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North Side From the Leaky Cauldron to Scribbulus Writing Instruments, there are numerous shops to visit and places to socialise.

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Old 01-08-2021, 02:31 AM
sweetpinkpixie sweetpinkpixie is offline
Default Magical Menagerie

Welcome to the Magical Menagerie! It truly is your one stop shop for all your creature-related needs (except for owls). As you enter the shop the sounds of creatures fill your ears, though they may not be in sight right away. Right up front there is a large oak counter with a shiny new register sitting off to one side. On the wall just behind the counter are seven colored pegs each one holding a clipboard filled with paperwork. This is how the shopkeeper keeps special orders and requests.

Beyond the counter is the display area, with rows upon rows of anything you might need for your new pet or that pet you already have at home that deserves some pampering! From big to small tanks, training crates and travel bags, all types of foods and treats for all ages, from the young to the older, we even have foods for sensitive bellies! Climbing posts, chew toys, balls that jingle and ones that flash colors, squeaky mice too. There are shampoos and medicines of all sorts as well. Collars and leashes of all styles and sizes, some with matching shirts, coats and booties! If a comfy bed is what you need we have those as well. Don’t see something you’re looking for? Come right up to our shopkeeper and ask we might just have it and if by some chance we don’t, well than we can order it for you!

Past the display area the Menagerie is broken up into smaller, creature-themed rooms; a zoo within a shop, if you will. Each room is decorated to make the creatures feel more at home, from a change in lighting, large murals painted on the walls, and flowers and plants scattered about. The room dedicated to Reptiles and Amphibians is first, while the room for smaller animals comes next. Right after that is a room sanctioned for our Aviation friends; birds of all shapes and sizes reside here, please note that it can get a bit loud and messy in here at times. The following room is home to many large fish tanks containing fresh-water fish, salt-water fish and plants, alike! Fresh-water fish on the left and salt-water fish on the right.

Felines are next in line, with large cages lining the walls. We have a large range of different cat breeds as well as Kneazles. One area of the room is covered with a series of boxes and towers of various heights, all carpeted with some sort of soft material and connected to each other with bridges and ramps. On top of a few stately posts sit luxuriant pots of what seems to be catnip, and occasionally a cat might be seen lounging underneath and peering out from beneath the leaves. Cats and kittens are climbing up and down the towers, running between them along the bridges, napping inside the boxes or atop platforms, and generally just happily doing what cats do. A long banner (with only a few shredded ends from tiny claws) was stretched over the entrance and the large, colorful letters on it read: CATLANDIA!

The last room is also our loudest. Our Canines! Crups are a BEST SELLER! We also have several other breeds of canines. Both the Feline and Canine rooms have four play areas set up in the center of each room which holds toys and treats if you would like to play with one of the creatures before purchasing them!

Text Cut: Inventory

Adult: 7G, 7S, 17K
Kitten: 9G, 15S, 4K
Adult: 29G, 13S, 13K
Kitten: 31G, 13S, 6K

Prices depend on breed
Adult: 29G, 13S, 13K
Cruppie: 31G, 13S, 6K

Other Supplies
Kitty Kibble: 4G, 9S, 18K
Cat Baskets: 2G, 5S
Cruppie Chow: 5G, 6S, 4K
Cruppie Beds: 2G, 5S
Leashes: 10S, 2K
Shampoo: 8S, 23K
Collars: 10S
Brushes: 7S, 3K
Tags: 10S
Toys: 12S

Big: 11G-16G
Small: 6G-10G
Frogs: 5G, 16S, 8K
Toads: 5G, 16S, 18K
Turtles: 7G, 16S, 23K
Tortoise: 9G, 15S, 19K
Plimpies: 2G, 16S, 23K
Goldfish: 10S, 1K
Hermit Crabs: 1G, 8S, 19K
Shrakes: 22G, 4S, 3K
Snakes: 7G-21G
Newts: 7G, 16S, 1K
Salamanders: 4G, 7S, 21K
Fire-Crabs**: 18G, 8S, 27K
Other Supplies
Fish Flakes: 13S, 14K
Fish Bowls: 1G, 8S
Aquariums: 13G, 15S, 9K
Toad O’s: 1G, 2S, 22K
Bottle O’ Bugs: 16S, 28K

Special Services Offered
Food Delivery: 2G, 8S, 5K
Pet Examination: 5G, 16S, 8K
Animal License and Registration: 12G, 7S
Pet Cleaning/Grooming Services: 7G, 16S, 1K
Pet Training Classes: 19G, 14S, 18K
Over the Counter and Special Order Medicines: Prices May Vary

*Crups, Kneazles and Streelers will only be sold to those 15 or older, as they may be dangerous for younger children. These creatures must be registered.
**Fire-Crabs will only be sold to those 17 or older, as they may be dangerous for younger children. Fire-Crabs must be registered.

Small Animals
Rabbits: 4G, 16S, 11K
Ferrets: 7G, 7S, 17K
Jarveys: 9G, 12S, 23K
Mice: 5S, 17K
Hamsters: 3G, 8S, 2K
Gerbils: 3G, 16S, 4K
Puffskein: 4G, 9S, 17K
Non-Magical Rats: 13S, 23K
Magical Rats: 1G, 9S, 9K

Other Supplies
Rat Nibbles: 10S, 23K
Hamster Hay: 10S, 23K
Gerbil Granola: 10S, 23K
Rabbit Raisins: 10S, 23K
Ferret Friskies: 10S, 23K
Aquariums: 13G, 15S, 9K
Cages: 3G, 7S, 10K
Toys: 12S

Birds and Things
Ravens: 22G, 5S, 24K
Pigeons: 3G, 4S, 13K
Parakeets: 12G, 16S, 28K
Bats: 15G, 6S, 19K
Streelers*: 3G, 17S, 23K
Spiders: 3S-6S
Tarantulas: 3G, 16S, 15K
Fwooper: Available Upon Request

Butterflies: 11S, 25K
Beetles: 5S-16S
Crickets: 10K
Grasshoppers: 12K
Worms: 8K

Other Supplies
Bat Bites: 1G, 4S, 26K
Bird Seeds: 1G, 1S, 12K
Bottle O’ Bugs: 16S, 28K
Toys: 12S
Cages: 3G, 7S, 10K
Aquariums: 13G, 15S, 9K
Bird Perches: 1G, 8S, 9K
Bat Hangers: 1G, 8S, 9K
This shop is STAFFED by Pippa Weatherbee(MadAlice)
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Magical Menagerie

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Shrunken Head Bowling Alley

Pippa grinned as she gently extended her arm holding the pale yellow Puffskein toward Mitsuki, waiting for her to extend her palm to receive it.

As she waited, she looked over at Aiden and held out the darker Puffskein to him. "Go on, take it in your open palm. Neither of you can hurt the other at all."
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