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Old 11-02-2015, 10:55 PM
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Default Submit Your Signature Here

Hello, and welcome to the thread where signature miracles happen every day! BUT, before any miracles take place, there are a few rules and guidelines you need to be aware of. So, before scrolling down, do yourself a favor and read the rules.

SnitchSeeker Signature Rules:

1. You MUST have your own image account. We suggest or, but there are others you can use. While you can use [sigpic] from the user cp, we do not allow you to submit signatures using this code.
Why do I have to have my own image account?
Because, if you are just copying and pasting the URL from whatever site you get your picture from, it's called "direct-linking" or "hotlinking." Direct Linking is bad, folks, and will not be tolerated here at SS. Direct linking is basically you sucking the bandwidth from the site, and if it is done enough, the site may either crash, go down, or if the owner chooses to keep it up, will have to pay some major cash to make up for the over-traffic. So, just take a second and get an image account.
If you are still confused, PLEASE go here for help!

2. These are the limits for images in a signature:
  • You are only allowed THREE separate images in your siggy. Not four, not five... THREE.
  • The height limit for images: 200 PIXELS.
  • The width limit for images: 450 PIXELS.
  • Image file sizes can only be 60KB [61,444 bytes]. This means you add the KBs of ALL the images together and it cannot exceed 60KB [61,444 bytes]. OR if you just have one big picture, it still cannot exceed 60KB [61,444 bytes].
  • While the smilies we offer here on SS, DO NOT count as images, we do limit the number in a siggy to 6. Smilies do not count toward your image files size but do count in the overall height of your siggy.
  • Spaces/Blank lines in between/before images/text DO add up to your total pixel height. Their exact pixel value is determined by the size of text/code used to format your signature. (Ex. Size 2 used for all text = 15 pixels, size 1 used for text = 11 pixels, etc.)

3. DO NOT steal other people's work/art/icons! You need to ask the artist for permission before using them. If they ask you to credit them for their work then you can take advantage of the new SS Profile feature, where we have installed a space just for graphic credits. Again, do not STEAL them! Punishment will be served to all thieves.

4. The overall signature height is: 200 PIXELS. Text height plus image height cannot exceed this limit. You must add the two together to get the overall height. This means the taller the image, the fewer lines of text you can have ,and larger font means less lines of text. You must code font and color in your signature request, otherwise the system default, black Verdana, will appear in your signature. Your personal default font and color preferences do not work without coded choices when the mods enter your request.
  • Size 1 Text = 11 pixels
  • Size 2 text = 15 pixels
  • Size 3 = approx. 17 pixels
  • Size 4= approx 19-20 pixels
  • Size 5= approx 23 pixels
  • Size 6= approx. 28 pixels
  • Size 7= approx 39 pixels
  • However, when you submit a text only signature, you are only allowed a maximum of 11 lines of size 1 text.
  • Helpful Note: Color codes can be found here. Font and color personal default settings can be selected in your User CP >> Settings & Options > Edit Options.

5. Signatures containing foreign languages are not to be posted here. They must be PMed to the appropriate Language Mod, who will then approve the language content and forward the siggy for insertion.

6. Signatures you submit must be put in by mods. Do not PM us and ask us to hurry. There are times when signatures pile up, and your wait time may be longer. Remember our mods are volunteers and they are very busy on site and off. Please be patient with us, and know we're doing the best we can.

7. Do not post graphic requests here. There are tons of wonderful graphic makers right here on SS that would gladly help you out, but none of them are in this thread. They can be found here.

8. If you did not follow the rules and we edit your post, for example saying you can only have 3 images when you have 4, DO NOT make A NEW post. Please, just click on the nice handy "edit" button (lower right corner of your post) then make your corrections. Easy, right? You have five days after a mod's last edit to correct your signature's mistakes. After that, we will delete your post and you will have to re-submit it.

9. Siggy changers are not dumb. We check your links... so be CAREFUL with what links you put in. If they break ANY SS rule, we do not allow them.

10. All SS Board Rules apply here and everywhere else on the site. Take time to read them.

There! Only ten simple siggy rules you need to remember. Now that you have all that, it's time to learn how to submit a signature correctly.

The Correct Way to Submit a Signature:
To make things easier, we have a template for you to follow. All you have to do is copy and paste THE FOUR QUESTIONS BELOW into your post. So here it is: [Only copy what is bolded]

1. Is this your OWN image account?
2. Do you want your signature left aligned, right aligned, or centered?
3. EXACTLY* what you want your siggy to look like: [Don't copy and paste Touz's siggy please... we're just giving you an example]

Yada, Yada, Yada.

4. HAVE you read EVERY rule stated in the first post? [Don't lie... because you know we'll know.]

Now you are ready to submit a signature! There is no limit to signature changing, so feel free to have it changed as many times as you'd like!

*Note: When we say to post EXACTLY what you want your siggy to look like, that means we want you to post EXACTLY what you want your signature to look like, from coding to color to font to images. Don't post links to images and try to explain in words what you want, post EXACTLY what you want it to look like (see example above). Don't say "please keep this part in," just keep it in yourself when you post EXACTLY what you want your signature to look like. The signature mods take a lot of time putting in signatures and they don't need the extra work of trying to decipher what it is you really want and then have to code it all for you, too.

**Note 2: It actually takes you more time to describe what you want than it would for you to just code it yourself.

If you need help coding, we are more than willing to help you out but, please state that you are unsure how to do the coding so that we can work with you to figure it out so you can do it yourself next time (and it will help you to utilize more features when you post on the site, as the codes are exactly the same for signatures as they are for posting). You can also get help with coding here and here.
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Default List of Signature Mods
Professor Pink | Mrs. Bruce Wayne | I'm on a Goat | Glitterpuff | Evil Twin | #DancingQueen | BHB

List of Siggy Changers:
  • Bazinga - Ali
  • Colley - Nicolle
  • Dainsie - Dainsie
  • emjay - MJ
  • FearlessLeader19 - Alicia
  • Jessiqua - Jess
  • kayquilz - Kate
  • MadMadamMalfoy - Rhi
  • MuggleDinosaur - Bre
  • Nordic Witch - Eva
  • Nymphadoraliz - Liz
  • PhoenixRising - Jess
  • potterobsessionist - Josefin
  • RandomRaven - Raven
  • SilverTiger - Kristin
  • Suziella - Suzy
  • sweetpinkpixie - Pixie
  • Zoe - Zoe


To try to make all our lives easier, here are the most commonly used codes. Simply copy and paste the necessary text and edit to your siggy preferences.

  • To center: [center]-insert your text here-[/center]
  • To align right: [right]-insert your text here-[/right]
  • To align left: You don't need a code; posts are defaulted as left aligned.

  • To change font color: [color=orange]-insert your text here-[/color]
  • To change font style: [font=Arial]-insert your text here-[/font]
  • To change font size: [size=1]-insert your text here-[/size]
  • To underline: [u]-insert your text here-[/u]
  • To italicize: [i]-insert your text here-[/i]
  • To bold: [b]-insert your text here-[/b]

URLs and Images
  • For an image to appear: [img]-type image URL here-[/img]
  • For a URL with text: [URL=-insert your URL here-]-insert the text you want to appear-[/URL]
  • For a URL with specific color text: [URL=-insert your URL here-][COLOR=-insert your color choice-]-insert the text you want to appear-[/COLOR][/URL]
  • For a URL with image: [URL=-insert your URL here-][img]-insert the image URL-[/img][/URL]
  • For a URL with formatted text: [URL=-insert your url here-][color]-insert the text you want to appear-[/color][/URL]
Note that you can insert whatever formatting tags you want and as long as they are INSIDE the URL tags; your text will be formatted as you indicated.

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