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Old 05-25-2022, 12:34 AM
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Default Dance Planning Meeting

Classroom 11, one of the seldom used rooms on the ground floor, has been reserved for the central hub of operations for the dance planning committee. Sound fancy? Not particularly. At the moment it's just a regular old classroom, one deemed large enough to contain all those who might be interested in helping organise the event due to take place in the spring.

It's a Wednesday afternoon, about an hour after the end of the school day. Headmaster Kazmi is waiting inside, perched on the edge of the professor's desk as he waits for everyone to arrive, occasionally glancing at his watch, stickler that he is for starting lessons, meetings, and clubs on time. Behind him, a piece of enchanted chalk doodles idly on the blackboard (mercifully silenced, so as not to assault the ears with unpleasant scratchy sounds).

Kamran greets each student and staff member to enter. "Come in, have a seat anywhere. We'll get this meeting underway soon."


OOC: This isn't a lesson, more of a casual RP, and an opportunity for your characters to have a hand in planning the upcoming well-mannered frivolities. I'll be posting to keep us moving every day or two. Everyone is welcome to join and jump in at any point! (Late arrivals are a-okay IC and OOC.)
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Javier's brown eyes widened as he heard the sound of...whatever that was. Simon tried to just chug along with the meeting, not even showing that he'd heard it, but Javier had worked with kids long enough now to know that there was no getting their attention back on track now. The best they could do was try to get everyone to refocus, and assure them that nothing bad was going to happen.

"It's alright everyone, no one panic," he assured them all, clearing his throat and trying to bring some order back to the room. If he started to panic, or ANY of the staff started to panic, they'd lose order quickly. He looked at his fellow professors and gave them a LOOK - the kind that said 'help would be great at any time, guys!!'
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Rider and Moretti touched upon a good point, and Kamran tapped an index finger to his lips as he considered it. "Places in which one element is more clearly represented than others will be fine, but as this will be a school event for everyone to enjoy together, let's not go too far down the road of splitting it up into smaller events with their own soundtracks. We will be gathered in one large open a." Essentially, he was thinking along the same lines as Flamsteed here. Music, however, was a key... uh... element. "Music to match the theme, though, absolutely." A well-cultivated playlist which would no doubt benefit greatly from the input of the students. Kamran certainly did not claim to be in touch with that sort of thing.

"Thank you, Professor Devries, that would be perfect." And 'earth' covered, at the very least, plus an opportunity for the more herbologically inclined students to chip in. The other ideas voiced regarding decorations were inspired, but for now Kamran mentally filed them away for a future meeting. He jotted the colour scheme ideas down on the board, plus some of his own, kept hold of that wayward chalk of his, and quietly the words to light up in their corresponding colours once written. Luminous. On trend.

Outer space
Silver → Blue → Green → Gold → Red

Silver → Blue → Green → Gold → Red

Silver → Blue → Green → Gold → Red

Silver → Blue → Green → Gold → Red

Celtic blue
Silver → Blue → Green → Gold → Red

Looking good so far, and, as far as Kamran was concerned, they were making a decent start. Next up, they-...


Kamran, standing still with the chalk raised, heard out the whole of the bizarre rhyme, glancing at the students gathered to ensure that they were all hearing what he was hearing. Apparently so. He cut his eyes to his colleagues present, to Simon and Javi and Norman, Tapio, Leanne, in an attempt to wordlessly ascertain whether or not they suspected the same thing he did.

"... Yes, unification, that's the word I was after," Kamran nodded in response to Simon, but ultimately opted to address the erumpent in the room in his steady, hopefully calming, manner. "It's alright, we heard it too, but Professor Hernandez is right. Nobody need worry." Unfortunately, he couldn't answer James' question, so he seized instead upon the theory he heard spoken by Anders. "I daresay it's some kind of prank. Rest assured, we'll look into it." And Kamran knew exactly where to start said looking.

Perhaps he ought to start wrapping up this meeting, now the attention had been well and truly derailed. Though perhaps dismissing them immediately after hearing disembodied rhymes and the echoing laugh of a child, not unlike a scene from a muggle horror film, might not be the best idea.

He cleared his throat. "Any other comments before we start winding this thing down for the day?" Changing the subject? Never. The very idea.

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Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Kamran, standing still with the chalk raised, heard out the whole of the bizarre rhyme, glancing at the students gathered to ensure that they were all hearing what he was hearing. Apparently so. He cut his eyes to his colleagues present, to Simon and Javi and Norman, Tapio, Leanne, in an attempt to wordlessly ascertain whether or not they suspected the same thing he did....

"It's alright, we heard it too, but Professor Hernandez is right. Nobody need worry."
Tapio of course heard the eerie rhyme, too, for you would have to be deaf not to. He raised an eyebrow and nodded slowly once in response to Kamran's pointed look, and then put on his best reassuring smile as he looked around the sea of student faces, nodding at the reassurances of the other professors and hoping this all would be enough to calm the youngsters and get them back on track. He suspected there would be a faculty meeting shortly after this meeting was over.
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Jude met Keigh’s gaze with what he hoped was a reassuring one. Obviously he hadn’t the foggiest of what the singing was all about or even if it was a prank or not. “I would like to think so,’’ he said quietly but confidently. He gave his sister a smile then turned his gaze to Kazmi then the other professors for signs of their reactions. No, Jude wasn’t panicking. He was more… weary? Because a lot of weird and crazy stuff happened at Hogwarts.

The professors and Headmaster didn’t seem too concerned and Kazmi definitely agreed with Keigh about it being a prank. Still, Jude couldn’t help but be suspicious. He remained silent, not because he had no other contributions to the planning but because he was straining his ears in an attempt to catch more of the signing should there be any.
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