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MadMadamMalfoy 03-05-2017 12:06 PM

100 Moments in the Life of Gaston Marchand - Sa13+

Hiiiiiii, everybody! :bouncep: I'm Rhi, and this is not only my first time attempting the SS100 but my first time writing drabbles ever. These are a look into the (somewhat tragic) life of my current former (:cry:) school RPG character, Gaston Marchand. Most will focus on Gaston's younger days, but there will be some during his time teaching at Hogwarts and beyond.

Disclaimer: While Gaston is 100% mine, the Harry Potter characters and universe belong to the amazing JK Rowling.

List of Prompts:

1. Herbology 2. Muggle Studies 3. Transfiguration 4. Ancient Runes 5. Astronomy 6. Divination 7. Care of Magical Creatures 8. Potions 9. Defense Against the Dark Arts 10. Arithmancy 11. History of Magic 12. Charms 13. Quidditch 14. Hogwarts, A History 15. Room 16. Dragonhide gloves 17. Cauldron 18. Whomping Willow 19. Wand 20. Hogsmeade 21. Veela 22. Kneazle 23. Telescope 24. House elf 25. Sorting Hat 26. Quill 27. Owl 28. Timeturner 29. Pensieve 30. Feast 31. Dress robes 32. Common room 33. Classroom 34. Parseltongue 35. Pureblood 36. Muggle 37. Animagus 38. Patronus 39. Duel 40. Spell 41. Thestrals 42. Portraits 43. Headmaster 44. Ford Anglia 45. Licorice Wand 46. Dungeon 47. Portkey 48. Leprechaun 49. Yule Ball 50. Boggart 51. Act 52. Bore 53. Chase 54. Dare 55. Egg on 56. Fight 57. Goblin 58. Hoot 59. Ignore 60. Joke 61. Kiss 62. Amortentia 63. Mooch 64. Nap 65. Ooze 66. Pace 67. Quell 68. Roar 69. Slap 70. Spook 71. Untie 72. Vex 73. Warn 74. X-tinguish 75. Yodel 76. Zap 77. Cheerful 78. author's choice 79. author's choice 80. author's choice 81. Depression 82. Careful 83. Fearful 84. Angry 85. Snappish 86. Daring 87. Staircase 88. Sweet Tooth 89. Past 90. Present 91. Future 92. Chocolate 93. Chicken 94. Allergic 95. Snowball 96. Socks 97. Dictionary 98. Pajamas 99. Trunk 100. Homework

Guest appearances:

83. Fearful
Setting: a hospital in Rouen, France; May 16, 2057

It finally happened! After years of waiting, Raoul and Marceline had a son, a beautiful baby boy with his mother’s dark hair and his father’s bright blue eyes.

But Raoul couldn’t help but notice something off about his son.

He was pale and trembly, and his eyes held a sad, haunted look, like he knew the world was a cruel place and wanted no part of it. The nurse tried to take him, but he wailed and clung to his mother as tears streamed from his big blue eyes. Raoul shook his head. He’d never seen a more fearful child!

MadMadamMalfoy 03-10-2017 07:41 AM

72. Vex
Setting: The Marchand house; Rouen, France; 2059

“Kitty!” Gaston cried, running after the family pet. The cat darted out of the toddler’s reach. “Kitty come back!”

Gaston finally caught up to the cat and gave it a big hug. It hissed, trying to wriggle away, but he wasn’t deterred. He thought the noise was hilarious! “Kitty funny!” he laughed, mimicking the sound.

Another hug, and the claws came out. Gaston saw the red mark on his hand and started to cry. His mother saw everything. “It’s okay,” she soothed, hugging and kissing him. She bandaged his hand, and Gaston soon learned that cats hiss when they’re annoyed.

MadMadamMalfoy 03-15-2017 10:43 AM

71. Untie
Setting: The Marchand house; Rouen, France; 2060

“Papa stay home!” Gaston begged. He didn’t want his father to go to work today at all! He wanted him to play with him.

Raoul frowned and explained why he had to go to work, but Gaston didn’t understand. He gave him a heart melting pout, and his tie came undone.

Raoul scoffed, redoing his tie. Twice more it came untied; twice more he tied it back. The third time, he angrily tossed his tie aside. Raoul’s expression softened as he looked into Gaston’s sad eyes. “We’ll play later,” he promised, and he hugged his son on his way out.

MadMadamMalfoy 03-30-2017 11:13 AM

64. Nap
Setting: The Marchand house; Rouen, France; 2060

“No nap!” Gaston cried, bouncing on the bed.

His mother laughed. “But you’re tired-“ She began.

“Nope, not tired!” Gaston stifled a yawn, and she shot him a skeptical look. His lip trembled as he whined. He was already getting cranky!

Marceline knew how to handle this. “If you lie down, I’ll read you a story. Deal?” Gaston nodded. She tucked him in and handed him his stuffed cat; a bigger live cat nestled at his feet. She read a story about a brave knight, and soon he was fast asleep. She kissed his cheek and turned off the light.

MadMadamMalfoy 04-08-2017 02:57 PM

86. Daring
Setting: The Marchand house; Rouen, France; 2061

Gaston wanted to be just like the daring knight in the stories his mother told him, to ride a horse and fight dragons and rescue maidens in distress. He even got her to make him a knight costume. It was nothing fancy, mostly aluminum and cardboard, but he loved it and wore it everywhere.

He galloped through the house on his stick horse, brandishing a ‘sword’ made from a cardboard tube, as he chased after a dragon – the family cat. It hid under the sofa.

“Come out, foul beast!” Gaston jabbed his ‘sword’, and the ‘dragon’ ‘roared’ (meowed) at him.

MadMadamMalfoy 04-23-2017 09:40 AM

88. Sweet Tooth
Setting: The Laurent house; Rouen, France; 2061

A sweet smell greeted Gaston as he entered the kitchen. Yum! Mémé’s cookies!

He watched his grandmother put the freshly baked sugar cookies in the cookie jar. His tiny hand reached up, but a look stopped him. “Oh no you don’t! These are for after dinner.”

Aww! He wanted some now!

Beep! The timer sounded, and Mémé removed something from the oven. While her back was turned, Gaston grabbed the jar and hid under the table, helping himself to several cookies.

“What on-? Gaston!He cowered under Mémé’s gaze, but she just laughed. “Looks like someone’s got a sweet tooth!”

MadMadamMalfoy 05-02-2017 10:03 AM

76. Zap
Setting: an elementary school in Rouen, France; 2062

It was show and tell, and the thought of standing there, all eyes on him, had Gaston terrified. He slumped in his chair, clutching a picture of his cat.

Pick somebody else! He thought, but his name was called.

He trudged to the front, keeping his eyes down. “This is my cat…” he said softly. The teacher scolded him for mumbling. He tried again but only stammered. People laughed, and tears flooded his eyes.

“Go on!” The teacher’s voice was impatient.

Gaston looked at the ceiling to calm himself. One lightbulb flickered, then ZAP! The classroom was in total darkness.

MadMadamMalfoy 05-29-2017 08:07 AM

58. Ignore
Setting: an elementary school in Rouen, France; 2062

Gaston didn’t understand. Why were the other kids so mean? Had he done something to them? He thought, but nothing came to mind. All he’d done was try to be kind, just like Maman said to.

But they still hated him. They still made fun of everything about him. And it hurt!

“Madame!” he cried, running to the teacher. “They called me-“ He expected sympathy, but there was none to be found.

“Just ignore them, Gaston,” she said, sighing exasperatedly. “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you.”

Now he was more confused than ever!

MadMadamMalfoy 06-29-2017 10:30 PM

97. Dictionary
Setting: a library in Rouen, France; 2063

Gaston usually loved coming to the library, but today he didn’t feel like reading or drawing with the pens and paper from his mother’s desk. He was too distracted by the name the boys on the playground called him.

Marceline noticed her son’s sadness and asked what was bothering him. “They called me… I don’t know what it means.” The whispered name made her blush, but she suggested looking it up in the dictionary. The definition brought tears to Gaston’s eyes. “Am I really… that?”

Marceline held him, blinking back her own tears. “No, you’re a sweet, kind little boy.”

MadMadamMalfoy 07-29-2017 11:45 AM

63. Mooch
Setting: a shopping center in Rouen, France; May 16, 2063

Gaston was excited! Having birthday money meant he could get anything he wanted. A ragged lady with a sign stopped him outside the store, and his heart broke when he saw the girl with her.

She was his age and looked like the little match girl in the story. He unthinkingly gave her his money. She hugged him. The mother was crying, thanking him. Maman was crying too, but Papa yanked him away. “People like that mooch off hardworking people like us. Don’t waste your money!”

Maman snapped at Papa, but Gaston was confused. Was he wrong to help them?

MadMadamMalfoy 09-02-2017 04:37 AM

55. Egg on
Setting: an elementary school in Rouen, France; 2063

Gaston kept his head down, his eyes glued to the book in front of him, trying to block out the taunts. A tear splashed onto the page, then another. “Stop it, Gaston!” the teacher hissed. “If you cry, you’re only egging them on.”

Gaston didn’t understand. Why was he getting scolded and the bullies weren’t? How was that egging them on? And… why did the teacher think it was his fault they were picking on him?

“B-but-“ His lip wibbled.

The teacher’s icy glare silenced him. “If you’re going to act like that, you can go to the headmaster’s office.”

MadMadamMalfoy 10-02-2017 11:21 AM

84. Angry
Setting: an elementary school in Rouen, France; 2064

Gaston kept his head down, hoping to go unnoticed by the bully on the jungle gym. No such luck. He groaned as the bully started singing loudly. Not that song again!

“Stop it!” A mocking voice repeated his words. His lip wibbled, and tears sprang to his eyes.

Then the fake crying noises started. “Waa! Baby gonna cry?”

Gaston wasn’t going to cry this time! His hands clenched and blue eyes flashed. He was angrier than he’d ever been in his life!

WHAM! The next thing he knew, the bar disappeared like magic, and the bully was on the ground.

MadMadamMalfoy 11-02-2017 09:14 AM

15. Room
Setting: a hospital in Rouen, France; 2064

Gaston didn’t understand why he was at the hospital. He wasn’t sick! Maman said this hospital healed sick hearts. Now he was really confused!

A tall guy who looked like the mad scientist appeared and took all his things… his stuffed cat, his books, gone!

He was left in a dark room. People only came to bring meals or ask about recess. He told them a hundred times, but they called him a liar and a bad kid. Then he was alone again. Were they right? If he agreed that he was a bad kid, would they let him out?

MadMadamMalfoy 01-10-2018 07:59 AM

73. Warn
Setting: Dr. Severin Javert’s office; Rouen, France; 2064

Gaston shuddered at the photographs. What scary-looking people! Dr. Javert said they were criminals who hurt others, and he would be like them if he didn’t control his “destructive emotional tendencies”. Whatever that meant.

Gaston averted his eyes. “A-am I really e-evil too?”

He looked for reassurance but only found stern looks from Papa and Javert. Maman hugged him. “Of course not!”

She turned on Javert, eyes flashing. “How dare you traumatize my son?! Showing a child pictures of murderers – ridiculous!” She grabbed Gaston’s hand. “We’re leaving!”

Javert whispered as they approached the door, “I tried to warn you, Gaston.”

MadMadamMalfoy 02-21-2018 02:07 PM

93. Chicken
Setting: The Laurent house; Rouen, France; 2065

Gaston loved Sunday dinner with his family, but everyone treated him differently now. Grand-papa stopped giving him hugs, and Mémé’s eyes were sad whenever she looked at him. Uncle Alex wouldn’t even talk to him anymore! The only one who hadn’t changed was Uncle Paul.

Gaston picked at a piece of chicken with his fork, trying to ignore the uncomfortable silence. Uncle Alex’s disapproving glare made him cower. He was barely fighting back tears as his head bowed. His hands nervously gripped the tablecloth until he felt an unexpected touch.

Uncle Paul smiled. “Don’t mind him; just finish your chicken.”

MadMadamMalfoy 04-26-2018 02:34 PM

96. Socks
Setting: The Marchand house; Rouen, France; 2065

Gaston gazed longingly out the window. He wanted to go to the library, the zoo, the ice cream shop, anywhere! He was tired of staying inside!

“Maman, can’t we go somewhere?” he asked, like every other day. He knew she’d say no, even before he saw the sadness in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, mon petit chou. Doctor’s orders.” She hugged him, but Gaston didn’t want a hug. He sulked, feeling lonelier than ever as she left.

She came back with… socks? “We’re going to make sock puppets.”

Soon Gaston was smiling, gluing a yarn and button face on a sock.

MadMadamMalfoy 06-19-2018 11:15 AM

46. Dungeon
Setting: The Marchand house; Rouen, France; 2066

Gaston shut the blinds, turning away from the window. He was tired of watching kids running and playing outside. It reminded him of something he couldn't have, fun.

He looked around. Despite having plenty of toys, books and a cat to entertain him, this house felt like a dungeon!

He plucked a thick book from the shelf; one of Maman's books that was probably too hard for him to read, but he could try. The big words would distract him from his longing. Soon he was lost in the story of Jean Valjean, a man imprisoned just like he was.

MadMadamMalfoy 09-19-2018 10:53 AM

92. Chocolate
Setting: Dr. Severin Javert’s office; Rouen, France; 2066

Gaston exited Dr. Javert’s office, lip trembling, but he was afraid to cry under Papa’s watchful eye. When he cried, weird things happened.

“Check out with Manon,” Javert said.

Gaston hid behind Papa, eyeing the woman… young, blonde with a kind face. She smiled. “Hello, Gaston. Would you like a chocolate?”

His eyes flicked toward Papa, who gave an approving look. He nodded, following Manon behind the counter.

“Dr. Javert is wrong,” she said. “You’re not bad. You have a special gift.” She waved her hand; Gaston’s eyes widened as a chocolate floated toward him. “See? I have it too.”

MadMadamMalfoy 10-21-2018 09:59 AM

82. Careful
Setting: Dr. Severin Javert’s office; Rouen, France; 2067

Gaston listened, his eyes lighting up as Mlle. Manon spoke. She talked of magic wands, potions, and special schools. “You mean there are others like us?” he asked. She nodded.

Gaston grinned excitedly. He couldn’t wait to go to magical school! Maybe then he wouldn’t feel like such an outsider! “Wait until Maman and Papa hear-“

Mlle. Manon shook her head. “No, we have to be careful who we tell…” Gaston blinked. “Regular people, non-magiques… fear what they don’t understand. You’ve seen for yourself… so we stay hidden.” Gaston frowned; she patted his shoulder. “They’ll find out in good time.”

MadMadamMalfoy 01-02-2019 08:47 AM

95. Snowball
Setting: the Marchand house; Rouen, France; May 16, 2068

Gaston’s eyes darted from the postcard in his hand to the cat beside him. She was blinding white like the snow in the photograph, and when she curled up, she looked like a snowball. He sighed, stroking the cat. He wished he could’ve gone skiing with Mémé and Papi, but he’d resigned himself to his solitary existence.

Knock, knock! His eyes widened as he saw an old man in the doorway. Was he another scary psychiatrist like Dr. Javert? No, his name was Professor Evremonde. He was Mlle. Manon’s father. “What’s your cat’s name?” he asked, smiling.

“Her name’s Snowball.”

MadMadamMalfoy 03-16-2019 12:00 PM

53. Chase
Setting: the Marchand house; Rouen, France; May 16, 2068

Gaston’s eyes were wide with wonder as Professor Evremonde talked about Beauxbatons… the glittering palace, the gardens, the fountain. He pictured it in his mind. It sounded beautiful! Then he remembered he’d never be allowed to go there. His face fell. Evremonde noticed and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Gaston bit his lip. “My papa… he’ll never let me go. He says magic isn’t real.”

“Surely you don’t believe that.” Gaston shrugged. “Watch this…”

Evremonde waved a long stick, and ribbons shot from its tip. Gaston laughed as his cat chased after them. “Wow…! Can you teach me how to do that?”

MadMadamMalfoy 09-15-2019 09:23 AM

78. Author's choice - Die
Setting: the Marchand house; Rouen, France; May 16, 2068

Gaston heard Papa and Evremonde arguing. Papa wouldn’t consent to Beauxbatons; he said he needed to learn to be normal. Evremonde's response parylized Gaston with fear. “Do you know how dangerous it is to suppress a young wizard’s powers?! He could’ve become an -” Gaston couldn’t make out the long word, but the next part was crystal clear. “He could’ve died!”

Gaston appeared at Evremonde’s side, pale and trembling. “P-Professor, am I going to…?”

He looked at Evremonde with tearful, pleading eyes, but it was Papa who answered. "No. You're going to learn magic and meet other children like you."

MadMadamMalfoy 12-16-2019 08:20 AM

85. Snappish
Setting: the Marchand house; Rouen, France;May 16, 2068

Papa acted odd all night. He wouldn't come downstairs for cake and presents, and when anyone talked to him, he turned snappish. Gaston stood outside the room, tray of cake in hand. Cake made everything better!

He peered in and for the first time in his life, he saw his father cry. "GO AWAY!" Papa snapped.

Gaston couldn't leave. He knew how it felt to cry alone. He tried to stay strong but couldn't help crying too. "It's okay, Papa.I won't go to Beauxbatons…"

Papa shook his head, hugging him. "No, you heard Evremonde. It’s dangerous if you don’t.”

MadMadamMalfoy 03-15-2020 07:44 AM

19. Wand
Setting: a wand shop in France, Summer 2068

Gaston was getting his own wand! He stared in awe at the shelves as he entered the shop alongside Professor Evremonde.

The shopkeeper placed a wand in Gaston's hand but quickly snatched it back. He tried another; nothing happened. Gaston lost count of the wands he tried. He was beginning to think he wasn't magic after all!

The shopkeeper offered a light-colored wand inlaid with a fleur de lis at the handle. The moment Gaston held it, white star-like sparks shot from the tip. He smiled. This was the one!

"That's beech and unicorn hair, 10 ½ inches, slightly rigid."

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