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TakemetotheBurrow 07-03-2014 01:55 PM

TakemetotheBurrow's 100 Drabbles for Hufflepuff's Friendly Ellaphant Sa 13+
Graphic by DinosaursOnASpaceship

Hey loves, Ashleysaurus here! I’ve been itching to start drabbles and with some gentle nudging and encouragement from some awesome SSers, I was convinced to give this a go. These drabbles will give you a closer look at Ella Bishop, my former Hufflepuff, and her life. Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all things HP awesome belong to J. K. Rowling! Any of the SSRPG characters mentioned in Ella’s drabbles other than my own have been used only after getting permission.

1. Herbology 2. Muggle Studies 3. Transfiguration 4. Ancient Runes 5. Astronomy 6. Divination 7. Care of Magical Creatures 8. Potions 9. Defense Against the Dark Arts 10. Arithmancy 11. History of Magic 12. Charms 13. Quidditch 14. Hogwarts, A History 15. Room 16. Dragonhide gloves 17. Cauldron 18. Whomping Willow 19. Wand 20. Hogsmeade 21. Veela 22. Kneazle 23. Telescope 24. House elf 25. Sorting Hat 26. Quill 27. Owl 28. Timeturner 29. Pensieve 30. Feast 31. Dress robes 32. Common room 33. Classroom 34. Parseltongue 35. Pureblood 36. Muggle 37. Animagus 38. Patronus 39. Duel 40. Spell 41. Thestrals 42. Portraits 43. Headmaster 44. Ford Anglia 45. Licorice Wand 46. Dungeon 47. Portkey 48. Leprechaun 49. Yule Ball 50. Boggart 51. Act 52. Bore 53. Chase 54. Dare 55. Egg on 56. Fight 57. Goblin 58. Hoot 59. Ignore 60. Joke 61. Kiss 62. Amortentia 63. Mooch 64. Nap 65. Ooze 66. Pace 67. Quell 68. Roar 69. Slap 70. Spook 71. Untie 72. Vex 73. Warn 74. X-tinguish 75. Yodel 76. Zap 77. Cheerful 78. author's choice 79. author's choice 80. author's choice 81. Depression 82. Careful 83. Fearful 84. Angry 85. Snappish 86. Daring 87. Staircase 88. Sweet Tooth 89. Past 90. Present 91. Future 92. Chocolate 93. Chicken 94. Allergic 95. Snowball 96. Socks 97. Dictionary 98. Pajamas 99. Trunk 100. Homework

36. Muggle

“I don’t know, dear, which craft do you like best?”

“No, Gran, the school is a school for witchcraft!”

“No need to get huffy, Ella. You’re the one with the letter. You tell me which craft. I’ve always been partial to sewing.”

“I mean magic, Gran. The school teaches me magic.”

"So you'll be a magician, then? I didn't know there were schools for that!"

"Ella's going to be a magician? Does that mean I need to get her a rabbit?"

"Or a white dove, Richard. Top hat too!"

"I think I have one of those lying around!"


TakemetotheBurrow 07-12-2014 01:07 AM

88. Sweet Tooth

The tiny blonde sat staring at her empty parchment, mind on anything but the homework she was meant to be doing. What she really wanted was to write about something that mattered, something that demanded your attention, something that was so near and dear to her heart, it made her smile just thinking about it. What was that something, you ask?

Gummy worms.

Wonderfully delicious gummy worms.

And so the badger picked up her self-inking quill and with an inspired smile, she began to write.

"An Ode to Gummy Worms by Miss Ella Bishop, Hufflepuff"

Herbology homework could certainly wait.

TakemetotheBurrow 07-28-2014 05:01 PM

7. Care of Magical Creatures

Dear Professor Williamson,

It's no fair that your brown hair shines like a freshly groomed Aethonan when the sun hits it. Really, Professors should take heed not to be as cute as crups as it's extremely distracting to certain students who may or may not have an interest in educated and attractive people such as yourself. Don't you care about your students, Professor? Because if so, a hat or a mask might be prudent. Just looking out for you, Sir.

Ella read over the letter and blushed before crumpling it into a ball. No way she could actually send that.

Dedicated to Roro and WWW <3

TakemetotheBurrow 08-01-2014 11:08 PM

61. Kiss

She stood on tip toes, hands covering Alec's eyes. It was his birthday and for some reason, he wanted to spend it with her. And all she could focus on was his soft skin and that he had lovely hair. He smelled nice too, a thought that made her blush. This was nice.

“So...surprise?” Ella let her hands fall to her sides, awaiting his reaction.

"Ells, this's just..." And then he did it, leaned over and kissed her cheek.

She went pink, at a loss for words. And it might've been his birthday but he'd given her the gift.

Dedicated to Kitasaurus and Alec<3

TakemetotheBurrow 08-13-2014 12:15 AM

11. History of Magic

"Theo," She hissed, unable to avert her eyes from the remains of their model train. Completly destroyed. They couldn't have just done something so insanely dumb in Scabior's class.

"Don't be such a whiner." He was infuriatingly unafraid of the consequences but he hadn't been the one who'd summoned the mini rocket. "Just be cool."

Cool? Psh. Theoman wouldn't know cool if he sat on an icic--


The two students froze, unable to hide the wreckage of their latest assignment as Scabior loomed over head. And that was it, Ella was done for. Theodore Kinsley was a bad influence.

Dedicated to Em, Dani, Theo and Scabior<33

TakemetotheBurrow 08-30-2014 01:59 PM

82. Careful
She was mad.

Well, not really mad. Being angry with Alec Summers was near impossible. He was distracting her, though. She had studying to do and that face and the hair-It wasn't exactly helping her concentrate, yeah? He knew it too, this being the reason why the blonde was pouting as she looked at her notes. Ella was going to fail her NEWTS all thanks to him.

"Hey Ells? Everything not related to elephants is irrelephant."

No. Nope. She was trying to be mad!

Glancing up at him, she grinned despite her efforts.

"Be careful, you're smiling."

Nicely played, Summers.

Dedicated to Kitasaurus and Alec<33

TakemetotheBurrow 09-05-2014 04:18 PM

12. Charms

"Did you KNOW that you can change an object OR an animal with this spell? It's sort of brilliant in that way! I bet I could change hair color TOO!"

When Soph went on one of her Charms rants, there was no stopping her. Ella simply sat back and offered up her pillows for practice, accepting their now rainbow-esque living environment.

"Could use a bit more green." Helpful friend that she was, Ells simply had to point that out.

"And I wonder if you could change food too! I bet you could."

"No green, then? Okay."


"Nothing, Charms Queen."

Dedicated to Ju and Sophie<33

TakemetotheBurrow 09-11-2014 03:32 PM

9. Defense Against the Dark Arts

No matter how much Ella stretched, she couldn't master yoga. Her body wasn't a pretzel nor did it fancy being a pigeon or bridge. And the boat pose, the pose that left her rocking back and forth before knocking her to one side, that was the worst of them all. It made her frown just thinking about it and as she made her way into the arena, she mentally prepared for such things. She could do this! She had to and she would. She was determined now! You can't get the best of me, boat po-

"...Wait, no mats today?"

TakemetotheBurrow 09-14-2014 02:30 PM

89. Past

"She's not coming back, honey."

The words echoed in her head as the twelve year old sat by herself, staring out the window. And though Ella couldn't quite fathom how someone could do something like that, leave forever by choice, the blonde couldn't help but blame herself. She was the one in this family who was different. She'd been the one who had trouble in school. She was the one that needed looking after. It was her fault. It was hers. And now the small girl had to pull herself together and make up for it. Take over. Grow up.

TakemetotheBurrow 09-16-2014 10:40 PM

73. Warn

"Oakey, I won't do it."

He was crazy! Not that this was a surprise or anything but why would you ask someone to punch you in the face? The face! He'd get a black eye! It might hurt his nose! She might break her hand! She needed her hand. Alec held that hand all the time! This was a bad idea. It just was.

"You have to. Don't be a baby about it, just punch me." He sour lemon glared at her, making her shift uncomfortably.

"But it'll hurt," She warned, growing annoyed.

"I knew you wouldn't do it."


Dedicated to Jay and Oakey<33

TakemetotheBurrow 09-28-2014 06:15 PM

77. Cheerful

They'd lost the match and Ella stayed on her broom, hovering over the crowd of people gathered on the pitch. She needed a minute to process. Faking smiles wasn't easy.

"That was WICKED!" She'd landed and was approaching the group when she heard it, Toby's exclamation. Wait, he was happy?

"I can't believe I did it!" Forrest spoke up this time, a look of disbelief on his face.

"'Course you did!" Toby grinned proudly at his friend and he wasn't the only one smiling. The rest of the team followed suit.

Maybe she wouldn't have to fake it after all.

Dedicated to Felix and Tobias/Deniz and Forrest <33

TakemetotheBurrow 10-01-2014 07:54 PM

52. Bore

First time as keeper. Why was she playing this position again? Ella couldn't help but think it was some colossal mistake. She knew people who played this position. Looked up to those people. Pseudo-brothers would be disappointed if she messed this up. Her team would be disappointed. Oh Merlin, okay, this was going to be bad.

The blonde hovered in front of the center hoop, hands up and mind racing as she watched opposing chasers approach. The one in the lead had eyes that bore into her, filling her with nerves and excitement. They tossed the quaffle and she dove...

TakemetotheBurrow 10-17-2014 06:57 PM

37. Animagus

She would make herself a bird. A bird that could fly home and check on her little brother whenever she wanted. One that could sing beautifully and be free to come and go as it pleased.

Or maybe a mouse. A small mouse that had endless places to hide when it didn't feel like being found. One that was quick and moved undetected among the larger creatures around it.

Some days she thought a cat would be best. Fierce and beautiful. Sure of itself. Independent and intelligent.

Being an animagus would certainly have its benefits, Ella was sure of that.

TakemetotheBurrow 10-23-2014 04:33 PM

8. Potions

What was that? Ella glanced at the plimpy with wide eyes, feeling slightly nauseous when she noticed the tools sitting nearby. They were sharp tools, tools used to take something apart, not put it back together. *GULP* No-No they couldn't be dissecting anything. Surely that wasn't something they'd need to do-

"We're going to open this up, using the parts for potions ingredients." Lafay's voice broke the blonde's train of thought and she bit her lip, stomach already turning. They were going to do this. She was going to. Oh Merlin.

What exactly was the punishment for puking in class?

Dedicated to Droo and Professor Lafay <33

TakemetotheBurrow 10-29-2014 07:41 PM

83. Fearful

"How could anyone be afraid of a house elf?" She knew Messy was strange and all but fearing something so cute seemed silly. "We should help him get over his fear!"

"That's a great idea, Ells!" Alec grinned over at her before ruffling his hair. "But Ells? How do we help him? He won't exactly come into the kitchen with us, will he?"

Alec had a good point. There was no way Messer would hang with house elves voluntarily. The blonde tapped her chin, considering the matter.

"I know! We'll blindfold him!"

Messer really did have the best friends ever.

Dedicated to Poo and Messy and Kita and Alec <33

TakemetotheBurrow 10-30-2014 07:46 PM

53. Chase

"I don't understand. Why don't you just go after her?" That's what you did when someone ran from you, right? It was simple. Like a game she'd played with the boys across the street since she was old enough to run. She took off and they chased after. Tag, you're it. Those were the rules.

"It's not that simple, Ella." He was looking through paperwork at his desk, left hand on his temple the way it always was when he was starting to get a headache.

"But if you just tried to-"

"Not everyone who runs wants to be caught."

TakemetotheBurrow 11-01-2014 10:12 PM

99. Trunk

"Me go,'La." The two year old sat in the middle of her bed, arms folded across his chest.

"You stay, Caleb." She added another meticulously folded jumper to her trunk, smoothing it down. It was nearly full by now, leaving just enough room for her most important things.

Caleb's lip began to quiver and his big eyes welled up with tears, causing her to go to him. "Please don't cry." Scooping him up, she brought him over to her trunk and placed him inside.

"Ella, what're you doing? Gran leaned against the door frame, amused.

"Well, he is important, Gran."

TakemetotheBurrow 11-02-2014 05:07 PM

18. Whomping Willow

"We'll be doing some interval training so just uh, follow my lead?" Her teammates got an encouraging smile before they headed towards the willow.


Min was singing the Kitty Wade anthem and speaking of, Curly was giving her superman a bit of a push to get him going. No one was as fast as Toby, though. Kid was speedy.

"Now jog!"

Wait, why had Wade turned towards her? He was pushing Alec the wrong way! They were going to- *CRASH*

From the tangle of limbs on the ground, Ella let out a laugh.

"...Cloud watch!"

Break time. Captain's orders.

Dedicated to the term 34 Hufflepuff Quidditch team lovelies <33

TakemetotheBurrow 11-14-2014 04:05 PM

23. Telescope

"But stars! We'd have a nice view from the Astronomy tower." She stared longingly at her telescope before her green eyes locked on to Alec's blue ones.

"Ells, there's no snogging in the astronomy tower."

She blushed. It's not like she'd mentioned snogging! The stars were why she wanted to go! And sure, it'd be sort of romantic and quiet and the perfect scenario for a kiss but--Oh, who was she kidding? She'd want to kiss him as soon as they got there.

"It's not fair. We're graduating! You'd think Airey would let us have a pass just this once."

Dedicated to Pixie and Airey, Kita and Alec <33

TakemetotheBurrow 11-28-2014 10:37 PM

84. Angry

"It's not fair." She wiped at her cheeks stubbornly with her sleeves, eyes focused on the window behind Gran. She could make out the highest branches of the willow from here. Gran, of course, was completely calm. Only she could be the picture of tranquility when sharing news like this.

"Life isn't fair, Ella. And wouldn't it be boring if everyone always got exactly what they wanted?" She moved towards the bed and Ella turned away, annoyed.

"Why aren't you angry? How come you're not crying too?"

"Life has afforded me countless acts, kid. Now is simply my curtain call."

TakemetotheBurrow 12-17-2014 02:19 AM

93. Chicken

"Just tell him, dear." Gran's glasses had slid down the bridge of her nose as she glanced at the grocery list she was making, her tone impatient. And okay, maybe Ella had been voicing her opinions on the matter for an hour now but she was new to this and nervous and too young to afford a proper therapist to discuss things with!

"You don't understand! It could change everything." Ella's eyes widened at the thought and she shook her head seriously. No, she simply couldn't tell him.


"I am not-"

"No dear, I'm adding chicken to my list."

TakemetotheBurrow 12-29-2014 06:36 PM

25. Sorting Hat

"Ella Bishop!"

She couldn't stop her hands from shaking so she clasped them together as she sat down on the stool, eyes trained on her shoes. She was so nervous. This moment determined where she'd belong! It determined who her Hogwarts family would be. It sort of made her want to throw up.

An old hat covered wide green eyes, ones that grew wider as a voice whispered in her ears. She thought about important things then. Things like how much she missed her dad and how she hoped she'd be accepted and how she wanted to belong-

"Better be...HUFFLEPUFF!"

TakemetotheBurrow 02-01-2015 08:02 PM

13. Quidditch

"But I-I cheated!" Forrest looked terrified as he stood in the common room. She knew the feeling. Getting something you wanted could be just as scary as it was exciting.

"How exactly did you cheat?" He was lying. She'd watched the tryouts critically and there was no way anyone had gone easy on him. Clear that she'd caught him, the boy back peddled.

"I just-I can't." He didn't feel good enough or strong enough. The doubts were messing with him.

"I'll help you, yeah? Just don't not do it because you're afraid." He'd be missing out.

"...I want to play."

Dedicated to Deniz and Forrest! <33

TakemetotheBurrow 03-08-2015 04:49 PM

44. Ford Anglia

"You're letting her drive me?"

"Honestly Ella, the woman has had her license for years!"

True but it wasn't him having to survive a trip in the car with her. The woman thought road signs were more suggestions than rules to be followed! Then again, Gran had always made her own rules.

"But dad, we could bond! Talk about-"

"Boys? Yeah, no. I've heard all I want to on that subject."

Unfair. She'd only talked about one as of late and not to him!

"Not what I was going to say." Blush.

...Maybe it was better that Gran was driving.

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