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Site Resources Need help? This forum contains The Question Thread where you can ask site questions and get in touch with our mods and admins. There are a ton of reference threads to help you learn about our forums, and you can get help with Technical Support and Advertisement Issues.

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Default SnitchSeeker Site Staff & Moderation Areas

SnitchSeeker Site Staff & Moderation Areas

View Forum Leaders here
Find out more about different usergroups here

Wizengamot (Administration)
Administrators are listed by their primary admin role below, though members are welcome to approach whichever admin they are most comfortable with when questions or issues arise. Technical issues should be posted here rather than PM'd, and general questions should be asked here. There is some overlap in our admin team in that in general anyone that you approach will be able to help you out or direct you to someone who can. Some administrators also have secondary moderator positions within other areas, which is listed in the mod section.

SPOILER!!: The Wizengamot

Forums Team
All serious site issues should be reported to Cassirin. She is the manager of the mod and admin teams across SnitchSeeker (basically she is our Supreme Mugwump) and any site-wide concerns should be brought to her attention. Tegz, the forum manager, and emjay, the Assistant Forum Manager, support the mod teams in their categories, and can help with any forums questions, concerns, and general troubleshooting. Tegz and sweetpinkpixie are the event admins and run and approve any events occurring on SnitchSeeker including our annual Days of Potter celebration.
Cassirin - Site Manager
Tegz - Forum Manager, Events Admin
emjay - Assistant Forum Manager
sweetpinkpixie - Events Admin

News Team
The News Team are the hardest working duo on SS - they are in charge of all the news posted on SnitchSeeker. Any news related issues, questions, tips, etc should be directed to them.
katiebell - News Administrator
masterofmystery - Gallery Admin

Wizarding World RPG Admins
Wizarding World RPG Admins all have a specific area of our site-wide RPG that they look after, and a team of forum moderators who help them do so. They run all plots and RP events and while all Wizarding World RPG Admins can help you with any issues that arise, typically you should contact the Admin who is in charge of the specific area via PM if you need assistance beyond the scope of what is provided here. You can also directly message the relevant forum moderator (School Staff, Department Heads, and DA Shopkeepers) who can help in their specific areas.
DaniDiNardo - Hogwarts & DA RPG Admin
sweetpinkpixie - Ministry & DA RPG Admin

Tech Support
It is better not to message our Tech team directly as they are not full-time members of SS and urgent issues may be missed. Rather, you should report any technical issues to any online mod or admin, and/or post in the technical issues thread, so that we can troubleshoot any issues you may have and escalate it to the tech team if necessary.
KevinG - Technical Systems Manager
Biochemkris - Technical Assistance
Dumbledore - Site Creator & Designer
galador- Tech Support
Servaas - Tech Support

Aurors (Moderators)
Moderators are listed below by username with their current assigned forums alongside. Moderators may hold other responsibilities on site in addition to their mod duties as indicated by their individual usertitles (e.g in the Wizarding World RPG, which you can find the listing of those forum moderators here.) It is better to speak with mods in regards to the specific forums that they moderate, however you are always welcome to contact whichever mod you are most comfortable with and they will direct you to the right person as necessary. Administrators may also serve as moderators, and this will be denoted by their usertitles.
SPOILER!!: by username

DaniDiNardo - St. Mungo's Hospital (Role-Playing)
emjay - Platform 9 ¾, St. Mungo's Hospital (Role-Playing)
FearlessLeader19 - Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes (Games), Diagon Alley (Potterdom)
Felixir - Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes (Games)
Harron Peasley - 4 Privet Drive (Non-HP), The Book Seekers (Book Club)
hermionesclone - Gladrags Wizardwear (Graphics, Arts, & Crafts)
Jessiqua - Honeydukes (FanFiction), Platform 9 ¾ (Newbie Forum)
Lislchen - Honeydukes (FanFiction), Platform 9 ¾ (Newbie Forum)
MadMadamMalfoy - St. Mungo's Hospital (Role-Playing)
natekka - Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes (Games), The Book Seekers (Book Club), Diagon Alley (Potterdom)
Nymphadoraliz - Gladrags Wizardwear (Graphics, Arts, & Crafts), Platform 9 ¾ (Newbie Forum), The Quibbler (Member's Forum)
PhoenixRising - St Mungo's Hospital (Role-Playing)
Shanners - Diagon Alley (Potterdom), 4 Privet Drive (Non-HP)
Stormdancer - Honeydukes (FanFiction)
Suziella - Gladrags Wizardwear (Graphics, Arts, & Crafts)
sweetpinkpixie - Gladrags (Graphics, Arts, & Crafts), Site Resources
Tegz -The Quibbler (Member's Forum), Site Resources

Moderation Areas
Below is a list of the different forums and who is assigned to moderate that forum. The admins who are specifically assigned to looking after those areas are also listed below. When you are in a forum you can view who the moderators of that forum are by looking in the bottom right hand corner - all assigned moderators will be listed. You can find out more about the SnitchSeeker RPG teams here - only global moderators and admins are listed in this thread.

SPOILER!!: Moderation Areas by forum Admin:[Cassirin]

Kings Cross Station (Member Hub) [Admin: Tegz, emjay]
SnitchSeeker Site News [Mods: All Moderators, all Admins]
Platform 9 ¾ (Newbie Forum) [Lislchen, Jessiqua, emjay, Nymphadoraliz]
Site Resources [Tegz, sweetpinkpixie]
The Quibbler [Tegz, Nymphadoraliz]

Daily Prophet (News) Admin: [katiebell]
Harry Potter News [katiebell, masterofmystery]
Vault 713 (Contest Forum) [katiebell, masterofmystery]
SnitchSeeker Reviews [katiebell, masterofmystery]
SnitchSeeker Gallery Admin: masterofmystery]

Diagon Alley (Potterdom) [Admin: Tegz, emjay]
Magical Menagerie (Fantastic Beasts) [Shanners, natekka, FearlessLeader19]
Flourish and Blotts (Books) [Shanners, natekka, FearlessLeader19]
Ollivanders Wand Shop (Movies) [Shanners, natekka, FearlessLeader19]
Leaky Cauldron (General) [Shanners, natekka, FearlessLeader19]
Potter Polls [Shanners, natekka, FearlessLeader19]

Floo Network (Extra Fun) [Admin: Tegz, emjay]
Gladrags Wizardwear (Graphics, Arts, & Crafts) [hermionesclone, Nymphadoraliz, Suziella, sweetpinkpixie]
Honeydukes (FanFiction) [Jessiqua, Lislchen, Stormdancer]
St. Mungo's Hospital (Role-Playing) [emjay, DaniDiNardo, MadMadamMalfoy, PhoenixRising]
Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes (Games) [FearlessLeader19, Felixir, natekka]
4 Privet Drive (Non-HP) [Shanners, Harron Peasley]

SnitchSeeker RPG [Admins: DaniDiNardo, sweetpinkpixie]
Marauder's Map [DaniDiNardo, sweetpinkpixie,+ forum moderators]
United Kingdom [DaniDiNardo, sweetpinkpixie]
Ministry of Magic [sweetpinkpixie + Department Heads]
Diagon Alley [sweetpinkpixie, DaniDiNardo + Diagon Alley Shopkeepers ]
Hogwarts [DaniDiNardo + School Staff]
SnitchSeekerRPG Archives [DaniDiNardo, sweetpinkpixie]

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