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Magical Menagerie (Fantastic Beasts) What in Merlin's beard is our pal Newt Scamander up to now? All things fantastic and beastly can be speculated here.

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Old 12-03-2016, 12:01 AM
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Default What does Grindelwald mean when he says...?

In the film, Grindelwald/Depp has only two lines. The English major in me, of course, is trying to analyze those lines. Though his lines are limited in number, they are very heavy lines, filled with a deeper meaning than what appears on the surface -- especially the second and final line Grindelwald says in the film.

From the Fantastic Beasts screenplay book:
Graves transforms. He is no longer dark, but blond and blue-eyed. He is the man on the posters. A murmur spreads through the crowd: GRINDELWALD.

Madam Picquery moves toward him.

(with contempt)
Do you think you can hold me?

We'll do our best, Mr. Grindelwald.

Grindelwald stares intently at Madam Picquery, his expression of disgust turning into a small, derisory smile. He is forced to his feet by two Aurors, who move him toward the entrance.

As Grindelwald reaches Newt, he pauses -- both smiling and sneering.

Will we die, just a little?

He is led away, up and out of the subway. Newt watches, bemused.
We know that Grindelwald is a skilled, though dark, wizard. Because of this, it is pretty obvious that he will not be held by MACUSA for long. The very first line he says foreshadows that. Plus he has a major role to play in the future that will surely escalate more and more by the time the Beasts films come to and end.

But, like Newt, I too am bemused by this line: "Will we die, just a little?" What in Merlin's beard does he mean by this?
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I'm curious as to why they were going to execute Newt but not Grindleward?
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In the scene in the Pentagram Office with all the wizards from around the world, everyone else seemed to blame Newt for the Obscurial that was roaming around -- believing that he let it loose with some of his creatures to expose the magical world to the No-Maj, which seems to be the worst crime anyone could commit during this era in Wizarding America. Hence Newt's arrest.

Though I'm fairly certain that the near execution was mostly Grindelwald's doing as Graves ... and everyone in the Ministry fell for the bait (things weren't looking good for Newt, and Grindelwald as Graves had authority)? Grindelwald, in the scene where he is sentencing Newt and Tina, was covering up a "mistake" he had made:

Text Cut: script
Graves reaches a hand toward the Obscurus -- he's utterly fascinated. At his sudden close proximity, the Obscurus swirls faster, bubbling and shrinking backward.

Newt turns instinctively to Tina. Without fully realizing why, it is she whom he wants to convince.

It's an Obscurus --
(off her look)
But it's not what you think. I managed to separate it from the Sudanese girl as I tried to save her -- I wanted to take it home, to study it --
(off Tina's shock)
But it cannot survive outside that box, it could not hurt anyone, Tina!

So it's useless without the host?

"Useless?" "Useless?" That is a parasitical magical force that killed a child. What on earth would you use it for?

Newt, anger finally boiling within him, stares at Graves. Tina, reacting to the atmosphere, also looks to Graves -- concern and trepidation written across her face.

Graves realizes his mistake. He stands, brushing off the questions, turning the blame back onto Newt.

You fool nobody, Mr. Scamander. You brought this Obscurus into the city of New York in the hope of causing mass disruption -- breaking the Statute of Secrecy and revealing the magical world --

You know that can't hurt anyone, you know that!

-- you are therefore guilty of a treasonous betrayal of your fellow wizards and are sentences to death. Miss Goldstein, who has aided and abetted you --

No, she's done nothing of the kind --

-- she receives the same sentence.

The two executioners step forward. They calmly, intrusively, press the tips of their wands into Newt's and Tina's necks.

Tina is so overcome with shack and fear that she can barely speak.

(to the executioners)
Just do it immediately. I will inform President Picquery myself.


Graves again places a finger to his lips.


(waving to the executioners)

As for Grindelwald not being executed, I'm sure MACUSA was planning to do that ... though at some point he managed to escape? We'll definitely be getting that explanation at some point in the next film, I'm sure.


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a big reason why i should get the screenplay-- i couldnt understand half of what Newt was saying and i didnt understand that second bit Grindy said in the end, so thank you for posting it Zoe

Newt's and Tina's execution was all GrindelGraves-- he has managed to secure an Obscurus and he needs to get rid of its current "owner" (Newt). given how tense everything is with Wizarding America, such heavy handedness can sometimes be given a pass (like hello look at the world we live in ) and Graves being Big Boss of all things Security, who would question his decisions?

now about the quote "Will we die, just a little?", i gotta wonder if thats just a more graceful way of saying the classic villain line-- "Darn you meddlesome kids" but indeed it is cryptic, probably something that will come into play in the future FB films? or perhaps its a message to Newt that him helping capture Grindy is a setback for all if Wizarding kind, hence them dying just a little since Muggles won this round.
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