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Potions Learn how to "bottle fame, brew glory, and put a stopper in death..."

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Old 01-08-2018, 12:09 PM
hermygirl hermygirl is online now
Default Potions Lesson 1: Where's your head at?

It’s a bright but chilly autumnal morning outside - not that you would know that in the Potions classroom, given the lack of windows. Professor Noble had done a decent job of lightening things up though; the classroom is certainly brighter than the corridor outside, due to a number of glowing orbs suspended from the ceiling. Dark rooms were not conducive to accurate brewing, and he’d responded accordingly. Of course, it didn’t hurt that it might help the nightowls stay awake at this hour too.

On entering the classroom, you’ll see the desks in rows facing forwards, a pretty typical layout. At each workstation a small burner, currently off, and tripod awaits your cauldron. Your copper one, if you’d bothered to read your schedule. The far side bench gives a hint at the topic of the lesson, piled high with pumpkins, so generously grown by Professor Myers at Noble’s request.

The Potions professor himself cuts a stern figure at the front of class, leant back commandingly against the front desk, robes flowing and arms folded across his chest. His gaze rests on the door, a dissatisfied air about his lips.

“Chop chop! Stop lingering in the doorway like a lost flobberworm and pick up a pumpkin on the way to your seat.”

Class progression:
Greetings and first steps
Preparing the flitterby moths and bouncing bulb
Adding the ground moths and chopped bulb
Some questions to ponder whilst carving
Question responses and adding the foxglove flowers
Adding the seeds and finishing up
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Who was lingering? Not Bel. Especially because the classroom was much nicer than the corridor, much brighter at least, even if in her opinion it had kind of a smell. All that residual potion-y stuff in the air. She could sort of always almost taste it like a metallic tang at the back of her tongue, even if everything was scrubbed and scoured both magically and by hand. Bel scooped a pumpkin up and held it under one arm as she entered, the other held her cauldron which in turn had her books and other supplies neatly stowed within it.

"Hello Professor Noble, sir!"
She found her seat and deposited her cauldron on the table, then proceeded to unpack it. She'd been awake for ages already: gone for a morning run with Liam (just because he'd done well with the surfing this summer it didn't mean she was about to lighten up on their training together!), and had a big breakfast. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as her mum would call it, and ready to see what else the day had in store.

The pumpkins were kind of interesting. Were they about to make pumpkin juice? Or brew something a little more sinister? Bel couldn't begin to guess: she wasn't exactly a potions expert. Not even close to one, in fact. Her enthusiasm usually made up for a lot, but potions was one of those classes where enthusiasm could actually be a bad thing: a dangerous thing. It took a ton of focus. Hence the big breakfast.

Brain food.

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Shera had basically run to potions in excitement. Since she had been awake for a few hours already she had triple checked that she had all the required things for this class, and was wearing her school uniform including the dreaded skirt and for once the unfortunately messy curls were even tied back out of her face.

Skipping into the class she beamed at Professor Noble, not at all bothered by his 'intimidating' presence. "Morning Professor," she greeted cheerily, before dropping her things off at a workbench. Now for the pumpkins.

She had tried to gain control of herself and stop skipping, but she still had a swing in her step as she went to the bench to grab herself a pumpkin and returned to sit at her desk. Now it was time to wait for all the others to arrive and the lesson to actually start!
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Kimi entered the potions classroom and said "Good morning Professor" Kimi hurried to his seat and got himself ready for the lesson he wondered what the pumpkins were for but he was sure that he would find out in good time
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Well, someone had gotten up on the wrong side of the bed this morning...

Junia slipped into the classroom, hair plaited back and out of her face so as not to fall into her potion. Eyes fell on the potions master and a polite smile graced her features as she greeted the man. "Good Morning, Professor."

Wand out, she gave her hands a quick cleaning before selecting a pumpkin from the bunch and carrying it over to a station. She was hoping Abey would be along soon so that he could sit by her. Given the professor's demeanor, she had a feeling he might be more anxious than usual and she wanted to provide some comfort just in case.

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Juni hurried along the corridors all the way down to the dungeons. It was a long walk, since it was her first lesson of the day the fourth year made a detour to the great hall, for a bite of breakfast. It was all on the way so that came in handy.

It was a good thing that she had taken the time to see that this potions lesson required a copper cauldron. In all of her supply list she had ever gotten she couldn’t recall ever seeing a copper cauldron on the list. She was pretty sure she had only seen pewter cauldrons on the list. So she has to have her dad send her one of his.

She headed toward the classroom. ”Good morning professor.” To be honestly this new professor kind of freaked her out a bit. Was it just her? Maybe she just needed to get used to him. She grabbed up a pumpkin. ”Are we making pumpkin pie?” It was quite possible potions was basically like cooking. Wasn’t it? The classroom seemed brighter. Interesting, she could actually see. Find she seat she went ahead and set up her station and took a seat waiting for the lesson to start.
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Cameron was curious to see what this new Potions professor would have in store for them this time. He had found the professor to be quite stern and strict but so far hadn‘t had any problems with him. He could deal with strict. Just don‘t get on the person‘s bad side and you‘re fine.

So with a polite smile, Cameron walked into the classroom, (copper) cauldron in hand. „Good morning, Professor Noble.“ He greeted him before taking one of the pumpkins, hugging it to his chest with his other hand. Ooh, look Bel was here already. He decided to settle into the workstation next to hers, giving his friend a grin. „Morning.“ After carefully setting down the pumpkin he then proceeded to put the cauldron on the tripod and set out the rest of his equipment.

What could they be doing with those pumpkins?
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Derf neither excelled nor completely failed at Potions. He was quite middle of the road WHEN his attention span permitted him to, well, actually follow directions. It was the stirring that often got him - it was just hard to focus on such methodical and repetitive things, you know? But he was trying to be better and, at least so far, nothing he had been brewing in classes had blown up. Boiled over? Yeah...that had happened once or twice.

Stepping into the classroom, the Hufflepuff took a quick survey things before heading towards a station somewhere in the middle of the room somewhat near where Bel and Cameron and sorta just a hop skip and station away from Juniper. His eyes also fell on Junia, and he even offered the older girl a sheepish smile, but ultimately he was sitting a liiiiiittle further away from her than usual.

"Morning, Professor Noble," Derf greeted as he got his copper cauldron into place at his station, eyeing the pumpkins and recalling another time they had been present in lessons. Though he reckoned there wasn't going to be any bowling or smashing involved. Well, not smashing in the same sort of sense since he assumed that they were going to be ingredients somehow. He did like the idea of making pumpkin pie - which also made him think about all the creatures that enjoyed munching on pumpkins - and offered his Ravenclaw friend an amused smile. Though he seriously doubted that...maybe they were going to be working on a vision potion. Though he kept his musing to himself and fixated on getting his station set up, glancing down every now and then at his trouser pocket.

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Ok Théo was kinda of lingering he was waiting for his best friend and well ok maybe Professor Noble did not want to hear that so he went in copper cauldron in hand. He wasnt a complete idiot. Dont answer that.

The pumpkins were interesting since why would you need pumpkins for Potions class but well to not seem dumb he was going to keep his mouth shut and go get a pumpkin for whatever reason. Doubt they were making jack o lanterns

He grabbed his pumpkin and walked to a seat with another spaces around him so Sylvie could sit next to him or whoever.

Who was ready to accidentally blow up some potions.

Not him.
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Prompt as usual, Sam was especially interested in today's Potions lesson merely because of the man's behavior at the feast. Sour, unimpressed, stern. Hogwarts was due for another curmudgeon, and Sam believed Noble would fit the bill rather well. But NEWTs were this year, so as long as the man knew his material, Sam didn't care all that much.

The seventh-year took care to find a a nicely-shaped, almost perfectly round pumpkin and was headed for the far side of the room until he spotted a familiar head of long blonde hair. After making a detour, he found himself at the work station beside his girlfriend's. "Hey, Juni," he greeted as his placed his pumpkin on his table.
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Gendry dreaded potions. His ability to be precise was questionable and precision was very important with potions. He had a tendency to get lost in his own thoughts, especially when the brew times didn't require specific attention at any one time. He took a deep breath and entered the potions room, noting the more well-lit, but still dank classroom. He gingerly nodded a greeting to the professor and walked over to his station and removed his copper kettle and placed it on the table.

As he set it down he recalled the command to gather a pumpkin. He went up and reached for one with a vibrant orange color and returned to his kettle.

Image by hermygirl...she's the best!
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If Skylar was being completely honest, she wasn't keen on the new Potions Master. She'd had Arthur Newton her first three terms, then the young, bubbly Canterbury for one term, but honestly she was hoping that last year's potions master would have stayed more than one term. Because, River Reed. It was really no offense meant to this Professor Noble (who had quite a FINE name), but River Reed was one of those who would remain a special place in the sixth year's heart and she just hoped he was doing well. Which reminded her that she still needed to send an owl to him, but she'd gotten bogged down with quidditch tryouts. Once she got situated into her sixth year routine though, she WAS going to write him.

In the meantime, she would have to try to not compare Noble to Reed. She'd achieved an Outstanding on her Potions OWL, which meant she was well on her way to being able to do creature healing. Or cursebreaking. She did note his sternness about him; he meant business which she was okay with, because her final two years here and she had to make them count.

"Morning Professor Noble," she greeted, finding a seat near the front, after selecting a pumpkin. Carving pumpkins perhaps? Wasn't that more suited for charms? Or well, Juniper had said something about Pumpkin Pie just as she walked in.
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Speaking of night owls, Abraham Botros Jr. was present and correct, though definitely exhausted and in need of sleep after having spent an unnecessary amount of time staying up the night before working on in his sketchbook (you couldn't just STOP halfway through when you were on a roll, okay?). He had knowing that it would be better to get some sleep the night before a Potions class, given he was absolutely appalling at the best of times it for approximately a million reasons, but Abra wasn't really the sort to get to sleep any time before 2am, so it seemed like a waste of good drawing time to even try.

By the time he'd reached the actual classroom, however, as well as being tired Abra was also anxious (because of course he was), which wasn't exactly a wonderful combination. Avoiding looking directly at Professor Noble, who sort of put him on edge just a little bit, he mumbled a nevertheless polite, "G'morningProfessor," and quickened his pace to hurry inside. As he was about to head towards the table of pumpkins, however, his eyes fell on Derf.

All at once Abra got that uncomfortable squirmy feeling in his stomach, which had been an issue since the events of the Start-of-Term Feast, especially in the context of all things Derf (not that he'd mentioned it to him at all). Even though he should have been prepared for it, given this was a lesson he knew they'd both be present in, it still threw him off his already shaky groove. Given Derfael and Professor Noble and the stress of Potions class and the aforementioned tiredness-anxiety combination, Abra had a wobbly moment and stopped right where he was to try and process things. Two seconds later (which actually felt more like a minutes or hours or months or years or decades or cENTURIES) he caught sight of Junia and immediately started off again in her direction, before settling into the empty seat beside her, setting his pewter (oh dear) cauldron on the workstation (but not yet noticing his error in cauldron choice).

... And totally forgetting to grab a pumpkin in the process.
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Last edited by Felixir; 01-08-2018 at 11:02 PM. Reason: totally forgot to include the part about the cauldron mY BAD
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Matt entered the room! Hallo.

He was excited to see what their new Potions professor was like. There was something cool about having new teachers, especially in his very last year. NEW STUFF! Matt loved changes and welcomed them. The man looked irritated or something. Lol. "HELLO, SIR!" Loud Gryffindor was loud. And he grabbed a pumpkin on his way in. "Oh cool, I love me some pumpkin!" Pumpkin juice WAS his favourite after all. "I hafta say I'm looking forward to trying whatever we're brewing today!" The seventh year exclaimed happily as he carried all of his stuff to a workstation of his choice. Middle the the room. Boom.

He spread his equipment all over the place because he felt like it, and sat there, watching, grinning and sometimes waving at the people who were coming in. He was READY to learn! And drink the pumpkin potion. YAS.
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Now Vi was intrigued by how this new Professor would be. When she walked into the room, she made a brief note of how he stood. Stern. Sort of noble like. Heh. Noble being noble. She’d show herself out. Following his instructions, Vi grabbed a pumpkin and headed to an open work station near Skylar. “Professor Noble,” she greeted with a single nod of her head before she started taking out her notebook and quills to help prepare her for class. Then she checked her work station to ensure that everything was clean and ready to go. She’d have to rinse out that Cauldron again. Not clean enough.

And then Solo came in. Vi kept an eye on that whole interaction. She wondered how the stern man would take the boisterous Matt. Heh. She smiled. This would be interesting for sure.

Hey Sky. How’s it going?” she greeted the Slytherin Quidditch Captain with a small smile. And then she gazed at her pumpkin, wondering what they would exactly be doing with them.
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Kye entered the Potions class with that early onset feeling of dread. It wasn't even about the new professor who she had heard quite mixed reviews about. Just the class in general... she didn't have a particular affection for dismembered animals.. or cooking them. Big sigh. She walked through the door and immediately noticed the pumpkins everywhere. Brief pause of confusion, and she did as she was rudely instructed.

Okay that wasn't the worst thing... Grabbing a decent looking pumpkin, Kye stood awkwardly with her pumpkin balancing on her cauldron. Kye paused again looking around the room. She smiled and greeted those she knew, and quickly took a seat near the center of the room. She set her pumpkin on the table, near the burner... and then a little shift to get it slightly further from the burner. She could see that going South in just a second.

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As his usual, Jace was ready and on-time for his Potions class. Nine o'clock was a good time to start the morning classes, considering that he religiously starts his day earlier than most of the students. There was no way he'd skip on his katas and morning meditation. Upon hearing the professor, Jace closed his Alchemy book with a snap and hurried along inside the classroom with the rest of the students. "Goodmorning, Professor." he had to be honest, however, that he's pretty excited to learn from someone who breathes sternness, compared to his uncle. Last term, he'd been really awkward with the setup.

After dumping all of his stuff in one of the back workstations (because as of the moment, he didn't want to deal with an explosive Matt Solo, thank you very much), he carefully selected his pumpkin and levitated it back to his seat with ease.

Pumpkin, hm? Is it going to be their new lab rat?
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Potions was quickly becoming one of Gunnar's favorite classes, and it wasn't just because it was so close to his common room that he could literally roll out of bed just minutes before class was supposed to start and still make it on time without getting lost. He also got the chance to use some gross and creepy and intriguing ingredients to make some really cool things.

Even though he hadn't been up for long, the first year was wide awake, dressed in a clean uniform and carrying his supplies, as he headed into the classroom. Oh! Had he been lingering in the doorway? He certainly didn't mean to and quickly slipped inside as he heard the professor's gruff instructions.

"Yes, sir... morning," he added the last as a mumbled afterthought. Rearranging the supplies in his arms so he could better carry a pumpkin as well, he grabbed one of the gourds and made his way to a seat somewhat in the middle of the room. What cool thing would they be doing today??
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Maxton had found himself and his pumpkin a workstation alone nearer the back of the classroom. Potions wasn't his strongest subject and his logic was that if he sat closer to the back, perhaps noone would spot him making any embarrassing mistakes. Especially the professor. Professor Noble seemed kind of scary.
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Potions class was always a great class because it was the closest to her dorm, which meant she was always looking her best, not that she wasn't all the time, but she could take her time leaving her room and making it on time. Coming up on the door she had her usual smile on her face and strutted into the room.

"Hello everyone"

She walked past the professor and took her pumpkin, "Hello professor" her finger wiggled towards him as she looked around at all the people already there. Now where was she going to sit, she looked at all the cute boys that she could sit near or she could sit by one of her girls.

Decisions.... Decisions

She stood for a moment in the front of the room until she could decide and everyone could just wait to see who the lucky person was going to be. Though her eyes did land on Derf for just a moment and she quickly moved from the front of the room and went to sit near Juniper.

"Hey girl"
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In recent years, potions had become one of her main focus areas up in her lab. There were always at least 3 of four cauldrons she held up there brewing at any given time. As it so happened, the one in which she was brewing her latest potion happened to be in the cauldron she needed for this lesson.

She couldn' describe...the level of hurt at having to end the potion and vanish the contents. The young girl may have chanced it by simply bringing another (a silver one) but Professor Noble seemed the sort to take notice. It was odd, y'know? Given her track record with Potions Professors, to suddenly be thrown together with one putting as him. What a year to be a Prefect and need to set an example.

The brew would simply have to be restarted once she was out of this class.

Jessa entered the room, cauldron floating in behind her, nose buried deep inside her latest read. Skin texture; duplicating it. The pros and cons of varying textures, the best methods of harvesting and re-creating. It wasn't until the man opened his mouth to warn them against time wasting that the Ravenclaw even noticed him standing there by the door. Blue eyes glanced up at him only briefly before setting down to her book again. "Good morning, Professor." She muttered, distractedly flipping the page to continue. What was that about a pumpkin and a flobberworm now?

A cauldron could've exploded and she wouldn't notice (not entirely true, something like THAT would grab her attention, but for the most part, the Ravenclaw was oblivious to everything going on around her at the moment).

Thankfully, she DID catch the sight of the pumpkins from the corner of her eyes, levitating one over and into her already levitating cauldron. In all this, she didn't glance up from the pages of the old and dusty book for more than a few seconds at a time, not even when she flopped into the seat by Cameron. "Hey Cam." She muttered, ending the incantation of the floating items once they were set atop the desk.

Rat skin would be a no. Shame too, plenty of that around.
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Anybody who knows Tenacius Salander knows that he's hardly one to dally, but he is holding back and hiding in the shadows beyond the doorway, the brightness of the Potions classroom providing some pretty good gloomy depth to hide the lumbering Head Boy. So indeed, dallying he was not-- observing is the key word. Perhaps it was another one of those strange coincidences he's been experiencing lately, but the jaunty way that his class schedule creased over this Professor's name got him to do a double take-- Ig(natius) Noble.

Hence Ace lurking in the shadows for a bit, trying to see how noble, or otherwise as the man's unfortunate first name may suggest, the new Potions Master really is. Also trying to keep that chuckling under control and not suddenly burst out into a full peal of laughter when he tries to address him by name.

His Prefect-girlfriend has entered promptly though, and he figured he better skedaddle if he wanted to be sure to take the workstation next to her.

Ahem ahem... try not to laugh, try not to grin, try not to breath "Goodmorning Professor--" and thats the most the Curly Top managed to get out before purposely biting his lips and turning his head away as he hastily collected the first pumpkin within reach, then made a beeline for the desk next to Vi.

Down goes the pumpkin on his desk. And his flushed head behind that. And laughter. Laughter so high only dogs could hear.
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Zoryn was definitely one of those lingering in the doorway like a lost flobberworm, but it had exactly nothing to do with the fact that she was lost. 'Cause she wasn't lost, she was a whole FOURTH year now. She was just tired. It was the morning though and that ought to be enough of an excuse for her sluggishness. Like no offense, Professor Noble, but morning classes were not a move of nobility. Just saying. But anyways, she heard him yelling and reluctantly made her way inside, after some internal protest.

..... Pumpkins? "Are we gonna be carving them, sir? 'Cause Halloween is in October," he was aware of that right? Like, it was September right now, they had a whole month. Maybe he was just confused. Which is why Zoryn said something to begin with. See, she was SUCH a kind-hearted person. Mhm.

Anyways, she grabbed a pumpkin from the front and put it on top of her COOPER cauldron as she made her move to sit at a work bench next to DERF. He was smart at potions, right? ..... Uh.
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Stop lingering in the doorway?

Daehyun was stunned into silence for a moment, before he came back to his senses and greeted the professor in the quietest voice. "Good morning," he said with a nod, scurrying to grab a pumpkin and settling his things in the front row, too flustered to even have a look at who else was in the classroom.

Breathe. He needed to remember how to breathe. He'd been overly excited about the first Potions class, but the professor looked beyond intimidating, so he hoped he'd do a good job and avoid getting on his nerves. But knowing himself, he would likely mess something up.
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Aaron happily strolled into the Potions Classroom, even though it was 8 o'clock in the morning. Although it was so early, it still couldn't stop the youngster from being alive, awake, and energetic. He most certainly, wasn't sleep deprived, as he had tended to go to bed pretty early. Most of the time he found him self asleep by 9, sometimes even a bit earlier than that on a long day.

Anyways, Aaron couldn't help but take notice to the pumpkins along the one wall. Seeing his fellow class mates do so, the boy took one and placed it down at one of the desks by his house mate, Skylar. After everything was all situated then, the first year had beamed up at the Potions Professor, saying "Goooooood morning Professor! I hope all is well so far." Another bright flash from his smile.

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