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Old 11-23-2016, 06:41 PM
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Post David Heyman discusses 'Fantastic Beasts' plot points, sequel, 'Cursed Child' movies

SnitchSeeker's full chat with David Heyman about the current release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is online now, where the series producer discusses several topics - including the Johnny Depp casting and Colin Farrell/Graves involvement already reported on - as well as a few plot points and even the possible plans to bring Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to the big screen.


The interview took place over two weeks ago, where a lot of information now revealed was brand-new, including Zoe Kravitz's involvement as new character Leta Lestrange, the Obscurus dark force, and even some deleted scenes from Fantastic Beasts. Heyman teased or discussed those topics, as well as queries SnitchSeeker had about the Death room in the first film that Newt and Tina were sentenced to by Percival Graves.

SnitchSeeker: When you looked at the final cut of the movie, did you want to add anything or subtract? Were there scenes you wanted to add back in to the story?
David Heyman:
No, the film found its right length and its right shape. There are a whole number of scenes, in fact more than on Potter that will find their way onto the additional material of the DVD and the likes. There's an awful lot that we shot that we didn't use - some scenes I loved, that David [Yates, director] loved. I think he talked about a couple of them. The scene where Jacob's girlfriend/fiance breaks up with him. He doesn't get his loan for the bakery and [she] hands him his ring back.

The case where Queenie and Tina sing the Ilvermorny song and Newt and Jacob just look at them adoringly and fall in love, in a way. Both those scenes worked well on there own, but when you look at them in the whole, they detracted. And so we took them out. None of the scenes we shot I feel should be in. I think we found our shape.

SnitchSeeker: Is there a real Graves? what happened to him?
David Heyman:
That's a very good questions. I've been wondering ... I'm amazed more people haven't picked up on that. Yes, there was a real Graves. Yes, someone used some polyjuice potion and took their place. I don't know where they are at the story's end, But yes, there was a real Graves. We didn't film him. We didn't film the polyjuice. We just dived into the story midway through.

SnitchSeeker: Will we see Graves in the future?
David Heyman:
I doubt it.

SnitchSeeker: It is similar to what happened with Crouch and Moody in the fourth book.
David Heyman:

SnitchSeeker: I guess Colin Farrell won't be back in the sequel.
David Heyman:
There's no plans to bring Colin back for the sequel.

SnitchSeeker: The execution scene at MACUSA - can you explain more about that? It was ambiguous in terms of what the execution was. It looked like a large Pensieve.
David Heyman:
It's not a large Pensieve. The chair she's on, when it lowers you into it, you will be (makes gurgling sounds). It's a dangerous liquid that will eat you up. You saw what happened to the wand. It burnt the wand. When the bottom of the chair went in, you saw it catch fire. That's what would happen to Tina if she went in.

SnitchSeeker: So, with Johnny Depp's casting, there was quite a bit of backlash. Do you have any opinions about that going forward with the rest of the series.
David Heyman:
Well, a couple of things. One, when we cast Johnny was before all this happened. Two, clearly, any form of abuse is unacceptable. It's so central to all of Jo's writing. But I don't think any of us know what happened. All I can tell you is he's a wonderful actor. He was a pleasure to deal with on all aspects of Fantastic Beasts.

And speaking to people who've worked with him in the past - and people who've known him, gone out with him, even been married to him - they speak of him in glowing terms. I have no idea what happened in that room, and I don't think it's fair for me, or us, to judge. What I do agree is any abuse is unacceptable.

SnitchSeeker: And you will continue going forward with Johnny.
David Heyman:

SnitchSeeker: Can you explain a bit more about the Obscurus - this new, dark entity that just came into the wizarding world?
David Heyman:
It is one of the central themes that Jo explores in all of her books, which is being true to oneself. The Obscurus, or Obscurial, is what emerges from one when one's true essence is repressed. In a world where certain people disavow magic and are scared of what it might be and the effect it might have, someone like Credence is repressed and who he is, is repressed. There comes a point when that repression bursts out. So I think it's a wonderful metaphor for all repression.

SnitchSeeker: So, we saw Dumbledore's name, we saw Grindelwald's name. There's a third familiar name that came up - Lestrange. Can you talk a bit about Zoe Kravitz's casting and how much bigger a role it will be going forward?
David Heyman:
Leta Lestrange is a character we will see in the next film. She's probably misunderstood. Not altogether a happy person. We will see her in the films to come. Clearly, as you can tell from this, there was a relationship between her and Newt, and she still holds - no pun intended - a spell over him in some way. Not literally, a spell.

SnitchSeeker: Are we expecting to see a love triangle?
David Heyman:

SnitchSeeker: So Dumbledore's casting ...
David Heyman:
We didn't cast anybody yet.

SnitchSeeker: Will the actor be British?
David Heyman:
I suspect so. I don't know. We haven't started. We have to find the right actor. In this film, we've got some British people playing Americans, so you never know. You could have Americans playing British if they were the right people for the part. But at the moment, we haven't found anybody yet.

SnitchSeeker: So in the sequel, you mentioned it will be Paris and the UK. Where in the UK? Are we going to see Hogwarts? Looking at the five movies, will we ever see Hogwarts again?
David Heyman:
I don't feel like talking about that. Everybody asks these questions, but isn't it fun to have some mystery?

SnitchSeeker: Who will be back for the sequel?
David Heyman:
Newt, Queenie, Jacob and Tina will be back.

SnitchSeeker: I feel like David [Yates, director] mentioned that Credence will be back.
David Heyman:
Credence will be back, too.

SnitchSeeker: When you were originally talking with Jo, what was the first draft like versus the final draft?
David Heyman:
When I read the first draft initially, it was with a little bit of trepidation because she's a great novelist but it doesn't necessarily translate into being a great screenwriter. The very first draft had something. The characters were vivid. The storytelling was wonderful. There were scenes that just leapt from the page that you couldn't wait to film. But it was quite whimsical. So then working with her on the second draft, pushing in a slightly darker direction, the script came back and it was really dark.

But some of those elements - that whimsy - still remain in the script today, and some elements of that darkness remain in the script today in the film that you see. The challenge was really, she'd be the first to admit - was she was learning on the job. But once she found her tone, then she was off to the races. What I love about the script is it's unconventional. Certain scripts fall into tropes of what happens at the end of act one - all is lost at the end of act two, and onto three. I like the fact that this defies that convention. It's its own, no pun intended, "beast." The final script, which will be published, I think is something very special.

SnitchSeeker: Can I talk to you about Cursed Child - did you get to see it?
David Heyman:
I did.

SnitchSeeker: And what did you think?
David Heyman:
It's such a treat to be in the theater when magical actually happens. One of the things, when you're making a film is - I mean, I love film and I love theater, but one of the pleasures of theater is it's happening right before you. So I thought they did a wonderful job with all the magic - the fantastical aspects of it. And I like when they were underwater I thought it was brilliant. I like the going into the phone box. That was great. There were wonderful bits like that. And I loved Scorpius.

SnitchSeeker: There are rumors out there, considering way down the line to adapt it to film. What are your thoughts about that?
David Heyman:
Let's see.

SnitchSeeker: Would you come back for that?
David Heyman:
No. At the moment I have no idea At the moment what I'm thinking about is getting this film released and hopefully making the next Fantastic Beasts.

SnitchSeeker: Finally, you talked about Jo's evolution of the first script. How does the second one look?
David Heyman:
Well, she began, I'd say, on a firmer footing in the sense that it's much further along. But it's pretty great. It feels like a slightly different piece, which I think is good. We're back in Europe, which is really fun - and Paris, which is really different. I'm really excited about it. There are scenes of Grindelwald, scenes of Dumbledore, scenes with are four central characters that are incredibly moving.

For everyone who wants a breakdown of the first movie, just order J.K. Rowling's screenplay for Fantastic Beasts. Just one thing to note - this is NOT the original script that Rowling wrote and what the cast and crew used for filming, but one that aligns with the final cut of the movie out now. This means that there are no deleted scenes featured in this script, just everything that was already on screen.

Read SnitchSeeker's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them set visit reports right here, including about the great things the cast said about Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, and how 1926-era New York City came to life.

Fandango - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Tickets
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I love these exclusive interviews. It makes it feel like we are all there too, at least for me.
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