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Level 9 Department of Mysteries

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Old 10-16-2017, 11:59 PM
sweetpinkpixie sweetpinkpixie is online now
Default Death Chamber

A bit like an amphitheatre, the Death Chamber is rectangular, symmetrical and stone. The immediate walking surface is actually the first step of many toward the sunken center of the room. In keeping with the Greco-Roman arrangement of the space, marble is used throughout including the dais at the center of the sunken space upon which sits an old looking arch that looks as if it could crumble at any moment. Hanging loosely from the arch is a veil tattered and so worn that it's black colour appeared shades of bone, green and blue at times. Voices of those passed into the great beyond can sometimes be heard by those to whom they were close in their corruptible states.

For a room that boasts such a grim field of study, there are actually not a great deal of things in the sparsely decorated room that could cause severe damage to a person. There is only one but it happens to be one that no one comes back from.
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Huffing and puffing but lacking any real lung capacity to to blow anything down, Airey patted his enchanted breast pocket urgently and pulled at the seam to peek inside. His movements were jagged and his arm terribly, taking him entirely too long to manage to slip his fingers into the pocket and then his entire hand. Even more clumsily still, his hand swatted around until it felt the small phial Jane had given him last year and by some miracle (he still did not believe in those!) he had managed to fight off the influence to pour it out. If there was one thing he had done right these past years, it was in sparing this elixir and not giving in to the barbaric methods of these people while they had him trapped in that mirror prison.

Sweet SOLSTICE being able to think as himself was liberating!

Nearly dropping the phial in his attempt to uncork it, Airey pressed the rim to his lips and drowned its entire contents into his mouth. It was not the most pleasant of flavors, but he had hardly expected otherwise considering the potency this brew promised. The bags under his eyes lightened slightly and his skin almost seemed to liven up as well, less worn and dry, and as the department head looked at his too began to still. Limbs feeling deceptively limber, Airey was able to push himself up from the ground - though not without a bit of additional support in a hand on Adam's shoulder for balance. This was the first time since he had been taken that...he was standing by his own accord and it was truly foreign.

"...I get to Hogwarts..." he said decidedly, his vibrant and clear blue eyes focused on both Unspeakbles. "One of you...find Jane. Tell her her solution works and that...when all this is over...I would like to have a chat with her." There simply was NO time to go into all the details with both of them at the moment. "Alphonsine...she must be incapacitated at the moment. Struck by potent magic I imagine. Simone and her are working together. There was another but they killed him...I..." He paused to rub his forehead a bit, the memories both foggy and clear as day at the same time. It was harder to piece things together while trapped in that mirror prison and kept in that man's pocket. The man who had polyjuiced as him before Alphonsine had placed him under the Imperius Curse. "I'll explain it all later. There is no time now. What you must know is that they, the Neo Alliance, have the Elder Wand. They took it from the Chamber of Codes..." He paused again and glanced apologetically at Mr. Truebridge, at David. He...would explain all this to the boy later as well. What he could recall, at least. "They have to be stopped. Get the entire department on red alert. Lock down all research. Make sure nothing else is missing."

If they got their hands on that book...they would be in even worse shape...

He glanced at his sundial watch and then at the exit to the Chamber.

"Live long and prosper and Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam."

And then the department head was on the move, leaving the Chamber to alert any Unspeakable that he met along the way that they were on red alert.

Hogwarts...he had to get to Hogwarts...

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Ha! He was joking right?

Adam's head swiveled blindly between Airey and David for a moment as if trying to decide if Airey had lost his mind.

He still wasn't sure if Airey had all his faculties, especially considering the gibberish he was spouting as he yanked on Adam's shoulder. But before Adam could decided, Airey was hurrying out of the door like he hadn't just lost his mind and collapsed. Blue eyes stared unseeingly after Airey before they turned towards David. "I zink," he said having decided that whatever was going on, it was likely important. He didn't need to fully understand all of what had been said it all to sense it's importance. "You schould go find Chane." Because of the two of them, David was more likely to find the woman. Adam was more likely to kill himself trying by walking into a wall or falling down a lift. Beside, as the senior Unspeakable here, Adam knew the Department of Mysteries pretty well. He might have faced death here more than once, but at least he knew his way around.

He started out of the Death Chamber, planning on heading to the Time Chamber next. Best to make sure all the time turners were in their places. His last stop would be the entry chamber, hopefully with a few more unspeakables in tow to help make sure no one came in or out.
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Default New timeline, post-War...

Jane had gone to Hogwarts, arriving at the end of the battle, found her former pupil and made sure of her safety, and, surprisingly, had a fairly civil conversation with her erstwhile employer, Ignatius Blackthorne. She did what little she could there, and then had returned to the Ministry.

Now she was here in the Death Chamber, because she had one last thing to do. She had been here a year, but never yet ventured onto the platform and stood next to the notorious curtain. She'd been afraid of what, or who, she might hear.

Now she sat there right next to it, just close enough. From her small bag, she took a thermos of tea, which she poured into a small, collapsible teacup. She raised it toward the curtain in a salute, took a sip, then leaned in toward the curtain, listening intently to the soft noises, like whisperings, that came from beyond. If you listened very closely, you might hear her murmur, "Doctor?...Are you there? wouldn't believe what's been going on....."
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