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Level 9 Department of Mysteries

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Old 10-17-2017, 12:33 AM
sweetpinkpixie sweetpinkpixie is online now
Default Entry Chamber

The Department of Mysteries is a section of the Ministry of Magic that carries out confidential and labyrinthine research, and much like the concepts studied here, it is perhaps the most confusing to navigate. There is no main corridor and therefore no reception desk nor receptionist. Instead there lies a circular chamber circular room with a dark marble floor that looks almost like standing water. Floating candles emitting a cool blue light illuminate the room with an eerie glow. Whenever a door closes, the walls rotate, making it impossible to determine which door is which. For those who have business within the Department, all one must do is speak the name of the Chamber or Room with which said business is and the room will guide you - spinning until the appropriate door stops directly in front of you. It is not uncommon that visitors to the Department will walk through the door only to find themselves right back where they started and may need to wait for an Unspeakable to pass by to assist as this Spinning Room is known to have a mind of its own.

OOC: this is a PUBLIC thread. All Ministry employees and visitors are welcome to RP here and have creative license (within reason) over the Spinning Room. It is not uncommon that the room enjoys pulling the leg of non-Unspeakables, however. If your character is here to visit with a Mysteries employee, you can feel free to post on through to the appropriate area. Please keep in mind that due to the secretive nature of the Department of Mysteries that their may be severe consequence IC for entering certain Chambers and Rooms that are not PUBLIC. Please contact the Department Head if you have concerns or questions.
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He was going to have an aneurisma.

He had survived an acromantula invasion, a mass dementor attack, several posessions, Ravenclaw women, red-headed headmistresses, three instances of his pet rock going missing, Encephalon mind melds, a black hole, an inept Minister that turned him into a cheetah...but this, today, was going to be the death of him.

Teenagers never ceased to amaze him and truly terrified him for what was to come with his twin boys who were nearly Hogwarts age now. Looking at the entitled actions of this young man earned him the title of a neanderthalic fool. Airey had been rather impressed with Miss Motts so far, though this...choice, as he would pass it off as...was disappointing and reminded him very much of the disappointment he felt seeing a Miss Wisteria's choice of.......mate.

Rather accustomed to the room and its movement by this point, the department head merely stumbled around a bit - though all the dripping from his suit had resulted in some unfortunate puddles around his feet which caused him to slip and almost skid across the space. Almost. Thankfully it was only a stumble.

That squeak of Miss Castillo's was nearly one suited solely for the ears of dogs and he would deal with Mr. Dakest in a moment. First...he had this recklessly privileged blonde individual to deal with. "ABSOLUTELY NOT!" he barked suddenly, his want flourishing as he sent a Full Body-Bind Curse at the boy's back - riiiiiiiiiiiight between the shoulder blades. The Department of Mysteries had a certain set of 'diplomatic immunities' when it came to the protection of its contents, though even Airey knew he would be hearing it from the Minister once word got to him about this. "Senior Undersecretary, you and your assistant will be escorting this young man to where he properly belongs and that is as far away from Level 9 as possible. Whatever layer he is interning for is to be notified as well and sanctions placed on his mobility within the Ministry. And you are free to give him that lecture on professional behavior while you escort him OUT."

Firm? Yes? Excessive? Possibly. But his suit was WET, the entry chamber was playing games, and the Department of Mysteries was no playground. Even the interns he had carefully and methodically hand picked from the crop of hopefuls needed to know better. Wide-eyed and bushy tailed...did they honestly believe that underaged witches and wizards or ANYONE not with official Unspeakable status would be granted access to the department's chambers or any other areas not designated public domain? He supposed it was comforting in a way that some childlike optimism never changed.

With the THAT situation now dealt with, his attention turned to the three interns. "Where were we," he said while tightening his tie once again, a fresh waterfall of water dripping from the silk. "As you can see, this chamber has started playing games and is disrupting the productivity of the Unspeakables. I cannot afford to put any of them on the task of solving the riddles the Entry Chamber is handing out, so I need you three to sort this out. As you can see, anyone who passes through the door to my office is greeted by what can only be described as a torrential downpour." Hence him being soaking wet and why he was not bothering to dry himself off just yet. "Each door posses its own...quirk, if you will. Before Miss Mott's friend interrupted progress, it seemed as though the chamber wanted you three to experience that door." The one that had swung slightly ajar once the room had stopped its spinning.

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This was a nightmare. Mackenzie found herself in the middle of a real live nightmare and the star of the show was her boyfriend, who seemed to be enjoying himself as he boldly lied to not only her boss, but two members of the minister's office. She knew he wasn't one to think about consequences where he was concerned, but she wished just this once he'd considered how this might impact her internship experience. She actually cared what these people thought of her. She cared about her reputation and gaining the respect of the actual employees here and as of right now, it felt very much like she'd be losing both things because of Kodee. It made her want to scream and she flinched away from him as she righted herself, not wanting to be anywhere near him in the moment.

Luckily, Mackenzie was quite good at internalizing her emotions. Her face remained impassive as one man commented on their need to learn about professionalism, the second more concerned about their safety. She felt her reaction to this incredibly uncomfortable and embarrassing situation was the picture of professionalism, actually. And no, she was not fine. She was livid.

The Ravenclaw didn't dare look at Nina or Lucas, who were witnessing this horror show, and she hoped they both knew better than to speak a word of it to anyone. The very last thing she needed was to be gossiped about by the kids she went to school with. She was sure they all had their opinions on her relationship with Kodee as it was and she didn't fancy anyone adding any more fuel to that fire. As for Flamsteed, the seventeen year old fixed her gaze on him, straight-faced as he sent a spell towards her boyfriend and instructed that he be removed. She didn't even cringe the way she wanted to when he referred to Kodee as her friend in the way grownups seemed to do when they were invalidating something. She had nothing to say. Truthfully, she didn't. She wasn't apologizing for the actions of someone else, and she honestly just wanted to complete whatever tasks he had planned so she could get out of this place.

She wanted Parker. She'd know what to do.

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He was ready. He was pumped. Whatever lay behind this door was gonna meet Kodee Cho—


One minute he was doing the gentleman’s thing of opening the door for everyone to get to wherever they were going and the next...he...couldn’t...move? What even? Whose idea of a joke was this and how soon could it be over? Try as he could, the boy couldn’t move a finger. Even more, he couldn’t talk—the greatest travesty to be sure.

It was likely a problem for the men, too considering without the use of his mouth he couldn’t very well tell them where he belonged. Never being one to wear proper tags made that situation even less convenient. The obvious and only fix was to release him so they could continue along their merry way on this tour and pretend this nasty little business of freezing people hadn’t happened. The Gryffindor was clearly nothing if not forgiving. And very much interested in doors that opened themselves.

A little help here?
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Everyone was really tensed...? Is that even the appropriate term here because the entire room just felt heavy. Flamsteed did not look happy at all and so did their Junior Undersecretary.


Maybe it was a bad day for them to visit Level 9 especially now that they're here with the interns. Oh well, he didn't get what he wanted to do here. Some other time perhaps.

Obviously Jonathan was surprised with what Airey Flamsteed did next, not that he reacted on the Deparment Head's actions. He stared for a few seconds as the young adult stopped moving in his place. Quite frankly, he was being all loud and showy. "That's a bit extreme" he murmured under his breath and then looked at Flamsteed. It was extreme, not that he Flamsteed was wrong for putting the curse but still it was extreme.

He made his way towards the frozen kid and stared at him for a few moments. Trying to identify if he has any name tags or IDs. What's his name again? He doesn't really want to ask Miss Motts. This one can just tell them himself.

"Fletcher..." he called out his name as Airey continued entertaining his interns. Not that there is much to argument here. This kid was in the wrong place anyway. Oh right and as for unfreezing him... Jonathan took his wand out and did a simple counter spell.

Let's just hope he won't panic.

Please don't PANIC.
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Well, Flamsteed was NOT listening to him and Fletcher had nearly dried his tie, so maybe he would come back to the Department of Mysteries........ later. Like, maybe the Minister could give him and Jonathan a personal tour. Surely they were entitled to that, being the very busy and important people from Level One that they were, no?


"I didn't know Hogwarts allowed the professors to cast on kids now... or where else did you pick up that habit, Flamsteed?" Fletcher watched the whole full-body-bind thing go down and just casually adjusted his necktie. It was a habit of his to fidget when he was uncomfortable, but the junior undersecretary did find this entire situation.... interesting. Granted, he did use magic on his own child from time to time, but his son was only five years old and MUCH more behaved than young Mr. Intern Child over there.

Still, he knew better than to argue with a lost cause (aka, the Mysteries Department Head) and he did want to tour the other floors with Jonathan. "This is the Ministry Ombudsman, NOT my assistant," Fletcher couldn't resist correcting him even as they were RUDELY dismissed. Thank Merlin Jonathan had the sense to undo Flamsteed's spell. He clapped the intern in question on the shoulder with a rather heavy hand, steering him back to what he hoped was the correct exit door. "Come on then, kid, where do you actually belong? Mr. Kim and I can show you around the cooler floors." Sure, sure they could.
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