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Enigma 04-28-2012 02:20 AM

100 Moments of the Silver & Gold Couple - Sa13+
100 Moments of the Silver & Gold Couple - Sa13+

Hello, everyone who has wandered here.

This is my place for Dramione Drabbles, describing some sweet little moments of my favorite couple.

Some will be better than others. Some will be silly. Some will be very serious. Time frames will shift. None are in any chronological order. Some are based on movie plots or songs or novels that I hve read.

But, it's lots of fun and I love doing it, so I hope you'll enjoy, too!

{18/100 Beautiful Moments Remembered}

Text Cut: Drabbles Prompts

1. Herbology
2. Muggle Studies
3. Transfiguration
4. Ancient Runes
5. Astronomy
6. Divination
7. Care of Magical Creatures
8. Potions
9. Defense Against the Dark Arts
10. Arithmancy
11. History of Magic
12. Charms
13. Quidditch
14. Hogwarts, A History
15. Room
16. Dragonhide gloves
17. Cauldron
18. Whomping Willow
19. Wand
20. Hogsmeade
21. Veela
22. Kneazle
23. Telescope
24. House elf
25. Sorting Hat
26. Quill
27. Owl
28. Timeturner
29. Pensieve
30. Feast
31. Dress robes
32. Common room
33. Classroom
34. Parseltongue
35. Pureblood
36. Muggle
37. Animagus
38. Patronus
39. Duel
40. Spell
41. Thestrals
42. Portraits
43. Headmaster
44. Ford Anglia
45. Licorice Wand
46. Dungeon
47. Portkey
48. Leprechaun
49. Yule Ball
50. Boggart
51. Act
52. Bore
53. Chase
54. Dare
55. Egg on
56. Fight
57. Goblin
58. Hoot
59. Ignore
60. Joke
61. Kiss
62. Amortentia
63. Mooch
64. Nap
65. Ooze
66. Pace
67. Quell
68. Roar
69. Slap
70. Spook
71. Untie
72. Vex
73. Warn
74. X-tinguish
75. Yodel
76. Zap
77. Cheerful
78. Dream
79. author's choice
80. author's choice
81. Depression
82. Careful
83. Fearful
84. Angry
85. Snappish
86. Daring
87. Staircase
88. Sweet Tooth
89. Past
90. Present
91. Future
92. Chocolate
93. Chicken
94. Allergic
95. Snowball
96. Socks
97. Dictionary
98. Pajamas
99. Trunk
100. Homework

DISCLAIMER: I (nups21) unfortunately do NOT own any of the amazing world of Harry Potter. I am NOT using these writings as means for profit or personal benefit. They are simply for the entertainment of myself and SnitchSeeker members.

Harry Potter is the exclusive property of one and only, J.K.Rowling!


••○•○•○ 6. DIVINATION ○•○•○••

“Urghh!!” Draco exclaimed, banging his fists on the table, making those around him jump. Nope, there was nothing, nothing in his tea cup! All he could see were tea leaves scattered randomly.

Looking around, his eyes searched for someone, the only one who could cheer him up anywhere, even in Divination class.

But where was she?

“The beauty-with-brains is missing a class? That’s a surprise!” he whispered to his sidekicks and shared a laugh. It’s so unlike Granger! He thought to himself.

“Missing me?” Came a whisper in his ear. And no prizes for guessing who's!

Enigma 04-28-2012 05:04 PM
••○•○•○ 88. SWEET TOOTH ○•○•○••

It was a hogsmeade weekend! Finally!

“What do you want my warrior princess?” Draco softly asked Hermione. Maybe she would like some chocolates and treats, to indulge her sweet tooth? Or butterbeer…

“You’re coming with me right?” he asked. Or most probably not. Oh yes, she was 1/3rd of the Golden Trio! That Potter and Weasley would get her company.

Draco sulked. And heard soft giggles. “You look cute when you’re sulking!” Hermione grinned “Of course we’ll be together!”

“And yeah… I want an ice-cream, no, two!” Hermione said.

“We can share too….” Draco winked..

Enigma 04-29-2012 05:26 PM
••○•○•○ 78. DREAM ○•○•○••

Toes were pointed, she was swirling round and round gracefully, her face having a glow…

And suddenly all was a blur. His eyes opened, Draco suddenly woke up and looked around.


It all had just been a dream.. A dream about his daughter.. A daughter who was still in her mother’s womb.

Resting his hand lightly on Hermione's protruding belly, Yeah, she’ll be a ballet dancer in pink, anything but a death eater, he vowed to himself.

She'll be safe and happy and free.. Free to do what she wants to do.

Yes, I will do that.

Enigma 04-30-2012 09:37 AM
••○•○•○ 11. HISTORY OF MAGIC ○•○•○••


When was Binns gonna finish his droning? Draco wondered.

Bored, Draco pulled out a piece of spare parchment, quill, and ink from his bag. And began doodling. Eyes, a nose, a mouth, hair, face... face like.. Merlins! Hermione!

Psst!” I whispered, “Malfoy, you’re supposed to hate Granger!

Draco gasped and then glared at me. “Its all YOUR fault!” he said pointing fingers at me.

ME?” I glared back.

"Yep! YOU! You made me fancy Herm... the-that Granger!"

"Stop it you two" came a voice. Hermione's. "FYI, Its History of Magic class... not History of Love Story class!"

Enigma 05-21-2012 02:40 PM
••○•○•○ 69. SLAP ○•○•○••

Not a time to mess with her. Seriously not. But ofcourse, he couldn't help but tease of his Gryffindor girlfriend just for sake of fun!


The noise reverberated.

Stomping her foot, with fists clenched, she hissed, “How dare you?!?”

What just happened? He had been slapped, yelled at, by none other than Hermione! And, in front of all!!

“Fine! Go to hell!” Draco glared and stormed away, furious but completely clueless. Why???

He was reminded of his mother saying, 'If you can't take the heat, don't tickle the dragon'... But she had maybe forgotten to warn him about girlfriends!

Enigma 06-19-2012 04:35 PM
••○•○•○ 36. MUGGLE ○•○•○••



What if we both were born muggles?” Hermione asked, out of the blue.

Draco stopped walking and looked at his girlfriend, surprised.

Hermione shrugged and lazily flicked her wand. “Well, you know…. maybe.. we could have been more free, more happier, our relationship would have perhaps been…different?" she wondered out aloud. She had been thinking about it for a while now. "It could have been right maybe?? Huh?

Hmm..” Draco replied.

Dark eyes met pale ones.

Maybe... Who knows? We may never have even met…” Draco softly whispered. And that thought made his heart lurch with fear.

Enigma 07-05-2012 06:20 AM
••○•○•○ 54. DARE ○•○•○••

"Okay, now... the egg needs to be cracked open." Hermione explained, rolling up some dough. They were making cookies. Or rather… She was making them and he was learning maybe.

“The great Draco Malfoy can’t even crack open an egg!” she smirked, seeing Draco struggling with the task.

“Oh I sure can….” Draco drawled

“I dare you to… let’s see!”

Taking the egg, Draco set it on the counter and smashed it.

Splat! The egg smashed all over the counter, everything splashing everywhere. Hermione burst into laughter and Draco gasped.

"Yikes!… that's so not good!" He said disbelievingly.

Enigma 07-27-2012 06:29 AM
••○•○•○ 97. DICTIONARY ○•○•○••




"No Draco!"



"Damn it Hermione! What do you actually want?"

"Uh-huh! No swearing! I don't want Scorpius to learn it already." Hermione said, resting her palm on her round belly.

Draco sighed. Hermione had gone on a hormonal overdrive. And she was driving him crazy.

"So what do you want exactly?"

"A juice of a fruit starting with a P! P ONLY!" Hermione replied adamant.



"Think Mr soon-to-be Daddy Malfoy! Or look up a dictionary if you want to."

Exhausted with keeping up with Hermione's weird demands, Draco sighed again.


"Um... yes!"

Enigma 08-05-2012 04:41 AM
••○•○•○ 82. CAREFUL ○•○•○••

Hey, my Princess.” Draco’s voice flowed softly in Hermione’s ears. “Happy Birthday..

An elegant small gift box appeared in front of her. Hermione looked at Draco, a curl falling into her wide eyes.

They were much more than just friends, all the house rivalry forgotten, all blood issues kept aside.

She carefully opened the box with trembling hands and gasped. Draco’s gift was an exquisite golden barrette spangled with tiny rubies.

For.." he whispered, his voice soft, "that errant lock of your hair

As he tucked the curl behind her ear, Hermione gasped again, looking away shyly.

Enigma 09-09-2012 11:02 AM
••○•○•○ 61. KISS ○•○•○••

Something was troubling Hermione. Her fidgetiness of course hadn’t escaped Draco’s notice.

Creeping up behind her, he snaked his arms around her. “My fiery princess… What’s wrong?” he asked a bit worried.

What if somebody finds out?” she asked, looking deep in his eyes.

They won’t,” he reassured her, pulling her closer. But, he himself wasn’t too sure about it.. “But I do know.. that we’ll always be together.” He smiled.

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small heart shaped ring.

I promise you.

And everything else was forgotten when they kissed.

Enigma 11-01-2012 04:56 PM

••○•○•○ 1. HERBOLOGY ○•○•○••

I can’t believe our Herbology assignment!” Draco exclaimed to his girlfriend. “Professor expects us to actually sing to the plants? I wouldn't even sing to a baby!

"Well.. an assignments's an assignment. But.." Hermione replied grinning, "Good part is, we can do it in pairs."

Draco suddenly perked up, "Seriously? I completely missed that part!!" he smacked his own forehead. "Great! So you do all the singing and dung part, alright?"

"Malfoy, who told we're doing it together?" Hermione smirked, "I promised Ron!"

A look of jealousy and dejection shadowed Draco's face and felt something clutch at his heart.

Enigma 11-05-2012 03:49 PM

••○•○•○ 52. BORE ○•○•○••

Bored, almost at the point of dozing off… Draco jerked awake, at the sound of angry Hermione.

A bit miffed, Hermione asked “Are you even listening to me? I'm telling all this for your benefit, and there you are... dozing off!

Oops! Mentally slapping himself, wondering how to apologize to her, he instinctively held his ears with his hands, and said sorry, making a cute puppy face. Damn! He hadn’t ever done that even as a boy!

Hermione giggled, then asked, leaning on him, “Do I really bore you so much?

No… not you..” Draco answered, “Just your brains!

Enigma 11-24-2012 03:34 AM

••○•○•○ 59. IGNORE ○•○•○••

You wake up.. groggy and tired from a full day of quidditch practice, to yet another day of boring lectures. Brushing your hair and smirking to show off, you head up from dungeons to library, skipping breakfast. And there.. you see her. The girl you love, the same one who you’re supposed to hate. But can’t. You can’t control your heart.

Granger. Hermione Granger. The name fills you up with longing, that you can barely suppress. Especially since you don’t want to.

But you HAVE to ignore your heart, ignore your feelings. But for how long?

Enigma 12-18-2012 05:19 PM

••○•○•○ 38. PATRONUS ○•○•○••

"Harry can now cast the Patronus charm!" babbled Crabbe.

Shocked, "No way!" Draco muttered, "I can too! I have to!"

"Sure, but it takes a powerful wizard to conjure it," Hermione butted in, in reply to Draco. "Which you aren't!"

"What would a mudblood know about our superior skills?" Draco sneered, with his sidekicks snickering.

"Forget her!" Draco ordered, "What would my patronus possibly be?" he asked Crabbe & Goyle.

"Snake?" Goyle suggested. Best bet for a pureblood Slytherin.

"That'd be good, yeah!" Malfoy said with a pondering look on his face.

"I think.. it may be a ferret!" Hermione smirked.

Enigma 01-16-2013 06:11 PM

••○•○•○ 2. MUGGLE STUDIES ○•○•○••

Psst! This is THE WORST SUBJECT!” Draco hissed to Crabbe sitting beside him. They were in the Muggle Studies class, and Draco had been getting all irritated and cranky by the talk of muggles. “Why do we, the WIZARDS have to study about these stupid muggles?” he demanded, a bit loudly, attracting Hermione’s attention, who turned towards him with narrowed eyes.

What?” demanded Draco.

What?” replied back Hermione.

This lesson is just for benefit of mudbloods.. like YOU Granger!

"Hmph! Sour grapes Malfoy! Seems stupid pureblood blokes don't have brains enough to understand the subject, do they?" Hermione snapped.

Enigma 03-22-2013 05:55 PM

••○•○•○ 12. CHARMS ○•○•○••

"This is so boring!" Draco muttered to Hermione sitting in front of him, "I hate Charms!"

"Well, you hate almost all subject Draco!" Hermione replied irritated at the disturbance, "And shh! Let me concentrate." Hermione whispered back, with a quill in her hand.

But Draco being Draco, couldn't help but tease and irritate and annoy her. So keeping a straight and serious face, he poked his quill into Hermione's back, making her jump slightly.

Looking back, she glared at him, gritted her teeth, and kicked his leg underneath.

"Ow!" winced Draco.

"That makes the lesson less boring, yeah?!" snickered Hermione.

Enigma 05-28-2013 03:29 PM

••○•○•○ 3. TRANSFIGURATION ○•○•○••

"Malfoy", came McGonagall's voice loudly.

Startled, he stood up.

"Anything more important than learning a new spell?", she questioned, eyes narrowed.

Having no answer, he stood defiant.

"Can you perform the spell I just taught Mr. Malfoy?"

He looked around before moving forward, in front of the whole class, everyone's eyes on him.

Then he realized that he was totally clueless of what was being taught! Oops!

Sighing, Professor said, "Seems Malfoy's interested in day-dreaming" she gave him a quick glare, "So.. any one to help him?"

Hermione, snickered and whispered, "Loser boy!" and winked at him, making Draco scowl.

Enigma 07-02-2013 07:20 PM

••○•○•○ 13. QUIDDITCH ○•○•○••

Gryffindor vs Slytherin match.. almost finished.. Excited by the crowd's cheering, Draco soared through the air on his Nimbus 2001, searching for that elusive Snitch. His hand moved to his cheek where Granger had slapped him. It still stung.

Suddenly, there was a flash of gold. Filled with adrenaline, Draco rushed through the wind in the chase for Snitch. Suddenly, something else caught his attention: mass of brown curls. He lost focus just inches away from his goal.. and Potter snatched the Snitch!

Draco cursed himself for getting distracted so easily. But the face framed by those curls was beautiful...

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