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Site Resources Need help? This forum contains The Question Thread where you can ask site questions and get in touch with our mods and admins. There are a ton of reference threads to help you learn about our forums, and you can get help with Technical Support and Advertisement Issues.

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Default Usertitles and Usergroups

Usertitles and Usergroups
On SnitchSeeker we have a variety of different usergroups and usertitles (also called 'tags') to denote involvement in different areas of the site. A usergroup controls the area of site that a user has access to and what groups they are part of, and a usertitle shows what specific roles a user may have on SS. Users can be in more than one usergroup, but only one usergroup is the display usergroup and effects how their username appears on the forums. Administrators (The Wizengamot) and Moderators (Aurors) will always have their usernames displayed in bold for greater visibility regardless of what other positions they hold - these are the people who members should approach for assistance on site.

Member Usergroups
As a member your display usergroup starts as a newbie, until you graduate to the member usergroup, and finally when you sort into a house you will be sorted in one of the house usergroups -Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. Sorted and unsorted members can also join the ministry of magic, and get a ministry usertitle, but this will not change the appearance of your username. While usergroups and username colours are sometimes changed for special events, in general these are the standard colours you will see on SnitchSeeker.

SPOILER!!: member usergroups

Newbie - Those with less than 10 posts.

Member - People who haven't yet been sorted into a house. Can't yet participate in the School RPG.

Gryffindor - Members who have been sorted into Gryffindor.

Hufflepuff - Members who have been sorted into Hufflepuff.

Ravenclaw - Members who have been sorted into Ravenclaw.

Slytherin - Members who have been sorted into Slytherin.
Site Staff Colours and Usertitles
The users that you see with bold usernames are the moderators and administrators of SnitchSeeker. These are the people who you can PM with any questions you may have. Admins (The Wizengamot) always have bold black usernames, while mods (Aurors and Head Aurors) have bold mediumseagreen usernames. Once in a blue moon, the mod colours may change - keep your eyes peeled during halloween and valentines for a temporary new look.

SPOILER!!: Site Staff

The Wizengamot are our site administrators and these individuals run Their jobs are the most unforgiving and the most varied. No two admins have the same role, though, in general, all are able to step in and help out where required. Some administrators serve as forum heads, or actively moderate in other roles which are separate to their admin positions. The roles may change depending on the needs of the site. You can not ask to become an admin. Administrators are appointed very rarely, on an as-needed basis, and always via the site manager, Cassirin, who is also responsible for approving any other hires that the admin team wish to make in any areas. It is the Admins who do all the behind the scenes work, and the Wizengamot includes the technical staff and site creator, as well as the Site Manager, Forum and Events admins, RPG admins and News team.

Head Auror

As of February 2019 this position is not in use
Moderators sporting the Head Auror usertitle are forum heads, they are senior moderators on SnitchSeeker and usually have a lot of experience helping out around the site. They oversee particular forums and may have a team of moderators to help them out, or they may have sole charge of an area.


An Auror is a moderator on SS, commonly called a mod. Mods are responsible for certain sections of the forums as indicated by the usertitles under their username. Aside from their mod positions, they may hold other positions on site (for example in the RPG), but their usernames will always be in the bold mod colour for visibility. Moderators are able to help out regarding the section of the site they moderate, give warnings and infractions where required, delete and edit posts, and other tasks which keep SS running smoothly. Moderators are not responsible for hiring other Mods.

Retired Site Elves

If you see a member sporting either of these usertitles it is because they are a former moderator, admin, or pre-2019 school staffer who has contributed in some way to the running of our site. People retire for various reasons, often because real life has become too busy to continue to devote time to the upkeep of SS. Some former mods prefer to wear their house colours instead of the gray retiree color. Often these members are knowledgeable about the site, and are often still willing to answer your questions if they are active. Some retired site elves do come out of retirement and help SS when they are able.
RPG Staff and Usergroups & Other RPG positions
The site-wide RPG on SnitchSeeker has been running for aove 15 years real time/out of character, and covers over half a century of in character history. Over the years many hardworking SSers have chipped in to help, whether as professors teaching classes in the school rpg, shopkeepers in our Diagon Alley, or as Department Heads in SnitchSeeker's Ministry of Magic. We use a mixture of display usergroups and usertitles to denote positions within the RPG. Other usertitles you will see include prefects, head boy and girl, quidditch captains, house elves, ghosts, and sometimes other temporary roles which serve our site plots - these positions do not effect how the username appears.

SPOILER!!: RPG Staff and Usergroups
School Staff
School staff are moderators with a different colour usergroup in order to make them more visible. Mods or Admins who are school staff will have their mod or admin coloured username instead. Some School staff also moderate other sections of the site but their purple username indicates that they play a professor character in the Hogwarts role play game. As there are multiple professor and staff positions, each School Staffer has a unique usertitle indicating what their role is within the school. Aside from teaching a specific class, a School Staff member may also be a head of house, or take on other moderating roles within the School rpg, which will also be indicated by the usertitles under their username. Only School Staff are able to give or take house points. House points are only earned via participation in the RPG.

SPOILER!!: school staff usertitles

Department Heads
A Department Head is a member who runs a Department within the Ministry of Magic RPG. These are the people who hire your character when you apply for a job in the Ministry of Magic RPG. The Orange italic username provides more visibility to these members, though in some cases the positions are held by moderators or admins, in which case you won't see them in orange italics. They can help you out with any questions you have about the Ministry of Magic RPG.
SPOILER!!: Ministry Dept Heads

Department heads used to have the following coding:

along with a short form code indicating the specific departments they play in (ie DMAC & DMLE).
Due to the Ministry RPG having an allowance for two characters, some department heads will also have employee characters in other departments. You will know which department they are the head of by the short form code appearing in italics (ie MO & DoM)

Diagon Alley Shopkeepers and Assistants
Diagon Alley Shopkeepers are members who have a character working in a shop in the Diagon Alley RPG as part of our Wizarding World. There is a great variety of roles and members are chosen for being active, responsible, and friendly participants in the WWRPG. There are several different usertitles which indicate a member is a Diagon Alley shopkeeper. Aside from the standard shopkeeper and shopkeeper assistant usertitles, there are Knockturn Alley shopkeepers, Owl Post workers, Gringotts Wizarding Bank workers and Daily Prophet reporters. If you join the RPG after you get sorted in the school or placed in the Ministry, these people will be more than happy to role play with you and can help answer any questions you have about the Diagon Alley RPG. DA shopkeepers that don't hold any other positions will appear in teal italics.
SPOILER!!: Diagon Alley usertitles

SPOILER!!: Other RPG Positions

School Positions
In the Hogwarts school RPG there are several positions that are held IC (in character) by members who have been active contributors to the roleplay. These positions are firstly given to members who have an appropriate and eligible character (so if you have a second year Gryffindor character they will not be made Hufflepuff prefect for instance), but the member is also expected to be mature, active on site, helpful to newbies, and have no active warnings or infractions. You must be asked in order to have one of these positions. They are not permanent, they only last as long as you are active with that character, and do not carry over to your next character once they graduate.
SPOILER!!: School Positions

Head Boy and Head Girl
There is a maximum of only one HB and one HG per term. These are the possible usertitles for these positions, depending on the Hogwarts house of the character in question. Some terms this badge will not be given, if an appropriate character is not actively RPd on site, in which case the position will be held IC by a npc (non-played character).

House Prefects
There is a maximum of only one male prefect and one female prefect per house per term. These are the possible usertitles for these positions, depending on the Hogwarts house of the character in question. Some terms these badges will not be given, if an appropriate character is not actively RPd on site, in which case the position will be held IC by a npc (non-played character).
SPOILER!!: House Prefects

Quidditch Captains
There is a maximum of only one Quidditch Captain per house per term. These are the possible usertitles for these positions, depending on the Hogwarts house of the character in question. This position cannot be held by a npc character, as it involves the responsibility of actively running RP'd tryouts and practices during the school RP term.
SPOILER!!: Quidditch Captains

Other Characters
Special characters in the Wizarding World RPG who do not fit into any of the other categories. They are usually played by school staff, DA shopkeepers, or Department Heads, depending on which area of the site that they appear in. Many of these special accounts are created on an as-needed basis. In some cases (such as with house elves) active members are asked to play these accounts for a specific purpose - you cannot request to play a red name/other character account, you must be asked. Sometimes these Red Name accounts are also used for site events and activities.
SPOILER!!: Other Characters

Ghosts - Much like the 'Other Characters', ghosts are played by the WWRPG moderators to add to the plots, stories, and events within the section in question.

Ministry Employees - Members who RP in the Ministry of magic do not have their username changed, but instead have an additional usertitle under their name.

Detention - Those who are serving detention in the School RPG. This is temporary and In Character.
Dead Student - Students who have died in the School RPG. This is temporary and In Character. The member is able to create a new student in the next school term.
Squibs - Same as 'member' only that they have been expelled from the school for breaking rules and are not eligible to be resorted. These members are still permitted to participate in the forums and other RPG areas.

Suspended - People who are suspended (banned) temporarily from the site.
Banned - People who have broken the rules repeatedly and then have had their posting abilities removed.

The list of active moderators is constantly changing but you can see a list of who moderates which area of SnitchSeeker here. If you have any problems within a particular forum, please contact the moderator of the forum in question.


Frequently Asked Questions
Can I be a moderator/admin? How do I become one?
So do you have to be a mod to be selected as an admin or can you skip the mod stage if you are selected?
Do you have to be a certain age to become a moderator or an admin?
Can you ask to run a certain forum?
How can I become a teacher/staff member/prefect/quidditch captain?
Can my character get detention?
What are 'dead students'?
How do I become a shopkeeper?
Who are the Diagon Alley shopkeepers?
How do I become a Department Head?
Read more about changing from Newbie to Member here.
Read more about SnitchSeeker's sorting process here.
Read more about SnitchSeeker's Ministry placement here.
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