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Ministry of Magic Beneath the heart of London lies the wizarding government. Access to the Ministry is a fireplace, toilet, or telephone box away.

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Default Atrium Information

Ministry of Magic, Level Eight



Here on Level Eight you will find the entrance to the British Ministry of Magic. This is the Atrium and when you step foot in here, you are starting your journey into a world of red tape and bureaucracy. The entrance way is grand, as a place steeped in so much magical history ought to be. Whether you are a new employee, a visitor, or if you have worked here for your entire working life, this is where you'll start your Ministry Journey. Step out of the floos along the corridor or descending phonebooth if you came through the Visitor Entrances and make your way to the Golden Gates, which is the main entrance to the ministry itself. As you pass the gates you'll get your wand checked at the Security Check point, and then you can head on in and, if you aren't in a rush, loiter at the fountain. You know the one. Head through the Atrium itself and remember you are being watched by the Security staff, who have eyes everywhere. The lifts will take you to the level you need, except for level ten, in which case you'll need to jump on the lift and stop at level nine to take the stairs the rest of the way.

Also here in the Atrium is where you will find the Ministry of Magic's Food Court that boasts a buffet bar, dessert bar, and juice bar. It may not be posh fine dining here, but it is certainly several large steps above standard cafeteria food.

Golden Gates
At the end of the long corridor of floos is a pair of magnificent Golden Gates that Ministry employees and visitors alike must pass through to gain entrance to the Atrium. Stationed behind a podium at the Ministry's entrance, and impossible to miss as you pass through the gates, is out Wonderful Welcome Wizard. The young man is there not only to greet all that enter the Ministry, but also to assist visitors in any way he can. Between directing visitors and answering what ever questions they may have, the Welcome Wizard can be found handing out smiley face stickers to match that warm smile of his.
Arrivals and Departures (Floo Network and Phone Booth)
Stretching towards the golden gates is a wide corridor lined with multiple gilded black marble fireplaces. Here is the main floo network and phone booth used by Ministry workers and visitors alike for arrivals and departures. The luster of marble has over time acquired an illusionary, shifting emerald green from their numerous uses; the marble stretching out to touch the dark wood floors that run down the corridor's center. To the left are the floos for the arrivals of employees, and those located to the right are for departures. Visitors arrive through the red phone booth centered at the opposite end of the hallway. While many of the employees are busy rushing in and out of the floos, you may catch a few standing around awaiting the arrival of another before heading on there way. You may do the same, and even hold a conversation before heading for the gates or exit. Though it won't be much of one with the close quarters and carrying voices.
Fountain of Magical Brethren
Halfway into the Atrium, gleaming in all its golden glory is the Fountain of Magical Brethren. The large fountain depicts golden figures of a wizard, witch, centaur, goblin, and a house-elf with jets of water spouting out into the fountain below. The focal point of the fountain are the witch and wizard, the other beings looking up at the pair with adoration. Gaze at the lovely fountain as you make your way to the other various locations within the Ministry.
Lifts to Access Other Levels
The Atrium Lifts are constantly in motion as they are the only lifts that are used by every member of the Ministry and all visitors, even on the slowest of days you'll be hard pressed to find an empty lift. These lifts will take you to any level in the Ministry with the exception of level ten. You'll have to hop off the lifts and take the stairs to reach the courtrooms. Keep in mind that the lifts move diagonally, horizontally, and a few other directions as well as vertically, so you'll need to hang on when riding. With no benches in the vicinity, there are more wizards and witches than usual propped up against the walls and standing around waiting for a lift, along with extra prattle. Be careful when stepping on (or off) the lifts, and make sure to press the button that leads to your destined level, else you'll find yourself heading to the wrong department.
Gift Shop & Merchandise
Are you an employee or just a visiting guest here at the British Ministry of Magic? Do you consider yourself a personal fan of the Ministry? Do you sometimes wish you had memorabilia with the Ministry's logo all over it? Well, look no further! Furnished in dark woods and gold, the shelves are stocked with items that are sure to grab your interest. Pens, pads, and bags, of course, adorn the front shelves, all sporting the Ministry logo...but then there are also hats, bracelets, t-shirts and jumpers (monogrammed for the Ministry, as well). The back shelves of the shop are comprised of additional merchandise, miscellaneous items stacked neatly in place. Looking for a last minute gift for a friend? Gift cards for your favorite shops? Coupons for unusual items from those favorite shops? An appealing toy to bribe your child with so that they'll behave during your visit? We hope we can meet all your product needs!
Daycare & Nursery
As you walk into the daycare itself, you'll notice it's not as it was before. Anthony Cresswell made good on his promise and banished all the stark white surfaces to another dimension. In their place, you'll now see tasteful stripes and colors adorning the entire room. Everything is now vibrant and chic looking. There are curved shelves with brightly colored toys stacked neatly in place. Little tables and chairs are set in a cluster for the kids that are old enough to color and handle crayons (without trying to eat them!). For the older kids, a separate area has been set to the side so that they can play muggle board games, chess, or cards. For their reading pleasure, they also have a separate bookshelf that houses literature more suited for growing minds. some considered educational. Down to the smaller building blocks housed in individual crates.
Healer & Care Station
Just outside the Ministry Daycare, there is a separate area that has been set up for the use of our 'On Call' Healers. It's a gleaming room of cleanliness with white floors and walls, dark wooden furniture, and silver accents. Everything has been sanitized and disinfected...and most of the equipment is new. It has all been put in place for the safety and welfare of the children.
The Main Buffet
Here is it folks, the big kahuna! The line out the door was definitely worth the wait once you reach the queue leading to the Main Buffet section of the food court. Tray after tray of steaming dishes and cooled tables of salad wait by the plants along the wall for of all you hungry workers. There's plenty of it to go around, too, so don't you worry. Keep in mind what you might want, because there are far too many choices to make it a last minute affair. Now what will it be, the Caesar Salad....or the steak and kidney pie? Eat up!
The Dessert Bar
Yes, your mother always told you not to spoil your appetite with sweets; but your mother isn't here, is she? The Maintenance employees did well in the other parts of the food court, but it’s easy to see that they spent plenty of time planning and setting up the buffet-style table dedicated to the sweeter things in life--and really, who would deserve dessert more than you after a long shift of obliviating Muggles or sending out press releases to put an end to the most recent Ministry scandal? When you approach the table, you find a stack of plates and bowls at each end, and dishes of delicious-looking desserts lining both sides of the long expanse. Walk, don't rush, because there's plenty of pudding and pies for everyone!
The Juice Bar
Tired of trying to find that Muggle juice shop that you've heard your co-workers chatting about? Upset about having to hide your magic whilst around the Muggle patrons when you're there? Well, the Ministry Food Court's juice bar has put those worries to rest. Between the Main Buffet tables and the Dessert Bar, the Juice Bar serves as your own personal oasis, where you can drink nearly everything you'd want! If you need the energy kick that comes with coffee and cappuccinos or just want to start your day off with a healthy sip of orange juice, this is where you will find them and plenty of other tasty choices.
The Seating Area
Right as you exit the areas set aside for the main buffet, the juice bar, and the dessert bar, you'll come into a section filled with enough tables and chairs to accommodate the large number of employees working at the Ministry of Magic. There's really nothing special here. The tables and chairs are typical of those you'd find in any other cafeteria, with the exception of the multi-colored theme that seems fairly evident throughout the food court. So grab a chair--a red one, blue one, yellow one...whichever you'd like! Enjoy your meal, and please--come again!
The Hangout
Do people really come to food courts to eat? Well, yeah...sometimes they do. Other times, though, you might just find yourself in need of a good break, and if so, you've found the place! "The Hangout" as it's been nicknamed, is a section of the food court where people simply come to hang out. You'll have the occasional eater here and there, but those with a meal typically stay in the seating area. "The Hangout" is filled with soft, cushiony chairs and couches, perfect for the employee who just needs to rest, relax, and catch up on gossip!
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