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Old 09-02-2021, 11:46 PM
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Default Crazytastic Clan

------EMMA---------- BRAEDEN ---.------PETER -----.-----EVELINE --------JULIETTE ---------SELENA

Emma Malfoy and Selena Zabini-Riddle, the crazytastic besties, have grown up. They were friends from the moment they met in their first year at Hogwarts and have been inseparable since. The two have navigated the rocky waters of adulthood together and now have their own families - their own kids. And these kids are particularly fond of getting into trouble the same way their mothers did.

Here we explore the lives of each of their families and the relationships they've all built throughout the years.

The cast currently consists of just the family members. Any friends that may be joining them will be listed below ♥

Scene One: Peter Stonem & Juliette Zabini-Riddle
D.A. Celebrations, Summer 2105
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Scene One: Peter Stonem & Juliette Zabini-Riddle
D.A. Celebrations, Summer 2105

SPOILER!!: picking up where we left off
Originally Posted by Watson View Post
He wasn’t entirely sure what drove the groan from his best friend because all he had done was speak the truth. He assumed that SHE was just jealous. He raised an eyebrow when she mentioned that he was embarrassing all of us. “All of us? But its just you and me here, Juli...” He then offered her a wink and chuckled before fixing the collared shirt he had on. Yes, he flipped his collar to be cooler. “I don’t know why either.” Signature Malfoy smirk on a Stonem looking boy was... weird.

A cypress? Why a cypress? I thought I’d be evergreen.” Cause you know Slytherin, reliable, patient, literally putting up with all of Juli and Evie;’s craziness during childhood and teenage hood. He should have been known as St. Peter for everything that he had to help the two of them with. Fortunately for Juli, Peter was oblivious to her checking him out. He did wonder why she was looking so much at him. Did he have something on his face? He reached up to his cheek and casually brushed his fingers against it. Nope. No tomato sauce. Thank MERLIN. HE would have been mortified if there was a dash of sauce leftover from the sausage rolls her had for lunch.

His eyebrows remained raised to mirror her brows raising at the Sterling question. “Absolutely. You both are practically falling over each other. Frankly annoying at times,” he muttered with a huff. He tilted his head to the side as she made it very, very clear that Sterling and her were not an item and that she was super single. “Are you interested in anyone?” He was about to open his mouth when she mentioned the dreaded, imaginary girlfriend. He flushed momentarily but then realized that Juliette was back-tracking.


This was a new side of his best friend.

She was always right or at least presumed right in his mind but to see her so awkward was rather endearing. Heh. He paused, debating his next words. “Y’know.. She’d be cool with it but..” He paused because he got distracted by her touching her long beautiful hair. Juliette had always had such beautiful hair and all he could do was stare and admire it. “I.... I... I don’t think she and I are going to work out. I have feelings for someone else.

And then she touched him. Well. Moved the stranded curl that had gone askew. But.... what was the question she had asked? He simply went ‘Uh-huh” as the answer to her next few questions because he was caught up in her and the way the sun reflected off her hair and the way she... Huh? What was the eye roll for?

Oh yeah. Evie.

He gave another eye roll. “Y’know I wish she was dating Denver. I never thought i would say that but I think Denver and Evie would be less sickening. Is it too late to separate the two of them and make them more miserable?

At least Denver was nice to him. In some odd way.

She let out an exasperated sigh and gestured to the area around her. "Stonem, it might just be the two of us here but the entire universe," and queue pause for dramatic effect, "has its eyes on us." And dear Merlin, did he really just flip his collar? Juliette didn't have a choice except to facepalm herself, groaning yet again. "You are truly awful, Peter. Literally, the worst. I haven't a clue how Evie even puts up with you." And for good measure, Juliette stuck her tongue out at him, looking as equally odd as Peter did with a Malfoy smirk. It didn't suit him at all.

"Are you in my brain?" Juliette's eyes grew slightly wide wondering if somehow her best friend had learned to read minds. After all, she had just been thinking that he could be an evergreen tree and there he was, pointing that right out. Though she was a bit confused why he was touching his cheek. Odd. Was he hiding something? "In case you're wondering if you have a zit on your cheek - you don't. I checked," she said, amused.

There was something about his face that just made Juliette wish they had moved past this conversation already. Juliette had become painfully aware of exactly how single she was once Peter had found himself a girlfriend. Heck, even Denver had found himself a girlfriend and he was the absolute worst! She could barely make out what he had muttered. "Excuse me? We're absolutely fantastic and not annoying in the least!" Juliette actually found the two of them quite fab. And then he had to ask her the question - if she were interested in someone.

A million different thoughts ran through her mind. Juli knew that she could easily say that she was interested in someone else, even if she wasn't. She could also back track and say that Sterling and her had been dating in secret. Juliette could've even said no, but that wouldn't be the truth. So she opted for the safe, non-answer answer.

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not."

But why did that answer only make the feeling in her stomach feel worse? And why did him saying he didn't think that him and Rosalyn weren't going to work out make her feel... a little better? Was it the prospect of having one of her best friends back when all of her others were in relationships? Or did it mean something more? Juliette had hundreds of questions, but unfortunately, she had no answers. "If you have feelings for someone else, why are you with her?" Juliette asked, tilting her head slightly. And before she could stop the words from blurting out of her mouth she heard herself asking, "So who are you interested in?"

Not that she cared or anything. As a matter of fact, she didn't care so much that she didn't even notice that he had barely heard anything she had said and that his response had been 'uh huh' the last three or four times. "Could you even imagine Denver and Evie together?" Juliette asked, her nose crinkling. "It would be so gross."

... though... breaking Evie and Boone up... That didn't sound half bad and gave them something to do their last term together.

"What do you propose?" she asked, curious what may have been going through the Slytherin's mind.
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Default A zillion years later
Slytherindor ♛ The Crazytastic Besties ♛ Shan Watson ♛

Like Big Brother? Wheres he watching from?” he joked with eyebrows arched. He wasn’t a particular fan of liking the feeling of being watched. He preferred being on the sidelines and observing from a safe distance - even if it was stage work and even IF he was the superior Stonem at acting. Not that he’d ever say he was better than Evie at that. They had their own talents….

He was rather proud at the collar flip and wished he had sunglasses on his head so he could flick them down to his nose, cross his arms, and look at her like a BOSS would. But he didn’t have sunglasses so he looked kinda awkward as he did it. THEN HE GASPED! “You wound me, Juliette Zabini Riddle!!!” he began before smirking at her. “You adore me… Also it’s the other way around. Clearly I put up with Evie ALL the time.” His sister was a handful. And Boone didn’t help either cause she had gone through the whole lovey dovey, soulmate thing. Yuck. Weren’t they only seventeen? Soulmates … a novel concept.

He chuckled- cackled- in fact. Then Peter raised his index finger and middle finger to his temple while he squinted his eyes and said. “Ah yes… I sense that you are going to profess your love to me so I’ll get out of your mind,” he joked and added a “shooooooom” noise that sounded reminiscent of the lightsabers in Star Wars. “Anyway… Oh,” he paused his train of thought and his hand flew up to his flushed cheeks. It began to itch so he scratched it.

It only made the sensation worse. He twitched his nose. Didn’t help the itch.

Uhhhh very annoying. Can confirm,” he teased as he raised a hand to itch his cheek but slowly lowered it. Must have more willpower not to itch, not to relieve the prickly sensation that get like a creature crawling up lightly to tingle the skin. Torture.

But not quite as torture to him compared to the reply Juliette had given him about being interested in someone. Maybe. Maybe not? “We could ply twenty questions later to make that a yes or no?” he offered before he felt like he should talk about his feelings. Well. Rosalind didn’t exist but he was too far spun up in this tale to unravel it. “Well….. She reminds me of Aunt Ruby… and Aunt Ruby is scary.” And not his type of girl. The girl he liked was seated opposite of him.

He shuddered. “Itd be my funeral…. I’d rather suffer seeing you and Evie get married instead of…” he bit his lip before he said more. Less was more. He couldn’t be so so open yet yeah….. What if he got hurt? ;_; “Eveline Zabini Riddle is pretty or Juliette Stonem too. Would you take your partners last name or would you hyphen it further?

How about a round of twenty questions?
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Old 10-16-2021, 02:13 PM   #4 (permalink)

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Where was he watching from? Juliette paused for a slight moment before grinning. "Listen, I don't mean to alarm you... but everyone around us is actually a robot, and they're studying our every interaction," she said as seriously as she could. Ah, she must sound like a complete dork right now but it was nothing that Peter hadn't dealt with before. "If you're not careful, they're going to end up being just like you," she added with a smirk. Which actually might not be a bad thing? Peter was one of the best people she knew. Though he had a bit of a prankster side, he was nowhere near as devious as her other friends.


"Peter Joseph Stonem!" She began - and only because he had used her full name. It really wasn't fair that she had two last names. "I absolutely despise you," she said jokingly before laughing. "Evie really is the saint of the pair." Juliette knew that her words were false. Between Evie and Peter, it was always Pete who was the nicer one. And honestly, the whole relationship that Evie had with Boone was just nauseating.

She raised a brow when he made a big show of predicting the future. Then cringed at the sound effects. "The absolute worst," she muttered under her breath with a smile and rolling her eyes. "I am not professing my love to you - especially not if you have a girlfriend." Even if he didn't have feelings for her, clearly he cared about her enough to not hurt her feelings and immediately break things off. And Juliette respected that despite the unsettling feeling in her stomach. She was not going to be one that Rosalind blamed for the downfall of their relationship.

Why was he... scratching his cheeks? Juliette looked around trying to see if there may be a mosquito flying around but didn't see anything of the sort. Juliette supposed she would just chalk it up to typical Peter oddness.

"Not annoying. We're great!" she said defensively. Yes, Sterling and her flirted. Yes, she enjoyed it when he complimented her. Yes, the two hung out all the time but that did not mean that she had feelings for him. To be honest, Juliette wasn't entirely sure what her feelings were regarding either of them. Not that she had feelings for them.

She raised a brow at his proposal to play twenty questions, opting to not answer that question. Especially when he compared the girl to his Aunt Ruby... who reminded Juliette of her Aunt Jade. "How... did you even end up with someone like your Aunt Ruby?" How did anyone end up with someone who kinda terrified them? That never made sense to Juliette.

His funeral? Instead of?

Juliette watched him, waiting for him to finish the sentence which he never did. Which only prompted Juliette to ask him. "Instead of what?"

An amused smirk crossed her face when he started throwing out Evie and her own's potential married names. "I think Juliette Stonem Zabini-Riddle has a rather nice ring to it," she joked. It had never been something she had thought of too often. "If Evie and I get married, she'd definitely have to be Eveline Zabini-Riddle, it does sound like absolute perfection," she joked.

And there went his proposal for a round of twenty questions. Again. Not too sure if this was a trap, the Gryffindor paused before nodding her head. "Alright. You wanna ask first?" That way she could shut the game down after the first question if she wasn't too fond of the way the game was going.
though we're strangers 'til now, we're choosing a path between the s t a r s________________._____________

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