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Level 3 Magical Accidents & Catastrophes

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Old 02-09-2019, 11:57 PM
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Default Office of the Department Head, Eliora Dodderidge

On the wall to the right of the door is a purple box labelled ‘Compliments!’ where Eliora Dodderidge hopes you will leave nice messages about your colleagues that she can share with them in department meetings. Of course, should you use this box for anything other than this, there will be consequences.

Once you’ve knocked and been invited inside of the Department Head’s Office, take a seat on one of the grey seats on the peasants opposite side of the desk or on the window seat available. Keep your hands to yourself or risk losing your fingers. The desk is tidy and organised, much like the rest of the office. Things are in their proper place and there is little clutter besides the coffee cups that are usual for anywhere Eliora is. There are probably ten more in there than you can see and count. If you were to comment on it, though, there would probably be a hot cup of coffee poured over your head.

The shelves on the back wall are minimalistic, just a few vases, ornaments and framed photos of her children Briar and Levi. The drawers at the bottom of the unit contain the important documents one should have in an office, the employee files and Eliora’s favourite issues of gossip magazines. Some days, Eliora will have one of her two children with her in the office as they are homeschooled and annoying. You'll notice that behind the window seat is, naturally, a window. Eliora dislikes feeling cooped up and has charmed the wall to feature a window that changes between her favourite landscape and season of the hour. It will almost never be the same. She's as fickle with her landscapes as she is her men.

Take a cup of coffee from the coffee machine in the office (courtesy of a close friend) as you come in, plus one for Ms. Dodderidge. Common courtesy.

Anyone is welcome to have their character stop by and knock on the door, assuming they have come through the reception area if they are from outside of the department. If your character does have any compliments that they would like to submit, feel free to PM me them. The wackier, the better.
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James refrained from reacting to the man’s words, even though they were ENTIRELY ridiculous. Even more ridiculous? The way the Minister suggested ‘diamonds’. James didn’t have enough MONEY for diamonds! All of his coins were spent on a DATE. A date which was evidently no longer happening as they were evidently ?? breaking ?? up??

………….. James hated every part of this. Was Charles’ presence TRULY necessary here? Didn’t the man see that he was simply making matters WORSE?! Talking about smitten this and range of emotions that. If James wasn’t a grown man, he would have thrown an entire fit over it. This was ridiculous. He did not need the Minister for Magic to fix his relationship!!!! He could do it on his own! … Maybe.

Or maybe not because this was not going all that well for him at the moment.

Speaking of things that were not going well for him: eye contact. ”Just friends?” he repeated. He did not want to be soft, dammit, but he was. He was very soft. ”…. Is that all this is to you?” With his own eyes, he pleaded for Eliora to look at him. He needed to know. Needed. To. Know. ”That’s dragon dung, E. You know that.”

Which also meant that the question Charles had posed was entirely ignored. Was Charles still here? Because James had forgotten. There were far more important concerns.

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This...was going to take a while.

Perhaps Charles should send out for refreshments. A nice warm cup of tea, perhaps hot chocolate, went quite well with deep heart to heart conversations and balanced out those salty tears of sorrow and regret.

Now, Charles was no marriage counselor...but he was a father of four with five grandchildren and he could identify a skinny love when he saw it and these two had their picture beside the term in the dictionary.

E. That was positively ADORABLE and Charles felt a very real urge to pinch the man's cheeks for displaying the softie that the Minister knew was in there all along. "There. you hear that, Eliora? James here would very much like to take you out on a proper date and see where things go from there," he beamed while gesturing between the two of them. Presumptuous? Of course. But someone had to help these two out since clearly there were miscommunication and misunderstandings abound - not to mention a sense of secrecy that was very palatable in the air between the two of them. "I'll even babysit for you, Eliora. Let Grandpa Charles take the kids for an evening. We can plan it so that it's also on a night I have my grandchildren over so they have more playmates."

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There was puke brewing in her stomach. She could feel it. The guilty churn, the burn, the clammy hands... Could they hear how hard her heart was beating? Either of them? Anyone? The whole ministry? Was.. was she having a heart attack? Was she not going to survive this conversation? That's what it felt like. Too much coffee in her life? It had finally been the end of her. Goodbye cruel unloved life. Goodbye kids. Goodbye coffee.

James' eyes were burning into her forehead and she knew it was him because he was the only person that could make her feel uncomfortable when he continued to look at her. And she felt uncomfortable. Why was this happening in her office? In her safe space? UGH UGH UGH. Eliora looked up finally, sparing James just a miniscule of a second of eye contact before grabbing for a nearby coffee and downing the entire mug.




"I love you, James. Okay? Well -- I don't love you love you. Not like I want you to get on your knee right now because I don't think your limbs would let you get back up again, but I have a lot of feelings and you're not just my friend and I don't want to just be friends so if that's all you want then you should leave right now and I'll just go speed dating for the rest of my lonely existence." Yikes. Coffee really made her words spew out, didn't it? "I don't want to sneak you in and out of my house and pretend that my kids have no idea what's happening. Because they do. And I want to find your socks in my tumble dryer without their pair and I want to yell at you for leaving the seat up without it being a secret." And she also wanted the ground to swallow her up.

Which was why when her offered his babysitting services, Eliora sank into her chair and pulled her blonde hair over her face. "I don't think your grandchildren want to spend time with a 19 year old, Charles. But.. thank you."
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