, so it was NO FUN. I am forcing myself to read it again, to recap on the events, but it was just scary and different. The best part was the epilogue, because it was finally a happy time.
At the end, I was very confused while Harry was walking to his death. I was thinking, "WHAT DOES THE COVERART HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING??? But then I noticed that there were quite a few more pages to go, so I read on. I kind of guessed that Harry would somehow get out of dying.
But all in all I still did not like it.
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omg dealthly hallows is my fav by far it brings your moods up and down a lot like you get really sad when people die like hedwig,dobby,fred,lupin,tonks,colin and a lot of other people but then something good happens and you get really hapy. its the perfect aount of ups and downs that makes the book as enjoyable as it was. i listen to the DH book everysingle night and they are amazing!!!!!thanks JKR
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Default Harry Potter Review

Instead of going to reveiw this book chapter by chapter, I'm going to highlight the parts that I liked the best and the parts that I disliked.


- Lupin and Tonks got married
- Voldemort can fly!!!!!!
- Kreachers Role
- Dudley becoming an alright guy
- The Last Battle!
- The 17th birthday Fly


- Lupin and Tonks died!
- Dobby's Death
- The fact that after the dursley's turn alright, they never appear again
- Ron being a tool
- So many people in the battle which we don't know lived or died
- Fred's Death
- The Last Chapter

Overall, 97/100
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The Todd *high five* l l Mmmm... bacon.

My, oh my, Deathly Hallows. The last book in the Harry Potter series *tear. It was an amazing ending to the amazing series. It was everything I hoped for in the book. Harry stayed alive and showed that even though he wasn't especially great at school & such like Hermione, he was smart enough to beat the darkest wizard of all time, especially since he had courage. I wanna try & do a chapter by chapter review, but I'm gonna look @ the chapter titles & try & remember so it might be a rough one lol.

DEDICATION: Sorry, I just had to say that I loved the dedication. It in itself almost made me cry because I have been with Harry all the way to the end


I like how it starts out with Voldemort. It gives an update on what he is up to, and it would have been awkward if it had been in some other spot in the book. I also love how this chapter shows the madness of Bellatrix Lestrange, the fear of the Malfoys, and the way that Voldemort truly is a mad lunatic.


Oh my goodness. By the end of this chapter, I was seriously crying. Reading about Albus Dumbledore, the great man he was, and remembering that he was gone seriously made me feel like I knew him. The blue eye in the mirror thing set up a mystery that I was eager to figure out, which was good. A tiny detail that I loved was when Harry was looking through his trunk, there were things from his past years to make me remember like the Potter Stinks badge. Rita Skeeter's thing on Dumbledore made me SO mad, but it set up suspense. It was very...Rita-ish.


I def. agree with someone that it sucked that when the Dursleys (esp. Dudley) turned out alright, they were never seen again. However, I do think it was the best way to depart from them. I'm glad we got to experience that hidden side of Dudley. It cracked me up how Uncle Vernon couldn't decide to stay or go. Lol. I really wanted to know what Petunia had to say to Harry that she didn't say...darn.


What a clever idea, disguising themselves all as Harry. It was extremely brave. I just knew something was going to go wrong, and sure enough the Death Eaters & Voldemort himself showed up. I pretty much cried when Hedwig died. When Harry first entered the Wizarding World, Hedwig & Hagrid were all he had, but Hedwig had been with him ever since. :/ it was really sad. It also mystified me how Harry's wand acted by itself. I was really scared that Hagrid was dead. This chapter was pretty scary! Oh & ps: Tonks & Lupin got married! That was exciting.


:/ Mad Eye died. That was seriously really sad, especially with how sad Tonks was. I was relieved to see that everyone else was still alive, even though it grossed me out that George was missing an ear. This chapter, to me, let it all sink in how serious this war was going to be. I was relieved to know that Hagrid was okay. The look into Voldemort's mind was crucial. It showed that he was worried & that he had Ollivander.


This marked the strength of Harry, Ron & Hermione's friendship. It marked the worrying woes of Mrs. Weasley, her not wanting them to go off on whatever business that they had to get done. I understand her worry, but it really kind of annoyed me that she kept them apart. They had stuff to get done! This chapter also showed Ginny's worry to Harry being gone, meaning she obviously still cared for him (: ugggh & this chapter again showed harry's scars on his hands that that Evil UMBRIDGE left there -_- awww, this chapter had a portion where Ron jumped up to hug Hermione; it was super sweet & showed that he cared about her. I almost cried when Hermione explained what she had done with her parents. That took bravery; Ron's attempt was comic, but smart. It was good to learn more about horcruxes. Finally, Harry's guilt was eating away @ him that he was causing everyone so much worry & pain.


1st paragraph foreshadows something to come with Voldemort. Interesting. It was crazy to know that Harry was finally 17, an adult in the wizarding world. I stilllll remember when he was just barely 11. Aw. the best part of the chapter (okay, the sappiest) was the Harry & Ginny scene. They kissed. (: STUPID Ron interrupted -_- Dumbledore's will was sooo mysterious. He knew instinctively obviously that Harry would be taking Ron & Hermione. However, I had no clue why he had left any of the things he did. It was also tricky why the Snitch hadn't opened. Harry TOLD OFF Scrimgeour & I was happppy.

I will finish my reviews sometime soooon.
I loved this book so much that i'm willing to spend some serious time reviewing it.
Gotta go take a shower or else I'd keep going. See ya.
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This one is deffinitely my favourite in the series. I cried most of the way through! But the best bit ever was Andromeda and Ted's first physical appearance! I've been waiting for it for years! They're the best characters...EVER!

Mad Eye's death! OMG! I was in floods of tears! Then Ted dying! Oh god I was such a state! Andromeda lost everything in this book.

But its the most amazing, wonderful, fabulous book ever!
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Kirtna Kohli
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Well, everybody has written like so much. But then again, the opening post is quite inviting. SO I would like to begin with, OH MY GOD, I HATED IT

I hate endings, especially of good stuff. I mean, when I read the 6th book and you know, Dumbledore's death, I was like in shock and depression for about a week. So this book was not so... wanted. But, of course It had to be read on the first day. Anyway, my point is I even like cry at the end of every last scene of a movie. So, although I guess the end was awesome.
Although, in the middle parts, I thought JKR was just like filling space. WIth rather unnecessary stuff. It was kind of boring. But the end was totally awesome. Trust JKR to come up with something so amazingly fabulous.

I'm just really sorry that the series is over now. It feels kind of like a part of me is like, indiscriminately removed from my body and you know, all torn up now, so that I can never have it back fullly mended. *weep weep!

Oh, I almost forgot, I mean I think everybody in the entire world seems to have missed this! But, Hedwig. She died. SO horribly!! SO sad. I mean, she was like his totally close friend who was with him, even at the Dursley's and stuff. I think JKR shoudn't have killed her so brutally. She should have had a more dignified death. I mean, it's like the thing about an army person. If he dies in war, he's rewarded, but otherwise, he has no significane!! Besides, she was my fav. in the entire series!!

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THe book was really good
I loved the part when snape admits to dumbledore thet he didnt hate harry after all.
I thought it very heroic of ron to save harry from the frozen waters
I still find it so hard to believe that Jo really came up with sucha a complicated novel
im really going to miss reading th HP books. sigh
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Gina Morrison
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I loved it
exept neville and luna should have gotten together
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Lou Ysobelle Hopkins
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Shel's owner<3 / SSRPG wanderer // Nat luffs you ^^/ Half Slyther half dor =))

I love the book although Tonks and LUpin died. And i was likely to scream and shout for anger because they died. The story opened another story again for another boy. I was depressed about it for ages. And i pity Teddy.

Aside from the death of two of my favourite characters... I love the book. Although it was really sad to think that it's the last book from the series.

I love the part where Snape asked for Harry to look at him in the eyes. His tale. The simple part when Tonks showed Harry her wedding ring and that she was so happy to be with Remus.

The result of the Great battle of Hogwarts was so sad. But Harry and Voldemort's Battle was perfect for me and that every truth was told at that part, and everybody heard it.

So many had died, yet because of them, the wizarding world was likely to be free and thw wizarding folks were happy again.

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Phoenix Elizabeth Talisman
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This was by far the best book of the series next to HBP. I was really sad that lots of people had to die for Harry to be able to defeat Voldemort, I cried when I read that Remus, Tonks, Hedwig, Fred and Dobby died.

Remus and Tonks had just started life as a married couple and had a child, then they were killed before they really got to know Teddy. Hedwig, what a way to kill off Harry's pet! It was just so sudden and unexpected! I wasn't expecting Fred to die, I always thought that if JK killed off one of the Weasleys it would be Percy. And Dobby, loyal to the end.

The fight at the end was brillient, but I thought the epilogue could have been a little longer, I knew that Harry and Ginny would get married and they would name at least one of their kids James and/or Lily, but Albus Severus? I always thought it would have been Sirius.

Overall, the book was great 10/10.
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Jeslynn Michelle Rector
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it was a very hard book to predict..Fred? why in the world? I guess in a weird sense harry really couldnt really protect all the weasleys like Aurthur once made a comment about. Still, fred? It was full of laughter tears, gasp and the occasional groan, when not everything you wanted to know was revealed, but still An amazing book
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Posts: n/a

I was stunned by many parts in DH. Especially the ending.

The beginning was a nice piece to start it all out. It's descriptions were awesome!

It was a nice part with Dudley. It was a huge surprise compared to how he has acted in the first 6 books. But Petunia's reaction isn't at all surprising. Nor is Vernon's changing his mind, how many times?

How horrible about Mad Eyed Moody! That was a shock to me. How can someone that you believe is invincible, get killed? Not to mention book 4!

I knew that somehow the wedding would play a huge part in Voldemort taking over. It just seemed the right place for things to happen. All the happiness of a wedding, with the dark lord dropping in on it.

I had a feeling that Voldemort would come up with a way to find people that were against him. By using his name, to find people, it just seemed like something he would do.

But I found it sad, but not too surprising that Ron, would get angry and just leave. He still had that jealousy thing going on, and needed a break I think.

Dobby dying to save Harry and his friends, I thought was the most sad part of the whole book. It was appropriate, I feel that he was killed leaving his old owner's home, though.

The biggest shock to me, however, was how the book ended. The last few chapters, before the epilogue was the most enthralling, mindcaptivating part I've ever read.

With Harry being ultimately the final horcrux that was never meant to be made. And him in a way dying, and coming back, but actually only killing the final horcrux.

What a twist!

And with Fred, Tonks and Lupin all being killed, what a horrible ending. But a fantastic ending, to Harry being the ultimate owner of the Elder Wand, and having Voldemort's own spell backfire and killing himself with it.
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Kaylee Darkwater
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Haha, im_dans_girl07 I agree. Except to this day I cry every single time I read the dedication. I was with Harry all the way! I have the third printing of the first book!

I think, as some of you before me have mentioned, the middle was a little slow at times, but it was a good contrast for the action of the climax. Who could've predicted the outcome of the end? I loved Ron and Hermione's long awaited kiss and the fact that Hermione was the one to initiate it.

Kingsley as minister for magic, absolutely perfect. Kreacher's redemption, unexpected but pleasant. Learning a bit more about Regulus Black was an added bonus too.

I think also, that although it was sad, it was necessary for Lupin to die. He represented the last of the mauraders and it was appropriate that those of Harry's Dad's generation were gone in order for Harry to take the next steps in his life.

Speaking of the rest of Harry's life, many people disliked, even hated the epilogue. I think that the war was sad, and emotional, so a cheesy ending was perfect to set off my depression.

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Alice L. Sumner
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Baht-ley - The Sweetest - TEAM 947!

Its amazing how she put it togeter,tying up all the loose ends. There is only one thing i dont like. At the end I think she could have been more creative with their kids names. Besides that ,amazing ,simply amazing.
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Samantha Riddle
Third Year

I thought it wad really good..although it did have alot of things happening on it all at once.

1. Voldermort can fly...little frekky.
It was really scary when freds ear was cursed off too..i mean voldy and his death eaters are a little OTT!
2.That whole ron and harry fight really scared/annoyed me
3.I hated how those meany death eaters were killing all the muggles...totally slack
4. Tonks and Remu's marriage! Woah!!!
5.when greyback wolf guy caught them...he is so scary!
6.Fred, tonks, Remu's and like a cajillion people dying
7.That voldy and harry fight! what a end
8.Dudley becoming niceish
9.Hedwig dying! what!
10.This guy gets his own number!!! DOBBY DIED!! i mean c'mon! that was so could they! i was like grieving for ever!

overall, i thought it was good..but i rekon it got kinda boring when they were in hiding because it just dragged on and on! you know!
And i was kinda unsure about the battle at the end....i think i have read better HP books...anyway i would rate it 7 & a 1/2 out of 10.
Luv Life

Gracie loves her pet Lobsty, and promises to NEVER boil her XD
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