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Bazinga 03-03-2021 05:24 PM

Looking.. looking.. lo.. wait, what?
Apartment hunting can be an exciting time, especially when you have been working on a relationship for a few years and with two people that needed some work coming together an apartment is a huge step, but with some surprises ahead, will the apartment workout?

Zita and Adam have been together for a few years now and they had decided it was time to make a leap and come together in the form of an apartment. With Zita nearly done with her interior design degree and Adam at the ministry, they both decided it was time for that next step. So apartment hunting they are going.

**This is a closed RP for Bazinga and Krel Ansell to explore their characters Zita and Adam.

Krel Ansell 03-06-2021 04:21 AM

Adam was going to miss his studio apartment. He'd lived in it since he moved to London, spending perhaps a bit too much money on it because he had fallen in love with the view. Ironic then that he has spent the last years here unable to really enjoy it. Still, a part of him felt it was worth it if it meant he got to come home to Zita every night. He had never expected to have a girlfriend, let alone asked one to move in with him. And did he mention that his girlfriend was hot? Because she was. She knew and he knew it, even if he couldn't really see it. She was also smart and funny and nice. Most of all, she was determined and strong. He really was looking forward to settling into a place that would be theirs.

It was a little chilly as they walked down the street to check out an apartment. "Sita," he asked sipping the cocoa he was holding. He was a bit tired after a long day at work, but he didn't drink coffee anymore. Not after what happened with Reil. "Vhat part uff town is zis place in?" Because he didn't think he'd ever been in this area before. Were they looking at something outside of their agreed upon budget? It was really important that they didn’t go over their price range, especially with all the changes that were going on in the Ministry. He wasn’t a pure-blood after all and if blood purity was that important to these Neanderthals, well, what would happen if they found out about his scars? Would he get fired? It was bad enough that his salary had been significantly cut. He’d only agreed to go forward with this because he was certain that he could get a good price for the flat he currently owned.

Bazinga 03-10-2021 05:15 PM

Zita walked with Adam having trouble keeping her excitment down. They had looked at a few places in the last week, but she knew they were to small, he just didn't know it yet. As they headed down the street she looked around really checking on the neighborhood. It was one she had been in just once or twice, but had heard good things.

"Oh, this isn't far from my parents house. I mean it's far enough really, but just on their side of town." She didn't want to scare him off with the more upscale side or close to her family. "I might have asked the realtor helping us to expand the search a little, I hope you don't mind."

As they walks she stopped them in front of a cute little two bedroom cottage, "Oh and that maybe we could look at smaller size houses as well as apartments. I hope that's okay." She probably should have warned him, but she wanted the surprise to be exciting.

Krel Ansell 03-14-2021 03:09 AM

Closer to her parents house. He wasn't really sure how he felt about that. To him, that sounded like it was a pricey area. Would her parents stop by uninvited? Probably not, considering he hadn't really spent much time around them. In fact, he sort of wondered if they thought he wasn't good enough for their daughter. After all, he was a mostly blind visually impaired man with werewolf scars whose mother had been incarcerated in a mental institution for most of her son's life. He couldn't really blame them for thinking he wouldn't do a good job of taking care of their daughter. But then again was he responsible for taking care of her? It wasn't like they were getting married. No, they were just moving in together. "As long as ve schtay in budget," he said trying to figure out how much this area was likely to cost. He probably sounded unintentionally crabby or unexcited.

"Hauser?" (houses) he asked looking over at her. He hadn't picked her as the house type. Did she expect him to mow the lawns on Saturdays while she tended the flower garden? He realized he was frowning and tried not to. Adam had never mowed a lawn in his life. How did one even do that? "Vhy hauser?" He had always had a hard time telling Zita no. That didn't mean he wasn't agreeing though. Was it wrong that he had hoped they might end up in a bigger apartment, but still near the river with a good view that he wouldn't be able to see? He knew it was highly unlikely that they could afford a place like that, but still...

Bazinga 03-17-2021 01:06 AM

She started getting nervous, he didn't seem happy and the more they walked the more he sounded like his mood was changing. "Here it is, let's just look at it and see what we think." She moved a little quickly to get him inside the small little home before he could run the other way. "I just wanted to keep our options open and what does it hurt to just look around?" How was she ever going to find the right time for any thing that was on her mind. Would he even want to hear it?

She moved around the kitchen imagining herself trying to cook, she hoped she could get better at it. She was trying, but failing most of the time. She moved to the smaller of the bedrooms. This was perfect, though the last apartment was too. She wasn't sure which would be better for them though. Would an apartment or somewhere with a yard.

"What do you think?"

Krel Ansell 03-17-2021 05:57 PM

She was right. He guessed it didn't hurt to look around. So he let her lead him into the house. He walked around slowly, uncertain of the layout and afraid he might unintentionally run into something. It was certainly bigger then they needed, but the last two had been as well. There was also a space he could expand to make into his home lab.

He was standing at the sink in the kitchen trying to imagine himself cooking them dinner or baking them a cake. He glanced out at the backyard. From what he could of it, it was nice. Walled. He could put a small garden in. His fanged geranium (who hated him, but seemed to love Zita) could be happy on the windowsill over there. It seemed like it would work. "I like, but is it too much? Do ve real need zwo (2) rooms?" Maybe Zita was thinking about operating the business out of the house? They hadn't really talked about her post schooling plans. "But I liked ze last apartment also." Even if it was also bigger then they really needed. "I could grow plants in ze backyart." Which was a bonus. He might have perked up a little at the idea.

Bazinga 03-23-2021 05:57 PM

She was smiling to herself as she continued to look around the room, her eye for decorating already starting. She still wasn't fully sure if she liked this one or the apartment though. She could be swayed either way, but the price would have to be thought about. Turning to him with her smile, "Well we have to have at least two rooms, maybe even three. I think it is good to have the extra space, I mean with your potions and my designs we will need room." Though that wasn't all the reasons.

"Plus, we are going to need somewhere for a crib and a space for a baby." Her smile grew as she shortened the gap between them. She wasn't sure how else to tell him and she tried to bring it up a few times, but it always seemed like it wasn't the right time, but if they were going to get a house, she had to speak up.

Krel Ansell 03-25-2021 07:14 PM

Forgive him, he's an idiot O:-)
Three rooms? He was quite certain they couldn’t afford a three bedroom place. That storage closet would work just fine. He would just put an extension charm on it, like he had with the space he used in his studio apartment. Besides once he figured out his wolfsbane modifications, he had been thinking of giving up home brewing. Zita was more important to him and he didn’t want to present her with any temptations. Then again, she’d been doing really well. Maybe he didn’t need to give…

Wait… WHAT?!

He wasn’t sure he’d heard her correctly, let alone if he understood what she was implying. His heart pounded in his ears and he seemed to lose sensation in his hands. The last time he had felt like this he’d been floating towards an exploding star that wanted to eat him. Oddly, the sentiments of that moment seemed to echo through his head now. He turned around slowly. They had never talked about marriage or babies. Heck, it had taken him long enough to merely ask her to move in with him (and don’t even bring up how long it took him make it clear he wanted to be her boyfriend). ”You mean ... in ze future, ja?” he said slowly. Then as if matching the confused, somewhat startled beating of his heart, he started speaking rapidly. ”You nefer said anyzing about kinder (children). Do you vant kinder? You vant kinder mitt me? I do not efen know if I vould a good vater. You! You vould be a great mutter, but me? I do not…. Undt marriage! Ve haf not efen talked about... I do not efen know how you feel about marriage. Do you vant to marry? Do you vant to marry me? Or are you happy how ve are? Kinder!” he repeated, more confused than angry as a hand slid into his hair. He really didn’t expect her to answer any of the questions he had just sputtered out. He just hadn’t been able to shut up.

Bazinga 03-31-2021 12:55 AM

"Of course I'm happy how we are." She turned from him feeling like her emotions were going to get the best of her. She didn't know how to say what she knew she needed to spell out. She was feeling so excited and now, she was just nervous, she didn't know how he was going to react after listening to his words. Turning back she took his hand, "No, Adam, not future. We are going to need the room in about eight or so months. We are going to be having a baby."

Did he get it now? She could care less about any of the rest that he was going on about. Well if she was honest she did care, but she wouldn't say she did. Zita Valla married with kids? No, way, at least she barely could believe it so how would anyone else. Not the Zita everyone else knew, not the Zita that cared more about herself than anyone else. That was the fake Z that everyone had known, the true Z cared about everything from what people thought to what she was going through now.

She looked at Adam with curiosity and fear. "I know it wasn't planned, but I am happy about it and I hope you will be to."

Krel Ansell 04-05-2021 12:57 PM

Eight months or so…

He tugged on his hair a little. ”Ein baby…” he said repeating the words. He was going to have a baby. A baby with Zita. The idea both thrilled and terrified him. He could hardly take care of himself, how as he going to take care another little tiny human being? Why would Zita even want to have a baby with him? He was a train wreck most of the time…

And then heard the fear in Zita’s voice and he snapped out of it. She certainly didn’t sound too happy about it, but he had learned that with Zita sometimes what you got on the surface wasn’t what the real Zita was thinking and showing. ”Ein baby…” he repeated as a big smile started to creep across his face. Then he started laughing. Only he wasn’t entirely sure of why he was laughing. ”Sita, zis is not a choke to get me to agree to a larger house is it?” he asked sarcastically.

But before she could answer, he was reaching for her to give her a big hug. ”Ein baby!” He started laughing again. ”Oh Sita! Das sind wundervolle Neuigkeiten.” (This is wonderful new.) ”Ve are hafing a baby!” he exclaimed loudly.

Bazinga 04-09-2021 03:21 PM

Was he upset or...

Zita wasn't sure at first she just watched him and tried to read him. Maybe she should have told him sooner, maybe she shouldn't have tried to make it such a big deal and then chickened out and did it now. The smile did bring a few tears, not that she wanted to have tears, but something was controlling her emotions more than she could at this point.

A joke? Why on earth would she joke about something this, this crazy. "I would never joke about this. Me with a baby, me, I could barely keep myself alive up until the past few years and you've helped through that. This isn't something I ever planned on doing, or at least not yet, I didn't know how you would feel either, so no, it is not a joke." She was still in shock over it, but she was happy at the same time. It was a weird feeling really.

The hug did it though, the hug and the words. She was smiling, laughing, and crying. It was crazy how her emotions were with all of this.

Krel Ansell 04-11-2021 12:05 AM

He was still hugging her when he started to hear laughter. He had always liked the sound of her laughter. It made him feel proud, like he had accomplished a great feat. Funny how that worked wasn't it? He was quite certain he wasn't the only person who had ever made her laugh, but she had this way of making him feel like he was. He kissed the top of her head as he continued to laugh himself.

There was a wet spot on his shirt. Either Zita was crying or she was drooling, he decided to go with the one that was less likely to upset her. "Sita, vhy are you crying? I vas trying to be fun." He let go of her so he might be able to see her face. With his new glasses he could see better, but still not great. Had he hurt her feelings? That wasn't intention at all. He didn't know what to do. Should he grovel? Apologize? Rub her feet? Pregnant women liked to have their feet rubbed. It was something he remembered Laurel talking about when she was pregnant. "I like ze house. Ve schould get ze house. Kinder need a place to run - Oh non, your parents! {What are they going to think of me? Your dad will probably kill -}" He started rambling, slipping into German, although he didn't realize it.

Bazinga 04-12-2021 02:15 AM

She had been crying, but how did she explain something she didn't fully understand. "I guess I'm going to be doing this more often or at least I'm told I could be." She tried to wipe her eyes and stop, "My emotions have been everywhere since I found out two weeks ago." She felt bad admitting that, but she had known that long just wasn't sure how to tell him. "They are happy tears though, very happy tears, maybe a little fear too, but happy."

So the house, he was good with the house. "We need to make sure we can afford it, I mean we will have extra expenses with a baby." She really did like the house though and the yard seemed perfect for a place to run around and play."[/b] She looked around the room feeling like this could be the place as long as they could afford it.

When he started about her parents she just took his hand and squeezed it, "They will be fine. We will talk to them together. It will be fine." She honestly didn't know how they would take it, but she didn't really care either. She was worried about Adam and now that he knew and was happy that was all that mattered.

Krel Ansell 04-16-2021 12:17 AM

So she was going to keep crying? No, she meant she was going to cry more often. Great… he would need to figure out what to do or how to handle that. And if that was going to happen, what else did he have to look forward to? It suddenly occurred to Adam that he didn’t know anything about pregnancy or babies or pregnant women. It was a feeling he didn’t like; not knowing things. First things first, he was going to have to find a bookstore and find a book – Wait what was Zita talking about?

He did that often; tune out the world when he was nervous. He had to force himself to focus. Finances. Yes, that might be a problem… especially with the blood-status cuts at work. He would just have to put on his big-boy pants and go talk to Airey about it. Ugh… Airey… he hated talking to that man. He made Adam uncomfortable on a good day and lately? Let’s just say it’d been a while since they’d had a good day. ”If you like ze house, ve vill make it vork. Mein flat is vorz more zen ve bozz zought undt it is in a good location.” For the view if nothing else. It’s why he had bought it after all. A view of the Thames with Tower Bridge visible? Yes, someone would pay for the view.

As for her parents? Well, the fact that she would be there with him when they told them, well, that only partially settled his nerves about it. He couldn't shake the feeling that her father was going to kill him. It was certainly not a conversation he was going to look forward to. His father? Well, he would would probably howl at the moon in joy. Adam was certain the man had never thought he'd get grandchildren. "Mein vater vill be excited." Just like he was, and in case there were any concerns left for Zita, the smile on Adam's face should prove how excited he was.

Bazinga 04-20-2021 03:35 PM

The tears were drying and Zita could honestly say she was starting to feel like she was on cloud nine, a terrified cloud nine, but a good terrify, she hoped. They were possibly going to get this house, he seemed to think they could make it work and if they came up short she knew her parents would most likely help out. They had the money to spare, so she wasn't worried if her and Adam found themselves not making it. Grinning she turned to him and kissed him again, "This is wonderful, I think I could really do some great designs here and make this house look stunning for us." They would be on a very strict budget and some rooms would certainly have to wait, but over time she could make it look amazing.

"I think we should go ahead and make an offer on this one if you think so." She didn't want to lose it if it was the one they wanted. Checking her watch she thought maybe they could grab some food before heading back to the flat. There would have to be some cleaning done there before they could sell it.

"I'm glad your dad will be excited." She wasn't too worried about his dad or her mum if she was being honest. She did wonder what her sisters would think though. She hoped they would be excited, but when it came to her sisters you just never know.

Krel Ansell 04-26-2021 01:30 AM

Adam had no doubt that Zita would design them a lovely home and so long as there was a space for him to garden and another for him to work on his potions (and be able to lock them up), he likely wouldn't fight her on much. Decorating, home making - those were her specialties and he was happy to let her work her magic.

"I do not zink he efer expected to haf Enkelkinder," (grandchildren) he explained reaching out for her hand. It was probably an explanation she didn't need, seeing as how slow he was when it came to relationships. It wasn't that Adam didn't care, he cared plenty. He just was the type that needed to build a connection to someone before he really considered relationships. He was thankful every day that Zita had been patient enough stick around, but he hoped deep down that it would be different with his child. It should be right?

"Let us find ze realtor. Make an offer undt zen..." His brain was starting to do that thing were he over calculated and started to greatly over think things. It sometimes led to him getting flustered and overwhelmed. They needed to see the healers. Maybe Zita had already see the healers without him. They had to talk names. Would the baby take his name or hers or both? There were birthing classes - he thought - to go to. Could he afford time off of work? Did he get time off of work to help Zita and allow them both time to adjust. He should look into their financials too. Make sure to start saving what they could even it if it was just a little...

"Food," he finally decided on as his stomach gave a surprising grumble. "We schould get food." Food was something simple and immediate and it was easy to focus on. It was something he knew he could get and do for Zita that woudln't lead to him immediately freaking out.

Bazinga 05-07-2021 05:40 PM

"Well we will have to tell him." smiling as she took his hand she thought maybe they should tell him first if he would be excited. He might be the easier of the parents to tell the news to. She wanted to picture something fun to do to tell, but would leave it up to Adam in what he would want.

She glanced around the rooms once more and smiled, "You sure this is the one? I mean we could look for more if this seems too much." She knew she sprung a lot on him in one day, so if he wanted time to think she understood. Though she felt this house would be great for their starting family and her thoughts of designing had already begun.

"Food sounds good, where should we go?"

Krel Ansell 05-11-2021 05:59 PM

He shook off her questions about the house. Clearly, they both liked it. He might not be able to see things like her facial expressions, but he could hear her excitement about the place in her voice. "I vant to vake up efery morning in zis place so I remember ze vay I felt vhen you said you vere hafingkt mein baby." And to stop any further concerns, he gave her a big kiss. They would make this work. He had faith in that.

Adam had the sudden urge for curry. It wasn't something had had grown up on, but British Curry always hit a spot with him. "Curry," He suggested and immediately realized he should be asking her what she wanted. "But I vill eat vhatefer you vant. As long as it is hot." No sandwiches. Stew. Stew would be good. Adam loved stew.

So after finding the realtor and putting in an offer, the two headed out for food.


Months Later

There was a skittish air around Adam. Had been for a day or two. As if he had something he wanted to discuss with Zita, but didn't exactly know how to broach. He had a hard time sitting still, and his fingers seemed to constantly tap on things. His thigh, the table...whatever happened to be nearby. The skittishness was still there, even as they took a walk in the park near the little cottage they were now living in.

The cause of the skittishness was because there was something Adam wanted to discuss with Zita, but he didn't know how to bring it up. Nor did he know what he would do if her answer was no. Or if she thought he was only bringing it up because she was carrying his child. So he didn't say anything just yet as his mind played out multiple scenarios. The simple answer was, if she said no, or thought he was asking he would soldier on, and just deal with it.

But still...

"Sita," he started to say. His mouth opened and then closed once, twice - but nothing came out. He closed it for a moment and fell back into silence. Clearly he was going to need a little prompting. Something that seemed to have become a Zita- specialty.

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