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J. K. Rowling For all things about the author.

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Old 05-09-2006, 02:37 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Creatures
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Abominable Snowman - Another name for Yeti
Abraxan - An extremely strong palomino giant winged horse
Acromantula - An extremely large spider originating in Borneo that can speak
Aethonan - A chestnut winged horse
Antipodean Opaleye – Dragons native to New Zealand and Australia
Aquavirius Maggots - A creature Luna believes is real
Aragog - A giant Acromantula that belonged to Hagrid
Armadillo - It's bile is used in potion making
Arnold – Ginny’s Pygmy Puff
Ashwinder – An ash coloured serpent created when a magical fire burns too long without supervision, yet they only live for an hour
Augurey – A thin bird that sings at the coming of rain whose cry was once thought to foretell death


Bane - A centaur that lives in the Forbidden Forest
Banshee - Female creature with floor length hair, it screams can kill
Barny the Fruitbat – The Ballycastle Bats mascot
Basilisk – A very fatal serpent that has extremely venomous fangs and a deadly gaze
Bicorn - A magical creature whose horn has magical properties
Bigfoot - Another name for Yeti
Billywig – An Australian flying insect whose sting causes levitation
Binky - Lavender Brown’s rabbit
Biting Fairy - Another name for Doxy
Blast-Ended Skrewts – Illegal creatures that Hagrid bred
Blibbering Humbinger - A creature Luna believes to be real
Bloodhound (albino) - Ministry keeps them to hunt Nogtails
Bloodsucking Bugbear - A creature Hagrid has dealt with
Boarhound - Hagrid's dog Fang is one
Boggart - A shape-shifter that turns into your worst fear
Boomslang - An african snake, skin is used in potion making
Bowtruckle – A twiggy creature that guards trees that are useful for wand making
Buckbeak - A hippogriff who attacked Malfoy. Is in hiding with Sirius
Bugbear - Creature that Hagrid mentions
Bundimun – A pest that causes a foul stench and severe damage to houses
Bungy - A budgie mentioned in the Muggle news


Centaur – Extremely intelligent, Centaurs chose to stay classified as beasts. They live in herds in forests and are very secretive from humans, and excel in the mystic sides of magic
Chameleon Ghouls – Able to change their appearance
Chimera – A dangerous and lethal Greek beast, the eggs are classified Class A non-tradeable goods
Chinese Fireball – A striking scarlet and gold dragon, the fireball is best known for shooting mushroom shaped flame and its taste for humans
Chizpurfle – Small crablike parasites that are attracted to magic
Clabbert – A tree dwelling creature that is a cross between a monkey and a frog in appearance
Cockatrice - Once went on a rampage at the TWT
Common Welsh Green – One of the least troublesome dragons, green in colour and with a melodious roar
Cornish Pixie - Blue pixies that enjoy tricks and mayhem
Crookshanks - Hermione’s cat
Crumple-Horned Snorklack - A creature Luna believes to be real; horns are believed to mend themselves; creatures come at the call of a hum, though they prefer a waltz, since it's not too fast
Crup – Very much like a Jack Russell terrier apart from the forked tail, crups are extremely loyal pets
Cupids - Dwarfs with wings that delivers love letters at Valentine’s day


Dementor – Creepy floating creatures that suck the emotions from the space around them, suck out souls and create mist when they breed. They once guarded Azkaban but revolted, and follow Voldemort
Demiguise – A peaceful beast Found in the Far East that is highly prized for its pelt which can be spun into invisibility cloaks
Diricawl – A plump flightless bird that can vanish in a puff of feathers
Dobby - The Malfoy’s old house-elf now at Hogwarts who is very loyal to Harry
Double Ended Newt – Lizard
Doxy – Poisonous fairly like creature whose body is covered in coarse black hair
Dragon – Extremely large and difficult to hide, dragons are probably the most famous of magical beasts. They have highly magical properties and come in a variety of shapes and colours. There are 10 main breeds of dragon.
Dugbog – A marsh dwelling creature that resembles a piece of dead wood and enjoys biting ankles

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Old 05-09-2006, 03:30 AM   #2 (permalink)
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T l Guitar ♥ l l Bed Police l S


Elfric the Eager - A goblin
Erkling – Elfish creature that lures children to eat by cackling, originated in the Black Forest of Germany
Errol - The Weasley’s owl
Erumpent – Hippo like creature whose horn contains explosive liquid


Fairy – Unintelligent and extremely vain creatures that are often used for decoration
Fang - Hagrid’s dog
Fawkes - Dumbledore’s phoenix
Fire Crab – Tortoise like in appearance with heavily jewelled and ornate shells, they shoot fire from their rears as a defence mechanism
Firenze - A centaur that is outcast from the herd and teaches Divination at Hogwarts
Flobberworm – Thick brown worms that live in ditches that enjoy lettuce
Fluffy - Hagrid’s three headed dog
Freshwater Plimpies - Creatures believed to be found in freshwater
Fridwulfa – Hagrids giantess mother
Fwooper – Beautiful African birds whose song can eventually drive you mad, sold with silencing charms


Giant Squid – Creature that lives in the Hogwarts lake
Glumbumble – Furry flying insect that produces melancholy inducing treacle
Gnome – Common pest that invade magical gardens
Goblins - Beings that run Gringotts
Golden Snidget – Highly protected species of bird that are extremely agile and once played a role in Quidditch, until the practice was outlawed
Golgomath - A Giant Gurg
Graphorn – Large aggressive four-legged creature sometimes used by Trolls as mounts
Grawp - Hagrid’s Giant brother
Great Grey - An owl type
Griffin – Fierce creatures with the font end of a giant eagle and the hind legs of a lion often used to guard treasure
Grindylow – A horned, pale green water demon found throughout Britain and Ireland
Griphook - A Gringotts goblin
Gulping Plimpies – A creature


Hag – Female creature that supposedly eat children
Hairy MacBoon - Nickname of Quintapeds
Hebredian Black – Very territorial dragon native to Britain looked after by the MacFusty clan
Hedwig - Harry’s owl
Heliopath – Alleged Spirits of Fire that burn everything in their path
Hermes - Percy’s owl
Hinkypunk – Creature studied in DADA
Hippocampus – Greek creature with the head and forequarters of a horse and the tail of a giant fish
Hippogriff – Head of an eagle and body of a horse with large talons, they can be tamed but it should only be attempted by experts
Hokey – House-Elf that belonged to Hepzibah Smith
Hoppy - Newt Scamander’s Kneazle
Horklump – Pest that resembles a pink fleshy mushroom covered in sparse wiry black bristles
House-elf – Small elflike creatures bound to serve one family forever, unless it’s freed with clothes
Hungarian Horntail – The most ferocious dragon species very lizard like in appearance, it is extremely aggressive with the longest flame shooting abilities

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T l Guitar ♥ l l Bed Police l S


Imp – Found only in Britain and Ireland and often confused with pixies, Imp's have a slapstick sense of humour
Inferius (pl. inferi) – Corpse bewitched to do a Dark wizard’s bidding
Irish Phoenix - Another name for Augureys


Jarvey – Much like an overgrown ferret, the Jarvey is an imitator and likes to eat gnomes
Jobberknoll – Tiny speckled bird that makes no sound until the moment it dies, when it recreates every sound it has ever heard in reverse


Kappa – Japanese water demon that like to feed on human blood
Kelpie - Shape shifters that most often appear as horses and like to lure humans and devour them. The most famous known Kelpie is found in Loch Ness
Knarl – Hedgehog like creature that is highly suspicious of food offerings
Kneazle – Extremely intelligent magical cat that make excellent pets
Kreacher - The Black Family’s house elf


Leprechaun – Found solely in Ireland, these mischievous creatures produce a realistic gold-like substance that unfortunately disappears after a few hours
Lethifold – Mercifully rare and deadly creatures that kill often without a trace. People have been known to fake Lethifold deaths due to how hard it is to identify an attack
Liondragon - Another name for Chinese Fireball
Lionfish - A fish used in potions
Living Shroud - Another name for Lethifold
Lobalug – A simple creature 10 inches long that has a rubbery spout and venom sack

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T l Guitar ♥ l l Bed Police l S


Mackled Malaclaw – Resembling a lobster, they cause victims to be highly unlucky for up to a week
Magorian - Centaur in the forbidden forest
Manticore – Highly dangerous creature with the head of a man, the body of a lion, and the tail of a scorpion
Mauler - Newt Scamander’s Kneazle
Merpeople – Intelligent water dwelling human-like creatures that chose ‘beast’ status over ‘being’
Merrow - Irish Merepeople
Milly - Newt Scamander’s Kneazle
Moke – A silver-green lizard that has the ability to shrink
Mooncalf – An intensely shy creatures that like to dance under the moonlight
Mosag - An Acromantula and Aragog’s wife
Mr Paws - Mrs. Figg’s cat
Mrs Norris - Filch’s cat
Mr. Tibbles – A cat
Murtlap – Rat-like creature with a growth on its back that when eaten promotes resistances to curses


Nargles - Creatures only some believe to really exist
Nagini - Voldemort’s pet-snake
Niffler – A fluffy black beast that likes to borrow and loves shiny things
Nogtail – Demons that resemble piglets and are extremely fast
Norbert - A Norwegian Ridgeback that belonged to Hagrid
Norwegian Ridgeback – Dragon species exceptionally aggressive to its own kind
Nundu – Arguably the most dangerous beast in the world, the Nundu is a giant leopard whose breath is extremely lethal, capable of killing an entire village


Occamy - A plumed, two-legged winged creature with a serpentine body
Ogre – Troll like creature
Owl – Pets, also used to deliver mail


Peeves - The Hogwarts poltergeist
Peruvian Vipertooth – The smallest dragon species and also the fastest flyer
Phoenix – Magnificent scarlet bird that is highly magical. Their tears have healing powers, they can regenerate, and they have the ability to disappear and reappear at will. The song is said to bring heart and courage to the brave
Pigwidgeon (Pig) - Ron’s owl
Pixie – Electric blue wingless fairy like creature that loves to cause mayhem
Plimpy – Round mottled fish with two long rubbery legs ending in webbed feet
Pogrebin – Russian demons that tail humans inducing feelings of despair and hopelessness, allowing them to attack
Polecat – Hagrid once has one
Poltergeist - Ghosts who live for making mayhem and noise
Porlock – Horse guardians covered in shaggy fur with exceptionally large noses
Puffskein – Small spherical creatures covered in fur that are largely docile
Pygmy Puffs – Miniature Puffskeins

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Quintaped – Said to be wizards transfigured, they are highly dangerous carnivores with a particular taste for humans


Ragnok – Goblin
Ramora – Powerfully magical silver fish that can anchor ships and is a guardian to seafarers
Red Cap – Dwarf-like creatures that lurk in holes of battlegrounds ready to bludgeon the unwary
Re’em - Extremely rare giant oxen with golden hides whose blood gives immense strength
Ripper - Aunt Marge’s favourite bulldog
Romanian Longhorn – Dragons that are in low numbers due to being hunted for their horns
Ronan - A centaur in the Forbidden Forest
Runespoor – Livid orange and black 3 headed snake that reaches a length of six or seven feet


Salamander – Fire-dwelling lizards that feed on flame, but can live 6 hours out of fire if regularly fed pepper
Sanguini – Vampire
Scabbers - Ron’s rat, an animagus by the name of Pettigrew
Scops Owl - An owl type
Sea Serpent – Reaching a length of up to 100 feet, they are infact quite harmless and have never been known to kill any humans
Selkies - Scottish Merpeople
Shrake – A spine covered fish that destroy fishing nets, found only in the Atlantic ocean
Siren - Greek Merpeople
Snowy - Mrs. Figg’s cat
Sphinx – Egyptian creature with the head of a human and the body of a lion. They are highly intelligent, especially at riddles, and are often used to guard treasure
Streeler – A giant colour-changing snail that deposits behind it a highly venomous trail
Swedish Short-Snout – An attractive silvery-blue dragon whose skin is sought after for the manufacturing of protective equipment


Tebo – An ash coloured warthog that has the power of invisibility
Tenebrus - First of the Hogwarts Thestrals to be born in the forbidden forest
Thestral - A black winged horse that is only visible to people who have seen death. Many wizards see it as an ill omen
Tibbles - Mrs. Figg’s cat
Trevor - Neville’s toad
Troll – A fearsome creature up to twelve feet tall and weighing over a tonne that is notable for its equally prodigious strength and stupidity
Tufty - Mrs. Figg’s cat

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Ukrainian Ironbelly - A The largest of the dragons weighing up to 6 tonnes
Umbugular Slashkilter - A creature not believed to be real
Unicorn – A pure white horned horse that is highly magical. Born gold, they turn silver before maturing at 7. They are more likely to allow a witch to approach than a wizard and are extremely fleet of foot.


Vampire - The living dead who suck blood from humans, and can be warded of with garlic
Veela – Beautiful and entrancing women who morph to have bird like features when angered and throw fire


Werewolf – Humans that turn into wolves at the full moon and have little to no control over their actions. There is no known cure for the bite of a werewolf, but new potions can help lessen the effects
Winged Horse – Horses that have wings and the power of flight, there are several different breeds found worldwide
Winky - Mr Crouch’s old house elf, now at Hogwarts
Witherwings – Buckbeak’s new name
Wood Nymphs – Used for decoration mostly
Wrackspurt – Invisible creature that float in through your ears and make your brain go fuzzy, according to Luna


No creatures for X

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Yeti – A native creature of Tibet that is believed to be related to the troll, and is covered completely in pure white hair


No creatures for Z

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