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Grounds Have a case of cabin fever? Then go see the groundskeeper, hang out by the lake, or explore the expansive school grounds.

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Old 12-22-2020, 04:59 AM
BanaBatGirl BanaBatGirl is offline
Default The Courtyard

The Courtyard is where many students spend their time between lessons if they're not in their Common Room or in the Great Hall. Its architecture, including watchful gargoyle parapets and real Gothic arches, reveals the Courtyard to be one of the oldest parts of Hogwarts, connecting the castle with the grounds and also leading to the wooden bridge over the ravine. In between lessons, the courtyard is usually filled with students enjoying some sun or gathering around the pear tree before heading back into the castle. Whether you choose to occupy one of the many stone benches or play gobstones on the cobblestone ground, the courtyard is the perfect place to relax with your friends from all houses.

In the middle of the courtyard is an antique ceramic fountain flanked by eagles, perfect for admiring your own reflection or making wishes. Beware though: once your coin has been tossed into the water, you may never get it back as it will continue to magically sink out of dight. Do try not to fall into the fountain, as the staff does not fancy a swim to fetch little students.

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Gabi wasn't paying attention to the followers, so when she was pushed out of the way, she was caught off guard and tumbled to the ground with a small gasp. She hadn't had time to make sure Williamson was alright, and now they were taking him away with the other students.

The other students...Merlin, there was chaos everywhere. Getting to her feet, she brushed herself off and angrily balled her manicured hands into fists. She was the Healer of this school, and she was NOT about to let them stop her from doing her job.

"You heard them - get to your dorms, unless you're injured, in which case - hospital wing. NOW," she snapped. She wasn't angry at the students, of course. She was angry at HIM. At Rosier. At his goons. At his stupid hooded figures who walked around they were more important than everyone else when really, they were just low-lives.

Gabriela Recard was DONE playing in to this nonsense. Her blue eyes practically had flames of anger shooting out of them. First things first - heal these kids. After that...well, she had no idea, but she was done playing nice. Done trying to keep her head down. This was it. The final straw.

No more Mrs. Nice Professor.


Adam knew the Healer was preoccupied with Williamson, but Adam still felt horrible knowing there was nothing he could do to help his sister. He heard Professor Flamsteed come over and say she was going to take care of her, which was a relief - but he was still crying wordlessly as he looked at his sister.

Suddenly, he felt a tugging on his arm, and he was lifted up off the ground like he weighed nothing and was then being pushed into the crowd of students. Wait, wait - no, this was a mistake! He wasn't on the list! He hadn't done anything wrong! He'd been so good since the start of term, he had been keeping his mouth shut and doing everything they asked. So why were they taking him with the rest?!

Panicked, he looked around for his siblings, because deep down - Adam KNEW why. It was their mother. She'd been a muggle. Apparently his father's blood status wasn't enough to save them anymore. Now it made more sense why a few of the others had been taken along with them...still, he felt sick, like he was going to pass out. What would happen when they all got there?
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"Will...." Her voice trailed off and she bit down on her lip until she tasted the blood. She didn't need to be the next professor on the ground again. She needed to be upright to help out the students and try to be there for them. She felt the cool water hit her cheeks before she could stop the tears from seeing her coworker and friend on the ground.

As they told the students to go she watched as some wouldn't leave and kept questions. "The adults will take care of the professor, please do what they are saying and go back to your common rooms. Finish getting dressed and ready for your days." She shooed as many of them away as she possibly could and decided to follow the Hufflepuffs to their common room to check on as many as she could.
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The dramatics.


Nem couldn't look at any of them, the ones screaming or crying or breaking down or even looking stunned and lost. They'd found a feeling, finally, but it was that same one of utter disgust that lingered. Weakness, everywhere they turned, in some form or another. It had always been there, but suddenly Nem was more attuned to it than ever. At least Williamson had been dragged off by the Great Unwashed - despite the shoving, Nem hadn't really afforded them much attention - so there was no temptation to look at that sight anymore.

For the record, it really did take several professors telling them to move along before Nem actually did so, and even then, it was more that there was simply no reason to stay. They stared from Flamsteed to Recard and back again in the early morning gloom, and then briefly over at Peralta, Aguilar, Kitridge. Had none of them realised yet, how absolutely without power they all were here? Williamson had gone down like a sack of dung from one simple little spell, another would have taken him out of action entirely. Permanently. Maybe that one would, maybe he'd croak in the next few hours. The staff here were outnumbered, could be taken down with ease, and yet they still tried to keep up the appearance of having some semblance of control. For what? Who here believed it?

There really was nothing left to see, nothing Nem was interested in seeing. At last, they shoved their hands, wand still held in their left, back into their pockets. "Imagine where we'd be," they said, in a tone that blatantly hinted at anger, to nobody in particular, but so that the members of staff could hear it quite clearly. "If Trent hadn't let this happen. Imagine putting someone competent in charge of a school full of children." Actually, Nem didn't need to imagine it anymore, but that was better left unsaid for now.

Statement delivered, they turned away and headed for the castle. Might be worth thinking about what to do regarding the situation with their brother and sister, who had been escorted away with the rest. They'd add it to the list.
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Default Mentions of Ivy, Adam and Madame Flamsteed

Laying on the floor with some much chaos around would have been a release if the pain hadn’t been there although even that was at the back of her mind after the ground had welcomed her so thoroughly.

“Uh..” was all she could say for a moment as she tried her best to make sense of what exactly had happened. She’d been punched and now, she had Ivy and her brother, Adam, standing over her asking if she was okay. “Ivy, Adam, I’ll be okay. C-can you help me up though please?” just in time as Madame Flamsteed had showed up. Maybe she’d damaged the ground with her thick head because it sure didn’t seem stable at the moment. It was wobbling everywhere. Holding on to them both, she slowly pulled herself up and quickly rubbed the tears away.

“I don’t need the hospital wing. Honest” she insisted now as she wobbled a little, clutching at her brothers arm for dear life. "Adam can take me back with him, honest. Or Ivy even” Her eyes now looking at the older girl imploringly but that look didn’t last long as Adam was snatched up and taken away. “Adam…ADAM!!!Hey, get off him or I’ll…” but before she could finish her sentence, she was snatched off her wobbly, unstable feet and dragged right after him. Was it because she had suggested helping the other students? No. She’d only been trying to help! Why were they so mean?! But then something in the back of her head twigged and she stopped kicking and screaming. No, there was another reason. Something she only thought about when she was alone and no one could judge her for it. Her mother. Even now after she’d been gone for years, she was still coming back to ruin everything. She wasn’t sure what hurt more, her lump that had formed on the back of her head or having to think about her again.
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Suddenly Adam was there as well, and Professor Flamsteed too. And seeing Adam's distress, it made Ivy think of her own brother, and how, even though she missed him, maybe it was good that he wasn't old enough to attend Hogwarts yet. She couldn't imagine how much more she'd be feeling if she had to worry about these people hurting him too.

She brushed away the tears she didn't realize had fallen, nodding quickly when Ingrid asked for help. "Y- Yes, of course." Whatever she could do to help, she would.

But then, as usual, that answer was really nothing at all. Because suddenly Adam was being taken, and Ingrid too - and she felt a grip on her arm too.

"Wait, no-" But she was too cold and too afraid and too weak to put up much of a protest. She could only think and wrack her mind for why she was suddenly taken too. She'd been trying her best to follow along and keep her head down and try to get others to do the same. She'd just wanted to survive and make sure others did too.

But when it all came down to it, she wasn't a "pureblood," was she? Her grandfather, her mum's dad, had been a Muggle. He had passed away long before Ivy was born, so she didn't even know him, outside of the little bit that her mum had told her. But now, more than ever, she wished she had.
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