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Potions Learn how to "bottle fame, brew glory, and put a stopper in death..."

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Old 10-22-2021, 01:17 AM
Lissy Longbottom Lissy Longbottom is offline
Default Potions Lesson 1 - Wolfsbane Potion

If Javier had been annoyed at the vines when they invaded the kitchens, that was NOTHING compared to how angry and frustrated he was that they were now in his classroom. He'd been able to push them to the back of the class, but his hands had scratches and bandages all over them from his efforts. It had taken FAR too long to even accomplish that! They kind of just...sat against the wall like some sort of edgy paneling along the floor.

Despite the time it had taken, they were out of the way - for now, at least. Hopefully the students wouldn't pay too much attention to the vines and instead would focus on the various ingredients sitting on his desk. Milk, runespoor eggs, armadillo bile - what could they possibly be making today? Other than that, there were no special instructions or anything on the board. Students were expected to come in and sit at their stations as they did every lesson.

"Morning all," he said, nodding as the students began to file in. He waited patiently for them to all arrive, leaning against his desk with his arms crossed to (mostly) hide his scraped up hands.

OOC: Welcome welcome to your FIRST OOC potions lesson and my first lesson as Potions Master/Javi! I'm super stoked! However, please remember this is NOT your first lesson with Javier IC. In fact, it's already February so your character has had plenty of lessons with him already.

Please be sure to read the SSRPG and Classroom rules prior to playing. Class will commence in about 20ish hours CLASS HAS BEGUN! Please act as if your character has been here the whole time!. Let me know if you need anything!!

Question 1 - What do you know about the Wolfsbane potion?
Mini Activity - Brainstorm with a partner all the things that could go wrong with the Wolfsbane Potion
Question 2 - Why do you think this potion so expensive and so difficult to produce?
Main Activity - Let's brew the Wolfsbane Potion!
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“Seven.” The moment that that amount of minutes were up, three Jobberknoll feathers were added. Claudine was so intent on maintaining her concentration. She had barely nodded to Hernandez when he had answered her question. The creature parts had better been harvested properly otherwise she would stalk right out of this classroom.

Now there was another round of waiting. Seven was quite the number in magic, wasn’t it? Her dark gaze once again fastened on the clock as she silently willed her potion to turn dark purple. Though… admittedly she was nervous to look at the cauldron even as the clock ticked down the minutes. Obviously there was no choice but to do just that when the second round of seven minutes was up. Oh, hey. Dark purple. [/i]Perfect.[/i]

One, two, three Jobberknoll feathers went into the mix again. What next? Right, the heat. It was adjusted to medium flame. Armadillo bile… one teaspoon, two teaspoons, three teaspoons. Was that navy blue? Claudine stared at the new colour. It was. She felt a bubble of happiness inflating within her as she always did whenever she got spellwork or potions done right.

Seven stirs, this time counter clockwise, were done. The already whisked Runespoor eggs were added and the third and final round of waiting began. However…

Over enthusiastic Claudine did not wait for seven minutes and seven seconds. No, she waited for seven minutes like the other two rounds. Oh no. Oh no no no no no. “Seven minutes.’’ Happily she grabbed her wand. “Recordo.” Clockwise circle over the potion? Check. Lastly, the three roots were added one by one. And… done.

But why in the world was her potion not giving up a faint blue smoke? The smoke here was jet black, some of which got into Claudine’s face causing her to sputter and cough.
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Violet was anxiously awaiting the end of seven minutes; she kept looking from her potion to the classroom clock and then back again, not wanting to miss anything.

She's heated the cow milk in her beaker for 3 minutes, added to a cauldron half full of water, cooked that on low while she chopped a gram of fluxweed (oh how she wished she'd been able to go out under a full moon and harvest it!) and then added the fluxweed to her cauldron, then stirred it exactly 7 times clockwise. Rubbing the very soft dog fur between her fingers, she'd sprinkled it in exactly ten seconds later and been pleased to see her potion turn a mossy green.

Now it was just a matter of waiting and watching (and not missing the right moment). Boy, they were right about this potion being complicated--and this wasn't even the complete Wolfsbane fomula! But Violet was happy to be working on a really challenging potion; she felt it exercised her skills.

It was a pity the potion was so complicated and expensive to make, which made it scarce to come by. She felt sorry for all the people who'd become werewolves, not through any fault of their own, but just from sheer bad luck. She wondered if there was some way to make a less complicated and expensive potion to control the werewolf transformation. Maybe even one that used less toxic ingredients than aconite, which she'd heard was hard on the health of the people who had to take it. Maybe someday, when she knew more, she'd work on that...
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Noah picked up the pen that was tucked behind his ear and quickly jotted down a simple note directly on his book. After the 7-minute mark, he added the first three jobberknoll feathers gently into his cauldron, and took a peek a few seconds later. So far, so explosions. Yet. At least his potion started turning into a nice shade of purple...but not as dark as he hoped. After the 7th minute mark passed, he added the other three jobberknoll feathers into the mixture, and twisted the knob on his burner halfway through, setting it to medium heat.

One by one, three teaspoons worth of armadillo bile were added, noting that the colour now shifted from purple to blue. At this point, Noah was becoming impatient at how the colour of the potion wasn't exactly the correct shade. He knew that made a huge difference. Was it the fluxweed? Did he chop it too well? He then stirred his potion anti-clockwise with the metal stirring rod, and then carefully added the runespoor egg. Eyeing the clock up front, Noah counted the minutes and seconds forwards, marking the 7th minute from when he stopped stirring. While he waited, he took the time to re-write his notes on his actual notebook for later's revision, glancing at the clock from time to time as he did so.

With seven seconds to spare, Noah got his wand ready from his holster and hovered it just a few centimetres from his cauldron's lip. 3...2...1. "Recordo." a nice circle-like wand movement was done clockwise over his potion was performed, after which, he reached for his aconite roots with his gloved hand and added them one at a time.

Noah stepped aside for any explosion, but was at least pleased to see blue smoke emit from his cauldron. Again, not as faint as he'd hoped, but at least there was no kaboom this time around.

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Ah, seven minutes were up. Valentina looked at the potion.. uh, it did look purple. So far so good. It looked like she hadn't messed up. Just a few more steps and she'd be done! The blonde added the remaining three feathers into the potion before adjusting the heat to medium as per instructions.

... Armadillo bile. Gross!! She wrinkled her nose a bit as she added one teaspoon of the bile carefully.. and then the other two. UM. The potion seemed to look navy blue.. a light shade of navy blue to be more specific. But that should be fine, right?? Val just wanted to be done with this so she continued, just hoping it was going to turn out fine.

She stirred the cauldron exactly seven times, again wondering what would happen if she stirred it eight times or nine. Hmmm. Okay, that was done. Val added the egg next. 7 minutes and 7 seconds?? That was so specific. She waited, looking at the clock. Once the time was up, she pulled her wand out and casted recardo, accompanied with the wand movement. Uhhh did that work?? She added the roots next, feeling a little doubtful at this point.

... there was blue smoke.. so did that mean she did it correctly? Uh. Maybe she should ask the professor.
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Originally Posted by greatpumpkinpatch View Post
It was truly uncanny how often he was misjudged, not that he was aware of her thoughts right now. Nemesis Upstead had tried, unsuccessfully as it turns out, to coach and mentor the littlest Flamsteed in the art of...well...not being AS bothered by the words of others...but the truth of the matter was that Atlas cared a little too much while pretending that he did not. His track record with Slytherin girls was pretty terrible though...which almost felt like some sort of pseudo karma since the Sorting Hat had been debating between Gryffindor and Slytherin for him. It was like they, Slytherin females, had a sixth sense that registered someone rejecting the house and therefore they were petty against him. Oh. Hey. THAT was it. It wasn't HIS fault but the Sorting Hat's.

It was illogical and he was sticking with it.

But he still was left wondering what it was he said that made her go from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde.

Reading over the instructions was at least something he had confidence in, though he found the name of the spell kind of funny in that it sounded more like the sort of incantation that would be associated with a music spell or something. Then had him feeling anxious because they were being instructed to perform a spell he hadn't ever tried before AND did not really know what exactly it did. He was zoning out a little when the professor came around to him and read him like an open book. Which then meant that the third year nearly jumped out of his skin when his station was suddenly drummed on.

"M-M-Me?" Atlas stammered while idly smoothing his Gryffindor tie. "Yeah. Fine." Not about to snitch and create an even worse image for himself than the one he already had projected upon himself. "Just..." Quick quick QUICK. "Um...just wondering...what exactly this spell does. Recordo."

And he really was not good with new spells. Things tended to go kaboom.

His ingredients collected and arranged on his station in order of use (such straightforward organization helped with the nerves), Atlas got his milk into the beaker and burner on to slowly heat up the milk while gently sloshing it around every 10 to 20 seconds.

SPOILER!!: notes aka Katherine's check list
  • 1 10mL syringe full of regular cow milk
  • 1 gram of fluxweed (picked on full a moon)
  • 1 handful of a tame dog's neck fur
  • 6 Jobberknoll feathers
  • 3 tea spoons of Armadillo bile
  • 3 grams of a well-whisked Runespoor egg
  • 3 aconites' roots (aka wolfsbane)

  1. Empty the syringe of milk into a glass beaker and heat for 3 minutes on medium flame (separately from your cauldron)
  2. Fill the cauldron HALF full with water and add the milk
  3. Set the cauldron on low flame
  4. Chop the fluxweed well and add it
  5. Stir 7 times clockwise with a metal stirrer
  6. Sprinkle the dog fur evenly (in about 10 seconds) The potion should turn a mossy green color.
  7. Wait for exactly 7 minutes (keep track of the seconds using the clock in the classroom)
  8. Add 3 of the Jobberknoll feathers
  9. Wait for exactly 7 minutes again. The potion should turn a dark purple color if brewed correctly at this stage.
  10. Add the other 3 of the feathers
  11. Set the burner on medium heat
  12. Add the Armadillo bile one tea spoon at a time. Potion should turn navy blue at this point.
  13. Stir 7 times counter clockwise with a metal stirrer
  14. Add the Runespoor egg
  15. Wait for 7 minutes and 7 seconds
  16. Cast 'Recordo' (wand movement - clockwise circle over the potion)
  17. Add the aconite roots one by one
  18. If done correctly, it will exude a faint blue smoke

Javier gave Atlas a little smile. "Recordo is simply the spell needed to activate the potion. All potions need some sort of spell to basically tell the ingredients to work together. In this case, it's using the latin meaning of 'record' which means momentum to kick start the brewing process, if you will," he explained. He hoped that made sense. It was one of those things just needed to HAPPEN, and it was like trying to explain WHY magic worked in the first place.

"Alright everyone! Excellent work! Please take a sample of your potion, bottle it up in a flask, label it with your name and year and leave it on my desk for grading," he said, pausing to allow time for them to pack up and begin the bottling process.

"Homework for next time - one page essay on why it is so important to go slow and brew this potion accurately," he announced. Should be easy enough considering the content of the lesson, yes? "Due at the beginning of next class. You are all dismissed!"
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