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Knockturn Alley Not lost, are you, my dear? Only the unusual, dangerous, and scary wizarding folk dare roam around down here.

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Old 01-08-2021, 02:31 AM
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Default Knockturn Alley Guidelines

Knockturn Alley Guidelines

1. Diagon Alley rules apply.

2. The use of Dark characters is permissible.

3. The actions of your Dark character can and will be held accountable in character (IC), out of character (OOC), or both. Non-Dark characters should also note that associating and mingling with Dark characters and artifacts may also have consequences. Proceed with caution.

4. Excessive violence can earn you a site warning, as well as a suspension from Knockturn Alley (KA), Diagon Alley (DA), or then entire Wizarding World.

5. The use of Unforgivables is also permissible, but not advised. If your character is caught IC, there will be IC consequences. KA and DA staff reserve the right to delete a post that uses the unforgiveable curses if the situation breaks SS rules, DA Rules, or is excessively non-canon.

6. Diagon Alley Staff suggests that the use of underage characters in KA be used sparingly or accompanied by an IC adult character.

7. Knockturn Alley threads currently do not have dedicated shopkeepers. You may RP for them, but not as them.

8. There is not currently an official Knockturn Alley shopkeeper, but there are still plenty of shady characters about to guide you through your Knockturn Alley experience...or hinder.

9. Please understand that when playing with one another, you must abide by gaming etiquette. You cast the spell, the other reacts to it and can chose whether or not it hits or doesn't hit their character. Only the red account characters representing Knockturn Alley and Diagon Alley admin can administer certain punishment in a case by case situation depending on IC and OOC circumstances.

10. A reminder that there are also a few other interesting individuals that you may come across, including a ghost, a goblin and a hag. You may not RP for these characters either.
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Default Knockturn Alley staff
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Madam Hildegard
An old hag

Name: Madam Hildegard
Date of Birth: March 15th, 2000.
Age: 81.
Current and Previous Occupation: Peddler - The Starry Prophesier
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair: White
Personality: How would you act if you had green skin!?
Madam Hildegard was born on March 15th, 2000. She was not always known as Madame Hildegard, since the Madam had come later. She was, however, born with green skin and yellow eyes. Her mother and father, whose name is unknown, were both potioneers, and unfortunately, not very good ones. Due to drinking their own potions, Hildegard was born looking the way she does.

Embarrassed by their child, Hildegard's parents gave her away. Her parents died a few years later, due to an expired vial of armadillo bile which they used trying to brew a wit-sharpening potion. Hildegard never found this out, since she thought she was the child of the gypsies.

Now known as Madame Hildegard, the woman stayed with her street family until she turned 50 years old. At that time, the younger family members take over and basically cast their elders away. Not knowing what to do, the green skinned woman went out on her own, eventually finding an old cart and filling it with the things she had learned over the years. There was a problem; no one wanted to stop to buy from the woman, they had other plans.

Every place the woman went, people would constantly throw stones at her. For a VERY long time, Hildegard dealt with it, until she came across a small town in England. She was stopped by a group of teenagers, wizard or muggle, she knew not, who she thought were really interested in her things. As she stopped, the teenagers pulled out stones, throwing them at the woman. After all the years of that happening to her, the woman snapped, and attacked one of the teenagers, dragging him into the nearby woods. The boy was never seen again, and the rest of the kids swore as they saw the woman emerge, saw blood drip off her chin. As she left, the group went into the woods to look for their missing friend, finding no signs of him, except for one shoe.

Madame Hildegard has been in Knockturn Alley since then, the only place where people don't stone her.

Demian Andromalius
A Ghost

Name: Lord Demian Calviticus Andromalius, IV.
Date of Birth: 04/20/1489.
Age at Death: 29.
Years attended Hogwarts (or other school): Homeschooled as all nobles were.
Current Occupation: Haunts the Coffin House Necromancy Emporium.
Previous Occupation(s): Lord of Tindenbury under the Great King Henry the VIII.
Eye Color: Black.
Hair: Black.
Height: 6'2.
Marital Status: Widowed.
Personality: Pompous and Vane.
History: Demian was the son of wizards of nobility. The fact that they were magical beings was kept secret by an ancestor who watched his mother burn at the stake. Demian was beautiful, so much so, no girl could ever compare to him. King Henry ordered him to marry a lady in waiting... but, a few days later she showed up dead somewhere with no marks at all... as if she'd been killed by Magic. Demian had been with the king in France and so he was never suspected. A few years later, the King insisted Demian marry another lady in waiting, but when Demian left with the King for Spain, she too turned up dead. Demian cast the imperious curse on the King, so that he would stop setting him up, but a Lady in Waiting named Tabitha saw him cast. Demian found out Tabitha was a halblood witch. He began courting her so that she would not spill his secret to anyone. On the eve of his 30th birthday, Demian was angry. He was getting old, and he didn't want wrinkles or age spots to ruin his beauty. Tabitha tried to cheer him up and offered to cast a freezing spell on his skin on the day of their wedding, so the wrinkle by his lip would not be visible. He was so angry that without thinking he scolded Tabitha and told her a pureblood such as him would never lower himself to marry a filthy halfblood. Tabitha, hurt and offended, gave him an early birthday girl, and cast the killing curse on him before he reached the next day. Demian's vanity knew no bounds, he'd set himself to come back as a ghost so he could continue to be beautiful in the afterlife. One thing he did not forsee, was that Tabitha bound him to the area in which he died... and now... he haunts the Coffin House Necromancy Emporium.

A dark creature

Name: Korpsit
Date of Birth: exact date unknown, estimated to be in February, 2026
Age: about 55
Years attended Hogwarts (or other school): none
Current Occupation: Arkie Alderton’s Kwik-Repair Shop
Previous Occupation(s): belonged to several rebel Goblin groups
Eye Color: beady black
Hair: thin whisps of blondish white
Height: he’s never measured, but somewhere between 3 and 5 feet.
Marital Status: single
Friends: some of his fellow compatriots, most are in prison
Personality: Korpsit is coldly polite around wizards. He is patient because he has to be. The Goblin is calculating and clever, but very close-minded when it comes to humans, particularly the magical sort.

History: Korpsit was born in Northern Sweden to a poor mining family. His father, also named Korpsit, a gold miner, had given up – for his father was a miner, and his father’s father was a miner, and his father’s father’s father was a miner, and so on as far back as he could remember. Just as all the firstborn males were named Korpsit, all the firstborn males were miners. That was the way it worked. However, Korpsit’s mother, Yaruff, who also helped in the mines, remained hopeful. She instilled in the young Goblin the belief he was meant for better.

When he was around 9, the mine his parents were working in collapsed, burying them, and many other Goblins, alive. This was not an uncommon occurrence, so nothing was done about it. Korpsit, brokenhearted, moved in with some of his relatives, also miners.

When he was 15, Korpsit was expected to begin his mining career. He did not. Instead, the Goblin traveled around, looking for the destiny he believed he deserved.

And he found it. There, in a wizarding village, he wondered at the quality of life. He fell in love with it, and decided, while devouring a half-eaten Fizzing Whizbee he’d found in the garbage, he was going to go into the candy business.

But they didn’t hire them. They didn’t even give him an application. None of the shops did – not the local newspaper, not the gardening store, not the pet store. The naive young Goblin was shunted about, spat at, and treated as if he lacked intelligence. Needless-to-say, Korpsit was angry. He busted a few windows, stole a couple Chocolate Frogs, and then there was the wand shop…

Korspit went to jail.

While in jail, he met some other very angry Goblins. United by blood and cause, they became friends, and the others told him of secret rebel groups, all over Europe. And so, for the next 20-some years, Korpsit rebelled, went to jail again, and rebelled some more. His name became well-known in the surrounding villages, and his damage so costly and widespread, the people banded together and kicked him out of the country.

It was then that Korpsit realized his rebel groups weren’t getting anywhere. That Goblins were never going to get anywhere. And so he made some bigger and stronger “friends” with similar interests, and got himself his first job at Arkie Alderton’s Kwik-Repair Shop.


red, red desert, heal our blues; I dive deeper for you..............
what a blessing to feel your love; twilight promised me you.........
all these moments with you...

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