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Tegz 01-03-2019 01:57 PM

Introduce Yourself

Introduce Yourself

This thread is for telling us a little bit about yourself. You can use the template below or come up with something on your own, your choice. You should only need to post once in here - though you can edit your post after you become a member if you wish.
Age (only if you want to say):
Hobbies & Interests:
Favorite band/musician:
Favorite food:
Fave non-HP movie:
Fave HP book:
Fave HP movie:
Fave character(s) and why:

Anything else:
Text Cut: easy copy & paste template

[B]Age (only if you want to say):[/B]
[B]Hobbies & Interests:[/B]
[B]Favorite band/musician:[/B]
[B]Favorite food:[/B]
[B]Fave non-HP movie:[/B]
[B]Fave HP book:[/B]
[B]Fave HP movie:[/B]
[B]Fave character(s) and why:[/B]

[B]Anything else:[/B]

Rules & Guidelines for this thread:
  1. Before posting, please make sure you have read through the Newbie Process, Snitchseeker's Rules & FAQ, and perused the Site Resources forum.
  2. This is not a questions thread. If you don't understand something and/or have a real question, go to The Question Thread.
  3. This thread is only for posting things about yourself and not for chatting and/or commenting on other people's introductions etc.
  4. No spam. This means no posting off topic or posting multiple times in a row.
  5. Remember: Internet safety is a major issue in today's world. Do not give out full names, hometowns, schools, phone numbers, social security numbers, credit card numbers, or anything else of a 'personal' nature. This thread is just so we can get to know you a little bit, your basic likes, and what HP and/or Non-HP tastes we may have with each other.

natekka 01-04-2019 01:41 PM

*uses the template because it's quicker*

Name: Natalie
Location: England, UK
Age: 21
Hobbies & Interests: Making graphics for SS, RPing, Social Psychology and reading
Favorite band/musician: I love so many! dodie, Maisie Peters, Amber Run to name a few
Favorite food: Red velvet cake
Fave non-HP movie: The Book Thief
Fave HP book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Fave HP movie: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Fave character(s) and why: Luna Lovegood (because she's a true friend), also Hermione (because she's brave and bears a lot of weight on her shoulders throughout the series), and Fred Weasley ;_; (because how could you not love him?)

Dokimoto 01-04-2019 02:33 PM

Name: Haley
Location: Southern California
Age (only if you want to say): I just turned 28 (in 2018) :x

Hobbies & Interests: Writing for SS, video games
Favorite band/musician: Coheed and Cambria, The Beatles, Queens of the Stone Age... mainly alternative, pop, pop/punk, and musicals.
Favorite food: It really depends on the day but I'm usually down for veggie tempura, tonkatsu, teriyaki, nachos, marinara based pasta, chicken... I mean, how can I narrow it down??
Fave non-HP movie: Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Titanic, Inception, Wolf of Wall Street (I guess I like Leo)
Fave HP book: Goblet of Fire
Fave HP movie: I don't think that's fair given my previous responses, lol. If I were putting one on right now though, I'd probably pick Sorcerer's Stone or Order of the Phoenix
Fave character(s) and why: I'd say Neville. To watch him so unsure of being in the house of the brave, being patronized or written off for years, and then I feel like you can see/sense him learning about himself and growing as a student and person, until you see Neville in Deathly Hallows and MAN! I love him.

Anything else:I always like chatting with people but I don't think people really do that anymore :lol: I have two cats, love The Office (US version), and I don't do well with freestyle dancing.

Tazzie 01-05-2019 06:51 AM

Name: Taz, Tazzie
Location: PH
Age (only if you want to say): 22
Hobbies & Interests: Writing, sleeping, eating, reading, karaoke, anime
Favorite band/musician: I'm flexible with this one but I have a particular love for Birdy, Kodaline, The Cab, SHINee
Favorite food: Fried chicken, mango float
Fave non-HP movie: This is hard but I like musicals so Les MisÚrables, Moulin Rouge
Fave HP book: Sorcerer's Stone
Fave HP movie: Goblet of Fire
Fave character(s) and why: The twins, they were equal parts fun and tragic XD

Anything else: Hmm. I really like it when people talk to me first because I am insecure that if I do it first I will somehow get rejected lol

craftallday 01-13-2019 12:47 AM

Name: Craftallday
Location: California, United States
Age (only if you want to say):
Hobbies & Interests: Quilting, crafting, reading, making gifts
Favorite band/musician: all music except gospel, reggae, and heavy metal.
Favorite food: steak and potatoes
Fave non-HP movie: Lord of the Rings
Fave HP book: I enjoyed the whole set
Fave HP movie: All of them
Fave character(s) and why: Luna Lovegood, she was fun and did her own thing

rossi 01-13-2019 06:11 PM

Name: rossi
Location: canada
Age: 25
Hobbies & Interests: Graphic designer, RPing, Social Psychology and reading
Favorite band/musician: james
Fave non-HP movie: The Book Thief
Fave HP book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Fave HP movie: titanic

lovely_kol 01-15-2019 05:42 PM

Name: Carolina.
Location: Currently UAE, but I am from Brazil. :)
Age (only if you want to say): 29.
Hobbies & Interests: Social media, games, movies, series.
Favorite band/musician: My chemical romance, EXO, Super Junior, The Rasmus, Tokio Hotel, Cinema Bizarre, the list is long lol.
Favorite food: I like junk food :P haha, pizza, spaguetti, french fries, etc haha
Fave non-HP movie: White chicks, Superbad, I will say mostly comedies, but also horrors and thrillers.
Fave HP book: The half blood prince, cause it was the first one I read. :P
Fave HP movie: The chamber of secrets (watched it more than 50 times lol).
Fave character(s) and why: I like Snape. Don't wanna sound too cliche, but he had a bad past related to Potter and even with harry's attitude, he was there to help in the end. I kinda understand how Snape feels.

I joined this website also in the hope to meet old users from Harry Potter Warner Bros message boards. :)

abstract 02-11-2019 09:11 PM

Name: Kalypso
Location: Midwest US
Age: 27
Hobbies & Interests: Writing/RP. Music. Binge Watching Hulu. Graphic Design/Image Editing. Video Games. Making Spotify Playlists.

TV Series: Star Wars: Clone Wars. Parks & Rec. American Gods. The 100. Game of Thrones. The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. The Office. Any 90s/Early 00's Cartoons.
Video Games: Fallout 3/NV/4/76. Fortnite. Destiny 2. Elder Scrolls Online. Borderlands 2. Call of Duty {Mostly Infinite Warfare, WWII, and Black Ops 4}. Animal Crossing WW/NL/HHD. Mario Kart/Party. Let's Go Eevee. Pokemon Y/Sun/GO.

Favorite band/musician: I'm a music junkie. Moose Blood, Brand New, Neck Deep, BORNS, The 1975, Amy Winehouse, Nirvana, Alkaline Trio, Whitechapel, Story of the Year, Say Anything, The Ink Spots, Marianas Trench, Suicide Silence, P!ATD, State Champs, The Wonder Years, New Found Glory, Frank Sinatra...
Favorite food: Stuffed Crust Extra Cheese + Extra Sauce Pizza.
Fave non-HP movie: Star Wars Saga.
Fave HP book: All, but if I had to choose - Goblet of Fire.
Fave HP movie: Prisoner of Azkaban.
Fave character(s) and why: Luna Lovegood. She was not afraid to say what she was thinking regardless of the consequences, and she let her freak flag fly. C:
She's perfect.

Loopy luna 02-18-2019 07:38 PM

Name: Anne-Marie
Location: Devon uk
Age 33
Hobbies & Interests: reading watching films ghost hunts
Favorite band/musician: kings of Leon
Favorite food: roast
Fave non-HP movie: transformers
Fave HP book: deathly hallows
Fave HP movie: 1st one
Fave character(s) Luna as she always had something quirky to say

AnnWa 02-20-2019 09:40 AM

Name: Ann
Location: Chicago, IL
Age (only if you want to say): 22
Hobbies & Interests: reading books, playing video games
Favorite band/musician: Imagine Dragons
Favorite food: sushi, pizza
Fave non-HP movie: "Interview with the Vampire"
Fave HP book: Goblet of Fire
Fave HP movie: Prisoner of Azkaban
Fave character(s) and why: Luna, cuz i love everything strange and weird.

Student of Dumbledor 02-28-2019 11:31 PM

Name:Student of Dumbledore
Age (only if you want to say):16
Hobbies & Interests:Soccer and reading
Favorite band/musician:AC/DC or Guns and Roses
Favorite food:Hagrids Cake.
Fave non-HP movie:Sherlock Holmes
Fave HP book:Sorcerers stone
Fave HP movie:Sorcerers stone
Fave character(s) and why:Fred and George, Funny.

Anything else:

AccioWU 03-01-2019 02:20 PM

New Ravenclaw in the house :D
Hi everyone! It's always great to find a friendly HP site!!
Name: Sam | AccioWU
Age (only if you want to say):34
Hobbies & Interests: I love reading (anything I can put my hands on) and writing, films and tv shows.
Favorite band/musician:The Killers and Queen
Favorite food:mmm Chips/Fries
Fave non-HP movie:Anything Avengers / MCU
Fave HP book: Prisoner of Azkaban
Fave HP movie: Prisoner of Azkaban
Fave character(s) and why: Sirius Black (you might have guessed that from my favourite HP book and movie). I didn't really know why at first, until a friend told me my personality and Sirius' (Harry Potter era, not Marauders era) are so similar. Always cheerful on the outside. Not really so much on the inside.

Anything else: I've been into Harry Potter the second I got the first book, and it hasn't stopped since. And I love all the people I've met just because we have that one thing in common (just in the last two weeks I started up conversations with two Potterheads just because they saw my Harry Potter wallet and got all excited.
And now I'm really looking forward to the new game, Wizards Unite. Have even started blogging about it, trying to share that excitement, met so many amazing people that way! And as you can see, I'm a long form writer. I tend to ramble a bit. So yeah, that's me. Hi! *waves*

Fireheart 03-20-2019 08:50 PM

Hi Everybody! I'm so happy to be here, and I can't wait to get to know you all.

Name: Kat
Location: USA
Age (only if you want to say): 20
Hobbies & Interests: writing, reading, cooking, photography, taking naps
Favorite band/musician: Taylor Swift, Colbie Caillat, Ed Sheeran, The 1975, The Beach Boys, Twenty One Pilots
Favorite food: Macaroni and cheese
Fave non-HP movie: Pretty much any Disney movie, but my favorite is probably Tangled
Fave HP book: Half-Blood Prince
Fave HP movie: Deathly Hallows Part 2
Fave character(s) and why: I love Hermione, of course. Her strength and determination are very inspirational to me, and I relate to her a lot in terms of academic overachievement! I also love Luna because of her free spirit and kindness. And let's just talk about Bill for a second - he's got to be one of the most underrated characters. I LOVE him!

Anything else: I used to play Harry Potter as a kid, where I would dress up in my Gryffindor robe and round glasses. I would then proceed to run around the house shouting spells. I sometimes forced my friends to play with me, and I'd make them be Ron & Hermione. Yup, I was a young girl who insisted on being Harry - not Hermione. I was a weirdo.

QueenLexi 03-22-2019 02:29 PM

Name: Melissa
Location: UK
Age (only if you want to say): 23
Hobbies & Interests: reading, writing, watching youtube, listening to music and watching TV
Favorite band/musician: Ariana Grande
Favorite food: Macaroni Cheese
Fave non-HP movie: The Notebook
Fave HP book: Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone
Fave HP movie: Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire
Fave character(s) and why: Luna Lovegood because she is a free spirit and always herself. She also loves learning and is unique.

Gryffindor4ever 03-27-2019 06:20 PM

Name: Zainab
Location: UK
Hobbies & Interests: Reading and programming (but im not very good at it)
Favorite band/musician: idk i have a lot of favorites
Favorite food:EVERYTHING i love food :)
Fave non-HP movie:any disney movie rlly
Fave HP book:The prisoner of askaban (i remember reading it at 11 and being so absorbed and feeling the terror, surprise and shock)
Fave HP movie:The Philosophers stone (this is a rlly difficult one but the first one is so iconic and is rlly irreplaceable)
Fave character(s) and why: I love all of them excluding Umbridge (yes even Voldermort)

AccioMarauders 03-31-2019 10:42 PM

Name: Tessa
Location: Colorado, USA
Age (only if you want to say): 30
Hobbies & Interests: Reading, sewing, cross stitching, hiking, skiing, anything outside.... and doing basically anything with my 2.5 year old daughter
Favorite band/musician: classic rock
Favorite food: pizza
Fave non-HP movie: Lord of the Rings :)
Fave HP book: Prisoner of Azkaban & Order of the Phoenix
Fave HP movie: Half-Blood Prince (honestly, not much into the movies)
Fave character(s) and why: Marauders.. I think just because I'm so curious about more of their story. ... other than that, Harry Potter.

Anything else: Just grew up pretty much with the books and they've always been there when I needed them. HP is my comfort zone. :)

Emzeer 04-05-2019 09:32 PM

Name: Emma
Location: London
Age (only if you want to say): 24
Hobbies & Interests: Pokemon card collecting and playing (though I'm still learning!) video games, make up, listening to music and baking
Favorite band/musician: My Chemical Romance (RIP), Marilyn Manson, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath
Favorite food: Cheese!
Fave non-HP movie: Silence of the Lambs
Fave HP book: Half Blood Prince
Fave HP movie: Chamber of Secrets
Fave character(s) and why: Fred and George, because they make me double over with laughter

curly21 04-09-2019 06:07 PM

Name: Jessica
Location: England
Hobbies & Interests: looking on the internet
Favorite band/musician:
Favorite food: Pizza
Fave non-HP movie:Sherlock Holmes
Fave HP book: Prison of Azaban
Fave HP movie:Prison of Azaban
Fave character(s) and why: Sirius Remus i love there relationship

Anything else:

gritandgrace 04-14-2019 02:11 AM

Name: Lauren
Location: Winnipeg, Canada
Age (only if you want to say): 23
Hobbies & Interests: Photography, writing, music, cooking.
Favorite band/musician: One Republic
Favorite food: Nigerian Stew or Chinese Mushroom Chicken Balls
Fave non-HP movie: Pride and Prejudice
Fave HP book: Order of the Phoenix
Fave HP movie: Order of the Phoenix
Fave character(s) and why: Ginny and Fred Weasley! I love how fierce she is and how goofy he is. They both have a lot of heart.

harleysJoker1 04-17-2019 02:42 AM

Location: New York
Age (only if you want to say):
Hobbies & Interests: knitting reading walking arts and craft
Favorite band/musician:breaking benjamin
Favorite food:italian
Fave non-HP movie: lord of the rings
Fave HP book: prisoner of azkaban
Fave HP movie: order of the phoenix
Fave character(s) and why: Sirius he is incredible brave with everything thatg has happened to him

Nosilla 04-17-2019 02:48 AM

All about Nosilla
Age (only if you want to say):24
Hobbies & Interests:Harry Potter and Warhammer
Favorite band/musician:The Library Bards right now
Favorite food:Anything I can eat
Fave non-HP movie:Princess Bride
Fave HP book: I literally cannot choose
Fave HP movie:Sorcerer's stone
Fave character(s) and why: Neville Longottom.

Riverz 04-20-2019 09:52 PM

Name: River
Location: USA
Age (only if you want to say): Old.
Hobbies & Interests: Bears, beets, Broad City.
Favorite food: Beans
Fave HP book: Order of the Phoenix
Fave HP movie: Prisoner of Azkaban
Fave character(s) and why: Luna because she's excellent

Anything else: Hi

Felix_Felicis 04-26-2019 11:49 PM

Name: Nina
Location: Australia but soon moving to Ireland
Age (only if you want to say): 20ish
Hobbies & Interests: Reading, writing and going to the gym
Favorite band/musician: Imagine Dragons (ask me again in 10 minutes and the answer will most definitely change)
Favorite food: Dampfnudeln - German dish that can either be sweet or savoury depending on the area you get a recipe from
Fave non-HP movie: All of the Lord of the Rings, Hobbit and Marvel movies? If I had to narrow it down I'd probably go with Captain America: The First Avenger
Fave HP book: Prisoner of Azkaban or Deathly Hallows
Fave HP movie: Prisoner of Azkaban
Fave character(s) and why: Luna Lovegood, when I was younger I didn't necessarily 'fit in' and having her has a character really helped me come to terms with the fact that it is ok to be yourself and you don't have to change who you are in order to be accepted.

Alavander 05-26-2019 07:20 PM

Hey there, my name is Alan! I'm 33yo, married, three kids, a dog and three cats. Yup. Three cats. Wish I had a kneale though...

Read Harry Potter when I was eleven, hooked since. Read all books about 200 times each, consider myself to be a bit of a know it all about the man with the lightning scar. Fave character is Dumbledore. Book version, not 'he asked calmly' gambon.

I'm a carer to my son (non verbal low functioning autism with associated learning difficulties, to answer the inevitable question) and as I cannot work for this reason, I actually make and sell wooden wands. Not sure if I'm allowed to advertise yet...

But yeah, that's me.

michal 06-05-2019 09:09 AM

Name: Michal
Location: Poland
Hobbies & Interests: Sport, Books
Favorite band/musician: Rolling Stones
Favorite food: Thai Curry Chicken
Fave non-HP movie: The Departed (with Leonardo Di Cprio)
Fave HP book: Prisoner of Azkaban
Fave HP movie: Prisoner of Azkaban

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