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jesusfr33ke2010 02-09-2008 06:49 PM

Austin’s 50 Harry Potter Ficlets – Sa13+
50 Harry Potter Ficlets

1. Accio
2. Avada Kedavra
3. Braking Charm
4. Blasting Curse
5. Colloportus
6. Crucio
7. Confundus
8. Diffindo
9. Disapparate
10. Engorgio
11. Expecto Patroum
12. Furnunculus
13. Flagrate
14. Horn Tongue
15. Hurling Hex
16. Impedimenta
17. Imperio
18. Incarcerous
19. Jelly Legs
20. Knitting Charm
21. Langlock
22. Legilimens
23. Levicorpus
24. Lumos
25. Mobilicorpus
26. Morsmordre
27. Muffliato
28. Nox
29. Obliviate
30. Oppugno
31. Orchideous
32. Petrificus Totalus
33. Point Me
34. Protego
35. Quietus
36. Reducto
37. Relashio
38. Rictusempra
39. Sectumsempra
40. Sonorus
41. Scourgify
42. Silencio
43. SpeRevelio
44. Stupefy
45. Tarantallegra
46. Tergeo
47. Twitchy Ears Hex
48. Unbreakable Vow
49. Wingardium Leviosa
50. Waddiwasi

42. Silencio

Harry strode down the sixth floor corridor. He was trying to relieve some stress because his final exams were creeping up slowly but surely. Letting down his bag, he sat on a bench.

He hadn’t noticed two Hufflepuff third year girls were verbosely talking about one of their roommates that had been caught passionately kissing a Ravenclaw boy down by the lake. The gossip was slowly irritating Harry more and more. Frustrated more than he would have if he had just stayed in the common room, Harry stood and walked off toward the Great Hall. “I need something to eat,” Harry thought.

But to his dismay, the girls seemed to have the same idea. By the time that they reached the third floor corridor, he was feed up with the girls. He turned, drawing his wand, “Silencio” He said pointing to one of the girls. The other girl protested, “Hey you cant do-” but Harry cut her off casting another Silencing Charm. “Finally,” Harry muttered as he strode off toward Gryffindor tower, the details of the girls' conversation had made him lose his appetite.

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32. Petrificus Totalus

“HARRY, DON’T,” Hermione yelled. Harry barely heard her and kept running down the dark corridor. The blood pulsed in his ears, and the sound of his footsteps echoed off the walls. His wand was out and he could only think of what he was after.

HARRY,” Hermione kept yelling, “HARRY,” but it was no use Harry kept going, not listening of caring what she had to say.

“HARRY, listen to me.” Hermione screamed. “Well, if you’re not going to listen to me, Petrificus Totalus.” The spell erupted from Hermione’s wand and hit Harry square in the back. Harry’s body bound to itself and Harry hit the floor face first.

Hermione caught up with him quickly, and flipped him onto his back.
“Now you have to listen to me,” Hermione said desperately,
“Have you thought for a second about what you’re doing?” Hermione was in tears, “And I know it hurts, but we just have to-” With a flash of green light, Hermione was blasted backwards, dead. Harry felt his bind disappear but could not do anything, “Just another Mudblood.” The hooded man said as he emerged from the shadows.

jesusfr33ke2010 02-12-2008 12:42 AM

In the spirit of Valentine's Day
31. Orchideous

Harry glanced at his watch; it showed that it was almost seven. Harry could not think of a time when he was more nervous. He began to rush; he set the radio so it would play soft romantic music in the background. He quickly scooped the pasta into two bowls, poured two glasses of wine, tossed the salad, and placed it all on the table. “I want this night to be perfect,” Harry said to himself. He lowered the lights, then flicked out his wand, lighting a candle on the table. “Orchideous,” He spoke and two flowers appeared, landing in the vase already on the table.

There was a knock on the door, Harry turned, smoothing out his shirt. “Can I come in,” Ginny’s voice could be heard on the other side of the door. “Orchideous,” Harry said conjuring three dozen roses, and then pocketed his wand. He unbolted the door, and their stood Ginny in her nicest purple satin dress. Stepping into the room, Ginny was amazed at all that Harry had done.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” Harry said softly.
"I hope you like-” Harry continued, before Ginny caught him in a kiss. “It’s perfect,” she said, her eyes twinkling.

jesusfr33ke2010 02-15-2008 10:44 PM

3. Braking Charm

“Thank You, Thank You so much!” Lily exclaimed throwing her arms around her parents. Harry had known that Lily had wanted a broomstick by the way she had watched her older brothers play Quidditch. Lily had completely forgotten her other gifts, which left unnoticed in a pile on the table. She jumped up running toward the door.

“Hold it right there, Lily Luna Potter,” Ginny’s voice was tense but firm. She was outraged that Harry had purchased a broom for Lily without talking to her about it. “We need to set some rules first.”

Ginny,” Harry said, “It will be fine, it is the best broom there is the Firebolt 2500, I bought it at Quality Quidditch Supplies. It has superb balance, turning acceleration, and it’s equipped with the newest and best Braking Charm. And we are only going into the back yard.”

“Ok then, but be careful," Ginny said, but the rest of the Potter family was already out the door.

Harry watched with pride as Lily pushed off the ground and flew with ease. James and Albus watched sulkily for they only had matching Firebolt 2250s, but Lily hardly noticed as she enjoyed her first solo broom ride.

jesusfr33ke2010 02-22-2008 12:33 AM

15.Hurling Hex

Harry grinned, “Thank you, thank you very much,” he said. Harry set his broom down as a surge of fans thrust pictures at him to autograph. Harry placed the snitch that helped seal his team’s victory into his pocket. Harry grabbed a quill and began to sign autographs. Harry’s team was off to the Quidditch World Cup. Harry, nor anyone else, took notice that a man dressed in a dark gray robe had drawn his wand and placed a spell on Harry’s broom

Harry was nervous. It was his first appearance in the Quidditch World Cup, and looking around he could tell that his teammates were equally nervous. They felt the stadium shake as applause erupted as the other team flew out onto the pitch. Harry grabbed his broom, and on cue the seven players mounted their brooms zoomed out onto the pitch. The game began, but Harry didn’t even see the first goal scored.

Harry awoke several people huddled around him.
What happened?” Harry mumbled.
Harry could barely hear Ron’s response “Someone placed a Hurling Hex on your broom, mate.”
But the game,” Harry muttered.
We’re sorry but your team forfeited after your fall,” Ginny said sadly.

jesusfr33ke2010 02-24-2008 04:26 AM

28. Nox

Wands lit, Harry and Ginny were walking up a hill. It was Ginny’s birthday, and they had decided to take a moon-lit walk, after their romantic dinner. The moon was unfortunately not out tonight, because of the clouds, so the pair used their wands so that they could see. They made it to a tree and decided to sit under it for a while. “Nox,” they both whispered, their lights extinguishing. Harry took Ginny in his arms as they talked about was going on in their lives. When they we’re done talking they just lay next to each other content with their lives. It was getting late and they decided that they needed to head for home. Stretching, they stood up and apparated home.

Two nights later Harry realized how much he loved Ginny.

“Where are we going?” Ginny, who was blind folded, asked for the third time. “You’ll see,” Harry responded.
They reached the top of the hill, “Nox” he said, so that they were only under the light of the moon.
Removing Ginny’s blindfold, Harry got on one knee. Holding out a ring, Harry asked “Will you marry me?”
Yes” Ginny responded, tears falling from her eyes.

jesusfr33ke2010 03-07-2008 02:38 AM

39. Sectumsempra

Harry was flying on a peaceful night. He was heading to Ron and Hermione’s house, where he had been invited for dinner. Nothing seemed to be wrong, and Harry’s life had been normal, or as normal as wizard’s life could be, for quite some time now. He glanced at his watch, to find that he was running late, which he seemed to be doing quite often nowadays.

Looking up from his watch, he saw three flashes of red sparks quickly followed by the Dark Mark. Harry laid himself flat on his broom and zipped forward. With a loud thump, Harry landed in front of his friend’s house, the bright green light emitted from the Dark Mark above.

Harry flung through the door, wand ready, but no one in sight. He passed through the kitchen, to the hallway. Ron’s body lay unmoving in the hall, a shattered picture frame on top of him. Harry rushed into the bedroom; Hermione lay next to the bed, her wand clutched in her lifeless grasp.

Hello, Potter” said a voice, “Remember me? Sectumsempra” Harry felt the deep pain as the spell hit; Harry caught a glimpse of Malfoy leaving, before passing out.

jesusfr33ke2010 03-18-2008 02:04 AM

26. Morsmordre

Harry stood looking down, his green eyes twinkling under the stars. An autumn breeze flowed through his long black cloak. On the ground lay three bodies, not yet cold or rigid by death. Harry let out a small chuckle, “They were useless anyway.” Harry raised his wand from the lifeless bodies to the sky. “Morsmordre,” he spoke in a strong harsh voice, and the Dark Mark appeared glowing in the cloudless sky. As he had cast the spell, the left sleeve of robe had fallen back revealing the mark, similar to the one that was above him.

Harry knew that the Aurors would soon be here, wondering if it was the same person who had committed the wave of murders in the past few weeks. Harry knew they would never think of him, after all he was the boy who lived. He looked at the bodies with his slightly snake like eyes and with a faint “pop,” Harry disapperated.

In the next second, seven Aurors, including Hermione apparated, wands raised, in the very same spot that Harry had been standing. “We missed them again,” Hermione, head of the Auror department, muttered angrily, frustrated that their murderer had gotten away.

jesusfr33ke2010 03-30-2008 05:03 AM

35. Quietus

There was a light mist drizzling from the sky, as Harry walked onto the Quidditch pitch, broom in hand. The crowd was roaring in support of their team. The crowds had a quite obvious division of Slytherin and Gryffindor supporters.

But unlike all the other times that he had been at the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch, Harry was not wearing his scarlet and gold robes. Today he was wearing the robes of the referee because he had become, after a great number of years as an auror, the flying professor at Hogwarts.

Harry watched as the fourteen players flew into the pitch. As they circled around him, Harry set down the ball crate and released the snitch and bludgers.

Harry’s voice boomed over all the pitch and the grounds, Welcome to the first match of the term, Slytherin versus Gryffindor. The crowd erupted with applause and screams.

Harry pointed his wand at his throat “Quietus” he said, allowing his voice to return to its regular volume. “I want a clean game from both teams,” Harry said, “Captains, shake hands.

After all the players were in position, Harry threw the Quaffle into the air and the match began.

jesusfr33ke2010 04-03-2008 11:07 PM

20. Knitting Charm

Harry and Ginny were relaxing in the large armchairs that some what resembled the armchairs that two of their children were probably sitting in at that very moment. With James, Albus and Lily, all at Hogwarts, Harry and Ginny were enjoying a quite evening together. The fire blazed from within the fireplace, and they both were sipping some coffee.

The pair talked about the goings on in their lives as three sets of knitting needles clicked away. Ginny, like her mother before her, had picked up knitting and rather enjoyed it. She was only using the knitting charm because Christmas was not far off and she needed to finish before the holidays. The royal blue sweater largely contrasted with the two crimson sweaters.

Lily had been sorted into Ravenclaw despite her family being all Gryffindor students, but her brothers never made any joke about it because her superb mind would be able to belittle them in three seconds flat.

Harry sighed, “What’s wrong dear?” Ginny asked.

I just wish Lily could have been in Gryffindor,” Harry said.

Ginny retorted, “Well she is partly named after a marvelous Ravenclaw, and you of all people should know, the sorting hat knows best."

jesusfr33ke2010 04-17-2008 12:52 AM

14. Horn Tongue

Harry walked into Transfiguration, not caring what was going on in class. He was lost in his own thoughts, and his gloominess made it apparent to everyone that he just wanted to be alone with his thoughts. He slumped into his chair between Hermione and Ron. Harry knew they were glancing between themselves and him wondering what to say, but at that moment McGonagall shut the door and began the lesson.

Hermione began to get caught up in the lesson. Ron was pretending to pay attention to the lesson but seemed to be more interested in Hermione. Harry mindless flipped open his copy of Guide to Advanced Transfiguration and distracted by his own thoughts.

Potter, What is the incantation for the Horn Tongue Charm?” McGonagall asked aware that Harry had not been paying attention.

Well. Well…” Harry mumbled, trying to think of an answer.

5 points from Gryffindor” McGonagall said with a sigh, “Now please pay attention.

Harry looked over to see Malfoy and bunch of his Slytherin groupies snickering and pointing at his direction. And Harry wished he knew the Horn Tongue Charm just so he could use it on Malfoy and his little gang of Slytherins.

jesusfr33ke2010 04-17-2008 01:22 AM

8. Diffindo

Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione entered the Annual Ball dressed in their finest dress robes. They were ready to have a joyous evening, when Malfoy walked up to them with Crabbe and Goyle following in their bodyguard like fashion.

I’m surprised that you four would come here looking that” Malfoy sneered looking the four up and down, “I thought that you would know to wear quality robes to such an event.” He then strutted towards the drink table.

Ron grew red in the face, Harry and Hermione had to hold him back from trying to rip Malfoy apart. What Harry and Hermione had failed to recognize was the Ginny had whipped out her wand.

Diffindo.” Ginny spoke, softly but firmly.

Malfoy’s clothes began to tear, leaving him standing in nothing but his underwear. Malfoy was shocked but strode toward Ginny taking out his wand.

You might want to reconsider,” Harry spoke, making Malfoy realize that Harry, Ron and Hermione had their wands pointing at him.

Keep your girlfriend in check,” Malfoy spat towards Harry.

Ginny hollered, “Malfoy, I thought you would have enough sense to come here in a little more then your skivvies,” and everyone burst into laughter.

jesusfr33ke2010 04-17-2008 11:07 PM

46. Tergeo

Opening his glaze covered eyes, Harry realized he was being carried by what seemed like several people. Harry heard several voices that seemed dreamy and far away.

“At least he’s fairly light”
“Would you look at all that blood”
“I think he is coming to!”
“Let’s hurry”

Harry was being lowered.

“Oh my word, Tergeo, Tergeo, Tergeo. It’s not too terrible but he will have to spend the night here. Now I need all of you to leave.”

Harry heard the shuffling several people’s feet and the shutting of a door.

The next morning Harry woke up and reached out, putting his glasses on. Opening his eyes, he looked at himself to see several gashes on his arms and chest.

Good your up, drink this.” Madam Pomfrey was shoving a glass liquid into his hands.

“What happened?” Harry muttered

You were hexed to the point that you fell off your broomstick during Quidditch practice.” Madam Pomfrey said, cleaning him and making sure he drank the potion. She pointed her wand at a cut that had started to ooze blood, “Tergeo. Now you’re going to have to stay here a few days.

Harry hated being stuck in the hospital wing.

jesusfr33ke2010 04-19-2008 02:53 PM

50. Waddiwasi

Grunting, Harry moved his hand away from the doorknob, stretching the bright pink bubble gum along with it.

He had not realized that even in the Gryffindor common room people still enjoyed picking on him. He was being made a laughing stock not only in the wizarding world because of the Daily Prophet, but also at Hogwarts. In the past week, Harry had been tripped, had his book bag rip open, fallen in the restroom where someone has made the floor slippery, and several times placed his hand on a gum covered doorknob.

He turned toward a group of snickering 3rd years. They were not conspicuous about the fact that they were laughing at him.

Waddiwasi,” Harry spoke pointing his wand at his hand then the doorknob. The gum clumped into four pink masses. Harry then pointed his wand toward the group of 3rd years, placing gum on each one of their heads without them noticing.

He then called out, “Hey guys you have something in your hair.

They all pushed the gum onto their hands and hair, becoming angry. Harry didn’t see any of this because he had walked into his room, slamming the door behind him.

jesusfr33ke2010 04-21-2008 01:10 AM

4. Blasting Curse

Thank you, for you attention in this class, and remember that your foot of parchment on Red Caps is due next class.” Lupin spoke before releasing the class. “And also if you could bring objects that you wouldn’t mind being destroyed that would be great.

While Harry and Ron waited for a minutes for Hermione to ask Professor Lupin a question, they wondered why they would need objects that they wouldn’t mind destroying.

Nodding as they entered Lupin said “Good, good,” He chuckled when he saw Hermione’s object of disdain.

Today is a practical lesson, wands out!” Lupin spoke, continuing he said “You are going to learn the Blasting Curse.

A ripple of excitement went through the students. Lupin placed what looked like the moon onto a podium, flicking his wand he spoke “Confringo” and the object exploded into tiny pieces.

Hermione placed her object Unfogging the Future on the podium and blasted the book to shreds with a large grin on her face. As Ron blasted a model spider to bits, other students were getting eager for their turn. Harry blasted a pair of the Dursley’s socks to pieces and joyously watched the others blast their objects.

jesusfr33ke2010 04-21-2008 01:47 AM

16. Impedimenta

Great,” Harry muttered. It was time for Quidditch try-outs and Harry was not looking forward to the number of people who were going to tryout just because he was captain. Just as he had expected there were was a large group waiting to tryout for the Gryffindor team.

Harry spoke harshly, “Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and first year students leave now.” The size of the crowd diminished as those not able to tryout walked toward the castle.

After weeding out those who couldn’t fly at all, Harry had found a pretty set team: Ginny, Dean and Demelza as chasers, Ron as keeper and himself as seeker. Harry has yet to find any beaters.

Ok, now we are going to hit bludgers.” Harry spoke. Harry let Robertson hit a bludger and was suprised as bludger went through the middle hoop with astonishing speed.

IMPEDIMANTA” Harry yelled stopping a poorly hit bludger that was flying towards Ginny who was distracted.

Harry proceeded to use the Impediment jinx on bludgers that were poorly hit and flying towards himself and others. At the end of tryouts, Harry felt that he had found at least another mediocre beater, despite several near bludger bashings.

jesusfr33ke2010 04-27-2008 01:59 AM

45. Tarantallegra
(a ficlet, kind of, continued from ficlet #12)

After Malfoy ran out of the hall, Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione made their way to the dance floor. While Harry, Ginny and Hermione started to dance, Ron just stood there.

You guys look foolish” Ron said.

At least we are having fun” Ginny and Hermione said simultaneously.

As the dance went on, Ron just stood despite Harry trying to persuade him to join in. Ginny leaned over to tell Hermione something over the roar of the Weird Sisters music. Hermione walked over to Ron and gave him a big hug, but Harry noticed she grabbed him wand out of his jacket on the process.

Wondering what was about to happen, Harry kept his mouth shut. Ginny pointed her wand at Ron’s feet and whispered “Tarantallegra.”

Ron began to dance wildly, and the other three began to snicker loudly. Realizing what had happened thrust his hand into his jacket and to his dismay found that his wand wasn’t there.

Harry, Hermione and Ginny then went over to get something to drink, leaving Ron dancing crazily by himself. After an hour, they returned to the dance floor and released the spell on Ron, who fell to the floor exhausted.

jesusfr33ke2010 04-28-2008 11:22 PM

5. Colloportus

After a bad fight with Uncle Vernon, Harry stayed locked up in his room till Dudley’s birthday. Walking down the stairs, Harry heard Dudley complaining for the billionth time that he hadn’t gotten enough presents and his room needed to be filled with gifts.

I can’t believe how spoiled he is” Harry muttered to himself.

Entering the kitchen, Harry grabbed a glass of water and some food.

WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?” Dudley shouted, “My friends are going to be here soon for my party.

As Harry chuckled, Dudley asked “What’s so blooding funny?

Walking toward the stairs, Harry muttered “You don’t have any friends,” thinking that Dudley couldn’t hear him.

But Dudley heard and retorted in the ugliest manner, “At least Potter, I have parents and a family.

Harry heard the door bell ring as he bounded up the stairs two at a time.

This will show him,” he said pointing his wand at Dudley’s door “Colloportus.” When the door had sealed Harry spoke “Now you can’t enjoy any of you bloody presents.

The next week, Uncle Vernon had to hire a repair man to take out and replace Dudley’s door, frame and adjacent part of the wall.

jesusfr33ke2010 04-29-2008 11:10 PM

22. Legilimens

Lets open up your mind shall we,” the icy voice cut through the air. “LEGILIMENS

Her mind opened to him. Her mind was a book, open for his reading. He was able to see all her secrets. He was able to see all that she had seen and all she knew.

And suddenly her mind closed as Hermione screamed,NO, HARRY!

Now, we can’t have that,” the icy voice said “LEGILIMENS.”

Once again Hermione’s mind was torn apart despite all her tries to resist.

There was a rather tall skinny boy, his black hair still unkempt, his eyes darting from side to side as if watching for something. Ahead a couple of paces a red headed woman had the same watchfulness in her eyes.

The man with the icy voice hid, almost in complete shadows, and watched as the woman went towards the door, magically hidden. A bright green light hit her square in the back and she fell. The crowded street began to scatter wildly and Harry was lost in the confusion.

Three pairs of eyes, unseen by everyone below, of children home for Christmas holiday, swelled with tears as they watched their mother fall.

jesusfr33ke2010 04-29-2008 11:48 PM

41. Scourgify

HARRY,” Ginny’s voice screeched.

Yes, dear” Harry said, rushing to his pregnant wife’s side.

I want to take a bubble bath, will you fix it up for me” Ginny said with a weak smile.

As they entered the bathroom, Ginny let out a wail, “This bathroom is disgusting, it must be cleaned first!

James and Albus had gone into the restroom covered in mud and left the bathroom full of sludge and dirt.

While Ginny walked toward the bedroom to sit in a comfortable chair, Harry took out his wand.

Pointing it first at the tub, he spoke softly, “Scourgify.” Harry kept repeating the spell over and over again to remove the muck.

The room became less revolting as the spell did its work. And soon enough, the white tile sparkled and the granite glimmered.

Harry turned on the hot water and tested the temperature with his finger. He added the bubbles and dimmed the lights to soothe Ginny in her tense state.

Walking into the bedroom, Harry found Ginny asleep in the chair. Thinking it better not to wake her, He continued to write his letter to Luna that they were naming their child’s middle name after her.

jesusfr33ke2010 05-03-2008 04:38 AM

38. Rictusempra

You will be learning the tickling charm today,” Flitwick announced to the class, “So everyone partner up, please.

While Ron and Hermione partnered up, Harry was stuck working with Neville.

After learning the incantation and wand movement, the class set to work on successfully completing the spell.

Five points to Gryffindor” Flitwick announced. Harry just completing the spell correctly thought that he had earned house points, for once. Sadly, Harry was mistaken. It was Hermione who was receiving the points, despite the fact that Ron was not laughing as hard as Neville was.

Rictusempra.” Harry bellowed causing Neville to fall into fits of laughter, once again. Flitwick walked past Harry and Neville without a word.

Professor Flitwick continued to comment on how well all the other students were doing with the spell, but never recognized that Harry was doing well.

I guess a teacher always does have favorites and least favorites,” Harry muttered to himself, as he exited the class a few minutes later.

Slouching into an armchair in the common room, Harry set to do the homework that Flitwick had assigned them, despite the fact that he knew he would get one of the lowest marks on the assignment.

jesusfr33ke2010 05-07-2008 02:33 AM

1. Accio

Harry couldn’t sleep. Finally frustrated at his insomnia, Harry threw back the covers and went down to the common room.

Sitting by the diminishing fire, Harry grabbed a quill and parchment from a near table.

He began to write in his untidy handwriting:


How do you know when you care about someone?
Is it when, you can’t fall asleep at night because you think of them.

Is it when, you only want them to see you at your best not your worst.

Is it when, you go out of your way just to see and be near them.

Is it when, you imagine them in your future and not anyone else.

Is it when, you think your heart will crushed if you never fall in love
Harry kept writing until he filled the length of the parchment and finally wrote:


<3 Ginny

When he heard a sound behind him, Harry turned around to find Ginny was standing there sleepily.

What are you doing?” she asked softly.

Nothing,” Harry replied unconvincingly.

Accio parchment,” Ginny muttered and it flew into her hands.

Please don’t read…” Harry said feebly.

When she finished reading, Ginny through herself into Harry’s arms and kissed him.

jesusfr33ke2010 05-10-2008 05:14 AM

23. Levicorpus
(Inspired by my friends randomly playing freeze tag at a playground at night)

Harry, Ron, Hermione and a couple of other students sat lazily around the lake.

Suddenly Hermione jumped up saying “We should play freeze tag!

Everyone looked at Hermione like she was crazy, except Harry, who had seen muggle kids play the game before.

The exception would be that we would use magic.” Hermione stated.

After Hermione explained, with help from Harry, everyone decided to try magical freeze tag.

Harry pointed his wand at Hermione, and spoke clearly “Levicorpus

Immediately everyone was excited at the prospect of hanging everyone upside down from their ankles.

Harry explained, “The person who is it, should use this spell. The person who is tagged must drop their wand and wait for someone to tag them out, by using the counter spell Liberacorpus.

Hours later, after intense playing, the students made their way back toward the castle. They occasionally tripped because many of them had been upside down for too long and were quite dizzy.

I think we should just use freezing charms next time,” Hermione muttered.

But what’s the fun in that.” Harry laughed.

Over the next weeks crowds of students came to play the dizzying game. In time, it became a Hogwarts tradition.

jesusfr33ke2010 05-10-2008 04:07 PM

21. Langlock

Sitting at the Gyffindor table for lunch Harry, Ron and Hermione began to scoop food onto their plates.

Flipping open her planner, Hermione began to talk rapidly about their upcoming NEWT exams. As Harry and Ron continued to eat, Hermione listed off the order of the exams they would be taking.

“We all have Herbology, Charms, Transfiguration and Defense against the Dark Arts. But I also have Ancient Runes and Arithmancy. It’s not fair you two will have more time to study.”

Harry almost chocked on his food thinking that he and Ron would ever study more the Hermione.

As Hermione started to map out a study schedule for each of them, Harry noticed Ron roll his eyes.

Can we please talk about something else,” Ron muttered.

Absolutely not! We must not procrastinate,” Hermione stated before continuously talking about the study schedules.

From under the table Ron had pointed his wand at Hermione, “Langlock,” he muttered, and Hermione was unable to talk. Harry tried to muffle his laugh but he couldn’t do it.

After undoing the spell, Hermione became progressively angrier at Ron and Harry for not taking the exams seriously.

jesusfr33ke2010 05-11-2008 03:37 AM

25th Ficlet! 1/2 done!
29. Obliviate

As Cho watched Harry and Ginny walk, hand in hand down the corridor, her lips pursed.

Why does it bother you?” her friend asked calmly.

It doesn’t!” Cho said almost screaming, before rushing off to her room so that she could cry in privacy.


Cho placed her wand to Harry’s head, “Obliviate


Late that night, Harry walked into the common room and Ginny ran up to him, giving him a passionate kiss.

When Harry pushed her away, she asked “What’s wrong Harry? I have been waiting here all night to see you.

Why would you want to see me?” Harry asked in all seriousness.

“B….Be….Because I’m your girlfriend,” Ginny muttered, hurt by Harry’s bluntness.

I’m dating Cho, I would never date you. You’re my best mate’s sister.” Harry said repulsed at the thought of dating someone he thought of as sisterly.

Ginny ran, tears running down her face, to her room.

What did I say?” Harry asked Ron who had come into the common room.

How you bloody dare hurt my sister like that!” Ron shouted, before slamming his own room’s door.

I really don’t why they’re mad, I don’t remember anything.” Harry mumbled to himself before going to bed.

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