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North Side From the Leaky Cauldron to Scribbulus Writing Instruments, there are numerous shops to visit and places to socialise.

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Old 01-08-2021, 02:31 AM
sweetpinkpixie sweetpinkpixie is online now
Default Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment

Located in Diagon Alley’s North Side, Wiseacres prides itself in bringing you only the best equipment at a price no one can beat. The shop's name is emblazoned in gold letters on the large glass window to the left of the double doors. The window is home to a display of merchandise ranging from floo powder to fanged frisbees, star charts to sneakoscopes. In the middle of the display sits an advertising blackboard that every so often announces a sale.

Despite the wide array of products available, the interior of the shop is neatly organized. Upon walking in, the first things quests will notice is a display of telescopes ideal for Hogwarts students located just to the right of the doors. Maps and star/moon charts are rolled up and stacked on a rack beside the display. Games are displayed on a table toward the middle of the shop; concealers and detectors are shelved along the left wall. Several dark wood shelving units line the rest of the floor space. Each aisle is clearly marked with the type of merchandise it contains.

When you finish shopping, please make your way to the counter at the back of the shop. Here you can check out, inquire about gift wrapping or other services offered, and purchase breakable or expensive objects, such as rememberalls, hourglasses, crystal balls, and invisibility cloaks, kept in a locked glass cabinet behind the counter. In the market for a flying carpet? Those are kept behind a locked door next to the counter; only the shopkeeper can open it. Should anyone try to enter the showroom without permission, a caterwauling charm will sound. If you need help finding anything, the shopkeeper will be happy to assist!

Text Cut: Inventory
Concealers & Detectors

Invisibility Cloaks: 9 galleons, 16 sickles, 21 knuts
Deluminator (Put-Outer): 6 galleons, 4 sickles, 3 knuts
Invisibility Booster: 2 galleons, 5 sickles, 23 knuts
Probity Probe: 4 galleons, 6 sickles, 8 knuts
Remembrall: 2 galleons, 9 sickles, 22 knuts
Revealer: 1 galleon, 3 sickles
Secrecy Sensor: 5 galleons, 7 sickles, 24 knuts
Sneakoscope: 3 galleons, 16 sickles, 19 knuts
Anti-Burglary Buzzer: 2 galleons, 3 sickles


Gobstones: 2 galleons, 1 sickle, 24 knuts
Self-Shuffling Playing Cards: 14 sickles, 17 knuts
Wizard's Chess: 3 galleons, 6 sickles
Exploding Snap: 14 sickles, 17 knuts
Fanged Frisbee: 1 galleon, 7 knuts

Communication & Charts

Howler: 1 galleon
Enchanted Coins: 2 galleons, 3 sickles
Advertising Blackboard: 1 galleon, 9 sickles, 16 knuts
Mappa Mundi - 9 sickles, 9 knuts
Star chart - 6 sickles, 19 knuts
Moon chart - 6 sickles, 19 knuts


Magical Trunk: 3 galleons, 2 sickles, 2 knuts
Pensieve: 5 galleons, 9 sickles
Mokeskin pouch: 2 galleons
Seven-Lock Trunk: 4 galleons, 6 sickles, 8 knuts

Transportation, Timepieces, & Tools

Floo Powder: 1 galleon, 4 sickles, 7 knuts (a pound)
Flying Carpets: (Starting at) 9 galleons*
Customizable Clocks (Weasley's Clock): 6 galleons, 2 sickles**
Abacus: 2 galleons
Lunarscope: 3 galleons, 2 sickles, 2 knuts
Magical Camera: 3 galleons, 15 sickles, 9 knuts
Everlasting Candles: 7 sickles, 28 knuts
Enchanted Candles: 7 sickles, 28 knuts
Crystal Balls: 4 galleons, 12 sickles
Telescopes: 6 galleons, 4 sickles, 3 knuts*
Hourglasses: 4 galleons, 4 sickles, 27 knuts*
Floating Lantern: 2 galleons
Omnioculars: 1 galleon, 13 sickles, 15 knuts
Spellotape: 12 sickles 18 knuts


Picture Development: 8 sickles per picture
Gift Wrapping: 2 sickles, 19 knuts
Equipment Repair: starts at 1 galleon, 15 sickles, 16 knuts (price depends on size of object & time to complete repairs)

*Multiple colors/shapes/designs available
**extra charge for customization

This shop is Staffed by Ethan Howland (siriusblackliveson)
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Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post
Matt laughed again at Jace's remark that Kalen would have to deal with him too. "That's true, but people say Anna and I have the same type of energy, we just channel it differently. I think he'll be fine with the fam." He gave his friend his signature cheeky grin, which, much like his energy, he also shared with his sister.

Again, the Auror snort-laughed at his friend's remark. He wanted to note that Jace was particularly funny that day, but in all fairness, Matt knew that he was right. "Yeah, well. I'm open for it to happen, I'm just not going to push it." That never worked anyway. The former Gryffindor couldn't help but be utterly amused by Jace's wording. 'Would-be-friend'. LOL. "I've got a better pool of acquaintances and know better places to find suitable mates, methinks, my friend. For all I know, Kalen only knows uni girls. And I know I might come off a little... y'know, a specific way, but that's not exactly the kind of girl I'm looking for. Too young, see." As strange as it might sound, Matt had mentally grown and matured a LOT since becoming an Auror. Hanging out with very young adults... was more of an eye-rolling opportunity for him than anything else those days. Who would've thought, eh.

He listened to what Jace had to say about what he saw as 'dating'. He looked at the guy in silence for a few seconds. "Merlin, Jace, you manage to overthink dating!" He laughed. "I should've seen it coming. A Ravenclaw and all." Typical, lol.

It wasn't until Jace's face went blank that Matt turned to where the different voice had called out from. He waved lazily at the man and left it for Jace to reply. Turning to his friend, he snorted. "Roughhousing? We're teenagers again, are we?" He said in a lower tone not to offend the guy, though he did find the remark pretty hilarious. "Simpler times, I'd be up for it." He joked with a shrug. If that was an American accent? "Yeah, I think so." He replied to Jace in the same low tone before turned around to the shopkeeper again. "OI, MATE! ARE YOU AMERICAN?" He called out pretty loudly. He mentioned roughhousing, this was as close to it as Matt would get. Just for fun, y'know. "MY FRIEND HERE WANTS TO KNOW." Was he trying to embarrass Jace? Nahhh.

Of course he was.
Jace remained quiet, as he usually did, shaking his head at just how stubborn Matt could be. But that was his bestmate. He perfectly understood that he cannot change Matt's perspective, or adjust it just a bit. Well, his methods were rather different. So different, in fact it was at the opposite side of the spectrum. Of course, it would be foolish to assume that Matt would ever listen. The guy rarely does.

A laugh escaped in response to Matt, cementing the idea that they were opposites. Did he manage to overthink dating? In his humble opinion, no. He thought it was simple logic. "You asked! And you know me well enough to elaborate on things." that was how his mind was wired, you see.

Jace grinned at the idea of them being teenagers again. To be honest, he wouldn't be caught rough housing anywhere. That was just the way he was brought up. It didn't help, too, that as a child and well into his adulthood, he was exposed to the discipline and practice of Kendo. Such manner wasn't tolerated in and outside the dojo. And before Jace could mutter anything to stop Matt, he was found slightly gaping and red in the face with shock and embarrassment. "What??? MATT!" quickly, he turned to the shopkeeper, and bowed his head in apology. "S-sorry, sir."

Gee Matt, way to go.

"It didn't go quite as planned." | The Underground Studio
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Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
Ethan glanced over at the two other youngsters... okay not that young but still most kids are significantly younger than him and to him that meant youngsters. He glanced back over at Braylon, "I'm sorry hold on a second." He turned and looked at the young men (Jace and Matt) "Hey, holler if you need me. No ruff housing in the isles, and just for the love of Merlin don't make me be the uncool old guy" He hated saying that.

Turning back toward Braylon he smiled, shook his hand "horrible manners I know but the younger ones are the ones to watch because they get into everything. Good to meet you Ethan Howland obviously Wiseacre's know it all. Just looking around and introductions today?" Not that he minded he really did enjoy chatting with people.
The 'hold on' earned a simple thumbs up from Braylon; he certainly knew how it went. Customers always came first, and as a fellow Shopkeeper even if he did manage to find a good present, he certainly didn't mind waiting. The main goal was getting to know the neighbors - it was the most important part. He turned his attention back to the shelves, but couldn't help but overhear Ethan request not to make him the uncool old guy which... caused the red head to have to bite his lip to keep from giving a chuckle. That did happen a lot in the shop industry, didn't it?

When Ethan came back, Bray did go ahead and let a small chuckle escape as he nodded his head in understanding. "As a father of five, I could not agree more." There had been many a time he'd had to make apologies on their behalf. and many a time they'd made apologies on his "It's nice to meet you too, Ethan. You been working here long?" A head shake at the question, a small smile accompanied with, "Well.. and the ulterior motive of needing a wedding gift for my eldest. Any idea what people get newlyweds?" Not that he even had a date known for when they were going to get married BUT it did not hurt to be prepared, did it?

Oh, was that the hooligans (Matt and Jace) again? Braylon's head turned when one of them spoke and though he was like 99% sure they were asking Ethan (which WAS that an American accent????? Had he missed it!?), his excitement caused him to answer. "Yes! Are either of you from the States as well!???"

No, he didn't miss home at all.

We all shine on, like moon and the stars and the sun. We all shine.
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