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Level 3 Department of Magical Accidents & Catastrophes

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Old 02-02-2019, 11:29 PM
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Default Work Areas

Department Map

The main work area is a large and open office with colour co-ordinated dividers and desk clusters providing some semblance of order to the chaos of having a whole department in one area. The room is now carpeted in grey throughout and gone are the several distracting rugs that used to sit above. Instead, there are boxes of cushions located near each cluster of desk for employees to use on their chairs should they find them uncomfortable. Some cushions have a picture of your department head, Eliora Dodderidge, on them but she expects them to be treated with respect or even hung on the walls should you so desire. When you walk in through the main doors coming from the reception and foyer, there is a waiting area to one side. If you have visitors they are welcome to sit here, or employees may take a coffee break in this corner. There are plenty of magazines provided, some of them are related to the work we do in the department, and others are personal favourites of Ms. Dodderidge Ė Achievement in Charming, Transfiguration Today, The Potioneerís Gazette, The Daily Prophet, Witch Weekly and Teen Witch Weekly.

Directly to your left, youíll find a table which forms the centre point for part of the Office of Misinformation, in particular the Obliviators and Reminisciators desks. These employees are in and out constantly, so it makes sense they have a nook close to the door doesnít it? In front of you is a magical photocopier, running entirely on enchantments, and behind that youíll find the rest of division oneís Office of Misinformation employees (Memory Restoration and Retrieval Bureau and Muggle Worthy Excuse Committee), along with the Invisibility Task Force of division three, tucked away in the corner where they can get some serious work and planning done without too much interruption.

In the far corner youíll see those busy employees who make up the Spell Reversal Agency and Potion Accident Response Team of division twoís Accidental Magic Reversal Squad, if they happen to be in. They have the smallest desks since they spend just as much time outside of the office, in the lab or in the training room as they do at their desks, if not more.

Finally, tucked away around the corner from the inner corridor, right next to the conference room, youíll find the members of the Experimental Charms Committee, both Research and Development and Spell Registry folk have plenty of desk space here since their work is as much about the planning as it is about the doing. They might be down the hall in the training and trial room, however, so be sure to head down that way if youíre looking for someone in particular and they donít seem to be around. It is clear which of these desks once belonged to the current department head as she has left a framed photo of herself in it and also a pyramid tower of her favourite coffee mugs. Youíll do well to not touch, but to post a compliment in the compliment box she has left there. Be kind. She knows your handwriting.

The entire space flows well and is clearly well thought out regarding which divisions are located in proximity to one another, but it is also decorated with brightly coloured plants. There are plenty of protective charms in this work area, to ensure that the furniture wonít be damaged or spoiled by experiments and the like. Above your heads there is a steady flow of ministry interdepartmental memos, purple coloured paper airplanes darting here and there. If itís for you it will land on your desk, so donít bother trying to catch them, theyíre much too high to simply pluck them out of the air.

To differentiate which part of the office you are in, put your division or area in the title section so that itís easier to follow along and play with those you work alongside. Take a look at the map to get your bearings!

All level 3 employees have a desk here to work at (except the Department Head, she has a shrine to herself at her old one) and everyone is welcome to make their own RPs here. Whatís your character up to? What are they investigating? Thereís always work to be done, make something fun up and see who you can get involved! Your own dramas are welcome too, so feel free to work on personal plots and RPs in here, though be aware that Eliora is a gossip and although she may want to know everything that it happening.. she may scold your character for letting their personal life affect their work levels.

Other Ministry employees are welcome to come and play in here too! After all, Level 3 is perhaps the one department that has business with every other department in the British Ministry.
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With the man who had saved her now turned a duck and the apparent rogue-state of employees - Yasmin was already feeling a migraine coming on. Not only did she find it hard to believe that matters could get worse, but when they did, Yassi almost burst into a fit of laughter. Not because it was funny, but because everything sounded entirely made up and often times, she could not quell her laughter even when the moment did not warrant any. All in all, Yassi needed a moment to process all of this new information.

Moment over.
With Zabini on the move, Yassi lifted her wand without pausing to think. Fortunately, even under pressure she had the good sense to cast a Stupefy in the man's (Dante's) direction, followed by Fulgari. And though she owed it to him, the duck would have to wait.
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Yes Fires. Both men were clearly sporting rather nasty burns and wrecked shirts - Saul, more so than Conley. But he didn't really have time (or energy) to explain himself to Penelope's questions. In fact, he was basically only on his feet from pure adrenaline mixed with a extreme sense of duty. "Saul, we should take Zabini in too." The Head Obliviator had been working with Goldwasser. He might be innocent - he might not be. But the only way they would find out was if they got him up to an interrogation room.

And then like up in the Technology Lounge, everything went wrong. Smoke filled the room. Of course it had to be smoke! He was so sick of smoke. "Protego Duo!" Conley immediately put up a shield charm, protecting both Saul from both the smoke and whatever else was coming. He felt something hit the shield charm but it held strong. This time there was no fire or flying objects (or fangs) to distract them from stopping one of the Neo-Alliance members. He really hoped Saul's wand-work was up for detaining the two. "Saul!?" he called in warning. "I can't see a thing." And then louder to the rest of the room. "Do not let them leave this floor!"
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It had all seemed ridiculous to start off with, although Skye could understand why the department head would suddenly have decided she and Penelope were rogue employees. Although, part of her felt like it was unfair since they’d been hidden behind the doorway aside from when Penelope had sent the spells that had created, among other things, a dragon for Merlin’s sake. A desk dragon, but still. It would’ve just been easier had Ms. Llewellyn chosen to just go quietly, except she had the sneaking suspicion the concept of quiet wasn’t something her department head understood.

And then two others she was rather certain weren’t A&C employees had appeared and it just added to the ridiculousness. There was a dragon and a mallard duck in the work areas. But then, it also seemed rather appropriate for the department. Accidents and Catastrophes, after all.

The appearance of the Head Obliviator had been noticed by the young blonde too, along with the obvious alignment he had shown. Apparently it wasn’t only Sian they needed to be wary of, and she was torn as to if it was smarter to come out of hiding or otherwise.

Even more people had arrived, though, and she had stepped out in response to the order to stand down. Wand at the ready simply because there were still spells (and the duck) flying and her dad would have been disappointed if she had let herself be injured via stupidity. Or arrested for the same, although Penelope’s explanation seemed to be resonating with the newcomers, at least. Maybe they wouldn’t be arrested after all. Hopefully.

Although she wasn’t about to let Dante leave the floor either, stepping back to block the doorway with her wand still at the ready. Provided the other woman’s spells hadn’t hit their mark. She did remember her dueling lessons after all.
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Need to go? Yes, the idea had crossed Sian's mind too. She stuck by Zabini as he backed away, her own wand at the ready in case of any more funny business, but before they could get very far... more of them? Singh-Phora, and... was that Primeaux?



Stand down? Under arrest? Jig's up? Quack? Sian Llewellyn did not think so. After briefly looking very much like aN AFFRONTED rabbit caught in the wandlight, once it started to become clear exactly what must have brought this on - aka someone had messed up, aka the situation was compromised, aka Sian had played her part perfectly while some fool of a toffee crisp somewhere had made a massive blunder - her expression cleared. It was fine, she could find a way out of this (if not literally, then in some other way, but literally was preferred) especially with Zabini at her side

(It really was a very nice arm.)

He was a quick thinker, very smart. They'd done well to get him on side, clearly. Sian kept close to him as the smoke grew thicker, sending off a couple of Incarcerous spells of her own (non-verbal, see, she could be subtle, she knew about this 'quiet' thing, thank you very much, Tamerlane), towards the last known locations of some of these troublemakers (Yassi, Skye), unaware of which other spells were flying and in which directions, as determined as she was to get free of this place to somewhere safe, somewhere she could assess what had happened, find whoever was still around to be found, and get word to Lucien.

The urge to hiss at Zabini that they needed to hurry was almost overwhelming, but Sian wouldn't be the one to render the smokescreen pointless. She was, of course, as quiet as a mouse.

Like always.
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A quick thinker he certainly was, and he would have mentally given himself a pat on the back for it had he not been a bit preoccupied with getting both him and Sian as far from Level Three as possible. There would be time for that later, once they were somewhere safe. This was not the first time Dante had to put in a little effort at escaping situations such as these. He knew that being vigilant and quick on his feet was the way out. He was calm as could be as he stepped his way through the smoke with the department head closely following his lead.

The Stunner sent by the Transportation employee missed him by mere inches, which made contact with a filing cabinet that sent papers flying in various directions. He had stopped abruptly just in time to let it pass, but the luminous cords were unavoidable. His hands were forcibly bound, causing the 'investigation' files he had been carrying to drop to the floor. For dear life, he clutched on to his wand. Even with bound hands, he could still cast spells, even if they were hastily aimed.

While ropes from Sian's wand were conjured from thin air (had circumstances been different, he would have buttered the woman up with a charming compliment), Dante gave his bound hands a number of flicks to the side/over his shoulder. No incantations were uttered aloud, though the Confundus Charm, a rogue Crucio, and the Conjunctivitis Curse had indeed been casted.

In the process of sending spells behind him, he had been too busy to notice that Tamerlane was blocking the path ahead. His tall frame collided with her, causing a loud grunt to leave his mouth as he fell to the floor and tried as quickly as he could to pull himself back up again. The doorway to freedom was so close...

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Her reverse transfiguration spell seemed to have worked on the dragon, but missed the duck. Oh well. She could deal with that later. Right now her top priority was making sure that Dante and Sian didnít get away. Dante was up to no good, and Penelope soon found herself without a mouth amidst all the chaos. That was only an inconvenience as far as communication went; she was perfectly capable of performing non-verbal spells. Smoke was going up everywhere, and she couldnít let her guard down. Raising her wand, Penelope put up another shield charm that protected her from getting hit by another spell. While the smoke was stopping her from seeing Dante and Sianís movements, she also had the advantage that they wouldnít be able to see her. Combined with her current lack of a mouth also courtesy of Dante, she had everything she needed for a surprise sneak attack. Penelope cast a non-verbal featherlight charm on herself to reduce the noise from her footsteps and increase her agility. All she needed to launch her attack was a pinpoint on Dante and Sianís location. As luck would have it, a telltale grunt and thud gave Danteís position away to her. Penelope immediately fired off a series of non-verbal spells aimed low to the ground in the direction the sounds had come from, including petrificus totalus tria, stupefy, and incarcerous. With any luck at least one of those spells would hit its intended target.
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