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Janus Thickey Ward Has your role-play been affected by numerous spells and ran its course? If so, it will be kept here for permanent care.

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Old 01-04-2020, 05:32 AM
MadMadamMalfoy MadMadamMalfoy is offline
Default Ring in the New Year!

The year is 1977, and Professor Slughorn is pulling out all the stops to celebrate! On the first night of school after the winter holidays at precisely 8:00 PM, the potions master is hosting a New Year party for the members of his illustrious Slug Club. Slughornís office has been transformed into a winter wonderland for the occasion. Blue, white, and silver banners and streamers hand from the walls, and a gentle snow falling from the ceiling sets the mood. Canít stand cold weather? Not to worry! This is a magical snow guarantee not to freeze you.

Several house elves bustle about, carrying trays full of delicious snacks. There are fancy cheeses, finger sandwiches, canapes, and loaded potato skins , and for those craving something sweet, a selection of cakes, cookies, and chocolates. Thirsty? A table at the back of the room houses glasses of butterbeer and sparkling pumpkin juice, as well as the partyís centerpiece: a hot chocolate fountain.

Come on in, enjoy the party! Who knows? You may even meet a celebrity or two before the night is over!

Regulus Black (Slug Club member) - MadMadamMalfoy

OOC: This is an OPEN RP. You may make up your own character or play a canon Marauder era character. Canon characters will be claimed on a first come,first serve basis. Please note that the house elves are NOT rped; feel free to rp your charries taking food from the trays.

Please post a brief bio of your charrie in your first post, and indicate their purpose at the party (Slug Club members, plus ones, wizarding world celebrities, Slughorn's friends/former students, random students who decided to gatecrash, etc.) Happy RPing!
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SPOILER!!: Regulus Black

Model: Ryan McCartan
Post color: dark slate gray (#2F4F4F)

Name: Regulus Arcturus Black
Nicknames: Reg, Reggie (only his mother is allowed to call him this!)
Age: 15
Residence: 12 Grimmauld Place
Heritage: Pureblood
House: Slytherin
Attending party as: Slug Club member

Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Height: 5í7
Build: lean

Wand: 113/4Ē Cedar & dragon heartstring
Boggart: his other disowning him
Patronus: incorporeal
Erised: his family together and happy

Personality: Regulusís personality is split into two sides that are constantly at odds; as such, he lives in a state of perpetual conflict. Outwardly, he appears confident, self-assured, and more than a little snobbish, but that cocky veneer hides a softer side that few get to see. Regulus has an overwhelming need to be liked. He will do anything to earn his familyís admiration, even when his conscience tells him otherwise. He is fiercely loyal to those he cares about and has no respect for those he deems traitors.


As a member of the noble and most ancient house of Black, Regulus lives a pampered lifestyle. He is the youngest and favorite son of Walburga and Orion Black, a fact about which his parents are not shy. Of all his family, Regulus is closest to his mother, who he both idolizes and fears, but being the favorite in one of the most notorious wizard families in Britain comes with a price. From an early age, Regulus was indoctrinated into his parentsí pureblood mania, and as he grew, so did the expectation that he carry on his familyís traditions and join Lord Voldemortís cause.

As a child, Regulus looked up to his older brother, Sirius. Unlike him, Sirius openly resisted their parentsí traditions- something which Regulus both resented and secretly envied- and the pair slowly drifted apart. Regulus hoped that Hogwarts would help mend his relationship with his brother, but his hopes were dashed. While Regulus was sorted into Slytherin like the rest of his family, Sirius went to Gryffindor instead. After this, Sirius became more rebellious than ever, leading to increased tensions within the family. Things finally came to a head when Sirius ran away from home and was immediately disowned. Now all the expectations their parents once placed on Sirius fall to Regulus instead. He feels itís his responsibility to bring his family back together, no matter what the cost.

Regulus Arcturus Black entered Slughorn's office standing tall and proud, a smile plastered on his face. From the outside looking in, he appeared everything a son of the noble and most ancient house of Black should be... because that's all his life was: keeping up appearances. He'd gotten good at it by this point. He greeted Professor Slughorn and the other guests with a polite hello before making a beeline for the drink table.

Along the way, he passed a house elf carrying a tray of sandwiches. He picked one up, thanking the elf with a warm smile. He liked house elves. They were generally kind and didn't place the same expectations on you that humans did, but best of all, they were loyal to a fault. No house elf would betray its family... unlike some people he knew.

As Regulus sipped a butterbeer, he allowed his mind to wander. What was Sirius thinking, abandoning their family? How could he do that to their mother? How could he do that to him... and over the holidays, no less?! Well, at least there was little chance of running into him here tonight.
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