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Default 25 Anthems for Donovan Berkovich - Sa 13+
Yay, Hamlet! • Cathopper • Disney Fanatic • I was normal once...

Hey, y'all! I'm Caitlin, but most of you know me as Cat! I done my fair share of drabbles in the past *talking about years and years ago, lol!* I'm back to test the waters once more when one of my new characters, Donovan Berkovich. He is currently the Muggle Studies Professor and Horned Serpent Head of House at Illvermorny *cough* hehasatwitterifyouwanttofollow *cough* I hope you all enjoy

Disclaimer: The Harry Potter universe and all of its characters belongs to the amazing J.K. Rowling ♥

SPOILER!!: Donovan's Background
{The Basics}

Full Name: Donovan Elijah Berkovich
Nicknames: Donny
Date of Birth: May 23, 2060
Place of Birth: Munich, Germany
Current Residence: Mumbai, India
Heritage: Muggleborn
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Relationship Status: Married to Keiyona Sai {since July 2092}

Wand: 7", vine wood, dragon heartstring, swishy
Boggart: his dead sister
Patronus: Fennec Fox

Post Color: #008B8B


Height: 6'2
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Light brown, almost hazel
Defining Features: He has the roman numerals "VIII XXX MMLXXVIII" tattoo'd over his left rib cage
FC: Luke Evans


Hogwarts {Slytherin}: Sept 2071 - June 2078
WADA {Dance}: Sept 2078 - June 2079
Dancing Competition {Second Place}: July 2079
WU, India {Major: History, Minor: DADA}: 2079 - 2082
Muggle Studies TA @ Uagadou: 2082 - 2084
Muggle Studies @ Illvermorny: 2084 - Present
Horned Serpent HoH: 2090 - Present


Donovan Elijah Berkovich was born in Munich, Germany at 1:30a on May 23, 2060. He was the last child of Emilia Adali and Matthew Diedrick Berkovich. At the time of their son's birth, Emilia was a dentist, and Matthew was a Math Professor at a muggle elementary school in Germany. Both of them were prepared for their son to carry magical abilities because at the time of his birth, both of his older sisters, Adalie and Gabriele, were showing signs of being witches.

Donovan's childhood was as about as normal as it could get for anyone. He grew up by himself most of the time because after summer, both of his sisters went off to Hogwarts leaving him to attempt to make friends with the other children in his neighborhood. Growing up, he did spend a lot of time drawing and learning how to play the piano from his father. Among other things, his father also taught him the basics of dancing, which he carried with him later in life.

At 11 years old, Donovan received his letter to Hogwarts, which he had been waiting and waiting for. He was sure, as he boarded the Hogwarts Express for the first time, that he would either be sorted into Gryffindor, like Gabriele, or Hufflepuff, like Adalie. Disappointment fell when the sorting out put him in Slytherin where he was certain he would make no friends. Little did he know at the time that this house was exactly where he was suppose to be because the sorting hat saw something in him that he had not discovered for himself yet.

As years passed, Donovan was becoming more and more understanding as to why he was a Slytherin. He had the brains of a Ravenclaw, yes, but he had the ambition of a Slytherin. The ambition and the cunning-like senses. All the friends he made at Hogwarts were, in fact, Slytherins.

In 2077, Donovan was preparing himself for his last year at Hogwarts. He was preparing for his NEWTs as well! It was August 30, 2077 when news broke that his older sister, Gabriele, had tragically passed away. She was an Auror for MACUSA at the time {having moved to Orlando, Florida after graduation}, and she died during a mission. This was the worst event to ever happen in the Berkovich family, but through the tragedy, the family stayed strong for one another.

The death of his sister caused Donovan to miss his last beginning of the term feast, and it almost made him retake his final year due to struggling on his NEWTs. He did graduate though in 2078, and he moved on to WADA where he studied dance for a year.

In the summer of 2079, Donovan participated in a dancing competition that was held in Berlin, Germany. He came in second place. Even though he had a talent, he did not return to WADA for his second year. He had applied to Wizarding University and got accepted there for Fall 2079. He attended the Mumbai, India campus because he wanted to travel out of Germany for a few years, but little did he know, he would be living in India for years to come.

He met his now fiancée, Keiyona Sai, at the university, but they did not begin dating until after graduation in 2082. After graduation, Donovan got a teaching assistant job at Uagadou. He stayed there until 2084 where he was offered a Muggle Studies Professor job at Illvermorny, and he took it! He also became the Horned Serpent Head of House in 2090 when the position opened.

In 2090, Donovan proposed to Keiyona after 7 years of dating.


Likes: being an Uncle, taking his fiancée salsa dancing, sushi, wizarding sports, and being mean
Dislikes: Chocolate, most people
Allergies: Corn


Father: Matthew Diedrick Berkovich (b. September 22, 2019)
Mother: Emilia Adali Berkovich (née Müller) (b. August 15, 2020)
:: Adalie Iris Berkovich (b. December 1, 2050)
:: Gabriele Agneta Berkovich (b. April 6, 2052) (d. August 30, 2077)
Niece: Liesl Jolina Berkovich (b. May 9, 2077); Holland Beilah Amis (b. June 13, 2085)
Nephew: Hamilton Exodus Amis (b. June 13, 2085)
Children: N/A

Track List
1. Over You - Miranda Lambert
2. Latch - Sam Smith
3. Rolling in the Deep - Adele

You Went Away [1]
Date: September 2, 2077
Background: Gabriele Berkovich tragically dies while on duty as an Auror for MACUSA, leaving Donovan to deal with the pain of losing a sister.
It really sinks in, you know, when I see it in stone.
'Cause you went away. How dare you? I miss you.
They say I’ll be okay, but I’m not going to ever get over you.

It was a dark day.

A very dark day.

Donovan was suppose to be at Hogwarts right now enjoying his last beginning of the term feast; instead, the 17-year-old boy was kneeling before the grave site of his late sister, Gabriele. His heart ached, tears were welling up in his eyes, and he was speechless. He reached out and plucked a single wildflower from the arrangement his grandparents had placed on the site. A single wildflower that, even to present day, he still had pressed away within a book.

"Gabriele," he whispered, angry slowly creeping into his tone of voice. "You promised me you would stay safe when you took that job. You promised." She had a 5-month-old baby, for merlin's sake! A baby that, in his sister's will, was his to take care of. He knew he would not be able to care for that baby until many years later, and he knew that it was never in her plan for him to have that kind of responsibility at such a tender age. He stood to his feet, closed his eyes, and said his last goodbyes:

"I'll see you again, Gabby. And I promise, when the time is right, I'll take care of Liesl. I'll make sure she'll stay safe." He walked away with only the memories of him and his sister. Memories that he would cherish; memories that he would get to share with his niece when she was older.

_______________________________You may hate me, but it ain't no lie: bye bye bye.

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Maia Denton
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Yay, Hamlet! • Cathopper • Disney Fanatic • I was normal once...

What I Have Found [2]
Date: July 20, 2082
Location: Mumbai, India
Ft: Keiyona Sai

You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down.
You enchant me, even when you're not around.
If there are boundaries, I will try to knock them down.
I’m latching on babe now I know what I have found.
It was graduation day at Wizarding University in Mumbai, India.

"You don't have a chance with her," one of his school mates told Donovan as he waited for her after the graduation ceremony was over. "She's one of those girls, Donovan. She's going to reject you just like she reject, oh, whatever his name was. C'mon, mate. Let's go celebrate... You're wasting your time."

Donovan stood there, leaning against the brick wall of the building, as he continued to wait. He was choosing to ignore everything his friend was telling him because there was something special about this woman. He had gotten to know her throughout the last twelve months because they had a class together and got randomly paired to be partners for a project in said class. He knew he was stepping into unknown territory, and he sure enough has heard enough rumors about her in his graduation class. She was quiet, tended to keep to herself, but she had also managed to make him fall head over heels for her. Something that has not happened to him since the Roselyn Newton days.

He continued to wait, wait, and wait by the entrance of the school but nothing. Maybe he had somehow missed her?

He was about to leave to join his friends in celebrating their day, and that was when he saw her across the way towards the flower garden. Smiling, he headed in the direction, and when he got close enough to her, he said, "Keiyona?" The woman turned to face him, her beautiful golden brown eyes looking up at him. Before she could even get a word in, Donovan asked, "May I take you on a date this evening?"

Her answer was yes.

And little did Donovan know at the time that fate had been at the wheel because ten years later, he would be married to Keiyona Sai.

_______________________________You may hate me, but it ain't no lie: bye bye bye.

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Diagon Alley Employee:
Maia Denton
Daily Prophet Reporter
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Yay, Hamlet! • Cathopper • Disney Fanatic • I was normal once...

We Almost Had It All [3]
Date: March 12, 2076
Location: Hogwarts
Ft: Rosalyn Newton

The scars of your love remind me of us
They keep me thinking that we almost had it all
The scars of your love, they leave me breathless
I can't help feeling we could have had it all
In his earlier years, Donovan was notorious for building a wall between him and others. He had no reason to let people in. He was the Slytherin that would use people to get what he wanted, would torment first years into doing midnight runs to the kitchen to get him snacks, and he was also sometimes seen paying other students to do his homework.

It would seem that nobody could change him.

That nobody could break him.

That was until a certain someone came along and changed the game.

Rosalyn Newton, my did that name sound sweet to Donovan Berkovich. Ever since his third year, he had his eyes on the Ravenclaw, who just so happened to be a year older than him. He fancied her, as one would say, but she had been dating this other guy for some time now, which caused the Slytherin to keep his distance until...

"Did you hear the news?"

It was the first week of his fifth year when he overheard one of his dorm mates telling another fellow student about Rosalyn's summer break up. If he had one chance to talk to her, this was it. He found her in the Great Hall the following morning, and everything unfolded as hoped for. He asked her out to Madam Puddifoot's in Hogsmeade, they had a marvelous first date, and they continued dating for six months until everything fell apart.

"I'm sorry, Don. I'm so very sorry," were the last words he heard Rosalyn Newton say before she walked away, leaving Donovan alone in the corridor with only the memories of what they were and thoughts of what they could of been. She had left him. She had LEFT HIM and went back to her ex. He should of known how stupid it was to even think he had even the smallest chance of having a some sort of relationship with her.

Yes, he was young.

Yes, he had his whole life still ahead of him.

But he had let someone in for once in his life, showed someone the real him, only to have his heart broken in the end.

Rosalyn broke him; she left unhealed wounds on him. Just seeing her the following year felt like someone had poured salt into said wounds. She had been the first person to break him, and that was something only time would heal.

There were so many things he wanted to say to her as she walked away that day, but the only words he could muster were: "You're making a mistake, Rose."

He had loved her.

_______________________________You may hate me, but it ain't no lie: bye bye bye.
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