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Herbology Enter the greenhouses with care. Keep away from the Venomous Tentacula -- it's teething!

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Old 11-10-2021, 04:42 PM
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Default Herbology Lesson 2

Just as the plants in her greenhouses had withered, so had June Flamsteed. Paler, and thinner - the brunette was waiting for the students at the entrance of the courtyard. Since Greenhouses were off limits - June had been resorted to taking her lesson away from it all, a thing she had mentioned on the noticeboard as well - so no one would wander off.

Eyes fixated on the vines wrapped around the stone eagle sculptures in the middle of the courtyard, June tried to make sense of it all - but the worry on her face was prominent. This was not normal. Not normal at all.

Maybe the students could enlighten her today.

OOC: HELLO! And welcome back to Herbology. Hope you have read the rules, if not - please do so before posting. Class will begin soon <3

Class Progress:
Greetings + Question 1
Discussion + Question 2

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Old 11-24-2021, 08:56 PM   #51 (permalink)

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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
With the onslaught of spells being thrown, what the seventh year was not surprised to see was the vines retreating. Clearly the vines could handle no more. She hurried over to her friend.Violet, are you hurt?” Then she was looking randomly at the faces about her. “Those vines might not be away for long. We should get out of here if we have no idea how to stop them for good.” Because Claudine didn’t fancy dying today, thanks.
Violet picked herself up off the ground and straightened her uniform, half-surprised not to have split her head open when landing, and replied to Claudine "No, I'm all right. I thought for a moment that I was going to crash down head-first, but those things seemed to almost lay me down purposefully. Which is weird, don't you think?" she said, looking around at the crowd as an idea came to her. "The vines seem almost sentient, don't they?" Violet probably should have been more upset, but she was still feeling rather pleased by the success of her freezing spell (now she was good at starting fires and freezing things!).
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So much for staying out of trouble.

Despite instinct telling him he just needed to Bombarda the heck out of these vines, he also just...kind of sort of did not have it in him and recalled a time that he had gone running around his aunt's home with a pair of scissors trying to snip snip snip her vines because they were getting all handsy (leafsy?) with him and Aries. What had been thought of to be an attack had just been like when a dog shoves their nose into your hand or a cat gets all rubby up against your legs - just want some attention and someone to play with.

Maybe the vines were the same and the ONSLAUGHT of spells was just making them angry.

Like sharks and tarantulas and dragons...perhaps these vines were just terribly misunderstood?

Cowering in a corner, Atlas was all to easily tangled up by the vines that then spun him around until his arms were stuck to his sides and he couldn't do much of anything but YELL. "GETOFFME!" he protested as he wobbled in place with his suit made of vines, only to topple over and belly flop to the ground.

Worst part of it all was how, with his arms all squished against his sides, he had no way of stopping his fall and had only at the last second turned his head so his cheek smacked the ground instead of his nose.

That...was gonna bruise...


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*sappysapper* MAJNOO, YO!

......what an absolute disaster.

But was that new? June was absolutely sure Hogwarts' middle name was disaster.

As the vines began to calm down and Atlas flopped on to the ground, June shook her head - before waving her wand to untangle him.

"Is everyone alright?" she asked, giving them all a look over before rubbing her forehead in clear frustration.

".....I don't think they will stay like that for long" she stated, eying the vines with great concern, "We need to figure out what is making them .... tick"

"Maybe .. it's time you guys hit the library with me, help me with research" Yeah? That sounded like a plan. And she wasn't taking any no for an answer.

"I am going to head there now, so whoever wishes to help, please join me" she stated before turning to head in that direction.

OOC: June is headed to the library, and I have linked it for alll who want to join her and help with the research! This part of the lesson is now an extension into the on-going vine situation at school! Hope you guys had fun!

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First thing’s first: her friend was okay. That was a relief. The last thing they needed was for anyone getting hurt. Claudine eyed Violet thoughtfully. “I noticed that too.” Granted she hadn’t paid much attention to that detail until now. It left her puzzled and it was reflected on her face. “It’s strange behaviour, especially what we’ve seen so far.” Strange, strange indeed.


Claudine was all about getting out of here for now and was actually moving to do exactly that. At the mention of the library, however, she paused. Yes, she would go help with the research. She may be graduating at the end of the school year but the seventh year didn’t think she’d liked to see Hogwarts become overrun by these… pests.
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